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Murcia News - October 2018

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  • Nearly 1,000 UCAM athletes participate in the floral offering to Fuensanta (31/10/2018)
    José Luis Mendoza, president of the Catholic University of Murcia, and José Manuel Lorca Planes, bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, presided over the event
  • The UMU participates in a European project to promote social inclusion and improve the health of children with sports (31/10/2018)

  • Taxis customers will have a flat rate for round trip to the airport (31/10/2018)
    Sufficient turns will be established to guarantee the service with a minimum of between 15 and 20 vehicles.
  • The pool of the University of Murcia is suitable for people allergic to chlorine (31/10/2018)
    Changes made in the purification system have visibly improved water quality and reduce the environmental impact of the installation
  • The Civil Guard investigates a minor for alleged threats with a knife to a teacher (31/10/2018)
    Occurred last Friday, day 26, at IES Sangonera La Verde
  • The University of Murcia leads a project to limit the information obtained from digital identity certificates (31/10/2018)
    The initiative, coordinated by Professor Skarmeta, seeks to limit the digital information offered by the user according to the requirements of each case
  • 'Murcia Gastronómica' serves on a platter the best culinary experiences from 9 to 12 November (31/10/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia accuses Cs of "disguising" participation what is really "an electoral party maneuver" (31/10/2018)
    The municipal formation points out that the convocation of the president of the El Palmar board to appoint the members of the commission of parties is far from being a participatory democratic process
  • The works of the Greenway receive a strong impulse and face its equator (31/10/2018)

  • The PSOE accuses the PP of "abandoning Miguel Induráin Avenue to its fate, which instead of relieving traffic has messed it up with an ill-fated bike lane" Councilor Enrique Ayuso recalls that at the end of 2017 a redistribution of the road (31/10/2018)

  • An investigation of the UCAM on chemotherapy, cover of the American magazine JACS (31/10/2018)

  • Crue applauds the decision to incorporate Philosophy as mandatory in Baccalaureate (31/10/2018)
    "The agreement will allow the students to receive a good philosophical education, very useful to improve their professional preparation in any field" (Antonio Campillo)
  • The VII Manos Unidas Popular Race will raise funds for the construction of a boarding school for tribal girls in India (31/10/2018)
    Organized with the collaboration of the Murcia City Council, the Autonomous Community and the Athletics Federation, it will be held on Sunday, November 11 in a urban circuit
  • Parks and Gardens maintains the 'green cycle' using crushed pruning in more than 500 gardens of the municipality (31/10/2018)
    The measure, launched a year ago, has numerous advantages for gardens such as moisture conservation, water saving, improvement of soils and visual appearance
  • PURINA and the CTAC dogs arrive in Murcia with the program "Learning Together is Better" (31/10/2018)
    The CEIP Barriomar 74 will receive a session of assisted education with dogs to show the benefits of pets in the learning of children.
  • The specifications and their clarifications are written by technicians and with strict criteria of legality (30/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Modernization of the Administration and Urban Development criticizes that the spokesman of Citizens arrogates a merit that is of the municipal technicians
  • The University of Murcia signs a collaboration agreement with the Central South University of Changsa (China) (30/10/2018)
    The delegation headed by the rector signs a Memorandum to strengthen ties with one of the centers with the highest classification of the Chinese university system
  • Change Murcia claims to know the goods unregistered by the Catholic Church in the municipality (30/10/2018)

  • The school Nicolás de las Peñas joins the schools equipped with shadow spaces (30/10/2018)
    Added to another five that also have awnings
  • Now Murcia denounces "flagrant violations of legality" in the Malecón Special Plan (30/10/2018)
    The municipal training emphasizes the need to protect the Malecon promenade and its surroundings, "but it must be done in accordance with legality and in terms of equality with all the affected neighbors "
  • 9 authors will look for their place in the final of the Fiction Fiction of CreaMurcia (30/10/2018)
    LOFT 113 will host tomorrow at 18:00 the final with the reading, by their authors, of the selected works.
  • The Town Hall of Murcia launches the public consultation 'We Speak of Europe, We Talk About Employment' (30/10/2018)
    In collaboration with the University of Murcia tomorrow Murcia offers the opportunity to contribute to the creation of future European employment policies
  • Students of more than fifteen nationalities are trained in the Masters of Tourism in English at the UCAM (30/10/2018)
    The Catholic University of Murcia is the Spanish institution that provides the most titles in English
  • Navarro: 'It is tendentious to point out that the AYS School was operating without a license when it was awarded the Work and Activity since 2003' The Councilor for Urban Planning, Environment, Water and Garden qualifies as' petty the use (30/10/2018)

  • Gómez: "Ballesta recoils and yields to the demands of Cs pressed by the accumulation of inaccuracies of the sheet for the service of Parks and Gardens" (30/10/2018)

  • The PSOE applauds the pedestrianization of Alfonso X but criticizes the poor delimitation of the bike lane and the lack of foresight to avoid traffic chaos (30/10/2018)

  • Health, safety and street cleaning set up a special device for the All Saints Day (30/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia offers Murcia the opportunity to contribute to the creation of future European employment policies (30/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia calls for favoring the participation of SMEs in the municipal garden maintenance contract (30/10/2018)
    The municipal training recalls that the new contracting law is committed to the division of lots to facilitate the participation of small and medium enterprises
  • The 17th of November, appointment with the Anibal Race (30/10/2018)
    The Club Deportivo Murcia Challenge organizes the appointment that, in the modality Legend will be the third scoring test for the FAMU Trail Tour
  • Navarro assures that the special plan of the Malecón will go ahead when it has the agreement of neighbors, municipal boards and political groups (29/10/2018)
    Ensures that the manifestations of Citizens are demagogic, opportunist and populist, and show that the rightful place is the opposition.
  • The UCAM, awarded at the European Athletics gala (29/10/2018)

  • Two professors of the UMU coordinate a report that ensures that raising the institutional quality of Spain would increase GDP by 16% (29/10/2018)

  • Cs presents five allegations to the Special Plan of the Malecón that will defend to its ultimate consequences for political responsibility (29/10/2018)

  • Pacheco transmits to the residents of La Arboleja that the crossing of the Cuatro Piedras will continue open when the special plan of the Malecon is approved (29/10/2018)
    In a meeting held this morning, the deputy spokesman of the PP has reiterated that the norm, which is in term of allegations, aims to protect a historical monument but that 'any decision seeks to satisfy the common good'
  • The Faculty of Education of the UMU receives a prize for its awareness in the integration of the elderly (29/10/2018)

  • Vicky Gastelo, its time has come (29/10/2018)
    10 November - Murcia (Café de Alba)
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the cynicism of Los Garres PP with violet points (29/10/2018)

  • The PSOE asks the PP to "stop signing manifestos and postureo adhesions and act to protect what is left of the garden" (29/10/2018)

  • The exhibition 'The elderly also paint' allows us to contemplate 31 works made by partners of these municipal centers (29/10/2018)
    The sample can be visited until next Monday in the center of San Antón
  • Nine technological leaders compete to develop the smart city project 'MiMurcia' (29/10/2018)
    José Ballesta announces in the Murcia Smart 2018 forum that "a total of nine Temporary Unions of Companies opt for the public tender for the most ambitious urban digital transformation of Spain, with the tender for the 'MiMurcia' project
  • The University of Murcia hosts an exhibition by Miguel Ángel Caparrós and Álvaro Peña (29/10/2018)

  • Huerta Viva denounces the destruction and occupation of the Malecón slope by the AYS school (28/10/2018)

  • ... (27/10/2018)

