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Murcia News - June 2016

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  • The installation begins Silverware and awnings in Tatters (30/06/2016)
    This is an initiative of the Department of Administration Modernization, Urban Quality and Participation
  • One kilogram of cocaine seized and two arrested in a control on public roads of the National Police (30/06/2016)

  • Let's change asked the City Council to ensure the operation of summer theaters (30/06/2016)

  • "Ballesta mandatory compliance of motions refuses" (30/06/2016)

  • La Virgen de las Maravillas, perpetual mayor of Los Martínez del Puerto (30/06/2016)

  • Now Murcia reminds Ballesta all unfulfilled projects in this year of the legislature (30/06/2016)
    Alicia Morales has demanded the mayor in plenary today, "less talk and more facts" and abandon its "virtual Murcia to meet the main needs of the neighbors "
  • The progress of a society should be measured by indicators of quality of life and not by GDP (30/06/2016)
    Antonio Argüeso, deputy general manager of Sociodemographic Statistics INE pinpoints the importance of indicators of quality of life in the First International Conference on Quality life and Longevity
  • Navarro Corchón: 'The Murcia should be happy, the AVE will not stop what nobody' (30/06/2016)
    The popular councilman said that "AVE is free of any obstacle of a legal nature"
  • Over 200 tables, commissions and participation forums support the desire for consensus Government Ballesta (30/06/2016)
    José Ballesta: "The degree of compliance of the 223 motions approved by this House over 85% and almost 60% of the total have unanimously approved. "
  • Two arrested for armed robbery and illegal detention of a fellow student Erasmus (30/06/2016)
    The National Police has arrested two persons of Italian nationality by the criminal acts occurred on a young Erasmus program in the region
  • The House approved a motion to educate young people about the dangers of compulsive gambling (30/06/2016)

  • The House approved a motion promote respect for street furniture (30/06/2016)
    school activities will be undertaken to sensitize students respect for common spaces
  • The House approved a motion of support for the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation with the favorable votes of the Municipal People's Party (30/06/2016)
    The councilman of Social Rights has defended in Parliament this motion, to promote the necessary legal amendments to penalize the purchase or trafficking in women for sexual commerce and those forced to prostitution
  • On Saturday is held the I Graffiti Jam (30/06/2016)
    Almost twenty taggers made murals in the old garages Latbus in an event where there will also be hip hop, workshops graffiti and exhibitions of body painting, customization of scooters, break dance and skateboarders
  • The deadline for voluntary payment of IBI ends next Tuesday (30/06/2016)
    The Municipal Tax Agency has several tools to facilitate the procedures
  • Pacheco: "The actions of opposition groups in the House has been a unreason and slapstick baseless" (30/06/2016)
    "This year we had over 200 meetings, 85% of motions executed or running and most resolutions adopted unanimously "
  • Now Murcia crossbow requires Roque Ortiz give explanations about his trip in jet with a promoter (29/06/2016)

  • Four students of Murcia receive a scholarship from "la Caixa" to pursue doctorates at universities and research centers of reference in Spain (29/06/2016)
    The company maintains its scholarship programs with two new calls for aid to promote research excellence and progress social
  • Victor Arteaga visit the Campus FBRM-UCAM Murcia (29/06/2016)
    The university played power forward and took photos with them children who enjoy s camp in the CAR Infanta Crisitina Los Alcázares
  • The UMU shows in Madrid its editorial work (29/06/2016)

  • The UMU, a pioneer in the inclusive leisure low vision patients (29/06/2016)

  • The application deadline for registering at the UMU ends on July 5th (29/06/2016)

  • Let's change will raise the redistricting of the contracts that only contribute personnel in precarious conditions (29/06/2016)

  • The UMU launches a nutritional guide with recommendations for exam periods (29/06/2016)

  • Premian UMU the documentary "The memory of hands" in five international festivals (29/06/2016)

  • Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia or active aging, one of the Congress themes quality of life and longevity (29/06/2016)
    King Felipe VI is the Honorary President of the event
  • Union of all political groups in the city of Murcia to the terrorist attacks in Istanbul (29/06/2016)
    During the minute of silence, the spokesman for the government team, said "we want to make a common front against this attack on our freedom and rights more basic "
  • Development made 135 improvements in lighting in 52 districts (29/06/2016)
    The Department will install 799 new items and replace obsolete 425 points, with an investment exceeding 1.6 million euros
  • The Municipal People's Party presented a motion to support the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation (29/06/2016)
    The City Council promote the recognition in the protocols on gender violence trafficking in women, children / as
  • Aguas de Murcia assist in improving access to drinking water in Haiti's Paleos community (29/06/2016)
    NGO Foundation Humanism and Democracy wins the seventh edition of Aguas de Murcia Solidaria Award
  • The UCAM and Biometric research on new technology related to the world of voice (29/06/2016)
    Both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement
  • The installation of a solar energy system in La Fica and improving green areas in Vistabella employs 40 young Murcia (29/06/2016)

  • La Peña El Pimiento held on Saturday Folklore Festival (29/06/2016)
    With the participation of the invited groups of Plasencia and Bolivia
  • The Socialist Party claims that the collapse of the Department of Decentralization has abandoned the districts of the municipality (29/06/2016)
    municipal boards do not have support to carry out works projects or for awarding grants to neighborhood, cultural and sports associations
  • Roque Ortiz wonders "if the councilor Maite Espinosa really lives in this world and in the worlds of Yupi" (28/06/2016)

  • Visit the artisan company Zigurat (28/06/2016)

  • Let's change fears that the ride Alfonso X is transformed into a space of terraces after pedestrianization (28/06/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia regrets that the rainbow flag not be flown at City Hall (28/06/2016)

  • The Council and the College of Architects reached an agreement for the immediate rehabilitation of the Old Jail (28/06/2016)
    The councilman of Promotion, Roque Ortiz, presented this morning the bases, developed by the Association of Architects, the Board of Spokesmen
  • The new website of Public Works receives more than 4,000 visits being interested in remodeling Alfonso X the Wise (28/06/2016)
    The Department responds to 60 questions mostly about access to garages and terraces
  • The UCAM reinforces the importance of popularizing science for society (28/06/2016)

  • Published on the official list of teams participating in the Eurocup 2016-2017 (28/06/2016)
    The CB UCAM Murcia is integrated in a box with 24 teams, 5 teams Liga Endesa
  • HUERMUR gives an ultimatum to culture to resolve the file of environment protection Malecon promenade (28/06/2016)

