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Murcia News - June 2008

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  • The Delegation of the Government guarantees the right to work as bus drivers, but can not compel compliance with the minimum services (30/06/2008)

  • Artist Wins Portuguese IX Painting Prize at the University of Murcia (30/06/2008)

  • Almost a hundred papers presented at II Lemon Pop music contest (30/06/2008)

  • Murcia became the cradle of coaching basketball (30/06/2008)
    The Palace of Sports will host the International Basketball Clinic City of Murcia 2008 of 4 to 6 July
  • Development awards the project to expand a third lane on the section link Link Orihuela-Monteagudo of the A-7, in Murcia and Alicante (30/06/2008)
    The contract amounts to 1.287.924,70 €
  • The Mayor receives the contest's runners Murcia "What is a king for you?" (30/06/2008)
    Joaquin Fernandez, 12, is an alumnus of the school Santa Maria de la Paz and won the award for its "balance between regions"
  • The City Council undertakes direct cooperation with the implementation of two projects in the Alto in Bolivia and Ecuador (30/06/2008)
    The projects focus on building a school-workshop and a school
  • IU + Greens presents written protests from fines to cyclists in the square Belluga (30/06/2008)

  • One hundred schools now start their adventure in Education has organized camps in Los Narejos and Nerpio (30/06/2008)
    The students will engage in sailing, canoeing and adventure
  • Education is pleased "by the good development" of the first day of exams to secondary (29/06/2008)

  • Graciela Kohan conference taught in Murcia 'Holocaust, how was this possible? (29/06/2008)

  • The Community shall submit claims to the landfill project near Zeneta (28/06/2008)
    The Ministry of Sustainable Development and the city of Murcia together to prevent the conduct in this location
  • The City donates sewing machines to an occupational project for women in Togo (28/06/2008)
    The Action Blue NGOs take the material to Sudan
  • The 'performer' Esther Ferrer artist will teach a workshop at the Laboratorio de Arte Joven (28/06/2008)
    The artist, known internationally for his work from the sixties, will conduct a workshop focused on performance and action art
  • The children of Los Martínez del Puerto premiere playground (28/06/2008)
    have been installed 400 meters of flexible rubber flooring and has expanded the number of swings and slides
  • "The City Council, guarantee the relocation of the two elders of the Senda de Granada" (27/06/2008)

  • "The Delegation of the Government ensures free movement of buses" (27/06/2008)

  • Begin parties Beniscornia Corner (27/06/2008)
    Tomorrow is named the godmother and on Sunday there will be a popular career sardinada
  • Circular Square will host a light show and music if Spain wins Euro (27/06/2008)
    Local Police established a special device consisting of thirty players
  • Consumption UNAE work with the association for the promotion of consumer protection policies (27/06/2008)

  • The Institute for Youth and the University of Murcia undertake joint (27/06/2008)

  • 2.7 million for primary care, home help and social inclusion in Murcia (27/06/2008)

  • Authorized the creation of the School of Optics at the University of Murcia (27/06/2008)

  • The Aguas de Murcia Town Hall and began a campaign to continue conserving water Murcia (27/06/2008)
    will run for two months
  • The Army Paratrooper Brigade Air will fly the skies of Los Martínez del Puerto on Sunday (27/06/2008)
    The exhibition will be held at 11 am
  • Two new projects will employ local unemployed 85 (27/06/2008)
    allow us to build the new center accessible to young people in Santiago and Zaraiche
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Santa Cruz and Zeneta (27/06/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets of the city and in Santiago and Zaraiche, Puebla de Soto and toes
  • L'Artesa The rock garden is celebrating its anniversary XXIX (27/06/2008)
    This evening we have organized a Children's Fair Folk
  • Espinardo goodbye this weekend their parties (27/06/2008)
    Comedian Miguel Caiceo act tomorrow in the party room. Sunday is celebrated the procession of Cristo de la Salud to the chapel in Calvary
  • The Government of Murcia close the CIE at the deterioration of the facility (26/06/2008)
    González Tovar visited the site days ago and will urge Interior to re-tender the works of enlargement
  • Youth Art Lab hosts a fashion show with designs Fashion students from the School of Art and Design of Murcia (26/06/2008)
    Young artists show, in collaboration with students of Art Photography, 24 pieces inspired by the myth of the Fates
  • Reply to Esther Herguedas José Ros (IU) regarding the motion on the landfill of Cañada Hermosa (26/06/2008)

