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Murcia News - December 2017

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  • Santa Cruz offers the youngest children a new playground area (31/12/2017)

  • Completion of the renovation work on the avenue of Europe (30/12/2017)
    In addition to planting different species in the flowerpots, shadowing pergolas have been installed on the benches and in the children's area
  • 40 students of the Higher Degree of Infant Educator of the Juan Carlos I institute will be able to carry out their practices in the infantile schools (30/12/2017)
    The Municipal Service of Infantile Schools currently has seven centers, in the neighborhood of La Paz, Algezares, Beniaján, La Alberca, El Palmar, Santiago el Mayor and Sangonera la Verde, with more than 500 children from 0 to 3 years old
  • Change Murcia will request a meeting with the workers of the Ramón Gaya Museum in an urgent plenary session of the Board (29/12/2017)

  • The new public lighting contract will include measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce light pollution (29/12/2017)
    The specifications also include as new features the electrical maintenance of buildings and municipal buildings and public schools and greater specialization in the maintenance of ornamental lighting
  • 225 streets and roads of all districts of the municipality will be renovated at the beginning of the year (29/12/2017)
    The total length to be asphalted amounts to 43,343 linear kilometers
  • 150 volunteers receive training to prevent school failure of children with low academic performance (29/12/2017)
    Social Rights will provide technical support for this service, which benefit about 170 students who are in situations of vulnerability or social exclusion
  • The agreement between the City Council and the Bishopric will allow the complete renovation of the viewpoint, platform and staircases of the Sanctuary of La Fuensanta (29/12/2017)
    The works, which will be executed thanks to a grant of more than 36,000 euros, will be developed in a plot located on the hillside of Fuensanta, next to the sanctuary and the so-called Casa de los Canónigos
  • The youngest children learn to make Christmas decorations with recycled textiles thanks to Proyecto Abraham (29/12/2017)
    This activity, which takes place in the large Christmas tree in the Plaza Circular, will be done again on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of January
  • A guide gathers more than twenty routes through the region of the huerta of Murcia (29/12/2017)
    The book, by mountaineer Ángel Ortiz, seeks to highlight the need to preserve this natural environment
  • The PSOE criticizes the "botched" of the Government Team by imposing the candidates for Local Police that are higher and have the A card. Larrosa shows his perplexity with the change of the bases of the oppositions, which will lead to " (29/12/2017)

  • Increase in donations made by the UMU staff to the Jesús Abandonado Foundation (29/12/2017)

  • Fomento conditions 13 roads that improve the communications of 66,000 inhabitants of districts of Murcia (29/12/2017)
    More than 600,000 euros have been invested in the repair and improvement of the roads that connect 16 population centers
  • UMU awards contract for university gymnasium equipment (29/12/2017)

  • Martínez-Oliva reiterates that 'the problem of the lighting contract is technical, not political' (28/12/2017)
    'The opposition groups can not ask me to sign a file with the reports against the legal and contracting services'
  • Change Murcia and now Murcia will see if the "political love" in First Dates (28/12/2017)

  • 20,000 young people will participate in 400 activities sponsored by the City Council (28/12/2017)
    The call for aid from the Department of Youth and Development Cooperation benefits 73 associations this year
  • The Bernal Theater will offer more than 30 shows from February to June next year (28/12/2017)
    Of all of them, 23 belong to Murcian companies, which represents 74% of the total
  • The City of Murcia allocates more than one million euros for the expansion of the elderly centers of Espinardo and San Miguel (28/12/2017)
    The new premises will allow to expand the existing space for the meeting of the elderly and the realization of activities throughout the year
  • "The opinion of the Legal Council on the workers of the Ramón Gaya Museum endorses what the Government Team has been defending from the beginning" (28/12/2017)

  • Cs requires the urgent convocation of an extraordinary meeting of the Ramón Gaya Patronato to address the opinion of the Legal Council (28/12/2017)

  • The UMU publishes the Erasmus + International Mobility call (28/12/2017)
    It will be possible to do training stays in fifteen non-European countries
  • UMU awards in 1.4 million euros the rehabilitation works of the Medicine building (28/12/2017)

  • The PSOE demands the urgent convocation of a Plenary so that the workers of the Ramón Gaya Museum can collect as soon as possible (28/12/2017)
    García Retegui understands the "jerk of ears" of the Legal Council to the City Council, since, "to act with greater courage would not have produced this grotesque situation "
  • UMU calls for access tests for people over 25 and 45 (28/12/2017)

  • Action, theater and pyrotechnics for the New Year's Surprise (27/12/2017)

  • The Big Christmas Tree of the Circular Plaza says goodbye to the year with a wide program of activities (27/12/2017)
    On the New Year's Eve, 2,000 containers will be distributed with lucky grapes
  • Ruiz: "It will not cost the City Council one euro to return the payroll owed to the workers of the previous Home Help Company" (27/12/2017)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The municipal technicians ratify the reports that consider that it is not feasible to include the subrogation clause of the workers of the current public lighting company" (27/12/2017)

  • UMU calls for competition for surveillance services, with 1.9 million euros of budget (27/12/2017)

  • Change Murcia complaint that the irresponsibility of the PP to extend the contract with Ayudemur cost the City millionaire amounts (27/12/2017)

  • More than 5,000 people have participated in the awareness and environmental information activities of the City of Murcia in 2017 (27/12/2017)
    1,054 people have attended the Environmental Information Point in Majal Blanco, 2,524 in La Contraparada and 33 activities have been carried out, such as itineraries, workshops or seminars among others
  • Approved the construction project of a surface deterrent parking in Ronda Norte (27/12/2017)
    It will allow to offer almost 80 new spaces in an approximate area of ​​170 square meters
  • The PSOE puts on the table a possible solution based on a technical report to subrogate the workers of the public lighting (27/12/2017)
    Peñaranda affirms that "we are walking through a minefield, when a conflict does not break out with the employees of Home Help, is with the Gaya or Statistics while the PP does not know how to find a dignified, legal and just solution "
  • The City Council subsidizes the renovation of desks in a school in Bolivia with 1,200 students (27/12/2017)
    The cooperation project is promoted by the NGO 'Solidarity, Education, Development', with the local collaboration of the Marist Brothers
  • SEMAS serves seven people on Christmas night (26/12/2017)

