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Murcia News - November 2009

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  • Mercamurcia incorporates a new wholesaler of plants (30/11/2009)
    The Governing Body has this morning approved the purchase of four plants producing solar energy
  • "We provide comprehensive training that emphasizes skills on mere knowledge" (30/11/2009)
    The School of Communication recently held Open Day V to parents of students
  • A few days to join the Science Studies at the University of Murcia (30/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia calls a place for a project on a thematic network for research on aging (30/11/2009)

  • The Council organizes an extensive program of activities to commemorate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (30/11/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor for Social Welfare inaugurated the information booth located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo.
  • Learning to cycle safely (30/11/2009)
    The Department of Environment and celebrate today ALEM two courses taught by Londoners.
  • Youth discusses the use of social networks for young people (30/11/2009)
    Organize a series of free lectures with officials from Myspace, Fotolog, Second Life and XING.
  • The municipalities adhere to the Project Citizen to promote access to public employment for the disabled (30/11/2009)
    FMRM The President, Miguel Angel House, has joined the general protocol, which also has the backing of the regional government.
  • PSOE requested the holding of an extraordinary plenary session to establish a regional fund similar to Plan E (30/11/2009)

  • City Hall and Community agree to international experts to instruct the museum project of St. Stephen (30/11/2009)
    The councilors Nuria Fuentes and Fatima Barnuevo, accompanied by the Director General of Fine Arts, Enrique Ujaldón, this morning visited the site
  • The Brotherhood of Christ of Amparo and the Virgin of Sorrows is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary with a thirty acts (30/11/2009)
    Councilman Festivals and Popular Culture presented the program and congratulated the institution that each Good Friday takes to the streets in his footsteps
  • International experts drafted the proposed reservoir musealization St. Stephen (30/11/2009)
    Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Enrique Ujaldón, today visited the site, along with the councilors of the Municipality of Murcia, Nuria Fuentes and Fatima Barnuevo
  • Professor Matilde Campos published a book of poems to raise funds for the Third World (30/11/2009)

  • Opens the application deadline for the National Awards of Excellence (30/11/2009)

  • The training plan for 2010 will include the ongoing violence and aggression (29/11/2009)
    The goal is to understand the phenomenon of violence and demonstrations to develop skills, techniques and resources for prevention among young people
  • The new edition of National Design Award is dedicated to Bored no glasses (29/11/2009)
    Participation designers and design students
  • European and American mayors bet on new technologies to promote "green cities" (28/11/2009)
    Create the Digital Earth Charter to find new ways to increase energy efficiency through the use of ICT
  • Wilde, Cico and Vinicius Brazil invited to play several matches in the city of Natal (28/11/2009)

  • The City Council makes a renovation of three gardens of La Alberca and Algezares (28/11/2009)
    More vegetation and renovation of children's playground are some of the improvements made
  • They give prizes Bullfighting (28/11/2009)
    Tickets are on sale at the Club Taurino and Hotel Siete Coronas
  • The Socialist Party consistently criticizes everything that means progress for the municipality and improve the quality of life of citizens (28/11/2009)
    Fernando Berberena remember that the planned investment for 2010 to the headquarters of the new management is financed through the sale of the 450 seats parking for residents
  • PSOE: "Access inadequate and unfinished" (27/11/2009)
    The Socialist Party claims that Urban was unable to finish on time access to new commercial and Espinardo, once completed, will be a clearly limited
  • Camera highlights the importance of improving urban mobility in the fight against climate change (27/11/2009)
    House has offered a balance of managing the Mobility Forum in 2009, the first year under his chairmanship
  • The UCAM bet on Environmental Education (27/11/2009)
    The Vice President for University Extension organizes environmental education activities for the university community
  • Pilar Megía: "The problem of school violence should have the involvement of all social classes" (27/11/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education and crew for the opening of the Conference on Conflict Psychological Perspective of School
  • Planning will manage more than 54 million euros investment in 2010 (27/11/2009)
    The Board of the Town Planning Department today approved the budget for next year for a total of 69.8 million euros
  • PSOE: "Planning is not a project to Murcia" (27/11/2009)
    The Socialist Group calls the budgets of Management, presented this morning, continuous and devoid of any idea or new project to get the municipality of the profound crisis that is black
  • Morning end XIX National Band Contest Music 'Ciudad de Murcia' (27/11/2009)
    At 18 pm in the Auditorium Víctor Villegas
  • Saura Valcárcel asks "who is not complicit in the looting that can occur in San Esteban" (27/11/2009)
    PSRM general secretary upon the President asked the Assembly to give explanations and to lead the statement of findings as BIC
  • Culture denies that they are removing the remains of St. Stephen (27/11/2009)
    This work will only begin when submitting the relevant project and "confirming its relevance to the technical requirements that ensure optimal conservation of the remains," said Ujaldón
  • The University of Murcia save 265,000 euros in the purchase of furniture for electronic auction (27/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia is incorporated into the project 'Healthy College' (27/11/2009)

  • The Brotherhood of Amparo acts presented on Monday on his XXV Anniversary (27/11/2009)
    The Mayor will present the official program, which will last for a year
  • Miguel Sánchez Robles gets Dionisia García Poetry Prize from the University of Murcia (27/11/2009)

  • 15,000 euros to the University of Murcia for development projects in health economics (27/11/2009)

  • Students of Computer achieved second place in an international competition for programming (27/11/2009)

  • The City Council is committed to improving the situation of women and equal opportunities to be effective (27/11/2009)
    María Dolores Sánchez inaugurated this morning the Fourth Regional Conference on Gender and Corporate Social Responsibility organized by the Association Creates Future
  • Vujanic and Powell all the rage in the IES Francisco Giner de Lorca Ros (26/11/2009)
    CB Murcia players answered all the questions of students in English
  • Art History Students participated in the procession of San Eloy (26/11/2009)

  • The Poetry contest winner at the University of Murcia "Denise Smith" is made public tomorrow, Friday (26/11/2009)

  • The City Council will promote, together with the autonomous region, the conservation of the site of St. Stephen as a cultural tourist attraction in Murcia (26/11/2009)
    The Plenum of the Corporation has given the green light to the alternative motion filed by the PP
  • The House urges the Department to adapt the 2.0 to School Program students in the municipality of Murcia (26/11/2009)
    From Municipal People's Party claimed the Government's Office to fulfill its promise to fund the program at 50%
  • The UCAM gets on the 'Bus Volunteer' (26/11/2009)
    The students have been able to register as volunteers through the computers are there in the bus.
  • The "School of Life" for the intellectually disabled Cabezo de Torres "may be finished next spring" (26/11/2009)
    The Minister for Social Policy and director of the Royal Board on Disability have visited the site.
  • Murcia adheres to the call by European and American mayors on climate change (26/11/2009)

  • The director general of Vocational and Adult Education has opened facilities Beniaján IES (26/11/2009)

  • Police operation against the distribution of cocaine in Murcia. (26/11/2009)

  • The university information services address the changes in Spanish universities (26/11/2009)

  • The key is the future (26/11/2009)
    The PP rejects the socialist proposal of progress that focuses on defense at all costs to the archaeological area of San Esteban and its value in the best conditions
  • The University of Murcia has your media on the Internet (26/11/2009)

