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Murcia News - December 2016

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  • Development technicians review the San Esteban site after heavy rains (30/12/2016)

  • The PSOE warns of the danger to neighbors from the landslides caused by rains on some roads of Aljucer and Nonduermas (30/12/2016)

  • Los Rosales unemployed people will work next year in the rehabilitation of 259 homes in the neighborhood (30/12/2016)

  • A municipal grant allows the creation of 70 new jobs (30/12/2016)
    The granting of aid for the promotion of employment has enabled 40 companies to receive more than 307,000 euros to hire unemployed people
  • New lighting on the road of Alicante will improve visibility and reduce consumption (30/12/2016)
    In total 23 new LED lights
  • 29 drivers tested positive for drug tests conducted by the Local Police in the last three months (30/12/2016)
    The Government Delegation today delivered 60 kits that, together with the devices already available to the City Council, will allow 150 controls to be carried out in The first half of next year
  • The bike path of the urban stretch of the river's speck will be available in spring (30/12/2016)
    In addition, the six stairs that give access to the river will be rehabilitated
  • Murcia families save 20% thanks to the new water tariffs of 2017 (30/12/2016)

  • Coello says that the Animal Welfare Commission plans new actions by neighborhoods and districts to promote adoption (29/12/2016)
    "It is a proposal agreed upon by all members of the Bureau, politicians and technicians, although Cambiemos wants to appropriate it"
  • Murcians have at their disposal the network of municipal information offices and the register to handle the claims for the rains José Guillén says that "despite the motion approved by the Plenary did not envisage it, we wanted to go further to T (29/12/2016)

  • The Municipal Board of La Arboleja warns about serious damage in the Windmill of Love (29/12/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia reminds Ballesta and Corchón that the municipality suffers high levels of pollution by ozone and nitrogen dioxide (29/12/2016)

  • 2016: the great year of UCAM sport (29/12/2016)
    The Catholic University of Murcia closes a year in which it has achieved important sport successes in all areas: Olympism, professional and federated teams, university sports and research
  • ... (29/12/2016)

  • Creative kitchen for the little ones (29/12/2016)

  • Let's change the 'I am not a toy' campaign to encourage adoption of animals (29/12/2016)

  • The PSOE denounces that the municipal boards can not inform their neighbors on the claims for the damages of the rain The councilman of the Municipal Socialist Group Enrique Ayuso complains that, "although a motion of urgency was approved in the (29/12/2016)

  • UMU doctoral dissertation highlights the impact of human action on the destruction of tropical forests (29/12/2016)

  • La Cavalgata de la Ilusión will travel the streets of La Fama, La Paz and Vistabella tomorrow. On Thursday 5 the Three Kings will visit the nursing home of the Little Sisters of the Poor (29/12/2016)

  • 65 local police and 35 road cleaning workers make up the device for the New Year's Eve (29/12/2016)

  • UCAM Murcia deflates in the last quarter (28/12/2016)
    The academics, who got to win by 11 points, had a triple in the hands of Billy Baron to force the extension (86-83)
  • Murcia does not exceed established levels of air pollution (28/12/2016)

  • Navarro Corchón: "The PP maintains a strong commitment to the environment" (28/12/2016)
    The technicians of the Environment service have moved to the hamlet of Santo Ángel to check what happened with several palm trees
  • More than 500 people in the municipality are served through the ACCEDER and Promoción programs of the Fundación Desarrollo Gitano (28/12/2016)
    The City of Murcia allocates a total amount of 75,000 euros to this Foundation
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the state of abandonment of the old school of Carmen (28/12/2016)

  • More than 300 figures make up the Bethlehem of La Pava (28/12/2016)
    José Ballesta visits the Church of San Juan de Dios this birth dedicated to Caravaca de la Cruz, made up of more than 300 figures that Hernández Navarro has been working on for 33 years
  • The PSOE visits the Citizen Assistance Service to remember the need to be offered again by officials (28/12/2016)
    Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group, Juan Vicente Larrosa, remembers that the March plenary passed the motion that requested the remunicipalization of the Outsourcing services
  • The Social Council of the UMU approves the Budgets for 2017 (28/12/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the cutting of palm trees in a new development urbanization in Fuensanta (28/12/2016)
    The municipal training presents a letter to the councilor of Urbanism, Environment and Huerta to know what happened and that, "if appropriate, take the measures Timely "
  • The nativity scene of La Pava pays homage to González Barnés with a commemorative figure (28/12/2016)
    José Ballesta visits the Church of San Juan de Dios this birth dedicated to Caravaca de la Cruz, composed of more than 300 figures that Hernández Navarro has been working on for some time 33 years old
  • 1.5 million euros for the integral reform of the institute Alfonso X The Wise of Murcia (28/12/2016)

  • UCAM students participate in the largest international business management competition (28/12/2016)
    For the third consecutive year
  • Three university students receive grants thanks to the Cátedra de Emprendedores (28/12/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture grants aid to these projects for the creation of companies worth 1,500 euros
  • Aljucer has two new areas for canine recreation (28/12/2016)
    Located on the street Virgen de Los Dolores and Avenida General José Gómez Torres, they offer a total of more than 1,300 square meters for pets
  • The Road Cleaning Service launches two new vehicles that improve productivity and are environmentally friendly (28/12/2016)
    Ferrovial Services operators have for days had an electric tricycle and a self-propelled sweeper for waste collection
  • The UMU publishes "Poets of freedom", by the German von Albrecht, one of the best specialists in the Latin world (28/12/2016)

  • The Faculty of Economy and Business of the UMU collects more than 1,200 kilos of food for Abandoned Jesus (28/12/2016)

  • Pérez: "All beneficial proposals for Murcia are always welcome" (27/12/2016)
    The PP spokesperson says that "we will study them and we will attend because doing so is part of our government mode"
  • Let's change Murcia has asked the City Council to stop using pejorative terms on their website as "disabled" (27/12/2016)

  • The City of Murcia organizes a permanent program of children's activities in parks and gardens (27/12/2016)

  • Captain Miguelín: "The team are focused and excited so that 2017 is much better" (27/12/2016)

  • Urbanism contracts with a company the hygiene and security of buildings and plots if their owners do not occupy (27/12/2016)
    The Recruitment Table also proposes the adaptation of the speck of the Segura River, left bank, for recreational use and the expansion of Los Rosales
  • MercaMurcia is already a cardioprotected space (27/12/2016)
    A total of 9 workers of the company have been trained properly in the handling of the apparatus to guarantee, in case of emergency, the correct use in the installations
  • An agreement between the City Council and the Columbares Association recovers the ditches of the irrigation network of the Huerta de Murcia and the eel in the river basin (27/12/2016)
    The actions carried out for this purpose are part of the 'Proyecto Anguila' which Objective to contribute to the recovery of this species
  • "We have to follow the path of the match against RETAbet Bilbao Basket" (27/12/2016)
    Óscar Quintana believes that concentration is the key to dominating matches away from home
  • The PSOE will take several proposals to study at the first meeting of the Transport Committee (27/12/2016)
    Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group, Juan Vicente Larrosa, warns that "it is urgent to restructure Line 61 that runs through Aljucer, San Ginés and El Palmar And enlarge the Ray 14 by Futuro Futura and Senda de Granada "
  • The School Workshop of the City Council donates 42 wooden horses to the maternal and child area of ​​La Arrixaca (27/12/2016)
    José Ballesta: "The students have wanted this year to carry out this special work practice, with a classic piece that they have elaborated from the affection, thinking In providing joy and illusion to the children who are admitted "
  • The Committee on Labor, in which all the municipal political groups are represented, has studied this morning the seven allegations presented after the 60 days of public exposure. The rules of the Transport Committee will be approved definitively in (27/12/2016)