  • The Contracting Committee proposes the awarding of works for the renovation of streets and roads in districts (26/12/2017)
    The amount of the award implies a reduction of 45.44% with respect to the tender price
  • More than a thousand students from 16 public centers of the municipality participate in 28 Christmas Schools in neighborhoods and districts (26/12/2017)

  • The Circus Theater shows scenic materials from the César Oliva Fund (26/12/2017)
    The exhibition can be visited until January 27
  • The UCAM, among the universities with the greatest scientific impact in 2017 (26/12/2017)

  • The PSOE asks Ballesta if in addition to putting himself in the photo of the airport with Rajoy will fulfill the promises to the neighbors of the area (26/12/2017)

  • The cordial murcianos star in the first coupon of the ONCE 2018 (26/12/2017)
    Five and a half million coupons will spread throughout Spain this typical sweet
  • UMU doctoral thesis highlights the therapeutic value of dance (26/12/2017)

  • The City Council supports the Bells of Auroros to preserve its centennial historical and cultural heritage (26/12/2017)

  • The UCAM Racing Team, the Murcian team that has participated the most in the Shell Eco Marathon Europe (26/12/2017)
    Has been selected for the seventh time to participate in this world's most important international event in the design of eco-friendly and low-energy cars
  • Development Cooperation contributes more than 10,000 euros for the strengthening of education in Rwanda (25/12/2017)
    The number of direct beneficiaries covered by the project is 650 people (364 women and 286 men), with the number of indirect beneficiaries reaching 16,750 people
  • The City Council regenerates the paths of the Silk Garden (25/12/2017)
    This is intended to improve the quality of the lodge placed and return the uniformity to the different places of transit
  • Murcia City Council will work one more year with ADESGA for the maintenance of the municipal farms of Garruchal (25/12/2017)
    The Association of Neighbors for Sustainable Development will manage the farms 'Los Ginovinos' and 'Los Porches' through a program of custody of the territory
  • 60,000 flowers will fill the streets of Murcia on the occasion of the winter campaign (24/12/2017)
    Cyclamen, poinsettias or brassicas, among many others, will decorate gardens and parterres of the urban area and districts
  • More than 50 young people request help from the newly inaugurated Academic-Labor Orientation Service (24/12/2017)
    The attention received by young people who come to receive advice is personalized and lasts between 40 and 60 minutes
  • Sympathetic animal looks for family (23/12/2017)

  • The renovation works of three green areas in Beniaján, Monteagudo and Cobatillas have been awarded The Department of Modernization of Administration, Urban Quality and Participation will invest more than 195,000 euros in these works that will begin i (23/12/2017)

  • Gastronomy and solidarity will be unite next Tuesday in the Plaza del Romea (23/12/2017)
    Around 2,500 people will be able to enjoy the I Cocido Solidario whose proceeds will go to the Red Cross
  • The Messiah of Händel and popular Christmas carols, protagonists of the Christmas Concert of the UCAM (23/12/2017)
    On the occasion of the beginning of Christmas, the Symphony Orchestra of the Catholic University and the Choral Discantus offered a Christmas concert at the Cathedral last night
  • The PSOE demands that the Hiring Surveillance Commission review the awarding of the La Glorieta parking lot for "serious deficiencies" (22/12/2017)
    The Municipal Group denounces "the negligence" of the Ballesta Government in the management of public concessions and criticizes that the parking lot in front of the City Hall "brings a bad image of the city"
  • The wealth of the multicultural Murcia (22/12/2017)
    The representatives of the immigrant associations resident in the municipality take the floor in the Plenary Hall, on the occasion of the International Migrants Day
  • The construction of the first phase of pedestrianization of Alfonso X Avenue will begin next January (22/12/2017)
    The project comprises from Plaza Santo Domingo to Avenida Jaime I with a surface area of ​​7,600 square meters for pedestrians.
  • The San Esteban garden that will serve as protection cover for the deposit will have a wooded surface, at least 80% of the space (22/12/2017)

  • The Governing Board has approved the creation of the complaints and suggestions office (22/12/2017)
    This new service, which will be operational at the beginning of the year, will be responsible for processing, managing and evaluating the requests and claims of Murcia
  • A municipal subsidy will allow the hiring of 50 unemployed and the conversion of 23 temporary contracts to permanent (22/12/2017)
    The Governing Board has approved the resolution of the call for these grants exceeding 413,000 euros
  • The XI edition of Microsonidos will offer 40 concerts of national and international pop and rock from January to March (22/12/2017)
    The cycle will be held in different rooms in Murcia
  • The UMU congratulates Christmas and next year with the members of the Plenary of the Social Council (22/12/2017)
    The plenary session of the Social Council of the University of Murcia stars in the 2017 Christmas card of the UMU
  • The UCAM and the PRACTICUM Foundation will develop a Chair in the field of advanced medical education (22/12/2017)
    Both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement
  • The University of Murcia appoints six new professors and nine full professors (22/12/2017)
    A resolution has just appeared in the BOE to appoint six new professors and nine professors at the University of Murcia
  • "The match will be very demanding in terms of concentration" (22/12/2017)
    Ibon Navarro has warned about the danger of the staff of Tecnyconta Zaragoza
  • MAD Lions EC and UCAM sign the first agreement between an eSports club and a university (21/12/2017)
    Student practices, scholarships for players and research are the three pillars of the agreement
  • Murcia now calls for an official review of the agreements of the Nueva Condomina agreement "that have led us to the current disastrous situation" (21/12/2017)
    - The Popular Party has not succeeded in the Plenary Session of the City Council of Murcia held today to take forward a new proposal of the Nueva Condomina Agreement, after the one approved a year ago and now Murcia took to the Prosecutor's Offic
  • The Plenary approves the motion of the opposition that calls for the incorporation of Statistical workers (21/12/2017)

  • The City of Murcia will offer 21 homes for rent for young people of the municipality at a maximum price of 200 euros (21/12/2017)
    The project, promoted by the Department of Education, Relations with Universities and Heritage, has received the unanimous support of the Plenary Session of the City Council and contemplates a maximum rental of 3 years
  • Students of the UMU win the first phase of the Ericsson Innovation Awards (21/12/2017)

  • Tram of Murcia modifies the schedules on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (21/12/2017)

