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Murcia News - March 2010

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  • Juan Carlos Ruiz, "I say who says it, the Christ of Monteagudo not touch" (31/03/2010)
    popular parliamentary speaker shows his amazement after learning that has been declared admissible the complaint against the monument
  • 15 people improve their job prospects to complete a course taught by professional cleaning City Hall and the Imas (31/03/2010)
    City of Murcia and Imas strengthen their partnership to offer training courses for families in distress
  • The City will implement a new system to facilitate access to street maps and General Plan (31/03/2010)
    is a software application that will save paper and improve the quality of service offered to citizens
  • The City Council supports two projects for children and women immigrants (31/03/2010)
    Grant a subsidy of 12,000 euros and approves the expenditure of another 25,000
  • The City adheres to the award of the Gold Medal at the Regional College of Nursing (31/03/2010)
    The Governing Board gave the green light this morning for membership
  • Practical training for pupils from the Blessed Christ of Mercy (31/03/2010)
    The Governing Board gave the green light this morning to the agreement between the City and the CEED
  • The City improved menus offered in municipal canteens (31/03/2010)
    collaborates with the University of Murcia to certify food quality and monitoring of the Mediterranean diet
  • The Local Police will have new communications equipment to provide better public service (31/03/2010)
    The City updates its computer systems
  • Nine arrested for sexual and labor exploitation of foreign citizens in two locations in Murcia (31/03/2010)
    Establishments operating as massage and striptease club, respectively
  • Caja Mediterráneo signed with the University of Murcia for their financial contribution 2010 (31/03/2010)

  • The summons PSOE de Murcia a photo contest to show the differences between the center of the city and its neighborhoods and districts (30/03/2010)
    The Socialist Municipal Executive encourages citizens to show through pictures the imbalances created during the fifteen years of government People's Party
  • Mayor House attracts thousands of Murcia and tourists to celebrate the 2 nd Day Meatloaf in the square Belluga (30/03/2010)
    is distributed, the day after the Proclamation, some 15,000 pies and free beer
  • The Mayor welcomes the mountaineer Murcia is going to win the sixth highest mountain in the world (30/03/2010)
    Lucia Lopez off tomorrow to Tibet
  • Alarcón: "The visit to Romea only confirms the Chamber lies" (30/03/2010)
    After a visit inside the first theater in the region, the Socialist spokesman reiterates "the obscurantism and lack of transparency with which the PP is being Case "
  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for research into the toxicology of the river Segura (30/03/2010)

  • The doctoral thesis by a professor from the University of Murcia wins Nicolás Pérez-Serrano (30/03/2010)

  • The City Council extended the hours of the municipal bus lines during Easter and Spring Festival (30/03/2010)
    The lines concerned are the 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 and the Rays 13, 14, 15, 17 and 20
  • 2000 Murcia have already collected the Spring Festival program together with the CD of The Parrandboleros (30/03/2010)

  • La Hermandad del Rocío de Murcia participated in the Palm Sunday Procession (29/03/2010)

  • Espinardo Socialists claim that the red palm weevil is already active and in what way Espinardo. (29/03/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for convening a special commission to find out what happens to the construction of clinics and Zeneta Old Javalí (29/03/2010)

  • The Mayor attends the opening of the new office in the Square Cajamar Belluga (29/03/2010)
    It is the branch number 193, the savings bank in the region
  • ChocoMania Fair continues to host visits of different groups (29/03/2010)
    The exhibition runs through April 2
  • The Murcia may pay the Goodwill and the IBI from the notary on the Internet (29/03/2010)
    The Mayor has this morning signed a collaborative agreement with the Dean of the College of Notaries of Murcia, Carlos Fernández de Simón
  • Nearly 80 activities make up the Spring Festival program (29/03/2010)
    The Department will give away, starting tomorrow, 6,000 compact discs of The Parrandboleros in the tourist office on Calle Santa Clara
  • Sports invests 2.8 million euros, to provide citizens with quality facilities (29/03/2010)
    The municipality has 50 football fields, sports halls 33 and 18 heated swimming pools
  • Grants for research training in Spain and abroad (29/03/2010)

  • Tourism invites you to visit a different Holy Week to the routes scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday Holy (29/03/2010)
    Participants will learn the preparation of the various processions and attend the Passion Salves the Aurora to participate is vital registration
  • To be presented at the University of Murcia the winner of the Premio Nacional Diego Manzano (29/03/2010)

  • Adopted by a large area of trade and economic activity Beniaján and San José de la Vega (28/03/2010)
    will be well served by the South Coast and the extension of Avenida de Levante
  • Sports invests 2.8 million euros to provide citizens with quality facilities (28/03/2010)
    The municipality has 50 football fields, sports halls 33 and 18 heated swimming pools
  • The Bacons Bridge socialist require urgent cleanup of the site located between a public school and a mediation center (28/03/2010)

  • Awarded the Mobility Week of Murcia as one of the ten best of 2181 cities (27/03/2010)
    Among the criteria are valued citizen participation, the permanent measures implemented as well as diagnostic measures of mobility
  • Urban introduce new computer systems to expedite citizen service (27/03/2010)
    A new project will more easily identify records
  • The PP PSOE required to urgently initiate the process to restore the wheel of La Ñora (26/03/2010)

  • Green Week closed with the Awards (26/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and the Simon Bolivar Ecuador conduct studies on migration (26/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia held a conference on education and professional experiences in music (26/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia awarded the tender for the installation of bicycle parking spots in Espinardo (26/03/2010)

  • Start the Fire special device for Easter and Spring Festival (26/03/2010)
    More than a hundred troops will join the regular staff on duty from 26 March to 10 April
  • The flutes will ring on Sunday in the garden of The Palm (26/03/2010)
    After 12 hours
  • A cinema ticket in exchange for ten batteries (26/03/2010)
    The City of Murcia, Neocine ALEM and are launching a new campaign to encourage battery recycling
  • Murcia dark climate change (26/03/2010)
    from 20.30 to 21.30 hours the lights will go out of five buildings, two sculptures and a bridge
  • Saura Mira huertanos choose a couple dressed "as it should be" to announce the Bando de la Huerta 2010 (26/03/2010)
    La Reina de la Huerta and President of the Federation of Peñas have accompanied the Mayor on the poster presentation
  • Alarcón: "The Romea still closed and barred as a result of a poorly planned and improvised works" (26/03/2010)

