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Murcia News - January 2017

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  • A gray second half condemns UCAM Murcia (31/01/2017)
    Despite the 26 points of Nemanja Radovic, the Murcia could not bow to a correct Montakit Fuenlabrada (85-69)
  • Azuche 88 will carry out the renewal of measures for the conservation and protection of archaeological remains in San Esteban (31/01/2017)
    The Contracting Bureau gives the green light to the offer presented by this company, which it requests to submit the documentation within a deadline Of 10 days to be able to contract the project
  • The Ramón Gaya Museum will keep its current workers until the squares are called in public contest (31/01/2017)

  • Navarro Corchón: "We are working so that Muybici's benches are opened as soon as possible" (31/01/2017)
    He states that "the closure of the benches has been necessary to avoid successive acts of vandalism"
  • Town Planning and the Landlord Board review ongoing projects within the Plan of Recovery of the Orchard (31/01/2017)

  • Murcia now leads the golf course of Nueva Condomina to prosecution (31/01/2017)
    - The municipal training warns that it will not let the municipality lose an equipment of 7.4 million euros
  • The Abenarabi Citizen Services Office and the one-stop shop in the Plaza de los Apóstoles extend their hours to offer a better service to Murcia (31/01/2017)
    From tomorrow, both facilities will open two days a week in uninterrupted hours of 8.30 At 5:30 p.m.
  • Extended the deadline for the Murcia to make their contributions to the municipal ordinance of transparency (31/01/2017)
    Until March 30 will remain open the public consultation on the web and mobile application Tu Murcia and on the web participentransparencia.es
  • UMU develops with the La Caixa Foundation an inclusive gaming program for children with autism spectrum disorder (31/01/2017)

  • The City Hall commemorates the 30th anniversary of La Nave with more than 100 cultural and solidarity activities for more than 8,000 young people (31/01/2017)

  • Beniaján Municipal Council finalizes the works on the sidewalks of the hamlet that guarantees the security of the neighbors (31/01/2017)
    In total, more than 200 meters of pavements have been rehabilitated in the hamlet, besides remodeling the garden of the Corner of Villanueva and to install A pergola at school Infanta Elena
  • The Ciudadanos vowel in the Eastern District proposes the creation of a flamenco festival in Murcia (31/01/2017)

  • Meeting with the Association of Neighbors affected by the industrial zone of Camino Tiñosa (30/01/2017)
    This meeting has a double objective: to listen to the proposals and comments of the neighbors and to give them detailed account of the technical reports of the project that Adif is developing, for The arrival of high speed to the Region
  • Pacheco: "We are working hard so that the Ramón Gaya Museum does not close its doors even one day" (30/01/2017)

  • Navarro: 'Now Murcia should be more concerned about having a balanced development of the municipality and less to do demagoguery' (30/01/2017)
    The PP Councilman reiterates that the TS ruling affects a strictly formal and remediable issue, as has already been demonstrated '
  • Now Murcia requires the official review of modifications of the PGOU affecting more than 11 million m2 of buildability (30/01/2017)
    The municipal formation and We have today expressed their objective that "the City Council review these modifications of the PGOU and the Adaptation and the Cancel on his own "
  • A special device will ensure security at the Holi Run and the carnivals of Cabezo de Torres and Beniaján (30/01/2017)
    The Local Security Board has established this morning a plan coordinated between Local Police, Firefighters, Civil Protection, Civil Guard and National Police to These events
  • The Town Council of El Puntal puts at the disposal of the neighbors more than 1,200 m2 to cultivate gardens of leisure (30/01/2017)

  • The PSOE blames the government of Ballesta of the crisis of Ramón Gaya (30/01/2017)
    Socialists have since May contributing possible solutions to prevent the closure of the museum
  • Wednesday opens the deadline to register as a volunteer at the IBAFF International Film Festival (30/01/2017)
    and to participate in the Seminar on initiation to film criticism
  • "I want to see the team follow this path" (30/01/2017)
    Fotis Katsikaris has positively valued the improvement of UCAM Murcia in the victory against ICL Manresa
  • The source of Valladolises 'Virgen de la Arrixaca' already looks like new (30/01/2017)
    The new name of the source commemorates the visit of the patroness of Murcia to the hamlet
  • Renewal of the members of the Economic and Administrative Council (30/01/2017)
    Following its constitution in 2007, this independent body has resolved more than 12,000 cases related mainly to traffic sanctions, closing times and urbanism.
  • People with Down syndrome get a job thanks to the project'I prepare for training in new technologies (30/01/2017)

  • An effective UCAM Murcia ends the Manresa curse (29/01/2017)
    Murcianos, who came to beat by 18 points, defeated 63 to 73 at ICL Manresa
  • Navarro: "We are fully aware of the need to continue taking measures to improve air quality" (29/01/2017)

  • We can condemn the episode of violence happened in Murcia (29/01/2017)
    And it demands to the delegation of government that acts before the growth of the movements neoazis and groups ultras
  • José Guillén emphasizes in his proclamation of the celebrations in honor to San Blas and La Candelaria the "orchard and murcianía" of the district of Santa Eulalia (29/01/2017)

  • Navarro: "We just awarded the contract to carry out the subsidiary solar cleaning executions" (29/01/2017)

  • The PSOE claims more atmospheric measuring stations in Murcia and a municipal action plan against air pollution episodes (29/01/2017)
    The Socialists also urge the Ballesta government to bet on sustainable mobility, expanding pedestrian areas, improving the network Of bicycle lanes and promoting electric vehicles, among other activities
  • The PSOE of Nonduermas takes the first step to snatch the Party Committee from the neighbors (29/01/2017)
    The PP spokesman in the hamlet and president of the Party Commission, Isidro Zapata, denounces the lack of help by the Municipal Board to This commission
  • José Ballesta delivers the Keys of the City of Murcia to President Rafael Correa (29/01/2017)

