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Murcia News - October 2008

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  • Thirteen bands participating in the XVIII National Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (31/10/2008)
    on 2, 8 and 9 November at the Regional Auditorio "Victor Villegas".
  • The World in our Hands (31/10/2008)
    "Adventure travel" Murcia bring back the experiences of photographers and climbers for the most unusual places on the planet.
  • The moto-taxi company will not begin its activities next Monday (31/10/2008)

  • Health derat cockroaches and bugs against Boatmen, Stables, and Zarandona Beniaján (31/10/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • The University of Murcia shows its revulsion at the attack at the University of Navarra (31/10/2008)
    University of Murcia seconded and the resolution adopted by the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), which had requested the condemnation of violence and reaffirmation commitment to democracy and the freedoms
  • 's Birthday with Mayor (31/10/2008)
    The social center managers over Beniaján delivered to the House with a commemorative plaque to mark the 25 anniversary of its establishment.
  • House visit zarangollo Fair brings together over 50 youth associations (31/10/2008)
    This fair will remain open until Sunday.
  • Valcárcel highlighted "the commitment" of the Government with youth to facilitate their access to quality housing at affordable prices (31/10/2008)
    The president of the Community today delivered the first 176 housing units for the Future Youth Cooperative, located in the hamlet Espinardo Murcia
  • The Young Art Lab hosts a dance workshop on 'performative' (31/10/2008)
    The course, which will be taught by the Scottish choreographer Colette Sadler is aimed at young people aged 15 to 30 years
  • 2.8 million euros to expand the flag of primary public school in El Ranero (31/10/2008)

  • More than 2,500 people have applied for Customized Plan to Pay taxes (31/10/2008)
    's success has prompted the call to extend the deadline until 20 November
  • Murcia close ties with Paraguay (31/10/2008)
    Councillor for Development Cooperation meets with the ambassador and consul of the region in which it has been working since 2001
  • Social Council distributed 85 scholarships of collaboration among university departments (31/10/2008)
    The Board of the University of Murcia, who chairs Juan Bernal, has proceeded to distribute a total of 85 scholarships for collaboration among various departments of this educational institution
  • Cultural activities organized by the University of Murcia from November 3 (31/10/2008)

  • XVIII National Contest of bands "Ciudad de Murcia" (30/10/2008)
    will take place on 2, 8 and 9 November in the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia
  • House rule out an Urban Plan for the Los Rosales because "the neighborhood needs and solutions, not in 2014" (30/10/2008)
    Mayor rejects the proposal of the PSOE and denounces the "unknown" to show to raise such a proposal
  • The City shall ensure the access of emergency vehicles to the Plaza de San Juan (30/10/2008)
    The Department of Urban Quality mark on the floor space available for installation of each restaurant tables
  • AV Space hosts an exhibition in which the artist employs Salguero Pérez popular iconography to reflect on violence (30/10/2008)
    The exhibition, which opens this evening at 20:00 hours, has been produced by the Autonomous Community
  • 'After hours' begins tomorrow with dance and live music (30/10/2008)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism opens tomorrow at the Archaeological Museum, at 23:00, the program 'After hours' which will feature performances of Erre que Erre and Balago
  • Painting on the streets to celebrate World Town Planning Day (30/10/2008)
    The registration period ends on November 4
  • A team of semes control begging in the municipal cemetery (30/10/2008)
    Be careful not to ask because it is forbidden to minors
  • Meeting of the Security Bureau in the suburb of Los Rosales (30/10/2008)
    ... in order to design a plan of joint action by the National Police and local police in this neighborhood Murcia El Palmar
  • Murcia joins the European Covenant of Mayors for sustainability (30/10/2008)
    It is a commitment of cities to develop policies and strategies to combat climate change
  • The Botanical Garden of The Pier will become a great stage for the popularization of science in the VIII Week of Science and Technology (30/10/2008)
    The Fair will host 70 booths, five tents, a planetarium, a scientific child care, a stage and three spaces exhibitions, and conducted more than 300 activities with the participation of 47 institutions
  • Daniel Barcelo, present at the awards 'BUM Sports' (29/10/2008)
    manager of CB Murcia participated in the show and was interviewed live by Radio Marca
  • The UCAM welcomes new students with a massive charity event (29/10/2008)

  • Chris Moss: "Five years ago thought would never play in the CBA (29/10/2008)
    The power forward of CB Murcia is" very happy ", because this Sunday (12:30 am) against Unicaja will reach 100 games in the top flight of Spanish basketball
  • The Mayor requires a continuous police presence to ensure peace and security in the district of Los Rosales (29/10/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara a working group will coordinate with the Central Administration, Autonomous Community of Murcia City Council to develop a comprehensive plan for neighborhood
  • The premiere Churra Occupational Center building next year (29/10/2008)
    More than 5.2 million cost of new units, located next to the current Minister today visited the 16 anniversary Bascuñana Centre
  • Teatro Romea Murcia retrieve a completely renovated (29/10/2008)
    intervention affects both the interior and the facade of the building, designated as a Cultural
  • Camera: "Nuclear energy, such as transfers, they have to beat the topic to be considered cursed" (29/10/2008)
    Mayor presides over the inauguration of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society
  • An open day will release the Conciliation Centre Juan Carlos I (29/10/2008)
    be held tomorrow from 17 to 19.30 hours
  • IU + LV asked why the City Council prohibited the granting of a space for Communist Youth of the Region of Murcia (29/10/2008)

