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Murcia News - March 2020

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  • The City Council unifies all the municipal public information on line 010 to attend to the most vulnerable (31/03/2020)
    Murcia must contact this telephone number to make any queries, manage procedures or request information about the volunteer service starting today
  • City Council and UMU will make a diagnosis of the impact of the health crisis in Murcia to speed up the economic recovery (31/03/2020)
    José Ballesta: "It will allow the concretion and design of new measures within the COVID-19 Economic Plan, as well as the development of sector plans for reactivation immediate economy of Murcia, once the state of alarm has ended "
  • Flags at half-staff for the victims (31/03/2020)
    They claim to the Murcia City Council that the flag should look at half-staff in memory of the victims of coronavirus
  • The 81 students of the face-to-face training programs for Employment continue their training online (31/03/2020)
    Since the declaration of the state of alarm, the face-to-face courses of the Training Centers of El Palmar and La Fica continue to be provided through a classroom of online training enabled so as not to interrupt the student learning process
  • Murcia guarantees the water supply to the most vulnerable families (30/03/2020)
    Currently 15,766 people (4,700 families) benefit from this plan
  • Citizen Attention coordinates with the municipal boards the organization of the service in districts and districts (30/03/2020)
    The calls of the face-to-face offices are diverted to the phones of the person in charge and the headquarters of the service from 9:00 to 14:00
  • The University of Murcia publishes training plans for exercising during confinement on its website (30/03/2020)
    The Sports Activities Service has developed routines for four different levels of physical fitness
  • The Psychosocial Counseling Service for young people continues to be provided via telephone and telematics (30/03/2020)
    The care is provided by telephone 968 231 589 and by email asexjoven@ayto-murcia.es
  • The demand for online training is tripled among the 100 companies and services distinguished with the brand ´Tourism Quality Commitment " (30/03/2020)
    The most popular modules are on-site and off-site customer service, tourism marketing, RRSS management, accessible tourism, environmental responsibility in tourism, among others
  • A homeless person recounts his experience at the El Valle hostel in a letter (30/03/2020)
    And thanks SEMAS and Cáritas for their work
  • The PSOE proposes that the next Health Committee communicate clearly what are the essential services that are maintained (29/03/2020)

  • Nueva Condomina opens its doors tomorrow as a rest and refreshment point for all transport workers (29/03/2020)
    Truckers will be able to park their vehicles to rest, recharge with food, shower and clean up
  • Murcia Juega donates thirty table games for homeless people, to make confinement more bearable (29/03/2020)
    The association that organizes the Murcia Juega event has donated table games this week for homeless people who are passing the quarantine in hostels
  • A woman has been treated and taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation in the fire in a house in Guadalupe (28/03/2020)

  • The City Council intensifies the cleaning even more in spaces of special incidence of the coronavirus such as residences, supermarkets or pharmacies (28/03/2020)
    During the morning the Street Cleaning and Zoonosis services have returned to work in the Caser de Santo Ángel residence
  • Education launches the #MurciaMiCiudadEnCasa program for schoolchildren in the municipality (28/03/2020)
    The Educational Programs Service of the Department of Education offers activities and resources for children to continue their learning during isolation time
  • Murcia turns off its most emblematic buildings today due to ´La Hora del Planeta´ (28/03/2020)
    The City Council joins this WWF initiative, which will take place from 20:30 to 21:30, as a sign of the fight against climate change
  • UCAM face-to-face students carry out their partial exams online these days (27/03/2020)
    The 19,000 students have received 9,187 hours of distance learning during these last 10 days following the teaching plan normally
  • The Recruitment Service prepares an action protocol for municipal contracts (27/03/2020)
    It is aimed at all municipal services and areas with contracts in force on March 13, 2020, with the aim of unifying procedures in this tough stage
  • Murcia lights up green as of today in tribute to our toilets (27/03/2020)
    The City Council recognizes the work of all those who are working in the fight against COVID-19 lighting their most emblematic buildings during the period of isolation
  • Health collaborates with the cleaning and disinfection of three residences for the elderly in El Esparragal and Aljucer (27/03/2020)
    The Zoonosis Control Service performs these tasks throughout its private perimeter
  • The documentary "The old prison speaks", made by UMU students, opens to all Murcians (27/03/2020)

