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Murcia News - May 2019

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  • Joel González: "We have the tools to stop matches in matches" The Spanish taekwondo player has presented at the UCAM an advance of his research to detect fraud and combat them more efficiently, which is the objective of the doctoral thesis (31/05/2019)

  • Visit the UCAM the archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, country in which the University develops social and formative work (31/05/2019)
    Monsignor Dionisio García has been interested in the students and the functioning of the university
  • This weekend Mixtura returns to the neighborhood of El Carmen with Ecuador as guest country (31/05/2019)

  • David Vigueras, elected 'Volunteer of the Month' from the project 17 ODSesiones of the University of Murcia (31/05/2019)
    The young man belongs to the Astrade association, which collaborates with the UMU in this program of activities
  • Open until the 10th to request the 500 places of summer school camps (31/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a biodiversity marathon to meet the birds of the Espinardo Campus (31/05/2019)
    The day, open to the general public, will take place this Saturday, June 1, at the Faculty of Biology, from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • The City Council will transform seven streets of Lobosillo into semi-pedestrian streets (31/05/2019)
    These works will be carried out in the streets Municipal Police Manuel González Marco, García Morato, Dr. Fleming, Sanjurjo, General Mola, Calvo Sotelo, and crossing of Onésimo Redondo to San Pedro Apóstol
  • Infrastructure proposes to install an acoustic system activated with the mobile in 59 crossings to improve the safety of people with visual impairment (31/05/2019)
    The Governing Board has authorized the application for a grant to the Autonomous Community for this project, which would increase from 54 to 273 pedestrian crossings that have the device called "pasblue"
  • A new rainwater collection network will prevent flooding in the Mirador de Agridulce (31/05/2019)
    The driving will have a length of 725 meters and will go through María Goyri, Miguel de Unamuno, Pío Baroja and Ramón y Cajal
  • The UMU congratulates Professor Juan Miguel Aguado for his election as national coordinator of the European Association of Radio and Regional Television (31/05/2019)

  • The works of pedestrianization of Alfonso X to La Circular, at full capacity (31/05/2019)

  • Murcia, in the Top 10 of the cities with the most bike lanes in Spain (31/05/2019)

  • The children's area of ​​the Carril de los Iniestas of Santiago and Zaraiche already has shade (31/05/2019)

  • The new delivery simulator, main attraction of the open days of UCAM Cartagena (30/05/2019)

  • The first class of doctors from the UCAM has joined the hospitals this week to do the MIR (30/05/2019)
    Among the chosen specialties are Dermatology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Family
  • The Spanish catalog is one of the most complete in the world with 33,000 documents (30/05/2019)
    More than 4,000 Spanish UNE standards help companies achieve the SDGs
  • The University of Murcia organizes a talk on the biodiversity of seagrass beds (30/05/2019)
    The presentation is part of the activities commemorating the 40th anniversary of UMU Ecology
  • The City Council and the UMU extend the excavations at the San Esteban site and resume the guided tours (30/05/2019)

  • 800,000 euros of investment to expand Zeneta's sanitation network and improve the quality of life of 2,000 residents (30/05/2019)

  • 'Parks, music and action' celebrates its end-of-course party tomorrow with an afternoon full of activities (30/05/2019)
    The Silk Garden will host, from 18 to 21 hours, up to twenty workshops, performances, exhibitions and animations
  • The urban dance stars in a new edition of #MurciaSeMueve (30/05/2019)
    The event, which is expected to be attended by more than 5,000 people and will be held this weekend at the Fofó Auditorium and Park, will be among the best championships of Urban Dance of all Spain
  • The 'Theater at Fair' cycle reopens the Romea Theater for the September Fair (30/05/2019)
    From September 6 to 14 the theater hosts the comedies' By the hair ',' Perfect strangers', 'An ideal husband' and ' Desatadas', the tribute to the singer Luis Miguel 'Cantar is a pleasure' and the suspense play
  • The Great Shopping of the Summer gathers more than 60 Murcian shops (30/05/2019)
    It will take place on days 5, 6 and 7, in which there will be musical performances, personal shopper service and fashion shows, among other activities
  • Guided tour through the Valley and initiation course to climbing, among the activities of the Redes program for this weekend (30/05/2019)
    Also continue the workshops of jugger, comic manga, guitar, drawing and painting, salsa, bachata, oriental dance and Bollywood
  • The UMU receives a donation of 6,000 euros to investigate endometriosis in an act with live music (29/05/2019)
    The event will take place this Thursday at 13.30 h.
  • The UMU approves that the second language and Mathematics score in the EBAU 2020 for the admission in all the degrees (29/05/2019)
    The University reviews the weights to homogenize the criteria in the careers of the same branches of knowledge
  • The first interactive museum of the river and the Huerta will open its doors in La Contraparada after the summer (29/05/2019)

  • Parks and Gardens uses insects to conserve the trees of the municipality (29/05/2019)
    The professionals of the concessionary company STV Gestión place larvae, both ready to hatch and hatched, in more than 1,000 robinias, jacarandas and tipuanas that will be in charge of eliminating the harmful insects for trees
  • Talí Murcia Fest celebrates its fourth edition next Friday at the Fofó Auditorium (29/05/2019)
    The Fundación Secretariado Gitano is organizing the fourth edition of this solidary festival, which this year features the performance of Muerdo, Jamones con Tacones and Carmen La Canija
  • The installation of LED luminaires in Monteagudo will reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere by 9 tons (29/05/2019)
    The improvement of lighting is being carried out in La Luz Street, Camino Mundo Nuevo, San José de la Cueva street and Tirso de Molina street of Las Lumbrera
  • The UCAM graduated in Vienna to the VI promotion of students of master's degrees in MBA and Management and Resolution of Conflicts (29/05/2019)
    The biannual graduation has brought together fifteen Austrian students of the Magister in Business Administration (MBA) and the Master in Conflict Resolution in Emca University, partner entity of the Catholic University
  • The UCAM returns to beat the record of medals in the University Spanish Championships (29/05/2019)
    The Catholic University of Murcia achieves spectacular results: 141 medals (86 gold, 40 silver and 15 bronze)
  • Inauguration of the dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Murcia (28/05/2019)

