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Murcia News - April 2010

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  • CCOO solidarity with the director assaulted in the school's Miracle Espinardo (30/04/2010)
    Calls to the Ministry of Education to act legally against the aggressor and the attacked offering all their resources
  • San Esteban Platform to the College of Architects announced its disagreement with the conservation of the site of St. Stephen (30/04/2010)

  • 1800 athletes toured the Espinardo Campus Fun Run IV at the University of Murcia (30/04/2010)

  • The effective water management, a central theme of the meeting between the Mayor and the Ambassador of Guatemala (30/04/2010)

  • The Master CEIP José Castro celebrates his 20th birthday (30/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia awards the best courses in the Open Course Ware (30/04/2010)

  • The Governing Council adopted the Regulation on Equality (30/04/2010)

  • The programming of the Universidad Internacional del Mar is extended this year to the Balearic Islands and Valencia (30/04/2010)
    Twenty cities hosting this year the summer courses at the University of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia has the program Univers @ us drug prevention (30/04/2010)

  • The first chapter opens Superfreak Series in the School of Computing (30/04/2010)

  • The new Beniaján Avenue convert the road from Los Dolores in a low current road traffic (30/04/2010)
    will have the capacity to absorb 45,000 vehicles per day, while the present road is 17,000 vehicles and collapsed during rush hour
  • The Socialists denounced the mistreatment of older Espinardo by the PP (30/04/2010)

  • The Midwest Municipal Board will consider creating a new library in the old school García-Alix (29/04/2010)

  • House opens the First Regional Congress on Public Health meeting today at City Hall (29/04/2010)

  • Hall and Iberdrola signed an agreement for the improvement and modernization of power lines of the municipality (29/04/2010)

  • Tomorrow concludes Youth Congress of Philosophy (29/04/2010)

  • The mayor insists that "first" to do the urban transport company is paying workers (29/04/2010)

  • Begin preparations for the Festival Títeremurcia (29/04/2010)

  • The House requires the Government of the Nation's economic strength enough to develop the Law Unit (29/04/2010)

  • Beatriz Hontoria it is municipal councilor in Murcia (29/04/2010)

  • The PSOE requires urgent the burial chamber of the high voltage lines Rectors and El Palmar (29/04/2010)
    The Socialist Group has today voted in favor of the agreement between the city of Murcia and Iberdrola for the improvement of electricity distribution network the city
  • A doctoral thesis measures the aberrations that cause progressive lenses (29/04/2010)

  • The Mayor attends the concert of Sephardic music, which ends the international meeting on the Spanish Jews (29/04/2010)

  • The City Council allocated more than 24.4 million over 3 years to lower the bus fare to users (28/04/2010)

  • Cascales officially signed a protocol for Murcia choose to be one of the venues for the Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup (28/04/2010)

  • A local police officer prepared the first scientific catalog of furniture the National Archaeological Museum (28/04/2010)

  • Awarded the conservation work of the site of St. Stephen (28/04/2010)

  • Social Welfare continues with its program of support to families with children at risk (28/04/2010)

  • The Association of Students of Arts organized a performance to promote the habit of reading (28/04/2010)

  • The City donated a vehicle to a charity project that develops in Haiti (28/04/2010)

  • A step in the work of the Youth Access Center, in Juan de Borbón (28/04/2010)

  • Sports invested around 300,000 euros in the maintenance of sports facilities (28/04/2010)

  • Sports has invested more than 725,000 euros in the installation of sod and the construction of changing facilities at the football field Stables (28/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Group warns of duplication in the payment of vehicle tax (28/04/2010)

  • Two arrested for scam job (28/04/2010)
    The detainees possessed an office located in an apartment in Murcia, where they charged their victims for alleged arrange employment contracts
  • Jam at the municipal social services (28/04/2010)

  • Angel Laborda: "Spain was eligible to be battered by the crisis" (27/04/2010)
    The director of the Office of Statistics Funcas Situation and has lectured in the UCAM about the consequences of the crisis and the next evolution of the economy
  • Popular Race Underway at the University of Murcia (27/04/2010)
    will be held on Friday April 30 at the Campus of Espinardo
  • IU + LV calls for the creation of a municipal library in San Antolin (27/04/2010)

  • House is in addition to "cry" of mayors for the survival of local governments (27/04/2010)

