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Murcia News - December 2019

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  • Murcia tram opens tomorrow new schedules to improve service (31/12/2019)

  • Silk will become from January 2 to 5 in the Garden of the Magi (31/12/2019)
    The little ones can enjoy free workshops, a slide castle, a soccer field 3 and a laser tag area
  • Beniaján recovers his traditional Merendona (30/12/2019)

  • The City Council establishes a special cleaning plan for New Year's Eve (30/12/2019)
    They will provide extraordinary service to more than 30 operators and 24 portable toilets will be installed in different parts of the municipality
  • The little ones say goodbye to the year with a musical and the "12 jelly beans" tomorrow, at 1:00 p.m., in the Great Tree (30/12/2019)
    Murcian children will celebrate New Year's Eve with the family musical 'The kingdom of the reverse', a tribute to the 80s, which will start from 11.50 am in La Circular.
  • The boys and girls prepare their cotillion for New Year's Eve from the Christmas Tree (30/12/2019)

  • The TCM immerses itself this week in the puppet fantasy with 'Dreaming the carnival of animals' (30/12/2019)
    The Etcétera company, National Prize for Performing Arts for Children and Youth 2014, offers on January 2 and 3 this applauded show based on the music of Debussy and Saint-Saëns
  • Murcia cuisine will travel to New York, London and Berlin as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2020 (30/12/2019)

  • Emergency services attend the accident involving the traffic of dangerous goods in El Palmar (30/12/2019)

  • 60 Local Police agents will serve during New Year's Eve so that the day runs normally (30/12/2019)
    Likewise, Tram of Murcia will provide a special service and Social Rights will install a Violet Point in the Plaza de la Merced
  • The Juana Jugán de Puente Tocinos fountain will have 40 water jets and underwater LED lights (29/12/2019)

  • Rubén Pérez Llorens and Juan Carlos López, winners of the BiciMovida competitions (29/12/2019)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez awards the prizes to the winners of the two events held during the event that took place in November in Romea Square
  • The little ones prepare to say goodbye to the year at the Christmas Tree (29/12/2019)
    Children can make crafts during the morning, from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., and in the afternoon, from 5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
  • Promotion bets on the use of the Public Sector Contracting Platform to tender the minor contracts of the City Council of Murcia (28/12/2019)
    The mayor of Development, Mario Gómez, believes that this initiative would move towards a clean and transparent operating model that would guarantee competitive competition and equal opportunities in bidding processes
  • The PSOE regrets that the mayor returns to "take a rabbit out of the hat" with the announcement of a new group of Local Police (28/12/2019)
    Councilwoman Teresa Franco says "we do not get the accounts because Ballesta promises 16 agents who have to cover 59 districts and this is not a solution to an insecurity problem created by the PP itself "
  • Work is progressing that will prevent the lack of communication due to torrential rains on the RM-F19 road in Gea and Truyols (28/12/2019)
    The Councilor for Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, has visited the works that are being undertaken on this road
  • The Christmas Tree hosts tomorrow the collection of Regional Wave toys (28/12/2019)
    The station will carry out the program from the Circular Square and share the experiences of people who want to collaborate
  • Santiago Campillo acts tomorrow in the Great Christmas Tree of the Circular Square (28/12/2019)
    Children can make crafts in the morning, from 11.30 to 14.00
  • "Ballesta and the Popular Party have us in groundhog day" (27/12/2019)
    From the municipal group Podemos-Equo do not understand the euphoria of Ballesta taking stock of the year when "there are so many things to do and so many promises to keep"
  • Al Dual brings his rockabilly music to the Christmas Tree tomorrow on his international tour (27/12/2019)

  • About 5,000 people will eat the grapes in La Glorieta (27/12/2019)
    In a gala that can be followed live through La 7TV
  • The PSOE asks Mayor Ballesta to call his councilors to order to stop disrespecting (27/12/2019)
    The spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, sends a written complaint to the mayor, in which he expresses his discomfort for "so much free personal attack to our councilors with false insults and accusations "
  • An agreement with the Action Against Hunger Foundation will enhance the labor insertion and self-employment of unemployed and at risk of exclusion (27/12/2019)
    The City of Murcia co-finance the Vives Emploa y Vives Emprende programs with a total amount of 36,000 euros.
  • The City of Murcia allocates 120,000 euros to the promotion and promotion of employment and self-employment in the municipality (27/12/2019)

  • The Shelter receives a grant of more than 13,000 euros for the protection and adoption of animals (27/12/2019)
    The Governing Board provides the expense and the obligation of this association for activities for the promotion of animal welfare
  • 37 taxi drivers receive a subsidy to keep their vehicles adapted (27/12/2019)
    The Governing Board approves financial aid for increased taxi operating costs for people with reduced mobility
  • A more sustainable, better connected Murcia that enhances talent, Ballesta goals for the 20-30s (27/12/2019)

  • The PP asks councilor Lorca "for their interests in favoring members of the PSOE" (26/12/2019)

  • The School of Hospitality of the City Council tomorrow teaches a workshop for fruit tartlets in the Christmas Tree (26/12/2019)

  • The residents of Espinardo will premiere Centro de Mayor in April 2020 on Calle Mayor (26/12/2019)

  • The PSOE asks the government team why it covers vacancies in cultural centers without taking into account the job bank (26/12/2019)
    Councilor Enrique Lorca, who has had knowledge of claims of the applicants, states that "this is a new way of outsourcing and another gesture that belittles officials "
  • Emergency services locate and serve a cyclist who has suffered a fall in the Cresta del Gallo (25/12/2019)

