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Murcia News - April 2009

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  • Doctoral thesis on the genetic improvement of apricot (30/04/2009)

  • Moya-angel visited the Little Sisters of the Poor in his new seekers (30/04/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Finance will inaugurate tomorrow facilities pm
  • The cycle passes Theatre held on Friday afternoon (30/04/2009)
    La Plaza Romea morning hosts 'Oasis Smile', from 18 hours
  • Mayor Juan Carlos I opened in the new "city of business and sport" (30/04/2009)
    Downtown JC1, which opens today, features a fitness center, municipal social center, nursery, hotel, spa, office building and parking
  • The University of Murcia approved the limits of new entry places for next year (30/04/2009)

  • To be sold out and advance purchase tickets for SOS 4.8 (30/04/2009)
    The festival will feature two days with some 40,000 attendees, a 63 percent outside the Region of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia implements measures to prevent the spread of new influenza (30/04/2009)

  • CB Murcia opens with victory in the junior sector (30/04/2009)
    The Mark Martin bowed to Puertollano CB 105-65
  • The University of Murcia enhance plant screen located between the campus and Highway Espinardo (30/04/2009)

  • The UCAM achieved spectacular results in the University Championships in Spain 2009 (30/04/2009)
    Athletes of the UCAM have achieved so far, nine gold medals, one silver and four bronze
  • The artisans of the region 'dress' 15 windows of the mall La Noria (30/04/2009)
    Marin exhibition opens that displays the new trends in regional crafts marked by innovation, design and materials
  • 24,000 euros for the Intervention Program on Smoking of the City of Murcia (30/04/2009)

  • Activities of the University of Murcia for the week from 4 to 10 May 2009 (30/04/2009)

  • House calls for the Ministry of Industry to recover the subsidy in the rates of street lighting (30/04/2009)
    Mayor report 40% rise in electricity tariff
  • The House demands that the rise in electricity tariff conforming to IPC (30/04/2009)
    The PP also presented a motion asking the National Government to create a special discount for local councils
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in corner Beniscornia, Torreagüera and La Alberca (30/04/2009)
    The City Council is campaigning throughout the year to control insects and rodents
  • The House agreed to the remodeling of the MU-300 at The Avenue Azacaya and Region of Murcia (30/04/2009)
    The project will take place upon completion of the Avenue of Beniaján
  • The plenary requested the Government of Spain that will not reduce the resources allocated to the Fund for the Integration of Immigrants (30/04/2009)
    The Secretary of State announces a 30% cut would endanger Social Policy Autonomous Communities and Municipalities
  • Summary of proposals in Parliament Socialist Group (30/04/2009)

  • The Department of Environment provides merchants a tool to control energy consumption in your establishment (30/04/2009)
    Representatives of about thirty associations have contributed their suggestions and improvements to the initiative
  • The Mayor passed the Corporation's condolences to the family of Ismael Gonzalez (30/04/2009)
    "A great person, loved by the whole society Murcia"
  • Students of Colegio San Buenaventura are received by the Mayor at City Hall (30/04/2009)
    During his visit to the historic center of Murcia
  • The Social Center of the University of Murcia hosts the exhibition of Forges and environmental Araujo (30/04/2009)

  • On Monday, May 4 at 20.30 h was inaugurated the exhibition The Colors of Katie Belando Eroticism in the Art Gallery Emerging Young Space Yesqueros. (30/04/2009)

  • Ademur Handball Club playing this weekend in Bailen promoted to the first national (30/04/2009)
    Murcia team will face teams from the rest of Spain
  • La Guardia Civil de Murcia celebrates exposure - arms auction for the year 2009 (30/04/2009)
    The weapons exhibition will be open between days 04 and 08 of May 2009, at 09.00 hours and 13.00 hours
  • González Tovar reports on the modernization of the State Administration for students of Political Science (30/04/2009)

  • Students discuss the EU UCAM (30/04/2009)

  • The expedition to Makalu Murcia gets set up camp 2 to 6700 m. (30/04/2009)

  • Around one thousand students and volunteers participating in the seminar UCAM Credit `solidarity 'People affected by terrorism or accidents gave their testimonies (29/04/2009)
    Around one thousand students and volunteers from the UCAM addressed various issues today volunteering and social cooperation within the framework of the seminar `Credit solidarity '
  • "Can not create a website without understanding the essence of what the web" (29/04/2009)
    Teachers Finnish UCAM presented in an example application of digital journalism
  • CB Murcia Toledo moves to contest the Junior Sector (29/04/2009)
    Mark Martin: "Come with all the enthusiasm in the world"
  • IU + LV complaint that House has donated a plot municipal environmental protection can not be developed for the construction of a seminar Kiko (29/04/2009)

  • Teatro Romea, "The great unknown" (29/04/2009)
    PSOE spokeswoman, Maria Jose Alarcon, denounced the secrecy with which they are carrying out work on the Teatro Romea
  • The transfer of land to the training center of the Catholic Diocese of Cartagena meets current legislation (29/04/2009)
    The building occupies 10% of land, according to the General Urban Plan, is likely to hold equipment
  • Students of the School of Tourism at the University of Murcia discussed the importance of quality tourism (29/04/2009)

  • El Paseo and the Ronda de Garay will have a renewed public lighting (29/04/2009)
    The work will include the replacement and relocation of street lights and 64 projectors
  • After the Plaza summer will be remodeled Captain García Gallego El Palmar (29/04/2009)
    The works will involve an expenditure of over 60,000 euros and will be funded by the City and the Autonomous Community
  • In progress the paving and piping of ditches in various districts (29/04/2009)
    will be completed in the coming months and will be in Gea y Truyols, Santa Cruz, Patil, the Green and Beniaján Sangonera
  • Murcia families begin to make your home green (29/04/2009)
    Councilwoman Martinez-Cache, it will also make your home more green, attends the first meeting of the project
  • The University of Murcia presented a play about romantic travelers to the East (29/04/2009)

  • Nearly 200 young people will participate in the 27 exchanges of the Youth Council (29/04/2009)
    The City Council invests 50,000 euros to subsidize these trips to learn languages
  • 64 children and 68 seniors star in the First Day of Solidarity and Cooperation Between Generations (29/04/2009)
    Accompanied by a group of volunteers, attendees participated in various traditional games Murcia
  • Murcia scenarios streets become open to the arts to the tenth edition of the Festival 'Murcia Tres Culturas' (29/04/2009)
    The festival will run from 13 to 23 May and its aim is "to create a meeting point for civilizations and recommend a call tolerance through art "
  • Murcia Three Cultures, the festival of tolerance reaches its tenth edition (29/04/2009)
    Convert the streets of Murcia in May in open environments for the arts
  • Alejandro Valverde, 3 ° in the prologue of the Tour of Romandie (29/04/2009)

