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  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the Degree in Early Childhood Education UCAM (31/05/2013)
    Students Promoting Early Childhood Education Degree receive their scholarships
  • First Conference Biomedical: A multidisciplinary approach in neurology (31/05/2013)
    "We have clearly opted for clinical research"
  • The University of Murcia prepares a Roadmap for Equality between women and men (31/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group tipuanas cutting complaint in the district of El Carmen (31/05/2013)
    Councilman Jose Zapata has come today Andorra street garden of Teruel alerted by neighbors who have expressed their discomfort with this performance
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to clarify once and if you plan to bury the site of St. Stephen (31/05/2013)
    Garries is very concerned that the Councillor for Culture refused three times to answer in Parliament unless the City plans to cover the rest
  • "Acts Murcia" starts this afternoon in the city to promote local culture (31/05/2013)
    The squares of the University of Santo Domingo, the Romea and Liberty Avenue will be the scene of this event, to be held this afternoon and Saturday morning
  • The City continues to work against truancy (31/05/2013)
    167 school children have received support during the course 2012/2013
  • The Ramos dismisses the Virgin de la Huerta (31/05/2013)
    The image returns to his hermitage, in the way of Almodóvar, from 18.30
  • Start the restoration of exterior carpentry City Museum (31/05/2013)
    The work being carried out the students of the School City of Murcia Workshop
  • Cinema Paradise offers next Monday "No", a film that shows the end Chilean dictator Pinochet in power (31/05/2013)
    Got the award for best film at the Film Festival in Havana and in the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes
  • The Third Artillery Barracks Market hosts the first sample I Illustration (31/05/2013)
    The event, which takes place this weekend, brings together artisans, designers and creators to publicize and sell their products
  • Days market, economy and innovation in food 2013 (30/05/2013)
    "We have achieved a functional hottie"
  • The number of trips by bike in cities nearly doubled in three years (30/05/2013)

  • The OMIC will continue to advise and report on banking products (30/05/2013)

  • The House supports the Murcia UPyD proposal to participate in the Regional Plan Against Irregular Economy (30/05/2013)

  • The House approved a joint motion against homophobia and transphobia (30/05/2013)

  • The use of bicycles in cities grows 75% in three years (30/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia publishes a compilation book with the winners of the seven editions of the short story contest (30/05/2013)

  • Start the Spring Fair I in the Artillery Barracks (30/05/2013)
    About seventy fashion shops offer discounts up to June 2
  • The University of Murcia with a book honors Professor Emeritus of Law Alberto Montoro (30/05/2013)

  • Lola Sanchez during the project closure Reinforcing the City of Murcia School (30/05/2013)
    The students have worked with over 167 children in the municipality over 7089 hours There will be an honorary recognition to five volunteers who have participated in the project for three consecutive years
  • Chamber recalls that "the region, today, is nothing like it was in 1995 in infrastructure" (29/05/2013)
    Mayor and President of the Federation of Municipalities participated last May 8 in the conference "Present and Future of the Region Murcia "
  • Cooking for Europe (29/05/2013)
    Food Culture Classroom offers workshops cakes, meats, cheeses and wines from the EU on the occasion of Europe Day celebration
  • The Mayor joined the residents of Murcia in his tribute to Adolfo Lopez, one of the promoters of the municipality citizen movement (29/05/2013)
    Among the events organized to mark European Neighbours' Day, held last link May 9
  • Urban Quality extends Clements Street sidewalks Barrio del Carmen to favor the pedestrian (29/05/2013)
    At the request of the Municipal Board, it gives more space and promote the passage of school and market users
  • UCAM Psychology National Conference: 'the dream in our society' (29/05/2013)
    "Much of the social problems are due to sleep disorders"
  • Cascales: "In 2011 it generated about 30 million euros with conference tourism" (29/05/2013)
    Degree of Tourism UCAM discusses the intricacies of congress tourism in the municipality of Murcia
  • López: "The municipal PP has no legitimacy to bury the remains of St. Stephen, so you should submit it to a referendum" (29/05/2013)
    Socialist spokesman is defending its value and conservation because it is an opportunity to revitalize and boost tourism Murcia economy
  • House defends the power of the bicycle as a tool to "reinvent life" (29/05/2013)
    Tomorrow intervenes in Nice at the World Congress of Cities and Territories Cycling.
  • The City takes home telecare service to provide care to 2,371 people every day (29/05/2013)
    The Governing Board approved hiring the service of a greater value of 1.8 million euros
  • Miguelín: "You can beat Inter, we will demonstrate" (29/05/2013)
    wing Spaniard hopes to get the first point of the tie in Alcala
  • Angeles Espinosa shows in his career sculptural Almudí through 23 pieces (29/05/2013)
    The exhibition can be seen at the Arts Centre from Thursday, May 30, to June 10
  • IU-Greens in favor of a broad debate on the future of the site of St. Stephen (29/05/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia launches a series of theatrical visits to know the history of this landmark building (29/05/2013)
    will take place on 5, 6 and 7 June in eight sessions, morning and afternoon
  • Guadalupe has a new playground (29/05/2013)
    It is located on Avenida Reina Sofia
  • PSOE, IU-Greens in Parliament that require UPyD swimming clubs can continue using the pool Cascales Espinardo that aims to close (29/05/2013)
    The three political parties will be asked to offer an alternative in the event that it is not possible for technical keep open this municipal facility
  • Presentation of the Congress Bureau of Tourism students of the UCAM (29/05/2013)

  • Murcia University signed an agreement with Astrada for conducting training and research activities (29/05/2013)

  • The comic artist Carla Berrocal stars in a meeting with fans at the University of Murcia (29/05/2013)

  • The Senate of the University of Murcia approved the grant of honorary doctor Placido Domingo, Antonio Lopez and Claudio Magris (28/05/2013)

