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Murcia News - November 2016

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  • The head of the regional executive meets in the Palacio de San Esteban with the president of the Agrupación Sardinera de Murcia, Gregorio González (30/11/2016)

  • Works in the Murcian neighborhood of Los Rosales allow the rehabilitation of 638 homes and refurbishment of many public spaces (30/11/2016)
    There is an effort to improve the state of conservation of 24 blocks of buildings older than 50 years old and to condition the squares and pedestrian walks That cross the neighborhood
  • Students from more than a dozen countries graduate in the Master's Degree in High Performance Sports of the UCAM (30/11/2016)

  • Improvements in public bus transport between Altorreal and Murcia (30/11/2016)

  • Fabio: "There is no affordable rival (30/11/2016)
    The competition is very even"
  • Hundreds of students participate in the conference on FP in the UCAM (30/11/2016)
    The Higher Institute of FP San Antonio has held this morning with different activities the European Vocational Training Week, at the initiative of the European Commission
  • Navarro: "The Socialist Municipal Group must stop torpedoing the arrival of the AVE" (30/11/2016)

  • The anti-PP front of the Town Hall joins to ask for investments that are already foreseen and announced (30/11/2016)
    "As usual, they are late," says Felipe Coello, since the Autonomous Community has 10 million euros for these projects
  • International recognition to UMU professor José Vicente Soler for his research in Organometallic Chemistry (30/11/2016)

  • Old jail speaks at the University of Murcia (30/11/2016)
    Participants in a debate will make proposals to recover this space for citizenship
  • More than a thousand new trees begin to be planted as part of the winter campaign (30/11/2016)
    More than 25 workers work on mulberry, orange and other native planting
  • The PSOE demands that the PP stop deluding the Murcia with the High Speed The spokesman of the Socialist Municipal Group, Jose Ignacio Gras, asks when it is going to be written the project of the arrival of the AVE to Murcia and with what financing W (30/11/2016)

  • Murcia exposes the need to promote electric mobility and photovoltaic installations for self-consumption before the Spanish Association of Energy Agencies (30/11/2016)
    A common strategy has been designed for the diffusion of the development of renewable energies in different areas
  • The PP considers it regrettable that C's blame the officials of their poor management in the municipal boards (29/11/2016)

  • "We are playing a competition we dreamed of and we can stay in first" (29/11/2016)
    Vitor Benite has warned of the effectiveness in defense of Zenit St. Petersburg
  • Delivered Pablo Artal Scholarships for Talented Science Students (29/11/2016)

  • Citizens ask the local PP not to expand more the major works planned for this year by the Municipal Board of El Palmar (29/11/2016)

  • The Mayor participates in the 'Futuro en Español' conferences held in Medellín (29/11/2016)

  • Raúl Campos: "Although our goal is to be first, we are very focused on adding 3 in 3 points to reduce distances" (29/11/2016)

  • The PP warns the PSOE that the problems are solved with work, not with walks (29/11/2016)

  • "University education is absolutely basic for what society is next" (Ana Crespo, botany) (29/11/2016)
    "The presence of women in institutions is a balance for these institutions, not a service for women"
  • The San Antonio Higher Institute of FP joins the European Professional Training Week (29/11/2016)
    Tomorrow, Wednesday will be the day in which the students will perform different activities such as recording a TV program and an iradio, a mini-market for the sale of products or Analysis of food myths
  • Coello: "Making the anecdote the" everything "is the new policy of the PSOE" (29/11/2016)
    Councilman for Health recriminates socialists who are unable to recognize the investments made by the City every year to keep the cemetery more than 600,000 Euros in 2015 and 2016-
  • The exhibition 'Alfonso X' s footprint arrives in Espinardo (29/11/2016)
    During the next month there will also be workshops, guided tours and a concert
  • Different actions will improve the accessibility and security of San Bartolomé Street (29/11/2016)
    Councilors Roque Ortiz and Maruja Pelegrín have visited the area this morning
  • PSOE and Cambiemos Murcia demand speed to Ballesta in the regeneration of the polygon of La Paz (29/11/2016)
    Both groups are demanding compliance with the motion approved in the October plenary to create a working table that paves the way for the rehabilitation of a very weathered
  • The PSOE accuses Ballesta of not wanting to solve the social problem of fund in the Fame (29/11/2016)

  • Avenida Alfonso X will receive next week the XXXII edition of the Christmas Craft Exhibition (29/11/2016)
    From December 2 to January 5 71 stands will be present at this event
  • Murcia participates in the technical session of the National Congress of the Environment (29/11/2016)
    Dedicated to the adaptation of cities to climate change
  • UMU conducts AIDS screening (29/11/2016)

  • Social Rights organizes a conference to promote active aging and improve the quality of life of our elders. On November 29 and 30 in the auditorium of the paraninfo of the University of Murcia. (29/11/2016)

  • The UMU devotes a roundtable to the equal regulation of maternity and paternity protection (29/11/2016)

  • They present at UMU a book about TV series (29/11/2016)

  • The Right Premial or the concept of nation, in constitutional days of the UMU (28/11/2016)

  • Murcia honors Jose Echegaray on the centenary of his death (28/11/2016)
    A bust, created by Nicolás Almansa, already appears on the street of the Nobel Prize for Literature, located on the side of the Teatro Romea
  • Education invests more than 60,000 euros to continue conditioning and repairing the schools of the municipality during this autumn (28/11/2016)
    The schools where the works are to be carried out are in the districts of Algezares, Alquerias, Cabezo de Torres, Corvera, El Palmar, Espinardo , Santiago el Mayor and Sucina
  • Bebe, Miguelín and Álex called with Spain to play two friendlies against Hungary (28/11/2016)

  • Nine out of ten UMU students would return to study at this institution (28/11/2016)

  • Local Police will intensify its presence in the neighborhoods of La Paz and La Fama to avoid vandalism (28/11/2016)
    Also will be created devices programmed with National Police so that the police presence in this zone is permanent
  • ElPozo Murcia vs Plásticos Romero Cartagena will be on Sunday, December 18 at 12 o'clock (28/11/2016)
    Six games in December
  • The PSOE denounces neglected areas and poorly conditioned in the municipal cemetery and demands to Ballesta actions of improvement (28/11/2016)
    The Socialist criticize the existence of "areas of third", without corridors, with open tombs and broken slabs that contrast with other more cared areas And with better access
  • The PSOE demands to the PP greater awareness against the macho violence (28/11/2016)

  • The Reading Club of the Municipal Theaters of Murcia Begins (28/11/2016)

  • The Rio Segura Library will become the next Thursday in a flamenco tablao (28/11/2016)
    The entrance to see the Flamencos-on company show is free until it reaches capacity
  • Student of Computer Science of the UMU, awarded by the Spanish Association of Normalization and Certification (AENOR) (28/11/2016)

  • ... (28/11/2016)

  • The City of Murcia organizes a shopping and gastronomy workshop to promote healthy habits (28/11/2016)
    On the occasion of World Dietitian Dietitian Day celebrated on November 24
  • Tomorrow begins the solidarity week of the students of the Faculty of Letters of the UMU (28/11/2016)

  • The exdecano of Letters of the UMU Estanislao Ramón Trives passes away (28/11/2016)

  • UCAM Murcia run out of prize in the last second (27/11/2016)
    Murcianos, who beat 12 points, fell 74-76 against Natura Monbus Obradoiro
  • The PSOE meets with the merchants of El Carmen to collect their proposals (27/11/2016)

  • The City of Murcia grants grant projects to help 4,500 Haitians (27/11/2016)
    The total amount that has been earmarked for this action is 30,000 euros and will be carried out through the Foundation Humanism and Democracy, UNICEF and SED
  • The City of Murcia activates the winter campaign for homeless people (27/11/2016)
    6 people have been taken care of in the streets of the city center, Ronda Sur and San Pio X, 3 of them Algerian, 2 Lithuanian and Translation English
  • The AlSur festival brings together hundreds of people in Floridablanca with a Bosco concert, a photography exhibition and workshops (26/11/2016)

  • A day of neighborhood participation to improve the environment of La Estación de Beniaján (26/11/2016)
    Neighbors and neighbors of Beniaján and its surroundings participate in a day of coexistence n to improve the environment of the Center of Art and Community Action "La Estación de Beniaján" (Foundation Cepaim)
  • Roque Ortiz: "The PSOE proves once again that it does not care neither the arrival of the AVE to Murcia nor the Murcia" Ortiz affirms that "the only one that maintains a firm commitment with the AVE, with its arrival and with the Murci (26/11/2016)

