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Murcia News - October 2016

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  • El Carmen celebrates its particular rhythm'Jalogüin' Thriller (31/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia reports that the unwillingness of the PP blocks the processing of tax ordinances (31/10/2016)

  • Granted 3 million euros to the UMU to complete the works of LAIB (31/10/2016)

  • Martínez-Oliva urges local groups to reach a consensus that would allow murcianos pay less tax in 2017 (31/10/2016)

  • Let's change that accuses the PP ordinances are in a "dead end" (31/10/2016)

  • Mario Gomez: "We have succeeded for the first time the PP feels Tax Ordinances discuss with political groups in an open and plural table" (31/10/2016)

  • The UCAM investigating treatments for improving thrombosis (31/10/2016)
    The principal investigator Structural Bioinformatics Group of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) participate in studies at the Catholic University of Murcia
  • The PSOE is committed to a Fiscales more social Ordinances and that have the maximum support (31/10/2016)
    Socialists advocate a full monograph where all proposals contemplated, as well as a regulated procedure by which study calmly the various positions to achieve the best ordinances for Murcia
  • Detained after stealing a stab at a service station (31/10/2016)
    Personnel of the National Police appeared at the gas station and, after viewing the security camera enclosure, were able to identify and track down the criminal who was immediately arrested
  • Family allocates 3.2 million to serve 90 people with intellectual disabilities in the center of El Palmar (31/10/2016)
    The Minister of Family participated today in the Halloween party organized residents and highlighted that play activities help to enhance and develop their capabilities
  • Murcia incorporates'la city of muertos' to'la city of vivos' doing the Cemetery of Our Father Jesus cultural property (31/10/2016)

  • 122 shops will offer discounts of up to 70% in the IX Fair Outlet is installed next Thursday in Alfonso X and Santo Domingo (31/10/2016)

  • The cemetery of Our Father Jesus opens new accesses to welcome more than 40,000 visitors expected tomorrow (31/10/2016)

  • 450 murcianos seal their allegiance to the national flag in a massive Civil Jura (30/10/2016)

  • Social Rights collaborates with FAMDIF to organize four camps aimed at 85 children with physical disabilities (30/10/2016)
    The renewal of the collaboration agreement also will boost awareness program whose recipients will approach 8,000
  • The PSOE requires the government Ballesta "less talk and more action" in the recovery environment Monteagudo (29/10/2016)
    Socialists recall that the PP in the city of Murcia has spent years promising to take protective actions for this emblematic area without, so far nothing has materialized as promised
  • Little Chef Monteagudo-Nelva: 100 infant children show their creativity with healthy recipes (29/10/2016)

  • Javier Belda, Professor of Law, UCAM, awarded at European level for education in academic integrity and against plagiarism (29/10/2016)
    It was the European winner of the Global Innovation Awards 2016 in this category, awards that are delivered worldwide
  • The PSOE again require the City Council a new location for the Railway Museum as it was adopted in plenary session a year ago (29/10/2016)
    The deputy spokesman of the Socialist Group, Begoña García Retegui, defended on Thursday in plenary a motion of urgency behalf of all opposition to that within three months the situation is resolved
  • More than 10,000 cyclamen color flooded the Square of Spain and Plaza Condestable (29/10/2016)
    Thus begins planting seasonal flowers in different municipalities
  • The City Council is studying financing lines for the historic site of Monteagudo with the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (29/10/2016)
    José Ballesta meets with the director of the agency under the Ministry of Culture, Alfonso Muñoz, coinciding with the approval of the wording of Special Protection plan Historic Site and Cabezo de Torres Monteagudo.
  • Murcia World Swimming Championships in Budapest (Hungary) 2017 (28/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia plagia unceremoniously or dissimulation but misleadingly (28/10/2016)
    Jose Guillen Alicia Morales recommends that document before submitting proposals to the plenary as novel when actually take a long time and carried on numerous occasions
  • El Valle Regional Park will host the Anibal Race on November 19 (28/10/2016)
    The night race comprises 21 km with 1,000 meters accumulated in mountain terrain, crossing roads, trails and cross country
  • The Food Bank rewards the Carrefour group and encouraged to participate in the Great Collection of food 25 and November 26 (28/10/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls for flexibility in the drafting of recovery of the eight kilometers of track abandoned in the south of the municipality (28/10/2016)
    More than a year after the unanimous approval of the Plenum of the initiative of the PSOE for the transfer of the old railway line the Governing Board approved recover as proposed by the Socialist Group
  • The City combines leisure and culture in'Jardines with arte' from tomorrow (28/10/2016)
    The Murcia will participate in four artistic free workshops to be held in public urban spaces
  • "To win on Saturday we have to play more intense than against Zenit St. Petersburg" (28/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned the momentum going through the Herbalife Gran Canaria.
  • Citizens force holding plenary sessions in Baños y Mendigo (28/10/2016)

  • Retail Entrepreneurs will exhibit their products in a new commercial space Gallery Centrofama (28/10/2016)
    The agreement between the City and the homeowners will run until January 15, 2017, but may be renewed for periods quarterly
  • The Municipal Board This has delivered books and school supplies to the five public schools in the district for students with economic needs (28/10/2016)

  • Health collaborates with three associations working in reinsertion of people with addiction problems (28/10/2016)
    500 people will benefit from the programs offered by the Alfamur Association Diagram Foundation and Project Man, who will receive a grant of 36,000 euros to carry out
  • The City Council gave a local to Asteamur to expand their therapeutic projects (28/10/2016)
    The property, located on the street Greco, has an area of ​​160 square meters
  • A green, cycle path and pedestrian path linking the districts of Los Dolores and Alquerías by the old railway (28/10/2016)

  • Entrepreneurial ideas courses for students of the University of Murcia (28/10/2016)

  • UMU University of Honduras and strengthen their cooperation for the development of Latin America (28/10/2016)

  • Poetry, film and round tables in a conference against Repression in the University of Murcia (28/10/2016)

  • The deadline for Photography Award from the University of Murcia opens (28/10/2016)
    The prize for the winner is 1200 euros
  • Lieutenant Flomesta Avenue will host on Sunday the act of Oath of Allegiance for Civil Personnel Authorized (28/10/2016)
    More than 400 people will participate in the event
  • The collection of III Open Padel Sioux-Cordillera will go to fight'La Adrián' (28/10/2016)
    The tournament will be held from 4 to 6 November at the Club Cordillera
  • José María Caballero, vice dean of the Degree in Criminology UCAM (27/10/2016)
    "Schools must have a protocol for the prevention of harassment, not to seek solutions a posteriori"
  • The City Council agrees to increase the budget for Equal following a motion of Murcia's change (27/10/2016)

  • The City Council is working on holding more than 1,800 activities on public roads that help make the city more livable (27/10/2016)

  • The PSOE pulls ahead all proposals submitted to the municipal October plenary session (27/10/2016)
    Socialists get support for the creation of a Municipal Consumer Council and the government's commitment to allow Ballesta municipal boards invest in public schools
  • Students UMU perform volunteer work in mental health association of Molina de Segura (27/10/2016)

  • UMU researchers published a guide to overcoming appetite (27/10/2016)

  • Murcia in Madrid exposes its Smart City project to different municipalities in Spain (27/10/2016)

  • This Friday, presentation Anibal Race 2016 (27/10/2016)

  • Ortiz: "There are political parties in one hand pro AVE carry the flag and the other anti AVE" (27/10/2016)

