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Murcia News - May 2014

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  • Students of the Master in Teacher Education Scholarship and receive their diplomas (31/05/2014)

  • 3rd Party SEMIFINALS PREVIEW PLAY-OFF LNFS 2014 (31/05/2014)
    A for the Final!
  • Tribute to 'Captain Lord': 563 matches and left (31/05/2014)

  • Tribute to Gasquez, Pepin, Pepón, Ales and mythical Parri (31/05/2014)
    Season 1989/90
  • Homage Benjamin A-Team Regional Champion League (31/05/2014)

  • New development of students of Teacher Education UCAM (31/05/2014)
    More than 280 students of the II Promotion receive their scholarships and diplomas in the temple of the Monastery of Jeronimos
  • Sangonera Green already has homecoming queen (31/05/2014)

  • The International Doctoral School UCAM already has four programs (31/05/2014)
    The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) has verified the four proposed by the University
  • The Socialist group supported the closure (31/05/2014)
    for parents of college New Schools
  • The first days of Murcia Smart Cities will bring together over 200 participants next week (31/05/2014)

  • Hostemur submitted to the Environment Councillor claims to new noise ordinance (31/05/2014)
    Martinez-Cache says it will continue to work on legislation to make it more possible for beneficiary neighbors and local
  • IU-Greens support the running of the school parents of El Palmar New Schools (30/05/2014)

  • Students may form in the UCAM paddle (30/05/2014)
    This is a new venture of the University in promoting training and research in sport
  • Teachers of the University of Murcia have more time for research activity (30/05/2014)

  • Beniaján held two weeks devoted to Culture to mark the end of their course of workshops (30/05/2014)

  • Gomaespuma brings humor and improvisation Romea Theatre (30/05/2014)
    Today, tomorrow and Sunday will surprise the audience with his 90-minute show
  • The City of Murcia gets financing for investment 2.5% (30/05/2014)
    The loan signing took place this morning in the office of Councillor for Economy and Finance offerings banks have been five times higher than the amount requested for local government
  • Start the collection of seasonal vegetables (30/05/2014)
    A total of 21 sites are now part of the Network of Ecological Gardens School Township Murcia
  • 'The city captured' invited to photograph the images of Murcia through filters and reflections (30/05/2014)
    With images selected an item of street furniture will decorate
  • Decorrido fill Murcia Entertainment (30/05/2014)
    Between 12 and 22 June 36 activities of dance, theater, circus, acrobatics and music will be held
  • The bus station in San Andrés will be completely renovated, consolidating as an important center of activity in the neighborhood (30/05/2014)
    The new contractor will offer free wifi, preferential rates in Annex parking and a complete set of customer care
  • El Pozo Murcia FS vs FC Barcelona Alusport (30/05/2014)
    Objective: Match the tie
  • Mayor House presents 'Agriculture Monument' which exalt the efforts and dedication of the professionals of the garden and countryside (30/05/2014)

  • The Socialist Group requires the local government's removal of a large crane in Santiago and Zaraiche (30/05/2014)
    Mar La Rosa mayor denounces PP absolute inability to manage the consequences of the housing bubble in neighborhoods and districts
  • Terra Natura Murcia joins a fur seal to show with sea lions (30/05/2014)

  • 'King Ubu' wins Creajoven Performing Arts (30/05/2014)
    The second was for 'Found' and one for 'UpArte'
  • Opens its doors "Bloodline", the exhibition of the Confraternity of the Blood (30/05/2014)

  • The City of Murcia Awarded Collective "not deprive yourself," lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, a grant of € 8,000 (30/05/2014)
    for the development of protective and preventive Health
  • The Chamber of Commerce delivers its Mercury and Enterprise Development Awards 2013 (29/05/2014)

  • Bet on practical training (29/05/2014)
    The University Community UCAM form in CPR
  • The Socialist Group achieves a plenary agreement to promote a reduction in the IBI de la Huerta (29/05/2014)
    Summary socialist group proposals
  • The House approved the award of the Gold Medal of the City Bar Association (29/05/2014)
    The group celebrates its 175th anniversary
  • The 'popular' majority rejects UPyD Murcia's initiative to "end the privilege" which involves the gauging of political and public positions (29/05/2014)

  • The staff of the Municipal Library Network of Murcia is one hundred percent public (29/05/2014)
    Tomorrow's concert will present their offers a total of four companies
  • Camera accompanying transport companies in delivering its annual awards (29/05/2014)

  • The City continues to work to improve the infrastructure of Gea and Truyols (29/05/2014)

  • 160 people assisted Unit Emotional and Psychological First Aid in the first three months of operation (29/05/2014)
    The eight psychologists, eight technicians and nurses of the Civil Protection team have provided emergency psychological assistance in different potentially traumatic events
  • Jesus Juarez and Ginés Torrano are favorite sons and the City of Murcia (29/05/2014)
    The House has approved the grant of this title of the priest Stables and tenor Murcia
  • Adopted a motion to support young pregnant students (29/05/2014)

  • The rector Orihuela shows the accession of the University of Murcia to the cause of the Saharawi people (29/05/2014)

  • The CIM-M hosts the workshop sengudo Ultralight Sales cycle (29/05/2014)

  • The plenary required to continue the works of New Schools in El Palmar (29/05/2014)

  • II Day of Water Cycle and Environment (29/05/2014)
    Ensure the supply of drinking water this summer despite the drought
  • More than 1,500 people have been discharged in BiciRegistro in two weeks (29/05/2014)
    Those interested in registering your bike should do and through the web www.biciregistro.es
  • The proposal to reclaim the IBI Huermur of huertanos, filed in 2011, is finally accepted by the City (29/05/2014)

  • José Ruiz: "We have to enforce the homecourt in the Palace" (29/05/2014)
    The Murcia flag 'a temple' this weekend
  • The House calls on the Community to continue in future courses the Initial Vocational Training Program (29/05/2014)
    The motion was supported this morning by the four political groups of the City of Murcia
  • The City Council requests the Council that the university UNIBON be extended to students of primary and secondary (29/05/2014)
    A proposal of the Municipal People proposed that intercity bonds can be recharged from five euros
  • Premian professor at the University of Murcia José Manuel López Nicolás by the diffusion of biotechnology (29/05/2014)

  • Presented at the Floridablanca Murcia Award (29/05/2014)
    With a Tribute Concert musician and composer Antonio Narejos Murcia
  • The Mayor presides over a recent tribute to members of the agricultural cultural center of the Azacaya (28/05/2014)
    Camera and thank you cede those facilities to allow construction of the new multi-purpose community center
  • The first class of students in the degree program was Capacitas (28/05/2014)
    The Catholic, who has worked for two years in the training of these students, has announced that three of them will hire
  • The UCAM brings together students and business (28/05/2014)
    Los Jeronimos today hosted the IX Employment Forum under the theme "Working with E Europe '
  • Salamanca Square neighborhood of Fame will sport a new pavement (28/05/2014)