  • Approved the ordinance of fords that eliminates the bond 'sine die' (21/12/2017)
    The municipal Plenary has given the approval to the new norm that modernizes and will offer, in addition, a greater agility in the procedures
  • Gospel and opera will be the protagonists tomorrow and Saturday at the Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Plaza (21/12/2017)

  • Murcia will host tomorrow his first ride on the river with the arrival of Santa Claus (21/12/2017)
    Previously, at 6 pm, an original show will be held at the Plaza de la Cruz Roja
  • Experts from the University of Murcia analyze lesions by administering local anesthetics in rabbits with useful results in humans (21/12/2017)

  • PREVIA 17th LNFS Match - Vital victory against a direct rival (21/12/2017)
    Osasuna Magna vs ElPozo Murcia FS
  • The PSOE takes forward motions to expand the Párraga school, improve the municipal housing service and prepare the ravine of El Valle (21/12/2017)
    The Municipal Group obtains the unanimity of the Plenary Session of the City Council in the first two proposals, presented together with Cambiemos Murcia, and in which the Councilor Begoña García Retegui raises
  • The UMU distributes more than 100,000 euros among talented students (21/12/2017)

  • Students of the UMU collaborate with various NGOs in the call for development cooperation projects (21/12/2017)
    Study the Master in Economic Development and International Cooperation
  • UMU creates the specialty of Gender Equality in the Technical Diploma Scale (21/12/2017)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) has approved the creation of the specialty of Gender Equality in the Technical Diploma Scale
  • The Special Committee on Strategies for Social Recovery, Integration and Citizen Participation unanimously supports the reform of the regulations governing municipal boards (20/12/2017)

  • Students of the Orquestales Workshops of the UCAM delight with their Christmas music (20/12/2017)
    These Primary students from different schools of the Region starred yesterday, a concert of Christmas Carols in the Convent of Las Anas, in Murcia
  • The ElPozo Murcia FS squad celebrate the Christmas meal focused on winning Osasuna Magna (20/12/2017)

  • Now Murcia denounces that "the provision to the municipality of sufficient health resources would prevent the collapses" (20/12/2017)

  • Recycle for cleaner air (20/12/2017)

  • The new municipal study hall of Los Dolores opens today and will be open 24 hours (20/12/2017)

  • The opposition demands with urgency a unique criterion of the City Council before the repeated illegal transfers of workers (20/12/2017)
    The four groups, which have accompanied the dismissed workers of the Statistics Service today, demand that the situations of illegality and the places are urgently called
  • Susana Hernandez chairs the new commission that will review the regulations for citizen participation in the municipality (20/12/2017)
    The PSOE stresses the need to "listen and take into account" the citizens and advocates as a priority for being able to take forward a norm that is shared and agreed upon
  • The ice rink of the Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Plaza extends its schedule until 9:30 p.m. In addition, an extensive program of activities has been developed in the same as workshops for ice skating and ice hockey (20/12/2017)

  • Promotion starts the works to improve road safety on the Patiño road in Murcia (20/12/2017)

  • More than a dozen groups will participate in the Encuentro de Cuadrillas and Peñas Huertanas that will tour the streets of the urban area next Saturday (20/12/2017)
    In addition, from November 26 to 30, a large Living Huertano Nativity will be installed in the Glorieta de España
  • Change Murcia considers a reform of the regulation that governs the municipal councils a priority (20/12/2017)
    And proposes a broad participatory process
  • More than 500 local police of the Region carry out practices in the Murcia shooting gallery (20/12/2017)
    Thanks to an agreement between the City Council and the Autonomous Community
  • The UMU will lead the academic area of ​​the Observatory of Islamophobia in the media (20/12/2017)

  • Cs will ask in the Plenary the expansion of the number of parking spaces for motorcycles (20/12/2017)

  • The general register and the single window of the Town Hall change of schedule for Christmas (20/12/2017)
    Until January 31
  • I 3x3 Miguelín Tournament (20/12/2017)
    Sign up with your friends at the Ix3 Miguelín soccer tournament at the State La Flota center on December 27
  • Five schools in the municipality incorporate artificial shading areas in their courtyards (20/12/2017)

  • The dance floods the Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Square tomorrow (20/12/2017)

  • The Old Prison will have a Committee of Cultural Experts and a Municipal Supervisor Team of the rehabilitation works (20/12/2017)
    The winning team of the Old Prison competition will have to present, within five months, the final project
  • FADE seeks volunteers for a Christmas walk with the elders of the Servant of Jesus Day Center this Friday (20/12/2017)

  • The UMU Governing Council approves 44 positions of full professors and professors (19/12/2017)
    * Also approved in the MTN that will benefit 380 workers of the PAS
  • More than 5,000 euros have been donated to Save de Children thanks to the solidarity race of the CEI (19/12/2017)
    Felipe Coello, Councilor for Sports and Health, delivered this morning the collection of the march with members of the CEI
  • The Big Tree of the Circular welcomes this afternoon the distribution of 4,500 rations Murciatone (19/12/2017)

  • Mozart's music stars tomorrow the concert of the Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Plaza (19/12/2017)

  • Representatives of Huawei know the Smart Murcia project (19/12/2017)
    The City Council seeks to create synergies with the leading global company of Information and Communication Technology solutions
  • The Contracting Committee proposes the awarding of the pedestrianization works of Alfonso X Avenue The amount of the award implies a reduction of 41% compared to the tender price (19/12/2017)

  • Murcia will have a complaints and suggestions office (19/12/2017)
    This was unanimously agreed by the special committee set up this morning
  • The PSOE chairs the first Commission of Suggestions and Complaints to answer the neighbors and evaluate the municipal services (19/12/2017)
    Enrique Ayuso, who chairs the Commission, explains that an Office will be created to centralize all complaints, refer them to the corresponding areas and follow up
  • They are looking for researchers to explore the potential of extensive livestock, transhumance and livestock trails in our environment (19/12/2017)

  • About 5,000 riders will participate in the San Silvestre Murcia 2017 race (19/12/2017)
    José Ballesta has presented this race that will be held on December 31 at 5:00 pm in which runners will travel 6.8 kilometers through the center of Murcia
  • Francisco Alonso, re-elected president of the Student Council of the UMU (19/12/2017)
    Renew in office with a new team
  • The UMU participates with eight other universities in NEW FACES 2018, to be held in Montpellier next summer (19/12/2017)