  • Presentation of the Campus III CB Murcia Xavi Sanchez & Pedro Fernandez ' (28/04/2009)
    The registration period is now open and seats are limited
  • The University of Murcia appoints nine teachers in various areas of knowledge (28/04/2009)

  • Caio: "Inter has made it easy to ElPozo and Spanish teams to contest the European Cup" (28/04/2009)
    The Italian-Brazilian goalkeeper El Pozo Murcia, Caio Goncalves Farinha, played the last game against the posts by Carnicer Torrejón paper very important for your team
  • Murcia morning in the street celebrating the World Day of Dance (28/04/2009)
    The Department of Popular Culture supports the activities planned by the conservatory from 27 to 30 April
  • Begins to climb Makalu (28/04/2009)
    Murcia The expedition to Makalu get set up camp 1-6180 meters
  • The City Council temporarily gives the score of the Hymn to the Mayor of Valencia Rita Barbera (28/04/2009)
    The document, preserved in the Municipal Archives, formed part of the exhibition commemorating the centenary of the Valencia Regional Exhibition
  • "Cooperation Assembly for Peace" which will rehabilitate a well at 2,900 Mauritanians drinking water (28/04/2009)
    Water Cooperation between Murcia and the city allows this NGO reward of 10,000 euros for this project
  • Variant Sangonera La Verde "out" 20,000 vehicles per day on Main Street in the hamlet, which thus gains in quality of life (28/04/2009)
    The road has a length of 3.9 km, has two lanes in each direction and includes 6 roundabouts, two bridges and bicycle
  • The congresses have left the city last year 46.7 million euros (28/04/2009)
    98% of congressmen Murcia again as tourists and value above all the gracious character of citizens and the good care received
  • In one week, ending the period for voluntary payment of vehicle tax (28/04/2009)
    About 40,000 people will be exempt from or will receive reduced the amount of thanks to the subsidies and exemption from City Council
  • An exhibition of works by 24 artists from the region contributes to the work of UNICEF in child protection (28/04/2009)
    The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the show opens this evening Unite for Children 'at the Gallery La Aurora Murcia
  • Opens the version Valcárcel prevent the passage of more than 20,000 vehicles per day through downtown Sangonera La Verde (28/04/2009)
    The new road of the industrial area of San Gines, its link with the highway from El Palmar, Sewer, and has a length of three miles and a half
  • Tourism invites you to participate in an orienteering activity in nature (28/04/2009)
    will be held on Sunday from 9.30 am
  • The PP PSOE require the suspension to stop the curfew measures and change of route bus lines 7.12, 27 and 30 (28/04/2009)

  • Sports Activities Service at the University of Murcia opened the registration period for the popular race (28/04/2009)

  • There are still places available in some workshops Municipal Center La Nave young space (28/04/2009)

  • ... (27/04/2009)

  • "Our commitment to the highest us continue to open more and better municipal centers for them" (27/04/2009)
    Chamber Mayor opens community center built in the Cave, whose work has been invested 472,000 euros
  • The University of Murcia opened within the call for scholarships to study at universities in Latin America (27/04/2009)

  • Conference was inaugurated on companies in financial difficulty and layoffs (27/04/2009)
    These Days have been organized by the School internship at the University of Murcia
  • Respect for the environment also comes to the fleet of vehicles from the Fire Fighting Service of Murcia (27/04/2009)
    The Fire Department reached the 35 vehicles with the addition of a new heavy fire engine
  • The University of Murcia appointing teachers for Science, Philosophy and Biology (27/04/2009)

  • Full AJVA the sixth anniversary celebrations with the cast of 1,000 comic about the garden, ditches and popular traditions (27/04/2009)
    The comics, aimed at children and young people are spreading among young people Aljucer and are being delivered to students of the College of Aljucer
  • The University of Murcia implemented a pioneering system for sending orders electronically (27/04/2009)

  • The Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs of the University of Murcia hosts a conference on "Entrepreneurship and innovation" (27/04/2009)
    Alejandro Vesga, director of the magazine "Entrepreneur" will offer morning, day 28, a conference on "Entrepreneurship and innovation at the Faculty Economics and Business, Campus de Espinardo
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the largest particle accelerator in the world (27/04/2009)

  • Conference on psychological intervention team sport (27/04/2009)
    psychological intervention team sport is the theme of the conference Prof. Francisco José Ortín Montero held tomorrow, day 28, at the School of Psychology at the University of Murcia, Espinardo Campus
  • The City on the school Murcia Europe (27/04/2009)
    The Department of Education and European Programmes developed a pioneering program that will allow young people to discover the importance of the European Union
  • The Eighth National Sheep Fish Market on Thursday discussed the current situation of the sector and strategies for the future (27/04/2009)
    The event, organized by the Mercamurcia cattle auction will be held in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia
  • "House continues to remain deaf to the pleas and questions PSOE (27/04/2009)

  • Agriculture invest one million euros in the conditioning of the ditch in Llano de Brujas Benetúcer (27/04/2009)
    The Minister Antonio Cerda said that with these works solve a historical problem
  • A step further in "Autocad" hand of Radio ECCA Foundation (27/04/2009)
    Focused primarily on active workers, the organization runs till May 16 advanced level course of this tool for computer aided design
  • The PSOE question: "Will the City of Murcia telecare accede to the Convention to victims of domestic violence?" (27/04/2009)
    They say that since early 2005, the Consistory Murcia has not yet acceded to the said Convention
  • Alejandro Valverde run Romandie (26/04/2009)
    finished the Liege-Bastogne-Liege to 19 th place
  • The Marathon II award Garruchal Photographic images that offer the best reflection of this protected area (26/04/2009)

  • Work begins on the paved road linking Beniaján with Bacons Bridge in the town of Murcia (26/04/2009)
    According to the director general of Roads "This action corresponds to a firm commitment to improve the roads in the hamlets of Murcia
  • The morning hosts IMIDA first coordination meeting of the European project TELERIEG (26/04/2009)
    In the days involved research teams from different regions and countries such as France and Portugal
  • The PSOE en banc require urgent improvement of road safety in the Azacaya of Sorrows and at the head of Torres (25/04/2009)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata present this initiative to ensure the safety of pedestrians in these areas of town where traffic intense and there are no sidewalks, no crosswalks or traffic lights
  • Exhibition of Pinhole Photographs (25/04/2009)
    Organized by the Association Fotoestenopeica Murciana "
  • The XI Congress of the Spanish Society of Journalism has been closed in the UCAM (25/04/2009)

