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Murcia News - March 2009

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  • The Mayor visits the Mirasierra school built under the municipal development plan of schools (31/03/2009)

  • Holland and Israel orchestras give concerts in Murcia (31/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia CRUE presented in a new system for the publication of official notices (31/03/2009)

  • The Young Art Laboratory analyzed in two courses of photography and contemporary painting (31/03/2009)
    "Photography as a travel diary 'and' The brightness of the toad: images of the worst 'begin tomorrow at 18:00 pm
  • The University of Murcia honors the former dean of Veterinary José Luis Sotillo (31/03/2009)

  • A painting of Mary Joaquina Martínez de Córdoba announces this year's Bando de la Huerta (31/03/2009)

  • The Youth Orchestra Festival enters its third day of programming (31/03/2009)
    The orchestras of the Netherlands and Georgia on Wednesday offered two concerts each in Murcia
  • The University of Murcia hosted the presentation of a book on "legal translation and interpretation in the European Union" (31/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships to assist in an investigation into the Mar Menor (31/03/2009)

  • The City Council and the Department of Festivities publish a pocket guide with full details of the Easter Murcia (31/03/2009)
    15,000 copies are distributed at the council offices in the tourist information centers and hotels
  • Sustainable management of water reaches the school through the game Gotagotham (31/03/2009)
    More than 20,000 students will learn the educational campaign undertaken by the City and Aguas de Murcia
  • Tourism invites you to discover the traditions of Easter Murcia (31/03/2009)
    The Passion routes begin on Good Friday
  • Start the Third Stream Music Religion and Popular (31/03/2009)
    Today Tuesday at the Municipal Center El Carmen
  • Easter and Spring Festival: days of mourning for the municipal public transport, according to the PSOE (31/03/2009)

  • The mountaineer Lucia Lopez is received by the Mayor after his feat in the Aconcagua (30/03/2009)
    House has proposed to lead a city flag to wave at its next summit
  • Applicants for a place in the parking lot of St. Stephen will learn if they are part of the final list from Wednesday (30/03/2009)
    The company has an office open to the public on the street Lepanto
  • A picture of Angel Hernansáez announces the Spring Festival (30/03/2009)
    It is an oil and acrylic where it appears a woman with flowers in their hair
  • Urbamusa manages the rehabilitation of facades and roofs of more than 400 homes (30/03/2009)
    The action takes place in the neighborhoods of Vistabella, Santa Maria de Gracia and Los Almendros (La Alberca)
  • ... (30/03/2009)

  • Y Rector Cobacho Sotoca counselor opened the European Science Olympiad (30/03/2009)

  • "The Presidential Ministry gives green light to the statutes of the association ALUM" (30/03/2009)
    According to reports from the Association of Students of Arts from the University of Murcia
  • The International Festival of Youth Orchestras perform its action until next Saturday (30/03/2009)
    youth orchestras begin to fill with music the Region
  • The University of Murcia gave the titles of Master's Degree in Integrated Dental (30/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia and the Down Syndrome Foundation organized a Conference on Volunteering (30/03/2009)

  • A group of students from secondary Secondary School "Santa Maria de la Paz" (Jesuitinas), visit UCAM Murcia (30/03/2009)

  • The voice of Inmaculada Montalbán we offer regular CGPJ a conference on gender violence at the University of Murcia (30/03/2009)
    31 days will be tomorrow at 13:00 hours on the campus of La Merced
  • Students of Political Science at the University of Murcia hold a meeting with the mayor of Murcia (30/03/2009)

  • The advance in Murcia road infrastructure with Zapatero Fund's investment (30/03/2009)

  • The school Isabel Corvera Bellvís increase the number of classrooms to meet the educational needs of the parish (28/03/2009)

  • Public Schools in perfect condition (28/03/2009)

  • The Mayor celebrates Easter and The Garres emphasizes the merits and excitement of the Nazarene families (27/03/2009)
    Miguel Angel House touts the next Week and encourages Murcia to live with dedication and zeal
  • The UCAM inaugurated an exhibition of images of the Holy Week of Sardinia (27/03/2009)
    The Vice President for Cultural Extension has organized various cultural events
  • The UCAM adhere to the manifesto in defense of life signed by academics from all over Spain (27/03/2009)
    Nearly a thousand intellectuals have supported the 'manifesto in defense of human life from conception to natural death'
  • El Pozo Murcia 8-3 El Corte Inglés (27/03/2009)
    The Technical Commission of El Pozo Murcia last night played a friendly match against the staff of the sports facility in El Corte Ingles
  • The mayor offered "support and encouragement" of the City to the family business (27/03/2009)
    Announce that will remain stable contacts to address the issues affecting them within the municipal area
  • Murcia adheres to "Earth Hour" (27/03/2009)
    It is a global initiative to combat climate change
  • The University of Murcia gave grants and contracts for the training of research (27/03/2009)

  • Learning to be good drivers (27/03/2009)
    Held the 2 nd phase of local competition and Road Safety Education and Accident Prevention
  • Minister Elena Salgado morning in Murcia involved in a public event on "The big challenge of 2009" (27/03/2009)

  • Fuentes and Gomez Councillors meet with representatives of the various celebrations to outline the security device (27/03/2009)
    Both the Bando as Burial will serve more than 290 agents
  • Music and Dance in La Alberca and theater auditoriums Beniaján Head Theatre Torres and Bernal (27/03/2009)
    Wide range of free events this weekend in the municipal areas
  • The largest of La Alberca premiere new center after undertake major expansion works (27/03/2009)
    Mayor this morning visited the premises, accompanied by the Councillor for Social Welfare and the President of the Municipal Board
  • The Museum of the City hosts a concert by evocative music 'by Oliver and Dimitri Lanza Psonis (27/03/2009)
    This evening, beginning at 20.30 hours
  • The Director of Fine Arts said that "the best way to protect rock art is to promote knowledge" (27/03/2009)
    The Council Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian peninsula met today in Murcia
  • The future Integrated Training Center for Energy and Water will be built in the village of Santiago and Zaraíche Murcia (27/03/2009)

  • More than 30,000 euros for Schools of Professional Practice at the University of Murcia (27/03/2009)

  • The renewed Coloraos (27/03/2009)
    was presented today the number 61, the magazine of the Guild
  • Murcia became the capital of fashion with the celebration of the Gateway Open (27/03/2009)
    Parades were held this afternoon and tomorrow
  • Tunas four countries participate in the XXII International Competition (27/03/2009)
    will be held from 13 to 17 April
  • On Monday begins the advance sale of seats for processions and Burial of the Sardine (27/03/2009)
    At 10 hours, at the box office Murcia Parque
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on language impairment in Alzheimer's (27/03/2009)

  • The Doors of Castilla screened 20 films to honor the Film Series B (27/03/2009)
    The cycle begins today and runs through April 25
  • Esther Herguedas asked a commission of inquiry (27/03/2009)
    review all urban affairs in which he has participated Peñalver "
  • The Socialist Group calls for a commission of inquiry to the severity of the 'Operation Barraca' (27/03/2009)
    "affecting the City of Murcia
  • Wilde and Marcel in the end of the campaign "You always need blood" (27/03/2009)
    El Pozo Murcia collaborates with the Blood Donation Campaign "Your blood is always needed '
  • Spanish Falange de las JONS de Murcia officially adheres to the March for Life (26/03/2009)
    Will this Saturday 28 March at 17.30 in Murcia.
  • Fernandez de Simon: "There is a proliferation of laws opportunistic" (26/03/2009)
    Masters in Law and Legal Practice
  • CB Murcia The Campaign works with the 'Your blood always required' (26/03/2009)
    Jose Antonio Marco, Nenad Mijatovic and Oscar Garcia went to lunch at Centro Universitario de la UMU Social to sign the shirts with the slogan 'Give blood'
  • President Valcárcel met Recycle Project at the University of Murcia (26/03/2009)