  • Socio-sanitary Sciences of the Campus of Lorca celebrates the VII Scientific Conference of Nursing Students (19/12/2017)

  • Education subsidizes with 10.000 euros the realization of activities of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (19/12/2017)
    The help allows the university institution to launch courses in the municipality of Murcia
  • Monsignor Lorca Planes pronounces the proclamation of Advent and Christmas of the UCAM (18/12/2017)
    The bishop of the Diocese of Caratagena also blessed the nativity scene installed in the cloister of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos
  • The City Council will create a Drought Committee to continue avoiding restrictions on water supply (18/12/2017)

  • Murcia now demands the reconstruction of Oliver's Mill, established by a sanction 7 and a half years ago (18/12/2017)

  • The PSOE reproaches the PP for its "irresponsibility with the 2018 Budgets of which the draft is not yet known" Hernandez warns that the municipal government team forgets that it has to negotiate budgets, reach agreements with the oppositio (18/12/2017)

  • The play'Lo que piensas' opens today at the Cajamurcia Foundation (18/12/2017)

  • The City of Murcia congratulates the Christmas service home users (18/12/2017)
    More than 1,700 people in the municipality receive help from the Home Care Service
  • The 'Murcia Bajo Cero' Program allows more than 750 young people to ski this winter in Sierra Nevada and Formigal (18/12/2017)
    The trips, which this year increase to fifteen, will take place between December 28 and February 8 and have a cost for attendees between 61 and 269 euros
  • Plaza Julián Romea will host on Thursday the 21st Christmas Parade of Murcia Commercial Area (18/12/2017)
    During the afternoon you will be able to know the offer of the shops of jewelery, headdresses, accessories, clothes, costume jewelery and footwear for men and women
  • Change Murcia proposes that the City Council reduce the use of substances that affect the endocrine system (18/12/2017)

  • The University of Murcia pedals for a sustainable environment (18/12/2017)
    The UMU staff and students have exceeded 13,000 kilometers on foot and by bicycle
  • UMU awards in 181,000 euros tender for the furnishing of the library of the Pleiades building (18/12/2017)

  • Alliance between the workers of the City Council and Jesus Abandoned to help the homeless (18/12/2017)

  • The University of Murcia is committed to transparency and accountability (18/12/2017)

  • Plaza Julián Romea will host on Thursday the 21st Christmas Parade of Murcia Commercial Area (18/12/2017)
    During the afternoon you will be able to know the offer of the shops of jewelery, headdresses, accessories, clothes, costume jewelery and footwear for men and women
  • Promotion activates a special cleaning device for the Christmas holidays (18/12/2017)
    The council increases the number of workers in the neighborhood of Carmen, downtown shopping area and during the days of Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Kings
  • Cs denounces breaches in the pump maintenance service due to Emuasa's lack of control (17/12/2017)

  • Change Murcia asks to analyze the effects of the freedom of schedules in the small commerce of the municipality (17/12/2017)

  • The City Council proposes to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% in 2030 (17/12/2017)

  • The City Council maintains its collaboration with the IES Alfonso X the wise person for the realization of the International Baccalaureate (17/12/2017)
    The Department of Education grants an aid of € 5,000 for the maintenance of this program
  • The Viudes Park entrance will be renewed with a new cobblestone pavement (17/12/2017)
    The Department of Modernization of the Administration, Urban Quality and Participation responds to the request of the residents of the neighborhood of Carmen through its bodies of neighborhood participation
  • The Orfeón Fernández Caballero Junior stars in the concert of tomorrow under the Christmas tree (16/12/2017)

  • More than 2,000 attendees of the charity dinner of the UCAM support their solidarity actions (16/12/2017)
    Students and staff of the Foundation, including PDI, PAS and sportsmen, share Christmas Eve and contribute with their donation to the volunteer initiatives of the University Catholic San Antonio de Murcia
  • The PSOE calls for the elimination of a coat of arms and the Francoist inscription of the Plaza Santa Catalina (16/12/2017)
    García Retegui regrets that, "once again, we must remember the obligatory fulfillment of the Law of Historical Memory street by street and symbol by symbol "
  • Let's change Murcia proposes a municipal protocol for the treatment of pruning remains to avoid burning (16/12/2017)
    Today, most of the remains are burned and that, in addition to aggravating pollution problems, supposes a loss of organic matter
  • More than 40 linear meters of sleepers will improve the central parterre of the Plano de San Francisco (16/12/2017)
    A team of six people is also working on the planting of different flowers and pruning in the form of 'topiary' of the existing olive tree
  • "Studying Teleco has helped me achieve important goals" (16/12/2017)

  • La Glorieta will become a European-inspired Christmas Market with live music, handicraft market, tastings and storytelling (16/12/2017)
    From December 18 to 23, the plaza will have 12 wooden booths, 4 foodtrucks and a stage and will remain open from 13:00 to 23:00 hours
  • More than 2,300 schoolchildren of the municipality will know the Aquarium of the University of Murcia (16/12/2017)
    The visits, free for students and teachers are possible thanks to the help of € 6,000 that the City Council grants each course
  • PSOE and Cambiemos Murcia ask the Plenary that the José María Párraga school occupies the place that leaves El Lugarico school in El Palmar (15/12/2017)
    Both political formations will defend a motion to alleviate the needs of the public teaching center, which lacks teaching rooms music and spaces in conditions for library and to open a dining room
  • Installation of television cameras and money changes will give traffic flow in El Carmen, San Pío and Santiago El Mayor (15/12/2017)

  • Two new contracts will improve road safety in Murcia and districts (15/12/2017)
    The City will invest 1.9 million euros in maintenance, maintenance and new installation of horizontal and vertical signage and in the supply of materials for signaling and beaconing tracks
  • Plaza de San Agustín will open pavement at the beginning of the year (15/12/2017)