  • The UCAM I presents the Micro-Ecological Festival Short 'The Firefly Casting' (27/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia collaborate with Casa Sefarad Israel to spread the culture in the Region (27/04/2010)

  • The UCAM about their students to the world of social assistance (27/04/2010)
    The International Institute of Charity and Voluntary Services has organized a seminar on social assistance, and promotion
  • The International Congress of Philosophy Young takes place in Murcia until Friday (27/04/2010)

  • The City Council supports the creation of companies with a new edition of Business Project Competition (27/04/2010)

  • The festival 'The Firefly cast' award for best environmental micro-short (27/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia awarded the contract to extend the TTO (27/04/2010)

  • The trovo school is close to the town (27/04/2010)

  • The PSOE presented a motion of censure against Cervantes for their violations and lies about the doctor's office Javalí Old (27/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party asked for the extension of the tram route to the villages of La Nora and Javalí Viejo (27/04/2010)
    PSOE Councillor Sebastian Peñaranda file a motion in plenary on Thursday in defense of this proposal
  • Castillo: "The City Council has no outstanding debt to Latbus" (26/04/2010)

  • IU + LV calls for the creation of a municipal library in San Antolin (26/04/2010)

  • The Civil Guard detained in the act of a robbery murciglero the two houses (26/04/2010)
    have recovered all the stolen effects on both housing
  • A new publication from the MAC address Murcia's history from its foundation to the development of "speech" with the regions of Murcia (26/04/2010)

  • The PSOE requires House to clarify whether the City has a debt of EUR 2,660,000 Latbus (26/04/2010)

  • The sons of the founder of the Online Journal of the Archives donate nearly 800 publications in the first half of the twentieth century (26/04/2010)

  • Cascales a protocol signed in Madrid to Murcia choose to be one of the venues for the Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup (26/04/2010)

  • The celebration of the Faculty of Arts begin with a solidarity and drums Mula (26/04/2010)

  • The project 'Arts District' extends the deadline for applications until May 4 (26/04/2010)

  • Act awards the Computer Olympiad (26/04/2010)

  • Help Service continues to improve the care for the elderly (26/04/2010)

  • The Department of Parks and Gardens launches website (26/04/2010)

  • The head of Quality at the University of Murcia, re-elected national coordinator of the Forum Club University Excellence in Management (26/04/2010)

  • The Legal Practice School organizes a conference on judicial reform and the new judicial office (26/04/2010)

  • It holds an international meeting on the Spanish Jews (26/04/2010)

  • Gorka Maneiro give a lecture at the University of Murcia on plurality of languages (26/04/2010)
    UPyD deputy in the Basque Parliament will be joined by professor Antonio Moreno García UMU
  • The University of Murcia announces a grant to investigate the role of proteins in breast cancer (26/04/2010)

  • A conference at the University of Murcia emphasizes the importance of quality in the tourism sector (26/04/2010)

  • Begin proceedings to extend the Muslim cemetery (25/04/2010)
    It will double the number of burials there today
  • A step towards the construction of the new pavilion Cagigal, which will have capacity for one thousand viewers (25/04/2010)
    The installation will host sporting federation multidisciplinary and municipal schools sports
  • Surgery NGO Solidarity Murcia organized a photographic exhibition on his work in Mali (25/04/2010)

  • UPyD affiliates in Murcia again go through the polls to elect their Local Council (24/04/2010)
    The only candidate who was running did not receive the necessary support to establish the Statutes of the match
  • The government delegate in Murcia indicates that the Government of Spain allocated 60,000 euros in the program against child abuse (24/04/2010)
    Zapatero's government is working on prevention, detection, notification and intervention in situations of abuse to children with Autonomous Communities
  • Continued recycling campaign for a cinema ticket in exchange for ten batteries (24/04/2010)
    The promotion is valid every Thursday in four halls of city
  • Tourism invests 420,000 euros in the Visitor Center of The Light (24/04/2010)
    The facility received in 2009 to 33,332 people
  • Note from the Police Headquarters of Murcia (24/04/2010)

  • The UJCE denounces "the brutality of the national police in the Plaza Santo Domingo" (24/04/2010)

  • International Conference on the Spanish Jews (23/04/2010)
    Sefarad in the Diaspora will be held from 26 to 28 April
  • The University of Murcia introduced the eco-car to compete in the Eco Marathon (23/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a Day of Practice of Psychology (23/04/2010)

