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Murcia News - March 2011

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  • Juan Patricio Castro moved PSOE support local tissue during a meeting with ACEMUR (31/03/2011)
    A day care center schedule tailored to businesses and telecommunications improvements for municipalities are the main demands of the sector
  • IU-Greens proposed to create a plan for adapting new technologies to small business (31/03/2011)

  • Roque Baños International will lead the Orchestra in the XXX edition of FIOJ (31/03/2011)

  • Abstract plenary proposals Socialist Group in March 2011 (31/03/2011)

  • The International Festival of Youth Orchestras of Murcia, FIOJ, celebrates its thirtieth edition (31/03/2011)
    Thirty years of music filling the region
  • The Statutes of the trade fair in Murcia (31/03/2011)

  • The UCAM hosts a conference on Early Childhood Education applied to (31/03/2011)

  • Students of the institutes Vicente Medina and Alfonso X wins Computer Olympiad (31/03/2011)

  • The House appoints Juan Torres Fontes and Beloved Sons Antonio Pérez Crespo City (31/03/2011)

  • El Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos visits the Tram (31/03/2011)

  • Cattle and bullfighters take part in the National Meeting of Classrooms Taurinas (31/03/2011)

  • Tourism offers a tour of the gardens of Murcia and a climbing workshop for children (31/03/2011)

  • Theatre and popcorn tomorrow in The Ship (31/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia has an energy saving campaign (30/03/2011)

  • María Dolores Sánchez welcomes students and teachers at the school Arteaga Sucina (30/03/2011)
    part in a Comenius project with educators in Estonia, Istanbul and Romania
  • Pedro Lopez presents his project for the municipality through a play and puppets (30/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia this morning the show 'Do not disturb the driver' that will travel to neighborhoods and districts of Murcia until May
  • A PhD thesis analyzes the changes favorable to workers in the new bankruptcy law (30/03/2011)

  • Health develops workshops to prevent drug use in adolescents (30/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia welcomes the closure of the blood donation campaign (30/03/2011)

  • The sixth path 'Discover Murcia and enjoy cycling' invites you to visit the Via Amable Murcia - Aljucer (30/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens called for the revision of the General Plan to the floor buildable protected (30/03/2011)

  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality grant requests to employ more than 130 unemployed people to rehabilitate green areas (30/03/2011)

  • University of Murcia City and join together to make a quality program in the school canteen (30/03/2011)

  • Green light for the procurement of works in ten districts of the municipality (30/03/2011)

  • Training for students of IES El Palmar that have not obtained a graduate degree (30/03/2011)

  • Rosina Girones give a lecture at the University of Murcia on the detection of viruses in water (30/03/2011)

  • Walk for Health in St. Pius X (30/03/2011)

  • The City is in compliance with the law more strict about the urban classification of soils in the municipality defined in the General Plan (29/03/2011)

  • Duda (Copa del Rey): "We are thrilled to be playing the first final. Availing seek classification of the draw" (29/03/2011)

  • The Urbamusa Council approves the budget for 2011 (29/03/2011)

  • Party-Round 2 Copa del Rey semifinal I (29/03/2011)
    Inter Movistar El Pozo Murcia FS
  • More democracy and participation (29/03/2011)

  • Broken up a network of credit card cloning (29/03/2011)
    Detainees incorporated in the magnetic strips on bank cards account data not associated with the same
  • Free Point Nazarene service will be open from 18 to 24 April (29/03/2011)

  • Maria Isabel Valcárcel meets hotel managers Murcia (29/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a fitting poetic tribute to the female (29/03/2011)

  • The School of Tourism at the University of Murcia is organizing a photo contest for high school students (29/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens calls for a plan to encourage housing construction by cooperatives (28/03/2011)

  • The Animal Aid Association collects eight puppies Murcia Local Police found abandoned on the street (28/03/2011)

  • Olga Jimenez and Pablo Guerrero bring two European medals for Murcia (28/03/2011)
    Murcia Judokas Olga Jimenez and Pablo Guerrero achieve the Silver and Bronze respectively in the Cadet European Cup held in the town of Malaga to Fuengirola.
  • General Plan requires a review of Murcia to correct serious errors urban (28/03/2011)

  • Strict control of expenditures, appropriate legal system and creating new fees (28/03/2011)
    are some proposals to reduce the deficit in local government finances
  • The oldest market hall of the city renews its inner image (28/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez plans to establish a symbolic price of public transport in the city for those under 13 years (28/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia this morning a leaflet which outlines the main mobility proposals included in the strategic plan Murcia 100 %
  • The National Police arrested three members of an organized group dedicated to male prostitutes (28/03/2011)
    operating from an apartment in the hamlet of Murcia Algezares
  • A researcher from the University of Murcia designed an instrument that reduces radiation in children (28/03/2011)