  • C's demands to the PP an immediate cleaning of the abandoned lots that degrade many areas of the south of Murcia for years (29/01/2017)

  • Navarro demands the PSOE "a little more seriousness and less demagogic use of judicial pronouncements." (28/01/2017)

  • Firefighters check that there is no risk in the housing of the neighborhood of Los Rosales in which a balcony has fallen (28/01/2017)

  • The City Council studies the recovery of the Armero mill within the Historic Site of Monteagudo and Cabezo de Torres (28/01/2017)

  • Cabezo de Torres pays homage to the memory of Ginés Vivancos with a soccer field in his name (28/01/2017)
    "Committed and given to his neighbors, Ginés developed a tireless and generous work in the hamlet that gave birth to him in the social, sports , Political and religious, "said the mayor
  • Hundreds of young people participate in the event 'Networks in the street' (28/01/2017)
    The Councilor for Youth and Development Cooperation, Rebeca Pérez, attended this morning the showcase of activities for the 'Networks for Leisure' program held in the Plaza Of the University
  • The PSOE asserts that "the Ballesta PP is the same as the Chamber, as is shown when appeals against urbanism to the letter of his predecessor." Councilman Enrique Ayuso demands that you start as soon as possible to work in the Revision of t (28/01/2017)

  • The Municipal Board of Sangonera la Seca carries out activities around the day reading of Nonviolence and Peace (28/01/2017)
    Children of the hamlet will hold storytelling workshops, pinnacles and a mural against violence
  • José Ignacio Gras: "The Raal has given a change of one hundred and eighty degrees thanks to the illusion and dedication of his new mayor" (28/01/2017)
    The spokesman of the Socialist Group hears the main concerns of the neighbors and residents of El Raal, and checks First hand some of the most important changes that have occurred in the hamlet in the last year and a half
  • Navarro: "Now Murcia should be concerned about a balanced development of the municipality (27/01/2017)
    instead of boasting of paralyzing the growth of the municipality"
  • Rafael Gómez: "The commitment of the PP is to facilitate access to nursing services in kindergartens in the next school year" (27/01/2017)
    Remember that several meetings have been held with the College of Nursing to know the project and are working Of uninterrupted way with the Councilor of Health and the Departments of Education and Universities and Health
  • A photographic exhibition shows the neighborhood of Los Rosales before and after its rehabilitation (27/01/2017)
    In the cultural center of the hamlet of El Palmar at 17:00
  • Guillén: "The fire brigade court can not be formed until the unions do not designate their bodies of the Board of Personnel" (27/01/2017)

  • Institutes of the municipality visit the exhibition 'Refugiados' that shows the life of lodged in fields of France and Greece (27/01/2017)

  • The Local Police denounced ten parking meters yesterday (27/01/2017)
    The accusations occurred in Gaspar de la Peña, Puerta Nueva, La Gloria and Torre de la Marquesa streets, Alfonso X el Sabio Avenue and Robert Schuman Square
  • 23 correspondents bring information from the City Hall to young people in the educational centers of the municipality (27/01/2017)
    The network is spread by the public secondary schools, public centers of professional training and artistic teaching and Official School of Languages ​​
  • The PSOE criticizes the PP for approving motions that it never fulfills like endowing to the public centers of a nursing service (27/01/2017)
    Councilor Maite Espinosa remembers that "six months after agreeing to implant health care nor has taken a firm step for it Nor is budgetary provision reserved "
  • 80 people will be able to participate in the Reading Club of Romea and Circus Theaters In this new call of the activity will be studied the texts of 'The dog of the gardener', 'Bicycles are for the summer', 'The cartographer' (27/01/2017)

  • All municipal centers, sports pavilions and public places will have an open Wi-Fi connection for citizens (27/01/2017)

  • The National Police detains an individual who left his victims unconscious to steal (27/01/2017)

  • "We look for innovation and research to be reflected in society" José Luis Mendoza García (26/01/2017)

  • The City Council approves to remove the pipes with asbestos at the proposal of Cambiemos Murcia (26/01/2017)

  • The confreres of Palm Sunday grant their distinctions for Holy Week 2017 (26/01/2017)

  • Education completes the plan to endow the courtyards of the schools of shadow areas (26/01/2017)
    Councilman of the PP Rafael Gómez affirms that the draft budgets of this year prepared by the Government Team reserve a heading to carry it out
  • The PSOE obtains the approval of all the motions presented to the plenary of the month of January (26/01/2017)
    The Socialists obtain the approval of initiatives for the direct management of the transport in pedanias by the City council, to provide shady the courtyards of the public schools of Neighborhoods and for the improvement of the municipal website
  • Hermanos Fuentes Logistic Group joins UCAM Bussiness Club (26/01/2017)
    The company will sponsor the university's basketball and soccer teams
  • Now Murcia celebrates that the annulment of the Fuensanta Plan "is only one step" Angeles Micol shows his "total confidence" that the opinion of the Legal Council of the Region, the administrative procedure that is lacking, is pos (26/01/2017)

  • School students Isabel Bellvís de Corvera plant 30 mulberry trees on the occasion of the World Day of Nonviolence and Peace (26/01/2017)
    The event, which coincides with the 31st anniversary of the first mulberry trees planted in the center, serves to raise awareness about the no Violence in classrooms
  • Ortiz: "The technical reports advise against the construction of an underground passage in Camino de Tiñosa" (26/01/2017)
    The Mayor summoned the affected neighbors days ago to hold a meeting next Monday
  • International Quality Seal for the Faculty of Education of the UMU (26/01/2017)

  • The municipal council definitively approves the regulation of the Public Transportation Bureau (26/01/2017)
    This new advisory and participation body will hold its first meeting next month
  • The Cofradía del Refugio and the College of Physicians will receive the Gold Medal of the City (26/01/2017)
    The City Council also initiates the procedure to appoint Sánchez Lozano as Adoptive Son
  • UMU invests tomorrow doctor honoris causa to the chemist Paul D. Beer and presents the Institutional Code of the institution (26/01/2017)

