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Murcia News - November 2019

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  • Children of the childhood program of the City Council visit Terra Natura thanks to the initiative '12 months with you' (30/11/2019)

  • Murcia exposes its city project in a European meeting with representatives from Spain, Portugal and Italy (30/11/2019)
    It is one of the strategies financed by the ERDF funds with a higher level of implementation nationwide
  • Next Monday begins the special safety and traffic device on the occasion of the Christmas holidays (30/11/2019)
    This plan, which was outlined yesterday at the Local Security Board, will remain active between December 2 and January 7
  • Las María Cocinillas offers a cooking session at the Movistar Store in Murcia (29/11/2019)
    The popular cook and influencer from Murcia has offered the showcooking 'Healthy cooking of author' in the Movistar Store on Liberty Avenue along with Ana Merino, collaborating chef in Michelin restaurants
  • We are trade unionists warn that "the agreement reached does not solve the limit situation experienced by the Local Police of Murcia" (29/11/2019)

  • Mario Gómez demands the attention of José Ballesta to immediately regulate minor contracts (29/11/2019)
    And avoid fraudulent use
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia encourages the university community to adhere to the Institution's Code of Ethics (29/11/2019)
    In addition, the public employment offer corresponding to this year has been approved: 149 teaching positions and 16 administration staff and services
  • The UMU students participating in the All We Are Campus initiative have visited the Regional Assembly today (29/11/2019)

  • The PSOE accuses the PP of spending thousands of euros on flowers that a few weeks later throw in good condition in the trash (29/11/2019)
    Councilman Antonio Benito regrets "the sad image this morning of people trying to rescue the plants" and announces that he will ask detailed information on the cost of this frequent replacement of pots
  • The assembly of the Great Tree begins, which will light Murcia's Christmas on Saturday 7 (29/11/2019)

  • Half a dozen papers in the VII cultural day of the Spanish Constitution held by the University of Murcia (29/11/2019)
    A tribute will be paid to Professor Mariano Hurtado, whose death is five years
  • Murcia will celebrate the International Volunteer Day Week from December 1 to 5 (29/11/2019)
    Currently almost 200 people are registered as volunteers in the different programs of the Department of Social and Family Rights
  • The Auroros Bells will continue to spread Murcia's traditions thanks to a municipal grant (29/11/2019)
    The aid, which amounts to 18,000 euros, is granted to the groups of El Palmar and Rincón de Seca
  • Open the call to be a correspondent in the educational centers of the municipality (29/11/2019)
    In total 28 places are offered that will be awarded with 400 euros per course
  • The City Council invests more than 266,000 euros in maintenance work for schools (29/11/2019)
    To this amount are added the largest works carried out during holiday periods in order to ensure the good condition of schools
  • Education, a key factor in eliminating violence against women (28/11/2019)
    The UCAM today held an event in the cloister of the Jeronimos Monastery on the occasion of the celebration of the international day for the elimination of violence against women
  • With machismo it is not negotiated or agreed (28/11/2019)
    From Izquierda Unida they say loud and clear that "machismo is neither negotiated nor agreed"
  • Chemistry students of the UMU learn to design a latrine within the framework of the ODSesiones project (28/11/2019)
    The dissemination and improvement workshop on sanitation problems through this technology has been given by the NGO Architecture Without Borders Levante
  • The PSOE manages to approve eleven motions "despite the extreme right that does not support press freedom or initiatives related to women" (28/11/2019)

  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility star in the sixth edition of the 'UMU LA CAIXA Work Breakfast' (28/11/2019)

  • The sports track of the San Pío X school will be covered next spring (28/11/2019)
    In addition, an independent access will be created, directly from the public thoroughfare, so that the campus can be used independently of the school
  • Constituted the municipal boards of Santo Ángel and El Carmen (28/11/2019)
    The City Council continues with the process of government formation of its districts and districts
  • 15,000 Primary students participate in the awareness campaign ´Murcia sustainable city´ (28/11/2019)
    Since the Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth 30,000 bags and backpacks have been distributed to bring lunch to class
  • The University of Murcia organizes a day for the prevention of school dropout through sports (28/11/2019)

  • The ordinance that will allow to act specifically against irregular valet will enter into force in January 2020 (28/11/2019)
    The Plenary approves the new regulations that will now be publicly exposed for a month
  • The more than 91,000 children and adolescents of the municipality will be more protected thanks to the 2019-2022 Children's Plan (28/11/2019)
    The Plenary approves this initiative that establishes the actions that will be developed in the municipality for social promotion, care and protection for children and adolescence with an estimated budget of 102,286,094 euros
  • The Plenary approves that the protection of the Royal Powder Factory be extended to all its elements (28/11/2019)
    The initial approval file of the land acquisition project for the execution of the roundabout access branch has also been approved. located in the variant of Sangonera la Verde
  • The City Council values ​​the figure of women with workshops, cycles and urban routes (28/11/2019)

  • The Murcia Firefighters will train the placement of two new stairways in city buildings (28/11/2019)
    These maneuvers allow the troops to acquire the necessary expertise to systematize the emergency response later
  • The EcoCampus store of the University of Murcia prepares baskets and gifts to encourage responsible consumption at Christmas (28/11/2019)
    The offer of products includes food and cosmetics made, mostly, by hand in the Region of Murcia
  • A 31-year-old man attacked with a knife in the neighborhood of La Fama in Murcia (27/11/2019)

  • The Mobility Ordinance will give priority to the pedestrian and harmonize the different uses of the roads (27/11/2019)

  • More than 20,000 schoolchildren from a hundred schools will have new shadow spaces thanks to the 2030 Forest Plan (27/11/2019)