  • Councilman Hacienda convenes another meeting to reach consensus on the tax ordinances and allow Murcia to benefit in 2017 from a tax (27/10/2016)
    Quote to local groups on Monday to not delay the tax cuts and reach a final agreement while he is acknowledging that "I never thought that lowering taxes to Murcia could be so complicated"
  • A worktable will propose before the summer a plan for urban rehabilitation and social integration of La Paz (27/10/2016)
    it must be formed before the end of the year, representing neighbors, professionals in the field of social work, Architects, regional management, board social and civic groups
  • The Corporation joins the commemoration of the centenary of José Echegaray (27/10/2016)
    Among the events held is the placement of a commemorative plaque on the side of the street that bears his name, next to the Teatro Romea
  • Let's change demands an end to the negotiations "corridor" to the Ordinances and budgets (27/10/2016)
    Murcia's change has been the only training has tabled amendments, all directed to contribute more who else has
  • Detained three people while trying to rob a house in Casillas (27/10/2016)
    police deployment in districts as prevention and reaction to the burglaries
  • "Read messages or emails, but we have lost the habit of reading more complex texts" (26/10/2016)
    Professor of Spanish Language UCAM, Antonio Candeloro has been responsible for inaugurating the First Conference of reading Catholic University under the slogan 'read to live, live to read'
  • Sports, gastronomy, music, volunteer training and UCAM star welcome (26/10/2016)
    have started today and will last until morning with the celebration of the UCAMPaella
  • Now Murcia requests to be put into operation immediately the process of awarding vacancies in municipal weekly markets (26/10/2016)

  • Let's change the City Council ask the CARM claiming the assignment of public spaces for municipal uses (26/10/2016)

  • The opposition in the city of Murcia asked to seek alternatives to the construction of the bridge road Tiñosa (26/10/2016)
    Over thirty neighbors will be expropriated to replace the existing bridge with a higher height to allow the passage of AVE.
  • Visit of students from the General Air Academy to the UMU (26/10/2016)

  • Murcia will have a Citizen Lab pioneer in Spain to involve residents in improving waste collection service (26/10/2016)

  • A campaign warning young people of the risks of problem gambling (26/10/2016)
    The City and the associations Proyecto Hombre, La Huertecica, Heliotropos, Asmujer and New Hope will conduct talks in the 25 institutes of the municipality
  • The City Museum is hosting this weekend's workshop introduction to the historical interpretation for stringed instruments (26/10/2016)
    will be taught by the baroque violinist Daniel Pinteño
  • Citizens asked in Parliament that the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the cultural environment of Los Molinos River and its access (26/10/2016)

  • They claim that the entire population of Murcia has breathed air polluted by ozone during 2016 (26/10/2016)
    "The regional government breaks the law by failing to develop mandatory plans to improve air quality to reduce ozone levels in the most affected areas"
  • The TítereMurcia Festival celebrates 15 years with 13 programming activities (26/10/2016)

  • In search of first away from home (26/10/2016)
    The Oscar Quintana want premiering away from the Palais des Sports this season
  • Presented at the UMU "the most ambitious study ever done in the world on the family business" (Juan Francisco Corona, Director of the Institute for Family Business) (26/10/2016)
    The paper analyzes a total of 250,000 companies
  • Citizens bid to make an analysis of other teaching methodologies to help improve educational outcomes in Murcia (26/10/2016)

  • The school bullying and aggression in the Second Congress of Criminology UCAM (25/10/2016)
    The conference will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27, the opening will take place at 16:00 on Campus Jeronimos
  • Guillen: "The municipal councils will be able to continue doing maintenance and conservation in schools as they did so far" (25/10/2016)
    The council has asked the Socialist Municipal Group "before making incorrect statements are reported, do not use this in maliciously and not stop trying to manipulate and confuse Murcia "
  • Murcia and Logroño come together to offer more promotional opportunities to young artists from both cities (25/10/2016)
    Cuca Gamarra José Ballesta and Madrid signed an agreement to collaborate on the project "Weaving networks.
  • Now Murcia visit an underpass in alicante to see first hand the proposed solution to camiño of tiñosa (25/10/2016)
    Angeles Micol complaint that the mayor Ballesta "swallow directly with all proposed Adif, without analyzing whether it is more convenient for Murcia "
  • Law UCAM encourage arbitration between students (25/10/2016)
    The University and the Court of Arbitration of Murcia this morning signed a collaboration agreement to disseminate such actions
  • Traperos Recycles, Empresa Murcia Equality Award for its efforts to promote reconciliation (25/10/2016)

  • Andresito "Now, the whole team to come to the Palace has to fear us" (25/10/2016)

  • Three women starring for the first time the end of Songwriters of CreaMurcia (25/10/2016)
    Menatre Yolanda, Ingrid Mairlot and Eliana Poveda first prize will be played next Friday at the Teatro Circo
  • Citizens asked in Parliament that preventive measures are taken in the vault of the Old Bridge until the technical report is drafted (25/10/2016)

  • 30 XIV Liceum students visiting Wroclaw Ogólnoksztalcage Murcia (25/10/2016)
    Councilman Rafael Gomez has welcomed this morning at the Plenary Hall
  • El Teatro Romea welcomes Don Juan Tenorio for 28th consecutive year (25/10/2016)
    The work performed by the Company Cecilio Pineda will be seen on Friday October 28 to Tuesday November 1
  • Now Let's change Murcia and ask the City Council to join the cities against Montoro''ley (25/10/2016)
    formations at the next plenary claim a new law on Local Government because the current has caused a decline in public services
  • Students and teachers of the UMU may submit proposals on climate change (25/10/2016)

  • "We must return to take our best defensive and rebounding ability" (25/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned the extensive template that has the Zenit St. Petersburg
  • The PSOE requires the government Ballesta to lift the ban on municipal boards to invest in public schools (25/10/2016)
    Socialists remember that until a few days ago, the municipal boards had been ordered, without any problems, installing appliances air conditioning zones shaded area or place in the courtyards
  • The UMU held tomorrow Fair volunteer organizations (25/10/2016)

  • Development performs intensive cleaning in intone of the 34 cemeteries in the municipality (25/10/2016)
    55 operators work these days to access the graveyards are in perfect condition for the Day of All Saints
  • Let's change Murcia calls for the revision of the agreement assigning La Condomina for "favoritism" the UCAM (24/10/2016)

  • José Luis Mendoza enters the Civil Order of Alfonso X El Sabio (24/10/2016)

  • PSOE and Citizens pose a social intervention program for cabezos La Cruz and Collado in Cabezo de Torres (24/10/2016)
    Both groups proposed a comprehensive plan to address literacy, education, employment and health, among other axes, to through an initiative to defend the municipal plenary next Thursday
  • The return of concerts Sounds River to Los Molinos del Rio (24/10/2016)
    The Murcia may attend performances Dwomo, Florida Garage FHHx and completely free of charge
  • Luis Marino combines painting and photography in an exhibition at the Library of the UMU (24/10/2016)
    The beauty of nature and the accuracy of mathematics join in the sample
  • Health puts an end to the problems of dirt and unsanitary conditions generated by the old nursery of Fame (24/10/2016)
    Once obtained judicial authorization, the council has spoken this morning to leave the facility and proceed to clean
  • The Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia held tomorrow a day of Black Novel (24/10/2016)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia offer four productions adapted for people with sensory disabilities and elderly people (24/10/2016)
    The collaboration between the city, the Vodafone Spain Foundation, the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation New Life Foundation Els Tres Turons and Aptent Solutions allow carry out this project for the second year
  • Navarro invites Murcia to participate in the Climathon, global event for innovative ideas to combat climate change (24/10/2016)
    The city of Murcia joins the international marathon of ideas to provide solutions to challenges such as water scarcity, sustainable urban planning and the integration of the garden
  • Now Murcia proposes close to motor traffic streets on specific dates "for pedestrian and recreational use" (24/10/2016)
    The municipal formation, which will take this proposal to the next plenary session, said that this initiative takes place in cities like Bacelona, ​​Pamplona, Paris or Mexico City
  • The Day attracts more familiar Library murcianos thousand municipal centers with children's activities and reading clubs (24/10/2016)