  • Adopted by a second phase of support for renewable energy use in homes (29/10/2008)
    installation also subsidize the purchase of efficient vehicles and the replacement of appliances and other Class A
  • The City built in the fourth center Zarandona childcare in the municipality (29/10/2008)
    Social Welfare will invest one million euros in this work to reconcile work and family life
  • Activities and exhibits displayed in street work youth associations (29/10/2008)
    Fair youth organizations zarangollo Young brings more than 50 groups that publicize their work
  • Renewal of lighting in the Esparragal, Sangonera the Seca and El Raal (29/10/2008)
    These actions, awarded this week, will involve an expenditure of more than 600,000 euros
  • New look to the garden of Physicians of Guadalupe (29/10/2008)
    The works have been awarded this morning and will end in early 2009
  • Tourism proposed for a weekend tour of the cultural route of the Valley (29/10/2008)
    San Antonio Participants will learn the Poor, Castle and Iberian shrine of La Luz and Las Navetas
  • The meat of Mercamurcia complex already has an area of 8,200 square meters (28/10/2008)
    The Slaughterhouse sacrifices volume increased by 9.24% over 2007
  • They publish a book to raise awareness among young about saving water (28/10/2008)
    The book "The Lives of Water" is for children in primary education
  • IU + LV asked in Parliament about the use of the stadium New Condomina (28/10/2008)
    also reported that shall at the plenary session "the advanced state of construction of two buildings in Junior Futura (Espinardo), although the detailed study of Both properties will be adopted on Thursday "
  • 2,500 trees to combat climate change (28/10/2008)
    More than 400 students and one hundred volunteers will participate for five days on the plantation to be a second phase in October 2009
  • 'Don Juan Tenorio' Carnival shall be construed to remain in the city of Murcia (28/10/2008)
    The representation is transferred to the 26, 27 and 28 February and 1 March in the School of Dramatic Art
  • They call for cyclists in costume on Thursday to recommend commuting by bike (28/10/2008)

  • The proposed MurciaaEscena Seventh Conference on 'A look at America' (27/10/2008)
    will be held from 3 to 7 November with the aim of establishing ties with the Latin American market
  • The University of Murcia approved joining the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (27/10/2008)

  • Press release from the United Left Group of the Greens in the city of Murcia to the events of last Sunday in the Barrio de Los Rosales de El Palmar. (27/10/2008)

  • Full Morla Vetusta New Garage (27/10/2008)
    More than 600 people enjoyed the songs from her album "A Day in the world"
  • Moya-Angeler receives the new dean of the College of Economists of the Region of Murcia (27/10/2008)
    Both officials have agreed to strengthen ties for future collaborations
  • Green light to the Draft Tax Ordinances in the Committee on General Affairs (27/10/2008)
    is planned launch of the Individualized Plan for Payment of Taxes
  • The municipality has seventy new streets (27/10/2008)
    The House on Thursday approved the renaming of roads located in 23 districts
  • The City Council and Hefame offer a lecture on the dangers of drug information online sale (27/10/2008)
    will be held tomorrow at 20.30 pm in the City Hall Annex Building. Admission is free
  • On Wednesday begins the special security device on the occasion of the Feast of All Saints (27/10/2008)
    Between October 31 and November 2 will be available from 95 local police
  • Mayor House convenes an emergency meeting to tackle the problems of public policy in Los Rosales (27/10/2008)
    The meeting, to be held next Wednesday, will attend council, neighborhood representatives and agencies
  • Pepin Liria, Achiever of the Feria de Murcia 2008 (27/10/2008)
    The Jury Awards Bullfighting in Murcia today failed annual awards highlight the best tasks
  • Martin Berasategui open meetings Professional Cooking III 'Murcia Turística' (26/10/2008)

  • Sucina will have an industrial area of 500,000 square meters (25/10/2008)
    The infrastructure is very well connected because it is next to the highway Santomera-San Javier
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the Days of Entrepreneurs (25/10/2008)
    will be held in the Graduate Hall School of Law, Campus de la Merced, 27 and 28 October
  • The Mayor of Murcia, distinguished as Honorary Member of the Cancer Association for their "unselfish cooperation" (25/10/2008)
    Next month will begin work on the new headquarters of the AECC on a plot donated by the City near the Avenida Juan Bourbon
  • The series 'Clubtura' begins with a reflection on immigration through the eyes of three children (25/10/2008)
    The Yesería welcomed yesterday's local screening of three films with the presence of the winner of the Goya for best animated short in 2007, Coke Ribo
  • The 'Eifman Ballet Theatre' in St. Petersburg opens the dance season at the Auditorium Regional (25/10/2008)
    The company introduced in Murcia Anna Karenina, one of the most acclaimed titles of the company
  • The Young Art Lab hosts a course on drawing and animation techniques taught by Juan Zamora (25/10/2008)
    16 young people participate in the workshop 'The soul of design' that will analyze different procedures and methodologies of artistic
  • Three students from the University of Murcia won an international competition with a drink of milk and lemon juice (24/10/2008)

  • The Ministry of Science and Innovation provides mobility aids seven young doctors at the University of Murcia (24/10/2008)

  • The director of the Masters in Health and Physical Education, Eduardo Segarra, explains the characteristics of the graduate program (24/10/2008)
    Segarra: "Research in physical education is required for the large increase in the sport in Spain
  • Valcárcel: "Agriculture is the cushion against the crisis and a productive sector that creates jobs in the Region" (24/10/2008)
    Community President today reiterated the exporters of fruits and vegetables from Murcia to the Tajo "Safe" is and will remain a profitable activity for Murcia and Spain "
  • González Tovar closing the Civil Protection course on Intervention Technical Disasters (24/10/2008)

  • Address by the Government Delegate in Murcia in the opening ceremony of the Conference of the Association of Victims of Terrorism in the Region of Murcia and its new headquarters (24/10/2008)