  • Cycling Association Murcia Costa Calida begins its traditional route on Saturday against Parkinson (26/06/2008)
    This year will travel the distance between Madrid Murcia
  • Municipal Center La Nave held tomorrow to celebrate your progress (26/06/2008)
    After 21 hours, with performances by participants in different courses and workshops
  • 'School holidays' Regional Library offers a total of 18 activities for children from 8 months to 12 years (26/06/2008)
    The storytelling and some of the shops have a sign language interpreter
  • The City Museum is hosting an exhibition of drawings and photographs of the vegetable gardens and orchards (26/06/2008)
    'The Garden.
  • The former headquarters of Foreign Trade and Economic Council will host the Administrative (26/06/2008)
    The City recovers the New Gate building, partly occupied for 23 years by units of the Central Administration
  • The House requires the Central Government that the rise in electricity tariffs not serious families (26/06/2008)
    On the water price increase Taibilla, the Mayor said that the Government "has the obligation to treat the Spanish on an equal footing without discrimination on the basis of the territory where they live "
  • The City continues to fulfill the commitments made to residents of La Paz (26/06/2008)
    With the approval by the full text of the amendment of General Plan
  • The Great Concerts cycle brings Murcia "the best symphony orchestras in the world" (25/06/2008)
    The great Viennese symphonic is the subject of programming from 31 October to June 7 for the first time brings the region to orchestras such as the Strasbourg Philharmonic and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Queen is interested in the Centre for intellectually disabled autonomy to be built in Cabezo de Torres (25/06/2008)
    This is what the counselor said Joaquín Bascuñana today at the meeting of the Council of the Royal Board on Disability
  • The Government delegate offers cooperation to improve access to campus (25/06/2008)
    The offer was made during the first official visit made by González Tovar Convalescence, home of the Chancellor, since he was elected to office just over one month
  • Culminate the first phase of training the 48 pupils in the school workshop to build the new headquarters of La Alberca (25/06/2008)
    School can build a new municipal facility and train workers in a trade
  • The cycle "Toros 2008" program every day gatherings at the Museo Taurino Feria (25/06/2008)
    Year address "Characters of the bull" and "Women in Murcia toros
  • The Ranero introduces an artificial turf sports court (25/06/2008)
    is situated in the garden next to the football field
  • An agreement signed by the City and the developer Edival transform more than 140 homes in protected free (25/06/2008)
    Cabezo are located in the Torres
  • Martínez-cache header dump opposition to Orihuela, near the hamlet of Zeneta (25/06/2008)

  • Operation Black 2008 arrives this summer to more than thirty streets, avenues, roads and squares (25/06/2008)
    The asphalt renovation work will be undertaken along the entire month of August
  • Renewal of the collaboration agreement for the education of children with special needs (25/06/2008)
    Special attention will be offered next year to a total of 27 boys and girls
  • Paving of sidewalks in various streets of La Alberca, Beniaján and The Prop (25/06/2008)
    The total amount of proceedings is over 143,000 euros
  • El Palmar have new green areas twice the size of the garden of Salitre (25/06/2008)
    The Governing Board has given initial approval to new developments in Bacons Bridge and Cabeza de Torres, and an industrial estate in Gea y Truyols
  • The Consistory supports the practice of sport with 51,000 euros (25/06/2008)
    Murcia Deportivo CF, Fuensanta Swim Club and Sports Association and Mountain Click photo signed agreements with the City
  • IU + Greens seek the repayment of more than 3 million citizens for being "irrelevant" the refuse of Cañada Hermosa (25/06/2008)

  • The Film Archive and the Centre Regional Párraga delve into the series 'Xcèntric' in the relationship between cinema and photography and painting (24/06/2008)
    The program will be held from 2 to 10 July in the terrace Párraga Center
  • Universities in Mexico and Spain studied the cultural and racial mixing (24/06/2008)

  • Rafael Gomez is meeting with groups that install on the Malecon Garden at the Fair (24/06/2008)
    The official opening of the exhibition will be held on September 5
  • Citizens may reserve starting tomorrow 10,706 free seats for sports next year (24/06/2008)
    Reservations must be made via telephone and web 902444905 www.murciadeportes.com
  • The City continues to fulfill its commitment to the residents of La Paz streamlining the procedures urban (24/06/2008)
    The House on Thursday approved the revised text to refer the project at the Autonomous Community
  • Delegation of the Chinese University of Hunam visit the University of Murcia (24/06/2008)
    A delegation from the Chinese University of Hunam was received by the rector of the University of Murcia, José Antonio Cobacho
  • Eight vie for prize guitar flamenco guitar 'Niño Ricardo' (24/06/2008)
    The festival will this year with performances of flamenco fusion group 'Crumbs' and José 'El Francés', plus a master class given by Gerardo Nuñez
  • "Murcia in the summer" brings music to the streets every Thursday in August (24/06/2008)
    Start with Crowded House concert in the Garden of Fofó
  • Sports organized Municipal Campus IV Paulo Roberto Futsal (24/06/2008)
    is aimed at children of 6-14 years and is held in City facilities during the first week of July
  • Nine young Murcia travel to less developed countries this summer thanks to a new city program (24/06/2008)
    Contribute to projects undertaken in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Morocco
  • IU presented a motion to facilitate the use of spaces dependent on the Department of Culture to citizen groups (24/06/2008)