  • Civil Protection of the City of Murcia is 25 years (28/03/2011)

  • The Mayor of Murcia based management plan in the works of government-funded E in Spain (28/03/2011)
    The headman are satisfied with the municipal administration to modernize their people but hide the source of investments
  • The future García Alix Center will include classrooms, a gymnasium, reading room and offices of citizen services (28/03/2011)

  • The future's Corner Community Center will house the offices Seca Senior Center and the Center for Women (28/03/2011)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the PP can use a sports tracks illegally (28/03/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in the heart prompted the creation and implementation of a Municipal Council Consumer (27/03/2011)
    PSOE Councillor Sebastian Peñaranda considered necessary to make an analysis of the commercial fabric of the municipality and channel the demands of the sector
  • A tribute to the woman announces the Burial of the Sardine 2011 (27/03/2011)

  • The Mayor's House opens new museum housing the History of the Moros y Cristianos Murcia (27/03/2011)

  • Education works carried out in six schools during the Easter holidays (27/03/2011)

  • St. Pius X organizes outings to walk two days a week for the neighbors (27/03/2011)

  • The residents of Llano de Brujas moved to Lopez, the lack of secure access to the institute (27/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia this week visited Llano de Brujas where he met with the social fabric
  • The City Council is launching a second classroom occupational combat truancy (26/03/2011)

  • Tomorrow Celebrates 'Family Bicihuerta Murcia - Torreagüera' (26/03/2011)

  • Sports offers 945 new places for children from 4 to 8 years to learn to swim (26/03/2011)

  • The Senior Center and Social Progress will have almost 900 square meters for the enjoyment of the citizens (25/03/2011)

  • The Rescue Canine Unit and the Mountain Rescue in Civil Protection participate in a mock (25/03/2011)

  • The deficit of local governments to debate next Monday (25/03/2011)

  • Educa The school houses about 50 children from the villages of Espinardo, the strut, Guadalupe and La Ñora (25/03/2011)

  • Planning and the College of Architects are launching a contest of ideas to reshape the Avenida de El Palmar (25/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a series of political discussions with citizen participation (25/03/2011)

  • Garcia and Pedro Vicente Balibrea take office as members of the Social Council (25/03/2011)

  • Murcia this weekend celebrating the World Day of Theatre (25/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez poses declare Huerta of Murcia Tourist Interest Area (25/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor presented his proposals to recover "our greatest symbol of identity"
  • Education launches an local Road Safety Education and Accident Prevention for children from 3 º ESO (25/03/2011)

  • The municipal archive goes out (25/03/2011)

  • Traveling to the world of small (25/03/2011)
    Various activities together Nanoscience and art at the University of Murcia
  • Researchers and an artist talk about science at the University of Murcia (25/03/2011)

  • More than 100 students of the Murcia region will participate in the Computer Olympiad (25/03/2011)

  • The E Plan allows the extension of the Community Center Llano de Brujas (24/03/2011)
    The Plan E has invested 1.3 million euros in the hamlet Murcia
  • Nine electric vehicles will save each year to the Consistory to 16,200 liters of fuel and 43,250 kilos reduce CO2 (24/03/2011)

  • The new Health Center and Center Murcia benefit over 21,000 people and 2,110 children under 14 years (24/03/2011)

  • María Dolores Sánchez welcomes students participating in the exchange (24/03/2011)
    between the IES Mariano Baquero and Bellevue Lycée Toulouse (France)
  • A professor at the University of Cadiz offers a talk on chemical genomics and genetics (24/03/2011)

  • The Faculty of Arts conferred on officials and Antonio Maria Freitas Labaña (24/03/2011)

  • On Sunday we celebrate the 'Family Bicihuerta Murcia - Torreagüera' (24/03/2011)

  • The Department of Economic Management at the University of Murcia receives the AENOR quality certification (24/03/2011)

  • Murcia is preparing to welcome the great star of Lift Festival SOS 4.8 (24/03/2011)

  • Murcia joins Earth Hour (24/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez proposed to create a great university town Espinardo, Guadalupe, La Ñora, Javalí Javalí Old and New (24/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia this morning the plan Murcia 100% of teachers and staff in UMU ceremony held at the Faculty of Business
  • Tourism offers an initiative to congressmen and cruise tourists go for tapas and know the cuisine of Murcia (24/03/2011)

  • 250 youth will enjoy similar experiences and summer camps to learn English (24/03/2011)

  • Palacios says the Murcia Health Center Centro "improve the coordination of care" (24/03/2011)
    Health invests more than three million euros in the new Health Centre in Murcia Center
  • The PP PSOE required to abide by the decision of the Ombudsman to ensure the physical integrity of the IES students Alquibla (24/03/2011)