  • The UCAM signs a collaboration agreement with the EU Business School (26/11/2016)
    With this agreement, the Catholic University accredits the MBA taught by the Swiss business school
  • Health organizes a family sports day to promote physical activity as the best prescription to improve health (26/11/2016)

  • Tocinos Bridge launches the first graffiti workshop in the region (26/11/2016)
    The Tocinos Bridge Municipal Board inaugurates a Young Creativity Space
  • Socialist PSOE again denounces the lack of seriousness and foresight of the Ballesta government with the works of the AVE (26/11/2016)
    Socialists criticize the inexistence of a rigorous, signed and financed project, that assures the arrival of the High Speed ​​in time and form
  • Llano de Brujas has two new areas for canine recreation of 2,000 square meters (26/11/2016)
    They are located next to the institute and the cemetery.
  • Mireia Belmonte: "I will try to compete in the maximum possible tests of the Budapest World Cup" (25/11/2016)
    The Olympic champion has been in the UCAM doing an examination of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Now Murcia: "We are satisfied with the approval in yesterday's plenary session of three of our motions" (25/11/2016)
    On the contrary, we are very upset by the'anulation 'of PP and C's of our motion on energy poverty
  • Children from 3 to 6 years old already have their own children's area on Avenida de la Libertad (25/11/2016)
    The City Council complements the existing one for children aged 6 to 12
  • The Salzillo Widows Association and the taxi driver who cares for battered women receive the "Murcia in Equality" awards (25/11/2016)
    The City Hall hosts the institutional event of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • The City Council finances the lines of the Southern Coast to improve the service to the users, not to hire staff (25/11/2016)
    The Councilor for Development says that the PSOE does not tell the truth when he says that the agreement provides for some item to increase the number of drivers
  • Flowers against violence (25/11/2016)
    'I want to ... control' is the name of this year's municipal campaign to raise awareness among the youth group of violence against women
  • Minute of silence for women killed by sexist violence (25/11/2016)

  • The City and ANSE work on the environmental recovery of the river corridor of the Contraparada (25/11/2016)
    Through a collaboration agreement to defend the environment and recover the Huerta de Murcia
  • Education maintains commitment to improvement works in schools (25/11/2016)
    In total, the City expects to allocate 55,000 euros for this action
  • The Murcia Acoge Association will give Spanish classes for immigrants thanks to an agreement with the City Council (25/11/2016)
    This initiative is aimed at students who participate in training actions of the Employment Service
  • The City Council allocates more than 200,000 euros for projects of family, childhood, adolescence, women, gender violence and people with disabilities (25/11/2016)
    55 are the projects that have been subsidized and are destined to different sectors of the population
  • The Training and Employment Center will expand its training offer with the construction of seven new polyvalent classrooms (25/11/2016)
    The Government Board approves the award of the demolition works of the workshops, warehouses and wall of the FICA facilities, which will allow to increase The surface and adapt to new certificates of professionalism
  • Murcia will illuminate more than 40 streets with led lights in the upcoming Christmas parties (25/11/2016)
    The most emblematic ways will wear lighting never seen before in Murcia
  • The PSOE denounces Latbus's breach of the agreement of lines 30 and 78 (25/11/2016)
    by not hiring new drivers to cover the service despite receiving funding for it
  • Biotecna recovers UCAM Murcia CB (25/11/2016)
    The medical technology company is in charge of that the team players are treated and recovered before
  • The Plenary unanimously approves the assignment to the City Council of the properties of the Francisco Franco Patronage (24/11/2016)

  • Let's change calls actively to participate in the mobilization of tomorrow against the machista violence (24/11/2016)

  • Prepared for everything with Mesa del Castillo Hospital (24/11/2016)
    The Murcia medical center has equipped kits to the first team and the bases of UCAM Murcia CB
  • The CEIP Vicente Medina de Sangonera has received the distinction of center ambassador in the defense and promotion of the rights of the child, (24/11/2016)

  • A student of Political Science, new president of CEUM (24/11/2016)

  • The UMU convenes awards to encourage the transfer of knowledge among researchers (24/11/2016)

  • ... (24/11/2016)

  • The PSOE brings forward all the initiatives presented to the Plenum of the City of Murcia in November (24/11/2016)
    The Socialist Group gets an agreement to revise the spending rule of the consistory and invest the surplus in Employment and in the improvement of public services
  • Doubt: "We have no bad memories of the Palau. We hope to repeat with a good match" (24/11/2016)

  • Pedro Llompart passes eye patch at Centrofama Ophthalmic Clinics (24/11/2016)

  • Pedro Antonio Sánchez meets with representatives of the IES Alfonso X "The Wise" of Murcia (24/11/2016)

  • The City Council joins the state pact to eradicate gender violence (24/11/2016)
    Plenary approves an institutional declaration that reiterates the commitment to work until it is eradicated and calls for the right of women to enjoy a life free of sexist violence
  • The Municipal Plenum unanimously approves the creation of 21 new places of Local Police agent (24/11/2016)
    In this way the Government Team accumulates all the new entry places allowed by law to increase citizen safety
  • The Municipal Plenary approves definitively the unified text of the agreement of working conditions and collective agreement of the public employees of the City council (24/11/2016)

  • Women from Cartagena and Lorca centers win the photo contest of the University of Murcia (24/11/2016)

  • ... (23/11/2016)

  • Citizens denounces the submission to Adif of the governments of José Ballesta and Pedro Antonio Sánchez (23/11/2016)

  • "I think terrorism will not win, but we have to be willing to fight" Javier Rupérez Rubio, Spanish ambassador, gave this afternoon at UCAM the inaugural conference of the 1st International Congress on terrorism and organized crime (23/11/2016)

  • The PP asks the opposition to report on the efforts made for the arrival of the AVE before criticizing without reasons Rebeca Pérez confirms that on November 2 ADIF was transferred to the motion approved by the Plenary to find alternatives to the Thr (23/11/2016)

  • Huerta Viva denounces contamination of the Benipotrox ditch (23/11/2016)

  • Neighborhood collectives know the progress of the works prior to the arrival of the High Speed ​​underground (23/11/2016)
    Councilor of Fomento, Roque Ortiz, has informed the presidents of the Municipal Councils affected of the work on the bridge of the Trail of Tiñosa that begin Tomorrow Thursday
  • Let's change denounces improvisation and lack of transparency in the works of the AVE (23/11/2016)

  • Murcia will be national capital of the rhythmic gymnastics of the 1 to 4 of December (23/11/2016)

  • ... (23/11/2016)

  • Seniors'archarch against gender violence (23/11/2016)
    Framed in the programming of awareness activities on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Presentation of a book against gender violence (23/11/2016)

  • Let's change the exemption in the IRPF of the municipal aids for the rehabilitation of houses (23/11/2016)

  • Timetable QUARTOS- VII COPA DEL REY (23/11/2016)
    The Catgas Energy vs. ElPozo Murcia FS match will be played on Tuesday December 13 in Santa Coloma
  • The Electric Vehicle Working Table starts to run (23/11/2016)

  • The UMU offers a bridge course for the Degree in Sports Science (23/11/2016)

  • UMU publishes an Audiovisual Journalism Manual (23/11/2016)

  • Teatro Romea hosts La Parranda organized by the Federation of Peñas Huertanas (23/11/2016)
    Next Sunday, November 27, at 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
  • A city for children (23/11/2016)

  • UMU professor Conrado Navalón, Honorary Member of the Union of University Publishers (UNE) (23/11/2016)

  • The first edition of the 10k race and 5k'Murcia City of Sport 'brings together more than 1600 participants. The event is held on Saturday at 10:00 pm with departure from the Plaza de la Cruz Roja (23/11/2016)

  • The PSOE accuses Ballesta of 'despising' democracy by failing to comply with the motion approved in October to seek alternatives to the construction of a new bridge on the way to Tiñosa. Enrique Ayuso criticizes the "despot attitude" (23/11/2016)

  • The PSOE calls for the halting of the 'improvised' actions in the environment of the San Esteban site until the Master Plan is ready (23/11/2016)

  • La Breva huertana peña will mount the municipal Bethlehem in the Episcopal Palace (23/11/2016)
    The inauguration of the set of more than 800 pieces of Nicolás Almansa, will be next December 3
  • Professor Gómez Sal intervenes tomorrow in the Seminars of the Rector of the UMU with a lecture on "University and Research" (23/11/2016)

