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Murcia News - October 2012

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  • A professor UCAM has a book on the general intervention procedures Physiotherapy (31/10/2012)
    The purpose of the work is to cover the training needs of physiotherapists following the launch of the degrees in Physiotherapy
  • The box number 7 looks Romea Theatre, today, the name of the playwright Julio Navarro (31/10/2012)

  • The Mayor distinguishes nine Murcia with the award "Mayor of the Municipality of Murcia" (31/10/2012)
    This is the first edition of the awards, with which we want to recognize the pattern of life of older people who have excelled in every facet benefit of City and Murcia
  • Open Design Murcia will feature the best students of fashion and design schools in the country (31/10/2012)
    The Micro Fashion and Design Festival awards young talent
  • The National Police dismantled a criminal group dedicated to the theft and fraud of elderly (31/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Group regrets the arbitrariness with which the PP applies the rate hike, 25 percent more in 2013 for the cemetery (31/10/2012)

  • They begin to install the new informational booth in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (31/10/2012)
    Workshop School has been commissioned to rehabilitate
  • Jobs starts a new project to train 75 young (31/10/2012)
    are for people with low qualification
  • Heating and hot water for schools and municipal offices (31/10/2012)

  • Workshops for the upbringing and education of the youngest (31/10/2012)
    Fifty people participated in this initiative of the Department of Equality Policies to be held at the Cultural Center of Corvera, Center Vistabella Women and Women's Center The Ñora
  • Environment removed 24 illegal dumps last year (31/10/2012)
    The Governing Board awarded the cleaning of uncontrolled landfills for the next two years
  • IU-Greens requested the PP to support his amendment on the underground in the State Budget (31/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens question about the low visibility of some Romea theater seats (31/10/2012)

  • Organization and domestic support to help women and children recover from the effects of violence (31/10/2012)
    The City of Murcia has a backup team that works daily in the two shelters
  • The hosts Almudí works Painting Prize of Plastic Arts of the University of Murcia (31/10/2012)
    The exhibition can be viewed until December 9
  • Illusion, work and patience are the keys to team sources, the technical leader Second, El Pozo Murcia City (31/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia launches car sharing Versicar System (31/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia increases and enrollment exceeds 30,600 (31/10/2012)

  • The CARM Interuniversity Council authorizes the deployment of three new titles of Master of San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, for the academic year 2012-2013 (30/10/2012)
    The UCAM taught the Master of Public Advocacy, Community Social Law and Social Dialogue and Pathology Building
  • Pablo Guerrero and Olga Jimenez will bring a silver and a bronze at the Villa de Avilés (30/10/2012)
    The Judo Club Murcia City went three competitors with the intention of performing well.
  • Posthumous homage to Professor Rafael Arana Castillo (30/10/2012)

  • PSOE: "The closure of Ibn cArabi building shows clearly the local PP it confirms their shortsightedness and inability to manage ' (30/10/2012)
    The PSOE councilor Mar Rosa demands explanations mayor Heritage
  • Sources: "The Socialist Municipal Group must be informed before saying falsehoods" (30/10/2012)
    Security The mayor explained that "both City Council and Government Delegation have already activated a plan to strengthen surveillance in the southern districts"
  • Murcia honors actor Julio Navarro with a box with your name at the Teatro Romea (30/10/2012)
    The plaque will be installed on Wednesday afternoon, before the premiere of Tenorio
  • For a future equal (30/10/2012)
    The FSG launches campaign to encourage youth to continue their studies Gypsies
  • 110 Local Police officers make up the special device of All Saints Day (30/10/2012)
    There will be a police presence in the 34 cemeteries in the flower stalls and bus stop special service Nov. 1
  • Tourism Murcia commitment Tourist Card (30/10/2012)
    More establishments join this initiative offering discounted entry to museums and buildings of interest, shops, hotels and leisure
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to not leave the South Coast and active devices needed to stem the tide of robberies in the area (30/10/2012)

  • IU presents an amendment to convert the old jail into a cultural (30/10/2012)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia hosts the final morning of Singer Songwriters Creajoven (30/10/2012)
    Irigoyen Antonio's performances, and Cere Vera Vaum Margott begin at 20 am
  • A play teaches road safety to over 900 school (30/10/2012)
    'Clowns in danger' is an initiative of the Department of Education and Fundación Mapfre is represented today at the Teatro Circo Murcia
  • The Spanish law schools use the electronic signature application at the University of Murcia (30/10/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia values ​​falling retail sales as "the result of betting on a large surface model" (29/10/2012)
    education spokesman Ruben Juan Serna magenta states that "every day more traders are forced to close" not only by the economic crisis but by promoting the mall, which has ruined much of the traditional trade
  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to exhaust all avenues of negotiation before there is a new "tarifazo" (29/10/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, warns that bonds are at risk for pensioners and large families of lines interurban
  • Found the greatest archaeological treasure of coins in the Andalusian region of Murcia (29/10/2012)
    It consists of 423 pieces of gold and silver and was in a lot of street Jabonerías Murcia
  • The Spanish Association Against Cancer charity food celebrates Beniaján (29/10/2012)

  • The origin of Murcia (29/10/2012)
    The Visitor Center San Cayetano will reveal argárica civilizations, Iberian, Roman and Arab who settled in Monteagudo
  • Opens tomorrow in exposure Almudí winning and selected works in the XIII Arts Painting Prize at the University of Murcia (29/10/2012)

  • The project of obtaining energy from waste beer becomes embryo Cluster Environment (29/10/2012)
    promoted by the Municipality and Cespa
  • The Faculty of Philosophy receives prize in energy conservation and efficiency of the University (29/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens urges the headman of Bacons Bridge to defend the residents of the "aggression" of the City (29/10/2012)