  • New technologies in the service of Security and Emergency Management (23/03/2011)
    Lecture Teleco10
  • The Mayor welcomes the candidates for Queen of the Garden 2011 (23/03/2011)

  • More than 200 students preparing for their UCAM ERASMUS experience (23/03/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has offered this morning a briefing on the ERASMUS 2011-2012
  • House visits the new Centre for Municipal projects that will enhance the work of young entrepreneurs (23/03/2011)

  • The Mayor receives Colonel Patrick Togores (23/03/2011)

  • UPyD supports the claims of the neighborhood movement in the South Coast claims directly elect the headman (23/03/2011)

  • The research group "Sport and Recreation Management at the University of Murcia won the prize I + D + I in sport (23/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens proposed the creation of a recovery plan for the garden (23/03/2011)

  • Home help expand food service for the elderly until 2012 (23/03/2011)

  • The City Council renewed the sidewalks of Avenida Juan Carlos I de Los Martínez del Puerto (23/03/2011)

  • Pedro López commitment to transparency and participation as pillars of his campaign (23/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia, Pedro López, poses include external stakeholders in the award of public contracts for the city administration
  • Murcia field expands its sports with a new flag in the hamlet of Sucina (23/03/2011)
    The Minister of Presidency and the Mayor inaugurated the new facility, which involves an investment of more than 600,000 euros
  • About 5,000 people took on wings to El Pozo Murcia to victory (23/03/2011)

  • The Faculty of Mathematics announces a contest for students in problem solving (23/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a seminar on personal growth (23/03/2011)

  • The Hammer Almudí and unite to pay tribute to the artist Aurelio (23/03/2011)

  • Support for cultural associations of the municipality (23/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia won the championship in Spain in Olympic Wrestling (23/03/2011)

  • Gómez Bermúdez involved tomorrow in Congress on Human Rights at the University of Murcia (23/03/2011)

  • The Department of the Environment create a Municipal Green Schools Network (23/03/2011)

  • The poets Luis Alberto de Cuenca and Manuel Lara Cantizani offer a conference - colloquium (22/03/2011)
    will be held on Wednesday 23 at 20.00 am in the IES Juan Carlos I
  • Successful Open House Visitors Center of San Cayetano in Monteagudo (22/03/2011)

  • House opens the new offices of Local police station in Alquerías (22/03/2011)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara, PP candidate for Mayor of Murcia (22/03/2011)
    "My priority is work and my commitment to the welfare of Murcia"
  • Tomorrow, funeral Mass for John Labaña (22/03/2011)

  • President of the Criminal Division of the National Court participates in the Congressional Human Rights at the University of Murcia (22/03/2011)

  • The inhabitants of the districts of El Carmen and Buenos Aires will feature a new health center in 2012 (22/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez calls on House to clarify whether it will abolish the line 39 which goes to the Campus de Espinardo (22/03/2011)

  • Three groups sing for tolerance Murcia in Murcia Three Cultures Festival (22/03/2011)

  • Free parties are continuing with theater performances and competitions (22/03/2011)

  • Chamber participates in the inauguration of the V International Congress on Human Rights (22/03/2011)

  • The Health Center of Floridablanca serve more than 11,000 of the Barrio del Carmen Murcia (22/03/2011)
    Total investment in the new health center is 3.8 million euros and is scheduled for completion within a year
  • Tourism launches four guided tours of Murcia for iPhone and Android phones (22/03/2011)

  • Saturnino Espin cloud covers the churches of Murcia in an exhibition at the Museum of the City (22/03/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary will ask when you will use the auditorium of Espinardo (22/03/2011)
    PSOE Councilman José Antonio García Baños claims that the residents of this hamlet and social groups are still unable to make use of a local municipal was finished years ago
  • Athletics Club athletes took part in the XXXII Totana half marathon "Ciudad de Murcia" (22/03/2011)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara attends the opening of the Semaine de la Francophonie (21/03/2011)
    is the kick-off for seven days studded with musical, literary, culinary, sports and film.
  • The National Electoral Committee approved the lists of candidates for municipal elections (21/03/2011)
    Municipality of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara
  • City Hall and Community signed an agreement for the management of 47 hectares of development of the Science Park (21/03/2011)

  • Start training for employment exchange of calm (21/03/2011)

  • Murcia awarded between 2221 cities across Europe for its organization in the European Mobility Week (21/03/2011)

  • A Murcia mall seeks new musical talent in the Region of Murcia (21/03/2011)
    Open Enrolment for the second competition organized by the mall and that is part of the activities of 'Music Month'
  • The Visitor Center San Cayetano de Monteagudo celebrates tomorrow Open Day (21/03/2011)

  • Mayor House introduced the new kit that will look this year all cyclists in the Spanish Cycling Federation (21/03/2011)