  • The Municipal People's Group presents a motion to improve the quality of life of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (23/11/2016)
    Coello states that this initiative aims to "encourage and carry out periodic activities using necessary municipal infrastructures such as libraries, exhibition halls and facilities Sports "
  • Conference at the University of Murcia addresses the importance of arid ecosystems and their biodiversity (23/11/2016)

  • The University of Murcia becomes today the capital of silver (23/11/2016)
    The festival of San Eloy will be celebrated from 23 November to 1 December with numerous acts and conferences
  • Citizens will request in plenary the application of objective criteria in the productivity wage supplement (23/11/2016)
    Mario Gómez: "If we do not establish these principles, this economic allocation could be considered arbitrary and not transparent"
  • Italian teacher speaks tomorrow at UMU on the social impact of diseases (23/11/2016)

  • The PSOE demands to Ballesta the urgent meeting of the Commission of Follow-up of the works of the AVE (22/11/2016)

  • The works to demolish and build the new bridge of the Trail of Tiñosa begin on Thursday (22/11/2016)
    The works for the diversion of the hydraulic networks are developed in compliance with the scheduled deadlines, as confirmed by the monitoring commission of actions of the Society Murcia High Speed At the meeting held this morning
  • The UCAM Murcia CB, best club of the year for the Association of the Sports Press of the Region of Murcia (22/11/2016)
    University students repeat the award granted by the APDRM for the second consecutive year
  • Now Murcia demands "modern and effective" means for civil protection (22/11/2016)
    The municipal group is taking a motion to the Plenary next Thursday to request the renewal of vehicles and other means "that are already obsolete" for the Volunteer Group of Civil Protection Of the Town Hall
  • "Spain is going to finish 2016 with historical records of donation and transplant" (22/11/2016)
    Rafael Matesanz gave the inaugural lecture of the opening ceremony of the UCAM, which this year commemorates its 20th anniversary
  • The Procurement Committee registers 40 offers to carry out the reform of the Sangonera la Verde library. At the same meeting, the award of the conditioning of the study room of Los Dolores to Construcciones Juan Gregorio, With a budget of 45,000 euro (22/11/2016)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles an active youth gang dedicated to the subtraction of motorcycles and mopeds (22/11/2016)
    In Alquerías-Murcia
  • Young people in the municipality know the risks of gender violence thanks to the City of Murcia (22/11/2016)

  • Two students of the UMU obtain mention in international competition of Negociation and Mediation (22/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia warns that the new delay of the AVE endangers the awarded works (22/11/2016)

  • XXXVI Awards for Sports Merit (22/11/2016)
    Alex elected 'Best Athlete 2016'
  • The ONCE brings to Murcia an intelligent house in which design and accessibility go hand in hand (22/11/2016)

  • Let's change it proposes to create a Working Table to reform the system of collection of the IBI and to make it more just (22/11/2016)

  • Three American teachers and a Spanish actress teach a bilingual theater course at UMU (22/11/2016)

  • The City Council improves and extends the children's zone of the Castle of Olite (22/11/2016)
    In addition, the Service of Parks and Gardens works in the creation of a new zone of canine recreation
  • Murcia already belongs to the AVE Cities Network (22/11/2016)
    The Ordinary Assembly of this organization approves membership of the municipality
  • "The more you win, the more confidence and morale you get" (22/11/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned of danger in the painting of Nick Johnson, FC Bayern Munich's last signing
  • The PSOE demands to recover the management of the outdoor sports courts of Espinardo (22/11/2016)
    The Socialists will take to the municipal plenary a motion so that the City council assumes the control of these tracks in municipal land, until now unilaterally exploited by the company Intersa and without No compensation for the consistory
  • The Social Council and the Vice-Rectorate for Training and Innovation of the UMU and the Mare Nostrum Campus promote the 2016 Teaching Innovation Awards (22/11/2016)
    The total amount of these prestigious awards amounts to a maximum of 16,000 euros
  • ... (22/11/2016)

  • The pedantry of El Palmar Citizens will have to return to the City Council money for not investing in infrastructure (22/11/2016)
    The Popular Group in the Municipal Board of El Palmar describes as disturbing the bad planning of Citizens who only spent 13.45% of the 341,000 euros allocated to investments
  • Citizens will ask the Plenary to move the system of control and management of large companies to the public domain (22/11/2016)

  • The president of the National Court opens tomorrow the course of the School of Legal Practice of the UMU (22/11/2016)

  • UMU dedicates exhibition to mathematics teacher José María Eyaralar (22/11/2016)

  • Antonio Lorente and Laura Jiménez triumph in Algezares (21/11/2016)
    Athlete of the Atletisme Crevillent takes the III Popular Race of the Murcian parish, with a time of 23:19 by 29:47 for the female winner
  • The UCAM celebrates the First International Congress on terrorism and organized crime (21/11/2016)

  • Guillén: "Citizens now ask for something done since 2014" (21/11/2016)
    The Councilor for Modernization explains that the FEMP has already ruled favorably the implementation of the advancement of the retirement age of local police
  • Murcia will be part of the Regional Network of Municipalities for Citizen Participation (21/11/2016)

  • Guillamón, Darío, García and José Mario, called with Spain Sub'19 to play two friendlies against the Czech Republic (21/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia: "PP project for Alfonso X is not pedestrianization of the avenue, is to expand Santo Domingo" (21/11/2016)
    The municipal training has registered allegations and alternative proposal to the PP project
  • Navarro: "The new area of ​​commercial expansion of the Southern Coast is going to be a milestone in the economic development of the municipality" The City Council highlights the creation of employment that involves this action, whose p (21/11/2016)

  • The City Council launches a campaign to attract tourists from Madrid, Alicante and Albacete during the weekends and bridges of November and December (21/11/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture promotes the city in national digital and communication media
  • Let's change presents allegations to Alfonso X's pedestrianization project (21/11/2016)

  • The Land Bank's campaign runs through the streets of Monteagudo (21/11/2016)
    With this system will be contacted owners of cropland in disuse and people interested in leasing them for cultivation
  • Improves the quality of the enterprise in the Region of Murcia (21/11/2016)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "In the last quarter of the year more than 35 million euros of credit surveys will be accounted for" (21/11/2016)

  • The PSOE will ask Ballesta to regulate the professional recycling of the Local Police to achieve greater effectiveness (21/11/2016)

  • Let's ask the City Council to assume the homes of the Francisco Franco Patronage (21/11/2016)

  • Sangonera La Seca joins the districts that already have new study rooms (21/11/2016)

  • Fernanda Pozo receives a degree in Chemistry from UMU 75 years after the start of the race (21/11/2016)
    "I always wanted to learn", comments the new graduate, 94 years
  • Citizens will demand to the Plenary that the local police work is considered risk. Mario Gómez insists on the need to renew the workforce, increase the public offer of employment and improve the efficiency in the distribution of troops and, consequen (21/11/2016)

  • The Moneo building lights yellow tonight to commemorate World Spina Bifida Day (21/11/2016)
    The City of Murcia allocates 8,000 euros for this group
  • Hundreds of children celebrate their day in the Silk Garden (20/11/2016)
    The Mayor has visited the children's party organized by the Department of Social Rights and culminating activities scheduled for the Children's Rights Day
  • Let us propose an agreement between the City Council and the Junta de Hacendados for the cleaning of the ditches and azarbes (20/11/2016)

  • The PSOE aims to restore dignity to those forgotten in the cemetery of Our Father of Jesus (20/11/2016)

  • Casillas has a new area to practice outdoor sports for free (20/11/2016)
    This new space is located in the garden of the Purísima of the hamlet
  • Citizens will ask in Plenary to donate cultural coordinators to those municipal centers that do not have (20/11/2016)

  • Representatives of associations and groups participate in the Intensive Course of Economic Management of associations in La Estación de Beniaján (19/11/2016)

  • The Carmela Jazz Festival brings together hundreds of people in the Floridablanca Garden (19/11/2016)

  • Sergio Ramos, elected new municipal coordinator of IU-Greens of Murcia (19/11/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia's adherence to the European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City (19/11/2016)
    More than 400 cities in the world have signed this manifesto to promote respect for and protection of fundamental rights
  • The Mayor defends a more collaborative, sustainable and accessible energy model (19/11/2016)
    Ballesta participates in the day 'The road to a new social and sustainable energy model', organized by the National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers
  • The City of Murcia joins the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Center for Accompaniment and Accompaniment of Caritas in El Palmar (19/11/2016)
    Social Rights allocates annually 245,000 euros for the project 'Actions to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion', which is Association develops at the Cayam Children's School
  • The City Council subsidizes 25 humanitarian aid projects in countries with low development rates. 6 projects will also receive subsidies for development, which will be carried out in Murcia and which aim to raise the awareness of the population about (19/11/2016)

