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Murcia News - November 2008

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  • A workshop will present the different views of the region of early travelers in the eighteenth century (30/11/2008)
    The Regional Archives welcomes him until 10 December
  • El Centro Parraga participates in international theater festivals in Bordeaux and Parma (29/11/2008)
    The director of space, John Nicholas, in their speeches addressed the transformation of old spaces in new scenic sites
  • The UCAM project is part of a Sustainable Tourism International (28/11/2008)
    This new initiative will allow a total of 60 estudiantescanadienses and European study and conduct research orientadasa practices in this area
  • The Film Programme six new films in the series' Overview of Current "unreleased in Murcia (28/11/2008)

  • The closing UCAM Interuniversity the VII Conference of Physiotherapy (28/11/2008)
    Representatives teachers from all over Spain participated in this academic event in which we have analyzed the main changes arising from the implementation of the Degree of Physiotherapy
  • The meeting of mayors in La Moncloa concludes "no concrete answers to their demands by the Government" (28/11/2008)
    The Executive Committee of the FEMP calls back in 2009 the level of transfers to municipalities in 2008 and applied to the local authorities Budget Stability Law.
  • Bull Awards 2008 (28/11/2008)
    On sale for tickets for the gala dinner on 12 December.
  • The Prince of Asturias Pavilion and the Palace of Sports renewed their fitness equipment (28/11/2008)
    You are going to develop 14 courses in English on women's centers in the municipality.
  • Ramón Tamames Conference: "Economic crisis, recession and perhaps depression: A drama in three acts" (28/11/2008)
    December 1 will be at 19:30 in the Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation Murcia
  • Murcia and chairs the European Forum of Eurocities Mobility (28/11/2008)
    Barnuevo Councilwoman, on behalf of the mayor, collected the authorities in The Hague.
  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia during the week of 1 to 7 December (28/11/2008)

  • The new website of the Convention Bureau offers more and better information for users (28/11/2008)
    The main objective is to promote the city as a venue for events
  • The University Ombudsman of the UCAM is renewed in his position as representative of the private universities in the CEDU (28/11/2008)
    The Executive Committee of the Defenders State University Conference (CEDU) has renewed its charges
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in the Albatalía, El Palmar and the Green Sangonera (28/11/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • Ramón Tamames speak at the Chamber of Commerce about the economic crisis (28/11/2008)

  • 271,400 euros for the center stage of social integration for children and young Pupaclown (28/11/2008)

  • 31,000 euros to the UCAM for two research projects (28/11/2008)
    The educational institution will develop a study on tourism and different jobs I + D + i applied to food and agriculture
  • The Christmas lights this will allow a saving of more than 1,400 euros a day (28/11/2008)
    Reducing the installed capacity by 86%
  • Begin in the nineteenth UCAM Murcia Conference on Hypertension (27/11/2008)
    "For a health care professional is vital to listen to the teachings of other experts'
  • The Murcia wins Cecilio Pineda Vargas Llosa XIII Prize with 'The Last Candray' (27/11/2008)
    Three Frontiers seal publish the work in the collection of narrative directed by Professor Pozuelo Yvancos
  • 'The Night of the tulips' I open the International Festival of Performing Arts 'other' in the Centro Parraga (27/11/2008)
    up to December 2 companies in Ecuador, Benin, Cameroon, Brazil and Spain will present their projects at the Center Párraga
  • Students of Art History at the University of Murcia celebrate the procession of San Eloy (27/11/2008)
    The procession left the Merced campus and headed to the church of San Bartolomé, where they worship an image of the holy work of Salzillo
  • The City Council is part of the Public Transport Region (27/11/2008)
    There has approved the opening of records for adopted children to name the city in Pilar de la Cierva, Manuel Albaladejo and Arturo Perez Reverte
  • The Final of the 9th edition of SHIP WAVE ROCK will tomorrow Friday November 28 (27/11/2008)
    will be held at the Municipal THE SHIP, young space reservations from 21:30 h.
  • FAMDIF XIII held its Awards Gala Social Commitment Awards 2008 (27/11/2008)
    The Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities Murcia Physical Organic FAMDIF Awards given annually to the Social Commitment to Persons with Physical and Organic Region
  • The Platters give the mayor the title of 'Faithful Contrast of Honor "for its support to the recovery of assets (27/11/2008)
    is the highest distinction awarded by the San Eloy Association of Silversmiths and recognizes the work of the Programme' Murcia was'
  • Application period for the Photography Competition IV on Culture and Traditions (27/11/2008)
    Work may be submitted until 15 January
  • The University of Murcia has two sign language interpreters for hearing-impaired students (27/11/2008)

  • The Judo Club Radikal-Ciudad de Murcia dispute the first day of National League (27/11/2008)
    Black Day in Madrid desplazamento
  • The Government delegate opens the Convention of Directors of the General Directorate of Traffic (27/11/2008)
    González Tovar has highlighted in his speech the general decline in the country of accident rates
  • Camera: "Moros y Cristianos recover and praise our past through the Fiesta" (26/11/2008)
    Miguel Angel House delivers the Silver Medal of the City of Murcia to the Federation of Moros y Cristianos
  • The UCAM participates in an international project of Sustainable Tourism (26/11/2008)
    The Catholic University will develop a briefing the next days 27 and 28 November Murcia
  • El Palmar hosts the exhibition 'Excerpts of reality' (26/11/2008)
    The works are the result of a workshop held in spring and involved twelve people
  • Caritas U.S. President, Larry Snyder, visit the UCAM (26/11/2008)
    Snyder: "In the U.S.
  • Approval of the installation of security cameras to protect the gardens (26/11/2008)
    25 poles will be placed in seven parks
  • Students of History of Art held morning the procession of San Eloy (26/11/2008)

