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Murcia News - September 2017

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  • CreaMurcia selects its winners in the literature section and chooses the finalists of the microrelatos contest (30/09/2017)

  • The City Council performs experimental grafts so that the mulberry trees do not bear fruit (30/09/2017)
    The Parks and Gardens Service carries out these innovative tests on ten pieces of pedantry
  • The City of Murcia collaborates in the sustainable development of the indigenous peoples of Paraguay (30/09/2017)
    It is one of the projects in which the Department of Youth and Development Cooperation collaborates actively with a help close to 4,000 euros
  • Neighborhood associations in the southern area have joined together to sign this joint manifesto: (29/09/2017)

  • The UMU joins the World Tourism Day from Caravaca de la Cruz (29/09/2017)

  • The industrial area of ​​Rincón del Obispo de Beniaján will have LED technology lighting (29/09/2017)
    In total, 18 light points will be placed with a total power of 1,170 watts
  • The City Council acquires more than 6,000 garments for the Local Police (29/09/2017)
    In total, 286,455 euros will be invested
  • A specific agreement will combat pests of trees in the forest parks of the municipality (29/09/2017)
    In mid October work will begin on prevention, control and fight against pine processionary
  • The Park City of Peace of El Palmar will have new pavement (29/09/2017)
    In addition, it will create a place to connect the current playground with another to be installed in the coming months
  • Social Rights collaborates with the association of paraplegics and large physically disabled to improve the quality of life of this group (29/09/2017)
    The beneficiaries of the project, which receives a subsidy of 8,000 euros, are the partners of the association in the municipality of Murcia and its family members as well as caregivers, students and professionals
  • More than 2,600 people benefit, so far this year, from the environmental activities organized by the City Council (29/09/2017)

  • The book "Mediterranean diet with the tricks of the grandmothers" reaches the shelves to spread the gastronomic heritage of Murcia (29/09/2017)

  • Burned two trucks of the works of the burial next to the passage to level of Senda of the Garres The event occurred last night, to the 23.50 hours, in a lot next to the tracks. (29/09/2017)

  • Civil Protection will tomorrow show its material means in Alquerías to catch volunteers (29/09/2017)
    In the Plaza de la Iglesia, from 11.30 to 14 o'clock
  • Communiqué on the campaign "Al cole with what I need" (29/09/2017)

  • Professor Walker coordinates a course on the evolution of the human brain and cognitive archeology (29/09/2017)

  • The UCAM will collaborate to improve research and health care in Kenya (29/09/2017)
    Bramwel Kisuya, Kenyan ambassador, believes that the Catholic University of Murcia can play a key role in his country through training
  • Professor of the UMU, curator of an exhibition of the Blue Pass of Lorca (29/09/2017)

  • Two white-tipped sharks are born in the aquarium of the University of Murcia (29/09/2017)

  • UMU calls for job hiring for teachers (29/09/2017)

  • A seminar of Unimar will study the typology and evolution of the Roman villas of Hispania (29/09/2017)

  • UMU student Daniel Álvarez Sánchez, awarded the second prize to young researchers by the University of Zagreb (29/09/2017)

  • A book-tribute to UMU professor Rafael Monroy is presented (28/09/2017)

  • Ortiz: 'Murcia does not stop and we will not consent to do it now' (28/09/2017)
    The Councilman of the PP insists that 'there are no legal, technical or budgetary arguments to try to stop the burial of roads'
  • Doubt before Zaragoza: "Our game and confidence will be vital to overcome them" (28/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia: "The neighbors have shown the courage that is missing to Ballesta" (28/09/2017)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS vs Renewable Rivers Zaragoza - Friday 29 September 21 hours (28/09/2017)
    Sports Palace of Murcia
  • The City of Murcia and Terra Natura offer free entry to the park on 1 October for people over 60 (28/09/2017)
    This initiative coincides with the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons
  • The Sustainable Tourism Days are celebrated tomorrow in the Auditorium of the UMU (28/09/2017)

  • Gaby Guillén proposes a walk of colors in the Library of the UMU (28/09/2017)

  • The 25% of the students who initiate 4 ° of CAFD in the UCAM of Cartagena already have entered the world of sports work (28/09/2017)

  • The secretary general of Science and Innovation intervenes tomorrow in a Day of the UMU (28/09/2017)

  • The Plenary of the City Council subscribes to the mayors and councilors victims of harassment for its defense of the law and the rule of law. The text, presented by popular spokeswoman Rebeca Pérez, has received the support of Partido Popular, PSOE a (28/09/2017)

  • Researchers and public meet in Murcia's "most scientific and fun night" The University of Murcia has scheduled more than 70 science activities for next Friday, September 29, in the plaza of the University of the city of Murcia (28/09/2017)

  • IU calls on the European Parliament to study "urgently" the complaint about the burial of the AVE in Murcia (28/09/2017)

  • Mireia Belmonte: "I still have room at home for more medals" (27/09/2017)
    The Catalan swimmer, who is a student of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at UCAM, made the most of her academic day at the university with exams, practices and tutorials
  • The race '2 Reinos by Gaes' will consist of 3 stages with more than 200 kilometers to ride them on mountain bike. This third edition will be held on 6, 7 and 8 October and may participate in different modalities (27/09/2017)

  • The UCAM implements this course the degrees in Dance, in Gastronomy and in Marketing and Commercial Management (27/09/2017)

  • Andresito: "We want to return the illusion to our fans" (27/09/2017)

  • Community and Murcia City Council coordinate emergency care (27/09/2017)

  • Cs hopes that this time the PP will fulfill its word and execute the necessary interceptor of storm water of the north zone (27/09/2017)

  • Fashion premieres at CreaMurcia, with a night marked by the parades of young designers from Murcia (27/09/2017)

  • Sports, gastronomy, video games, guided tours or social networks mark the new programming of "Networks" (27/09/2017)
    On Saturday, October 28, an astronomical observation will take place on the occasion of the International Day of the Observation of the Moon
  • The Artillery Barracks and the Gates of Castile present their most complete and ambitious programming (27/09/2017)

  • SEMAS celebrates 20 years of life with two days of analysis and debate between experts from different parts of the country (27/09/2017)
    Representatives and experts in emergency care in Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao or Huesca will share their social care actions In its 20 years of life have opened 8,357 files and attended to about 13,000 people
  • Work begins prior to the construction of the stormwater interceptor collector in the north (27/09/2017)
    This infrastructure will allow to end the problems of flooding of districts such as Churra, Espinardo and Cabezo de Torres
  • Huermur and CAP City of Murcia launch a conference to visualize the historic heritage in danger of Murcia (26/09/2017)