  • The doctor honoris causa Sánchez-Vizcaíno participated in the seminar of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (23/04/2010)

  • A study coordinated by Professor Munuera analyzes cases of successful companies in Murcia (23/04/2010)

  • Culture celebrates World Book Day with a campaign to promote reading in parks and gardens (23/04/2010)
    'Readings in the garden' has the support of the City of Murcia and the Foundation Cajamurcia
  • The Municipal Board of the district of Saint Pius X, held on Saturday 24th April, their first encounter neighbors (23/04/2010)
    The day will begin at 11:00 am
  • Begin activities in the areas young La Nave and 585M2 (23/04/2010)
    workshops of dance, theater, percussion, laughter therapy, relaxation and radio will be developed in the months April to June
  • Double Di Verde session this weekend (23/04/2010)

  • Murcia celebrates World Dance Day with performances in the streets of the city (23/04/2010)

  • New tools to prevent truancy (23/04/2010)

  • The PSOE will require a full an urgent start work on the pool deck Beniaján (23/04/2010)
    The socialist mayor María Dolores Abellon municipal claims that the PP has been promising the neighbors this sports facility since it began to rule in the last 15 Glorieta years
  • IU + LV proposes establishing a civil ceremony to welcome the newborn (23/04/2010)

  • The gardens will be transformed this spring in ideal scenarios to read and enjoy storytelling (23/04/2010)

  • María Dolores Sánchez I closed the week of Arts and Letters of IES El Carmen (23/04/2010)

  • The Faculty of Arts celebrates its festivities throughout the week (23/04/2010)

  • El Palacio Almudí celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Quartet Almus (23/04/2010)

  • The PSOE de Murcia promotes a discussion workshop for political education of its members (23/04/2010)
    The Socialist Municipal Executive organizes tomorrow a national forum on progressive ideas coordinated by experts with a view to preparing the next manifesto
  • Residents of Santiago El Mayor celebrate World Book Day (23/04/2010)
    With a complete library but closed in tight for over a year and a half
  • Sports offers free classes in Tai Chi in Santo Domingo on weekends (23/04/2010)

  • Mayor honors in the XII Delibes Thon organized by the College Nebrija occasion of World Book Day (23/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party demands the elimination of bike lanes ciclocalles by authentic and to be provided annual funding to the Bicycle Master Plan (23/04/2010)

  • Murcia hosts a European conference on energy efficiency in government procurement (23/04/2010)

  • Adopted by a new development that will allow the expansion of Boatmen (23/04/2010)

  • Ismael Serrano presented his new job at the Auditorium (23/04/2010)
    The concert will be Friday April 23 at 21:30 pm in Room Narciso Yepes
  • The UCAM pays tribute to the founder of modern nursing (22/04/2010)
    The Catholic University has joined a global initiative organized by the Foundation Index
  • The UCAM held a conference on cybercrime (22/04/2010)

  • 30 years of jazz in Murcia (22/04/2010)

  • Camera: "With yesterday's vote won Spain and the Region of Murcia" (22/04/2010)

  • Tourism provides a route to the sculptures of the city (22/04/2010)

  • Sánchez-Vizcaíno was awarded an honorary doctorate (22/04/2010)

  • The poems and stories of Denise Garcia will be heard in the Plaza de Santa Catalina (22/04/2010)

  • The PSOE's internal newsletter published Murcia 'Aloud' to strengthen ties with the militants (22/04/2010)
    The Municipal Executive Committee circulated to its nearly 2,000 members a monthly publication that enhances communication between members of the party and its leadership
  • The University of Murcia hosts a seminar on animal health with the presence of Sánchez-Vizcaíno (22/04/2010)

  • Youth offers 237 places for young people between 13 and 25 years involved in youth exchanges (22/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Group in the middle of an audit required by external and independent work Terra Natura (22/04/2010)

  • Monteagudo host the Second Meeting of Embroidery and Bun (22/04/2010)

  • La Nave held Nemawashi 2010, the days of Japanese culture (22/04/2010)

  • More than 30,000 people attend the Motor Show III "La Fica" 2010 (22/04/2010)
    The event will be held on May 16, 2010 on the campus Fair La Fica Murcia
  • The first 3D TVs coming to the Fnac (21/04/2010)

  • La Hermandad del Rocio de Murcia held its XXI Cry Rociero (21/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia honorary doctorate scientist José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno (21/04/2010)