  • The City invests € 1,300,000 to settle the Teatro Romea comb (26/11/2008)
    In this way the reform is completed inside the building
  • Murcia will for a few days in an outdoor exhibition of sculptures by Valdés (26/11/2008)
    The exhibition will be open from 21 January to 26 February
  • Green light maintenance and pavement preservation in the districts (26/11/2008)
    The City Council allocated € 900,000 to undertake emergency works
  • Head of Torres, Aljucer, The Bacons Bridge Ramos and will have new pavement in the streets (26/11/2008)
    • also renewed public lighting in Llano de Brujas, it will reshape the Church Square and conditioned Lobosillo Paseo de las Adelfas of Torreagüera
  • The project for the renovation of La Paz is entering a new phase (26/11/2008)
    The Governing Board initially approved the statutes and program of action of the Compensation Board, as well as initiating development project management phase
  • The City Council spends over 800,000 Euros in the maintenance of municipal sports arenas (26/11/2008)
    The Session aims to provide a good service to the public with quality amenities
  • The people of El Ranero can enjoy a new football field with artificial turf (26/11/2008)
    The installation will include changing rooms and a paddle
  • The Mayor opened the altarpiece Chamber ceramic Silversmiths Guild pays tribute to the Four Corners (26/11/2008)
    The 'Plan Murcia was "thus joins the celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of the Department of Art History
  • Professor, University of Granada will give a lecture on the geometry of the Alhambra (26/11/2008)

  • Camera: "We denounce the sexist violence in all its forms, supports the victims' (25/11/2008)
    Mayor proclaims in its manifesto against Gender Violence that attacks on women are not a private matter, but public
  • Culture launches the interventions in public space with the artist Anish Kapoor at the Museum of Santa Clara (25/11/2008)
    The shows 'Islamic Mirror' is out in the room Sharq al-Andalus until 10 January
  • ... (25/11/2008)

  • Moya-Angeler requires the PSOE to "abandon the demagoguery and fight to give Murcia ZP do its part" (25/11/2008)
    "The Zapatero government should save, not splurge and not to cut contributions to the municipalities'
  • The MARM upgrade takes the two main canals of the Huerta de Murcia (25/11/2008)
    Perform a new take on the Acequia Aljufía and put the new facilities in the Acequia de Barreras
  • Climbing Nordic Walking to enjoy nature during the weekend (25/11/2008)
    The Department of Tourism also offers a route through the Aquarium of the University
  • IU + Greens introduced a motion for free public transport in 2009 (25/11/2008)

  • AES denounced "the support of the Partido Popular in Murcia the artist Ron Athey that will make a" performance "sodomites practices live" (25/11/2008)

  • The University of Murcia has a book with stories of a national award winning scientific texts (25/11/2008)

  • The University of Murcia invests 200,000 euros in the acquisition of water saving devices (25/11/2008)

  • The elderly and can practice in the garden gerontogimnasia Ortega Cano and the Ranero (25/11/2008)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality has installed five machines in each of green areas
  • Rafael Gomez meets with trade associations to prepare the Christmas season (25/11/2008)
    All day today will meet with the associations Triangle, Murcia Centro, Barrio del Carmen and Vistalegre
  • The government team wins another legal battle for the PSOE and IU on the parking lot of La Libertad (25/11/2008)
    The Contentious Administrative Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the PSOE against the Agreement Governing Board which rejected his claims
  • Sports launches Muncipal School of Golf (25/11/2008)
    children and young people can participate and be conducted in the field of Trajectum Mosa Golf-Murcia, two days a week from December to May
  • Start the paving asphalt on several streets Beniaján, Bath & Pauper, Los Martínez del Puerto and La Arboleja (25/11/2008)
    Go-ahead for maintenance and repair of motorcycles of the Local Police
  • Jewelers of Murcia involved in a panel discussion tomorrow about this silverware (25/11/2008)

  • The Minister of Justice inaugurated the course on law and jurisprudence on water (24/11/2008)
    Fernández Bermejo Minister expressed his confidence that this course is the beginning of an intense collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and the University of Murcia
  • Culture restores the 'Immaculate Conception of the Isabella' Salzillo (24/11/2008)
    Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage, Enrique Ujaldón, presented this morning of the sculpture "Immaculate of Isabella 'by Francisco Salzillo the convent of Santa Clara la Real Murcia
  • The Municipal Board This organizes the Children's Painting Competition The Magic of Christmas (24/11/2008)
    The deadline for submitting works is December 10
  • House praised the "commitment Salzillo Tea and Coffee with sustainable development" (24/11/2008)
    at the opening of the second week of the Café, which has included the introduction of environmentally friendly vehicle purchased by the company Murcia for urban delivery
  • The students can discover El Cid through an exhibition in the library of Carmen (24/11/2008)

  • Moya-Angeles: "The PSOE paracer have lost his head" (24/11/2008)
    Moya-Angeler requires the socialist municipal group to abandon its campaign of manipulation and false arguments
  • Neighbors of the Seca Sangonera have a new sewage (24/11/2008)
    The City will build an infrastructure of over 1,200 meters at a cost of about 4 million euros
  • ... (24/11/2008)

  • 36 new troops will join the Fire Department over the next two years (24/11/2008)
    The crisis leads the government team to restructure the Department of Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • Civil Protection is working with the Emergency Department in the search for the missing woman in the Sierra de Ricote (24/11/2008)
    Six volunteers, accompanied by a rescue dog, tracking since this morning the area of Casa Alta
  • In March the garden work party venue in Los Ramos (22/11/2008)
    • The project includes the preparation of sites for the development of fitness and recreational activities and festivals
  • Lola Sanchez delivered the diplomas to the 21 participants in the first year of ham cutters (22/11/2008)