  • The Patiño gang offers a recital of carol huertanos in the Christmas Tree (25/12/2019)

  • Toys donated in the Circular Plaza tree will be delivered to six NGOs (25/12/2019)
    The solidarity point is open at the same time as the workshops
  • The Municipal Archive publishes a calendar to give visibility and spread its bibliographic and documentary heritage (25/12/2019)

  • The healthiest Santa Claus in Spain is in Murcia (24/12/2019)
    During Santa's ride today, Proexport has distributed thousands of vegetables among the attendees, to promote healthy eating
  • The Drilo Gang celebrates Christmas tomorrow from the great Tree of the Circular Square (24/12/2019)
    The most famous crocodile returns to this environment to offer attendees a recital of his best-known songs.
  • Santa Claus travels Murcia in a big parade with 500 dancers, elves and children's characters (24/12/2019)
    "All the energy of Murcia is present today in the streets of the city," said Mayor José Ballesta.
  • Murcia thanks the 300 police, firefighters and civil protection personnel who remain on duty at Christmas (24/12/2019)
    "We are deeply proud of you," said José Ballesta, who stressed that "they will be attending 24 hours any circumstance that occurs in any corner of the municipality "
  • The solidarity market for the benefit of Cáritas de San Lorenzo raises the triple that in the last edition (24/12/2019)

  • Huermur denounces the serious deterioration of the castles of Puerto de la Cadena (23/12/2019)

  • Investments in districts focus Urbamusa's ongoing works in 2019 (23/12/2019)

  • UCAM promotes the 'Physical Education Alliance of the Silk Road' (23/12/2019)

  • Murcia welcomes the children of the Belarusian People, who enjoy Christmas with host families with open arms (23/12/2019)
    8 Belarusian children, aged 7 to 17, spend Christmas with Murcia host families, an initiative promoted by the Association of Solidarity Families with the Belarusian People.
  • The little ones learn Christmas recipes in the Circular Square Tree (23/12/2019)

  • The CEI school collects about 6,000 euros for the NGO Save the Children (23/12/2019)
    This is the amount raised in the solidarity race organized each year by the school, in collaboration with the City Council.
  • Algezares celebrates the fourth edition of its San Silvestre next Saturday (23/12/2019)
    Cobatillas will also organize the sports event on Sunday, which can be done running, walking or skating.
  • More than 50 musicians from the City of Murcia Youth Orchestra will perform for the benefit of Abandoned Jesus (23/12/2019)
    The concert will be held on January 3 in the CAM Classroom of Culture
  • About 5,000 Murcia families benefit from the social water rate of 5 euros per month in 2019 (23/12/2019)

  • The Artillery Barracks hosts an exhibition featuring typical Murcian sweets and artisans from Santa Cruz, Los Dolores, Llano de Brujas and El Esparragal (22/12/2019)
    'History of a tradition of women' can be visited until January 5
  • Vehicles of more than 3,500 kilograms may not circulate through the town center on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Kings (22/12/2019)
    This prohibition will extend from 10 am to 11 pm
  • Murcia rewards its young people (21/12/2019)
    The CreaMurcia gala held last night recognized the work of 47 artists or groups
  • The Coral Discantus today offers a recital of Christmas carols from around the world at the Christmas Tree (21/12/2019)

  • Murcia Tram modifies its schedules on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (21/12/2019)

  • The City Council collaborates with the AMPAS in the organization of 33 Christmas Schools for schoolchildren in the municipality (20/12/2019)
    The Department of Education gives the spaces for the completion of this complementary activity during holiday periods
  • The little ones can make their Christmas decorations today from the great Tree of the Circular Square (20/12/2019)

  • Two agreements with AJE and ASEPIO will boost the business, employment and entrepreneurship in Murcia (20/12/2019)
    Both collaboration agreements total 80,000 euros
  • Cardinal Belluga Square hosts the ninth edition of Christmas Rock this afternoon (20/12/2019)
    Carmen Alarcón, Fernando Rubio, Jesús Cobarro, José Luis Manzanero, Laura Uve and María de Juan will give voice to the traditional Christmas songs to the rhythm of pop, rock and roll and soul
  • The City Council allocates about 800,000 euros for aid to sports activities (20/12/2019)
    The Government Board today approved the granting of grants from the annual call pertaining to the 2018/2019 season.
  • The City Council supports the projects of five social associations to improve the quality of life of people residing in the municipality (20/12/2019)
    Among all the grants approved by the Government Board total a total of 215,000 euros
  • Green light to the works of the roundabout of access to the campus of Espinardo (20/12/2019)
    These works, whose cost amounts to a total of 510,035 euros, will avoid the retentions that occur between the entrance to the university city and the exit to the highway of Madrid from the A-30
  • The City Council approves 133 seats for the 2019 Public Employment Offer (20/12/2019)
    The Government Board gives the green light to the open access, temporary employment stabilization and internal promotion
  • About 25,000 secondary school students will be able to carry out extracurricular activities thanks to municipal assistance (20/12/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth subsidizes these centers with 110,000 euros
  • Taxi fares remain frozen for the seventh consecutive year (20/12/2019)
    The Governing Board ratifies what was agreed at the Taxi Board held last week
  • Verónica's gastronomic classroom hosts a special Christmas program dedicated to wine and the sea, signature cuisine and cocktail art (20/12/2019)