  • Conference on necroidentification (28/05/2013)
    Lecture on necroidentification
  • The UCAM and the public consortium committed initialed Mediterranean House (28/05/2013)
    University and Mediterranean House have signed two cooperation agreements
  • UPyD Murcia social collaboration calls count for the job Murcia Health Service (28/05/2013)

  • "You would not have been" reminding Marifé (28/05/2013)
    Antonio Cortes, Joana Jimenez, Erika Leiva
  • "The numbers of users of the tram away from excite confirm the failure of his path" (28/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group criticizes the tram passenger figures are far from expectations and remember that still costs 11 million euros a year (28/05/2013)
    Pedro Lopez insists on maintaining this transportation is a mortgage that will determine the budgets city ​​of the next 40 years
  • Murcia, the Spanish region that has visited the Doll Museum Onil (28/05/2013)
    come to the city to show their appreciation to Murcia and present tourism in this town Valencia
  • The PSOE asked IBI implementing a social and legal change that prevents the public sector or concession contracts signed with companies that have debts to subcontractors (28/05/2013)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro will present these two initiatives in Parliament on Thursday to revive the town's economy and fight unemployment
  • IU-Greens claim the City Council to remove architectural barriers in the office of the Esparragal (28/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia opens the deadline to apply for study grants (28/05/2013)

  • HUERMUR summons entities and citizens to find a solution to the site of St. Stephen (28/05/2013)

  • Four million passengers in the last year support the implementation of the tram in Murcia (28/05/2013)
    The arrival of streetcar to Carmen and bonus objectives combined are working on the second anniversary of the launch of this public transport system
  • Youngsters and Cadet teams competing this weekend Championship Qualifying Spain (28/05/2013)

  • A book on Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy Honors Professor of the University of Murcia Alberto Montoro (28/05/2013)
    will be presented on Wednesday, May 29 in the House of Arts
  • French Students know the City (28/05/2013)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez greets teachers and students participating in the project 1, 2, 3 Me Music you teach (28/05/2013)

  • They start activities on the occasion of National Nutrition (28/05/2013)
    Throughout the three days of the campaign will give away 150 kilos of fresh fruit
  • More than a hundred volunteers participated this year university in the Reinforcement Project of the City of Murcia School (28/05/2013)
    The students have worked with over 167 children in the municipality over 7089 hours There will be a five honorary recognition voluntary have participated in the project for three years in a row
  • The National Police arrested three suspects in the murder of the Dutch couple disappeared on May 17 (27/05/2013)
    The remains were found in buried last night in a farm in the village of Murcia Farmhouses
  • Sotomayor: "The ordinance against prostitution as it is raised is a complete mismatch" (27/05/2013)

  • St. Basil begins its festivities (27/05/2013)
    The pergola will host the traditional domino championship
  • The Mayor attends anniversary commemoration of the Civil Guard (27/05/2013)

  • Patrick Valverde will be the harbinger of the Moors and Christians 2013 (27/05/2013)
    The poster for this year is the work of artist Salvador Torres
  • El Pozo Murcia and Inter Movistar facing his fourth semifinal of 'Play Off' for the league title (27/05/2013)

  • Olga Jimenez Silver in the Junior European Cup Corunna (27/05/2013)
    Pablo Guerrero managed a very creditable 7th place
  • The PSOE prompted the launch of an information campaign urgently to remove 'ground provisions' abusive (27/05/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia Festival inaugurates the Venagua with the work "Celestina.'s Tragicomedy" (27/05/2013)
    The performance, which will take place tomorrow, Tuesday at 21 am, enmarga within the program is "Diversity Education" Columbares Association
  • "Acts Murcia" this weekend comes to town to promote local culture (27/05/2013)
    The squares of the University of Santo Domingo, the Romea and Liberty Avenue will be the scene of this event, to be held on 31 May and June 1
  • UPyD Murcia asks the Consistory the regional plan to join the underground economy (26/05/2013)

  • PSOE and IU-Greens Seek in Parliament a reorganization of pedestrian crossings in the Barrio del Carmen (26/05/2013)

  • The library of El Carmen held tomorrow a meeting with Lola Lopez Mondejar (26/05/2013)
    The writer will meet with readers at 20 am
  • Back opens the deadline to apply rental bicycles length (26/05/2013)
    The Municipal Office is responding to the high demand users
  • The Mayor House defends multimodality in urban transport as a key to improving the quality of life (25/05/2013)
    Speaking at the World Congress of Cities and Territories Cycling held in Nice next week
  • Students of Computer and Teleco receive their scholarships (25/05/2013)
    Taxation Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the Degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering and Computer Science Engineering
  • IU-Green calls "a la carte planning" the aim of increasing the building of the Palacio González Campuzano (25/05/2013)

  • The PSOE asked in Parliament that shadow zones are created in the yards of children in public schools (25/05/2013)
    Susana Councilwoman Hernandez reports that both teachers and parents from various schools in the county, have claimed these improvements in many occasions
  • The morning Ramos celebrates the festival of the Virgen de la Huerta (25/05/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of Grades II Promotion of the Faculty of Communication Sciences (24/05/2013)
    Students of the Faculty of Communication received their scholarships
  • "Traffic accidents are one of the top concerns of the WHO" (24/05/2013)
    Dean of Civil Engineering, Pedro de los Santos Jimenez
  • Some awards to honor those who work in anonymity for a better world (24/05/2013)
    Anonymous Solidarity Awards open their deadline for submitting nominations
  • Martinez-Cache proposes to implement a public service electric scooters rental in the city (24/05/2013)
    Murcia agreement adds to Santander for knowledge, which promotes better management of urban mobility
  • IU-Green criticism Hall advertising policy on sustainable transport (24/05/2013)