  • Kings Aben Hud and Alfonso X the Wise of the Moros y Cristianos de Murcia made kick off in the match against Pinto FS (26/03/2009)

  • Are held the First Meeting of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Murcia (26/03/2009)

  • The trainer of CB Murcia give a lecture on Saturday (26/03/2009)
    Pedro Cotolí will speak on 'Alternatives in speed work, strength and footwork on court'
  • Virginia Martinez will lead the Orchestra FIOJ International University of Murcia (26/03/2009)
    The Festival, organized by the University of Murcia, count for this edition, which will run from March 30 to April 4, with a total of eleven bands
  • The rejection of PP and PSOE on the motion for IU + Greens for no Israeli authorities in the festival 'Murcia Tres Culturas' (26/03/2009)

  • Conference a professor at the University of Valencia on the Green Analytical Chemistry (26/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia € 300,000 allocated to the expansion of the School of Chemistry (26/03/2009)

  • The cycle Theatre held tomorrow to mark the International Day of Theater (26/03/2009)
    At 21 pm in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga
  • The Socialist Group has filed several motions plenary today, questions and requests (26/03/2009)

  • Start the catwalk parades Open with Lefreakolé, Ricardo Andrez and Roberto Diz (26/03/2009)
    At 20.35 hours, will deliver the National Design Award not Boring
  • Information on illegal occupation of housing municipal located in the C / Río Segura, 21 of the Ñora (26/03/2009)

  • Signature of agreement between Health and the Spanish Association Against Cancer Murcia (26/03/2009)
    With this agreement is renewed cooperation between the two parties in order to prevent breast cancer and reduce mortality from this cause among the women Murcia
  • Begin construction of sidewalks in the Avenida de Alicante (26/03/2009)
    was necessary to cut a traffic lane (direction Monteagudo) to carry out actions
  • Cajamurcia Stewards of focus to demand wage revision agreed on a 2% (26/03/2009)
    The mobilization will take place tomorrow at 11:00 Central Services
  • The dean of the Delegation of the greatness of Spain takes part tomorrow in an art course at the University of Murcia (26/03/2009)

  • A college student from San Buenaventura, in the delegation of Spanish students will visit Cyprus (26/03/2009)
    correspondent Youth Information Point will attend the European Youth Parliament on 29 March to 5 April
  • Course was inaugurated on electronic processing of court proceedings in the European Union (26/03/2009)

  • IU + Greens seeks the exclusion of Israeli authorities in the festival 'Murcia Tres Culturas' (25/03/2009)

  • House report 64% rise in street lighting approved by the Government of Zapatero (25/03/2009)
    President of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia requires special rates to recover and maintain the existing 30% bonus so far
  • The director of the Theological Institute pronounce morning the alarm of the celebrations of the Faculty of Arts (25/03/2009)

  • The Mayor opened the new premises in Aljucer that the City seeks to serve the youth of the parish (25/03/2009)
    4,700 people participated last year in 22 events organized by the Youth Association Villa de Aljucer
  • The Blood Donation Campaign ends tomorrow at the Social Center at the University of Murcia (25/03/2009)

  • The Town Planning Councillor requests the utmost respect for the constitutional principle of presumption of innocence (25/03/2009)

  • The coordinator of United Left intervened Thursday in a series on Europe at the University of Murcia (25/03/2009)
    Pujante The conference will be offered in the university building Ronda de Levante Murcia, from 18:00.
  • The experimental music making Párraga Center for four days with the festival AudioBox (25/03/2009)
    Murcia Vespertine group performing with Oceansize, God Is An Astronaut, This Will Destroy You and Cabo San Roque in this second edition will also feature sessions disc jockeys
  • Herguedas: "The council should review the records that passed through the hands of Joaquín Peñalver" (25/03/2009)

  • The PSOE requires House to purge and take political responsibility for the "case Peñalver" (25/03/2009)

  • Students of the Marist College Fuensanta La Merced, Murcia, visit the UCAM (25/03/2009)

  • The median of Juan de Borbon will be decorated with palm trees (25/03/2009)
    The City Council has awarded the contract for the landscaping of the section from the square of the cubes to the connection with the A-30
  • A better lighting for the tour and Ronda de Garay of Murcia (25/03/2009)
    Work consist of the renovation and relocation of street lights and 64 projectors
  • Green light for renewal of the collaboration agreement for the education of children with special needs (25/03/2009)
    The City reserves 40 seats for special attention in the seven primary schools
  • In progress to the paving and piping of ditches in various districts (25/03/2009)
    works, framed within the agreement signed with the Autonomous Community, will cost over 700,000 euros
  • Adopted adminsión the rules of pupils in primary schools in the municipality for 2009-2010 (25/03/2009)
    The reservation of seats and admission of new applications will be held from April 21 to May 8, 2009
  • The Town Hall Square remodel Captain García Gallego El Palmar (25/03/2009)
    The works will be completed after the summer
  • 120,000 euros for Murcia enjoy the music and traditions (25/03/2009)
    The Governing Board approved cooperation agreements with a dozen associations to promote culture in the city
  • The "angels" to visit the Palacio Sánchez Molina Almudí (25/03/2009)
    The exhibition, featuring 24 large format oil paintings and five drawings, will be open until 24 May
  • Murcia furniture and equipment donated to children Sahara nomads (25/03/2009)
    Blue NGO Action carried blankets, bunk beds and mattresses to the host school
  • The Murcia will know if they opt for a place in the parking lot of St. Stephen from 1 April (25/03/2009)

  • A scientist speaking at the University of Murcia on the application of stem cells in heart failure (25/03/2009)
    will tomorrow, 26 in the Biology Department at 11:30 am
  • A professor at the University of the Basque Country speak at the University of Murcia on the far side of the Universe (25/03/2009)
    will be tomorrow, day 26 in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Murcia
  • Forbidden trenching in the street until after the Spring Festival (25/03/2009)
    The Planning Department informed the companies of the work stoppage starting next Friday, April 3
  • "The citizen selects PP waste and the piles in the City" say from the PSOE (25/03/2009)

  • Murcia hosts the final of the European Science Olympiad involving students from 21 countries (25/03/2009)
    The competition brings together this year to 120 students of 1 º de Bachillerato
  • The University of Murcia and the German University of Rottenburg closer cooperation (25/03/2009)

  • Vinicius: "The Pinto is one of the teams that I like because they have things very clear" (24/03/2009)
    Seven regular league games in store for us in the top flight football
  • American Football: The Murcia Cobras still on a roll (24/03/2009)
    Murcia Cobras 24 - Valencia Firebats 6
  • IU + Greens introduced a motion for the removal of material from unfinished construction projects (24/03/2009)

  • The Nicaraguan Jesuit Fernando Cardenal presented their reports at the University of Murcia (24/03/2009)

  • The Board of the University of Murcia monograph devoted a session to the Bologna process (24/03/2009)

  • The Institute of Mexico and the University of Murcia promote collaborative activities (24/03/2009)

  • Pedro Cano talks Wednesday morning about painting and travel in the School of Tourism at the University of Murcia (24/03/2009)

  • About thirty companies participate in the University Employment Forum (24/03/2009)

  • The new temporary exhibition hall Salzillo Museum opens with a sample of Muñoz Barberán (24/03/2009)