  • Streets not received in El Palmar but open to traffic (20/12/2019)

  • San Silvestre will gather more than 4,000 runners through the center of Murcia, in the most fun race of the year (20/12/2019)

  • Santa Claus arrives tomorrow in Murcia with his dream factory and a massive surprise show in Belluga (20/12/2019)

  • Emergency services worked last night on the extinction of two container fires declared in Guadalupe (20/12/2019)

  • Fernando Martínez elected new President of Somos Murcia Somos Región (20/12/2019)
    On Thursday night, the Local Board of Murcia of the regionalist party was constituted in an act, which was attended by the Founding President of the party, Alberto Garre
  • Violet Points will be installed to prevent sexist violence on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve at Plaza la Merced (19/12/2019)

  • The University of Murcia is distinguished as an honorary member of the Carlos III Foundation (19/12/2019)

  • The PSOE makes the Plenary commit to eliminate sexist advertising, to create the Defender of Future Generations and to improve Ray 14 (19/12/2019)

  • Chemistry and Biology students of the UMU know the largest renewable energy center in Spain (19/12/2019)
    Fifty university students visit the Almería Solar Platform in the framework of ODSessions
  • The municipal plenary shows the support of the City Council for the Tajo - Segura Transfer (19/12/2019)

  • The Luis Costa school choir and the university choir play music today for the great Christmas Tree (19/12/2019)

  • Dionisia García, Laura Gil and the Coral Discantus will be distinguished by the city of Murcia (19/12/2019)
    The Plenary, held today, begins the file for the granting of various honors and distinctions to professionals and groups linked to Murcia
  • The UMU installs two Christmas trees made with plastic bags collected in an environmental awareness campaign (19/12/2019)
    The trees are placed in the courtyard of the La Merced campus and outside the Espinardo Campus Social Center
  • Murcia, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy, among the 20 destinations "that have a lot to celebrate in 2020" (19/12/2019)

  • IU-Verdes denounces the partisan use of the social networks of the Municipal Board of San Pío X (18/12/2019)

  • Murcia celebrates Migrant Day with an allegation of cultural wealth and human rights (18/12/2019)

  • More than 62 percent of the UMU students are women, the highest percentage in their history (18/12/2019)
    Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary and Psychology, the most demanded careers
  • The Suggestions and Complaints Commission begins the process of participating in the draft of the Organic Regulation (18/12/2019)
    Councilwoman Mercedes Bernabé has chaired the table at which the publication of the draft has been agreed on the municipal website for 15 days
  • "Christmas is not all dinner, in Murcia we also go for drinks in the afternoon" (18/12/2019)
    This is how Beefeater celebrates you in the iconic Plaza de las Flores
  • The Cleaning and Waste Management Service donates more than 1,400 kilos of products to the Food Bank of Segura (18/12/2019)
    During the month of December and under the slogan 'Together We Sumamos', the workers of Cespa Urban Services of Murcia have demonstrated again your solidarity providing food in all the offices and work centers of the cleaning service
  • The Cleaning and Waste Management Service donates more than 1,000 kilos of products to the Segura Food Bank (18/12/2019)
    During the month of December and under the slogan 'Together We Sumamos', the workers of Cespa Urban Services of Murcia have demonstrated again your solidarity providing food in all the offices and work centers of the cleaning service
  • The PSOE proposes to create the Defender of Future Generations to ensure that the Planet will be inherited in good condition (18/12/2019)
    The spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, says that "we are obliged to make decisions without suspicion or denial, because while we enter into trivial debates our world continues to receive aggressions that we can still solve "
  • Lobosillo opens its new pedestrian zone compatible with road traffic (17/12/2019)
    These works are part of the Extraordinary Investment Plan in Pedanías, which coordinates the Department of Marco Antonio Fernández
  • The Foresta Plan reaches Terra Natura with the planting of more than 2,000 trees (17/12/2019)

  • The budgets of the University of Murcia increase 4.03 percent compared to 2019 (17/12/2019)

  • About 16,000 children from 138 centers in the municipality of Murcia have participated this Christmas in the recycling drawing contest (17/12/2019)
    The drawings of the 12 winners will star in the 2020 calendar of Murcia Sustainable City
  • The City Council and the CHS study the necessary actions to prevent flooding in Alquerías, Zeneta and El Raal (17/12/2019)
    The councilman of Pedanías and Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, visited this morning, together with the president of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation affected by DANA last September
  • D´Genes organizes a Christmas cookie workshop next Friday in Murcia (17/12/2019)

  • UCAM Agreement - Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (17/12/2019)
    Joint research and training aimed at the psychological intervention of mental health
  • The University of Murcia organizes the second conference on Roma communities (17/12/2019)
    The event will take place this Wednesday, December 18, in the Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters (Campus of La Merced), at 6.30 pm
  • The City Council of Murcia will have a regulation of the Municipal and District Boards by the end of 2020 (17/12/2019)
    The members of the Special Commission of Social Recovery, Integration and Citizen Participation have established the need to create another regulation of Citizen Participation for groups and neighborhood associations
  • The Employment service oriented more than 2,000 people and assisted in the creation of 600 jobs during 2019 (17/12/2019)
    The 2019 report, which can be consulted at www.murciaemplea.es, also includes the number of people who have received training, with a total of 680 unemployed students and 225 active
  • The City of Transport inaugurates a fast charging point for electric vehicles within the Cirve project (17/12/2019)
    Councilors Antonio Navarro and Mercedes Bernabé present this installation at Froet-Gas, in the Industrial Estate Oeste de San Ginés
  • Social Rights processed last year more than 4,000 social emergency aid amounting to 3.3 million euros (17/12/2019)
    This action is added to many others aimed at combating poverty in the municipality as aid to dining, pharmacological care, the water payment or transportation vouchers
  • The PSOE remembers that the holidays are not for medical offices and asks that they not be closed at Christmas or summer (17/12/2019)

