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Murcia News - June 2009

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  • The Mayor receives a replica of the sculpture "Tribute to Nursing" (30/06/2009)
    the professional association and would like to thank the collaboration of Miguel Ángel Cámara
  • Public universities in the region signed the first collective agreement for faculty and research staff (30/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia provides assistance to immigrants who attend graduate school (30/06/2009)

  • The Association of Friends "Virgen de la Arrixaca" distinguishes the Mayor with his badge to coincide with its Golden Anniversary XXX (30/06/2009)
    for its "continued support and cooperation" with this group and, in particular with the annual May Procession
  • The Convention Bureau has in the city of Murcia Arrixaca to host scientific meetings (30/06/2009)
    At the meeting were directors, teachers and staff of the hospital
  • Over 16,000 square meters with photovoltaic plants Mercamurcia (30/06/2009)
    The Board of Directors has had the addition of new chief Florencio Martin Casillas
  • Francisco Porto responds to statement from the PSOE on the Colegio San Antonio de Padua (30/06/2009)

  • The PSOE and the PP asks the Colegio San Antonio de Padua (30/06/2009)
    ... after the alleged irregularities committed by the Christian Schools Foundation
  • The Museum of Science and Water recovered Jiménez de la Espada in celebrating the bicentenary of Darwin's birth (30/06/2009)
    An exhibition shows the parallels between the two characters and their careers
  • The PSOE Murciano urges the Health Service to carry out the closure of fake dentists clinics installed in the municipality (30/06/2009)

  • Excited, Paulo Roberto says goodbye after fifteen years in El Pozo Murcia Turística (30/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia is the Practice School of Journalism (29/06/2009)
    The Practice School of Journalism, Advertising and Information Science, University of Murcia, was today formally
  • Megía highlights the important work of cultural promotion and development in the graduation ceremony of the Music Conservatory of Murcia (29/06/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education awards the prizes "Ciudad de Murcia" in music
  • Urbamusa continues to work on the bike path and sidewalk projects and new roads for 29 parishes (29/06/2009)
    Manage housing rehabilitation in Los Almendros de La Alberca, Vistabella and Santa Maria de Gracia
  • "Murcia in the summer" retrieves the outdoor cinema in the Plaza of the Red Cross (29/06/2009)
    The screenings and performances in the Plaza de Santo Domingo are free
  • Camera Murcia finalist receives the XXVIII National Contest "What is a king for you?" (29/06/2009)
    Work presented by Ana Garcia reproducing his vision of the traditional Christmas message Juan Carlos I
  • Regional Library opens the registration period for clubs Reading and Writing Workshop (29/06/2009)

  • Health invests 3.2 million euros in the new Health Centre in Murcia hamlet of La Ñora (29/06/2009)
    The Minister María Ángeles Palacios today opened the center to provide, among other services, minor surgery, gynecology and social care Health
  • The Royal Society of El Pozo Murcia flatters with a shirt signed by players (29/06/2009)

  • José Ros ensures that Terra Natura Murcia is not lost, despite the insistence of the PSOE (29/06/2009)
    "performance conditions were modified to expand the park and improve the facilities"
  • The town already has 200 swings adapted for babies (29/06/2009)
    The rest, up to 385, will be installed before 10 July
  • PSOE: "Refusal of the Law Council of Murcia City Council and Terra Natura" (29/06/2009)
    Socialist councilor Alfonso Navarro explains that "the legal body has issued a negative report to the modification of the contract to Terra Natura and the mayor of PP José Ros intend to carry forward "
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Santo Angelo, Algezares and Beniaján (29/06/2009)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • Alejandro Valverde, fourth in the championship of Spain to fund road (29/06/2009)

  • PSOE: "When does the PP to extend the route of the line 37b and install a pedestrian traffic light pulse of San Blas stop?" (28/06/2009)
    The socialist mayor María Dolores Abellon recalls that "the municipal government took this commitment in the last full month of January "
  • The new nursing graduates celebrate graduation UCAM (27/06/2009)

  • The student federation CONFER ends the academic year with a big concert in the garden of Murcia Silk (27/06/2009)
    The concert will take place today, Saturday June 27, from 18:00 pm in the Garden Silk Murcia
  • The X promotion of Physiotherapy graduates UCAM (26/06/2009)
    The practitioner graduate of the Professional Medical School of Warsaw (Poland), Andrzej Pilat Kowalski, has sponsored the new graduates
  • Chamber notes that the railway line suppression can end up with a historical problem of the city (26/06/2009)
    The Mayor is satisfied after the meeting of board of directors of the Company Murcia High Speed
  • The construction of storm drain in the northern end definitively with floods from heavy rains (26/06/2009)
    Mayor and President of the CHS visit the works carried out, whose investment, funded by the City, amounts to 8 million euros.
  • Propose that the new tram run through the middle of the avenues Juan de Borbón, Juan Carlos I and Ronda de Levante (26/06/2009)
    The grantee's proposal improves the integration of tram traffic and accessibility to sites, premises, garages and homes.
  • The Master Plan designed a network of 227 kilometers of track cycling trails in the town and parishes (26/06/2009)
    The study proposes ciclocalles, curb lane and segregated traffic lanes, according to the characteristics of each street.
  • Pre-registration in the securities of the limited places will UMU 1 to July 9 (26/06/2009)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia made a doctoral thesis on romantic images in Greek poetry (26/06/2009)

  • Moya-Angeler recalls that the voluntary payment period ends next IBI July 6 (26/06/2009)
    • The standard has increased by more than 14,521 units, and already exceeds 320,000 bills
  • The Socialist Party calls on the PP to rescind the price increase of the municipal sports facilities (26/06/2009)
    PSOE Councilman José Manuel Abellán denounces "the sudden and excessive increase in prices for the practice of paddle tennis, tennis and squash courts, a increase, in some cases, is above 100%, and in others more than 35% "
  • Espinardo continues with its celebrations in honor of Cristo de la Salud (26/06/2009)
    This evening there is a concert, comedy show tomorrow and Sunday will be held on the transfer of Christ to his hermitage
  • Open the application deadline for grants to develop programs that encourage citizen participation (26/06/2009)
    municipal boards of neighborhoods and districts spend more than 760,000 euros
  • The XIII Certamen de Tunas edition of Barrio del Carmen Murcia filled music from 9 to 11 July (26/06/2009)
    The three nights will be free tastings on the premises of the artillery barracks
  • The promotion I Officer Master Graduation celebrates Protocol (25/06/2009)
    The Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Education, Asela Pintado Sanz has served as matron of students
  • The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia dismisses the course with a crowded Festival (25/06/2009)
    The End of the Year Festival of Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia brought together more than 120 judokas belonging to Pte Tocinos Schools, El Palmar and Torreagüera, in addition to center based in Murcia
  • Colleague Murcia perform a symbolic act to demand the decriminalization of homosexuality in the world (25/06/2009)
  • The Full CGPJ the Supreme Court appoints two counts of Murcia (25/06/2009)

  • The UCAM presented yesterday the book `The candidate brand: how to manage political leader's image ' (25/06/2009)
    The Communication Director of CARM, Miguel Ángel Pérez Heredia:" The personality of a person constitutes the basis of his image "
  • ... (25/06/2009)