  • A step towards the development of CAEDI, the great industrial area of 5.5 million square meters (25/04/2009)
    The Region has given its approval to the segmentation of land, located between the Green and Sangonera Sangonera la Seca
  • The Socialist Party demands that the Minister of Culture explained in the Assembly some work on the Church of San Juan de Dios and the Cathedral (25/04/2009)
    García Retegui criticized the Ministry of Culture "instead of acting as a guarantor of cultural heritage, it does as guarantor of the destruction of our cultural values "
  • The Alhambra travels to the center of Murcia (24/04/2009)
    The exhibition "The towers of the Alhambra" by Christopher Gabarrón, is installed in the center of the city
  • The distribution of books in exchange for smiles reach the Hospital Morales Meseguer (24/04/2009)

  • The CAV MURCIA 2005 seeks repeat crown (24/04/2009)

  • The education council delivers lots of books to the 21 associations in the municipality of Murcia CONFER (24/04/2009)
    Campaign "books Smile"
  • The Practical School Education, University of Murcia organizes the Conference on companies in trouble (24/04/2009)

  • Back New Theatre with the work life with Joseph and Mary (24/04/2009)
    On Sunday, at 13 pm in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • The campaign "A book, a smile comes to the Hospital Morales Meseguer (24/04/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education has accompanied members of the Local Youth Council to deliver youth admitted batch
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara signing the agreement that will build one of the largest training centers worldwide Catholic missionary (24/04/2009)
    The center will be located in the Green Sangonera and have two churches and a seminary, a library, classrooms, conference rooms and a football field
  • House tonight Embassy pronounced in the Holiday Mora Shield, which moved to the Middle Ages Cieza (24/04/2009)
    The celebrations commemorate the siege of the city by the Moorish king Abu-I-Hassan
  • Lee: "The City Council will continue to work with the Red Cross in development projects and emergency aid" (24/04/2009)
    Cooperation • The council has received this morning the president of Red Cross Cuba
  • A new road linking Beniscornia corner with the N-340 to the height of the UCAM (24/04/2009)
    Management has approved the proposed expropriation of land required to build the road
  • The University of Murcia encourage student participation and partnership among students (24/04/2009)

  • Murcia out dancing to the streets to celebrate World Dance Day (24/04/2009)
    The Department of Popular Culture supports the activities planned by the conservatory from 27 to 30 April
  • The Urban VIII Business Career takes to the streets of the city on Sunday (24/04/2009)
    The competition will begin at 11 am at La Glorieta
  • The Mayor joins the XI reading marathon Nebrija organized under the theme "Open a book, opens the world" (24/04/2009)
    part of the Global Campaign for Education Action
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "lack of initiative on projects Chamber Employment (24/04/2009)
    Sebastian Peñaranda socialist councilor proposed in the plenary of the creation of a business incubator that disposed of entrepreneurial business projects of the municipality
  • 1,250,000 euros for Supercomputer Center Science Park Ben Arabi of Murcia (24/04/2009)

  • The regional government allocated 5.5 million to the investment and equipment UMU (24/04/2009)

  • The expedition reached Murcia to Makalu base camp in record time (23/04/2009)
    The camp was located on a glacier on the north face of Makalu at 5700 m.
  • Start the XX Olympiad of Mathematics at the University of Murcia (23/04/2009)
    will involve about 450 students and 70 teachers from the Region
  • Fernando Mulas: "Children with cerebral palsy require early attention mechanisms" (23/04/2009)
    XII National Congress of Pediatrics Physiotherapy Physiotherapy `'
  • The Cursillo Movement organized a Diocesan Ultreya dedicated to its patron, the Apostle Paul (23/04/2009)

  • Books in exchange for young smiles (23/04/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education delivers lots of books to the 21 student associations CONFER
  • "After hours" presents a spectacle of opera ago and drama with characters of literature (23/04/2009)

  • González Tovar read a text by Garcia Montalvo on the occasion of World Book Day (23/04/2009)
    The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, has participated in at noon today in reading the works of Pedro García Montalvo, on the occasion of World Book Day was held at the Museo Ramón Gaya of Murcia
  • The painter Emilio Villaescusa opens its exhibition in the building of convalescence at the University of Murcia (23/04/2009)

  • The Board of the University of Murcia gives his positive report to the Strategic Plan (23/04/2009)

  • The University Publishers Union claims the book value and a greater respect for copyright (23/04/2009)

  • Four thousand secondary students participating in the program visits the University of Murcia, which ends tomorrow (23/04/2009)

  • The delegate of the Government inaugurated a training course in gender violence led to the Civil Guard (23/04/2009)
    Organized by the Coordinating Unit to Combat Violence Against Women of the Delegation of the Government and the Commander of the 5 th Area Civil Guard
  • Health Week, and Organic Food in Murcia (23/04/2009)
    In total, involving 16 companies involved in organic food that will present and market their products these days
  • House distinguishes accessibility and urban activity as basic to strengthen the traditional trade (23/04/2009)
    The Mayor presides, along with the Minister of Universities, Business and Innovation, the first impulse sector table dedicated to the retail business
  • Lolita Corina and ClownFish ironic about death in the Auditorium of Beniaján (23/04/2009)
    The show 'The Galician', which won the Audience Award for best show at the Theatre Festival of Ciudad Rodrigo, was represented on Friday at 21 hours
  • The director of the Center for Wellness Psychology Rocío Ramos speaking at the University of Murcia (23/04/2009)

  • The sound diatonic morning at the Museum of the City (23/04/2009)
    '21 boutons duo 'star in a concert series' Music suggestive' after 21 hours
  • Education is launching a series of competitions to promote respect for the environment among students of the municipality (23/04/2009)
    The performance of the play "The Lives of Water" is introduced as a novelty in the Environmental Education Program
  • "The towers of the Alhambra" come to the main streets and squares of Murcia (23/04/2009)
    16 monumental sculptures of Christopher Gabarrón shown on a public thoroughfare until 31 May
  • Murcia hosts a conference to present the tools for calculating emissions and energy and water management (23/04/2009)
    About thirty people attended this course organized by the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate
  • The mayor plays a year his appointment with World Book Day at the Museo Ramón Gaya (23/04/2009)
    This year the author has been honored Murcia Pedro García Montalvo
  • Bolarín: Bronze Plate toast to the fans " (23/04/2009)
    In reference to the Bronze Badge and Bronze Medal for Sporting Merit awarded by the Higher Sports Council
  • Young people continue to weave their networks (23/04/2009)
    Youth program continues to run free while gaining momentum and growing in schedules and programming
  • The PSOE asked in Parliament that the creation of a "Service Office processes affected by urban" (23/04/2009)