  • El Pozo Murcia City, Second leader, received this Friday at Playas de Castellón in Hall Cagigal (29/10/2012)

  • The pollution control and sustainable asphalt reaches Murcia (29/10/2012)
    The Department of Urban Quality pave started today with this material that absorbs the substances harmful to health, Mother Esperanza Street
  • More than 900 schoolchildren learn road safety through a musical (29/10/2012)
    'Clowns in danger' is represented tomorrow at the Teatro Circo Murcia
  • The Socialist Group proposes that € 100,000 budget to consortia museumization intended for visitors center Monteagudo (29/10/2012)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea recalls that has been closed up tight for more than two years and who once was invested more than two million euros in its construction, is now in a state of disrepair unstoppable
  • Aljucer neighbors have better health care with the opening of the new health center (29/10/2012)

  • Socialists warn of the danger of an accident at the entrance to the village of Guadalupe due to breakage of firm (28/10/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia brings new members and supporters to explain the lines of policy and future activities (28/10/2012)

  • Bacons Bridge turns 43 years of Active Citizenship (28/10/2012)
    The claims in relation to the current situation of public transport in the city of Murcia, focus the celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the Neighborhood Association of Bacons Bridge
  • The City Council renewed its aid FSG (28/10/2012)
    The objective is to encourage the development of basic education of Roma children
  • IU-Greens approves the list of delegates to the Regional Assembly of IU-Greens (27/10/2012)

  • Fostering associations (27/10/2012)
    The Silk Garden welcomes the holding of the Seventh Conference on Volunteering with disabilities
  • Begins in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia the 2012 edition of Official Master's Degree in Geriatrics and Gerontology: Comprehensive Care Unit (27/10/2012)
    Jose Manuel Ribera "in Geriatrics and multidisciplinary team work"
  • Socialists organized a poetry to claim the social center for residents of JC1 Espinardo (27/10/2012)

  • The Malecón garden has 50 new species of native shrubs by the Friends of the Botanical Garden (27/10/2012)
    The plantation has been done in two parterres assigned by the Department of Environment
  • The Local Police will provide a faster and more efficient service through an agreement with the Central Headquarters Traffic (27/10/2012)
    have direct access to various information of drivers
  • Serna asked not to simplify the debate on transport "yes tram, tram no" (26/10/2012)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman said that his training has focused since its entry into the Consistory for the tram transportation as efficient, safe and clean but conditioning the feasibility and development of new lines to the economic situation
  • The new Pavilion Infante strengthens the position of Murcia as the city with more sports facilities such per capita (26/10/2012)
    Mayor inaugurated the equipment, which concludes the MEC plan that has constructed 12 halls in neighborhoods and districts with a investment of 9 million euros
  • IU-Green argues that mandatory tax will bring more unemployment and poverty (26/10/2012)

  • The German Länder of Lower Saxony seeks experts UCAM (26/10/2012)

  • PSOE and IU vote against the tram reaches the Carmen district (26/10/2012)
    Councilman says Iniesta not understand that "refusing a neighborhood in which they live close to 23,000 people can not have an efficient means of transport and efficient "
  • Murcia, Spanish ranking first in the Sports hall covered (26/10/2012)
    is maintained between the first provincial capital with the highest number of infrastructure for sports
  • Agreement between the University of Murcia and the Autonomous Region for interoperability information (26/10/2012)

  • Improvidence and carelessness in the move to the new building Ibn cArabi that today looks like a maze (26/10/2012)

  • What is your place in the world? (26/10/2012)
    On this idea that tomorrow will be about the story will be posted on the boards of Teatro Circo de Murcia, eyes, at 21.30
  • Centenarians and fiftieth anniversaries insignes (26/10/2012)
    Carpentier, Dickens Antonioni and star in the new edition of Returns of living far away, organized by the Humanities Classroom
  • Cobacho, the Governing Council: if confirmed the cuts, the University of Murcia can not function (26/10/2012)

  • The Centers for Women know the history of Teatro Romea (26/10/2012)
    Alicia Barquero part in a guided tour by the Women's Center of Santa Eulalia and the Association of Catholic Women Separated
  • Seventeen people arrested in a police operation against tax fraud (26/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia hosts several conferences on the social inclusion of the Roma (26/10/2012)

  • IV Meeting on Intergenerational University School of Education (26/10/2012)

  • Auroros Meeting in New Javalí (26/10/2012)
    will be held on Sunday and involves nine bells Auroros
  • Cinema Paradise presents the winner of the festival of Málaga (26/10/2012)
    "Wild Children" is one of the toughest Spanish portraits of adolescence in recent times
  • The College AMPA Murcia The Grove puts hundreds of green ribbons on the fence of the school in the public school defense (25/10/2012)
    Requires the Department and the Ministry more investment in education
  • The Catholic University San Antonio active paths calls for Predoctoral and Postdoctoral own, for the academic year 2012-2013 (25/10/2012)
    The UCAM commitment to Research, Development, and Innovation senior
  • The University of Murcia organizes Friday in October and November meetings about employment and social exclusion (25/10/2012)

  • Unions Murcia City Council created a Facebook page to denounce wasteful consistory (25/10/2012)
    ​​ The page will be presented tomorrow during the third day of information to citizens, in the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • A lecture by Antonio Miguel Carmona Opens Debate Club 'Murcia Open' (25/10/2012)

  • Estrella de Levante and the Ministry of Culture signed an agreement to collaborate in the training cycle of professional training in our region (25/10/2012)
    The agreement was signed by the Director Constantino Sotoca and CEO of Estrella de Levante, Patricio Valverde Espin
  • The House has unanimously expressed the need of the underground railroad tracks (25/10/2012)
    Development will be required to make it a priority and that a fair game in State Budget
  • The Socialist Group voted against higher taxes and public fees alone approved by the PP (25/10/2012)