  • IU + Greens criticized the removal of trees in the garden of St. Stephen (24/03/2009)
    Report on increased expenditure for carrying out the construction of a parking in the area
  • The architecture of the water in Murcia is immortalized in Space Molinos del Rio Stables (24/03/2009)
    Barnuevo delivery tonight prizes photo contest IV 'Murcia.
  • Chosen six NGOs that make up the Council for Development Cooperation for 2009 (24/03/2009)
    The draw, held this morning, attended by representatives of 16 NGOs
  • The Ministry of Justice and the University of Murcia morning inaugurated a course on electronic processing for court cases (24/03/2009)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the painful image of the archaeological remains and environment of Torres Cabezo castle, filled with garbage and debris (24/03/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Antonio Garcia Bathrooms asked in Parliament this month on the activities he has planned to launch the Department of Environment to stop the neglect and abandonment
  • Murcia City Council encourages renewable energy (24/03/2009)
    The Session takes to contest municipal Avileses three plots, Gea and Sucina Truyols and installation of solar power plants
  • The Youth Council is organizing a program to foster the integration of young immigrants (24/03/2009)
    Events take place in the Youth Space ship during this weekend
  • How many school meals, school transport and the PP has been granted in recent years? (24/03/2009)

  • Tourism provides a route to learn the history of the streets of the city (24/03/2009)
    The tour takes place on Saturday the Santa Eulalia, San Juan, marina and Santa Catalina Belluga
  • Begin work on the parking of St. Stephen (24/03/2009)
    Today is installing the perimeter fence and has begun the withdrawal of trees
  • CB Murcia Fans already have a meeting on Facebook (23/03/2009)
    Lamont Barnes and Nenad Mijatovic has its own group of followers
  • The Socialist Party calls for Sotoca appearance in the Assembly to explain the situation to concerted 'San Antonio de Padua' (23/03/2009)
    Jesus Lopez requires a change in policy of the Ministry in the authorization of private aided schools and asked to equality footing with other public yconcertados
  • José Bono opened the International Congress of Human Rights, Criminal Law and Criminology (23/03/2009)

  • A course at the University of Murcia studies the relationship between History and Literature (23/03/2009)

  • Camera Murcia welcomes attendees to the Fourth Congress of Human Rights, Criminal Law and Criminology (23/03/2009)
    is held through Thursday in the auditorium of the University of Murcia
  • The PSOE government requires the House to defend the heritage and interests of Murcia in the case of Colegio San Antonio de Padua (23/03/2009)

  • Adopted by the General Plan amendment to allow the burial of the railroad tracks (23/03/2009)
    The project will be ratified on Thursday by the House
  • The Feast of Letters included in their programming and presentation of short exhibitions (23/03/2009)

  • The Fashion Show Open discover new talent among young artists (23/03/2009)
    will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Auditorio Victor Villegas
  • The Mayor proposes the city of Murcia as an example of sustainability and mobility in the World Meteorological Day (23/03/2009)
    As President of the European Mobility Forum says the drought as the main problem experienced by the Region
  • The Art History Department organized a seminar on personal property of cathedrals and palaces (23/03/2009)

  • The Mayor hands over two climbers Murcia a city flag waving on the summit of Makalu (23/03/2009)
    Juan Carlos García Gallego and José María López Rodríguez begin shipment in April
  • Wilde and Marcelo attend the closing of the Campaign "You always need blood ' (23/03/2009)
    El Pozo Murcia collaborates with the Blood Donation Campaign" Your blood is always needed'
  • The security cameras will be operational seven gardens after the Spring Festival (23/03/2009)
    A total of 25 devices placed Recording
  • Great success of the neighbors of the Holy Spirit Urban Project (23/03/2009)
    The council of European Programmes in the district has the important integration plan that the City will undertake in the coming years
  • The PSOE requires the reduction of bus fares and that will slow the deterioration of public transport (23/03/2009)
    Socialist Councilman José Manuel Abellán calls on municipal and regional politicians responsible for the PP immediately intervene to prevent the strikes announced by the Lat Bus company workers, public transport concession
  • A few days reflecting on Alzheimer's (23/03/2009)
    Organized by the University of Murcia and AFAD, will take place on 224, 25 and 26 March
  • The Nicaraguan Jesuit Fernando Cardenal spoke of the Sandinista Revolution at the University of Murcia (23/03/2009)
    He was Minister of Education of the Sandinista government in the eighties
  • Concert Band Music School Music Association Beniaján (22/03/2009)
    took place in the Church of the hamlet of San José de La Vega
  • Alejandro Valverde: "I will have to adapt to the pace of competition" (22/03/2009)

  • The Mayor accompanied the Queens of the child and greater Huerta 2008 in his farewell (22/03/2009)
    Chamber has participated in the day of coexistence that traditionally celebrates the Federation of Peñas huerta
  • Sports renews the soccer fields of 17 districts with the installation of artificial turf (22/03/2009)
    The Council aims to bring quality facilities all Murcia
  • The Mayor "crown" Pilar Olmos, downtown Santa Eulalia, San Juan, as Queen of the Elderly 2009 (21/03/2009)
    Montesinos Rosario, Rosario Molina, Josefa Carmen Pastor will Donate and her four bridesmaids
  • Culture organized a seminar on Kabbalah taught by Rabbi Daniel Ben Yitzhak (21/03/2009)

  • Previous: Club Baloncesto Murcia - Cajasol (20/03/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the PP in La Glorieta bonifique to 50% on council tax rates and traditional trade (20/03/2009)
    The mayor of the PSOE Sebastian Peñaranda said that it takes measures to support small businesses immediately
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in El Raal, The Nora and Cañada de San Pedro (20/03/2009)
    continue with the rat in different avenues of the city
  • The Socialist Party calls for the rehabilitation of the old school of Rincon de Seca as a cultural center and the expansion of CEIP Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles (20/03/2009)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata submit several requests in a request to the House this month to also be eliminated architectural barriers in access to women's center and the largest in the parish
  • Inacua hosting this weekend the Championship of Spain Adapted Swimming (20/03/2009)
    More than 250 athletes will compete tomorrow and Sunday
  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality gives 4,000 plants to celebrate the arrival of spring (20/03/2009)
    For the first time the division has also been made in a district
  • Zaraíche Churra and James and join the health program 4 / 40 (20/03/2009)
    It consists of walking 40 minutes four days a week in groups led
  • Tourism invites you to discover the traditions of Holy Week with the Tour of Murcia Passion (20/03/2009)
    Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday Holy Ghost are the days chosen for holding these views
  • La Alberca started the acts of his great Easter with the Christ of Forgiveness besapié and Cry (19/03/2009)
    Tomorrow we celebrate the traditional Mass for the deceased brothers and a solemn besapié
  • Camera: "The Tajo-Segura is untouchable." (18/03/2009)
    Mayor shows his "hope that this was the last time we have to reclaim the water we need for our future
  • Joaquín Prado: "The Cajasol is now the best time of the season" (18/03/2009)
    Manolo Hussein's assistant on his next opponent admits that "we all thought that sooner or later going to work"
  • A step closer to starting work on the third lane Ronda Sur (18/03/2009)
    The City Council has finally awarded this work which will allow the road has the capacity to 40,000 vehicles a day
  • A roundabout will speed traffic Ronda Sur (18/03/2009)
    Work on the roundabout, which will be at the intersection of Florence and the Avenida Paseo General Ortín, will begin soon
  • President of the Saharawi Republic visits the University of Murcia (18/03/2009)
    Mohamed Abdelaziz, president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and head of the Polisario Front, was received by the rector of the University of Murcia, José Antonio Cobacho
  • Neighbors of the Esparragal collect signatures to denounce the danger posed by children's games installed in the gardens (18/03/2009)