  • Music Finalists Creajoven Metal act Friday at Murcia Parque (24/06/2008)
    From the 20 hours
  • About 800 people attended the third edition of the Course: Introduction to Contemporary Art CENDEAC (23/06/2008)
    The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports closed the seminar with a presentation on the German painter Gerhard Richter
  • Presented the project to recover the old Post Street building, owned by Grupo Orenes (23/06/2008)

  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables hosts two exhibitions from tomorrow (23/06/2008)
    inaugurate Samples are 'Work in progress.
  • Adapted by the Municipal Planning Building to the new requirements of the Technical Building Code (23/06/2008)
    The Planning Advisory Board has given its approval to the project
  • The University of Murcia opens on 26 pre-registration period at the races with limited places (23/06/2008)
    Pre-registration in courses at the University of Murcia, which have limited seats will be 26 June to 7 July.
  • Begin the repair of sidewalks in the streets Joaquín Costa, and Soledad Garcia Alix (23/06/2008)
    The work will last approximately one month
  • The Committee on General Affairs Plenary gives green light to the municipal budget settlement (23/06/2008)
    debt has fallen more than 12 million euros
  • The Department of Culture is organizing the first time, workshops in August (23/06/2008)
    The Museum of Science in the City and the Ramon Gaya
  • The Mayor and Deputy Government recover the historical monolith that marked the opening of the Camino Real de Castilla (23/06/2008)
    This piece was placed in the so-called Puerta de Castilla and was erected in the early nineteenth century
  • Work on energy efficiency in the School of Chemistry won the contest for the improvement of university management (23/06/2008)
    This work "comprehensive action to improve energy efficiency in the building of the Faculty of Chemistry, Aurelio and Joaquín Arenas Fernández, has become the prize of the contest for the improvement of university management
  • Afternoon of children in the Palm Garden of La Paz (23/06/2008)
    A fireworks display will put an end to neighborhood parties
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Javalí Viejo, Los Ramos and toes (23/06/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • The pool opens Bacons Bridge (23/06/2008)
    Tomorrow begins the time to register for courses swimming pools districts
  • The host CST on Monday the First Contest of Chamber Professionals in the Region of Murcia (22/06/2008)

  • IU + Los Verdes de Murcia requests the substitution of the lights of a car as "not meet the criteria of sustainable energy" (21/06/2008)

  • The Morales Meseguer investigates a technique to eliminate snoring and improve sleep (21/06/2008)
    sleep apnea is associated with increased traffic accidents and suffer more than 4 percent of men
  • 'La Negra' close on Thursday, the series 'Music in the Courtyards' at the Museum of Fine Arts (21/06/2008)
    The Early Music Aljamiado Axivil with the flamenco singer Pedro Sanz, sound on Tuesday 24 June at the Santa Clara Museum
  • Planning has already opened an infringement of the square building Camachos (20/06/2008)

  • Authorized the contract for construction of Phase 2 of the Ciudad de la Justicia de Murcia (20/06/2008)
    The new building will house 45 courts
  • Great chocolate for small fishermen of La Paz (20/06/2008)
    At 12 hours there will be a supply of pot season in the Centro Cultural de La Paz
  • Education, awareness and environmental disclosure only 10 kilometers from Murcia (20/06/2008)
    Downtown Columbares source is a natural enclave of 50,000 square meters
  • 342,000 euros to bring researchers and technical staff in the UMU (20/06/2008)