  • The House unanimously approved the Murcia street and districts count on 75 new streets (25/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia organizes the International Congress of innovation in mobile communication (25/10/2012)

  • Adopted in plenary tax ordinance 2013 (25/10/2012)
    Chamber Mayor indicated that next year "intensified bonuses in taxes and fees"
  • The Romea Theatre de Murcia celebrates its 150th anniversary today (25/10/2012)
    The Jose Sacristan Quixote and join the commemoration Sold out tickets for Carmina Burana, Carl Orff's Sunday, October 28
  • A book about music in ancient Greece appears today in the House of Arts (25/10/2012)

  • Success of the activities organized to mark the International Day of the Library (25/10/2012)

  • The PSOE moved proposals Vistabella neighbors to improve public transport (24/10/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Rosa Mar, raises small variations in the beam path 17 to connect this area with the gazebo and regrets that members of the PP government do not listen to the demands that will make the neighbors
  • Tortosa welcomes business and labor groups in Romania visiting Murcia to exchange experiences on occupational risk (24/10/2012)

  • Chamber highlights the financing from European programs for the revitalization of rural areas (24/10/2012)
    Remember the rehabilitation of Ermita de los Rios in Lobosillo and the upcoming construction of a sports hall in Valladolises
  • The Mayor opened the new road to improve access to Integrated Transport Center and Business Park West (24/10/2012)
    Connect both spaces with the Highway Sewer-El Palmar and the Industrial West.
  • The residents of La Alberca premiere library (24/10/2012)

  • Tourist Offices in September recorded an increase of 4.88% in the number of visitors (24/10/2012)
    The presence of foreign tourists increased by 103%
  • The magazine devotes its second issue microfinance to social banking in Mexico (24/10/2012)

  • Julian Romea start their tours of the theater in its 150th anniversary (24/10/2012)
    Applications received have led to Murcia City Council to include two more sessions during the weekend
  • UPyD Murcia rejects the solution 'Crossroads Murcia' to know the financial report of the consortium (24/10/2012)

  • Environment proposes three activities for this weekend (24/10/2012)
    Workshop for family play in the Majal Blanco, paper flying contraptions and itinerary for the Cuevas del Vulture
  • Duda encouraged to promote reading in the IES Jose Plans to mark the World Day of School Libraries (24/10/2012)

  • The UCAM live intensely the Year of Faith 2012-2013 (24/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the "black arts" of PP to apply an abusive tax increases, fees and public (24/10/2012)

  • The Actors Union Region celebrate their first year in history with street performances, lectures and conferences (24/10/2012)
    The association will have a tour in the Plaza del Romea, which also make brief representations
  • ... (23/10/2012)

  • Exhibitions, lectures and book clubs to celebrate the International Day of the Library (23/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Group criticizes the PP do pay more for users of sports facilities to maintain aid to elite clubs (23/10/2012)
    The PSOE councilor Andrea Garries Cascales reminded that the way to optimize the management is to reduce the millions in subsidies large sports centers instead of loading more costs to users
  • Rosana comes to Murcia to "cheer people up, which is very sad" (23/10/2012)
    The concert will be next Saturday, October 27 at the Teatro Romea Murcia
  • They give computers to students with disabilities at the fair university services (23/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens: If House is not capable of defending the interests of the public, let him (23/10/2012)

  • The Mayor attends opening of the Days of Olympism in the UCAM (23/10/2012)

  • The festival Murcia Open Design City becomes the benchmark for fashion and graphic design (23/10/2012)
    be held from 8 to 11 November and will feature David Dolphin, Joaquín Reyes, and Albert Folch Ion Fiz
  • Madrid buses called 'coloraos' (23/10/2012)
    The new vehicles that circulate through the town in mid-November were presented at the International Exhibition Bus and Coach
  • The Department of Environment has conducted 70 performances in the parks and gardens of this year Infante (23/10/2012)
    The local residents have over 116,700 meters square of green
  • The Socialist Party calls on the PP municipal Development and stands up to the demands of the underground railway (23/10/2012)

  • Begin writing workshops at the University of Murcia (23/10/2012)
    A poetry reading and Mamen Piqueras Cherry Vega serves as the starting point to XI Writing Workshop
  • Animations and shady characters surprise visitors Terra Natura Murcia on Halloween (23/10/2012)
    Special programming will run from 27 to 28 October and from 1 to 4 November
  • The King Parrot and the Lady Eye, on Wednesday at the Teatro Romea Murcia (23/10/2012)
    The ugly and grotesque, protagonists of the work that will take place on October 24, at 21 am
  • UPyD Murcia proposes the development of an ordinance to prevent the exploitation of people through prostitution in public places (23/10/2012)

  • A course offered to family businesses to professional management tools (23/10/2012)

  • The local residents of Carmen recompose its history (23/10/2012)
    ​​ A sign with images and information panels tell a good part of the twentieth century Carmelite neighborhood
  • The Carmen held a meeting with the writer Jerome Tristante to celebrate International Library (23/10/2012)
    Tomorrow, at 20 am, at the Municipal Center of El Carmen
  • The Senior Center San Miguel distinguishes Inés Navarro and José Luis Melendez as honorary members (22/10/2012)
    The Mayor has delivered two awards at the closing ceremony of the Seventh Week Cultural Center
  • 900 users of the Social Center of Murcia Seniors I participate in activities during 2012-2013 (22/10/2012)
    The opening of the course begins with the opening of an exhibition of paintings and antiques organized with the collaboration of a user's own center
  • € 7,500 on food for Caritas headquarters in the Santa Rita, La Paz and Polygon Vistabella (22/10/2012)
    Political groups unanimously approved the proposal submitted by the chairman of the full district last September
  • Tourism updates the maps of the city (22/10/2012)
    Offices In Romea spread Belluga and 60,000 planes a year
  • The International Puppet Festival presents over 40 performances from 3 to 11 November (22/10/2012)