  • Murcia has streamlined the payment of more than 13 million euros to suppliers to minimize the effects of the coronavirus crisis (27/03/2020)
    The Municipal Tax Agency develops the identification system using a secure user password, with which taxpayers can carry out all their procedures without the need for an electronic certificate or e-ID
  • The service for the organization of language stays in the British Isles is put out to tender (27/03/2020)
    The Murcia City Council thus contributes to expanding the training of young people in the area of ​​languages ​​
  • Awarded the improvement works for the Senior Center and the La Ñora library (27/03/2020)
    The works, in which more than 135,000 euros will be invested, form part of the Extraordinary Plan for Investments in Pedanías
  • La Raya will have a place where the physical Social Work Unit will provide service (27/03/2020)
    The Governing Board approves the lease of a property located on Parra street in the district
  • Next Tuesday April 14 will not be a holiday in Murcia (27/03/2020)
    The Governing Board agrees to postpone this day
  • An agreement with the Red Cross will allow maintaining its health care service in the municipality (27/03/2020)
    The City Council also maintains municipal aid to AFES to increase the quality of life of the mentally ill and their families
  • Adif joins the 'Earth Hour' campaign by turning off the exterior lighting of the Murcia station (27/03/2020)
    Tomorrow, Saturday, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the facades and ornamental elements of these railway facilities will go out to join to the largest global movement in defense of the environment
  • The PSOE puts on the table the draft of a Contingency Plan to be developed among all the political groups of the Murcia City Council (26/03/2020)
    Serrano: "The situation will last over time and we understand that the City Council must adapt to a specific circumstance to provide a coordinated response to the demands of citizens "
  • UCAM calls to collaborate with 3D printing of medical equipment (26/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia registers 3,560 classes by videoconference the first seven school days of the confinement (26/03/2020)
    Traffic in the Virtual Classroom has grown 50% since the state of alarm was decreed
  • The City Council organizes around twenty activities for the next few days (26/03/2020)
    The municipal social networks offer workshops, children's activities, plays and short films from today until Sunday
  • Mario Gómez calls on the Mayor to stop all municipal works that are not essential (26/03/2020)

  • The Municipal Initiatives Center ´Murcia Inicia´ attends to nearly 200 users during the state of alarm (26/03/2020)

  • The Road Cleaning Service has a new sprayer thanks to the generosity of the Murcian company INVER (26/03/2020)
    Along with the machine, 30 yellow protective overalls have been donated for the safety of the operators
  • Thousands of residents of neighborhoods and districts of Murcia devote themselves to the voluntary manufacture of masks (26/03/2020)
    More than twenty localities are participating in this initiative, thanks to the generosity of neighbors and local companies.
  • Citizens can carry out their procedures by telephone, Internet and Electronic Office (26/03/2020)
    The City Council reminds that the number 900 222 900, the page www.murcia.es/informacion and the Municipal Electronic Office at sede.murcia are available to Murcia .es
  • Columbares distributes free bread to 10 families from Beniaján today (26/03/2020)
    This is an initiative launched thanks to the donation of the Bakery La Madrugada by Javier Moreno and Harinas La Encarnación
  • Pilar Torres asks the PSOE to stop doing politics with the coronavirus (25/03/2020)
    He assures that “the dining room scholarships are guaranteed”
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The Government Team has already anticipated the proposals of the municipal group VOX" (25/03/2020)

  • The UMU, the College of Physicians and the Medical Union launch a psychological assistance service for doctors involved in the care of the COVID-19 crisis (25/03/2020)

  • The Department of Commerce, Markets and Public Roads intensifies protection and security measures in municipal supply squares (25/03/2020)

  • Nearly 1,000 public employees already have access to telework via remote desk (25/03/2020)
    The City Council offers various tools to workers so that they can carry out their work functions from home
  • Urban buses and tram change their frequencies (25/03/2020)
    Due to low demand, buses reduce service by 25% while tram frequencies will be 20 minutes
  • The RMBM makes the digital catalog of books and films available to Murcia (25/03/2020)
    Users can enjoy the eBiblio service for the loan of electronic works and the eFILM for streaming audiovisual pieces
  • The Virtual Center of the City Council continues to offer online training to citizens (25/03/2020)
    Of the 40 courses scheduled for 2020, three started in mid-March and another six will start the second week of April, facilitating the training of a total of 135 workers and unemployed
  • ... (25/03/2020)

  • Parks and Gardens intensify their cleaning activities in the dog recreation areas of the entire municipality (25/03/2020)
    The work is carried out in the areas of Murcia and districts where it is acted on the elements of play for pets, furniture, doors of access and perimeter fences
  • Update of roads cut to traffic (17 hours) (24/03/2020)

  • Trees and fallen branches are removed in different areas of the municipality due to heavy rains (24/03/2020)
    The technicians have already worked in places such as Infante, La Flota, Barriomar, Puente Tocinos, San Basilio and Huerto Pomares, among others
  • The City Council works "with absolute normality" in collecting the water left by the rain episode (24/03/2020)
    The yellow alert will end at 16:00 today
  • The City Council centralizes the purchase of masks for municipal workers in the front line of the pandemic (24/03/2020)
    They are intended for Local Police, Fire, Civil Protection, Social Services, Home Help, Public Health, Traffic and Public Transport (buses and tram), Plazas y Mercados, and other basic services such as IT
  • Traffic is reduced in Murcia more than 80% in the first week of the state of alarm (24/03/2020)
    Room 092 registers a total of 6,000 calls, 2,000 more than in the same period of the previous year
  • Update of roads cut to traffic (13 hours) (24/03/2020)

  • The 440 participants of the Youth Language Club continue their classes online (24/03/2020)
    Yesterday, Monday, this service began electronically
  • The UMU has delivered to the SMS more than 6,500 masks, 220,000 gloves and a thousand protective glasses (24/03/2020)

  • Update of roads cut to traffic (10.20 hours) (24/03/2020)