  • The Public Transport morning 10,000 books delivered to citizens traveling by bus in the town of Murcia (22/04/2009)
    'Journey, a book', which for the first time will take place in the region, aims to promote public transport use through reading
  • UCAM Students present their research on the application of physical therapy in pediatrics (22/04/2009)
    In the XII National Congress of Pediatrics Physiotherapy Physiotherapy `'
  • "Occupational therapy improves quality of life of cancer patients" (22/04/2009)
    The Catholic University has received an Oncology Course designed for students and professionals in occupational therapy
  • The University of Murcia opened the Plaza of Sustainability and eco-campus gardens (22/04/2009)

  • The University of Murcia give away copies of the Book Day (22/04/2009)

  • Professor Francisco Florit organize the prize "Vargas Llosa" (22/04/2009)

  • The Exhibition Hall of St. Stephen hosts a retrospective of the painter José María Murcia Falgas (22/04/2009)

  • The Vice President for University Extension adds to the day of the book giving away copies to attendees at their events (22/04/2009)
    Cultural Activities to book
  • The Visitor Center on Sunday Light offers a route through the Sierra de Columbares (22/04/2009)
    During the excursion contemplate the flight of eagles
  • Members of the Cultural Association Al-Fajr PSOE moved to concern about the possible destruction of archaeological finds in San Esteban (22/04/2009)

  • Murcia Spanish cities exposed to twelve bid to boost employment (22/04/2009)
    The City participates today in Madrid at the Forum of Cities for Jobs
  • Members of the municipal centers of Santiago and Ranero Zaraíche and exhibit their works at Carmen (22/04/2009)
    The exhibition includes a total of 36 pictures
  • The Department of Environment and Urban Quality 35 mulberry plant and eight oranges in Torreagüera and Beniaján (22/04/2009)
    Part of the initiative "Plant for the Planet '
  • Nearly 800 homes are part of the Access Plan Property (22/04/2009)
    May purchase property owners and tenants occupying them, their first-grade and non-incumbents who meet the requirements
  • The personnel officer may improve their expertise through the Training Plan 2009 (22/04/2009)
    126 shares will be distributed in eight training
  • Before summer will be one hundred speed bumps installed in 22 districts and districts of the municipality (22/04/2009)
    The ridges are much like rubber particle board and will be implemented over a period of approximately two months
  • The residents of Guadalupe will have a renovated town after saving (22/04/2009)
    Promote business activity and improve accessibility are the objectives of the performances
  • In progress work on the Centro Municipal de la Plata Cabezo Cañada de San Pedro (22/04/2009)
    Occupying an area of 380 square meters and will have four floors
  • Close to a million euros for the paving, sidewalks and ditches tubing in various districts (22/04/2009)
    The works will be financed by the City and the Autonomous Community
  • A consortium of eight companies in Murcia build three solar farms of Gaia and Truyols, Jerome and Avileses and Sucina (22/04/2009)
    solar plants will produce energy equivalent to 42% of consumption of the lamps of the town and prevent the emission of 36,810 tonnes / year CO2
  • Completing the transformation of Juan de Borbón with the landscaping of its entire medium (22/04/2009)
    The avenue will be decorated with palm trees
  • The University of Murcia participate in the count of stars within the Campaign for Dark Skies (22/04/2009)

  • Agriculture to build an eco-park for the exclusive use of the University of Murcia (22/04/2009)
    Cerdá Councilor noted that the university community, which already exceeds the 32,000 people, makes numerous recycling efforts
  • The Community is committed to strengthening the commitment to education of hospitalized children (22/04/2009)
    The Minister of Health inaugurated the conference "Educating for vulnerability '
  • The Department of Political Science at the University of Murcia hosts a conference of the candidate of the European Parliament UPyD (22/04/2009)
    The conference will be offered tomorrow, day 23, at 19:00 hours in the building, "Rector Sabater" Ronda de Levante
  • Mediterranean Fund provides grants and activities of the University of Murcia, EUR 360,000 (22/04/2009)

  • García Montalvo stars in this year continued reading Gaya Museum on the occasion of World Book Day (22/04/2009)
    The Tatters and Silver streets again be adorned with poems by 54 writers
  • The Community expands the range of facilities of the Network of Nature classrooms with a new building at the Regional Park Valley (22/04/2009)
    Antonio Cerdá The Minister stressed that "the new center consolidates non-formal educational opportunities in environmental matters"
  • The doctor Luis Montes involved tomorrow Vistalegre Forum (22/04/2009)
    The former emergency coordinator of Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganés intervene in the debate "Public health: between privatization and the recognition of new rights"
  • More than 40 gardens of Murcia will be remodeled by the 9 million from the Fund ZP (22/04/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Antonio Garcia Bathrooms regret that the Department of Environment has allocated part of this investment to build new green spaces in the city
  • The UMU, "complicit in" greenwash "of oil and automobile? (21/04/2009)

  • The Bous Museros Murcia Cobras will face on Sunday 26 April in football (21/04/2009)

  • La Reina de la Huerta, Isabel Martínez, will kick off in the game against Carnicer Torrejón (21/04/2009)

  • The president of Murciaescena exposed to new avenues for collaboration Mayor (21/04/2009)
    Hope Clark leads a group that brings together 15 companies
  • The XXIX International Jazz Festival Murcia brings the famous trumpeter Terence Blanchard (21/04/2009)
    The Festival's budget this year reached 150,000 euros, and take action on the streets of the city of Murcia
  • A sustainable campus in a sustainable city (21/04/2009)
    Martínez-Cache part in the inauguration of the Second Conference on Environment and Sustainability organized by the University of Murcia
  • It opened the conference on the Environment and Sustainability at the University of Murcia (21/04/2009)

  • The Women's Center of San Antolin presents the book "Stories for young grandparents" (21/04/2009)
    tomorrow Wednesday at 17.30, on Calle Pintor Sobejano 10
  • For Cleaner Air (21/04/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor of Environment participates in events commemorating the National Day of Cystic Fibrosis
  • The practical aspects focus the V edition of the 'Course on expert evidence in the Spanish judicial system', which opened yesterday at the COITARM (21/04/2009)

  • Alarcón requested a return visit to the theater Romea to check the status of implementation of works (21/04/2009)

  • Gloria Martin (PSOE) stressed the importance of having a progressive European Parliament (21/04/2009)
    Murcia is held in a workshop on Gender Equality Policies in the European Union
  • The municipal libraries almost thirty organize activities to celebrate World Book Day (21/04/2009)
    The Museum of the City hosts a new edition of "Readings Midnight '
  • Murcia jazz sounds at 4 to 9 May (21/04/2009)
    Terence Blanchard, one of the best trumpet players of today, will perform in the Plaza del Romea
  • More than 440 young people may participate in the four camps and 27 exchanges of the Youth Council (21/04/2009)
    The deadline to sign up starting on 4 May
  • Organize an exhibition dance at the Faculty of Law Faculty of the University of Murcia (21/04/2009)
    The exhibition, promoted on the occasion of World Dance Day, may be seen until April 30.
  • The University of Murcia offer a course to promote civic consciousness-tax (21/04/2009)