  • The PSOE will demand in the Plenary the protection of the Ferris wheel of the Ñora, historical and cultural heritage of all Murcia (19/11/2016)

  • Xxiii Murcia days on hypertension (19/11/2016)
    "Hypertension is the leading cause of mortality worldwide"
  • The City of Murcia organizes an environmental voluntary activity to promote the recovery of the eel in the Segura River (19/11/2016)
    It will take place on Saturday, November 26, by the ditches of La Arboleja and Barreras in Aljucer and by the water of Manterola
  • The Ministry of Development promotes the improvement of pedestrian access to the health center of the Murcian hamlet of the High Age (18/11/2016)
    The works will allow the sidewalk to be adapted on the RM-611 road to increase the safety and comfort of pedestrians during their journeys
  • Let's take to the Plenary the breach of the foreign advertising ordinance (18/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia demands the implementation in the municipality of the mechanisms of fight against the energetic poverty foreseen in the regional law (18/11/2016)
    Alicia Morales assures that the municipal group "is going to do everything possible because in the municipality there is not a single Cut of light this winter "
  • Tomorrow opens to the Senda de los Garres traffic, two days ahead of the planned date (18/11/2016)
    The diversion works of the hydraulic networks are necessary for the burial of the roads for the arrival of the AVE
  • The Board of Spokesmen studies the reports of the dwellings of Beniaján and of the Greenway of the railroad of the Coastal South (18/11/2016)

  • Mario Gómez: "We will reach agreements with the PP when they have budgetary appropriation and fixed term of execution" (18/11/2016)

  • "We need to be focused on defense and dominate the rebounds" Óscar Quintana has warned of the time that Real Betis Energia Plus has had to prepare the match (18/11/2016)

  • Trade awards prizes to the winners of the IX Trade Fair Outlet (18/11/2016)

  • 9 changing rooms and sports courts renew the cleaning service (18/11/2016)
    In addition, the tender for the maintenance of the Los Garres pavilion has been approved, with a budget of 145,000 euros
  • The CreaMurcia Art Festival will fill the streets of the city with music, comics and artistic interventions (18/11/2016)
    The event, which will take place from December 12 to 16, is the culmination of activities held throughout the year in the contest
  • Social Rights allocates 126,000 euros to support the schooling of children in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion (18/11/2016)
    The funds correspond to the first quarter of the course, and also guarantee food and transportation
  • The City and ANSE sign an agreement to advance the environmental recovery of the river corridor of the Contraparada (18/11/2016)
    The main objective is the defense of the environment, the conservation of the Nature and the ecological processes, preserving the biodiversity and guaranteeing a sustainable use Of renewable natural resources
  • Urbanism analyzes 35,000 hectares of urban land and urbanizable through a photogrammetric flight to start the revision of the PGOU (18/11/2016)
    The result of the works will provide a fixed photo of the current urban development moment of the municipality
  • A 7 km segregated bike lane will link Juan Carlos I Avenue with Ronda Sur (18/11/2016)
    The works are expected to close next spring
  • The Firemen will have a giant screen to coordinate emergencies (18/11/2016)
    The Governing Board has also approved the provision of a portable communications system for confined spaces
  • The City Council presents the project "It Murcia" to the second call for funds Feder (18/11/2016)

  • "I, Daniel Blake", chosen best European film of 2016, in the programming in VO of Centerfama (18/11/2016)

  • The PSOE presents a motion to require Montoro that Local Corporations can allocate their surplus to investments (18/11/2016)

  • The VIII Conference of the Murcian held at the UMU addresses the murcian speech in the province of Alicante (18/11/2016)

  • The Grafiti Municipal Office will participate in the celebration of the International Day of the Rights of the Child (18/11/2016)
    Next Sunday in the Silk Garden
  • Fundación CajaMurcia allocates nine thousand euros to the UMU Social Action Platform (18/11/2016)

  • The Chair of History and Naval Heritage (Armada-UMU) promotes the creation of a group of experts to protect the Maritime Heritage (18/11/2016)

  • Coral Discantus seeks the best sonority in the Cathedral for the Mass of Coronation (18/11/2016)

  • The Anthology of the Zarzuela arrives Saturday at the Auditorium with the Symphony of the UCAM (17/11/2016)

  • Let's ask the municipal government to suspend any urban action on the palm groves of Zaraiche (17/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia: "the PP action against the agreement of Nueva Condomina is a smokescreen to cover a disaster" Angeles Micol denounces that "after 15 years of processing, the City now realizes that it lacked a field of Golf. They decide to (17/11/2016)

  • The magazine'Autobuses y coaches' awards Transportes de Murcia as the best company of the year for urban transport (17/11/2016)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, has met with the editor of the publication Miguel Sáez and representatives of the concessionaire
  • Congress at the UMU promotes good practices for the prevention of abuse in childhood (17/11/2016)

  • Those affected by rare diseases claim more health coordination and research (17/11/2016)
    The Campus of Los Jerónimos hosted this morning the opening of the IX International Congress of Rare Diseases organized by the Association D'Genes and UCAM
  • Citizens will request in plenary the cession of a municipal building that receives the artistic patrimony of the Foundation of the Press (17/11/2016)

  • The UMU implements measures that improve the separation of waste in its centers (17/11/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS vs Magna Gurpea (17/11/2016)
    History duel in the Palace
  • The Morera street of Santiago el Mayor has new sidewalks and almost thirty new regulated parking places (17/11/2016)
    The Department of Development has invested more than 54,000 euros in these works
  • Torreagüera has a new accessible garden that will also have a bio-healthy circuit (17/11/2016)
    In the garden of Sol Street have created 400 square meters of cobbled areas that add up to 200 meters of meadow and shrub areas
  • The UMU Veterinary School honors Professor Luis León Vizcaíno for his retirement (17/11/2016)

  • Murcia City Council stresses the importance of the Municipal Childhood and Adolescence Program to promote the social welfare of minors (17/11/2016)
    Conchita Ruiz recalls that attention to children and especially the most vulnerable population "was the starting point in Murcia of Municipal social services in 1981 "
  • The schoolchildren take the floor (17/11/2016)
    143 students from schools in Aljucer, Javalí Nuevo, Santiago el Mayor and Murcia take part in a Children's Plenary
  • The PSOE presented yesterday to mayoralty its proposals of resolution for the following year with the participation, efficiency and transparency like fundamental axes (17/11/2016)

  • United Left-Greens renews its municipal address in Murcia on Saturday (17/11/2016)

  • Students aged between 8 and 14 can already participate in the First Children and Youth Stories Contest 'Knowing My Roots' (17/11/2016)
    Organized to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Council of Murcia, they will be able to present their works on the history, traditions Or the customs of Murcia until January 17
  • The San Antonio el Pobre Visitor Center offers a free visit to Martyrium de La Alberca (17/11/2016)
    Next Saturday, attendees will have a unique opportunity to visit this late Roman monument
  • The Ozna show and Jewish music is represented at the University of Murcia (17/11/2016)

  • The PSOE again demands an urgent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sociedad Murcia Alta Velocidad (17/11/2016)
    Socialist councilor, Begoña García Retegui, once again calls on Ballesta to ask the Ministry of Development a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Society High Speed, in addition to maintaining technical meetings with ADIF
  • Villagers of Alquerías request a relocation of the containers of street Agustín Virgili and the removal of rubbish and rubbish next to the roundabout of entrance to the hamlet (16/11/2016)

  • Diabetes to be studied at the XXIII Murcian Conference on Hypertension to be inaugurated tomorrow (16/11/2016)
    The UCAM welcomes this act that will begin at 5 pm, and will last until next November 19, next to the V Meeting of Pharmacists of the Region Of Murcia on multidisciplinary control of the patient with RCV
  • Navarro: "Proposing that buses circulate along a greenway is wrong and distances itself from the demands of the districts" The Councilor for Urbanism, Environment and Huerta, emphasizes that the final objective is to recover 8 kilometers of (16/11/2016)

  • The Town Planning Council proposes to start the declaration of non-compliance with the agreement signed with Desarrollos Nueva Condomina Navarro will tomorrow propose to the Committee of Plenary the start of the procedure in relation to the construct (16/11/2016)

  • Change requires "agility" in the remunicipalization of the Statistics Service (16/11/2016)