  • ElPozo Murcia concludes 2016 on Thursday against Gran Canaria and 'alive' in all competitions (27/12/2016)

  • UMU staff has donated 168,150 euros to Jesus Abandoned in the last five years (27/12/2016)
    The staff of the University of Murcia (UMU) has donated a total of 168,150 euros to the foundation Abandoned Jesus in the last five years
  • An agreement with the bishopric will allow the rehabilitation of the gardens of the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta (26/12/2016)
    To this end trees and shrubs will be planted and new areas to be set up, parterres and pavement repair
  • The City Council and the University of Murcia promote knowledge of marine fauna through school visits to the Aquarium (26/12/2016)
    More than 2,500 primary students will pass this course through the facilities of the Artillery Barracks
  • From this Sunday 25 at 8:00 am, extraordinary registration period for the San Silvestre Murcia 2016 (25/12/2016)

  • About 5,000 Easter flowers adorn the main streets of Murcia on the occasion of the Christmas holidays (25/12/2016)
    Poinsetias are being placed in strategic points of Murcia as Avenida de la Libertad, Glorieta de España, and other streets of the urban center
  • The improvement of the signage in 30 large vials will increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians (25/12/2016)
    The Department of Traffic will invest more than 76,000 euros in these works, which will last two months
  • The City Council will act "immediately" so that the Murcia receive as soon as possible the aid for the damages of the rains (23/12/2016)
    Once the Council of Ministers has approved this morning the declaration of the municipality as an area seriously affected by emergencies
  • Pacheco: "Let's change is wrong when you want to do politics even with the holidays" (23/12/2016)
    "With or without them, I am convinced that the Murcia will enjoy from this afternoon the musical performances in Belluga", says the councilor responsible for Events
  • Let's change declines to participate in the mayor's toast because "the social situation does not deserve a celebration in the highest" (23/12/2016)

  • Neighborhood Association New Neighborhood San Basilio neighborhood denounce graffiti and destruction in tunnel between the neighborhoods of San basilio and San Antón (23/12/2016)

  • José Ballesta to police and firemen: "Your work during the rains will remain in the memory of all Murcia." The mayor personally translated the gratitude of the City of Murcia, for the "excellent" work developed by chiefs, officers (23/12/2016)

  • Let us ask for budgets to devote more effort to the districts and not just to the center (23/12/2016)

  • Less taxes on the tax rebate and 18% more on investments, highlights of the 2017 draft budget (23/12/2016)

  • A Christmas to rhythm of opera, jazz, rock, are Cuban and aguinaldos huertanos (23/12/2016)

  • Employment expands assistance to entrepreneurs for notary expenses and tax, labor and accounting advice (23/12/2016)
    The Department headed by Jesús Pacheco increases the funds with 20,000 euros more, thus seeking to meet all registered applications
  • The municipal services will offer 93,000 more annual hours of care to Murcia from January (23/12/2016)

  • Social Rights collaborates with ASSIDO, ASPAPROS and FUNDOWN to develop programs to help people with disabilities (23/12/2016)
    It allocates 58,000 euros for the promotion of four projects aimed at promoting the independence and autonomy of its associates
  • 2,000 children at social risk reinforce their educational training with the Ciberaula and Pro-Infancia projects (23/12/2016)
    The ciberaulas, promoted with the collaboration of the la Caixa Foundation, are located in Espinardo, Los Dolores and San Pío X
  • The City Council provides municipal land for the construction of 11 public housing in Santo Ángel (23/12/2016)
    The deadline for submitting bids is fifteen days and among the valuation criteria are the economic improvements for buyers and energy saving measures
  • The main streets of Murcia congregate the last afternoon of the year to more than 5,000 participants in the San Silvestre (23/12/2016)
    The test will cover the main streets of the urban center in a route of 6,8 kilometers
  • A Great Christmas Ball installed in the Plaza de la Cruz Red will host more than a hundred children's leisure activities and recycling until next January 4 (23/12/2016)

  • The City Council deploys a special security and cleaning device for the whole day on Christmas Eve (23/12/2016)
    41 police will be in charge of monitoring Plaza Santa Catalina, Las Flores, Alfonso X and Bartolomé Pérez Casas Street where also 21 road cleaning workers will work to maintain Clean area
  • A cleaning team, a fire brigade and volunteers of Civil Protection and Youth of the City of Murcia move to Los Alcázares to collaborate in the recovery of the town after the heavy rains. Councilors Roque Ortiz, Lola Sánchez and Rebeca Pérez have main (23/12/2016)

  • Doctoral thesis of the UMU relates the earthquakes of Lorca with the possibility of developing psychopathologies (23/12/2016)

  • The Christmas workshops of the University of Murcia, place the full poster (23/12/2016)
    The UMU offers at Christmas workshops of drawing, Physics, training and children's theater
  • UMU publisher publishes picture postcard and education (23/12/2016)

  • UMU professor Juan Cuello donates 20,000 euros for scholarships to young people of excellence and without resources (23/12/2016)

  • "2017 will be an important year for the Region of Murcia in terms of infrastructure" Pedro Rivera Barrachina, Minister of Development and Infrastructures of CARM participated this morning in an informal meeting with teachers and students of (22/12/2016)

  • Approved the two motions of Cambiemos on transparency and a map of poverty (22/12/2016)

  • The City Council will request the declaration of Murcia as a catastrophic area due to heavy rains (22/12/2016)
    The Mayor has informed the Plenary of the damages of more than 7.3 million euros caused in the municipality by the storm last weekend
  • Tocinos Bridge inaugurates the monumental Bethlehem with a tribute to its belenistas (22/12/2016)

  • The PSOE obtains a greater transparency and effectiveness in the management of the budget of the Municipal Boards (22/12/2016)
    The Socialists also manage to approve an initiative to improve the security in Espinardo and that the company Emuasa realize its contractions of public form and according to criteria Equality and capacity
  • The students of Letters of the UMU destine the collection of its week solidarity to the association Neri (22/12/2016)