  • Tourism route shown in the traditions and folklore Murcia (26/11/2009)
    The City proposes the weekend activity initiation to escalation and a Nordic Walking
  • The House will work together to get the floor and make new shortcuts for Llano de Brujas IES (26/11/2009)
    The Government Team has already begun with landowners procedures for early transfer of land
  • London Instructors teach a course in Murcia for cycling safely (26/11/2009)
    The workshop will be held on Monday and participate Councilwoman Adela Martinez-Cache will show an innovative technical training program that teaches young people from Holland, Denmark, Belgium and United Kingdom
  • Open to traffic Sangonera new road linking the Green with the Seca Sangonera (26/11/2009)
    has 1.5 km long, two lanes in each direction and a modern bridge over the Reguerón
  • The Mayor acknowledged the work of the municipal women's centers in the prevention of gender violence (25/11/2009)
    It has been handed a diploma to the 74 partnerships
  • Two books celebrate the fourth centenary of Shakespeare's Sonnets (25/11/2009)

  • IU + LV calls for launching a discussion to decide on the retention of the remains of St. Stephen (25/11/2009)

  • A UCAM professor receives research award Rosa Maria Calaf (25/11/2009)
    Zango The Immaculate teacher received the award for his research "The daily life of women with HIV / AIDS in Burkina Faso '
  • Camera chairs a panel on urban poverty in the "Debate of Mayors Europeans (25/11/2009)
    The initiative is part of the work program of the general assembly of Eurocities that begins tomorrow in Stockholm.
  • The PSOE presented tomorrow a motion in support of conservation and enhancement of the findings of San Esteban (25/11/2009)

  • New access to the south of the Campus de Espinardo, principals and shot (25/11/2009)
    Tomorrow is opened to traffic the new road of 950 meters, with three lanes each way and cycle.
  • Tomorrow is opened to traffic the new road linking the Green with Sangonera Sangonera la Seca (25/11/2009)
    has 1.5 km long, two lanes in each direction and a modern bridge over the Reguerón.
  • Learn gardening and ornamental balconies contest for residents of the municipality (25/11/2009)
    Start a new edition of the 'Put in your life nature' of the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of the Municipality and the Department of Environment and Urban Quality
  • The Garden Pier will become an international benchmark in sustainability and eco-design (25/11/2009)
    Adela Martinez-Cache Rieradevall meets Joan, a top Spanish authorities in eco-design
  • Strengthen and promote the Law against Gender Violence affecting the education in values and equality (25/11/2009)

  • Alarcón y Peñaranda workers visit the Arrixaca after fifteen days of closure (25/11/2009)

  • Information services debate on the European Higher Education (25/11/2009)

  • The Mayor announced that in 2010 completed the first phase of the recovery of the environment of the Castle of Monteagudo (25/11/2009)
    Camera visit the works carried out by the Ermita de San Cayetano, where important archaeological remains are recovered
  • A study Conferences attention to children with developmental disorders (25/11/2009)

  • Art History Students participate tomorrow in the procession of the patron saint of goldsmiths (25/11/2009)

  • The open opera course offers a lecture on the song (25/11/2009)

  • TAFAD students of IES Juan Carlos I witness the training of CB Murcia (24/11/2009)

  • Moncho Fernandez is 'Tapas in Murcia' (24/11/2009)
    CB Murcia coach was accompanied by his counterpart of Real Murcia, José González
  • "The archaeological site of St. Stephen to be kept in its entirety" (24/11/2009)

  • Press conference in Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda', coach of El Pozo Murcia Turística (24/11/2009)
    dispute explained in detail the Elite Round of Murcia team in Italy, in particular, the last game against the Italian Luparense
  • UI calls for the flag solar Cagigal become a temporary parking (24/11/2009)

  • Chamber participates in the meeting of European mayors leading the fight against climate change (24/11/2009)
    The Mayor of Murcia, president of the Eurocities Mobility Forum, in Stockholm to attend the annual conference of the network of European cities from 25 to 28 November
  • Rill Professor Flores was honored for his retirement (24/11/2009)
    Professor Emeritus at the University of Murcia, Francisco Flores Arroyuelo received the homage of his colleagues in the Faculty of Arts for his retirement, tribute act that included the presentation of two books on his work.
  • Moya-Angeles: "The autonomous self who cares about the real needs of Murcia and Murcia" (24/11/2009)
    The head of the Treasury notes that "makes no sense to say that the City will receive more than half the budget the hall "
  • The reversal of the CARM to Murcia town situated at the tail of the region, ranking 41 (24/11/2009)
    The PSOE deputy particular complaint Francisco Oñate cut the budget for the districts of the municipality which has fallen right in the middle, 6 million euros to 3
  • Paulão Prestes: "We are in the right direction" (24/11/2009)
    The Brazilian pivot CB Murcia expected to win in these "two very important games, which are also at home
  • The Almudí shows the revival of painting since the 80's through a selection of international and Spanish artists (24/11/2009)
    "Optics painting.
  • Study hours in exchange for funding for development aid projects in poor countries (24/11/2009)
    Cooperation Council member has participated this morning in the Olympic Solidarity to be held until 5 December
  • The City provides humanitarian aid to the municipalities of El Salvador, affected by Hurricane IDA (24/11/2009)
    The council supports development cooperation with Caritas and the Red Cross two agreements to support more than one thousand families
  • Failed prizes interaction Captured City (24/11/2009)
    Juan Carlos Caval won first prize for his work 'San Anton'
  • Women's Centres in the municipality participate in the information booth that the City has installed in Santo Domingo (24/11/2009)
    Pelegrín has opened this information today to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women
  • Social Outreach Service and Volunteerism organizes a seminar on disability and media (24/11/2009)

  • Ends blood donation campaign (24/11/2009)

  • Culture presents the music series Old San Juan de Dios with a program devoted to Merula and seventeenth century Italian music (24/11/2009)
    The concerts are beginning November 27 and end May 21
  • The PSOE de Murcia calls on House to "take off the mask" with the archaeological remains of St. Stephen (24/11/2009)
    Pedro Lopez claims the mayor of Murcia that says if you bet on a parking lot in front of an archaeological site is part of the history of past and future of the city
  • Bolivian Tarija University learning the progress of the pig and goat in the Region (24/11/2009)

  • Rafael Gomez welcomes aspiring Miss Murcia (24/11/2009)
    The girls have known Almudí Palace.
  • "No date for reopening the Romea because they have not begun on the inside", as the PSOE (23/11/2009)

  • José Arce: "The students of IES Sánchez Bautista Poeta can be accessed via two-step" (23/11/2009)
    Infrastructure Councillor denies the statement of the PSOE and the new access points will be taken regarding the land required
  • House disagrees with the rise of water from the Tagus approved by the Government of the Nation (23/11/2009)
    The 68% increase in the price of domestic water like a "symptom of the almost morbid fixation of the National Government with Region
  • CB Murcia held against Students 'Day of the subscriber' (23/11/2009)
    Every member may withdraw during the week an invitation to the 10 th Day
  • The Government of Spain conditions the Rambla del Pocito in Sangonera la Verde to prevent floods (23/11/2009)
    The president of the CHS visit the finished works, which investment amounted to 210,000 euros
  • Rafael Gomez wins the Breva Macocos L'Ajuntaera (23/11/2009)
    The event will be held tomorrow at 20 am in the Palais Almudí
  • The entrances to the mall from Juan de Borbon will be limited to one lane in each direction, Monday through Thursday (23/11/2009)
    The cut will take place tomorrow and runs until 17 December
  • Cajamurcia Foundation and the City Council in 2010 will commemorate the centenary of the birth of Gaya (23/11/2009)
    With exhibitions in Rome, Madrid, Valencia, Burgos, Murcia and Caravaca
  • The Cooperation Council approves 26 projects of the call for this year (23/11/2009)
    The project of young aid workers and humanitarian aid have also borrowed themes of the session
  • New equipment and gardens to Los Martínez del Puerto (23/11/2009)
    Urban Development approved a partial plan for the construction of 158 houses and VPO
  • A step towards the construction of a Convention Centre Juan Carlos I (23/11/2009)
    Occupying a plot of 40,000 square meters and will strengthen as a congress city Murcia
  • The PSOE fully require urgent improvement of access to IES Poeta Sánchez Bautista de Llano de Brujas (23/11/2009)