  • Serrano thanks the contributions of the economic organizations (27/10/2018)
    "so that the policy responds to the reality of the street and from the knowledge that gives the experience"
  • Diego Conesa: "Education must play a central role as an engine for social mobility and to exploit opportunities" The general secretary of the PSRM-PSOE affirms that the socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia, José Antonio Serrano, offers t (27/10/2018)

  • Murcia, a smart city facing the citizen (27/10/2018)
    Murcia Smart 2018 will take place on Monday at 9:00 am at the Palacio del Almudí
  • The Sustainability Director of the Cajamar Group highlights the socio-environmental risks in the presentation of the Masters in CSR of the UCAM (27/10/2018)

  • The young people of the municipality can enjoy 'La Machine de Cirque', for only 3 euros, thanks to the'Last Minute' promotion (27/10/2018)
    The Teatro Circo hosts this performance on November 2 from 9:00 p.m.
  • Murcia has more than a hundred informative panels to raise awareness and maintain green areas (27/10/2018)

  • The Murcia painter, Miguel Mellado, opens the exhibition "Between Murcia and Orihuela" (26/10/2018)

  • The PSOE regrets that the "poor management and the lack of foresight" of the PP provoke frictions between neighbors for the use of public spaces (26/10/2018)
    Enrique Ayuso echoes the complaint of neighbors of the neighborhood of Carmen that this weekend "neither they will be able to make use of the facilities of the Artillery Barracks for the celebration of a concert "
  • The Plaza 3x3 CaixaBank 2018 arrives this Saturday at the Plaza de la Catedral de Murcia (26/10/2018)

  • Now Murcia shows its indignation that Melendi's concert forces the Conservatory to suspend its classes (26/10/2018)

  • Young talent opens the Alfonso X promenade (26/10/2018)
    The Alfonso X promenade opens tomorrow with a great celebration of Murcian culture.
  • Change Murcia blames the government team for the rupture of the pipes in the CEIP Ciudad de La Paz (26/10/2018)
    The Plenary Session of the City of Murcia approved a motion of municipal training to renew all facilities that have not materialized
  • Cs denounces that the PSOE blocks the work table of the regulation of Citizen Participation and the operation of the Municipal Boards (26/10/2018)

  • The UCAM presents its prototype to decontaminate waters, the result of a European project (26/10/2018)
    The Catholic University of Murcia participates actively with more than thirty activities in this event organized by the Seneca Foundation
  • The PSOE remarks that "the team and the fans of Real Murcia can not be abandoned" and calls for "more involvement" of the institutions (26/10/2018)

  • The first urban dance championship'Limón y pimienta' will take place tomorrow at Espacio Joven El Palmar (26/10/2018)
    The Networks program organizes tomorrow this championship, which will take place at 16:00 and will have two individual categories in the format of battles of dance, Breaking and All Styles
  • The Governing Board supports the projects of six social associations to improve the lives of the people residing in the municipality (26/10/2018)
    They add a global aid of 141,000 euros, and the beneficiaries will be minors deprived of a normal family environment, families in situation of substandard housing or shanty town, widows, refugees and immigrants without domicile
  • Convened the tests to obtain the taxi driver's permit (26/10/2018)
    The deadline to submit applications will be 10 days from the publication on the website Murcia.es
  • The City Council will allocate aid to promote cultural, sports and leisure activities for schoolchildren (26/10/2018)

  • SEF professionals will be hired to collaborate in the municipal brigades in garden reforms (26/10/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the selection invitation for the temporary hiring of personnel, more than 10 positions, for the execution of the project of 'Collaboration in the municipal brigades in garden reforms'
  • The Romea Theater hosts for the 29th consecutive year the play 'Don Juan Tenorio' (26/10/2018)

  • A geometric garden will shine on the walls of the auditorium of the Artillery Barracks (26/10/2018)
    This performance, which is framed in the festival 'Murcia Ciudad Creativa' and in ADN Urbano in the neighborhood of El Carmen, involves making a mural at the hands of Casa Chiribiri
  • 'Myopia, an epidemic of the 21st century' inaugurates the new cycle of scientific conferences (26/10/2018)

  • José Luis Mendoza,'Antena de Oro' of the National Association of RTV Professionals (25/10/2018)

  • The UCAM inaugurates its two master's degrees in RSC with the conference of Francisco Javier Dueñas, Sustainability Director of Cooperative Group Cajamar (25/10/2018)

  • Murcia City Council celebrates Climathon tomorrow for the third consecutive year (25/10/2018)
    This event, which takes place simultaneously in several countries, arrives at the Almudí Palace with presentations, round tables and with the presentation of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of the Municipality of Murcia
  • The City Council Plenary approves all motions of Cambiemos Murcia (25/10/2018)

  • Citizens take forward the proposals presented today in the Plenary (25/10/2018)

  • The UMU coordinates the commitment of Europe so that more and more students with disabilities enjoy Erasmus stays (25/10/2018)
    The MobiAbility project presents its first conclusions and now prepares a reference website to boost the international mobility of these young people
  • The UMU presents the III Conference on the Spanish University Theater, dedicated to the memory of José Antonio Aliaga (25/10/2018)

  • The PSOE achieves a children's school in Los Dolores and unifies the design of the bike lanes (25/10/2018)

  • Design market, tastings and live music to enjoy on Saturday in'La Placica de los Patos' Organized by the Department of Commerce and Institutional Relations and Murcia Commercial Area (25/10/2018)

  • The UMU full of fun science the Malecón Garden (25/10/2018)

  • The Plenary gives the green light to the acquisition of the hillside of Monteagudo Castle (25/10/2018)
    In this way the Archaeological Park of Monteagudo 'The Fortress of the King Lobo' advances and facilitates the consolidation works of the castle that the State has to carry out
  • The Alfonso X walk opens on Saturday with a great celebration of Murcian culture (25/10/2018)
    "Musicians, painters and dancers will take the new pedestrian axis to celebrate Murcia's artistic talent in this new space of 7,600 m2," José Ballesta reported.
  • Navarro: 'The municipal services are involved in the elimination of illegal dumps' (24/10/2018)

  • The UCAM will take more than thirty activities to the Week of Science (24/10/2018)

  • Murcia City Council is launching 20 major projects for the El Carmen and La Paz neighborhood thanks to ADN Urbano (24/10/2018)

  • The Second Labor Sports Conference will take place tomorrow at the Chamber of Commerce (24/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health, Felipe Coello, opens these days with the objective of promoting physical exercise and healthy habits at work
  • Navarro insists that the crossing of the Cuatro Piedras will continue to be open to traffic after the approval of the Malecón's special plan (24/10/2018)
    This has been reiterated this morning to the representatives of the AYS school and the Municipal Board of La Arboleja, with whom maintained meetings to secure points of agreement
  • Murcia travels to the past thanks to "La placica de los patos" (24/10/2018)

  • A student of the University of Murcia proclaims himself duathlon European champion (24/10/2018)
    Juan Francisco Fernández studies the fourth course of Psychology
  • Now Murcia denounces the existence of a rubbish dump in the middle of the orchard and contains asbestos (24/10/2018)
    The landfill that denounces the municipal formation is in Los Garres, specifically at the corner of the Mota del Reguerón lane with the avenue of Progreso
  • The Regional Film Archive hosts the final of the Short films and Documentaries of CreaMurcia on Friday (24/10/2018)
    The screening of the 8 selected works will begin at 7:30 p.m.
  • Change Murcia ask the City Council to investigate the legality of the Zeneta quarry (24/10/2018)
    The municipal training already denounced that the land is "protected non-urbanizable" according to the PGOU
  • The Smart City looks to the University as a strategic ally to face the challenges of the digital revolution (24/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia begins an institutional trip to China to expand relations with universities in the Asian country (24/10/2018)