  • Completion of the works to extend sidewalks in Corvera (28/05/2019)
    Works have been carried out in Calle Iglesia and Rambla Street
  • The UMU and the UPCT celebrate this week the V days for doctoral students (28/05/2019)
    The inauguration will be this Wednesday, May 29, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Education, at 9.30 am
  • Social Rights starts the previous appointment through the Internet (28/05/2019)
    From today, users can use this system, operating every day of the year, and still have at their disposal the telephone 868 08 03 00
  • Robert Frank's personal cinema floods the Black Room of Puertas de Castilla (28/05/2019)
    From tomorrow until July 7, three of the strangest pieces of the Swiss photographer and filmmaker will be seen
  • Three students of the University of Murcia awarded in the short story contest of the Faculty of Nursing (28/05/2019)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia meets with the president of the Murcian Association of Family Business (28/05/2019)

  • Ten companies compete in the bidding for the first phase of the works of the Old Prison (28/05/2019)
    The Contracting Committee is also studying other files such as the improvement of the soccer fields of Sangonera la Verde, Los Ramos and San José de la Vega
  • The UCAM celebrates on Thursday an open day at its campus in Cartagena (28/05/2019)

  • The UCAM graduates more than a hundred students in its headquarters in Cuba (28/05/2019)
    Within the project 'The Cuban Currency: Training Program for Youth', the Catholic University of Murcia has trained more than one hundred young people in gastronomy
  • The University of Murcia opens the call for grants for students who have run out of scholarships from the Ministry (27/05/2019)
    The amount allocated to these scholarships is 270,000 euros;
  • Our Lady of the Rosary will be more accessible and safe thanks to the works that will leave the road and the sidewalk at the same level (27/05/2019)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez has visited this morning the works that contemplate the paving of the stretch of San Francisco Street to San Joaquin Square and Nuestra Señora del Rosario Street
  • Social Rights and Manos Unidas promote education in values ​​through storytelling (27/05/2019)
    The City Council subsidizes the edition of 850 books aimed at students from 6 to 8 years of schools in the municipality
  • A work about Pérez-Reverte's narrative is presented Edited by the UMU (27/05/2019)
    The book tries to unravel the 'games' that constitute the Cartagena writer's narrative
  • The exhibition hall of La Glorieta welcomes the International Guitar Festival of Murcia tomorrow (27/05/2019)
    Murcia will be able to attend, free of charge, the performances of top-level guitarists such as José Luis Ruiz del Puerto, Fernando Espí and Miriam Rodriguez & Pavor Remenár
  • A decade to the race in the neighborhood of San José (26/05/2019)
    José González takes the X Popular Race of the Barrio de San José with a time of 27:12, by 34:37 ​​for the female winner, Saray Paredes, prevailing in the short distance Christie Hurren and Eva María Meseguer
  • Seen well the transfer of the FICA for the attractions of the September Fair (26/05/2019)

  • A pedestrian bridge will improve the access of residents of La Ladera to the commercial area next to Juan de Borbón (25/05/2019)
    The Government Board yesterday authorized the housing cooperative to build this infrastructure, whose budget amounts to 273,000 euros
  • "The position of the Spanish University in international rankings is good, if we put it in relation to its relative size and the investment in R & D carried out historically" (24/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia approves the creation of the Chair of Registry Law (24/05/2019)

  • The Community will restore the image of the Virgin of the Fuensanta (24/05/2019)
    The carving will intervene in two phases to interfere in the smallest possible measure in the cult of the patron saint of Murcia
  • The SDGs and the RFEF join their paths together with the UCAM (24/05/2019)
    The 1st RSFútbol Conference, held in Seville for the final of the Copa del Rey, was coordinated by the International Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Catholic University of Murcia
  • Mayor Ballesta visits the works of the new green zone in Santa Cruz (24/05/2019)

  • The people, the first thing (24/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "We will work to recover our City Council and turn it into a useful institution at the service of Murcia and not of the parties"
  • The asphalting of several roads and roads in Barriomar will improve the safety of pedestrians and drivers (24/05/2019)
    The Governing Board approves the works in the avenue Ciudad de Almería, Camino de El Hondo and Carril Torre de Los Ibáñez in which more than 220,000 euros
  • The high and medium voltage towers of Los Rectores will be buried next year (24/05/2019)
    The Governing Board approves the assignment to Iberdrola of some land for the transformation center
  • The City Council promotes the hiring of unemployed people with a call for grants of 300,000 euros (24/05/2019)

  • The City Council will subsidize the purchase of motorcycles and electric bicycles (24/05/2019)
    The call approved in the Government Board also includes the installation of charging points in public car parks and the start-up of a system for renting electric motorcycles
  • 'Science against blindness' with Pablo Artal in a conference at the University of Murcia (24/05/2019)

  • Serrano: "The PSOE arrives at the end of the campaign with a realistic diagnosis of Murcia, a program designed on the street and a solvent team" (24/05/2019)
    The mayoral candidate highlights the 700 measures for neighborhoods and districts, in addition to 121 proposals for the whole territory, "with a clear challenge: to rebalance the municipality, we want it to be more uniform and more equal"
  • Pérez: "Four years later, the historical claim of undergrounding is a reality" (24/05/2019)
    The BOE publishes today the addendum to the 2006 agreement, as a step prior to the contracting by Adif of the second phase that will culminate the project
  • The facade of the Moneo Building will light up orange tomorrow for the National Day of Epilepsy (23/05/2019)
    The City Council responds to a request to sensitize Murcia and raise awareness of this disease
  • Students from Antonio Díaz de Los Garres school plant trees in Juan Carlos I street in the district (23/05/2019)
    The Councilor for Modernization of Administration and Urban Development, José Guillén, has accompanied schoolchildren in the development of this inactive
  • Tram of Murcia obtains the 'Reduzco' seal (23/05/2019)
    It has been granted by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition for having cut the company's CO2 emissions by 16.4%, a figure that demonstrates the commitment with the environment of the whole company
  • The University of Murcia signs a collaboration protocol with the Normal University of Shanghai (23/05/2019)
    The Chinese university is the center of reference in the teacher training of the Shanghai Region, whose students lead the PISA reports
  • Gregorio Sánchez, Head of Teacher Evaluation of the ANECA, gives a talk at the UMU (23/05/2019)
    The presentation will take place this Friday, May 24, at room F018 of the Faculty of Economics and Business, at 5:00 p.m.
  • The most special graduation of the UCAM (23/05/2019)