  • The Government delegate congratulated the school for Hacienda El Parmar awarded by a drawing on tax fraud (24/10/2008)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Monteagudo, La Raya, Pain and Patiño (24/10/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • The people of El Esparragal sanitation debut earlier this year (24/10/2008)
    15,000 residents will benefit from this project
  • The archaeological remains of the site of Marengo Street will join the Visitor Center of the walls of Santa Eulalia (24/10/2008)
    Arab remains part of the Special Plan of a Historical de Murcia
  • Camera: "All the measures that open doors for the arrival of water are welcome" (24/10/2008)
    "The Tajo-Segura is untouchable but we must broaden horizons to establish new initiatives through dialogue and consensus"
  • Clean shock in more than thirty streets and squares of the town and La Alberca (24/10/2008)
    will be held on Sunday
  • Three hundred swear Murcia morning flag in the artillery barracks with new skydivers (24/10/2008)
    The solemn ceremony will begin at 11.00 am and will include parachute jumps and a street parade in Cartagena
  • The biodiversity of the Mediterranean in the heart of the city (24/10/2008)
    The exhibition, organized in two tents inspired by the igloo polar, may be accessed until December 11 next to the Plaza de la Cruz Roja
  • A British promoted Murcia English hanging in a web video that recorded during the Spring Festival (24/10/2008)
    She has been in contact with the Department of Tourism
  • The low-income families with children in municipal schools may request a reduction in the quota (24/10/2008)
    The deadline for submission of the request will be open from October 27 to November 7
  • Six million euros for the rehabilitation of the Teatro Romea de Murcia (24/10/2008)
    The work done at this time consist of the conservation of facades and stage equipment while in a second phase shall be conditioned interior
  • The Second Fall Music Festival will offer two Brahms sextets unprecedented in Murcia (24/10/2008)
    The cycle will take place in the hall of the Archaeological Museum every Thursday from October 30 to December 4
  • Salvador Marin expects more than 700 children can participate in workshops organized for the eighth 'Day of the Craftsman' (24/10/2008)
    The Minister of Universities and Research Company appoints four new master artisans
  • "In Murcia we grow to the difficulties" (23/10/2008)
    Mayor attends the opening of new facilities in CITMUSA Suditrans
  • The noise map does not receive any complaint during the period of public exhibition (23/10/2008)
    only is the final approval by the Governing Board
  • Bascuñana encourages women to invest in innovation to improve productivity (23/10/2008)
    The Minister inaugurated this morning the Fourth Congress 'Women Embark'
  • The City Council expanded the project to support and strengthen the integration of immigrant children (23/10/2008)
    A total of 367 schools, 36 centers in the county, will benefit from the actions taken by the City Council
  • The University of Murcia organizes a conference on the biology, genetics and development of twins (23/10/2008)

  • Tomorrow begins the series 'Early Music' (23/10/2008)
    The series 'Early Music' starts tomorrow at 20:30 at the Cathedral of Murcia, with a concert by 'Graindelavoix', who will perform 'Poissance d' Amours.
  • A concert by the Band of the Infantry Academy in Toledo tomorrow will open the celebrations of the Pledge of Allegiance (23/10/2008)
    The concert begins at 20.00 am in the Aula de Cultura CAM
  • Tourism offers weekend workshops routes and nature (23/10/2008)
    The little ones will learn botany at The Valley
  • The University of Murcia is ranked number 12 on their research, according to ranking of Spanish universities (22/10/2008)

  • Students of the University of Murcia share accommodation with young people with intellectual disabilities (22/10/2008)
    University of Murcia will be responsible for managing applications from students who will be enrolled at least second career and will benefit credits sandbox
  • The Theatre Group at the University of Murcia is a work of Rafael Alberti (22/10/2008)

  • Women can learn English for free DIY (22/10/2008)
    The new courses will be taught in a total of 26 centers
  • The City offers assistance to organizations working to prevent drug (22/10/2008)
    Social Welfare subsidizes the New Horizon Youth Association to integrate disabled people
  • The paving asphalt reaches Beniaján, Bath & Pauper, Los Martínez del Puerto and La Arboleja (22/10/2008)
    New sidewalks and roadways was high and Llano de Brujas
  • New lighting in La Alberca and Cabeza de Torres (22/10/2008)
    Strengthening and improving the lighting will be undertaken on Calle La Paz and in the garden of the Constitution
  • The garden party venue in Los Ramos to present new image next year (22/10/2008)
    The project includes the preparation of sites for the development of fitness and recreational activities and festivals
  • Planning prepares the power line underground cemetery Espinardo (22/10/2008)
    Join the big project of underground electric line Rectors
  • Works to improve sanitation in the Dry Sangonera (22/10/2008)
    The City will build a new infrastructure of more than 1,200 meters at a cost of about 4 million euros
  • Sports modernizes Beniaján football field with artificial turf facility (22/10/2008)
    make an investment of 437,000 euros
  • The Department of Safety and Mapfre trigger the Caravan of Driver Education to promote responsible attitudes (22/10/2008)
    The Caravan of 16 meters long, has a room equipped with audiovisual and carries all necessary equipment to set up a go-cart track 1.000m2.
  • The director of the Institute for Youth notes that immigration is "an opportunity for mutual enrichment" (22/10/2008)
    Veronica Lopez participates in the inauguration of the International Congress on Intercultural Dialogue to celebrate the University of Murcia
  • Music experts offer their particular vision of different genres ranging from hip hop to Gregorian (22/10/2008)
    Frank T opens tomorrow the series' Music (s) at the Museum ", to be held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia to December 18, with a conference-workshop on hip-hop
  • The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, signs an agreement with the Dean of the Cathedral (22/10/2008)
    ... for the maintenance of the Cathedral Museum and the promotion and development activities in the same
  • Present International Congress on Intercultural Dialogue (21/10/2008)
    "institutional responses to immigration gives Europe are wrong, because, far from encouraging integration, they achieve is to blame immigrants for every problem"
  • Meeting with the elders of the Arboleja (21/10/2008)
    Mayor received in his office to the president of the center accompanied by members of its board
  • Moya-Angeler requests the PSOE "more rigorous" when dealing with municipal accounts (21/10/2008)
    The actual amount of return is just over one million euros, not the 8.5 million who says the group City and we do not know where they have been removed
  • Camera Campillo thanked the city donation of two sculptures (21/10/2008)
    This is a monumental bike and "The Locust", which will look next to the Segura River next year
  • In November work began on removing architectural barriers in seven centers in the municipality (21/10/2008)
    The City Council of the Autonomous Region received a grant of more than 240,000 euros for the implementation of these actions
  • Castillo: "The buhobús service has adapted to the actual demand of the young" (21/10/2008)
    "What the PSOE does not say is that it has extended the scheduled start and completion of service and now reaches more districts"
  • The Mayor proposes signaling traffic black spots on the roads of the municipality to reduce accidents (21/10/2008)
    The Town Hall joins the Campaign Put brakes and the Platform for Signage
  • El Centro Municipal Puertas de Castilla and has its own room Medialab (21/10/2008)
    Located on the third floor, covers an area of 50 square meters and has 20 iMac computers
  • Adopted initially Orenes Group project for the old Post Office building (21/10/2008)
    The House will have to give final approval and developers apply for building permits
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the Welcome Fair with 40 booths and a special concern for the environment (21/10/2008)