  • House celebrates World Poetry Day with a tribute to the great poets of all times (21/03/2011)

  • I Semifinal Copa del Rey 'You also play' (21/03/2011)
    El Pozo Murcia FS-Inter Movistar
  • Chamber of prizes of the campaign grows on Security (21/03/2011)

  • Arrested for selling fake work contracts immigrants (21/03/2011)
    got between 600 and 1200 euros provided fraudulent contract
  • The Minister of Justice opens tomorrow the International Congress of Human Rights (21/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia launches debate on a documentary of the poet Miguel Hernández (21/03/2011)

  • La Paz and El Carmen are home from tomorrow the seventh edition of the cultural encounters (21/03/2011)

  • A student at the University of Murcia was second in the MIR (21/03/2011)

  • Miguel Ángel Pérez appointed Chairman of the Company of the PAS at the University of Murcia (21/03/2011)

  • The City continues to support partnerships that develop programs and support integration of immigrants (20/03/2011)

  • About 300 users of Social Welfare benefit from aid for transport (20/03/2011)

  • Tourism offers eight new routes to meet the Easter and the traditions and curiosities of the town (20/03/2011)

  • The Executive Murcia 278,000 euros financed the work of social inclusion Columbares Association (20/03/2011)
    Much of the grant was earmarked for social and professional integration of young people
  • On the free wifi service in 11 other districts of the municipality (19/03/2011)

  • Chamber participates in the II Festival Concert Café Bethesda Christian Center (19/03/2011)

  • Education invests 260,000 euros to keep schools in good condition (19/03/2011)

  • The new lighting of the Plaza Circular save over 12,600 tonnes of CO2 per year (19/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens claim that the sports center Verdolay difference between users' first and second " (19/03/2011)

  • The Mayor's House opened the sports center of Los Martínez del Puerto (19/03/2011)
    With an investment of over € 580,000, will revitalize the sporting life of the parish
  • The Mayor opened the Plaza Practitioner Francisco Manuel in The Rane, in memory of one of its most illustrious sons (18/03/2011)

  • The Mayor participated in the marathon 24-hour Reading Nebrija College (18/03/2011)

  • The Faculty of Arts celebrates its patron saint with the inclusion of a discussion about bullfighting (18/03/2011)

  • The book 'Word Association' comes to Theatre Bernal after great successes for a month in Madrid (18/03/2011)

  • The National Police dismantled a marijuana plantation in an elegant and involved 100 kilos of drugs (18/03/2011)
    In the hamlet of Sangonera la Seca Murcia
  • The team made no display Alevín announced (18/03/2011)
    The rest is competing in "Score a goal at El Pozo Murcia '
  • Scholarships and assessment tests generate the most complaints from students at the University of Murcia (18/03/2011)

  • The Mayor attends the delivery of new awards of the Federation of Employers of the Metal (17/03/2011)

  • Pedro López bid to boost the business of Murcia to increase their competitiveness and internationalization (17/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia this morning visited a canning facility in El Raal
  • ... (17/03/2011)

  • The Department of Parks and Gardens alcorque creates an ecological, economic, permeable, safe and durable (17/03/2011)

  • The National Police arrested three persons who are charged with 17 robberies in the interior of vehicles (17/03/2011)

  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables is filled with black and white portraits by Juan Ballester (17/03/2011)

  • More than 5,000 communities in 2010 neighbors received help and advice from the Local Police (17/03/2011)

  • After El Pozo Murcia FS-Azkar Lugo FS (17/03/2011)
    Friday, 18 March-21: 00 hours
  • Voluntary Service organizes conferences on Alzheimer's, intellectual disability and international cooperation (17/03/2011)

  • A student of the Marist wins Chemistry Olympiad at the headquarters of the University of Murcia (17/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia approved curriculum of 18 master's (17/03/2011)

  • Grupo Vips Ginos landed in Murcia, the leading Italian restaurant chain in Spain (16/03/2011)
    The first restaurant of Murcia Ginos - shows created by Grupo Vips - opens in duty free in New Condomina CC
  • Pedro Astals: "We work for the consumer without losing sight of the competition" (16/03/2011)
    Chief Executive Officer, Food Corporation CAPSA Peñasanta
  • The Mayor opened the Congress Women in the Middle Ages (16/03/2011)

  • Martínez-out in Madrid Cache Prize Competition III projects for the enhancement of Biodiversity (16/03/2011)

  • The president presides over the events of the twentieth anniversary of the School of Social Work (16/03/2011)

  • The City Museum will feature a mock altar of the Shrine of Fuensanta donated by Francisco Serra (16/03/2011)

  • Artists and groups from 22 countries will perform in the XII International Festival Murcia Tres Culturas (16/03/2011)