  • IU + LV file a motion for the redevelopment of the parking space located on the Artillery Barracks (20/06/2008)
    Herguedas recalled that the area occupied by the said parking is listed in the General Urban Plan (Plan) of Murcia as a green zone
  • The settlement of the 2007 municipal budget shows a surplus of more than 15.7 million euros (20/06/2008)
    The City's indebtedness has been reduced by more than twelve million in one year
  • The Arboleja, parties (20/06/2008)
    Sunday procession is held in honor of the Holy Family Child and Monday will read the proclamation Nuria Fuentes
  • Party for small aquatic swimmers (20/06/2008)
    Children who are part of the swimming school on Monday involved a party at Murcia Parque
  • The Mubam hosting an exhibition of Henry Castañer, which analyzes the light through 45 pictures (19/06/2008)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated this evening by President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel
  • Nearly 600 vehicles, penalties for violations in one week with the new mobile device Local Police (19/06/2008)
    A car equipped with license plate identification system can locate cars that violate traffic rules
  • House opens the new Integral Service Citizen Service (19/06/2008)
    This office, which will serve in 8 different languages, facilitate administrative procedures and to respond to the needs of citizens
  • Espinardo starts its festivities in honor of San Pedro (19/06/2008)
    will be tomorrow at 20:30 pm with the reading of the opening in the hamlet Casino
  • The University of Murcia foster relationships with universities in Mexico (19/06/2008)

  • REM perform for the first time in the Region of Murcia part of the 'Other Music' (18/06/2008)
    The band fronted by Michael Stipe presented on 30 September his latest album "Accelerate"
  • 150 local police officers will go to the headquarters of The Esparragal (18/06/2008)
    The contractor has one year to complete the works, with a total investment of 850,000 euros
  • The districts receive an injection of 13 million to improve the quality of life (18/06/2008)
    Murcia Mayor and President of the Community signed an agreement to do work in urban areas, centering ditches, pave streets and improve lighting
  • Culture offers three concerts to celebrate the European Day of Music (18/06/2008)
    You can edit the CD of Murcia Tres Culturas
  • Speed reducers to optimize security at Los Garres (18/06/2008)
    There will be eleven ribs with their respective vertical signage
  • The Lightning 17 Vistabella go through before the end of the year (18/06/2008)
    The City Council extended the line to serve the residents of the Eastern District Board
  • The sports facilities are aimed at saving energy by installing solar panels (18/06/2008)
    is placed in the pool Mar Menor, Infante, El Palmar, Bacons Bridge and Inacua, Sports Center Fleet and the Palacio de los Deportes
  • Immediate start of the expansion work of Admiral Avenue Loaysa (18/06/2008)
    The road will connect with Miguel Indurain Abenarabi
  • Improving sanitation for the residents of the Green Sangonera (18/06/2008)
    will build a new sewer from the Reguerón up the main street of the hamlet
  • 1,740 children participate in the 39 summer schools organized by Social Services (18/06/2008)
    The offer is aimed at children between 6 and 14 years old
  • Bascuñana inaugurated the new headquarters of the Federation of Associations of Relatives of Alzheimer Region (18/06/2008)
    In addition, the update of the agreement signed between the region and Ffedarm
  • The finalists of Pop-Rock Music Creajoven and act tomorrow Delafé Facto Murcia Park (18/06/2008)
    From the 20 hours
  • The triumph of the pedestrian (17/06/2008)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, wanted to participate in the first run of 10,000 steps established in the village
  • Camera highlights the work of the municipal technical engineers in promoting the climate change strategy (17/06/2008)
    The College of Industrial Engineers delivered to the Mayor, in his capacity as chairman of the FMRM, a traditional shield of the Region of Murcia
  • The Mayor said the responsible use and efficient management as key to the decline in water consumption (17/06/2008)
    capita spending per day stood at 120.28 liters
  • The Mayor congratulated the players and officials Sangonera Athletic Club after his promotion to Segunda B (17/06/2008)
    is the first team in a district that reaches Murcia this category
  • The Minister of Health provides professionals Arrixaca the Gold Region (17/06/2008)
    The award was presented on June 9, Day of the Region of Murcia hospital, which has become a benchmark for Spanish Health
  • The City activates the special plan against Legionella (17/06/2008)

  • Moya-Angeler recalled that the period for voluntary payment of IBI ends on July 5 (17/06/2008)
    The pattern of tax receipts totaled 308,757, almost 5% more than in 2007
  • Adesga and the city signed an agreement for environmental revitalization of the Valley and Zepa Monte Altaona saws and Escalona (17/06/2008)
    The Department of Environment has supported various activities to raise awareness with 12,000 euros
  • Adesga Sustainable Development and assist in the protection of the populations of owls in the world (17/06/2008)
    The association is committed to raising awareness about the need to preserve biodiversity in the SPA Monte Valley and Sierras de Altaona and Escalona
  • More than 23,000 vehicles pass by each day Espinardo campus (17/06/2008)