  • The College of Our Lady of Fuensanta is done with the CONFER II Indoor Soccer Tournament Course 2009/2010 (23/11/2009)

  • Brooch of gold for the end of tour "With the sharp tongue" of Discord (23/11/2009)

  • Murcia will host the first national competition of bagpipes (22/11/2009)
    The head of Festivals and Popular Culture has met this week with the Association of Friends of the Bagpipe and Percussion
  • Education allocated 30,000 euros to develop activities that encourage participation and the formation of the municipality AMPAS (22/11/2009)
    • The subsidy for 2010 amounts to 30,000 euros and is aimed at nursery and primary partnerships
  • Industry shows the potential of telework as a benefit to sustainable mobility (22/11/2009)
    Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines opens tomorrow the "Seminar on Sustainable Mobility and teleworking 'Plan in industrial
  • Students of the School of Arts and Design organized a photographic exhibition against gender violence (22/11/2009)
    The Institute for Women in the region working in the sample, on the occasion of 'International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women '
  • The special device removes the weekly markets nine posts for violating the city ordinance (22/11/2009)
    The police group, consisting of 18 soldiers, conducted 12 inspections last week at which spent 75 hours
  • Spectacular first derby (21/11/2009)
    UCAM Murcia 2 to 3 CV Caravaca Holy Year 2010
  • More than 1,150 people involved in tourism activities in nature (21/11/2009)
    Nordic Walking, hiking and climbing are some of the proposals
  • Awarded works in the municipality by an amount exceeding € 670,000 (21/11/2009)
    Work paving, asphalt, piping and lighting will be held in 11 districts and a district
  • The new multipurpose center will host Alquerías police agencies, youth room, library and computer room (21/11/2009)
    The building will have a floor and basement and is built on a plot of 1,338 square meters
  • The UCAM pioneer in quality management (20/11/2009)
    The University Ombudsman Office of the UCAM has been a pioneer in Spain, in obtaining the Certificate Management System Quality.
  • On Saturday, he will live derby between UCAM Murcia and Caravaca CV Holy Year 2010 (20/11/2009)

  • The UCAM inaugurates National Conference on Nutrition and Physical Activity Therapeutic (20/11/2009)

  • Drawings to combat climate change (20/11/2009)
    More than 600 students presented their work at La Glorieta
  • CB Murcia visit the Salesian College 'Don Bosco' (20/11/2009)
    Moncasi Moss and exposed to the questions of primary students of this center
  • The University of Murcia is working on a project to collect clothing for the needy (20/11/2009)

  • 24 hours CONFER Tournament Ciudad de Murcia, Indoor Soccer, academic year 2009/2010 (20/11/2009)

  • Are asked to keep the remains of San Esteban, and discarded the parking lot (20/11/2009)

  • Scientists in Canada achieved an ophthalmoscope prototype following an investigation by the University of Murcia (20/11/2009)

  • The PP government team applauds the decision to preserve the site of St. Stephen (20/11/2009)
    Murcia City Council is pleased that a municipal initiative to regain an important part of our past and reconciles with the actual needs
  • The exhibition "Spain, festivals and rituals" of space Molinos del Rio Stables beat record of visits (20/11/2009)
    More than 6,000 people have passed through the halls in two months
  • The University of Murcia participate in a forum for the creation of a Mediterranean network of universities (20/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia open the Technology Transfer Centre in the presence of the Minister of Science (20/11/2009)

  • Cuadernos de Turismo celebrates its anniversary with a desire to help the sector (20/11/2009)

  • PSOE: "We welcome the confirmation of the archaeological significance of the findings of St. Stephen and its value" (20/11/2009)

  • IU believes the transfer of the remains of St. Stephen is "a real recklessness" (20/11/2009)

  • Technicians Heritage archaeologists will conclude that they retain some of the remains of St Stephen 'in situ' and size (20/11/2009)
    The report written by experts studying all possibilities and believes that raising the height conservation is "the most appropriate "as well as" perfectly feasible technically "
  • The School of Computer selects winners of the challenge on-line (20/11/2009)

  • Start the San Eloy gold during 2009 (20/11/2009)
    The gold course at the University of Murcia, is made to coincide with the feast of Saint Eligius, patron saint of goldsmiths
  • Murcia High Speed tender the drafting of the Special Plan Private Station Carmen (20/11/2009)
    involves the urban redevelopment of the railway and adjacent areas in an area exceeding 207 square meters
  • The quality of life, education and play, seen at a sitting for primary school children (20/11/2009)
    Mayor, Miguel Angel House, has received the 180 students from four schools that have staged a plenary session to mark Children's Day Rights of the Child
  • Work begins on the last blocks remaining to be rehabilitated in Vistabella (20/11/2009)
    Urbamusa restore the roofs and facades of 101 housing
  • School Program 2.0 in Murcia (20/11/2009)
    ask the PP PSOE requiring the regional government to sign the agreement with the Ministry of Education for implementation of the School Program 2.0
  • Fernando Sanchez of Murcia City Judo Club achieved the silver medal at the European Masters Championships held in Lignano (Italy) (20/11/2009)

  • El Pozo Murcia there is a 'feast' at the Iberia 2003 (12-0) in his debut in the Elite Round (20/11/2009)

  • "We promote classroom debate and creating learning elements" (19/11/2009)
    Canadian Psychologist spoke in the UCAM on improving university teaching practices from the viewpoint of the University of Cambria
  • The Mayor claims the participation of associations of disability for open and inclusive cities (19/11/2009)
    At the close of the V Congress of Cermis Autonomous
  • Eric Van Hout presented his candidacy "because no letters, no paradise" (19/11/2009)
    Eric encourages all students of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Murcia to the December 3 vote
  • UCAM students may do internships in the College of Architects of Murcia (19/11/2009)
    The Catholic University has signed a collaboration agreement with the Official College of Architects of Murcia
  • The new road the town reduce the amount of traffic in the town (19/11/2009)
    Miguel Indurain, Avenida Aranjuez and the Kingdom of Murcia are the daily influx of about 30,000 vehicles
  • The Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia, Spain voted the fourth most important (19/11/2009)

  • The "disastrous" management of PP "freezes" the municipal aid to elderly and dependent, as the PSOE (19/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia Real Murcia firm with an agreement to improve the administrative (19/11/2009)

  • House contributes to the expansion of the library of Jesus leaves promoted by "Salzillo Tea and Coffee" (19/11/2009)
    This week has seen the opening of the Third Week of Coffee, dedicated this year to literature
  • A professor at the University of Murcia blames the bad bullfighters third beam (19/11/2009)

  • The Department of Education and the center Columbares Source for 2009/2010 presented new themes in its program of activities (19/11/2009)
    The City Council renewed, through the signing of an agreement, commitment to the Partnership
  • Alejandro Valverde with Real Murcia (19/11/2009)

  • The UCAM Murcia Caravaca receive the CV in the first derby (19/11/2009)

  • They take possession of 11 professors and senior lecturers of the University of Murcia (19/11/2009)