  • The Romea and Circo theaters offer 87 shows for the first half of 2018 (15/12/2017)
    The new season, which includes first class names and highly successful proposals, will end with the great show 'The Hole Zero' at the TCM
  • Social Rights granted 80,000 euros to the RAIS Foundation to improve the quality of life of people in situations of severe social exclusion (15/12/2017)
    This is a line that finances the activities of the project "Low-Income Night Center for Homeless Persons of the City of Murcia "
  • 125,000 euros for the dining room service, shelter and health care of Jesus Abandoned (15/12/2017)
    The Department of Social Rights of the City of Murcia allocates this amount that guarantees comprehensive assistance for the homeless or in a situation of social exclusion
  • Solidarity music in favor of the Murcian Regional Association of Hemophilia (15/12/2017)
    The Murcia City Council collaborates with the Regional Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of Murcia in a meeting that will feature the soprano Mª Ángeles Leo Marín and the pianist Ángel Cámara Martínez
  • UMU awards in 121,400 euros the furniture of rooms of the departmental building of Health Sciences (15/12/2017)

  • UMU carries out works to improve accessibility to its centers (15/12/2017)

  • The UCAM and Estrella de Levante create a chair to take advantage of the byproducts of beer for the benefit of the environment (15/12/2017)
    In the project, research will be carried out to help sustainability
  • They discover plaque in mathematics in gratitude for the donation of the safe savior teacher (15/12/2017)

  • The Faculty of Optics and Optometry of the UMU celebrates its patron offering free visual reviews (15/12/2017)

  • UMU Senate approves the award of 5 honorary doctorates (14/12/2017)
    * The University Ombudsman presents his report, which observes that the number of complaints of the last courses is maintained
  • The City Council requires the construction of the golf course in Nueva Condomina to the compensation committee that owns the land The cost of the works pending execution to fulfill the agreement amounts to almost 19.5 million euros, according to the (14/12/2017)

  • The City of Murcia guarantees the fulfillment of the cleaning service in public schools (14/12/2017)
    The Department of Education reiterates the existence of a continuous control for compliance with the cleaning contract in schools
  • The municipality declares the breach of the Nueva Condomina agreement as now Murcia denounced in the prosecution (14/12/2017)

  • ... (14/12/2017)

  • UMU organizes a Conference on Community Intervention and Mediation (14/12/2017)

  • A book about leather and culture through history is presented at the UMU, by Juan Pérez Gil (14/12/2017)

  • The City Council opens a file to Ferrovial for breaches of the school cleaning service (14/12/2017)

  • "No lights for Christmas in El Palmar" (14/12/2017)
    The Popular Group in the Municipal Board of El Palmar regrets that the district is without Christmas lights in the absence of ten days for the celebration of Christmas
  • The mathematician Antonio Córdoba, recently invested with Doctor Honoris causa by the UMU, will explain the Zygmund conjecture (14/12/2017)

  • "Digital marketing is the biggest current trend in the business world" Words from Josep Martínez, director of the Master in Digital Marketing at the UCAM, during the I Conference on Communication and Digital Marketing (14/12/2017)

  • PREVIO 16th Conference LNFS - ElPozo Murcia FS vs O "Parrulo Ferrol (14/12/2017)
    Three points to close 2017 at the Palacio!
  • The PSOE takes to the Court of Accounts "the waste" of half a million euros of the PP in the bike lane that must be dismantled in Miguel Indurain (14/12/2017)

  • Santa Claus will arrive in Murcia navigating the river on the first Christmas River Parade (14/12/2017)

  • The Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Plaza expands its leisure offer with an ecological ice rink (14/12/2017)
    From tomorrow until January 5, the youngest will be able to enjoy this new installation completely free of charge
  • Cs claims to Navarro Corchón real budget items to implement a real network of bike lanes at the height of Murcia (14/12/2017)

  • Antonio Tocornal Blanco from Cádiz wins the Vargas Llosa novel prize with a work about artistic life in the Paris of the late 80s (14/12/2017)
    "The night I could have seen Dizzy Gillespie playing" has been chosen by the jury from among 200 originals, from 14 countries
  • The City Council proposes to the residents of Senda de Granada a study to improve road safety in the area (14/12/2017)

  • The CreaMurcia Contest celebrates its Awards Gala to distinguish the best of 2017 (14/12/2017)

  • Senate UMU is studying the award of honorary doctorates today (14/12/2017)

  • A virtual map collects 'The footprints of Alfonso X' (13/12/2017)
    It will offer eight audiovisual routes geotagged by the districts of Monteagudo, Espinardo, Zarandona, Churra, Santa Cruz, Corvera, El Palmar and Javalí Nuevo
  • The UCAM hosts the First Seminar on High Competence (SAC) 'Social Entreprises Network' (13/12/2017)
    Students of ADE, Law, Criminology and Communication of the Catholic University have participated in this seminar in which they have reflected on corporate social responsibility
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The orders to close the municipal accounts do not obey political criteria but are established by the Treasury and Intervention services" (13/12/2017)

  • Murcia's cleaning fleet is modernized with 21 vehicles that reduce noise, water consumption and pollution (13/12/2017)

  • More than 700 athletes from 7 years old will compete next Sunday in the three races of the 6th Christmas Race (13/12/2017)
    The circuit will be 900 meters, 1,700 meters or 6 kilometers, depending on the category
  • The City Council implements different water saving measures in the gardens (13/12/2017)
    The installation of 150 programmers allows to adjust in real time the necessary irrigation according to the weather conditions
  • Columbares and the schoolchildren of the Barrio de Los Rosales stage a play about the rights of the child (13/12/2017)
    It is an interdisciplinary exhibition of music, theater, audiovisual and circus under the title 'Mi derecho a ser'
  • Presentation of the book "The tragedy of our time: the destruction of society and nature by capital" (13/12/2017)

  • The Department of Sports and Health provides Jesus Abandoned with a second defibrillator (13/12/2017)
    The social room has since this device to diagnose and treat cardiorespiratory arrest
  • Adjudicate in 130,669 euros the purchase of dental treatment units (13/12/2017)

  • The University of Murcia today awards the Solidarity Anonymous Award to María José Funes Meseguer (13/12/2017)

  • Coello: "Somebody should explain to Maite Espinosa that the Regional Animal Law and the municipal ordinance were approved with the support of the PSOE" (12/12/2017)
    The Councilor for Health and Sports of the City of Murcia, Felipe Coello, regrets the position of the Socialist Maite Espinosa
  • A book edited by the UMU gathers the most complete catalog of images about the episode of the Canton of Cartagena (12/12/2017)

  • Now Murcia denounces that the space used as a parking deterrent Barriomar "looks like a dump" (12/12/2017)

  • Murcia's smart government project wins the enerTIC award in front of the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of Justice (12/12/2017)