  • Continue spraying against mosquitoes (17/06/2008)
    Six people with three teams have performed this morning and again Thursday, fumigate
  • THE Tourism Qualification Centre closing its hospitality courses 2007-2008 (16/06/2008)
    In particular, they gave Cook finished the course of CCT, CCT and Technical Waiter in Hotel Management, which started last September and have a duration of 9 months, distributed in over 700 hours of training
  • The Civil Guard arrested a Moroccan alleged perpetrator of a homicide (16/06/2008)

  • The platform for peace in the Middle East and the Palestinian State is organizing a demonstration for next Wednesday (16/06/2008)

  • The exhibition 'innermost feelings' closed its doors with more than 19,000 visitors (16/06/2008)
    Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage has highlighted the contribution that the sample course to remember the work and figure of the sculptor Juan González Moreno Murcia
  • The City Council received another award for its program of energy recovery from waste (16/06/2008)
    The delivery took place at the first International Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and New Technological Solutions
  • The Belluga Festival returns to fill with music and dance the nights of July (16/06/2008)
    For the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga spend the Region Symphony Orchestra, the Russian Imperial Ballet, the Youth Orchestra of the Region, Coro del Teatro Orquestay Donetsk Opera Company and Antonio Marquez
  • Tomorrow's festivities begin Albatalía (16/06/2008)

  • Competition of crumbs and festivals to encourage parties Llano de Brujas (16/06/2008)
    The events end on June 29 with the procession of San Pedro
  • The European Foundation for the Information Society study selected a doctoral student at the University of Murcia (16/06/2008)

  • The University of Murcia held open days to promote research (16/06/2008)

  • The regional government Valverde congratulated on his victory in the Dauphine Libere (15/06/2008)

  • The Mayor received the Bicentennial Medal for the work of Murcia soldiers in the War of Independence (15/06/2008)
    The City of Murcia Zaragoza gives this high distinction and historical displays his gratitude for their participation in the war
  • The Youth Council moved to the street chronicler Carlos Valcárcel (14/06/2008)
    The Council aims to facilitate access to citizens
  • Remodeling the garden full of street grates Sangonera the Green (14/06/2008)
    new playground will have more furniture and better access
  • Chamber welcomes Golden Badge of St. Basil that night was for his "unconditional support" for the neighborhood, next to the Bishop of the Diocese, Juan Antonio Reig Pla (14/06/2008)
    the new Throne of the pattern, last night was blessed by the Bishop, will morning in a procession for the first time
  • The Mayor opened a bust in honor of the father Joseíco (14/06/2008)
    Miguel Angel House has highlighted the friendly and committed priest, and was named adopted son of Murcia
  • Murcia honors its founder (13/06/2008)
    Chamber Mayor presides the inauguration of the sculpture of Abderrahman II in the Plaza de la Cruz Roja
  • The Community brings two million for a pioneering center for the intellectually disabled in Cabezo de Torres (13/06/2008)
    Joaquin Bascuñana has launched today the first stone of the new facilities for personal autonomy Fundown
  • Experts in road safety early (13/06/2008)
    ESO 3,000 students learn traffic rules by participating in the Local Competition XIX Driver Education and Accident Prevention
  • Health derat against cockroaches and insects in El Progreso, Boatmen, Zarandona and Beniaján (13/06/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • Ategrus awarded the City with a special mention for a project to recover energy from waste (13/06/2008)
    Councilman José Ros collected the award yesterday at the International Urban Planning and Environment to be held in Madrid
  • Have fun at school during the month of July (13/06/2008)
    The 31 municipal Summer Schools offer places for almost 1,700 children
  • Cleaning the Green Sangonera shock (13/06/2008)
    will be held on Sunday
  • IU + Murcia Greens claim responsibility for the company's New Capital in the state of ruin Cagigal flag (13/06/2008)

  • Open Enrolment in the course on the role of trade unions (13/06/2008)

  • Organize a course on the European Excellence advisor (13/06/2008)

  • On Sunday I will hold the march on foot to join the field of Condomina old with the new stadium (13/06/2008)
    will begin at 10 am in the La Condomina and will travel 8 km
  • Morning pools open their doors to the Ñora, Rincon de Seca, Aljucer, Stables, El Raal, Corvera and Sangonera the Green (13/06/2008)
    The facilities offer swimming lessons during summer
  • The Center for Women's Vistabella finished his courses in physiotherapy (13/06/2008)
    The goal of these courses is to promote women's health
  • Urban project will the Holy Spirit a new neighborhood, according to the needs of the residents (12/06/2008)
    investment of 7.5 million euros will be used to renovate the physical, social and economic development of the area The cultural factor will be an integrating element urban regeneration
  • The City Council will increase relations with the Bullfighting School of Murcia (12/06/2008)
    Rafael Gomez has been interviewed Andres Sanchez, a member of the school board
  • Miguel Angel House opened the Plaza de La Opinión in the 20 th anniversary of the arrival of the newspaper in Murcia (12/06/2008)
    The Consistory recognizes the informative, cultural and educational day that has developed in society Murcia
  • Youth work with St. Patrick's Foundation in the development of the Model European Parliament (12/06/2008)
    Promoting awareness of European citizenship is the goal of this program, to be held in September
  • More than 11,500 people visit the tent of "Cool-ture" in Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena (12/06/2008)