  • Citizen Service carries out more than 2,000 procedures during the first week of isolation (24/03/2020)
    Registration flyers, tax payments, request for information on the measures of the State of Alarm and social aid are some of the issues consulted by neighbors through the telephone and telematic channels
  • Murcia registers 67 l / m2 of rain during the last 24 hours (24/03/2020)
    Rainfall forces different streets to be closed to traffic
  • UCAM donates more than 3,300 surgical gowns and leggings, and produces 3D facial protections (23/03/2020)

  • The City Council makes its pavilions and municipal facilities available to the health authorities (23/03/2020)

  • Parks and Gardens will provide only the essential basic services (23/03/2020)
    The deputy mayor of Urban Development has ordered the restructuring of the work of his department in order that, only in these days, the state of alarm lasts, the services essentials
  • The University of Murcia delivers SMS face protection visors made with 3D printers (23/03/2020)
    The Mechanical Workshop of the Scientific and Technical Research Area of ​​the UMU has made available to the SMS its three 3D printers to produce medical equipment that is scarce with the crisis of the Covid-19
  • More than 30,000 people connect to the municipal cultural agenda online (23/03/2020)
    In addition, nearly 600 young people have followed the activities of the Networks program on the Murcia Total Instagram
  • The University of Murcia incorporates a chatbot on its website to answer questions about the coronavirus (23/03/2020)

  • Traffic decreased 83% last Saturday and 85% Sunday in Murcia (23/03/2020)

  • The City Council intensifies the special cleaning and disinfection device to stop the spread of the coronavirus (22/03/2020)
    Mayor José Ballesta proposes dedicating tonight's #AplausoColectivo in Murcia to "those 400 men and women of the Municipal Cleaning Service, who are leaving the skin and combing the streets for the well-being of all "
  • The City Council in collaboration with the CARM will recharge the monthly student and university voucher free of charge (22/03/2020)
    In this way, the days not used during the state of alarm are re-entered
  • Murcia reinforces the Volunteer Plan and launches a telephone service to combat loneliness (21/03/2020)
    This plan encompasses two modalities: Telephone Volunteering and the provision of Home Help
  • ´Drilo, the crocodile´ premieres tomorrow its first series of cartoons through the social networks of the Town Hall (20/03/2020)
    This is one of the events of the Cultural Agenda #Yomequedoencasa that the consistory has launched for the whole family
  • The PSOE requests a new Health Committee to propose the suspension of non-essential municipal services or exempt the payment of nursery schools (20/03/2020)
    The socialist spokesman has presented a battery of measures because "as the days go by and the virulence of this it is necessary to expand them to reach the last person in the last corner of the municipality "
  • The City Council launches a Social Support and Economic Activation Plan to combat the coronavirus crisis (20/03/2020)
    The exceptional measures will suppose an injection of liquidity for companies and businesses, contributing to the reactivation of the economic activity of the municipality
  • The Municipality's Public Health Committee continues to study measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the municipality of Murcia (20/03/2020)
    They will adapt the hours of the supply squares to provide a more efficient service
  • The City Council provides its public employees with the necessary computer equipment for teleworking (20/03/2020)
    The Governing Board today approved the acquisition of technological equipment for the performance of their job duties during the period of isolation
  • #MurciaSeMueve offers simple video recipes from great Murcian chefs (20/03/2020)
    They can be followed until Sunday on the City Council's social networks
  • Social Services will provide families of minors with a dining room scholarship with a card to purchase food (19/03/2020)
    More than 2,100 children in the municipality had these grants that they will continue to receive thanks to these cards that can be recharged if the period of confinement is extended
  • All the culture, leisure, sports and children's activities at a single 'click' to liven up the quarantine (19/03/2020)
    Murcians can continue enjoying from home a great possibility of leisure activities for the whole family
  • Citizen Service carries out more than 600 procedures through telephone and telematic channels (18/03/2020)
    The City Council reinforces these routes to offer this service to residents during the period of isolation
  • The UMU collaborates in the AI.RE project for the design and manufacture of medical equipment with 3D printers to face the COVID 19 crisis (18/03/2020)

  • More than half a million electronic books available to UCAM students (18/03/2020)

  • Education intensifies the cleaning and disinfection work in the centers during the isolation period (18/03/2020)
    The actions focus on the surfaces with the most human contact, school materials, bathrooms, sink basins, door handles, switches and railings, among other places
  • Murcia City Council and Ferrovial Servicios design a protocol on waste collection and management (18/03/2020)
    The waste collection service continues with its normal operation but reorganizing shifts and applying measures to prevent its expansion of the coronavirus
  • The UMU participates in the coordination meeting of the changes in the EBAU before the scenario generated by the state of alarm (17/03/2020)

  • Nearly 14,000 UCAM face-to-face students have received their online classes today (17/03/2020)
    These join the 4,000 who were already studying at a distance, developing the teaching day for all of them with complete normality
  • UMU publishes contingency plans for research activity and international mobility (17/03/2020)