  • More than 3,500 people apply for the UNIBON in a month and a half (22/11/2008)
    The university students have called the new travel card which manages the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the City through the Public Transport
  • Llano de Brujas is tipped to receive the President of the Municipal Board who returns after recovering from illness (21/11/2008)
    Get to the hamlet after spending several months at the Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo
  • The Basketball Club Murcia visit the leader (21/11/2008)
    10 ª Jornada ACB League and the Basketball Club Murcia moves to Vitoria, where this Sunday (18:00 pm) will face the leader of the competition, the powerful Tau Ceramica in the Fernando Buesa Arena
  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia from 24 to 30 November (21/11/2008)

  • Arce Gonzalez Tovar required to explain to Murcia why have not completed the works of South access from Ronda Patino, La Alberca and Holy Angel (21/11/2008)
    Councillor for Infrastructure in the city of Murcia complaint is about actions stops have since last August and are seriously damaging to citizens
  • The Mayor intends to appoint Adoptive Daughter of Murcia Pilar de la Cierva, Maid of the Virgin of Fuensanta (21/11/2008)
    Miguel Angel House recognizes the outstanding work of guardianship and care of the patron that the waitress has developed since 1963
  • Green light for 12 development cooperation projects, four of awareness and two direct action in Bolivia and Ecuador (21/11/2008)
    The City Council has also released the actions carried out this year and the youth program cooperators
  • Camera brings Murcia merchants to convert into a "big tent" (21/11/2008)
    The first initiative resulting from the first meeting of the Bureau of Commerce is the campaign Murcia Christmas
  • Planning continues to drive the creation of OPV (21/11/2008)
    The Governing Council has finally approved partial plans generated Barriomar protected 160 homes and 100 in Canadas de San Pedro
  • The Mayor announced that Murcia will have a child care center on land donated by the City Council (21/11/2008)
    will be built and managed by the International Foundation O'Belén
  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables hosts the first exhibition of Javier Gutierrez in Europe (21/11/2008)
    The Department of Culture continues his collaboration with the art galleries of the municipality, in this case T20
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Bacons Bridge, El Palmar and the Green Sangonera (21/11/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • "Murcia and water: the story of a passion" comes to Torreagüera (21/11/2008)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated next Monday at 20 am at the Cultural Center of the parish
  • On Sunday we celebrate the great feast of the Rights of the Child (21/11/2008)
    There will be workshops, entertainment activities, a climbing wall and inflatables in the garden of La Seda
  • "An athlete needs more than talent to achieve outstanding results" (20/11/2008)
    expert Sciences Sport and Physical Activity at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Alberto Lorenzo, has lectured on `Detection of sports talent '
  • "Murcia Spanish municipalities is more light and less damaging to the environment" (20/11/2008)
    José Arce recalls the great investment effort that is conducting the City
  • The series 'Laboratory of Interculturalism' closes tomorrow with a lecture by writer and expert on immigration issues Miguel Pajares (20/11/2008)
    The president of the Catalan Commission for Refugee Assistance will speak at the Archaeological Museum on "The current construction status European policies on immigration '
  • "We must feel proud of our city and we will have an even more beautiful Murcia thank you" (20/11/2008)
    Mayor, Miguel Angel House, has received the 194 students from four schools that have staged a plenary session to mark Child Day of the Rights of the Child
  • Library celebrates Santa Cecilia Segura River with a jazz concert by Vero Quartet (20/11/2008)
    Tomorrow Friday, from 20.30 hours
  • More than 250 women have been served by the municipal staff against violence (20/11/2008)
    Three of them and four children are housed in shelters
  • Stop Violence Against Women (20/11/2008)
    Social Welfare prepares information activities, awareness and prevention on the 25th November
  • Murcia this weekend take command of the console (20/11/2008)
    On Saturday and Sunday will be held at the Municipal Center La Nave's largest video game hall of the Region
  • The University of Murcia convenes a place to collaborate on research on information management in the ICU (20/11/2008)

  • The municipal group United Left + The Greens claim the status of an abandoned lot in the Barrio de Los Rosales de El Palmar (20/11/2008)
    will introduce a motion at the next regular full November
  • A Christmas fantasy color (20/11/2008)
    Mercamurcia gathers great florists in the Sixth Day of Flowers and Plants
  • The children will travel to the Iberian period this weekend from the hand of the Department of Tourism (19/11/2008)
    The City proposes hiking along the promenade salt and a visit to the places that marked the life of the Count of Floridablanca
  • 9,500 schoolchildren learn to be more tolerant of the disabled through sports (19/11/2008)
    The 'Integration is a sport' includes lectures and adapted sports
  • The City Council launches new exhibition site under the name of Ifemur (19/11/2008)
    The Board of Governors has approved the opening of files for its establishment, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • House tomorrow to attend opening ceremony of the restored organ of the Cathedral (19/11/2008)
    It is a monument to nineteenth century European organ building
  • The City Council supports the service with help calm the residents of central and El Carmen (19/11/2008)
    Grants two grants to help maintain this resource, which promotes employment
  • The School of Informatics hosts a panel discussion on the evolution of these studies (19/11/2008)

  • The University of Murcia completes the conversion to IP telephony to improve the service (19/11/2008)

  • Faculty of the University of Palermo open tomorrow a course on jewelry (19/11/2008)

  • Emergency Plan Custom (18/11/2008)
    The City Council publishes a guide to deal with any risk in every hamlet of the municipality
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara highlights the genius of the work of Antonio Campillo in the delivery of the title of Son (18/11/2008)
    The sculptor and carver welcomes appointment excited the high gives the full City Council of Murcia
  • Regional Library hosts an exhibit on the history of Printing (18/11/2008)
    The exhibition 'The legacy of the paper.
  • Music of Hungary, Turkey and Spain made a musical encounter in the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (18/11/2008)
    'Maqam Mediterranean 08', with the collaboration of the Autonomous Community, will be held on November 28 in the auditorium ' Victor Villegas'
  • The University of Murcia posted on the net 27 courses online free (18/11/2008)
    in the Open Course Ware portal
  • The University of Murcia announces two public competitions to fill 18 vacancies of teachers (18/11/2008)