  • Local police punished in a week to five illegal taxi drivers (12/06/2008)
    All have been located around the bus station
  • You can be supportive (12/06/2008)
    More than 3,000 students have participated in the campaign to promote voluntary social services center Murcia South develops its third year awareness program for children
  • The collaboration between the City and the Community will build pathways to college campuses cyclable (11/06/2008)
    The subsidy from the Ministry of Transport amounted to 295,000 euros
  • Two gardens Sangonera Ronda Sur and the Green will feature the first 'leisure gardens' (11/06/2008)
    The Murcia will grow there vegetable and fruit varieties Preference will be given to pensioners and early retirees
  • The Department of Health Murcia help prevent obesity and diabetes (11/06/2008)
    The City intends that the adoption of healthy life patterns reach the family and school
  • The old school of Beniaján Fuensanta will become a public space (11/06/2008)
    The City Council will soon demolish the building
  • The largest of Churra enjoy a new green space next to the Social Centre (11/06/2008)
    The expected investment in excess of 208,000 euros
  • The City collaborates with eleven youth associations, youth centers managers (11/06/2008)
    Youth allocated € 50,000 in grants
  • Expert Israel and Europe debate tomorrow on Water and Climate Change in the Third International Workshop on Water Saving (11/06/2008)
    technical specialists and exchange experiences on the challenges imposed by climate change and water resources
  • The City Council will undertake a comprehensive refurbishment in the garden of Los Naranjos de Santo Angel (11/06/2008)
    The project includes the refurbishment of the playground, planting trees and repairing damaged items, among other actions
  • Education requests the Community more than € 500,000 to remove architectural barriers in schools (11/06/2008)
    installation of elevators, handrails and railings, ramps, space adaptation and adaptation of the toilets will be some actions to perform
  • Paving of sidewalks in the hamlet of Los Garres (11/06/2008)
    The works have an execution period of one month and the approximate cost is about 40,000 euros
  • Nuria Fuentes morning read the proclamation of the celebrations of the Prince (11/06/2008)
    The ceremony will take place at 21.30 hours on the pool deck Infante
  • Three days of Music Hall in New Metal Garage (11/06/2008)
    Twelve groups participate in the tournament semifinal Creajoven
  • Gala charity to combat leukemia (11/06/2008)

  • Voices Against Forgetting "photo exhibition on neglected diseases (11/06/2008)
    60 images by photographer Juan Carlos Tomasi, co-produced by Doctors Without Borders and Beyond Point Festival
  • The Municipal Archives Murcia digitized information contained in the file of the Casa de los Vélez (10/06/2008)
    The documents relate to the family activity Fajardo
  • Adif puts the path of variant Reguerón for Murcia-Alicante route and vice versa (10/06/2008)
    will mean the elimination of 6 crossings and the removal of the barrier effect of the railroad stocks Beniaján, The Ramos and Torreagüera thanks to the implementation of the two tracks on high-speed platform
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara inaugurated the restoration of the Sanctuary and Temple of Light Iberian (10/06/2008)
    The performance has allowed the consolidation, restoration and interpretation of the significant elements
  • Park your where you need (10/06/2008)
    A new vehicle purchased by the Security council to automatically read license plates to avoid double row and cars used in crime detection
  • International experts in Murcia discuss the future of biofuels (10/06/2008)
    Merchant Councilor stresses the importance of seeking alternatives to oil are more respectful of the environment
  • The archaeological site of La Luz show the lifestyle of the Iberian settlements in the Region (10/06/2008)
    The refurbishment works, which involves an investment of 311,000 euros, including the new Visitor Center museización and recovery of the remains of V century BC town
  • More than a thousand students used the campus bike in two months (10/06/2008)