  • 25 young entrepreneurs will develop their innovative ideas at UMU (26/01/2017)

  • An article from the UMU, published in the leading journal of Green Chemistry (25/01/2017)

  • La Condomina hosts a match between Real Murcia and UCAM to benefit Los Alcázares (25/01/2017)
    Tomorrow will be for sale the localities that can be purchased at the offices of Ucam Murcia CF located in La Condomina and also in the offices of the new stadium Condomina
  • Different streets will be closed Sunday to traffic by the celebration of the fourth edition of Murcia Marathon (25/01/2017)
    Urban buses of Transportes de Murcia will not serve until 3 pm
  • Now Murcia regrets that the works of the AVE to Murcia "seem projected and executed by Pepe Gotera and Otilio" (25/01/2017)
    - The municipal formation affirms that "only those in charge of the works did not know that it is a land of high water level, With or without rain "
  • Guided tours and Talleres de la Huerta y el Río, proposals of the Town Hall to enjoy the Environment (25/01/2017)
    The Huerta de Murcia and the Segura river are some of the spaces in which activities will be developed the next three months
  • The Circus Theater opens to schoolchildren (25/01/2017)
    A group of 40 CEIP schoolchildren Our Lady of the Angels of Rincón de Seca knows the interior of the building
  • Participants in the #MurciaNavidad campaign already have posters with their images (25/01/2017)

  • PSOE and Cambiemos Murcia will ask in plenary on Thursday to build a new Training Center and Employment or adequately expand the current Both groups consider that, with the current unemployment data, the facilities of the Training Center have remaine (25/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia proposes to create a web page to spread the activities organized by the municipal boards (25/01/2017)

  • Citizens will audit next to their pedancies the first year of management at the head of the Municipal and District Boards (25/01/2017)
    For the orange formation it is necessary to carry out this analysis to gain in efficiency, efficiency, transparency and closeness to the citizen
  • Llano de Brujas celebrates the first days of integration of girls into the sports world (25/01/2017)
    400 students attended talks on sports such as football, handball and hockey, to show the sports offer in the hamlet
  • UMU professor Rosalía Alfonso wins award for a study on the collaborative economy (25/01/2017)

  • Ainhoa ​​Arteta dazzles in Murcia for the 20th anniversary of the UCAM (25/01/2017)
    The artist performed last night in the Auditorium Víctor Villegas next to the Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM and the Discantus Choir playing zarzuela and opera
  • Felipe Coello: "Whenever sports tests are carried out, both in the center and in districts, neighbors are notified and signaled well in advance" (24/01/2017)
    Coello has asked the president of the Infante District Board to "not confuse the Neighbors with wrong information "
  • A doctoral thesis of the UMU says that the aesthetic canons propose to the woman an unreal beauty (24/01/2017)

  • The City Council gives 10 days to the companies awarded two projects of San Esteban to present the documentation that allows to contract the works (24/01/2017)

  • The University of Murcia and the Cendeac will collaborate to improve the training and investigation in contemporary art (24/01/2017)

  • Let's change denounces the deteriorating landscape of the house of Antonete Gálvez by the construction in its surroundings of a great supermarket (24/01/2017)

  • The PSOE urges the government team to invest in a shadow plan for schools Socialist councilor Susana Hernández is grateful that the new mayors assume the cost of these shaded areas, but warns that neighborhood presidents can not Make these investment (24/01/2017)

  • The Networks Program reaches the cultural centers of several districts with more than 40 free activities for 8,700 young people during the weekends (24/01/2017)

  • The Municipal Board of Torreagüera carried out more than 100 works on the public highway in December to improve the quality of life of its neighbors. Among the works it emphasizes the installation of a railing of 200 meters, the reform of sidewalks (24/01/2017)

  • Citizens will ask in Plenary to start the procedures to keep linked the brand of the festival SOS 4.8 to Murcia (24/01/2017)

  • We reject the cowardly aggression that this Sunday suffered a young woman in a well-known downtown location (23/01/2017)

  • Ortiz: "Citizens should know that the million euros of the budget is destined to subsidize improvements in the transport of districts" (23/01/2017)

  • "I am a player that can give energy in defense" (23/01/2017)
    Kevin Tumba has been presented like new player of the UCAM Murcia CB
  • C's requires Ballesta to explain in detail the destination of the 1M € grant that contains the draft budget for transport (23/01/2017)

  • The Civil Guard deactivates a mortar grenade found on a ravine in El Palmar-Murcia (23/01/2017)

  • Urbanism raises part of infraction by the solar in front of the school the Molinico, in the Pool, after the denunciations of Now Murcia (23/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia considers "insulting" the budget for the expansion of the Science Museum (23/01/2017)

  • See better to live and learn better, subject of a conference at the University of Murcia (23/01/2017)
    It will be given by the optical physicist Pablo Artal
  • The Public Transport Bureau will hold its first meeting next February (23/01/2017)
    The Committee on Infrastructures, Finance and General Affairs Plenary has ruled favorably at its meeting this morning the regulation of this new advisory and participation body
  • Redexis Gas will invest 9 million euros to extend natural gas in the municipality of Murcia and generate new jobs (23/01/2017)
    The company's CEO, Cristina Ávila, presents Mayor José Ballesta with plans to expand this network Clean and non-polluting energy in Murcia
  • Conchita Ruiz highlights the importance of the program Emploa de Jesús Abandonado for the labor insertion of groups at risk of social exclusion (23/01/2017)
    One hundred people participate in the program Abused Jesus.
  • Lecture by Pablo Artal at UMU Educational Days (23/01/2017)

  • The PSOE claims in a motion a more accessible and dynamic municipal website The spokesman of the Socialist Municipal Group asks the PP to live up to the times and offer via the internet the possibility of carrying out procedures that avoid travel and (23/01/2017)