  • VOX requests the nullity of the Special Plan for Landscape Protection of Paseo del Malecón (24/10/2018)
    and supports the neighborhood demonstration called for October 29
  • Murcia City Council will be present at the Science Week (24/10/2018)
    It will take place from October 26 to 28 in the botanical garden of the Malecón
  • Murcia City Council organizes the IV InterVegas National Meeting in defense of historical agrarian territories and fertile soils (24/10/2018)

  • Employment with a social accent (24/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates with a popular race open to all the world the University Welcome (24/10/2018)
    The inscriptions can be made until the same moment of the exit, this Thursday at 18.00 h.
  • Cs will demand the local government to correct the deficiencies of the school Antonio Delgado Dorrego of Sangonera La Verde (24/10/2018)
    The mayor Pilar Muñoz insists on the need to cover the needs of this educational center with significant deficiencies in its infrastructures and a staff that needs to be reinforced
  • ... (24/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the XV National Congress of Law Students (23/10/2018)

  • Murcia and Logroño renew their synergy for the exchange of young artists between both cities (23/10/2018)

  • The City Council joins the celebration of the International Day of the United Nations (23/10/2018)
    Murcia will wear tomorrow a flag of this institution, which was created by signing the Charter of the United Nations in 1945 to promote peace and international security
  • The UMU dedicates a few days to train professionals to prevent and treat falls in older people (23/10/2018)

  • Now Murcia demands the control of exceptional authorizations on undeveloped land in the municipality (23/10/2018)
    "A large number of industrial buildings and other installations are being built on non-urbanizable land protected by means of exceptional authorizations, which causes damage to environmental values ​​and the ground "
  • Infrastructure renews the sidewalk of a street in Los Garres to make it more accessible (23/10/2018)
    The works that are being carried out consist of installing red paving blocks on a sidewalk, 67 linear meters, on the Calle Mediodía of the San José district of the Mountain, that will also allow to unify the zone
  • San Esteban's'phase zero'project overcomes the process of the Contracting Committee (23/10/2018)
    The next step will be the award by the Governing Board
  • The UMU is the first Spanish university to integrate the'DNI in the cloud 'in the procedures it offers to citizens (23/10/2018)
    The Cl @ ave-Firma system can be used in the presentation of instances in the Electronic Register
  • "Nursing has been built from two major itineraries: the one of conscience and the one of science" (23/10/2018)
    Manuel Amezcua, Extraordinary professor of the UCAM and president of the Index Foundation, today gave the inaugural lecture of the first seminar on the history of nursing celebrated by the University
  • Change Murcia will ask for the creation and provision of equality agent positions (23/10/2018)
    The municipal training will request more personnel to be able to comply with the Plan of Equality of Opportunities between Men and Women
  • Serrano bets on a vertebrate, connected and balanced municipality to "abandon the state of hibernation in which we have been for two decades" (23/10/2018)

  • Cs will propose in the Plenary the creation of a Local Council for the Circular Economy (23/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia presents an international study on consumer trends and communication strategies (23/10/2018)

  • The UMU signs a protocol with the Spanish Mathematical Society to promote the dissemination and investigation of mathematics (23/10/2018)

  • Installations, audiovisual, film, photography and creativity, the new bet of Puertas de Castilla (23/10/2018)
    The programming from October to December includes the audiovisual piece Atari, the sound installation Unidentified Deep Sea Sounds, Transforming Landscapes, independent cinema and 'The art of children ', among other proposals
  • The Festival'Murcia Ciudad Creativa' arrives in the neighborhood of El Carmen with conferences, workshops, music and performance (23/10/2018)

  • Two students of Tourism of the UCAM, national awards of the Spanish Association of Normalization (23/10/2018)

  • The ecological school gardens of Murcia come to Navarra (23/10/2018)
    The City Council will present the experience in the I State Meeting that takes place this weekend
  • Aguas de Murcia against the tiger mosquito (23/10/2018)
    The company finishes its treatment campaign in the storm tanks of its sanitation network
  • Murcia celebrates the world's largest event of innovative ideas against climate change (23/10/2018)

  • Guillen demands 'vigor' from Citizens and urges him not to 'threaten and distort to sow doubts where there are none' While the Ballesta government contributes innovative ideas and builds, Citizens only knows how to destroy and critici (22/10/2018)

  • Murcia will recognize the excellence of the Arrixaca Transplant Unit with the award of the Gold Medal of the city (22/10/2018)
    The Parrandboleros, who will celebrate 20 years of artistic career in 2019, will receive the Silver Medal
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'The specifications are approved with all the favorable opinions of the municipal services' (22/10/2018)

  • El Moneo will light up on Wednesday in support of the global fight against Polio (22/10/2018)

  • The chemist Patricio Valderde enters the honorary cloister of the University of Murcia (22/10/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia bet to build a confluence space with an emphasis on the program and not on the lists (22/10/2018)

  • The Avenida Alejandro Valverde will extend from Zarandona to Cobatillas (22/10/2018)
    According to the agreement adopted by the Board of Spokespersons, which has also agreed on the celebration on Monday, November 5, of the Debate on the State of the Municipality
  • Murcia now demands the creation of rules for cession and use of municipal premises among the citizens (22/10/2018)
    The municipal training also requires the preparation of a catalog of municipal spaces susceptible to be ceded and used by associations, neighbors and citizen groups
  • Change Murcia requires the government delegation to investigate the "waste" of the police device on the tracks (22/10/2018)

  • Mario Gómez: "The PP can not continue awarding million-dollar contracts to measure and by way of urgency" (22/10/2018)
    It is not logical to open a deadline of only thirty days for a contract of 60 M € that comes to limit and make difficult the presentation of offers by interested companies
  • Joaquim Bosch and Ignacio Escolar present 'The kidnapping of justice' in the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia (22/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia asks for the rights of the volunteers who work in the archaeological remains of Monteagudo to be recognized (22/10/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that the esplanade of the Artillery Barracks, after the concert that starred in Loquillo, is still full of garbage this morning (22/10/2018)

  • Ten schoolchildren receive the prizes that accredit them as "experts" in safety and health (22/10/2018)
    Students from 55 schools participated in the drawing contest of the 'Grow in safety' campaign.
  • #Murciasemueve welcomes university students (22/10/2018)

  • Auxilia Murcia celebrates its 50th birthday with a popular race on October 28 (22/10/2018)
    '50 anniversary Auxilia Murcia ', will have a 10-kilometer route along the Segura River.
  • More than 500 riders will participate in the 2nd Mental Health Race (22/10/2018)
    It will take place on November 4 at the Malecón.
  • "The company will be responsible or will not be a company" according to Juan José Almagro in a talk offered at the University of Murcia (22/10/2018)
    The presentation took place during the opening ceremony of the Master's Degree in Corporate Social Responsibility, which this year celebrates its sixth edition
  • The artist Paz Vicente exhibits her work at the University of Murcia (22/10/2018)

  • The Statute of Researching Personnel in Training, object of a round table at the University of Murcia (22/10/2018)

  • Rubén Garre: "We have not yet decided the candidate or candidate for mayor of Murcia, that decision corresponds to those registered and registered" (21/10/2018)