  • The Theatre Group brings to the University of Murcia the book "Light in Darkness", the project that has engaged in "Traces of Barraca" (22/10/2012)
    The work has been performed in thirty Spanish cities
  • Debate about professional figure equal agents (22/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Party introduced a motion on behalf of the University of Murcia (22/10/2012)

  • The municipal associations will have an information booth in the Plaza de Santo Domingo fully refurbished (22/10/2012)
    School Workshop, an initiative of the Department of Urban Quality and Infrastructure, has proceeded to complete rehabilitation
  • The doctors and nurses of the prison was shut indefinitely Sangonera (22/10/2012)

  • Activities to promote gender equality in higher associations (21/10/2012)
    Lobosillo participating in a pilot project to establish a Commission for Equality and prevent gender violence among members of the Senior Center
  • The Socialist Party calls on House to listen to the street and rectify its public transport policy (21/10/2012)
    Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro Lopez, PP expected to take careful note of unrest there in the street behind the lines and cuts rising ticket disguised districts expressed in a massive protest
  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask the PP to open the Old Condomina facilities so that residents can use them (21/10/2012)

  • Meeting with New Future (20/10/2012)

  • The composer, and voice of the band Maldita Nerea, the UCAM (20/10/2012)
    Jorge Ruiz: "Speed ​​is in our DNA"
  • The Mayor congratulated the "Grandparents of the Year" senior centers (19/10/2012)

  • El Centro Municipal de Santiago and Cultural Week celebrates Zaraiche (19/10/2012)
    Theatre, acrobatic dance and storytelling are some free activities
  • The parade of floats of the Festival of La Alberca celebrates Spain (19/10/2012)
    The district continues its activities in honor of the Virgen del Rosario
  • The UCAM will honor the Olympic Region (19/10/2012)
    The UCAM held next Tuesday the Second Conference of Olympism which will be attended by the President of the COE and the Madrid 2020 bid, Alejandro Blanco
  • Trade with Taiwan (19/10/2012)
    The Institutional Relations receives the representative of the Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei in Spain
  • Failed Creajoven awards in the categories of Visual Arts and Photography (19/10/2012)
    Juan Caravaca won first prize in the Visual Arts Esther Marin has been awarded Travel Photography
  • Consumur criticizes Murcia City Council would have excluded the Quality Council recently created Public Transport (19/10/2012)
    The organization remains sidelined despite having an active role in defending the rights of public transport users in Murcia
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Murcia, home of the Scientific Meeting of the Fundación García Cugat (19/10/2012)

  • Some 5,000 schools in the municipality participate in this course Theatre Campaign School to be held in the Circus (19/10/2012)
    is the third edition and is aimed at primary pupils, secondary and high schools of the municipality
  • IU-Greens created a website to inform the public transport problems and move their proposals (19/10/2012)

  • The school José Loustau published a book of children's stories written by students (19/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia, one of the finalists in the second edition of the Telefónica Ability Awards (19/10/2012)

  • Sanchez welcomes students from St. Bonaventure Capuchin school participating in an exchange with young French (19/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Group and Youth members do today delivered thousands of signatures collected (19/10/2012)
    to claim public transport "fair quality"
  • Wooden horses for children Child (19/10/2012)
    Students of Escuella have been twenty-Workshop handmade toys to be distributed in classrooms twelve schools
  • Cinema Paradise presents "A bottle in the Gaza Sea," a film that advocates understanding between Israelis and Palestinians (19/10/2012)

  • The Eye Clinic Centrofama collaborate in research projects at the University of Murcia (19/10/2012)

  • The Liberty Avenue is "sweetened" with 21 sculptures in the form of candy (18/10/2012)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the exhibition of French artist Laurence Jenkell, Murcia reaching hand of FCG
  • The Platform Citizens for Public Transportation gearing up for Saturday's mobilization (18/10/2012)
    transport for a "fair and public quality" for the whole municipality
  • IU-Greens cynicism PP criticizes and rejects the new tax increase (18/10/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia rejects any increase in taxes that impact "on family economies rather than harmed" (18/10/2012)

  • No rush resounding new taxes, fees and public (18/10/2012)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro claims that the proposed tax ordinance released today by the council of finance is a clear "hands up, this is a robbery"
  • "Plan for Prevention of crimes against property" (18/10/2012)
    have been arrested five youths, three of them minors
  • The financing of public services, tax benefits and payment facilities, key tax ordinance, 2013 (18/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia organizes Friday in October and November meetings about employment and social exclusion (18/10/2012)

  • Fair Outlet Inaugurated fifth of the city of Murcia (18/10/2012)

  • The show "Leo Harlem and Friends" and the play "The Critic" presented this weekend at the Teatro Romea Murcia (18/10/2012)

  • The Catholic University of Murcia CF approaches students (18/10/2012)
    A group of players from the Catholic University of Murcia CF has been on the campus of the UCAM and has distributed among student tickets
  • IU-Greens Chamber corrections attributed to "civil unrest" (18/10/2012)

  • This weekend begins the program of environmental activities (18/10/2012)
    is scheduled yoga in the garden of Trs Cups, preparing flower beds on the Malecon and environmental itinerary guided "Barranco de Los Canyons"
  • The Tourist exhibits QR code (18/10/2012)
    With a smartphone you capture the image and sends, via the Internet, the website of the Department of Tourism
  • Concert Flemish Rafael de Utrera at the University of Murcia (18/10/2012)