  • Valcárcel encouraged to "fully employed" to combat all forms of social exclusion of disabled persons (19/11/2009)
    In celebration of the V Congress of autonomic Cermi
  • More than 250 youth have participated in Murcia volunteer projects in Europe and Latin America (19/11/2009)

  • The director of the Carolina Foundation visited the University of Murcia (19/11/2009)

  • Alejandro Valverde will kick off next Saturday in New Condomina (19/11/2009)

  • Tourism intends to enjoy this weekend with two routes in nature (19/11/2009)
    CEMACAM will visit the Torre Guil and has planned a crossing of the watchmaker to the Cresta del Gallo
  • The Space Ship Young offers this weekend theater (19/11/2009)
    Representation will commence at 21.30 pm and admission is free
  • UPyD Murcia City Council proposes to include motorcycles in the traffic lanes (19/11/2009)

  • Carlos Martínez Hernández "Shrimp" campaign starts with the traditional putting up posters (19/11/2009)

  • "The students claim UCAM improvements in the service provided by Latbus" (18/11/2009)
    The University Ombudsman Office has received numerous complaints from students related to deficiencies in the service provided by the public transport company in Murcia
  • The exhibition "Light Colors" was opened at the Museum of the University of Murcia (18/11/2009)

  • The government delegate in Murcia visit the exhibitions of works by students and Fine Arts Institutes (18/11/2009)
    ... occasion of the II Conference Against Gender Violence
  • The Weather Center Guadalupe, current AEMET Territorial Delegation is celebrating 25 years (18/11/2009)

  • The Governing Board approved the draft of the State Employment Fund 2010 (18/11/2009)
    20% of the expenditure budget will be devoted to current social and educational programs
  • More than 6,700 books, movies and CD's to expand the municipal library collections (18/11/2009)
    The City invests 120,000 euros in these acquisitions
  • Sixty people benefit from service day stays and stays of Alzheimer and Torres Cabezo Beniaján (18/11/2009)
    The Governing Board approved a cooperation agreement with the Autonomous Region for the operation of schools and improving the assistance offered seniors
  • The City improved resources to support the immigrant population (18/11/2009)
    social service programs, education, shelter and social participation to 45,000 immigrants benefit
  • IU + LV requests information on the rehabilitation of the Romea Theatre (18/11/2009)

  • He defended the thesis of the late Professor Manuel Sánchez Cuenca (18/11/2009)

  • Moncho Fernandez: "We have a huge debt that we must immediately address" (18/11/2009)
    CB Murcia coach thinks of Xacobeo Blu: Sens "It's a very tough rival, which has shown that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts "
  • Child abuse is analyzed at the University of Murcia in a conference on children's rights (18/11/2009)

  • The PAC Murcia 2010 proposes a series of eight artists will be creating from the previous work (18/11/2009)
    Cross stresses the novelty of the exhibition format, to be held in the room with the artists Veronicas Jimmie Durham, Cristina Lucas, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Kendell Geers, Tania Bruguera, Rivane Neuenschwander and Francis Alÿs
  • The rock orchard Contraparada released new headquarters (18/11/2009)
    The City Council has given some land of more than 800 square meters
  • On-going expansion of the CEIP Arteaga (18/11/2009)
    The Board of Governors finally awarded the construction of new units
  • A new initiative to prevent truancy (18/11/2009)
    The City Council and the Autonomous Region signed a cooperation agreement to implement a classroom occupational
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Community for the development of the training offer for adults (18/11/2009)
    More than 3,900 people registered in the municipality of Murcia
  • Alarcón calls on President Valcárcel to be involved in the conservation of the findings of San Esteban (18/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia approved an emergency plan against influenza A (18/11/2009)

  • Marina Núñez presented tomorrow their parts in the video art room doors Castilla (18/11/2009)
    parts show the video artist Sunset, Vision (1) and Vision (2), an alienated representation of the human and relating to the myth of the cave
  • The University of Murcia hosts a seminar on patents in the food industry (18/11/2009)

  • Pedro Robles: "No choice but to win on Thursday" (17/11/2009)
    CB Murcia The escort warns of the next opponent, the Jacobean Blu: Sens, which "comes with three straight victories and are playing pretty well"
  • Manifest against gender violence (17/11/2009)
    Maria del Carmen Pelegrin participates in events organized this afternoon at the Center for Women's Vistabella
  • The University of Murcia is launching a course designed to promote healthy lifestyles (17/11/2009)

  • The Socialists warn of a new massive felling of trees in the school Antonio Delgado Dorrego (17/11/2009)
    In Sangonera La Verde
  • Murcia meets this weekend at enthusiasts of Japanese culture and manga (17/11/2009)
    Exhibitors, workshops, lectures, games, workshops and exhibitions focus on the Hall I 'Murcia roll up'
  • The City continues to support the work of the Conservatory of Music (17/11/2009)
    The head of Festivals and Popular Culture held a meeting with representatives of the institution
  • The Socialist Party calls on House to require Samper "that meets the sports side" of his project in New Condomina (17/11/2009)
    Pedro Lopez offers the support of the Socialists to resolve the situation that is Club Real Murcia
  • The fish are marked film closes the cycle of contemporary Brazilian cinema Puertas de Castilla (17/11/2009)

  • In a match between CB Murcia and Jacobean Blu: Sens will be held 'Basketball Day Murciano' (17/11/2009)

  • Youth, human potential gender violence (17/11/2009)
    The conferences will be held until next Friday at the City Hall annex building
  • Alarcón calls for an extraordinary meeting for information on the Teatro Romea (17/11/2009)

  • A new road connects with Highway Highway Mazarrón MU-30 without passing through Sangonera La Verde (17/11/2009)
    Starting today, about 20,000 vehicles will travel this route without causing inconvenience to the residents of the hamlet
  • The big bust in memory of poet Ruben Dario looks and rehabilitated by the Convalescence (17/11/2009)
    The book was withdrawn when work began to rehabilitate the Chinese Garden
  • Murcia presented a proposal to the Football Association to host the 2018 World Cup (17/11/2009)
    The city is committed to make necessary amendments to the Municipal Stadium in New Condomina
  • A professor of Murcia, elected to the European Council of Music Conservatories and Schools (17/11/2009)
    Antonio Narejos, deputy director of the Conservatory of Music, will represent Spain in this advisory body of the European Union
  • The Association for the Study of Toro Bravo organizes a conference on the diseases of cattle (17/11/2009)

  • ... (17/11/2009)

  • A "No to violence" through art (16/11/2009)
    El Centro Cultural de El Carmen hosts an exhibition of works by students of Fine Arts and several institutes of the city
  • The City Council is running a bus-mobile classroom to teach courses in various parts of the municipality (16/11/2009)
    As expected, participation will be more than 60 women a week
  • V edition of the International Exchange Program UCAM-Ibero America (16/11/2009)
    The deadline for applications is open until 15th of December
  • The University of Murcia offers contracts for the training of research (16/11/2009)

  • About ten thousand small part in the activities of the week on the Rights of the Child (16/11/2009)
    The goal is to educate adults and children values and highlight the importance of good care and childcare
  • "Everybody wins" (16/11/2009)
    The spokesperson and councilor of the PSOE, José María Alarcón, José Manuel Abellán, respectively, have defended today the need to bet on a winning bid over San Esteban
  • The residents of the City of Murcia carry out works of improvement and conservation of the SPA El Valle, and Escalona Altaona (16/11/2009)
    will form a permanent group of volunteers
  • Talks antigraffitis (16/11/2009)
    The panel begins in the IES Graduate Cascales prevention campaign in the municipality institutes
  • The University of Murcia has published a book about action on climate change (16/11/2009)