  • Researcher glaucoma expert gave a lecture at the Faculty of Medicine (25/06/2009)

  • Herguedas (IU): "The period of La Paz is a recklessness" (25/06/2009)
    The mayor says that the City "abandoned to their fate" to the residents of the neighborhood
  • The PSRM-PSOE joins the celebrations of Gay Pride Day (25/06/2009)

  • A book published by the University of Murcia wins national award (25/06/2009)

  • The Mayor opened a street in honor Albatalía Paco Esteban (25/06/2009)
    Miguel Angel House has highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneur and his commitment to the parish
  • Summary of proposals of the Socialist Group in Parliament on 25 June 2009 (25/06/2009)

  • The music of Turkey and India merge morning at the Museum of the City (25/06/2009)
    From 21.30, within the cycle of 'Music suggestive'
  • Morning cycle ends Theater (25/06/2009)
    Circus Company carries Mumusic Square MUBAM his show 'Merci Bien'
  • Tonight Paving the Road section of Santa Catalina Patiño third lane of Ronda Sur (25/06/2009)
    The goal of the Department of Infrastructure is put into operation this weekend
  • The House approved a joint motion to extend the Trail Enmedio (25/06/2009)
    Install traffic lights at the junction with the road Malecon de La Ñora
  • "The hidden PP made a full report on the collapse in Cañada Hermosa", according to the PSOE (25/06/2009)

  • "House flies in La Paz, leaving the villagers to their fate," the PSOE (25/06/2009)

  • Hundreds of people from La Paz celebrating the approval of the Special Plan will enable the full rehabilitation of the neighborhood (25/06/2009)
    The House gives approval to the PERI, which will allow works to start in October
  • The House required the Ministry of Development to immediately begin work on the highway section Santomera-Zeneta (25/06/2009)

  • Awards Contest of Classical Studies (25/06/2009)
    Section of Murcia of the Spanish Society of Classical Studies has made delivery of the contest "Odyssey Classical and Classical Languages III Olympiad
  • The Mayor meets with the Military Commander of Murcia (25/06/2009)

  • The Mayor thanked Novotel Murcia with its commitment to opening a new hotel in "these difficult moments of crisis" (25/06/2009)
    House for the opening of the hotel establishment, accompanied by the Director General of the string
  • More than 150 Murcia learn a trade at the School of Education and Employment Initiatives El Palmar in this course (25/06/2009)
    In the month of July will practice in 88 companies with which the council has signed agreements
  • Ciço, Vinicius, Wilde called up the Brazilian team for the Grand Prix 2009 (24/06/2009)

  • The Government delegate meets with representatives of the Collective Never Prives (24/06/2009)
    On the occasion of the celebration of Gay Pride in Murcia
  • The associations organize activities to protect the environment can access a new aid program (24/06/2009)
    Projects proposing more original and involving more citizens
  • The Murcia City Council may assist in reducing CO2 emissions (24/06/2009)
    Thanks to grants from the Department of the Environment
  • The Mayor is meeting with the new CEO of Defense (24/06/2009)
    He has also attended the meeting his predecessor
  • María Pedro Reverte attends a wreath of the students of the AGA to Fuensanta (24/06/2009)

  • Supporting gold request of Union City to the Red Cross (24/06/2009)
    The Governing Board assesses its work in support of needy groups
  • The Governing Board supports the request of the title of favorite son of Francisco del Amor Mula (24/06/2009)
    The award recognizes the merits and qualities for the rights of irrigators in the region
  • AV Space reviews the work of the group 'Affective Continuum' (24/06/2009)
    The exhibition which opens tomorrow at 20:00 hours will remain until September 13
  • Three groups are vying for the final awards Pop Rock music Creajoven 09 (24/06/2009)
    On Friday, in Murcia Park, starting at 20.30
  • Murcia retrieves the image of wise king in a major exhibition that will open later this year (24/06/2009)
    The Mayor stressed the importance of coordination between the institutions to major cultural events
  • Awarded the construction of the new road which will connect with the Fica Beniaján (24/06/2009)
    will have more than 2.7 kilometers and will be parallel to the river Segura
  • Streets, lanes and paths of Rincon de Seca enhance your paving in the coming months (24/06/2009)
    These works are included within the agreement signed with the Autonomous Community
  • Access to Murcia's history in one click (24/06/2009)

  • The rehabilitation of the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit Espinardo (24/06/2009)
    Awarded the rehabilitation of two houses located in the Plaza of the Constitution
  • The Choir Fernández Caballero closed the celebrations of its 75th anniversary with a great choral concert (24/06/2009)
    On Saturday, after 21 hours in University Square, will meet three choirs in the region who will sing along the Choral Fernández Caballero
  • The QUALIGOUV project therefore seeks to improve basic living conditions of the rural population (24/06/2009)
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Water is a partner in this European project together with the Generalitat Valenciana and others from Italy and France
  • PSOE spokeswoman María José Alarcón received "with great satisfaction" the appointment of Gay Pride Godmother in Murcia (24/06/2009)
    ... who officially will take place tomorrow, at 18.00 pm in the classrooms of Arts UMU
  • The PSOE will require greater safety for pedestrians and drivers at the start Enmedio Trail to the road to La Ñora (24/06/2009)

  • Unidentified perpetrators of over a thousand of graffiti made in the streets Murcia (24/06/2009)
    Report graffiti, done in railroad cars, building facades or elements of street furniture, with firms protest of her own
  • IU + Greens asked to Murcia city is declared free of nuclear energy (24/06/2009)

  • The new Sports Centre Cabezo de Torres breaks a record and get 5 months to more than 36,000 users (24/06/2009)
    Downtown Launches Summer School Murcia North 'with intensive swimming and Paddle from July 1
  • Professor Enrique Pastor published a book on citizen participation (24/06/2009)

  • Caisse d'Epargne is expressed in relation to the penalty to CONI Valverde (23/06/2009)

  • Francisco Solana wins X Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia (23/06/2009)

  • Researcher glaucoma expert gives a speech at the Faculty of Medicine (23/06/2009)

  • The University of Mar organizes a course on advances in psychological treatments (23/06/2009)

  • The Board of the University of Murcia requested a report on the status of the master to replace the CAP (23/06/2009)

  • Murcia promotes the first meeting to promote the integration of young disabled (23/06/2009)
    Six youths participating in the activity, held in Ecuador from 26 June to 6 July
  • Green light ordinance will be licensed to open a store in less time (23/06/2009)
    The City Council is committed to business creation and employment generation
  • Adopted the new ordinance mobile (23/06/2009)
    provides for greater information to citizens and streamline procedures for licensing
  • The City Council obtained the land to open a road linking Acisclo Santiago Diaz Steps (23/06/2009)
    The new road will improve circulation in the area
  • The Shore over Azarbe see his wish to inaugurate a new social center (23/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia hosted the Workshop on ITS (new technologies applied to transportation) (23/06/2009)

  • Open to traffic road linking the Plaza Díez de Revenga Constable's Square (23/06/2009)