  • The Sangonera la Verde PP denounces 'the use of the AECC and minors by the PSOE to campaign' (21/10/2018)
    "It has deceived those attending a football match, mostly minors, to take a photo with a political message "
  • Change Murcia proposes to develop a municipal strategy to stop homelessness (21/10/2018)
    The municipal training will ask the Plenary to carry out a diagnostic study with a gender perspective
  • Cs will ask in the Plenary to provide El Palmar with public places so that groups and associations can meet and carry out their activities (21/10/2018)

  • The UCAM celebrates the seventh edition of the Days of Defense (21/10/2018)

  • López Miras attends the III Encounter of Auroros "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" (21/10/2018)

  • The installation of screens will protect the residents of El Ranero and Los Rectores from the noise of the highway (21/10/2018)
    The Governing Board has approved the installation of 569 meters in both areas
  • Cs will ask in the Plenary the creation of a regulation that regulates the figure of the official chronicler of the municipality of Murcia (20/10/2018)
    Mario Gómez will defend this initiative with the objective of establishing the rights and obligations of this position, as well as the procedure and requirements for its election and appointment
  • López Miras attends the tribute to the grandparents of the Federation of Centers for the Elderly of the municipality of Murcia (20/10/2018)

  • Concepción Lax and Antonio Galán become Grandparents of the Year for the elderly centers (20/10/2018)

  • Murcia now requests the immediate cleaning of the Reguerón channel (20/10/2018)

  • Training in political marketing, energy management and cooperation (20/10/2018)

  • Neuroscience lands in eSports to optimize advertising (20/10/2018)
    UCAM, with the collaboration of the Bitbrain company, is conducting a pioneering study in the field of neuroscience to maximize the performance of advertising in the eSports championships
  • Murcia explains its Smart City model in the Plenary of the Urban Initiatives Network in Benidorm (20/10/2018)
    This conference has been aimed at being an open forum and exchange of experiences among entities that have received funding from European funds, such as the City Council of Murcia
  • 'Walking for Freedom' conscience against human trafficking and the abolition of slavery (20/10/2018)

  • FeSP-UGT denounces the suppression of the second exit in the SEIS of the City of Murcia, even more in an alert situation due to a cold drop. (19/10/2018)

  • The chairs of Food Safety and Sustainability and Business Excellence of the Fuertes Group begin their journey in the UMU (19/10/2018)

  • Five students get the prizes of the IV Literary Contest 'Smart Water Retailers' (19/10/2018)
    Granted by Aguas de Murcia, the awards have been delivered this morning by Councilman Rafael Gómez
  • The University of Murcia receives a distinction for its Corporate Social Responsibility policy (19/10/2018)
    The social ecumenical forum grants the University of Murcia the Prize for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Spain
  • Change Murcia reminds López Miras that only in the municipality there are 1,000 requests for aid for rent (19/10/2018)
    The municipal training has reacted well to the president's plan, which provides aid for 2,800 homes throughout the Region
  • Murcia prepares for the cold drop by reinforcing the number of firemen and police (19/10/2018)

  • TIME magazine chooses Juan Carlos Izpisua as one of the 50 most influential people in 2018 in the field of health (19/10/2018)

  • The Government of Spain joins the recovery of San Esteban promoted by the City Council and the Community (19/10/2018)

  • The UMU inaugurates the 15th edition of the Master of Biology and Technology of Reproduction, recognized as one of the best nationally (19/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the II Interdisciplinary Congress of Young Researchers (19/10/2018)

  • Cs requires the local government more rigor and seriousness in the process of awarding public contracts (19/10/2018)
    Orange training is committed to more transparent and better planned processes to ensure equality of conditions and get the most complete offer that will result in the provision of the best services to Murcia
  • Parks and Gardens reviews an elm almost 15 meters in Beniaján (19/10/2018)
    The City of Murcia conducts periodic reviews of the unique trees of the municipality
  • 21 spaces of Murcia will host shows of the 17th TítereMurcia Festival to be held from 9 to 19 November (19/10/2018)

  • Murcia now demands that the municipality carry out the necessary study to access European and state funding for housing (19/10/2018)
    "The absence in the municipality of a comprehensive diagnosis of housing and land leads to the Consistory can not access the aid that are being granted "
  • The SISMIMUR Plan guarantees the effective response of the Firefighting and Civil Protection Service (19/10/2018)
    The Governing Board approves the collaboration agreement with the General Directorate for Citizen Security and Emergencies for the 'Implementation and maintenance of the Damage Assessment Group and SISMIMUR 'plan
  • The City of Murcia allocates almost 170,000 euros to boost small business (19/10/2018)

  • Approved the bidding of'CEUS' that will be located in the municipal building of Abenarabi (19/10/2018)
    The Governing Board has given its approval to the adaptation project of this Smart City MiMurcia action, with a budget of 349,000 euros and a term of execution of four months
  • Laura Uve winner of CreaMurcia in the modality of Author Song (19/10/2018)
    Second place was for Carmesí and the third one for Carmen la Canija
  • The Community continues to improve the air conditioning of educational centers (19/10/2018)

  • Guided tours return to learn about the history of the city through the cemetery of Nuestro Padre Jesús (19/10/2018)
    They begin next Sunday at 10.30 am and registration can be made at visitacementerio@ayto-murcia.es
  • Redes takes a guided tour tomorrow to know the archeology of Murcia (19/10/2018)
    The young people of the municipality can participate in the route 'A walk through the archeology of Murcia'.
  • Miguel Sebastián explains in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Murcia the lessons learned from the crisis (18/10/2018)

  • The Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Murcia pays tribute to Bernardo Cascales in an emotional act (18/10/2018)

  • Cristóbal Gabarrón brings awareness to Murcia's children about Human Rights through art (18/10/2018)
    The muleño artist inaugurates his "Universe of light" in Brussels next week, commemorating the Day of the United Nations and the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration Universal of Human Rights.
  • Barcelona Industry Week (18/10/2018)
    The High Technology Incubator of the UCAM will develop therapies, drugs and water purification in collaboration with companies
  • Huerta Viva denounces that the General Urban Plan of Murcia does not take into account flood zones (18/10/2018)

  • Cs will demand in the Plenary the implementation of a Municipal Plan against the loneliness of the elderly (18/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia supports the concentration today against the II International Congress of Bullfighting (18/10/2018)
    The formation says that it will not give its support to the celebration of an event "disguised as culture" in which, in fact, the torture of animals is celebrated
  • Culture requires the State to urgently carry out works to guarantee the structural stability of Monteagudo Castle (18/10/2018)
    Councilor Miriam Guardiola holds a working meeting with the Minister of Culture and Sports and also requests measures and actions to improve the ownership of museums state of the Region
  • The acquisition of the hillside will allow the rehabilitation of the Castle of Monteagudo, germ of the'La fortaleza del Rey Lobo' (18/10/2018)

  • The City of Murcia establishes a special device before the heavy rains scheduled for this weekend (18/10/2018)

  • Juan Carlos Monedero gives a lecture at the University of Murcia (18/10/2018)

  • The UCAM and Desserts Reina create the Research Chair of Innovation in Dairy Products (18/10/2018)

  • Infrastructure launches a campaign to end the abandonment of furniture and equipment on public roads (18/10/2018)

  • Marcos Delía and Alex Urtasun join the fight of Afadeca (18/10/2018)
    The players of the UCAM Murcia CB presented the solidarity initiative in Knee
  • The PSOE is committed to implement a common design for the new bike lanes of the municipality and adapt the current ones to it (18/10/2018)

  • The municipal auditoriums start the course with a new and varied program for Murcians (18/10/2018)

  • The Wildlife Recovery Center serves 68 royal owls (18/10/2018)