  • The University of Murcia on 23 to enroll those included in the admission lists (21/10/2008)

  • The Cathedral and the churches of San Lorenzo and San Juan de Dios host concert cycle 'Classical Music' (21/10/2008)
    Two of the eight concerts scheduled are productions created specifically for this cycle
  • The celebration of 'Day of the Craftsman' is extended to three days and will have six workshops for children and fifteen stands with demonstrations (21/10/2008)
    The Ministry of Universities and Research Company launches web portal to enhance www.murciaartesana.es business of the craft of the Region
  • The Mayor accompanied the 150 children Vistalegre Sports Association in its submission (20/10/2008)
    The club has 8 football teams based on five categories, from Benjamin to juveniles, and school football
  • Scientists at the University of Murcia won the prize "Fleming 2008" for a discovery on the protection of cells (20/10/2008)

  • A study by the University of Murcia advised to educate mothers to encourage immigrant integration (20/10/2008)

  • The University of Murcia Fair held tomorrow Welcome to the Merced campus (20/10/2008)

  • The City shall amend the facades and roofs of the houses in the neighborhood of Los Almendros de La Alberca (20/10/2008)
    A total of 160 rehabilitated buildings
  • The City Council will bring services to people with disabilities Informajoven (20/10/2008)
    Start collaboration between the Youth Council and the Federation of Deaf People in the Region
  • Do you drive either your computer? (20/10/2008)
    The Department of Quality and Modernization of the Administration prepares for the Accreditation Murcia European Computer Driving
  • Ediciones Tres Fronteras presents its last three titles (20/10/2008)
    Tomorrow presents Paco López books Mengual, Antonio Parra Sanz and Miguel Angel Hernandez, included in the collection 'Tramway Library'
  • Olgada UCAM Murcia Rugby victory against RC Hospitalet (20/10/2008)
    The end result surpassed the team opposing team Murcia in twenty points
  • The University of Murcia is organizing a Workshop on Geometry (20/10/2008)
    In honor of the scientist Paul Look for the achievement of the award "José Luis Rubio"
  • There are still places to pledge or renew the pledge of allegiance on 25 October (20/10/2008)
    Those interested in participating in this solemn act can get more information www.murcia.es
  • Several hundred parents of students visited the University of Murcia at the open house (20/10/2008)

  • Klaus Ohnsmann received the Award for Painting at the University of Murcia (20/10/2008)

  • Alejandro Valverde scored the Criterium of Marquette-Lez-Lille (20/10/2008)
    This round in northern France, celebrated its 15 th edition
  • CB Murcia coach believes that having won the ViveMenorca has been "very important, because it takes a negative dynamic" (19/10/2008)
    Manolo Hussein: "This victory says the league that we are here"
  • The new buildings are required to the hot water comes from solar energy (19/10/2008)
    already entered into force the new ordinance of solar collectors as novelty also includes commercial low something that does not include the Technical Building Code
  • House thanked the town of Cieza his appointment as Ambassador Moro (18/10/2008)
    Aurelio Guirao Auditorium has hosted this afternoon by the instrument of appointment of the charges festive celebrations Shield-The Invasion
  • Murcia and Tenerife, joined by the folklore (18/10/2008)
    La Peña celebrates orchard Corrental XXII The Cultural Week
  • Dozens of major gerontogimnasia practice in El Ranero thanks to the "Di green" (18/10/2008)
    Barqueros In gardens, Churra, La Alberca, Javalí Torreagüera New activities have been held for all ages
  • The UCAM welcomes international students Erasmus 2008-2009 (17/10/2008)
    The UCAM was held this morning the welcome ceremony for the students of the Erasmus exchange program, 2008-2009
  • The Mayor joined in events to mark National Day of Castles (17/10/2008)
    This evening has presided over the official ceremony in Murcia which has gathered more than 200 members of the Spanish Association of Friends of Castles
  • The Laboratory of Optics, University of Murcia makes a discovery that improves vision correction (17/10/2008)

  • Manolo Hussein: "It's an opportunity to begin to reap victories" (17/10/2008)
    CB Murcia coach believes that the ViveMenorca "is doing a good basketball," but also clarifies that theirs "is a concern for rectification"
  • More than a thousand students participate in mobility programs at the University of Murcia (17/10/2008)