  • In the coming weeks will begin the renovation of street lighting in 18 districts Murcia (18/03/2009)
    investment is more than 1.7 million euros
  • Extension of streets and lanes in the neighborhood of El Progreso (18/03/2009)
    Work has been requested by the Neighborhood Board district
  • All ready to begin the relocation of the Public Library of La Alberca (18/03/2009)
    New access to the office of Lobosillo
  • A course teaches volunteers to carry out their work (18/03/2009)
    is held at the University of Murcia on 23, 24 and 25 March
  • Social Welfare continues to support disadvantaged in finding employment (18/03/2009)
    IMAS Request assistance for the training program and promotion of persons excluded
  • Two projects reinforce the social work done in the South Hall of the municipality (18/03/2009)
    The Governing Board authorized the continuation of collaboration to the inclusion of the disadvantaged
  • Pedro Robles: "Cajasol is a very talented offensive team" (18/03/2009)
    The escort of CB Murcia Sevilla expected in a game, "even, which is favorable to us"
  • The City Council will provide school supplies to children belonging to poor families (18/03/2009)
    The Department of Health and Social Services has increased by 27.6% of investments aimed at children
  • The PP Socialists propose to launch a mobile office (18/03/2009)
    To inform and advise citizens on employment and enterprise development
  • The University of Murcia participates in research to design an advanced sewage (18/03/2009)

  • A single voice in defense of Murcia (18/03/2009)
    The councilors of the Socialist Group will attend this afternoon at the rally to show support for the continuity of the Tajo-Segura, his rejection of the status of Castilla-La Mancha and in defense of the interests of All Murcia
  • The University of Murcia convenes a place to collaborate on a research project on climate change (18/03/2009)

  • The Mayor highlighted the daily work performed by the local police in the city sevice (17/03/2009)
    The addition of a new class of agents that the template will reach the 651 troops this year
  • The team is immersed in the nature of 'The Lost Valley' (17/03/2009)
    The template that directs Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda', El Pozo Murcia, back to work
  • Barroso: "Facing the 'play off' for promotion to Honor forward and win the most games" (17/03/2009)

  • ... (17/03/2009)

  • Murcia collaborates with Havana in the rehabilitation of sewerage networks and supply (17/03/2009)
    The Mayor held a meeting with directors of Aguas de La Habana
  • The Mayor calls for cessation of landfill facility permit to install near Alicante wants Zeneta (17/03/2009)
    It states that "as legitimate is the interest of Murcia and Alicante on the"
  • House said the German ambassador major projects for the future of the city (17/03/2009)
    In a meeting held this morning at City Hall
  • Revised the streets where the processions parade Easter Murcia (17/03/2009)
    Councillors by Party and infrastructure have made the traditional trip to eliminate any obstacles that might prevent the parade of the different brotherhoods
  • Culture Museum is in the Church of San Juan de Dios the arc of a Muslim oratory "of incalculable value" (17/03/2009)
    The Minister of Culture has also submitted other remains from the old Alcazar de Murcia as the wall and a pantheon of nine tombs
  • Proclamation of the Mayor in relation to the demonstration in defense of Diversion (17/03/2009)

  • Rosa Muñoz exhibits his photographs of urban landscapes in Space Molinos del Rio Stables (17/03/2009)
    The exhibition is the result of the commitment of the Department of Culture for the city's art galleries
  • The Town Hall parking enables seven zones for buses of the event (17/03/2009)
    65 police officers and 8 Local Civil Defence volunteers ensure the smooth running of the merger
  • The UCAM adds to the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura (17/03/2009)
    The University suspended all academic activities to facilitate assistance to the act of students, teachers and administrative staff and services
  • The PSOE asked what the reasons for the PP to take many steps to ensure that the UCAM is an individual and not of the Church (17/03/2009)
    Francisco Oñate considered both from the Autonomous Region and from the hierarchy have made bad choices regarding ownership of the UCAM
  • Metal Technology Center organizes a conference Wednesday morning practice that will be presented different formulas for how to finance an innovative project (17/03/2009)

  • The PSOE encourages citizens to appeal to the Ombudsman and report their helplessness by the ineffectiveness of PP in the management of the Law Unit (17/03/2009)
    The socialist mayor María Dolores Abellon complaint in the town of 100 people, only 34 are receiving the benefits of dependency, which is a low 34.35 per cent
  • Churra's neighbors will have a completely renovated football field (17/03/2009)
    The football field will have artificial turf Patiño
  • An expert in the development of cooperatives in Europe speaks tomorrow at the University of Murcia (17/03/2009)
    The conference is sponsored by the research group History of the company, will begin at 12:00 pm
  • Public transport is free on Wednesday for citizens of parishes to attend the demonstration in defense of Diversion (17/03/2009)
    The goal is to facilitate access to Murcia from the different districts
  • The Mayor attends the opening of the exhibition Photojournalism 2008 in the General Archive (16/03/2009)

  • Aid of Murcia allows 33 projects amounting to 550.00 euros in the Saharawi Republic (16/03/2009)
    The President thanked the cooperation of the City Mayor
  • The works awarded MARM recirculation flow and conditioning of spots in the urban section of the city of Murcia (16/03/2009)
    ... worth 9.4 million euros
  • The mayor asks the school community to provide students and teachers attending the rally for the Tajo-Segura (16/03/2009)
    The Mayor shall issue a proclamation to convene tomorrow to all Murcia's appointment next Wednesday
  • Solidarity work for 90 Murcia (16/03/2009)
    Adaptability and Employment Program 2007-2013 of the European Social Fund can provide jobs and training for unemployed
  • The Socialists call for the creation of a "Service Office processes affected by urban" (16/03/2009)

  • President of the Edict of the horses came from Caravaca speech tomorrow at the School of Tourism at the University of Murcia (16/03/2009)

  • Employment Course Celebrates V Cutters Ham (16/03/2009)
    27 and 28 March in the Local Development Agency
  • The City Council and the College of Pharmacists working together to deliver medicines to people without resources (16/03/2009)
    The goal is to improve health and quality of life of groups lacking a stable home
  • More than 600 people claim another model called by Murcia city bike (16/03/2009)

  • Feedback from both coaches after the 26 th Day of the ACB (15/03/2009)

  • "ZP Fund earmarked 1.5 million euros for the rehabilitation of nine schools in the municipality" (15/03/2009)
    secure from the Municipal Socialist Group in the city of Murcia
  • Proclamation of Easter Zarandona, delivered by the Mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara (14/03/2009)

  • The Mayor expressed members of the Rock The Crilla appreciation for the work in the recovery of the traditions of the Garden (14/03/2009)
    The rock, which brings together some 200 families next month celebrates its 30th anniversary May
  • The artist Ezequiel López lumbrerense exhibited his work 'baggage' in the hall of the College of Industrial Engineers (14/03/2009)
    Provocation, wit and humor are the bases of the artist shows Luggage Puerto Lumbreras
  • El Palacio de San Esteban encourages citizens to participate in the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura (14/03/2009)