  • The University of Murcia is incorporated into a European network of PhD theses involving 150 universities (18/11/2008)

  • The School of Social Work at the University of Murcia hosts a roundtable on the Saharawi people (18/11/2008)
    The roundtable was sponsored by the School of Social Work and the Association of Friends of the Saharawi people of Alhama
  • An exhibition guide to the smallest on the Rights of the Child (18/11/2008)
    It will remain open until December 5 at the Museum of Science and Water
  • Bacons Bridge have fifteen new affordable housing (18/11/2008)
    will be ready in the first half of 2010
  • The UCAM soon begin teaching the Masters in ÉticaPolítica and Humanities (18/11/2008)
    "The formation of the person is a permanent challenge"
  • The UCAM teach family meal (18/11/2008)
    The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with Asidio Cartagena that will develop in future research on food
  • On Thursday, the deadline to apply for the Individualized Plan for Payment of taxes (18/11/2008)
    About 3,000 people have been interested in this new system of payment of municipal taxes
  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia this week (18/11/2008)

  • The UCAM presents the play "Ingmar Bergman, pearl diver" (17/11/2008)
    "This study reflects concern Bergman by the ultimate questions of human being, a reality that makes it an excellent bridge between philosophy and film, considered as máspopular art of our time "
  • From The Raal the world (17/11/2008)
    Mayor visits two leading industries in the business of El Raal
  • Employment organizes the First Course in Murcia Ham Cutters (17/11/2008)
    is celebrated on 21 and 22 in the Local Development Agency
  • Theatre, exhibitions and festivals to celebrate the Week of the Rights of the Child (17/11/2008)
    The goal is to teach values to young adults
  • The Mayor presents a guide to more than 100 itineraries for tours, hikers and sports by the City (17/11/2008)
    The book includes 46 historical illustrations, 52 sketches and 23 levels to explore and enjoy the rich natural and cultural heritage Murcia
  • House calls for a "society where no one feels left out and other protected" (17/11/2008)
    Mayor participates in the opening of the course "Ethics, Justice and Disability" that meets in Murcia judges, notaries, doctors and disability specialists
  • Days of social awareness "New approaches to development cooperanción" (17/11/2008)
    Tuesday, 18 November.
  • An American professor will lecture on the influence of postnatal stress on the development of disease (17/11/2008)

  • The School of Informatics hosts a briefing on the impact of the Bologna process (17/11/2008)

  • The association Torreagüera MTB & Road hosts a charity dinner for Afacmur (16/11/2008)
    Named Godmother of the organization to Councilwoman Maria Dolores Sánchez, Director General Antonio Padrino Peñalver and Honorary Member of Councilman José Arce
  • Municipal management propose Estadio Nueva Condomina (16/11/2008)
    The United Left group + The Greens in the city of Murcia offers "full municipal ownership and management of the stadium and the regulation of its use with public benefit criteria"
  • House puts the cooperative Severo Ochoa as a reference for creating the network of schools in the municipality (15/11/2008)
    The Mayor has received an award to mark the 25 anniversary of establishment of this cooperative in Los Garres
  • 'After hours' brings about a thousand people in the hip hop concert held at Espacio AV (15/11/2008)
    Eduardo Perez exposure Salguero, 'Showtime' was the superb performance framework was that it filled the room
  • Ana María Sánchez, Elisabete Matos and Yolanda Marín Murcia premiere tomorrow 'Women of Puccini' (15/11/2008)
    Accompanied by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Region of Murcia, the three sopranos embody the great protagonists of the Italian operatic works at 150 anniversary of his birth
  • Trees for the Industrial Park West (15/11/2008)
    Adela Martinez-Cache and María Dolores Sánchez, along with members of youth organizations have participated in the planting this morning
  • Two hundred people share experiences in the Third Meeting of Volunteers and Sustainable Development (15/11/2008)
    The voluntary Purificación Martínez Sánchez received the award 'Entretodos 2008' for his work with seriously ill children
  • Camera: "There is no education without freedom or freedom without education" (14/11/2008)
    Mayor Opens I Regional Forum organized by the Confederation of Students of the Region of Murcia
  • Secretary of State for Social Security defends the system of social protection as one of the main strengths of the Spanish economy (14/11/2008)
    ... in a lecture to mark the opening of the school during the internship Universidad de Murcia
  • Open centers to teach values, provide academic support and learning through entertainment (14/11/2008)
    Education Diocesan Caritas gave the use of four schools, outside school hours, to develop their project PROINFANCIA.
  • More than 300 older participants in the Ninth training course for boards of major social centers (14/11/2008)
    is celebrated on 17 and 18 November in the auditorium of the University
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Puebla de Soto, Carrascoy, Los Ramos, Santo Angelo and Jerome and Avileses (14/11/2008)
    Technicians will start treatment in various streets in the city
  • The Civil Guard participates in an act of blood donation (14/11/2008)
    On this day featured the government delegate in Murcia, Rafael González Tovar, who has emphasized the need for blood donations and the important role played by the Centre Blood Donation in the Region of Murcia
  • 600,000 euros for research on functional foods made from vegetable (14/11/2008)