  • The Office of Citizen Murcia continues to meet and provide an updated and higher quality (24/05/2013)
    The OIC includes a QR code that facilitates citizens' access to information through mobile devices Quality Plan now incorporates a Code of Ethics of Conduct
  • House looks at the power of the bike to "reinventing the world" (24/05/2013)
    At the World Congress to be held in Nice next week.
  • The Mayor presides over the tribute to the 63 officials who concluded his career this year in the city (24/05/2013)
    In a moving tribute ceremony held this morning at the Plenary Hall on the occasion of the feast of St. Rita, which has Camera a recognition of the dedication and training of public servants
  • The University of Murcia reaches 5,000 doctoral theses (24/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary require implementation of planned sections of the North and South Coastal (24/05/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro says that the implementation of this investment will facilitate the incorporation of 1,000 people to the labor market and alleviate the bad moment Urbamusa passing under the threat of an ERE
  • Vision Clinic at the University of Murcia held tomorrow a course for training contactólogos (24/05/2013)

  • Blue in Action celebrates this weekends sports events to raise funds for its projects in Togo (24/05/2013)
    On Sunday, in the Coto Pictures, will be a Championship of Spain of MTB for Security Forces, Murcia Bike Marathon Challenge, Trail Running and Trekking Murcia Murcia Challenge Challenge
  • Sergio de Gea won first prize Creajoven Gastronomy (24/05/2013)
    accesit The two have been to Jose Angel Sanchez and Juan David Gonzalez
  • Days Market, Economics and Innovation in Food 2013 (23/05/2013)
    "People want to eat too many calories and not get fat"
  • Cuba Day Celebration in the UCAM (23/05/2013)
    The UCAM dedicated to Cuba a cultural day
  • Infant School Conciliation Centre Juan Carlos I offers discounts for low income (23/05/2013)
    Maria Dolores Sánchez indicates that the PSOE is lying and that the company meets the specification
  • Chamber participates as a speaker at a world congress on the use of the bicycle (23/05/2013)
    Invited by the Metropolitan Nice Côte d'Azur to represent Spanish cities
  • "Question of Skin" is the new work Vanesa Martin presented at the Teatro Romea Murcia on June 20 (23/05/2013)

  • PREVIEW 2nd Quarter Party 'Play Off'-League 2013 (23/05/2013)
    El Pozo Murcia FS-Santiago Futsal
  • Murcia explains his concept of energy efficiency and Smart Cities in the Fourth Forum Civitas Spain and Portugal (23/05/2013)
    The Environment Councillor participates in the meeting held in Santander today and tomorrow
  • The Socialist Party denounced the neglect and lack of control in managing the mediation center of Juan Carlos I (23/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernandez asked the City Council to bring order to the center management reconciliation of work and family life of John Carlos I
  • The City of Puerto Lumbreras offering scholarships to the students of the town you study abroad (23/05/2013)

  • More than 20 performances of music and dance animate the squares and streets of the city on the Feast of the Three Cultures (23/05/2013)
    The Orchestre National de Barbes close the Festival on Saturday, May 25, at 22 am, in the Plaza de Belluga
  • IU-Greens denounced the rejection of the CP to increase transparency in El Infante (23/05/2013)

  • More than 120 exhibitors will come together at the show auto-retro to be held this weekend (23/05/2013)
    The Artillery Barracks hosts this show in its eleventh edition
  • Traffic reorders Asturias Street to improve circulation in the area (23/05/2013)
    Reverses the direction of this pathway in a stretch, keeping the number of surface parking spaces
  • Opens the deadline for submitting nominations to the Anonymous Solidarity Award (23/05/2013)

  • Seventy businesses engaged in R Spring Fair at the Artillery Barracks (23/05/2013)
    From May 30 to June 2 will be discounts on quality clothing and accessories
  • SRT Biodanza School of Murcia: On 1 and 2 June - Trance and Regression (22/05/2013)

  • Course Free Bloggers unemployed and entrepreneurs (22/05/2013)
    Bloggers Course held at the UCAM, 'trending topic' National
  • The First International Conference on Research and Innovation in Early Childhood, begins Thursday in the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia (22/05/2013)

  • The president of the Federation of Murcia Physically Handicapped Sports, Alicia Bermudez: (22/05/2013)
    "Sport is a great help for the disabled"
  • The wind and rain of recent weeks have delayed fumigation (22/05/2013)
    The city of Murcia is in continuous collaboration with the Hydrographic Confederation to conduct treatment actions River
  • Six young men are vying Creajoven Gastronomy final (22/05/2013)
    Murcia will cook dishes with a personal touch and original
  • This afternoon lectures start dining on the Arab, Jewish and Christian, in the Murcia Three Cultures Festival (22/05/2013)
    The first meeting this afternoon at 19.30, will take place in the Aula of Gastronomy Almudí the Market Square of Veronicas will be the meeting point which made and taste dishes varied
  • Murcia pays tribute to Professor Díaz Bautista with a concert "In Memoriam" at the Teatro Romea de Murcia (22/05/2013)
    Jumilla Symphony Orchestra and the Choir Discantus pay tribute tomorrow Thursday, May 23, at 21 am
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia win best paper award of health economics, 2012 (22/05/2013)

  • The City of Murcia configure a networked system to provide better service in the field of childhood and adolescence (22/05/2013)
    Focused on lower deprotection, give higher quality service, define the legal framework and provide a working tool for professionals municipal social services are the key objectives of this program
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to fumigate urgently neighborhoods and districts affected by the plagues of mosquitoes (22/05/2013)
    Susana Councilwoman Hernandez has received complaints from residents of the villages near the River Segura and Reguerón severely affected by a large number mosquito due to moisture and heat
  • Students of the University of Murcia will practice in-Fraternity Mutual Muprespa (22/05/2013)