  • Cs is committed to tripling the public offer of Local Police in a planned and progressive way until reaching an acceptable ratio (23/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "The lack of police officers is affecting the entire municipality, especially the districts;
  • On the 15th of June, nightly meeting with Rey Lobo (23/05/2019)
    The Cultural Association "Frontera de Reinos", the Murcia Challenge Club and the Murcia City Council organize the I Rey Wolf Epic Mountain Night Trail, starting at 8:30 p.m.
  • The Bicycle Office gives a new driving workshop next Sunday at the Malecón Garden (23/05/2019)
    'The city: one for all, all for one.
  • The Student Council of the UCAM is presented to the university community (22/05/2019)

  • Councilman Guillén visits the renovation works of the Santa Rosa garden in Santiago el Mayor (22/05/2019)
    The new children's area, which will be made up of numerous elements, will be for children of all ages
  • The UMU and Rotary Club Molina de Segura join forces to create an application for students with disabilities (22/05/2019)

  • The UMU and the Lorca Marín company will create the 'Pascual Parrilla de Cirugía Award' through a new chair (22/05/2019)
    The agreement to create the Lorca Marín Chair of Surgery has been signed this Wednesday at a ceremony held in Convalescence
  • Podemos-Equo: "We will create a Cultural Passport to provide young people with access to the most diverse culture" (22/05/2019)

  • Cs will promote the "Murcia Connected" plan to adapt the municipality to a new model of sustainable and accessible urban mobility (22/05/2019)

  • Serrano: "We will make Murcia a benchmark of base and competition sports by building a Sports City in the north of the municipality" (22/05/2019)
    The PSOE candidate for mayor of Murcia presents a sports facilities project of 170,000 m2 that also includes a residence for athletes
  • The University of Murcia approaches the reality of female genital mutilation through cinema (22/05/2019)

  • The international artist Mederic Turay begins his work in the pavilion of Santa María de Gracia (22/05/2019)
    The project, carried out by the Municipal Office of Graffiti and Murcia Street Art Project, continues to give color to the sports facility, after the works carried out by four other authors
  • A course will give training on prevention and detection of violence against women with disabilities (22/05/2019)
    Delivered by the Cermi, will be held tomorrow at City Hall, addressed to municipal officials and staff of associations of people with disabilities
  • The breakfast UMU-La Caixa address the improvement of the labor insertion of students with companies and with the third sector (22/05/2019)

  • Plural Democracy visits the market of El Palmar (22/05/2019)
    And explains to the neighbors its proposal to convert the districts into a smaller local entity
  • Francisco Miguel Muñoz visits the mentally handicapped center in Cabezo de Torres (21/05/2019)

  • The incorporation of 157 Local Police officers is a reality (21/05/2019)
    José Guillén regrets that Cambiemos 'has spent four years putting obstacles in place to provide some idea to improve the lives of Murcians'
  • The Murcia congress office presents its news to the main national agencies at the imex frankfurt fair (21/05/2019)
    The city has two new brochures for the meetings industry and incentive trips
  • Contigo Somos Democracia is committed to improving security in districts like El Palmar (21/05/2019)
    The candidate for mayor of Murcia, Francisco Javier Trigueros, says "that currently the Local Police presents a scandalous deficit close to 150 troops"
  • Cs will promote an integral restructuring of all lines and frequencies of the public transport service to unify it and make it agile (21/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez is committed to optimizing resources, not duplicating routes, implementing services adapted to needs such as transport on demand, eliminating transshipments and unifying tariffs and services, among other proposals
  • ADN Urbano arrives in La Paz to improve the neighborhood's public spaces and coexistence (21/05/2019)

  • 61% of the actions foreseen in the Municipal Equality Plan are in progress in the first year of effectiveness (21/05/2019)

  • El Semas receives recognition from the Madrid City Council for its social work (21/05/2019)
    Councilor Conchita Ruiz will receive the distinction on June 4 in an act chaired by the mayor of the city, Manuela Carmena
  • Communication students of the UCAM collaborate in the simulation of rescue of a submarine (21/05/2019)

  • The UCAM coordinates the RSC day that the RFEF organizes for the final of the Copa del Rey (21/05/2019)

  • The cantaora Victoria Cava acts this Wednesday in the faculty of Law (21/05/2019)

  • Signed the agreement with ASAJA to reduce the burning of stubble by small farmers and thus improve the environmental quality of the municipality (21/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia will receive funds from the Community to finance programs that promote entrepreneurship (21/05/2019)
    The rector, José Luján, signed on Tuesday the agreement with the Ministry of Employment, Universities, Business and Environment, which will support activities of the UMUE office
  • "The administration must cooperate so that the NGOs develop their work in the best conditions" (21/05/2019)
    The mayoral candidate of Murcia for Podemos-Equo has participated, along with candidates from other formations, in signing the Pact for a public policy of international cooperation for development
  • Councilman Guillén visits the works of seven new shadow areas in children's spaces of the municipality (21/05/2019)

  • Open the registration period for intensive summer language courses at the University of Murcia (21/05/2019)

  • Schools of the Region present in the UMU their projects of recovery of autochthonous varieties of vegetables (20/05/2019)
    The faculty of Veterinary receives since tomorrow the I Scientific School Congress on Agroecology and Food Sustainability
  • The hostelry in Murcia will give a great prize in the Christmas lottery (20/05/2019)
    Hostemur and Loterías El Perolo sign a collaboration for the hoteliers to draw for the Christmas season a cover of ten tenths, an initiative to which the mathematical system of this company from Pinar del Río ensures a great success
  • Pérez: "In the PSOE they do not know how to stop the tram" (20/05/2019)

  • Let's change Murcia proposes new youth centers and healthy leisure in front of the proliferation of betting houses (20/05/2019)
    The formation would initiate a moratorium to prevent the opening of new gaming halls in the municipality
  • More than 1.8 million euros to open new professional opportunities for young and old Murcia (20/05/2019)
    José Ballesta delivers the diplomas of the Mixed Employment and Training programs.
  • The CEUS is already a reality (20/05/2019)

  • The student councils of the UMU and the UPCT ask the parties to commit to lower university fees (20/05/2019)

  • The PSOE demands to know if the 'Tranviembuste' has been paid by the PP to campaign or has been paid by all Murcia and Murcia " The Socialists are wondering if the electoral projects announced by Ballesta have been commissioned and finan (20/05/2019)