  • The Traffic Service registers this morning 59% fewer vehicles circulating in the city (17/03/2020)
    As for public transport, the use of the tram during the day on Monday decreased by 94.6% and that of urban transport a 89%
  • The Town Hall recognizes "the excellence of the work" carried out by the Local Police through a telematic statement (17/03/2020)
    The Murcia City Council congratulated this morning in a telematic statement to the Local Police force, which is 166 years old since its inception, on the occasion of the day of Saint Patrick, his Patron
  • The City Council expands the home help food service (17/03/2020)

  • The Virtual Center of the City Council maintains its online service for the realization of more than 40 training courses (17/03/2020)
    The open classroom from where the training is given is designed by the Employment service according to the needs that are detected in the different areas professionals
  • The City Council launches a special disinfection device for the municipal parks and gardens (17/03/2020)
    The actions focus on children's play spaces, geronto-gymnastic elements, canine recreation areas and urban furniture
  • The City Council increases the disinfection measures for the waste collection containers (17/03/2020)
    The Ecopark continues to be open for depositing special waste and citizen attention on street cleaning and waste collection is centralized by calling 900 511 133 and the web portal www. sustainable murciaciudad
  • UCAM has applied teleworking this morning and has gone online to all face-to-face teaching (16/03/2020)
    facilities and equipment available to the authorities, and volunteers:
  • More than 21,000 face masks and protective gloves are distributed among Murcia hospitals, the Local Police and the National Police (16/03/2020)
    The first deputy mayor, Mario Gómez, has taken the appropriate steps to distribute preventive material against the coronavirus that is made today together with members of the Chinese community of Murcia
  • Call for exams for mixed employment and training programs postponed (16/03/2020)
    Attention to the public at the Local Development Agency, Farm Resource Center, Training Centers and Employment Initiatives of La Fica and de El Palmar, as well as job offer management
  • Murcia limits the capacity of urban buses and trams by 1/3 (16/03/2020)
    Vehicle circulation has been reduced by 60% and the use of public transport by 80%, which allows the ORA to be suppressed while maintaining the state of alarm
  • Citizen Service will provide service to residents by telephone and telematics during the isolation period (16/03/2020)
    Murcians have at their disposal the telephones 010 and 968 35 86 00, the number 900 22 29 00 for procedures and the portal www.murcia. en / information
  • The University of Murcia collaborates with the SMS by transferring material and makes itself available to you for everything you need (16/03/2020)
    All faculties are closed and academic, administrative and research activities are maintained by teleworking
  • Murcia postpones its Spring Festival (16/03/2020)
    The mayor of Murcia reported on this decision this morning
  • MercaMurcia maintains its usual activity and guarantees the supply of fresh food (16/03/2020)

  • The municipal supply squares will open from tomorrow from 09:00 to 16:00 (16/03/2020)
    The Murcia City Council is intensifying preventive hygiene, cleaning and disinfection measures, capacity control and minimum safety distance between users and owners of the stalls and products
  • The employers ask the Murcia City Council for help against the devastating effects of the coronavirus crisis in the hospitality industry (15/03/2020)
    Ask the Murcia Council for various measures, such as the immediate suspension of the terrace occupancy rate or discounts on the water and garbage rate or at the IBI
  • The City Council reinforces telephonic and telematic attention by suspending face-to-face attention (15/03/2020)
    As a general indication, municipal employees will carry out work from home, maintaining 100% of face-to-face work in basic services
  • Statement from the University of Murcia after the declaration of a state of alarm by the Government of Spain (14/03/2020)

  • Murcia suspends the Easter processions (14/03/2020)
    As well as all the events to be held on public roads in the days of Easter
  • Six Murcian artists star in the initiative 'Murcia moves in your house' with live concerts on Instagram (14/03/2020)
    Crimson, Jorge Bayle, Laura Uve, Atientas, Glas and Lydia Martín are the musicians who will participate in this project, young people who have participated at CreaMurcia in different editions
  • Suspended physical tests of local police oppositions scheduled for Sunday (13/03/2020)
    The City Council eliminates the time restriction for loading and unloading thus facilitating continuous supply to supermarkets
  • The municipal employees who have to take care of minors or older dependents will be able to make their working hours more flexible, always guaranteeing the provision of public services (13/03/2020)
    The councilor of Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, chaired this morning the Occupational Health and Safety Committee about the coronavirus
  • Closed the sports centers of La Flota, Inacua, Verdolay, Cabezo de Torres and JC1 (13/03/2020)
    Also the guided visits to the San Esteban site are canceled and all the activities that were going to be developed related to Murcia Spanish Capital of Gastronomy are postponed
  • The Department of Elders calls on the elderly to follow the recommendations and take precautions (13/03/2020)
    The mayor Paqui Pérez thanks the members of the Boards of Directors and the 32,000 members for the responsibility with which they have adopted the temporary closure of the 76 Social Centers for the Elderly to avoid contagion by coronavirus
  • The PSOE will take Guillén to court for his "persistent opacity" in the management of his Department and for the "continuous trip" to the opposition (13/03/2020)

  • Murcia approves extraordinary measures due to the evolution of the coronavirus (13/03/2020)
    These actions will be expanded or modified depending on what is established by the health authorities, the Autonomous Community or the central government
  • The Civil Guard arrests an experienced criminal for more than half a dozen house robberies (13/03/2020)