  • The City Council and the Board of Landowners create a commission to study the cases of IBI Orchard (28/05/2014)
    a specific point of citizen services is also enabled, situated on the premises of Urbanism, which will become operational tomorrow
  • Murcia tram turns three surpassing 11 million passengers (28/05/2014)
    Murcia has stopped broadcasting due to this transport 7,700 tonnes of CO2
  • Castro: "The mayor remembers Camera only lower taxes on the doors of the municipal elections" (28/05/2014)
    PSOE councilor recalls that the Socialist Group has considering a tax cut three years echoing the discomfort of citizens and businesses municipality and also requesting that who else has to pay more
  • IU-Green warns of disappearance of the municipal social services (28/05/2014)

  • ... (28/05/2014)

  • The Mayor awards prizes to the winners of the Decalogue "good neighbor" (28/05/2014)
    Among the events organized to mark European Neighbours' Day
  • "Meeting between racks" Free theater until June 15 in the auditorium of Guadeloupe (28/05/2014)
    Councilman Rafael Gómez cycle opens tomorrow at 20 am
  • The City Council announces a new edition of the Enterprise Project (28/05/2014)
    The deadline for submission of work will end on September 17
  • A display installed on the Arrixaca encourages Murcia to follow a balanced diet (28/05/2014)
    Mercamurcia collaborates with the Department of Social Welfare and Health handing fruit attendees
  • The University of Murcia collaborates expert report on media literacy (28/05/2014)

  • The women's centers organize Contest Amparo I Rivelles theater (28/05/2014)
    day 3, 4 and 5 June will be held at the Theatre Bernal
  • A book published by the UMU sheds light on the first democratic experience in the region lived two centuries ago (28/05/2014)
    Emphasizes the contribution of Murcia and Cartagena to the delivery of irrigation
  • The Socialist Group returns to claim the PP in a reduction of IBI plenary for orchards in operation (28/05/2014)

  • School made pizza products of Region (28/05/2014)
    The Classroom Gastronomic Culture Raimundo González today celebrated National Nutrition Day with a workshop of healthy habits for smaller
  • Exposure Taymiyyah My neighbor is extended to June 7 (28/05/2014)
    The photographer Teresa Martin made two guided visits for his works on 30 and 31
  • DIY green spaces Churra, Sangonera la Seca and La Alberca (28/05/2014)

  • Gastronomy, seen through the eyes of González-Conejero (27/05/2014)
    The Murcia cook with Google Glass closed in the CCT, the series 'Cooking from Stars' organized by the Bachelor UCAM Drink
  • International Chair of Arts FCG (27/05/2014)
    balance between preservation and modernization through architecture
  • Twenty-eight organizations met for the UCAM IX Employment Forum (27/05/2014)
    El Pozo, Neosistec, Caja Rural, FAMDIF, Astrapace, Moelia or Employment and Training Service, among other companies and institutions, visit the Campus to inform university of the possibilities after graduating
  • Impulse athletics (27/05/2014)

  • Jesus: "For something this team is characterized by fighting to the end, and this weekend will not be less" (27/05/2014)

  • The head of the tribe of the Masai Mara visit campus UCAM (27/05/2014)
    The University has shown interest in collaborating in volunteering with the Kenyan community
  • IU-Green made a motion to keep the public library service (27/05/2014)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia calls for greater decision notaries and registrars consumer protection (27/05/2014)

  • HUERMUR preclude the municipality of Murcia bonifique downgrade them to property developers IBI (27/05/2014)

  • Murcia will host next week the first jorandas "Smart Cities" to reflect on sustainability and innovation in cities (27/05/2014)
    Papers and conferences, on 4 and 5 June, will be offered by professionals, businessmen and representatives of public administrations
  • The Socialist Group in Parliament that will require strengthening security in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit Espinardo (27/05/2014)
    Susana Hernández The mayor also asked the local government to urgently convene the Local Security Board to adopt measures to combat insecurity in this neighborhood that increases every day
  • Healthy Recipes for hot days (27/05/2014)
    The Classroom Gastronomic Culture Raimundo González today welcomes the participants of the program 4/40 schools and health
  • UPyD Murcia defends "end the privilege" that involves gauging political and public office (27/05/2014)

  • The University of El Pozo Murcia and soccer collaborate to improve the employability of graduates Sports Science (27/05/2014)

  • The teacher reflects Clara Eugenia Núñez at a conference about the Spanish university system (27/05/2014)

  • Beniaján organizes the first fashion show for the promotion and development of businesses in the hamlet (27/05/2014)
    Local Association attached to the COBE offer discounts throughout the month June
  • The Brotherhood of Knights Legionaries of Murcia held its food Brotherhood (26/05/2014)

  • The new model of artist for the twenty-first century: the quiet of the studio to the Internet and social networks (26/05/2014)
    The 'First International Congress of Art, Architecture and Heritage' has brought together the world's leading experts in these fields
  • The rector of the University of Murcia encouraged to connect research with the social environment (26/05/2014)

  • Health Workshops Classroom Gastronomic Culture Raimundo González for the National Nutrition Day (26/05/2014)
    These days also celebrated the eleventh week of healthy habits
  • The PSOE asked in plenary program of sports activities for the network of municipal pools (26/05/2014)
    The mayor Andrea Garries defend a motion in Parliament on Thursday to demand the local government to strengthen leisure time in the districts of Murcia during the months of July and August
  • A seat of the best historical classification (26/05/2014)
    The 13th CB UCAM Murcia remains, one step of your roof, which got in the 94-95 and 07-08
  • On Friday, the deadline for submitting entries to the contest "The European Union Creating opportunities for all." (26/05/2014)
    The objective of this competition is to stimulate among students learning English and content of the EU
  • Environment tests the automatic inspection of premises with music (26/05/2014)
    limiters allow you to keep a constant level of noise and will have a storage of at least one month of the sound levels of the local
  • Over 500 teens learn to drive signals messed (26/05/2014)
    The campaign aims not to commit vandalism on road signage
  • Women of Holy Angel expose their art (26/05/2014)
    The exhibition "Painting in black and white with splashes of color 'will be open until June 6
  • The child UCAM Murcia Regional League runners-up (25/05/2014)
    The homegrown could not beat a good CB Capuchin (64-67)
  • The UCAM Murcia closed the season with a win before their fans (90-82) (25/05/2014)

  • The UCAM Murcia first team in Liga Endesa live a party through the Google Glass (25/05/2014)

  • The solar car UCAM, unique in the region to obtain an official mark in the Shell Eco-Marathon Rotterdam (25/05/2014)
    The prestigious international career ultra low power electric prototypes ended the UCAM Racing Team in 21 th position
  • Paula Sabater Alba wins first prize Creajoven Gastronomy (24/05/2014)
    The two runners have been for Jesus Antonio Carbonell and Adrian Novas Piñero
  • Adult Success workshop organized by the Ministry of Culture at the Museum of Santa Clara de Murcia (24/05/2014)
    The event, which ends today and has been developed under the title 'Islamic courtyards symbols of paradise', has allowed visitors to learn cross the two gardens that hosts this monumental
  • The works of Coastal North and South begin the first half of June (24/05/2014)
    The deadline of the ten sections is 14 months and generate a thousand jobs, direct and indirect
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students in the Grade II Promotion of Science of Physical Activity and Sport (23/05/2014)
    Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
  • The UCAM hosts from Monday a World Congress on Art, Architecture and Heritage (23/05/2014)
    Campus Los Jerónimos be attended, the 26th and 27th of May, prestigious professionals from these disciplines as FCG, Cintha Van Heeswijck-Veeger or Gianluigi Colalucci
  • The UCAM Murcia, CPF first team to have real-time statistics with Google Glass (23/05/2014)
    This Sunday in the game against CAI Zaragoza
  • The rector Orihuela values ​​collaboration of everyone in the takeover manager (23/05/2014)