  • Some young people find skeletal remains of the 19th century in a municipal site of La Albatalía (16/11/2016)
    The area is an old cemetery called Puertas de Castilla
  • Eight fathers and mothers receive training to start their business accompanied by their babies (16/11/2016)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, has delivered the diplomas to the participants in the 'CONTI-go!' Initiative, which has completed its third edition, % Of the participants have managed to start up their businesses
  • Urbanism invites the districts affected by the train tracks to present ideas for the future green path that will link Alquerías and Los Dolores (16/11/2016)

  • "For a noble ideal" brings to the UMU the accent of Don Quixote (16/11/2016)

  • Blas de Otero is remembered at the University of Murcia on the centenary of his birth (16/11/2016)

  • The IX International Congress of Rare Diseases organized by D'Genes and the UCAM opens tomorrow (16/11/2016)

  • The General linguistics course in Spain and Italy, at a conference at the UMU (16/11/2016)

  • To the PSOE it seems insufficient the agreement with ADIF since it does not solve at all the main problem of the districts of the zone (16/11/2016)
    Socialists will continue asking that the green corridor also serves for the improvement of the public transport between these districts and Murcia
  • 20,000 schoolchildren and 257 teachers participate in workshops to prevent drug use and promote healthy lifestyles (16/11/2016)

  • Marinovic to Magna: "We have to give everything. There is a desire for revenge for our fans" (16/11/2016)

  • The Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 knows the project MiMurcia (16/11/2016)

  • #Murciasemueve returns with light, dance and music to make the talent Murcia visible (16/11/2016)
    The free event that has organized the City of Murcia begins at 20:30 hours in the Plaza de Toros.
  • The City of Murcia distributes 1,000 plants and organizes a walk through the garden on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence (16/11/2016)

  • The University of Murcia will build a Christmas tree with reused plastic bottles (16/11/2016)

  • The cadets of the Judo Club UCAM-City of Murcia Bronces in Alicante (16/11/2016)

  • UMU students will be able to load the laptop in class (16/11/2016)

  • Professor of UMU Salvador Zamora, awarded in Avilés for his scientific career (16/11/2016)

  • Symposium at the UMU disseminates the advances in veterinary diagnosis (16/11/2016)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the XIII International Congress of abused children (16/11/2016)

  • The PSOE asks the delegate of Government a visit to the CIE of Sangonera (15/11/2016)

  • Rebeca Pérez: "Let's change, once again, make mistakes" (15/11/2016)
    The Spokesperson of the Popular Group remembers that the City fulfills its obligations and acts with responsibility in the assigned competences
  • The theater group "Candilejas" presents his work "The legend of the prince of the sea" in La Estación de Beniaján (15/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia asks Ballesta to manage a visit of the municipal groups to the CIE of Sangonera (15/11/2016)
    Alicia Morales asks Ballesta to "leave the Glorieta and face the important things that happen in the municipality"
  • Sanchez: "That the PSOE does not blame our Local Police for acts of vandalism" (15/11/2016)

  • The new issue of the journal Eubacteria, dedicated to Professor Mario Honrubia is presented (15/11/2016)

  • Presentation of the Digital Law Library Antonio Reverte (15/11/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces that the mayor does not act against the violation of Human Rights in the CIE of Sangonera (15/11/2016)

  • Braulio Lorca exhibits at the University of Murcia his exhibition "Arrecifes", a mixture of (15/11/2016)

  • 40 companies are interested in the project to prepare the Palmeral de Santiago and Zaraíche (15/11/2016)
    The Procurement Committee has opened its proposals this morning, which should be evaluated by the technical services
  • The City Council invites schools to enjoy the nature of Murcia by offering a visit to the Contraparada (15/11/2016)
    1,200 students will know during this course the natural and cultural values ​​of this emblematic place
  • The City Council launches different actions to improve the presentation of Murcia as a congress destination (15/11/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture creates the 'Passport Murcia Congress' and draw tourist packages between congressmen who visit the city
  • Murcia organizes its first national conferences on Smart City (15/11/2016)
    Councilman for Modernization of Administration, Urban Quality and Participation, José Guillén, today participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2016, the world's leading smart cities event.
  • The "Food Truck" of the Health Sciences campus starts operating (15/11/2016)

  • A campaign to raise awareness of the risks of urban mobility in the senior population (15/11/2016)
    Avenida de la Libertad is hosting this initiative organized by RACE and Liberty Seguros until Friday
  • Socialist mayor Juan Vicente Larrosa, does not explain that the solution to the theft of cable of the river's speck is to leave the neighbors without. The PSOE demands more security and less elimination of services like the street lamps of the ri (15/11/2016)

  • ... (15/11/2016)

  • Fernando: "At the Palace we have to add three by three points. Win yes or no" (15/11/2016)

  • The Plaza de Romea hosts the Jumilla Wine Fair to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Mayor, José Ballesta, and the president of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin, Pedro Lencina, present the event, in which 14 wineries To offer a w (15/11/2016)

  • Citizens San Ginés urges the Junta de Hacendados to repair the Acequia Mayor de Barreras (15/11/2016)

  • The SIME will hold a consultation among the workers of the City of Murcia to hear their opinion on the new agreement-agreement (15/11/2016)

  • 20 students from Secondary and Bachiller participate in the theatrical and modernist visit by the Casino de Murcia (15/11/2016)
    The Councilor for Youth and Development Cooperation, Rebeca Pérez, has participated in the activity that lasts two and a half hours by the center Of the city
  • PhD UMU proposes equal and non-transferable maternity and paternity leave (15/11/2016)

  • The UMU celebrates this Friday the V Race of Welcome (15/11/2016)

  • UMU launches mobile application with special discounts for students (15/11/2016)

  • The UCAM signs with El Corte Inglés trips an agreement with which an agency office is installed in the Campus (15/11/2016)

  • Guillen censors that citizens stand against the workers of the City Hall (14/11/2016)
    "They do not care to harm the municipal employees dilating the entry into force of a convention backed by the majority if in this way they obstruct the work of the Government Team, counting on We can as an ally "
  • Giuseppe Rusolillo, president of the Spanish Dietitian-Nutritionists Foundation (14/11/2016)
    "We still have a serious problem of childhood obesity in Spain"
  • The Mayor transfers to Pablo Martínez the congratulations of the Murcia for his silver medal in the Veterans World Championship (14/11/2016)
    Just a few days ago in the Australian city of Perth
  • Caritas receives food collected by the Museum of Science and Water (14/11/2016)

  • The PSOE claims to Coello an urgent action for the sports center of Guadalupe that is in a sorry state (14/11/2016)

  • Citizens get the local police to charge the same price overtime (14/11/2016)

  • Starts the information campaign that shows the initiative of the Land Bank of the Huerta de Murcia (14/11/2016)
    The Councilor for Urbanism, Environment and Huerta, Antonio Navarro Corchón today visited the mobile information point located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • Saussure and contemporary linguistics at a conference at the UMU (14/11/2016)
    It is part of the activities celebrated by the centennial of the foundational text of linguistics
  • ... (14/11/2016)

  • Doctor honoris causa for the UMU Joaquín Prats opens the activities of the Festival of History (14/11/2016)

  • The UCAM favors the digital transformation of companies of the Region, through training in Big Data and Cloud Computing (14/11/2016)

  • UMU opens the deadline for the ten contracts of research staff with highly qualified technical profile (14/11/2016)

  • The PSOE ensures that establishments can place bars on the public road for free during the patron saint festivities. The municipal council of Cabezo de Torres, presided over by the socialist Francisco Viudes, detected during the Carnival of the hamle (13/11/2016)

  • Gómez affirms that the whole Government team is "highly committed to the education of the people of Murcia and with the perfect state and condition of the city." Rafael Gómez: "The City Council is working on the value of the building N (13/11/2016)

  • The PSOE claims that the Southern Coast passes from six to four lanes to condition sidewalks and bike lanes as will be done in the rounds (13/11/2016)
    The Socialists remember that this request has been unanimously approved by the municipal councils of the area with the Continued negative of PP governments
  • The City Council performs an intensive review of the 700 specimens of unique trees in Murcia and districts (13/11/2016)
    An arborist with European certificate accompanied by a fortnight of professionals carries out these tasks
  • Murcia, one of the eleven European cities chosen as an example of combating climate change (13/11/2016)

  • ... (12/11/2016)

  • Citizens denounces the lack of maintenance of the pedestrian lane in the speck of the river Segura as it passes through Llano de Brujas (12/11/2016)