  • Students of the Professional Qualification program expose their creative works in the Expres-Arte exhibition (27/11/2019)
    The exhibition opens today Wednesday and will remain open to the public until December 4 in the Young Space 585 M2
  • IES Saavedra Fajardo students learn the values ​​of transparency, good governance and social participation (27/11/2019)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez attended this morning the presentation of the IRIS Project, promoted by the Transparency Council and in which she collaborates the Youth Service
  • Puente Tocinos hosts the Petanque Championship of Spain for people with intellectual disabilities next weekend (27/11/2019)
    Felipe Coello and Paqui Pérez present the tournament in which more than a hundred athletes and clubs from different Spanish provinces participate
  • The PSOE proposes recognition to researchers and academics linked to Murcia to serve as a reference for today's young women (27/11/2019)

  • Emergency services transfer a worker who has suffered an accident at a transport company to the hospital (27/11/2019)
    In the hamlet of San Ginés in Murcia
  • The Verónica Market as a cultural epicenter stars in the new edition of Discovering Murcia (27/11/2019)
    The architects Tatiana Poggi (Sunset Open House) and Fernando de Retes (Retesarquitectos) will be responsible for highlighting the cultural and commercial boiling of the historic market
  • Heaven and hell are confused tomorrow at the TCM with the contemporary dance show 'The Lamb', finalist of the 2018 Max Awards (27/11/2019)

  • Bicycles will take Romea Square next Saturday (27/11/2019)

  • A new copy of "Silverware Studies", number 19 of the collection is presented at the University of Murcia (27/11/2019)
    The procession of San Eloy, a practice that dates back to the Middle Ages, will tour the streets of Murcia on Thursday
  • The national reference Bricomart bets on Murcian suppliers and opens its first warehouse in Murcia (26/11/2019)

  • The PP denounces that a "troll" of the PSOE manipulates the invoices of the City Council on social networks (26/11/2019)

  • Official staff of the University of Murcia today takes possession of their places. (26/11/2019)

  • We can-Equo: "We will be in front of anyone who denies gender violence" (26/11/2019)

  • The III Table of Gastronomic Tourism supports the project ´Murcia Capital Española de la Gastronomía 2020´ (26/11/2019)
    The meeting brings together 25 representatives of the main regional associations and companies of the gastronomy sector
  • The PSOE questions how many more years the government team needs to adapt the street sales ordinance (26/11/2019)

  • Cabezo de Torres will have new areas for canine recreation, gerontogimnasia and children's games (26/11/2019)

  • The southern neighborhoods will have their own Christmas Star in the water tank of the Artillery Barracks (26/11/2019)

  • The Pool Plan reaches Puente Tocinos with the renovation of the ´Fuente del Reloj´ (26/11/2019)

  • The University of Murcia brings knowledge to students of 4th ESO (26/11/2019)
    Two thousand students of 4th ESO will visit on November 28 and 29 a Faculty Fair and will make routes through the Espinardo campus to learn about the training possibilities offered by the UMU
  • The City Council and the UMU reflect on citizen participation for the creation of European employment policies (25/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, opens the conference 'We talk about Europe' at the Faculty of Labor Sciences
  • The winners of the Student 2019 award from the University of Murcia are received by the Rector José Luján (25/11/2019)

  • The director of the Salon del Manga de Murcia has suffered wounds from a knife after suffering an assault last night (25/11/2019)

  • More than 450 flowers adorn the gazebo to symbolize the eradication of violence against women (25/11/2019)

  • The UMU awards the prizes of the 'II Contest of tweets against Gender Violence' on the occasion of 25N (25/11/2019)
    'Take the first step, we will take the rest against gender violence' has been the winning tweet
  • The Plenary of next Thursday will approve the ordinance that will allow to act specifically against irregular valet parking (25/11/2019)
    Subsequently, a 30-day public exhibition period will open
  • Sting: My Songs, critically acclaimed world tour extended until 2020 (25/11/2019)
    Cherrytree Management and Live Nation confirm that Sting: My Songs will be presented at the Plaza de Toros de Murcia on July 29, 2020
  • Murcia vindicates with music, theater and poetry the eradication of violence against women (25/11/2019)

  • The PSOE demands total commitment to gender violence (25/11/2019)
    And I reject parties that do not contemplate policies to eradicate it
  • Citizen Consultation We speak of Europe (25/11/2019)
    Murcia City Council and UMU offer Murcia the opportunity to contribute to the creation of the Urban Agenda
  • Murcia hosts its IV March Against Cancer on December 1 in a day with activities for the whole family (25/11/2019)

  • The UMU improves the conservation of protected natural areas (25/11/2019)

  • The Committee on Employment, Social Rights and Culture approves the Children's Plan 2019-2022 (25/11/2019)
    The proposal will be moved to the plenary next Thursday
  • Residents around Alfonso X can now request authorization to access the avenue (25/11/2019)

  • The pollution warning has been deactivated, after recovering the appropriate air quality levels (25/11/2019)
    The warning level was decreed last Friday
  • Murcia will host 45 gastronomic days dedicated exclusively to each municipality in the Region in 2020 (24/11/2019)

  • The City Council protects its more than 2,500 pine trees from the well-known caterpillar of the ´procesionaria´ (24/11/2019)

  • A total of 365 people have requested aid to mitigate the material damages of the DANA (24/11/2019)
    According to Citizen Services, 70% of the instances collected correspond to damage to homes and equipment.
  • Fernández: "What Mario Gómez has to do is to attend the dozens of requests for the arrangement of public roads in districts" (23/11/2019)

  • Cs: José Ballesta leaves without Christmas lights, without maintenance and without subsidies to the neighbors of El Palmar (23/11/2019)
    The pediatric mayor, Verónica Sánchez, of Cs, denounces that “everything stands still for the lack of an administrator who processes the procedures and that in La Glorieta nobody is responsible ”
  • The shops and supermarkets of Murcia host the Great Collection of the Food Bank of Segura this weekend (23/11/2019)

  • The ´Encesta Glass campaign, we won all´ enters its final stretch (23/11/2019)
    This initiative has reached more than 1,500 school children
  • More than 30 stores in Santa Eulalia will show aphorisms of Dionisia García in their windows (23/11/2019)
    This initiative is promoted by the Association of merchants of Santa Eulalia, which was created thanks to the municipal project Urban DNA
  • A rockfall affects two homes in Torreagüera (23/11/2019)
    Seven families have had to be evicted
  • The PSOE demands a cultural center so that the residents of Espinardo do not carry out scattered activities in different facilities (23/11/2019)
    Councilor Andrés Guerrero points out that users of the activities that are held have to move to the classrooms ceded by the Salzillo College and other centers like Guadalupe's
  • The UCAM Sphera Publica magazine enters Latindex Catalog 2.0 (23/11/2019)