  • "In the Murcia region have reduced more than 64% the number of deaths from traffic accidents" (23/05/2014)
    This was stated by Manuel Campos, director of Development, Public Works and Planning, at the opening of the 4th Conference Road Safety in the UCAM
  • The garden in the neighborhood of Fuensanta Infante will clean Lighting (23/05/2014)
    30 Installing spotlights increase security and improve light quality
  • 145 local police officers work for the election day on Sunday elapses normally (23/05/2014)
    They will be joined by 172 other troops from the regular service if necessary
  • One hundred swimmers come together this weekend at the Masters I Open Championship (23/05/2014)
    It held tomorrow at the municipal pool Mar Menor
  • Valcárcel talks about Europe for university (23/05/2014)
    The Temple of The Jeronimos Monastery, home of the UCAM, hosted a meeting this morning, Ramón Luis Valcárcel university
  • Start the Feast of the Three Cultures, which runs until Saturday night (23/05/2014)
    Music klezmer, Sephardic and percussion from Senegal come together in this show
  • Municipal Initiatives Center opens magazine (23/05/2014)
    The objective is to provide activities that develop in the center and entrepreneurs located there
  • About 49,000 schoolchildren from 58 schools in the county participate in the "Green Schools" program (23/05/2014)
    The College Santiago García Medel and IES Sangonera Green received their awards this morning at the hands of the councilors of Environment and Education
  • The University of Murcia makes morning examinations for the diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (23/05/2014)

  • The Mayor appreciates the dedication to the city at 60 officers have concluded his career in the City (23/05/2014)
    In a moving tribute ceremony held this morning at the Plenary Hall on the occasion of the feast of St. Rita
  • 3,000 people will enjoy the final of the Champions League on a giant screen (23/05/2014)
    The Department of Culture will install in the auditorium of Garden Fofó
  • The Women's Center of St. Pius X celebrates Prom (23/05/2014)

  • The people of Los Ramos honors its patron saint, the Virgen de la Huerta (23/05/2014)

  • The Region of Murcia implemented in the coming months the donation program in cardiac arrest (22/05/2014)
    II National Congress of Nursing
  • New building licenses in Murcia increased by 50% in 2014 (22/05/2014)
    In the case of building permits granted by Planning, the increase stands at 30% compared to the first quarter of 2013
  • 500 children participate tomorrow in the closing ceremony of municipal activities with children (22/05/2014)
    From 17.45 in the University Community Centre Campus Espinardo
  • The series "The trade lunch" today is loyalty via Twitter (22/05/2014)
    Workshops intended to Murcia traders, will also be developed during June
  • Start the second "Circuit Entrepreneur" (22/05/2014)
    It will take place from 9.30 am in the center of Murcia Municipal Initiatives (CIM-M)
  • Juanan Requena, winner of the second edition of Available (22/05/2014)

  • Start the second "Circuit Entrepreneurs" (22/05/2014)
    It will take place from 10 am in the Parish Center Initiatives Murcia (CIM-M)
  • The collective "Hand Stolen" Wins Photography Award from the University of Murcia (22/05/2014)

  • The director of the DGT, Maria Segui, will be starring on the 4th Road Safety Day UCAM (22/05/2014)
    The event will bring together students and experts in order to promote awareness and provide ideas
  • Eight young chefs compete tomorrow in the final of Gastronomy Creajoven (22/05/2014)
    The recipes are self-created and have salted fish as a main ingredient
  • "I really want to go back and go all" (22/05/2014)
    Augusto Lima is ready for the game against CAI Zaragoza
  • A professor at the University of Murcia in a book discusses the idea of ​​imperial Russia (22/05/2014)

  • Alusport vs FC Barcelona El Pozo Murcia FS (22/05/2014)

  • Tourism launches mobile application designed to Congress (22/05/2014)
    Provides information to the attendees of the meeting in which they participate and the city
  • The Mayor joins the "Day of Illusion" (22/05/2014)

  • 40 immigrant women participating in a course to prevent gender violence (22/05/2014)

  • The Socialist Party in Parliament that require sidewalks be extended in an area of ​​Algezares to ensure pedestrian safety (22/05/2014)
    The mayor Andrea Garries defend a motion asking their local government may remedy this problem so that the students of this school Saavedra Fajardo hamlet can walk without risking your life
  • Environment environmental closes the cycle of guided tours with a tour of the Sierra de los Villares (22/05/2014)
    The route, which will be on May 25, runs through agroforestry landscapes, upland crops and livestock ancient roads
  • IU-Greens claim the responsibility of the municipal government of the PP in the closure of local libraries (22/05/2014)

  • ONCE rewards the support of the University of Murcia for students with disabilities (22/05/2014)

  • The collective "Hand stolen" XIV Wins Photography Award from the University of Murcia (22/05/2014)

  • The UCAM teach two graduate degrees in Madrid by the Professional Football League (21/05/2014)
    It is an initiative of the Sports Management Institute LFP-UCAM, an entity created by the two institutions to offer high specialized training in sport
  • II National Congress of Nursing UCAM (21/05/2014)
    The new role of nursing debate
  • Citizens (C's) of Murcia criticizes the PP prohibiting the party set up a tent to distribute electoral advertising (21/05/2014)
    Coordinator of C's in Murcia accuses City of "using power to marginalize small parties"
  • "Family" of UCAM Murcia live Tour de Estrella Levante (21/05/2014)
    Equipment beer brand sponsors and join in the 'Business Day Club'
  • The Auto-Retro XII Feria bring Artillery Barracks Murcia best classic cars (21/05/2014)
    The fair, organized by the Club Ruta del Sol, will be held from 23 to 25 May.
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia warning about the risk of the use of children after separation (21/05/2014)

  • 74 women victims of domestic violence involved in training courses to facilitate their employment (21/05/2014)

  • The University of Murcia launches competition to set up shop in the Faculty of Fine Arts (21/05/2014)

  • The City remains committed to the Committee of Support for Sex Workers (21/05/2014)
    This nonprofit association receives an annual grant of 50,000 euros city since 2005
  • IU-Greens question about a meal for families organized by the City in La Manga (21/05/2014)