  • The City Hall programmed visits in English, French and German for high school and high school students in Murcia (12/11/2016)
    Visits will be held between November and December 2016 and the first quarter of January 2017. In the morning A duration of two and a half hours by the center of the city of Murcia
  • The façade of the Moneo building will light up tomorrow and on a blue Monday to commemorate World Diabetes Day (12/11/2016)

  • Roque Ortiz: "The only patch that exists in Murcia is called PSOE and Cambiemos" (11/11/2016)
    Roque Ortiz recalls that "members of all political parties have been present at the Board of Recruitment where the project passed today and not Have made no suggestion "
  • The PSOE criticizes that the government of Ballesta is dedicated to 'patching' the San Esteban site without a comprehensive intervention plan (11/11/2016)
    Socialists wonder who the idea was and why it was decided to invest 300,000 euros in new Sidewalks, lighting and a steel fence, when there is still no global project to stick to
  • The UMU Comprehensive Vision Clinic joins activities on International Diabetes Day (11/11/2016)

  • Town hall and unions reach definitive agreement on working conditions of official staff (11/11/2016)
    It will have to be ratified by the municipal assembly
  • Let's change it criticizes that the City Council acts in the margin of a global project to recover the deposit of San Esteban (11/11/2016)

  • ... (11/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the discharge of hazardous waste from the bird collector in protected orchard plots (11/11/2016)
    The municipal training emphasizes that "they are land with SH qualification, and among the spills there are numerous and large pieces of asphalt, very polluting material"
  • The UMU celebrates in Mula the Feast of History (11/11/2016)
    It will take to the municipality about forty acts between talks, exhibitions, workshops, contests and didactic excursions
  • Caritas and the Asylum of Little Sisters of the Poor receive subsidies from the City Council to help more than 4,000 people (11/11/2016)
    The City Council allocates 245,000 euros to support disadvantaged groups and elderly people
  • "We look forward to revenge and return to play in the Palace" Óscar Quintana has valued the UCAM Murcia CB options against FC Barcelona Lassa (11/11/2016)

  • Murcia hosts in December the Spanish Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics Sets (11/11/2016)
    The sporting event, which will be held from 1 to 4, will bring to the city more than 1,500 athletes and 5,000 attendees
  • Firefighters will have a specific communication system for confined spaces (11/11/2016)
    Members of the Fire and Rescue Extinction Service will be able to hear and speak at the same time what will allow them to work with their hands free
  • 38 Murcia residents over the age of 35 will be able to learn how to set up their own catering company (11/11/2016)
    Participants in this program will thus expand the knowledge acquired in the Mixed Employment and Training Program for Seniors in the specialties of Kitchen, Bar and Cafeteria and Pastry and Confectionery
  • 'Gardens with art' arrives tomorrow at Avenida de la Libertad, where young and old can paint as a family (11/11/2016)

  • The Grafiti Municipal Office dedicates the November mural to the 30th anniversary of Spain's accession to the European Union (11/11/2016)
    Two local artists make an enormous 80 square meter graffiti in the Hefame building
  • The site of San Esteban opens to the Murcia (11/11/2016)

  • The PSOE criticizes that the Government of Ballesta is dedicated to patching the lack of local police personnel and does not solve the problem. The socialists criticize that after almost a decade without summoning oppositions to municipal police, onl (11/11/2016)

  • Serycoin joins UCAM Business Club (11/11/2016)
    Quintana and Salmerón sponsor the arrival of this new member of the team of companies linked to the Catholic University of Murcia and their professional football and basketball teams
  • ... (11/11/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia brings toxic pesticides to debate in a day with experts (11/11/2016)

  • The UMU will provide technological assistance to the Academy of Sciences (11/11/2016)

  • Communique Board of Faculty of Medicine (11/11/2016)

  • Citizens demand a meeting of the Transportation Committee to correct the deficiencies detected in the municipal taxi service (10/11/2016)

  • The UCAM, among the most transparent universities in Spain (10/11/2016)
    The Catholic University is ahead of some twenty private universities in the ranking of the Foundation Compromiso y Transparencia
  • Next in the upline - Santiago Futsal vs El Pozo Murcia FS (10/11/2016)

  • Navarro Corchón: "There is already a project of the Green Path of La Alquibla and is reducing its cost by suppressing the existing bike lane" (10/11/2016)
    Councilman remarks that "the corresponding topographic survey has already been carried out"
  • The UCAM offers more than thirty activities for all audiences in Science Week (10/11/2016)
    The Catholic University participates in this event that opens tomorrow in the Garden of the Malecón of Murcia, and that will last until Sunday
  • Murcia honors the sculptor José Sánchez Lozano (10/11/2016)
    The Mayor discovers a plaque in honor of the imagero in the building of Arrixaca Street where he resided and had his studio
  • ... (10/11/2016)

  • The municipal website will include the geolocation of all the taxi stops of Murcia and pedanías (10/11/2016)

  • A special Civil Protection device reinforces the assistance and integral assistance to victims of gender violence 365 days a year (10/11/2016)
    The collaboration between the City and the Autonomous Community allows 25 psychologists and social workers to provide a service of accompaniment and care Psychology in Emergency Situations
  • The PSOE denounces the lack of interest of the government of Ballesta by the remunicipalización of certain services that would allow to improve the quality and to save in its provision (10/11/2016)
    The socialist councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa demands that the pertinent commission that is in charge of this subject be gathered at once To comply with the full agreements and to address the issue once and for all
  • A campaign goes through the municipality to make known to the Murcia the Bank of Land of the Huerta (10/11/2016)

  • Registration opens for the Santander YUZZ "Young People with Ideas" program at the UMU (10/11/2016)

  • The UMU participates with more than one hundred activities in the Week of Science (10/11/2016)

  • The City of Murcia celebrates Children's Rights Day with a children's party in the Silk Garden (10/11/2016)
    35 associations and groups of children of the municipality of Murcia work with and for children.
  • Environmental awareness activities reach 6-8 year olds for the first time (10/11/2016)
    During the past school year almost 15,000 pupils from 4 th to 6 th Primary participated in the program
  • Algezares returns to race on Saturday 19 (10/11/2016)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates 100 years of General Linguistics (10/11/2016)
    It commemorates with conferences and a workshop the centenary of the founding text of this science
  • Palma Fusa 1-4 El Pozo Murcia FS We are already in Rooms! (09/11/2016)

  • "It's not how it starts, but how it ends" (09/11/2016)
    Vítor Benite hopes that the support of the fans aúpe to UCAM Murcia CB against FC Barcelona Lassa
  • The UCAM welcomes a day of work on the profession of dietitian-nutritionist. The session will take place tomorrow Thursday, November 10 at 5 pm in the Hall of Acts of the Catholic University, where they will attend top managers in the food sector And (09/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia says "no" to PP's fiscal policy (09/11/2016)
    The municipal formation has voted against the draft tax ordinances, "which does not address in depth a review of municipal taxes, rates and public prices"
  • The City Council approves the most social fiscal ordinances in history (09/11/2016)

  • Mario Gómez: "We defend a real reduction of taxes and an improvement of services for the benefit of Murcia, not hot cloths" (09/11/2016)

  • The university students will be able to participate in the III Prize CIMM Cátedra de Entrepreneurs and with their ideas of creation of companies (09/11/2016)

  • The UMU Chemistry Faculty inaugurates a graffiti and a mural made by the students (09/11/2016)

  • Sergio Ramos: "The abstention of the PSOE has allowed the PP to approve its ordinances as if it had an absolute majority" (09/11/2016)

  • The PSOE manages to introduce significant modifications to the Fiscal Ordinances that will relieve the pocket of thousands of Murcia (09/11/2016)
    Elimination of co-payments in municipal social services and the reduction of prices of public schools, aid payments are added Of the receipt of the IBI and the commitment to revise the foreclosure rates within three months
  • Religions and their contribution to harmony and peace (09/11/2016)
    Tomorrow, Thursday, November 10, at 11 o'clock
  • The UMU, at the International University and Disability Congress (09/11/2016)

  • Joaquín Barón inaugurates his exhibition "Far from dogmas" in the Museum of the University of Murcia (09/11/2016)

  • "Critical education does not interest the power", theme of the round table of the Anti-repression days that are celebrated in the UMU (09/11/2016)

  • The University of Murcia and the FREMM will collaborate in training and research activities (09/11/2016)