  • La Dolorosa de los Santos Salzillo Steps, the protagonist of procession on the morning of Easter Saturday (26/03/2010)
    The flight is scheduled at 11:45 hours, from the church of San Miguel, and end at the church of San Juan God, where they will transfer to the Association of the Holy Christ of Health
  • Injac Milena Jankovic heads the International Orchestra, finale of the Festival of Youth Orchestras (26/03/2010)

  • A few days together the music and education in values (25/03/2010)
    are arranged within the International Festival of Youth Orchestras
  • The UCAM published a comic book on the sacrament (25/03/2010)
    The Catholic University of Murcia published a comic book commemorating the 75th anniversary of the grouping of the Lord's Supper
  • A businesswoman, a lawyer and a broker arrested for defrauding Algerian illegal immigrants (25/03/2010)
    The three defendants are accused of forgery and fraud by selling fraudulent employment contracts
  • The House demands the rectification of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha and public recognition of the efficient use of water resources in the Tajo-Segura (25/03/2010)
    The three political groups jointly adopt an institutional statement to the falsehood of the report of the University of Castilla-La Mancha
  • PSOE: The municipal PP turns its back on the unemployed in the municipality (25/03/2010)
    Miguel Hernandez is named adopted son of Murcia on the proposal of the Socialist Group
  • PSOE: The Bicycle Master Plan does not provide security for cyclists (25/03/2010)

  • Adopted in plenary on the Bicycle Master Plan (25/03/2010)
    With the votes in favor of the Municipal People's Party and the abstention of the Municipal Group Socialist and IU-LV
  • The establishment of local police to participate fully in the special security device for the Easter holiday in Murcia and districts (25/03/2010)
    A total of 164 days will be open during these events processional
  • The House requires the Ministry of Interior to begin "immediately" construction of the Civil Guard barracks in Torreagüera (25/03/2010)
    With the votes in favor of the Municipal People's Party and the abstention of PSOE and IU-LV
  • The regional government invests more than three million euros in the new health center in the hamlet of Murcia Aljucer (25/03/2010)

  • The PP rate Torreagüera not the barracks and the old doctor's office Javalí (25/03/2010)

  • The Youth Orchestra Festival organizes a conference on music education and professions (25/03/2010)

  • The House approved a plan in the northern part that will get lots of green areas and provide employment to about three thousand families (25/03/2010)
    Located in Cabezo de Torres and built thousands VPO
  • Aljucer's neighbors will have a better health care in the construction of a health center started today (25/03/2010)
    investment exceeds 5.3 million euros, of which 2.8 corresponds to the construction, funded by the Autonomous Community 2 million solar loan from the City
  • Children's Workshop introduction to botany in the vicinity of the Light (25/03/2010)
    The Department of Tourism also offers the Castle Road
  • Was suspended Tai Chi activity in Santo Domingo on weekends for parties (25/03/2010)
    free classes will resume on April 17
  • Free Students collected more than 300 euros for UNICEF (25/03/2010)

  • Mayor House announced the nomination of Murcia as a finalist for a prestigious international award as more sustainable city (25/03/2010)
    Murcia Besides, the chosen cities are Curitiba (Brazil), Malmö (Sweden), Songpa (South Korea), Stargard Szczecinski ( Poland) and Sydney (Australia)
  • The rector of the University of Murcia, re-elected with 67 percent of the vote (25/03/2010)

  • The Social Audit Alquerías shows neglect and lack of commitment of the People's Party with the hamlets of the municipality (24/03/2010)
    The Socialist Group in the city of Murcia tomorrow require a full solution to the municipal government after the results of the first major public survey
  • World Congress Universitario Juan Pablo II `the Great ' (24/03/2010)
    The UCAM pays tribute to the Polish Pope's The Jeronimos Monastery, from 14 to 18 April
  • Swedish and Murcia Musicians involved in the Place de la Cruz and Santo Domingo (24/03/2010)

  • Critics of the show in the Region of Murcia delivery morning his prize (24/03/2010)

  • Students of Arts held a competition of international cuisine for UNICEF (24/03/2010)

  • The headquarters of the last Esparragal works to open soon (24/03/2010)
    After opening, Murcia will have 10 barracks in the city
  • One hundred children in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit will participate in a program of social integration activities (24/03/2010)
    The project, part of the Urban Plan is aimed at children between six and twelve
  • A new impetus for the volunteers of the Center for Social Services Murcia Sur (24/03/2010)
    More than 40 people working with technicians to carry out activities with children, families and older
  • The City Council asked that the Moros y Cristianos festival is declared of National Tourist Interest (24/03/2010)

  • Improving the sporting activities in El Palmar with the construction of a new football field with artificial grass and four paddle courts (24/03/2010)
    The installation will use renewable energy to save
  • Begin routes Passion of Tourism (24/03/2010)
    The first visit takes place on Saturday
  • Adopted by the rules of admission of pupils in infant schools for the 2010-2011 academic year (24/03/2010)
    The reservation of seats and admission of new applications will be held from April 19 to May 7, 2010
  • The City Council Education offers land to enlarge CEIP Los Garres and build a childcare center in Stables (24/03/2010)
    It has also been endorsed by the free transfer of land to the Bishopric
  • The Bonfire Theatre opens on Thursday 'Bicycle Wheel' (24/03/2010)
    In The School of Dramatic Arts, beginning at 20.30 hours
  • The Contest XXIII tunas Murcia Costa Calida filled music from 5 to April 9 (24/03/2010)
    Participating groups from Mexico, Peru and Portugal as well as Murcia, Granada, Albacete, Jaén Deusto
  • The University of Murcia hosts a reforestation Espinardo campus for Green Week (24/03/2010)