  • The UCAM creates a volunteer to promote cooperation in sustainable tourism (26/09/2017)
    27-s World Tourism Day
  • Pre-season starts for our Quarry teams (26/09/2017)
    The boys and girls have started to prepare for a season full of challenges
  • Sánchez: "As soon as the law has allowed, the City Council has proceeded to call local police posts" (26/09/2017)

  • Fede: "We have another chance this Friday (26/09/2017)
    Day 3 LNFS
  • The City of Murcia condemns the murder of a young girl at the hands of his expareja in Quarries (26/09/2017)

  • A course of the International University of the Sea to improve the health of the citizens (26/09/2017)

  • The public universities celebrate tomorrow the act of opening of course in the campus of Espinardo (26/09/2017)

  • The UCAM will start this year the degrees in Dance and Gastronomy, both of three years, and Marketing and Commercial Management, four (25/09/2017)

  • Coello: "After two years in the City Council, it is time for the councilor Guerrero to know how a municipal ordinance is processed" (25/09/2017)

  • Vitor Faverani represents the UCAM Murcia CB in the presentation gala of the League Endesa (25/09/2017)
    Saturday begins a new season of the best league of basketball Europe
  • Three free routes and a concert will commemorate World Tourism Day (25/09/2017)
    On Wednesday the itineraries 'Murcia Pasado y Presente' and 'Rincones y morumbes de la Huerta del Segura' will take place and on Saturday a route to the Watchmaker
  • Now Murcia denounces that granting the management of the car park of Santa Isabel to Urbamusa, "Ballesta continues propping up a public company that should dissolve" (25/09/2017)

  • The parking lot of Santa Isabel will be the first 'smart parking' of the municipality (25/09/2017)
    The Infrastructures, Treasury and General Affairs Commission has approved the management commission to Urbamusa
  • 'My life revolves around 500 meters', winner of the CreaMurcia Contest in the form of performing arts (25/09/2017)
    The company The Monsters and its production 'Limpios no, limpitos', won the second prize, while Matute Xen and Mysterium 'was third classified
  • A course from Unimar will offer the latest developments in production and health of small ruminants (25/09/2017)

  • Murcia now criticizes the unnecessary replacement of traffic signs on a road "with serious deficiencies in other issues" (25/09/2017)
    - This is the RM-611 road in the stretches of El Reguerón and El Palmar, "known by all Murcia because every time it rains it floods and creates a real chaos that also affects numerous ambulances "
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the stoppage of the procedures of approval of the ordinance of protection and tenure of animals (25/09/2017)

  • UMU calls for a tender for the provision of 21 teaching posts (25/09/2017)

  • More than 12,800 Murcia will be able to carry out some of the 631 activities offered by the Cultural Centers of the municipality. The registration, which runs until October 6, can be done in each of the Cultural Centers and in www.clavecultura.com. w (25/09/2017)

  • The PSOE congratulates for having made the parquin of Santa Isabel public management and requires a downward revision of the rates of public car parks The Socialists remember that, at the initiative of his group, the Plenary of the month July approve (25/09/2017)

  • UMU awards in 204,800 euros the works of air conditioning of animal (25/09/2017)

  • 23 teams of architects present their proposals for a preliminary project for the rehabilitation of the Old Prison (25/09/2017)
    According to forecasts, before the end of October, the jury will appoint the winner
  • The UCAM grants to the numbers one of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard in the Master in Military Right (24/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia meets with the Minister of Education to promote Spanish classes in the morning at CEIP Santa Rosa de Lima (24/09/2017)

  • Murcian band Adiós Nicole triumphs in the Festival Parrilla Rock thanks to the collaboration of the City council of Murcia (24/09/2017)
    The consistorio murciano reached a year ago an agreement with the one of Logroño that allows the exchange of young artists
  • The City Council performs an intensive cleaning of lakes in the municipality (24/09/2017)
    A team of eight people performs these specific tasks in those located in the garden of Salitre, Seda, Atalayas or San Ginés
  • Navarro: "The requirement of the City to the service of MuyBici is continuous to guarantee the service that the users receive" (23/09/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces the service "more than deficient" bicycle rental and claims to Ballesta to offer urgent solutions (23/09/2017)
    Socialists criticize the lack of bicycles in "ghost banks" and the poor state in which the few available
  • The CSR Chair of the UCAM brings together the main companies in the Region to discuss the future of Human Resources policies (23/09/2017)

  • The Contraparada Visitor Center will become a point of reference to extol the orchard and the Segura river. This project is part of the actions of the Plan of Action of the Orchard that develops the City of Murcia (23/09/2017)

  • Pelegrín: "For the second time in 72 hours Peñaranda socialist council again demonstrates their total ignorance in trade matters" (22/09/2017)

  • Mario Gómez: "The president of Adif tries to deceive the Murcia while José Ballesta agrees and becomes complicit in their fallacies" (22/09/2017)

  • Coello: "In Puente Tocinos 5 mosquitoes were received and the 5 have been taken care of" (22/09/2017)
    Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, reports again on the situation of mosquitoes in Puente Tocinos
  • José Guillén visits different green spaces in the Murcia hamlet of La Alberca (22/09/2017)

  • Espinardo will have a modern children's playground before the end of the year. The new space, located in the garden of Calvario Street, will occupy an area of ​​420 square meters and will feature shade and integration elements for children of (22/09/2017)

  • Ana Carrasco: "This victory can lead to a change of mentality" The Cehegín pilot, a law student at UCAM, made history by becoming the first woman to win a race in the World Superbike and wants to claim the title in 2018 (22/09/2017)

  • Juan Carmelo Gómez Fernández, new secretary general of the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (22/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia reiterates that "it should be guaranteed that the urban stretch of the river is healthy and safe if you wish to carry out recreational activities or sports in its channel" (22/09/2017)

  • 72,700 Murcia students will discover the historical heritage of the municipality with guided visits and cultural itineraries (22/09/2017)

  • Murcia will be a testing laboratory for a new cold asphalt that reduces radiation, noise, pollution and air temperature (22/09/2017)