  • Employment continues to reward the best ideas to create business (22/05/2013)
    The overall budget for the awards is increased by 10,000 euros.
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studies tradition and innovation in Spanish landscape painting (22/05/2013)

  • Fall of roof at the Office of the Greco Street Unit Murcia (22/05/2013)
    The INTERSINDICAL, along with other unions, and was denouncing this untenable risk
  • The Civil Guard has its various operational means to students of Criminology (21/05/2013)
    First Day of Exhibition "Police: Operating Units"
  • The silver medal is already in Murcia (21/05/2013)
    Miguel Angel Lopez arrived this morning to Murcia Del Carmen station, where family and friends were waiting to give you a well-deserved welcome
  • Paisaje.UM versus Sierra de la Muela and Cape Tiñoso (21/05/2013)

  • Vocational Training Students Hall presents the work they have done during the course (21/05/2013)
    Plumbing, HVAC, commerce, cuisine, welding and hairdressing and beauty are some of the specialties
  • The Socialist Group PP required to fulfill its obligation and appropriate to preserve and protect the site of St. Stephen (21/05/2013)
    The Socialists presented a motion in Parliament next week's asking the City Council to decide what use will give the remains archaeological It's a shame the process of devastation
  • The Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia center awards the RedIRIS (21/05/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia hosts the world premiere of the contemporary review of "Julius Caesar" (21/05/2013)
    Mario Gas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Tristan Ulloa star in the Shakespeare classic that addresses current issues such as abuse of power, corruption, war and the people's struggle for freedom
  • The University of Murcia held a conference on the prevention of childhood obesity (21/05/2013)

  • IU-Greens will argue against prostitution ordinance (21/05/2013)

  • The Monument to the sculptor Francisco Salzillo regains its splendor in the Plaza de Santa Eulalia (21/05/2013)
    Work have consolidated the base, repair cracks and applying a coating against moisture and graffiti.
  • The National Police arrested the perpetrators of the murder of a neighbor Aljucer (21/05/2013)
    The body was found on April 29 with his vehicle on Bacons Bridge Road
  • The Civil Guard detained two people engaged in by the scam scam "Nigerian" (21/05/2013)
    Detainees are charged with an alleged crime of fraud
  • He opens the call of I Contest Millennium Private International Law (21/05/2013)

  • The older Fleet Pelegrín celebrated with ten years of operation of the center (20/05/2013)
    The association, which has more than 600 members, begins a cultural week which runs until Sunday
  • The UCAM blog hosts a course for unemployed and entrepreneurs (20/05/2013)
    Course participants will learn how to create a blog that will serve as a way to find work
  • IU-V rejects advertising grants no force or efficiency (20/05/2013)

  • The Ordinance to Fight Prostitution goes on public display (20/05/2013)
    It has reformed the draft adding residents and business tips
  • Valcárcel highlights the "murcianía" and a commitment to employment and wealth creation in the brewery company "Estrella de Levante" (20/05/2013)
    The chief executive, who chairs the commemoration of the 50th anniversary, says the company "is more a brand and a company, it's all a sign of identity of the Region "
  • Alex: "El Pozo has to go out and win, we can not speculate" (20/05/2013)
    Adri and train with the group Franklin
  • A study of the University of Murcia reveals that the loss of creativity increases with unemployment duration (20/05/2013)

  • The square Roque Lopez will an open space and affordable (20/05/2013)
    Removed lane and parking and installed playground
  • IU-Greens considered positive reflection on the timing of the Spring holiday from economic planning (20/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group claims that the headman of Beniaján 70,000 euros has been spent on paying parties Monteagudo (20/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries criticizes the village headman has also spent 480 euros on a billboard announcing Beniaján ghost pool, promised neighbors for almost 20 years
  • 'Il regret d'Arianna' and 'Iberia', compositions created for the Festival Murcia Three Cultures (20/05/2013)
    Suspiratio group play on Tuesday, May 21, Italian madrigals and songs of classical tragedies Igne Vocal sing, May 22 , traditional polyphony of the Caucasian peoples and the Spanish east
  • Users of day centers in La Glorieta plant trees in memory of their anniversary (20/05/2013)
    This week held various activities to commemorate the opening of the first center
  • The best Spanish cyclists promoted to Murcia in all competitions (20/05/2013)
    The City Council and the Federation reached a sponsorship agreement for the 2013 and 2014 seasons
  • The Socialist Party calls for greater conservation in bike lanes Mota del Río Segura (19/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernandez Municipal Government has notified the complaints received by users of the leisure area with its progressive deterioration
  • The European Fantastic Film Festival of Murcia delivering their awards (18/05/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the Degree in Law UCAM (18/05/2013)
    Students of the Second Law Degree Promoting receive their scholarships
  • Education extended school John XXIII the Rane with an investment of 1.5 million euros (18/05/2013)
    The project involves converting the center into a school of four lines, for nine classrooms to be built more
  • Murcia Smart City: The City sparks creativity of university for creating smart spaces (18/05/2013)
    I Environment supports Advertisement Contest held on June 5
  • The Socialist Party will defend in the next Parliament a motion against the reform of abortion law you want to apply the PP (18/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Mar Rosa request the Corporation rejected any reform implies a step back on the rights of the Women
  • Youth organizations join the Local Youth Council on the day against homophobia (17/05/2013)

  • The Local Police imposes fewer fines so far this year than in the same period of 2012 (17/05/2013)
    Sources emphasizes that never gave instruction to agents has been fined more nor rewarded for it
  • Residues of Murcia saved 74,000 trees last year (17/05/2013)