  • The Mayor noted that the opening of the Museo Alfonso X confirms that the slogan "For Murcia and Murcia" the institute remains in place nearly two centuries later (23/03/2010)
    The MusaX containing interesting collections in its four divisions: natural sciences, physics and chemistry, library historical and image
  • Aver mix photographs and other disciplines in the Municipal Center Puertas de Castilla (23/03/2010)
    The innovative project 'Capturing the invisible' will run until June 26
  • More responsible and confident young (23/03/2010)
    The Councillor for Education has delivered this morning, the contest "Security Grows"
  • The students learn the origin of cocoa in the first Fair ChocoMania (23/03/2010)
    More than a hundred students from St. Bonaventure Elementary School this morning visited the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • Murcia hosts the National Dog Show I Spring Festival (23/03/2010)
    Will the April 11 New Bridge in Murcia
  • Urbamusa continues its work rehabilitating buildings (23/03/2010)
    Work on the facades and roofs of 160 homes in La Alberca and restore the House of Bacons Bridge Watch
  • Morning held elections for rector and faculty (23/03/2010)

  • The Mayor Chamber adheres to "Earth Hour" (23/03/2010)
    international is a WWF initiative to demonstrate that the fight against climate change is possible
  • ALUM denounced the "illegality of the electoral process in the student council" (23/03/2010)

  • The Hidden City of Murcia funding the installation of new wireless points in the city (23/03/2010)
    The Government of Spain financed with 1.3 million expansion of its broadband network between the municipal buildings and wifi network in the city
  • A city of Murcia stop the perpetrator of a robbery, after chasing him through several streets of the city (23/03/2010)

  • 4000 thoughts welcome spring (23/03/2010)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality Murcia shared between plants
  • Camera opens tomorrow Mayor Way of Jesus del Gran Poder (23/03/2010)
    This is a new space, which will allow direct access to the sacred height from the convent of the Capuchin Malecon
  • IU + LV asks the council to lower the price of photocopies of public documents (23/03/2010)

  • The PSOE fully prompted a bonus of 95% IBI (23/03/2010)
    And a cessation of seizures and rescheduling of debt for families unemployed Murcia
  • Aldolfo Salazar Orchestra offers a concert at the Auditorio Victor Villegas (23/03/2010)

  • EDITUM published two books on the environment (23/03/2010)

  • A team from the University of Murcia won the European Championship soccer robot (22/03/2010)

  • Bacons Bridge Shops host a photography exhibition on Holy Week (22/03/2010)
    The images of dioramas made by craftsman John Griñán Nativity scenes
  • The College of Physiotherapists is launching a free focal point of the Nazarene (22/03/2010)
    born of collaboration with the City Council of Fraternities and aims to prevent and correct injuries they may suffer the Nazarene
  • Urban trenching prohibited in public until after the Spring Festival 2010 (22/03/2010)
    no work from March 25 to April 12
  • Urban gets land to build a new road to link with Guadalupe Beniscornia Corner (22/03/2010)
    The road will be 800 meters, one lane in each direction, sidewalks and bike lanes
  • PSOE: "The staffing of the civil guard Torreagüera has increased by 145% in the last six years" (22/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant for research on remote sensing in water resources management (22/03/2010)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the municipal PP fulfill its promises and build medical clinics and Javalí Zeneta Old (22/03/2010)

  • The traditional Easter cake is presented to Murcia (22/03/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor of Commerce today launched the first Fair ChocoMania
  • Sources: "The Torreagüera neighbors for over two years awaiting the construction of the Civil Guard barracks" (22/03/2010)
    The Municipal People's Party on Thursday submitted a motion to require the Ministry to commence work immediately
  • The University of Murcia Green Week opens tomorrow with training events and leisure (22/03/2010)

  • The Socialist Party House requires the extension of the line 37b (22/03/2010)
    and the installation of a traffic light on the road to San Javier fourteen months after adopting it in full
  • A professor at the University of Valencia will speak tomorrow on the molecular cuisine (22/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates World Water Day with activities on best practices in use (22/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia organizes conferences on ethics education through information technology (22/03/2010)

  • On Tuesday starts selling seats early processions and Burial of the Sardine (21/03/2010)
    On the desk of the Park to Murcia from 10 to 13 hours
  • The City Council launches an innovative solar thermal recording (21/03/2010)
    You can review the performance of existing facilities
  • The Socialist Party denounced the creation of architectural barriers in San José de la Vega by a particular (21/03/2010)
    With the consent of PP
  • AJVA and HUERMUR example of heritage protection at the International Congress of Mills (20/03/2010)

  • Murcia reduce CO2 emissions through a network of cycle paths over 50 miles promoted by the Community (20/03/2010)
    The regional government wants to facilitate the use of bicycles in a city that enjoys good weather conditions and slopes that are not normally exceed three percent
  • The outdoor wireless service will be extended to 170 points in the city and in all districts (20/03/2010)
    This increase will make the current points are temporarily out of service
  • The City Council is available to the Department a plot to enlarge CEIP El Raal (20/03/2010)
    The site has about 12,000 square meters
  • PSOE: "The causes malfunction of sewage overflows and odors in Ronda Sur" (20/03/2010)

  • FEMA celebrates VIII Regional Conference of Student Engagement (19/03/2010)
    With the presence of 45 student representatives from the Region of Murcia
  • Two hundred children of Los Rosales involved in a project to improve their quality of life (19/03/2010)
    Two social workers work with neighbors, families and neighborhood groups Palmar
  • Adopted by the call for proposals to promote grassroots sport in the city (19/03/2010)
    is intended to clubs, sports associations and federations
  • Murcia will have a network of lookouts of the landscapes of the Garden and the center of the capital (19/03/2010)
    aim is to strengthen and publicize its natural values through high sites that cover the main sights
  • It was agreed to file the claim of CB Murcia (18/03/2010)

  • The UCAM signs a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Notaries of Murcia (18/03/2010)

  • The UCAM delves into the rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson (18/03/2010)

  • They claim that "the city of Murcia" criminalizes "the use of bicycles in the town" (18/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia built a machine to investigate in polyurethane foam (18/03/2010)

  • IU + LV requests the creation of a new school in the Green Sangonera (18/03/2010)