  • Murcia looking tastemakers Fashion (21/05/2014)
    Fashion Talent comes to Murcia in a few days.
  • New settings in different bus lines can improve the frequency and provide convenience to travelers (21/05/2014)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation improves the connection between the town and the Ranero with Rayo Rayo 14 and reinforces the 80 hours increased demand
  • The sports Joseph Barnes opens its tracks on Sunday afternoon (21/05/2014)
    In times of 17 to 22 hours
  • Environment launched a new system for oxygenation of water in the lakes of the municipality (21/05/2014)
    The pilot, at Lake Palace of Sports, is being satisfactory
  • The UCAM hosts the II National Congress of Nursing from tomorrow (20/05/2014)
    Health experts will share with students their professional experiences in an event which will last two days and will feature workshops, simulations, conferences and round tables
  • The UCAM implemented in Madrid 'University of Sport' in collaboration with the COE and the RFEF (20/05/2014)
    The announcement was made at the launch of nine new Olympic training that will be part of the project that the Catholic University of Murcia and the Olympic Committee Spanish being developed
  • The Olympic family is growing UCAM (20/05/2014)
    Nine athletes are presented within the educational project of the Catholic University of Murcia and the COE
  • Social Welfare supported NGO projects working with groups at risk of exclusion and to promote volunteerism (20/05/2014)
    Grants support amounting to 200,000 euros
  • The Classroom Gastronomic Culture hosts a sensory workshop kitchen for kidney patients (20/05/2014)
    30 dialysis patients learn to cook peppers stuffed with sausage summer rice crust and meringue and strawberries strudel
  • High School students will present a microvideo the importance of not vandalizing signs (20/05/2014)
    The Department of Traffic and Transportation will award school material technological objects and best proposals
  • The Socialist Party calls "electioneering" the act offered yesterday Camera Ratings centers day stays (20/05/2014)
    Susana Hernandez: It is unfortunate that the PP will try to buy her on the campaign trail as applied to them, so merciless a copayment around 150 euros per month for a service that was previously free
  • Dolores Josefa Romero Marin and earn XI Painting Competition Flowers and book (20/05/2014)
    The Competition is organized by the Department of Political Equality and Development Cooperation for associations and Centers for Women
  • Faculty of Sports Science Challenge Wins Rector of the University of Murcia (19/05/2014)

  • Math Professor José Orihuela morning takes office as president of the University of Murcia (19/05/2014)

  • The tram reaches 95% punctuality and buses 'coloraos' the 91.75% (19/05/2014)
    This means, according to AENOR UNE 13816, high quality
  • The Mayor celebrates with users of day centers cultural week (19/05/2014)
    Les has offered a reception at the Plenary Hall
  • The Socialist Group in plenary require the PP to not apply the 'rate hikes' in buses districts (19/05/2014)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro López, submit a motion calling on the PP to lower the ticket price to equate the districts of the city, from 1.85 to 1.05 euros
  • Environment acquires 27 new sets for green spaces gerontogimnasia Township (19/05/2014)
    Each set consists of five elements
  • The University of Murcia this week hosts the largest European event in Veterinary Education (19/05/2014)

  • Finalizing the new Tourist Information Point neighborhood of El Carmen (18/05/2014)
    Located in the garden of Floridablanca and adds to the Central Bureau of Belluga the point of Romea and Juan Carlos I
  • 1,200 geraniums in beds and look Ronda de Garay (18/05/2014)
    Operators have also reviewed the large specimens and hanging planters
  • The Socialist Group has a meeting with neighborhood associations to boost leisure activities in the districts (18/05/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries notes that the City must schedule recreational activities in the months of July and August for the entire municipality and not abandon the districts ostracized during the summer
  • The law graduates receive their diplomas UCAM (17/05/2014)
    During the ceremony have also received their diplomas students I Promotion of the Master of Public Advocacy
  • Valcárcel: "The PSOE proposed model for Europe Zapatero, Spain which led to ruin" (17/05/2014)
    Criticises the "contradictions" of PSOE compared to the European Socialists, who "not only copied the actions of the Government of Rajoy but to congratulate him "
  • The children play football to encourage healthy habits (17/05/2014)
    Maria Dolores Sanchez attends the Children's Football Cup organized by the Lidl supermarket
  • Reading a manifesto to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia (17/05/2014)

  • The BiciRegistro continue in Santo Domingo a week (17/05/2014)
    The new service extends to free 1,500 records that come to the point of the Bicycle Office in Plaza Hours are Monday through Friday, 10 am to 13.30 pm and from 17 to 21 hours
  • New Javalí opens exhibition 'People's History' on women of the parish who have broken stereotypes (17/05/2014)
    This sample and the work of the workshops and Cultural Center Center for Women may be visiting this month
  • New development of students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication UCAM (17/05/2014)
    Sergio Martín Herrera, director of the 24-hour channel RTVE has acted as godfather to the new graduates
  • Tribute to the juvenile teams, cadet and youth as regional league champions (16/05/2014)

  • Information about the allocation of positions Ordinance is public and transparent (16/05/2014)

  • The solar car UCAM play this weekend in Rotterdam (16/05/2014)
    Students and researchers from the Catholic University of Murcia have developed Sun Rider, prototype to run the Shell Eco-Marathon
  • Terra Natura Murcia receives only two specimens of striped hyena country (16/05/2014)

  • Agreement to practice Osteopathy (16/05/2014)

  • Closer, faster and more modern (16/05/2014)
    The new website of the Museum of the City offers a new look, with innovative and customizable design
  • The Mayor participates in the Spring Festival over the center of San Miguel (16/05/2014)
    The partners exchanged books and flowers and concluded the evening with a dance
  • A decree will force mainstream gender equality in public contracts of companies that provide services to the City (16/05/2014)
    The Equality Commission will continue to work to ensure equal opportunities and prevent gender violence
  • Murcia quadruples separate collection since its launch in 2000 (16/05/2014)

  • Conference Presentation Master in Oncology Multidisciplinary Custom (16/05/2014)
    Today, leading international experts in the UCAM share the latest advances in the fight against cancer
  • Users 585m2 spaces and El Palmar can rent bicycles at no cost (16/05/2014)
    The Office of the bike and the Local Youth Council of Murcia together to promote the use of bicycles in youth spaces The new initiative will launched next Tuesday, May 20, and runs until 31 December
  • Approval of the appointment of José Orihuela as rector of the University of Murcia (16/05/2014)

  • Cinema Paradise planned Monday in the original French film "The Venus in Furs" by Roman Polanski (16/05/2014)

  • Flight to Santiago to recover sensations (16/05/2014)
    The UCAM Murcia River Natura faces looking back Monbus meet victory
  • The Socialist Group received numerous citizen complaints about the lack of transparency of the call for posts ordinance (16/05/2014)
    The mayor José Zapata has demanded in writing to the Human Resources councilman, Nuria Fuentes, to facilitate access to all documentation practical section under "The City of Murcia Councillors and Municipal Services."
  • Citizens (C's) of Murcia regrets that House still approaching institutions to court (16/05/2014)
    The regional coordinator of C's, Trinidad Romero regrets that "PP Murcia and Chamber to train citizens, where there is no rise or allowed a single accused "
  • The Cathedral Museum celebrates the first anniversary of the reopening (16/05/2014)