  • Barnuevo explained that the works are not delayed Romea (17/10/2008)
    "The comprehensive reform that is being done is necessary because of the unfortunate rehabilitation was 20 years ago
  • Management announces a competition for painting outdoors on the occasion of World Town Planning Day (17/10/2008)
    will be held on 6 November in the Plaza de Europa
  • Environment has proposed for next Sunday a tour of the Way of Arejos (17/10/2008)
    The activity, which is free, begin kas 10 hours in the Plaza de las Moreras of Majal Blanco
  • La Guardia Civil de Murcia arrested a criminal group involved in the robberies (17/10/2008)
    have been arrested five Moroccans. Have been recovered from effects of vehicle theft and property
  • The LAB is hosting the shows "My Corner", where the artist Verónica López Capel subjectivity enters child (17/10/2008)
    The creator Murcia out in the Laboratorio de Arte Joven from today until 17 November, a video installation and 70 children's drawings represent the moral idea of children
  • Community and Murcia City Council delivered the first 'UNIBON' a group of university students in the Region (17/10/2008)
    Young, received the personalized card that can perform an unlimited number of trips with a monthly reload
  • 'The Roman wall painting of Carthago Nova' collects and catalogs the city's importance in the development of this technique (17/10/2008)

  • A new impetus for cultural activity in municipal auditoriums (17/10/2008)
    Programming for La Alberca, Torres Beniaján and Head of entertainment and activities extends to the districts
  • González Tovar Fuentes Zorita announced the investment of 16.5 million euros to improve the Segura river in the urban section of Murcia (17/10/2008)
    works from a project of the Segura River Basin that aims to optimize resources existing water and environmental recovery of the river
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on environmental pollution by vehicles (17/10/2008)

  • The University of Murcia tomorrow holds open house (17/10/2008)

  • The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia made a brilliant performance at the Games Guadalentín (17/10/2008)
    The day of the Games of Guadalentín proved successful for the Club to the achievement of 3 winners, 5 second places and 2 third places
  • The City Council acts as host at the European meeting of the Energy Planning Project for the development of sustainable communities (16/10/2008)
    The goal is to create local energy plans to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  • The Archaeological Museum displays the prehistory of the region through fossils 185 (16/10/2008)
    A dinosaur bone remains of hominids are some of the fossils in the exhibition "Secrets to hide the rocks'
  • Murcia integrate environmental criteria in the construction of facilities and organizing sport events (16/10/2008)
    Murcia City Council has joined the Green Play Project, a commitment to improve the quality of life of citizens on environmental principles to sport
  • On Saturday they celebrate a new edition of the 'Di Verde' (16/10/2008)
    In gardens of Murcia, Boatmen, Churra, La Alberca, Javalí New Torreagüera
  • The campaign grows in security "reaches 800 students of that to warn about risks at work (16/10/2008)
    The lectures, workshops and promotional materials supporting the initiative of the Department of Youth and Employment
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the risks of industrial accidents (16/10/2008)

  • Tourism shows on a route the legacy of the Count of Floridablanca (16/10/2008)
    Most little kids have the opportunity to learn to climb this weekend
  • Begin a new issue of seminars and workshops in the Majal Blanco (16/10/2008)
    Those interested can learn this weekend to produce soaps, ointments and aromatic oils handmade
  • Jesse Young, successfully operated (16/10/2008)
    The intervention was conducted by Dr. Ripoll and De Prado, with the collaboration of orthopedic Fulgencio Molina
  • Cruz reflects on the image and terrorism in the seminar 'Iconoclasm and iconolatry' (16/10/2008)
    The course, organized by the group Brumaria, will tomorrow with the participation of Carlos Taibo and Anthony Downey
  • More than 1,300 students participate in the Tournament Welcome to the University of Murcia (15/10/2008)

  • Students of the General Air Academy visit the University of Murcia (15/10/2008)
    The president closed the ceremony with the presentation of the insignia of the University students of the Academy
  • Camera: "The Tajo-Segura is untouchable" (15/10/2008)
    Mayor said that "we must be convinced that the articles of the Statute of Castilla La Mancha that put into question the transfer will fail"
  • Improvements in the square of the municipal cemetery Jesus (15/10/2008)
    The works are aimed at improving access of people and vehicles
  • Begin proceedings for the extension of Avenue of the Spanish Navy (15/10/2008)
    The City will provide the steps for developing and building on Fourth Street Road (Fleet), which is intended for industrial use
  • Artificial turf for soccer fields and Guadalupe Barqueros (15/10/2008)
    The municipality has 48 football pitches
  • Green light for a plan that will set the municipal budget to the economic crisis (15/10/2008)
    The situation is essential to ensure a balance between expenditure and revenue
  • The City Council will cease to enter about 17 million euros in 2009, the result of rebates and exemptions the government team (15/10/2008)
    The Draft Tax Ordinances for next year includes the implementation of the Individualized Plan for Payment of Taxes
  • The plan for the renewal of urban areas in the municipality has now reached Espinardo (15/10/2008)
    The works will take place in a dozen streets in the center of the hamlet
  • New lighting in San José de la Vega (15/10/2008)
    The works will be undertaken in the garden, new homes and have an execution period of three months
  • It extends the application deadline for those wishing to swear Murcia flag with the new paratroopers (15/10/2008)
    The solemn event will take place in the old artillery barracks and the applicant must submit an application service statistics before the next 21
  • The Palace and the Board Almudí CAM-Hammer Muher hosting 50 works inspired by the Mediterranean (15/10/2008)
    It will remain open until November 23
  • Planning and Architects Association have signed an agreement for electronic filing project (15/10/2008)
    The goal of this pilot is to expedite matters
  • A total of 72 stores participating in the Outlet'08 Murcia (15/10/2008)
    In the stands, located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo and the walk Alfonso X, facilities for four days offer top brand products at deeply discounted prices
  • The Mayor welcomes Murcia to the presidents of the provincial audiences (15/10/2008)
    Meeting in the city to celebrate the annual conference
  • Social Welfare is launching the third center of municipal child care (15/10/2008)
    Cabezo will be located in Torres and planned an initial investment of one million euros in the works
  • Press Censorship UPyD Leo Bassi (14/10/2008)