  • The festival MMOD 'Watch the birdie' full Belluga fashion and photography (17/05/2013)
    urban market firms are Murcia, photo shoots for magazines and workshops with famous photographers fashion experts
  • The Socialist Group Murcia Chamber asks directly assume the management of public transport (17/05/2013)
    Socialist spokesman Pedro Lopez deplores the continuing lack of coordination between the City and the Autonomous Community with the changes in the new urban lines are causing duplication and mismanagement public resources
  • Voices of Moroccan singer Samira Kadiri and Curro Piñana join for the first time, to sing Sufi poets (17/05/2013)
    "pain and passion" is the title of this premiere festival to be held next Monday in the Senate of the University
  • Galiana and the Romea tran Echanove a series of reflections on death, forgetfulness, selfishness and love in "Conversations with Mom" (17/05/2013)
    The work of James Carlos Oves (Jordi Galceran version) may be the 18th and May 19
  • The National Police arrested 13 people for theft of copper wiring lighting (17/05/2013)
    Among those arrested was responsible for a junkyard
  • Concludes comprehensive restoration of the monument in honor of Ricardo Codorniú, 'Apostle of the Tree' (17/05/2013)

  • The UCAM Racing Team seek the podium in global competition Shell Eco Marathon (17/05/2013)
    The UCAM third consecutive competes in the prestigious competition energy efficient vehicles
  • The morning buses premiere new tracks designed thanks to suggestions from users (17/05/2013)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation has scheduled a comprehensive information campaign to make citizens more aware of new routes.
  • IU-Greens calls for resumption of work at the health center of St. James (17/05/2013)

  • 95 youth will participate in one of 17 European exchanges proposed Youth (17/05/2013)
    will be held during June, July and August in Germany, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal and Turkey
  • The director of the Institute of Health Carlos III gives a lecture at the University of Murcia (17/05/2013)

  • Dies the former director of Theatre Group at the University of Murcia (17/05/2013)

  • Vistalegre begins its celebrations in honor of St. Mary Mother of the Church (17/05/2013)
    A yoga workshop to launch the program of activities, which will run until May 26
  • Benjamin B Team FS El Pozo Aljucer dismisses the season with a win at home against Vistalegre AD (4-5) (17/05/2013)
    Category: Benjamin 3rd Division 2012/13
  • Animation in the streets and tapas to celebrate International Museum Day (17/05/2013)
    Velázquez, one Memina, Ramón Gaya, Salzillo, a scientist and a miller are the characters that tomorrow we can find the center of the city inviting us to go to museums Murcia
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of International Business Certificate UCAM (16/05/2013)
    Students of the Second International Business Promotion Certificate UCAM receive their scholarships
  • Third National Congress of Psychology (16/05/2013)
    Psychologists and lawyers debate the causes of suicide
  • Spanish Latin Cultural Day in Jakarta (16/05/2013)
    The UCAM Indonesia carries the culture of Spain and Latin America
  • IU-Greens asked the City Council protest actions against the allegations of the Government Delegate to neighbors who defend the underground (16/05/2013)

  • "Recycle to Create" in Santo Domingo (16/05/2013)
    City and Cespa morning activities and workshops organized to mark the World Day Recycling
  • The PSOE lies by saying that the City rewards that the local police put more fines (16/05/2013)
    Sources ensures that neither no instructions or given a premium for the fines, the agents obey the law as required by his position requires the PSOE The mayor say Police do and how they rewarded for fine more
  • IU-Green suggests Iniesta to flesh out the initiative "Walk 100,000 steps" (16/05/2013)

  • Murcia firefighters teach schoolchildren to act in times of emergencies (16/05/2013)
    The CEIP Aroca and IES Mariano Mariano Baquero be the centers which impart theoretical and practical training
  • Begins fashion and photography festival MMOD 'Watch the birdie' (16/05/2013)
    Tomorrow and Saturday will be urban market with firms Belluga Murcia, photo shoots for magazines and workshops with famous photographers fashion experts
  • Ends the program Taste your place (16/05/2013)
    Student Services Kitchen and Restaurant of the municipal employment training courses have been developed in order to encourage sales in food markets
  • The most advanced university technology gathers in Murcia (16/05/2013)

  • PREVIOUS 1 Rooms Party 'Play Off'-League 2013 (16/05/2013)
    Santiago Futsal-El Pozo Murcia FS
  • The Cultural Space of the Artillery Barracks hosts two photographic exhibitions on Africa and India (16/05/2013)
    The works are the artist Carlos Ortuño and Correspondents Association of Health in Africa, and can be seen from May 16 to June 2
  • Monteagudo popular race held the "Three Castles" and a route from the top (16/05/2013)
    The race will take a journey of 6.5 km and is drawn around the castle of Monteagudo, Larache Castillejo and Castle
  • The Socialist Group reports that traffic fines have increased fivefold during the first quarter of this year (16/05/2013)
    The mayor José Zapata emphasizes that these alarming figures show the excessive tax collection effort PP raise municipal taxes besides income fivefold for traffic fines
  • Murcia is aimed at European retro fashion striped awnings terraces (16/05/2013)
    Elegant and colorful canvases wear the most emblematic places of the city
  • Ends the deadline to apply for one of 200 seats in summer camps for young people between 12 and 15 years (16/05/2013)
    It is celebrated in the month of July in Lleida, Madrid, Valencia and Leon
  • El Centro Municipal de Santiago and Zaraiche celebrates prom with dancing display and exhibition of the work done in the workshops (16/05/2013)

  • Business Meeting & Networking in Municipal Initiatives Center (16/05/2013)

  • Press Secretary General of the Diocese of Cartagena on the parish of Churra (15/05/2013)

  • Third National Congress of Psychology UCAM (15/05/2013)
    The importance of early psychological care
  • UPyD celebrates the unanimous agreement at the Regional Assembly for the underground train tracks passing through Murcia (15/05/2013)