  • Planting 300 trees on campus Espinardo (18/10/2012)

  • UNICEF and the University of Murcia promote activities on children (18/10/2012)

  • 'Financing of culture and sport in an environment of crisis' (17/10/2012)
    The Forum held its third Murcia DECYDE days of discussions with speakers and Jorge Ruiz, singer Nicola Maldita Nerea or Loncar, a former basketball player and commentator in NBA +
  • IU-Greens: The constitution of the Council of Quality Transport offers "a clear testimony of the solitude of the mayor" (17/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens criticized the "lack of attention" from the PP to the cultural property of Murcia (17/10/2012)
    The leftist organization claims that the remains of the site is in a "checkout" due to the "negligence" of the Administrations
  • The Transport Quality Council brings together users, industry and administration with the task of improving the service (17/10/2012)
    The Mayor presided this morning its constitution
  • Wilco and Lori Meyers will perform at the concert of the University Welcome (17/10/2012)

  • The Senior Center San Miguel celebrates its Cultural Week VII (17/10/2012)

  • Ten schools in the region receive prizes drawing competition "Grow security" (17/10/2012)

  • Starts the deadline for applying for a space entrepreneurs in Municipal Initiatives Center (17/10/2012)
    It Tarat a service area to facilitate the development of new business initiatives
  • Camera: "The Council works to store safely find the site of San Esteban" (17/10/2012)
    "We want to make the area attractive for citizens"
  • Exhibition with selected works of Creajoven patterns in Visual Arts and Photography (17/10/2012)
    The LAB, from 21 hours Tomorrow the jury will know
  • The municipal auditoriums offer over 40 shows for the months of October, November and December (17/10/2012)
    Activities in the auditorium of La Alberca, Algezares and Torres Cabezo begin this weekend More than 18,500 people participated in the program before 2012
  • Sotomayor: "We have gone from 'crucial year for the underground' to 'enter into the surface AVE' without explanation ' (17/10/2012)

  • The Romea Theatre theatrical visits organized to commemorate its 150th anniversary (17/10/2012)
    From 25 to 28 October, groups of up to 20 people may know, for free, theater history
  • The Socialist Party calls "nonsense and rubbish" to cover the site of San Esteban (17/10/2012)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, once again deplores the failure of the PP to understand the economic development of the municipality and the region outside the speculation and business exclusively favoring private interests
  • El Pozo Murcia will face in Las Cuevecitas knockout round of the Copa II King (17/10/2012)

  • ... (17/10/2012)

  • National Sports Awards granted by the Sports Council (16/10/2012)
    The UCAM awarded the Trophy Joaquín Blume
  • The Department remains committed to the promotion of employment (16/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens councilor calls on the CDS Employment of special importance to the project of renovation of the south (16/10/2012)
    For Jose Ignacio Tornel, "happened when the statements" and it is time to demonstrate its commitment Camera with citizens
  • The rock band Wilco will perform at the concert Welcome (16/10/2012)

  • An international conference held at the University of Murcia the third anniversary of Rousseau (16/10/2012)
    His ideas inspired the French Revolution
  • House in Brussels explains advances in Urban Project in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit (16/10/2012)
    At an international conference on inclusive growth, sustainable and intelligent which was held today in Brussels
  • The Socialist Party argues that the municipal budget pick specific actions to alleviate unemployment in Murcia (16/10/2012)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro is concerned about the bad statistics about the unemployment and training that includes the report by the Department of Programs Europeans in which also participated the University of Murcia
  • More than a thousand runners will participate in the Third Test 10 Km Murcia City (16/10/2012)
    It may choose to make the full run or 5 km
  • The Socialist Party calls "indecent and immoral" the dismissal of workers from the new urban transport company (16/10/2012)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, accused the PP of consenting these dismissals and become complicit rights are removed these workers instead of guaranteeing
  • The association of aid renal patients and Alzheimur provide a focus for those affected by a transfer of the City (16/10/2012)
    will be located in two adjoining plots of the Prop
  • Failed Creajoven prizes for short films and documentaries and music Pop Rock (16/10/2012)

  • The UCAM participates in the meeting of college radio (15/10/2012)
    Three teachers of the Faculty of Communication UCAM moved to the University of Salamanca to participate in the First Meeting of college radio in Congress framed Communication 3.0
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the Code of Practice (15/10/2012)

  • First Students begin the course (15/10/2012)
    first students of the Catholic University of Murcia San Antonio premiere course
  • The Socialist Party in plenary ask the PP to clarify to whom they are supplied the 1,000 tickets per game than basketball club receives Murcia (15/10/2012)
    The councilor Andrea Garries request explanations from the Councillor for Sports because it is the first time that this council receives inputs other sporting bodies and does not explain what criteria is for distribution and what their ultimate benef
  • The Romea Theatre presents Murcia on Wednesday "Anthology of Zarzuela" (15/10/2012)

  • Men with equality, subject of a debate at the University of Murcia (15/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens criticized the "ideological drift" of street Murcia (15/10/2012)

  • Big discounts on fashion and accessories in the fifth Fair Outlet (15/10/2012)

  • Younger celebrate World Handwashing (15/10/2012)
    The Department of Development Cooperation and UNICEF activities held in schools throughout the week
  • The Wizard presents this weekend four sides (15/10/2012)
    The shows will take place on 18, 19, 20 and 21 October at Teatro Circo Murcia
  • The staff do a Clinic in Cieza morning with more than 300 school (15/10/2012)

  • Three medals Murcia in Spain Super Cup Judo Cadet (15/10/2012)