  • 21 unemployed young people will work to improve the green areas of the Infante neighborhood (22/09/2017)
    The Government Board has approved the selection and subsequent recruitment of 3 foremen, 15 masonry officers and 3 gardening officers
  • The students of the School of Hospitality will elaborate the menus of the Jesus Abandoned Foundation (22/09/2017)
    This action combines the dual purpose of carrying out professional practices with attention to people at risk of exclusion
  • The Governing Board meets the three final steps to develop the strategy of city endowed with 14.7 million euros of European funds (22/09/2017)
    The Murcia proposal was recognized as one of the best in Spain
  • ElPozo Murcia FS will face Itea Córdoba CF Futsal at home next 10-11 of a single match (22/09/2017)
    Round 2 draw
  • The opposition formations will withdraw their motions from the next Plenary to focus the debate on the Underground (22/09/2017)

  • The ENVISION Project helps European SMEs to innovate in their business model (22/09/2017)

  • UMU contracted professors charge their triennial and five-year periods (22/09/2017)

  • Social Rights reinforces its commitment against human trafficking by establishing a collaboration agreement with APRAMP (22/09/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces the expansion in more than a year in the process of licenses of opening of the positions of the supply places Sebastián Peñaranda has informed that after meeting with merchants and knowing firsthand "the problems and deficienc (22/09/2017)

  • Citizens regrets the low value that José Ballesta and his team grants to mobility in Murcia (22/09/2017)

  • The UMU professor Francisco Javier Díez de Revenga publishes "Miguel Hernández: on the moons of the expert" (22/09/2017)
    It is an extensive study on the first work of the poet oriolano, published in Murcia
  • Ana Pastor welcomes the organizers of the III International Congress of Brotherhoods and Fraternities (21/09/2017)
    The President of the Congress of Deputies is grateful for the invitation to the events to be held from November 8 to 12 and considers it an "honor" to welcome the entourage that gave him delivery of the figure of a Nazarene murcian
  • Students of the UCAM, first national award for an application that detects the CiberBullying in social networks (21/09/2017)

  • The City Council does not have any pending invoices for 2016 from the previous home help company (21/09/2017)
    The priority of the City Council is to guarantee the right of the staff to collect the amounts that the company owes them for their work
  • The Floridablanca Garden hosts the 5th Fashion Show Carmelitana this weekend (21/09/2017)
    The fair, which takes place from the 22nd to the 24th, has a Trade Show in the Carmen neighborhood on Friday at 9 pm
  • The PSOE denounces the delay in the decision of Ballesta to solve the problems of noise of the municipality (21/09/2017)

  • An exhibition of photographs at the UMU will allocate its benefits to those affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia (21/09/2017)
    Maité Tornell's "Colors of the World" includes monuments from various cities around the world
  • Afamur starts work on its new Day Center in El Puntal, which will treat 60 Alzheimer's patients (21/09/2017)

  • Citizens will have access to all the information on the leisure noise map on the Internet (21/09/2017)

  • The PP condemns the escrache in the address of Ballesta and demands to We can take political juice of the neighbors (21/09/2017)
    Víctor Martínez regrets that "while the Government looks for solutions and alternatives to minimize the impact of the works the representatives of Pablo Iglesias use in a shameful way the neighborhood manifestations "
  • UMU celebrates tomorrow the II Conference of the Network Campus Mare Nostrum of specialists in Public and Constitutional Law (21/09/2017)

  • Sustainable mobility for all weeks and all neighborhoods (21/09/2017)

  • Cs proposes the constitution of a technical table to analyze the possible solutions to the execution of the AVE project (20/09/2017)

  • Clevin Hannah has been presented as a new player of the UCAM Murcia CB in the facilities of Estrella de Levante (20/09/2017)
    ["I have come to make a place for me in this team"]
  • Captain Miguelín returns this Saturday before Osasuna Magna (20/09/2017)

  • Coello a Cambiemos Murcia: "It is faster to call Zoonosis than to make a press release so that it reaches me" "Margarita Guerrero can skip this step and give the notice directly to the Service", said the Councilor for Sports and H (20/09/2017)

  • A UMU conference will study the new literature of Murcia and the "Order of the Meteorite" (20/09/2017)

  • The Romea and Circo Theaters take to the streets to present their new programming (20/09/2017)
    The squares of Santo Domingo and Apóstoles are the spaces chosen for the representation of two shows directed to all the public
  • The winners of the II Photomaratón of the Week of the Orchard collect their prize in the City of Murcia (20/09/2017)
    The contestants have been able to participate in three categories: 'Landscapes and Rincones de la Huerta', 'Water and Irrigation' and one of free themes
  • Now Murcia asks Ballesta to expedite the proceedings of the municipal litigation against the AVE and immediately request the precautionary stoppage. The municipal group points out that "the objective is to proceed by judicial order to issue a st (20/09/2017)

  • 5th ​​edition of Tekken World returns to the NAVE with the presence of the most important national champions (20/09/2017)
    This national competition will be celebrated this weekend in the youth center located in Bridge Tocinos in which the attendance of 400 people is estimated
  • The City of Murcia makes accessible the Plenary Hall for people with deafness (20/09/2017)

  • UMU hosts a Conference on applications of language technologies (20/09/2017)

  • International experts gather in Murcia to boost technological applications in Spanish (20/09/2017)

  • The City Council and the Telefónica Foundation set up a program to boost young employability in ICT (20/09/2017)
    The 'Digital Employment' project aims to train and train professionals in the most labor-intensive technologies
  • Guillén: "Now Murcia does not know the reality of Santa Maria de Gracia" (19/09/2017)

  • Plenary of the City Council will vote on the name changes proposed by the Nomination Commission (19/09/2017)
    Changes in the denomination of roads for reasons of Historical Memory will be subject to study and assessment by the Commission and the legal services of the Consistory
  • Ortiz: 'Our interest is to reconcile neighborhood requests with technical solutions, safety and rail regulations' (19/09/2017)
    The Councilor for Public Works stresses that work is being done on the reordering of traffic and a wide battery of measures to ensure permeability
  • Now Murcia denounces "the extreme neglect" suffered by the gardens of the blocks of Santa Maria de Gracia (19/09/2017)
    - Alicia Morales asks the mayor of the branch, Jose Guillén, "to take a tour of these spaces, which should call 'brown areas' instead of 'green areas', thanks to the PP's policy of abandoning neighborhoods and districts "
  • The PSOE proposes integral solutions for all the traditional commerce and not only the one of the center of the city (19/09/2017)
    Councilman Sebastián Peñaranda regrets that they are producing closings of businesses without "the PP has no clear and defined policy to remedy it or to foment the transfer of business from parents to children "
  • Erasmus students will be able to know the main aspects of the city through a guide specially designed for them (19/09/2017)
    The publication 'Murcia, university city, city to live' includes cultural, artistic, historical and geographical information, cultural heritage of the municipality
  • Let's change Murcia asks the City Council to fight the mosquito plague in Beniaján and Puente Bocinos (19/09/2017)