  • The Socialist Party accuses the government of Crossbow prosecute and punish citizens in place to ensure the proper functioning of the cleaning company (28/06/2016)
    Socialists criticize the new 'propaganda campaign' of the PP in the city of Murcia and remember that only the police can identify potential offenders and fining
  • #Murciasemueve Show in Los Molinos del Rio the best of fashion and gastronomy Murcia (28/06/2016)
    The event, to be held on Thursday, July 7, will offer fashion shows, tastings, music, dance and flea market
  • Mexican University specializing in Political Communication at the UCAM (27/06/2016)
    The Catholic University during the summer continues with its commitment to internationalization through different courses
  • Now Coello Murcia recalls that the PP "is the father of the great macro bottle in our town" (27/06/2016)

  • The sectoral Students CRUE will meet in the UMU July 19 (27/06/2016)

  • Approved the annual accounts of Emuasa (27/06/2016)
    Meeting of the General Board
  • Los Martínez del Puerto Wednesday celebrated the great day of their patron saint (27/06/2016)
    This year coincides with the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the new images from their employers
  • Thirty school students from London Putney High School visit Murcia (27/06/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco has welcomed this morning at the Plenary Hall
  • The Popular Party wants that minors do not drink a drop of alcohol or (27/06/2016)
    The Councillor for Sports and Health will present to the House an initiative to Murcia joins the network of cities against consumption by children and adolescents
  • Development grants aid to taxi drivers who have vehicles adapted service to disabled (27/06/2016)
    Murcia is the first city in the region that meets the 5% quota accessible taxis established by current legislation
  • Old garages in Latbus host next Saturday I Graffiti Jam (27/06/2016)
    About a dozen graffiti artists will perform a huge mural in an event where there will be hip hop music, workshops graffiti and exhibitions of body painting, break dance and skateboarders
  • "With industrial doctorate you ensure that you will contribute to the company and society" (27/06/2016)
    II research and doctoral seminars: Industrial PhD
  • The City Council begins using an innovative treatment of biological pest control in parks (26/06/2016)
    The Department of Modernization replaces traditional pesticide treatments by more natural and effective as fungi and insects
  • What aspects related with the Spanish quality of life? (25/06/2016)
    The UCAM and the Hispanic Foundation for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases on Thursday inaugurated the First International Conference on Quality of Life and Longevity, whose closing conference offered Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua
  • Open the deadline to register for a test of 30 seats firefighter (25/06/2016)
    Those interested in participating in the public call for selection of 30 firefighters can submit their registration and testing
  • V promoting the Physiotherapy Degree UCAM Graduates (25/06/2016)
    Dr. Pedro Vergara Lozano, professor at the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Valencia, has been the sponsor of the promotion
  • An agreement with the Training Centre Group 2000 will allow the unemployed to participate in actions teleformación (25/06/2016)
    The Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture continues to develop actions aimed at promoting social and employment
  • Social Rights promotes the welfare of more than 11,000 women in the municipality (25/06/2016)
    By agreement of collaboration with the associations of the 75 women's centers in the municipality
  • III promoting the students of the Higher Institute of San Antonio FP Graduates (24/06/2016)
    The Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment Development Murcia, Juan Hernandez, has acted as godfather
  • Murcia on Sunday will host the world athletics before the Games Rio (24/06/2016)

  • Architecture Students of the UCAM, awarded in the contest Steelcase multinational (24/06/2016)
    The students, who competed against a total of 47 projects from 50 universities in Spain and Portugal, won the second prize with his design of a new concept bike-office with unlimited renewable energy
  • Rebeca Perez: "The 89.75% of the motions have been met or are running" (24/06/2016)
    The popular councilman said that "in any Board of Spokesmen have raised questions or complaints about"
  • The UMU announces a contest for 13 seats of tenured professors (24/06/2016)

  • The opposition groups Ballesta require that respects democratic pluralism and fulfill the agreements of the Plenary (24/06/2016)

  • Firefighters made 24 interventions on the occasion of the Bonfires of San Juan (24/06/2016)
    67 Effective Service Fire Fighting and Rescue paid service from 22 pm yesterday until 4am
  • Churra approves 'in extremis' budgets thanks to the Popular Party (24/06/2016)

  • The Museum Ramon Gaya accepts the donation of a sketch of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitoline museums (24/06/2016)
    Rafael Belmonte has given the work done by the painter-sculptor Carmelo Pastor Pla, a friend of the painter Murcia
  • Environment will measure the noise on the streets of highest concentration of entertainment venues from September (24/06/2016)

  • The Department of Education allocates nearly 4.7 million euros to clean 58 public schools (24/06/2016)
    Last week and this service was approved in the 58 remaining schools in the municipality.
  • The City is working with associations involved in volunteering, care for people with neurological diseases and disabilities (24/06/2016)
    Through the New Horizon Association of Murcia, Ill Parkinson Association of Early Start and other neurological diseases Early Start (EPIT- ENIT), Volunteer Platform Association and Association Viudas Salzillo
  • The ANECA renews the UCAM accreditation three master's degrees (24/06/2016)
    This is the postgraduates Access Law, Security Sciences and Criminology, and Occupational Health and Safety, in addition to other titles that have already gone through this procedure
  • Municipality and autonomous region go hand in hand to improve public passenger transport in districts (24/06/2016)
    Representatives of the Department of Public Works and the Ministry of Public Works will maintain regular working meetings to establish formulas for the implementation of a quality public transport in the municipality
  • The Brigade of Information and Surveillance Ordinance street cleaning will begin in July through the streets of Murcia (24/06/2016)
    Its primary function is to advise citizens and ensure respect for public spaces to encourage and promote street cleaning in neighborhoods and districts
  • Twelve tunas from Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom participate in the XX edition of the International Music Festival Barrio del Carmen (24/06/2016)
    from 7 to 9 July, the Artillery Barracks will host the event featuring brand emblem Spain
  • The UMU awards prizes for contests Thader Short Story mobility and Santander Ingenio (23/06/2016)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "The accounts of the City Council are sound and that municipal providers perceive" (23/06/2016)
    Murcia ended 2015 being one of the municipalities that before pays its suppliers and has less debt per capita
  • The Socialist Party abstains in approving Accounts 2015 not having invested the City more than 70 percent of the items prescribed (23/06/2016)
    The Socialist Group considers that lacked determination and political will to implement most of the investments, except for advertising and propaganda, where they spent more than the budgeted
  • The Murcian music scene boils CreaMurcia the end of tomorrow (23/06/2016)

  • Citizens Crossbow requires the PP to clarify whether public money is paying the web of his popularesmurcia.es party (23/06/2016)
    Mario Gomez: "If it is well demand that identify responsibilities"
  • The Circus and theaters Romea feature programming first artistic level (23/06/2016)
    The season begins with productions such as The closure of love, Pascal Rambert, or interpreter, the extraordinary spectacle of Asier Etxeandía
  • The City of Murcia Participation creates the Bureau to give voice to children / as the municipality (23/06/2016)
    La Mesa is configured as an inclusive body and adapted to the diversity of this population of the municipality
  • The Swimming Club Ciudad de Murcia in Spain XXVII Open Master Championship Swimming Las Palmas 2016 (22/06/2016)