  • The new Athletic Center Pool, St. Angelo will open its doors in June (18/03/2010)
    will provide 3,500 beds and has six paddle tennis courts, two swimming pools, gym, fitness rooms, cafeteria, parking and spa
  • € 78,000 for improvement works in the home for the elderly 'El Amparo' of Murcia (18/03/2010)

  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables invited to photograph the traditions, ethnography and biodiversity Murcia (18/03/2010)
    Delivery of works of this contest, which reached its fifth edition, ending 30 April
  • PSOE: "The municipal PP increases the Terra Natura contract at 11 million euros" (18/03/2010)
    "without inspection, or control or measure the work done"
  • The Museum of the City welcomed on Thursday a meeting on Easter brotherhoods (18/03/2010)
    Although access is free, registration is required
  • The square of Santo Domingo will host the first major exhibition to raise awareness ChocoMania traditional Easter Mona (18/03/2010)
    will start next March 22 and runs until Saturday April 3
  • Prof. Pablo Artal, named president of the Academy of Sciences of the Region of Murcia (18/03/2010)

  • María Dolores Sánchez presents the book 'Social inclusion and youth participation' to groups of young people (17/03/2010)
    The book summarizes the experiences, projects and activities implemented by the City Council
  • Martínez-cache: "What is being done in El Valle is a firewall" (17/03/2010)

  • Students of the School of Dramatic Art in Murcia end their tour in the U.S. and Mexico (17/03/2010)

  • Manzanera Díaz morning in the Forum involved Saavedra Fajardo (17/03/2010)

  • Local Police Murcia celebrates the feast of St. Patrick's Day with a Mass presided by Bishop Lorca Plans (17/03/2010)

  • The City ensures coverage of DTT with the installation of a repeater to the south (17/03/2010)
    has developed a study to locate repeaters so that all receive the signal from Murcia in April, when the digital switchover in Murcia
  • The University of Murcia presented the International Festival of Youth Orchestras (17/03/2010)
    22 to March 27 will host the XXIX International Festival of Youth Orchestras 2010, which was presented this morning at the headquarters of the Rectory.
  • The editor of the University of Murcia published two books in his library EDITUM Gaia (17/03/2010)

  • Start shooting the series against the stereotype of the computer (17/03/2010)

  • The School of Computing held a conference on vocational guidance (17/03/2010)

  • IU regains its newsletter "The Voice of the Left" with an initial circulation of 10,000 copies (17/03/2010)

  • Students of the Master of Regional and Local Finance will practice in the City (17/03/2010)
    The City enters into a collaboration agreement with the University-Enterprise of the Region of Murcia
  • The site of the garden of St. Stephen will be well protected this summer (17/03/2010)
    The Governing Board approved, pending emergency, the contract specifications for preventive maintenance works
  • El Centro Municipal Puertas de Castilla have a public archive of experimental music (17/03/2010)
    The collection has about 4,300 files
  • Investment to maintain the quality of sports facilities districts (17/03/2010)
    The municipality has 50 football fields, sports halls 33 and 18 heated swimming pools
  • Renew communications equipment and Urban Local Police to offer more benefits to the city (17/03/2010)
    The City updates its computer systems
  • The PSOE required in full in the award of the work of Plan E entrusted with the highest score on job creation in the municipality (17/03/2010)

  • Murcia, more secure every day (17/03/2010)
    The Mayor presides over the events organized to mark the feast of St. Patrick, patron of the Municipal Police
  • Procomel committed to the promotional benefits involved in being present in a social network like Facebook (17/03/2010)

  • Conference in San Antolin on parkinson (17/03/2010)
    Starting from 17.30 hours in the Women's Cultural Center in the neighborhood
  • The Socialist Party calls for stop cutting down trees in the valley and fight the scourge of processionary Torreagüera (17/03/2010)

  • The Bishop presides over Mass at St. Vincent Ferrer School in El Palmar to mark the 350 anniversary of the Vincentian Family (16/03/2010)

  • Sources: "Ms. Alarcon know the Law of Contracts, or blatantly lying" (16/03/2010)
    "From Local Investment Fund has created a regulation amending the conditions of employment"
  • Three designers Murcia win National Design Award Bored no (16/03/2010)
    Eli Cayuela won first prize, Celia Navarro the second and the third Francisco José Rivero
  • The agenda is now available brother of Murcia (16/03/2010)
    Pickup routes, processions, the steps, the foundation year and the predominant color of each guild
  • The City Council in Lisbon has its Catchment Municipal Solar (16/03/2010)
    The goal is to help other cities as part of the European project to the draw PROSTO
  • Tourism shows the other side of Easter with Passion Roads (16/03/2010)
    Entries can be made from tomorrow
  • A book plasma Youth work in the field of social integration and participation (16/03/2010)
    The book summarizes the experiences, projects and activities implemented by the Department that directs María Dolores Sánchez
  • Alarcón complaint to the House for failing to take advantage of the Plan E to lower unemployment in Murcia list (16/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia Congress held a tribute to Professor José Luis Abellán (16/03/2010)

  • A conference on natural disasters the Olympics closing Geology (16/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for management of water resources and optimizing nutritional (15/03/2010)

  • Talk of the Antarctica exhibition at the Museum of Alfonso X El Sabio (15/03/2010)

  • The Mayor welcomed the response of the society of Murcia, which has filled the auditorium at a benefit for Haiti and Chile (15/03/2010)
    The Parrandboleros have presented his latest work, "Ron Rico", with a full capacity
  • Castillo: "The Sustainable Mobility Plan is well under way" (15/03/2010)
    Councillor for Housing, Transport and Commerce has demanded that the Municipal Group Socialist to stop hindering the work of technicians
  • The Galician designer José Castro presides morning National Design Award Bored no (15/03/2010)
    This year, as new, will be three cash prizes
  • Streets and squares ready for the processions of Holy Week Murcia (15/03/2010)
    Councillors by Party and infrastructure have made the traditional trip to eliminate any obstacles that might prevent the parade of the different brotherhoods
  • The University of Murcia makes all its centers have quality system designs (15/03/2010)