  • Presented the sponsorship agreement between the UMU and Real Murcia CF (19/09/2017)

  • International educational agents visit the Campus of the UCAM in Cartagena to incorporate more students (19/09/2017)

  • The City Council and DGT sign the coordination agreement on road safety for the highways of the municipality of Murcia (19/09/2017)

  • Umu hosts tomorrow's congress of the Spanish society for the processing of natural language (19/09/2017)

  • Cs requires the local government not to authorize the closure of the crossing at the level of Santiago El Mayor until the burial is finished (19/09/2017)

  • Sport is protagonist in the UMU on the occasion of the International Day of University Sports (19/09/2017)
    The University Sports Gala and a Rector's Seminar are celebrated on the Espinardo Campus
  • 440 young people will improve their conversation in other languages ​​in the 22 language clubs organized by the Department of Youth (19/09/2017)

  • International University of the Sea offers a course to promote health education in drug addiction (19/09/2017)

  • Navarro: "the concerts of the cycle 'Majal Blanco Sounds' have been authorized for them to be realized" Navarro: "I invite the mayor Sergio Ramos to attend the next day 29 to the concert in the White Majal and what opinion, wit (18/09/2017)

  • The Council for Cooperation and Solidarity approves a grant to assist victims of avalanches in Freetown (18/09/2017)
    The City Council grants a grant of 15,000 euros, which will directly support 430 people and indirectly 1,000 people
  • Now Murcia criticizes the budgets of pp-psoe in the municipal boards "for attacking the autonomy of operation and decision of the plenary meeting" (18/09/2017)

  • Ortiz: "The periodicity of the cleaning of the gardens is determined by its use" (18/09/2017)

  • Umu signs a collaboration agreement for activities related to medicine and sport (18/09/2017)

  • Gómez: "The ownership of the New Condomina Stadium is of the City of Murcia" (18/09/2017)
    "and thus it consists in the inventory of municipal property and in the Property Registry"
  • The umu organizes activities in the week of mobility (18/09/2017)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) has prepared a series of activities with which it joins the European Mobility Week
  • UCAM Cartagena classes begin next Monday, although first class students will do so on October 16 (18/09/2017)

  • Citizens denounces that the municipal ownership of the Nueva Condomina stadium is in the air (18/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia proposes an environmental protocol for events in natural spaces of the municipality (18/09/2017)

  • The UMU and Tram of Murcia give bonuses to university students more aware of the environment (18/09/2017)

  • A new Labor Orientation Service will provide the tools for young people to find work (18/09/2017)

  • The PSOE is pressing to comply with the frequency of cleaning of gardens of districts so that they are 'as curious' as the one of the Glorieta Larrosa affirms that "while the PP leaves its responsibility to maintain the green zones in ca (18/09/2017)

  • The collaboration between the City and OMEP will allow the development of a female self-employment program (18/09/2017)
    In addition to theoretical practical training in women's centers, the training course 'De emprendedora a empresaria' will be held
  • A Unimar course to promote healthy eating habits and prevent childhood obesity (18/09/2017)

  • The City Council reaches an agreement with the UNED for the transfer of bibliographic funds and the performance of practices of its students in the City of Murcia (17/09/2017)

  • The information points of Majal Blanco and Contraparada open again to the public after the summer (17/09/2017)
    This service to visitors addresses the needs of two of the most emblematic natural and cultural spaces in the municipality of Murcia
  • UCAM closes new agreements with universities in 30 countries (17/09/2017)

  • The Degree in Dance of the UCAM, three years and unique in Spain (16/09/2017)

  • The eight finalists of CreaMurcia's stage arts arts will be enjoyed at the Circus Theater next week (16/09/2017)
    The jury has announced the finalists who will be on stage Monday to Friday at 9 pm
  • The garden next to Constitution Avenue of Monteagudo will be completely renovated (16/09/2017)
    In addition to rehabilitating the pavement, architectural barriers will be removed and trees and shrubs will be planted
  • UCAM and ANAEDE Murcia fight against gender inequality (15/09/2017)

  • UCAM and CROEM join together to promote bilingualism in the Region (15/09/2017)

  • Monday marks the 10th anniversary of the permanent seat of Mazarrón (15/09/2017)

  • Ortiz calls for 'calmness, tranquility and mutual respect because that is the basis of democracy' ' (15/09/2017)
    He lamented that a punctual fact tarnishes a historic decision for Murcia as is the arrival of the AVE buried in the station of Carmen
  • Communiqué of the Government Delegation (15/09/2017)
    About the events that occurred in the evening / night of September 14 at the concentration convened by the Pro-Soterramient Platform
  • Jorge Serrano proclaims winner of CreaMurcia in the Plastic Arts modality and Víctor Akira in the Comic. The exhibition was inaugurated yesterday in the Laboratory of Young Art where the winners were announced. (15/09/2017)

  • This evening the 1st cycle of music 'Majal Blanco Sounds' starts with an old music concert (15/09/2017)

  • Communiqué joint municipal groups PSOE, Citizens, Change Murcia and Now Murcia (15/09/2017)

  • Nonduermas unveils a graffiti to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Open of the hamlet (15/09/2017)
    The Councilor for Development, Roque Ortiz, visited this morning the mural, more than 100 square meters, made by eight local artists
  • The pool 'Murcia Park' receives the IX Region of Murcia Waterpolo Tournament (15/09/2017)
    This municipal pool will collect during this weekend the tournament that will be an opportunity to heat engines for the start of the season
  • Picasso up close, in El Almudí (15/09/2017)

  • The streets of the Station, Adrián Viudes and San Francisco de Beniaján will look completely renewed after next Christmas (15/09/2017)
    The Governing Board awards work to improve pedestrian traffic
  • The Governing Board gives green light to the creation of ten grants to support entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries (15/09/2017)
    The selected will receive a grant of more than 2,500 euros, in addition to other resources, especially sessions and tutorials on- line and workshops in charge of active experts
  • The City Council calls a line of aid for companies, cooperatives and self-employed who create stable employment (15/09/2017)