  • The Miguel Angel García Gallego climber has offered a lecture about Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands (21/04/2010)
    "It is impossible to understand the art of traveling without knowing the Galapagos Islands
  • Professor José Luis Munuera coordinates a book that looks at successful companies in Murcia (21/04/2010)

  • Environment has funded more than 200 solar thermal installations in less than eight years (21/04/2010)

  • The Murcia may receive information of social housing in the Municipal Office (21/04/2010)

  • Promoting the Municipal Plan of Drug Addiction (21/04/2010)

  • Murcia car parks will be closed to bikes (21/04/2010)

  • For a self-training, harmony, solidarity and freedom (21/04/2010)

  • Promoting equal opportunities between men and women (21/04/2010)

  • Debut trailer for the series on computer geeks (21/04/2010)

  • The parties Mula Lyrics include drums and the Carthaginians and Romans (21/04/2010)

  • UPyD affiliates in Murcia on Saturday to elect their Local Council (21/04/2010)
    José Carlos Martínez Galán heads consisting of a single consensus candidate
  • PSOE: "Barnuevo has not moved a role to name the adopted son of Murcia with Miguel Hernandez a month after being adopted in full" (21/04/2010)

  • The telecommunications of the UCAM know their career (20/04/2010)
    The president of the Spanish Association of Telecommunications Engineers has lectured on career guidance UCAM
  • The UCAM signs cooperation agreement with IES The Palm, Orihuela (20/04/2010)
    The contract document was signed by the president of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza and the Director of IES The Palm, Jose Francisco Lorente
  • The municipal libraries celebrate World Book Day fifty activities (20/04/2010)
    The program runs through April 27
  • Jack Dionisio sculptures are displayed in the Almudí until 10 July (20/04/2010)
    This is the first solo exhibition of the sculptor in Murcia in the last 20 years
  • A new edition of "Say Green enable smaller the secrets and curiosities of four gardens in the municipality (20/04/2010)
    be held on Saturday April 24, 8 and 22 May and 5 June in the garden of the Constitution Cabezo de Torres, Floridablanca, Salitre and the Malecon
  • 450 secondary pupils performed this morning the second phase of driver education contest (20/04/2010)
    The goal of this contest is to motivate students in learning and observance of traffic rules
  • The Archaeological Museum is hosting a conference on the restoration of the mill Aljucer (20/04/2010)
    is organized by the Center for Archaeological Studies and will be held Wednesday at 20:00 pm
  • IU + LV believes the bicycle master plan is "mere appearance" (20/04/2010)

  • The Minister of Education opens the new school library IES El Carmen (20/04/2010)
    The Ministry has provided the center with 12,000 euros, which this year has entered the fifth phase of the School Library
  • PSOE: "House should leave his office, to resolve the labor dispute of the 600 workers and avert a strike that harms thousands of users" (20/04/2010)

  • The Mediterranean Economy Seminar studied the consequences of the financial crisis (20/04/2010)

  • New dressing rooms complete the sporting area of Llano de Brujas (20/04/2010)

  • Convert García Alix Center in a municipal and cultural (20/04/2010)

  • A student obtains Murcia fifth in the National Olympiad of Geology (20/04/2010)

  • The literary career of Ramón Gaya, dissected by the eyes of critics and intellectuals (19/04/2010)
    cycle "Paint the edge of an abyss with your hand," being held this week in Las Claras, within the activities commemorating the centenary of artist
  • IU + LV supports Latbus employees and commitment to service municipalization (19/04/2010)

  • A national conference addresses the challenges students in the field of industrial relations (19/04/2010)

  • Pelegrin: "The 76 nursing homes in the municipality are treated equally" (19/04/2010)

  • The Faculty of Communication and Information Science celebrates its patron saint with a variety of activities (19/04/2010)

  • The Rite of Spring reviewed by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo in the programming of Dance Hall (19/04/2010)
    The company acts moganesca on Tuesday April 20 at 20:30 pm
  • The Mayor called for a thorough reform of the labor market (19/04/2010)

  • They have a book on the Byzantine presence in Hispania (19/04/2010)

  • House: "Members have to hear the cry of Murcia in defense of Diversion" (19/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of attention to camera to the elders (19/04/2010)
    The Spokesman Socialist José María Alarcón and Councilman Alfonso Navarro have held a meeting with President of the Senior Center-Barriomar La Purisima, José María Hernández, who complaint of discriminatory treatment
  • The University of Murcia hosts a seminar on art education (19/04/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant for research on a classification method for quality grapes (19/04/2010)