  • The opposition once again claims alternatives to the Tiñosa road bridge and demands that Ballesta receive the affected neighbors (23/01/2017)

  • The PSOE warns the PP of the risk of illegally transferring workers from cultural centers and museums (22/01/2017)
    Socialist councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa has submitted a motion to the next plenary session in which he asks the Government team to submit a list of those posts And establish a mechanism to regulate them
  • The City Council processes in only one year more than 1,100 notices received through the application Tu Murcia (22/01/2017)
    The Department of Modernization of Administration, Urban Quality and Participation launches a campaign to publicize the possibilities offered by this application
  • The PSOE regrets the security problems in the buhobus and asks the PP to assume responsibilities to give a good service (21/01/2017)
    Socialist councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa considers necessary this transport, which allows young people to go out at night and avoid traffic accidents
  • The president of the Junta de Santo Ángel shows his displeasure to find no answer or solution to the rocky landslides (21/01/2017)
    Socialist councilman Enrique Ayuso considers that "that situation of helplessness that the mayors and peddlers face their neighbors is Absolutely inadmissible, the City must give a solution now "
  • The new lighting of the Hall of the Columns of the Almudí Palace will allow an annual saving of 49,920 Kwh (21/01/2017)
    The projectors can rotate 360 ​​degrees which allow to adapt to the different expositions that are celebrated
  • The City Council begins pruning the more than 10,000 roses of the municipality (21/01/2017)
    For three weeks more than a dozen people will be in charge of carrying out these works
  • Let's change Murcia will ask that asbestos pipes be removed from the municipality's drinking water network (21/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia asks the CHS to investigate the origin of the foam in the river (20/01/2017)

  • 'Murcia in figures' opens to the society more than 70,000 data in a statistical observatory of the districts and districts (20/01/2017)

  • The budget execution in pedanias reaches historical levels and stands at 94% (20/01/2017)
    The Municipal Boards have requested 55 actions and all have been executed or are in process, "which implies an effectiveness in the execution of projects of 100% ", Reported José Guillén
  • Now Murcia will bring to plenary the calamitous situation that the IES Miguel I Espinosa lives (20/01/2017)

  • The PSOE demands that Ballesta fulfill the commitment acquired in October and check the rate of fords (20/01/2017)
    The Socialists denounce the unjust situation that the neighbors of the districts live, where, in addition to paying more for their fords, they are having to pay receipts Arrears for fords that have not requested and do not use
  • The Teatro Romea hosts the national premiere of 'A Fool in a Box' Directed by the actor Murcia Carlos Santos, will be represented on February 25 (20/01/2017)

  • One of the most important interventions of the agents during this morning has been the sinking of a wall of private property next to the hermitage San Antonio el Pobre (20/01/2017)
    [The Local Police keeps closed to the traffic six highways of the municipality]
  • Applicants to drive a taxi in Murcia must demonstrate their knowledge of the street and the places of interest of the municipality (20/01/2017)
    Fomento convenes the test to grant the license, established in the ordinance as a way of guaranteeing the quality of the public service
  • 118 people were attended by the device coordinated by the City to cope with the cold wave (20/01/2017)

  • Murcia gains 1,115 inhabitants and reaches a population of 440,993 people (20/01/2017)

  • 1,000 runners will participate in the second edition of the Popular Solidarity Race '' THEave the Children '' of the CEI School (20/01/2017)
    The event will take place on Sunday, February 5 at the Malecon Garden at 10:00 am
  • Arthur Miller and Woody Allen, at the ESAD Actors Direction Show at the University of Murcia (20/01/2017)

  • Now Murcia and Cambiemos Murcia propose that the City Council advise those affected by soil clauses (20/01/2017)

  • Training on biosafety in UMU laboratories (20/01/2017)

  • The Municipal Council of Santiago and Zaraíche puts in place a plan of conditioning in the parks and gardens of the hamlet (20/01/2017)

  • Subsidiarity in the company, key to the complete development of the dignity of workers (20/01/2017)
    UCAM and ASE presented yesterday in CROEM the book 'Respect in Action.
  • The UMU implements measures of energy efficiency in the Faculty of Psychology (19/01/2017)

  • 2000 runners will participate in the fourth edition of the'Murcia Marathon' (19/01/2017)
    The test will start at 08:30 hours with departure in Gran Vía. Parallel to the Marathon, there is a 10KM race and a Half Marathon in Skates, in the Involved skaters from almost all Spanish regions
  • Enrolling in the Master's Degree in Access to Lawyers is also possible in January (19/01/2017)
    The UCAM presents a new call to start this postgraduate course next February, allowing those interested not to have to wait for the next course
  • The device coordinated by the City Council to cope with the cold wave serves 19 people last night (19/01/2017)
    Of the 19 services provided, 4 were housed in the Cagigal Sports Pavilion, which tonight will also remain open
  • 56 people were attended last night by the device coordinated by the City to cope with the cold wave (18/01/2017)

  • Now Murcia affirms that the integral rehabilitation of the peace requires change the modification of the pgou n ° 93 and not only the special plan (18/01/2017)
    - The municipal formation indicates that "only with change the PERI is not enough, since this does not allow to realize all The changes that the neighborhood needs, because it is a legal framework that only allows some actions "
  • The City Council celebrates the first working table for the La Paz neighborhood rehabilitation plan (18/01/2017)
    Municipal groups, neighbors and technicians constitute the table that will set the criteria and guidelines for the rehabilitation of the neighborhood of La Paz
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The year-end is approved with the settlement of the budget" (18/01/2017)

  • Citizens once again ask Councilman Martínez Oliva to execute the budget as of December 31 (18/01/2017)

  • The PSOE demands solutions without delay for the homes of La Paz, once the PP has given 'shelter' to its rehabilitation project (18/01/2017)
    Socialist councilman Enrique Ayuso, who has participated in the working table on the Polygon, regrets That it took eleven years for the Government team to recognize the unfeasibility of the López Rejas project
  • Students at San Buenaventura College know how to supply wholesalers to food shops in Murcia (18/01/2017)
    Within the 'Murcia Ciudad Educadora' program 32 students from the center visited the Mercamurcia facilities
  • Let's change Murcia proposes to charge the IBI to the Catholic Church and other confessions (18/01/2017)