  • Presentation of Bru Rovira book "Challenges of humanity" (10/06/2008)
    The book begins a new collection of texts of the Festival Punto Aparte "2Tintas Collection"
  • IES Graduate Student Cascales involved in the training of intercultural mediators at the University of Murcia (08/06/2008)
    Secondary Six students worked on the simulation of a case among students in the School of Social Practice
  • 50,000 euros to Murcia 2005 Volleyball Athletic Club for the final Champions League Women's Volleyball (06/06/2008)

  • Authorized an agreement with Renfe rail service between Murcia and Cartagena (06/06/2008)

  • Care for the environment, take care of yourself (06/06/2008)
    The Deputy Mayor of Education this morning visited the Green Week 2008 of the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca
  • ... (06/06/2008)

  • The Mayor opened the church of San Antonio de Padua in Lobosillo and Plaza Juan Pablo II (06/06/2008)
    restoration has focused on repairing the roof, restore the murals in the chapels and condition the environment
  • The plan for repair and improvement of public schools by 2008 will require an investment of 2 billion euros (06/06/2008)
    School Students Workshop will tackle plumbing and electrical work-in seven-, in order to support their Training
  • The Traders Association of Los Garres receive a grant from the City Council (06/06/2008)
    Recently created, and has over a hundred partners
  • AMUSAL organized a seminar on good environmental practices (06/06/2008)
    The seminar aimed to raise awareness of good environmental practices can be implemented in social economy enterprises and how to carry them out so that impact positively on economic growth.
  • Llano de Brujas held on Monday up cycling because of the holidays (06/06/2008)
    The event will start at 9.30 pm in Church Square
  • House claimed debt of gratitude to the rocks huerta Murcia (06/06/2008)
    The Mayor stressed the "tremendous work they do to preserve and transmit our folklore"
  • Begin Creajoven the semifinals of the Pop-Rock (05/06/2008)
    The concerts take place in Room New Garage, at 22 pm tonight, tomorrow and Saturday
  • Culture Film and reshape the Veronicas room in order to "strengthen the most of the programming" (05/06/2008)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz this morning the two projects with a budget of over a million and a half euros
  • Camera turns to demand that the rise in electricity tariff does not penalize large families (05/06/2008)
    "The National Government can take the example of Murcia, which does not affect families in the price of water"
  • Sources launches a special device to prevent the proliferation of illegal taxis (05/06/2008)
    Eight police officers will monitor the bus and train stations
  • Display Murcia firefighters in the "Heroes" (05/06/2008)
    40 personnel of the Corps will participate in the activities planned for tomorrow and Saturday
  • The Mayor announced that Murcia has reduced its emissions 38,600 tons (05/06/2008)
    Less is more, the savings have been produced with the 37 actions fostered within the Local Strategy to Combat Climate Change adopted in October 2007
  • The Mayor encourages Murcia to make small gestures that contribute to combat climate change (05/06/2008)
    More than 200 Murcia participate in competitions organized to mark the World Environment Day
  • Working in solidarity, help for the future (05/06/2008)
    The Department of Employment provided to 90 unemployed work in the field of dependency, one that generates more demand
  • Murcia University professor publishes book on talk Garrigós Muñoz Murcia (05/06/2008)

  • The Women's Center of La Paz rewarding artistic creativity of its members (05/06/2008)
    paint shop, dance, yoga, gymnastics, visits, physical therapy or theater are other activities carried out by women in the neighborhood
  • The skaters meet Cascales and Martinez-Cache (04/06/2008)
    pretend to agree to these young people have appropriate places
  • The Choir Murciano Fernández Mayor Caballero appointed Honorary President at the 75 th anniversary of its founding (04/06/2008)
    Miguel Angel House thanked the award at a ceremony in the Plenary Hall
  • The first national center for cystic fibrosis in Spain will open this year in El Palmar (04/06/2008)
    In a plot donated by the City Council
  • A company responsible for maintaining trees located in public schools (04/06/2008)
    The work consists of pruning, the branches transport and treatment plant
  • The City adheres to the award of the Gold Medal of the Region Asensio Sáez, Barberan and Antonio Muñoz Pérez Crespo (04/06/2008)