  • Lopez poses create spaces for recreation on the river Segura Murcia passing through and connecting the metropolitan parks public transport (16/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia defends the natural and cultural values ​​of the Huerta and commitment to urban growth balanced and harmonious
  • More than 40,000 university faculty and staff of the UMU and UCAM may take the tram to the campus more secure and less time (16/03/2011)

  • Arrested with a kilogram of cocaine inside her stomach (16/03/2011)
    had to have surgery to extract the drug from inside
  • The project to create an outdoor museum in the palm of Santiago and Zaraíche Aleop wins! (16/03/2011)

  • Alex: "The staff knows that no work, no reward and you can not relax" (16/03/2011)

  • The City Council renewed the agreement with the Autonomous Region for the education of children with special needs (16/03/2011)

  • Faculty of Psychology at the University of Murcia Córdoba presented in a book on creativity (16/03/2011)

  • "The long-promised Levante Park is one of the dead, House tries to resuscitate in every election campaign" (15/03/2011)
    Socialist councilor Marcos Ros denounces the lack of credibility of local government reintroduces an old and decrepit like this to plan that there is no money budgeted for its implementation municipal
  • Marimon: "We thought the first place to come later. Now the important thing is to stay" (15/03/2011)

  • The Mayor of Murcia Easter proclamation of the hamlet of Monteagudo (15/03/2011)

  • Pedro López: "The people of El Palmar are fed up suffer discrimination" (15/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia visited during the afternoon of Sunday the parish's largest city
  • Office of the Bicycle invites parents and children to pedal the route of Saturday (15/03/2011)

  • The City Council is working to stem the cholera epidemic in Haiti (15/03/2011)

  • "House has no launch has not been funded through the Plan E" (15/03/2011)
    PSOE Councilman Jose Zapata reminds the mayor that the social hub of the neighborhood of El Progreso visit today is a construction fully financed by the Government Spain with 1.2 million euros
  • The OMIC handled 4,512 complaints last year (15/03/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia proposes a method for exchanging information between hospitals (15/03/2011)

  • The mayor introduces a vanguarsista Murcia master plan for the future Levante Park (15/03/2011)

  • The Polish city of Lublin Murcia proposed an agreement for the promotion of culture and tourism between the two capitals (15/03/2011)

  • The School of Social Work at the University of Murcia celebrates its twentieth anniversary with discussions of these studies (15/03/2011)

  • The UCAM hosts a conference of director of the Miami Art Museum (14/03/2011)
    The rapporteur has spoken on the basis of the Master Plan of Park City Levante Murcia.
  • More than 150 young people from the diocese of Cartagena participate in the Diocesan Encuentro Fuensanta (14/03/2011)

  • The Mayor highlighted the work that drives Assido in training and integration of people with Down syndrome (14/03/2011)

  • A high school student I Floridablanca Wins Regional Geography Olympiad (14/03/2011)

  • The Judo Club Murcia City remain unbeaten in the National League. (14/03/2011)

  • The FS team ElPozo Aljucer Alevín be an exhibition at halftime El Pozo Murcia-Azkar Lugo (14/03/2011)

  • The National Police is asking the citizens to prepare in advance the identity documents necessary for your trip (14/03/2011)
    With the aim to avoid unnecessary delays and last-minute paperwork
  • Pedro Lopez proposed to create a great media center for the area south of the city (14/03/2011)
    The PSOE's candidate for mayor is committed to promoting an agreement with the UMU to create a cultural center on campus facilities Zarandona
  • Kicks off campaign for schoolchildren to learn to live with the tram (14/03/2011)

  • A conference Lozano Teruel closing the course of human biology (14/03/2011)

  • Vice Chancellor, University of Murcia participate in seminars on the Erasmus Mundus (14/03/2011)

  • On the free wifi service in 10 other districts of the municipality (13/03/2011)

  • Renewal of cafes and hair salons equipment Social Centres for the Elderly and Women's Centers (13/03/2011)

  • The Mayor encourages the transfer of 6,000 meters Beniaján to build a youth center for neurological disorders (12/03/2011)

  • House and Valcárcel inaugurate the restoration of 151 homes in the neighborhood of Los Almendros (12/03/2011)

  • The Mayor sent a bottle of water from the Segura to the source of the Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra as a symbol of solidarity among peoples (12/03/2011)

  • Valcárcel opens rehabilitation work in the neighborhood of Los Almendros, which have improved 151 homes (12/03/2011)
    It is the sewage system replacement and improved home insulation for greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Maria del Carmen Pelegrin XVIII awards the prizes Literary Contest for Poetry and Narrative of the Center for Women in Guadeloupe (12/03/2011)

  • The spring has a municipal centers and 585M2 La Nave thirty workshops and Language Club (12/03/2011)