  • The Rectorate of the University of Murcia approves the measures to follow after the cessation of academic activity due to the coronavirus (13/03/2020)

  • The municipal libraries, nursery schools and study rooms will be closed from tomorrow (12/03/2020)
    The Puente Tocinos, El Palmar, Beniaján, Espinardo and Sangonera La Verde markets are maintained but only a maximum of 50 food stalls can be installed
  • Pérez criticizes the PSOE "continue with needs that are not now a priority" (12/03/2020)

  • The following celebrations are suspended in the Holy Cathedral Church (12/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia suspends classes from next Monday (12/03/2020)

  • José Ballesta calls with a Bando to Murcia to act "with the utmost prudence and responsibility" (12/03/2020)
    The City Council works in coordination with the World Health Organization, state agencies and the Autonomous Community to stop the expansion of the coronavirus
  • The municipality stops emitting almost 700,000 kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere in the last year (12/03/2020)
    The City Council installed almost five thousand new low-consumption light points in Murcia and districts, whose actions led to a reduction of 476 kW and a economic saving of 206,587 euros
  • The PSOE denounces that the ORA agreement is still immersed in "obscurantism and the lack of transparency" (12/03/2020)
    The socialist councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa recalls that he has been waiting since October for some light to be shed in the process of awarding the contract of the ORA and that the lack of transparency makes him think that there is something he is t
  • The City Council launches the new free mobile application of the Accessible Citizen Services Offices (12/03/2020)
    This new channel allows people with hearing disabilities to receive information about municipal services and take steps through a videoconference
  • Murcia tram updates its application with new functionalities to improve the user experience (12/03/2020)
    Among the new functionalities, the incorporation of the second passing time of each tram stands out, which will minimize the waiting time at stops
  • Communiqué 2 of the University of Murcia on the prevention of COVID-19 (12/03/2020)

  • UCAM and Big Data International Campus launch the first Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Sport in Spain (12/03/2020)
    The Master is taught online and is promoted by Big Data International Campus, belonging to ENIIT Business School, and has the collaboration of UCAM and BeSoccer, a leading company in the sector worldwide
  • Activities of cultural centers, theaters and municipal auditoriums in the municipality of Murcia have been postponed (11/03/2020)
    Mayor José Ballesta chairs the Public Health Committee of the municipality of Murcia, which meets for the third time this week
  • Pacheco: "All Spain worried about the coronavirus and the PSOE worried about raising" (11/03/2020)

  • Open the deadline to register for the XXVIII CreaMurcia Contest (11/03/2020)

  • The head of Tourism holds an emergency meeting with agents of the sector to address the coronavirus crisis in Murcia (11/03/2020)
    The objective of this meeting is to assess the situation of tourism, as well as the planning of actions and coordinated measures to facilitate the recovery of the tourism sector in the municipality
  • Instructions to the coronavirus in municipal centers and public transport (11/03/2020)
    The City Council of Murcia gives instructions to the coronavirus in municipal centers and public transport
  • Aguas de Murcia works in the rehabilitation of the supply network of several streets of El Puntal (11/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Development and Huerta, Antonio Navarro, has visited the works that are executed in the streets Alamo, Abeto and Parque Universidad de la Urbanization Los Rectores
  • Torreagüera will enjoy a renovated recreation and recreation space of 20,000 m2 in the Montegrande garden (11/03/2020)

  • The PSOE requires Pacheco to explain to Murcia "why we will lose money by the bad management of the new award of chairs" (11/03/2020)
    Socialist councilor Enrique Lorca asks how it is possible to lose 42,000 euros annually when it turns out that, from what we have verified, has the number of streets to install the chairs doubled? "
  • Marta Garaulet and the Faculty of Medicine of the UM, Godmother and Grand Master of the XXXIII International Contest of Tunas Costa Cálida (10/03/2020)
    The poster poster is made by Marcelino Menéndez
  • Update of the Coronavirus follow-up by UCAM (10/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia awards the prizes of the Water Chair to the best master's degree projects (10/03/2020)
    The prizes for the painting and photography competitions convened by the Chair have also been awarded
  • Murcia City Council postpones mass acts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (10/03/2020)

  • 200 students from different educational centers in Murcia attend the culinary workshops of Mireia Ruiz, within the Garden Week 2020 (10/03/2020)
    The contestant of MasterChef 3 teaches eight healthy cooking workshops 'Cooking smiles' in the Urban Garden of Santa Eulalia
  • Los Ramos neighbors already enjoy the new Mediterranean garden of more than 1,000 m2 next to the Vía Verde (10/03/2020)

  • The Foresta Plan arrives at the Juan de la Cierva de Casillas school (10/03/2020)
    Students of 4th, 5th and 6th grades of Primary Education plant new trees in the schoolyard with the help of municipal technicians
  • Fashion shows and foodtrucks in the third edition of the Santa Eulalia Fashion Market (10/03/2020)
    The solidarity market will take place in the Plaza de Santa Eulalia on March 13, 14 and 15 at 10 am to 10 pm
  • The University of Murcia organizes an escape room against gender violence (10/03/2020)