  • The Segura River Library hosts the exhibition of watercolors by Diego Carrasco (15/10/2012)
    ​​ The exhibition, with 30 works, is open until the end of this month
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences taught the first class of Medicine UCAM (15/10/2012)
    Grade Students in Medicine UCAM have started their classes this morning
  • Murcia Futuro launches competition to beautify International Sculpture Park Lift the future (15/10/2012)

  • Cinema Paradise presents today the French comedy "Le Skylab" (15/10/2012)
    He won the Special Jury Prize at San Sebastian
  • UCAM Murcia CF 0-0 Cádiz CF - draw against Cadiz (14/10/2012)
    The goals of Ricardo and Aulestia not fit goals
  • RM denounces EQUO BREACH Special Plan of the Station by the Community and the City of Murcia (14/10/2012)
    Requires immediately begin the excavation of roads and sustainable integration of the southern suburbs with the center
  • Warn about the risk of a plague of mosquitoes in Guadalupe because standing water from flooding (14/10/2012)

  • Chamber offers a presentation on local politics in the European Economic and Social Committee (14/10/2012)
    On Tuesday, during an international conference on inclusive growth, sustainable and intelligent to be held in Brussels
  • UPyD Murcia denounces the confusion and lack of clarity from the government with the underground AVE (13/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the old signaling urban lines remains at stops two weeks after the change of company (13/10/2012)
    Pedro Lopez says the companies relay has been an example of coordination and censorship by Councilman Iniesta close in band see reality saying that everything works quite normally
  • The watercolors of Diego Carrasco dress Segura River Library (13/10/2012)
    The exhibition, which displays more than 30 works, is open until the end of this month
  • Networks offers free workshops to help young people find employment (12/10/2012)
    Continue with traditional activities like graffiti, dance and African drumming, acrobatic gymnastics and outdoor excursions
  • Official Presentation Degree in Medicine UCAM (11/10/2012)
    The Christian humanism and training in the use of ICT in teaching, in essence Grade UCAM Medicine
  • Orchestra Auditions at the University of Murcia (11/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens housed the mayor to clarify if there is date for the burial (11/10/2012)

  • "Days of War and Peace" (11/10/2012)
    Councillor for Culture, Rafael Gomez, has opened this morning Photographer exposure Murcia, Diego Rosique on WWII
  • A book by professors at the University of Murcia addresses the rights of victims in Spain (11/10/2012)

  • The Museum of Science and Water begins its science program with the Regional Conference for Astronomy III (11/10/2012)

  • World markets in Veronicas (11/10/2012)
    The Manuel Zamora photographic exhibition runs from 13 October to 13 November
  • PSOE: "A new clash between Valcarcel and paralyzes Chamber works of North and South Coastal" (11/10/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studies the traditional winter holiday in the southeast Spanish (11/10/2012)

  • The Social Council becomes a channel for citizen participation in municipal life (10/10/2012)

  • The Centers for Women at the stoves (10/10/2012)
    workshops continue cooking Culinary Classroom Veronicas
  • Alicia Barquero involved in reading the manifesto of World Mental Health (10/10/2012)
    The Association of Families and Mental Illness have installed a booth in Santo Domingo
  • Approved new contract specification for the feasibility study of the section that will link the tram with the Barrio del Carmen (10/10/2012)
    A technical committee has made some changes to the previous statement
  • IU-Greens to table an amendment to the burial of PGE pathways in El Carmen (10/10/2012)

  • PSOE: Iniesta's incompetence is evident (10/10/2012)
    "A year ago we tram and has not been able to unify ticket to save inconvenience to users"
  • IU-Greens complaint that was not activated the Municipal Emergency Plan before the heavy rains of September 28 (10/10/2012)

  • Opens Enrolment in courses of study skills and time schedule of the University of Murcia (10/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia launches photo exhibit on the building XXV years Convalescence (10/10/2012)

  • Seven vie for the final work of shorts and documentaries of Creajoven (10/10/2012)
    be held tomorrow, starting at 21 am in the Regional Film Archive
  • UPyD in Congress to ask the Minister for the burial of Pastor AVE in Murcia (09/10/2012)
    Promoting spokesman Carlos Martinez magenta training Gorriarán interpelará the ministry official on plans, timelines and funding deck facing the burial of the railway high speed as it passes through the city
  • The mayor receives a jersey with Alejandro Valverde won the bronze in the World Championship (09/10/2012)

  • Carlos Pardo exhibits his landscapes at the Civic Center doors Castilla (09/10/2012)
    The sample comprised twenty paintings of different formats, will be from 9 October to 11 November in the exhibition hall of the center
  • The Romea Theatre presents Murcia on 10 and 11 October "Scenes from Marriage" (09/10/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia urges the City Council to assume all responsibility for transport (09/10/2012)
    Dissolution Public Transport
  • The Socialist Party demands that the AVE is integrated into the underground city (09/10/2012)

  • The National Police arrested four women for shoplifting establishments make the center of the city of Murcia (09/10/2012)
    introduced the stolen items in a bag and a cart ready to bypass alarm systems.
  • The cooperation of the City and the Autonomous allow nilños El Raal brand new school next year (09/10/2012)

  • The Theatre Bernal offers more than 20 shows for all audiences from October to December 2012 (09/10/2012)

  • Education spends more than three billion euros to build a new school in the hamlet of El Raal Murcia (09/10/2012)
    The center will replace the current CEIP Our Lady of Sorrows and will have 18 units and Primary, plus dining and fitness
  • The City encourages the donation to Murcia a valuable part of the file of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country (09/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia summons 88 spaces teaching and research in Health Sciences (09/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia calls for building contracts predoctoral research (09/10/2012)