  • Over two hundred people gather tomorrow at the III Meeting of Volunteers and Sustainable Development (14/11/2008)
    The day will begin at 10 am at the corner Huertano and will feature speakers from UNICEF and Global Nature
  • Work begins to install the ice rink in the old Women's Pavilion (14/11/2008)
    The Murcia can skate every year from November to May
  • The Mayor claims that "most worthy profession" of the developers (13/11/2008)
    In his speech today at the ceremony of the V Real Estate Development Awards
  • 'After hours' continues tomorrow in the AV space to display improvised hip-hop "Without mincing words at 23.00' (13/11/2008)
    ..., Space AV, Calle Santa Teresa, 14
  • Press the Chancellor of the University of Murcia in relation to (13/11/2008)
    ... student demonstrations against the implementation of curricula adapted to the European Higher Education
  • The University of Murcia recycled material sent to Mauritania (13/11/2008)
    This humanitarian initiative, which helps the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, will allow the University of Nouakchott, Mauritania, get furniture, computers, school supplies and laboratory
  • Teachers and students of art history named to the Mayor House "True Contrast Honor" for its support to the recovery of assets (13/11/2008)
    The ceremony will be held on November 27, feast of St. Eloy, in a solemn ceremony San Bartolomé
  • The School of Computing claims that these studios are in "good health" (13/11/2008)

  • Six parks will host on Saturday a new edition of the Di Verde (13/11/2008)
    In Aljucer, Patiño, Murcia, Monteagudo, Santo Angelo and Zarandona
  • Trade studying the market hall de Saavedra Fajardo open on Friday afternoon (13/11/2008)
    A proposal of the traders themselves, to provide a better service
  • The University of Murcia participated in the study that babies express to mourn (13/11/2008)

  • Secretary of State for Social Security opens during the Labor Training School (13/11/2008)

  • House and Fuentes Zorita should explain "in tandem" with the scandal of Condomina (13/11/2008)
    The municipal group of IU + LV in Murcia City Council welcomes "the decision of the Supreme Court declaring the nullity of agreement on transfer of land from New Condomina planning agreement "
  • CB Murcia Americans think about the upcoming clash in Granada (13/11/2008)
    Chris Moss and Taquan Dean believe in the first victory at home
  • Good practices in events and sports facilities (13/11/2008)
    The City Council will conduct studies of solar energy, will set up separate waste collection and use recycled paper for your documents
  • Moya-Angeler Joaquin, San Antonio de Oro 2009 (13/11/2008)
    Brotherhood members wear the Deputy Mayor to inform the Council's agreement of appointment
  • Inauguration of the Exhibition "Ti " (12/11/2008)
    ... Diversity is part of the Permanent Awareness Campaign being conducted by the Association since 1999 Columbares
  • The Art Forum is hosting a photographic exhibition by Roque Lopez (12/11/2008)
    women's image shows the artist focuses Murcia 'Feelings passengers', which opens tomorrow at 21:00 pm
  • House expresses its commitment to continue to ensure that parents can choose the type of school for their children (12/11/2008)
    This morning he visited the school Santa Isabel de Alquerías
  • Support and collaboration between Murcia and Bolivia (12/11/2008)
    40% of the Bolivian community in the region live in the city
  • Work begins on removal of architectural barriers in several schools in the municipality (12/11/2008)
    installation of elevators, handrails and railings, ramps, space adaptation and adaptation of the toilets will be some actions to perform
  • The streets of five districts will have a renewed pavement (12/11/2008)
    The performances will take place in Javalí Viejo, El Palmar, Los Dolores, El Raal and The Albatalía
  • The new street lighting has now reached Algezares, Stables and Corvera (12/11/2008)
    These actions are part of the agreement signed with the community
  • Murcia becomes European Capital of solar energy (12/11/2008)
    The city has hosted a meeting of the European project 'Pro-Sto: Best practices for the development of solar thermal ordinances'
  • The people of Murcia can skate on the ice of the former Women's Pavilion next month (12/11/2008)
    The Municipality will invest 20,764 euros in the facility
  • Esther Herguedas (UI) claims the city who chairs the European Forum for Mobility bus fare rises for the third time since May (12/11/2008)
    "Today we woke to the news of a further rise in the price of bus tickets "
  • Scientists at the University of Murcia find that people have normal eyes monitoring (12/11/2008)

  • The City requires the Government of Spain dates and budget for the works of the green corridor Zeneta-Los Dolores (12/11/2008)
    "We demand that fulfill the commitment to prepare and assign these spaces to the city" said José Arce
  • The University of Murcia implemented a waste management program for a sustainable campus (12/11/2008)