  • The Practical School Psychology at the University of Murcia hosts a conference on schizophrenia (21/04/2009)
    will be tomorrow, day 22, beginning at 13:00 am in the Salon de Grados of the Faculty of Psychology
  • Tourism invites you to visit the mountains of Columbares (21/04/2009)
    The route will be held Saturday
  • The Socialist Party calls for an urgent comprehensive study of accessibility and safety in the vicinity of San Juan (21/04/2009)

  • The Industrial Engineers Urbanism projects submitted electronically (21/04/2009)
    sign an agreement to launch a pilot project which will streamline the procedures and licensing
  • Week of ethics at the University of Murcia analyzes the present and the future of democracy (21/04/2009)

  • UI Bacons Bridge starts a campaign to prevent the disappearance of the Clock Tower (20/04/2009)

  • The University of Murcia opens tomorrow the Second Conference on Environment and Sustainability (20/04/2009)

  • Mercamurcia continues its policy of installing photovoltaic systems in the various food drives (20/04/2009)
    This morning has been given the green light to the annual accounts 2008 and has taken over the new Chief of the General Board
  • Work begins on the third lane of Ronda Sur (20/04/2009)
    The works, funded from the city of Murcia and Autonomous Community, will have a lead time of four months
  • Murcia, with young Europeans (20/04/2009)
    The council led by Lola Sanchez has been represented at the International Seminar on Youth Policy at Oporto
  • The Socialist Party calls for Planning that addresses the claims of the residents of Cabezo de Torres (20/04/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Marcos Ros has requested that the process of urban renewal and the Heads of the Collado de La Cruz, is done with the maximum consensus and participation neighborhood, and is not intended to impose a plan without them.
  • A resolution of the Provincial Court confirmed the legality of installing a camera in the case of Garrison Beniaján (20/04/2009)
    is the second resolution stating that the recording does not violate the privacy of Police
  • The University of Murcia introduced the eco-car built by students (20/04/2009)

  • 300,000 people are on the electoral roll that will apply in the European Parliament elections (20/04/2009)
    Mayor this morning attended the opening of the information caravan sponsored by the European Parliament office in Spain
  • A cricket invites you to enjoy the music of Joaquín Pascual and Ana Biscuit, Parade and Tachenko in the third edition of River Sounds (20/04/2009)

  • Open the deadline for submissions to the National Competition III Clips Lemon Pop (20/04/2009)
    The best will receive a prize of 3,000 euros
  • The Department of Political Science at the University of Murcia hosts a conference of Cristobal Montoro (20/04/2009)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia recommend using a digital dental radiology (20/04/2009)

  • Alejandro Valverde: "Every year we are repeating history" (19/04/2009)
    Statements Murcia rider to finish the Amstel Gold Race
  • CB Murcia Regional Junior Champion is proclaimed (19/04/2009)
    The defeated Mark Martin in the final by Capuchin CB 69-39
  • The City Council held tomorrow shock cleaning around the town (18/04/2009)

  • The Junior CB Murcia morning fight against CB Capuchin regional title (18/04/2009)
    The Mark Martin won the AD Infante by a resounding 100-50, while the CB Capuchin Basket Cartagena beat by 80 to 72
  • On Wednesday 22 will place the talk "Air pollution, traffic and childhood cancer organized by the Association " (18/04/2009)
    ... Murcia Bike
  • The film library programming resumes after spring festivals (18/04/2009)
    The Film will continue scheduling their section 'Overview of Current' every Monday in Room 2 of the cinemas Centrofama
  • El Refugio denounces "the hell of animal protection Proaniplant in Sangonera la Verde" (17/04/2009)
    assert that "the Magistrate's Court No 1 of Murcia opened criminal proceedings against Proaniplant"
  • Gestesa Guadalajara El Pozo Murcia FS-FS (17/04/2009)
    Guadalajara City Hall - Saturday April 18, 2009 - 19:00
  • The Mayor "navigate" the largest Internet broadband Murcia (17/04/2009)
    Murcia Lan Party meets until Sunday at the Palacio de los Deportes to More than 800 young people united by their passion for computers
  • House slashing the 13 meters (17/04/2009)
    Mayor get the eighth spot in the contest to launch the Peace Bone
  • Fire and Civil Protection are prepared to ensure safety during the Burial of the Sardine (17/04/2009)
    Almost a hundred troops lend their support and collaboration throughout the day to the Local Police Force
  • The Segura River Library invites you to discover the secrets of heraldry (17/04/2009)
    The course, run by Luis Lison, begins next Monday
  • The Museum of the city becomes a field of bowling huertanos (17/04/2009)
    Two dozen people attended the course held this morning
  • 293 Local police officers are part of special security device of the Burial of the Sardine (17/04/2009)
    is already signaling to portable disks in areas that can not park
  • CEBAS-CSIC researchers discovered a method that slows cellular aging (16/04/2009)
    The technique, which has been patented, enhances the beneficial properties of grape in the "science of aging"
  • The Mayor of Murcia Murcia congratulated all for their exemplary participation in the First Day of Meat Loaf (16/04/2009)
    More than 10,000 people could enjoy this delicacy without reaching up stocks
  • Camera: "The Meeting of Sardines reveals the essence of a party that belongs to everyone and for all" (16/04/2009)
    More than a hundred children in juvenile facilities enjoy performances by the bands and the distribution of toys by of the Association Sardinera
  • The Safety Board is preparing a device for the elections in Ecuador (16/04/2009)

  • More than a hundred children in centers run by Social Policy participating in the parade of the Second Meeting of Sardines (16/04/2009)
    sardineros groups distributed gifts among children who were accompanied by a score of volunteers
  • Health Week disseminate the benefits of organic food (16/04/2009)
    About thirty companies, agencies and associations participate in the 23 to 25 April in this fair which is held on Paseo Alfonso X El Sabio de Murcia
  • ... (16/04/2009)

  • IU, PCE and JCRm celebrate the 78 anniversary of the Second Republic (15/04/2009)

  • "Many are those who want few are chosen" (15/04/2009)
    Mayor congratulated the Great Fish and Doña Sardina on his appointment and warned that "going to get love from all Murcia
  • The Museum of the City discovers all the secrets of the game of bowling huertanos (15/04/2009)
    Next Friday offers a free course where there will be lecture, demonstration and roundtable
  • The Socialist Party calls for Planning to undertake a comprehensive analysis of South Mountain (15/04/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Marcos Ros considers a comprehensive and in-depth study of the state of the slopes of the mountain and nearby homes, to ensure safety and tranquility of the residents of the area
  • 357 operators of the council for street cleaning collect 77 tons of trash after the Bando de la Huerta (15/04/2009)
    In addition, 74 persons have to repair the damage to the gardens
  • Evicted three houses in La Alberca by falling retaining wall of a house (15/04/2009)
    Fire and technicians from the Planning Department have inspected the area
  • La Nave hosts the final of the concert "Confessions Rock" (15/04/2009)
    will be held tomorrow from 21 hours
  • Tourism routes start with a spring at the Murcia tour in Al Andalus (15/04/2009)
    The tour takes place on Friday from 16.30 hours
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística change of schedule (15/04/2009)
    play from the next day and end of the season at 18:30
  • Aleajdro Valverde: "I did a good job in the face of the classic" (15/04/2009)