  • Plenary of the City Council adds to the institutional recognition of the figure of the Volunteer and of the entities of the Volunteering (22/12/2016)
    Supporting initiatives and projects organized by entities dedicated to this purpose because they have a positive impact on the municipality of Murcia
  • Misgafasdepasta.com stresses that "this small corner is one of the most extroverted in the country and this year the City Council has wanted to teach it to you." A web site specializing in advertising and creativity includes the congratulat (22/12/2016)

  • A firefighter from Murcia moves to Los Alcázares to collaborate in the works of water bilge (22/12/2016)
    For indefinite time will be sent daily to this locality a unit with autonomy composed by a command, driver and two firemen who move in Light vehicle and trailer prepared with all the necessary means to carry out these tasks
  • "The team transmitted very good energy to RETAbet Bilbao Basket" (22/12/2016)
    Marcos Delía has warned of the importance of the next two matches of the League Endesa
  • The UCAM Murcia CB passes the anthropometric tests (22/12/2016)

  • Murcia adheres to the Manifesto in favor of the State Strategic Plan of the Bicycle (22/12/2016)
    The Municipal Plenary approves the proposal 10 essential measures of support to the promotion and the development of the bicycle in Spain
  • The PSOE asks the Plenary for a proposal to offer public and impartial employment to fill the vacancies of Emuasa. Municipal Councilor of the Socialist Group, Enrique Ayuso, reminds that the Municipal Water Company must be governed to hire its staff (22/12/2016)

  • Plenary approves an institutional statement of appreciation to all those who have worked to mitigate the effects of the heavy rains (22/12/2016)

  • Puente tocinos rewards the literary creativity of children and young people and sportsmen and clubs most outstanding of the hamlet (21/12/2016)

  • The UCAM has hosted a conference on the situation of refugees in Lebanon (21/12/2016)
    Members of the NGO CESAL have explained to the students of the Catholic University the works and projects they are analyzing in the Middle East
  • The City Council prioritizes investments in hydraulic infrastructures in districts to avoid the effects of heavy rains (21/12/2016)

  • Christmas Concert at the Cathedral with the UCAM Symphony and the Discantus Choir (21/12/2016)
    The performance will take place tomorrow Thursday December 22 at 9 pm, and will participate the tenor Francisco J. Sánchez
  • Now Murcia records half a hundred requests and questions "on outstanding issues in the municipality" (21/12/2016)
    Alicia Morales emphasizes that these petitions, presented for tomorrow's plenary session, respond to issues already addressed by the councilors of Ahora Murcia or their vowels since The beginning of the legislature, "with an average of 6 mon
  • Guillén: "The report requested by Mrs. Hernandez is in my office waiting for me to come and pick it up." (21/12/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia asks information to the City council on the state of the school of Algezares with problems of foundation (21/12/2016)

  • They award to the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the UMU for its scientific publications of high impact (21/12/2016)

  • The Museum of Science and Water celebrates its 20th anniversary with a special Christmas program (21/12/2016)
    Concerts, workshops, gymkana and planetarium sessions make up this original proposal that will be developed from December 23 to January 4
  • 35 educational centers participate in the School Ecological School Network of the City of Murcia (21/12/2016)

  • Theaters Circo and Romea host three shows of the cycle'Navidad with Fundación Cajamurcia' (21/12/2016)
    The musicals Campanilla, Cinderella and 'The force of destiny' will star in Christmas in the municipal theaters
  • The UMU approves the regulation that will regulate the celebration of the festas patronales (21/12/2016)

  • The PSOE appeals to the courts to obtain municipal information that the PP has been denying it for 17 months (21/12/2016)
    Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group Susana Hernandez says that it is "embarrassing to have to go to court to request documentation, that I do not Facilitates precisely the mayor responsible for transparency "
  • The damages caused by the rains in the municipality amounted to 7.3 million euros (21/12/2016)
    The most important are roads, schools, sports facilities, sanitation, housing and municipal centers
  • UMU research to cure infections such as those caused by the rabies virus (21/12/2016)

  • Churra opens a new canine recreation area of ​​600 square meters equipped with all the services (21/12/2016)
    The new space, located in Plaza Infanta Leonor, has a drinking fountain, pipican bags and protection fences
  • Let's change Murcia calls for more transparency in municipal accounts (21/12/2016)

  • The Municipal People's Group recognizes institutionally the figure of the Volunteer and of the organizations of the Volunteer (21/12/2016)

  • The UMU celebrates a scientific conference of Nursing students on the campus of Lorca (21/12/2016)

  • Solidarity activities to receive Christmas (20/12/2016)
    The bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena has pronounced this afternoon the Christmas proclamation of the UCAM and has blessed the Bethlehem of the institution in Los Jerónimos
  • UCAM Murcia CB - Movistar Estudiantes, a doubly supportive party (20/12/2016)
    If you bring 5 kg of non-perishable food and 5 euros to the offices of the university club, you will get two tickets for Friday's 30 game against the locals
  • Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, prophet in his land (20/12/2016)

  • First talk of the training program for players, parents and coaches (20/12/2016)
    Francisco Javier Martínez Noguera has inaugurated the program that UCAM Murcia CB will carry out this season
  • Tomorrow school activity resumed in the 3 schools that remained closed (20/12/2016)
    157 public, concerted and private schools have recovered today after the heavy rains
  • 16 families out of work for the storm have been able to return to their homes (20/12/2016)
    Social Rights closely follows the situation of people who still do not have access to their homes to guarantee the coverage they need
  • Jesús Pacheco urges the councilor of the PSOE to say "when, where and how", the Government Team has given a specific figure requested to Europe for the regeneration of La Paz It considers it regrettable that a councilor of the City Council (20/12/2016)

  • Now Murcia requests that the modification of template of the municipal services of Social Welfare and Social Services (20/12/2016)

  • The recovery of the whole of San Esteban receives these days the definitive impulse for its implementation (20/12/2016)

  • Let's propose a meeting with the boards to assess the municipal action against the rains (20/12/2016)

  • The UMU will encourage exchanges with Israeli universities (20/12/2016)

  • The City of Murcia presents the calendar of the Racing League by Mountain and the Fasterwear Cup by Mountain Bike 2017 (20/12/2016)
    The League of Races by Mountain consists of 8 tests that will begin the 4 of February until the 10 of December
  • Laura Gil: "I'm still not aware of what has been achieved this year" The Murcia basketball player, who was silver in Rio 16, is a student of the Undergraduate Degree in Distance Psychology of UCAM (20/12/2016)

  • "When the fans are fighting with us it's very easy to win" (20/12/2016)
    Nemanja Radovic has explained that the basketball that was seen against RETAbet Bilbao Basket is the way to go
  • Citizens will urge the City Council to sign a collaboration agreement with the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery (20/12/2016)