  • The CEIP Ramón Gaya of Puente Tocinos develops an innovative project to educate on equality (09/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Education and Infantile Schools, Belén López Cambronero, visited this morning the activity 'A school in equality'
  • The City Council welcomes Norwegian students from the Hispanic Institute in its Assembly Hall (09/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, has shown students some details of the city's history
  • Pérez: "The Popular Party is working on building, what is difficult and the PSOE on destroying, what is easy" (09/03/2020)
    The municipal spokeswoman points out that "what really bothers the PSOE is that the 47 works are carried out"
  • The City Council and Ashomur sign the agreement to improve the signage of hotel establishments (09/03/2020)
    The agreement includes the informative posters of the location of hotels and the parking reservation spaces for passenger up and down
  • The City Council recovers more than 400,000 square meters of green spaces in the municipality (09/03/2020)
    The Murcian municipality has a total of 47 works in parks and gardens with an investment of close to five million euros, through the Infrastructure Investment Plan Urban Greens
  • Communiqué of the University of Murcia regarding what happened this morning at the Campus de la Merced (09/03/2020)

  • The PSOE clarifies to Guillén that "he does not deceive anyone despite his attempts at confusion: he has not controlled the strict compliance with improvements in gardens" (09/03/2020)

  • The sports teams of the University of Murcia prepare for the Championships of Spain (09/03/2020)

  • "A la carte libraries" to enjoy gastronomy and culture with about twenty activities for the whole family (09/03/2020)

  • Murcia can now attend the talks of ´La Huerta de los 1.001 flavors´ (09/03/2020)
    From today until March 12, the Outreach and Awareness Forum will host different free presentations related to regional cuisine on the occasion of the Week of La Huerta 2020
  • Murcia shows in Madrid its progress in the development of the DUSI strategy for its city project (08/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda, Mercedes Bernabé, has met with the Deputy Director General of Urban Development of the Ministry of Finance, Marco Antonio Romero
  • The City Council will donate the luminaires removed in good condition to underdeveloped countries (08/03/2020)

  • The Recruitment service strengthens collaboration with the Regional Administration to end collusive practices (08/03/2020)

  • The reordering of the terraces in Alfonso X, a new problem for the hospitality industry of Murcia (07/03/2020)
    The Association of Cafes, Bars and Allied of the Region of Murcia demands that the space they occupied before the renovation of this one be returned to the establishments via
  • The Association of Neighbors of Puente Tocinos pays tribute to its first women managers (07/03/2020)

  • Heralds, teasing and drums roam the streets and squares of Murcia in the V edition of ´Via Passionis´ (07/03/2020)

  • Murcia lights up purple tomorrow on the occasion of International Women's Day (07/03/2020)

  • The PSOE claims housing for homeless women because it is a very vulnerable group (07/03/2020)
    Councilors Esther Nevado and Carmen Fructuoso visited the three floors of Abandoned Jesus, whose tenants have gone through dramatic personal situations but now see an opportunity with resources offered by this organization
  • The evolution of cinema through the eyes of British film director Peter Greenaway, this afternoon at the Moneo Building (07/03/2020)

  • The First Conference on Culture and Citizenship arrives at the Artillery Barracks on Thursday, March 12 (07/03/2020)
    During the event we will talk about good institutional practices, cultural mediation, more social artistic programming, equality, sustainable development goals and the 2030 Agenda
  • Guillen: "The Psoe arrives late and badly because the file has already been initiated and required the concessionary companies to finish the work" (06/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Urban Development asks the Socialist mayor, Antonio Benito to let the technicians work, because are doing a strict and rigorous job of controlling the Parks and Gardens contract
  • Zeneta schoolchildren participate in the planting of new trees within the Forest Plan (06/03/2020)

  • The Murcia Rio bike path sports new horizontal signage (06/03/2020)

  • Mario Gómez demands the withdrawal of the Mayor's decree against the administrative acts of the Department of Commerce, Markets and Public Road (06/03/2020)

  • The Road Cleaning Service programs a special device on the occasion of the different events held this weekend (06/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia rewards the best end of degree and master's degree projects in the field of gender equality (06/03/2020)

  • The Murcian woman claims equality in sport, education and communication (06/03/2020)

  • The PSOE claims that the PP allows "bleeding breaches" in the Parks and Gardens contract (06/03/2020)