  • Twelve new stores are committed to quality tourism (19/04/2010)

  • New community centers for Guadalupe, Rincon de Seca and the Barrio del Progreso (19/04/2010)

  • Back to River Sounds River Mills area with performances by José Andrés Gómez, Fernando Alfaro and Havalina (19/04/2010)

  • Green light for the call for subsidies for the development of environmental activities in the municipality (19/04/2010)
    This is the second consecutive year that the Department of Education presented this Action Line
  • The City continues to work with the School of Bullfighting in Murcia (19/04/2010)
    The goal of signing the agreement to help develop and encourage business school
  • Public Works rehabilitate a group of social housing in Corvera (18/04/2010)
    There will be an integral conditioning of buildings located on the Paseo de Murcia in this district of the capital, with an investment of almost 400,000 euros
  • Socialist Youth Centre Murcia-called young people to "Connect with the policy, or decide you or decide for you" now more than ever (18/04/2010)
    Under the theme "Connect with politics or you choose or decide for you" the Socialists undertake a campaign to mobilize young people to become actively involved Murcia by the shift in the Region
  • The Ministry of Culture will invest EUR 849,939.36 to repair the roof of the State Public Library in Murcia (18/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the existence of a farming irregular in Canadas de San Pedro (18/04/2010)
    Compared to the urbanization of Pinada
  • Cañizares "In Christ we need to all nations, peoples and nations of the world" (17/04/2010)
    Cardinal Cañizares closed the World Congress Universitario Juan Pablo II Magno
  • Working in the social integration (17/04/2010)

  • Employees of the Library of Carmen starring a photo exhibition to mark World Book Day (17/04/2010)

  • PSOE: "Sangonera Verde exemplifies the neglect and lack of commitment by the PP with the districts' (17/04/2010)
    The results of the Social Audit conducted by the PSOE show the malfunction of services such as poly-tutor and reveal the lack of facilities basic public
  • "The Return" brings in the most fruitful era Almudí and representative of Ramón Gaya (16/04/2010)
    stay in the Palace Arts Center Almudí until 11 July
  • The Association of Friends of the House of Bethlehem in the Region of Murcia Caravaca visit tomorrow to win the Jubilee (16/04/2010)

  • Start the Gateway Open with collections of Factoria Rent Me, Morante and Diana Dorado (16/04/2010)
    The parades begin at 19.30
  • José Antonio Cobacho Rector and his team took up their positions (16/04/2010)

  • Experts gather to discuss the situation of municipalities before the economic crisis (16/04/2010)
    The current status of local authorities, the impact of VAT, legislation and local funding are the main issues to deal
  • House warns that municipalities "can not wait any longer" an adequate funding bill (16/04/2010)

  • Murcia is emerging as the host city of the Memorial on Sunday Barcenas 2011 (16/04/2010)

  • Adrian Rodriguez champion Criterium Ciudad de Murcia 2010 (16/04/2010)

  • Youth offers 250 places for young people between 12 and 15 years to learn English and make adventure sports in summer (16/04/2010)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Cabezo de Torres, and corner Toreagüera Beniscornia (16/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party says that "the PP impairs public transport service" (16/04/2010)

  • Presentation of the book of Professor Jorge Eiroa (16/04/2010)

  • Agreement with the University of Murcia for Intergenerational Intervention Project (16/04/2010)

  • On Sunday we celebrate the Carrera Urbana IX for companies (16/04/2010)

  • The president opened the symposium of forensic science in the Region of Murcia (15/04/2010)

  • The union STERM-Inter held a conference on the University XXI century (15/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party demands the resignation of Cervantes "after confirming he will not build the Old Javalí clinic based on a report ghost (15/04/2010)

  • House says the current financial situation is extremely delicate for the municipality (15/04/2010)

  • The PSOE complained that "the hidden PP Hall accounts and investments of the Government of Spain" (15/04/2010)

  • India, a country featured among the 64 actions included in the XI Festival Murcia Tres Culturas (15/04/2010)

  • The situation of local authorities in times of crisis, the time axis to be held tomorrow at City Hall (15/04/2010)

  • Resumes the activity of Tai Chi in Santo Domingo on weekends (15/04/2010)