  • House calls "vital" the collaboration of the Autonomous Region for funding the services they provide better quality of life for citizens (15/03/2010)
    President of the Regional Government and the Mayor signed a cooperation agreement amounting to nearly 6 million euros, double that of 2009
  • Development awards geological studies and mapping for the works of arterial railway network Murcia (15/03/2010)
    The amount of the contract exceeds 1.1 million euros
  • House reiterated its confidence that the courts will prevent you from installing landfill with Zeneta (15/03/2010)
    The Mayor states that "do not get into the actions of other administrations, but defend the legitimate rights of our territory"
  • Dozens of people come to the shelter installed in Santo Domingo to meet consumer rights (15/03/2010)
    The OMIC collected last year and claims more than 6,600 consultations in 2008
  • The University of Murcia celebrates Employment Forum (15/03/2010)

  • The graphical display includes twenty works that show the importance of drawing in contemporary art (15/03/2010)
    You can visit until May 8 in Space Molinos del Rio Stables
  • La Paz and El Carmen celebrate their sixth Cultural Encounters (15/03/2010)
    Movies, workshops, storytelling and exhibitions will be held from 16 to 26 March
  • The PSOE requires the City Council and the CARM to make up more than three million euros this year have taken public transport (15/03/2010)

  • The PSOE de Murcia a Film Forum program on the evolution of working women (14/03/2010)
    Sangonera Cultural Center will host the Green on Wednesday March 17 debate on the role of women in society through film screenings
  • The Community and the city of Murcia close reading to senior centers (14/03/2010)

  • The UCAM Murcia conquered the third place (14/03/2010)

  • A fireman of the City of Murcia, in the top of the time trial of Seville and Algeciras (14/03/2010)
    German Jorge Moreno has won the third place in the time trial to the towers of Hercules (Algeciras) and seventh in the tower of Los Remedios ( Sevilla)
  • The mayor imposed tiara Pilar Gallego, Aljucer center, following his election as Queen of the Elderly 2010 (13/03/2010)
    Vistabella-Espinosa Rosa María Vicenta Orea-San Basilio, Antonia Rosagro-Zarandona, and Laura Lax-Monteagudo - will be her four bridesmaids
  • Rafael Gómez greets participants in the National Assembly Songs and Dances of Spain (13/03/2010)
    The event is held in Murcia on the occasion of 70 anniversary of the group 'Songs and dances of Murcia'
  • New computer equipment for faster service to citizens in urban planning (13/03/2010)
    The City Council also introduced technical improvements in the Police Local
  • Cortes Street on Sunday celebration of the City Half Marathon Murcia (13/03/2010)
    La Avenida Pío Baroja and Painter Almela Costa will be closed to traffic from 6 to 14.30
  • Rafael Gómez greets participants in the National Assembly Songs and Dances of Spain. (12/03/2010)
    The event is held in Murcia on the occasion of 70 anniversary of the group 'Songs and dances of Murcia'
  • House says the Bank Building Prices allow municipalities to improve services to citizens (12/03/2010)
    The president of the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia and the Director of Public Works and Planning have signed this morning agreement regulates the access to this information
  • Mayor Corvera House opens in a new sports hall which will benefit the school's students Isabel Bellvis (12/03/2010)
    The installation is named "Professor D. Juan Miguel Muñoz Fernández" in recognition of their efforts and dedication to spread the practice sports among school
  • Murcia Outdoor Painting (12/03/2010)
    cultural centers and James and The Zaraiche Ranero organized a painting workshop in Belluga
  • Second offers a concert in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga to thank the support Murcia (12/03/2010)
    On Sunday, after 17 hours
  • IU + LV House accused of "sponsoring a sorry sight" to the Forum Eurocities (12/03/2010)

  • Murcia BDA supports the initiative of giving 20,000 kilos of bananas in the Madrid Puerta del Sol (12/03/2010)

  • PSOE: "With fines are not promoting the use of bicycles" (12/03/2010)
    PSOE Councilman José Manuel Abellán asks the mayor of Circulation, Nuria Fuentes, to stop and recognize that stories he wants to sew sanctions riders to showcase their authoritarian mentality and desire recaudatorio
  • The Socialist Group in the middle propose the appointment of poet Miguel Hernandez as the adopted son of Murcia (12/03/2010)
    The spokesperson for the PSOE, José María Alarcón, defend this designation to commemorate 100 years of universal poet's birth and their special social and literary links with our city
  • An investigation of the University of Murcia will help the conservation of threatened species of bee (12/03/2010)

  • Camera goes to the convening of the Association of Victims of Terrorism in commemorating the sixth anniversary of the 11-M (11/03/2010)
    The Mayor attends the event at La Glorieta accompanied by several members of the Governing Body
  • Hundreds of students and teachers from the UCAM observed a minute's silence for the victims of terrorism (11/03/2010)

  • The Civic Platform denounces "the total abandonment of the palace complex and Andalus district of San Esteban" by the authorities " (11/03/2010)

  • More than 6,000 people have participated in a youth project to enhance social inclusion and prevent discriminatory behavior (11/03/2010)
    Councilwoman Maria Dolores Sánchez today presented the experiences of this initiative at the Forum of Eurocities Social Affairs
  • Exhibition of Photography and Dance Break meeting this weekend in The Ship (11/03/2010)
    Youth Space Department of Youth and Employment in Bacons Bridge
  • Murcia, in solidarity with Haiti and Chile (11/03/2010)
    The Parrandboleros presented on Monday, 15 their new album at the benefit concert for Haiti and Chile
  • The Mayor attends the inauguration of Mercedes Ros as President of the Board of Avileses (11/03/2010)
    in place of Julio Martínez Mercader, who died at the end of the year
  • Improved safety at level crossing at St. James the Great (11/03/2010)
    The actions carried out by ADIF, have been inaugurated this morning by the head of Infrastructure and Community Services
  • The Mayor Chamber highlights the efforts of cities to meet the social needs of the disadvantaged (11/03/2010)
    House puts the recovery project in La Paz as an example of active policy of integration and social inclusion
  • Pelegrín Eurocities Forum announces the creation of the Local Plan for Social Inclusion in the municipality (11/03/2010)
    will improve the effectiveness of actions by coordinating the various departments involved in the processes of social inclusion
  • Ricardo Bofill, "Only time can we have a perspective on the importance of rehabilitation of La Paz" (11/03/2010)
    The architect explained the project in the Eurocities Forum being held this week in Murcia
  • 80,000 euros for school children with special needs in primary schools in Murcia (11/03/2010)