  • Murcia launches a showcase of products of entrepreneurs of the municipality (12/12/2017)
    The new commercial area is located at number 1 of the Plaza Circular and shows the activity of different Murcian companies of fashion, accessories, cosmetics, childhood, food, technology, culture, crafts, gifts
  • The campaign of the NGO Azul en Acción in Senegal allows the return of sight to more than 400 blind people (12/12/2017)

  • Promotion will renew from January more than 200 streets and roads of districts (12/12/2017)
    The Contracting Committee has given the go-ahead for the contracting of the works, whose budget exceeds one million euros
  • The PSOE regrets that the "lack of coordination of the municipal and regional PP leaves us an ordinance and a law on contradictory animals" Councilor Maite Espinosa affirms that the Community regulations take away the sanctioning capacity o (12/12/2017)

  • New drugs for digestive, neurological and spinal cord injuries (12/12/2017)

  • III National Congress of Young Researchers in Nursing at the UMU (12/12/2017)

  • AEMPS and the University of Murcia launch the WASPSS pilot project in seven hospitals (12/12/2017)

  • Nearly 250 adolescents from the municipality of Murcia participate in a Social Rights project to promote their socio-educational integration (12/12/2017)

  • The UMU Choir offers a benefit concert at the Higher School of Dramatic Art (11/12/2017)

  • Murcia works with three Japanese cities to develop a smart city platform (11/12/2017)
    The European H2020 project consists of Tokyo, Sapporo, Yokosuka, Amsterdam, Zurich and Murcia.
  • The City Council and Aguas de Murcia will carry out an awareness campaign to boost water savings in the first quarter of next year (11/12/2017)
    According to the data of Aguas de Murcia, the water distributed has fallen in the last 10 years in 4,373 cubic meters of water year while the number of subscribers has increased by more than 25,000
  • MercaMurcia expands its parking 24 hours and offers spaces for 45 trucks (11/12/2017)

  • The UMU Journal of Education dedicates monograph to the tutorials (11/12/2017)

  • The application deadline for grants for PhD students ends on day 19 (11/12/2017)

  • 70 students of the María José Buitrago Ballet Academy will perform at the Romea Theater for the benefit of Astrapace (11/12/2017)
    In this 2nd edition of the Christmas Gala the boys and girls of the association will include a choreography sung and performed by themselves
  • Organize Act in Letters that Unites Science and Literature (11/12/2017)

  • An agreement with the Association of Employers of the Industrial Park West Murcia will encourage the labor insertion of unemployed (10/12/2017)
    The subsidy, amounting to 60,000 euros, will also enhance the family and work-life balance of the workers of this polygon
  • The planting campaign of more than 800 trees in Murcia and districts begins (10/12/2017)
    These works will be developed in Tocinos Bridge, El Palmar or Beniaján, among other districts and in neighborhoods like Santa María de Gracia and La Fama
  • Murcia City Council collaborates with the Delwende Association in the construction of a nursery school in Mozambique (10/12/2017)
    The center will welcome children from families without resources and will benefit more than 250 children
  • The architect Juan Roldan, professor of the UCAM, will direct the technical work of evaluation of the neighborhood of La Paz (09/12/2017)
    The project will involve technicians with previous accredited experience as well as recent graduates of the technical schools of the Region
  • The City Council will reform several green areas of La Paz to improve the quality of life of its neighbors (09/12/2017)
    The Councilor for Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation, José Guillén, accompanied by the president of the East District Board, Rafal Gómez, has visited the neighborhood to meet your needs
  • Murcia will start the year with five new free recharging points for electric vehicles in the center (09/12/2017)
    They will be located in Gran Vía, Plaza Circular, Avenida Río Segura, Paseo Florencia and Acisclo Díaz.
  • The Hueten Municipal Style Bethlehem of the XIX century opens its doors in the Episcopal Palace (08/12/2017)

  • PREVIA 14th LNFS - Catgas Energía Santa Coloma vs. ElPozo Murcia FS (08/12/2017)
    Fernando returns!
  • Drainage works will prevent flooding at the northern entrance of Avileses from Sucina (08/12/2017)
    The Department of Development will carry out this project that joins those that are being made in the ravines of El Garruchal, El Carmen, Espinardo, Churra, Sangonera Verde and Los Martínez del Puerto
  • Tomorrow begins the cycle of concerts in the Great Christmas Tree (08/12/2017)
    In total there will be 16 recitals of opera, gospel, choral, classical and traditional music that will entertain the afternoons of Murcia and visitors in the Plaza Circular
  • A researcher from the UCAM receives the prize for the best thesis in political communication (08/12/2017)
    The Political Communication Association (ACOP) awards the award to Juan Antonio Marín for his doctoral thesis that analyzes the media treatment of political corruption scandals in Spain
  • Change Murcia requires the City Council to take measures with the abandoned crane next to the school of Los Dolores (08/12/2017)

  • Change Murcia criticizes the presentation of the Christmas program of La Alberca (07/12/2017)

  • Murcia change hopes that "what is left of the bike lane is not another fad" (07/12/2017)
    The critical training that has not counted on the Observatory of the Bicycle, body whose consultation is mandatory and yes it manages the rest of bike lanes
  • The residents of Murcia will be able to taste typical sweets in the Christmas shows for the benefit of solidarity projects (07/12/2017)
    The Councils of Social Rights and Employment, Tourism and Culture provide 1,500 kilos of sweets to various NGOs for the sale of packs of 3 sweets for 1 euro
  • More than a thousand young people will enjoy up to 94 uninterrupted hours of Internet connection of 10 GB until Sunday (07/12/2017)

  • Youth allocates more than 110,000 euros for 25,000 students in 27 institutes to carry out extracurricular activities (07/12/2017)
    Funds, which grow 10% compared to the previous year, will allow programming integration and tolerance actions, gender equality, school violence, environmental education, education for health and proper use of social networks
  • The Glorieta de España will host from December 18 to 23 the first edition of the "Christmas Market" of young artists and artisans from Murcia (07/12/2017)
    The Plaza will feature concerts in the morning and afternoon, as well as wine, cheese and vermouth tastings for the assistants
  • The eight squares of supplies are wrapped in live music for Christmas (07/12/2017)