  • The PSOE denounces the sale of smoke and the lack of seriousness of the Ballesta government in relation to the rehabilitation project of La Paz (20/12/2016)
    The Socialists criticize that the PP presented / displayed an incomplete project and nothing concrete in which not even was mentioned the Neighborhood of La Paz, "so it is not surprising that Murcia did not receive European funding"
  • Three points to continue in the fight for the leadership (20/12/2016)
  • The Tele-assistance service of the City of Murcia manages 692 calls on the occasion of the heavy rains that happened in the municipality (20/12/2016)
    The service activated its emergency protocol proceeding to give the appropriate recommendations to the users in situation of risk
  • An information campaign runs through the town's supply stores to advise on responsible environmental consumption at Christmas (20/12/2016)
    Starts today and runs until December 30 with advice related to responsible energy consumption, fair trade and waste production, among others
  • Murcia, ready to take his wild side (19/12/2016)

  • Tomorrow resumed the teaching activity in the educational centers of Murcia and pedanías (19/12/2016)

  • Christmas Concert of the Children's Orchestra of the UCAM and the Youth Section Discantus (19/12/2016)
    It will be celebrated tomorrow Tuesday at 20 hours in the Convent of the Anas de Murcia
  • Let's change Murcia proposes to draw up a map of poverty by neighborhoods and districts (19/12/2016)
    The objective of the training is to design a public policy aimed at alleviating existing inequalities within the municipality
  • Freedom of conscience in the health professions, at a UMU colloquium (19/12/2016)

  • Immigrant associations in Murcia bring their voice to the Plenary Hall (19/12/2016)
    Conchita Ruiz receives the members of the Federation of African Associations of Murcia, in the commemoration of the Day of Migrants 2016
  • Conference on aging by UMU professor Vicente Vicente Ortega (19/12/2016)

  • Adapt the General Course of the UMU on practices of initiation to the Law realized from 2005-2006 (19/12/2016)

  • Between 3 and 4 of the dawn the biggest flood of the Segura and of the Reguerón was registered, that in no time they came to overflow. The rains this weekend fall 57% of the normal volume of the whole year. (19/12/2016)

  • UMU opens the registration deadline for the first edition of the specialist in political analysis (19/12/2016)

  • PSOE and Citizens defend a greater police presence in Espinardo to end the insecurity (19/12/2016)

  • List of roads cut at the moment in Murcia due to the heavy rains (19/12/2016)

  • 805 people work this morning so that Murcia recovers as soon as possible after heavy rains (19/12/2016)

  • Monday morning there will be no educational activity in Murcia (18/12/2016)
    As a precaution against the anticipation that the rains continue
  • Suspended classes in schools throughout the municipality due to heavy rains (18/12/2016)

  • The PSOE demands a transparent distribution criterion for the economic endowment of the municipal boards (18/12/2016)
    The Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group Enrique Ayuso warns that the purpose of this motion is to achieve transparency and efficiency so that not lose one euro destined to Districts and districts
  • The pruning of winter of more than a thousand trees begins in Murcia and pedanías (18/12/2016)
    The Parks and Gardens Service carries out these tasks in tipuanas, jacarandas, elms and other species taking advantage of the winter stop of the trees
  • Fomento invests 150,000 euros in works that will solve the drainage problems of the Sucina Highway (18/12/2016)
    The project, approved today by the Government Board with a term of execution of six months, will end the floods provoked by torrential avenues in The stretch between Casa Pelada and Riquelme Station
  • Perez: "Let the PSOE look in the mirror before criticizing" (17/12/2016)

  • The special device of the City Council helps to minimize the effects of heavy rains (17/12/2016)
    Local Police and Firefighters receive more than 150 calls that have been answered immediately
  • The PSOE regrets that the team of Ballesta has not carried out preventive works to avoid floods again (17/12/2016)
    The Socialist Municipal Group spokesman, Jose Ignacio Gras, affirms that the overflow of ramblas, roads and streets by the present rains "is a problem Well known and repeated year after year "
  • Let's change Murcia affirms that CARM's budgets for 2017 "condemn municipalism" (17/12/2016)
    The training criticizes the reduction in the headings directed to the Social Services of the Municipalities
  • Heavy rains force this morning to cut off various vials (17/12/2016)
    150 people from the Cleaning, Civil Protection, Fire, Local Police, Parks and Gardens, Aguas de Murcia, Traffic and Industrial Services have worked on the special device
  • Circus Theater hosts tomorrow the gala homage to Antonio González Barnés (17/12/2016)

  • The PSOE reminds the City Council that it should require companies to restore public roads where they have done work (17/12/2016)
    The Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group Maite Espinosa warns that the Santa Catalina road, especially in the Puente del Reguerón, Risk for vehicles not recovering asphalt after trenching
  • The garden of Avenida de la Juventud de Cabezo de Torres will have a skating rink and new children's games (17/12/2016)
    For the execution of these works, which have a execution period of 4 months, 133,880 euros will be invested
  • More than a hundred international university students are familiar with the Murcian craft culture (17/12/2016)
    International university students receive Christmas in Murcia
  • They will install a thousand new forks in districts and districts (17/12/2016)
    They will be located in response to the requests received at the Municipal Bicycle Office, together with those that will be presented in the near future
  • Let's change Murcia demands "political consequences" for the new data on Roque Ortiz's trip (16/12/2016)

  • Now Murcia demands a new regulation of the local police, "since the current one is preconstitucional, of 1961" (16/12/2016)

  • Student of ADE and Law wins the prize for the best project to create a company (16/12/2016)

  • Professor Javier Corbalán assumes the presidency of the Ibero-American Association for the Investigation of Individual Differences (AIIDI) (16/12/2016)

  • Murcians of adoption congratulate Christmas and show the peculiarities of the city during the holidays (16/12/2016)

  • C's requires Roque Ortiz to explain his trip to Istanbul by private jet (16/12/2016)
    and accountable to Murcianos without evading responsibility
  • UMU Convention for the promotion of sport for schoolchildren in Molina de Segura (16/12/2016)

  • The SIME wins the union elections in the City of Murcia (16/12/2016)

  • Social Rights improves the quality of care for users of municipal day-care centers (16/12/2016)
    The beneficiaries are 100 people from the centers of Barriomar, Beniaján and Cabezo de Torres.
  • In addition to the prize giving of the CreaMurcia 2016, the municipal center will host an exhibition with the winning works, music and performances, and tastings of the finalist caps of the contest. The Puertas de Castilla welcomes tonight the gala o (16/12/2016)

  • More than 700 participants will tour the streets of Murcia in the V edition of the 'Carrera Navideña Ciudad de Murcia' next Sunday (16/12/2016)
    The test will have its output at 11:00 hours on Avenida Teniente Flomesta and the route is 6 kilometers
  • Circo and Romea theaters offer a first half of 2017 loaded with news and with almost 150 performances (16/12/2016)
    The campaign 'Regala emotions regala theaters Romea-Circo' that seeks to give the Murcia culture gifts at Christmas dates
  • The City Council allocates more than 300,000 euros for 32 cooperation projects in countries with low development index (16/12/2016)
    One of them, endowed with 30,000 euros, is directed to the reconstruction of an educational center in Ecuador, affected by the earthquake
  • The City Council subsidizes 39 entities for the development of sports activities (16/12/2016)
    The estimated amount amounts to 100,000 euros to promote the sport during the 2015/2016 season
  • ... (16/12/2016)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to "control the arrogant and disrespectful attitude of Councilman Roque Ortiz" The socialists also denounce that while Ortiz was present at the last plenary session of the Sangonera la Verde Municipal Board, he di (16/12/2016)