  • The Community approving amendments to the General Management Plan of Murcia which allows burying the AVE Station El Carmen (23/06/2009)
    The General Plan amendment frees more than 21,000 square meters will be used to create green areas and reserves over 5,000 for public facilities
  • Ángel García Lidón The square offers a new public space to the residents of Llano de Brujas (23/06/2009)
    Mayor presided over the inauguration of the environment in which it has invested 120,000 euros.
  • The Christopher Award Gabarrón Science publishes the magazine "Histology and Histopathology" (23/06/2009)

  • The Socialist Group will require a full external audit on the operation of Cañada Hermosa (23/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Alfonso Navarro prompted a thorough investigation to address "matters affecting the operation and economic and environmental management of the municipal treatment plant and waste discharges "
  • The Alvaro ElPozo player, successfully operated (23/06/2009)
    will be about three months on the sidelines about
  • The Mayor's House opens "Venus Bike" by Antonio Campillo from now chairs the access to the Palace Almudí (22/06/2009)
    Chamber recalls that the exhibition hall this year hosted a retrospective exhibition of the sculptor, "who always knew how to combine his artistic mastery with love and dedication to the city of his birth "
  • Martínez-cache: "If the PSOE vote against the Energy Efficiency Ordinance is also opposed to the policies of Zapatero" (22/06/2009)
    "Murcia is the only major city with an ordinance of this type and is much more restrictive than that approved the ministry '
  • Health invests more than 437,000 euros in the new primary care clinic in Murcia Barriomar (22/06/2009)
    The Minister María Ángeles Palacios today opened the center to give health care to a population of 5,500 people
  • Francisco Esquembre takes over as dean of Mathematics (22/06/2009)

  • 200 works competing for the Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia (22/06/2009)

  • Camera: "You have achieved this act becomes habitual each end of the season (22/06/2009)
    The Mayor congratulated on his recent ElPozo league championship and encourages them to get the win next season in European competition
  • The Mayor's House opened a new office to improve health care for the residents of La Purisima (22/06/2009)
    Chamber notes that the investment amounts to about 640,000 euros.
  • Continue the cycle of midnight movies in the Door with Blood for Dracula Castilla (22/06/2009)
    The film was directed by Paul Morrissey and produced by Andy Warhol
  • Dark Sky Campaign negative opinion of the ordinance of the City of Murcia against light pollution (22/06/2009)
    The ordinance made it "clearly inappropriate and ineffective in combating this serious problem," say the makers of Dark Sky Campaign
  • PSOE vote against the ordinance to prevent light pollution, considering "very demanding and effective" (22/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia honors Professor Filomena Fortuny in retirement (22/06/2009)

  • Espinardo begins a week of festivities in honor of Cristo de la Salud (22/06/2009)
    The General Director of Estrella de Levante read the proclamation Monday
  • A summer of leisure and training to reconcile work and family life (22/06/2009)
    The Department of Education, Social Services, Social Welfare and Culture People and Events organized 97 summer schools for children of the municipality.
  • Rafael Amargo Belluga close the VI Festival with his show "Time Out" (22/06/2009)
    City and Murcia CajaMurcia invite you to enjoy dance and music from 2 to 14 July.
  • The University of Murcia out information request for the creation of the Institute for Research in Optics and Nanophysics (22/06/2009)

  • The PSOE blames Education expire leaving open disciplinary proceedings in February 2008 the school Nebrija (22/06/2009)
    Rep. Jesus Lopez reported that it is not the first time that such incidents happen
  • The University of Murcia launches competition for the construction of classrooms in the Faculty of Economics and Business (22/06/2009)

  • The PSOE asked in plenary to expedite procedures for the construction of the auditorium Guadupe (22/06/2009)
    Sebastian Peñaranda socialist councilor recalled that the PP was committed in the May plenary session last year to build a performing arts center in the village and so far it is unknown what the status of the project
  • Rafaelillo, two ears in Istres, France (22/06/2009)
    The bullfighter Rafael Rubio "Rafaelillo" has won strong in the French town of Istres, where he cut two ears of a bull from the ranch of Joseph School.
  • The team Aljucer ElPozo Benjamin B, Champion of Spain (21/06/2009)
    The team fry Aluco ElPozo runners-up Spain
  • CCOO requesting a second language school in Murcia City (21/06/2009)
    "Registration is overwhelmed at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Murcia
  • The UCAM marks the tenth anniversary of the Spanish School of Sports Traumatology (20/06/2009)

  • IU + Los Verdes de Murcia proposes the creation of dog parks (20/06/2009)

  • New graduates in occupational therapy (20/06/2009)
    The managing director of the Foundation Alzheimur, Carlos Sabatel, has sponsored a future occupational therapists
  • More than 150 students are trained to apply for a job (20/06/2009)
    The collaboration of more than 50 companies, will complete the training cycle practices
  • A colorful poster depicts the festival of Moros y Cristianos 2009 (19/06/2009)
    An exhibition of costumes complete the clinical presentation agent
  • The food technologists and nutritionists from the UCAM, receive their scholarship and diploma (19/06/2009)

  • The UCAM presents the Summer University 2009 (19/06/2009)
    The Catholic University developed from next July 1 a comprehensive training program, volunteer and leisure, divided by 30 national and international locations
  • I Carrera Popular "For Life" in Lobosillo (19/06/2009)
    On June 20, 2009, at 19 h.
  • Pedro Robles: "It is a reward to work all year ' (19/06/2009)
    The guard used his trip to Madrid Murcia ACB to collect the award for' Best Shots percentage of 3 '
  • Last places for the Municipal Campus Paulo Roberto V: "Do you play with me?" (19/06/2009)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara: "Zapatero can not hide the weak commitment to the Spanish municipalities" (19/06/2009)
    Mayor, as chairman of the Federation of Municipalities of Murcia, Avila took part today in the Second Forum of Regional Associations of Municipalities and Provinces
  • Nursery schools, canteens, school transport, free books and teaching aids (19/06/2009)
    Murcia For families with economic difficulties
  • The Socialists ask the PP to negotiate with merchants of San Esteban rentable space in which to locate their positions (19/06/2009)
    PSOE Councilman José Manuel Abellán defends the need to opt for better alternative location for these workers lose their jobs and have to go to unemployment
  • "On the move: Going for the bus!" (19/06/2009)
    CEIP Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente organized a race solidarity to finance the purchase of a school bus in the Philippines
  • The Councillor for Environment and Urban Quality has already visited all the gardens of twenty districts and five districts (19/06/2009)
    He has also personally supervised the works of the Chinese garden and the garden of Fofó
  • The president attended the presentation of the "Footprints of Barraca" in Alcalá de Henares (19/06/2009)

  • Pilar Megía, member of honor of the Sierra de Columbares (19/06/2009)
    The Minister of Education received the Gold Key for his outstanding work for the environment
  • The LAB welcomes 'Memento Mori' an exhibition on the idea of death (19/06/2009)
    Murcia artist Juan José Martínez presents painting exhibition which opens at 20:30 am in the Youth Art Lab
  • Approval of the Regulations of the University of Murcia for the use of video surveillance systems (19/06/2009)

  • Murcia Mayor convenes a silent demonstration for the murder of a National Police in an ETA attack (19/06/2009)
    At 12 pm in the Square of Spain
  • The Faculty of Sports Science XXXII proclaimed absolute winner Trofeo Rector (19/06/2009)