  • The UCAM in synergy with Juarez Autonomous University of Tabasco (08/10/2012)
    ​​ The UCAM and Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco of the Mexican United States have signed a collaboration agreement
  • Lopez: "The 'rate hikes' will continue until there is a single price for the entire municipality" (08/10/2012)
    PSOE spokesman noted that, as long as the discrimination in price paid by users of public transport lines districts against urban lines, will not solve the problem
  • The University of Murcia creates its sixth research chair (08/10/2012)

  • The Convalescence celebrates its silver anniversary as host of the Rector of the University of Murcia (08/10/2012)
    An exhibition reviewing its 25-year history as the flagship property UMU
  • Cañas y Tapas in exchange visits to museums (08/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens claim that the rearrangement of the lines does not meet the needs of the public (08/10/2012)

  • The gardens and natural areas of the municipality are converted classrooms of nature (08/10/2012)
    In addition to seminars, tours, activities, games and environmental volunteers, the council re-organizing "Murcia, ecology of a city", in which more than 16,000 students last year
  • The Socialist Group warns that the transfer of services to the new building of Ibn cArabi will be eternal (08/10/2012)

  • The Root Music Festival this weekend brings concerts, round tables, tastings (08/10/2012)
    It will take place from 12 to 14 October in the city of Murcia
  • The City publishes new tour plans updated (08/10/2012)

  • The Mayor chairs the vow renewal ceremony City to the Virgen del Rosario (07/10/2012)
    was held this afternoon at the Conventual Church of Anas
  • PSOE: "Since Cascales manages tourism plummets the number of tourists visiting Murcia sleeping and summer" (07/10/2012)
    Data published by the INE show that overnight stays in the city fell by more than 6,300 tourists this summer compared to previous
  • They claim that 300 largest Day Center Senior Santa María de Gracia have been classless Memory Workshop (07/10/2012)
    Susana Hernandez Councilwoman denounces the lack of information they have received those attending these classes that have been learned suspension by placing posters on the bulletin board of the Day Centre
  • Jobs promotes a course of window dressing (07/10/2012)
    Open Enrolment
  • The UCAM analyzes the new challenges of bioethics (06/10/2012)
    The rector Josefina Garcia Lozano has been in charge of closing the conference
  • "While sports facilities deteriorate, the PP cut by 200,000 euros budget for maintenance" (06/10/2012)
    "and gives it an elite club"
  • The Green Office project starts keeping the garden parterres Malecón (06/10/2012)
    Every Saturday from 10:30 to 13:30
  • The UCAM Murcia comes home from Betis with new coach and renewed hope (05/10/2012)
    new challenge on the bench university
  • V UCAM Bioethics Bioethics Conference at the beginning of the XXI century: Nature, People, and Science (05/10/2012)
    Polaino "Master your computer and it prevents you dominate you"
  • The UCAM holds a welcoming ceremony for its students ERASMUS (05/10/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has hosted foreign students who continue their studies in the UCAM during this first semester
  • Serna encourages Murcia to participate in the fun run organized by Manos Unidas (05/10/2012)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman asks neighbors to join the event "Run for Zambia"
  • The rock huertana The Contraparada celebrate its traditional procession Sunday (05/10/2012)

  • Camera shows the bike rental service in Murcia, the most innovative and cheap Spain (05/10/2012)
    The Mayor and City Council of Environment have offered a lecture at the Fourth Congress of the Bicycle held in Sant Cugat del Valles
  • The University of Murcia incorporates fair trade coffee machines in all of its campuses (05/10/2012)

  • A thesis from the University of Murcia stands at 94.3% survival rate of patients undergoing surgery for congenital heart disease (05/10/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia urges "reflect and evaluate a redesign" to improve the new urban lines (05/10/2012)
    Ruben Juan Serna claims that after the first week the problems of lack of service in some areas, jams or stops too distant to be resolved so that the service "perfect"
  • Popular TV broadcast Murcia Murcia UCAM encounters of CB (04/10/2012)

  • The UCAM holds a new vehicle in the Solar Race (04/10/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia will participate in this year's Solar Race in two categories: solar photovoltaic and electrical
  • The platform "Citizens for Public Transportation" starts off calling a mobilization for October 20 at the Glorieta de Spain (04/10/2012)

  • Camera exposes Murcia experience in promoting cycling (04/10/2012)
    Next to Adela Martinez-Cachá, speaks at the 4th Congress of the Bicycle and Assembly RCxB
  • Barquero and associations of persons with disabilities continue to work in the Town Hall Accessibility Guide (04/10/2012)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS faces his last league game before the difficult track Marfil Santa Coloma (04/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Party believes that Friday's floods are directly related to an unsustainable urban model (04/10/2012)
    Councilman Jose Zapata maintains that failure to implement the Plan of water infrastructure in the north with tanks storm macro is really due to the infeasibility urban economic and environmental voracious CP
  • Successful first 'sandbox' for children in the municipality (04/10/2012)
    This material dampens possible falls
  • Camp for promoting business in Fleet (04/10/2012)
    The route and a market cap of varieties are some of the initiatives that will be on display this weekend
  • Smiles for children (04/10/2012)
    Pupaclown presents the program of activities for the last quarter of 2012
  • IU-Greens blame Chamber criticizes the clouds and forget the failure of the builders (04/10/2012)

  • Capuchin students celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi (04/10/2012)
    Murcia Mayor today accompanied them on their visit to Plano San Francisco
  • Professor Nicholas Lopez wins a prize of scientific Naukas Site (04/10/2012)

  • The University of Murcia restricts the use of air cooling and heating in order to save (04/10/2012)

  • The staff of the University of Murcia donates 23,460 euros from their payrolls to Jesus Abandoned (04/10/2012)