  • The SEMAS serves 17 people in the first week of the 'Cold Operation' (23/11/2019)
    In addition to giving information and guidance of social resources were given 15 hot food and drinks, seven blankets and four sleeping bags
  • The City Council will allocate the oil obtained from the collection of olives from the municipal olive trees for charitable purposes (22/11/2019)

  • The UMU School of Communication and Documentation presents a sample of projects on communication and architecture (22/11/2019)

  • An intergenerational meeting of educational robotics opens the XIV Education Week at the University of Murcia (22/11/2019)

  • Researchers from the Spanish Social Election Network meet at the UMU (22/11/2019)

  • The City Council involves suppliers in the transparent contracting of districts (22/11/2019)
    Since the municipal administration different tools have been put in place, about 3,000 suppliers have been informed and the pedáneos have been trained in the transparent management of the Municipal Boards
  • The PSOE advocates a comprehensive sanitation of the City Council because it is "indecent" the constant suspicion of customer networks (22/11/2019)
    The socialist spokesman states that "we do not understand how companies that are being investigated by the UDEF seem to continue to benefit from municipal contracts and they have already invoiced almost 600,000 euros so far this year "
  • The punished minors may make benefits for the benefit of the community in public spaces of Murcia (22/11/2019)

  • The Fire and Rescue Service will have two new vehicles (22/11/2019)
    The Government Board approves the specifications to acquire an SUV and a van
  • Twelve new companies will occupy the workspaces in the CIM-M and in the Alquerías Resource Center (22/11/2019)
    The companies are formed by 29 new selected entrepreneurs who will stay in the offered spaces that have been free for a maximum period of three years
  • More than 370 teenagers participated last year in Project 13-17 of socio-educational intervention (22/11/2019)
    The Government Board has approved the specifications to contract this service with a maximum price of one million euros
  • Activated the air pollution warning protocol, at its mildest level (22/11/2019)

  • The University of Murcia adheres to The Conversation, the world's leading dissemination platform (22/11/2019)

  • The UMU teaches a course to learn how to communicate in the media (22/11/2019)

  • They propose to transform the abandoned Royal Salt Factory of Murcia into an avant-garde cultural creation laboratory (22/11/2019)

  • The National Court cancels a fine at a gym in Murcia that uses the fingerprint to access its facilities (22/11/2019)

  • Murcia will be the new largest Titanic scale in the world. (22/11/2019)
    The only official exhibition of the Titanic Foundation will stop at the Thader Shopping Center
  • Urban Agenda highlights the Urban DNA and the Murcia Brand as examples of citizen participation (21/11/2019)

  • The City Council trains the presidents of the Municipal Boards in electronic administration (21/11/2019)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to stop “the vices of the extreme right” (21/11/2019)
    And guarantee freedom of the press in our municipality
  • The University of Murcia awards 81 scholarships for rural and socio-sanitary practices (21/11/2019)
    Women paid 70 percent of aid
  • Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 with ´La Huerta de los 1.001 flavors´ (21/11/2019)

  • More than 100 Fundown Murcia users are trained in new technologies to access the labor market (21/11/2019)

  • First step to obtain the land that will allow the execution of the roundabout access branch located in the Sangonera la Verde variant (21/11/2019)
    Thanks to this action, approved by the Plenary Commission of Urban Planning, Sustainable Development and Huerta, the City Council acquires the necessary land of almost 500 square meters
  • The Burial of the Sardine will be part of the Cavalcade announcing the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (21/11/2019)
    For the third time in its history and to celebrate its 170th anniversary, 200 members of the Sardinera Association will visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife next February
  • Urban planning works on the protection of all the elements belonging to the Saltpeter Factory (21/11/2019)
    The Plenary Commission has approved today to submit to public exhibition the progress of the project to modify the General Plan
  • Murcia and Cartagena host this weekend the I Wheelchair Handball Tournament (21/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, presents this championship that will also host presentations on adapted sport
  • The children take the House of all Murcia (21/11/2019)

  • Trade and Road Cleaning inform the supply places about the installation of the fifth organic collection container (21/11/2019)
    The mayor Juan Fernando Hernández and Rebeca Pérez meet with the presidents of the eight municipal supply places to study the best formula for the commissioning of this system
  • The University of Murcia organizes the XVI Meeting of the Spanish Social Election Network (21/11/2019)

  • Opened the V National Congress of Methodology of Communication Research in the UMU (21/11/2019)

  • Torres: "The PSOE did not make any contributions during the entire process of preparing the Children's Plan" (20/11/2019)

  • El Moneo, the Almudí Palace, the Alfonso X promenade and Murcia Río are lit blue by Universal Children's Day (20/11/2019)
    The City Council calls for UNICEF to give visibility to this day, which this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The City Council seeks alliances in Barcelona to advance its smart city project (20/11/2019)

  • The Cañada Hermosa treatment center opens a new solar sludge drying plant (20/11/2019)
    Its main objective is to achieve a mass reduction between 60 and 80%, thus obtaining a more stable biologically stable product
  • Murcia brings together partners from eight European countries to address the implementation of the sustainable energy management system (20/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, receives the participants of this meeting, within the European project 'Compete4SECAP' that seeks reduce energy consumption in municipal buildings
  • The University of Murcia starts a campaign to collect plastic bags for the university community (20/11/2019)
    For every 15 plastic bags collected, a reusable cloth bag will be delivered
  • Murcia elected Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 (20/11/2019)
    The Jury recognizes the commitment of the Government of the Region of Murcia and the city to the development of gastronomic tourism and the excellence of a cuisine based on the quality of the next product, from the garden and of the sea
  • CCOO Enseñanza requires Education to solve the lack of heating at the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Infant School (20/11/2019)