  • The Socialists seek the establishment of a single phone, the 016, for the care of women victims of gender violence (19/06/2009)
    The PSOE mayor Maria Dolores Abellon asked in plenary to PP in La Glorieta regional urge the Government to sign the collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the ongoing implementation of this service
  • The novel "Blas de Conca: one third of Philip II" was presented at the University of Murcia (19/06/2009)

  • CCOO complaint charging fees at the Colegio San Antonio de Padua (18/06/2009)
    About Longevity Corporation announces to parents that it is she who sets the quotas
  • Education confirms that the third unit of the CP Child Luis Costa does not involve the opening of a new line (18/06/2009)
    Center Director informed the school management and planning AMPA that schooling in the area "requires the location Child Unit at this school "
  • Denounced the "continuing deceit" by Hall and company to justify parking in the Garden of San Esteban (18/06/2009)

  • IU shows solidarity with workers locked zincs in the cathedral of Murcia (18/06/2009)

  • The Youth council encourages Murcia to vote for Alba Lucia Idol (18/06/2009)

  • XIX Pilgrimage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (18/06/2009)
    will take place tomorrow, Friday, June 19.
  • Four concerts mark the European Day of Music (18/06/2009)
    Pop at Murcia Parque and Los Molinos del Río, Jazz in the Plaza de Europa and classical music in the courtyard of the Museum of the City
  • The Brotherhood of Servite of Mary of Sorrows in Murcia celebrates its annual gala dinner (18/06/2009)
    will luhar on Saturday 19 at 9:00 p.m. in the rooms of Hotel "Siete Coronas Murcia
  • Music as a means to promote respect, tolerance and multiculturalism (18/06/2009)
    Education has launched a new program this year focused on values education is entitled "Listen!
  • The Mayor and the Minister agreed to inject 3.8 million euros to ensure basic social services (18/06/2009)
    Bascuñana House and signed a cooperation agreement providing for the maintenance of the network of primary care and the development of support service home and support for social inclusion
  • A comprehensive program of activities for children and adults will have it "A Summer of museum" (18/06/2009)
    For the second consecutive year there are again offering during the month of August
  • The Socialists support "the just demands of the CP AMPA Luis Costa in defense of quality public education" (18/06/2009)
    Councillors Abellon PSOE and José María Dolores Manuel Abellán have accompanied this morning to parents of students in this center concentration that they have made calling for an end to the overcrowding of the school
  • Younger learn the secrets of hand Futsal Paulo Roberto (18/06/2009)
    The V edition of the Municipal Campus' Paulo Roberto: Do you play with me? "
  • The Laboratory of Optics, University of Murcia will host the international conference on adaptive optics (18/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia has a book on the peace mission in Bosnia (18/06/2009)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the "abandonment" in the Avenida Juan de Borbon, the presence of debris and dirt (18/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Antonio Garcia Bathrooms complaint from the large surface area to the entrance of Murcia "the image of the median This avenue is unfortunate, as the garden area of cross Churra "
  • The City Council awarded the use of new technologies through Murcia City Award (18/06/2009)
    The third edition continues to promote the updating of associations and individuals in the Information Society
  • The University of Murcia developing a research project on network security (18/06/2009)

  • The rock orchard L'Artesa celebrates its thirtieth anniversary (18/06/2009)
    The events start off with the Children's Folklore Festival, which takes place tomorrow
  • The COITARM supports the efficient management of crop water Murcia (17/06/2009)

  • The Murcia recover one of the last medal that remain on the Agricultural and Mining Exhibition 1882 (17/06/2009)
    It is one of the few pieces that exists on this shows that the city managed to attract national attention
  • Herguedas is concerned about the purchase of Colegio San Antonio de Padua by a real estate company (17/06/2009)

  • The PP holds a great feast to thank the "good work" of auditors and attorneys in the last elections (17/06/2009)
    The meeting, attended by Miguel Angel House, was held in the hamlet of Bacons Bridge in Murcia
  • The University of Murcia opens an open-air museum (17/06/2009)
    With rocks in the region
  • Ten professors from the University of Murcia took up their positions (17/06/2009)

  • The UCAM presents its new website, based on the Plone content manager (17/06/2009)
    A team of 84 correspondents manage web information content
  • Two new vehicles are added to the fleet of six (17/06/2009)
    With the new additions (a van and a car bomb) the body will have 37 vehicles
  • Open the public call for aid cooperation projects (17/06/2009)
    The City Council this year allocated 400,000 euros
  • Course was inaugurated on communication and dissemination of R + D + I (17/06/2009)
    Bringing science closer to citizens
  • The City of Murcia and CESPA "refuse" to provide data on waste recycling in the municipality (17/06/2009)

  • Half a million euros for repairs in four schools in the municipality (17/06/2009)
    tires and is arranged inside and outside of schools in Murcia, La Alberca and Bacons Bridge
  • A study will reveal the economic situation of the municipality to take measures to generate employment (17/06/2009)
    analyze the population, economic activity, SMEs, employment sites, enterprise distribution, etc.
  • The women victims of domestic violence and their children may continue to be hosted by the City Council (17/06/2009)
    They provide a comprehensive treatment, including counseling and career counseling
  • Abstract art comes to Space Molinos del Rio Stables from the hand of Carol Brown (17/06/2009)
    The exhibition, which will be open until 26 July, includes nearly a dozen large-scale works of American artist
  • PSOE: "We must fight tooth and nail for the CB Murcia remain in the top class" (17/06/2009)
    Socialist Councilman José Manuel Abellán considered unacceptable Councillor for Sports, Miguel Cascales, to assume that the only basketball club is likely to remain in the elite
  • Murcia reduce light pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases under a new ordinance (17/06/2009)
    This ordinance is a pioneer in Spain in the required level of energy efficiency
  • Approved the section which will link the cycle paths will link the town with two campuses (17/06/2009)
    According to forecasts, the entire project will be ready before the end of the year
  • Local Police sponsors the summer campaign of the Center for Blood Donation (17/06/2009)
    A mobile unit visits the center every four months the Police Headquarters and the Consistory
  • The dean of the Faculty of Education took office (16/06/2009)

  • The City Council has land for the construction of a new medical clinic Zeneta (16/06/2009)
    will shortly be drawn up the building project
  • Lobosillo I held the Relay for Life (16/06/2009)
    More than 600 riders will tour the main streets of the town on Saturday after 19 hours
  • The University of Murcia recognizes the work of the hospitals in the region in the training of students (16/06/2009)

  • A technique Polish Elblag University communication studies at the University of Murcia (16/06/2009)

  • El Centro Municipal Puertas de Castilla celebrated the 25 anniversary of the design team Continuum (16/06/2009)
    The exhibition includes 145 pieces including rings, lamps, sculptures and carpets, among others
  • Recommendations for preventing fires (16/06/2009)
    With the rise in temperature must be increased precautions
  • The Rector and the Minister of Universities open tomorrow during disclosure of R + D + I (16/06/2009)

  • Architectural barriers in the doctor's Zeneta (16/06/2009)
    Socialists in the hamlet again denouncing the shortcomings of the health center "that lacks adequate facilities and minimal administrative services for health care of the residents"
  • Castilla doors showcasing the work of the design team EMOTIONAL CONTINUUM for the 25th anniversary of its founding (16/06/2009)