  • The transfer of the more than 18,000 participants of the school sports program to the competitions will be free (06/03/2020)
    The Governing Board approves the bus service for students of schools enrolled in this program
  • The City Council launches the installation service chairs and stands in processions and parades (06/03/2020)
    They include Easter, Spring Festival, September Fair, Moors and Christians, Santa Claus parade and Three Kings Cavalcade
  • Mixtura returns this weekend with Argentina and the women as protagonists (06/03/2020)
    Visitors can enjoy the cuisine of 11 countries, more than 50 craft stalls and folk performances tomorrow Saturday and Sunday at the Paseo Moreno Sculptor González Moreno
  • The municipal cemetery of Our Father Jesus of Espinardo will have 350 niches and 80 columbariums next summer (06/03/2020)
    The Department of Sports and Health invests in these expansion works over 144,000 euros
  • CreaMurcia Contest returns with the largest budget in its history (06/03/2020)
    In this edition 220,000 euros are reached, plus an additional 15,000 euros to facilitate the use of rehearsal venues for music groups
  • The leadership of women, key in the management positions of UCAM (05/03/2020)
    Sunday March 8 - International Women's Day
  • Murcia can taste the wines of PDO Bullas from next Friday, March 13 (05/03/2020)
    The cycle consists of a total of 12 tastings of eleven wineries, aimed at the general public and hospitality experts.
  • The participatory process begins for the modification of the regulations of the Municipal and District Boards (05/03/2020)
    The maximum date for the delivery of contributions by groups, neighborhood associations, pedáneos, vowels and political groups will end on April 6
  • Murcia and Santander establish synergies for the development of the smart city model (05/03/2020)

  • Takeover of 39 new Local Police officers (05/03/2020)
    "Murcia and Murcia have placed in your hands the freedom and security of their families. We hope for the best of all of you and we know that you will respond above the fulfillment of duty "stressed Mayor José Ballesta
  • The University of Murcia will hold its ´I Podcasting Days´ (05/03/2020)
    They are totally free and will take place on March 18 in the classroom of the Faculty of Communication and Documentation
  • The Civil Guard dismantles a dangerous criminal group dedicated to the cultivation and trafficking of drugs, in Llano de Brujas (05/03/2020)
    The six members of the criminal group have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of cultivation, processing and trafficking of drugs and belonging to criminal organization
  • Murcia starts the national meetings for the 25th anniversary of the Spanish Federation of Brain Injury (05/03/2020)

  • Students of 5th and 6th grade of Primary Education become small artists with the help of Nico Munuera (05/03/2020)
    The Councilor for Education, Belén López, visits the activity held in the Almudí Palace by the hand of the Murcian artist
  • The V Week of the Garden starts with the visits 'Go ahead, you are at home' and the Harvest Festival (05/03/2020)

  • UMU researchers are part of a national Chronobiology network (05/03/2020)

  • The Contracting Supervision Commission will open an investigation file to the winner of the municipal crane service contract to debug possible responsibilities (04/03/2020)
    Councilman Mario Gómez will reconvene the commission next week to study possible breaches in other contracts of services
  • CCOO urges the City of Murcia and Education to quickly repair the roof of the CEIP Virgen del Rosario (04/03/2020)

  • More than 60 local police officers will serve tomorrow during the Descent of the Virgen de la Fuensanta (04/03/2020)
    The tour will begin around 2 pm and will run until approximately 8.30 pm
  • Perez reminds Serrano that Ballesta twice agreed on budgets with the PSOE (04/03/2020)

  • The installation of new LED luminaires on Avenida de los Pinos reduces the emission of 28 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (04/03/2020)

  • The City Council presents to the Central Government the latest advances for the implementation of the Murcia 2030 Urban Agenda (04/03/2020)
    Murcia and A Coruña were the first two municipalities selected at the national level as a pilot experience for the implementation of this strategy
  • The Museum of the City shows the feminine contribution in the future of Murcia (04/03/2020)
    Councilwoman Pilar Torres has attended the guided tour 'Women in history', organized on the occasion of 8M
  • The UMU exhibits a sample of abstract painting on the most representative figures of classical theater (04/03/2020)

  • The City of Murcia expands the mobile units of the Local Police and already rubs 300 vehicles (04/03/2020)

  • Tribute to Alfredo Montoya, a law professor who began his career at the University of Murcia half a century ago (04/03/2020)

  • The headquarters of Murcia Gastronomic Capital will host twenty free Star of Levante tastings throughout 2020 (04/03/2020)

  • Serrano: "The misgovernment in the Roundabout is due to Ballesta's little custom of agreeing on policies and agreeing on projects" (04/03/2020)

  • The UMU organizes a talk to promote equality in organizations (04/03/2020)

  • The PSOE of Murcia suspends its Municipal Committee by virtue of compliance with the instruction issued by the SMS for health professionals (04/03/2020)

  • Infant students of the municipality enter "The attic of toys" (04/03/2020)
    The Romea Theater today and tomorrow hosts the representation of a musical piece aimed at children, between 3 and 4 years, within the activities of the program of the City Hall # MurciaMiCiudadEnseña
  • When music emerges, the new edition of #MurciaSeMueve (04/03/2020)
    The free access event will take place on Friday, March 13 at the Murcia Parque Auditorium from 6 pm and will offer concerts by Marlon, Glas, Crimson, Noise Box and Río Viré in an authentic tribute to the young Murcian talent
  • Two professors from the University of Murcia organize the lecture series 'Gods, tombs and papyri' (04/03/2020)

  • The Romea Theater receives Els Joglars this weekend with "Señor Ruiseñor" (03/03/2020)
    A show with which the Catalan company claims art as a universal homeland
  • Sangonera la Verde expands its green spaces with the new Camino del Palmeral Garden of 1,387 square meters (03/03/2020)