  • Podemos-Equo will request the transfer of the chairs of the rostrum in the Three Kings' Cavalcade to minors in vulnerable situations (17/12/2019)

  • The Platform for Heritage reproaches the shortcomings of the Sectorial Council of Heritage (17/12/2019)

  • Activated the warning protocol for air pollution at its mildest level in Murcia (17/12/2019)

  • Values ​​and leadership, key concepts in educational innovation projects (16/12/2019)
    This is one of the ideas presented during the VI Conference of Educational Innovation of the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia, which has brought together more than 700 students of the Master in Teacher Training at UCAM
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The PSOE of the ERES can not give lessons of expired contracts or of patronage or management" (16/12/2019)
    "If Mr. Serrano prefers that we do not act according to the law and Murcia stop receiving certain services, that say it openly "
  • Huermur reproaches that the route of the AVE to Murcia is destroying part of the ditch network (16/12/2019)
    Huermur denounces the destruction of a section of the historic Alguazas ditch that is being filled with dozens of land trucks from the works of the AVE to Murcia
  • Two new lawyers of the City Council legal services take possession (16/12/2019)
    Councilors Marco Antonio Fernández and Mercedes Bernabé preside over the appointment act
  • More than 200 schoolchildren from Narcisco Yepes, San Pablo, Santiago el Mayor and Enrique Laborda (Los Dolores) visit the Great Tree (16/12/2019)

  • The UMU analyzes the entrepreneurial intention of its students and rewards the best ideas for creating a company (16/12/2019)
    According to the GUESSS report presented this Monday, the intention of entrepreneurship is low at the end of the degree, but increases considerably five years after finishing studies
  • The LAC hosts an exhibition in which twenty artists show their concern for the environment and the Mar Menor (16/12/2019)
    The exhibition, which can be visited until January 14, collects works of photography, video, sculpture, music, painting, literature and intervened objects
  • The PSOE denounces that "abc of municipal management, apathy, pageantry and clientelism must be added the day of waste" (16/12/2019)

  • The first 100% accessible public office in the Region opens in Aguas de Murcia (16/12/2019)

  • Dorothy Estrada, UMU Law Professor, selected for the Harvard Human Rights program (16/12/2019)
    She has been one of the five people chosen worldwide as 'Visiting Fellows' for the period 2019-2020
  • The third edition of 'Fish with art' will affect the consumption of local and seasonal species and their artisanal capture (16/12/2019)
    One of the first activities will be at the Verónica Market on January 31 and will host gymkanas at the fishmongers and a gastronomic workshop for children
  • The City Council of Murcia reinforces the cleaning of the squares of supplies with a special device for the Christmas campaign (16/12/2019)
    The works will be carried out by two cleaning brigades, equipped with all the necessary machinery to guarantee the sanitation of large surfaces, glass and hard to reach areas
  • Tourism launches a special Christmas program with guided tours of Murcia, children's workshops and candy tasting (16/12/2019)
    Different routes will be made through the historic center of Murcia to publicize the heritage and history of the city, visits to nativity scenes and to La Muralla Visitor Center
  • The Association of Journalists and the Real Casino of Murcia sign a collaboration agreement (16/12/2019)
    The entities are committed to promoting cultural values ​​and joint activity
  • Emergency services are aimed at stifling fire in housing in the Murcian district of Santo Angel (15/12/2019)

  • "Tale of Christmas" with Murcian talent (15/12/2019)
    Thousands of Murcia and visitors crowded yesterday the Plaza de Belluga and Glorieta de España to enjoy two unique shows, one of air theater and another audiovisual on the facade of the Town Hall
  • A 12-year-old boy with acute alcohol poisoning is transferred to the pediatric ICU in a coma (15/12/2019)
    His condition is very serious
  • The PSOE requires the Plenary another necessary improvement in public transport so that Lightning 14 gives a quality service to the north zone (15/12/2019)

  • The City Council conditions the lake and the green areas of El Raal for the celebration of its Living Bethlehem (15/12/2019)

  • Young spaces also celebrate Christmas (15/12/2019)
    The 585 Espacio Joven, La Nave and del Palmar will host, on the 18th and 19th, dance, music and board games activities among others
  • Christmas Tree Solidarity Day brings together thirty social entities with workshops for the whole family (14/12/2019)

  • The Ombudsman investigates the City of Murcia for the lack of transparency (14/12/2019)
    Following the complaint of Huermur
  • The Christmas Story reveals this afternoon the history of the Town Hall watchmaker and its 800 years of history (14/12/2019)

  • The Tram of Murcia obtains the highest score in the customer satisfaction survey (14/12/2019)
    Users rate the service with an 8.6 out of 10
  • "The other side of DNA La Paz" (13/12/2019)
    The Coordinator of the United Left - Greens, Alicia Martínez, today expressed her sincere discomfort "for a new humiliation towards the neighbors of La Paz neighborhood of Murcia"
  • Four schools in the municipality are recognized as Referents in Children's Rights (13/12/2019)
    Andrés Baquero, La Arboleda, María Maroto and IES Licensed Francisco Cascales are distinguished by Unicef ​​Spanish Committee for their work on global citizenship
  • The University of Murcia receives the Chinese language translator of the English crown (13/12/2019)