  • Conference at the UMU on women of ancient Rome (18/01/2017)

  • The capital of the Region 'sells' in Fitur the attractions of the river, La Huerta and the gastronomy of Murcia (18/01/2017)

  • Eight ElPozo Murcia players called with Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia (18/01/2017)

  • Promotion of the Barriomar footbridge (18/01/2017)
    In addition to repairing the different elements, the whole infrastructure has been lacquered with a washable and weatherproof paint
  • Paco Azorín shows his 'poetic spaces' in the lobby of the Circus Theater (18/01/2017)
    The opening of the exhibition will be next Friday
  • North American researchers will hold stays at the UMU with Fulbright scholarships of excellence (18/01/2017)

  • The University of Murcia opens the term of its sports competitions (18/01/2017)

  • UMU launches a healthy route to encourage physical exercise among students (18/01/2017)

  • The UMU Biology Faculty celebrates its 11th Olympiad tomorrow (18/01/2017)

  • The Suzuki musical method, in the days of education for the XXI century that are celebrated in the UMU (18/01/2017)

  • Jesús Abandonado Foundation assists 21 people in the urban center of Murcia before the alert by cold (18/01/2017)

  • UCAM Murcia reads but stays on the edge (17/01/2017)
    After leaving 19 down to the rest, A 'scar Quintana found their game in the second half (48 points) and conceded by 94 to 85
  • The draft budget prepared by the Government Team will incorporate proposals to improve services The Councilor of Finance insists that "we have drafted a document open to consensus and dialogue, and we have said so from the outset " (17/01/2017)

  • The UMU coordinates international project to promote the mobility of students with disabilities (17/01/2017)

  • Members of the Government Team will meet with the opposition councilors to explain the draft budgets (17/01/2017)
    Within the dialogue process opened by the Councilor for Finance in the last month, facilitating participation and the possibility of reaching agreements
  • The plenary of Student Affairs of the Conference of Rectors addresses at the UMU the new test of access to universities (17/01/2017)

  • The UMU Veterinary School delivers diplomas to the honorary collaborating professors of the center (17/01/2017)

  • Now Murcia remembers that Mercantiles owe to Real Murcia more than 3 million euros (17/01/2017)

  • Two professors of the University of Murcia contribute data for a tribute to Ovidio in the bimillennial of its death (17/01/2017)

  • The City Council reinforces the device of social attention to the homeless before the cold wave (17/01/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces that the budget for meetings moves away from the decentralization and increases the direct management of the PP (17/01/2017)
    The Municipal Socialist Municipal Councilman Enrique Ayuso states that "while the decentralized budget is stagnant, the funds that manage the Councilors unilaterally "
  • Pablo Sandoval exposes his death of flowers in the hall the Chapel of the University of Murcia (17/01/2017)

  • 6 libraries will open Saturdays and Sundays during the exam time (17/01/2017)

  • Murcia and the Greek city of Piraeus, united in the fight against climate change (17/01/2017)
    The meeting is focused on the planning of mechanisms to adapt to climate change, governance in water management and consequences of extreme temperatures
  • UMU will use renewable energy on the Health Sciences campus (17/01/2017)

  • Ortiz: "We have demonstrated in these months our commitment to improve the public transport of the districts" (16/01/2017)

  • Environment and Hostemur work to comply with the environmental regulations of leisure establishments in the municipality (16/01/2017)
    It has been analyzed the implementation of noise limiters in the different restaurants and leisure facilities in the municipality
  • Miguelín, Álex, Bebe and Fabio summoned with Spain for three friendlies against Montenegro and Ukraine (16/01/2017)

  • Let's change requires advancement in the solution of irregular advertising in public spaces (16/01/2017)

  • Rafael Gómez visits the facilities of CEIP Pedro Martínez Chacas (16/01/2017)

  • The XXIV edition of the Flamenco Summit will offer performances by Cynthia Cano, the Morente brothers, 'José Antonio' ​​and José Mercé (16/01/2017)
    The Romea and Circo theaters will host the shows
  • The most important match of the year at the Palace (16/01/2017)
    ElPozo Murcia FS vs Levante UD FS
  • The PSOE requires the PP to claim the Community management of bus lines in districts to match prices (16/01/2017)
    Socialist councilor Juan Vicente Larrosa warns that there is a certain "disorder and lack of control when directing a single service intervene two Administrations and different companies "
  • Proyecto Hombre begins in Murcia a campaign that shows the other face of the addictions (16/01/2017)

  • Pre-registration deadline at UMU language courses (16/01/2017)

  • A UMU study concludes that only one in four young people accessing the internet is controlled by an adult (16/01/2017)

  • Once again the third quarter (15/01/2017)
    After competing in the first half, the Unicaja Málaga triples in the third period sentenced the match (88-76)
  • ElPozo Murcia wants the Palace to be a 'boil' in the Copa del Rey Semifinals (15/01/2017)

  • Presentation of the director general of Youth as crier of the Carnaval 2017 of High Era (15/01/2017)

  • The 'fiesta of the balls' Caldea Patiño in a multitudinous tribute to the Murcian folklore (15/01/2017)

  • El pedtal de El Puntal proposes in plenary to initiate the procedures to request that the Moline Alfatego be cataloged as BIC (15/01/2017)
    This proposal was approved unanimously by the members of the Municipal Board of this hamlet
  • Parks and Gardens last year planted more than 830 trees and 12,000 shrubs (15/01/2017)

  • Crossbow: "Nazarenes, Nazarenes: the city is yours, work the miracle for another year" (14/01/2017)
    Saura Mira's sensitivity and mastery illustrate the Murcia Holy Week of 2017.
  • The PSOE will demand from the PP more means and resources to facilitate the contracting of works The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, José Ignacio Gras, who held a meeting with the president of the board of Cabezo de Torres, collected this claim (14/01/2017)