  • The City Council presented to the neighbors of the Holy Spirit in the neighborhood redevelopment under the Urban Plan (15/11/2009)
    The project includes the construction of a new sports hall, a center of artistic production and remodeling of the main public spaces in the city
  • Valcárcel visit the exhibition 'Space Incorporated' the painter Salvador Marcos Romero (15/11/2009)

  • Networks opts for an award of the Diputación de Barcelona (15/11/2009)
    Competition in the form of intervention program in the field of Community
  • The CHS is launching a pioneering project to ensure the withdrawal of reeds in the Reguerón (15/11/2009)
    Fuentes Zorita visit the work in the channel, which serve as a study to apply the results in the cleaning of gullies
  • About three thousand families will benefit from numerous discounts on water rates (15/11/2009)
    The Board of Governors approves the supply tariffs for the next year, which will allow more than 4,300 pensioners save 73 euros
  • Herguedas re-elected coordinator of IU in Murcia with 97% of the votes of the Assembly (14/11/2009)

  • About 3,300 visitors are immersed in the history of arms of the city (14/11/2009)
    Sample exaltata Novissima Prisca on the third anniversary of the shield, ending 30 October at the City Museum
  • 4,000 families benefit many of the reductions in municipal taxes (14/11/2009)
    City Council social policy also extends to 15,000 disabled people, who are exempt from stamp car
  • The first 'table Unique Partnerships and Public Transport Authorities' of the whole country is in Murcia (14/11/2009)
    The managing director of the EFA notes that "this body, which was created to improve and promote the use of public transport marks a turning point in terms of institutional collaboration and regional planning "
  • Press conference coach of El Pozo Murcia Turística, Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda' (13/11/2009)
    list of El Pozo Murcia Turística called: Juanjo, Chico, Álvaro, Saul, Jorge Barroso, Esquerdinha, Ciço, Vinicius (recovered from the hassles of back) Mauritius, Wilde and Kike Boned.
  • García de Cortázar: "In Spain what is unpredictable is not the future is the past" (13/11/2009)
    National History Prize has spoken this morning in the UCAM on `historical falsification and linguistic aberrations'
  • Start the National Band Contest Murcia City (13/11/2009)
    Eleven bands participate in this event
  • Sources: "Socialists should be the ones who are not aware that restricting traffic Liberty Avenue is a project with the participation of citizens" (13/11/2009)
    the mayor invites the PSOE to go to the Annex to City Hall to meet the two proposed projects and comment, as they have done many Murcia
  • The professor María Dolores Avia offers solutions in a conference to be happy (13/11/2009)

  • "The women, together we will be more protected from male violence enough!" (13/11/2009)
    This will be one of the slogans that hang from the women's centers of Murcia during the commemorative week
  • The City Council is launching an information campaign for the proper implementation of DTT in the municipality (13/11/2009)

  • Moncho Fernández: "El Meridiano Alicante seems like a good team" (13/11/2009)
    CB Murcia coach appreciates the support of the fans, so he hopes that Sunday will be able to "dedicate victory to finish the game, because he merit "
  • The UCAM Murcia, take the difficult field of Tarragona SPiSP (13/11/2009)

  • Return contemporary Brazilian cinema Puertas de Castilla (13/11/2009)

  • Seven out of ten students from the University of Murcia formalize their tuition without queues Internet (13/11/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a Commission report and the reports on the pedestrian to the Avenida de la Libertad (13/11/2009)
    Councilman José Manuel Abellán commitment to consult the residents and shopkeepers in the area to offer solutions, and criticizes the "improvisation" of the PP government in the City
  • Gender violence, star of a conference at the University of Murcia (13/11/2009)

  • More than 200 fans to cheer in Alicante Murcia CB (13/11/2009)
    Luis Carabante also support those of Moncho Fernández Modernization Center
  • The future of communications will be the Mobile Web (13/11/2009)
    The head of the International Consortium W3C in Spain takes part in the activities of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the School of Computing
  • CB Murcia sympathizes with the Cystic Fibrosis (12/11/2009)
    The ACB staff has posed with the bracelet that commemorates this initiative
  • The portrait of José María Egea joins the gallery of deans of the Faculty of Biology (12/11/2009)

  • The classic of the best league in the world (12/11/2009)
    El Pozo Murcia Turistica - Inter Movistar, Saturday November 14, 18:30 pm-Palacio de los Deportes
  • The area of Liberty Avenue parking open to pedestrians (12/11/2009)
    Over 300 meters of track were five pedestrian crossings for citizens to easily cross from one sidewalk to another
  • The Monitoring Committee on Gender Violence and the City Council congratulates the prevention program developed in schools (12/11/2009)
    The committee today held another meeting I have attended all the groups that compose
  • Molinos del Rio Stables hosting an exhibition of videos created by students of Fine Arts (12/11/2009)
    They combine several techniques to tell stories full of realism
  • Great day of sport activities in nature to celebrate World Town Planning Day (12/11/2009)
    had been organized a march on Saturday walker, sponsored by the matador Pepin Liria, and other bike, which will feature riders Alejandro Valverde, José Luis León David Gomez
  • The CHS invests € million to automate the taking of the two main canals of the Huerta de Murcia (12/11/2009)
    Sigifredo Hernández Fuentes Zorita and visit the works that will improve management of water resources available to huertanos
  • The district of San Basilio street dedicated to Jesus Esteban (12/11/2009)
    The Mayor has discovered this morning that gives the name plate
  • The Socialist Party calls on House to reconsider the construction of the parking lot of St. Stephen (12/11/2009)

  • The parties in the Fleet will take place on 13, 14 and 15 November (12/11/2009)

  • The Municipal School Board held its plenary session (12/11/2009)
    Green light to the calendar not the 2009-2010 school
  • Conference of the historian Fernando García de Cortázar (12/11/2009)
    will tomorrow, Friday November 13 at 11:30 pm in the Temple of Los Jeronimos
  • A doctoral thesis proposes improvements in the speed of the next generation of computers (12/11/2009)

  • More than 600 students from schools in the city planted 2,000 pine trees in the industrial West (12/11/2009)
    This initiative continues the campaign "Plant for the Planet, Plant for Murcia ', launched last year, which aims to plant 12,000 trees in the city
  • The Adventure Travel Celebrates Ten Years of fascinating experiences told by their protagonists (12/11/2009)
    Carmen Portilla, Miguel Blanco, Gerardo Olivares Claude Marthaler and talk about their fantastic voyages
  • The novel UMU professor Maria Duenas reached seven editions and translated into three languages (12/11/2009)

  • Three groups compete in the final X Onda Nave Rock (12/11/2009)
    Hans Mole, Head Rocket Yumalla and act tomorrow, starting at 21.30 hours
  • The university already has an outlet selling tickets for matches at El Pozo Murcia Turística (11/11/2009)
    point of sale has been released with great sorrow ElPozo-Inter
  • The City Council report a possible scam people who are visiting Torreagüera households reporting an alleged offer training (11/11/2009)
    ... Education
  • ALUM organizes a conference about gender violence (11/11/2009)

  • Pop songs have quality and serve as a teaching resource, according to a study (11/11/2009)