  • Mayor Mariano opened the garden in tribute to Velázquez Jiménez announcer Onda Regional (11/03/2011)

  • The Vice Chancellor of University Extension of the UCAM receives the Knight Grand Cross of Santiago (11/03/2011)
    The National Association of Civil Guards 'Marqués de las Amarillas' has been responsible for delivering the award
  • The Mayor receives the new President of the Royal Academy of Medicine (11/03/2011)

  • The start Sunday Theatre (11/03/2011)

  • The Road Safety Plan 2011-2013 will focus on reducing accidents (11/03/2011)

  • The City Disfrimur delivery to the first title for project offsets "Murcia CO2labora" (11/03/2011)

  • The Theatre program Bernal of El Palmar 'Silence' to commemorate Women's Day (11/03/2011)

  • Mayor House candidate receives the Bearer of the Moors and Christians (11/03/2011)

  • 45 police and 32 volunteers and Civil Protection Sporting ensure the safety of Murcia City Half Marathon (11/03/2011)

  • The Socialist Party asked the PP when to pay 2010 subsidies to the elderly, women and other municipal associations (11/03/2011)
    Lola Abellon claims that this delay in the payment of subsidies thickens the long list of outstanding invoices by the Consistory, leaving groups at the mercy of the headman for so subservient, they pay what they owe
  • President of the National Institute of Statistics presented at the University of Murcia the men and women report 2011 (11/03/2011)

  • The team of robots from the University of Murcia compete in the championship football Mediterranean (11/03/2011)

  • Camera opens a workshop on solid waste management and treatment to protect the environment (11/03/2011)
    The Workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals in the construction and rehabilitation, waste management, environmental technicians and stakeholders
  • UPyD presented June 9 at PMUS allegations of Murcia (10/03/2011)
    In the near future the media will call for public display
  • The Mayor closes the Literary Evening in memory of Segado del Olmo (10/03/2011)

  • Beginning of XXI National Conference of Sports Traumatology UCAM (10/03/2011)
    The Sports Professor of Traumatology at the Catholic University San Antonio, Pedro Guillén, inaugurated the symposium
  • Camera Murcia encourages all to participate and enjoy the Easter 2011 (10/03/2011)

  • The Episcopal Palace Murcia Town Crier welcomes the submission of the Nazarene of the Year and Easter (10/03/2011)

  • Eurocities choose the example of Murcia to analyze sustainability of energy efficiency measures, climate change and air quality (10/03/2011)

  • IU-Green described as "surreal" meeting of the Board of Landowners (10/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia presents awards for photography and painting, it awarded 8,000 euros (10/03/2011)

  • The High School student Luis Martínez Zoro, rider of the Mathematical Olympiad (10/03/2011)

  • 2,600 runners from 20 countries will participate in the Half Marathon Ciudad de Murcia (10/03/2011)

  • Pedro López presents guidelines on mobility and public transport to the city (10/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia Chamber raises a debate to agree the key objectives and actions on urban mobility for the next fifteen or twenty years
  • The University of Murcia will work with the Royal Academy of Medicine in the acts of its second century (10/03/2011)

  • During the term of the PP more than 33 species of trees have disappeared from the garden of the Malecón (10/03/2011)

  • Dani Salgado: "I do not want to fall Beaches. But that does not have the three points ElPozo because it will bring us" (10/03/2011)

  • The president inaugurates new facilities at the Veterinary Hospital (10/03/2011)

  • Lecture Teleco10 (09/03/2011)
    "The geothermal avoid dependence on other energy sources"
  • IU-Greens are pleased that a library in the municipality bears the name of José Saramago (09/03/2011)

  • The First Conference of Gender Equality are closed today in the University of Murcia (09/03/2011)

  • "Crises are times of trial and Opportunities" (09/03/2011)
    Former President of Endesa, Manuel Pizarro, the UCAM
  • Sports supports the practice of female football (09/03/2011)

  • Moya-Angeler "Miestro the PSOE resorts to demagoguery and manipulation in the City working to keep saving" (09/03/2011)

  • The Museum of the City finds the figures of Mary Cegarra, Elisa Seiquer, Sofia Morales and the pioneer of dance in Murcia (09/03/2011)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to needy children of the Holy Spirit Espinardo (09/03/2011)

  • The Malecón: A modern garden with trees forever (09/03/2011)

  • Constitute the Board of Teaching and Research at the University of Murcia (09/03/2011)

  • A conference will address the rivalry between Newton and Leibniz mathematicians (09/03/2011)

  • Wreath at the monument of the Nazarene of Murcia (09/03/2011)

  • Tiago De Bail: "It is difficult to get the lead. We have to go game by game and not fail" (09/03/2011)