  • The project ODSesiones UMU organizes a dozen activities around industry, innovation and infrastructure (03/03/2020)
    The activities on SDG 9 start this Wednesday with the presentation of the novel 'Sin ti', by the Murcian writer Antonio Jesús Martínez and published through of the Wattpad platform
  • The Civil Guard located in Murcia an octogenarian who had been lost (03/03/2020)
    This is a neighbor of Murcia, over eighty years old and mentally ill who disoriented and lost during yesterday afternoon
  • Aguas de Murcia modernizes the supply network of the Nanos rail in Rincón de Seca (03/03/2020)
    The works have consisted of the installation of individual meters in the houses and the asphalting of 500 square meters
  • The City Council supports Murcia institutes with extracurricular activities for more than 25,000 students (03/03/2020)

  • The workshop 'Savoring Murcia with security' arrives in the hamlet of Algezares (03/03/2020)
    The meeting has been carried out by users of the service of the Telecare Service in the Cultural Center La Rosaleda
  • Rincon de Seca has a bi-shredder to prevent agricultural burns in the hamlet (03/03/2020)
    The president of the Municipal Board of Rincon de Seca, Pedro Ruipérez: "It is a service that we have put in place to provide coverage to the neighbors, making them more easy work in the garden with the treatment of agricultural waste "
  • A piggy bank in solidarity with Caritas in the shops of Murcia (03/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia, the UPCT and the College of Economists come together to create the Chair of Competitiveness (03/03/2020)

  • The UMU Student Council organizes the round table 'Breaking the glass ceiling at the University' (03/03/2020)

  • FAMDIF reaches more than 4,000 Murcia schoolchildren with its awareness campaign on disability (03/03/2020)
    José Ballesta said that "solidarity and equality are values ​​that are part of the DNA of Murcia."
  • The Foresta Plan reaches the Secondary Education centers with the plantation at the IES Miravete de Torreagüera (03/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia exhibits a photographic exhibition on women in the 19th century (03/03/2020)
    The inauguration will be this Wednesday, March 4, in the Black Box space of the Rectorate, at 12 noon
  • The UMU participates in a project to encourage the sustainable development of tourism in the Mediterranean (03/03/2020)

  • Murcia is made known through the senses (02/03/2020)
    The activity aims to spread some of the features that define the city of Murcia through multisensory methods especially aimed at people with disabilities
  • Aljucer improves the playground of the Paseo José Gil Otiz park with new game elements for the little ones (02/03/2020)
    The Urban Development Councilors, José Guillén, and Pedanías, Marco Antonio Fernández, visit the town to supervise the improvement works are carrying out
  • Public Route approves by decree the redistribution of the space occupied with terraces in Alfonso X El Sabio (02/03/2020)
    The decree responds to the instruction of the agreement of the Government Board of December 14, 2018, where it was decided to authorize, on a very provisional basis, the occupation of this traditional walk
  • Parks and Gardens prune more than a thousand trees from the sports centers of the municipality (02/03/2020)

  • Almost 2 million are invested in 50 infrastructure and service improvement works in the districts of Murcia (02/03/2020)
    The General Director of Local Administration visits one of the Pedanías Plan projects, which has allowed the renovation of the floor and furniture of the playgrounds of Aljucer and Los Martínez del Puerto
  • Tourism launches a special program at Visitor Centers to commemorate March 8 (02/03/2020)

  • The University of Murcia inaugurates a new access to the Health Sciences car park (02/03/2020)
    The new access allows to decongest both the entrance traffic to the university campus, located in El Palmar, and the access to the Arrixaca
  • Open the new access to the Health Campus (02/03/2020)
    The new access decongests both the entrance traffic to the university campus located in El Palmar and the access to the Hospital of La Arrixaca.
  • The V Week of the Garden claims the products of proximity and Murcian gastronomy (02/03/2020)

  • Pablo González's Trastienda wins the I 'The Tapa of the Year' Contest (02/03/2020)
    With a plate of jowls from Murcian flat
  • "The PP continues to prioritize marketing in municipal action" (02/03/2020)

  • The pollution warning has been deactivated after recovering the adequate levels of air quality in Murcia (02/03/2020)
    The warning level was decreed last Saturday for air intrusion of African origin
  • Proclamation of the Holy Week in Murcia, by Inocencio Arias (01/03/2020)

  • New success of the Chirigota de Beniaján, First Prize of the National Contest of Chirigotas de Torrevieja (01/03/2020)

  • Cs claims the mayor José Guillén all the projects of the remodeling of gardens, roundabouts and medium (01/03/2020)

  • Academic experts and researchers agree on participation as a key piece in the diagnosis of the Circular Economy Strategy (01/03/2020)
    The participants of the third sectorial table highlight the development of initiatives related to consumption, waste and water management, mobility, sustainability of urban spaces and cross-cutting policies
  • The El Pozo Indoor Soccer School of ADN La Paz expands its training schedules due to the increase in students (01/03/2020)

  • The Foresta Plan encourages social participation with the Astrade plantation in Terra Natura (01/03/2020)


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