  • Running historic cobble recovery in the setting of the Plaza de Santa Catalina (15/05/2013)
    Sidewalks of Cartagena Street soterran expand and containers, at the request of the neighbors
  • The University Foundation staff Company may use the services of the University of Murcia (15/05/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia hosts the tenth edition of the awards "Buero" Youth Theatre (15/05/2013)
    This afternoon workshops will be held with the groups listed in the contest
  • The Mayor held a meeting with the vice president of Microsoft (15/05/2013)
    Before attending the conference who has taught the management, within the series "The value of ideas", organized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • The singer and actress Maria de Medeiros opens for Tolerance Festival XIV Murcia Three Cultures (15/05/2013)
    This action also starts the series 'Concert for Tolerance', at the Teatro Circo Murcia, further including Sophia shows Charaï and Sahra French
  • He has a book on the image and appearance of the works of art (15/05/2013)
    "Appearances of persuasion. Constructing meanings in the art, is published by the University of Murcia
  • Public universities in the region near the R & D companies (15/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for immediate cleaning and conditioning parking Paseo del Malecón (15/05/2013)
    Councillors Peter Lopez and Rosa Mar today visited the parking alerted by neighborhood complaints regarding its lack of maintenance and signage, gorillas and pressure accumulated rubbish around the environment
  • Open the deadline to apply for any of the hundred places for young Murcia learn English in Ireland (15/05/2013)
    The stays are held in Dublin and there are two shifts, from 10 to 31 July 3 to August 24
  • Activities at the visitor centers on the occasion of International Museum Day (15/05/2013)
    Wall Light and offer workshops for children and a tour of the city
  • Six National Police officers saved the lives of several neighbors in a fire at a building in Murcia (14/05/2013)
    In just two minutes submissions were made by agents at the site
  • The UCAM joins the celebration of the day of Paraguay (14/05/2013)
    The UCAM has hosted the celebration of Independence Day of Paraguay which was attended by the Consul in Malaga and the Ambassador in Andalucia, Murcia and C.
  • The UCAM opens the doors of the labor market for young people with intellectual disabilities (14/05/2013)
    First Day Company, Disability and Social Inclusion
  • Gréllo: "In Santiago we can not relax" (14/05/2013)

  • Conferences and workshops to address the rich cuisine of the Arab, Jewish and Christian, in Murcia Three Cultures Festival (14/05/2013)
    The Hall of Gastronomy in the Market Square Veronicas will be the meeting point which made and taste dishes Arab cuisine, Jewish and Christian
  • The local residents of the Holy Spirit will learn techniques to be kinder to the environment (14/05/2013)
    A plan of action will teach them to recycle and reduce energy and water consumption
  • "Iniesta and niselespera", will you be walking 10,000 steps or come by public transport? (14/05/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, uses cartoonist caricature Puebla to denounce the chaotic public transport policy of the Councillor for Mobility
  • The Theatre Group at the University of Murcia gets the award for the best scenery in the International Festival of Fez (14/05/2013)

  • The School of Communication and Information Studies, University of Murcia grants Audiovisual Awards Red (14/05/2013)

  • Four women with disabilities talk about their experience in a roundtable organized by Thader (14/05/2013)
    The activity is moderated by Councilwoman Alicia Barquero was held on Thursday, at 19.30, at the Centro Cultural Las Claras
  • NGOs continue talks in schools and higher education institutions in the municipality (14/05/2013)
    It is part of the campaign Educating in the Department of Development Cooperation
  • A study of the University of Murcia advised moderate sands extraction and prevent the invasion of channels (14/05/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia highlights the role of the Church in serving the homeless in the Kingdom of Murcia (14/05/2013)

  • The UCAM Indonesia carries the culture of Spain and Latin (13/05/2013)
    Spanish Latin Cultural Day in Jakarta
  • IU-Greens denounced the deterioration of a garden of Holy Angel (13/05/2013)

  • Schedules Quarter encounters 'Play Off' El Pozo Murcia & Santiago Futsal (13/05/2013)

  • Seven social support fostering entrepreneurship promoted by the Municipality (13/05/2013)
    The Department led by José María Tortosa signs several agreements to promote Employment
  • The Youth Council welcomes the Owl Bus is self-sufficient and does not need public funding (13/05/2013)

  • International Solidarity wins the fourth edition of the "Aguas de Murcia Solidarity" (13/05/2013)
    The project focuses on improving the quality of life of the Afro-Colombian
  • 400 people will participate in the fashion and photography courses MMOD festival (13/05/2013)
    On Friday and Saturday there will be urban market with firms Belluga Murcia and known photo shoots for fashion magazines
  • A miller, a menina, a scientist and Salzillo encourage citizens to visit museums on Saturday (13/05/2013)
    Several bars offer downtown "museum cover" to 2 euros on May 18 exhibitions, lectures, guided tours and concerts are the activities planned by the Department of Culture, which develop throughout the week
  • Traffic and the City come together to encourage pedestrians to walk more and use the car less (13/05/2013)
    The Consistory promotes walks by selecting 'Walk 10,000 steps "that links the Roundabout Circular
  • A Guide to and higher (13/05/2013)
    Mayor launches new manual that has all the resources that the City makes available to the elderly
  • The austerity PP boundless conviction neighboring districts to suffer more unemployment, more neglect and more discrimination (13/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries average investment complaint received by a citizen who lives in villages by the City is 45 euros, while it paid an average of $ 1,000 for payment of IBI and seal car
  • More than 150 young people have already signed up to support the free classes for entrance exams (13/05/2013)
    The term expires next May 24 and reservations are made by telephone on 968 215 820.
  • Concludes comprehensive restoration Tuna Monument, symbol of San Basilio (13/05/2013)
    The monument back to look at their best after some parts of the piece, the work of Miguel Llamas, had been mutilated or stolen.
  • Harry Potter translators and Fifty Shades, at a meeting of the University of Murcia (13/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group reorders cleaning the Rambla del Garruchal (12/05/2013)