  • Past and present merge in the collective exhibition that the Academy of Fine Arts inaugurates today in La Glorieta (18/10/2018)

  • The facade of the Moneo building will be illuminated in pink tomorrow for the Day of Breast Cancer (18/10/2018)

  • Sangonera la Verde unites against breast cancer in a video clip (18/10/2018)
    Students at a school will collaborate painting a mural
  • Ruiz: "The fight against poverty is a priority for the PP government" For the Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation "you can not ask for more resources and not support the budget of the City Council, it is somewhat in (17/10/2018)

  • Rafael Gómez: "If it's for Now Murcia, the city's heritage would not have been recovered" (17/10/2018)

  • Infrastructure carries out works in San Antolín at the request of neighbors and neighborhood associations (17/10/2018)

  • Citizens will demand in the Plenary an immediate adaptation of the Barqueros road for its reopening to traffic (17/10/2018)
    Five months ago, traffic had to be closed between kilometer points 3.8 and 5.6 due to its unfortunate state
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'The' all free 'of Murcia Now we pay the Murcia from our pockets' The holder of Mobility warns that' they ask for changes in a bus line without waiting for its commissioning to indicate if its operation is correct (17/10/2018)

  • The call for oppositions to the Local Police Corps in Murcia opens its registration period tomorrow (17/10/2018)

  • Sports and gastronomy close the University Welcome of the UCAM (17/10/2018)
    Hundreds of students have participated in the activities planned for today, such as the First University Mileage UCAM and the UCAMPaella, in addition to knowing the services offered by the University
  • The mini prices arrive at La Noria (17/10/2018)
    For the first time in Murcia the Taras de Charanga market
  • Change Murcia calls for the convening of the working table to agree on the Special Plan for the Protection of the Malecon (17/10/2018)

  • Former Minister Miguel Sebastián gives a lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia (17/10/2018)
    The talk will be this Thursday at 12:00.
  • The Museum of the University of Murcia hosts the show `Ode to the (r) existence' (17/10/2018)

  • The City of Murcia presents the new musical cycle of 'Young Soloists' with 11 concerts until November (17/10/2018)

  • The PSOE warns the PP that the eradication of poverty requires having human and economic resources and stop looking the other way (17/10/2018)
    The spokeswoman considers it "alarming" that more than a third of the population is in a situation of poverty and social exclusion and encourages the government team to recognize the situation as a first step to resolve it
  • Seven out of ten graduates of the University of Murcia get a job after finishing their studies (17/10/2018)

  • The UMU welcomes the inauguration of the IX meeting of the Support Network for People with Disabilities in the University (17/10/2018)

  • Murcia now demands Ballesta to immediately apply the modification of the regional law that requires free entry to the Casino and other BIC buildings (17/10/2018)

  • 'The Climate: air, water, earth and fire', in an international congress (17/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a day `in memoriam' of Professor Bernardo Cascales (17/10/2018)

  • Mercamurcia, distinguished with a special mention by the Union of Sports Federations (17/10/2018)
    In recognition of their contribution, work and commitment to federated sport
  • Murcia participates in a new leadership program for young women (17/10/2018)

  • Navarro: "Citizens know that it is uncertain that the closure of the crossing of the Four Stones will be considered after the approval of the special plan" (16/10/2018)
    "Citizens should be coherent and decide if they are in favor of the protection of Paseo del Malecón or not" , explains the Popular Councilor
  • Martínez-Oliva: The PSOE is late and wants to sign up so many that it does not belong to him (16/10/2018)

  • Dance, e-Sports and sports, protagonists in the first day of the University Welcome of the UCAM (16/10/2018)
    The days of Tuesday and Wednesday allow both to know the services offered by the University, as well as to participate in the activities prepared for the students
  • The University of Murcia is a committee of experts to study the new financing model for the period 2021-2025 (16/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia denounces that the lack of planning in the matter of housing endangers the aid of the state plan in the municipality (16/10/2018)

  • More than 15,000 students of the municipality will participate in the talks'Murcia sustainable city' this course (16/10/2018)
    Today they have been taught at the Severo Ochoa School of Los Garres.
  • Centenary with home help (16/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation visits a user of this service who turned 100 in April and has been discharged from this service for 16 years
  • The PSOE accuses the PP of "losing the opportunity" to book contracts for groups of insertion as established by the Law since 2015 (16/10/2018)
    The spokesperson recalls that the City has the obligation to reserve a percentage of public contracts, such as maintenance of gardens, to special centers of employment, although "it jumps to the bullfighter"
  • The number of students enrolled in language courses at the University of Murcia grew by 45% in the first four months (16/10/2018)

  • Azul en Acción will operate on cataracts and glaucoma at 400 people and will deliver 800 glasses to the people of Senegal on their next healthcare project (16/10/2018)

  • Five own visions about the Murcia of 2030 (16/10/2018)

  • More than 1,000 schoolchildren will attend the Clarinetarium family show (16/10/2018)
    The La Alberca Auditorium in Murcia hosts a cycle of 4 performances, today and tomorrow, with two daily performances at 10:00 and 12:00 hours
  • Cooperation subsidizes three projects to guarantee access to drinking water for those affected by the eruption of the Fuego volcano (16/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation, Conchita Ruiz, has signed three agreements this morning with Covide, UNICEF and the Red Cross to bring humanitarian aid to those affected
  • The UMU professor Antonio Guirao Piñera, from the University of Murcia, receives a first prize in the final of the international competition "Science in Action 2018" (16/10/2018)

  • The Teatro Circo hosts the final of Author's Song of CreaMurcia on Thursday (16/10/2018)
    Crimson, Carmen la Canija and Laura Uve will star in the final at 8:00 pm, in which Marwan will be in charge of closing the event
  • Coello: "The balls are played in the municipal facilities, with the neighbors and with technique, not like the PSOE" (15/10/2018)
    Felipe Coello has explained that "he is eager to hear a solution from Larrosa, who is always with the same story It's time for me to stop reproaching and inventing information "
  • The UMU starts the activities of the University Welcome (15/10/2018)
    The program includes more than 50 activities until next November 9
  • More than 39,000 schoolchildren approach the Mediterranean diet and healthy life with the healthy life workshops of the City Council (15/10/2018)

  • The PSOE criticizes the Department of Sports that "throw balls out" and do not invest in the adaptation of municipal facilities (15/10/2018)

  • Logically, the scientific escape room of the UMU joins the BUM (15/10/2018)

  • The City of Murcia opens the deadline to apply for the Culture and Creativity Grant to support cultural entrepreneurship (15/10/2018)

  • The X Manga Fair and Japanese Culture returns to Murcia on November 23, 24 and 25 (15/10/2018)

  • The group 'Lady Ma Belle' composes a new single in favor of people with Alzheimer's (15/10/2018)
    Next Wednesday, October 17, there will be a charity concert, which will also play 'The basement of the doctor', whose funds will go intended for the association AFAMUR
  • A UMU professor gathers in a book a hundred old drawings with which he taught Medicine and Biology to his students (15/10/2018)
    "Science and Art on the blackboard", by José Meseguer, is presented on the 16th in the room Hermenegildo Lumeras of the University of Murcia
  • Popular TV launches a program on health disclosure presented by Dr. Juan Madrid, promoted by the UCAM (14/10/2018)

  • Students of'Murcia Emplea' will elaborate healthy pastries and birthday cakes for minors of Nuevo Futuro homes (13/10/2018)
    Along with this agreement, the extension to the agreement with the Group 2000 Training Center has also received the green light necessary for the City Council to be able to to provide Professional Certificates in the Online mode in the future
  • Milla, e-Sports with 'Falco', gastronomy, culture and university services at the Welcome Week of the UCAM (13/10/2018)