  • The results of the research project 'Reset: Mar Menor' of the University of Murcia are exhibited at the Puertas de Castilla (20/05/2019)
    The exhibition 'Lagunas, proyectos y procesos de arte y ciencia en el Mar Menor' can be visited until the 24th of May
  • The capital was flooded again with companies to the race (20/05/2019)
    This Sunday took place the II Race by Equipment of Companies Huertas Motor Audi - The Truth of Murcia, with exit and goal in the Walk of the Malecón
  • Plural Democracy: The difficulties involved in the electoral campaign (19/05/2019)

  • An application created by students for the improvement of air quality gets the 1st City of Murcia Award (19/05/2019)

  • Hundreds of flowers embellish the José Cánovas Ortiz de Beniaján garden (19/05/2019)
    Its roads and crossing areas have also been improved and a new perimeter fence has been installed that delimits the space
  • The second edition of the awards 'City, creativity, culture and entrepreneurship' will also recognize the performing arts projects and musical industries (19/05/2019)
    The economic endowment this year is 20,000 euros, 5,000 euros more than in 2018
  • Probing done by the Spanish Observatory of Demoscopic Studies of the UCAM on regional elections in the Region of Murcia next 26M The possibility of a political party winning an absolute majority in a poll disappeared, but the bipartisanship, at least (18/05/2019)

  • A spectacular mural of magical "realism" stands in the garden of Santa Rosa (18/05/2019)

  • The facade of the Moneo Building will be illuminated purple next Sunday for World Intestinal Inflammatory Disease Day (18/05/2019)
    In Spain more than 300,000 people suffer from this group of diseases, among which are Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Lo Ferro gives color to Murcia night (17/05/2019)
    The International Flamenco Festival of Lo Ferro took another step towards its important fortieth edition, with the presentation of its programming in the city of Murcia.
  • The UMU and the International University of Florida sign a general collaboration protocol (17/05/2019)
    The agreement aims to undertake joint actions in the field of teaching and research
  • More than 2,400 people have already participated in the activities of 'Parks, Music and Action' The program continues until the end of May with more than a hundred activities to enjoy the outdoor gardens (17/05/2019)

  • The 'Route Moon Bike' will make a route of 17 kilometers and will show the garden tied to the hazards (17/05/2019)
    Organized by the Office of the Bicycle, it will leave tomorrow Saturday at 20.30 hours from the Glorieta
  • The University of Murcia and the Association of Young Women of Murcia March 8 sign a voluntary agreement (17/05/2019)

  • The UMU hosts the regional final of Technovation Murcia, in which almost two hundred girls and girls will compete (17/05/2019)
    The participants will present their projects of development of mobile applications to solve problems of their environment
  • The University of Murcia collaborates in the implementation of the education and innovation journal REIF (17/05/2019)
    The project, initiative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CARM, also has the participation of the UPCT
  • 'La placica de los patos' celebrates its fourth edition tomorrow in Vistabella (17/05/2019)
    From 12 a.m. to 22.30 a.m. Murcia will be able to enjoy music, flea markets and food trucks
  • An agreement between the City Council and Asaja will allow small farmers to dispose of a shredder for pruning remains (17/05/2019)
    In this way the climatic impacts produced by the stubble burning are reduced, replacing the current practices with others more sustainable and beneficial for the weather
  • For a lifetime in the service of Murcia (17/05/2019)
    Homage to a hundred municipal employees who retire after a lifetime dedicated to public service.
  • The City Council will direct the urban transformation of the lands liberated by the burial (17/05/2019)

  • Archaeologists will continue to work in the San Esteban field given the importance of the findings so far (17/05/2019)
    An addendum to the agreement between the City Council and the University of Murcia will allow deepening in Precincts I and II and expand the excavation area in the cemetery
  • Ricardo Lozano wins the CreaMurcia de gastronomía with his recipe of michirones, habitas tender and chato murciano (17/05/2019)
    The accésits have fallen to José Fernando Tomás with his Royal de sautido de chato, ravioli de michirones, cooking juice, pickles and mouse blini of sobrasada with cheese, and Alberto Sánchez with his Miss michirones.
  • The transfer of some land in Cañada Hermosa will allow the expansion of the waste treatment center (17/05/2019)
    The three plots of land total a total of 81,100 square meters
  • The City Council allocates more than 300,000 euros to maintain bus lines 30 and 78 (17/05/2019)
    Line 30 joins Zeneta with Murcia while 78 runs through Beniaján with La Arrixaca, Los Garres, Algezares, Santo Ángel and La Alberca
  • Cs sets the basis for an agreement with the Municipal Trade Federation to turn Murcia into the largest open commercial center in Spain (17/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez is committed to point-to-point waste collection and to the implementation of bonuses that reward those who more recycle;
  • Researchers from the University of Murcia go from bars to the Pint of Science (17/05/2019)

  • Serrano presents the first map of free public spaces of the municipality to give an agile response to the request of facilities of the neighbors (17/05/2019)
    The mayoral candidate states that "we are determined to provide the necessary infrastructure to neighborhoods and districts to achieve rebalancing of the municipality "
  • A new contest will recognize the creative talent of young people in the municipality (17/05/2019)

  • An exhibition allows to know the relationship between the periodic table and the animals of the Oceanogràfic of Valencia (17/05/2019)
    The collaboration between the Oceanogràfic of Valencia and the Museum of Science and Water allows you to enjoy the exhibition 'Atoms underwater' until the next September 22
  • Rector Luján congratulates José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, new president of the CRUE (17/05/2019)
    The rector of the UMU highlights "the intense work" carried out by the outgoing president, Roberto Fernández, "in defense of the Spanish university system"
  • Plural Democracy continues its visits to the stores (16/05/2019)

  • Contigo Somos Democracia will give more prominence to the suburbs and the districts of Murcia (16/05/2019)
    The candidate for mayor of Murcia, Francisco Javier Trigueros, announces the main proposals for the city
  • "In high-performance sport it is essential that there are psychological therapies to help the athlete overcome their fears" (16/05/2019)
    María José Tocino Benavente, former weightlifter and European champion, who has been present at the first days of 'Psychology, explained and Profession 'in the Campus of the Jerónimos
  • Cs will modify the ordinance to regulate public spaces and make a Noise Map that reflects the acoustic situation of the municipality (16/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "The Government of José Ballesta has blamed the innkeepers for the noise pollution problem that Murcia suffers, generating uncertainty and legal insecurity "
  • The Cabildo organizes the II cycle of concerts around the mysteries of salvation (16/05/2019)