  • The library of Fame changed its name to José Saramago (09/03/2011)

  • "House has no moral authority to talk about energy savings if this year will increase by 35% payment of electricity bills" (09/03/2011)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata claims that the PP has raised the forecast of spending power of 8 7 million euros in 2010 to 13.4, an increase we pay all our taxes Murcia
  • A conference on geological heritage Olympics closing tomorrow Geology (09/03/2011)

  • Beatriz Hontoria presents equality policies in the City Council meeting to be held tomorrow Municipia in Albacete (09/03/2011)

  • Formation between stove (08/03/2011)

  • Pedro López expresses its commitment to an equal Murcia on the occasion of International Women's Day (08/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia in the concentration part today convened by the March 8
  • The University Library celebrates Women's Day with an exhibition of comics (08/03/2011)

  • The number of fires in Murcia last year fell by 9% (08/03/2011)

  • The Mayor delivered the gold badges to two retired firefighters on the day of San Juan de Dios (08/03/2011)

  • Claim a decent job and a salary equated, objectives of the activities organized to commemorate the March 8 (08/03/2011)

  • The Mayor Chamber pushes the record to the Declaration of International Tourist Interest Easter in Murcia (08/03/2011)

  • "The Government House is still giving back to women in using the Equality Plan as mere window dressing" (08/03/2011)

  • Raul: "My goal right now is no more injury to play as many games" (08/03/2011)

  • "The PP still will not start building the roundabout at the junction of Salabosque despite accidents" (08/03/2011)
    Sebastian Peñaranda socialist councilor again emphasizes the need to build such a roundabout if you want to ensure the safety of neighbors and accidents do not occur as that which took place last night
  • Tourism offers children a tour of the path of the hermit (08/03/2011)

  • The Geography Department organized an Olympiad for high school students (08/03/2011)

  • The president inaugurates new facilities at the Veterinary Hospital (08/03/2011)

  • New appointment to participate in the course of ham cutters (08/03/2011)

  • Ignacio Zaldúa: "The metabolic syndrome will become the pandemic of the XXI Century" (07/03/2011)
    Vice President Strategic Business Development for Europe Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co
  • Students of the University of Murcia may do internships at the Museum of Moros y Cristianos (07/03/2011)

  • The PAS is the Board of the University of Murcia (07/03/2011)

  • Beatriz Hontoria opens an exhibition on the work of Oxfam in Haiti (07/03/2011)

  • The Mayor Chamber Astrapace visit the premises of the tenth anniversary of its Center Occupation (07/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez is launching a volunteer recruitment campaign through web (07/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia Murcia encourages to make suggestions through the 'post-ideas'
  • Open Enrolment of the IV National University Classrooms Taurinas (07/03/2011)

  • 106 establishments in the city now have the distinctive Sicted Tourism Quality (07/03/2011)

  • Students of the institutes and Alfonso X Fleet won the Regional Physics Olympiad (07/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates the Day of Working Women (07/03/2011)

  • Ecologists in Action complaint remains particulate air pollution in Murcia (07/03/2011)

  • Encouraging schools in the district of Carmen (07/03/2011)

  • Dozens of people attending the premiere of the series 'Music' (06/03/2011)

  • The school Infanta Cristina Bacons Bridge Wins Equality in Sport 2010 " (06/03/2011)

  • Murcia Wins Competition III projects to increase the biodiversity of the FEMP (06/03/2011)

  • The Mayor celebrates carnival with hundreds of the Coronation of the Muse Cabezo de Torres (05/03/2011)

  • The Mayor attends the opening of a new urban area in Cabezo de Torres (05/03/2011)

  • On the free wifi service in the districts of Guadalupe, Javalí Viejo, La Nora and Puebla de Soto (05/03/2011)

  • The City Council extends the Telecare service for people with hearing impairments (05/03/2011)

  • The sports Joseph Barnes has two new tennis courts and a roller hockey (05/03/2011)

  • Take a walk the first school in the municipality of Murcia Triathlon ten schoolchildren aged five to twelve years (05/03/2011)

  • The plan pushed by Mayor House in 2010 represents a savings of more than 7 million gallons of fuel annually for the municipality (04/03/2011)

  • House enters into an agreement to boost music education to 900 students of 4 musical groups (04/03/2011)

  • A new bronze sculpture today adorns the central square of Flowers (04/03/2011)

  • More than 41,000 citizens will be exempted or reduced the amount of tax their vehicles (04/03/2011)

  • 32 universities Technical discussed in Murcia on Quality in Higher Education (04/03/2011)

  • La Paz, Vistabella and Fame held its grand parade tomorrow carnival (04/03/2011)

  • Pedro Lopez asks participating employers to define the model municipality (04/03/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia held this morning a meeting with CROEM Policy
  • The Theatre Bernal of El Palmar program this weekend, a version of Don Quixote and a puppet show (04/03/2011)