  • Holidays restlessly Jose Angel Antelo and Carlos Cabezas (22/06/2016)
    players UCAM Murcia CB still machacándose in the gym and on the track of the Sports Palace
  • The City Council is working to optimize the service provided to citizens and improve productivity and conditions of municipal employees (22/06/2016)

  • The PSOE will ask the Court of Auditors review the management of conventions and sports facilities during the stage of Miguel Cascales (22/06/2016)
    The Socialist Group wants that determine the possible liability and accounting scope by the irregular actions of the municipal government of the PP in sports
  • The City of Murcia continues to provide public childcare service during the second half of July (22/06/2016)
    The deadline to request this service began on 18 ending today
  • Day of the University of Murcia is the teacher evaluation systems (22/06/2016)

  • The Veterinary Hospital of the UMU started stem cell therapy (22/06/2016)

  • They modify the agreement on financing the building Pleiades (22/06/2016)

  • The UMU signs agreement to promote the autonomy of persons with disabilities (22/06/2016)

  • Felipe Coello: "Citizens despises the other political opposition groups" (22/06/2016)
    Coello remembers that "all meetings held to discuss matters related to sport, have been summoned, having representation of all local groups, including the last held on June 17 "
  • Now Murcia and we can denounce "the thymus" of 9 million euros pumping the safe included in the project Murcia river (22/06/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia denounces the uncertainty about opening public kindergartens during the second half of July (22/06/2016)

  • "I am El Pozo" (22/06/2016)
    Abónate and take the 'T ElPozo Ham'
  • Murcia will have more frequent tropical nights and warm days without rain at the end of the century (22/06/2016)

  • The Doors of Castilla morning'Sid and Nancy' projects within the'Cine cycle medianoche' (22/06/2016)
    Admission is free until full capacity
  • Los Martínez del Puerto celebrates the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the new images from their employers (22/06/2016)
    This afternoon there will be an act of historical commemoration and presentation of the book "Our Party 1941", by the official chronicler of the village.
  • Sadiel Rojas advancing steadily in the Centrobasket (22/06/2016)
    The Dominican Republic won the second game 87-80 to Bahamas for a vibrant meeting
  • Murcia hosts the Iberian Congress of Ichthyology, dedicated to river fish and aquaculture (21/06/2016)

  • The director of ANECA intervenes morning UMU day accreditation and evaluation of teachers (21/06/2016)

  • The draft of the new statutes of the University of Murcia will be ready next September (21/06/2016)

  • The UMU recognized at a gala to promote the sport in the Region of Murcia (21/06/2016)

  • Virginia Ruiz, named vicegerenta of the University of Murcia (21/06/2016)

  • Murcia, awarded for his leadership in combating climate change (21/06/2016)
    WWF awarded the first prize of the contest "The Challenge of Cities of Earth Hour 2015-2016"
  • The Department of Traffic establishes a control protocol management of municipal public parking (21/06/2016)
    This is to establish a framework to ensure compliance with the conditions agreed in the different specifications, to verify compliance and improve the service provided to the user
  • Environment presents the Diagnostic and Vulnerability Analysis Climate Risk for the municipality (21/06/2016)
    Antonio Navarro preside tomorrow Wednesday, at 11 am, the meeting which will be released the results of the first studies that form the roadmap Murcia Adaptation to Climate Change
  • The new plan Campodos benefit all districts of Campo de Murcia (21/06/2016)
    This Local Action Group seeks to improve conditions for entrepreneurship, attractiveness and services available in rural areas
  • The UCAM Symphony Orchestra will perform works by Bach and Mozart in the Parish of San Miguel de Murcia (21/06/2016)
    It will take place on Thursday June 23
  • Improved academic performance of students of the UMU (20/06/2016)

  • The UMU organizes a week on the rights of refugees (20/06/2016)

  • Promotion improve access Francisco José Ortega Street Stables (20/06/2016)
    The works consist of the renovation of the pedestrian pavement and rolled, and the replacement of existing alcorques
  • "Eating disorder (TCA): psychological and nutritional aspects," a new course at the University of the Sea (20/06/2016)
    The registration period closes on July 1
  • The University of the Sea, organized by the University of Murcia organizes a course to intervene in difficulties behavioral disorders (20/06/2016)

  • The Socialist Party believes that the new prices for the use of sports facilities penalize districts (20/06/2016)
    The Socialist Group claims the Councillor for Sports to explain the criteria used to want time to unify prices when facilities do not have the same level of quality
  • Murcia, selected by the EU as an international benchmark for its model of intelligent urban development (20/06/2016)

  • The Universidad del Mar hosts the III Course "Parachuting: History, Teaching and Research" (20/06/2016)

  • Ruiz Caballero: "Currently 4,000 elderly in the municipality benefit from social benefits the City of Murcia" (19/06/2016)
    The popular councilman said that "the service of home help the City of Murcia serves more than 1,700 people, currently "
  • The Socialist Party claims that there are elderly people waiting for more than a year ago home help (19/06/2016)
    The Socialist Group requires the mayor Ballesta they stop electioneering ads on social policy and resolve pending cases
  • Murcia City Council allocated 15,000 euros to the protective "The Shelter" for the handling of animals (19/06/2016)
    In addition to recovering abandoned animals, the association carries out awareness campaigns against abandoning pets and encourages the adoption and training
  • Murcia, Spanish finalist for the International Prize "Challenge of Cities" that next Tuesday fails (19/06/2016)
    The award, granted by WWF recognizes local governments that perform the best initiatives in the fight against climate change
  • The XXXII Trophy CN Murcia San Jorge town gathers more than 400 swimmers from 27 clubs of 5 communities (18/06/2016)

  • X promotion of the Master of Sports Traumatology UCAM Graduates (18/06/2016)
  • Navarro Corchón: The PSOE knows that the AVE works continue and meet the need to modify the works contract (18/06/2016)
    The popular council states that the Ministry of Development "is working with absolute rapid processing of the relevant files, respecting the law, as it should be "
  • New batch of nurses in the UCAM (18/06/2016)
    The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Jesús Sánchez Martos, has acted as godfather of the promotion of Grade V
  • The City Council opens the deadline for booking of more than 8,000 available seats sports activities for the course 2016/2017 (18/06/2016)
    As a novelty among the sports activities will teach paddle for children aged 5 to 15 years
  • Six more schools will repair and maintenance this summer (18/06/2016)
    The amount, amounting to 126,000 euros, will go to repairing toilets, facades and exterior paints, among other performances
  • The Socialist Party denounced the abuse of government Rajoy travelers El Carmen supporting the Weatherproof arrival of trains (18/06/2016)
    Socialists require Ballesta claiming to Promoting an area suitable waiting for travelers, explanations stops works for months and more information about the burial and the arrival of the AVE
  • 200 children benefit from'Concilia' service of the City of Murcia (18/06/2016)
    Specifically, the activities contemplated by this service are: Ludoteca, Schools Christmas vacation, Spring, June, September and holidays, Summer School and School of Mothers Parent
  • The UCAM graduates to promote its V nursing students (17/06/2016)
    Jesús Sánchez Martos, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, has acted as godfather of the new promotion
  • Donation portrait of one of the architects of the creation of the UMU (17/06/2016)