  • Students of Fine Arts of the UMU will paint rooms of the Arrixaca destined to patients with cancer (16/05/2019)

  • Estrella Levante and Turismo de Murcia Convention Bureau join forces to promote events in the city (16/05/2019)
    The entity supports the work of attracting the Office of Congresses
  • The City Council will modify the limits of bus and tram social bonuses to benefit pensioners and pensioners (16/05/2019)
    The rise in pensions has meant a loss of the right to renew social bonds
  • More than a thousand young people will compete in the Fofó Auditorium for being the best dancers in Spain (16/05/2019)

  • The cultural activities will fill the museums and streets of Murcia tomorrow and Saturday on the occasion of the Day and Night of the Museums (16/05/2019)
    Programming will take place at the Almudí Palace, Ramón Gaya Museum, Science and Water Museum, Espacio Molinos del Río, Museum of the City, Carmen Artistic Laboratory and the San Esteban site
  • New technologies are installed in the Plaza Circular this weekend on the occasion of Internet Day (16/05/2019)

  • Alfonso X Avenue will become the epicenter of chess next Saturday (16/05/2019)
    Throughout the day different activities related to this sport will be developed
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the end of the VI debate league (16/05/2019)

  • The First Meeting of the World Family Observatory concludes with the Papal Audience (15/05/2019)
    During the audience, Pope Francis greeted the representatives of the University Centers and the Institutes of Family Studies from different countries that have debated about relational poverty and economic in the Vatican
  • The University of Murcia against climate change in the marine biodiversity of the Region (15/05/2019)

  • Summary of the electoral program for the Municipality of Murcia de VOX (15/05/2019)

  • Cs bet to convert the Artillery Barracks into the "City of Arts and Sciences of Murcia" (15/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez is in favor of opening the municipal cultural spaces to Murcia to hold meetings, events, and congresses as a tool to give know our heritage
  • The University of Murcia publishes the book 'Learn with Tachín', a manual for teachers and families of schoolchildren with autism (15/05/2019)
    The presentation will be this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the Mariano Baquero room of the Faculty of Letters, in the La Merced campus
  • The University of Murcia hosts an exhibition by the artist Juan Heredia (15/05/2019)
    The exhibition can be visited until May 28 in the general library of the Espinardo Campus
  • The City Council launches a special campaign to fight against the red palm weevil (15/05/2019)
    The works are carried out mainly at night to avoid any problem to the neighbors and the passing of daily traffic
  • Nine chefs compete in the CreaMurcia of gastronomy with a recipe based on michirones (15/05/2019)
    Tomorrow from 17.30 at the Tourist Qualification Center
  • The successful musical 'La Familia Addams' disembarks at the Romea Theater with 16 performances (15/05/2019)
    The show will be seen in Murcia from May 30 to June 10
  • The UMU brings the Refugium project to the Mucho Más Mayo festival (15/05/2019)

  • The PSOE insists that the case of votes in exchange for work in El Raal is the usual way of acting of the PP in its entirety (15/05/2019)
    Susana Hernández assures that, during twenty-four years, the PP has woven a clientele network offering jobs to change of votes and "playing with the bread of families"
  • "Plural Democracy with enterprising women" (15/05/2019)

  • Plural Democracy visits various shops in the southern area of ​​Murcia (15/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia and the Association of Social Graduates of the Region strengthen their relations (15/05/2019)

  • The UMU closes its participation in the University Spanish Championships with an unprecedented success (15/05/2019)

  • The Silk Garden will host games, workshops and activities on Sunday to celebrate Family Day with a festive day of play (15/05/2019)

  • A vertical dance show on the facade of the Moneo to raise awareness among Murcians about recycling (15/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia and the company VillaPharma strengthen collaboration ties (15/05/2019)

  • The City Council doubles the number of educational centers participating in the'Mi Cole Saves with Energy' project (15/05/2019)

  • Mario Gómez: "The thing about El Raal is not an isolated case" The spokesman for Cs believes that the scandal carried out by the PP president in this district is another example of how to make popular politics (14/05/2019)

  • José Antonio Álvarez: "The PP only has the clientelism and the purchase of votes" (14/05/2019)

  • On June 9, popular appointment in Lobosillo (14/05/2019)
    The Festival Commission of Lobosillo, in collaboration with the Department of Sports of the Hon.
  • The Spanish Observatory of Demoscopic Studies of the UCAM will publish a survey of the regional elections (14/05/2019)

  • The Municipal Executive of the PSOE criticizes the statements of the representative of the PP of El Raal, revealing that the client network of the party is still valid (14/05/2019)

  • Podemos-Equo: "The Partido Popular clientelar network continues to operate 24 years later" (14/05/2019)

  • Paloma Sobrado, Longinos Marín and Pedro Miguel Ruiz take office as Vice Chancellors of the University of Murcia (14/05/2019)

  • MERCAMURCIA, host of the meeting of the managers of the Mercas Network (14/05/2019)

  • Parks and Gardens reviews the 15 calisthenic zones of Murcia and its districts (14/05/2019)
    Among the places where you can practice this sport discipline are Torreagüera, Casillas, Los Dolores or El Malecón, among others
  • The UCAM will participate in the Night of the Museums of Cartagena with its Dance Company and the exhibition of the Centenary of the Ephesus (14/05/2019)

  • They manage to eliminate up to 90% of persistent drugs in sewage treatment plants (14/05/2019)
    European research led by the UCAM
  • JA Álvarez: "We will demand the opening of the health centers in the afternoons, with pediatric emergencies, in all the neighborhoods and districts" (14/05/2019)

  • Cs will launch "En Compañía", a municipal plan to combat the loneliness of older people (14/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "The elderly will have the prominence they deserve, we are in debt to them for everything they have given us and it is our must attend to them and guarantee a good quality of life "
  • Murcia becomes the national capital of American football on May 25 (14/05/2019)
    The city will host for the first time the Spanish Bowl and the Woman Spanish Bowl
  • Serrano chooses the bus station of San Andrés to open a large space of creative and artistic activity (14/05/2019)
    The mayoral candidate has presented today La Estación Cultural, a large San Andrés space but for the entire municipality that intends to reactivate the neighborhood
  • The municipal spaces host more than 60 activities to celebrate the Day and Night of the Museums (14/05/2019)
    The Artistic Laboratory of Carmen is included in this year's program
  • The University of Murcia addresses in a few days the labor reforms at the end of the legislature (14/05/2019)
    On May 15 and 16 will address aspects related to equal treatment between women and men, as well as the fight against job insecurity
  • The artist Soledad Sevilla exhibits at the University of Murcia (14/05/2019)
    The installation 'The shape of the stars' can be visited from May 15 to September 13 in the room The Chapel, located in the Convalescence building
  • Fernando López Miras attends the farewell Eucharist of the Virgen de la Fuensanta (14/05/2019)