  • The PSOE proposes a moratorium on cutting the supply of water by default (11/03/2010)

  • Professional Political Science and Sociology will meet at the University of Murcia (11/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant for a project on intelligent transport goods (11/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia celebrated the inauguration of a dozen professors and lecturers (11/03/2010)

  • IU + LV Murcia E believes that the Plan is "ineffective" in ending the crisis (10/03/2010)

  • More than 4,000 people receiving employment counseling service Employment (10/03/2010)
    The Institute for Youth supports this activity
  • The City provides transportation to people at risk of social exclusion (10/03/2010)
    Earmark 43,000 euros for children, adolescents and adults to participate in Social Welfare and Social Services
  • Rafael Gomez welcomes the new leadership of the Federation of Music Bands in the Region (10/03/2010)
    represents more than thirty associations and musical groups
  • Three festivals offer free performances from May to September (10/03/2010)
    The City invested over 255,000 euros in the celebration of International Folk Festival, Jazz and Roots Music
  • Support to the festive and musical associations of the municipality (10/03/2010)
    The City Council approved a grant of 400,000 euros for the maintenance of traditions in Murcia
  • Sources: "State law on trafficking is that the penalties set out in the ordinance for cycling" (10/03/2010)
    "do not understand why the Municipal Group Socialist afraid the ordinance and not the law promoted by his own party "
  • Sangonera the Seca will feature a new primary care clinic in the coming months (10/03/2010)
    It will serve a population of more than 5,100 inhabitants
  • Awarded definitely the acquisition of furnishings for the new library of St. James the Great (10/03/2010)
    The new units will allow users to consult books, computerized catalogs, newspapers and magazines and Multitec to facilitate Internet access, CD, DVD and different programs office
  • Bacons Bridge regains its historical and artistic roots with the rehabilitation of the Clock Tower and the Bethlehem House (10/03/2010)
    The Mayor and the Minister of Universities, Business and Research presented this morning the project, which will invest 1 million euros
  • The University of Murcia installed luminaires that reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70% (10/03/2010)

  • The Community investing one million euros to build the house of Bethlehem with the rehabilitation of the Casa del Reloj Bacons Bridge (10/03/2010)
    The project includes several exhibition spaces, indoor and outdoor as well as a conference room and areas for belenistas teachers develop their activity in the village of Murcia
  • The Socialist Group meets the demands of the Social Forum and defend in full five motions on behalf of the 43,000 unemployed people in the town (10/03/2010)

  • It opened an online course on health and sports (10/03/2010)

  • Winners of the Computer Olympiad (10/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia opens the call for projects abroad (10/03/2010)

  • The Auschwitz UCAM closure in the IX International Conference on Charities and Volunteers (09/03/2010)
    Participants held a meeting with the cardinal of Krakow Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz
  • The conference of regional television breaks the cycle of the School of Tourism (09/03/2010)

  • The Office of Research organized two conferences at the School of Medicine (09/03/2010)

  • One hundred people will attend tomorrow's practical class course "Put nature in your life" (09/03/2010)
    Starting at 17.30 pm in the municipal nursery Malecon
  • An exhibition features 45 photographs of the Murcia regional dress at the Museum of the City (09/03/2010)
    The exhibition, organized by the Federation of Associations of Songs and Dances of Spain, will be inaugurated this evening by Councilman Barnuevo
  • "Do not take your bike or have a fine safe" (09/03/2010)

  • A new ordinance will regulate the use of bicycles in the city (09/03/2010)
    It is intended to "reconcile the use of urban space" while "encourage and promote the use of bicycles as an alternative to motor vehicle"
  • Murcia, host of social policies in European cities (09/03/2010)
    Mayor House opens Social Affairs Forum of Eurocities, which will present the social initiative for urban regeneration in the district of La Paz
  • The poet's memorial Frutos Baeza and looks next to the Puente de Hierro (09/03/2010)
    restored City Hall and the ancient bust, work plans, which was maimed and robbed a few years ago the Red Cross Square
  • PSOE: "The CP aims to quickly bury the site of St. Stephen to avoid social debate" (09/03/2010)
    "and close the excavation false"
  • IU + LV CCAA and council accused of "delaying" the protection of the remains of St. Stephen (09/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia acknowledged the work of women in the beginning of democracy (09/03/2010)

  • The smallest will have the opportunity to learn to climb in the quarries of the Valley (09/03/2010)
    The activity is organized by the Mountain Area Visitors Center of Light, of the Department of Tourism
  • Mayor House read the Manifesto for Equality in the International Women's Day (08/03/2010)
    Two hundred people attended the event, where they have detailed the characteristics of the new Plan for Equal Opportunities between men and women 2010-2012
  • They call for the immediate protection of the site (08/03/2010)
    The Citizens' Platform for the Defence of the Archaeological Heritage of San Esteban has called Mr. Ujaldón at a meeting held this morning for the immediate protection of the site
  • The School of Tourism held on March 12 its traditional gala (08/03/2010)

  • A school without borders (08/03/2010)
    The CP Santa Maria de Gracia IX begins its cultural week
  • Enrique Ujaldón meets with spokesmen for the platform in defense of the site of St. Stephen (08/03/2010)

  • As of March 15 a new schedule of the web to apply for vacancies will be 9 to 24 hours (08/03/2010)
    The City Council extends the time to book space online in sports
  • Murcia with the woman (08/03/2010)
    The Deputy Mayor of Social Welfare has opened the information booth in the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga
  • Culture and Tourism disagrees with the decision to withdraw traders Yagües works and Belz (08/03/2010)

  • Gardens and Orchards: Corners of Biodiversity in Murcia (08/03/2010)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality publishes 5,000 leaflets to conserve flora and fauna
  • Begins a series on Film and Constitutional Law (08/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia closed the week XXIII Biology (08/03/2010)