  • The Salzillo Museum hosts this afternoon the opening of the exhibition'Nativitas Domini': art and devoción' (24/10/2016)
    with works of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
  • The Cloister morning studying the timing of the reform of the Statutes of the UMU (24/10/2016)

  • Defenders of the university analyze their contribution to improving transparency (24/10/2016)

  • Victoria on a difficult pitch to keep unbeaten (24/10/2016)
    The UCAM Murcia EBA account their games victories
  • Detainee the two authors of a robbery with violence and intimidation in a simulated weapon Kebab (24/10/2016)
    In Espinardo (Murcia)
  • Let's change Murcia asked to install banners against "machista violence" in all municipal boards (23/10/2016)

  • Trade invests 450,000 euros for the modernization and improvement of accessibility Market Vistabella (23/10/2016)
    The works, which have a deadline of 4 months will allow renovate facades and roof and remove architectural barriers at the entrances
  • Parks and Gardens in-depth review of a dozen plane trees in Monteagudo (23/10/2016)
    With a lifting platform have been inspected in depth these specimens of about 30 meters high
  • The UCAM Murcia pays fatigue and yields in Zaragoza (22/10/2016)
    The Oscar Quintana struggled to find his game and fell against the Tecnyconta Zaragoza by 95-77
  • Roque Ortiz says that the PSOE "entangled and confused" to Murcia with the abandonment of the start of construction of the third phase of the South Coast (22/10/2016)
    Assemblyman Promotion remember that this week have been extended bus lines
  • The Socialist Party denounced the disloyalty of the municipal government of the PP by appropriating works that are not theirs (22/10/2016)
    The Socialist councilor, Enrique Ayuso, has asked the team Ballesta have more respect for the municipal boards of the districts that are doing a great job with a very tight budget
  • The PSOE claims the team Ballesta he break out once and for all the third phase of the South Coast (22/10/2016)
    The Socialist councilor, Maite Espinosa says that depriving yourself of road communications about 40,000 people in the southern area the municipality while in the center lower priority projects are undertaken
  • The City invests nearly 65,000 euros in various infrastructure improvement works in districts (22/10/2016)
    The work will take place in El Puntal, Gea and Truyols, Sangonera la Seca, Aljucer Patino, Casillas and Los Dolores
  • Improved lighting in several streets of Corvera allow economic savings of 67% and a reduction of 5.5 tonnes of CO2 (22/10/2016)
    The works will take place in the street, Villar Villa, road La Murta, Plaza Luis Fontes Pagán and Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • Massive tribute to Cipriano Galea, the first public teacher and La Ñora Javalí Viejo, two centuries after his birth (22/10/2016)

  • Let's change calls for a trade fair for festive activities (22/10/2016)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia inaugurates the Day New Perspectives in Biomedical Research (21/10/2016)

  • Antonio Cerda, director chair agrifood UCAM-Santander (21/10/2016)
    "The food system contributes 21.4% to the regional GDP and 28.4% of jobs"
  • The spiritualist practices in Spain in the nineteenth century, seminar UMU (21/10/2016)

  • More than 2,200 people may be submitted to the competition notice Fire (21/10/2016)
    The first exercise of such tests will take place on December 2
  • Futsal Awards - Campaign School Sports in Murcia (21/10/2016)

  • Murcia celebrates the Day of the Library programming fifty activities (21/10/2016)
    The Municipal Library Network will host more than 230 performances to encourage reading until the end of the year
  • The Governing Board approved the lowering water rates (21/10/2016)
    This reduction, which will directly benefit 135,000 families, will mean an annual saving of 2.6 million euros for Murcia
  • Sports contract maintenance and control of 23 football fields pedanías (21/10/2016)
    The cost of service has a budget of 343,000 euros per year tender
  • Let's change Murcia proposed to lower municipal taxes to social majority (21/10/2016)

  • Low Demand Center for Homeless RAIS receives a grant of 30,000 euros to cover 25 people in situation of severe social exclusion (21/10/2016)
    The program meets needs for food, toilet, laundry, health care and social support
  • The Outlet Fair offer from 3 to 6 November the best traditional trade (21/10/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls on Ballesta urgent action to avoid collapse causing rains (21/10/2016)
    The socialist mayor, Maite Espinosa says that much of the problems caused by rainfall are from an irrational and unsustainable urban model
  • The City Council under contracts will be published on the Internet to promote participation, transparency and access to tenders (21/10/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes the creation of a Municipal Consumer Council (21/10/2016)
    The Socialists, who will defend this idea in the next municipal plenary pose a participatory body forming and report on consumption and stimulate, from the local administration, responsible consumption and solidarity
  • Northern District Board gets the removal of the pillar that marked the beginning of the Royal Road Castilla to his home ward, San Anton (21/10/2016)

  • "We come with desire for revenge and to make good basketball" (21/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana wants to remove the bad taste in my mouth for the last two defeats against Tecnyconta Zaragoza
  • Two students of the UMU premiere a documentary about the Old Jail (21/10/2016)

  • Application period for the award for best project of creating a business (21/10/2016)

  • The Municipal Government of Santiago and Zaraiche launches first SAyZA Jazz Festival this weekend is celebrated (21/10/2016)

  • The Governing Board approved a tax ordinances with a marked social character (20/10/2016)

  • Citizens not endorse any proposal that is not entered in the 2017 budget (20/10/2016)

  • An exhibition celebrates the contribution of women to the Murcian culture (20/10/2016)
    The exhibition, made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Department of Social Rights and the University Association for Women's Studies, will be open until November 14 at the University
  • Students of the Faculty of Communication and Documentation cover the agenda of Mayor and Aldermen in an original online journalism project (20/10/2016)
    Tomorrow Friday, October 21 on the occasion of the University Welcome
  • Ortiz: "The Corporation and the municipal technicians have spent months working on the works of the AVE least possible impact to traffic" (20/10/2016)

  • The UMU install bicycle parking at the entrances to their centers (20/10/2016)

  • The Aula Senior UMU exceeds its enrollment record (20/10/2016)

  • Professor UMU publishes a book on Hungary and the defense of European civilization (20/10/2016)

  • It is started expanding frequencies and bus services that connect the South Coast with Murcia (20/10/2016)

  • Goleada to reconnect with the victory and certify the pass to the knockout (19/10/2016)
    Mengíbar Atlético El Pozo Murcia FS 1-11 FS
  • 20 minutes was not enough (19/10/2016)
    After suffering in the first half triples Bayern Munich Murcia did suffer the Germans in the final of the encounter (92-84)
  • Premiered a documentary on the La Paz (19/10/2016)
    Regional Film Archive welcomes tomorrow, Thursday, at 20:00, the premiere of the documentary "The strength of a left hand of God neighborhood"
  • The Cooperation Council approves allocate 30,000 euros for humanitarian aid in Haiti (19/10/2016)
    The latest UN report includes 546 dead and 806,000 people at risk of hunger after Hurricane Matthew
  • The University of Porto joins the European project to implement the figure of sports tutor UCAM (19/10/2016)