  • A school exhibition to regional crafts (14/03/2009)
    The Ministry of Universities, Research Enterprise and participated in the Cultural Week VIII Colegio Santa Maria de Gracia de Murcia
  • 24 wines from Murcia are awarded at the IX National Contest of Monastrell wines (14/03/2009)
    The goal of these awards is to promote the qualities of wines produced mainly in the Murcia Region with this variety
  • Eleven modern trams will travel 33 meters long Line 1 (14/03/2009)
    The platforms measure 40 meters and will have two access ramps five meters
  • Paving of roadways and acral for about six million euros in 20 districts of Murcia (14/03/2009)
    In the coming weeks will begin work in the districts of Monteagudo, Sewell Avenue, Puebla de Soto, Santo Angelo and Stables
  • The Mayor's House is not signed any agreement with or their workers Latbus (13/03/2009)
    mayor's performance was reduced at the request of the workers themselves, to mediate between them and the company to sign the collective agreement
  • Over 2.7 million to bring the old secondary school 'El Carmen' de Murcia (13/03/2009)

  • The Ministry of Education and Science supports research of the Chair of Traumatology UCAM (13/03/2009)
    XIX National Conference of Sports Traumatology
  • The UCAM closed the meeting of the Executive Committee of the CEDU (13/03/2009)
    The event, which has developed in the UCAM during the 12th and 13th March, has had the participation of the Ombudsman in the Region of Murcia
  • Pedro Saura: "We need a social Europe out of the crisis" (13/03/2009)
    PSRM secretary-general of the PSOE participated as speaker in the series "Debate Europe", organized by the University of Murcia
  • Begin launch events of Holy Week in Monteagudo (13/03/2009)
    Opening Speech by Mr
  • The XXX Murcia Half Marathon sets record for participation with over 1,700 athletes (13/03/2009)
    Proof that organizes Murcia Athletic Club sponsored by Divina Pastora Seguros will feature elite athletes such as Moroccan Wafiya Benali
  • The University of Murcia on the day of guided tours for secondary school students (13/03/2009)
    With these visits, the University shows students their educational, cultural, recreational and sports
  • Manolo Hussein: "No one can underestimate a team like Real Madrid" (13/03/2009)
    CB Murcia coach believes that on Sunday "we have our chance to win"
  • The Madrid company presented today in The Grotesque Beniaján "I hate those closets" (13/03/2009)
    weekend theatrical releases in municipal auditoriums, theater Bernal and outdoor show of the series "Theatre
  • The exhibition at the University of Murcia on Paco Rabal is open until March 27 in the Faculty of Law (13/03/2009)

  • Conference on "Science-based numbers and the actual transmission of information" (13/03/2009)

  • Juan de Borbon, Ronda de Levante and the Nueva Condomina will be closed to traffic on Sunday for the celebration of Murcia City Marathon (13/03/2009)
    can not move after 10 hours and until 11.30 or 12 hours
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for investigating climate change and marine ecosystems (13/03/2009)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in the strut, Espinardo and the Esparragal (13/03/2009)
    continue with the rat in different avenues of the city
  • The City Council extended the road connection between the dry and Sangonera Sangonera la Verde to improve traffic in the area (13/03/2009)
    This road will connect with the new diversion of Sangonera
  • A step towards the construction of road linking the new ring Citmusa Sangonera (13/03/2009)
    will have two lanes in each direction, two major roundabouts and traffic congestion in the area
  • Begin Cultural Encounters V La Paz and El Carmen (13/03/2009)
    On Monday inaugurated the photo exhibition "Journal of Yemen. The incense route" by Isabel Buendía
  • Display model boat on the river Segura (13/03/2009)
    On Sunday, from 10.30 am
  • "Zapatero makes the city of Murcia in football (13/03/2009)

  • The eternal teenager of American rock, Jonathan Richman, presents his latest album in the Auditorium of Murcia (13/03/2009)
    The concert will be tomorrow, Saturday March 14 at 21:30 pm in room Miguel Angel Clares.
  • Presentation of the journal MAGENTA (13/03/2009)
    will take place on Sunday March 15, 2009, at 20:00 pm in the Parish Church of San Antolin
  • In progress the renovation of street lighting in 18 districts more (13/03/2009)
    investment is more than 1.7 million euros
  • The UCAM initiates XIX National Conference of Sports Traumatology (12/03/2009)
    Experts in Spain delve into sports injury prevention
  • MAP transferred to the city of Murcia EUR 12.35 million to start 13 projects under the Local Investment Fund (12/03/2009)
    Funds have also been delivered to Abarán (336,722.78 euros), Alhama de Murcia (39294.45 ) and Cehegín (80,419.42)
  • Ruiz Abellán: "The ombudsman should be public and privately flawless" (12/03/2009)
    Ombudsman of the CARM, José Pablo Ruiz Abellán, delivers his first lecture after his appointment
  • Tomorrow begins the second edition of the series 'After hours' with theater, music, magic and poetry (12/03/2009)

  • ALUM approves their statutes, activities, budget and board of directors (12/03/2009)
    At a meeting held today
  • The Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia observed a minute's silence for the doctor murdered in Moratalla (12/03/2009)

  • Doubt: "These weeks take the opportunity to continue to improve" (12/03/2009)

  • Chris Moss, "We believe we can beat Real Madrid" (12/03/2009)
    wing-pivot of CB Murcia considers his next rival "a great team, who are now earning a lot"
  • The mayor commemorated the centenary of Peñafiel Cierva school with their students and teachers (12/03/2009)
    Murcia Ministers Antonio García Alix and Juan de la Cierva promoted the construction of the first Public Graduate Schools in Murcia
  • The Mayor praised the work of 74 local women's centers to promote gender equality (12/03/2009)
    Chamber is involved in a training seminar organized to discuss the actions of the City Council in this area
  • The University of Murcia and the Assistance Association for renal patients signed the agreement for the promotion of research (12/03/2009)

  • "The St. Stephen's parking should never be built as unnecessary and because it violates common sense" (12/03/2009)

  • The Madrid company presented tomorrow in The Grotesque Beniaján "I hate those closets" (12/03/2009)
    weekend theatrical releases in municipal auditoriums, theater Bernal and outdoor show of the series "Theatre
  • Murcia joined the Network of Cities for Bike (12/03/2009)
    Its purpose is to promote and intensify the use of this transport
  • The student winners of the Chemistry Olympiad received their awards (12/03/2009)

  • Install the second board of the bridge over the diversion of Sangonera Reguerón the Green (12/03/2009)
    The infrastructure is open to traffic soon
  • The police station in Carmen is now a reality, "despite the continued obstruction of the PP" (12/03/2009)

  • Megía: "It must unite and colabración of all administrations to eradicate truancy" (12/03/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education inaugurated the Fourth Regional Seminar on the Prevention of Truancy
  • The City offers internships to students of the School of Tourism (12/03/2009)
    Develop its work by the Municipal Tourist Information Points and Convention Bureau
  • 237,000 euros for the residents of Stables, and Torreagüera Beniaján in sport (12/03/2009)
    The Council offers good facilities
  • The ship offers twelve hours of music on Saturday to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Association Song Author Murcia (12/03/2009)
    The musical marathon will provide one hundred twenty songs performed by singers
  • The Socialists of the Esparragal ask the PP to asphalt streets and Tablacho Mayor Moreno found in a pitiful state (12/03/2009)
    PSOE spokesman in the Municipality of El Esparragal, Julian Munuera, demands the immediate repair of these streets passing the many residents who do not deserve so much trouble
  • Globalization's Congress held at the University of Murcia focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (12/03/2009)

  • The Government Office considers a grave irresponsibility loss of 400,000 euros Zapatero Fund in the municipality of Murcia (11/03/2009)
    The City received warnings from the Government Office for the project to conform to the rules
  • El Pozo Murcia change for a day the ball blades (11/03/2009)
    to play paddle tennis at the sports facilities of the Infante Don Juan Manuel
  • Conference on Communication UCAM (11/03/2009)
    The president of the Association of Audiovisual Producers Murcia (APARM) reviewed the current status of the audiovisual sector
  • Provisionally awarded the renovation of a building in the Barrio del Carmen Police Station (11/03/2009)