  • Letters of Restauro officially protected heritage Monteagudo (08/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia internationalized its website with the translation into several languages (08/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia has published a book on environmental sustainability in the Region (08/03/2010)

  • The Mayor thanked the Queens of the Garden 2009, his "enthusiasm and dedication" to enlarge the festivals (07/03/2010)
    Chamber has participated in the day of coexistence that traditionally celebrates the Federation of Peñas huerta
  • Presentation of the poster announcing the great days of the Brotherhood of Rocío Murcia (07/03/2010)

  • Sports supports the practice of football and volleyball (07/03/2010)
    provides grants to Club Deportivo Murcia Volleyball, Women's Futsal Club UCAM and Futsal Club Aljucer
  • The City improved Lobosillo health care in the construction of a new office (07/03/2010)
    The construction of the building has already been provisionally awarded by the Board of Governors
  • Mayor proclaims Easter San Jose de la Vega with an emotional journey for its splendid carvings (06/03/2010)
    The ceremony brought together hundreds of faithful in the parish church
  • Jobs launches new training courses for the unemployed (06/03/2010)
    55 people improve their professional skills to face the working world
  • The First Meeting of Civic Participation brings together more than 70 people (06/03/2010)
    has taken place in the IES José Espinardo Plans
  • Brenda Sanchez Judo Champion of Spain (06/03/2010)
    Achievement for the second consecutive junior title
  • The debate on Cybermedia UCAM and Social Networks (05/03/2010)
    The UCAM today opened the Fourth Meeting UCAM Media Lab 2010 that will end this evening
  • Zapatero invests in Murcia sports facilities in two years than in the whole legislature Chamber (05/03/2010)

  • Cajamar provide 100,000 euros for the activities of the University of Murcia (05/03/2010)

  • Edu Torres: "If the team got a pair of wins, we completely change the air" (05/03/2010)
    Catalan coach admits that the CB Murcia "has failed, mainly consistency"
  • The sound of flutes on Saturday reached the Plaza de San Nicolas (05/03/2010)
    Theatre will star in Sunday's 'Ballet of the bulbs'
  • House calls for funding for more sustainable cities and offer better quality of life for its inhabitants (05/03/2010)
    On the Green Forum held yesterday in Zamora
  • Murcia BDA calls for the concentration of supply to meet next season fruit in the Region of Murcia (05/03/2010)

  • The City unveils its new Equal to mark Women's Day (05/03/2010)
    The commemoration of the March 8 want to overcome stereotypes and gender roles
  • Nearly 32,000 euros for the day center AFIM Foundation in Murcia (05/03/2010)

  • Trees for college Fernández Caballero (05/03/2010)
    Pilar Megía and Adela Martinez-Cache have participated in the planting took place this morning
  • Alarcón calls for the resignation of Barnuevo for "inept, incompetent and irresponsible" (05/03/2010)

  • The City Council is committed to promoting popular culture to further improvements in the auditorium (05/03/2010)
    The Department of Rafael Gomez leads addresses renovation Beniaján centers and El Palmar
  • José Gabriel Ruiz, PP, "Zapatero rejects the Pact of Toledo and what it represents" (05/03/2010)
    Criticism that "decisions as to extend the working life of workers or increasing the number of years to calculate the pension from a plane without consulting anyone "
  • The University of Murcia, a tribute organized by the Working Women's Day (05/03/2010)

  • The University of Murcia, EUR 685,000 awarded in the service of waste collection (05/03/2010)
    University of Murcia has awarded 685,840 euros in the competition held last August to order the service of collection and management of urban waste on their campuses .
  • The Advice and Guidance Service Staff organized an online course on health (05/03/2010)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in the strut, Espinardo and the Esparragal. (05/03/2010)
    Throughout the year there are campaigns to control insects and rodents
  • Gran Vía will remain closed to traffic on Sunday for the Tour (05/03/2010)
    The test will start at 10.25 am on the premises of Redyser (Cabezo Cortao) and end at 13.15 on Gran Via
  • The Department of Information Technology and Communications receives a certificate of quality (05/03/2010)

  • The Socialists are demanding that the PP is complete the works which paralyzed 14 years ago in the garden of Tirocosa Espinardo (05/03/2010)

  • Two decades of international competitions in the Festival of Youth Orchestras (05/03/2010)

  • Begin the Fourth Conference UCAM Medialab (04/03/2010)
    Under the motto `Ciebermedios, Social Networking and Identity on the Web '
  • La Hermandad del Rocío de Murcia held the Rosary (04/03/2010)

  • The Eagle Patrol will participate in aerobatic competitions in France, Italy and England (04/03/2010)

  • We present the prizes of Painting and Photography (04/03/2010)

  • A professor at the UCAM shows the benefits of margarine in reducing cholesterol (04/03/2010)

  • More than two thousand runners will participate in the Middle Marathon Ciudad de Murcia (04/03/2010)
    Proof will be held on March 14, from 10 am
  • The pattern of vehicles fell by 2827 units compared to 2009 (04/03/2010)
    Tomorrow begins the period for voluntary payment of tribute, which runs until next May 5
  • The morning hosts Almudí traditional Easter Proclamation of the Association of Nazarene Murcianos (04/03/2010)
    The Town Crier for this edition is Pedro Zamora, former litter after the passage of The Agony in the Garden
  • More than 5 million euros for the adequacy of facilities and sports facilities in municipal schools (04/03/2010)
    The performances will benefit more than 9,000 schools in 37 centers and will employ about 400 unemployed
  • The participation becomes the main feature of the Urban Project in the Holy Spirit (04/03/2010)
    On Saturday there will be a meeting in which the Murcia can meet and review this neighborhood revitalization project
  • 'The bicycle in the city' is the star of the XIV poster contest for World Environment Day (04/03/2010)
    They may be both professional and amateur, and the winning design will be the support of the campaign that made the City
  • Two new bike lanes to join the Fica Stables and the Regional Library with Zarandona (04/03/2010)
    Both facilities will be ten miles long in total
  • The Murcia pay 26 million euros for the vehicle tax, a million more than in 2009 (04/03/2010)
    PSOE Councilman Alfonso Navarro says that payment of this tribute is for the municipality's second largest revenue through taxes, behind the IBI however, the municipal PP does not endorse or trade of vehicles and user
  • La Nave morning hosts festival Levante HipHop Jam Vol.2 (04/03/2010)
    After 19 hours, with free admission
  • More than 120 students participate in the III Olympiad in Informatics (04/03/2010)