  • The City Council renewed psychosocial counseling service than last year served more than 200 young (19/10/2016)
    affective-sexual education, self-esteem and body image or prevention of teenage pregnancy are some of the content covered in the training sessions
  • The Civil Guard detained the leader of a drug trafficking organization fled the Moroccan justice (19/10/2016)
    In the Murcian hamlet of El Palmar
  • Let's change shows that the motions approved are mandatory (19/10/2016)
    "The PP takes to not comply with the approved motions and continue to operate as if absolute majority"
  • La Plaza Ortega Cano launches a children's section'La gang Drilo' (19/10/2016)
    Smaller can now enjoy a space designed especially for them of about 300 square meters
  • The City Council held intensive cleaning in the vicinity of Laredo Street (19/10/2016)
    In addition, graffiti will be removed and lighting will increase
  • The PSOE is confident that the signing between UPCT city of Murcia and poses a real beginning of the revision of the PGOU (19/10/2016)

  • PSOE and change calling for a commission to address the rehabilitation La Paz (19/10/2016)
    The two groups are asking the support of the rest of the municipal corporation to make this initiative a joint motion that all parties subscribe
  • The Ministry of Public Works renews the firm Crossing Llano de Brujas along which more than 4,700 daily vehicles (19/10/2016)
    Works also include the painting of the paved area and the renovation of horizontal signage
  • Researchers UPCT analyze the urban and environmental situation in the municipality of Murcia (19/10/2016)
    The analysis will be conducted over the next 15 months and lay the foundation of a new land-use planning
  • The City Council and the UCPT work hand in hand to analyze the territorial model of Murcia and adapt to the new social reality (19/10/2016)

  • Citizens achieves a drop in the share of nursery schools and the elimination of the registration fee of 50 euros per child (19/10/2016)
    The mayor Pilar Muñoz is pleased because "this measure we managed to help families who need it most by their low income "
  • The Spanish Physical Society awards the UMU professor Rafael Garcia Molina for his outreach (19/10/2016)

  • The UMU develops paints hundred times more resistant to abrasion (19/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia requires Ballesta to meet with officials of SMS (19/10/2016)
    Alicia Morales notes that the report of the medical union reflects the gaps in health resources in the municipality that the municipal formation has been reporting
  • The exhibition "looks to the Maghreb" Blue in Action Beniaján Station Opens (18/10/2016)
    The station looks to the Maghreb Beniaján Blue in Action
  • 500 fans mountain biking participate next Sunday in the XI Comprehensive Goat (18/10/2016)

  • We can regrets that the city of Murcia does not have different employment plans for the center and districts (18/10/2016)

  • The heroes of Rio 16 glow in the UCAM (18/10/2016)
    Mireia Belmonte, Saul Craviotto, Marcus Cooper Walz, Cristian Toro, Joel Gonzalez, Teresa Perales and Carlos Coloma have highlighted the fundamental role of the Catholic University of Murcia in the training of athletes
  • Ruiz says the new contract day stays centers City Council will continue to ensure a quality service to its users (18/10/2016)
    The mayor advances that will increase the hours of care provided the legal framework allows
  • A murciana gastronomic festival full of surprises to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the CC Thader (18/10/2016)

  • Unicef ​​recognizes Murcia as a Child Friendly City (18/10/2016)
    The label distinguishes municipalities working for the rights of children and adolescents.
  • The University of Murcia looking picture with slogan (18/10/2016)

  • Sanchez: "The Cuartel de La Alberca begin service earlier this year" (18/10/2016)

  • Alejandro Blanco opens at the UCAM two projects related to the sports world congress (18/10/2016)
    The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee inaugurated the International Congress 'Body and Spirit: Sport and Christianity in History' and Technical Conference COE Congress Olympism UCAM
  • Development reduces pergolas Avenue Europe to improve the accessibility of emergency vehicles (18/10/2016)

  • Community and the Federation of Peñas Huertanas advance in the details of an agreement to promote the customs of the garden (18/10/2016)
    The regional chief executive meets with the president of the Federation to promote a collaboration agreement in which various ministries of would be involved regional government
  • Training program UMU development of the most demanded skills (18/10/2016)

  • UMU awarded 44 ecological plots on the campus of Espinardo (18/10/2016)

  • More than 300,000 people have passed through the Aquarium of the UMU in its 10 years of existence (18/10/2016)

  • Mengíbar FS vs Atletico El Pozo Murcia FS (18/10/2016)
    Wednesday, 19 October 21 hours
  • "Autumn is fashionable" in Silverware and Tatters (18/10/2016)

  • The PSOE requires immediate response to the problems of insecurity in the districts is given (18/10/2016)
    On several occasions the Socialists have asked for written explanations of why the police station of La Alberca, over two years, is still not operating
  • More light and better visibility on the road and rail Alicante Garrofero El Esparragal (18/10/2016)
    The Department of Public Works will carry out the project will involve the installation of 35 new lights
  • Citizens expects the PP put an end to cuts in the hours of service to users in the next contract for the management of day-care centers (18/10/2016)

  • Tomorrow begins a new edition of'CONTI-Go' (18/10/2016)
    The program, which seeks to promote self-employment in recent parents, will involve seven mothers and a father with his baby
  • "It is important to get psyched because the pace will be very high" (18/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned of speed in the game of FC Bayern Munich.
  • Younger guests will you learn on Saturday to make a birlocha in Los Molinos del Rio (18/10/2016)
    The workshop for children 8 to 12 years, is seen as a parallel activity to the photography exhibition 'As birlochas air' Teresa Arnal
  • The Visitor Center San Antonio el Pobre offers a free day introduction to Nordic walking (18/10/2016)
    On Saturday from 10.30 to 12.30
  • The UCAM Murcia faces a new challenge in Munich (18/10/2016)
    After beating Buducnost Podgorica VOLI in his debut, facing his first European game away from the Palace of Sports
  • Ballesta proposes to extend the suppression of the activity rate at 45 municipalities in the region to boost employment (18/10/2016)

  • 14 looks unique to Palmeral of Santiago and Zaraiche (17/10/2016)
    Jose Guillen and Rebeca Perez inaugurated the exhibition "Photographing The Palmeral ', performed by students of the Municipal Center of Santiago and Zaraiche, which today begins its school year.
  • The Station Beniaján look to the Maghreb with Blue in Action (17/10/2016)
    The Center for Art and Community Action Cepaim Foundation hosts the exhibition "Nomads looks to the Maghreb." Of the NGO "Blue in Action" from next October 18
  • Complete works linking the Malecon garden with Maria Guerrero (17/10/2016)
    Thanks to this performance of Parks and Gardens is recovered for pedestrian use a non-garden
  • Silverio Nieto, extraordinary professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical UCAM (17/10/2016)
    "Concordats are not privileges, solve problems affecting fundamental rights"
  • The Civil Guard recovers fringílidas fifteen birds in a home in Murcia (17/10/2016)
    This is 14 goldfinches that have been delivered at the Center for Wildlife Recovery 'El Valle'
  • Fair Services UMU shows the way "Towards Sustainable University" (17/10/2016)