  • Employment continues to promote business initiatives with the XVII edition of the contest (16/06/2009)
    Nearly 150 ideas have been awarded in the last 14 years
  • The PSOE recalls that "the school Antonio Nebrija already opened a file for alleged illegal collection of fees" (16/06/2009)
    Rep. Jesus Lopez is not known whether the Ministry finally sanctioned the center and calls for decisive action if irregularities show
  • Tourism invites you to visit the neighborhood's history of walking the streets Carmen (16/06/2009)
    The visit, part of the 'Be Guide', will be held Saturday
  • The University of Murcia opens an outdoor museum with rocks of the region (16/06/2009)

  • The association "Rector Sabater" is a work of Jardiel Poncela (16/06/2009)

  • This Friday at the Cultural Center opens doors Castilla group exhibition "Stories" (16/06/2009)
    "Stories" brings together the photographic projects of students in the workshop for Creative Photography and Copyright held last February at the Cultural Center Doors Castilla
  • Cerdá Murcia opens tomorrow at the National Irrigation Congress XXVII (15/06/2009)
    is held in the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas under the motto "Irrigation, motor development and a source of food"
  • Scientists from 13 countries studying at the University of Murcia progress against chlamydia in animals (15/06/2009)

  • The director of the ANECA highlights the efforts of the University of Murcia in implementing degrees (15/06/2009)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara: "The Speech the President Valcárcel builds confidence and hope to overcome the difficulties" (15/06/2009)
    Mayor congratulated the President for his involvement in the Debate on the State of the Region and stressed "its support for the Tagus and Diversion Ebro transfer recovery "
  • A doctoral thesis creates a model transformation language computer (15/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant to research the legal aspects of water resource planning (15/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia organizes an MA in biology of reproduction in mammals (15/06/2009)

  • José Arce repeats that works that run the City are well coordinated and have the relevant inspections (15/06/2009)
    Infrastructure The mayor says the attitude of the PSOE demonstrates he does not want to grow Murcia
  • More than 60 photographs can discover the Dominican Republic and its people (15/06/2009)
    The Cartagena Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos presents 'Son' in the Palace Almudí until 19 July
  • PSOE: "They continue to neighborhood complaints about the lack of inspection and uncoordinated municipal works" (15/06/2009)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata returned to denounce "the inconvenience to residents and pedestrians is causing municipal government improvisation with the works are taking place in Murcia
  • The security cameras of the gardens will be operational in a month (15/06/2009)
    You are all installed except for the Garden of the Constitution, which is under construction
  • The legendary "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" opens tomorrow Tuesday 16 cycle Midnight Film doors Castilla (15/06/2009)
    Movies of the 60s and 70s for Tuesday nights in June and July
  • The Community grant aid for the University of Murcia for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture among students (15/06/2009)

  • A course at the University of Mar analyze the communication and dissemination of R + D + I (15/06/2009)

  • Alejandro Valverde: "This victory is very important, whether at the personal level sports" (14/06/2009)

  • Miguel Angel Chamber receives award for supporting the sport in the Gala I Vistalegre Sports Association (14/06/2009)
    The Mayor thanked the tribute and encouraged young players to continue playing sports to achieve the goals we have set
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara proposes an emotional cry for the start of the holiday Llano de Brujas (14/06/2009)
    The Mayor thanked the Festival Committee and the elder of his appointment and encouraged everyone to celebrate the feast of San Pedro
  • CHS vandalism regrets the attitude that has caused havoc in the Contraparada (14/06/2009)
    Some unknown have broken signs and posters in the area recently reclaimed
  • Alejandro Valverde: "One more and one less" (13/06/2009)

  • More than 80 people with mental disabilities and 25 volunteers participating in a tree plantation in El Valle and Carrascoy (13/06/2009)
    The event was organized by the ministries of Social Policy, Women and Immigration, Agriculture and Water
  • Alejandro Valverde: "We now expect the queen stage" (12/06/2009)

  • According to the UCAM, "the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Murcia confirms the legality of the Statute of the UCAM" (12/06/2009)
    UCAM President, José Luis Mendoza, and the director of the Legal Service of the Episcopal Conference, Silverio Nieto, have reported the news during the commemoration of the day's pattern
  • The Mayor participated in a tribute to the grandparents of the year in senior centers (12/06/2009)
    House congratulates personally chosen this year, Antonio and Antonia Fernández Zambudio.
  • The UCAM pays homage to its patron Saint Anthony of Padua (12/06/2009)
    The ceremony began with a solemn Mass presided by the Apostolic Nuncio in Spain, Monsignor Manuel Monteiro de Castro
  • Concentration Andalusia on June 15 at the Glorieta de Spain (12/06/2009)
    2030 hrs: "By your dignity and your future, I WILL, BETIS"
  • Neighbourhood Stables and El Raal create a platform to demand the immediate commencement of construction of the highway Santomera-Zeneta (12/06/2009)
    Pro Platform Santomera-Zeneta Highway Development requests that comply with the agreement reached on the path to not halve the urban centers of the hamlets
  • CB Murcia participate this weekend at the XII Tournament Minibasket Roda (12/06/2009)
    six teams will take part ACB clubs, two international joint (Portugal and Lithuania) will be represented 8 Spanish regions
  • Presentation of Gold badges San Basilio (12/06/2009)
    will take place tomorrow at 19:00 pm
  • The Minister of Social Policy takes part tomorrow in a plantation of trees with disabilities in El Valle (12/06/2009)

  • The pool meets in the festival 'EntreAmigos' to the big rock Murcia (12/06/2009)
    Participate cashews, Los Bluesfalos, Ditch, The Raw and the Marx Brothers' stateroom.
  • A course at the University of the Sea introduces young people into the mysteries of the universe with games and experiments (12/06/2009)
    About Faraday with bows and arrows
  • Begin the festivities of La Paz (12/06/2009)
    The program will run until 26
  • IU + Greens denounced the "chaos" of schools in the north of Murcia (12/06/2009)

  • José Antonio Marco: "It is always proud to represent your country" (12/06/2009)
    CB Murcia The base is on the shortlist U20 male, who played the European Rhodes (Greece)
  • Scientists from 13 countries studying at the University of Murcia progress against chlamydia in animals (12/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to fill 28 seats of professors and holders (12/06/2009)

  • Containers insufficient and in a sorry state, according to the PSOE (12/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Alfonso Navarro denounced "the lack of selective waste containers in the garden areas, districts and urban neighborhoods as well as the deplorable state of many of the containers that serve the citizens "
  • 17 panels will unveil the fauna and flora of the municipality (12/06/2009)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality of being installed in ten gardens in the river and in the Municipal Park Majal Blanco
  • Professor Maria Duenas novel recreates life in the colonies of North Africa (12/06/2009)