  • José Antonio Cobacho takes office as president of the University of Murcia (15/04/2010)

  • Music and Theater returned to the streets of Murcia after the Spring Festival (15/04/2010)

  • World Congress Universitario Juan Pablo II Magno "Pope John Paul II had a profound impact on the lives of Spanish society" (15/04/2010)
    Cardinal Rouco Varela said during his presentation the different views that the Polish Pope made to Spain
  • Antonio Cañizares, "Faith of John Paul II means hope for mankind" (14/04/2010)
    Cañizares has defined the pope as a strong friend of God, a tireless worker, a champion of faith, fundamental rights defender and champion of peace and Freedom
  • The Aljufía Socialist Group organized a talk on Miguel Hernández (14/04/2010)
    The New Javalí Cultural Center welcomes the start of the morning events to commemorate the birth centenary of the poet, recently appointed Adopted Son of Murcia
  • The new school will be named El Palmar Remigio Lopez (14/04/2010)

  • A new impetus for further benefits in Barriomar day centers, Head of Torres and Beniaján (14/04/2010)
    investment for the months January to May 2010 is more than 1.3 million euros
  • Sports invests more than 7.2 million in the improvement and maintenance of sports facilities (14/04/2010)

  • The City Council is working with the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (14/04/2010)
    For the runners carry the name of Murcia in all competitions
  • Exhibition and 'Battle of the Bands' at The Nave (14/04/2010)
    The activities are free
  • PSOE: "The new invention of Power House and the figure of the police community is not just another marketing operation" (14/04/2010)
    PSOE Councilman Alfonso Navarro requires the mayor of Murcia and the charge of this area more rigor and seriousness to ensure that public safety in the municipality of Murcia is most effective and not a mere showcase for show
  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables hosts the first solo exhibition of Inma Salazar (14/04/2010)

  • Contemporary art and audiences (13/04/2010)
    A seminar at the University of Murcia discusses art education
  • ... (13/04/2010)

  • Murcia this weekend celebrated their annual fashion event (13/04/2010)
    The IX Open Fashion Show will take place on 16 and 17 in the Annex to Víctor Villegas Auditorium
  • Road Cleaning collects more than 16 tons of waste after the Burial of the Sardine (13/04/2010)

  • Tourism shows a map of the city's history through their shields (13/04/2010)
    Mountain Area Visitors Center of Light offers a visit to the mountains of Columbares
  • Network presents nine full weekend of activities for young people (13/04/2010)
    Taller de cajón flamenco, street art, journalism and the martial art Kempo Shoringi are some of the news
  • IU + LV in Murcia council regrets the loss of Remigio Lopez (13/04/2010)

  • Dies municipal councilor Remigio López Murcia (13/04/2010)
    The burial will take place tomorrow Wednesday, at 11.30 pm in El Palmar
  • The traffic chaos takes over the Avenida Juan de Borbon by the negligence and carelessness of the mayor sources (13/04/2010)

  • The socialist council mourn the loss of Remigio Lopez (13/04/2010)
    transfer their deepest condolences to the family and the members of the Popular Party in the city of Murcia
  • The UCAM teaches a workshop specializing in land subdivision (12/04/2010)
    The Catholic University of Murcia taught from April to June, a workshop specializing in land subdivision
  • Install LED panels report on the temperature of water in three swimming pools (12/04/2010)
    Bacons Bridge users, Infante y Mar Menor know the water temperature, ambient temperature, humidity and time
  • The University of Murcia started the entrance exam for people over 25 and 45 years with 1,800 participants (12/04/2010)

  • New office in the Association of Member Collaborating Murcia Convention Bureau (12/04/2010)
    Jesus Pacheco, director of Hotel Arco de San Juan, is still the president and joins as Vice President Antonio Garcia, director of Alquibla Conferences
  • The strong participation marks the success of the Spring Festival 2010 (12/04/2010)
    Murcia City Council acknowledges the assistance and support groups festive, Murcia and Visitors
  • The American diva Roberta Flack suspended his European tour (12/04/2010)
    tickets for the show at the Auditorio de Murcia will be returned
  • The local police about security even to the neighboring communities of the municipality (12/04/2010)
    More than 150 agents will receive suggestions and complaints from neighboring communities existing in Murcia
  • An exhibition of the Museum of Science Murcia encourages them to continue making a rational use of water (12/04/2010)
    'Future Water' will be open until 30 May
  • On-going construction of solar panels in ten buildings on the west side of town (12/04/2010)
    Work has already been provisionally allocated
  • He finished the III Olympiad Informatics Murcia (12/04/2010)