  • The Real Murcia CF El Pozo Murcia FS supports the sale of fertilizers Elite round-UEFA Futsal Cup (03/10/2012)

  • A group of young people with intellectual disabilities begin their studies in the UCAM (03/10/2012)
    The students are part of an initiative Capacitas program of the Chair 'for inclusion German Montoro sociolaboral of people with intellectual disabilities'
  • Serna UPyD believes will be critical to the creation of autonomous regions in both governments and municipalities (03/10/2012)

  • The new coach of Catholic University of Murcia CF, Manolo Sanchez, he directed his first practice today (03/10/2012)
    "We have time and strength to change the situation"
  • The San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) participates in the X European Conference on Educational Research (03/10/2012)
    The UCAM commitment to high-level international research
  • IU-Greens requests that the Condomina is intended for public use (03/10/2012)
    The IU-Greens councilor in Murcia, José Ignacio Tornel, today asked the City Council to allocate the stadium and the parking Condomina in the city center , for public use
  • The Romea this weekend brings a comedy about Christian charity and inheritance (03/10/2012)
    "I, the heir" will be performed on Thursday, 4 to 6 October in four sessions
  • More than 200 people attend the XII Congress of Herpetology Spanish Portuguese-opened by Martinez-Cachá (03/10/2012)
    The arrangement of three ponds in Los Genovinos has allowed the placing of common toad and frog racer and water snakes
  • Twelve groups reach the semifinals of Singer Songwriters of Creajoven (03/10/2012)

  • The City guarantees the grant for activities involving nearly 2,000 older Township (03/10/2012)
    Social Welfare provides a grant of 22,700 euros to the Federation of Social Centres for the Elderly
  • "While the City Council spends around 5,000 euros a day on a tram that goes to UCAM almost empty, the PP leaves many isolated districts" (03/10/2012)
    Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro Lopez, has proven today that the branch the tram to the private university has just travelers, from 8.35 to 11.00 and have posted an average of 11 persons
  • The Veronicas Gastronomic takes classroom activities (03/10/2012)
    Workshops tastings, day with top restaurants in the area and a kitchen with the members of the Centers for Women, among other activities
  • Alex O'Dogherty and imagination presented Friday at Teatro Circo Murcia (03/10/2012)

  • The City Council and Board of Landowners sign an agreement for the conservation and maintenance of drains in the municipality (03/10/2012)

  • Leading the conference Youth and social web, bringing together experts in internet and social networks (03/10/2012)
    It will discuss career guidance Online, the image of young people and information literacy, among other things begin tomorrow at the Social Centre College
  • The University of Murcia will work with Major Sin Barreras Foundation in integrating the elderly (03/10/2012)

  • Manolo Sanchez new coach UCAM Murcia CF (02/10/2012)
    The former Real Murcia player and coach of CD Tenerife, Manolo Sanchez, take the reins and lead the next league game against Betis B
  • The UCAM sports teams made a wreath (02/10/2012)
    Sports clubs of San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia have made a wreath to the employer of the region, Our Lady of Fuensanta
  • The Mayor will chair the board Thursday Network of Cities for Cycling (02/10/2012)

  • The Mayor House visit a craft exhibition in the new Senior Social Center of San Antón (02/10/2012)

  • The Mayor chairs the board Thursday Network Cities for Cycling (02/10/2012)
    The Fourth Congress of the Bicycle held in Sant Cugat del Valles
  • IU-Greens believe that citizen complaints about the bus will increase (02/10/2012)
    "as citizens aware of the cuts suffered in public transport will increase complaints"
  • Continue to neighborhood complaints about the lack of information and general chaos on public transport (02/10/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, complains that the bad planning of the implementation of new bus services carried out by the PP again to fall on them, the ordinary people
  • A thesis explores the antioxidant quality of nuts grown in Murcia (02/10/2012)

  • Juan Perro offer a concert at Teatro Circo Murcia to present her "House in the Air" (02/10/2012)

  • Sexual perversions of The Walking Theatre re-TCM (02/10/2012)
    It will be tomorrow at 21 am
  • For a healthier neuronal (02/10/2012)
    The Plaza de Santo Domingo hosts today, up to 18 hours, the bus Brain Week
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the procedure for the evaluation of teachers (02/10/2012)

  • Serna understands "gaps" in the new urban lines even announced that it will be "very demanding" (02/10/2012)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman sues bus dealership perfect service to all citizens of the town, as it is "what is required, expected and desired "in this type of contract
  • The platform Millennium Private International Law began operations (02/10/2012)

  • UCAM Murcia CF dispenses with Julio Cardozo (01/10/2012)

  • EPT Latbus and advance the renewal of bonds to avoid crowds for next October 8 (01/10/2012)
    The new line Latbus Express Campus became operational recording wide acceptance among users
  • The Autonomous Region and the city of Murcia establish a complete system of subsidies for public transport (01/10/2012)
    Single tickets for the commute will cost 1.5 euros and 1.05 euros urban
  • The Socialist Group receives hundreds of calls and messages from users complaining about the lack of information, coordination and planning of new bus lines (01/10/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, requires the PP to make the agreement official 'rate hikes 'announced in a media by the President of the CARM
  • A Year in Pictures (01/10/2012)
    Murcia Circus Theatre presents a series of panels with photographs of the events that have happened in the first year of activity
  • Students of the University of Murcia may pay tuition in seven installments without interest (01/10/2012)

  • Half the Murcia with over 65 senior centers used the City (01/10/2012)

  • The Council receives Prize Naos Strategy Plan for Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (01/10/2012)
    The objective is to improve the health of the population at the local leading community actions
  • The University of Murcia contract calls for the involvement of young researchers (01/10/2012)


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