  • Universities and the challenge of the digital society, discussed in the seminars the rector of the UMU (17/06/2016)

  • Now Murcia Decentralization complaint fails to comply with agreements plenary and Law (17/06/2016)
    The municipal formation argues that the Department of Jose Guillen "puts all sorts of obstacles to facilitate invoices and documentation of municipal boards"
  • Aguas de Murcia stops emitting annually 150 tons of CO2 thanks to the efficient management and implementation of technological improvements (17/06/2016)
    The councilman of Promotion, Roque Ortiz, participated this morning in a round table on the 'Current situation of water urban 'framed in the II Forum of Cities
  • The Cloister of the UMU studies the granting of honorary doctorates and analyze the academic results of last year (17/06/2016)

  • Citizens requested an interview with the Minister of Development to address the reset line 27 urgently (17/06/2016)

  • Convened a contest for 28 seats of teachers hired assistant doctor (17/06/2016)

  • La Plaza de Santo Domingo hosts this afternoon and tomorrow the Natura'Terra event in ciudad' for younger (17/06/2016)
    Attendees will be photographed with raptors, pony rides, participate in a Hall of Nature and have fun with nine workshops on animals
  • The municipal museums organize more than a dozen workshops for children and youth during the summer (17/06/2016)
    also have organized activities for adults
  • Murcia City Council will provide free tax and employment advice to new entrepreneurs (17/06/2016)
    The Governing Board gives green light to the aid announced by the Mayor at a meeting with businessmen staying at the Center for Municipal Initiatives
  • Education allocates nearly 4.8 million euros in cleaning 58 public schools in the municipality (17/06/2016)
    maintenance of schools represents an annual outlay of 15.7 million to city coffers
  • Heritage cedes to a local ERDF to provide psychosocial care for people with rare diseases (17/06/2016)
    In principle, they will have this space, located in the Orchard Street Pumps for a period at least 2 years
  • Fire Murcia have a new vehicle light pumper (17/06/2016)
    Fleet Service Fire Fighting and Rescue currently has 37 operating vehicles
  • Young entrepreneurs in the UCAM analyze the changes introduced by the European legislation on banking regulation, Basel III (17/06/2016)
    The assessment of companies and bank negotiation are the central themes of the program promoted by the ITM
  • Graduating students of the IV Master in Geriatrics promotion UCAM (16/06/2016)
    Luis González Monje, medical director of the Hospital de Fourviere Lyon, has acted as godfather of the new promotion
  • The editor of the UMU published a book on the ideological effects of advertising (16/06/2016)

  • Prevention and road safety education from school for drivers of the XXI century (16/06/2016)

  • The gypsy community in Murcia faces the challenges of the future with "more training to reach higher dreams" (16/06/2016)

  • Let's change Murcia urges the council to ensure living conditions in the homes of the late Francisco Franco Patronato (16/06/2016)

  • The tram demand increased in April by 13.6% over the same month of 2015 (16/06/2016)
    This means of transport was used in that month for 472,222 trips
  • The UCAM hosts the workshop on European funding, driven from the cluster CitizeM (16/06/2016)
    The Catholic Institution is part of the consortium that seeks to promote efficiency, sustainability and livability of the municipalities in the region, through collaborative innovation
  • The Network of Cities for the Bicycle continues to work to promote the use of bicycles as a vehicle for everyday use (16/06/2016)
    Councilwoman Lola Sanchez this morning attended the meeting of the Board of the association
  • Luis Jesus Fernandez paints the poster Moors and Christians (16/06/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the sorry state of electrical installations and systems of public schools in the municipality of Murcia (16/06/2016)
    The councilors Susana Hernandez and Maite Espinosa visited schools of Santiago el Mayor, with its mayor Juan Jose Garcia and Juan Luis Soto, Senate candidate
  • Act campaign in the PP headquarters of La Alberca (16/06/2016)

  • The Iª solidarity popular race organized by CEI school with support of the City of Murcia get 3,500 euros for'Save The Children' (16/06/2016)
    The initiative took place on 28 February in the Garden of Malecón and drew the participation of 500 people
  • School for new parents (16/06/2016)

  • Experts from six universities are demanding greater role of Roman law in Europe (16/06/2016)

  • Success Quarry ElPozo FS (16/06/2016)
    This Sunday, five teams of ElPozo FS could be distinguished with the title of Champion of Spain
  • Murcia City Council allocated 20,000 euros this year to the Food Bank for the most disadvantaged groups (16/06/2016)
    The distribution system is organized through non-governmental organizations, which are doing the division between families
  • PSOE and Citizens meet with officials of Iberdrola and Development to learn about the works of the lines Patiño and El Palmar (16/06/2016)
    The work of the substation Patino cause inconvenience to the residents of El Palmar, with trenching and cuts street
  • Leading experts participating in Title Communication Policy UCAM (16/06/2016)
    This title university expert among its teachers with Rafa Rubio, advisor Mariano Rajoy in the 2011 election campaign
  • 12 groups compete in the semifinals of music CreaMurcia other trends (16/06/2016)
    Today, tomorrow and last from 22:00 pm in Room REM
  • PP president in Nonduermas condemned the vandalism occurred in the hamlet (15/06/2016)
    "In the Popular Party we are good people working for their pimps pedanía not engaged in breaking mirrors"
  • The Socialist Group expressed support for the Citizens Voice Nonduermas and requires the PP to condemn vandalism (15/06/2016)
    José Ignacio Ballesta Gras asks the mayor to reject such acts committed against democratic representatives of the City in the municipal boards
  • Treasury auction real estate and a vehicle for more than one million euros (15/06/2016)
    The lots offered have been constituted by houses with garages and storage rooms and large solar and farms in Aljucer, Bathrooms and Beggar, Algezares
  • Ponies and raptors invade this weekend the Plaza de Santo Domingo (15/06/2016)
    Next Friday and Saturday will be held in the Plaza de Santo Domingo children's workshops, nature classrooms and prize draws
  • Citizens denounced a new act of vandalism in the village of Nonduermas against his vocal (15/06/2016)