  • The Region of Murcia will host for the first time the 'XX Week Coach and Bus' (11/03/2009)
    It is the most traditional event in the industry and will take place from 10 to 13 November in the city of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia invest almost six billion euros in a building for research in Earth Science and Life (11/03/2009)

  • "Who should resign is Martínez-Cache if it is confirmed that the council has lost 400,000 euros ZP Fund to fix the Chinese Garden" (11/03/2009)

  • Another investment of over € 1.4 million will improve infrastructure in 9 districts (11/03/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the execution of these works
  • Remodel and expand the Plaza de la Ermita de Javalí New (11/03/2009)
    The pedestrianise several sections of Bridge Street, Oven Design
  • Pavement and new sidewalks to San José de la Vega and Nonduermas (11/03/2009)
    The City Council allocated 220,000 euros to improve the image of the towns of these districts
  • The Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People has organized a talk for the March 12 (11/03/2009)
    ... in Moneo's City Hall
  • Congress on Globalization addressed the role of social economy enterprises in times of crisis (11/03/2009)

  • The City Council allocated € 400,000 to undertake emergency works in Murcia (11/03/2009)

  • Green light rehabilitation works of nine schools in the municipality (11/03/2009)
    Construction will begin in June and will take place in schools Churra, Beniaján, Algezares, Monteagudo, Javalí New Sangonera la Seca, Llano de Brujas and Murcia
  • Adrian Angel Viudes opens on Thursday a series of lectures at the School of Tourism at the University of Murcia (11/03/2009)
    Viudes speak, from 11:00 am on "The Port of Cartagena: past, present and future"
  • The low-income families eligible for aid to rent a home (11/03/2009)
    The City Council this purpose intended to 80,000 euros
  • The construction of the parking lot of St. Stephen will begin later this month (11/03/2009)
    Work will run for 23 months
  • Concentration of workers in the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs condemned the incident in the Moratalla Health Center (11/03/2009)

  • Paco Rabal The exhibition opens tomorrow at the Faculty of Law (11/03/2009)

  • Presentation at the University of Murcia Campaign "Shared Housing" (11/03/2009)
    tries to raise awareness of the group of people with intellectual disabilities
  • ZP Fund, with more than 5 million euros, financed the excavation of 139 containers (11/03/2009)
    "despite the vote against the PP"
  • The incorporation of new technologies is key to improving coordination in emergencies (11/03/2009)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration inaugurated the conference on "New Technologies and Communication Management Emergency situations'
  • Chris Thomas: "Of course we can beat Real Madrid!" (10/03/2009)
    The base of the CB Murcia considered as playing your team, "there are options to either"
  • The Development Ministry will invest more than 1.3 million in Murcia lighting in the beginning of the motorway to Cartagena (10/03/2009)
    ... with 400 points in 6.4 miles of light
  • Meeting of headman and council of Popular Culture (10/03/2009)
    Rafael Gomez met with the headman of Zarandona and Ñora
  • An exhibition at the University of Murcia us about the films of Paco Rabal (10/03/2009)
    It consists of a hundred photographs of their major films
  • The city streets will be the scene on Sunday of the XXX edition of the Half Marathon Murcia (10/03/2009)
    The riders will leave at 10 am New Condomina
  • An exhibition shows the world of living beings through their geometric shape (10/03/2009)
    'And then it was ...
  • Brenda Sanchez of Spain U20 champion Judo (10/03/2009)
    Marta Sevilla Alhama Judo Club was runner-up in a final historic Murcia
  • The first 50 million from the Fund ZP rescue Murcia Chamber of mediocrity " (10/03/2009)

  • For further optimization of the resources (10/03/2009)
    Environmental Education publishes a guide for schoolchildren think about consumption and waste treatment
  • The Southern Cross Scout Group celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with a tribute to the father Joseíco (10/03/2009)
    ... among other activities
  • Congress on Globalization opens tomorrow in the auditorium of the University of Murcia (10/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia gave an institutional welcome to the representatives of the Initiative Baby Friendly Hospital (10/03/2009)

  • American Football: Vinaros Ironmans 0 - Murcia Cobras 41 (09/03/2009)

  • Residents in the neighborhood of La Victoria show their concern "about the situation of irregular bus facilities LAT" (09/03/2009)
    The Socialist Party spokesman, José María Alarcón, today held a meeting with members of the neighborhood association
  • The UCAM closing the days of charity and volunteerism with a Mass (09/03/2009)

  • Gómez explores the creation of a National Contest of Pyrotechnics (09/03/2009)
    The councilman has met with the Association of Regional Fireworks
  • The City Council deals with the arrangement of 27 gardens in districts to condition to the needs of the neighbors (09/03/2009)
    is investing more than 4.5 million
  • The winners of the competitions of the Week of Biology, University of Murcia received awards (09/03/2009)

  • A campaign by the University of Murcia and FUNDOWN promotes coexistence of academics and people with intellectual disabilities (09/03/2009)
    His motto: "Shared Housing: Independent know differently"
  • The audience Fofó Park will have a new stage and adapted for disabled access (09/03/2009)
    The rehabilitation project also includes work in the greenbelt
  • 139 new underground containers for wards and parishes (09/03/2009)

  • The City of Peace Park will become the largest green space in El Palmar (09/03/2009)
    The project includes planting hundreds of trees
  • The Garden of the Constitution will look completely renovated after the summer (09/03/2009)
    Among other actions, will be put playground equipment, exercise equipment and conditioned the sports field and the basketball
  • Groups of Mexico and Argentina are participating in the International University Theatre Festival (09/03/2009)

  • Sidewalks and paving new roads with eleven other parishes (09/03/2009)
    works over two million euros
  • Next summer will be installed security systems for motorcycles in urban road network (09/03/2009)
    The project also includes paving and curbs formation
  • The City Council spends over one million euros in the paving of several roads and trails of the municipality (09/03/2009)
    The final award of the works to the Land Infrastructure Company SA has received this morning the approval of the Board of Governors
  • Great Bike Ride on March 15 (09/03/2009)
    Murcia Bike Association convenes for the 15th March, Sunday, a great bike that will leave the Belluga Plaza from 11 am
  • Juan Molina and Miguel Angel Lopez made kick off (07/03/2009)
    At the meeting, El Pozo Murcia - Marfil Santa Coloma
  • The PSOE described as "scandalous" the situation of nursing homes in San Basilio (07/03/2009)
    Lola Hernandez lawmaker considers it an example of the lack of planning in the implementation of the Law Unit
  • Carmen Posadas, Jose Tomas and Soren Peñalver, in the second edition of lectures on 'The Love' Regional Library (07/03/2009)
    will be developed on 12, March 18 and April 2 in the auditorium of the Regional Library, at 20:00
  • Manolo Hussein: "The party of Bruesa is important because it is Bruesa" (06/03/2009)
    CB Murcia coach added that "it is a rival who is now with our own victories"
  • The UCAM Introduces First Diploma course in management and aviation and airport management (06/03/2009)
    The students will learn to lead and manage an airport or airline companies in various areas
  • El Pozo Murcia - Marfil Santa Coloma (06/03/2009)
    "The league returns to the Palacio de los Deportes
  • Juan Molina and Miguel Angel Lopez made kick off (06/03/2009)
    At the meeting, El Pozo Murcia - Marfil Santa Coloma
  • Established Regional Commission de la Huerta de Murcia to propose new initiatives in employment (06/03/2009)