  • Organize a conference to promote environmental volunteering in the rivers of Murcia (11/04/2010)
    The CHS Volunteer Program will present the Rivers 2010 and a manual for the restoration of banks
  • Social Welfare assistance reinforces the Beniaján Day Centre with a new investment for socio activities (11/04/2010)
    Target a party of more than one million euros to the maintenance of services for older people
  • New paving at various points Churra and El Palmar (11/04/2010)
    The amount is over 100,000 euros
  • San Esteban Platform disputes the statement for the conservation of remains (09/04/2010)

  • Decree on appointment of José Antonio Gómez Cobacho as rector of the University of Murcia (09/04/2010)

  • The patron saint of the Green Sangonera visit the Cathedral on Sunday to mark the Jubilee Year (09/04/2010)

  • PSOE: "House ignores more than 120 million euros ZP Fund while lowering his head at Valcárcel" (09/04/2010)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Churra, head of Torres and Aljucer (09/04/2010)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • La Nave opens the deadline to register for the workshops (09/04/2010)
    Theatre, dance, relaxation techniques and music are among the activities on offer
  • 308 Local police officers are members of the special security device of the Burial of the Sardine (09/04/2010)
    This year the parade change your itinerary and end in Ronda Norte, not in the street Rector Loustau as in previous editions
  • Health installed a field hospital in the Garden of Gunpowder for the Burial of the Sardine (09/04/2010)
    In addition, the usual medical device will be reinforced by four teams of emergency
  • The entire staff of Santa Barbara Sistemas "has concentrated today (08/04/2010)
    To protest the transfer of own workload to other facilities while workers are unemployed
  • The Cabezudos pay homage to Pepe "The Colorao" (08/04/2010)
    Murcia Mayor presided this morning the ceremony of the distinction of honor
  • The Mayor Chamber participates in the Third Meeting with Youth Sardinero (08/04/2010)
    The festive day together over a hundred children in the reception centers in the Colegio San Buenaventura
  • Camera: "Reducing the deficit is to increase Spanish councils transfers sent by the Government of the Nation" (08/04/2010)
    Murcia Mayor recalled that two years have consistories reducing expenditure while maintaining and improving services for which competition is Central Government
  • Bustamante Scenario Dial (08/04/2010)
    Cadena Dial Again Murcia offers listeners the chance to enjoy their favorite artists in a more close
  • Responsible for Madrid city council know the management of sports facilities in Murcia (08/04/2010)
    Visit JC 1 sports centers, and Inacua Fleet
  • The Initial Vocational students organize a Lan Party (08/04/2010)
    Young people play games and exchange knowledge
  • Neighbourhood Beniaján make use of new technologies to present their proposals for improvement in the parish (08/04/2010)

  • IU + LV Cruz asked about the deposit protection project of St. Stephen (08/04/2010)