  • Sports, music, giant paella and playground to celebrate the holidays the Circle of Peace (15/06/2016)
    The activities will run until end of month
  • Now Murcia requires the PP to act to ensure compliance with the law in the garages of Latbus (15/06/2016)
    The municipal formation has addressed the Town Planning to break out the necessary measures to ensure that the facilities of El Palmar comply with the law after the revelation in Murcia last month Now
  • The UMU hosts conference on the economic aspects of the Spanish health system (15/06/2016)

  • Congress meets in the UMU Sociolingüístico 1,100 participants from 70 countries (15/06/2016)

  • 95% of graduates in law UCAM pass the exam Access to the Legal Profession (15/06/2016)
    Passing this test is necessary to practice the profession of lawyer
  • 45,000 people a month will enjoy the municipal swimming pools which will open its doors on July 2 (15/06/2016)

  • 2,000 participants in the steeplechase Iª "Invictus Murcia" (15/06/2016)
    Next September 18 starting and finishing from the Plaza of the Red Cross
  • The Office of the Bicycle invites murcianos to walk under the full moon Friendly Way between Murcia with La Ñora (15/06/2016)
    On Saturday, departing from Glorieta de Spain at 20:30
  • Begin the Celebrations of the district of Infante Juan Manuel (15/06/2016)
    About thirty activities will happen from this afternoon until Sunday
  • The Contest of Painting and drawing Night and Museum Day 2016 has already winners (15/06/2016)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture, Jesus Pacheco, attended the awards ceremony
  • Friendship, companionship and respect for the cultural and historical heritage of Murcia in the Gymkhana Rotary (15/06/2016)
    José Ballesta makes presenting awards to students participating in the competition organized by the Rotary Club Murcia North
  • Jerome Trsitante closing the IX Meeting of reading clubs where involving 150 elderly (15/06/2016)

  • English courses, zumba, modern dance and classical extend the range of activities of Local Youth Council in July (15/06/2016)
    English courses will be held in the morning or afternoon, will consist of 40 hours and will cost 60 euros
  • 21'hoteles' school gardens will have to ensure the survival of species that eliminate damage to plantations (15/06/2016)
    The reason is none other than rewarding the participation of public, private and charter schools in the municipality of Murcia
  • Francisco Javier Diez de Revenga: "What else has enriched me in my college life has been friendship" (14/06/2016)
    Professor of Spanish Literature retires presenting a book about his specialty: the poets of 27
  • Relay in the rectory team to strengthen UMU students, Transparency and Equality (14/06/2016)

  • The number of houses to be rehabilitated in Los Rosales of El Palmar extends 259 (14/06/2016)
    Project Area Regeneration and Urban Renewal Los Rosales foresees a total investment of more than 3 million
  • International experts discuss the UMU the sustainability of health systems in times of crisis (14/06/2016)

  • Awards Olympics Latin and Greek (14/06/2016)

  • Now Murcia denounces the park new buildings condomina "is made a dumpy" (14/06/2016)
    The municipal formation requires the Consistory to take steps to condition the only park in the area, "full of dirt, in a very poor condition and broken playground equipment and trash inside "
  • The Civil Guard detained a driver for driving 11 kilometers in the opposite direction on the highway (14/06/2016)
    In Murcia, motorway A-7 (Barcelona-Algeciras)
  • Murcia tram expand its schedule next Saturday because of the opposition of Education (14/06/2016)
    The first tram from the stop Estadio Nueva Condomina will towards City / Universities Center at 06:42 pm
  • You can now consult the draft of the remodeling of Alfonso X in the new website of the Department of Public Works (14/06/2016)
    The City receives more than 60 consultations on this initiative
  • More than 8,400 schoolchildren from 80 schools in the municipality know the rules of pedestrian traffic (14/06/2016)
    In the Children's Traffic Park have also learned to properly use the bicycle
  • For equality, visibility and full inclusion of Spanish sign languages (14/06/2016)
    The president of the Federation of the Deaf of the Region of Murcia (Fesormu), Francisco Jesus Perez, today made the Institutional Declaration to mark the National Day of Languages Signs Spanish
  • Summer comes, they return nightly visits to the Tower of the Cathedral (14/06/2016)

  • They call for the dismantling of an illegal antenna Zarandona (14/06/2016)
    Ecologists in Action requires compliance with the urban and environmental law
  • The neediest families will be guaranteed free room of their children in summer school (14/06/2016)

  • The Sports Palace hosts this weekend's Final Four Benjamin and Child Spain Championship Club (14/06/2016)

  • The City Council studies to improve the employability of people at risk of social and labor exclusion (14/06/2016)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "In the current situation it is impossible for municipal services assume the service of the population register" (13/06/2016)
    The Councillor for Finance and Procurement explained that the municipal plenary agreement was to urge the Governing Board
  • The Department of Modernization create a zone of canine recreation in Los Garres (13/06/2016)
    Councilman Jose Guillen has visited this morning the school Antonio Diaz in which students of 6th of Primary are carrying out the 'Flowers by poops' initiative
  • The opposition denounced the failure of the agreements of the Plenary for redistricting services (13/06/2016)
    The Government included in the Procurement award Management Service of the Municipal Register, against two motions approved in March and May
  • Cardinal Rouco Varela, new Doctor Honoris Causa by the UCAM (13/06/2016)
    Mendoza took the opportunity to publicly condemn the attack this weekend in Orlando, and has disowned the campaign launched in Valencia in which images are used, the Virgin of the Helpless and Monserrat
  • 3 groups CreaMurcia the final of Pop Rock dispute (13/06/2016)
    On Friday June 24, from 20:30 pm in the Auditorium Park Fofó
  • Jose Ignacio Gras: "The first year of Ballesta has been based on facade and advertisements, but have not solved the problems of citizenship" (13/06/2016)
    Socialist spokesman in the city of Murcia highlights the work of the Municipal Group Socialist durantes this year and substantial change in management most of the municipal boards
  • The National Lottery dedicates a tenth to the Virgen de la Arrixaca (13/06/2016)
    This 380 anniversary of the creation of the Brotherhood and the 750th anniversary of the City Council commemorated
  • El Pozo Murcia City is prepared to repeat a historic season (13/06/2016)
    Alex Garcia from the Hercules San Vicente is incorporated
  • Murcia celebrate Pride Week LGTBI with a dozen activities (13/06/2016)
    From Wednesday until Saturday different parts of the city will host parties, a parade, a concert, Batukada and a literary table to promote tolerance and demand equal rights of this group
  • Town Hall and Community work together to improve assistance to victims of gender violence (13/06/2016)
    Murcia has the Initial Center in which it receives and evaluates each case in the first instance, and shelters in which it serves both battered women and their children
  • The ninth that has kept Murcia safe from the plague since 1648 (12/06/2016)
    The mayor attends the Eucharist San Antonio to maintain this tradition, which commemorates the eradication of the epidemic that struck the city during the first half of the seventeenth century
  • Murcia City Council allocated 20,000 euros to cover the area affected by the earthquake in Ecuador population (12/06/2016)
    Through partnerships Spanish Red Cross and Unicef ​​
  • Mercedes Garcia and Laura Sanchez, queens of the Regional House of Murcia and Albacete Valencia (12/06/2016)
    Councilman Jesus Pacheco attended yesterday the act of exaltation
  • Football fields Guadalupe, Espinardo, Churra and recondition your lighting Beniaján (12/06/2016)
    95,432 euros is the amount for such action
  • Citizens' Miguel Cascales knew and tolerated irregularities in the maintenance and use of sports facilities " (11/06/2016)