  • The PSOE again requires a master plan to coordinate and improve the cultural offer of the municipality (17/10/2016)
    Socialists criticize the lack of common criteria for organizing cultural offer of the town and it still does not reach the districts
  • The Festival Venagua puts eyes on the refugees at its XXV edition (17/10/2016)
    From tomorrow until day 29, the event, organized by the Columbares Association, will testify about "Art and conscience" through theater, music, film and thought
  • 'The girl hook' basketball in the veins (17/10/2016)
    La Opinión de Murcia today presents a documentary about the lorquina Encarna Hernandez, a pioneer of women's basketball in Spain
  • Presentation of "ecological justice in the era of the Anthropocene" (17/10/2016)

  • The project to create the new pedestrian area of ​​50,000 square meters in Alfonso X is subjected to the evaluation of the neighbors (17/10/2016)
    Roque Ortiz presents the information booths of the remodeling project located in the same avenue.
  • The effort did not award (16/10/2016)
    The UCAM Murcia CB falls before a Real Madrid Basketball which was seen on the ropes in the fourth quarter (93-86)
  • "What fault have trees?" (16/10/2016)
    Federation of neighborhood associations in neighborhoods and districts of Murcia
  • The PSOE proposes to end the neglect and slaughter of animals in the municipality of Murcia (16/10/2016)
    The Socialists presented a series of measures already adopted by other cities, which can help increase adoptions, prevent the proliferation of unwanted animals and achieve the goal of zero sacrifice
  • Vlada Kopnyayeva and Lucia Cabero, Champions Cup in Valencia Spain Junior (16/10/2016)
    With these results, Murcia are placed in positions of head of the National Junior Ranking
  • The bus line Transport Murcia R-12 will vary its route because of the works of the diversion of hydraulic networks that will bury the arrival of the AVE (16/10/2016)

  • The UCAM dresses Olympism receiving seven medalists Rio 16 (15/10/2016)

  • Enterprising field and orchard together to enhance rural traditions business lines (15/10/2016)
    José Ballesta opened the Second Conference of Women in Rural focused on 'Promoting self-employment, new alternatives and business traditions' on the occasion of International day of Rural Women held today
  • Bacons Bridge opens canine recreation area (15/10/2016)
    It is located in the garden of Olivero and has more than 800 square meters of space equipped with all kinds of activities for pets
  • "This team has ambition and character" (14/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned that should compete at the highest during the 40 minutes to beat Real Madrid Basketball
  • The negotiating table confirms the preliminary agreement with public employees (14/10/2016)
    With valid until December 31, 2019, links improving perceptions of workers productivity, allowing to have a more effective and close management
  • Psychotherapy Experts meet in Spain in Murcia in a congress (14/10/2016)

  • Free access for new students in the sports facilities of UMU (14/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia regrets that the new center of La Paz "not going to alleviate all the deficit of places" (14/10/2016)
    Alicia Morales stressed that the project presented by the PP "has 9 classrooms, as was the nursery torn down, so no it will mean no progress in the structural shortcomings of the municipality "
  • Promotion offer "continuous and continuous" information development work on the diversion of water networks that will bury the arrival of the AVE (14/10/2016)
    The works begin on Monday with the cross section of the level crossing the path of the Garres
  • Izpisua believes necessary to produce organs in the laboratory as donors are not enough (14/10/2016)
    Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua has taught at the UCAM a conference on iPCS cells before hundreds of students
  • The Municipal Office of Graffiti participate tomorrow in the International Day of Rural Women held in Lobosillo (14/10/2016)

  • Murcia hosts the meeting of the National Committee of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (14/10/2016)
    In the meeting have addressed various issues such as the processes and criteria for selection of Spanish artists to participate in the next Biennial 'Mediterranean 18 '
  • Let's change Murcia called to participate in the mobilization against TTIP morning, the CETA and TISA (14/10/2016)

  • The PSOE commitment to improve equality and correct imbalances in the next fiscal ordinances (14/10/2016)

  • The St. Peter's Square will host the All Saints market (14/10/2016)
    The Governing Board approved the agreement that will allow the installation of stalls selling traditional sweets from October 21 to November 6
  • The City Council will create a path to join the Garden of Salitre and garden Garden López Ferrer (14/10/2016)
    The work includes also the installation of devices gerontogimnasia and planting various species
  • 120 young people aged between 17 and 30 years can participate in the new Club Language (14/10/2016)
    Before the end of the year, six groups of English, French and German will be created
  • Sports invests about 564,000 euros in clearing more than 20 football fields pedanías (14/10/2016)
    The Governing Board also approves the sheets to hire transport service participants in the School Sports Programme and the supply of natural gas for sports facilities
  • Adopted early repayment of loans above 13 million euros (14/10/2016)
    This will allow municipal debt continue to decline reaching 140.80 million euros
  • Health involves all schools in the municipality in the workshops of prevention of drug use in adolescents and young (14/10/2016)
    It is held annually in nearly 200 public and private schools and colleges and, along with other programs of the Department of Sports and Health, reaching more than 12,000 students
  • A Tour Hat tour the city center on Sunday (14/10/2016)
    From 12 hours from Belluga to Plaza Circular
  • The mayor of Murcia and Secretary of State for Telecommunications launch the project Smart city (14/10/2016)
    Victor Calvo-Sotelo and Jose Ballesta have signed the agreement that allows to start the actions planned for Murcia, in the 'Second Call Smart Cities' Digital Agenda for Spain
  • The University Clinic of Integral Vision of the UMU organized a solidarity campaign to collect glasses (14/10/2016)

  • The University Clinic of Integral Vision of the UMU organized a solidarity campaign to collect glasses (14/10/2016)

  • The UCAM created with the Picky-picky Freshko Group and two chairs in innovation in the food industry (14/10/2016)
    'Picky-picky: gastronomic innovation' becomes the first chair of restoration in the Region of Murcia
  • The situation of refugees, discussed in the seminars of the Rector of the University of Murcia (14/10/2016)
    participate the Complutense exrector Carlos Berzosa and the UMU philosopher Francisco Jarauta
  • Screening of audiovisual works of students from the Faculty of Communication and Documentation UMU (14/10/2016)

  • The neighborhood of San Antolín pays tribute to one of his neighbors, Ildefonso Méndez (13/10/2016)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, presided this afternoon the unveiling of the plaque
  • On Monday begin work on the diversion of water networks that will bury the arrival of the AVE (13/10/2016)
    The work will begin with the cross section of the level crossing the path of the Garres where he will act for 3 weeks, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • Now Murcia requires the rehabilitation of the Old Bridge is not postponed "and become immediately" (13/10/2016)
    Angeles Micol states that "it is foolhardy to have an infrastructure in poor condition in a seismic area like Murcia"
  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia held tomorrow the end of the II Competition of Bands (13/10/2016)

  • The PSOE requires an emergency plan to end illegal dumps in the municipality of Murcia (13/10/2016)
    The Socialists denounced the passivity of the team Ballesta to this problem that affects many districts and even urban areas
  • El Pozo Murcia FS provides its sixth Supercopa of Spain Murcia and Murcia (13/10/2016)
    The mayor of Murcia highlights the "palmares" Club, "institution that exceeds the merely sporting values"
  • José Antonio Marina offers this afternoon a conference on executive intelligence UMU (13/10/2016)

  • The UMU, the best Spanish university valued by foreign students (13/10/2016)

  • Citizens calls for urgent cleaning Hurdles covering the banks of the Segura River between Contraparada and Murcia (13/10/2016)

  • Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Murcia Alfredo Montoya offers a conference tomorrow in Law (13/10/2016)