  • The medical device deployed on the occasion of the Bando de la Huerta has served 159 people until 21:30 hours (15/04/2009)
    The figure represents a decline from previous year
  • The medical device deployed by the Bando de la Huerta has treated 41 people up to 15 hours (14/04/2009)

  • Socialist Youth Centre Murcia-distributed "protest carnations to celebrate the Day of Proclamation calling for respect for our garden (14/04/2009)
    Young Socialists have taken the Murcia festival to ask for more" barracks "for youth hire Murcia and less destruction of garden in the city
  • President of the Community and the Minister of Presidency in San Esteban are the Queens of the Garden and her bridesmaids (13/04/2009)

  • Thousands of flowers for the patron (13/04/2009)
    Mayor accompanying Queens Huerta and rocks in the traditional floral offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta
  • Tercia will host a spectacular beach volleyball tournament, which will feature the national elite (13/04/2009)
    was held on June 27, coinciding with the celebrations of the parish and is organized by the Association of Youth Sports Club Sport and IMJUDE Tercia
  • House encourages sardine to "take" the streets of Murcia and "make the city vibrates" (13/04/2009)
    Mayor congratulated the journalist Miguel Massotti for his original "pitocrónica"
  • Flowers of the entire region colored dress parade floats Murcia Spring (13/04/2009)
    The show will take place next Wednesday, at 18 hours
  • Official Bando Bando de la Huerta 2009 (13/04/2009)

  • The Mayor encourages Murcia to celebrate the Bando de la Huerta with joy and respect for the environment (13/04/2009)
    Marita Abellán, Pepe Ros pussy widow, becomes the first woman to pronounce the Official Proclamation of the party
  • A bronze plaques that Murcia will remember every day of the year to the Virgin of Fuensanta (13/04/2009)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality has placed at points where He is offered traditionally petals for the procession of the Patron
  • Health 160 public toilets installed throughout the city (13/04/2009)
    Flip a campaign to warn of the risk of alcohol abuse during the holidays
  • The deans of the city bakers live recreate how it was done a cake at the beginning of the last century (13/04/2009)
    The exhibition will include a live demonstration of the remote craft technique of 'bare'
  • Rafaelillo, acclaimed in Arles before the "Miura" (12/04/2009)

  • The barracks welcome the Spring Festival 2009 (12/04/2009)
    The Mayor, accompanied by the Queen of the largest and child Huerta, president of the official opening at a ceremony held on campus huertano garden located in the former Chinese
  • Alejandro Valverde today scored his third hit of the season (12/04/2009)
    With confidence at Classic
  • Feedback from both coaches after the 30 th Day (12/04/2009)

  • Health care device coordinates the festivities organized for the Spring of Murcia (12/04/2009)

  • Preparations for ensuring security in the city during the Spring Festival (12/04/2009)
    215 effective Fire and Civil Protection organized form the special device for this holiday
  • "Rafaelillo" season starts on Easter Sunday in Arles (11/04/2009)
    The traditional "Miura" Easter Sunday at the Coliseum in Arles (France) will help the right Murcia Rafael Rubio "Rafaelillo" make her first dress paseíllo lights this season.
  • CB Murcia played the final Junior Sewer A4 (11/04/2009)
    During the 18th and 19th April, Mark Martin battle for the regional title with the AD Infante, Cartagena and Obralia Basket UPCT CB Capuchin
  • The Community promotes 30 new housing in the hamlet of Murcia Torreagüera (11/04/2009)
    The two parcels that will house new homes occupy about 1,000 square meters
  • The environment of Alfonso X the Wise will be closed to traffic the day of the Bando de la Huerta (10/04/2009)
    shall serve 283 Local Police
  • Arrives revenge for the Super (09/04/2009)
    El Pozo Murcia Caja Segovia Tourist receives the best time for the group coached Sao Thiago Eduardo 'Duda'
  • The Bando Concerts will be held at the Leisure Centre Zig-Zag (09/04/2009)

  • The UCAM explains his position on the subject treated in the conference that took place last March 31 at the University of Alicante (08/04/2009)
    On the participation of a professor at the UCAM
  • Sources denies that valuable archaeological remains found in the basement of St. Stephen's garden (08/04/2009)

  • The City of Murcia is already in the cause 'Operation Barraca' (08/04/2009)
    The PP ensures clarity and transparency and want this issue resolved as soon as possible
  • "PP Cerrojazo the inquiry committee 'case Barraca'" according to the PSOE (08/04/2009)

  • "The findings discovered today in San Esteban prove the necessity of building a large archeological park open," say from the PSOE (08/04/2009)

  • The new edition of the Murcia Lan Party will provide participants with the highest internet broadband (08/04/2009)
    will be more than one hundred hours of high-speed navigation, tournaments, contests, conferences and workshops
  • One hundred speeders in 22 districts and districts of the municipality (08/04/2009)
    The ridges are much like rubber particle board and will be implemented over a period of approximately two months
  • Awarded the paving works in 17 districts (08/04/2009)
    The value of the works exceeds 4 billion euros
  • Health and social support for prostitutes (08/04/2009)
    The City Council allocated 100,000 euros to the program developed by the Committee in Support of Sex Workers (CATS)
  • Approved the project for the construction of the new Avenida de Beniaján (08/04/2009)
    The first section will link the Puente de La Fica with Ronda de Levante
  • Eight agreements with social partners will boost employment in the municipality (08/04/2009)
    The City Council allocated € 72,000 to these agreements
  • Urban install shields hundred yards in front of the duplex Torreagüera affected by falling stones (08/04/2009)
    Families can enjoy their homes in safety
  • Bacons Bridge held on Friday I Alevín National Soccer Tournament 7 (08/04/2009)
    The competition will begin at 11 am on the football field in the hamlet
  • El Pozo Murcia and Fran Serrejón admitted to the Royal Order of Sporting Merit (08/04/2009)