  • The climber Juanito Oiarzabal am involved in University Home (14/10/2008)
    Oiarzabal speak on "A mountain experience" in the Chamber of the Faculty of Arts, at 17.30 hours
  • The University of Murcia and the media participate in the School of Practice (14/10/2008)
    The School emerged with the idea that students can receive practical training advisable to perform a job
  • The "Family Concert" by the Symphony Orchestra this year offer ballet, jazz and opera (14/10/2008)
    With the credit cycle will be given a gift card to access the "KidZone" of the symphony's website, a program in collaboration with the New York Philharmonic, to learn the different instruments of the orchestra through
  • Top ten start to grow their 'leisure gardens' (14/10/2008)
    The products obtained from the orchards will be used exclusively for the consumption and seed multiplication of landraces
  • The Mayor delivered diplomas to the 135 youth who have completed the course of vocational preparation for employment (14/10/2008)
    It is about the most important programs offered by the city to offer alternatives to young people leaving school Murcia.
  • Tomorrow is the deadline for booking opens paddle in Hall Infante (14/10/2008)

  • House welcomes the creation of wealth and employment that will Business Park West (14/10/2008)
    This morning he met with the director general of the promoter, Great Habitat Valladolid, and with the major firms have joined the project
  • The Mayor accepted the invitation to attend the presentation of the first 176 homes of Young Future (14/10/2008)
    The event will take place on day 31.
  • The Mayor's House offers the cooperation of the City to the New Partnership Triangle (14/10/2008)
    The group, which comes with a hundred members, includes over 90 public service activities installed between Primo de Rivera, the Constitution and Freedom.
  • Welcome acts offer a conference on space exploration (14/10/2008)

  • The University Association "Rector Sabater" offers concert tribute to his teachers (14/10/2008)
    The event, which will run from 18 pm at the Auditorium, the Merced campus, will feature performances of the tenor Antonio Magno, Pedro Noguera and Juan Gallego
  • Young people will be free to thirteen classical music (14/10/2008)
    The Department of Culture takes 96 credits to be given away at libraries.
  • Families can learn to save water and electricity through the Green Homes Program (14/10/2008)
    In a second phase, will affect behavior change when shopping.
  • More than 10,000 people gather at the close of Alter Alter 2008 (13/10/2008)
    The world premiere of the show 'La Gran Via An allegory and homage to the Twentieth Century' by Llorenç Barber and Henry Max ends a week of intense cultural activity
  • The Cendeac analyzes the power of images in armed conflicts (12/10/2008)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, will deliver a lecture in the seminar 'Iconoclasm and iconolatry.
  • The Mayor expressed the pride of Murcia for the work of the Civil Guard officers (10/10/2008)
    of events organized to mark the feast of the Virgen del Pilar
  • An urban concert for motor vehicles will put an end to Alter Art Festival (10/10/2008)
    Car, drums and fireworks will take the Gran Vía de Murcia at the premiere of 'La Gran Via An allegory and homage to the Twentieth Century' by Llorenç Barber and Henry Max
  • The Centre for Medieval Studies promotes activities for high school students (10/10/2008)

  • 100,000 euros to restore the roofs of the school 'Peñafiel Cierva' of Murcia (10/10/2008)

  • Gran Vía will be closed to traffic on Sunday night for the Festival AlterArte (10/10/2008)
    No vehicles may move from 21 to 24 hours
  • The City acquired a second vehicle ecological (10/10/2008)
    is intended for general service
  • The supply of popular culture is expanded to extend to more users (10/10/2008)
    The schedule of activities in cultural centers for 2008/2009 reached to 1,260 more students than last year
  • Camera: "From Murcia asked Congress to shield the Tajo-Segura" (10/10/2008)
    The House rejects the draft amendment of the Statute of Castilla la Mancha and requires maintaining and strengthening the Tajo-Segura
  • Tomorrow held a meeting on youth, migration and participation (10/10/2008)
    The event will start at 9.30 am on the ship and bring together fifty heads of associations
  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia for the week of 13 to 19 October (10/10/2008)

  • Sangonera Municipal Board requires the Delegation of the Government to initiate the works 'promised' the Civil Guard barracks (09/10/2008)
    a plenary session is held to denounce the hamlet waiting for 3 years, the promise of building this infrastructure
  • Pedro Robles: "The students have a much better team than last year" (09/10/2008)
    The escort of CB Murcia believes that to win this Saturday (19:00 hours) in Madrid must play "at least 30 or 35 minutes like the one yesterday "
  • Amesal meets with Maria del Carmen Pelegrin (09/10/2008)
    The meeting's objective was to introduce the newly created Council Member Amesal
  • Pilar Megía: "The PSOE PP bothers the novel take initiatives against climate change" (09/10/2008)
    "The Socialist municipal group ignores the powers that the City of Murcia has in Education"
  • The Mayor will urge the House to reject any change in the status of the Tajo-Segura (09/10/2008)
    Chamber recalls that the current state of confrontation was caused by Rodriguez Zapatero to the repeal of the Ebro Transfer
  • Herguedas believes that tomorrow's sitting on the transfer "will be used for PP and PSOE to wash the face" (09/10/2008)

  • The Court of Appeal "ruled in favor of IU and supports in full the indictment in the process of pollution of the river Segura" (09/10/2008)
    This was announced today the mayor of IU + Los Verdes de Murcia, Esther Herguedas
  • In the first place the educational activities of the City of Murcia (09/10/2008)
    have been awarded all the seats in kindergartens and elementary schools for the program "Know Your City" and "Teaching values"
  • 'Evocative music' in the City Museum, the Museum Gaya flamenco and pop music in Los Molinos del Río (09/10/2008)
    Municipal museums expand their musical offerings this fall
  • Hall and Hefame join forces to promote projects of health promotion (09/10/2008)
    Mayor and President of the Foundation Hefame this morning signed an agreement regulating the cooperation between both institutions
  • An exhibition will tour several schools to raise awareness of the lives of 14 women involved in mathematics (09/10/2008)
    were also organized games and activities
  • Expert conference will offer explosions at the School of Chemistry (09/10/2008)