  • Submission II Regional Championship Paddle (12/11/2008)
    The tournament will be held at the Royal Society Murcia Country Club from 14 to 23 November
  • A documentary reconstructs three-dimensional scenarios of medieval Murcia (11/11/2008)
    The Minister of Finance presented the mayor of Murcia 1,000 copies of the dvd 'Murcia Medieval' prepared by the Integra Foundation
  • Tastings begin to install five new points of underground containers (11/11/2008)
    are located on the street Gutiérrez Mellado and Juan Antonio Perea Avenue
  • Next year will end the works of the first building in Science Park Murcia (11/11/2008)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, received this morning the manager of this agency
  • The Youth Musical Group Cabezo de Torres, first prize in the Band (11/11/2008)
    Murcia The band won in the section to Alicante and Cuenca bands
  • Support for Cuba and Haiti (11/11/2008)
    Murcia City Council allocated € 20,000 to help alleviate the damage caused by hurricanes Gustav and Ike
  • The delegate of the Government is willing to promote among the local administrations Recovery Project of the old railway line from South Coast (11/11/2008)
    Residents call for construction in the area of a new line of public transport, cycle lanes and pedestrian areas to communicate the districts to Murcia
  • A new DVD on the medieval Murcia can watch 3D virtual reconstruction of Follow Alcazar, the castle of Monteagudo and Cathedral (11/11/2008)
    The book includes a wonderful documentary, recreation of virtual spaces and Microvideo on various aspects of the history of Murcia
  • Mar Sáez Chinguetti his vision for a thirty photographs (11/11/2008)
    In an exhibition at the Mills River Area-stables, until 12 December
  • Tourism offers a tour of the architecture of our times (11/11/2008)
    Nature lovers can explore the Sierra de Escalona and the secrets of the Valley
  • Donatas Slanina: "I'm going to give the CB Murcia all my heart and all my experience" (10/11/2008)
    Exterior Lithuanian landed yesterday afternoon in Spain and tomorrow and will work under the orders of Manolo Hussein
  • Manolo Hussein: "Against Bruesa is not the same gain from 9 to 19" (10/11/2008)
    Pablo Laso, "104 points is too many if we win a game"
  • Manuel Carrasco in Stage Dial (10/11/2008)
    On Wednesday 12 November in the park outside of New Condomina CC
  • Qualification Tourist Center closes its Professional Cooking III Meetings Murcia Turística (10/11/2008)
    ... with master classes and Ada Parellada Mey Hofmann
  • The UCAM provides the first official master protocol Spain (10/11/2008)
    Degree In part, among other experts, the first chief of protocol of the State, Joaquín Martínez Correcher
  • A professor at the University of Murcia participated in a European Conference of support to the Saharawi people (10/11/2008)

  • The University of Murcia leads a European project for the dissemination of modern Greek (10/11/2008)

  • 700 more will discover this afternoon that 'age is a privilege' (10/11/2008)
    The Acarín Nolasc MD offers a lecture on "The fate of aging 'in the Auditorium
  • The University of Murcia will work with the Science Park to carry out research projects (10/11/2008)
    The deal "will not only serve to extrapolate the knowledge generated at the University of the company, but also the Centro de Estudios help them in the management of innovation projects "
  • The Mayor of Copenhagen welcomes to Michelangelo House after the appointment of the city of Murcia as the seat of Eurocities (10/11/2008)
    Klaus Bondam, until now president of the Mobility Forum, delivered in November to witness the Presidency to the Mayor of Murcia
  • The Minister of Public Works and Murcia Mayor sign the agreement for the rehabilitation of the district of Los Almendros de La Alberca (10/11/2008)
    The Region, through the Housing and Land Institute, brings more than a million euros for this action
  • 36 families claim a reduction in the amount of service of the preschools in the municipality (10/11/2008)
    A committee now assess each of the instances that have been delivered
  • Planning approved the construction of 85 OPV in the Ñora to deal with the crisis (10/11/2008)
    The development is located northwest of the hamlet
  • Cooperation between the Council and the Regional Government will make Los Almendros in a new neighborhood (10/11/2008)
    The Mayor and the Director of Public Works and Land this morning signed a collaboration agreement that will rehabilitate the facades and roofs
  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia this week (10/11/2008)
    From 10 to 16 November
  • Three children in care centers for classrooms will have free access to Internet (10/11/2008)

  • The Mayor intends to appoint Son of the City of Murcia to the professor and lawyer Manuel Albaladejo (10/11/2008)
    Miguel Angel House recognizes the outstanding scientific work of the teacher and his transcendent contribution to the field of Civil Law
  • The City facilitates youth access to housing with the approval of 256 subsidized housing in Los Dolores (09/11/2008)
    The hamlet of Boatmen have a new development with 450 housing
  • Week of Science and Technology completed in December at an international seminar on the Count of Floridablanca (09/11/2008)
    For four days, the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research has organized more than 300 popular science activities in the Botanical Garden The Malecón
  • A new clinic will improve health care for the residents of San Bartolomé, Cathedral, San Lorenzo, La Fama, San Miguel, Santa Eulalia and San Juan (08/11/2008)
    The City will invest 2.2 million euros in this infrastructure
  • Fifteen students learn to carve the glass in the Craft Centre Murcia (08/11/2008)
    The goal of this course is to teach and raise awareness about all aspects of the initiation to the size of glass in its various forms using a methodology very practical and very Teaching
  • Some 15,000 pupils in schools visit the Week of Science and Technology during the first two days of the fair (08/11/2008)
    The Minister of Universities and Research Company, Salvador Marín, indicates that the visits have doubled compared concerted schools the last edition
  • The soprano Ana María Sánchez, Elisabeta Marin Yolanda Matos and will be "Women of Puccini ' (08/11/2008)
    The work, a prelude to the opera season to be held shortly in the Regional Auditorium, will be held on 16 November
  • Technical youth of Europe, Asia and Africa in Murcia attend a course on volunteering and multiculturalism (08/11/2008)
    The meeting, which is part of the European program "Youth in Action ', will run from 10 to 16 November in the CEMACAM
  • Manolo Hussein: "The party of Bruesa must be yes or yes" (07/11/2008)
    CB Murcia coach noted that "the victories at home to rivals, should not miss"
  • Press Release + Izquierda Unida Los Verdes Murcia to the presidency EUROCITIES Forum (07/11/2008)

  • The Center for Studies in photographs Murcianos revives the 100 years ago Murcia (07/11/2008)
    The exhibition contains numerous corners of the main streets and squares of the time, some of which have already disappeared
  • The Basketball Club Murcia faces on Sunday the 7 th Day of the ACB (07/11/2008)