  • The municipal auditoriums offer a total of 64 shows in the last months of the year (13/10/2016)
    A total of 63,083 spectators participated in the activities of these centers during the 2015-2016 scenic course
  • The drawing contest campaign Security Grows has already winners (13/10/2016)
    More than 1,300 students have learned to prevent common accidents
  • Two young researchers of the UMU are made with first place in contest Control Engineering (13/10/2016)
    This is the totanero Cristian David Canovas Sanchez and Pedro Mercader Gomez
  • Murcia's change poses a public telephone service management assistance Emuasa (13/10/2016)

  • TOEFL tests may be made at the UMU (13/10/2016)
    From now on, testing for obtaining TOEFL certificate, English language proficiency, may be carried out at the University of Murcia (UMU)
  • The City Council enabled in a year 450 new parking spaces for public use (13/10/2016)
    Today opens to the public the new deterrent parking next to Juan de Borbon, which contributes to traffic congestion downtown and offers free bus, tram, bike path and the system of public bicycle rental
  • The Ministry of Health diffuses into the rest of the country the program on maternal and child health of the City (13/10/2016)

  • The user who most use the tram this fall will earn a bicycle (12/10/2016)

  • The Parks and Gardens plant more than 5,000 copies of creek and marsh in the River Garden Silk (12/10/2016)
    More than twenty operators perform these tasks, in addition to extol the area favor the circulation of water and ecosystem surrounding this garden
  • Murcia joins the initiative "Walking Liberty" to be held on Saturday in about 300 cities in 40 countries (12/10/2016)
    The Councillor of Social Rights, Conchita Ruiz will participate in the event, organized by the NGO A21, with the collaboration City Council, with the aim of raising awareness against human trafficking
  • The International Day of the Girl Child stains pink facade of City Hall in Plaza Belluga (11/10/2016)
    The day recognizes the rights of girls and exceptional challenges faced worldwide
  • Martinez Moya, a member of the General Council of the Judiciary, opened the course of law UCAM (11/10/2016)
    His inaugural lecture was presented by the Dean of Law, UCAM, Adolfo Diaz-Bautista
  • "We want the euphoria atenace us and that we ourselves" (11/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned versatility and accuracy from the perimeter of Buducnost Podgorica VOLI
  • Physical activity for the elderly, in international conferences CMN (11/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the new procedure in the upper hires to 3,000 euros at meetings (11/10/2016)
    Alicia Morales points out that the procedure "does not guarantee the confidentiality of the tenders submitted, or the opening of tenders effectively done for the plenums of the together "
  • Alzheimer's, one of the research areas of the new doctors Honoris Causa by the UCAM (11/10/2016)
    The Professor Maria Teresa Miras has reflected on this disease and others from the area of ​​biochemistry, while Professor Adriano Piattelli has done since the oral pathology
  • Sanchez: "Nowhere states that the Local Security Council have to meet every semester" (11/10/2016)

  • Closed preliminary agreement with public employees that improve citizen services and the productivity of workers in the City (11/10/2016)

  • Citizens Culture presented the project "Discovering Your District" (11/10/2016)
    for social, cultural and economic development of the Northern District
  • The Socialist Party demands the convocation of the Local Security Council after eight months since its last meeting (11/10/2016)
    Socialists warn that dates deserve special attention from the bodies and security forces approach, and asks to be convened as soon as possible the Council to improve their coordination
  • Llamazares enters the worlds of Don Quixote and other books in a talk at the University of the Sea (11/10/2016)
    The colloquium was held on Thursday October 13 at the Cultural Center Lorca
  • More than 12,000 murcianos 650 may participate in the activities of municipal cultural centers (11/10/2016)
    On Thursday the deadline for registration to be available in the centers and opens www.enclavecultura.com
  • The Museum of the City gets a carving of St. Teresa of Jesus might be the sculptor Roque Lopez (11/10/2016)
    The image will be displayed until October 30
  • Let's change Murcia proposes to allocate emergency funds to the victims of Haiti (11/10/2016)

  • Now Murcia expresses its support for responsible purchasing food by the aministraciones (10/10/2016)
    The municipal group has participated in the press conference organized by RM can and which also involved other local applications
  • Takeover nine professors and lecturers of the UMU (10/10/2016)

  • Professor José Manuel López Nicolás receives the Cross of Merit of the Civil Guard (10/10/2016)
    For his work as Coordinator of the Centenary of the University of Murcia
  • Navarro reminds us change the General Plan review process is underway (10/10/2016)
    The Town Planning explained that, as agreed by the plenary, the first step is the diagnosis of compliance with the current general plan
  • The Moneo building light pink morning to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child (10/10/2016)

  • Let's change request proposes that the City property CARM utility (10/10/2016)

  • 50,000 euros to improve transport of passengers by bus between Murcia and districts (10/10/2016)

  • Let's change calls for an end to the "patches" and expedite the review of the General Plan (10/10/2016)

  • About 75,000 students will participate in activities'Murcia, City educadora' (10/10/2016)
    The City offers the 186 schools in the municipality 92 activities for students / as of 3 to 18 years
  • Social Rights organized a conference to promote rural women entrepreneurship and draw attention to the active role of women (10/10/2016)

  • The PSOE is committed to accelerate the revision of land-use planning and not "to patch up deficiencies" (10/10/2016)
    The Socialists accuse the government of Crossbow follow installed in immobility and require a comprehensive review of the General Plan based on a vision set the municipality
  • The City Council and the AGA summon Murcia to participate in a massive Civil Pledge of Allegiance (10/10/2016)

  • El Circo Teatro and Teatro Romea offer this season seven free workshops for children and young people performing arts (10/10/2016)
    The registration period for starting this month will be open until October 19
  • The BUM, the great event with which the University of Murcia welcomes its students, has already started (10/10/2016)
    with an extensive program consisting of more than 50 cultural, sports, solidarity, playful, healthy and training
  • Success of the first edition of Southern Cordillera Murcia Fest (09/10/2016)