  • The Grafiti Municipal Office dedicated last year 3,600 hours of work to clean of painted 200 spaces of the municipality (14/01/2017)
    The antigrafiti team of the Local Police denounced in 2016 to more than 400 people to realize graffiti
  • The PSOE asks Emuasa to study the supply network in Rincon de Beniscornia for constant breakages in the last months (14/01/2017)
    Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group Enrique Ayuso also requests reports to Emuasa on the fiber cement pipes to reassure the neighbors of This hamlet
  • Roque Ortiz: "The motion approved bridge Tiñosa has been made effective by the PP" (13/01/2017)

  • Pérez: "Citizens is an incoherent and opportunist party" (13/01/2017)

  • The Town Hall and Hostemur work on a code of good practices to order the occupation of the public highway (13/01/2017)

  • Cordiality marks the meeting between the mayor and the new board of Real Murcia (13/01/2017)
    José Ballesta receives club president, Raul Moro, a first contact to advance the new project
  • Change requires the PP to respond to the problems generated by the works of Tiñosa Bridge (13/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia blames the PP management model of the situation of Inacua and the eight layoffs (13/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia blames the PP of the situation of Inacua and the eight layoffs (13/01/2017)

  • "We have to be very regular if we want to win the victory against Unicaja Málaga" (13/01/2017)
    Óscar Quintana expects the match to look like the first one played by both teams at Eurocup
  • The PSOE again demands to the government of Ballesta the realization of an underground passage that cross the roads in way of Tiñosa (13/01/2017)

  • José Guillén will proclaim the feasts of Santa Eulalia in honor of San Blas and La Candelaria (13/01/2017)
    It will take place next January 29 in the Church of the Barrio
  • The agreement, which does not entail any cost to the City Council, includes 5% discounts for intercontinental flights and 3% for national and European flights on the price of the unpaid rate. The City Council agrees with Iberia special discounts for (13/01/2017)
  • 75 sports facilities in the municipality are already cardioprotected spaces (13/01/2017)

  • Citizens once again demand a modification of the regulatory ordinance for public spaces in Murcia (13/01/2017)
    Mario Gómez regrets that the PP acts on impulse and make decisions that, in addition to contravening the rule, harm all citizens
  • UMU researchers raise prize for work on canine leishmaniasis (13/01/2017)

  • Navarro Corchón: "Muybici's benches will be opened as soon as possible" (12/01/2017)
    He states that "the closure of the benches has been necessary to avoid successive acts of vandalism"
  • The organization of the National Open of Nonduermas asks the City council to collaborate providing the necessary services (12/01/2017)
    The spokesman of the PSOE, Jose Ignacio Gras, has accompanied the mayor of the district and the president of the Club of Athletics Ermita de Burgos to a meeting with Ballesta, who has been presented with the program of parallel activities
  • Rafael Gómez: "The reform works of the Sangonera la Verde library are already underway" (12/01/2017)
    Remarks that "the project of reform of the library also contemplates a new reading room open 24 hours by an independent access"
  • Ruiz Caballero: "The gerontogimnasia service is in the last phase of recruitment" (12/01/2017)
    Remarks that "from the Government Team we continue working tirelessly for and for our elders, so that they have the best and broadest services"
  • Promotion of the underground pedestrian crossing of Ronda Norte (12/01/2017)
    In addition to cleaning up the whole structure has been painted with anti-graffiti painting
  • Doubt before Saragossa: "In our house we have to get the three points, yes or yes" (12/01/2017)

  • The Board of Espinardo claims the Government Delegate more police presence because the insecurity has become widespread in the hamlet (12/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia asks to be enabled a provisional study room in Sangonera la Verde (12/01/2017)

  • ElPozo Murcia FS vs Ríos Renovables Zaragoza (12/01/2017)
    The second round starts
  • The tram for the fifth consecutive year gets a notable high in the examination of its users (12/01/2017)
    97% of the respondents say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the service
  • Patiño hosts next Folkpelotas music festival next Saturday (12/01/2017)
    The women with root and Túa groups will act
  • Now Murcia denounces that the closure of the two benches stands for breach of technical specifications (12/01/2017)
    The municipal training claims that the list qualifies these stations as "fundamental" and says that it would be up to the City to make changes
  • The PSOE demands that the government of Ballesta to "really see for the mayor of the municipality" and reinstates the gerontogimnasia service in the centers of majors. The socialists report that, after the holidays, the elders have been fou (12/01/2017)

  • Centum magazine reviews the 40th anniversary of the Esteban Romero Foundation (12/01/2017)
    Its scholarships made it possible for hundreds of researchers in the Region to complete studies abroad
  • University of Murcia: doctoral thesis alcohol consumption (12/01/2017)

  • The University of Murcia publishes a book to combat the fear of children to the dark (12/01/2017)

  • The Council of Good Men returns to the Plenary Hall (12/01/2017)
    "Honor and respect are the two principles that define this institution that has been solving the disputes that may exist between the men of La Huerta for 750 years," said José Crossbow
  • The scientist Salvador Martínez explains the advances in the knowledge of the brain (12/01/2017)

  • The age group of 46-65 years, the most vulnerable for alcohol consumption, according to a doctoral thesis of the UMU (12/01/2017)

  • The University of Murcia publishes a book to combat the fear of children to the dark (12/01/2017)

  • The 3rd participatory workshop 'Roads for energy' seeks to make Murcia evolve as Smart City (11/01/2017)
    This day will be developed through an innovative participatory methodology led by two expert engineers in project management Smart cities of the Eindhoven Polytechnic University
  • Martínez-Oliva: "The draft budget is an open document in which the suggestions of the different political groups fit" (11/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces a cut of more than 3 million euros in budgets for neighborhoods and districts (11/01/2017)
    The Municipal Boards will only manage 2.96 percent
  • The journal Global Nursing of the University of Murcia renews its structure (11/01/2017)