  • Beginning the cleaning and clearing of the bike lane that joins the Contraparada with Beniel (09/11/2016)
    The Parks and Gardens Service makes two in-depth reviews of this 26.5-kilometer trail
  • The Romea Theater will host next Saturday the National Contest of Music Bands 'City of Murcia' (09/11/2016)
    They will participate the bands of Third Section of the Musical Union Horadada, Union Musical Association of Bullas and Musical Group of White that previously will realize a parade By the historic center
  • A conference at the UMU analyzes the influence of exporting companies on economic growth (09/11/2016)

  • The UCAM signs with the Murcia Health Service the agreement for the practices of Medicine The hospitals Santa Lucía and Rosell de Cartagena, and Rafael Méndez de Lorca, are linked to the UCAM. (08/11/2016)

  • "I am happy with the signing of this agreement because it supposes the solution to a problem for the practices of our medical students" José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM (08/11/2016)

  • About 800 UCAM athletes participate in the traditional floral offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta (08/11/2016)
    The event was attended by representatives of all its own and sponsored teams and some of the athletes linked to the Catholic University of Murcia
  • Now Murcia remembers to the PP "the great number of zones of the municipality without pavements or in which they are impassable" (08/11/2016)
    Angeles Micol criticizes that the municipal Government launches the campaign 'The destiny is in your steps' "when in great part of the municipality It is not possible to move safely "
  • 42 companies present offers to build bike lane on the Segura riverbike (08/11/2016)
    The Procurement Board has also registered 31 bidders to build a study room in Los Dolores
  • The Aquarium of the UMU turns ten years of life (08/11/2016)

  • The City Council offers in collaboration with four professional colleges free advice to entrepreneurs (08/11/2016)
    The Official Associations of Economists, Lawyers, Notaries and Social Graduates of Murcia participate in the 'Murcia-Inicia Check Advisory' Program launched by the Council Of Employment, Tourism and Culture
  • Sánchez: "The City Council complies with the provisions of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Circulation and Road Safety" (08/11/2016)

  • The artist Ascensión García uses "Alice in Wonderland" to denounce social problems in the UMU (08/11/2016)
    "A snack of crazy" refers to issues such as immigration, refugees or the environment
  • Let's hope that the opposition groups will prevent the Fiscal Ordinances of the PP from going ahead (08/11/2016)

  • Citizens demand to Ballesta a Commission of Investigation on the agreement New Condomina to debug responsibilities The spokesman of the orange formation, Mario Gómez, considers fundamental to clarify where we are and take the case to the courts (08/11/2016)

  • UMU Conference on Extensive Livestock in the Mediterranean (08/11/2016)

  • The Circus Theater will host the III Solidarity Concert for the benefit of the Cuna House The Annunciation of Sucina (08/11/2016)
    Organized by the Cabildo de Cofradías, will take place next November 29, at 9 pm
  • Three experts will advise the City Council on the application of the Law of Historical Memory (08/11/2016)
    The Streets Commission has studied the start-up of works aimed at the adaptation of the public road
  • Palma Futsal vs ElPozo Murcia FS - Final Round in the Eighth Finals (08/11/2016)

  • Pelegrín: "When will they learn in the PSOE to inform themselves before speaking?" (08/11/2016)
    The council has denied that the City Council has financed the Outlet Fair with 128,000 euros as affirmed yesterday the mayor Larrosa
  • Social rights: the numbers of solidarity (08/11/2016)

  • The documentary "The memory of the hands", produced by the UMU, won the Cossio Prize for restoring the history of teachers (08/11/2016)
    The film has won prizes in many countries
  • The Civic Information and Surveillance Brigade performs more than 3,500 visits in the first three months since its commissioning (08/11/2016)
    In this period 543 previous notices have been given and a total of 86 voluntary complaints have been formulated
  • "The team has heart, character and talent to be up" José Ángel Antelo believes that the free day in Eurocup will come well to work in attack and defense (08/11/2016)

  • The PSOE requires more staff, funding and infrastructure so that the City of Murcia can comply with the Basic Income Law (08/11/2016)

  • The PSOE faces the PP that fines the cyclists without offering them safe alternatives to circulate (08/11/2016)
    Councilman Juan Vicente Larrosa has stated that "the PP is making it very clear that its commitment to a cycling municipality is no more than another empty advertisement Of Ballesta "
  • Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Social Work studies at UMU (08/11/2016)
    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the implementation of Social Work studies at the University of Murcia (UMU)
  • Navarro Corchón: "The City of Murcia will undertake the rehabilitation of the Mill of Love and the Islamic Torre for the benefit of all Murcia" (07/11/2016)
    The councilman remarked that "the duty of maintenance of buildings has legal limits within planning legislation "
  • Martínez-Oliva Gomez warns that "will have to explain to Murcia what hidden interests of his party precedence over the interests of citizens" (07/11/2016)

  • The PSOE requires the PP political responsibility for the firm planning agreements that have only favored companies and promoters (07/11/2016)
    Socialists criticize urbanism la carte trademark of the PP in the city of Murcia, it has led to agreements unfulfilled by companies which now must face the consistory
  • Now Murcia warns that does not match the consistory cover the recovery of Molino del Amor (07/11/2016)
    Neither of Islamic tower next to the Molino del Batan
  • Citizens calls "opaque and insufficient" the draft Tax Ordinances (07/11/2016)
    Orange formation shows his outright rejection of the procedures used by the PP for the approval of the tax project, which has been conducted irregularly and very PRECIPITATION
  • Takeover of Francisco Javier Martinez as dean of the Faculty of Communication and Information (07/11/2016)

  • Rafa Gomez: "The City of Murcia has made improvement works this year at 23 schools in the municipality" (07/11/2016)
    Murcia City Council has allocated 839,000 euros this year in this performance
  • The PSOE requires the government Ballesta a model of local shops do not forget to neighborhoods and districts (07/11/2016)
    The socialist mayor, Juan Vicente Larrosa, has lambasted the wrong way that the PP is to promote trade in Murcia, and which it is insufficient in the center and nonexistent in neighborhoods and districts
  • Fabio: "You have to go game by game, notching victories and gain confidence" (07/11/2016)
    The goalkeeper highlights the great role played by the Red Tide to get the win against Inter Movistar
  • Social Rights meets new projects Diagram Foundation (07/11/2016)

  • A campaign recalls the benefits of moving on foot, by bicycle or public transport by the municipality (07/11/2016)
    they distributed 20,000 leaflets in business, health and cultural centers 'fate is in your footsteps'
  • Conference on The Trovo (07/11/2016)
    La Junta Municipal and Cultural Center Arboleja, next to the MurciaFolk Association have prepared a conference on The Trovo, are the days 11.12 and 13 November this year
  • Murcia has a new app for the payment of the blue ORA (07/11/2016)
    The new application, called ElParking offers better performance, ease of use and additional services.
  • Spanish and Portuguese Geographers analyze the UMU the challenges of the Iberian peninsula (07/11/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia denounced the failure of the City of Outdoor Advertising Ordinance (07/11/2016)

  • Doctoral thesis UMU stresses the importance of informed consent (07/11/2016)

  • A film series will explore the UMU sexual and gender diversity in education (07/11/2016)

  • The UCAM Murcia still jinxed home (06/11/2016)
    The Murcia accused his bad day in shooting and lack of Facundo Campazzo before the MoraBanc Andorra
  • The Socialist Party denounced the tax collection effort of the PP "to invent a new tax Fords to further harm the residents of the districts" (06/11/2016)
    The Socialists claim that since summer, the government Ballesta is gaining a new rate of between five hundred four thousand euros as a deposit by having a ford
  • The City Council invites all murcianos to put their voice and their contributions to the ordinance transparency (06/11/2016)

  • Citizens requires equal wages for work performed under identical conditions of efficiency in the service of the Mad Police (05/11/2016)
    From Orange formation argue that paid all overtime made the new set price, regardless of the module to which they are attached the local agents
  • Ballesta receives the Tizona del Cid granted by the Brotherhood of Cristo de Burgos (05/11/2016)