  • A professor at the Complutense University hosts a conference on waste incinerators (06/03/2009)

  • About a thousand students from the UCAM visit the embassies in Madrid (06/03/2009)
    Around one thousand students of the UCAM visited yesterday, along with various partners of Volunteer Service of the University, over a hundred embassies in Madrid
  • The University of Murcia opens tomorrow a program of guided tours for secondary school students (06/03/2009)

  • The City of Murcia has not delivered a report on the concentration of the council complaining of Health (06/03/2009)
    Although he was asked by the Government Office
  • The University of Murcia develop a project to optimize the production of horticultural crops (06/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia have 5.8 million to provide a platform for pioneering research and technology transfer (06/03/2009)

  • 4,381 interventions in 2008 by the Service of Fire Prevention and Extinction of the City of Murcia (06/03/2009)
    The Fire Fighting Service conducted 14 performances out of town
  • Line 1 will have 28 stops, including an intermodal Plaza Circular (06/03/2009)
    0 Tranche A ticket will remain free until the end of 2010
  • The Mayor visits the Civic Center Juan Carlos I, a pioneer in Spain in reconciling work and family life (06/03/2009)

  • The 37 candidates for the Senior Queen 2009 share breakfast with the mayor before starting their journey of living in Cartagena (06/03/2009)
    The election of the Queen and her four maids of honor will be held on 20
  • The future park Ruiz Hidalgo include restoration of the monument in memory of poet Frutos Baeza (06/03/2009)
    The City Council and restore the ancient bust, work plans, which was maimed and robbed a few years ago the Red Cross Square
  • The cycle of disc-jockeys 'Labsonora' devoted its third session to pop music (06/03/2009)
    The DJs Murcia Ruth Sanchez and Ana Espinosa offers a directory of national and international pop music of the nineties
  • The University of Murcia involved in research that examines the causes of the rise and crisis of the Royal Spanish Navy (06/03/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls will restore the Social Work Unit Torres Cabezo closed in 2008 because of low labor (06/03/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Dolores Abellon reports that residents of the hamlet have come out against this situation
  • La Gran Vía will cut traffic on Sunday because of the Tour of Murcia (06/03/2009)
    Race will come to the town of Murcia on the road to El Palmar after 13.30 hours
  • One hundred fans will compete in Monday's National Design Award Bored no (06/03/2009)
    The president of jury designer John Duyos
  • An investigation of the Laboratory of Optics, University of Murcia shows that you can use invisible infrared light to study the eye (06/03/2009)

  • Chris Moss, "Lou Roe has spent nearly 10 years' killing 'everyone' (05/03/2009)
    The power forward of CB Murcia Bruesa think the GBC is" a very complete team "
  • The UCAM is immersed in Korean culture (05/03/2009)
    The music teacher taught Sun Hwa Choi attendees the steps that constitute a Tea Ceremony
  • The UCAM signed a partnership agreement with Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (05/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia and the new leadership of the Bar Association will increase its collaboration (05/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia has Digitum platform, which facilitates access to scientific production (05/03/2009)

  • El Pozo Murcia has worked this morning at the door of the Palace of Sports (05/03/2009)
    Looking league match this weekend against the Marfil Santa Coloma
  • The Mayor welcomes the 11 candidates Bearer of the Moors and Christians (05/03/2009)
    The young people have received as a gift a shield logo of the City of Murcia
  • The Shoemaker Fund realizes a bike lane extension of the Malecon (05/03/2009)
    The Plan E of the Government of Spain includes 2,347,700 euros to extend the bike path Murcia seven miles from the corner to Contraparada Beniscornia
  • Scientists at the University of Murcia study the evolution of beetles (05/03/2009)

  • The new center will be a reference Alzheimur national research and care of patients with Alzheimer's (05/03/2009)
    The president of the Community has laid the first stone of the building, which will have a brain bank and an area for specific training health and family
  • The PSOE take you to court if the mayor Ros continues to hide information about your council (05/03/2009)
    Alfonso Navarro claims that, "repeatedly and insistently, the head of this council is denied, since the beginning of the term, respondents essential data Socialist Group on the management of area "
  • Some 280 schools will participate in education activities organized for the holidays Easter and Spring Festival (05/03/2009)
    The deadline for applications is next Monday, March 9
  • The Murcia can be driven on Sunday guide to Murcia route Contraparada bike (05/03/2009)
    From 10 am
  • Groups of nine universities participating in the University Theatre Festival (05/03/2009)

  • Fulgencio Cervantes Javalí complaint to the headman of Old on a criminal (05/03/2009)
    Councillor for Health believes that has attacked his honor, freedom and security and your family
  • The University of Murcia workshops on printmaking and experimental techniques (05/03/2009)

  • Murcia will have four new viaducts and a higher step due to the tram line 1 (05/03/2009)
    The garages, workshops and offices occupy a parcel of 25,000 square meters located in the Northern Zone
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara Brussels proposes a change to more sustainable modes of transport to fight climate change (05/03/2009)
    The Mayor held his first official appearance as President of the European Mobility Forum (Eurocities)
  • Huge cultural offerings in the auditoriums, theaters and streets of Murcia (05/03/2009)
    A dozen shows to enjoy the weekend in the city and districts
  • An expert in communication ensures that the radios do not exploit all the possibilities offered by Internet (05/03/2009)

  • The City uses an innovative system for pest control of rodents and cockroaches (05/03/2009)
    A computer system receives real-time information from the bait and treatment which is done in each of the 40,000 scupper the city
  • Week of Biology, University of Murcia distinguishes different entities (05/03/2009)

  • The Scout CB Murcia visit the IES Juan Carlos I (04/03/2009)
    TAFAD students of this center received a talk on how we study the rival
  • Moses Bendahan: "The man of hope, work for a more supportive, humane and fraternal" (04/03/2009)
    Representatives of the Jewish and Greco-Orthodox in Madrid, and Dimitri Bendahan Tsiamparlis Moses, speaks at the UCAM on this important theological virtue
  • Opens the deadline for the Award of Painting and Photography at the University of Murcia (04/03/2009)

  • Students of schools received awards from the Mathematical Olympiad at the University of Murcia (04/03/2009)

  • A researcher at the National Center for Biotechnology speech at the University of Murcia on the hypermutation (04/03/2009)

  • The books, University of Murcia appear in the Search Google Books (04/03/2009)
    The 1,900 new books that make up the editorial of the Publications Service appear in the Search Google Books
  • Pedro Robles: "Now we know we can win anywhere" (04/03/2009)
    CB Murcia The escort ensures that "the team is mentally and physically well"
  • The construction of the tram that will revolutionize the mobility in the municipality will employ 1,800 people (04/03/2009)
    involves the largest investment in public works in the history of Murcia
  • The bike lane will extend five miles Malecón (04/03/2009)
    May go before summer
  • Representatives of workers at the University of Murcia open morning alms harassment (04/03/2009)

  • New aids for the elderly (04/03/2009)
    More than 148,000 is earmarked for cultural activities transport
  • Social Welfare commitment to Beniaján Day Centre with a new investment for socio activities (04/03/2009)
    Target an item of 362,000 euros for the maintenance of services for elderly
  • Social Welfare maintains and improves the performance of socio Barriomar Day Centre (04/03/2009)
    The first of three day stays center of town was opened in 2001
  • The Conference of Deans of Medicine is concerned about the increased powers and calls for more places MIR (04/03/2009)

  • The Garden of Cabezo de Torres will have more playgrounds and a pedestrian area (04/03/2009)
    The renovation work completed in two months
  • Four thousand students participate in a study by the University of Murcia to prevent anxiety (04/03/2009)