  • The Bands Competition arrives this weekend at its peak (07/11/2008)
    On Saturday and Sunday at 18 pm in the auditorium Víctor Villegas
  • Urban planning goes a step further to build the Health Center Aljucer (07/11/2008)
    Residents will have an office of a new fully equipped center
  • Murcia will be the first Spanish city to chair the European Mobility over the next two years (07/11/2008)
    It is the largest network of European cities, which comprises 30 countries and more than 115 major European capitals
  • The Young Art Lab hosts a workshop on 'performance art' by the Dutch artist Jacques Van Poppel (07/11/2008)
    The artist will give a practical and interactive workshop, tomorrow Saturday at 11:30 hours, culminating in a performance at 20 : 00 hours
  • The Seventh Conference on Arts Partnership opens way to carry out projects in Latin America (07/11/2008)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz has closed there, with clear expectations, the event that, under the title 'A look at America' have been held throughout the week
  • The series' Family Concert 'begins with the opera "The Emperor's New Clothes" (07/11/2008)
    cycle conducted by the Symphony Orchestra of Murcia on Sunday starts at 12:00 pm in the Auditorium' Victor Villegas 'with the work of Hans Christian Andersen
  • The children's home Holy Angel Murcia three classrooms have Internet access (07/11/2008)

  • The UMU receives 96,000 euros to investigate the application of State taxes to municipalities (07/11/2008)

  • A student participates in the encounters Murcia Model Parliament held in Slovakia (07/11/2008)
    Young Andrés Muñoz Rojo, IES Floridablanca, was selected from more than 23,000 students in Spain
  • Dark Sky participates in the Week of Science and Technology (07/11/2008)
    Dark Sky recalls the great importance and value that are clean, starry skies for science and technology development
  • "Strongly committed to the Knowledge Society" (06/11/2008)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research, the CARM, Salvador Marin, at the opening of the eighth edition of the Week of Science and Technology of Murcia
  • The Mayor opens in New Javalí the thirty-third pavilion of the municipality (06/11/2008)
    The City has invested more than 665,000 euros in its construction, in addition to 92,000 euros per year to meet the costs of maintenance
  • The series 'Clubtura' continues tomorrow with a screening of four short films about the experience of 'change of life' (06/11/2008)
    Murcia director Dany Campos attend the screenings to be held in the 'Yesería', 'Atomic', 'FA' and Middle '12 & '
  • The referee Luis Miguel Castillo explains the new rules to the homegrown CB Murcia (06/11/2008)
    The Children's players, coached by Carmen Puig and Juan Antonio Martínez, were able to discuss any concerns
  • Berberena proposes measures to address the crisis in the Day of the World Town Planning Day (06/11/2008)
    Management expedite the granting of planning permission and openness, and save on overhead
  • The City Council welcomes finally unlocks the construction of the Police of El Carmen pending for over two years (06/11/2008)
    The standing requirement of the City Council, supported by neighbors, and obtained its fruits
  • A picture of the Gran Via and other Hospital Bridge I win the Urban Painting Competition (06/11/2008)
    Cristóbal Pérez García and Alfredo López Rodríguez were the winners
  • The Center for Economic and Business Studies at the University of Murcia will work with the Bar Association (06/11/2008)
    In addition to promoting projects and research lines, the agreement will facilitate the exchange of personnel between the two institutions and direct contact between members of the College and researchers from the University
  • The Government delegate announces the tender for the proposed new police station of El Carmen (06/11/2008)
    The new Police Station project has a budget of 1 million euros and the lead time is 8 months once awarded the work
  • This evening is inaugurated the exhibition "Summer unusual" organized by members of the Time Bank (06/11/2008)
    At 20.30 pm in the Civic Center Ship of Bacons Bridge
  • The City relocates 21 people by the fire occurred tonight (06/11/2008)
    Those affected can return to their homes tomorrow, once restored all services
  • ... (06/11/2008)