  • Alex Urtasun will debut with UCAM Murcia in Granada (15/09/2017)
    Universities will face Tecnyconta Zaragoza and Gipuzkoa Basket, on the circuit Movistar
  • IU-Verdes blames Minister Iñigo de la Serna and Mayor Ballesta of police violence in Murcia (15/09/2017)
    Left-wing formation calls on Murcia and Murcia to redouble their mobilization in the face of repression and return tonight to the tracks
  • Corvera hosts this weekend the III Fair of Crafts and Agriculture and the I Fair of merchants of the field of Murcia (15/09/2017)
    In total will be installed in the esplanade next to the municipal center of the hamlet 25 exhibitors
  • The facade of the Moneo Building will be illuminated tomorrow in green to commemorate the International Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week (15/09/2017)

  • ... (15/09/2017)

  • Equo RM demands the resignation of the delegate of the government and the mayor of Murcia before the police charge on the roads (15/09/2017)

  • PSOE Urgent Communiqué on the attacks on pro-underground protesters concentrated along the roads: (14/09/2017)

  • Pacheco highlights the tourist development of Murcia during the Congress of mobility and sustainable tourism of Malaga (14/09/2017)
    The city of Murcia surpasses for the first time the 690,000 overnight stays during 2016
  • Now Murcia: "The Minister has come to Murcia to tell us the same songs that the PP has been counting for ten years" (14/09/2017)

  • The burial works will begin before the arrival of the AVE to Murcia (14/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia calls the plan of the Minister of Public Works to "neighbors" (14/09/2017)

  • The PSOE warns the Minister of Public Works that "the hole for the burial must be started before the first entrance of the AVE to Murcia" The spokeswoman, Susana Hernández, who has had a meeting with Íñigo de la Serna, has stated that &quo (14/09/2017)

  • The first illustrated African children's story arrives at the Molinos del Rio (14/09/2017)
    ILombe's trip is the first story of the joint publishing house Potopoto
  • The Solidarity Basketball Championship 3x3 'Together for Inclusion' celebrates its eighth edition (14/09/2017)
    This tournament organized by Astrapace will be held this Saturday in the Plaza de la Universidad at 9.00 o'clock
  • Faculty of Informatics UMU celebrates tomorrow day of welcome to the new students (14/09/2017)

  • Faculty of Education launches journal of the Vice-Dean of Research (14/09/2017)

  • Beniaján's Monteazahar garden will be completely renovated (14/09/2017)
    In addition to renovating the pavement, the existing scenario will be improved
  • Cs warns José Ballesta of the lack of security of the Puente Tiñosa bridge and of the accesses of the surroundings (13/09/2017)

  • The UCAM organizes a Vocational Coexistence for girls from the 22 to the 24 of September (13/09/2017)

  • Pacheco: "Pavilion 2 of the Artillery Barracks will offer a wide and varied programming" (13/09/2017)

  • Great success and high participation of the Fair of the News (13/09/2017)
    Finish 15 festive days in which they have happened near 300 musical and artistic acts of first level, gastronomic tastings, parades, children's entertainment, sporting activities and leisure events
  • Now Murcia points out that "thanks to the complaint in the Prosecutor's Office, the PP took urgent measures of protection with the San Esteban site" (13/09/2017)
    "which remains without a definitive solution"
  • The opposition denounces that Pavilion 2 is still closed and asks Ballesta to meet with the Platform in Support of the Artillery Barracks (13/09/2017)

  • The Contracting Bureau proposes the adjudication of the project of undergrounding of containers in four points of the urban helmet (13/09/2017)
    The works will be developed in Madre de Dios street, Cetina Square, Pinares Street and Santa Catalina Square
  • The PSOE remembers the commitment to extend the bus schedule that would facilitate the participation of neighbors of pedanias in the Fair (13/09/2017)
    The Municipal Group takes stock of the parties and thanks the "great work" of the security forces, although it asks that take advantage of crowds of public to raise awareness about cleanliness
  • The City Council remodeled more than a hundred of Alcorques in the main thoroughfares of Murcia (13/09/2017)
    In particular 40 alcorques have been reformed in the Avenida de la Libertad de Murcia, 15 in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, 10 in the Plaza de las Flores Murcia and 80 in the Gran Vía
  • The CreaMurcia Exhibition, in the modalities of Comic and Plastic Arts, will host a total of 43 works. The exhibition opens tomorrow, at 9:00 pm, at the Young Art Laboratory and will be where the winners (13/09/2017)

  • The prosecutor files the complaint of Now Murcia on San Esteban in the absence of indications of crime (13/09/2017)
    Although the decree is dated June 19, the councilors Morales and Moreno have demonstrated that 'their diligence to defame do not put into practice to recognize that they lied '
  • The first Youth Orchestra 'Ciudad de Murcia' is born (13/09/2017)

  • Álex: "We are going to start the League with great desire" (13/09/2017)
    "We have been physically touched by the Supercopa, not the soul"
  • Let's change Murcia sees the motion of censorship proposed by the Platform ProSoterramiento (13/09/2017)

  • A cycle route, workshops, road information and more activities to welcome the II Edition of Bicifest Murcia (13/09/2017)
    This day will be held next Saturday in the neighborhood of the Infante Don Juan Manuel from 10.00 to 14.00 hours
  • Term tuition UMU language courses opens on the 20th (13/09/2017)
    Tuition fees for language courses offered by the University of Murcia (UMU) will be between September 20th and 24th
  • A Unimar course will start in assisted animal therapies (13/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia collects the proposal of the Platform ProSoterramiento and will support to take to the Ayuntamiento a censure motion that removes "the mayor who is allowing a wall to divide the city of Murcia and to segregate its neighborhoods" (12/09/2017)

  • More than 800,000 people accompany the Virgin of Fuensanta in her pilgrimage to the Sanctuary (12/09/2017)

  • The women's team Murcia Murcia Tennis Club is classified for the promotion phase to the first category (12/09/2017)
    It will face Cercle Sabadellés, Spanish of Valencia and Tennis Club Tarragona on September 30 and October 1 to climb to the top category by teams
  • The Grafiti Municipal Office gives a canvas of the King Lobo to Kabila Abú-L-Abbas (12/09/2017)
    This graffiti was made last year in the orchards of the Malecón by Isaac Garrido
  • Some hooded men set fire to two machines from the AVE burial works (12/09/2017)
    The incident occurred at dawn, at 5.05 hours, on a plot of land next to Limonar and Pintor Saura Pacheco streets
  • The pavement works of the street Concepción de Zeneta will finish before the end of the year (12/09/2017)
    The project seeks to improve the functionality of the space, the aesthetic aspect and the accessibility
  • Ortiz believes that the PSOE would solve its perplexity if it distinguished the effectiveness of the lack of foresight in the North Coast (11/09/2017)
    "We opened that road to the traffic with a few meters of provisional bicycle lane because we consider that it is better that the Murcians can use it already before keep it closed a few years, pending some works of Taibilla "
  • Kevin Tumba joins the preseason of the UCAM Murcia CB (11/09/2017)
    The Belgian, who will live his second year in Murcia, comes from having played the Eurobasket 2017
  • Promotion study will improve three roundabouts in the districts of Corvera, Valladolises and Los Martínez del Puerto de Murcia (11/09/2017)