  • The University of Murcia research on language in deaf children implanted (09/10/2008)

  • Vistabella and Nonduermas involved in office automation courses for all (09/10/2008)
    The Department of Quality and Administration Modernization taught classes at the Association of Separated Women
  • Return the market baroque Santa Maria de Gracia with the celebration of festivals (09/10/2008)
    The neighborhood Murcia invited to share their celebrations of 10 to 19 October
  • Qualification Tourist Center will host master classes with chefs like Martin Berasategui, Rafa Morales, Estruch or Hofmann (09/10/2008)
    Practitioners in the region will witness how to run their chefs recipes Beatriz Sotelo, proclaimed Chef of the Year 2008
  • All emergency services are prepared to intervene in case of heavy rain (08/10/2008)
    A usual maintenance brigade joins a team that includes all the cleaning services, civil protection, fire and police
  • The battered women and their children under 18 can receive treatment and be accepted by the City Council (08/10/2008)
    Thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Social Policy
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships to study for a semester in Latin American universities (08/10/2008)
    Each of the nine scholarship has convened a staff of three thousand euros
  • The Plan 'Murcia was' retrieves the image of the patron saint of goldsmiths with a large altarpiece in the Four Corners (08/10/2008)
    The Faculty of History, University of Murcia approved the reproduction of an old engraving of St. Eloy
  • Green light bases for the creation of a job (08/10/2008)
    There are nine seats, of which four will be targeted at primary schools
  • The University of Murcia has the guide that reports its research services to companies and institutions (08/10/2008)
    This guide contains activities offered by the University in different areas and will be distributed to companies and institutions
  • The City Council evaluates the menus offered in municipal services (08/10/2008)
    The goal is to certify the quality of food and monitoring of the Mediterranean diet
  • A study on immigrant Murcia presented tomorrow at the Faculty of Law (08/10/2008)

  • Symposium on 'Habits of drug use among immigrants' (08/10/2008)
    These sessions take place today and Dec. 11 at the Hospital General Universitario Reina Sofía
  • Mayor renews the historic House vote of the Rosary in the Convent of Santa Ana (07/10/2008)
    Vote The solemn function was introduced to miraculously disappear from the city of Murcia is an epidemic in 1677
  • Different Murcia local films screened in the project "Clubtura" (07/10/2008)
    'Atomic', 'Yesería', 'FA' and '12 & Environment 'will be conducted at locations where the projections
  • Pro Music Association includes in its programming to the orchestras of Izmir and Prague (07/10/2008)
    Opera and chamber music complete the cycle of music from the musical association for the 2008/2009 season
  • The municipality AMPAS have until tomorrow to apply for support to Education (07/10/2008)
    The subsidy for 2009 amounts to 42,848 euros and is aimed at nursery and primary associations. The aim is to encourage participation and promote the formation of partnerships.
  • Ramón Gaya Museum will also open on Mondays (07/10/2008)
    The new season is scheduled flamenco, children's activities, opera, storytelling, poetry, exhibitions ...
  • The university community will benefit from a voucher for the bus for 20 euros per month (07/10/2008)

  • Schools climate change (07/10/2008)
    The Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change carry out audits to assess the situation of schools
  • Graphical reports show their work in the Senate of the Faculty of Law (07/10/2008)
    The event is an initiative of the Association of Graphic Reporters and TV News from the Region of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia get approval as a center of vaccinations (07/10/2008)

  • Tourism offers activities to meet today's architecture and history of the city (07/10/2008)
    The Murcia will enjoy this weekend of outdoor activities.
  • AlterArte flooded the streets of the city with music and dance Colombian (06/10/2008)
    Veronica Lopez attends the parade 'Ritual of the primitive to the modern' which opens the festival's program Emerging Artists
  • Begin workshops to encourage reading of the Centers for Women (06/10/2008)
    Pelegrín chairs the opening ceremony this afternoon at 18.30 pm in the annex building
  • The University of Murcia and Autonomous Mobility organize a program for training of volunteer (06/10/2008)

  • The Home University program at the University of Murcia forty activists (06/10/2008)
    A new feature this year is the strengthening of cultural talks, charitable or environmental
  • Bernal Theatre program 19 shows for the fourth quarter (06/10/2008)
    The price of tickets ranges from two to twelve euros
  • The Moroccan Sahara has a new hospital and a boarding by Blue in Action (06/10/2008)
    The NGO has made symbolic handover of the keys of these two centers the City Council, which has financed its construction
  • Youth is launching a program to promote the integration of immigrants (06/10/2008)
    The council is launching a social action project to prevent discriminatory conduct
  • The Regional Film restarted its program with titles like "Bullet in the Head ',' Breath 'and' Elite Squad ' (06/10/2008)
    The series' Overview of Current" will be scheduled on Mondays in Room 2 of the months Centrofama Cinemas where its headquarters remain closed for the renovation
  • ONCE devotes her coupon to the Museum October 12 Salzillo (06/10/2008)
    This coupon is part of the series that focuses on museums ONCE
  • The First Festival YESCAROCK caused a sensation among the more than 800 young people who attended the concert (05/10/2008)
    musical quality and variety of musical styles were well received by concert-goers
  • Camera: "Being chosen Neighbor of the Year awards is one of the most value and make my commitment to you and with even greater Murcia" (05/10/2008)
    Mayor distinction picked up last night, which was delivered by President of the Federation City's Neighborhood Associations
  • The Mayor of Murcia has accompanied members of the rock The Quince at the opening of its new headquarters in Santiago and Zaraíche (04/10/2008)
    Miguel Angel House members expressed appreciation for the Rock the work in the dissemination of folklore
  • The Community and the city of Murcia rehabilitate the facades and roofs of 151 houses in La Alberca (04/10/2008)
    The Institute of Housing and Lands will provide 50 percent of the total cost of the action, while the remaining amount shall be paid by owners and the Consistory
  • World Tourism Day proposes a day of entertainment to promote active tourism (04/10/2008)
    will be tomorrow and for this purpose will install a playground in the Plaza del Teatro Romea for attendees, including children, can enjoy all day various activities
  • Manolo Hussein: "The games between rivals of the same size is more than a match" (03/10/2008)
    CB Murcia coach noted that "Fuenlabrada has been based almost always stay at home" and "has a very faithful"
  • CB Murcia The league begins Sunday in Fuenlabrada (03/10/2008)