  • Communiqué of the University of Murcia regarding alleged malpractice in the development of doctoral thesis (20/11/2019)

  • More than 15 municipalities in Murcia will discuss the importance of sustainable food in health and the structuring of the territory (20/11/2019)
    The city hosts from tomorrow until Saturday the third annual meeting and the General Assembly of the Network of Cities for Agroecology
  • Exhibition of works of the XIX Painting Prize of the University of Murcia (20/11/2019)

  • New brotherhood in Murcia: the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows (Dolorosa de San Lorenzo) (20/11/2019)
    The titular image of the new brotherhood is the Virgin of Sorrows of San Lorenzo, work of Francisco Salzillo
  • José Luis Mendoza, awarded at the New York Awards for the UCAM educational model (20/11/2019)
    The president of the Catholic University of Murcia will receive recognition in New York, this morning from Wednesday to Thursday
  • The PSOE regrets that the Children's Plan does not take the opportunity to transform Murcia to stop being a hostile city with children (20/11/2019)

  • Murcia presents its smart city project at the Smart City Expo World (19/11/2019)

  • Pérez: "The mobility project of the City Council will shape the municipality and involve its radical transformation" (19/11/2019)
    "At the PSOE they dedicate 5 minutes a month to mobility, which is the time to write a press release to criticize the government model"
  • The University of Murcia awards prizes to the companies that most encourage the employability of its students (19/11/2019)
    The event will take place this Wednesday, November 20, at the University Social Center, starting at 5 pm
  • Aguas de Murcia joins the AEAS awareness campaign against toilet wipes (19/11/2019)
    In the municipality of Murcia almost 390,000 kilograms of wipes are removed annually, with a management cost for the city of 600,000 euros
  • The University of Murcia is dyed violet on the occasion of 25N (19/11/2019)
    The Convalescence building, headquarters of the UMU Rectorate, and the cloister of La Merced will be illuminated until December 2
  • Juan Antonio Mata: "The level crossing of Santiago el Mayor is closed because of what Diego Conesa has lied to Murcia" (19/11/2019)
    The regional deputy of the PP recalls that the secretary of Murcia socialists "committed himself to the neighbors that , today November 19, the barrier would open "
  • The University of Murcia awarded by ISACA Valencia in the category 'Government of Information Systems 2019' (19/11/2019)
    This is a recognition of the best practices of Government in Information Technology (IT)
  • The first tests for the installation of a cold asphalt that will reduce pollution in Murcia begin (18/11/2019)

  • Inauguration of the exhibition of prize-winning and selected works of the 19th University of Murcia Painting Prize (18/11/2019)
    The event will take place this Tuesday, November 19, in the Columns Hall of the Almudí Palace Art Center, at 8 pm
  • Students of the IES Licensed Francisco Cascales turn the Plenary Hall of the City Hall into the seat of the European Parliament (18/11/2019)
    This is a project being developed by students of the Murcia Institute to learn about the activity taking place in the Eurocamara.
  • The PSOE joins the #YoTrabajoPositivo campaign and proposes that the City Council join the cities that want to eradicate AIDS in 2030 (18/11/2019)

  • Avd. Don Juan de Borbón, among the urban areas with the most serious accidents in Spain (18/11/2019)
    The Línea Directa Foundation publishes its II Ranking of Red Points, which indicates the urban and ring roads in which more serious accidents have occurred in the last two years.
  • The City Council and ASPAYM Murcia launch a campaign to give visibility to the obstacles encountered by people with reduced mobility in urban environments (18/11/2019)
    The City Council supports the initiative 'Here I can not, here I do not pass' promoted by ASPAYM in collaboration with the General Directorate of Traffic
  • The Parrandboleros sing in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor (18/11/2019)
    The Romea Theater will host on Tuesday November 26 the 6th Solidarity Concert of the Cabildo de Cofradías de Murcia
  • The fourth dimension at a UMU conference (18/11/2019)

  • Electric bicycles and charging points will arrive for the first time in Murcia as a European pilot city (18/11/2019)

  • Murcia hosts the conference on the latest design trends in children's play areas (17/11/2019)

  • A total of 66,756 students enroll in the activities of the # MurciaMiCiudadEnseña program (17/11/2019)
    Cultural outings, guided tours, musical shows, workshops and seminars make up the educational offer of the City Council, between October 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020.
  • Thousands of people take Alfonso X Avenue on their first day as a totally pedestrian promenade (17/11/2019)
    More than 500 dancers and eight Murcian music groups set yesterday to be the heart of the city.
  • Master Class self-protection and self defense for women (16/11/2019)

  • The Festival "Microacciona" returns to revolutionize Beniaján (16/11/2019)
    The village will host a 'Night in Sail' and microactions on tree plants representative of each of the ethnic groups that live in Beniaján, cinema and clown
  • "Privatization of the security of public buildings, and the consequences that do not count on the Decree of suspension of breaks in Local Police" (16/11/2019)

  • Alfonso X Avenue opens to the public to the rhythm of Murcian talent (16/11/2019)
    More than 500 dancers and eight concerts of Murcian catautors and groups are in charge of inaugurating today, from 12.30 pm, the most important pedestrian itinerary in the municipality.
  • The city of Murcia will host next year the celebration of the Passivhaus conference (16/11/2019)
    This is an annual state-level event and reference in the field of high energy efficiency.
  • The Plaza de Santo Domingo and Basabé street host tomorrow and Sunday different activities to promote the 170th anniversary of the Burial of the Sardine (15/11/2019)