  • A new law regularized the name of roads, public spaces and buildings (11/06/2016)
    The Department of Trade and Institutional Relations Organization approves a regulation that sets out the various criteria will be considered for naming the town streets
  • Citizens complaint that a new PP error will cost nine million euros of the water tariff to Murcia, if not assumed by ADIF (10/06/2016)

  • Now Murcia calls for measures for road safety of pupils attending schools in algezares (10/06/2016)
    The municipal formation take a motion to the next plenary session of this parish because "the narrowness of the sidewalks, their absence in some sections and high traffic density causes a very dangerous situation for pedestrians "
  • The Murcia know the benefits of renewable energy applied to homes (10/06/2016)
    Build Road 2020 visit Murcia in their journey through 15 Spanish cities
  • The City of Murcia seals the commitment of all its departments to the recovery and protection of Huerta (10/06/2016)
    This plan, which values ​​the territorial and cultural heart of Murcia, is a cornerstone of the model municipality driven by the local government
  • The control center Murcia Fire last year received more than 9,000 emergency calls (10/06/2016)
    The Board of Governors approved the specifications for contract maintenance of digital communications integrator Service Fire Fighting and Rescue
  • More than 6,700 people visited last year the resort's Wall (10/06/2016)
    The Governing Board OKs the specifications Management Service Guided Tours, Information and Activities of this tourist facility Santa Eulalia
  • The Silverware, Tatters and its surrounding streets this summer will have a shaded area system (10/06/2016)
    to mitigate the high temperatures and encourage pedestrian walkway
  • Ballesta advocates the unity of Spain and puts Murcia as an example of national diversity (09/06/2016)

  • More than 300 students at the end of course concert Orchestral Workshops UCAM (09/06/2016)

  • Murcia dresses up to celebrate the Day of the participatory Region (09/06/2016)

  • Students and researchers UCAM collaborate with RafaPuede Foundation (08/06/2016)
    Both institutions have signed an agreement that aims to improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities through new technologies, and the involvement of students in volunteer work
  • Navarro Corchón: The PP government is the only one who has taken serious steps by the arrival of the AVE to Murcia " (08/06/2016)
    The popular councilman said that" the government of Rodriguez Zapatero "not made a single progress in this area, and that the PSOE knows, he knows and seems to lie not remember
  • Now Murcia denounces the abandonment of a large number of sheets of asbestos by the ceip the Arboleja (08/06/2016)
    Angeles Micol also recalls that "in November our motion for removal of the hazardous material from the roofs of schools was approved, and has not been fulfilled "
  • David Martinez Victorio is named manager of the University of Murcia (08/06/2016)

  • The Official Gazette published the tender for drafting the Master Plan of all San Esteban (08/06/2016)
    The deadline for companies will run for 30 days
  • Social Rights meets with Hope Phone to study new lines of work (08/06/2016)

  • 370 forms of solidarity (08/06/2016)
    Nearly 700 children and youth have participated in the campaign to promote volunteer work that promotes the Office of Volunteer Social Service Centre 'Murcia Sur', in schools and colleges.
  • The Municipal Board Carmen approved the transfer of under the old school del Carmen to the Brotherhood of the Blood last February (08/06/2016)
    Saura: "From the PP believe that will be a point of interest of the first order, the rest building for applications to be decided in the future "
  • Award for 30 years of UCAM Murcia CB (08/06/2016)
    Cope Murcia and City Hall reward basketball club history
  • Almost a hundred Murcia Fire participating in a course of movement of heavy loads (08/06/2016)
    Thus have been formed to act in case of collapse and collapsing buildings or falling elements considerable weight and dimensions
  • The Steeplechase I'Crazy Race' congregates in Murcia 1,000 participants next September (08/06/2016)
    The test will take place on Sunday 4 September at 10:00 hours in different batches output through the city center Township Murcia
  • 1,210 children will participate in Summer Schools 24 (08/06/2016)

  • The PSOE accuses Crossbow lack of courage against Rajoy to not claim the arrival of the AVE and the burial of the committed way (08/06/2016)
    Socialists urge Rajoy to take advantage of his visit to Murcia in campaign to clarify Murcia and Murcia when will be completed by the works of undergrounding
  • Murcia City Council shows its support for research of disease syndrome Cach (08/06/2016)
    has been presented the documentary '' A fight against time, fighting Ainara '
  • 15 groups face in the semifinals of CreaMurcia Pop Rock (08/06/2016)
    The performances will be held today, Thursday and Friday from 22:00 in the garage Beat Club
  • Development and the city of Murcia analyze the situation of coastal North and South (07/06/2016)
    Road infrastructure facilitates, as a ring, commuting between the districts of the city
  • Navarro: "We will act firmly in favor of the preservation of the traditional landscape of the Garden" (07/06/2016)
    Inspectors from the Department of Planning examine the work done in the ditch passing through Alguazas Garres
  • Line 39 bus to the campus of Espinardo will remain unchanged until the first half of July (07/06/2016)

  • The Property Tax low for the second consecutive year despite the incorporation of new properties (07/06/2016)
    The 2016 census is the collection until 5 July with 10,392,104 euros of tax benefits and a decrease of 2,443,885 euros by reducing the tax rate
  • The Benjamin, Youngsters, Kids and Cadet Aljucer ElPozo FS teams will play the Final Four Championship Club Spain (07/06/2016)
    The Sports Palace will host Benjamin and Child
  • Carmen Mitxelena provides key funding the cultural sector in Spain following the economic crisis at the Center Puertas de Castilla (07/06/2016)
    On June 8 Professor of Applied Economics at the Complutense University of Madrid reflects on funding opportunities in culture .
  • The University of Murcia is open until June 24 the deadline to apply for study grants (07/06/2016)

  • More than 40 dancers from the National Dance Company uploaded to the tables to play'Don Romea Quijote' (07/06/2016)
    The work, choreographed by the director of formation, José Carlos Martínez, visit Murcia after harvesting a success in Madrid , Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao
  • The regional handball enters the University of Murcia with greater force than ever (07/06/2016)