  • The cultural centers of La Paz and El Carmen pays tribute to Pedro Cano (12/05/2013)
    Students of the paint shops display their work focused on the work of painter Blanca
  • Mercamurcia joins the Board of National Beef Prices (12/05/2013)
    In 2012 the Spanish beef sector produced 600,000 tons of meat
  • Mariano Martinez Sanchez, new headman of Avileses (11/05/2013)

  • IU-Greens consider "unnecessary" the agreement between the City and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (11/05/2013)

  • Agustin Navarrete from Mayor receives his appointment as Neighbor of the Year 2013 (11/05/2013)

  • The Source of Cultures to sensitize the population, this weekend in El Palmar (11/05/2013)
    today are scheduled activities of all kinds in the garden of The Source, from 10.30 to 14 hours
  • Alejandro Blanco: "The UCAM is special because he lives the sport" (10/05/2013)
    Scholarship Act Enforcement Grade students in the CAFD UCAM
  • "We need national water planning to solve the water problem" (10/05/2013)
    First Day Cycle Management Integrated Water and the Environment
  • IU-Greens supports traditional huertanos protests against rising "indiscriminate" IBI (10/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia organized a conference for the promotion of mediation in the judicial system (10/05/2013)

  • Summer Schools Youth Council will facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life of parents Murcia (10/05/2013)

  • Castro: "In the current crisis is creeping up the taxes for the sole purpose of balancing the books" (10/05/2013)
    The socialist mayor calls the council of finance of "collecting of taxes feudal style, exploits his subjects with increases indiscrimindas abusive and municipal tax, regardless of whether or not crops "
  • IU-Greens started a campaign in neighborhoods and districts of Murcia to explain their proposals on employment (10/05/2013)

  • The Association of District West Course organizes a children's play fair in collaboration with the New Hermitage Neighborhood Association (10/05/2013)

  • The actor Ralph Fiennes adapts "Coriolanus," one of the best dramas of Shakespeare, in the film which exhibits Cinema Paradise (10/05/2013)

  • The professor of the University of Murcia Francisco Javier Díez de Revenga, elected to the Real Academia Sevillana de Buenas Letras (10/05/2013)

  • The Optometry graduates may teach High School students in private schools (10/05/2013)

  • A Workshop for solutions to environmental problems (09/05/2013)
    First Day UCAM Cycle Management Integrated Water and the Environment
  • The Catholic University of Murcia and Emilio Pérez Piñero Foundation have signed a partnership agreement (09/05/2013)
    The UCAM create Emilio Pérez Piñero Institute
  • Joan Mirabent: 2'02 Every year millions of people die from occupational disease (09/05/2013)
    First National Congress of Nursing
  • Alejandro Blanco will be the godfather graduation of CAFD UCAM (09/05/2013)
    The Spanish Olympic Committee president impose scholarships to students graduating this year
  • An exhibition highlights the work of the interpreters of Arab and Berber in the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco (09/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the immediate withdrawal of the barracks adjacent to the nursery of La Paz landslide hazard (09/05/2013)

  • The People's Race Murcia University held on Friday at the Campus Espinardo (09/05/2013)
    will travel a total of 4.5 kilometers
  • The strike had an uneven track teaching at the University of Murcia (09/05/2013)

  • Stopped by the National Police while carrying 500 grams of marijuana in a gym bag (09/05/2013)
    The drugs were distributed in five glass jars and prepared for sale
  • Begins Top Road University (09/05/2013)

  • Students of the University of Murcia, winners in the national competition of bridges made of popsicle sticks (09/05/2013)

  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia adheres to the teaching strike (09/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia and Health collaborate on project promoting blood donation (09/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest for the purchase of digital scientific information resources (09/05/2013)

  • Various UCAM experts analyze the situation in occupational health (08/05/2013)
    First National Congress of Nursing UCAM
  • The rail terminal will provide more operational Nonduermas horticulture Murcia (08/05/2013)

  • 10,000 university will benefit from Santander Scholarships Practices in SMEs (08/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia creates a school for the training of political and social leaders (08/05/2013)

  • The Platform Citizens for Public Transport complaint oblivion and marginalization to the districts by the City (08/05/2013)

  • Maria Jose Jails in an exhibition pays tribute to women forced to leave their environment (08/05/2013)
    The sample is exposed in the General Library of the University of Murcia, Campus de Espinardo
  • "The PP awards another big company, in this case, which manages the ORA, at the expense of the pocket of Murcia" (08/05/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa claims that the rise of the blue again be a windfall for the company awarded and a ruin for users who park their vehicles in blue zone
  • Exhibition of drawings, concert and dining workshop to celebrate Europe Day (08/05/2013)
    Tortosa opens an information booth in Santo Domingo
  • Panel discussion on political and economic liberalism (08/05/2013)

  • The RSC Chair of the University of Murcia launches a public-private partnership for social action (08/05/2013)

  • The UCAM create a European Centre of Culture Sephardic (07/05/2013)
    This was announced by the president of the Catholic University of Murcia UCAM during the Closing Ceremony of the Sephardic Cultural Week
  • The Socialist Party rejects mandatory helmet use on the bike because it would use in Murcia (07/05/2013)
    The PSOE councilors warn that this measure seeks to impose the new rules of the Traffic Department will imply a fall of users, both rent system of public and private bicycle
  • ... (07/05/2013)

  • The Women's Center The space itself has Esparragal (07/05/2013)

  • More than a thousand people will take part in Sunday's bike festival Decabike (07/05/2013)
    The event, organized by Decathlon, with the collaboration of the departments of Environment and Sports
  • "Health Workshop and the Senses. Recipes For Kidney Patients Market" (07/05/2013)
    Development of recipes will be held from 10:30 to 12 hours
  • Presented at the 2013 Rector's Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia (07/05/2013)
    "It's a window on the latest art" (Francisco Fuentes)
  • Murcia will feature 80 new posts that will provide all the information related to bus lines (07/05/2013)
    Transport Murcia place them at stops where it is not possible to install awnings
  • UPyD Murcia celebrates the rearrangement of lines to improve service but insists the ticket only (06/05/2013)