  • Eleven pedanías dismiss the year receiving a battery of projects for the improvement of sidewalks, pavements and roads (16/12/2016)

  • A workshop commemorates at the UMU the centenary of the beginning of General Linguistics (16/12/2016)

  • 240,000 euros to support traditional trade (16/12/2016)
    The Government Board has approved the granting of subsidies to the Federation of Municipal Markets, the 12 associations of merchants and the collective of street vendors
  • UMU professor Matilde Campos publishes "Looking in the Fog", whose benefits will go to an NGO (16/12/2016)

  • The Martinez Tornel Square now houses the bust of the great chronicler of the memory of Murcia (15/12/2016)

  • The forecast of rains forces to postpone the celebration of the Festival 'Lights, action!' (15/12/2016)
    It will take place on 28, 29 and 30 December in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • The allocation of vacancies in the weekly markets will resume on January 23 after the motion of Now Murcia Alicia Morales recalls that the motion, defended on October 27, established a maximum term of 3 months, and notes that this award "The liv (15/12/2016)

  • Ortiz: "Let Mrs. Espinosa eat migas and let the technicians work" (15/12/2016)

  • ... (15/12/2016)

  • C's demands the urgent repair of the exterior fencing of the IES Saavedra Fajardo to avoid student leaks and material theft (15/12/2016)

  • Recreational divers for the monitoring of marine biodiversity (15/12/2016)

  • "Path of the Conquerors", the documentary that shows the gesta of an athlete of the Region in Costa Rica, is shown in the UMU (15/12/2016)

  • Albatalía hosts next Sunday the XXIII meeting of crews (15/12/2016)
    The groups of Aguaderas (Lorca), Tío Román (Nerpio) and La Albatalía - Arboleja will perform
  • The Rector Orihuela offers the collaboration of the UMU in the fight for transparency and against corruption (15/12/2016)

  • The PSOE considers 'intolerable' a new closure of the Ronda Norte tunnel by the rain (15/12/2016)
    The Councilor of the Socialist Municipal Group, Maite Espinosa, recalls the frequent leaks that affect the underground and regrets that it is rendered useless precisely the days of more traffic
  • El Carmen commercial area celebrates Christmas with a talking tree and a Gymkhana among the associated businesses (15/12/2016)

  • Las Claras Cajamurcia Cultural Center hosts, for the second consecutive year, the Playmobil crib. The exhibition, which is already open to the public, can be visited until January 8 (15/12/2016)

  • Murcia's supply places become'indies' (15/12/2016)

  • UMU study examines water reuse in Spain and Europe (15/12/2016)

  • The PSOE demands the meeting of the Sociedad Murcia Alta Velocidad, inactive since January José Ignacio Gras and Begoña García Retegui have sent letters to the mayor of Murcia and the president of the Board of Directors of the Society to demand the u (15/12/2016)

  • A hundred people attend the II National Encounter of Official Tourism Guides (15/12/2016)
    The Councilor for Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesús Pacheco, inaugurated this morning the conference
  • Citizens demand explanations to the PP for the continuous closures to the traffic of the tunnel of Place of Castile (14/12/2016)
    The mayor Paqui Pérez has requested in writing to the Department of Fomento detailed information on this infrastructure that, since it was inaugurated twelve years ago, has not Stopped giving problems and producing extra costs
  • Let's change Murcia accuses Pacheco of lying on the use of the municipal center of La Arboleja (14/12/2016)

  • Underground three-point containers of the city are finally operative after several requests of Now Murcia (14/12/2016)

  • Delivered the prizes of the contests of Responsible Consumption and You, my, our University, summoned by the UMU (14/12/2016)

  • Dramatized reading at the UMU of a work by Buero Vallejo on the occasion of his centenary (14/12/2016)

  • ... (14/12/2016)

  • Ten painters plaster their vision of Murcia in giant eggs distributed by emblematic squares of the city (14/12/2016)
    The creative process will be developed live so that Murcia and visitors can enjoy it
  • The UMU Choir offers a charity concert with music from the 90's until today (14/12/2016)
    Attendees must bring a toy, food or clothes
  • "We must work very hard to reach our level" (14/12/2016)

  • The President of the Community inaugurates in the UMU the Days of the Transparency (14/12/2016)

  • UMU day studies the reuse of water in Spain and Europe tomorrow (14/12/2016)

  • More than 200 children of the Coral Discantus put music to the Adrian Struggle (14/12/2016)

  • The documentary about Pedro Cano, produced by the UMU, is presented at the Regional Film Library (14/12/2016)
    The film has won nine awards at international festivals in the United States
  • Professor Javier Corbalán assumes tomorrow the presidency of the Ibero-American Association for the Investigation of Individual Differences (AIIDI) (14/12/2016)

  • Lecturer of Greek Philology of the UMU publishes a book on the myth of Idomeneo (14/12/2016)

  • The City Council shows its solidarity by participating in the edition of the children's story "The Colors of Natalia" (14/12/2016)
    The profits obtained by the sales will go to the investigation of the very rare disease of Niemann Pick C, which suffers Natalia Martínez
  • Civil Protection Volunteers are formed in the integral assistance to women victims of gender violence (14/12/2016)

  • Tonight the tunnel of the Plaza de Castilla closes to traffic (14/12/2016)
    The municipal technicians will carry out probes to verify the origin of the water of the subsoil
  • Open the Erasmus + call for mobility of students at EU universities (14/12/2016)

  • Town Hall, Community and Ministry coordinate the works of the AVE to expedite its arrival in Murcia (14/12/2016)

  • The University of Murcia helps future college students in the choice of career (14/12/2016)

  • Takeover of professors of the UMU (14/12/2016)

  • ElPozo Murcia FS, in Semifinals after winning 3-5 to Catgas Energy (13/12/2016)

  • More than 70 international speakers discuss the role of Mercy in relation to justice and law (13/12/2016)
    The Congress, in which Father Bernard Ardura, president of the Pontifical Committee of Scienze Storiche participated, is organized by the Pontifical Lateran University of Rome and the Catholic University of Murcia
  • The PSOE calls for a transport consortium to end the lack of coordination between administrations (13/12/2016)
    Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group, Juan Vicente Larrosa, believes that the creation of a Transport Bureau by the City "falls short and enters into competition with The master plan of the Community "
  • Murcia consolidates itself as a tourist destination for congresses with more than 600 events organized in a year (13/12/2016)
    Los Molinos del Río hosts the XII Meeting of Associated Companies to the Congress Office.
  • Murcia participates in the international meeting of the Urbelac Network project showing its model of smart city (13/12/2016)
    The countries participating in this forum are aware of the 'My Murcia' initiative that has been selected by the European Commission as a European reference project for Latin America
  • 29 companies are interested in the regeneration works of Los Rosales (13/12/2016)
    The Recruitment Bureau proposes to award the construction of the bike lane on the Segura river with a budget of 161,000 €
  • The digitized funds of the Municipal Archives grow thanks to the Crimson Project (13/12/2016)
    This ninth phase involves the incorporation of about 15,000 new digital images from the Murcia Archive to this catalog
  • 2.2 million euros for the bus service in Murcia and its metropolitan area (13/12/2016)