  • New paddle court Noé Ibáñez Blazquez Club Cordillera (05/11/2016)
    The Mayor attends the opening of the facility, where this weekend is celebrated a tournament to benefit "The fight Adrian"
  • More than 300 children to the "Gardens with art" point (05/11/2016)
    The Mayor and Councilman of Modernization have also approached the Plaza del Romea, where children participated in the workshop on modeling clay
  • The UCAM leads to the European Parliament a model for university education of athletes (05/11/2016)
    Antonio Sánchez Pato, dean of the Faculty of Sport, will go to Brussels to expose the dual model of the Catholic University of Murcia, which allows athletes elite continue their academic training
  • Culture, crafts, cuisine and arts occupy throughout the morning the Plaza Belluga (05/11/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the apathy of government Ballesta for the districts and criticizes the terrible planning of minor works (05/11/2016)
    The socialist mayor, Maite Espinosa, criticizes the new sidewalks Road Salabosque (La Alberca) do not have drains, " an example of the lack of interest Ballesta team for doing things well in districts "
  • The PSOE requires Ballesta urgent intervention to prevent loss of historical hermitage of La Luz (05/11/2016)
    The Municipal Socialist Group in the city of Murcia asked in the next full City budget allocation to ensure the rehabilitation of the hermitage located in Santo Angel, in the regional park Valley
  • Begins antiprocesionaria preventive treatment in over 2,600 pines of Murcia and districts (05/11/2016)
    The teams will try woodland overnight with products of biological pest control.
  • Now Murcia calls for explaining how the project's investment office of Albatalía (04/11/2016)
    Alicia Morales explained that "we must know the arguments that were necessary primary care center in 2009 and discern if they are no longer in force"
  • El Universal Accessibility Municipal Plan set priorities, deadlines and budget to be "realistic and enforceable" (04/11/2016)

  • Murcia enjoys better coverage and faster mobile connections with the arrival of the new 4G (04/11/2016)

  • A graduate in Teleco by UCAM, special award by the Edinburgh Napier University of Scotland (04/11/2016)
    Sergio Lopez Palazón graduated from the Catholic University of Murcia has obtained the best academic record in the Master Energy and Environmental Engineering in Edinburgh
  • ElPozo Murcia FS vs Movistar Inter (04/11/2016)
    The best classic returns
  • The City Council will equip rural road lighting Boatmen Fuente Librilla (04/11/2016)
    The Governing Board approved the improvement of sidewalks in different streets of La Alberca and paving the sidewalk on Avenida Juan Carlos I of El Puntal
  • Social Rights provides support for 620 families to benefit from the reconciliation programs Astrapace (04/11/2016)
    The City is also working with another entity program helps 40 people with intellectual disabilities learn to live independently
  • Approved the call to hire 118 Murcia in employment and training programs for gardening, energy efficiency, hospitality and other trades (04/11/2016)
    This initiative seeks to promote the acquisition of work experience and improve the occupation of people in unemployment situation, at the same time Performing works of general interest
  • Murcia again becoming national capital of gastronomy from 11 to 14 November (04/11/2016)
    The Victor Villegas Auditorium will host the V edition of Murcia Gourmet 'will offer tastings, workshops and presentations by top chefs like José González Solla, Maria Mars, David de Jorge or Xosé Cannas
  • The Second phase of urban rehabilitation of Los Rosales incorporate an employment plan aimed at local people (04/11/2016)

  • 'Jardines With arte' arrives tomorrow to the Plaza del Romea where young and old can learn to model with clay (04/11/2016)

  • The 49 cultural centers of districts and five auditoriums move Saturday morning at the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga (04/11/2016)

  • The PSOE requires the city of Murcia and the regional government to reach an agreement to protect the environment BIC Noria La Ñora (04/11/2016)

  • "Elle", the black comedy of Paul Verhoeven on the whims of desire, programming Centrofama VO (04/11/2016)

  • Citizens expects the PP start the project work of the Palacio de los Deportes and conditioning of their hits (04/11/2016)

  • Citizens requires the PP to stop lying to Murcia with the burial of the AVE to Murcia (03/11/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces the commitment of the PP to deny that the AVE will surface (03/11/2016)

  • Murcia recognizes the figure of Jaime Bort with a commemorative plaque next to imafronte Cathedral (03/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia reveals that the CARM has no plans to end the asbestos in the roofs of public schools until 2025 (03/11/2016)

  • The PSOE Ballesta asks to defend the interests of Murcia and require undergrounding from road Tiñosa (03/11/2016)
    Socialists criticize "the ninguneo" the Ministry of Public Works Murcia and regret that teams local and regional government permit
  • Morales: "communication Adif confirms the ineffectiveness and deceptions of Murcia PP about AVE" (03/11/2016)
    spokeswoman Now Murcia states that "proves once again what we warned from the beginning that the whole burial is a story "
  • 18 entrepreneurs in Program Consolidation Companies (03/11/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, has given them this morning the diplomas
  • Jose Ignacio Gras pose a battery of measures to address the problems of El Carmen (03/11/2016)
    The neighborhood of El Carmen has a population of great cultural and participatory concern for the municipal areas have remained small while there are other alternatives underused
  • Sanchez: "The Traffic Service works to the works of the AVE least possible impact to the residents of the area" (03/11/2016)

  • Let's change calls for the bench Watchtowers installed in Bacons Bridge (03/11/2016)

  • 3,374 people found jobs in Murcia in the last year (03/11/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, believes that the top 8.7% of the dole "is, objectively, a good thing decline, reinforces our confidence that we work in the right direction "
  • Ballesta asks the new government to "look at Murcia", especially in terms of infrastructure (03/11/2016)
    The Mayor says that "we will be vigilant so that the commitments are fulfilled and we will not give even a centimeter in projects that are within reach of the hand"
  • Generation z program - youth guarantee (03/11/2016)
    Youth enrolled in Youth Guarantee shape their business projects with UCAM
  • Doctoral students Stambouli Algerian Mustapha investigated in the UCAM on essential oils (03/11/2016)

  • Murcia will host on Sunday November 13 I Carrera Solidarity Foundation Real Madrid (03/11/2016)
    Entries can now be done at http: //runningfundacionrealmadrid.es/
  • A course-workshop will address the UMU techniques to manage failure (03/11/2016)

  • Citizens asks the PP regulation of traffic lights on the street of Los Dolores to prevent the collapse of traffic during peak hours (03/11/2016)
    After the cuts by the AVE works in Senda Los Garres has increased traffic in the area considerably
  • Over a hundred shops occupy the center of the city until Sunday best deals and discounts (03/11/2016)

  • The City Council creates a barrier plant in Sangonera la Seca with the planting of hedges'pittosporum' 600 (03/11/2016)
    This action will demarcate a part of Annex parking, prevent the little ones can access the driveway and beautify the area
  • Murcia march against cancer on Sunday by the city center in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (03/11/2016)

  • Ruth Lorenzo made the kick off of the "Classic" El Pozo vs Inter (03/11/2016)

  • Young researchers in theater studies at the University of Murcia held an international congress (02/11/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounced "the excessive occupation" of the Plaza Santo Domingo by the fair outlet (02/11/2016)

  • Presentation at the UMU the book "Women and Entrepreneurship" (02/11/2016)

  • An oil spill near the Plaza del Romea forces cordon off the area for nearly two hours (02/11/2016)

  • Let's change ensures that the PP has deceived the public with the municipal building of the Albatalía (02/11/2016)

  • The UMU calls 29 spaces professors and associate professors (02/11/2016)

  • 20,000 euros are awarded to the UMU residents to stay murcianos students abroad (02/11/2016)

  • The Ceumar announces a design competition about responsible consumption (02/11/2016)

  • Laboratory experiments and group games to make a more sustainable city Murcia (02/11/2016)

  • Development renews emergency exits garages Photographer Paseo Verdu (02/11/2016)
    The objective is to improve the visibility and security of access to the garages
  • The Regional Film Archive welcomes the final morning of shorts and documentaries of CreaMurcia (02/11/2016)
    Six works are competing to become the first prize of 1,500 euros
  • The 49 cultural centers and five auditoriums will show its range of activities in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga (02/11/2016)
    Next Saturday, November 5, performances, exhibitions and project presentations will happen to Murcia know the programming of these centers
  • Project celebrates its 20th anniversary Man taking its prevention program against drugs to more than 3,000 young (02/11/2016)

  • The PSOE requires fewer patches and more effective measures against the lack of security in the municipality (02/11/2016)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa considers that the withdrawal of the station public bicycles Sports Palace due to vandalism denotes a serious problem lack of security in the area
  • Residents of Los Dolores denounce the constant failures in light of the lack of transformers and increased housing in areas of orchard (02/11/2016)

  • The Infantil A gets the ticket for Minicopa Endesa (01/11/2016)
    The boys have won CB UCAM Murcia 73-57 to RETAbet Bilbao Basket and will, for the first time in the final stage of the competition to be held in February Vitoria
  • An exhibition on Alfonso X ''La footprint will travel to eight cultural centers of the municipality (01/11/2016)
    Monteagudo from tomorrow host the exhibition organized to mark the 750th anniversary of the Council of Murcia

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