  • Murcia joins the Platea program for the fifth consecutive year to promote the performing arts in the municipal theaters (07/12/2017)
    The objective is to carry out a joint programming of professional dance, theater and circus companies for municipal scenic spaces, guaranteeing citizens access to the culture
  • Agreements with the Red Cross and Amusal will make it possible to improve employability in the municipality (07/12/2017)

  • Murcia shows its belenistic potential with the exhibition of 32 groups in the urban area and districts (07/12/2017)
    The municipal Bethlehem of this year, located in the Episcopal Palace, has been made by the Belenista Association José de Nazaret de la Arboleja and by the Association of Belenistas de Fuente Álamo
  • The 7th Murcia Shopping Night will offer discounts, music, tastings, raffles and activities for the little ones (07/12/2017)
    The afternoon and evening of next Friday, December 15, will host a complete agenda of events among which stands out a tribute to Pedro García Balibrea
  • "We are going to demand that they go to the top and we will try to take advantage of our opportunities" (07/12/2017)
    Ibon Navarro relies on the competitive spirit of the UCAM Murcia CB to defeat Real Madrid
  • Sanitary controls are reinforced in view of the campaign to sell Christmas products in squares, markets and large stores (07/12/2017)

  • Professor of UMU presented the award for the Best Doctoral Thesis (07/12/2017)

  • The UMU organizes a Solidarity December on the occasion of Christmas (07/12/2017)

  • The UMU tourism parties reach record of participation (07/12/2017)

  • Bring non-perishable food for Jesus Abandoned to the matches against Segovia and O'Parrulo and get sports material from ElPozo Murcia FS (07/12/2017)
    In both meetings, minors under 18 years of age access for free
  • The Commitment and Transparency Foundation highlights the quality of the reports of labor insertion of the UIE's COIE (07/12/2017)

  • The Onírica Mecánica Murcia company, in co-production with the Romea / TCM theaters, premieres today a magical version of Alice in Wonderland (07/12/2017)
    The show 'Alicia and the Invisible Cities' combines visual theater, objects, puppets and technology
  • Green light to the first table of Quality and Efficiency to optimize municipal human resources (06/12/2017)

  • ... (06/12/2017)

  • Social Rights allocates 22,000 euros to the project for the care of women with a high level of social vulnerability of the Community of Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer (06/12/2017)
    The project seeks to offer self-knowledge tools, promote new skills needed for socio-labor insertion or design individualized itineraries
  • The staff of SEMAS serves sixteen people due to cold at the beginning of December (06/12/2017)
    The professionals of the Department of Social Rights have delivered on this occasion 6 blankets, 7 hot drinks and 7 sleeping bags
  • Martínez-Oliva is confident that the technical reports will allow subrogation of the lighting company's staff (05/12/2017)
    Next Monday he has called a meeting to determine if it is legally possible, since the metal sector agreement does not include this clause
  • Social Rights organizes activity with minors of the Holy Spirit to take care of the neighborhood (05/12/2017)
    With the collaboration of the Cleaning Service of the Department of Development, about 40 children will tour the neighborhood on the march 'Espiritu Santo.
  • Fran Sánchez is re-elected President of the Cabezo de Torres Carnival Association (05/12/2017)
    The new Board of Directors will lead the carnival for the next four years where the main challenge will be to achieve National Tourist Interest
  • Now Murcia demands a solution for the workers of the municipal contract of public lighting (05/12/2017)
    - The municipal formation denounces that the new sheets presented by the City Council do not force the subrogation
  • The PSOE defends the subrogation of the 50 workers of the company that is responsible for the maintenance of public lighting (05/12/2017)
    The Socialist Group demands that the specifications of the contract be modified to favor job stability and specialization of employees, which will improve the service in the municipality
  • Fernando prepares his return to the track with the students of the IES Mariano Baquero and with Fede and Marinovic (05/12/2017)
    ElPozo in the Schools
  • Cambiemos Murcia presents allegations to guarantee the maintenance of employment in the public lighting service (05/12/2017)

  • The children of the Espírito Santo district will learn this afternoon to recycle and maintain a clean neighborhood (05/12/2017)
    Thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Development and Social Rights, this awareness action will be carried out with the youngest children
  • The Contracting Committee studies the 24 bids submitted to carry out the construction of the Alameda del Malecón (05/12/2017)
    It has also been proposed to award the traffic management project in Murcia due to the underground railway
  • Agreement between the families of Beniaján evicted for cracks in their buildings and Emuasa for the payment of compensation (05/12/2017)

  • Maruja Pelegrín attends the opening of the XXXIII Artisan Christmas Show (05/12/2017)

  • The Masters Murcia 'Mamba17' basketball tournament comes this weekend with 300 athletes (05/12/2017)
    This sporting event will be held in the pavilions of the Prince of Asturias and Santa María de Gracia
  • Highlight the participation of the Faculty of Sociosanitarias Sciences of the UMU in its commitment to excellence (05/12/2017)

  • Auxilia Murcia celebrates its 50th anniversary with a 2018 full of participatory activities (05/12/2017)

  • A great story, an epic soundtrack and pop music themes will occupy the stage of the Romea Theater this weekend with Rainroad (05/12/2017)
    Created by the Murcia Mercedes, Blanca and Alicia Morote and María González, and with a team of 80 people, next Friday and Saturday will be its absolute premiere
  • The School of Tourism of the UMU becomes faculty (05/12/2017)

  • The Informajoven Service celebrates its XXXV anniversary with the conference of the Professor of Sociology Jorge Benedicto (04/12/2017)
    After the conference, which was attended by Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez, a round table was held under the title "The needs of young people in Murcia "
  • Guillén: 'The illumination of the Circular Plaza tree is temporary and is guaranteed by the regulations' The ordinance provides for exceptions that allow installing such spectacular and colorful infrastructures in special moments such as Chri (04/12/2017)

  • ELPOZO AL COLE (04/12/2017)
    The players of El Pozo Murcia FS, Fabio, Pito and Elías, have enjoyed this morning a day of the students with the primary school students of the CEIP Our Lady of the Ancient of Monteagudo
  • Delivered in the umu the scholarships of rural practices and sociosanitarias (04/12/2017)

  • The census exhibition today opens the electoral process to the rector and the UMU Senate (04/12/2017)

  • Antonio Campillo leads an exhibition with 33 artists and fifty works that are exhibited, for the first time, in La Glorieta (04/12/2017)