  • Educational museums in 21st century education, theme of a UMU conference (11/01/2017)

  • Jesús Pérez and Teresa Lenzi present in the UMU their cartography between borders (11/01/2017)
    The exhibition opens Thursday in the ES / UM
  • The Municipal Center of Patiño hosts the presentation of the winning work of the first call for aid to research Manuel Cárceles Caballero (11/01/2017)

  • Citizens requires the figure of an inspector to supervise each and every one of the expenses and adjudications of the works of the AVE (11/01/2017)

  • Fabio to Zaragoza: "We are very focused to add the three points in our house and continue to make us strong" (11/01/2017)

  • Murcia inaugurates the national circuit'Colores against the violence of gender 2017' (11/01/2017)

  • The City Council will reward entrepreneurs who develop ideas and projects linked to the river and the orchard (11/01/2017)

  • The PSOE requires that Plenary agreements that require budgetary appropriation be included in the Budget as a condition for negotiation (11/01/2017)

  • The Department of Development renews the Plaza Mayor Francisco Garnés de La Murta (11/01/2017)
    The peculiarity of this project, in which 42,000 euros have been invested, is that it has been paved with a printed agglomerate with a finish that simulates the cobblestone
  • UMU and UPCT organize a Conference on Education in the 21st Century (11/01/2017)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The City has already financed 4.2 million euros for the access of the AVE buried to the city" (10/01/2017)

  • In addition, 14 complaints have been made for possession and use of drugs, 11 for alcohol consumption, 5 for street vending, 2 for infraction of the law. The Special Christmas Police of Local Police manages to recover stolen objects in six businesses (10/01/2017)

  • 61 companies are interested in the works of the pedestrian conditioning of the surroundings of the San Esteban deposit (10/01/2017)

  • The UMU shows the future students the professional exits of their titles (10/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia complaint to the Seprona illegal spills of a company in Los Ramos (10/01/2017)

  • The IV edition of Murcia Running Night brings more than 1500 participants through the streets of Murcia (10/01/2017)
    Next Saturday from 20:00 hours from Mariano Rojas Avenue and arrival at the football field of El Ranero.
  • The exhibition on "The footprint of Alfonso X" reaches the Cultural Center of Churra. In addition, other activities have been organized such as guided tours, storytelling and workshops (10/01/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces that the municipal budgets of Ballesta leave the burial (10/01/2017)
    The Socialists remember that in 2016 were consigned almost 5 million euros that have not been executed and that by 2017 only 50,000 euros are foreseen "insufficient to undertake any work"
  • "We are happy and excited to be in the TOP 16" Óscar Quintana has warned of the good moment for what happens the Lokomotiv Kuban (10/01/2017)

  • The water of La Murta is already suitable for human consumption (10/01/2017)
    The values ​​of trihalomethanes, measured yesterday, confirm the suitability of water
  • The painter Pedro Cano gave a lecture to the students of the UMU Senior Classroom (10/01/2017)

  • Citizens claim greater police presence in Santa Maria de Gracia after the increase of robberies that suffers the neighborhood (10/01/2017)

  • Last days to sign up for the Murcia Marathon 2017 (09/01/2017)
    Next January 15, the deadline for payments with cards (POS) in the event to be held on Sunday, January 29, also hosting the Regional Championship of distance, half a marathon in Skates and 10km race
  • 100 young people will be able to learn English and French in the Senior Language Club in 5 new districts (09/01/2017)

  • Sánchez: "The works outside the barracks of La Alberca will be completed two months ahead of schedule" (09/01/2017)
    The mayor has asked the socialist councilors to "set an example.have taken advantage of a truck to get into the works, without Protection none "
  • Parks and Gardens begins the pruning of half a hundred palm trees of Juan Carlos I and Juan de Borbón avenues. In order to carry out this service, the catenary of the tram will be disconnected during the morning of 9, 10 and 11 January (09/01/2017)

  • "We have improved many facets and this is the way" (09/01/2017)
    Martynas Pocius believes that, despite the defeat, the university students played a good match against Valencia Basket
  • Twelve new vehicles will allow more rapid and efficient cleaning of scuppers and the sanitation network (09/01/2017)
    The collaboration between the Department of Development, Aguas de Murcia and Licuas SA has allowed the acquisition of 6 trucks, 4 light-duty vehicles, and 2 Light vehicles for service inspection
  • The PSOE demands that the government of Ballesta stop the Murcia and make the La Alberca police station open at once. The Socialists denounce that, despite the numerous promises of openness, the environment and access to the Barracks still under cons (09/01/2017)

  • The Jesus Abandoned Foundation presents to the mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, the progress of the data of 2016 (09/01/2017)

  • ... (09/01/2017)

  • The rector Orihuela and the Minister of Education present the sessions on professional exits of the UMU (09/01/2017)

  • A computer application improves the effectiveness of the Local Police (08/01/2017)
    The Governing Board approves the specifications for contracting the maintenance service of this software
  • Patiño prepares to celebrate next Sunday the XXIX Meeting of Gangs (08/01/2017)
    125 women will be in charge of elaborating the balls and the chocolate that will taste thousands of murcianos
  • Promotion collects more than 90,000 kilos of cardboard and paper after the Day of Three Kings (07/01/2017)

  • Christmas leaves a balance in Murcia of 135,000 visits to the Tree and a 6% more occupancy of hotel (07/01/2017)
    Murcia closed December with an occupation superior to 51%, surpassing a historical barrier in the municipality and reaching a 6.6% more with Compared to the same month last year.
  • A new program to combat school failure will reach more than 250 adolescents (07/01/2017)
    The project will be developed in 15 neighborhoods and pedanias with children from 13 to 17 years old
  • Transportes de Murcia incorporates a new natural gas bus (07/01/2017)
    The fleet has 26 vehicles that use this source of clean and less polluting energy
  • Churra's Three Kings Auto Association recognizes the City Council for its contribution to the maintenance of traditions (06/01/2017)