  • The City Council increased the number of places in El Palmar with children over six units with 150 new students (11/11/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the final award of the first phase of construction of the new center
  • The low-income families with their children in municipal schools may request a reduction in the fee (11/11/2009)
    The deadline for submission of the request will be open from 16 to 30 November
  • Green light for the procurement of the works of removal of architectural barriers in six schools in the municipality (11/11/2009)
    The actions will not disrupt the educational activity centers
  • On-going expansion and reform of the Senior Community Center Santiago and Zaraiche (11/11/2009)
    There will be two new rooms, a general store and lounge will be larger
  • The City Council signed an agreement with Caja Madrid to launch a vehicle socio-health (11/11/2009)
    It's a car adapted for the different services offered by the Social Welfare Department
  • Rasinet program support for the management of housing for immigrants (11/11/2009)
    A stock of accommodation and other resources support the integration of this group
  • End of work on the football field Patiño (11/11/2009)
    The City installed a new irrigation system
  • A Cuban resident in Sweden wins the Vargas Llosa's novel (11/11/2009)

  • General Air Academy visit the University of Murcia (11/11/2009)

  • Pedro Robles: "Now we have two parties that are two final" (11/11/2009)
    CB Murcia The escort claims that "we now have the opportunity to amend slightly the errors"
  • Mercamurcia morning VII welcomes Day Christmas Flowers & Plants (11/11/2009)
    The event will be held at 16:30 am in the market hall
  • More than 500 professionals analyze the situation of the passenger in Coach Week to be held in Murcia (11/11/2009)
    The president of the community highlights the economic importance of this sector, which employs over 80,000 people in Spain
  • The journal "Histology and Histopathology", edited by two professors at the University of Murcia, receives 150,000 visits per year (11/11/2009)

  • The Socialist Group calls for operating the Classroom Free Access Informajoven Murcia City Council (11/11/2009)
    José Manuel Abellán Councilman claims that the class of free Internet access to Murcia Informajoven not work for more than four months
  • Conference during Open Opera (11/11/2009)
    Professor of History at the Music Conservatory of Murcia Alvaro Zaldivar intervene tomorrow, 12 on the Opera Course VII Open
  • IU Cross asks the Assembly to report on the archaeological remains found in San Esteban (10/11/2009)

  • The Mayor welcomes the transfer of a sculpture made from recycled material (10/11/2009)
    In the newspaper presented the first prize APIA CESPA on recycling and waste management
  • Users eligible to Murcia bus station as the best of Spain (10/11/2009)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, has discovered that the accreditation board as such, as the award granted by the Association for Transport Development
  • Tourism offers this weekend a historical tour of the district of San Lorenzo (10/11/2009)
    aims to raise awareness festivals, folklore and traditions of the neighborhoods of Murcia
  • Darwin and Jimenez de la Espada approach schools (10/11/2009)
    The Department of Culture is organizing a traveling exhibition to mark the bicentenary of the birth of the British naturalist
  • A professor at the Complutense University gave a lecture on rhetoric in literature (10/11/2009)

  • The City of Madrid Murcia placed at the head of the capital with higher taxes in Spain, according to the PSOE (10/11/2009)

  • Press conclusive of the Student of the Faculty of Arts at the "controversial" open with "ALUM" (10/11/2009)

  • The Youth Hostel 'The Valley' comes into operation on 48 seats of accommodation (10/11/2009)
    The new facility, equipped with green infrastructure will host environmental activities and training
  • The Design Centre hosts a conference tomorrow on the generation of content on the Internet (10/11/2009)
    'Mad about hypertext.
  • The restriction of traffic on Avenida Libertad de Murcia will allow the recovery of more than 8,000 square feet of pedestrian (10/11/2009)
    public display of the projects will be until 10 December
  • Release from ALUM (10/11/2009)
    "This week has been a series of events that have damaged the image of our Faculty of Arts ..."
  • The School for Legal Practice Course opens UMU sustainable development (10/11/2009)

  • UPyD supports the City of Murcia in its fight against graffiti vandalism (10/11/2009)
    but claimed alternatives for graffiti
  • Aznar: "We must be alert to the bad policy that disregards the ethical limits" (09/11/2009)
    Today Monday in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia
  • Aznar defends freedom and the right to life in his appointment as Professor of the UCAM (09/11/2009)

  • José María Aznar opened in 2009-2010 in the UCAM (09/11/2009)
    The former prime minister and president of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES), received the appointment of Professor Special Political Ethics and Humanities
  • González Tovar visit the Fund's investments in Local Investment Javalí New and Old Javalí (09/11/2009)
    The State Fund invests in the municipality of Murcia EUR 74.8 million and generated 3,345 jobs
  • The City Council is to 152 young people to learn a trade (09/11/2009)
    The students are between 16 and 17 years and have left school
  • A delegation from the Chinese University of Xiantang visit the University of Murcia (09/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces two competitions to fill 37 places of teachers hired (09/11/2009)

  • Eleven bands compete in the XIX National Competition 'Ciudad de Murcia' (09/11/2009)
    The concerts will be held on 14, 15 and 28 November at 18 am in the Auditorio Victor Villegas
  • Murcia COLLEAGUE meets with the leaders of Youth UPyD University and the Region of Murcia (09/11/2009)

  • You are 800 matches! (09/11/2009)
    Xacobeo 2010 Lobelle de Santiago-El Pozo Murcia Turística
  • The Basketball Club Murcia reward the loyalty of their subscribers (09/11/2009)

  • Valcárcel appeals to the moral and ethical values to promote social change (09/11/2009)
    At the opening ceremony of the course at the Catholic University San Antonio
  • A professor at the University of Murcia in a book studying the development of DTT and its status (09/11/2009)

  • The Department of History of Art devoted a seminar UMU aesthetic ideas of the Baroque (09/11/2009)

  • Workshops to eradicate gender violence (09/11/2009)
    The talks take place throughout October and November in all women's centers in the municipality
  • A replay from the Liceo de Barcelona opens the new edition of 'open Opera' at the University of Murcia (09/11/2009)

  • The Federation of Peñas huerta recognizes the work of City Hall in the Spring Festival (08/11/2009)
    Councilwoman Adela Martinez-Cacho has received the award
  • UPyD Murcia Region placed four tables of petition signatures in the city of Murcia (08/11/2009)
    collecting signatures in support of ILP in defense of the Tajo-Segura in Murcia
  • Great reception and success of public attendance at the ninth week of Science and Technology Region (08/11/2009)
    More than 20,000 visitors a day, a large share of young people and was visited by 7,000 students from over 100 schools the region have enjoyed the Science in the Garden of El Malecon
  • More than two thousand people participate in the Youth Culture Festival Enter (08/11/2009)
    is the result of the 'Young, immigration and participation', which launched a year ago the City
  • Clara to victory UCAM Murcia Zaragoza (08/11/2009)
    UCAM Murcia 3-0 Multicaja Fábregas Sport Zaragoza
  • Statements of El Pozo Murcia Turística coach, Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda'. (07/11/2009)
    After the first defeat of El Pozo Murcia Turística to MRA Navarra
  • The Government delegate visit the fair in the Week of Science and Technology in the Region of Murcia (07/11/2009)
    The Government of Spain contributes 166,000 euros to popular science programs, of which 40,000 fund this exhibition in Murcia
  • Regional Library hosts a series on history and video games (07/11/2009)
    The center has set a record of more than 2,000 membership cards during the month of October
  • Enter operating more than 350 underground containers around the town (07/11/2009)
    In the coming weeks to install another twenty in the village
  • Fulgencio Cervantes opens Dental Hygienists Congress (07/11/2009)
    About 200 professionals will come together tomorrow in the Hotel Nelva
  • Popular TV Murcia issues the academic ceremony inaugurating the academic year 2009-2010 in the UCAM (06/11/2009)
    The event will feature the inaugural lecture delivered by José María Aznar
  • The Chamber Mayor attends the reopening of the factory López Marín (06/11/2009)
    The timber was destroyed by fire last July
  • Discordia ends the tour of his album "With the sharp tongue" with a concert in Murcia (06/11/2009)
    Totana.com gives 6 tickets
  • The collaboration allows the team citizen protection and care of the family arrest a suspected abuser (06/11/2009)
    The new team has made since its launch last October, a total of 28 actions
  • Urban takes art to the street (06/11/2009)
    José Fernando Mellado and Carlos Montero win first and second prizes respectively Painting Contest organized to celebrate World Town Planning Day
  • Door opens Castilla "Shadow" (06/11/2009)
    "The Shadow" fuses puppets, audiovisual and music
  • The Mayor invites social partners to "gamble with ambition and join forces" on climate change strategy (06/11/2009)
    Murcia should reduce 200,000 tonnes to meet its commitment to sustainability
  • Education opened a new line of grants to encourage the development of environmental activities in Murcia (06/11/2009)
    The deadline for submitting applications is November 20
  • Concerts, lectures and documentaries complement the exhibition of "Alfonso X El Sabio ' (06/11/2009)
    More than 6,000 people visited the exhibition since it opened on 27 October
  • José María Aznar opened in 2009-2010 in the UCAM (06/11/2009)
    On Monday, November 9
  • 395,000 euros to rehabilitate the center was high in Murcia and purchase 13 hybrids and electric vehicles (06/11/2009)