  • A spectacular timelapse gathers the best moments of the assembly of the Great Christmas Tree and its surprising inauguration (04/12/2017)
    More than 15,000 people celebrated its lighting and enjoyed the concerts, activities and pyrotechnic shows
  • Murcia will light up for Christmas next Thursday (04/12/2017)

  • The DECIDE 2017-2018 program returns (04/12/2017)

  • Cs requires the local government to prepare an action protocol for episodes of air pollution (04/12/2017)

  • The UMU investigates how salinity and aridity affect aquatic beetles (04/12/2017)

  • The students of ADE of the UCAM will have access to a network of companies and international job offers (03/12/2017)
    This is possible thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between the Catholic University of Murcia and the ACCA entity
  • The City Council will study the possibility of transforming a large space of more than 6,300 meters in San Ginés in the green zone (03/12/2017)
    Councilman José Guillén, municipal technicians and the concessionaire of parks and gardens, toured the different green areas of this hamlet Murcia continue to improve its current facilities
  • Three agreements seek to promote employment and professional qualification (03/12/2017)
    The Governing Board approves agreements with the Red Cross, Amusal and Famdif / Cocemfe with grants exceeding 57,000 euros
  • More than 15,000 people witnessed the lighting of the big Christmas tree (03/12/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia renews its Coordinator in an assembly with more than one hundred attendees (02/12/2017)

  • Thousands of people crowd the Plaza Circular to attend the lighting show of the Great Christmas Tree (02/12/2017)

  • TRIBUTE ElPozo Murcia FS to its Mythical Players (02/12/2017)

  • They remove a part of the ficus fences of the Plaza Santo Domingo (02/12/2017)
    The municipal technicians have determined that the different measures and security mechanisms taken are already effective
  • 41 taxi drivers receive a subsidy to keep their vehicles adapted (02/12/2017)
    The Department of Development also helps the 6 taxi drivers who have acquired or transformed their vehicles in taxis
  • Hundreds of young people are encouraged to recycle to the rhythm of rap (01/12/2017)
    The presentation of the new application RetoRecicla gathers young people to enjoy a battle of roosters
  • The Mixed Commission Murciano de Salud y UMU reaches an agreement for the provision of clinical headquarters (01/12/2017)

  • The best experiences of Murcia are promoted in Valencia (01/12/2017)
    Murcia Tourism is promoted through six characters that represent its range of activities
  • The city council agrees to rehabilitate the Paseo del Malecón by approving the motion of Ahora Murcia (01/12/2017)
    - Angeles Micol asks that the motion not be kept in a drawer and reminds that the Culture report indicates that the necessary works are small, " what you do not have to do any expensive project "
  • The 585m2 Youth Space has been offering free HIV tests since 2010 together with the Local Youth Council (01/12/2017)
    Since 2010 this service has been offered by the Youth Council in collaboration with the collective "No Te Prives" of a totally free, anonymous and confidential test
  • The Local Cooperation Council approves aid worth 339,000 euros for development cooperation and 50,000 euros for awareness raising (01/12/2017)

  • The first stone of the building of Classrooms and Laboratories of Practices in the campus of Sciences of the Health (01/12/2017)

  • The First Music Awards of the Region of Murcia are born (01/12/2017)
    The awards, which will be announced on December 12th, have an annual character and will recognize the efforts of music professionals in eleven categories
  • The groups of people with disabilities claim their dignity and the right to equality (01/12/2017)

  • On Christmas, the Christmas festivities arrive at the streets of La Fama, La Paz and Vistabella (01/12/2017)

  • The UCAM, headquarters for the worldwide dissemination of the renewed mission of the John Paul II Institute for marriage and the family (01/12/2017)

  • The PSOE asks the City Council to "take seriously" the defense of the Huerta and denounces apathy and danger in Guadeloupe (01/12/2017)
    The Municipal Socialist Group shows the abandonment of the canal La Churra La Nueva, full of invasive canes and garbage, which has caused five fires in the last two years in its environment
  • Three grants will allow to continue promoting and maintaining the culture and traditions of Murcia (01/12/2017)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture has granted aid to the Salzillo Museum, the Caja Fontes de Javalí Viejo Cultural Association and the seven Bells of Auroros
  • Approved the opposition notice for 47 places of Local Police agent (01/12/2017)
    The Governing Board has also given its approval to the Public Employment Offer of 2017 and the general bases that must govern in the calls for employment corresponding to the 2015 offer
  • The municipal archives will digitize 18,000 pages of the Civil Registry of Deaths and Marriages and 15,000 of the Royal Charts (01/12/2017)
    The Governing Board approves the project that will make it possible to offer online the registry books of the Cemetery of Our Father Jesus since 1887 and a decade of the Official Gazette of the Province of Murcia
  • 4,000 users will benefit from the subsidy of 225,000 euros that Social Rights has granted to Cáritas Diocesana (01/12/2017)
    This collaboration is transferred to projects such as the Welcoming and Social Accompaniment Service, the Residential Shelter in Sheltered Homes or the Cayam Infant School
  • 290 local police officers make up the 2017 Christmas Security Plan (01/12/2017)
    This year the days on which the device will be activated and the service schedule that will be provided on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in Santa Catalina Square and Plaza de España will be extended the Flowers
  • PREVIA 13th LNFS - ElPozo Murcia FS vs. Palma Futsal (01/12/2017)
    A duel with a Final taste
  • Duel Murcia at different times (01/12/2017)
    With one game less than the current leader, the UCAM Murcia CB subsidiary has the opportunity to be at the top of the ranking if it wins the victory against CB Innova Begastri
  • The air accessibility, an obstacle to overcome for the tourist development in Murcia (01/12/2017)

  • Murcia welcomes Christmas with an unprecedented show of music, light and snow around the Great Circular Tree (01/12/2017)

  • "Silencio, principe", first novel by María Luján, second student of Translation and Interpreting at the UMU (01/12/2017)

  • Umu signs agreements to collaborate on the human project (01/12/2017)

  • The UMU inaugurates an exhibition-tribute to the painter and sculptor José Nicolás Almansa (01/12/2017)

  • Miguel Albero novel the evil in his winning work of the XXI Vargas Llosa Prize (01/12/2017)
    The book has been co-edited by Editorial Aguaclara, the UMU, the Cajamediterráneo Foundation and the Vargas Llosa Chair

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