  • The City Council approves the creation of a waiting list of Senior Technician in Physical Education (15/11/2019)
    The Government Board today approved the call for opposition for the selection of personnel of said specialty
  • SEMAS serves 12 people on the first night of the 'Cold Operation' (15/11/2019)
    They were distributed ten coffees, ten foods, three bags and three blankets
  • The I Municipal Plan for Development Cooperation will allow planning of aid and cooperation actions in the medium and long term (15/11/2019)
    The Plan, which will be ready next spring, will be written with the help of experts in development cooperation, NGOs, s, universities and municipal political groups
  • Approved the general bases for the Public Employment Offer of the City Council (15/11/2019)
    The Governing Board today approved the bases for the provision of positions for both civil servants and work personnel.
  • The DNA of La Paz returns to the neighbors three renovated places, with children's spaces and fully equipped living areas (15/11/2019)
    The Government Board approves the works of adaptation of the environment of several pergolas of this Murcian neighborhood, specifically those belonging to the lots 1 and 2
  • The ordinance that will allow to act specifically against irregular valet parking will enter into force in January (15/11/2019)
    The text of this new regulation, which will provide greater legal security to both citizens and local police officers, has been approved today at the Board of Government
  • The UMU Veterinary School honors two of its workers: José Fernando Sánchez and Juan Antonio Cano (15/11/2019)
    They will be recognized with the San Francisco de Asís medal posthumously
  • The PSOE claims reports to Intervention and the legal services of the City Council to clarify all doubts about the management of Urbamusa (15/11/2019)

  • The Alfonso X promenade as the most important pedestrian and monumental axis in Murcia is completely open (15/11/2019)

  • Constituted the municipal boards of Era Alta and Barrio del Progreso (15/11/2019)
    The City Council continues with the process of government formation of its districts and districts.
  • The City of Murcia invites all children to enter Terra Natura for free this weekend on the occasion of Children's Day (15/11/2019)

  • El Moneo, the Almudí Palace and Murcia Río light up blue for World Diabetes Day (14/11/2019)
    The City Council joins this cause to raise awareness about this condition that is constantly increasing worldwide.
  • The City Council finalizes the lighting works of the San Esteban Site (14/11/2019)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "Security in the municipality must be covered with minimum guarantees" (14/11/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces the "decree" of Mayor Ballesta that leaves local police without weekends (14/11/2019)

  • The Special Commission for the Surveillance of Contracting will start the first week of December (14/11/2019)
    The working table held today by the mayor of Development and representatives of political groups has established the first guidelines for its formal constitution and the monthly nature with the that will meet
  • Local financing and the recovery of public spaces unite Murcia and Zaragoza (14/11/2019)

  • The restoration works of the monument to the Count of Floridablanca will conclude before the end of the year (14/11/2019)
    Councilman Jesús Pacheco has visited this morning the works that are done both outside and inside and the basement, the pedestal and the column shaft
  • They will allow for the first time the installation of bars in districts during Christmas and Spring Festivities (14/11/2019)
    The mayor Juan Fernando Hernández has signed the decree that will be published tomorrow in the BORM for the assembly of bars in those districts that request it from tomorrow and until next November 26
  • Information and awareness work on the equipment removal service continues (14/11/2019)
    Almost 4,000 Murcia requested this free service during the first six months of the year
  • Reinforce from this night the homeless care device because of the low temperatures (14/11/2019)
    The Mobile Emergency and Social Care Service, in coordination with Local Police, performs an accompaniment and delivery of hot drinks, food , sleeping bags or blankets to cope with extreme temperatures
  • The IBAFF XI will offer for the first time a cycle of parallel activities with workshops and screenings over the next few weeks (14/11/2019)
    The Festival will be held from February 28 to March 7 with the Francisco Rabal Regional Film Library as the venue.
  • UMU students will take a guided tour of the Murcia-Este WWTP on Friday in the framework of ODSessions (14/11/2019)
    Attendees will learn from 9 to 13 hours the integral water cycle and R&D projects developed by Aguas de Murcia
  • The University of Murcia receives students from the General Air Academy (14/11/2019)

  • Shops, shopping centers and public facilities of the municipality will be ´zones free of sexist violence´ (14/11/2019)

  • Navarro: "It seems that Huermur is bothered by the recovery of the medieval Tower of Zarandona" (13/11/2019)

  • Pérez: "The works in the offices of the PSOE have cost 26,000 euros" (13/11/2019)
    "This Government Team does not do works on a whim, but they are based on technical criteria and strictly necessary actions are carried out"
  • A delegation from Canada and Croatia visits Murcia to learn about the process of implementing energy management in the municipality (13/11/2019)

  • Pacheco: "Now the PSOE is dedicated to criticize something extemporaneous" (13/11/2019)

  • Charitable family lottery in favor of the parish halls of Lobosillo (13/11/2019)

  • The Association of Neighbors asks the members to agree among them the appointment of the Presidency of the Municipal Board of Santo Ángel (13/11/2019)
    The neighbors called by the Association invite them to meet one hour before the official constitution of the Board
  • A new informative video shows schoolchildren the importance of reusing waste (13/11/2019)
    The recording has been made in a modern format, where real images, 3D explanations and other advanced image technology resources are combined
  • The technical commission between the City Council and the Ministry for the construction of the West Perimeter Interceptor Collector will be held on November 25 (13/11/2019)
    Councilman Antonio Navarro has demanded in a meeting with the General Director of Water the immediate contracting of the works of this infrastructure " essential for our municipality "
  • The exhibition 'Older people also paint' shows the 31 works carried out by the partners of the social centers (13/11/2019)
    The works will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Senior Social Center of San Antón until Wednesday, December 27, date in which that the six prizes will be awarded to the winners of the contest
  • We can-Equo "strongly condemns" the homophobic graffiti appeared in Algezares (13/11/2019)

  • Francisco J. Martínez Mojica, discoverer of the revolutionary CRISPR techniques, new Doctor Honoris Causa by the UMU (13/11/2019)

  • Huermur denounces the inaction of the City Council and Culture before the abandonment of the medieval tower of Zarandona (13/11/2019)

  • The Artillery Barracks opens in December as a creative production center for Murcian and international artists (13/11/2019)