  • Social Rights allocates 8,000 euros to help people with hemophilia (09/10/2016)
    Through a collaboration agreement with the Murcia Regional Hemophilia Association
  • The UCAM Murcia Queen in the Palace (09/10/2016)
    Vanquish ICL Manresa 85-61 with immeasurable Vitor Benite
  • The City completely renews garden pergolas Santa Isabel, closing it a few days (09/10/2016)
    The work, which start tomorrow, Monday, consist in replacing the tables and anchoring system
  • Education approves a call for aid in which prevail the constitution of banks books in schools (09/10/2016)
    The grant, amounting to 39,000 euros, promotes cultural activities and promoting reading in school children 3 to 12 years
  • Miguelín, Kelme Best Player of the XXVII Supercopa of Spain: "We are very excited to do great things" (09/10/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia supercampeon of Spain proclaims 2016 (08/10/2016)
    El Pozo Murcia FS won his sixth Supercopa of Spain
  • The first ride with hat through the streets of Murcia from Belluga Circular (08/10/2016)
    From 12 noon on Sunday 16 October through Alfonso X
  • The City Council renewed the 1,100 wooden boards and restraint systems pergolas Santa Isabel (08/10/2016)
    The work, to be held from next Monday, will force close the garden to ensure the safety of pedestrians
  • Guadalupe sculptor Francisco pays tribute to Liza (08/10/2016)
    a commemorative plaque on the facade of the house where the teacher had his workshop and a bust in the garden of the Cultural Center, where the exhibition devoted to his work was discovered opened
  • A cadet CB UCAM Murcia Basketball in the elite junior level (08/10/2016)
    David Bernabe has been this summer at the Hoop Group Elite Academy US, along with the 100 best young players on the East Coast
  • Sports implements the system of irrigation network in the football field Garres and covers the basketball court Polideportivo Infante de Murcia (08/10/2016)
    The amount allocated for both actions is EUR 112 178
  • The library of Sangonera la Verde will have a study hall open 24 hours (08/10/2016)
    The project has a budget of 556,000 euros
  • First part dream, part nightmare (87-75) (07/10/2016)
    College, who came to be winning by 19 points, gave way to the greatest thrust Baskonia after the break and the difference in free throws (37-20 )
  • The Artillery Regiment No. 73 and UCAM hermanan an emotional Pledge of Allegiance (07/10/2016)
    José Luis Mendoza, president of the Catholic University San Antonio, has been honored as gunner Honor
  • Now Murcia warns that the cost of daycare Peace will pay twice (07/10/2016)
    Angeles Micol states that one of the options to avoid this situation is that the new nursery is paid "at the expense of buildable, running the guarantees required of the developer "
  • Tatiana Abellán wins the CreaMurcia of Visual Arts and the Fatima Ruiz Photography (07/10/2016)
    The winning works and a selection of papers presented will be exposed in the LAB until October 23
  • Local governments key actors for meeting the objectives of sustainable development (07/10/2016)
    In the X Assembly of the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate, held on Wednesday, October 5 in Granollers, it has been discussed and proposed an ambitious sheet route 2017
  • Professor Martinez Mendez reelected as Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Documentation UMU (07/10/2016)

  • Perez welcomes the PSOE joins projects approved by the PP in the city (07/10/2016)
    The Spokesman of the government team feels surprised that "latecomers" because today presented some initiatives that "know very well that already exist"
  • 58 smart classrooms serving entrepreneurs and job seekers get (07/10/2016)

  • Development plan establishes a special Cleaning Atalayas area by the University Welcome (07/10/2016)

  • The Chillida Foundation Robles UMU honors for his research in the areas of Health Sciences (07/10/2016)

  • Three agreements allow to implement actions that promote entrepreneurship in the municipality (07/10/2016)
    The City Council will grant aid of 92,000 euros overall amount to AMUSAL, UCOMUR and MCA-UGT
  • The Murcia entrepreneurs eligible for individual aid amounting to 8,400 euros (07/10/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture offers two new calls for grants of a total amounting to 123,000 euros
  • The macro-event'Revive history ... of Cine' offer 2500 years of military history from 14 to 16 October (07/10/2016)
    This ninth edition will offer exhibitions, lectures, food-truck, a recreation of the 750th Anniversary of the Council Murcia, an area of ​​airsoft and a parachutist jumping PAPEA Air Force, among other innovations
  • El Pozo Murcia FS, to the first title of the season (07/10/2016)
    Previous Supercup Spain
  • The low-income families may apply for the reduced service fee Children Schools (07/10/2016)
    The price of monthly educational service cost goes from 40 euros to 17 euros and 80 euros to 17 euros monthly service dining
  • Charity market, zumba, parades and performances in the Ist Solidarity Day Red-El Carmen Cruz (07/10/2016)
    Tomorrow from 11:00 hours in the Garden of Floridablanca.
  • The PSOE bet because the Budget 2017 to collect a specific plan of Investment pedanías (07/10/2016)
    The Socialist Group will push ten lines of work for the coming months following the debate of State of the Municipality, with the participation, efficiency and transparency as axes fundamental
  • The UCAM Murcia challenges the first leader (07/10/2016)
    The Murcia visit the Buesa Arena in search of their second league win
  • Citizens denounced the presence of asbestos in the roof of the school "Contraparada" Javalí New (07/10/2016)

  • Road safety in commuting the lecture series focuses on Road Week (07/10/2016)

  • Press council Home Help Murcia (06/10/2016)

  • The Chair of Innovation Equestrian UMU born with global projection (06/10/2016)

  • Adopted waiting list of administrative assistants for the city of Murcia (06/10/2016)
    The Personnel Service will also publish before 10 days the list of admitted oppositions Fire, to be held later this year as scheduled
  • Let's change considers the altercations in the CIE of Sangonera la Verde are the result of the repressive policy of the Government (06/10/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces the shortcomings child module CEIP Virgen de Guadalupe (06/10/2016)

  • Begins the participatory process for gathering input on the draft Local Strategy Electric Vehicle (06/10/2016)
    Neighbors, companies or organizations may collaborate to offer suggestions from tomorrow on the web www.energiamurcia.es
  • Citizens regrets that Murcia does not receive European aid for urban and commercial recovery of El Carmen and La Paz and requires Ballesta give explanations (06/10/2016)
    For the spokesman of this formation, Mario Gomez, "our town has suffered a major setback, especially the residents of these neighborhoods, having been left out of the Strategy of Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development "
  • ... (06/10/2016)

  • Two prisoners of the region will gain the Jubilee in a meeting between the Pope prisoners worldwide (06/10/2016)
    The UCAM will finance the travel of two inmates from the prison of Sangonera participating in this event, to be held in Rome in early in November
  • UMU professor Vicente Cervera, reelected president of the Association of Hispanic Literary Studies (06/10/2016)

  • Duda: "The players are very committed and dedicated" (06/10/2016)

  • "I come to work, learn, play hard and do whatever you ask Oscar Quintana" (06/10/2016)
    Julen Olaizola has pointed out the good atmosphere that was found in the locker room Murcia UCAM CB
  • The PSOE requires Ballesta answers about why they have not achieved European funds for the regeneration of La Paz and El Carmen (06/10/2016)
    The Socialists are demanding that the government create a working group with municipal experts and political groups to address the social and urban promotion of these areas
  • The first Ride Hat through the streets of Murcia from Belluga Circular (06/10/2016)
    From 12:00 hours Sunday through Alfonso X
  • "We focus on the Glorieta" (06/10/2016)
    The home help workers who represent most of the workforce morning started a rally in front of City Hall of Murcia to denounce the situation
  • Two young researchers of the UMU are made with first place in contest Control Engineering (06/10/2016)

  • A oftalmóloga UMU special award wins first clinical case of dry eye (06/10/2016)

  • The UMU held tomorrow a conference on the management of water resources to climate change (06/10/2016)

  • Awareness of the risk for abuse eyes mobile and tablet reaches institutes within the World Sight Day (06/10/2016)

  • Citizens claims the PP to report on the list of accepted and the date of conclusion of the oppositions fire (06/10/2016)

  • 13 youth with intellectual disabilities will practice in the street cleaning service (06/10/2016)

  • A "drone" learning how humans (06/10/2016)
    A student UCAM creates software to instruct a "drone" similar to the learning of a human being that would allow it to take off, landing and dodge objects in flight so fully autonomous
  • Murcia City Council pays tribute Thursday to the Quakers in the municipal building and former children's hospital in New Door (05/10/2016)
    The Socialists are happy because finally you will comply with this initiative of the PSOE approved in municipal plenary nearly ten months ago
  • Muñoz: "You can request a performance today and claim within two weeks" (05/10/2016)

  • Ruiz discloses the Office for Refugees City Council at a conference of the Ombudsman and UNHCR (05/10/2016)
    The service, created in September 2015, provides a channel of participation of citizens in their willingness to support the responsible entities care to refugees.
  • The City of Murcia participates in the X Assembly of the Network of Cities for Climate (05/10/2016)