  • Ibermutua awards the Alma Mater Foundation for its low accident rate (13/12/2019)
    The Murcian mutual company Ibermutua has awarded 70 companies in the Region for its good management in the prevention of occupational hazards
  • The UMU shows its renewable energy facilities to chemistry students within the framework of ODSessions (13/12/2019)
    The Espinardo Campus is self-sufficient in 16% of clean energy thanks to its commitment to solar, geothermal and biomass energy
  • The neighborhoods of San Andrés and San Antón host the ´Belenes of the 18th century´ through the objective of Joaquín Zamora and Montero (13/12/2019)
    Large-format photographs capture scenes of the nativity scene of Salzillo and the Neapolitan, gathering the baroque tradition and the roots of Murcia Christmas.
  • Water judges from Peru visit the University of Muria to explain their functions and history (13/12/2019)
    Its secular institution, like the Council of Good Men of Murcia, is intangible heritage of Humanity by UNESCO
  • The medical office of the Shore of the Azarbe will remain open during Christmas (13/12/2019)
    The City Council reaches an agreement with the Murcia Health Service to continue providing health coverage during the next dates to the more than 1,500 residents of the area
  • Mixtura is celebrated this weekend with a new location (13/12/2019)
    The Plaza de la Paja and the Paseo Escultor Juan González Moreno will be the scene of this international street market
  • Murcia recovers the Artillery Barracks, which this afternoon opens its doors as an exhibition and artistic creation center (13/12/2019)

  • Presentation of the 'The Other Shore' photobook on the situation of the refugee camps in Greece (13/12/2019)
    The publication has been made by the Friends of Ritsona Association in collaboration with the Erasmus + Refugium Project coordinated by the University of Murcia
  • Two agreements will promote the labor insertion of people with disabilities and groups in situations of vulnerability (13/12/2019)
    The Employment service carries out this type of action to promote training and improve access to the labor market
  • An agreement with Asaja will allow further actions to prevent agricultural burns in the municipality (13/12/2019)
    In the first eleven months of the year, the number of sanctions imposed or pending due to agricultural burns amounts to 117
  • The City Council will allocate more than 140,000 euros in grants to neighborhood associations and districts (13/12/2019)
    The Government Board approves the final resolution of granting aid to entities for the promotion of citizen participation in the municipality of Murcia.
  • The City Council maintains its agreement with the Sustainable Development Foundation to reduce CO2 emissions in the municipality (13/12/2019)
    Thanks to the initiative 'My school saves energy', in 2018 the equivalent of more than 22 tons of fuel was stopped being emitted into the atmosphere CO2
  • The PSOE requires a municipality free of sexist advertising (13/12/2019)
    The socialist councilor Teresa Franco presents a motion at the next plenary session of the City Council of Murcia demanding the prohibition and sanction of sexist advertising through a municipal ordinance
  • Solidarity arrives at Joven Futura next Saturday 15 (13/12/2019)

  • The PSOE accuses Ballesta of despotism for interfering in hiring management and devoting himself to pompous whims (12/12/2019)

  • The Las Claras Cajamurcia Cultural Center hosts, for the fifth consecutive year, the Playmobil nativity scene (12/12/2019)
    Composed of more than 5,000 pieces, opens to the public tomorrow
  • Beniaján under sail (12/12/2019)
    The Microacciona festival ends this year with a beautiful event that will fill the old town of Beniaján with light and musical, artistic and theatrical performances
  • Murcia will have a new participation body to protect the heritage of the municipality (12/12/2019)
    The Plenary Commission for Urban Planning, Sustainable Development and Huerta has approved, with unanimous votes, the Regulation of Creation and Regulation of the Sectorial Council of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Murcia
  • 30 social entities will participate this Saturday in the solidarity market of the Plaza Circular (12/12/2019)
    The IX Christmas Rock Solidario, another of the leading activities of the Christmas holidays, will be held on Friday, December 20, in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga, at 19.30 hours
  • The Christmas Tree program starts tomorrow with live music and crafts for the little ones (12/12/2019)

  • National recognition of Murcia for its leadership in energy efficiency and innovation (12/12/2019)

  • SEMAS attended 11 people last night in the 'Cold Operation' (12/12/2019)

  • More than 700 people are aspiring to occupy the 64 positions of Local Police officer (12/12/2019)
    The first exercise will take place on January 22, 2020
  • María Dolores Hernández receives the XX Anonymous Solidarity Award for her health cooperation campaigns (12/12/2019)
    She has participated in some thirty health campaigns in some of the most disadvantaged regions of Africa such as Mali, Tindouf (Algeria), Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Senegal or the border area of ​​Kenya with Ethiopia and Somalia
  • Delivered the diplomas to the winners of the actions awarded by the Robles Chillida Foundation and the UMU in the area of ​​Health Sciences (11/12/2019)