  • CONSUMUR criticizes the new approved rates for urban and commuter bus in Murcia (16/05/2014)
    On Monday, the single ticket will cost 1.85 euros districts, 35 cents more
  • A 33% increase in Murcia opted for the local bus as transportation (16/05/2014)
    Far exceeds the regional average which stands at 18.8%.
  • Murcia welcomes candidates for Queen of the Festival of Elche (16/05/2014)
    The Councillor for the Environment will be responsible for welcoming the participants in the Plenary Hall of the City
  • The German University of International Business Certificate UCAM receive their scholarships and diplomas (15/05/2014)
    More than sixty students from the Fachhochschule für Oekonomie & Management (FOM) have completed three months of business field studies at the Catholic University of Murcia
  • The IES Aljada Bacons Bridge wins regional final of School Debate League BBVA (15/05/2014)
    The pilot of the Ministry of Education with the Education Association 'Set-t' and BBVA initiative has allowed about 1,800 students improve their ability to communication and argumentation
  • Garre highlights the great value of the Archaeological Museum as "stronghold of the heritage of all Murcia" (15/05/2014)
    President opens exhibition of the 150th anniversary of the Archaeological Museum, which traces the history of the region from the Palaeolithic to the nineteenth century
  • Antonio Brugarolas, director of the Department of Oncology Multidisciplinary UCAM (15/05/2014)
    "Personalized multidisciplinary oncology represents the paradigm of medicine"
  • The Socialist Group holds a meeting with AMEFMUR seek joint strategies for economic development in Murcia (15/05/2014)
    Job, business support and proposals to revitalize the city center the meeting of the council of the PSOE and the president of the business organization
  • Chamber welcomes 500 students who have shaped the Cantemus Festival Square Belluga (15/05/2014)
    The initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities, has had the participation of 14 schools in the region
  • The City of Murcia and Water create a flat fee of 5 € for families without resources (15/05/2014)

  • Over thousand staffs clean streetlights Urban Quality (15/05/2014)
    Ha removed graffiti and posters that disfigure
  • The City joined its package experiences Weekend (15/05/2014)

  • New trees in the Santa Maria de Gracia (15/05/2014)
    Environment has also conducted reseeding grass and pruning of olive trees in the form of neighborhood
  • XVI National Congress of Physiotherapy UCAM (15/05/2014)
    "Spanish physiotherapists are among the world elite"
  • They start the activities of the International Museum Day (15/05/2014)
    Tomorrow Friday and Saturday, the municipal museums will be open to the public until 1 in the morning and held many activities in their interior and on the street
  • "The height of shamelessness" (15/05/2014)
    So today has rated the Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, the procedure remains fenced Mayor House that now, more shame and indignation, intends to be appointed senator for the regional gauging
  • IU-Green: "House wants to enter the club of the accused graduated" (15/05/2014)

  • IU-Greens Murcia concerned about possible restrictions on library service (15/05/2014)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia calls for a new social model to combat harassment of women at work (15/05/2014)

  • Exposure to learn through play, in the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia (15/05/2014)

  • Turinde, housed in the CIM-M, a finalist for the third edition of the awards "Emprendo with Vodafone" business (15/05/2014)
    The call has received 400 projects, of which we have selected 12
  • The University of Murcia published a work on local labor markets and the risks of exclusion (15/05/2014)

  • Environment organized for this weekend workshop for ecosystems and the Segura river Contraparada (15/05/2014)
    The activity is aimed at the whole family and will be held on Saturday, May 17, from 10 to 17 hours
  • "As we prepare to sell," the first workshop organized by the City and Region of Murcia AJE in the CIM-M cycle (14/05/2014)
    The course was opened this afternoon with the Councillor for Employment, Trade and Enterprise
  • IU-Greens Councillor says the Environment "is selling the same bike projects" (14/05/2014)

  • Users Telecare this afternoon picnicking with their "guardian angels" (14/05/2014)
    More than 2300 major beneficiaries of this service are in the town
  • Sport, the main protagonist of the Congress of Physiotherapy UCAM (14/05/2014)
    From today until Saturday, May 17
  • Santo Domingo hosts free BiciRegistro until Friday (14/05/2014)
    The Councillor for Environment visited the stand of the records of the Municipal Office of the Bicycle
  • Iniesta demands a meeting with Development to address the fares of intercity bus (14/05/2014)
    The council welcomes the policy bond, but misses an agreement between the two institutions to make these decisions
  • Rafa continue another year in El Pozo Murcia FS with another optional (14/05/2014)

  • Intercultural activities in the Los Rosales of El Palmar (14/05/2014)
    The festival 'source culture' is held Thursday, Friday and Saturday with concerts, competitions, workshops and parades
  • Camera receives the Ambassador of Switzerland (14/05/2014)

  • The Mayor calls for mediation as a "sensible and friendly" way to resolve conflicts (14/05/2014)
    At the opening of a conference that has had the participation of former Minister Manuel Pimentel
  • Neighbors of Fame warn of health problems and neglect suffered the neighborhood (14/05/2014)

  • "I'm looking forward to playing in the Palace" (14/05/2014)
    José Ángel Antelo is almost recovered from the knee injury he suffered against Labor Kutxa
  • Agreement on horserace practices students of Sport Science, University of Murcia (14/05/2014)

  • The actress Pepa Aniorte participating in theater workshops of cultural centers (14/05/2014)
    Friday, at 20 am at the Guadalupe Center, will meet with the course participants
  • More than 1,300 children benefit from activities with children and adolescents and summer schools of Social Welfare (14/05/2014)
    Activities take place on 34 points Township
  • The City of Murcia continues to collaborate with New Future in your project integration and coexistence (14/05/2014)
    program leisure time is developed inside and outside sheltered housing by the association
  • The Community is committed to promoting the use of public transport with reduced rates on bus passes and free transfers (13/05/2014)
    The price of the journey between Murcia and its 55 districts would be at 1.15 euros with General Transhipment Bono, which represents a 37.8 percent lower than with the new bonus single ticket (1.85 euros)
  • / The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation, Juan Carlos Ruiz, check the Federation of Peñas Huertanas (13/05/2014)

  • Four Prison inmates Sangonera the Green, sponsored by the Templars of Jumilla, visit the Naval Museum of Cartagena (13/05/2014)
    The event is part of the Cultural Days Templar jumillanas being developed during the month of May in penitentiaries of the Region of Murcia
  • The Mayor calls "unjustifiable" killing Isabel Carrasco and appeals to "respect for coexistence and tolerance" (13/05/2014)
    Chamber has held a minute of silence in mourning, accompanied by the Minister of Presidency and Employment and other members Corporation
  • ... (13/05/2014)

  • Environment 800 plant begonias in parterres River Avenue (13/05/2014)
    The pruning work at height is carried out throughout the day in 80 tipuanas
  • Fundown receive 59,500 euros to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities (13/05/2014)

  • XVI National Congress of Physiotherapy (13/05/2014)
    Highlights professionals in physiotherapy are meeting in the UCAM
  • The first thousand biciRegistros are free (13/05/2014)

  • Ninety activities commemorating the "International Museum Day ' (13/05/2014)
    Workshops, exhibitions, guided tours, lectures and concerts mark the special programming in museums, which are open until one in the morning
  • Raul Campos: "The team is strong and we will fight to the end for the League" (13/05/2014)

  • The Socialist Group reports a 'hidden rate hikes' to rise to 1.85 euro bus ticket to districts (13/05/2014)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro López, asked the mayor of Murcia who does not consent to this new outrage from neighboring districts , to which they will climb the single fare 35 cents more, from 1.50 to EUR 1.85
  • The Cathedral hosts two organized premieres of sacred music for the Three Cultures Festival (13/05/2014)
    Access to both concerts is free to fill seats.
  • 10 students from the University of Murcia, recognized in national awards final year (13/05/2014)