  • The sector of the CRUE for environmental quality and sustainable development met at the University of Murcia (03/03/2010)

  • The City Council support the Federation of Peñas for Murcia huerta enjoy the Spring Festival (03/03/2010)
    The Board of Governors has awarded a grant amounting to 136,000 euros
  • IU + LV complaint low temperature of the indoor pool Bacons Bridge (03/03/2010)

  • A work of Professor Diane de Paco is also nominated for Max theater (03/03/2010)

  • The head of the Eagle Patrol speaks tomorrow at the School of Tourism (03/03/2010)

  • Presented 57 agents of the National Police have been assigned to Murcia (03/03/2010)
    the new Police Station will attend primarily del Carmen and the Center for Foreigners
  • Murcia held a benefit concert to raise funds for earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile (03/03/2010)
    The Parrandboleros present their latest album, at a gala to be held the next day 15 in the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas
  • The City Council supports associations engaged youth (03/03/2010)
    91 groups last year benefited from these grants
  • Tourism encourages the promotion of the city for conventions (03/03/2010)
    Approved an agreement with the Association of Collaborating Members Convention Bureau
  • The sports area of Llano de Brujas have new changing rooms (03/03/2010)
    The works will employ 20 people for 6 months
  • The IES Aljada Bacons Bridge will have a new sports center that will complete the sporting activities of the parish (03/03/2010)
    The equipment will be used by students at the school, during school hours, and meet the demand of athletes and users of the area
  • The City Council and the Board of Landowners sign an agreement to improve the infrastructure of the vegetable gardens and orchards (03/03/2010)
    The guideline is set for 2010-2015
  • Green light to the budget of the municipal boards of neighborhoods and districts (03/03/2010)
    The budget exceeds 16 million euros
  • The Mayor received in the City Council candidates for Queen of the Garden Children & High (02/03/2010)
    House has presided over the official reception given in the Plenary Hall and delivered to 27 young and 33 girls a shield of the City and brooches huertanos
  • The Congo in the UCAM (02/03/2010)

  • "The cornerstone of the rule of law is the independence of judges" (02/03/2010)
    "The cornerstone of the rule of law is the independence of judges", assured the former Minister of Health, Jose Manuel Romay, during the conference has given this morning at the UCAM
  • Chris Moss "We can not mourn, we must continue working" (02/03/2010)
    wing-pivot of CB Murcia believes that "if we leave this situation, everyone will speak well of us"
  • A sample of the work of photographer Bjorn Sterri exposed at the Museum of the University of Murcia (02/03/2010)

  • Tourism offers a bird watching activity in San Antonio the Poor (02/03/2010)
    This route will be held on Sunday, March 7
  • The biodiversity in the municipality, subject to the new edition of the poster competition for schoolchildren (02/03/2010)
    The municipality is also involved in the First Prize "+ BIO + Life", given the membership of Murcia in the Local Governments Network of Biodiversity 2010
  • The Mayor shares breakfast with the 34 candidates for Queen of the Elderly 2010 (02/03/2010)
    Major held a conference in Los Alcazares
  • Professor Martínez Selva says that feelings also influence the decision-making (02/03/2010)

  • An agreement with the Community and the Integra Foundation will renew the equipment of the classrooms open access (02/03/2010)
    The municipality has about a dozen rooms in which you can access the Internet for free and take courses related to computer
  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia supports the implementation of the Cartagena Teaching career (02/03/2010)

  • Alarcón calls on House to hear and meet the demands of the IES Engineer Cierva Patino and install recycling bins (02/03/2010)
    The Socialist spokesman submit a request in full this month for Murcia City Council initiate the actions necessary to container facility in this school is attended by 1,200 people daily
  • IU + LV de Murcia complaint quarries "illegal" in Javalí New (02/03/2010)

  • Biology Week hosts a conference on the quest for eternal youth (02/03/2010)

  • The dean of the Faculty of Arts took office (02/03/2010)

  • Tourism will collaborate with the European Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta 8 to attract visitors (02/03/2010)
    María Isabel Valcárcel has held a meeting with those responsible for the Biennale
  • A project of the Centre of Design and Architecture focuses on the integration of older people in the city of Murcia (02/03/2010)
    'All Age City' is included in the Workshop for Social Innovation and the Development of Sustainable Architectural Products and Services
  • The chancellor and the Board of Directors visited the works in campus facilities Espinardo (01/03/2010)

  • CB Murcia a complimentary entry to participate in the campaign of COC (01/03/2010)

  • The UCAM gives Patxi Lopez and Antonio Basagoiti, Solidarity Prize 2010 (01/03/2010)
    Second Conference of Charity and Volunteering UCAM
  • A professor at the University of Murcia is coordinating a project for technological development sports (01/03/2010)

  • La Hermandad del Rocío de Murcia held food "poster presentation" (01/03/2010)
    will take place on Sunday 7 March at 13.00
  • The nomination of Professor Cobacho, the only one submitted (01/03/2010)

  • Some information posters in specimens of species added to the Malecon Garden didactic value (01/03/2010)

  • Awarded the hydrogeological study arterial railway network Murcia (01/03/2010)

  • A further step in building a new medical clinic in Sangonera la Seca (01/03/2010)
    It will serve a population of more than 5,100 inhabitants
  • The students of the University of Murcia participants in the exchange program with Chile are well (01/03/2010)

  • The young artists have a new appointment with the XVIII edition of Creajoven (01/03/2010)
    This year economic increases the amount of mode Product Design
  • The Socialists proposed that buses are free for the unemployed in Murcia (01/03/2010)

  • Monteagudo starts on Friday its launch events of Easter 2010 (01/03/2010)
    The president of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, this year will herald
  • The celebration of the Law School offers a series of lectures on human rights and terrorism (01/03/2010)


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