  • The City Council will subsidize electric and hybrid taxis (11/12/2019)
    Taxi drivers adhere to the 'If you want I can wait for you to come in' campaign that seeks to notify customers that taxi drivers can wait for them to access the portal or destination direct for the benefit of your safety
  • Murcia, one month after opening the Running Challenge 2020 (11/12/2019)
    The Murcia Challenge club, in collaboration with the Municipal Board of the City of Murcia and the Ranero Corre club, organized the VII Murcia Night´s Running, to be held on Saturday 11 January with departure and finish in El Ranero
  • Fernández: "The City Council has invested more than 1.46 million euros in El Palmar" (11/12/2019)
    The councilor stressed that "the budget allocated to this Municipal Board has gone from 378,086 euros in 2014 to 697,298 euros in 2018"
  • Students from Jara Carrillo de Alcantarilla school visit the City Hall Plenary Hall (11/12/2019)
    The City Council and Open Government Councilor, Mercedes Bernabé, introduces the students to the history of Alfonso X and exchanges some curiosities and anecdotes about the room.
  • A group of one hundred students from La Raya today inaugurates school visits to the great Christmas Tree (11/12/2019)

  • Insufficient investments in El Palmar (11/12/2019)
    Socialist representatives in the Municipal Board affirm that "there are many investments announced but none carried out in El Palmar, the village with more inhabitants of the municipality"
  • Start the first days in favor of good food and health (11/12/2019)
    The Department of Commerce and Markets has organized this meeting on "Healthy Food and Consumption" held this morning in the Assembly Hall of the building annexed to the City Hall of Murcia
  • La Glorieta hosts the Christmas Story this Saturday, (11/12/2019)
    An unprecedented show for the whole family with live music and 3D effects
  • Murcia pays tribute to the excellence of chef Pablo González-Conejero and his team at La Cabaña (11/12/2019)

  • PSOE and Podemos will request that the new Dance Conservatory be located in the southern zone (11/12/2019)
    Both groups will present a joint motion for the City Council to transfer a lot in the south to the Ministry of Education for the construction of the new building that will house the Conservatory of Dance
  • IU-Greens considers a "smoke screen" the candidacy of Murcia to European Green City 2022 (11/12/2019)
    United Left - Greens Murcia considers a new toast to the sun by the municipality of Murcia its candidacy for European green capital 2022.
  • Double anniversary for the Faculty of Communication and Documentation of the University of Murcia (11/12/2019)

  • Start the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the City Council (11/12/2019)
    Councilwoman Mercedes Bernabé has inaugurated today the first working table with the members of the municipal corporation.
  • We can-Equo: "Crossbow has put us in a ridiculous competition for being the most illuminated and decorated city at Christmas" (11/12/2019)

  • Murcia, among the ten most “instagrammed” Spanish cities at Christmas (11/12/2019)

  • The City Museum shows its nativity scene by Nicolás Almansa with a special lighting of its balconies (11/12/2019)
    This light intervention can be seen every afternoon after 6 pm
  • The UMU celebrates the ten years of the appointment by UNESCO of the Council of Good Men of Murcia as Intangible Heritage of Humanity (11/12/2019)

  • Conference on alternatives to the current consumption model (11/12/2019)
    Greenpeace and other social groups organize a conference in Murcia on alternatives to the current consumption model
  • More than 150 Red Cross volunteers will be located at 38 cost tables in the city of Murcia (10/12/2019)

  • The UMU Cloister approves the honorary doctorate to economist Paul de Grawe, who warned in 1998 of the crisis of the Spanish banking system (10/12/2019)
    The Gold Medal will be awarded to the University Rectors and the Medal of Honor to the ONCE Foundation for its high social values ​​
  • The City Council has organized more than 500 Christmas events in neighborhoods and districts of Murcia (10/12/2019)
    The Socialist Party repeats the press release of other years to criticize the program of Christmas Parties in districts changing to the previous spokeswoman for the current councilor Ainhoa Sánchez, Aljucer record
  • They promote 52 homes in Murcia for families and vulnerable groups (10/12/2019)

  • The new tour of Loquillo will pass through Murcia (10/12/2019)
    Loquilo will present his new album at the Artillery Barracks of Murcia
  • La Polla Records will perform in Murcia (10/12/2019)
    It will be one of the last of the group and will be accompanied by Recidivists and Murcia-Mez-K
  • Young people will be able to participate next Saturday in the ´Redes en la calle´ (10/12/2019)
    The La Fama garden will host different sports, artistic and dance workshops, among others, activities such as fencing or soft combat and a Laser tag session
  • The City of Murcia will invest more than 1 million euros in the construction of 12 new municipal homes for rent (10/12/2019)
    They will be located in the city of Murcia, Senda de los Garres, Espinardo and Churra and will go to disabled and elderly people with mobility problems
  • The Albatalía will host its XXVI Gang Meeting this weekend (10/12/2019)
    In addition there will be an exhibition of traditional instruments, a dance show and the performance of the participating crews in the Mariano Velázquez Jiménez Garden
  • Murcia, European leader in selective collection with the implementation of the fifth container (10/12/2019)

  • The Service of Attention to Diversity and Volunteering of the UMU celebrates its 25 years of work (10/12/2019)
    The event will take place this Wednesday, December 11, at the University Social Center, from 10.30 am
  • Family businesses improve their results in 2019, but have trouble finding qualified staff and begin to notice the consequences of economic and political uncertainty (10/12/2019)
    The Barometer prepared by the Chair of Family Business Mare Nostrum UMU-UPCT and AMEFMUR, with the Bankia's collaboration also indicates that 18% of companies are in the process of succession
  • Navarro: "From the City Council we work to value the Rueda de La Ñora through intervention in the public space that surrounds it" (09/12/2019)