  • Published the final list of admitted in summer camps organized by Education (12/06/2009)
    The six camps were held in Calnegre, Los Narejos and Nerpio
  • Alarcón: "The passivity of the PP remains in the Mansion Ponce ruin despite the risk that this situation creates for pedestrians" (12/06/2009)
    It's been over a year since the Socialist spokesman Jose Maria Alarcon, filed a motion in plenary requesting the City Council to take appropriate measures to ensure the structural integrity of this building
  • The Court of Auditors park again Abellán complaint against zoning agreements (12/06/2009)
    dismisses its action on the Auto file its complaint.
  • More than 5,000 students will begin on Monday the entrance exam to the University (12/06/2009)

  • Advertisement students took second prize in a competition of posters (12/06/2009)

  • Awards 2009 - David Grana Peña Karanka (12/06/2009)
    La Peña Peña Murcia great David Karanka its usual annual gala where awards were given to the best of the season
  • Districts pools open their doors (12/06/2009)
    Citizens can take a dip in El Raal, Rincon de Seca, La Ñora, Corvera, Stables, Aljucer and Sangonera la Verde.
  • Professor Pilar Montaner took over as dean of the School of Economics (11/06/2009)

  • Two students from the University of Murcia won the prize of the International Congress of Students in Experimental Sciences and Health (11/06/2009)

  • President of the Spanish Society of Soil Science meets with the rector of the University to enhance the Soil Science (11/06/2009)

  • The City Council is already working for the Green Sangonera residents access the new variant from the High Street (11/06/2009)
    The headman has held meetings with landowners to obtain early release
  • The Mayor announces plan to rescue the environmental and historical elements of the Garden (11/06/2009)
    House has held a meeting this morning with President of the Board of Planters
  • The double standards of the PP (Note the Socialist Group on the creation of a paleontological park in El Palmar) (11/06/2009)

  • Doubt: "This is when we should be good and compete at the highest level" (11/06/2009)
    coach Spanish-Brazilian Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda', says it faces the finale to "win-win"
  • An FBI special agent spoke at the University of Murcia on the use of forensic linguistics to identify criminals (11/06/2009)

  • House is "very good" that the President "wants to hear first hand what they think the mayors" (11/06/2009)
    Murcia Mayor and President of the Federation of Municipalities says that any initiative that seeks to increase participation "is always welcome"
  • Theatre is delayed 19 hours to avoid the heat of the day (11/06/2009)
    Tomorrow Friday Nacho Vilar Productions company presents its 'Business Class'
  • The University of Murcia participate in the dissemination of the Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce (11/06/2009)

  • PSOE: "Continue the redevelopment of municipal gardens through the Fund ZP (11/06/2009)

  • The market of San Esteban moves to Paseo del Malecón (11/06/2009)
    The Department of Safety and Traffic has begun this morning to notify traders in order to complete the archaeological excavation
  • The public may submit written municipalities to direct the Ombudsman (11/06/2009)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara, FMRM president, and Jose Pablo Ruiz Abellán, Ombudsman, this morning signed the collaboration agreement
  • The University of Murcia held a conference on adaptation of the Faculty of Biology convergent process (11/06/2009)

  • Social Service and Volunteer Screening moved its headquarters to the University Community Centre (11/06/2009)

  • Naked Bike Rally "Naked before the traffic, street justice" (11/06/2009)
    will be held on 13 June at 11.30am in the Circular Plaza de Murcia
  • "The days are lived hard and give the San Basilio suburb of sounds, colors, aromas and flavors of the party" (10/06/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, delivered the opening speech of the neighborhood holiday in Murcia Parish Church
  • The twelve members of Senior Centers in the north continue to enjoy free consultation Physiotherapy (10/06/2009)
    may also attend courses to prevent health problems and injuries and learn how to develop therapeutic exercises
  • Users may consult the Municipal Archives digitally more than 200 books of the eighteenth century (10/06/2009)

  • Awarded the installation definitely special games for disabled children in the gardens of the town (10/06/2009)
    There gerontogimnasia install more devices.
  • The City Council will give value to the mills of Puebla de Soto and Beniscornia Corner (10/06/2009)
    Approved the request for 100,000 euros to the Community for the implementation of the works
  • All are ready to begin the refurbishment of the Plaza de la Ermita de Javalí New (10/06/2009)
    Several sections of Bridge Street, Concepcion will pedestrianized Oven.
  • The University of Murcia recognizes the work of assistant lecturers fees Nursing (10/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia starts executing the Strategic Plan (10/06/2009)

  • Begin the festivities in the neighborhood of San Basilio 2009 (10/06/2009)
    This evening there will be the announcer read the proclamation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism
  • Established Multidisciplinary Commission of experts to ensure safety during construction of the parking lot of St. Stephen (10/06/2009)

  • A round table on Thursday to meet experts and academics to discuss the possibilities of the garden, organized by HUERMUR (10/06/2009)
    The event will be held this Thursday at 8 pm in the Auditorium Building of City Hall Moneo Murcia
  • The Socialist Party supports the popular initiative for the continuation of the Tajo-Segura (10/06/2009)
    Y Chamber requests that the City of Murcia also join
  • Caio Gonçalves not continue next season (10/06/2009)
    "From El Pozo Murcia want to make public the non-continuity of our Caio Goncalves Farinha goalkeeper for next season
  • José Arce: "The works that run the City are well coordinated and have the relevant inspections" (10/06/2009)
    Infrastructure Councillor requests the PSOE to stop hindering the work of those who do care about us and Murcia Murcia
  • The Culture City Council requests that builds a park to preserve the remains of mastodons appeared in Puerto de la Cadena (10/06/2009)
    Development Demands that paralyze the earthmoving works in the area and to protect the remains to avoid spoliation
  • More than 40,000 people benefit from the reception and integration program for immigrants (10/06/2009)
    Social Services offers educational activities, access to housing and all types of actions to improve the quality of life of this collective
  • To be awarded the work of the sports complex Beniaján (10/06/2009)
    have two indoor pools, seven paddle tennis courts, gym, games room, cafeteria and parking
  • The City Council joins the request for the Easter Murcia is declared of International Tourist Interest (10/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a master's degree in Biology and Technology of Reproduction in Mammals (10/06/2009)

  • The PSOE requires an increase in the inspection service, coordination and signs of municipal works (10/06/2009)
    "to avoid risks"
  • Tomorrow begins the time of registration to practice fitness during the month of July (10/06/2009)
    The activity takes place at the Palais des Sports and the Prince of Asturias
  • Children who play sports morning at a party involved in the Murcia Aquatic Park (10/06/2009)
    More than 400 children between 3 and 6 years will enjoy games and workshops
  • The deadline for submitting entries for the Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia is 12 June (10/06/2009)

  • The Spanish Society of Classical Studies is organizing a contest for students of ESO (10/06/2009)

  • Students of the School of Tourism carried out practical activities to see how hotels (10/06/2009)

  • Scientific study at the University of Murcia the capacity of soil as a sink for greenhouse gases (10/06/2009)

  • Organize a round table will discuss the results of European elections (10/06/2009)

  • American Football: The Murcia Cobras champion (08/06/2009)