  • IU-Green describes as "unacceptable" lack of transparency of the Department of Transport (06/05/2013)

  • I bilingual campus football Miguelín (06/05/2013)

  • Iniesta explained to the spokespeople of opposition political groups the details of the restructuring of bus lines (06/05/2013)
    It has also used the meeting to deliver the draft of the new ordinance to regulate the use of parking cards Disabled so they can make contributions
  • Continuing the tasting in the streets of supplies (06/05/2013)
    It is part of the campaign 'Taste Your Place' to encourage sales
  • Captain Street Vistabella Balaca earn 25 parking spaces (06/05/2013)

  • Miguel Cascales offers a reception for teachers and students of IES Aljada (06/05/2013)
    participate in a Comenius project with students from the UK, Germany, France and Denmark
  • IU-Greens question about the implementation of the Tourist Card (06/05/2013)

  • Work begins Malecon Lion location on its original site (06/05/2013)

  • Children's shows from Asia, America and Africa make up the cycle "Three Cultures in Children" (06/05/2013)
    With the concert "Colors", on May 23, will start the activities for children in a new setting
  • The study PSOE claim in court the right to bus service 10,000 residents of isolated villages eight months (06/05/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, regrets that since the cuts were applied on the lines of districts that manages the CARM districts continue the neglect, without the City Council take action on the matter
  • Personal Management eleven European countries makes a training period at the University of Murcia (06/05/2013)

  • They correct acoustical deficiencies identified in the North Classroom Building, University of Murcia (06/05/2013)

  • IU-Greens concerned about the continuity of Classrooms Internet free municipal (05/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group requires cleaning a Juan de Borbón solar overgrown, rats and ticks (05/05/2013)
    The Socialist councilor, Sea Pink, reporting that residents of the flats near the plot have to fumigate their homes because the ticks and cockroaches from the sun are coming into their homes
  • The journalist Antonio Botia touts Vistabella parties (05/05/2013)

  • New photo contest call: Murcia, Ethnography, Culture and Traditions (05/05/2013)
    The historic garden in the region, current and historical photography are the three modes of this year
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the Degree in Criminology UCAM (04/05/2013)
    Students in the First Degree in Criminology Promoting receive their scholarships
  • The Red Cross Hall and strengthen ties, to ensure the development of activities and public events (04/05/2013)
    have signed a collaboration agreement for the institution to make prevention and care work
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the Degree in Architecture from the UCAM (03/05/2013)
    Students in the First Degree in Architecture Promoting receive their scholarships
  • Blue in Action organizes sporting events to raise funds for its projects in Togo (03/05/2013)
    May 5 will be held on II Murcia City Duathlon May 26th I scheduled the championship of Spain MTB forces and security
  • The Theatre Group at the University of Murcia represents Sunday in Fez "The Knight of Olmedo" in an international festival of theater (03/05/2013)

  • Authorized the sale of a building of the Community on the Avenue of Freedom of Murcia (03/05/2013)

  • IU-Green criticism that some municipal boards allocate items to concepts that are not social or work (03/05/2013)

  • Cinema Paradise offers a real exhibition tango conjunction with a screening of the film "Free Tango" (03/05/2013)
    The film won the award for best film at the Warsaw Festival 2012
  • Start the IBI receipt payment more expensive in history (03/05/2013)

  • Bus lines cater to the needs of Murcia (03/05/2013)

  • The University of Murcia promotes partnerships with universities in Mexico (03/05/2013)

  • Blue in Action organizes sporting events to raise funds for its projects in Togo (03/05/2013)
    May 5 will be held on II Murcia City Duathlon May 26th I scheduled the championship of Spain MTB forces and security
  • UPyD Murcia explanations requested the government team after numerous complaints received by the excessive volume of the SOS 4.8 (03/05/2013)

  • Conference on Occupational Health and Safety in Civil Engineering (02/05/2013)
    The UCAM debate on the prevention of occupational hazards in construction
  • Herrero remember there granted licenses to 1,300 weekly market stalls in the city (02/05/2013)
    The PSOE lies in the number of families who work in the markets and in the rate paid
  • Proposed Murcia to host the meeting of the European Network of Cultural Centres (02/05/2013)
    Puertas de Castilla Spanish is the only space that belongs to the network
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studying the organizational culture of companies in Murcia (02/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Group returns to support markets and vendors requires the PP to remove the tasazo (02/05/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, accompanied by councilors Mar Rosa and Andrea Garries visit today the market of Santa Maria de Gracia to denounce the gouging the fee charged by the local government itinerant traders
  • A new approach to Murcia workshop processing techniques of historical meatloaf (02/05/2013)
    The Department of Employment promotes the II Workshop meat pies.
  • New agreements with the City to continue fostered social and business activity of the municipality (02/05/2013)
    His goal is to continue improving the quality of life for citizens with physical or mental disabilities
  • ... (02/05/2013)

  • Environment installed swings for children with disabilities in Head of Torres and Paseo Florence (02/05/2013)

  • Murcia joins an application that includes the largest network of cycle paths (02/05/2013)
    The Governing Board approves accession to Naviki project that aims to create a website and a mobile application used to create itineraries for cycling
  • IU-Greens claim that the Special Plan of La Paz still not approved by the Autonomous Region (02/05/2013)

  • The bullfighters were up for the needy (02/05/2013)
    14,000 kg.
  • New Javalí celebrated Los Mayos (01/05/2013)

  • Murcia celebrates another year the arrival of the month of May (01/05/2013)
    More than twenty huertanas rocks out last night to the streets to sing and announce the arrival of May

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