  • More than twenty creators begin today to transform Pavilion 1 of the Artillery Barracks into Christmas halls (09/12/2019)
    Murcia can visit this design and creation contest in real time to follow the evolution of interventions
  • Murcia presents its candidacy for European Green Capital 2022 at the Climate Summit (09/12/2019)

  • The portrait of José Orihuela is already part of the gallery of rectors of the University of Murcia (09/12/2019)

  • FADE extends the agreement with the San Basilio residence to continue accompanying its 180 seniors (09/12/2019)
    During 2018 a total of 145 volunteers have supported this activity
  • Commerce launches a surveillance and control campaign in grocery stores, weekly and artisan markets and supermarkets (09/12/2019)

  • UMU students obtain financing for their development cooperation projects (09/12/2019)
    Students of the UMU Master in Economic Development and International Cooperation obtain financing in the call for International Development Cooperation of the City of Murcia
  • The PSOE urges to increase housing for social emergency (09/12/2019)
    And thus respond to almost a thousand files submitted
  • The great success of the lighting of the Christmas Tree in the Circular Square has repercussions on hotel establishments, public transport and car parks (08/12/2019)
    The security device set in motion allowed the day to pass with total normality
  • Promotion will promote the public tender of an advisory contract that allows auditing minor contracts (08/12/2019)
    The mayor Mario Gómez considers it essential that the City of Murcia be put in charge of the control of these contracts to eradicate malpractice and establish new procedures for contracting adjusted to the law
  • More than 1,500 schoolchildren from Murcia and their districts will visit the great Christmas Tree in the coming weeks (08/12/2019)

  • Attention Citizen extends the hours of its central offices from Wednesday on the occasion of the call for oppositions (08/12/2019)

  • More than 400 planters will decorate the shops of the city this Christmas (07/12/2019)

  • The avenue of the Constitution will remain cut off to traffic on December 9, 10 and 11 (07/12/2019)
    It will be allowed only the passage of public transport during the three days of execution of paving works
  • The City Council requires the concessionary company of the chairs of the Three Kings' Cavalcade to immediately solve the online sale of localities (06/12/2019)

  • Mentions and awards of the Royal and Old Brotherhood of Ladies and Gentlemen of Sta María del Arrixaca (06/12/2019)

  • The City Council requires the concessionary company of the chairs of the Three Kings' Cavalcade to immediately solve the online sale of localities (06/12/2019)

  • The City Council and Terra Natura promote the integration of people with intellectual disabilities thanks to the project '12 months with you ' (06/12/2019)

  • Three agreements will promote the labor insertion of people with disabilities and groups in a situation of social exclusion (06/12/2019)
    The Department of Employment, Economic Promotion and Tourism will collaborate with the Abraham, Red Cross and Famdif / Cocemfe Project
  • The City Council will invest 30,000 euros in aesthetic material for the training courses of the Employment service (05/12/2019)
    The students will have the appropriate material for the development of practical classes and teaching professional certificates
  • The sports court of the school of Puebla de Soto will be covered next spring (05/12/2019)
    It will occupy an area of ​​725 square meters and will allow students to use these facilities at any time of the year
  • Takeover of new teachers from the University of Murcia (05/12/2019)

  • Three gardens of El Palmar will have free and outdoor sports courts (05/12/2019)
    The Government Board awards the relative works for these actions, which will take place in the spaces located on Gabriel Luján Caballero and Chronicler Carlos Valcárcel streets and on Avenida of Peace.
  • The City Council will collaborate in the realization of the documentary ´Project VOS Original Version of the Safe River´ of the Columbares Association (05/12/2019)
    This initiative seeks to create a Network of River Reserves at a national level that effectively protects those rivers with a high degree of conservation
  • Chenoa will be the Godmother of the Great Tree and will welcome Christmas this Saturday, wrapped by thousands of Murcia (05/12/2019)

  • Education invests more than 100,000 euros in painting to adapt the schools (05/12/2019)
    The Government Board today approved the supply of materials and accessories for educational centers in the municipality of Murcia for maintenance and conservation.
  • The network of study rooms grows 24 hours with the adaptation of a room in San José de la Vega (05/12/2019)
    This new space, which will open its doors next summer, will offer 36 positions with internet connection via Wi-Fi and surveillance system
  • The UMU eliminates prejudices towards people with intellectual disabilities through archeology (05/12/2019)

  • UCOMUR gives the UMU Rainbow Award for its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (05/12/2019)
    Ucomur rewards the ODSessions project at the XXIX World Cooperative Day, in an event that brought together 1,300 people at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium
  • Mothers for Climate Murcia and Ecologists in Action ask the City of Murcia for more sustainable parties (04/12/2019)

  • The Special Commission for the Surveillance of Contracts starts by setting the magnifying glass in the road cleaning contract (04/12/2019)

  • Murcia is committed to maximum safety in children's play areas, which will be certified by a national agency (04/12/2019)

  • The new ElPozo Indoor Soccer School opens its doors in the neighborhood of La Paz with a hundred young people and children in its ranks (04/12/2019)