  • Democracy Plural Murcia, has presented tonight the electoral program to the City of Murcia (13/05/2019)

  • Cs requires José Ballesta not to approve any agreement with the UCAM CF until the new municipal Corporation is constituted (13/05/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "The most prudent thing is to leave it on the table so that the new local government will convene a meeting and reach the best possible agreement based on consensus and dialogue "
  • Pérez accuses the PSOE of leaving the National Police and the Civil Guard to leave to their fate (13/05/2019)

  • A delegation from the Hunan Normal University of China visits the University of Murcia (13/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia opens its doors this week to 52 workers from 44 universities around the world (13/05/2019)
    Throughout the 'Erasmus Staff Training Week' that begins today the participants will know the operation of the UMU and can attend courses of Spanish
  • "With this program we will reduce inequality and build an equitable and just municipality for all Murcia and Murcia" (13/05/2019)

  • The PSOE accuses Ballesta of being irresponsible when leaving the Local Police squad "in the bones" (13/05/2019)
    Susana Hernández remembers that since 2009, troops have been lost without new agents being incorporated "due to the pasotism of a PP that cares good little the security of the municipality "
  • PLURAL DEMOCRACY visits shops in Ronda Sur (13/05/2019)

  • Change Murcia proposes that in four years 70% of public buildings are energy self-sufficient (13/05/2019)

  • The Firemen and Local Police Quality Tables are constituted (13/05/2019)
    Councilwoman Lola Sánchez has chaired the first meeting
  • VI Road Safety Conference UCAM (13/05/2019)
    "We should not treat speed as a concurrent factor in accidents such as the A-30"
  • The logo of the Asisa Foundation Chair in Health Communication of the University of Murcia has been chosen (13/05/2019)
    The contest has been won by Gastón Emmanuel Traversi, Argentine graphic designer who develops his professional work in Alicante
  • Azul en Acción achieves the literacy of 50 women and provides school supplies to 600 children from rural communities in Morocco (13/05/2019)
    In its last international cooperation project developed last month, with the collaboration of the Murcia City Council
  • The first race for the Vía Verde will be held next Saturday (13/05/2019)
    More than 300 people will take part in the benefit of Cáritas Torreagüera
  • The City Council offers young people almost a hundred places in twelve different destinations for a different summer (13/05/2019)

  • Podemos Equo: "Wanting to Murcia is respecting its history and taking care with honors what our ancestors left us" (12/05/2019)

  • José Ballesta: "Our brilliant history has shaped us an identity that we Murcia are proud of" (12/05/2019)

  • The City Council is requesting a subsidy to hire 5 unemployed people who work in the renovation of different green areas (12/05/2019)
    The project includes the refurbishment of the Science Garden, gardens of Barrio del Carmen and Barrio del Infante, garden of Juan Ramón Jiménez avenue , Future Young Garden of Espinardo and garden of San Javier Avenue in Torreagüera
  • Podemos Equo: "It is incomprehensible that this City Council does not have among its priorities the fight against poverty" (11/05/2019)

  • The neighborhood of Los Rosales in El Palmar hosts 'La fuente de las culturas' This activity, which has celebrated its tenth edition this morning, seeks to promote multicultural coexistence (11/05/2019)

  • The asphalting works on Carrer Carlos III force to divert traffic in the vicinity of Alfonso X Avenue next Wednesday (11/05/2019)

  • They crush the pruning remains of the Floridablanca garden to incorporate them to the soil respecting the 'green cycle' of nature (11/05/2019)
    Parks and Gardens also works on the recovery of the central path source
  • Great success of the UCAM in the Spanish University Championship of table tennis and guidance (10/05/2019)
    The university expedition has achieved four golds and one silver in table tennis, and seven golds, four silvers and a bronze in orientation
  • "From For a Fairer World (M + J) we demand a reform of the local government, where the citizen is the real protagonist" (10/05/2019)
    Miguel Ángel Hernández, candidate for mayor of Murcia by M + J
  • Change Murcia challenges the other formations with representation to a debate among the candidates for mayor (10/05/2019)
    Sergio Ramos, head of the municipal training list, has denounced that the two meetings that have taken place so far have not attended the heads of list of PSOE, PP and Citizens
  • Cs will establish a Universal Accessibility Commission to eliminate the barriers that limit the autonomy and well-being of people (10/05/2019)
    Number 2 of the municipal candidacy Paqui Pérez claims as a requirement and priority condition of municipal management the universal and effective accessibility in the Municipality of Murcia
  • Seven students of the UMU participate in Turkey in a project on refugee childhood (10/05/2019)

  • 16,000 people benefited last year from the social water tariff (10/05/2019)

  • The City Council closes 2018 with a budget surplus of 19.8 million euros (10/05/2019)
    This is reflected in the liquidation of the consolidated budget approved today by the Governing Board, which places a treasury surplus of 386,000 euros
  • The best business projects will receive 60,000 euros in prizes (10/05/2019)
    The Department of Economic Promotion, Culture and European Programs announces the XXVII edition of this contest that seeks to help Murcian entrepreneurs in their search for opportunities and business ideas that favor the creation of companies
  • The City Council presents the Tranvibus project to the call for FEDER funds (10/05/2019)

  • Paloma Sobrado assumes the competences of the Vice-rectorate of Students of the University of Murcia (10/05/2019)
    Longinos Marín, delegate for the rector of Social Responsibility and Transparency;
  • Serrano: "We will give Murcia its own fairgrounds in the seventh municipality of Spain" (10/05/2019)
    The socialist candidate presents the MÁS FICA project, which combines facilities for events with large green areas and vegetable gardens
  • The University of Murcia organizes the II Spanish University Weightlifting Championship (10/05/2019)

  • Pablo Blesa, Vice Chancellor of the UCAM, distinguished by NATO (09/05/2019)

  • Party and culture take the streets and squares of Vistabella (09/05/2019)

  • Navarro: "Huermur is still determined to confuse Murcia" (09/05/2019)