  • La Plaza de Santo Domingo morning hosts organized activities to mark the World Environment Day (04/06/2008)
    From the 11 hours
  • Mayor Juan Carlos Navarro and participate in school sports festival with more than 3,000 children Murcia (04/06/2008)
    The Council organizes for the first time, a year-end meeting in which the Mayor has presented the trophies to the winners
  • The City Council promotes the Tourist Consortium 'Murcia, Crossroads' with a new investment (04/06/2008)
    will invest 130,000 euros to finance projects such as the Visitor Center of San Cayetano in Monteagudo
  • The works of the South Coast will begin immediately (04/06/2008)
    The new road will reduce traffic congestion ten districts
  • More than 2,800 users already benefit from Telecare service (04/06/2008)
    The Board of Directors gives its approval to the extension of the agreement for 2008
  • Let us take care of them (04/06/2008)
    The Governing Board approved the proposal to continue developing three projects for the Elderly within the Gerontological Plan
  • People with hearing disabilities have a mediator to conduct their proceedings in the City (04/06/2008)
    The Training Plan includes courses in sign language
  • The City Council asked the Community more than € 350,000 for the maintenance of nursery schools (04/06/2008)
    The seven public schools meet all the requirements of the order of grants
  • A new art fire engine joins the fleet of Fire (04/06/2008)
    The main peculiarity of this vehicle is to allow the release of foam tall buildings
  • Head of Torres welcomes the VI Vocal Group (04/06/2008)
    The performance will take place tomorrow, at 20 pm in the auditorium of the parish
  • Free dance lessons at the open day of the Second Congress of Ballroom and Latin Rhythms (04/06/2008)
    The activity was held on Saturday from 11 to 14 hours at the Municipal Auditorium Thader
  • Maria del Carmen Pelegrin morning proclaims the festival of San Basilio (04/06/2008)
    The event was held at 21 am in church
  • Camera exported outside school sports model designed in Murcia (03/06/2008)
    Mayor I explained in Ibero-American Summit of Physical Education and School Sport has made the bet that the Olympic movement Murcia
  • "Advanced Realities" Canning Company in Point Festival Aside (03/06/2008)
    has its genesis in a video released Canned anonymously, and received thousands of hits on YouTube in just two days and was the most visited in Spain at the week.
  • The John XXIII College of The Ranero complete the third line with six new classrooms (03/06/2008)
    Medina: "The Department will continue activities to continue to meet educational demands of this growing neighborhood"
  • The Mayor opened the Center expansion and Primary John XXIII, in the Ranero (03/06/2008)
    The new facility, which will benefit about 600 students, including 6 units, a dining room and a gym
  • Beniaján hosts a screening of videos from the sun recorded by NASA (03/06/2008)
    On Friday, at 20.30
  • Murcia joins the celebration of World Environment Day (03/06/2008)
    Among the activities include the distribution of pots and trees and the workshop to make toys out of scrap materials
  • The mayor signed an agreement for victims of terrorism receive the solidarity of Murcia (03/06/2008)
    plasma City Council in an agreement to support victims of terrorism The agreement was signed this morning by Miguel Angel House and Alejandro Urteaga
  • Education expands the places available for summer camps, after the success of the call for this course (03/06/2008)
    95 more students may participate in the activities planned for this holiday
  • Tourism Murcia presented as a congress city (03/06/2008)
    The Convention Bureau takes its offer to Madrid, where he presented the offer of Murcia as a city to hold events and congresses.
  • Francisco Gonzalez selected for the World Cup Judo (03/06/2008)
    The judoka Murcia Francisco Gonzalez has been held by the Royal Spanish Judo Federation to represent Spain in the Judo World Cup to be held on 7 and 8 June in Madrid.
  • A thirty blind people visit the exhibition "innermost feelings" (02/06/2008)

  • The pool will open on Wednesday Murcia Park Public (02/06/2008)
    what facilities will districts from June 14
  • Tourism is preparing for the opening of the Iberian Sanctuary of Light (02/06/2008)
    María Isabel Valcárcel this morning visited the works
  • Zarandona strengthens his passion for art with the Theatre Festival XXVI (02/06/2008)
    be held from 4 to 17 June in the Precinct Los Geranios
  • El Caballero Fernández Choir celebrates its 75th anniversary with more than a dozen acts (02/06/2008)
    As of June 2009 will be going different activities such as concerts and exhibitions
  • Green Murcia, a municipality responsible (02/06/2008)
    Mayor receives the Green Flag awarded the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers and the Biodiversity Foundation
  • The city council of Los Martínez del Puerto prepares VII Painting Contest outdoor (02/06/2008)
    This activity is part of the organized on the occasion of the celebration of the festivities of the hamlet
  • Sidewalk repair works in the neighborhood of El Carmen (02/06/2008)
    The proceedings shall be conducted in two blocks and the maximum is one month
  • Tomorrow begins spraying against mosquitoes (02/06/2008)
    Six people with three teams will start work at 7.30 am on the Malecon
  • Herguedas: "The PP passes and ignores the roll motions of the opposition" (01/06/2008)
    IU + Councillor Greens today accused the PP of "passing the roller and ignore the efforts of the opposition" during the plenary sessions

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