  • "I have been given an opportunity and I think I'm taking advantage of it" (13/05/2014)
    Victor Arteaga is picking good performances and hopes to be an important piece next year
  • The National Police arrested the two leaders a "whorehouse" by promoting prostitution (13/05/2014)

  • Education invests more than EUR 708,000 in repairs to schools during the summer (13/05/2014)
    maintenance and improvement works will be conducted in 23 public schools in the municipality
  • House condemns the murder of the president of the council of Leon (12/05/2014)
    Moves Murcia condolences to his family and the citizens of this city
  • Born "Wednesdays mediation" for professionals in this field (12/05/2014)
    March 2016 to be held in the auditorium of The Mills River once a month
  • José Orihuela take possession of the Rector of the University of Murcia on May 20 (12/05/2014)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia Murcia premiere co-production with other companies (12/05/2014)
    "You have to undo the house," Sebastian Junyent, represented 21 to May 23
  • Three Cultures opens exhibition "My neighbor Taymiyyah" with images of photographer Teresa Martin Melgarejo (12/05/2014)
    Tomorrow at 19 am in the space Molinos del Rio Stables
  • Over 200 women learn to reduce, reuse and recycle (12/05/2014)
    The Department of Urban Cleaning and Ferrovial Services are launching a new awareness campaign that includes a dessert contest
  • Ramón Gaya Museum this weekend joins the European commemoration of "Night of Museums" (12/05/2014)

  • "The taxpayers pocket the surplus funds of the council with indiscriminate and continuous increases of taxes by the PP" (12/05/2014)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro reveals that of the 389.4 million euros in revenues, a total of 273, 7 correspond to taxes, fees and charges paid to support Murcia municipal institution
  • Middle Atmosphere cleans a lot in the street of San Antón Metal (12/05/2014)
    Operators of the council also made the work of pruning and planting flowers in flowerbeds in the neighborhood
  • A day at the University of Murcia analyzes the development of corporate social responsibility in the region (12/05/2014)

  • The City and Murcia AJE organized a series of workshops on effective sales (12/05/2014)
    The conference will be held on May 14 and June 25 in the CIM-M
  • Over 3,300 people used the special bus service from the Community to facilitate movement to SOS 4.8 (11/05/2014)
    The Five Owl Bus lines recorded on days 2 and 3 May to 56 percent more users than last year
  • The Socialists claim the full abandonment suffered Mill Armero in Cabeza de Torres (11/05/2014)

  • Environment installed on the Ficus of Santo Domingo binding system to prevent falling branches (11/05/2014)
    jobs "stitched" are made manually and have developed this week
  • Graduation Ceremony in Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Master of Health Psychology and Clinical Practice (10/05/2014)
    Taxation Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the IV Promotion of Masters in Health Psychology and Clinical Practice, II Promotion of First Degree in Psychology and Promotion Degree in Occupational Therapy
  • Students of Criminology UCAM receive their scholarships and diplomas (10/05/2014)
    The moving ceremony has gathered in the Temple of Jeronimos Monastery to family and friends of students
  • 200 young people between 12 and 15 years may participate in summer camps in Madrid and León (10/05/2014)
    The registration period begins Monday Two camps are in English
  • Starting Monday you can ask any of the 100 places for young Murcia learn English in Dublin (10/05/2014)
    two shifts, from 9 to 30 July and from 4 to 25 August available
  • The Community promotes mobility between municipalities with two new bonds ro metropolitan Murcia (10/05/2014)
    The new system benefits users of Murcia and seven municipalities in the metropolitan area
  • New development of students from the Polytechnic School of the UCAM (09/05/2014)
    The grades in Building Engineering, Telecommunication Systems, Computer Architecture and receive their scholarships and diplomas
  • The Institute of San Antonio FP is working on a new video game title (09/05/2014)
    The head of the Higher Institute of San Antonio FP commented on the new projects we are working
  • Neighbors Vistabella squat gardening practice their celebrations (09/05/2014)
    The Environment Councillor has attended this afternoon at the opening of this new green space in the neighborhood
  • Tortosa signature on the ball of the wishes of the World Cup in Brazil (09/05/2014)
    The New Condomina Murcia Mall today and tomorrow hosts the caravan to promote sport among young
  • The Community and the City of Murcia celebrate Europe Day with an information booth and workshops for younger (09/05/2014)
    The aim of the day is focused on transmitting the values ​​of the EU and the functioning of its institutions
  • The fair Astrapace career and the fourth edition of Decabike will force close several streets to traffic (09/05/2014)
    On Sunday 10 to 12.30
  • Youth offers 95 beds in 15 exchanges abroad (09/05/2014)
    will be held during July and August in Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, UK, Czech Republic and Sweden
  • Murcia approaches to Europe (09/05/2014)
    country Greece is the star of the commemoration, for the position of presidency of the EU during the first half of 2014 La Plaza de Santo Domingo features workshops and activities throughout the day
  • The City Council convenes Township school contest "The EU Creating opportunities for all." (09/05/2014)
    The objective of this competition is to stimulate among students learning English and content of the EU The deadline for submission of papers will be from 9 to 30 May
  • A National Police down rescues a man from inside his vehicle after falling into a ditch (09/05/2014)
    In the hamlet of La Cueva
  • The new academic search UCAM releases (09/05/2014)
    The BUSCAM tool to find any document available to the University Library
  • The Government delegate delivery to three students of IES Green Sangonera their prizes as winners of the II Olympiad Statistics (09/05/2014)
    IES Floridablanca, winner in 2013, was a finalist in this year
  • Martinez-Cache said that the maintenance of parks and gardens of the town's comprehensive and sustainable (09/05/2014)
    The Councillor for the Environment has participated this morning in the activities organized by the Coffee Week Salzillo
  • Volunteers of the University of Murcia help groups at risk of social exclusion (09/05/2014)

  • More than 60 experts gather in Murcia Mills to celebrate the IX Congress Molinología (09/05/2014)
    Councillor for Culture, Rafael Gómez, inaugurated this morning the sessions
  • Duda: "The goal of being league champions is possible and achievable" (09/05/2014)

  • Marqués de los Vélez new more efficient lighting looks (09/05/2014)
    Changing old fixtures led by other types improve visibility in the area
  • The Socialist Group will support all forms of neighbors against surface speed train (09/05/2014)
    The Socialist councilor José Zapata considered insulting contempt for the regional government to the municipal council and the Regional Assembly of the underground defense backed whole society of Murcia
  • Professors of the University of Murcia, finalists in the innovation awards company Sacyr (09/05/2014)

  • Tarzan musical arrives in Murcia in seven modes that hosts the Teatro Romea (09/05/2014)
    African rhythms, Caribbean salsa, ballads and tap into this representation are mixed with green message
  • The Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery Expands members with the addition of Estrella Nunez (09/05/2014)
    Vice President for Research UCAM was named academic in an emotional ceremony at the Archaeological Museum in Murcia
  • The use of thyme in feeding goats cheese valuation increases, as a thesis at the University of Murcia (09/05/2014)