  • Huermur denounces the collapse of part of the Real Fábrica de la Pólvora (09/05/2019)
    The association denounces before the City of Murcia and the Ministry of Culture the fall of part of the roof and the roof of the cataloged and protected property, which is located on the street Asciclo Díaz in the heart of the city of Murcia
  • The councilman supervises the actions of the'Ivy Plan' (09/05/2019)

  • A 'Job Briefing' from the COIE of the University of Murcia attracts a score of companies in Molina de Segura (09/05/2019)

  • Corresponsables takes stock in the UMU of the Sustainable Development Goals with the presentation of the Yearbook 2019 (09/05/2019)

  • Students of the UMU reach the semifinals in an international competition of Law of the European Union (09/05/2019)

  • Murcia will recognize next Sunday the work of Mari Trini, Los Parrandboleros, the Arrixaca transplant unit and the Virgen de la Vega group (09/05/2019)
    The City Council delivers its honors and honors at an event held at the Almudí Palace
  • ... (08/05/2019)

  • Murcia will be a hotbed of cultural activities in the next four days (08/05/2019)
    Different points of the city will host 'Murcia moves', the Festival Murcia Tres Culturas, 'Pianos on the street', Naukas and the awarding of honors and honors from the City Council
  • ... (08/05/2019)

  • Change Murcia bets for a "brave" local government that defends diversity in the face of "hate speech" (08/05/2019)
    The municipal formation proposes an agreement with the collectives of the municipality for the celebration of the LGTBI Pride
  • Eight teachers from the University of Murcia take possession of their tenured professor (08/05/2019)

  • Inclusive education and the educational model of cooperatives are the protagonists of Thursday's session in ODDS (08/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates a conference dedicated to the transnational vision of criminal law (08/05/2019)
    The opening session will be this Thursday, May 9, at 9.30 am in the law room of the Faculty of Law
  • 'Pianos en la calle' celebrates its fourth edition with more than 600 musicians playing in six spaces of Murcia (08/05/2019)
    The main novelty of this year is an original musical concert in which 43 professors of the Conservatory of Music of Murcia, will interpret 840 times 'Vexations' by Erik Satie
  • One thousand students and three hundred researchers from the UCAM have participated in European projects (08/05/2019)
    May 9, Europe Day
  • The labor market leads a political debate at the University of Murcia (08/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia presents a program of activities to commemorate the International Day of the Museums (08/05/2019)
    'Nights at the Museum' will run from May 14 to 17 in different locations of the University of Murcia
  • UCAM Communication Students collaborate with the Submarine Flotilla in the'Cartago' exercise (08/05/2019)
    The simulation will take place at the Submarine Base of Cartagena on May 21 and 22, where 50 students from the three grades of the School of Communication
  • Murcia will have a Tree Management Plan that will improve the protection of green spaces (08/05/2019)

  • Music and solidarity for the benefit of Belarusian families (08/05/2019)
    The Conservatory of Music offers a concert on Tuesday, May 21, at the Teatro Circo, with the collaboration of the City Council of Murcia
  • A "Doctor" in Law ten years after his death (07/05/2019)
    Zapatero presents at the UMU a book on legality, legitimacy and Historical Memory that was to be the thesis of Antonio López Martínez
  • Mario Gómez: "This team represents integration, preparation and experience" The orange team presented its candidacy for the local elections on May 26 at the Glorieta de España this morning (07/05/2019)

  • Intercultural education stars in the day of this Wednesday of the ODSesiones project of the UMU (07/05/2019)

  • Serrano proposes a sustainable business park in Barriomar as the new economic engine of the municipality (07/05/2019)

  • José Luis Abajo, Olympic fencing medalist, offers a talk at the University of Murcia (07/05/2019)
    The presentation is part of the meeting 'DANUM: Citius, Altius, Fortius' that will take place this Wednesday at the University Social Center from the 11.30 hours
  • The University of Murcia organizes a Book Fair at the University Social Center on Wednesday (07/05/2019)
    The money collected from the sale of books will go to an animal shelter. Those who come will also be able to take volumes that they will find hidden in the corners of the Center. Social
  • Completion of the demolition of the pavement of a section of 2,800 m2 of Alfonso X (07/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia presents the XXI edition of the 'Murciano Book of the year 2018' prize (07/05/2019)

  • The congress 'Más allá' delivers 3,500 euros to the Murcian Association of Childhood Dysphagia and Gastric Button (07/05/2019)
    The VI edition of this non-profit event was held last March at the Teatro Circo
  • UCAM FP and the companies of the Region come together to promote Dual Vocational Training (07/05/2019)
    The Higher Institute of Vocational Training San Antonio celebrated this day yesterday, attended by close to 100 business representatives, in which the training provided and Dual FP, as well as its international projection
  • Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia celebrates its fourth night in white (07/05/2019)
    The event will keep the participants "on their feet" throughout the night of Wednesday between talks, debates, acoustic concerts, cinephórum, music and series
  • The UMU exhibits a sample of four artists to address coexistence as a unifying element of society (07/05/2019)
    The exhibition has been curated by students of the Master's Degree in Research and Management of the Historical-Artistic and Cultural Heritage of the UMU
  • The University of Murcia receives more than 3.5 million for research in the calls of the Ministry of Science (07/05/2019)
    63.67% of the subsidies received by the institutions of the Region of Murcia in the programs' Generation of Knowledge 'and' Challenges of the investigation 'are for the UMU
  • 26 companies choose to carry out the integral renovation works of the Antonete Gálvez square in Torreagüera (07/05/2019)
    The Contracting Committee has also studied the dossiers of the 24-hour study room in Zeneta, the Espinardo senior center and the soccer of Churra
  • Two schools of the municipality participate in a European project to develop educational methodology that promotes gender equality (07/05/2019)
    It is aimed at children between 3 and 6 years old
  • This Friday, the hammer is cited with the technification in Monte Romero (07/05/2019)
    The athletics track of the University Campus will host, in the evening, a new Sports Technification Plan of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • The proclamation of José Ramón García Andreu opens the parties of Vistabella on Thursday (07/05/2019)
    Until the 19th there will be popular acts, among which cultural activities and aimed at children predominate
  • The façade of the Moneo Building will light up red in the morning for the Heart Failure Week (06/05/2019)
    Heart failure affects 14 million people throughout Europe.
  • Rebeca Pérez claims the PSOE 'fewer photos in La Paz and more solutions' The Popular Councilor demands that the Government Delegation give a definitive solution to the serious problem of illegal connections in the neighborhood, which causes c (06/05/2019)