  • 19,000 euros for environmental education activities in the SPA mountain valley and mountains of Altaona and Escalona (06/11/2009)

  • The UCAM Murcia Zaragoza hosts looking for a new victory (06/11/2009)

  • UPyD of Murcia on Saturday will collect signatures in support of the People's Legislative Initiative in defense of the Tajo-Segura (06/11/2009)

  • Students of the Faculty of Education UMU start up a chorus (06/11/2009)

  • The aquarium at the University of Murcia launches website (06/11/2009)

  • Moncho Fernandez: "I just think you can beat Unicaja" (06/11/2009)
    CB Murcia coach said on the possible involvement of Faverani that "only you are and we can help, as quite"
  • The Government of Spain bids environmental recovery Contraparada (06/11/2009)
    BOE publishes the notice of this project, budgeted at more than 3.5 million euros
  • FAMDIF give their awards to the social commitment to persons with physical disabilities and organic in the Region (06/11/2009)
    be at a gala at the Auditorium and Congress Center "Victor Villegas" de Murcia, 27 November 2009 at 20.00h
  • Terra Natura performed a genetic study to giraffes to get their reproduction in captivity (06/11/2009)

  • Two hundred people will gather tomorrow at the IV Meeting of Volunteers organized by the City (06/11/2009)
    The volunteers receive training and share their experiences
  • The MADMAN join the circuit Murcia art cities of the world (05/11/2009)
    is called to become a hallmark for the city and a focal point for art and design based on the environment
  • Albert Moncasi "Unicaja is not where it deserves to be" (05/11/2009)
    CB Murcia pivot is convinced that his next opponent "might end up being on top"
  • Camera: "Murcia retrieve a jewel that once again shine in all its splendor" (05/11/2009)
    Murcia Mayor presides over the reopening of the Casino Real Murcia after completing the comprehensive rehabilitation of the building
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística embarks on a mini-tour of northern Spain (05/11/2009)
    MRA Navarra, El Pozo Murcia Turística, Saturday November 7, 16:00
  • The UCAM part in the IX edition of the Week of Science and Technology of Murcia (05/11/2009)

  • The Mayor will chair tomorrow the constitution of the Energy Committee of Murcia (05/11/2009)
    The meeting will begin at 10 am in the Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change
  • 180 students from four schools participating this year in plenary Child on the occasion of International Day for the Rights of the Child (05/11/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education met this morning with the heads of the four centers
  • Learn science through play and fun (05/11/2009)
    The Malecón housing until next Sunday, the ninth week of Science and Technology in the Region of Murcia
  • New website for the Aquarium of the University of Murcia (05/11/2009)
    is expected to allow a webcam to see live the life of the fish aquarium
  • Unidentified responsible for more than a thousand painted on the streets of Murcia (05/11/2009)

  • The North Superior Fund subscribers can follow the derby from Preferred (05/11/2009)

  • The PSOE defends the findings of San Esteban and requires their preservation (05/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia launching a competition to design the cover of the budget 2010 (05/11/2009)

  • Contests and outdoor activities to celebrate World Town Planning Day (05/11/2009)
    Tomorrow is held the second quickly painting competition on the street
  • The head of Murcia encourages young people to discover and develop "innovation and creativity" scientific (05/11/2009)
    Valcárcel stresses the importance of this event for the "internationalization" and "great job" being done from the Regional Government dissemination of R + D + i
  • The Great Enter Youth Culture Festival shows the initiatives taken for the integration of young immigrants (05/11/2009)
    is the result of the 'Young, immigration and participation', which launched a year ago the City
  • Professor Palazón Espinosa, the only candidate to advocate the University (05/11/2009)

  • A doctoral thesis develops a model for the characterization of membranes (05/11/2009)

  • Tomorrow we celebrate the last semifinal of the X Wave Ship Rock (05/11/2009)
    Four groups compete to move to the next phase
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística contest the Elite round of 19 to 22 November in Conegliano, Italy (04/11/2009)

  • Moya-Angeles: "The Socialists returned to manipulate data at will" (04/11/2009)
    The head of the Treasury encourages the PSOE to take initiatives similar to those of the PP to help citizens in times of crisis being experienced
  • Youth increased their collaboration with the IES Miguel Espinosa (04/11/2009)
    The City has two youth information points served by two correspondents, students at the school
  • Participants in the Science Week will receive a passport to visit six museums and scientists from 5 to 15 this month (04/11/2009)
    National Museum of Underwater Archaeology-Arqua Cartagena joins this initiative and 1,000 people used the 'Card Science 'in the past year
  • The Olympic Solidarity Study comes to the University of Murcia (04/11/2009)
    The activity has been designated this year as one of the most innovative European solidarity in matters
  • The Civil Guard detained two people for robbery with violence and intimidation in Beniaján (04/11/2009)
    The robbery victim suffered intimidation and physical attacks have to be treated by medical personnel
  • The XXVI National Congress of Junior Enterprises will be held at the University of Murcia (04/11/2009)

  • A course on renewable energy for municipal technicians (04/11/2009)

  • The municipal website received from January to September, 3.3 million more visits than the same period of 2008 (04/11/2009)
    The most visited sections are the Calendar, the Press Office and the Job
  • Young people can enjoy a full program of activities through an agreement with the Local Youth Council (04/11/2009)
    also develop actions towards the advice of young people aged 14 to 30 years
  • The City Council has five new vehicles to the Panel of Public Safety (04/11/2009)
    Park Local Police Mobile has more than 300 cars
  • Sports analyze the water from their facilities to prevent legionellosis (04/11/2009)
    City Council allocates more than 95,000 euros for citizens with confidence in sport
  • The Institute for Women shares the Monitoring Commission on Gender Violence (04/11/2009)
    Since its inception in 2006, has met on eight occasions
  • New sidewalks in several streets in the districts of Corvera and Los Ramos (04/11/2009)
    The cost of the work is over 360,000 euros
  • On-going removal of architectural barriers in the CEIP Delgado Sangonera Dorrego the Green (04/11/2009)
    The works will focus on building ramps, improving access and doors
  • Qualification Tourist Center launches its days 'Fun Cooking' aimed at people with Down syndrome (04/11/2009)