  • González Tovar Murcia rejects the image given by the City (03/10/2008)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Barrio del Progreso, Javalí New Sangonera la Seca (03/10/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • The economic impact of this meeting in Murcia is now doubled over the past 5 years (03/10/2008)
    The sector has made the city a cumulative turnover of 169.5 million euros
  • 300,000 euros for the Future Training Center and Services for transport companies (03/10/2008)

  • Winners in the Creajoven08, Short, Documentary (03/10/2008)

  • Awards on the occasion of Police Day (02/10/2008)

  • The Depth pays tribute to two of its most beloved neighbors (02/10/2008)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the streets Antonio Belmonte Abellán and Avenida Patricio Valverde Espin
  • Camera attends the imposition of awards on the occasion of Police Day (02/10/2008)
    Held this morning
  • Winners in the Young Crearte 2008, Literature (02/10/2008)

  • José Antonio Marco Gaona: "We looking forward" (02/10/2008)
    CB Murcia The base notes that "what matters now begins"
  • The University of Murcia A study of sculpture in public spaces (02/10/2008)
    The director of the research group "Art, Public Space and Landscape" at the University of Murcia, Javier Gómez de Segura, thanked the sensitivity of this institution and the company "Cuellar, SL", with which you have subscribed
  • Valcárcel Opens New Center of Physiotherapy Respiratory Cystic Fibrosis, a pioneer in research of the disease (02/10/2008)
    The center, sponsored by the Community and the Association to Combat Murcia CF, will provide comprehensive services to hundreds of people affected by this disease in the region and their families
  • Begin environmental pathways and routes (02/10/2008)
    The next Sunday he will make a guided tour of the urban trail
  • Birth of the series 'Music suggestive' (02/10/2008)
    The concerts are held on Fridays in October in the courtyard of City Museum
  • The University of Murcia tries to save a carob tree on the campus of Mercy (02/10/2008)
    As a result of this disease in recent weeks have broken off several branches of the same
  • The delegate of the Government "lies" to Murcia by ensuring that corresponds to the Council to decide where to build barracks (02/10/2008)
    The Law gives the Ministry of Interior all the powers of the Guardia Civil on "fees, destinations, barracks and supplies"
  • The University Rugby Club be presented tomorrow at La Condomina (02/10/2008)
    The event was held at 18 am and will attend the Councillor for Sports, Miguel Cascales
  • A total of 2346 companies have started operations this year in the municipality (02/10/2008)
    The next Monday, October 6, begins the period for voluntary payment of the IAE, which will last until December 5
  • More than 4,000 people attend the festival of the elders (01/10/2008)
    After greeting the Mayor, the attendees have enjoyed the performance the singer Francisco
  • Cajamar III organizes the seminar for Ecological Economics in Murcia (01/10/2008)
    will be held on October 7, 2008 at the headquarters of the Regional Federation of Employers of the Metal de Murcia (FREMM)
  • The fire NCO trainees complete their training in Britain (01/10/2008)
    Councilman Remigio López has received them this morning
  • Young people in Torres Cabezo keep his musical education thanks to a grant from the City Council (01/10/2008)
    The aid amounts to 24,000 euros
  • Columbares Association will continue guarding a farm Garruchal (01/10/2008)
    The City will subsidize the various awareness activities with 12,750 euros
  • University will practice at local senior centers (01/10/2008)
    The City has 76 centers and 3 Senior Day Care Centers
  • Artificial turf for football field Llano de Brujas (01/10/2008)
    Murcia is Spain's second city in number of football pitches
  • The City points to the good environmental practices in sport (01/10/2008)
    agreement is adhered to 'Play Green' the Spanish Olympic Committee and the Federation of Municipalities for the integration of environmental and sustainability criteria in sports
  • New paving in various districts of the municipality (01/10/2008)
    also renew the urban centers of the strut, Javalí Viejo, Los Dolores
  • Guadalupe and Dolores enjoy two new gardens (01/10/2008)
    The City will install new furniture, playground and build a room for events
  • The Garden los Naranjos de Santo Angel will look again in a few months (01/10/2008)
    The Governing Council gives green light to the final award of the works
  • Opening of the acts of the thirtieth anniversary of the History of Art studies at the University of Murcia (01/10/2008)
    On the occasion of the anniversary, the Department of History of Art has organized a day of activities with presentations on 'Arts and Heritage'
  • Health encourages residents of the municipality to walk in groups 40 minutes for 4 days a week (01/10/2008)
    courses were held to train volunteer monitors to direct this activity
  • Urbamusa let private capital to be fully public (01/10/2008)
    The local developer is expanding its field of activity
  • IU: "Cruz is an inquisitor with avant-garde costume" (01/10/2008)
    "by the veto to the performance of Italian comedian Leo Bassi festival under the Alter-Arte
  • The Mayor is committed to maintaining the leading role in the budget funds intended to further despite the crisis (01/10/2008)
    Miguel Angel House has offered a reception for representatives of the 76 municipal social centers coinciding with the International Day of Older Persons Age
  • Tuesday Theater for more (01/10/2008)
    The City Council, Regional Government, the Caixa and the companies signed an agreement that will allow people to attend over 65 free theaters Murcia

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