  • Solidarity initiative "This Museum is milk" (13/12/2016)
    The Ramón Gaya Museum and the Jesús Abandonado Foundation, again together in the solidarity initiative "This Museum is the milk"
  • ... (13/12/2016)

  • More than 200 stores will offer promotions and discounts of up to 70% in the VI edition of Murcia Shopping Night (13/12/2016)
    Fashion shows, live music, shooting, influencers, personal shoppers, makeup sets, hairdressing and Shopping KIDs activities.
  • The Solidarity Football Tournament to Fight Childhood Illnesses (13/12/2016)
    Next Saturday, December 17 at the La Vega Sports Center from 9.00.
  • The Grafiti Municipal Office collaborates with a young local artist who will paint a median of Santiago and Zaraiche (13/12/2016)

  • The bioactive liquid arises from a line of research with stem cells isolated from the wisdom teeth (DPPSC) of the Regenerative Medicine Research Institute of UIC Barcelona UIC Barcelona and the UCAM discover a liquid that stops the pyorrhea and parti (13/12/2016)

  • The journalist Ignacio Cembrero presents tomorrow his book The Spain of Allah (13/12/2016)

  • Two workshops open tomorrow the First Conference on Transparency (13/12/2016)

  • Students of Science and Food Technology learn from ecological orchards (13/12/2016)

  • The Faculty of the UMU is studying today the award of the doctorate honoris causa to Jairton Dupont and Raimundo González Frutos (13/12/2016)

  • The UMU celebrates a solidarity Christmas market this week in the campus of Espinardo (13/12/2016)

  • A 'sky chanter' for the Las Vegas Trio (12/12/2016)

  • Justice, Mercy and Law, at the International Congress of the Innocent III Chair of the UCAM (12/12/2016)
    The seminar will include the participation of national and international experts such as Bernard Ardura, José Antonio Escudero, Michele Riondino, Francisco Cuena Boy , Or Mauricio Dimant, among others
  • A Christmas calendar with half a thousand acts full of activity the squares, gardens and markets of all Murcia (12/12/2016)

  • Pacheco: "The anti-PP front not only does not participate in the projects of the municipality, but also do not find out that yes do associations and neighbors" (12/12/2016)

  • UMU exhibition shows the relationship between the picture postcard and the school world (12/12/2016)

  • Tranvía de Murcia collaborates with the campaign 'Actually does not have grace' of Red Cross (12/12/2016)
    The wagons will have 2,500 publicity hangers to sensitize the travelers of the discrimination in the labor field
  • Early Final in Santa Coloma (12/12/2016)
    Catgas Energía Santa Coloma vs El Pozo Murcia FS
  • The opposition demands that Ballesta stop disappearing in the neighborhood of La Paz after twenty-one years of contempt (12/12/2016)
    PSOE, Citizens, Now Murcia and Cambiemos Murcia claim to the PP the fulfillment of the motion approved in October for the convocation of a Work group for the social and urban rehabilitation of La Paz
  • A solidarity calendar to support people with hearing impairment (12/12/2016)

  • The first part lastra to UCAM Murcia (11/12/2016)
    Universities, led by Facundo Campazzo with 24 points, could not with the Iberostar Tenerife (94-80)
  • The PSOE calls on the Ballesta government to launch the book reuse system approved unanimously at the March plenary (11/12/2016)
    Maite Espinosa recalls that this initiative of the PSOE is designed to give a second life to books deposited in containers Of paper and that may be useful for various groups and associations
  • Superheroes' take the tram in the city (11/12/2016)
    From 13 to 16 December for different spaces and squares of the city of Murcia
  • The Parrandboleros, recently arrived from their tour of Argentina, will participate this Monday in the tribute to the Las Vegas Trio (11/12/2016)

  • Consumer controls this Christmas the foods put up for sale in 700 stores of grocery stores, supermarkets and markets (10/12/2016)

  • IU-verdes Murcia claims on the international day of secularism its defense from the municipal (09/12/2016)

  • Change requires that the 2017 Budgets include budgetary appropriation for approved motions (09/12/2016)

  • PREVIO 10ª Jornada LNFS - Peñísocla RehabMedic vs El Pozo Murcia FS (09/12/2016)
    Maximum concentration
  • Murcia signs the declaration of the World Day of Informatics (09/12/2016)

  • Adults and children will be able to participate in the special program of IKEA Murcia activities under the tree of the Circular Square (09/12/2016)
    The workshops will start tomorrow Saturday and will be extended until Sunday, December 18
  • A subsidy to Caja Sources Association will allow the development of cultural activities in Javalí Viejo (09/12/2016)
    The aid, amounting to 10,000 euros, aims to develop various social actions
  • An agreement with the Association of Employers of the Industrial Park West seeks to contribute to the creation and conservation of jobs (09/12/2016)
    The City Council will subsidize the different actions of information, advice and training with 60,000 euros
  • Now Murcia asks urgent solutions for a plot "with garbage and rats" next to three schools in the Pool (09/12/2016)
    The municipal training has been directed to two councils to let them know these facts, and ensures that there are more plots in a similar situation In this hamlet
  • The PSOE demands the implantation of the nursing service in municipal schools (09/12/2016)
    Maite Espinosa recalls that the Socialist Group defended a motion in the July plenary session in this sense that was unanimously approved, and calls for a budget allocation in 2017 to implement the Service with all the guarantees
  • Promotion starts a special device for cleaning and collection of waste for Christmas (09/12/2016)
    A special team of 8 operators and 4 vehicles will join the regular service in the Barrio del Carmen and the historic city
  • The work of conditioning the study room of Los Dolores begins. The estimated period to execute the works is expected not to exceed 4 months (09/12/2016)

  • The City Council supports the annual program of activities of the Federation of Elderly Centers (09/12/2016)
    More than 1,500 elderly people benefit from the activities developed by the Federation of Elderly Centers of Murcia, which receives a grant of 24,055 euros
  • The Town Hall and shops of Murcia Center join the fight against childhood cancer (09/12/2016)
    A solidarity gala raises funds to fight against this disease on December 15 at the Teatro Romea at 18:30
  • Citizens denounces the sorry state of abandonment of the deterrent parking of the old mini zoo (09/12/2016)