  • Young qualified and highly motivated (07/06/2016)

  • AJVA fifty donates books to the library of Public School Francisco Sanchez mattes Aljucer (07/06/2016)
    The aljucereña association has delivered these books within your program Reading Promotion is launching
  • Platform "The South Coast is also Murcia" (07/06/2016)

  • Murcia earns more than 1,600 square meters of pedestrian areas in the center of the city (06/06/2016)

  • The PSOE criticizes Ballesta making decisions about the old school of Carmen without consulting the Municipal Board (06/06/2016)
    The mayor of the district of Carmen believes that participation and transparency are empty words for the government of PP
  • The pool looks Infante and his recycling graffiti (06/06/2016)
    The aldermen Roque Ortiz and Antonio Navarro have visited this afternoon the mural of 80 square meters in which four graffiti artists have worked for five days
  • Begin Theatre Festival III'Amparo Rivelles' Centers Women's Hall of Murcia (06/06/2016)
    The performances take place from today until Wednesday, June 8 at 19:00 at the Teatro Bernal
  • Students from different schools in the region will participate in the concert of Orchestral Workshops UCAM (06/06/2016)
    Tomorrow, Tuesday at 19 pm
  • The City of Murcia continues to fight against the tiger mosquito (06/06/2016)
    Use repellents, especially in the legs;
  • The City Council is working to strengthen support to families in crisis (06/06/2016)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to scams continued in an arcade (06/06/2016)
    Detained three people and investigated five other alleged authorship of continued swindle
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the transfer of the old school of El Carmen without citizenship (06/06/2016)

  • The unions represented in the city of Murcia meet with local groups (06/06/2016)

  • Gold Medals CARM to Literature and Philosophy (06/06/2016)

  • Begins installing a new bench in the Plaza Cetina MUyBICI (06/06/2016)
    The system of public bicycle rental and has 54 stations
  • Let's change the future Murcia proposes that the City web of transparency include the degree of implementation of motions (06/06/2016)

  • Detainee less "red-handed" as he pulled an envelope with money donations mailbox of a church (06/06/2016)
    The envelope recovered an anonymous donation supposed containing 500 euros inside
  • The Socialist Party demands immediate serious security problems CEIP Our Lady solutions of the Incarnation of La Raya.. (06/06/2016)
    Cracks, leaks and landslides jeopardize the safety of children in kindergarten, who teach every day in danger afraid that the building fall on them
  • Two brothers arrested for a robbery in a park (06/06/2016)
    In the city of Murcia
  • The third edition of Animal Sound expands scenarios and styles (06/06/2016)
    Fairground Fica host this electronic music festival next June 25
  • The UMU help the College of Economists in the preparation of studies on the public sector (06/06/2016)
    The University of Murcia (UMU) collaborate with the Association of Economists of the Region in the development of studies on regional public sector
  • Teachers involved in the UMU research provides key information on the development of sensory perception in fungi (06/06/2016)

  • New skills in student matters (06/06/2016)

  • The Office Citizen of the Plaza of the Apostles extends its hours uninterruptedly (05/06/2016)

  • Libraries open on weekends to prepare for exams (05/06/2016)

  • 9 associations and women's centers participating in the XIII Painting Competition'Flores and Libros' (05/06/2016)
    The works will be on display until June 15, from 18:00 to 20:30
  • The Socialist Party denounced breaches of Ballesta on public transport (05/06/2016)
    The Socialist Group has led the Regional Assembly restoration of Line 27 and calls for the revision of the Mobility Plan to solve the problems of urban transport in the municipality of Murcia
  • CD Puerto FS and ElPozo win and fight for a place in the Final (04/06/2016)

  • Graduation of Masters degrees and nutrition and feeding UCAM (04/06/2016)
    Ricardo Moreno Meseguer, director of operations Juver Food, has been the godfather of new graduates
  • 250 children become Belluga Square in a kitchen for fruits and vegetables (04/06/2016)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, attended the competition, which aims to promote healthy eating
  • The Garden of Malecón neighborhood hosts the Festival Convivencia (04/06/2016)
    The Federation of Neighborhood Associations of the Municipality of Murcia held this journey which was attended by Councilman Jose Guillen and Councilwoman Maruja Pelegrin
  • The Networks program for free time goes back to the street (04/06/2016)
    Activities have developed this morning in the University Square
  • Graduation groups A, B and C of CAFD and TAMA (04/06/2016)
    Alonso Gómez López, CEO of Sports of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, has been the godfather of new graduates
  • Thomas Violante participates in the XXVI March to the Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (04/06/2016)

  • 220 young people have completed the Junior Language Club City of Murcia (04/06/2016)
    The initiative is aimed at young people aged between 12 and 17 years.
  • The IV Promotion Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sport UCAM graduates (03/06/2016)
    Alonso Gómez López, CEO of Sports of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, has acted as godfather of group D of CAFD
  • Now Murcia claims that the underground containers in the environment Romea has no archaeological studies (03/06/2016)

  • Let's change denounces the transfer of municipal facilities to private activities Paulo Roberto (03/06/2016)

  • An exhibition commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Brotherhood of Christ of the Faith Corvera (03/06/2016)
    Jesus Pacheco open "Contents of Faith" on Monday, at 21.30 pm in the cultural center of the hamlet
  • The UCAM participate in the US in the most important fair worldwide in the field of higher education (03/06/2016)
    NAFSA meets in each edition over a thousand universities from five continents
  • UCAM students put their teachers high marks for close treatment and personal tutoring (03/06/2016)
    Academic subjects his faculty to student assessment to improve the quality of training
  • "The season finale was the best time of year" (03/06/2016)
    Jose Angel Antelo praised the historical role of this course UCAM Murcia CB
  • Stewards in the city of Murcia are concentrated at the gates of the consistory to unclog collective bargaining (03/06/2016)

  • Shows air theater, bands in the streets and display PAPEA, main activities for the Feast Day of the Region (03/06/2016)
    Murcia City Council and the Autonomous Region organized a full program of events for the whole family occasion the 34th anniversary of the Statute of Autonomy and the 750 Council of Murcia
  • Next month, work began at the entrance to the cemetery of Nuestro Padre Jesus (03/06/2016)
    The Department of Public Works will improve accessibility and vehicular traffic and pedestrians
  • Small teachers of the environment (03/06/2016)

  • The Governing Board approved a cooperation agreement for the development of Municipal Campus '12 ° futsal Paulo Roberto' (03/06/2016)
    The event will take place from June 20 to July 8, Monday through Friday, from 09:00 to 14:00
  • Murcia City Council approves nearly 3,000 seats for this summer and for the next academic year 2016/2017 Sports Center Verdolay (03/06/2016)