  • International experts from the World Road Association meeting in Murcia (08/04/2010)
    prepare the report for the 2011 World Congress
  • The Municipal Executive of the PSOE is meeting this afternoon for the first time in a district (08/04/2010)
    address of the PSOE in Murcia today Cobatillas moves to fulfill its commitment to neighborhoods and districts at all levels and gives its meetings itinerant
  • The Mayor congratulated all Murcia for their exemplary participation in the Second Day Meatloaf (08/04/2010)
    Miguel Angel House pastry and thanked the sponsors for their collaboration in the celebration organized by the City of MurciaUnas 15,000 people could enjoy this delicacy without to deplete stocks
  • The Second Day Meatloaf again become the most massive act after the Bando de la Huerta (07/04/2010)
    Chamber Mayor opened the festival on the square of Belluga, which met this afternoon around 15,000 people
  • Responsible for Sports, 17 municipalities visited Madrid Murcia sports facilities (07/04/2010)
    Murcia Mayor meets with the delegation tomorrow, at 13 pm in the Meeting Room
  • Secretary General of Prisons, Mercedes Gallizo, opens the CIS "Guillermo Miranda" in Murcia (07/04/2010)
    The new facility will promote the reintegration process
  • The little ones can watch movies from Disney in Space Molinos del Rio Stables (07/04/2010)
    The passes are tomorrow, Friday and Saturday at 11 pm and admission is free
  • Over 190 workers of the council for street cleaning collect 84 tons of trash after the Bando de la Huerta (07/04/2010)
    Next Sunday will be cleaning out a shock through the neighborhoods affected by holidays
  • During the day of the Edict of the Huerta made 165 assists health (07/04/2010)
    There's been a slight increase, a further five with previous year
  • Four couples know the Burial of the Sardine after winning a contest in Fitur (07/04/2010)
    Visitors have been invited by the city of Murcia and the Association Sardinera
  • This evening will be distributed over 400,000 stems in the parade "Murcia in the spring" (07/04/2010)
    43 items and will involve over 500 people
  • The Fuensanta through the streets of the city between the fervor of thousands of Murcia (06/04/2010)
    The Mayor, accompanied by members of the Corporation, attended the Mass and Procession of the Patron post
  • The Second Exhibition of Consortia in Murcia this week offers a showcase of the Region (06/04/2010)
    The activity will take place from 8 to 10 April along the mall Centrofama
  • Murcia full of flowers to his patron (05/04/2010)
    Mayor accompanying Queens Huerta and rocks in the traditional floral offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta
  • On Wednesday offered for sale 2,000 seats for the Burial of the Sardine in the Barrio del Carmen (05/04/2010)
    This is a stand at the Floridablanca gardens will be open from 10 to 13 hours
  • The Department of street cleaning tomorrow distributed 13,000 bags of biodegradable waste in the gardens of the city (05/04/2010)
    special cleaning device Bando de la Huerta includes the installation of portable toilets and 619 180contenedores
  • Young volunteers help maintain the gardens tomorrow the campaign clean 'Acho, the Bando we pick among all' (05/04/2010)
    With the slogan 'A Murcia no mess, let him tó apañao', aims to raise awareness of the importance of behaving with civility with the environment and the city
  • Thousands of flowers will be distributed at the parade "Murcia in the spring" (05/04/2010)
    Market Mercamurcia Flowers and plants, together with producers and wholesalers in the region, provide the necessary flowers for the parade
  • Mayor invites all to celebrate Murcia Bando de la Huerta with joy and respect for the environment (05/04/2010)
    Miguel Angel Chamber recalls that the party tomorrow is a unique opportunity to commemorate the rich cultural heritage that graces the city
  • Socialist Youth Centre Murcia-red stain of the streets in Spring 2010 this holiday season with its traditional campaign 'Carnation protest' (05/04/2010)
    Young Socialists Murcia was added a year to the celebration of the Spring Festival
  • Health is launching a special device on the Day of the Bando de la Huerta (05/04/2010)
    Three teams of emergency health care to strengthen throughout the day
  • 308 agents will serve Day Bando de la Huerta to ensure the safety of Murcia and visitors (05/04/2010)
    The environment Avenue Alfonso X el Sabio and the Plaza de las Flores will be closed to traffic, given the great reception of the year Past
  • Sports promotes volleyball, table tennis, athletics and mountaineering clubs subsidies (04/04/2010)
    The City contributes to the teams to participate in official competitions
  • The semes serves 68 people during the winter special device (04/04/2010)
    Delivery hot drinks, blankets, sleeping bags and moved to 7 people at the shelter Jesus Dropped
  • Five hundred Murcia operators work to keep clean during Easter and Spring Festival (03/04/2010)
    In the special service involved 505 people and 246 vehicles
  • More aid for the elderly (03/04/2010)
    The City continues providing the Centre de Torres Cabezo Day with activities socio
  • More than 3,800 students are placed on the skin of people with disabilities (03/04/2010)
    have participated in a program of the Youth Council and the National Association of Adapted Sports
  • Progress and Democracy Union urges the City of Murcia to expedite the opening of the library of St. James the Great (02/04/2010)

  • The low-income families may apply for a rental dwelling (02/04/2010)
    The City Council allocated 230,000 euros to this end
  • Murcia will bicycle rental system next month (02/04/2010)
    The City Council approved the specifications for the purchase of 180 bike
  • Valcárcel announced that the Community in the cause to prevent the withdrawal of Christ Monteagudo (01/04/2010)
    Community President reiterated that "I would rather be judged by courts to defend what I consider to justice before they do the people by not defend something you deeply believe "

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