  • President Pedro Antonio Sanchez will proclaim the Holy Week of the murcian hamlet of La Nora The event will be held on April 1 in the church Nuestra Señora del Socorro, after the transfer of the patroness, the Virgin of the Passage, from her hermitag (08/12/2016)

  • Students of the Degree in Physiotherapy will practice in Gamergy (08/12/2016)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has agreed an agreement with the League of Professional Video Games with the aim that students participate in the event to be held in Madrid
  • The Christmas tree of the Circular Square will offer an innovative audiovisual show (08/12/2016)
    The passes will be at 20:00 and 21:30 from Friday to January 6
  • Avenida de la Libertad will become a dance hall on Saturday thanks to the solidarity event 'La calle salsa!' (08/12/2016)
    14 pairs of teachers will teach the audience how to dance salsa, bachata, kizomba and tango on the street and collect Toys for the Shelter Aid Platform of Murcia
  • Unpublished lights illuminate from this afternoon the streets of Murcia in a Christmas full of surprises (07/12/2016)

  • Pacheco: "The coordinators of cultural centers decide the programming of their facilities, not the municipal boards" (07/12/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia: A cultural decision "by finger" prevents the development of activities in the Municipal Center of La Arboleja for a month (07/12/2016)

  • Student of the UMU, awarded for a work on the presence of women in Spanish politics (07/12/2016)

  • Two contracts of maintenance of the football fields of districts receive 14 offers (07/12/2016)
    In addition, the contracting table has registered 18 proposals for the construction of the children's school of La Paz
  • The bus service between Altorreal and Murcia extended with six daily expeditions is already under way (07/12/2016)
    The Community grants a subsidy to improve the 52 line and to respond to the request of the neighbors of the urbanization of Mine
  • The fastest Murcia Lan Party in history brings together more than a thousand fans of computer science until Sunday (07/12/2016)

  • Christmas Rock sets rhythm at the beginning of Christmas in the Plaza de la Merced Christmas carols and songs are performed by musicians Murcia on Friday December 23 at 20:00 (07/12/2016)

  • The PSOE demands to know how much it has cost the tree of Square Circular and which streets of the municipality have remained without illumination (07/12/2016)
    The Socialists suspect that, to support the 'macroárbol', the government of Ballast has eliminated the illumination of streets in neighborhoods and Pedanias, forcing municipal boards to take charge of spending Christmas lights
  • UMU volunteers will help the Moroccan and Senegalese communities of the Region of Murcia (07/12/2016)

  • Anonymous Solidarity Award for Antonio Barceló Sánchez (07/12/2016)

  • More than fifty people visit the monumental complex of Monteagudo with Cambiemos Murcia (06/12/2016)

  • Murcia City Council continues to bet on athletes and clubs in the municipality (06/12/2016)
    Tritones Murcia Sport Club has achieved 65 podiums in triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon in both regional and national events
  • The City Council opens a line of aid for companies of social and autonomous economy that create indefinite employment (06/12/2016)

  • Now Murcia: "The number of pipe ruptures in the municipality is developing country" (05/12/2016)
    Councilman Luis Bermejo has met today with the manager of Emuasa after the recent breaks in Santa Eulalia and Sagasta
  • The tree of the Circular Square, meeting place to live a Christmas full of activities and surprises for the whole family (05/12/2016)

  • Aguas de Murcia will carry out actions in the 7.5 kilometers of pipes of gray cast iron to avoid breakages (05/12/2016)
    In ten years only 29 breaks have been counted in this network of supply of the historical center of Murcia
  • A tour of the Andalusian Murcia by the hand of Julio Navarro and Pedro Jiménez (05/12/2016)
    The Almudí Palace hosts the presentation of the book 'Murcia, the Andalusian city that contemplated Alfonso X', by Julio Navarro and Pedro Jiménez, coinciding with the 750th anniversary Of the Council of Murcia
  • A lecturer from UCAM will lead the International Conference on Intelligent Environments. Its 13th edition will be held in Seoul in August next year, and it will involve universities from around the world and large companies in the sector such as Sams (05/12/2016)

  • A study of UMU professors highlights the dependence of the outside in the Spanish sector of biofuels (05/12/2016)

  • Ortiz: "There is no improvisation in the previous works of the burial of the AVE, Quite the contrary" (05/12/2016)

  • "Whenever we've done great things, it's been thanks to communion with the fans" Óscar Quintana has warned of the importance of closing the rebound against Unicaja Málaga (05/12/2016)

  • The City Council creates a new canine recreation area in the neighborhood of Santa Maria de Gracia (05/12/2016)
    It is located on the street Professor Fernando Piñuela and has more than 1,200 square meters of space for pets
  • Murcia will live its most huertan Christmas with a special program of activities of the Federation of Peñas Huertanas (05/12/2016)
    The Floridablanca Garden will host, for the first time, a living huertano birth
  • C's regrets that the PP continues to dizzy the partridge with the deposit of San Esteban (05/12/2016)
    after years of waiting is not clear what he wants to do
  • Fundación CajaMurcia will collaborate in the excavations of the Center of Studies of the Antiquity of the UMU (05/12/2016)

  • Social Rights launches a new program to promote social volunteering (05/12/2016)

  • ElPozo Murcia prepare the duel against Peñíscola without five international called with their selections (05/12/2016)

  • Ronda Sur will open new study room (05/12/2016)
    226 study positions distributed in two rooms of 187.85 m2 and 266.36 m2.
  • The PSOE denounces the improvisation of the PP in relation to the works of the AVE in the way of Tiñosa and criticizes the lack of options to cross the roads after the elimination of the bridge (05/12/2016)
    The Socialists propose the adaptation of the way Mota de los Alemanes and of the lane Of Tomás to divert the traffic and offer to the neighbors a near and suitable step that allows them to move with ease
  • Videos of Christmas lighting in Murcia surpass more than 191,000 impressions in social networks in less than 24 hours (04/12/2016)
    8 kilometers of wiring, 800 Easter flowers, 440 giant ornaments and metallic stars, 52,700 led points and 8 days of Montage are some of the figures that hide behind the big tree that from last night will illuminate the city during these holidays
  • Sagasta Street recovered normal last night after the failure of a water line (04/12/2016)
    Around 21 hours the supply was restored.
  • Fomento studies the proposals presented to the project of pedestrianization of Alfonso X to incorporate those that are viable and improve it (04/12/2016)

  • The pergola of the Plaza de Santa Isabel already looks completely renovated (04/12/2016)
    In just over two months, the City Council has changed the more than 1,100 wooden boards and improved the fastening systems
  • Victory escaped in the end in a vibrant derby (03/12/2016)
    UCAM Murcia EBA League fought to the end in a match marked by intensity and defense
  • C's requests an urgent meeting with Emuasa after the pipe breaks that have flooded streets, lows and shops in Murcia in the last week (03/12/2016)

  • Murcia lights up Christmas with a big light tree of low consumption that will be the center of activities for the whole family during the holidays. During the afternoon, the city hosted concerts in the main plazas, tastings and 6,000 glasses of cava (03/12/2016)