  • A colorful watercolor Willy Ramos announced the parade 'Murcia Spring' (08/04/2009)
    parade with floats decorated with flowers will take place on April 15 after 18 hours
  • The REMER assists in the development of the procession today (08/04/2009)
    To this end, 25 members of the REMER are distributed in different points of the route of the procession, communicating the development of society and contributing to the coordination of movements
  • "House cover Zapatero Fund works" (08/04/2009)
    "House is still incurring tremendous institutional disloyalty to hide, again and again and with malice aforethought, the investment efforts of the Government of Spain in the town"
  • The University of Murcia approved an agreement with the ANECA to promote the quality of university education (08/04/2009)

  • The Board of Teaching and Research at the University of Murcia seeks more ways to Bologna (08/04/2009)

  • The new education minister said at the University of Murcia the Bologna process and opened the course in the Faculty of Philosophy (08/04/2009)

  • Pedroza: "Every day I am remembering and celebrating images" (07/04/2009)

  • The UCAM shows its support for the victims of the earthquake that struck Italy (07/04/2009)
    Twenty Erasmus students studying at the Catholic University in cities near the earthquake are in good conditions
  • Herguedas criticizes the PP for showing "passivity" before cutting bus lines (07/04/2009)

  • Companies in the region are asking the University of Murcia hydroponics research (07/04/2009)

  • Culture inaugurated the renovated room Veronicas to exposure of the Austrian artist Eva Lootz (07/04/2009)
    The room, whose rehabilitation has cost nearly 473,000 euros, opens with the artist's work on the various rivers in the Region
  • Vinicius de Sorrimon stars in a music video to encourage Murcia to properly wear the suit huertano (07/04/2009)

  • The PSOE is in addition to the demonstration by the residents of Los Garres against the cuts in the bus line (07/04/2009)
    The protest will take place Tuesday, at 17.00 am in the level crossing on the Path of Garres
  • Fourteen buildings and churches were restored by municipal funds (07/04/2009)
    The City invests 336,000 euros in subsidies for the settlement of facades
  • The PP PSOE morning required to open an immediate investigation to the "seriousness" of "Operation Shed 'that affects the City of Murcia (07/04/2009)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles an important distribution and sale of drugs (07/04/2009)
    The operation "MARCO" has culminated in the arrest of five persons engaged in the production and distribution of narcotics.
  • The autonomous protection to 118 children currently in the process of social reintegration (07/04/2009)
    The Social Policy Minister today visited the Youth Center 'The Mulberry' where the regional government invested 76,871 euros to improve their facilities
  • The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Murcia, Murcia colleague, the UCAM asks you to break out of the teacher's statements "homophobic" (06/04/2009)

  • Cara y Cruz Murcia Cobras team football (06/04/2009)
    Murcia Cobras 14 - Valencia and Murcia Giants 35 Cob.
  • 78 activities make up the Spring Festival program (06/04/2009)
    Among the novelties is the free distribution of 12,000 servings of meatloaf
  • The Mayor claims that the attitude of the government of Rodriguez Zapatero further aggravated the financial crisis of municipalities (06/04/2009)
    House requires the state to restore the 1,000 million euros and reduced transfers to maintain the financing of social programs
  • Clarification of the area responsible for Bioethics at the UCAM, Dr. Gloria María Tomás Garrido (06/04/2009)
    ... to the information published in various media in the auditorium of the University of Alicante on 31 March, to mark V of course Science and Society
  • A student at the University of Murcia out unhurt from the earthquake in Italy to wreck the house where he lived (06/04/2009)

  • Pedro Saura tomorrow calls his "virtual friends" in Facebook in a central cafeteria Murcia (06/04/2009)
    General Secretary PSRM-PSOE has been marked as one of its priorities the promotion of social networks for contact with Citizenship
  • The committee sponsoring the popular initiative for the Tajo-Segura requested from the University of Murcia (06/04/2009)

  • Local Police found a missing child (06/04/2009)
    Young, 13 years and a mental deficiency, was missing from his home in Espinardo from early afternoon on Saturday
  • Students of the University of Murcia participate in voluntary activities of the Foundation FADE (06/04/2009)

  • Pelegrín closing the third course of Strategies and Job Skills (06/04/2009)
    Fifteen people were trained to enter a job
  • XX Finalists Selected driver education contest (06/04/2009)
    The third phase will take place next May at the Assembly Hall of the City of Murcia
  • A new campaign will try to limit the presence of gorillas in the streets of Murcia (06/04/2009)
    The Security council publishes brochures in five languages to deter parking and wipers
  • Remigio Lopez, Cabezudo of Honor 2009 (06/04/2009)
    delivery of the distinction will be held on Thursday, April 16 at the Plenary Hall of the City
  • The University of Murcia announces a prize to encourage innovation and new methodologies in the Convergence Process (06/04/2009)

  • Tourism proposed on Thursday morning and a visit to learn about Easter traditions in Murcia (06/04/2009)
    Participants learn about the preparations for the procession of 'The Coloraos' and 'The Salzillo'
  • The University of Murcia gets 5.8 million euros for a platform of research and technology transfer (06/04/2009)

  • The PSOE Ballesta claims to avoid reducing hours for buses that cover several districts of Murcia (05/04/2009)

  • Alejandro Valverde: "I still need some background" (05/04/2009)
    racing resumed today on the occasion of the Grand Prix Miguel Indurain
  • El Pozo Murcia City Ramos Talavera Tile defeats with an emphatic second half (04/04/2009)
    After a first half performance matched in intensity, but without goals, the Murcia left hungry after the break putting the final score of 4-1
  • The city will pay tribute to the star product of its cuisine calling the first day of Meat Loaf (04/04/2009)
    The great feast was held in Belluga on 15 April and is divided among the 12,000 tourists from Murcia and cakes and free beer
  • Education next week celebrates Day of Languages Electronic Portfolio (04/04/2009)
    Official Language School placed information points, on 6 and 9 April in the Plaza de Santo Domingo and in the school
  • "Herguedas not lie or say nonsense" (03/04/2009)
    IU response in relation to a statement from the Government Office
  • Aljucer ElPozo Juveniles played the lead before Plastics Romero (03/04/2009)
    Palacio de los Deportes - Sunday 5 April.
  • Professor Sánchez URIOS awarded the Order of Princess Olga of Ukraine (03/04/2009)

  • The Mayor opened the new street dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, head of the Brotherhood of the Servite (03/04/2009)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara highlights the great devotion that arouses among the Murcia one of the most beautiful carvings Francisco Salzillo
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in the Arboleja, tall and Corvera (03/04/2009)
    derat also on different streets in the city
  • 852 Local Police troops make up the special security device for Easter in the city (03/04/2009)
    Each procession will feature a panel consisting of a command and 14 agents
  • Bacons Bridge Tournament held the First National Football Alevín 7 (03/04/2009)
    The competition will be held Friday April 10 at 11 am on the football field in the hamlet
  • 156 people responsible for cleaning the streets during Holy Week (03/04/2009)