  • The Mayor presented a "new Murcia, modern and avant-garde" to be born south of the city (04/11/2009)
    The action affects more than 200,000 m2, about half the area occupied by the Infante D. Range
  • Milos Vujanic: "We must win or yes in Malaga" (04/11/2009)
    The base of the CB Murcia insists that "Unicaja is very dangerous, despite having not won yet"
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the dark side of the universe (04/11/2009)
    will take place tomorrow
  • The University of Murcia participates in Science Week with its latest technological (04/11/2009)

  • Oruç Guvenc and Sufi music in Puertas de Castilla plan (04/11/2009)
    November 5 Thursday at 21 pm in the auditorium doors Castilla Sufi Music concert with Guvenc Oruç
  • The traffic tickets win the "championship of the collection" of City Hall, denouncing the PSOE (04/11/2009)
    Raising municipal traffic tickets in 2008 rose 258% over 2007
  • The Faculty of Medicine honors founders teachers in the fortieth anniversary of the center (04/11/2009)

  • A day discussed in vocational training for people with intellectual disability or cerebral palsy (04/11/2009)

  • Boy: "It will be a tough stretch, I hope we leave with three points every game" (03/11/2009)
    Vinicius trained normally with the rest of his companions
  • The UCAM signs two cooperation agreements to promote volunteerism among the students (03/11/2009)
    The University will collaborate with the Private Higher 'Home Nazareth' Association and the Project Abraham
  • Teresa Moreno, awarded the Golden Badge of the association 'Ana Maria Aparicio' (03/11/2009)
    The director of the Institute for Women attending the VII edition of Literary short story contest for youth and staff
  • Two hundred fifty residents of Santiago and Zaraiche isolated, denounced the PSOE (03/11/2009)
    The Spokesman Socialist, M ª José Alarcón, has collected complaints of eighty-five families living in Track of The Palm, which are virtually cut off as a result of the court's historic Access
  • A few days analyzed at the University of Murcia Training for people with intellectual disability or cerebral palsy (03/11/2009)
    are held on Wednesday November 4 University Social Center
  • The Department of Social Economy held a conference on the problems of these institutions in times of crisis (03/11/2009)

  • Twenty projects are competing in the seventeenth Business Project Competition (03/11/2009)
    The jury began meeting this morning
  • House announces bonus rate of water for poor families (03/11/2009)
    In 2010 not pay the fixed supply
  • Murcia University organizes a conference on free software (03/11/2009)

  • IU is interested in the situation of Colegio San Antonio de Padua (03/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia promotes a study on the feasibility of a university residence in the district of Carmen (03/11/2009)

  • Gomez started the meetings with different groups to prepare for Christmas in Murcia (03/11/2009)
    This week has been to Angel Belmonte
  • Paulão Prestes, "I have wanted to make a good game against Unicaja" (03/11/2009)
    pivot CB Murcia Malaga considers that the whole is "a very dangerous opponent and we must be careful"
  • The City Council takes up special teams of local police antigraffitis (03/11/2009)
    The Corps already has an archive of more than 3,000 photographs of graffiti
  • Tourism invites you to enjoy nature this weekend (03/11/2009)
    Source offers a route Columbares and guidance activity in the adult nature
  • The Mexican artist Carlos Amorales Veronicas transforms the room with a big 'Black Cloud' (03/11/2009)
    The exhibition opens today and will remain until January 6
  • Six chamber concerts in the programming of the International Music Festival Fall (03/11/2009)

  • Week of Science and Technology celebrated the 'European Year of Creativity' workshops with 'Artifacts possible and impossible' (03/11/2009)
    This initiative seeks to make the most creative and curious young people and build careers in science
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia get an award at a symposium of the bull (03/11/2009)

  • It opened nursing course on donation and transplantation of organs (03/11/2009)

  • The College of Veterinarians of Murcia is organizing a technical conference to discuss the issue of Influenza A (03/11/2009)
    The conference will be held tomorrow under the title "One World, One Health"
  • The Delegation of Students of the Faculty of Arts Association meets ALUM (03/11/2009)
    In reference to the press release issued by the Association ALUM, published late yesterday night and "full of lies from beginning to end," the Delegation of Students of the Faculty of Arts presents:
  • ALUM complaint that "the Student of Literature at the University expels the associations of public office" (02/11/2009)

  • Four international medals in Avilés (02/11/2009)
    The Quirinal sports of the Villa de Avilés hosted the IX International Tournament "Villa de Avilés" which brought together 675 competitors from throughout the Spanish territory, apart from France and Portugal
  • The University of Murcia delivery credentials grants international cooperation (02/11/2009)

  • The University of Murcia and Obra Social "la Caixa" gave a presentation on the break in old age (02/11/2009)

  • A step towards the implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan (02/11/2009)
    The working group held a meeting this morning
  • A step towards the rehabilitation of facades and roofs in Vistabella, Santa Maria de Gracia and Los Almendros de La Alberca (02/11/2009)
    Urbamusa has contracted the works to be carried out in more than 340 homes
  • The autonomous region and municipalities reinforce municipal environmental management (02/11/2009)
    Miguel Angel House and Antonio Cerda signed a collaboration agreement that will provide technical support to municipalities in need
  • Increase 1,300% more than the users with telecare service (02/11/2009)
    The cost, which in 1995 amounted to 78,000 euros, now exceeds 940,000 euros, financed by the City and the IMSERSO.
  • Education remove architectural barriers from eleven other schools in the municipality (02/11/2009)
    The actions will not disrupt the educational activity centers
  • The UCAM Murcia point out another home (02/11/2009)

  • The Socialist Party claims that a sports hall in La Alberca can not be used (02/11/2009)
    by lack of connections and infrastructure works
  • Antonio Castillo participated in the municipal markets meeting held in Madrid (02/11/2009)
    matters are treated as new patterns of consumption and the future of touring supplies
  • IU appeal the approval of a partial plan will affect more than 865,000 m2 (02/11/2009)
    Herguedas believes the ZU-Ab2 plan is "the translation end of what was once Strong group project, known as Montevico that IU + LV always opposed "
  • The University of Murcia selects students to participate in sports championships autonomous (02/11/2009)

  • ... (02/11/2009)

  • El Pozo Murcia Turistica - Caja Segovia 4-3 (01/11/2009)
    ElPozo had its lineup with the exception of Vinicius, who dragged the game now that played for Brazil
  • A "broad, strong and of good quality" Regional Book Fair concluded its twenty-fourth edition with a parade (01/11/2009)

  • Agriculture released an eagle, a hawk and an owl after being cured at the Center for Wildlife Recovery (01/11/2009)
    At this center come each year between 1,000 and 1,200 animals such as birds and reptiles, mammals, among others, of which full recovery between 60 and 70 percent
  • The Center works Deportivo La Alberca advancing by leaps and bounds (01/11/2009)
    has six paddle tennis courts, two pools, four fitness rooms, cafe and spa
  • The PSOE required to correct the gap that has left on the pavement with the installation of underground containers in the market access of San Andrés (01/11/2009)

  • Adopted definitely a great shopping and office area between the hillside and Thader (01/11/2009)
    envisages the construction of a major highway that will improve access to New Condomina
  • The Socialist Party calls on the transfer information from the personal service and Social Welfare to La Fica (01/11/2009)

  • Sports pool incorporates its offer for schools (01/11/2009)
    More than 70,000 students participated last year in activities organized by the Department

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