  • Pelegrin: "Since this council has not put any impediment to the enforcement of Historical Memory in the street of our town" (05/10/2016)

  • Martínez-Oliva rule to implement in Murcia "occurrences" tax with which Madrid has broken a record unemployment (05/10/2016)

  • A conference in UMU analyzes the influence of the culture of Iran in history (05/10/2016)

  • The teacher Cristina Roda UMU award of the National Union of Writers of Spain (05/10/2016)

  • Cayetano Martinez de Irujo attends morning in the UMU to the presentation of the Chair of Innovation Equestrian (05/10/2016)

  • Citizens El Palmar demands a wireless network in the social and cultural center to expedite the process of workers and residents of the hamlet (05/10/2016)

  • "We want to give our best version in the Buesa Arena" (05/10/2016)
    Oscar Quintana has warned of physical strength, quality and experience of Baskonia
  • The Pupaclown Foundation will offer 68 activities in the last quarter of the year (05/10/2016)
    The 4th Festival of Circus Social Tent Shelter and the 7th Festival of Performing Arts for Children are composed circus, clown, theater, puppetry, magic , music, dance and workshops
  • Let's change the IBI Murcia bring down more than 90% of homes and upload it to superstores and luxury hotels (05/10/2016)

  • The I Entrepreneurs Fair attracts more than a thousand people (05/10/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, gives awards to six murcianos entrepreneurs
  • The PSOE requires the government Ballesta "that stop evasive maneuvers and observe the Law of Historical Memory" (05/10/2016)
    The Socialists denounced the reluctance of the PP government to change the Francoist names nine years after the entry into force of the Law
  • The City Council promotes World Day clowns Pediatrics at Children's Hospital and healthy habits (05/10/2016)
    On the occasion of the National Day of pediatrics
  • The 7TV broadcast all matches UCAM Murcia CB Eurocup (05/10/2016)
    On October 12, the Murcia regional television broadcast the first game between UCAM Murcia and KK Buducnost Montenegrin team VOLI Podgorica
  • Tomorrow exposure CreaMurcia Visual Arts and Photography opens (05/10/2016)
    At 21:00 in the Youth Art Laboratory (LAB)
  • Premian UMU an app that encourages play of autistic children (04/10/2016)

  • Ortiz: "It is striking special grudge and obsession that Citizens Urbamusa" (04/10/2016)
    The council reminds the mayor Mario Gomez that the development company "does not receive subsidies from any public administration and intended any benefits you can get to what your board, 100% public decide "
  • Guillen insists on its willingness to negotiate with dialogue and without coercion to sign the collective agreement for employees of the City (04/10/2016)
    Councilman Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation agreement stresses that already exists in 9 of the 10 points of the agreement
  • Now Murcia denounces the presence of asbestos in two points of algezares and demands that communicative campaign complies (04/10/2016)
    Alicia Morales recalled that the motion on this material approved 11 months ago a campaign was included to warn people of the risks of handling
  • Citizens Crossbow requires a change to direct awards which entrusts Urbamusa (04/10/2016)

  • Captain Miguelín I emphasize "the enthusiasm and commitment of the team" (04/10/2016)
    "I am very proud to belong to this Club"
  • The Salzillo Museum will host an exhibition of Baroque painting on Christmas belonging to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (04/10/2016)
    For its part, the Murcia Basque museum will assign to the nativity scene Salzillo
  • Europe congratulates the UCAM for their achievements in research and sports management (04/10/2016)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has been congratulated by the 'European Athlete as Student' Network (EAS Athletes Europeans as students), a consultative body of the European Commission in the area sports
  • Let's change regrets that European funds are lost for the recovery of El Carmen and La Paz (04/10/2016)

  • Begin pruning campaign mulberries 20,000 (04/10/2016)
    60 operators are responsible for shaping and trimming these trees from streets and public places in Murcia and districts
  • ASECOM rewards the COIE UMU (04/10/2016)

  • From Murcia to Hollywood (04/10/2016)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS will face Atletico Mengíbar in the knockout round of the Copa del Rey (04/10/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls the Real Murcia to draw up proposals for the Council to study a plan to support the club (04/10/2016)
    The Socialist Group meets with grana directive to see first hand the needs of the entity and claims the council Coello call for a meeting to study all options
  • A dozen acts make the celebrations in honor of Santa María la Real de Gracia and Good Success (04/10/2016)

  • Older claim pride of fulfilling years and recognize the value of the social centers of the municipality (04/10/2016)

  • "The crowd was amazing in the game against Joventut Insurance Divina" (04/10/2016)
    Ovie Soko believes the UCAM Murcia CB still has much room for improvement
  • More than 25 performances make programming Bernal Theatre for the next quarter (04/10/2016)
    Four shows will be world premieres and six regional premieres
  • Olga Cristina Perez Jimenez Silver and Bronze in the Super Cup of Spain Senior (04/10/2016)
    The athletes Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia Olga Jimenez and Cristina Perez, climb the podium in the first major event of the season
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia today pays tribute to Professor Luis León Vizcaino (04/10/2016)

  • The Murcia we want (03/10/2016)
    spokesman Citizens in the city of Murcia, Mario Gomez, has made a clear defense of the model municipality defending his political formation, compared to the old policies and Murcia pasteboard current Government José Ballesta
  • Jose Ignacio Gras highlights the role of the members of the municipal boards for change in the city of Murcia (03/10/2016)

  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship (03/10/2016)
    The UCAM reinforces its commitment to the venture with the launch of a new edition of Generation Z program
  • Now Murcia regrets that Ballesta has lost "a great opportunity to make a realistic assessment of the municipality" (03/10/2016)
    Alicia Morales explained in the debate on the State of the Municipality "what is the reality of Murcia and the problems of Murcia, apart Murcia that virtual and nonexistent PP, based ads, propaganda and mega projects "
  • Presented Chair Arturo Perez-Reverte University of Murcia (03/10/2016)
    "I'm not a good man, I am a soldier of my own wars" (Perez-Reverte)
  • The City Council launches multiple activities to mark the closing of the European project'Juntos: Healthy for you, healthy for dos' (03/10/2016)

  • Presented in the UMU the Red Campus Mare Nostrum of public law teachers and constitutional (03/10/2016)

  • Ballesta calls the consensus and the opposition proposes six strategic agreements for the future of Murcia (03/10/2016)

  • Campazzo is the "Bomba" (02/10/2016)
    The UCAM Murcia overcomes the Divine Joventut with a 'float' on the horn
  • Murcia held tomorrow its first debate of State of the Municipality (02/10/2016)

  • The Old Ermita Bacons Bridge will be renewed next month (02/10/2016)
    These works will consist of the rehabilitation of deteriorated asphalt which will substantially improve road traffic in the area
  • The City Council finalizes the work conditioning Fofó Lake in Murcia (02/10/2016)
    These works are part of the six-month campaign full and thorough cleaning has already acted on the lakes of La Seda, Garden of Salitre and Ronda Sur
  • Holy Angel held the first Fishing Contest Wet, with 34 participants (01/10/2016)
    Mireia Ruiz, Master Chef contestant, will tomorrow on the Cooking Contest Jury "Type Cover"
  • Let's change is subject to review and renew their bodies in an open assembly (01/10/2016)

  • Ten projects choose to join the Business Accelerator (01/10/2016)

  • Pedestrianization works of Alfonso X Avenue will begin next summer (01/10/2016)
    The Department of Public Works for a month publicly expose the basic project to collect suggestions from Murcia

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