  • The PSOE will take a motion to the Plenary to protect the Palmerales Chico and Grande of Santiago and Zaraiche and recover the Casa del Palmeral (13/10/2018)

  • 'European Athletics' awards UCAM for its dual career model for athletes (12/10/2018)

  • Canoeing in the Segura, a new proposal for young people that tomorrow starts the Networks program (12/10/2018)
    Councilor Rebeca Pérez will come at 10 am to attend the start of this activity from the Manterola Pasarela
  • 'Dimensión paralela', by Jorge Serrano, and Incorpóreo', by Joaquín Martínez, winners of CreaMurcia in visual arts and photography (12/10/2018)

  • Martínez-Oliva: 'The PSOE has believed that the burial works are their farmhouse where they can do what they want' (11/10/2018)
    A video broadcast on social networks places its head of Social Movements at the head of the ' private visit ', showing that' the PSOE confuses institution with party, all for electoral revenues'
  • The University of Murcia opens an extraordinary period of inscriptions in the degrees with vacancies (11/10/2018)
    Applications may be submitted until October 19
  • Conciliation and co-responsibility the central themes of the IV Conference on Women in the Rural Environment (11/10/2018)
    It will be held on October 27 in Los Martínez del Puerto with the objective of promoting equality and the promotion of women on the occasion of International Day of Rural Women
  • The PSOE advocates to recover and strengthen the Pact for Employment to respond to the unemployment rate, especially female (11/10/2018)
    Councilman Peñaranda announces that the Socialist Group "will propose a battery of measures that serve to strengthen policies that promote work in the municipality
  • The first piglets and calves are born in the UMU by means of a more natural method of in vitro fertilization (11/10/2018)

  • The installation of almost a hundred luminaires will improve the lighting in 8 streets and lanes of Casillas (11/10/2018)
    The lighting works of the Paseo de Cristo Resucitado de Sucina, whose lighting was deficient due to the trees large bearing that prevents the passage of light
  • Modernization elaborates the plan of brain works'mart' of the city (11/10/2018)

  • The Ballroom of the Casino, the Palmeral or the Rue de la Ñora will host a novel cycle of concerts by Murcian groups (11/10/2018)

  • The Erasmus + Disabuse project team against bullying of people with disabilities meets at the UMU (11/10/2018)

  • The professor of the UMU F. Javier Díez de Revenga, publishes a book on four important historical figures of Murcia (11/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia opens the seventh conference to welcome the debate (11/10/2018)

  • Murcia City Council will reinforce the fencing and perimeter security of the Antonio Delgado Dorrego school in Sangonera la Verde (10/10/2018)

  • Navarro: 'All the alternatives that are proposed in La Paz should always take into account the neighbors' (10/10/2018)
    The councilor for Urbanism, Environment, Water and Garden advances that will convene the work table as soon as the results of the work carried out by professional associations
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'All the works that we are committed to carry out are under way' (10/10/2018)
    'Not a single performance has the support of the PSOE, which refused to support the budgets that allow them to be executed'
  • The University of Murcia, in a new chapter of the scientific space'Universe sustainable ' (10/10/2018)

  • Murcia looks at Shanghai at the summit on global connectivity that brings together more than 20,000 ICT experts worldwide (10/10/2018)
    José Ballesta: "We are in full development of our Smart City project, the most ambitious in all of Spain, and we are looking for excellence and the best initiatives for the digital transformation of Murcia ".
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia develop a new technique for the treatment of breast fistulas (10/10/2018)

  • The UMU presents the study on the level of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Municipalities of the Region (10/10/2018)

  • Now Murcia urges Ballesta to call the table in the La Paz neighborhood to explain the supposed urban project of López Rejas (10/10/2018)

  • The PSOE demands that the works of districts and peripheral districts be prioritized in front of the "macro photo projects" (10/10/2018)

  • Takeover of four new members of the Social Council of the University of Murcia (10/10/2018)

  • The organs will sound in Murcia every month (10/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia requests the urgent convocation of the Commission of Vigilance of the arrival of the AVE to Murcia (10/10/2018)

  • More than 180 children of Monteagudo participate in a commemorative event for Hispanic Day (10/10/2018)
    The objective of this day is for children to know the work of the Civil Guard and to detect and prevent a situation of school harassment
  • Thinking Murcia of 2030 (10/10/2018)

  • Murcia City Council launches the new bike park with electronic access control system (10/10/2018)
    Each parking facility, out of the eight there are, allows you to park up to 20 bicycles and to access them, you must contact the Office of the Bicycle
  • Murcia City Council works on the Strategy for the Promotion of Health and Prevention in the National Health System (10/10/2018)
    Felipe Coello: "The objective of this meeting is to create a common framework of work whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of the people who live in our municipality "
  • Murcia joins for the third year the initiative "Walking for Freedom" that will travel the streets of the city on the 20th (10/10/2018)

  • Twelve teachers from the University of Murcia take possession of their professorships and teaching positions (10/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia dedicates a day to art as a means for the inclusion of people with mental health problems (09/10/2018)

  • Ruiz vindicates 'the social, health, physical and psychological attention so that victims of trafficking can resume their lives' (09/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Social Rights and Development Cooperation closes the III Conference on Trafficking for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation organized by Oblates Murcia
  • UCAM and INCYDE take to Cartagena an entrepreneurship program for cultural and creative companies (09/10/2018)

  • Statement from the University of Murcia on the processing of the file of previous proceedings (09/10/2018)

  • Reported the extraction of aggregates in Zeneta (09/10/2018)
    Ecologists in Action and the Association of Neighbors of Zeneta denounce very serious irregularities in the unlicensed clearings destined to the construction of the Reguerón highway
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'Transportation measures require money and the PSOE voted against a budget that included funds for the improvement of district lines' For the Councilor for Finance, Contracting and Urban Mobility' it is clear that they are (09/10/2018)

  • History of Art dedicates its opening day of the course to the restoration and artistic quality of cinema (09/10/2018)

  • Ana Carrasco: "Once I retire, I still have 35 years left to practice my profession" (09/10/2018)
    Supersport 300 World Champion
  • Murcia joins the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Parks and Gardens (09/10/2018)

  • Alzamora: "Murcia can not continue without social housing policy" (09/10/2018)

  • The entrepreneurs hosted at the CIM-M will offer their products and services to large companies in the municipality (09/10/2018)
    Councilman Jesús Pacheco has attended the premiere of the program 'CIM-M visit to companies' that has been developed in Estrella de Levante
  • Let's change Murcia accuses Cachá of not fulfilling his commitment regarding Spanish classes in El Palmar (09/10/2018)

  • City Council and Autonomous Community renew their commitment to strengthen assistance to victims of gender violence on weekends (09/10/2018)

  • Ciudadanos celebrates that its proposal is being executed to improve the facilities of the vocational training centers (09/10/2018)
    The orange training allocated one million euros in the budgets because the amount appropriated by the regional government "was totally insufficient"
  • The Vial Week allows 30 blind people to be driven in a closed circuit for the first time (09/10/2018)
    FICA has also been the scene of driving courses adapted to disability
  • "I really want to fight to get back" (09/10/2018)
    José Ángel Antelo has explained the Calvary after his two Achilles tendon tears
  • Infrastructure installs a 40-meter screen to prevent rockfall in Torreagüera (09/10/2018)
    This dynamic screen, measuring 4 meters high, protects the exterior fence of the IES Monte Miravete and its surroundings
  • The City of Murcia creates the Green Schools Network formed by more than 30 schools (09/10/2018)