  • Murcia City Council allocated 111,840 euros for the maintenance and repair of 6 schools from the city center and districts (03/06/2016)
    The amount is earmarked 111,840 euros for the repair of toilets, facades, exterior paints and other performances
  • They begin the restoration of the facade of the Palace Almudí (03/06/2016)
    The restoration was carried out under the technical direction of restaurateur, and according to the guidelines of the Directorate General of Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of the CARM
  • The PSOE criticizes the governments of the PP in the city of Murcia have not created or a place of Early Childhood Education in twenty Years (03/06/2016)
    The Socialists claim that, with few seats and a higher level than many private schools price, the business favors private companies over the needs of families Murcia
  • The UCAM celebrates a historic season with the crosshairs in Rio 16 (02/06/2016)

  • Donation to the University of Murcia fossil dinosaur footprints (02/06/2016)

  • Espinardo Campus of the UMU will thwarts the municipal bicycle rental (02/06/2016)

  • The Municipal Center for Business Initiatives celebrates the second anniversary of the Business Forum (02/06/2016)
    Dozens of entrepreneurs have attended the event which has served to establish professional partnerships and share experiences
  • The UMU agroecology organizes activities to celebrate the Environment Day (02/06/2016)

  • Let's change asked the City Council to continue reducing the use of sports agreement (02/06/2016)

  • Fede Fernando returns and with Elias and are the first team of El Pozo Murcia FS (02/06/2016)

  • More than 200 people show their solidarity by donating blood in the morning hours Dei Marathon Murcia (02/06/2016)
    This afternoon continue withdrawals in the Hall of City Hall from 16.30 to 21.30
  • The PSOE highlights the recognition in the Commission of Inquiry into the mismanagement of the PP of sports facilities for twenty years (02/06/2016)
    The Socialists expect the report of the Legal Services allows establish responsibilities in this matter
  • Football fields Santiago El Mayor will have new grass after summer (02/06/2016)
    facilities totaling about a thousand users, most four clubs youth football
  • The City Council promotes extracurricular activities in schools with 100,000 euros (02/06/2016)

  • The singer Marwan and actors Alberto San Juan and Aten Soria fired in June season Teatro Circo Murcia (02/06/2016)

  • The City of Murcia offers support for taxi rides to people with physical disabilities (02/06/2016)
    The call to access these benefits ends on June 13.
  • Mercamurcia day hosts an explanatory aid and funding instruments to improve energy efficiency (02/06/2016)
    The aldermen Jose Guillen and Maruja Pelegrin inaugurated this morning the meeting which was attended by dozens of representatives of companies in the wholesale market
  • The XXVI March Diocesan travel from the Plaza de Santo Domingo to the Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (02/06/2016)
    Tomorrow there will be the XXVI March Diocese to the Heart of Jesus Monteagudo, a march that is done for 26 years coinciding with the feast of the Sacred heart of Jesus
  • Almudí Palace will host the International Guitar Festival (02/06/2016)
    Johannes Tonio Kreusch, Carlos Piñana and a selection of musicians from the Conservatory Manuel Massotti part of the program to be held from 14 to 16 June
  • Campus Espinardo summer have five caucuses MUyBICI (02/06/2016)
    An agreement between the Department of Traffic and Public Safety and the University of Murcia also allow students and teaching staff enjoy a 25% discount on rates
  • More than 30 children enjoy games, workshops environmental care, cooking, theater and social skills in the Summer School of Local Youth Council (02/06/2016)
    It will be held from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 13 pm in the Youth space 585 M2
  • Miguelín, MVP of Euro UEFA (01/06/2016)

  • More than 60 new parents have learned to solve problems acquiring new skills with their babies (01/06/2016)
    From the months of December 2015 and until today, has developed the course
  • Now Murcia urged to act on the castellar Churra, a victim of the chaos of the Department of Planning (01/06/2016)
    Alicia Morales said that the historic building, municipal and located at a site property, no card catalog, "which has led your situation ruinous "
  • Let's change denounced the "unjustified" delay the local government in the implementation of the motion on social networks (01/06/2016)

  • 41 Fire Murcia part from today Infomur Plan (01/06/2016)
    perform tasks of prevention, monitoring and fighting fires in this period of high fire risk
  • The City Council welcomes morning I Blood Donation Marathon in Murcia (01/06/2016)

  • The UCAM dresses to celebrate her Olympic Sports Gala (01/06/2016)
    Thirteen athletes with parking for Rio 16 will be Thursday in the Campus of Los Jerónimos
  • 60 shops and Silver Tatters place four "Days of Shopping" with discounts up to 50% (01/06/2016)

  • The Morning III Motero Musical All Natalia held in Bacons Bridge on Sunday June 5th (01/06/2016)
    The activity has been presented today, Wednesday, June 1, at a press conference by the Mayor of the town, Enrique Carrillo.
  • Murcia and L'Hospitalet dispute the final of the National Football League on Saturday (01/06/2016)
    The event will take place at the Municipal Sports Joseph Barnes at 18:00
  • The UMU present at the Conference of the largest international association of Education (01/06/2016)

  • The City of Murcia participates in the puzzle solidarity with the International Day of Organ and Tissue Donor (01/06/2016)

  • Facundo Campazzo, points leader and assessment of the quarterfinals of the League Playoff Endesa (01/06/2016)
    foundation Argentine finished with an average of 22 points and 25.3 in the global calculation
  • On Monday is the deadline to register for the test for obtaining municipal taxi driver permit (01/06/2016)

  • The Doors Center Castilla opens tomorrow cycle Film Midnight (01/06/2016)
    Attendees can watch for free 'Hairspray', 'The Little Shop of Horrors', 'Sid and Nancy' and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'
  • The Murcia City Swimming Club makes history in the European Championships Masters swimming London (01/06/2016)

  • 2,400 students market their products and develop teamwork in the 7th edition of Mini Market (01/06/2016)
    have been present 44 corresponding to the stands 37 Secondary schools
  • The interviewer-interviewee tuning is basic research for proven quality (01/06/2016)
    A book addresses the importance of the interview in social science research
  • The draft Visitor Center Contraparada, new environmental, cultural and tourist reference of Murcia (01/06/2016)
    The project is one of the important activities of the Action Plan of the Huerta developed by the city of Murcia and has a budget 488,000 euros
  • Ten murcianos are rewarded with a picture of Angel Haro for their participation in the Day and Night of Museums (01/06/2016)
    Over 30,000 people visited the museums in the city during these days
  • The UMU calls elections for student representatives in the Senate in the Governing Council (01/06/2016)

  • The Cordovan wing Andresito and Brazilian power forward Pito El Pozo Murcia will join next season (01/06/2016)

  • The City Council encourages Murcia to volunteer for Jesus Forsaken (01/06/2016)
    The areas where you can work during the months of July and August are: social dining, activities in the Day Center and the Welcome Center

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