  • Opposition to an antenna in Murcia (13/11/2019)
    Neighbors and environmentalists oppose the installation of a mobile telephone antenna in the Barrio del Progreso, Murcia
  • The UMU celebrates the twenty-fourth edition of the festival of San Eloy, patron of the silversmiths (13/11/2019)
    The activities to commemorate the holiday will begin this Thursday and will run until November 28
  • The PSOE criticizes that the students of Hospitality are awarded the frozen meat cakes that were distributed in Spring Festivities (13/11/2019)
    Councilor Enrique Lorca says that "we are in time to organize a complete program to turn this tribute into that, in a popular and attractive event that promotes one of our star gastronomic products "
  • Adexe & Nau signs his new album in El Corte Inglés (13/11/2019)

  • The Río Ebro Garden in La Ñora will have a "work out" space for outdoor activities (13/11/2019)

  • The Lycée français international de Murcia commemorates the end of World War I (12/11/2019)
    The students of the school have remembered the historical fact with poems and songs.
  • 30,000 poinsettias, grown by people with disabilities, will take Christmas to neighborhood and neighborhood gardens (12/11/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces the breach of the Accessibility Law in different municipal buildings (12/11/2019)
    Enrique Lorca has visited the services located in Puerta Nueva and Saavedra Fajardo and the El Palmar Library, where there are no adapted elevators or toilets, so he criticizes that the City Council is not complying with current regulations
  • More than 3,000 students will learn buying and feeding techniques in the classroom of the Veronica Supply Square (12/11/2019)
    The Councilors of Health, Felipe Coello, and Commerce, Juan Fernando Hernández, present the program 'Classroom of Health, Senses and Sustainability ', a space dedicated to the promotion of healthy living habits for the school and adult popula
  • The Contracting Board proposes the awarding of a new access to the Segura River that will improve accessibility (12/11/2019)
    The works, whose execution period is one year and an investment of more than 2 million euros, will allow providing central access to the channel in the section in front of the Red Cross Square and the Iron Bridge
  • The XI edition of the ´Aguas de Murcia Solidaria´ contest with € 12,000 for water improvement projects in developing countries is opened (12/11/2019)
    Interested entities can represent their projects until March 27 of next year
  • Respect centers Children's Rights Week (12/11/2019)
    The Department of Social and Family Rights has organized various activities from tomorrow Wednesday to November 20
  • Seminars of the University of Murcia at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (12/11/2019)

  • The Abenarabi building hosts the photographic exhibition of the Habito Association "The House I Want" (12/11/2019)
    The exhibition, which will remain open until November 22, from 09.00 to 14.00, aims to show the reality of many Murcian families living in homes that do not meet the minimum habitability conditions
  • Murcia promotes this weekend the 170th anniversary of the Burial of the Sardine with different activities (11/11/2019)
    The Plaza de Santo Domingo and Basabé Street will host different activities for children and exhibitions of floats model of catafalque and big heads
  • Three new lawyers of the City Council legal services take possession (11/11/2019)
    Councilors Mercedes Bernabé and Marco Antonio Fernández preside over the appointment act
  • Inauguration of the mural to commemorate the 40 years of the first UMU Mathematics promotion (11/11/2019)
    Three students of Fine Arts won the contest with their proposal 'The theory of mathematical evolution'
  • Algezares, Puente Tocinos, Aljucer and Los Martínez del Puerto improve their gardens and playgrounds (11/11/2019)

  • The faculties of Chemistry and Economics and Business get the Institutional Accreditation of ANECA (11/11/2019)
    The University of Murcia becomes the third Spanish university with more quality accreditations
  • The road that connects Zeneta with Los Ramos will open before the end of the year (11/11/2019)
    The heavy rains in September produced a huge sinkhole and the sinking of the road on this road, preventing traffic flow.
  • Repairs the road of the Murcian district of Zeneta affected by the DANA (11/11/2019)
    The Minister of Development oversees the action whose works will be completed before the end of the year
  • The Concha de Luz Festival returns one more year to reflect on art, values ​​and women (11/11/2019)
    "This event is made up of different activities such as musical performances, exhibitions or poetic recitals highlighting the role of women in the art world ", declares Pacheco
  • Five groups will participate in the First Meeting of the Gangs of Santiago and Zaraiche (11/11/2019)
    It will take place on December 8 in the Santiago Apostle square of the village
  • PIGMY in concert in the room La Yesería de Murcia on November 23 (11/11/2019)

  • Maná, soundtrack of a solidarity tribute concert (11/11/2019)
    + dMANÁ is the tribute band recognized by Maná in Europe and after two years returns to the Beat Club Garage Room in Murcia with its new solidarity tour tribute to Maná "POSITIVE ENERGY TOUR 2019"
  • The works of the Constitution Avenue will begin tomorrow Monday (10/11/2019)
    Traffic will remain cut in two of the four lanes, with one being enabled in each direction.
  • Murcia triumphs in the II Spanish Week of Slovakia (10/11/2019)

  • The neighbors of Torreagüera will enjoy the square Antonete Gálvez completely renovated next spring (10/11/2019)
    The works include the paving of the square, the planting of different species and the installation of modern street furniture and luminaires
  • The City Council requires the CHS to immediately repair the undercut produced in the slope of the Segura River after DANA (10/11/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth invests 30,000 euros in the repair of bike lanes affected by the storm
  • The City Council shows its regret and pain for the death of Nicolás Hazards, pedicle of Puente Tocinos (09/11/2019)

  • They get more than 100,000 kilos of "mulching" from the reeds extracted from the river after the DANA (09/11/2019)
    The remains have begun to spread through various gardens of the municipality as organic waste, such as the Alameda del Malecón, Floridablanca, Silk or palm grove of Santiago and Zaraiche
  • ODSessions of the University of Murcia collects 150,000 cigarette butts in one hour in the center of Murcia (09/11/2019)
    One hundred volunteers participate in the initiative 'Murcia without butts' to raise awareness about the high pollutant power of this waste
  • Citizens have until November 20 to request aid to mitigate the damage of the DANA (09/11/2019)
    Citizens can present their documentation both in the offices of Citizen Attention, central and decentralized, as in the records of other public administrations
  • The Palm Grove Road of Sangonera la Verde will be safer for pedestrians and drivers (09/11/2019)
    The works, which will begin in the coming weeks, include the replacement of the pavement, the extension of the sidewalks and the plantation of palm trees
  • National Architecture Award to the great Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza (08/11/2019)
    The peninsular architecture gathered in Cuenca celebrates the National Architecture Prize to the Portuguese master Álvaro Siza Vieira in the Congress “Art, city, landscape.
  • The students of the Murcia Emploa Hospitality School take the essence of Huerta cuisine to Murcia Gastronomic (08/11/2019)