  • The Cathedral is filled at the feast of Fuensanta (11/09/2017)

  • López Miras participates in the taurine appetizers organized by the Real Club Taurino de Murcia (11/09/2017)

  • The PSOE shows its perplexity that the North Coast continue with the bicycle lane and the roundabouts half a month after its opening. Councilor Maite Espinosa, who recalls the rush with which it opened in July 2016, criticizes the dangerousness of so (11/09/2017)

  • ... (11/09/2017)

  • More than 400 people will be part of the special device designed by the City Hall on the occasion of the Romería (11/09/2017)

  • Umu convenes 20 predoctoral contracts for 2018 (11/09/2017)

  • A UMU study investigates the mobility of children with cerebral palsy (11/09/2017)

  • ElPozo Murcia begins the League in the Palace against Osasuna Magna on Saturday September 23 with Teledeporte (11/09/2017)
    In the first day the whole Murcia visits O'Parrullo Ferrol this Saturday at 19:30
  • The autogyro of Juan de la Cierva will fly tomorrow the sky Murcia with the arrival of the Patron to his Sanctuary (11/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia asks for explanations to Pacheco by the closing of the pavilions 1 and 2 of the Artillery Quarters "and the total lack of information" (11/09/2017)
    Alicia Morales denounces that "to date of today the calendar of execution of the works in the artillery barracks or anything "
  • The tenth edition of the 'Bici Huerta 1.0' race will be held this Sunday in Torreagüera (11/09/2017)
    Felipe Coello, councilor of Sports and Health, has presented this Regional Eliminator Championship which is being held for the first time in the Region
  • Umu calls for competition for biosafety laboratory (11/09/2017)

  • The fifth edition of the Big Up will be held next 5, 6 and 7 October (11/09/2017)
    A national meeting of musical influencers will bring to Murcia the most important figures of musical communication of the country.
  • The V Jornadas of Wikimedia Spain approach the free knowledge to Murcia with the collaboration of the UMU (11/09/2017)

  • The Minister of Presidency delivers to bullfighter Paco Ureña the Best Toreo of Capote Prize of the Fair of Murcia 2016 (10/09/2017)

  • Era Era will open a new children's play area with elements of sensory stimulation in the most crowded square in the hamlet (10/09/2017)
    The space, which will occupy an area of ​​273 square meters, will have pergolas and new shadow systems
  • More than 200 Local Police officers will guarantee security in the Pilgrimage of Fuensanta (10/09/2017)

  • Santa Maria de Gracia commemorates the 311 anniversary of the Battle of the Orchard of the Bombs (09/09/2017)

  • Ballesta: "We must not fall into the folkloric and exclusive localism we are seeing these days" (09/09/2017)
    The Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, defended today a concept of a "deeply humanist city fleeing any individualism"
  • ... (09/09/2017)

  • Twelve peñas huertanas will participate next Monday in the Farewell Round of the Virgen de la Fuensanta (09/09/2017)
    From 9.30 pm, they will take a tour from Plaza Romea to Plaza de la Cruz with music and dancing
  • UCAM meets next week with more than 200 educational entities from all over the world to continue promoting its internationalization (09/09/2017)

  • A dozen exhibitors bring the best products of La Huerta to the heart of the city. The exhibition, which will remain all day today and on Sunday morning in the San Francisco Plan, is part of the Fair's program. Murcia (09/09/2017)

  • Murcia participates in the Infomur Plan with Civil Protection volunteers who monitor the Sierra de la Cresta del Gallo, Columbares and El Valle (09/09/2017)
    Thanks to an agreement between the Department of Traffic and Citizen Security and the Ministry of Presidency and Promotion
  • The Region of Murcia will be in November the world capital of Holy Week (08/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia and The Simpsons denounce the dismantling of the municipal museums (08/09/2017)

  • Ortiz: "It is already planned the replacement of the carpet of the gangway of Jorge Manrique" (08/09/2017)

  • Cs requests the local Government information on the actions carried out in the ficus of the Artillery Barracks (08/09/2017)

  • The director of the Cátedra de Cine of the UCAM makes a review in Cartagena to the best films of Romans (08/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia warns that "the shady state of the carpet of the footbridge of vistabella-infante" can cause injuries and falls (08/09/2017)
    - The municipal group indicates that the covering of the footbridge Jorge Manrique suffers a state "that is especially serious in these dates, because due to the holidays the transit for this infrastructure increases a lot "
  • A course at the International Sea University to teach prevention and treatment of addictions (08/09/2017)

  • The Governing Board proposes the renewal of the members of the Council for Cooperation and Solidarity (08/09/2017)
    The agreement is adopted on the expiry of the two-year term of office
  • The Governing Board approves the projects of 5 social associations to improve the quality of life of Murcia. The largest program is aimed at half a thousand children, young people and women in the neighborhood of Los Almendros. (08/09/2017)

  • 78 unemployed people will be able to participate in the construction and hotel training and employment program (08/09/2017)
    The City Council requests the SEF grants to carry out these projects that seek to improve the employment situation of young jobseekers and qualify the unemployed from 25 to 54 years
  • Plaza de Santo Domingo will recover more than 330 square meters of pedestrian space after the rearrangement of the terraces (08/09/2017)
    The hotel establishments will have to reduce the number of tables from 186 to 106, thus facilitating the permeability and transit of people in the square
  • "We have a nice opportunity to leave the club up and we will work to do it" Marcos Delía, who has joined the preseason, says he arrives in a great state of form (08/09/2017)

  • The president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, receives the medal of the Royal Brotherhood of Knights of the Virgin of the Fuensanta (07/09/2017)

  • The Mills of the River host this afternoon the next edition of Pecha Kucha Night Murcia (07/09/2017)

  • On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 a scoring event is held for the Spanish championship of Agility at the football field of Cabezo de Torres (07/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces the dismantling of the Aula de la Montaña de la Luz (07/09/2017)