  • Aguas de Murcia plans to restore service on Calle Sagasta in a few hours (03/12/2016)

  • 562 people approve the first examination of the firefighter's opposition (03/12/2016)
    The court finished correcting the 1,557 exercises at 5 in the morning
  • The brigades of Aguas de Murcia work to solve the rupture of a pipe in the Sagasta Street (03/12/2016)

  • "Implantology represents the present and future of dentistry" Adriano Piattelli, Doctor Honoris Causa for the UCAM, and who participates in the First International Congress of Implantology, will lead the new Chair of the institution on Biom (03/12/2016)

  • Tocinos Bridge dedicates a garden and a square to the figure of José Pardo Cano and La Crilla rock (03/12/2016)
    José Ballesta inaugurates these two public spaces this morning and discovers the commemorative monoliths
  • The PSOE requires the Ballestas government to recover the podiatry service removed from the centers of adults a year ago (03/12/2016)
    The Socialists denounce the hypocrisy of the PP, "that while not moving a finger from the City of Murcia to re-offer this Service, presents motions at municipal boards to meet the gallery "
  • A day discusses the use of social networks in the adolescents of the new digital era (03/12/2016)
    Held at the Melilla Exhibition and Congress Center
  • Let's ask for explanations about the disability plan that the PP promised eleven months ago (03/12/2016)

  • The UCAM welcomes its international students (02/12/2016)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has held a meeting with its international students from the five continents
  • The UCAM welcomes the new students of UCAMPACITAS (02/12/2016)
    This program for the socio-labor inclusion of people with disabilities has this course with 14 students, with a total of 64 who have completed this program
  • The UMU invests doctor honoris causa to a nurse for the first time in Spain (02/12/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia demands responsibility for the disastrous management of the demilitarized bridge Tiñosa (02/12/2016)

  • Pérez: "That Citizens stop using the demagoguery to avoid the arrival of the AVE to Murcia" (02/12/2016)

  • Starts the XXXII edition of the Christmas Craft Exhibition on Paseo Alfonso X (02/12/2016)
    From December 2 to January 5 with timetable from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • 5,000 cups of cava and 10,000 Easter cakes to welcome Christmas in the Apostles, Fame and Freedom (02/12/2016)
    They will be distributed tomorrow at 8 pm in collaboration with the Cope Group.
  • "Defending the first eight seconds of possession of CB Myrtia is going to be the key" (02/12/2016)
    Kuko Cruza and Ortega 'Chumi' have appeared before a derby, which as they have commented, is 'to enjoy'
  • The first Route of the Belén presents more than 30 births of popular and artistic style in city and districts (02/12/2016)

  • The PSOE denounces that the improvisations of the government of Ballesta are preventing the municipal boards to spend their budget (02/12/2016)
    The Socialists criticize that the procedure of adjudication of projects has been modified "suddenly and at the last moment", which has paralyzed during a month Investments in municipal boards
  • More than 2,400 people today hold fire competitions (02/12/2016)
    Another 300 candidates for the positions of analyst programmer and programmer base are also taking the selective test today
  • Five taxi drivers renew their adapted vehicles thanks to a subsidy from the City Hall (02/12/2016)
    The weekly taxi sector rest schedule has also been approved for next year
  • The Local Police incorporates 15 new vehicles into its fleet of citizen safety (02/12/2016)
    The Government Board also approves the expansion of the municipal data storage space required by the implementation of electronic administration
  • Some thirty UMU students participate as volunteers in the Spanish Championship of rhythmic gymnastics ensembles (02/12/2016)

  • The City Council removes barriers to promote the full inclusion of persons with disabilities (02/12/2016)

  • The square of San Bartolomé already has a new area of ​​stay that surrounds the ombú (02/12/2016)
    The Department of Development has invested more than 15,000 euros in these works
  • ... (02/12/2016)

  • Urbanism opens a sanctioning file to a company for the hydraulic works of the AVE after complaint of Now Murcia (02/12/2016)
    The municipal training informed this Council in writing about the uncontrolled dumping of hazardous waste from the AVE collector on protected soil of Huerta in the area Of Camino de Tiñosa
  • The 2016 Public Employment Offer will offer 78 places (02/12/2016)
    Of these, 64 will be open access and 14 restricted to internal promotion
  • Juan Ballesta, player of CB Myrtia and his coach Quini García have valued the derby between the two first classified of the EBA League (02/12/2016)
    [The two teams arrived in a very good moment]
  • The photograph takes the Space Mills of the River (02/12/2016)
    Yesterday they were given the prizes of the XI Photography Contest 'Murcia, ethnography, culture and traditions'
  • The Interuniversity Chair of the Environment convokes the End of Degree and End of Master's awards (02/12/2016)

  • Ice skating, sledge descent, a suspended forest and Santa's House in the Artillery barracks, by the merchants of El Carmen (01/12/2016)
    The purpose of this initiative is to support the small and medium-sized trade in Murcia during these Dates and promote commercial activity in a neighborhood as emblematic and beautiful as El Carmen.
  • Nine teachers take over from UMU (01/12/2016)

  • UMU approves the draft budgets 2017, with moderate growth of 4.67% (01/12/2016)

  • The Councilor for Development and the company committee of Ferrovial Services study different measures to promote the road cleaning of the municipality (01/12/2016)

  • The meeting of the plenary of the Municipal School Council takes stock of the current course (01/12/2016)
    It is a non-binding advisory body for consultation, information, advice and democratic participation of the sectors concerned in the area of ​​teaching of the municipality
  • Saturday begins the anticipated sale of localities to see the Kings Cavalcade (01/12/2016)
    As a novelty this year, each day will be put on sale by blocks a number and proportionate number of chairs to reach the total of 13,000
  • "Without missing and with the feet on the ground" - ElPozo Murcia FS vs Jaén Paraíso Interior (01/12/2016)
    PREVIA 9th Matchday LNFS
  • Let us ask that the land bank be accompanied by comprehensive measures to protect the garden (01/12/2016)

  • The City Council will offer 50,000 more hours of citizen service a year with the entry into force of the new agreement (01/12/2016)

  • The Taekwondo team of the Korean city of Muju will hold an exhibition at Cabezo de Torres next Saturday (01/12/2016)
    At the Pabzo Polideportivo de Cabezo de Torres on Saturday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m.
  • The City Council shows the project 'Carril Bici Murcia' in the General Assembly of the Network of Cities for the bicycle (01/12/2016)
    The project has already begun to run and will serve to build 20km new cycle lane segregated by the city of Murcia
  • Murcia will be filled with light from next Saturday with 9 Christmas trees distributed by the main squares (01/12/2016)

  • The Hole celebrates Christmas in Murcia (01/12/2016)
    The renewed show lands at FICA from December 27 to January 8.
  • The UMU, with the Spanish Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics (01/12/2016)

  • Economics students plan to bring the "Fat" Christmas to the UMU (01/12/2016)


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