  • Sources: "If there is anything of significance in the garden of St. Stephen will be the first to rejoice at his recovery ' (03/04/2009)
    ' The Socialist Municipal Group still respect the will of the majority of citizens living in this environment '
  • The municipal cemetery is modernized to better serve the citizens (03/04/2009)
    The construction of new graves and niches, the installation of security cameras and the acquisition of new machinery are some of the measures taken
  • The University of Murcia implemented next year bachelor's degree 25 suited to the Bologna Process (03/04/2009)

  • More than 50 young people participating this weekend in the Spring I JSRM School in Mula (03/04/2009)

  • The University of Murcia Plaza creates Sustainability (03/04/2009)

  • After El Pozo Ciudad Murcia-Ramos Talavera Tile (03/04/2009)
    Palacio de los Deportes.
  • Herguedas "one more season, and now the third, no theater in Murcia" (03/04/2009)

  • The PSOE commitment to building an archaeological theme park instead of parking in San Esteban (03/04/2009)

  • An international orchestra morning closing the International Festival of Youth Orchestras (03/04/2009)

  • The Sorrows of the Holy Steps Salzillo, star of the morning procession of Easter Saturday (03/04/2009)
    The flight is scheduled at 12 hours from the church of San Miguel, and end at the church of San Juan de Dios, which will be transferred to the Association of the Holy Christ of Health
  • More than 45,000 euros to AFIM to assist persons with disabilities in their day care center (03/04/2009)

  • The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with the Bar Association of Lorca (02/04/2009)

  • The UCAM first university to obtain a Certificate of environmental compensation emissions (02/04/2009)

  • The UCAM committed to volunteering (02/04/2009)
    The Catholic University has been present this morning's ceremony of the first voluntary ID cards
  • IU + Greens denounced the "excessive" cost of the Aliens Office Murcia (02/04/2009)

  • Faculty of the University of Murcia study the relationship between use of paracetamol during pregnancy and asthma in children (02/04/2009)

  • Benicarló Aeroport Castelló, El Pozo Murcia (02/04/2009)
    Objective: The second in the ranking
  • The University of Murcia launches campaign to prevent and control of legionellosis (02/04/2009)

  • Three professors from the University of Murcia have been distinguished by Ukraine and the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Cadiz (02/04/2009)

  • The University of Murcia launches the new website (02/04/2009)
    University of Murcia has today a new website, which leaves the paradigm of a home page "portal" of the previous website to opt for a more direct and less cluttered visual
  • + Trees Foundation seeks accomplices in Murcia (02/04/2009)

  • Pelegrin, champions the Easter Beniaján (02/04/2009)
    The act of reading will take place tomorrow at 20 am in the Church of the parish
  • Berberena says Herguedas know what he's talking when it comes to urban planning procedures of the Foreign Office (02/04/2009)
    The building has a building permit since 2004
  • At the request of the commission summons PSOE extraordinary where the Socialist Group will be asked to investigate all cases reported by Peñalver urban (02/04/2009)

  • 139 effective Fire and Civil Defence on alert during the Easter Murcia (02/04/2009)
    The device will be launched tomorrow, Good Friday, with the procession of Cristo del Amparo
  • The Murcia contribute to the planting of trees by simply signing up for electronic billing of Aguas de Murcia (02/04/2009)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality and the company claim that the Murcia contribute to saving paper
  • The Craft Centre Murcia hosting an exhibition of artisan chocolate figures (02/04/2009)
    The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research supports this initiative, which has been used 300 kilos of chocolate, food artisans to promote the Region
  • Arab Women of El Carmen, James the Great, St. Pius X and Barriomar learn Castilian and Spanish culture (02/04/2009)
    The City Council allocated € 12,000 to this initiative
  • The logo design UCAM Murcia Paddle Club (01/04/2009)
    ... a badge to be used in both signage and marketing work, and in the future clothing line's corporate entity
  • The UCAM appoints two new vice presidents (01/04/2009)

  • Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural Research National Institute for Agricultural Research in Murcia (01/04/2009)

  • Ciço of El Pozo Murcia, injured in the friendly against Cartagena Futsal (01/04/2009)

  • Scientists at the University of Murcia study the effect of incidental emotions in decision-making (01/04/2009)

  • More than forty residents of Fleet and James and join Zaraíche tonight Health Program 4 / 40 (01/04/2009)
    This activity is also the Malecon promenade and Churra
  • UGT and CCOO reported to the Mayor of Murcia "manipulation" by the Municipal Police of the assistance data from the March 28 demonstration (01/04/2009)

  • The University of Murcia opened a shop on the campus of Mercy (01/04/2009)

  • + Tree Foundation presented in Murcia on Thursday (01/04/2009)
    + Trees Foundation has implemented several strategies to combat climate change by creating green and sustainable plantation ...
  • Párraga Center hosts the "imaginary garden" of the artist Nieves Torralba (01/04/2009)

  • The headman of Churra appreciates the promptness with which he started the asphalt in the A-1 (01/04/2009)
    Work has begun this morning and will affect the section from the Cross of Cross Churra to Los Bracers
  • Holy Angel releases a new Garden of the Oranges (01/04/2009)
    Councilwoman Martinez-Cache attend this afternoon at his inauguration
  • The works of the Tram Line 1 will begin next June (01/04/2009)
    The Governing Board approved the final administrative step of this project
  • The Telecare service already reaches over 2,700 people (01/04/2009)
    The City Council signing an extension with the Imserso and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces to maintain and expand service
  • The Romea Theatre will open its doors completely renovated next season (01/04/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved the specifications for interior renovation
  • Murcia will bike rental system in the last quarter of this year (01/04/2009)
    The specification states that the first half hour is free
  • The serene continue to bring more peace to our streets (01/04/2009)
    City Council allocates more than 860,000 euros for this service which promotes employment
  • The Pop Art comes to Almudí (01/04/2009)
    For the first time in Murcia are works by Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns in a public hall
  • Work begins on paving of roads and pavements in 16 districts of the municipality (01/04/2009)
    The works will be completed after summer and will cost in excess of 2.2 million euros
  • On-going construction of two new roundabouts in the Industrial Park West (01/04/2009)
    These works are intended to organize, streamline and improve traffic
  • The University of Murcia gives the name of deceased former manager of a staff training room (01/04/2009)

  • Students of Political Science at the University of Murcia city management discussed with the mayor (01/04/2009)

  • A band toured the facilities of the University of Murcia to promote the song author (01/04/2009)

  • The MARM course organized in Murcia "Efficient use of technologies for supply chain in the food industry" (01/04/2009)
    Under the Advanced Training Programme for Managers of Agricultural and Food Business
  • González Tovar attends the formation of the new Commercial Court in Murcia (01/04/2009)


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