  • Urban Law Day in honor of Professor José Antonio López Pellicer at the University of Murcia (08/11/2019)

  • The Food Delivery Service will benefit more people from next year (08/11/2019)
    The total price of the contract is 750,000 euros which represents an increase of 14% over the amount of the current
  • Two grants will allow to continue promoting and maintaining Murcian culture and traditions (08/11/2019)
    The City Council allocates a grant of 20,000 euros to the Pupaclown Foundation and 6,000 euros to the Auroros Campana Virgen del Rosario de Javalí Nuevo
  • The City Council will implement a rental system for scooters, bicycles and electric motorcycles (08/11/2019)
    The Government Board requests FEDER European Funds from the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain to develop different projects that improve sustainable mobility in the municipality.
  • Approved the project of urbanization of a new industrial sector in Cabezo de Torres (08/11/2019)
    The measure affects more than 500,000 square meters of land located next to the North Coast
  • The City Council, Bankia and the CajaMurcia Foundation renew their commitment to 32,000 Murcians (08/11/2019)
    The mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, and the president of the Cajamurcia Foundation, Carlos Egea, sign the collaboration agreement that involves an injection of 20,000 euros to the 76 Senior Centers of the municipality.
  • The UMU ODSesiones project carries out a collection of cigarette butts in the urban area of ​​Murcia on Saturday (08/11/2019)
    The initiative, which will take place between 11 and 13 hours, aims to draw attention to smokers and highlight the high polluting power of this waste
  • Carlos Matías and his 'Reminiscence' win the CreaMurcia of Shorts and Documentaries (08/11/2019)
    In addition 'Querer' by Miguel Ángel Martínez and 'Incógnito' by Juan Bermúdez were awarded prizes
  • Presented the I Race "Run without Resistances" (07/11/2019)
    The City of Murcia has welcomed the start of the event, to be held on Saturday, November 16, with departure and finish in the Garden of the Malecon
  • Cain´s Dinasty News (07/11/2019)
    Tomorrow November 8 in Murcia, Spectrum Room with Archetype of disorder + Delirium
  • Activities of the Cultural Center of Espinardo will be transferred to the Salzillo school to ensure user safety (07/11/2019)
    A technical report detects deficiencies in the building, 90 years old.
  • Los Ramos will release a new palm-garden inspired by the Murcia garden at the beginning of the year (07/11/2019)

  • The PSOE accuses PP and Cs of a "shameful episode of chrome exchange with neighborhood neighbors" (07/11/2019)

  • Constituted the Municipal Boards of Puente Tocinos, Espinardo, Sangonera la Verde, San José de la Vega, Aljucer, San Pío X, La Alberca, Guadalupe and La Albatalía (07/11/2019)
    Next week the Municipal Boards of Era Alta, Beniaján will be constituted, El Carmen, Barrio del Progreso and Santo Ángel.
  • The Association of Environmental Companies of the Region of Murcia has celebrated its 'Environmental Coffee' with the Mayor of Murcia (06/11/2019)

  • Diego Conesa: "The Popular Party and Citizens have crossed another red line by giving power to the extreme right in Murcia" (06/11/2019)

  • The City Council explains the implementation of its Urban Agenda 2030 in the Forum of Employment and Local Development (06/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, has participated in this meeting focused on economic promotion and job creation that has been held at the Faculty of Labor Sciences of the UMU.
  • The Sur Sur Study Room modifies its schedule next weekend because it is an electoral college (06/11/2019)

  • The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Murcia begins the events to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary (06/11/2019)

  • Francisco Lucas: "The mayor of Murcia delegates the management of the services of 30,000 Murcia in the extreme and antisocial policies of VOX" (06/11/2019)
    The spokesman of the PSRM warns that the Popular Party and Citizens "are part of the ultra-right command" because they support an agreement that will mean "a political compromise for Santo Ángel, Guadalupe, Aljucer, San Pío and La Alb
  • UCAM signs a collaboration agreement with the College of Public Works Engineers (06/11/2019)

  • The City of Murcia aims to reduce CO2 emissions by one million tons in 2030 (06/11/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces the delivery of public money to an association that deals with correcting "sexual deviation" (06/11/2019)

  • Murcia celebrates its first Discounts Fair on Avenida de la Libertad (06/11/2019)

  • International Congress of Performing Arts and Diversity "Identity, Transit, Territory and Violence" (06/11/2019)
    Organized by the Social Action Platform of the University of Murcia, the Cepaim Foundation and the cultural association AyeKlauwn
  • The Regional Film Library will host the CreaMurcia Short and Documentary final tomorrow (06/11/2019)

  • We can-Equo denounces that "Popular Party and Citizens embrace again to the extreme right" (06/11/2019)

  • UMU Professor José Manuel López Nicolás presents his latest book A scientist in the supermarket (06/11/2019)
    The renowned researcher and disseminator from Murcia launches his third book, this time with the publisher Planeta
  • Saúl Craviotto: "The illusion remains intact" (05/11/2019)
    The UCAM canoeist, who could win his fifth Olympic medal next summer, is among the favorites to carry the flag of Spain at the opening of the Olympic Games
  • Francisco Lucas: "The mayor of Murcia goes down in history as the first ruler of democracy that allows the extreme right to enter the institutions" (05/11/2019)