  • Results 2009 European elections as the City of Murcia (08/06/2009)
    elections as results with 100% of votes counted.
  • Puertas de Castilla project "Guardians of a musical treasure", a documentary by Peter Conrad (08/06/2009)
    The documentary chronicles the survival of Baroque music from the indigenous communities of Bolivia
  • Dinner Gala award ceremony of the great David Karanka Peña (08/06/2009)
    Season 08/09
  • The Church of Santo Domingo de Murcia becomes audience for baroque music with 'The Opera of the Jungle' (08/06/2009)
    The concert, which involved the choir and orchestra Urubichá of Bolivia, will take place next Thursday
  • The Plaza of the Cathedral will host the information for Antena 3 on the Day of the Region of Murcia (08/06/2009)
    The Autonomous Community programming stars Antena 3 on the Day of the Region
  • The International Union for Conservation of Nature recognizes the work of the City's environmental (08/06/2009)
    Includes land stewardship agreement with Adesga and orchards Columbares and leisure in the Guide to Good Practice for halting biodiversity loss
  • The University of Murcia creates a technical specialty environment (08/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia calls Erasmus student mobility for the purpose of practice (08/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia receives 37,000 euros to study the marine reserve of Cabo de Palos and the Islas Hormigas (08/06/2009)

  • The stage denies an ear to "Rafaelillo" in Granada (08/06/2009)

  • Excellent performance corridors Caisse d'Epargne in the first stage of the Dauphiné Libéré (08/06/2009)
    Alejandro Valverde was third
  • I Tournament Success 'Manuel Martínez' youngest basketball category (07/06/2009)
    Jose Antonio Marco was in charge of delivering trophies
  • About 12,000 spectators attended the 93 meetings of the International Film Festival and Heritage (06/06/2009)

  • The Mayor joins members of the Coral Discantus at the opening of its new headquarters (06/06/2009)
    camera, first Honorary President, highlighted the "excellent work" performed by the choir
  • Statement by the Delegation of Students of the Faculty of Arts (06/06/2009)
    view of the recent statements of Minister of Education about the decision of the implementation of the Master of Teaching from the academic year 2009/2010, with the consequent immediate withdrawal of CAP
  • The first class of the Master of Advocacy and Legal Practice UCAM and received their diplomas (05/06/2009)
    Act III Graduation Promotion of Graduates in law and I the Master of Law and Legal Practice
  • The First Tournament 'Manuel Martínez' youngest class will be held this Saturday at the Pavilion Federico de Arce (05/06/2009)
    will involve four teams: CB Murcia 'A', CB Murcia 'B', CB and CB Marmo Moratalla
  • CB Murcia MMT Estudiantes beats 'A' in the sector male child (05/06/2009)
    The Carmen Puig won by 4 points difference (76-72)
  • The Director of Educational Development awards the prizes 'You can do' for environmental projects in schools (05/06/2009)
    The contest promotes education and good environmental practices among students
  • The City Council joins Municip to participate in building programs in developing locations (05/06/2009)
    Remigio López holds a meeting with the AECI to study the possibility of undertaking a major program of water and sanitation in Paraguay
  • New police operation against drug trafficking in Murcia (05/06/2009)
    Four arrested for drug trafficking and possession of arms
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs Stables, Old and Zarandona Javalí (05/06/2009)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • The Move Plan will permit the most complete in Murcia radiography public and private transport of all times (05/06/2009)
    is now available the new web site www.muevetemurcia.es
  • El Pozo Murcia - Lobelle de Santiago (05/06/2009)
    Duda: "Nothing is done, you have to get the win"
  • Statement by the Delegation of Students of the Faculty of Arts on the abolition of CAP (05/06/2009)

  • Murcia celebrates World Environment Day being the most sustainable city in Spain (05/06/2009)
    already has implemented 70% of the actions envisaged in the Local Strategy Against Climate Change.
  • The University of Murcia gives green plants to celebrate World Environment Day (05/06/2009)

  • The Minister of Agriculture attended today as activities organized to mark the World Environment Day (05/06/2009)

  • Sources: "The Government delegate again resort to the manipulation and lies for not meeting their commitments" (05/06/2009)
    "After three years, the Autonomous Region have already run 60% of the proceedings, while the Ministry of Development has not done anything "
  • Scientists at the University of Murcia study the conservation of carnation cuttings (05/06/2009)

  • The mayor gives the awards to schools and colleges most committed to the environment (05/06/2009)
    The Department of Education and the Environment convened annual events aimed at raising awareness among children about sustainability and environmental conservation
  • More closer, more efficient (05/06/2009)
    All offices of municipal boards will have a mailbox for the neighbors to move their safety concerns to the Local Police
  • The University of Murcia open enrollment in the course of communication and dissemination of R + D + I (05/06/2009)

  • The statement of the social reality of Mauritania is extended to September (05/06/2009)

  • The deadline for participation in Tourism Photo Contest ends on 12 (05/06/2009)

  • CB Murcia clearly due to the EM sector Azuqueca male child (04/06/2009)
    The Carmen Puig achieved the KO (1928-1978)
  • Towards a more participatory democracy in Spain (04/06/2009)
    The Catholic University participates in a meeting as a representative in Spain of Deliberative Democracy model
  • The UCAM participate in the contest 'Entrepreneurial University EOI' (04/06/2009)
    The UCAM promotes entrepreneurship among students
  • Berberena Psoe reminded that has made a public appeal for the entire society to join the project Aleop! (04/06/2009)
    Regrets that the Socialists criticized this initiative to improve the quality of life in all aspects Murcia
  • The Young Art Lab tomorrow hosts a meeting of performance and representation of shadow play (04/06/2009)
    The artist Domingo Garrido at 20:30 presents his latest creation 'Performer expired "
  • The CHS celebrates World Environment Day by planting 1,000 trees on the banks of the River Segura (04/06/2009)
    More than 230 students from schools in the Huerta de Murcia return to participate in this activity designed to raise awareness of the need to conserve ecosystems
  • The Government of Spain invests 60 million euros to modernize the irrigation of the Huerta de Murcia (04/06/2009)
    Fuentes Zorita delivered to the Board of Landowners management work carried out by the Government of Spain, who initiated the arrangement of footage main ditches
  • "Berberena only wants a facelift of its urban poor image," says the PSOE (04/06/2009)

  • Dismantled marijuana plantation installed in a building of Bacons Bridge (04/06/2009)
    The three men had devised a complex system including lighting devices and gas extraction
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara Madrid explained in the excellent water management in the region during the International Conference on Water Footprint (04/06/2009)
    The Mayor, as President of ALEM, focused his presentation on Water, Energy and Climate Change.
  • Murcia and Santomera demanding the execution of the work of the Mar Menor motorway (04/06/2009)
    The works run the autonomous region are delayed by the obstacles of ADIF, while the Building have not even started
  • The Faculty of the University of Murcia reviewed the Strategic Plan approved by the Governing Council (04/06/2009)

  • The School of Psychological Practice organized two panel discussions on dementia (04/06/2009)

  • The principal receives the student team that designed the eco-car (04/06/2009)

  • The Region Symphony Orchestra offers a concert tomorrow to mark the Day of the Region (04/06/2009)
    will be held in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga of Murcia and is chaired by the regional chief executive, Ramon Luis Valcarcel
  • Five colleges and 16 students awarded for their participation in the project School Sport (04/06/2009)
    70,000 students have participated over the course in the activities offered by the City Council
  • Award Winners for their solidarity (04/06/2009)
    Students of first, second and third cycle of primary participate in a contest that photo is to translate the values of responsibility, fairness, friendship and generosity
  • "The Region of Murcia No Se Vende" organizes a roundtable on the enormous planning Moneo and Corruption (04/06/2009)