  • Mayor House celebrates the longest to the festivity of Murcia Vistabella 2014 (09/05/2014)
    The Mayor attended the traditional celebrations of the neighborhood and attended the banquet organized every year in neighboring streets decked.
  • The National Police arrested three people for robbing the messenger who would deliver some jewelry bought online (09/05/2014)

  • Environmental volunteers this weekend finalize the draft oven Plaster (09/05/2014)
    The program of the Department of Environment has also organized a familiar route by Majal Blanco
  • 'Urban Details' already has winners (08/05/2014)
    David Pérez, María Dolores Martínez Medrano and received a gift certificate to Ikea for their photos city details
  • UPyD Murcia supports the claims of AMPA New School (08/05/2014)

  • Catherine Lawrence emphasizes that the residential complex of El Palmar "is an example of evolution in the dependency care" (08/05/2014)
    The Social Action Institute Murciano serves more than 500 people at this resort in the Murcia hamlet offering individual attention and adapted to the needs of each user
  • First Conference of Museums and Tourism Management (08/05/2014)
    "There are American museums where 80% of the activity is generated through private sponsorship and work perfectly"
  • The municipal group of IU-Greens protest adds to the delay of New Schools (08/05/2014)

  • Pelegrin prepared with the greatest of activities Vistalegre new course (08/05/2014)
    Councillor for Social Welfare and Health, María del Carmen Pelegrin, met this morning with the board of the Social Senior Center Vistalegre
  • The University of Murcia collaborate to facilitate inclusion in leisure activities of people with disabilities (08/05/2014)

  • Eka: "You have to start from the very beginning of the game plugged" (08/05/2014)

  • Over 600 students are aware of the humanitarian work of the Armed Forces and State Security (08/05/2014)
    The International Mission camp is open until 19.30 in the Garden Pier
  • Doctor of the University of Murcia wins international award for the best thesis in animal health (08/05/2014)

  • 417 students compete today in the second phase of the Local Competition XXV Driver Education and Accident Prevention (08/05/2014)
    will have to solve a questionnaire with 30 questions
  • The Socialist group supported the claims of the New Schools school AMPA El Palmar (08/05/2014)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez attend this afternoon at 18.30, the concentration convened by parents after the stoppage of work on the new school and the lack of explanation by the PP
  • CCOO MOBILIZATIONS supports proposals by AMPA CEIP El Palmar SCHOOLS NEW (08/05/2014)
    CCOO will stand by the Educational Community CEIP NEW SCHOOLS of El Palmar, in the struggle for a new building
  • The local police arrested three youths for stealing a moped (08/05/2014)
    A witness alerted the events in La Alberca
  • Begin "The lunch trade" in the CIM-M (07/05/2014)
    cycle courses, which starts on Thursday, has been organized by the Department of Employment, Trade and Business Association in collaboration with the Centre Commercial Area Murcia
  • The "actors" of senior centers take the stage of the Teatro Romea (07/05/2014)

  • The University of Murcia compete with electric vehicles in the Shell Eco-marathon (07/05/2014)

  • Zeneta and Rincón de Seca medical office debut next year (07/05/2014)
    Both will have consultations in general medicine, pediatrics and nursing
  • The Councillor for Education welcomes teachers and students of IES Aljada Bacons Bridge and downtown 'Jean Renoir' Bourges participating in an exchange (07/05/2014)

  • José Ruiz: "In the 'Play Off' there is little room for error and we have to be the hundred percent" (07/05/2014)

  • More quiniestos neighbors Aljucer a fair claim to the Mayor for their gardens IBI (07/05/2014)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro eco discomfort of the 7,000 affected families still pay IBI for urban gardens is undeveloped urbanistically
  • The new social center over San Jose de la Vega will be finalized in the coming months (07/05/2014)
    Delivery of furniture today received approval from the Board of Governors
  • The Board of Trustees of the University of Murcia management recognizes rector Cobacho (07/05/2014)

  • Sangonera Green celebrates the holiday in honor of the Immaculate Conception (07/05/2014)
    Councillor for Culture, Rafael Gomez, accompanied the pilgrims of the hamlet of Green Sangonera in their traditional festival of the Immaculate, held in May in honor of the month dedicated to the Virgin
  • CCOO denounced the suspension of works NEW SCHOOLS CEIP El Palmar (06/05/2014)
    CCOO requires the Department of Education and the City of Murcia to resume work on the CEIP NEW SCHOOLS of El Palmar
  • The CIM-M welcomes the start of the second edition of the conference "I want to be successful businesswoman" (06/05/2014)
    Organized by the city of Murcia and OMEP, the program has started this afternoon with a course on taxation on SMEs and freelancers
  • More than 3,000 people have found employment in the past year in Murcia (06/05/2014)
    Councilman José María Tortosa considered "objectively, is a good thing"
  • Murcia, one of nine European cities chosen as an example of energy efficiency (06/05/2014)
    Visiting Murcia city is part of the NICE Project, which aims to fulfill the commitments made in the Green Digital Charter
  • A doctoral thesis professor at the University of Murcia, awarded by the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics (06/05/2014)

  • National Police arrested two off duty after docking at a gas station (06/05/2014)
    In a service station in the city of Murcia
  • Students of Vocational Training Program of the City exhibit their works (06/05/2014)
    The 124 young people completed their training in June with internships in companies in Murcia
  • The UCAM organized the First Conference of Museums and Tourism Management (06/05/2014)
    Thursday May 8th will be held at the Museum Salzillo a series of lectures and panel discussions with the participation of renowned experts
  • The City is awaiting the draft burial of ADIF (06/05/2014)
    "Undoubtedly, the railroad must be built in urban areas by underground," he said Chamber
  • The public road repairs affecting accessibility have priority (06/05/2014)
    Martínez Vidal meets Famdif members to inform them about the work being done in the streets of supplies of Saavedra Fajardo and Carmen
  • "New director, new story with the underground" (06/05/2014)
    Councillors Pedro López and José Zapata require the PP to stop making studies aimlessly and take over once and for all the project based on the resolutions adopted unanimously by plenary of Murcia and in the regional assembly
  • Murcia V participates in the national music competition for solidarity skechts (06/05/2014)
    The benefits obtained iran Kamalini project aimed at training women in India
  • IU-Greens denounced a source of asbestos in the Partial Plan Montevida (06/05/2014)

  • The Socialist Group criticizes the rancid right wants to get pregnant girls classroom (06/05/2014)
    Mar Rosa The mayor shall, upon a motion in Parliament, the withdrawal of the proposal approved by the PP in the Regional Assembly for teenagers dropping out of school in person and distance can do during pregnancy
  • The UCAM host medical students RAK Medical and Health Sciences University (06/05/2014)
    Both institutions signed an agreement that will allow them to promote training placements for teachers and students of this university in the Jeronimos Campus
  • Franklin: "We want to win the league and Saturday begins our challenge to Burela" (06/05/2014)