  • The UMU obtains the approval of the ANECA for the masters in Dependency and Applied Optometry (06/05/2019)
    The Agency also renews the curricula of the Master in Gender and Equality and of the Master's Degree in Teacher Training
  • Pérez: "You just have to talk to the Murcians to assert that our municipality has improved exponentially in these four years" (06/05/2019)

  • The PSOE dismisses the mandate 2015-2019 "with the satisfaction of a job well done and having managed to remove from the immobilism Murcia City Council" (06/05/2019)

  • The Plenary assures the financing of the entire burial project and gives the green light to award the stretch to Nonduermas (06/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the third anniversary of the SDGs and the future of the 2030 Agenda (06/05/2019)

  • Seven musical and theatrical performances of the 'Nosotras a escena' series will be held during the month of May (06/05/2019)
    This initiative seeks to promote a balanced presence in artistic and cultural productions of women and men
  • José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero participates in the presentation of a book on historical memory at the UMU (06/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia exhibits a tribute to Ángel Hernansáez (06/05/2019)

  • The University of Murcia receives the visit of a delegation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University of China (06/05/2019)

  • More than 300 runners will participate in the II solidary race of the NGO Cirugía Solidaria (06/05/2019)
    This solidary sports event will be held next Sunday May 12 in a tour of the urban center
  • CONTIGO presents the candidacy of F.º Javier Trigueros Cano to the mayor's office in Murcia (05/05/2019)
    "True commitment with the people, the city and its districts"
  • The circuit "Ponle Freno" returns to mobilize the capital (05/05/2019)
    José Antonio Alcaraz took the men's triumph again in the 10km.
  • Parks and Gardens intensifies its fight against the weevil (05/05/2019)

  • The Santa Cruz sports center will have better facilities (05/05/2019)
    The indoor soccer court will be completely paved and the level of the entrance of the enclosure will be equalized
  • PSOE candidacy presentation to the City of Murcia (04/05/2019)

  • We are Murcia, Somos Región presents its candidacy for the municipal elections of May 26 (04/05/2019)

  • Can-Equo candidacy presentation for Murcia City Council (04/05/2019)
    "Our star project is Murcia and the people of Murcia"
  • The Secretary of State of the Vatican receives the president of the UCAM in a private audience (04/05/2019)
    José Luis Mendoza has presented the status of the projects that the University is carrying out together with the Holy See
  • The Palm Grove of Santiago and Zaraiche carries out the method of traditional irrigation (04/05/2019)
    This system bets for the traditions and the most Murcian culture in its more than 9000 square meters
  • Ukraine: first guest country in Mixtura, the international street market in the neighborhood of El Carmen (04/05/2019)
    Crafts, gastronomy, workshops and performances will gather hundreds of people to share and learn about different traditions and international cultures in the streets of Santa Úrsula and Álvarez Quintero
  • Lighting and Spanish song night to start the festivities in La Fama (03/05/2019)
    Start tomorrow and continue until Friday
  • ODSesiones dedicates its day of Monday to innovative experiences to improve the relationship between families and schools (03/05/2019)
    A round table will present success stories in different educational levels from 17.00 in the room of degrees of the Faculty of Education
  • The Count of Floridablanca's monument will recover its splendor thanks to a project of integral restoration (03/05/2019)
    The Governing Board approves the works that will also be developed in the basement, pedestal and shaft of the column
  • The UMU celebrates the seminar'Archaeology of Andalusian suburbs', centered on the San Esteban field (03/05/2019)

  • Cooperation projects aimed at the Sustainable Development Goals will have priority to access aid (03/05/2019)

  • Cs is committed to the enhancement of the Verónicas market and its environment to preserve it and boost its commercial and economic activity (03/05/2019)

  • On Sunday 12, a new appointment with the NGO Solidarity Surgery (03/05/2019)
    The Plaza de la Cruz Roja will welcome the start and finish of the II Carrera y Marcha NGO Solidarity Surgery, starting at 9:30 am
  • Jesús García Pallarés, elected new dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Murcia (03/05/2019)

  • PLURAL DEMOCRACY demands the opening to the public during the 24 hours of the day of the Civil Guard Post in Cabezo de Torre (03/05/2019)

  • Arepas, ceviche, empanadas criollas or paparajotes will be able to taste this weekend in Mixtura (03/05/2019)

  • The UCAM commemorates the International Day of Dance (02/05/2019)

  • Fourteen companies are interested in the project to build a skate zone in Algezares (02/05/2019)
    The Contracting Committee has also studied the files of the Corvera fairgrounds and the reform of the ground floor of the Cabezo de Torres social center for the elderly
  • Daniel Kaufmann says in his visit to the UMU that transparency is the best way to fight corruption (02/05/2019)

  • The Belluga square will host two outdoor dance shows tomorrow (02/05/2019)
    Students of Professional Teaching and Elementary Education at the Conservatory of Dance will offer these exhibitions at 10 am and 4 pm
  • 20 years of the 'Three Cultures' (02/05/2019)

  • Parks and Gardens maintains the 'green cycle' using crushed pruning in the municipality (02/05/2019)

  • A student from Murcia will represent Spain in the International Physics Olympiad (02/05/2019)
    José Miguel Reinaldos, winner of a gold medal in the Spanish Physics Olympiad, will be part of the team that will represent Spain in the International Physics Olympiad
  • ... (02/05/2019)

  • More than 600 swimmers will participate this weekend in the XXXVII Fuensanta Trophy (02/05/2019)
    It will be held in the swimming pool of the Inacua sports center
  • The Networks Program fills up again on weekends with new activities for young people in the municipality (02/05/2019)

  • 180 participants of groups 4/40 walk for health next Saturday along the Paths of Hope (02/05/2019)
    This VII Meeting will travel a 6-kilometer route through Calasparra to enjoy the riverside forest, rice fields and the surroundings of the Sanctuary of Hope
  • The Municipal Archive launches a more agile, more accessible website with more digitized funds (01/05/2019)
    209 brochures of the festivities of Murcia, 50,000 digital objects and 100,000 images are incorporated into the web
  • The City Council carries out the cleaning of the main lakes of Murcia (01/05/2019)
    The fundamental objective of these crash cleaning is to guarantee the safety of the neighbors and their comfort by improving their quality of life, eliminating bad odors, as well as avoiding diseases or possible bacterial outbreaks

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