  • Tournament of Singstar & Guitar Hero II "on Saturday at CM La Nave (04/06/2009)

  • The first comprehensive center for cystic fibrosis in El Palmar Spain serves 125 families (03/06/2009)
    The Mayor, accompanied by several council members, representatives of institutions and the President of the Association against Cystic Fibrosis Murcia, has participated in the "photo solidarity "in the Plaza Belluga
  • Education requested more than 800,000 euros to the Community for the removal of architectural barriers in 13 schools (03/06/2009)
    installation of elevators, handrails and railings, ramps, space adaptation and adaptation of the toilets will be some actions to perform
  • The City Council will refurbish the Plaza Arteaga Sucina (03/06/2009)
    is conditioned atrium of the church and incorporate a new pedestrian area.
  • The University of Murcia will have an ecological park on the campus of Espinardo (03/06/2009)

  • Is collected in a book experiences of young entrepreneurs (03/06/2009)

  • Presentation of the book "Film in the education of the Spanish" (03/06/2009)

  • Bathers can enjoy the pool Murcia Park from tomorrow (03/06/2009)
    The municipal facility is open until September 14
  • The City and Ikea will sign an agreement to create employment (03/06/2009)
    The Consistory will train students in jobs relevant to the multinational
  • The baby swings begin to settle the second half of this month (03/06/2009)
    A total of 385 seats, cots placed in parks and gardens of Murcia and districts
  • Monteagudo celebrates its cultural week end of year (03/06/2009)
    From tomorrow until June 12 will be held workshops, lectures and activities for all ages
  • 600 posters will remind Murcia dogs do not have access to green spaces and children's play gardens (03/06/2009)
    The Health Department distributed 5,000 kits to help dogs that citizens pick up their pets' feces
  • Planning and the College of Architects create the ideas I Do Optimistic with the aim of improving society (03/06/2009)
    The key project is to bring positive ideas to improve the quality of life of citizens, without criticism or reproach, "propose" face to "be against"
  • The Mayor stressed the ability of firms to create stable employment (03/06/2009)
    House presides over a reception for Confesal, which holds its General Assembly in Murcia
  • The conference "A veterinarian in Antarctica 'opens the series' The Wednesday Scientists' College of Veterinary (03/06/2009)
    Motas Miguel Guzman will be responsible for delivering the first session to be held today, Wednesday June 3, in the classroom acts of the College of Veterinarians of the Region of Murcia from 19:30 pm
  • Award for the best athletes in the UCAM (02/06/2009)
    The award for best international team went to the Cartagena UCAM Table Tennis
  • The head center of Torres for personal autonomy of the mentally handicapped, a pioneer in Europe, reached its final (02/06/2009)
    The Minister for Social Policy visits the School of Life project, which is scheduled for next month November
  • House points to education, women and employment as key areas for integration of immigrants (02/06/2009)
    In opening the seminar on the challenges of migration: cooperation on both sides of the Mediterranean
  • The director of the Biodiversity Foundation Initiative provides Columbro (02/06/2009)
    This project aims to promote sustainable economic development in the area of special protection for birds of the Valley and Monte Altaona saws and Escalona
  • The PSOE required to review and consider for granting New Condomina stadium by the municipality to Real Murcia (02/06/2009)
    José Manuel Abellán states that it is highly questionable that a company that has filed for bankruptcy can do any kind contract with management, pursuant to Act Public Sector Contracts
  • International athletes performed his doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia (02/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest for ideas for a car parts sculpture (02/06/2009)

  • Fátima Barnuevo closing the cycle of readings from the IES Floridablanca (02/06/2009)
    The council chooses a passage from the book 'La Sonrisa Etrusca' by José Luis Sampedro
  • The Voice (en) sung (02/06/2009)
    El Auditorio Municipal de La Alberca host the Seventh Meeting on Thursday, Vocal Group of the Cultural Centers
  • The major continental tournament volleyball teams chosen to host Murcia (02/06/2009)

  • The Initiative "discerned" seeks to involve Murcia in the conservation of SPAs in Monte Valley and Sierra de Escalona and Altaona (02/06/2009)
    already been installed an information office to advise and raise awareness
  • Students of the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia involved in a campaign to raise awareness of immigration (02/06/2009)

  • "Rafaelillo" succeeds in replacing "El Fundi" in Vic Fezensac (France) (02/06/2009)
    Murcia The right-hander Rafael Rubio "Rafaelillo" has triumphed again in the afternoon of Monday, June 1 Vic Fezensac (France) where, as award for his performance on Saturday, has replaced the injured Jose Pedro Prados "El Fundi"
  • Professor Concepción Martín, re-elected Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia (01/06/2009)

  • Variant Sangonera is a fast track that has decongested the main street of the hamlet (01/06/2009)
    The bike lanes and sidewalks have been made in accordance with Spanish law and European
  • UPyD in the Murcia region welcomes the roundtable at the University of Murcia (01/06/2009)
    The delegation of students from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Murcia has held a roundtable with political representatives of the major national political forces present in the Murcia
  • The Mayor announced the agreement with Amusal for the construction and management of schools (01/06/2009)
    The collaboration will also extend to the development of business management programs for immigrants
  • The educational program "Equal parts: things both" ends with the participation of more than 1,100 students (01/06/2009)
    The workshops, set in the schedule of values education has been aimed at promoting gender equality
  • The Director of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage Opens Days for Security in Museums (01/06/2009)

  • José Arce: "The project to pave roads and sidewalks Zeneta has been in full" (01/06/2009)
    Councillor for Infrastructure says that what is not acceptable is to allow a neighbor to stay with the sidewalks of your house to half paving
  • Faculty of the University of Murcia conducted a study on the profits of the "spies" who sell information (01/06/2009)

  • "Murcia needs you." United against climate change " (01/06/2009)
    In addition to traditional activities to mark World Environment Day, which this year will take place on the Malecon, the city will 'The Superverdes' and will enjoy Murcia a relaxation area
  • The University of Murcia opens registration deadlines for the entrance exams (01/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia held today a meeting on the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (01/06/2009)

  • New error of the City of Murcia with the works of ZP Fund, according to the PSOE (01/06/2009)
    Zeneta Socialists denounced "the lack of control of PP in La Glorieta on investment projects that are taking place in your parish, in this case are paving sidewalks and roads under the municipality of Beniel "
  • The Law School pays tribute to Professor Mariano Hurtado putting his name to a room (01/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia presented tomorrow, the book "Small epics" (01/06/2009)

  • Former Director of the WHO morning closing the Master of Public Health, University of Murcia (01/06/2009)

  • The University of Murcia launches campaign to collect clothes and used oil (01/06/2009)

  • Tomorrow begins the time to register the smallest in the Campus Recreation Sports (01/06/2009)
    Registration takes place at the Palacio de Deportes
  • Seven Comedians, Theatre District Productions Zero and participate in the Hall of Murcia in the series "Theatre and Humor" (01/06/2009)


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