  • ODSessions starts with the activities of 'Clean water and sanitation' with the presentation of the European project LIFE Invasaqua (05/11/2019)
    It is an initiative whose objective is the training and dissemination of invasive aquatic species in Spain and Portugal
  • Disability groups participate together with the Department in the preparations for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (05/11/2019)
    The events will be held on December 3 to make their needs visible and move towards universal accessibility and social inclusion
  • About 2,000 people attend the conference of healthy living Madness for Living (05/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, participates in the opening of this event that has been attended by speakers such as chef Juan Llorca, the Psychologist Patricia Ramírez and Olympic canoeist Saul Craviotto.
  • The environment of the San Esteban deposit opens underground containers This action has allowed the elimination of 14 surface deposits, improving the image and cleaning of the area and reducing noise (05/11/2019)

  • Huermur says that Culture recognizes the aggravation of the damages reported by the Association in the Counterpart (05/11/2019)

  • UCAM disseminates research in Science Week (05/11/2019)

  • The organs will sound again in Murcia to say goodbye to the year (05/11/2019)
    The fifth edition of the Murcia International Organ Cycle program, from November 7 to December 5, 6 concerts by national and international musicians
  • MercaMurcia manages to reach an occupancy of 95% as a reference logistics distribution center in southeast Spain (05/11/2019)

  • The UMU conducts a pilot test of a facial recognition system for examinations in online degrees (05/11/2019)
    An application will allow to guarantee that the evaluation is done to the enrolled person
  • The University of Murcia and Villapharma create a chair of Medical Chemistry (05/11/2019)

  • The Networks program will host the first Trivial Championship for young people next Saturday (05/11/2019)
    The Youth Service also offers a cooking workshop and a cosmetic workshop for young people, a route through the Sierra de Altahona and the most emblematic streets of Murcia and a night room soccer championship, among other activities
  • Constituted the Municipal Boards of El Palmar, Churra, Los Dolores, San Ginés and Patiño (05/11/2019)
    Tomorrow Wednesday the Municipal Boards of Era Alta, La Albatalía, La Alberca, Aljucer, Beniaján, Guadalupe, San Pío X, El Carmen, will be formed Barrio del Progreso, Espinardo, Tocinos Bridge, San José de la Vega, Sangonera la Verde and Santo Ángel
  • The cinefórum of the University of Murcia presents the painter Ocaña, an early LGTB visibility icon (05/11/2019)

  • Fernández: "How is it possible for the PSOE to ask Mario Gómez for one day to insinuate irregular practices and not denounce them and the next day do exactly the same?" (04/11/2019)

  • Waste management, consumption, sustainability and mobility center the first sectorial table for the design of the Circular Economy Strategy (04/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, today inaugurated this composite work meeting by the municipal technicians.
  • Jose Manuel Ruiz resigns his position as Dean of the COIIRM (04/11/2019)

  • The City Council develops pruning and clearing in the stretch of the bike path from El Raal to Llano de Brujas (04/11/2019)

  • Liberty Avenue will host the Discounts Fair from November 6 to 9 (04/11/2019)
    In parallel to the fair there will be other activities such as a free makeup and hairdressing service and a photo booth and there will be a playground for children
  • ... (04/11/2019)

  • The Civil Guard detains two dangerous criminals in Beniaján for assaulting four minors at the point of a knife (04/11/2019)
    Those arrested, one of them underage, are credited with the alleged authorship of two robbery crimes with violence and intimidation
  • Towards a 100% sustainable garden (04/11/2019)
    Under the theme of 'How to improve waste management in the Huerta de Murcia', the City Council has awarded three innovative proposals within the Climathon 2019
  • The UMU ODSessions project organizes around twenty activities around "Clean water and sanitation" (04/11/2019)
    "Murcia without butts" will gather hundreds of volunteers next November 11 through the streets of the historic center under the motto #StopColillas
  • Social Rights gives Traperos de Emmaus an annual help to maintain its program of psychotherapeutic and voluntary care (04/11/2019)
    The Councilor for Social and Family Rights, Pilar Torres, visited this facility's facilities this morning
  • Lara Carrión wins the CreaMurcia de Literatura (04/11/2019)
    Ángela Martínez-Carrasco, Daniel Cano and Patricia Suárez have received the accésit
  • More than 1,000 people pass through the Murcia Lan Party (03/11/2019)
    The Sports Palace becomes this weekend the headquarters of computer and new technology lovers with games, workshops and conferences.
  • Miguel Garaulet: "Cs is the party of entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs, and we will support them by lowering their taxes" (03/11/2019)

  • Mario Gómez will ask the Mayor of the City Council for the urgent call of the URBAMUSA Council (03/11/2019)
    The first Deputy Mayor, Mario Gómez, after detecting certain anomalies in the management of the URBAMUSA company has requested, both the manager and the mayor, the urgent call of the Council of the public entity
  • We are Region bets on the defense of the base sport in the distribution of subsidies (03/11/2019)

  • They ask for a real negotiation and a Temporary Employment Consolidation Plan that ends the high percentages of job insecurity (03/11/2019)

  • The City Council celebrates in November the sector work tables for the design of the Murcia Brand (03/11/2019)
    The process for the elaboration of the city strategy continues this month with the formation of the different thematic groups.
  • Los Polvorines Forest Park will have a new children's area and a sports space for adults (03/11/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Development and Huerta will develop a renovation plan for this natural park located in Monteagudo
  • More than 15,000 people enjoy the 'Parks, Music and Action' activities in October (03/11/2019)

  • Healthier houses to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate in Europe (02/11/2019)

  • The City Council begins on Monday with the first phase of participation for the design of the Circular Economy Strategy (02/11/2019)
    The municipal technicians make up the first table for the preparation of the initial diagnosis of the strategy of the city of Murcia.
  • The 'Pool Objective Plan' reaches the districts (02/11/2019)

  • The Murcia Lan Party celebrates its coming of age with more than 90 hours of high speed navigation and virtual reality games (01/11/2019)

  • The Department of Sports and Health publishes a new guide on the cemetery Our Father Jesus (01/11/2019)
    On this occasion has been dedicated to Murcia who have innovated in the life of the city of Murcia
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective in the treatment of chronic pain (01/11/2019)
    Dr. José Fabregat, director of the Chair of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at the Catholic University of Murcia has lectured on the latest advances

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