  • Three points as a gift of Kings (06/01/2017)
    Fish Rubén Buela vs El Pozo Murcia FS
  • Ortiz: "Pedranos are properly informed of the works that are carried out in the municipality" (06/01/2017)

  • The PSOE demands more communication between the government team and the neighbors to avoid misgivings about the start of works on its streets (06/01/2017)
    The Councilor of the Municipal Socialist Group Maite Espinosa values ​​the role of many pedúneos that "have to be at work Calming citizens because they do not know the projects and fear losing accessibility "
  • More than 10,000 Murcia have enjoyed the activities of the campaign "Reciclamos la Navidad" (06/01/2017)
    Recycling more paper and paperboard, cutting down trees and saving more energy have been some of the messages for 2017 that children from Murcia have included in the decorations Of Christmas trees installed in five municipal facilities
  • A company contracted by Urbanism will ensure the hygiene and safety of buildings and plots when their owners do not do it (06/01/2017)
    This year 624 intervention orders have been registered due to imminent ruin, cleaning or falling cascades
  • Sánchez: "We have everything perfectly coordinated so that the Cavalcade of Kings is developed with total normality and security" (05/01/2017)

  • Three children's areas open awnings of shade (05/01/2017)
    The existing ones in Plaza de Castilla now add those installed in San Andrés, Espinardo and Avenida de la Libertad
  • Doubt: "We are in a good line and must be maintained" (05/01/2017)
  • Change we detected problems of accessibility in the organization of the Cavalcade of the Magi (05/01/2017)

  • The visitor centers of Santa Eulalia and La Luz will offer storytelling for the little ones (05/01/2017)

  • Car of Kings in New Javalí (04/01/2017)

  • 3,227 people found jobs in Murcia last year (04/01/2017)
    Nearly a third of the number of unemployed people in the Region has registered in the municipality of Murcia, where it has dropped by 8.6%.
  • 99 policemen, 20 firefighters, 25 volunteers of Civil Protection and 14 road cleaning workers will guarantee security and cleanliness in the Three Kings' Cavalcade (04/01/2017)

  • The city removes barriers to rediscover the Segura River and recover its historical relationship (04/01/2017)

  • City council cleans 338,000 m2 in more than 100 municipal plots of the urban center and pedanías during 2016 (04/01/2017)
    The councilman of Patrimonio supervises this morning the cleaning of 14,000 m2 of municipal land located in the neighborhood Infante Don Juan Manuel
  • Tomorrow 5,000 chairs will be put up for sale to see the Three Kings' Parade (04/01/2017)
    The localities, whose price is 5.50 euros, will be located in different areas of the route
  • Vitor Faverani, Player of the Day 15 (04/01/2017)
    The Brazilian takes the MVP thanks to his 21 points, 9 rebounds and 31 of valuation
  • The art festival on air changes the schedule of next Friday (04/01/2017)
    The performances scheduled for 12 noon will be held at 5.30 pm
  • Murcian children donate 1,800 toys to Caritas through the solidarity point of the Murcia River tree (04/01/2017)

  • Pérez: "The PSOE is upset that thousands of families are enjoying every day activities planned by the city council" (03/01/2017)
    "Of the more than a thousand activities scheduled this Christmas, only the New Year's Eve concert was held later than 22 Hours "
  • Ortiz: "From the first moment we are working on the recovery of the San Esteban site" (03/01/2017)

  • Let's change Murcia asks the City Council to apply "urgent measures" to save the cultural heritage (03/01/2017)
    The training denounces the "deplorable state" of the patrimony and asks for a review to evaluate the damages in buildings and elements protected after the storm of two weeks ago
  • More than 16,000 children participated in environmental education activities and good cleaning and recycling habits during 2016 (03/01/2017)
    This year, as a novelty, children from 6 to 8 years old have been able to learn to recycle thanks to a theatrical show of the crocodile Drilo
  • Councilman José Guillén announces the installation in this green area of ​​a new and extensive children's play area that will be "a reference in the municipality", in addition to other works developed as The City Council works in th (03/01/2017)

  • The PSOE criticizes the non-compliance with the rules against noise that is again the subject of complaint of neighbors (03/01/2017)
    Councilman Enrique Ayuso denounces that even the City of Murcia does not give an example when it allows a continuous and high volume in the shows that program , As celebrated next to the tree of the Circular Square
  • The dance will be the protagonist of the Cavalcade of Kings 2017 (03/01/2017)

  • Eurosport 2 to offer LNFS from February (03/01/2017)
    Eurosport acquires LNFS rights for three seasons until 2019
  • 14 UCAM Murcia CB players will be present in the Spanish championship of Autonomic Selections (03/01/2017)
    These are players of the teams Cadet and Infantile Masculine and the Infantile Feminine
  • Let's change Murcia celebrates the entry of 2017 with a calendar, music and poetry (02/01/2017)

  • Light, music and water surrender to the river in a show organized by the City of Murcia (02/01/2017)
    It was released yesterday and can be enjoyed until Wednesday, January 4 inclusive
  • The Pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Fuensanta will be the 12 of September According to the calendar of work of the next year, February, March and July will have no holidays, except Sundays, whereas there will be six weekends of three days in January (02/01/2017)

  • The reports and studies of the Environmental Education Resource Center will be available to the public (02/01/2017)
    Through an agreement between the City of Murcia and the Cajamurcia Foundation
  • A spectacular mural by Ángel Toren puts the finishing touch to the first year of existence of the Grafiti Municipal Office (01/01/2017)

  • Municipal groups, neighbors and technicians constitute the working table for urban rehabilitation and social integration of La Paz (01/01/2017)
    Its task will be to establish the lines and criteria that will govern the aspects of the recovery and new endowments of the neighborhood

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