  • The PSRM requires the PP to stop beating around the bush and meet the 2006 Convention for the AVE get buried in the city of Murcia (06/05/2014)
    María José Lajarín requests the director of Public Works requiring the minister to not throw away 423 million already invested in the Lorca-Almería connection and ends 18 kilometers missing
  • Opens Mayor House Coffee Week dedicated to ecology (06/05/2014)
    Coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the launch of its 100% organic coffee, is organized by Salzillo Tea & Coffee
  • Cinema, exhibitions and theater complete programming Murcia Three Culture (06/05/2014)
    A series of talks at the Museum of the City will focus on Western culture
  • IU-Greens claim that the fines to residents of the underground show the true face of the PP with the public (06/05/2014)

  • An exhibition at the University of Murcia delves into the microscopic world (06/05/2014)

  • Physical Education from an emotional perspective, in the latest issue of the journal Educatio XXI Century (06/05/2014)

  • The Virgin of Fuensanta returns to his sanctuary on Mount (06/05/2014)

  • The City Council is to collect property tax, which this year has increased by almost 2,200 units compared to 2013 (05/05/2014)
    Citizens may request payment of their taxes up to 12 months interest
  • Older take the stage of the Teatro Romea (05/05/2014)
    Organized by the Department of Social Welfare and Health, six members of the City senior centers participating in the XI Theatre Festival
  • Reach the event "Get Murcia" (05/05/2014)
    It is a meeting place for young people to find professional advice and have contacts with companies
  • CHS begins today The reclamation works of the hydraulic capacity of the Segura in Murcia (05/05/2014)
    The performance has a budget of 4.3 million euros, completed in April 2015 and includes a biological treatment to avoid discomfort during removal of sediments
  • The prevention and coordination key to prevent gender violence (05/05/2014)
    The UCAM II celebrates National Day of Care of Victims of Domestic Violence, in which regional and national authorities share experiences and insights with students
  • Giveaway Spain XI Cup Juvenile Club (05/05/2014)

  • Environment begins to change the aesthetic appearance of some parks and gardens of the village with the use of barren volcanic rock (05/05/2014)
    The new decorative surface is more sustainable and more economical, plus it better preserves soil moisture
  • The empty lots in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit will be used for cultural activities (05/05/2014)
    The new training center will have meeting facilities, youth center and training space
  • The Socialist Party claims that the PP is using the unemployed to fill permanent positions (05/05/2014)
    Councillors Pedro López and José Zapata confirm that it is about 480 employees of social partnership, a figure that has been used irregularly by Government House to "make clientelism"
  • Pilgrimage Raal (04/05/2014)
    touched their final ten days of intense enjoyment of the Raal Rociero Peña, with its traditional pilgrimage after hearing Mass in the chapel that was built back in 1991 in the village of the Barca
  • Exits the Fiestas de la Cruz del Barrio del Palm Sangonera Green (04/05/2014)
    Sangonera terminates the Green Party of the Cross with a massive pilgrimage.
  • A party for the story that leaves virtually sentenced permanence (04/05/2014)
    The UCAM Murcia wins for the first time in Badalona (85-89)
  • Two injured in rollover tourism in the A-7 in Murcia (04/05/2014)

  • Died a 49 year old male in the marathon of Murcia. (04/05/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls reinforce the Lightning 80 at peak times to prevent travelers will like 'sardines' (04/05/2014)
    Councilman Jose Zapata demands more buses on the fringes with increased demand to prevent travelers Ronda Sur, Santiago Major and Polygon Infante going to have to suffer discomfort center on the way
  • Health and Social Policy Workshop delivers diplomas of Health Education 'The Art of caring' (04/05/2014)
    Users of the social center of Murcia II Elder conclude this course, which has been taught by professionals Murciano Health Service and the Institute Murciano entitled Social Action
  • The Armed Forces and State Security show their humanitarian work in International Missions (03/05/2014)
    Hospitals campaign, special vehicles, dog shows and sample material can contemplate on May 8
  • SOS 4.8 begins its second day with three free concerts in the city center of Murcia (03/05/2014)
    The general director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts highlights the large number on the first day of the festival and the public to increase expected with the appeal of Pet Shop Boys
  • No significant incidents in the day on Friday in the emergency device in the SOS festival (03/05/2014)

  • Emergency Services are directed to attend a child hit Torreagüera (02/05/2014)

  • Fire Murcia act in extinguishing a fire in the strut housing (02/05/2014)

  • The heads of the fight against gender violence come together in the luenes UCAM (02/05/2014)

  • IU-Greens Councillor denies the Environment on Road Safety Plan (02/05/2014)

  • A study of the University of Murcia investigates a cancer therapy that does not harm healthy cells (02/05/2014)

  • "The PP is passed Hall with the IBI rice and always pay the same, taxpayers" (02/05/2014)

  • The regional government promotes the employability of the graduates of the UMU through Schools of Practice (02/05/2014)

  • 1.5 million for the expansion of Murcia John XXIII school district the Rane (02/05/2014)

  • The Cathedral Museum dedicated the month of May to Mary (02/05/2014)

  • Mayor House visit Neapolitan crib exposure of García de Castro brothers in Salzillo Museum (02/05/2014)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, tour the new room to house one of the best cribs in the world of its kind
  • On Sunday traffic several streets will be closed for the celebration of the XIII Urban Race for Business (02/05/2014)
    From 10.30 until 13 hours
  • Work continues waterproofing and placement of artificial turf on the football field Joseph Barnes (02/05/2014)
    is scheduled to open its doors in September
  • ENAE Business School celebrates the XIII edition of the Urban Race for Business (02/05/2014)

  • Vistabella begins this weekend its festivities (02/05/2014)
    The district pays tribute this year to the longest resident of Murcia, Carmen Ibanez Paez, 105 years old
  • Public reading of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" in honor of García Márquez (02/05/2014)

  • International Film shows and Heritage 2014 focuses on art documentary (02/05/2014)
    Los Molinos Rio projected four films that address the recovery and dissemination of our cultural heritage
  • The popular science blog Professor López Nicolás get new awards nationwide (02/05/2014)

  • 'Julius Caesar' battle in the Circus Theater (02/05/2014)
    Shakespeare's work will be performed by Mario Gas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Tristan Ulloa
  • The City Museum celebrates Sunday with an original concert instruments pumpkin (02/05/2014)
    La Rondalla Javalí Viejo handles the music 'In the Shadow of pittosporum' at 12 in the garden of the Museum
  • The Road Safety Plan for the feint of Murcia begins to take its first steps (02/05/2014)
    The document provides, inter alia, measures to reduce the loss ratio, outreach and awareness, safe cyclists etc..
  • Woman dies in one hit Avenida Primero de Mayo de Murcia (02/05/2014)

  • Artists star in the region 20 percent of cultural actions Estrella Levante SOS 4.8 (01/05/2014)
    The Minister of Culture says that this is the issue with more artists from Murcia and stresses the platform which is the festival to increase your followers
  • Fabio, regarding the Final against FC Barcelona (01/05/2014)
    "I'm more motivated than nervous"
  • The City Museum displays a sketch of the Count of Floridablanca made by Pi Belda (01/05/2014)
    sculptor's widow donated the piece to the City
  • After the application deadline of seats in municipal kindergartens (01/05/2014)
    Those interested have until May 16 to submit their applications

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