  • Guillén: "At this time we began the replenishment of trees and bushes, which together with a high degree of vandalism, has affected the condition of some parterres of Juan de Borbón" (09/10/2018)
    The Councilor for the Modernization of Urban Administration and Development remember that in the municipality there are more than 3,000,000 square meters of green areas, where more than 200 professionals dedicated to caring and embellishing Murcia wo
  • The Community supports the celebration of the centenary of the Tennis Club of Murcia (08/10/2018)

  • The Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the UMU and Azul en Acción carry to Senegal mounted glasses at the University of Murcia (08/10/2018)
    Cataract operations and anthropometric reviews are some of the actions developed by students and professors
  • Open the deadline to apply for the Opportunity to Talent scholarships of the ONCE Foundation for students and graduates with disabilities (08/10/2018)

  • The Family Respite Service cares for about a hundred people with functional dependency (08/10/2018)
    The Department of Social Rights and Development Cooperation manages this service, which can be substituted in the care it provides so that the family or the main caregiver can be relieved
  • Murcia now denounces "the total lack of maintenance" of the sidewalks of Juan de Borbón (08/10/2018)
    - "These parterres have numerous breaks in the geotextile and in the protective mesh, which together with the enormous lack of land destined for the covering, causes that the aspect is of a total abandonment "
  • The 2nd cycle of 'Majal Blanco Sounds' bets on the woman of the Murcian music scene (08/10/2018)

  • The socialist candidate will probe parish to pedanía to collectives and neighbors "to take the pulse to the real needs of the street" (08/10/2018)

  • Fifty shops in El Carmen celebrate the autumn with invitations to the theater and delivery of gift vouchers (08/10/2018)
    The campaign, organized by the Merchants Association of Barrio del Carmen, with the collaboration of the City Council, will last two months
  • The UCAM strengthens its presence in eSports hand in hand with ESL (08/10/2018)
    The Catholic University signs an agreement with the largest company organizing events and tournaments of electronic sports
  • Peace opens the eyes (07/10/2018)

  • Murcia City Council is committed to convert parks and gardens in the central axis of the life of the municipality (07/10/2018)

  • ... (07/10/2018)

  • More than 11,000 Murcia enjoy the most emblematic buildings of Murcia thanks to'Pase Sin Llamar' (07/10/2018)

  • Hundreds of neighbors participate in the Collaborative Neighborhood Day that puts an end to ADN Conecta de Llano de Brujas (06/10/2018)

  • The UCAM expands its online training offer (06/10/2018)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has signed a collaboration agreement with IEBS Business School and EALDE Business School, through which they will provide training in business and communication
  • Begins the pruning of more than 20,000 mulberry trees in the municipality of Murcia (06/10/2018)

  • Coello: 'More than 400 children's soccer teams use the municipal fields for free' (05/10/2018)
    The Councilor for Sports and Health is worried because in the PSOE 'they do not yet know that all the base sports of soccer are 100% subsidized'
  • UMU students can check the effects of driving drunk or sleepy in a day to promote road safety (05/10/2018)
    The esplanade of the Faculty of Communication and Documentation will host activities of the Vial Week on Monday between 10.30 and 13.30 hours
  • The facade of the Cathedral of Murcia will be filled with light to end this edition of'Pase Sin Llamar' (05/10/2018)
    Murcia and visitors will be able to enjoy this audiovisual show that will start at 9:00 p.m. and that will explain the secrets of the imafronte of this iconic building
  • Finance gets financing for investments only one day after approving the budgets (05/10/2018)
    Six credit institutions have submitted bids to arrange a loan for an amount of 24 M, which will eventually be awarded to BBVA
  • The University of Murcia awards the prizes to the best business ideas of students based on their TFG and TFM (05/10/2018)

  • Murcia pays homage to the panochist José María Vela, author of the letter of the Huertana Mass (05/10/2018)
    Mayor José Ballesta discovers this afternoon in Vistabella the monolith that pays homage to the 91-year-old panochist, together with members of 'Los Espectadores' and representatives of the Federation of Peñas Huertanas
  • The professor of the UMU, Eva Santos, exhibits her works in the Regional Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena (05/10/2018)

  • Open the deadline to register for the San Eloy Goldsmith Course 2018 of the University of Murcia (05/10/2018)

  • The PSOE considers "a shame that the PP leaves students stranded in Baccalaureate and Vocational Training" (05/10/2018)
    The spokeswoman says that "this unfortunate situation is aggravated by the disastrous transportation management by Ballesta, first as a responsible counselor and now as the maximum representative in the City of Murcia "
  • The University of Murcia signs an agreement with the National Association against Bullying, School Harassment and Harassment in Fashion (05/10/2018)

  • Parks and Gardens gives green light to a new Murcia River project (05/10/2018)
    The project foresees the rehabilitation of the left bank of the Segura River as it passes through the city, from Los Molinos del Río to La Fica, with an approximate length of 1,550 meters
  • Urban Development modernizes the maintenance service of Parks and Gardens (05/10/2018)

  • The City Council grants 119 subsidies for the amount of 772,000 euros to promote base sports among Murcia (05/10/2018)
    Aid is aimed at sports clubs and associations, federations, sports associations and individual athletes
  • The renovation of the facade of the Palacio de los Deportes will begin in the coming days (05/10/2018)
    The works, which have a budget of 333,000 euros, will last for six months
  • Patrimony will recover a painting and ceramics from Párraga existing in a local market Saavedra Fajardo (05/10/2018)
    The Governing Board has authorized the refurbishment works of two low, owned by the City Council, which will become headquarters of the Central District Board This and dependencies of the social services area
  • CCOO Teaching demands a bus that transports to the students of Baccalaureate and FP of several districts murcianas until their respective institutes of the capital (05/10/2018)

  • A night of tributes (05/10/2018)
    Dejan Todorovic, Ana Carrasco and Alejandra Sánchez received the applause of the Palacio de los Deportes public
  • The PSOE denounces that six municipal schools will stop lending activity simply by having federated teams in soccer (05/10/2018)

  • The Network Program returns this weekend with more than 20 activities for young people (05/10/2018)
    The workshops are aimed at young people between 12 and 30 years old and registration can be done at www.redesmurcia.es
  • The façade of the Moneo building will be lit tomorrow in red on the occasion of 90k Camino de la Cruz (05/10/2018)

  • Two hundred students of the UMU come to donate their blood to contribute to the challenge of the Day of the Healthy Universities (04/10/2018)

  • 'Pase Sin Llamar' will culminate with a projection on the facade of the Cathedral of Murcia to explain its imafronte through a game of lights and music (04/10/2018)

  • Let's change Murcia criticizes that the PP increasingly invested in concert centers while leaving public school (04/10/2018)

  • The UMU awards the best projects for the creation of companies based on Final Degree Projects and Master's Thesis (04/10/2018)

  • The PSOE congratulates itself for approving in the Senate the reparation of La Contraparada to a socialist proposal (04/10/2018)

  • Healthy Universities Day (04/10/2018)
    Solidarity and health
  • Conference of Dulcesol CEO, Rafael Juan, on capacity and talent management (04/10/2018)
    The event, organized by HIDROGEA and the International Chair of CSR of the UCAM, will take place tomorrow Friday at 11am, at the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia
  • CCOO Teaching denounces the continuous vandalism attacks against the CEIP "Antonio Delgado Dorrego" (04/10/2018)