  • Tomorrow is the deadline for voluntary payment of vehicle tax (04/03/2009)
    About 40,000 people will be exempt from or will receive reduced the amount of thanks to the subsidies and exemption from City Council
  • Construct walls in the streets of San Cayetano, Tortola Monteagudo Church (04/03/2009)
    total will be 72 meters in length and between eight and twelve feet high
  • Real Murcia will play their official matches at the stadium New Condomina (04/03/2009)
    If the sporting society was dissolved, the Consistory recover the use of the same
  • More than three million euros to ensure safety for motorists on highways Murcia (04/03/2009)
    The project includes paving, curbs formation and installation of protective strips
  • New sidewalks in Alicante Avenue and Main Street in El Raal (04/03/2009)
    The Board of Governors has provisionally awarded the work to Sangonera Construcciones SA
  • One hundred speeders to ensure road safety in 22 districts and districts of the municipality (04/03/2009)
    The ridges are much like rubber particle board and will be implemented over a period of approximately two months
  • Training for people experiencing social exclusion are employment (04/03/2009)
    Fifteen people will benefit from ongoing professional cleaning offers Social Welfare
  • The City Council allocated € 40,000 for the care of 40 families with special situations (04/03/2009)
    A multidisciplinary team educates members to improve their social skills and promote their employment
  • Municipal Cemetery will be 240 new graves and 400 double niches in height (04/03/2009)
    The City will invest 900,000 euros to ensure the availability of mass
  • President of the Conference of Presidents speaks tomorrow at the University of Murcia on the Bologna Process will (04/03/2009)

  • Alexis Montas not be in the CB Murcia (04/03/2009)
    The Basketball Club Murcia has decided not to extend the contract that bound the pivot Alexis Montas, who had initially signed for a month
  • Students of the University of Murcia started the blood donation campaign in the centers of campus (04/03/2009)

  • Health organized a conference to discuss the action in the urban pest management (04/03/2009)
    Fulgencio Cervantes inaugurates the papers tomorrow, at 9 pm in the Auditorium Annex Building
  • Fathers and mothers of school Juan Carlos I de Llano de Brujas moved its concern to the Socialist spokesman (04/03/2009)

  • The Bishop Reig Pla speech at the University of Murcia on the mission of Catholics in public life (04/03/2009)

  • XIII Festival of University Theater at the University of Murcia (04/03/2009)
    Participate nine groups from four countries
  • "Most of the volunteers of Caritas in the Czech Republic are students" (03/03/2009)
    The UCAM has received this afternoon a conference framed in the VIII International Conference on Charities and Voluntary began last
  • The director general of Inclusion Programs closing two years of Radio ECCA Foundation for the social inclusion of battered women (03/03/2009)
    They have also assisted the director of the Institute of Women of the Region, Teresa Moreno, general director of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands this entity, Maria del Carmen Garcia
  • UGT and CCOO convened a demonstration on March 28 for the quality of employment, wages and maintenance of social protection (03/03/2009)
    Regional Government Urged to adapt the plans signed with the main objective of the Public Expenditure under Social Dialogue
  • Moya-Angeler: "Since 2003, taxes have been below the CPI" (03/03/2009)
    The Economy responsible for the project recalls that of a tax is taken as the reference month of September, and in 2008 the CPI was on the 4 5%
  • The University of Murcia adapts the IP telephony system (03/03/2009)
    University of Murcia has completed the migration of IP telephony system, which means that there is a single multiservice network with consequent cost savings and integration of infrastructure.
  • The CEIP Juan Carlos I de Llano de Brujas have four new units for children and a basketball court and recreational space (03/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia opens the registration period in the course on Literature and History (03/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia is organizing a debate on violence against women (03/03/2009)

  • The Murcia start paying the tax for vehicles with a raise three times the CPI, as denounced by the PSOE (03/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia participated in the First Meeting of Rectors of Russian Universities and Latin American (03/03/2009)

  • The rector of the Universidad de Murcia describes as "great loss" the death of Professor Joseph Perona (03/03/2009)

  • Diego Fajardo: "The team is working as a team" (03/03/2009)
    The pivot of CB Murcia Tenerife want "keep well, engaging in fun until the end of the season
  • Scientists at the University of Murcia used a new technique for measuring stress in plants (03/03/2009)

  • XXX anniversary of the Scout group Southern Cross (03/03/2009)

  • The Supreme Court legitimized the City of Murcia to use the slogan 'Water for All' to spread the need for water in Murcia (03/03/2009)
    A court rejected an appeal by the PSOE and states that it is legal to use any means to defend the transfers
  • A professor at the University of Murcia elected coordinator of the Forum of Colleges of Management Excellence Club (03/03/2009)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara chairs in Brussels his first act as the highest representative of the European Forum of Eurocities Mobility (03/03/2009)
    The working meeting, dealing with the challenges of urban transport and mobility, will be held at the European Parliament
  • ... (02/03/2009)

  • Qualification Tourist Center hosts a course for sommeliers (02/03/2009)
    The course will last for 135 hours and will be held until 1 July
  • ... (02/03/2009)

  • The agreement to facilitate greater access to the movies is being renegotiated to provide the best conditions (02/03/2009)
    "to the collective efforts of the greater one of the main tasks of the government team"
  • Valcárcel opened the exhibition 'La Dermatology: A journey through time', which shows the great advances in this specialty (02/03/2009)
    The Spanish Academy of Dermatology brings Murcia 60 wax sculptures of the nineteenth century Olavide Museum, created in 1882 by José Eugenio Olavide dermatologist
  • Álvaro, Best Ala-off the 2007-2008 season (02/03/2009)
    National Football League Board took the dispute of the twentieth Cup in Spain, held last week in Granada from 26 February to 1 March to deliver the prize for best of the season 2007/2008
  • The UCAM hands out awards to the Solidarity Congress of Deputies (02/03/2009)

  • A trip in time of dermatology (02/03/2009)
    The Mayor attends the opening of an exhibition of 60 pieces Olavide Museum to commemorate the centennial of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology
  • A study by the University of Murcia is the best corporate model to determine the type of company (02/03/2009)

  • Sanbta Eulalia's neighbors will have a new garden on Calle San Antonio (02/03/2009)
    will have children's play area and rest
  • The Faculty of Biology, University of Murcia celebrates open house (02/03/2009)

  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality also invites tourists to visit the Trail Walk 10,000 steps (02/03/2009)
    2,500 brochures have been published in which provides all information related to the route in English and Spanish
  • The PSOE again denounce the "thoughtlessness and indifference" to the largest chamber of the municipality (02/03/2009)
    The spokesperson for the PSOE, José María Alarcón, regrets the absence of Murcia on the initiative "Film Major, despite being the town where More successful was the program in 2008
  • Palacios inaugurated some workshops that will be responsible food consumption (02/03/2009)
    The five tents 'Consumilandia' will be in the Plaza de la Universidad de Murcia until March 15, World Consumer Rights
  • The procession travels Silk Angel La Alberca and Santo Antonio Castillo as ambassador (01/03/2009)
    The traditional procession of Christ's forgiveness has had the participation of Forgiveness Guild throughout the Region
  • Zarandona soon have a center for children (01/03/2009)
    City Council allocates definitely works in this new space
  • New Lat conflict Bus (01/03/2009)
    The Socialist leader Jose Manuel Abellán council held a meeting with representatives of the UGT and CCOO trade union committee to discuss the company's refusal Lat Bus to raise salaries of its employees

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