  • The music and drama invade streets and squares during the weekends from March to June (04/03/2011)

  • The bikes are dressed in Carnival on the road tomorrow organized within the program 'Discover Murcia and enjoy cycling' (04/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia has signed an agreement for the experiments of students (04/03/2011)

  • The Government delegate visits the new Community Centre Rincon de Seca (03/03/2011)
    The center will serve as day care for the elderly and the Centre for Women.
  • The Mayor congratulated the CB Murcia for the excellent campaign that is being developed (03/03/2011)

  • Moors and Christians celebrate their festive half year with the opening of his museum in Garrison Artillery (03/03/2011)

  • Scout & Music Festival and IV Winter Championship Rubik's Cube, this weekend in La Nave (03/03/2011)

  • Pedro López received over 900 calls to your telephone number open to the public (03/03/2011)
    daily problems and complaints about the malfunctioning of municipal services focus most of the calls received by the Socialist candidate in two months and a half
  • The mayor delivers awards Drawing Competition on Urban Mobility to students at several schools (03/03/2011)

  • Camera: "The new airport, ensures the creation and maintenance of employment and improvement of communications in the Municipality of Murcia" (03/03/2011)

  • Mayor House presented the new edition of the Festival of Magic "grand illusions Solidarity ', whose funds will go to Assido (03/03/2011)

  • Cortes traffic Saturday and Sunday XXXI edition of the Tour of Murcia (03/03/2011)

  • The forum of universities of excellence in management meets at the University of Murcia (03/03/2011)

  • Amelia Ferro: "R + D + i is essential for generating knowledge" (02/03/2011)
    Researcher has lectured on project management UCAM Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i)
  • The City Council renews its agreement with the College of Pharmacists to help the needy (02/03/2011)

  • The Municipal Center will be expanded was high in the coming months (02/03/2011)

  • Brewers will offer free courses at the International Beer of Murcia (02/03/2011)

  • All Spanish cyclists participating in the 2012 London Olympics will wear the name of Murcia in their kits (02/03/2011)

  • The Mayor and the Director of Public Works inaugurated the Consumer Information Sessions II (02/03/2011)
    The Mayor and the Director of Public Works inaugurated the Consumer Information Days II.
  • Mayor House shares the traditional breakfast with the candidates for Queen of the Elderly 2011 (02/03/2011)

  • Tourism is committed to the promotion of Murcia as a congress city (02/03/2011)

  • Álvaro: "We in the day. But with an eye on the King's Cup and the League lead" (02/03/2011)

  • Support Murcia XXI Foundation, Design and Fashion for the celebration of the Gateway Open (02/03/2011)

  • An investment of more than 360,000 euros will develop 18 projects of activities with children and youth (02/03/2011)

  • Approved the specifications for the supply of trees, shrubs and plants for the gardens of the town (02/03/2011)

  • PSOE: "The City's late causing delays of more than one year" (02/03/2011)

  • Holywater star in the final concert of the River Sounds of the quarter (02/03/2011)

  • Murcia celebrates first World Day of Poetry (02/03/2011)

  • ... (02/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia install a pioneering system of fire detection (02/03/2011)

  • Avimur Association organizes a trip to Las Fallas in Valencia for the university (02/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia is launching a new auto loan service bicycle (02/03/2011)

  • Camera: "The state should give municipalities a stable and adequate funding" (01/03/2011)

  • "Spain is the most decentralized country in Europe" (01/03/2011)
    Gabriel Elorriaga presented at the UCAM, with Secretary General of FAES, Jaime Garcia Legaz, FAES Report on Public Sector Reform
  • Visitor Centers, local museums and cultural spaces are the hallmark of Tourist Quality Commitment (01/03/2011)

  • Rubén Juan Serna presented the program UPyD election for the municipality of Murcia (01/03/2011)
    The candidate for mayor of Murcia has stressed the need to situate the program within a national project, given the current crisis of values, economic, political , and institutional
  • The University of Murcia created the first Chair of Naval History of Spain (01/03/2011)

  • IU-Greens Murcia Candidacy, which gives priority to young independent (01/03/2011)

  • The close collaboration with the Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities can be abolished in 5 years 250 Barrier (01/03/2011)

  • On-going construction of new sports facilities at La Condomina (01/03/2011)

  • In progress outdoor wifi service in the districts of Sangonera la Seca, Boatmen, Cañada Hermosa and Javalí New (01/03/2011)

  • Mauricio Gestesa warning about "can come relax and play without pressure, we can complicate the game" (01/03/2011)

  • Exhibition at the Faculty of Law is an example of the Mexican state of Michoacán (01/03/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a journey to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among students (01/03/2011)


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