  • Social Rights processes aid for those affected by the closure of iDental (04/10/2018)
    Must comply with the requirements established in the municipal regulations for the granting of financial aid for the care of social emergencies, in addition to proving their status as affected by this situation and the need for such intervention
  • Change Murcia reiterates its rejection of the budgets agreed by PP and Cs for "fictitious and unsupportive" (04/10/2018)

  • Susana Hernández, spokesperson for the PSOE: "The projects will not be executed and this is a deception to Murcia and Murcia" The Municipal Socialist Group maintains its rejection of the 2018 budget, although the Corporation, with the votes (04/10/2018)

  • The investments of the municipal boards will be the first to be financed from the budgets approved today (04/10/2018)
    The Plenary has rejected the three allegations presented and has agreed to its final approval
  • The Chair of Water and Sustainability of the UMU organizes a day to address water management in cities (04/10/2018)

  • Study 'Water in the agricultural sector of the Region of Murcia' (04/10/2018)
    The structural water deficit of the Region endangers the agri-food sector
  • The UMU collaborates in the organization of the first Retina Congress in Murcia (04/10/2018)

  • Gómez: 'In three years we have built six libraries and study rooms in districts and three others are underway' (03/10/2018)

  • UCAM, Tranvía y Transportes de Murcia join to promote sustainable mobility (03/10/2018)
    The Chair `Mobility and Sustainable Transport' will be led by Dr. Roberto Liñán Ruiz, principal investigator of the Transport and Mobility Research Group (GTM) of the UCAM
  • An informative talk on the Leisure and Leisure Program of D'Genes will take place next 5 October in Murcia (03/10/2018)

  • The UCAM promotes a weekly health program on Popular TV presented by Dr. Juan Madrid (03/10/2018)
    Healthy Universities Day
  • Approved Citizens initiative for the hermitage of the Steps of Santiago to be declared BIC, despite the vote against the PSOE (03/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia rewards the best business ideas (03/10/2018)

  • Now Murcia criticizes "the ineffectiveness of the Ballesta government, unable in 3 years to finish the study room in Ronda Sur" (03/10/2018)

  • The PSOE echoes the alarm of the parents of the CEIP Delgado Dorrego of Sangonera la Verde, where there have been 5 arson attacks (03/10/2018)
    The spokeswoman warns that this "is the straw that breaks the glass in a center where they have been announcing deficiencies and needs for 15 years and for which we have claimed works that have fallen on deaf ears "
  • The UCAM Murcia CB is played at home (03/10/2018)
    The university students call on the fans so that on Thursday at 8.30 pm they will take the team flying to Spirou Charleroi
  • Pedro Lozano, re-elected dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Murcia (03/10/2018)

  • Open the term for the merchants of the surroundings of the underground railway works to request a subsidy (03/10/2018)

  • The Museum of Science and Water hosts the celebration of World Space Week (03/10/2018)
    From October 4 to 7, conferences, special planetarium sessions and astronomical observation will be held
  • López Miras: "Alejandro Valverde has achieved that one and a half million Murcians feel proud of their region" (02/10/2018)
    The president of the Community receives the Murcian cyclist in the San Esteban Palace, after proclaiming himself world champion of road cycling
  • Martínez-Oliva: The number of contracts managed this year has increased by 30% compared to 2017' (02/10/2018)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The Ombudsman does not investigate, he has only requested information" (02/10/2018)
    "This topic was discussed at the last transport table we had, highlighting the different positions that existed on the new bus route Lightning 14 "
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the I International Congress of young researchers in nursing (02/10/2018)

  • The Legal Film Cycle of the University of Murcia begins with the screening of'En el nombre del padre' (02/10/2018)

  • Carmen María López winner of the CreaMurcia in the modality of Literature (02/10/2018)
    The finalists of the micro-story competition have also been chosen, which will take place on October 31
  • Marcos Salvador Romera will read next Thursday the proclamation of the Santa Maria de Gracia festivities (02/10/2018)
    The festivities, which will last until Sunday, will also distinguish as "Neighbor of the year" the health center of the neighborhood
  • The University of Murcia joins the great challenge of obtaining 5,000 blood donations in just one day throughout the country (02/10/2018)
    The events of the Day of Healthy Universities will include fruit distribution and contests on social networks on October 4
  • The PSOE denounces that "Ballesta will go down in history as the mayor who managed to block the City Council after its chaotic management" (02/10/2018)
    Sebastián Peñaranda warns that this situation is causing the activities of the cultural centers not yet contracted when at this time the participants should be signing up
  • The II meetings of Literature in Murcia summon numerous writers and readers (02/10/2018)

  • Now Murcia denounces that Lola Sánchez refuses to go to Aljucer to talk to neighbors about the problem of insecurity of the hamlet (02/10/2018)
    "This misunderstanding on the part of the mayor of Security and Citizen Protection takes place despite the motion approved by unanimously in January of this year in the Plenary of the municipal board of Aljucer counting even with the vote in fav
  • Six companies concur to take charge of the contract of the 'phase zero' of San Esteban (02/10/2018)

  • UCAM Murcia BSR organizes a charity dinner to raise funds (02/10/2018)
    The event will take place on October 5, starting at 9:00 pm, at the Terra Natura Murcia facilities
  • The best marksmen of the national panorama will attend the Master 100 of the Olympic Shooting Federation (02/10/2018)
    The competition will be held on the 6th and 7th of October
  • Nine green areas and 16 new playgrounds for El Palmar and La Alberca within the Montevida urbanization (02/10/2018)

  • They launch an advisory service to promote the equality of women in the automotive sector (02/10/2018)
    It is an initiative of the employer of the distribution of vehicles Ganvam together with the International Chair Women, Business and Sports of the UCAM
  • Ruiz: "More than 180 families at risk of social exclusion benefit from the socio-labor integration actions of the Department" (01/10/2018)

  • Cs manages to establish an equal system in the distribution of subsidies in all the elderly centers of the municipality (01/10/2018)
    Paqui Pérez: "After the agreement of the budgets we have achieved that the elderly receive the same treatment, wherever they live"
  • Citizen services and information services return to their normal schedule after the summer (01/10/2018)
    The modification affects the general registration of Plaza de Europa;
  • The Universal Accessibility Plan will be approved by the Governing Board in the coming weeks (01/10/2018)

  • The University of Murcia renews its commitment to research and promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (01/10/2018)
    Nine companies join the agreement with the Autonomous Community
  • Researchers from UMU patent a telematic system to improve the road safety of two-wheeled vehicles (01/10/2018)
    The system is based on the use of wireless communication technologies and Internet communication protocols
  • The Mayor's Committee is studying how to improve the system of distribution of subsidies to the Centers for the Elderly of the municipality This aid will allow the centers to develop their annual programming (01/10/2018)

  • Change Murcia calls for the restitution of the support program for the training of people with social difficulties (01/10/2018)

  • The PSOE criticizes that the PP is "unable" to draw up and approve an Accessibility Plan and an Ordinance after almost three years of promises (01/10/2018)
    Councilor Begoña García Retegui denounces that "the current legality that forced the approval and implementation is violated in March of a Plan in December of 2017, which leaves the councilor responsible "very badly"
  • The Finance Committee rejects the allegations presented against the approval of the budgets (01/10/2018)
    Summoned an extraordinary plenary session next Thursday for the resolution of the claims and final approval of the file
  • The works in pavilions 1 and 2 of the Artillery Barracks (01/10/2018)

  • Dozens of activities will return to Murcia as a reference in terms of road safety (01/10/2018)
    The third edition of the 'Vial week' will be held in different parts of the city from October 5 to 11

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