  • Murcia celebrates the 'Night of Tourism Quality' distinguishing a hundred companies and services of the municipality (04/12/2019)
    During the meeting, which will take place tonight at the Almudí Palace at 9.30 pm, the City of Murcia will recognize the effort and commitment of these companies and services to make Murcia a benchmark of tourist quality
  • One hundred pieces of Cayetano Gálvez will form the municipal Bethlehem that will be shown starting Friday at the Episcopal Palace (04/12/2019)
    Different elements such as trees, temples, houses and palaces have been made with recycled material
  • The Alcantarilla and Alicante roads have a new reflective road paint (04/12/2019)
    The Department of Sustainable Mobility and Youth began this performance on the road to El Palmar on Sunday
  • Urban Agenda attends the presentation of the Guide for Good Local Government (04/12/2019)
    Councilwoman Mercedes Bernabé attends the event held in Castellón de la Plana organized by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
  • The University of Murcia opens the registration period for the courses of the Language Service of the second semester (04/12/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces another unfulfilled promise: the courses to train unemployed people who would be hired for Corvera airport (04/12/2019)
    Councilman Enrique Lorca states that "it is very sad for policy makers to play with the expectations of a group that is having a hard time because he does not have a job and hopes that these courses will be used to obtain a contract "
  • Takeover of two new members of the Social Council of the University of Murcia (04/12/2019)

  • Nazarene distinctions granted by the Royal and Very Illustrious Superior Cabildo de Cofradías de Murcia for the year 2020 (03/12/2019)

  • Six shows will fill the streets of Santiago and Zaraiche with theater next weekend (03/12/2019)
    The IV edition of Festein, Festival of Children's Theater on the Street, will be held from December 5 to 7
  • The Department of Commerce studies the creation of the Local Consumer Council (03/12/2019)
    It is an advisory and advisory body in which, in addition to the local administration, the social agents involved in consumer consumption and defense will be represented
  • UMU Professor Antonio López Cabanes, elected president of the AUDIT Commission of the Quality Agency of the universities of the Basque Country (03/12/2019)

  • The UMU Diversity and Volunteering Service receives one of the Disability Awards of the Region 2019 (03/12/2019)

  • The PSOE warns that abandoning the unfinished coastal is to throw all the money invested and persevere in the disconnection of the municipality (03/12/2019)
    The socialist spokesman says that "the PP is not understood with anyone, or with their current partners or, worse, with their own party partners in the Autonomous Community, an administration that does not require the termination of these vials
  • The UMU inaugurates the activities dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goal "Affordable and non-polluting energy" (03/12/2019)
    During December, the institution will dedicate more than a dozen activities to the SDG number 7 set by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda
  • A UCAM researcher, Applied Science Award (03/12/2019)

  • Mario Gómez shows his discomfort with the local and regional government for leaving the Coastal works unfinished (02/12/2019)

  • Possession of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows of Murcia (02/12/2019)
    The institution is constituted as the only brotherhood of Gloria in the city of Murcia whose owner is the Virgen de los Dolores
  • Postponed the works of the Constitution Avenue until next week (02/12/2019)
    The heavy rains planned for these days do not guarantee the correct execution of the agglomerate works and can cause problems in the firm in the short and medium term
  • The Community concludes agreements with the City Council to build the North and South coastal (02/12/2019)
    The monitoring commission agrees to pay the last annuity of the agreement amounting to 10 million and the transfer of the last eight roads
  • The Office of Citizen Services of Beniaján makes a total of 12,856 steps so far this year (02/12/2019)
    The Councilor for Urban Agenda and Open Government, Mercedes Bernabé, visits the headquarters of this district, being one of the largest number of procedures performs, together with El Palmar, Cabezo de Torres or Puente Tocinos.
  • The UMU publishes the second edition of the "Manual of good spelling practices" by Ramón Almela (02/12/2019)
    The UMU Professor of Spanish Language Emeritus includes in this edition news as a section dedicated to the football lexicon referred to women and another on protocol treatments
  • Food collection campaign of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Faith (02/12/2019)

  • The LIFE AMDRYC4 project coordinated by the UMU provides for the accession of more than 200 regional projects to the Climate Custody Network (02/12/2019)

  • The Employment Service designs the project 'Thinking of you' in collaboration with several NGOs and the IKEA company (02/12/2019)
    This initiative aims to promote employment, socio-labor insertion and economic development of single-parent families and immigrants through the creation of an unregulated Training School
  • UMU students know the keys of the family business to develop their professional future (02/12/2019)
    The Faculty of Economics and Business has hosted a business meeting in which talent, succession and professionalization have been discussed
  • Serrano: "The PP can not subject the seventh City Council of Spain to a continuous shadow of customer network" (02/12/2019)

  • The mayor will preside over the act of "launching" of the Titanic exhibition (02/12/2019)
    For the first time, a bottle of French champagne will not be broken, but a bottle of wine from the Region of Murcia
  • Popular art and culture to inaugurate the oldest Women's Center in Murcia in Cabezo de Torres (02/12/2019)

  • Murcia mobilizes all its municipal services in anticipation of a new DANA (02/12/2019)

  • The City Council celebrates a conference on the latest design trends in children's play areas on Wednesday (02/12/2019)

  • "The success of the Gastronomic Capital is a reflection of the strength and enthusiasm of a city united by a common project" (01/12/2019)

  • The Nonduermas Athletic Club celebrates its sixth anniversary with a staff of more than a hundred players (01/12/2019)

  • The works of the Avenida de la Constitución come to an end (01/12/2019)
    During the days 2, 3 and 4 of December the traffic will remain cut off alternatively, allowing only the passage of public transport during the three days of execution of the works of paving.
  • A new 500 m2 lake embellishes the heart of the San Ginés hamlet (01/12/2019)

  • The municipal technicians propose almost 70 actions for the development of the Circular Economy Strategy of the city of Murcia (01/12/2019)
    The next sectoral tables that will take place will be the business, experts and municipal political groups

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