  • A Unimar course will demonstrate the importance of Clinical Hypnosis in the field of Mental Health (07/09/2017)
    Students will do hypnosis and trance induction exercises
  • The renewal of the lighting of the West Industrial Estate will allow an annual saving of 51,000 euros and a reduction of CO2 emission of 141 tons (07/09/2017)
    The Department of Development will replace the current luminaires with other led technology
  • Cs denounces that José Ballesta does not have the plans of self-protection of the fairground in the equator of the celebrations of Murcia (07/09/2017)

  • The V UMU Corporate Social Responsibility Master will form business leaders (07/09/2017)

  • The young people put on the apron to cook the typical stews of the Orchard in the Plaza de Verónicas (07/09/2017)

  • Murcia Triathlon does not understand why from Huermur and Now Murcia want to load the Triathlon City of Murcia (07/09/2017)

  • "You have to encourage the captain to return as soon as possible" (07/09/2017)
    Alejandro Gómez has analyzed the news of the squad after the absence of José Ángel Antelo
  • Diego Conesa visits the camp of the Platform ProSoterramiento installed in Santiago The Mayor (07/09/2017)
    The candidate accompanied the activists and neighbors in his claim that will be extended during a week
  • The City Council continues with biodiversity conservation actions thanks to the Land Custody agreement with ADESGA (07/09/2017)

  • Plaza de San Agustín will host next Sunday the event 'Murcia rides' to be broadcast by streaming (07/09/2017)
    In total there will be nine horses, five bailaores and more than forty musicians with artistic representatives from Lithuania, China and Mexico
  • Hoteliers can, for the first time, request permission to install bars for Christmas and Spring Festivals simultaneously (07/09/2017)
    The deadline for filing is open until October 1
  • The PSOE demands Ballesta "to stop playing in the footsteps with the Historical Memory and change streets like that of Francisco Franco in Lobosillo" (07/09/2017)
    The Socialists denounce that, despite the constituted working table and the motions approved in the plenary sessions of some municipal councils, the PP is still reluctant to change the name of streets and avenues that honor the Franco regime
  • UMU doctoral thesis concludes that the massification of the use of ICT has modified society, culture and environment (07/09/2017)

  • UMU celebrates tomorrow a day on the research career in the Spanish university (07/09/2017)

  • The UCAM gives a course of Communication and Marketing to students of the FOM University of Germany (06/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia denounces that the government of Ballesta "is supplanting the Autonomous Community to determine if the urban section of the Segura a is suitable for bathing (06/09/2017)

  • Fomento carries out an integral cleaning of the environment of Los Molinos del Río (06/09/2017)
    In total, painted in 720 square meters of surface and the reeds of the river channel
  • The XII National Petanque Tournament'Feria de Murcia' will be celebrated this weekend in San Basilio (06/09/2017)
    Participate 48 teams from different autonomous communities and the Region
  • Citizens require the local government to report on the discharges made in the municipality of Alquerías (06/09/2017)

  • The arrival of the AVE to the city of Murcia closer with the advance of the construction works of the Bridge of Tiñosa (06/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia will demand that the Casino return the 10 million public of the restoration if it continues without offering gratuitous visits (06/09/2017)

  • The new contract with Jesús Abandonado includes the creation of 10 daily plazas of social and health care (06/09/2017)

  • The UMU offers the first Master for cultural managers (06/09/2017)

  • 150 new bicycles are added to the MUyBICI system to replace those damaged by vandalism (06/09/2017)
    During the summer, maintenance and repair of bicycles were carried out to improve the service for the start of the course
  • A Unimar course to learn to see life with a positive vision (06/09/2017)

  • Level UP opens season in Murcia before more than fifty entrepreneurs (05/09/2017)
    Success of participation of autonomous and SMEs in the first Level UP conference in Spain after the return of the holidays, in Beniaján
  • 'The works for the arrival of the underground AVE are in progress and are a reality' Roque Ortiz recalls that Adif is working on the drafting of the underground projects of the Carmen and Barriomar station (05/09/2017)

  • Navarro: "The works in the old Post Office building will not affect any archaeological remains in the area" (05/09/2017)
    The building permit is still pending and within the building there is only one shelter of the Civil War that will be preserved
  • The UCAM creates a chair to investigate bilingualism (05/09/2017)

  • CONSUMUR denounces the lack of safety on the river boat trips offered free during the Murcia Fair (05/09/2017)
    The organization has verified how even young children access the boat without a life jacket
  • Cs will demand in the Plenary a modification of the ordinance that regulates the cleaning of plots and lands in the municipality (05/09/2017)

  • A dozen measures will improve the urban quality and the accessibility of the surroundings of the Trail of Tiñosa (05/09/2017)

  • ElPozo Murcia FS vs Movistar Internet. (05/09/2017)
    The Palace will be our strength!
  • Gómez: "The total budget of maintenance of schools has grown by 14%" (05/09/2017)

  • The Contracting Bureau proposes the award of the Tele-Assistance Service that will allow to continue attending to more than 2,400 people (05/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia supports the camping of the Pro-Underground Platform against the arrival of the AVE in surface (05/09/2017)

  • Francisco Lucas sympathizes with the neighbors of the south of the city and demands the burial of the roads (05/09/2017)

  • Cepaim invites Murcia to participate in '12 million pedals' by refugees (05/09/2017)
    Next Sunday, September 10, Murcia will join the 40 cities participating in this initiative that travels more than 2,000 kilometers
  • The campaign 'Dogs are as educated as their owners' reaches seven other districts. In addition to placing posters in centers of great influx, civic brigades will hand out bags and will remember that not collecting the excrement of pets carrie (05/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia asks about the impact of the works of the Correos building on the archaeological remains of the surroundings (05/09/2017)

  • The Segura river will host tomorrow the show the international funambulist of Circo del Sol Vicente Quirós (05/09/2017)

  • UMU professor Pedro Lozano, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), the oldest chemistry society in the world (05/09/2017)

  • Public special education centers, priorities for the City Council (05/09/2017)

  • The PSOE proposes to the PP that "it stops of patches in the schools and it undertakes integral reforms that places them at the level of the 21st century" (05/09/2017)
    Susana Hernández denounces lack of space and of shade and elements of asbestos in the centers, as well as deficiencies of electric power that prevents start up of digital boards or air conditioning
  • "It's been a dream to play the preseason with the first team" (05/09/2017)
    Sergio Mendiola, UCAM Murcia player EBA left its quality sparkles in the two matches of the Circuit Movistar de Moralzarzal
  • The UMU organizes the first postgraduate course in Europe on documentary projects (05/09/2017)