  • Enjoy nature in the company of family (06/11/2008)
    El Majal Blanco held this weekend seminar to learn about the world around us
  • Salvador Marín presents the "Scientific Card 'which allows disclosure to visit five spaces for free over the weekend (06/11/2008)
    The Minister inaugurated the premises of the Science Week, which was organized over 300 activities and has three major exhibitions on the ground and astronomy
  • Reverte extols the role of veterinarians in ensuring the purity of the bullfights (06/11/2008)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration points out that "no one won in a position, not only committing a fraud with the public, but distorts the essence of the National Party "
  • IU + LV is concerned about the spread of fascist groups in Murcia (05/11/2008)
    condemns the aggression committed by two ultra-right to a 17 years
  • Berberena states that the rail corridor is owned by the municipality when they buried the railroad tracks (05/11/2008)
    Ensures that the PSOE wants to put stones between the good relationship maintained by the City Council, the Ministry of Development and the ADIF "
  • Japanese artist Kimiko Yoshida gives a talk on his work and a guided tour of the exhibition (05/11/2008)
    On Friday, at 12 pm in the Mills River Area-Stables
  • Management held tomorrow World Town Planning Day (05/11/2008)
    Activities will begin at 9.00 am with a painting competition on the street and continue at 16.45 a day in the annex building
  • The City is now selling two pieces of equipment located in Santiago and Zaraíche (05/11/2008)
    The Board approved the sale of two lots, more than 2,000 square meters
  • Clovis act tomorrow in the auditorium of the Space Molinos del Rio Stables (05/11/2008)
    Entry is free and the concert will begin at 20:30
  • The collaboration between administrations allows the rehabilitation of the church of San Juan Bautista (05/11/2008)
    The City provides over 127,000 euros which will be added a further 327,000 over the next two years
  • An agreement with the Community will allow the creation of new infrastructure in the municipality (05/11/2008)
    The General Directorate of Local Government will invest over three billion euros
  • The CEIP Cierva Peñafiel have new tires next year (05/11/2008)
    The City Council requested a grant of 133,000 euros to the Autonomous Community
  • Artificial turf for football field Stables (05/11/2008)
    Murcia is Spain's second city with the highest number of football fields, and currently has 48 facilities
  • Boatmen will feature 450 new homes and a highway connecting the north and northeast of the hamlet (05/11/2008)
    Young people can access the 45 VPO to be lifted
  • Initially approved the project to build a large shopping center in El Palmar (05/11/2008)
    The town defies crisis with this investment will generate 550 direct jobs and 800 indirect
  • Inocencio Arias, Josep Piqué and Diego López Garrido delve into the figure of Saavedra Fajardo (05/11/2008)
    The lecture 'The Future of United Europe', framed in the celebrations of the Year Saavedra, will run from 11 to 14 November in the Aula de Cultura CAM
  • Health information infrastructures and innovation projects in the days of the Foundation sign (05/11/2008)
    The future Alzheimur Comprehensive Center will be starring in the section on new infrastructure
  • The University of Murcia will be on the Week of Science and Technology 2008 with various activities of scientific (05/11/2008)
    The event will take place between 6 and 9 November, having as main objective to bring the scientific world society
  • The deadline for requesting a reduction in the share of primary schools is Friday (05/11/2008)
    The help offered by the City of Murcia is intended for low-income families
  • AENOR delivered to the Directorate of Quality ISO 9001:2000 Certification UCAM (04/11/2008)
    The president of the University, Josefina García Lozano, highlighted the achievements of the institution during these years in the field of Quality
  • It introduced the first book in a library on the victims of crimes (04/11/2008)
    The collection includes a total of eighty volumes, which have involved a dozen university professors and members of law enforcement bodies of the State Security
  • Almost a hundred people enjoyed a night of free opera (04/11/2008)
    Thanks to an agreement between the Department of Culture and the Association for Music
  • The XIX Conference on Cultural Heritage will be closed after 30 activities devoted to analyzing the most important interventions (04/11/2008)
    Director General of Fine Arts closed the conference after a final practice session concluded with tours
  • Leading experts analyze the Islamic ceramics of the region in a seminar (04/11/2008)
    Additionally, opens the exhibition 'The Islamic ceramics in Murcia: Lorca materials' will remain in the Archaeological Museum until 30 November
  • Marín emphasizes the importance of the region is present in cutting-edge research projects biotechnology as 'Melonomic' (04/11/2008)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research says that this initiative improves the competitiveness of companies in Murcia for the transfer of knowledge that will
  • Nine young promoted from his experience volunteering in disadvantaged countries (04/11/2008)
    Your stay this summer in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Morocco has been the initiative of the Department of Youth and Cooperation
  • The Town Archives is the first in Spain which can be accessed on the Internet (04/11/2008)
    is part of the web of the Virtual Heritage Library Journal
  • Agriculture and the University of Murcia drive new lines of cooperation in agriculture (04/11/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the rector of the University of Murcia have signed a framework agreement for cooperation in joint R + D + i to "optimize use of public resources
  • Economics organized a workshop on the role of new technologies in the retail sector (04/11/2008)
    The event, which was introduced today, will be held on November 13 and analyze the current situation of the sector in relation to the availability and use of technologies
  • The Science Week opens a new scientific play on the importance of the environment (04/11/2008)
    is a collaboration of the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, through the Seneca Foundation, and Icon Theatre
  • The Columbares saw protagonists of the tourism route this weekend (04/11/2008)
    Participants learn about the landscapes and traditional lifestyles of the area
  • Olympic canoeing champion, Carlos Pérez Rial, visit UCAM (03/11/2008)
    The Galician rower, who won the gold medal in Beijing 2008, in the form of double kayak (K-2) 500 meters, with Saul Craviotto, toured Campus facilities accompanied by his coach
  • The Centre of Design and Architecture will conduct workshops, meetings and exhibitions in order "to combine creativity and economy" (03/11/2008)
    The center's activities will begin on November 17 with a meeting with professionals in the Region
  • Begin training tomorrow on Gender Equality Unit (03/11/2008)
    The first place in the 17 hours Vistalegre on Equality and Education Co-education
  • La Unión Musical de Torre Pacheco, winner of the third section in the contest for bands (03/11/2008)
    The Bands Competition began yesterday in the auditorium Víctor Villegas
  • The Spanish cyclists bear the name of Murcia in the kit (03/11/2008)
    The Mayor and the federation president announced the extension of the sponsorship agreement
  • The infant schools have admitted one of every two applications this year (03/11/2008)
    "Although not compulsory education from 0 to 3 years from the PP are helping to reconcile work and family life, employment generation and encourage private initiative "
  • Sign Foundation meets in Murcia over 800 executives at a conference management and evaluation of health costs (03/11/2008)
    The exhibition will present 360 works ExpoSigno health management professionals, of whom 47 percent are in the Region of Murcia
  • National Congress was inaugurated on Human Rights (03/11/2008)
    The meeting, which runs until November 5, will explore issues such as the universality of human rights, human rights in times of crisis and human rights and immigration
  • The University of Murcia opens tomorrow a blood donation campaign in schools (03/11/2008)

  • Renowned experts will discuss planning and real estate (03/11/2008)
    The conference will be held on Thursday 6 to mark World Town Planning Day
  • Save Murcia City Council in 2009 over one million euros in electricity (03/11/2008)
    This is another measure taken by the Government Team People's Party to address the economic crisis
  • The deadline for nominations for the prize to the end of the day Anonymous Solidario 7 (03/11/2008)

  • The Ministry of Culture organizes an introductory course to the Jewish world (01/11/2008)
    Professor of Hebrew, Chair Three Religions at the University of Valencia, Jose Samuel Estrugo, taught the course focuses on the Hebrew Language and Jewish Culture Village
  • The Archaeological Museum received yesterday the first performance cycle successfully After hours public (01/11/2008)
    'After hours' claims that museums and galleries belonging to the Ministry hosting free performances of dance, theater and music among others once month and from 23:00 hrs

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