  • Pacheco: "While thousands of Murcia enjoy the parties, Now Murcia and Cambiemos are only concerned about sowing discord" (04/09/2017)
    'It is incomprehensible that they want to oppose even the holidays, but unfortunately they have us accustomed'
  • Beginning of Terra Natura activities in Circular Square From today until September 11, the park will be in the center of the city with a multitude of games, workshops and activities (04/09/2017)

  • How to boost SMEs Murcia, this Tuesday in Beniaján (04/09/2017)
    Level UP, business school for self-employed and SMEs, tomorrow will offer the conference Sales without brakes, to multiply billing in a year
  • Fernando as Best Player ElPozo FS Juvenil, winner of the LNFS Gala (04/09/2017)

  • Press release from CHS in response to Huermur (04/09/2017)
    Regarding the news this morning about the quality of the waters of the river Segura in Murcia
  • Pacheco: "We work because Murcia has a fairground of first order" (04/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia asks Ballesta to be processed and approve the declaration of the urban stretch of Segura as suitable for bathing before the triathlon 'Murcia river' (04/09/2017)

  • Iberdrola completes the dismantling of the high voltage airline of El Palmar (04/09/2017)

  • Sánchez: "In the PSOE and should know that the competencies in matters of citizen security correspond to the National Police and Civil Guard" (04/09/2017)

  • Ortiz: "The Bridge of Tiñosa Road is going to open in the next days as planned" (04/09/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia question about the guarantees for the health of the participants in the triathlon that will travel the Segura (04/09/2017)

  • Navarro: "We are working to improve safety in bicycle benches" (04/09/2017)
    The company in charge of the service has taken advantage of the summer to repair the damaged bicycles, so that they are in optimal conditions for the start of the course
  • Miguelín: "There are no favorites but on Wednesday we play at home with our people and they are fundamental" (04/09/2017)
    Wednesday, September 6 (21.30 hours) starts the IDA in the Palace
  • Now Murcia demands that the city council guarantee that any activity that is carried out in the safe while passing through the city does not pose any health risk (04/09/2017)

  • The first edition of 'Murcia Rio Cross Urban' will be celebrated this Sunday (04/09/2017)
    The race will have the exit in the Artillery Barracks and the inscriptions can be made until Thursday at 14.00
  • The PSOE denounces a new wave of robberies in districts like La Raya (04/09/2017)
    The pedestrian mayor, Jose Hernandez, urges the City of Murcia to take appropriate measures to end a streak of robberies that have come to occur in homes with their renters inside
  • UMU doctoral thesis reveals beneficial effects of intervention program with autistic students (04/09/2017)

  • A course of the International University of the Sea to know, to preserve and to enjoy the patrimony of the valley of Ricote (04/09/2017)

  • Cs requires José Ballesta to take effective measures to reduce vandalism at bicycle stations and recover service (04/09/2017)

  • A course at the International Sea University to help tackle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in life (04/09/2017)

  • Marcos Delia is made with silver in the FIBA ​​AmeriCup 2017-09-01 (04/09/2017)
    The Argentine team could not with the United States in the final
  • The PSOE denounces "numerous deficiencies" in the setting of the new road bridge of Tiñosa (04/09/2017)
    Socialists remember that the opening of the step "goes with a lot of delay" and criticize that the project "does not seem to contemplate the type and level of traffic of the area and does not solve the main connectivity problems on eit
  • Let's change Murcia bets to enable a fairground to avoid the degradation of the Malecon (04/09/2017)

  • Ortiz: "For more lies that say Now Murcia will not become true" (03/09/2017)

  • Now Murcia reminds the PP that the traffic lights are due to the wall of the AVE in surface and not to the burial (03/09/2017)
    And this municipal group requires to the Ministry of Public Works the plans and reports of accessibility of the footbridge
  • Summer camps and schools of the Department of Education complete without incident and with great recognition by the children and their families (03/09/2017)
    Five hundred children have enjoyed the activities, workshops and organized stays, as well as the summer schools celebrated in the schools of the municipality
  • Presentation of Enigmas and Mysteries in Murcia 14-09-17 (02/09/2017)

  • The City of Murcia launches a contest to fly the city in autogiro on the occasion of the holidays (02/09/2017)
    The draw will be made in social networks thanks to the collaboration of the Association Juan de la Cierva Codorniú
  • Ballesta claims the "Murcian identity" in a diverse and united Spain (02/09/2017)

  • The City of Murcia, awarded with a Seal of Quality by the European Union (02/09/2017)
    The URBACT European program thus recognizes the URBAN project of Espinardo's Espirito Santo neighborhood
  • The City of Murcia calls for citizen collaboration to prevent the spread of the tiger mosquito (01/09/2017)
    After the rains, if not take the appropriate measures as to eliminate breeding foci, could produce an outbreak of this annoying insect
  • The animals and traditions of the Orchard move to the gardens of Lieutenant Flomesta (01/09/2017)

  • Collaborative scholarships can be applied for until September 14 (01/09/2017)
    Collaborative scholarships may be requested by university students within a deadline ending September 14
  • Nonduermas will receive on Monday the mascot of the national Open (01/09/2017)

  • Fernando will play ElPozo Murcia FS until June 2020 (01/09/2017)

  • The XXIII Edition of 'Climbing to the Cresta del Gallo' will be celebrated next Sunday (01/09/2017)
    Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, has presented this cycling race organized by the Federation of Cycling of the Region of Murcia
  • The City Council will guarantee the flow of traffic with a complete traffic management project prior to the works of the train burial. The works contemplate the installation of new elements of regulation and centralization in the Traffic Control Room (01/09/2017)

  • ... (01/09/2017)

  • Social Rights allocates 73,000 euros to the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation to promote the normalization of minors (01/09/2017)
    The council that heads Conchita Ruiz has awarded a grant to the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, with which it has been collaborating for some time, which will allow the promotion of educational standardization of children
  • The Governing Board approves aid valued at 55,000 euros to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities (01/09/2017)
    The Board of Governors has given the green light to the agreements with Astrapace, the New Horizon Association and the Association for the integration of people with intellectual disability, CEOM
  • Terra Natura and the Town Hall will take nature to the Circular Square during the Murcia Fair (01/09/2017)
    The park will once again be in the center of the city with a multitude of games, workshops and activities, from 4 to 11 September
  • Terra Natura and the Town Hall will once again fill the Plaza Circular with nature during the Murcia Fair. From September 4 to 11, the park will be in the center of the city with a multitude of games, workshops and activities (01/09/2017)

  • Umu convenes a contest to furnish the pleiades building library (01/09/2017)


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