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Murcia News - May 2015

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  • Statement regarding the death of a student at the UCAM, which occurred this afternoon in Calarreona Beach (31/05/2015)

  • Agents of Employment and Local Development of the City help create 14 new companies in the first quarter of 2015 (31/05/2015)
    224 have also made inquiries and have advised 43 business plans
  • The Fourth Degree in Physiotherapy Promotion UCAM graduates (30/05/2015)
    Francisco Javier Sainz de Murieta, director of the School of Physiotherapy, ONCE acted as godfather
  • The UCAM celebrates the act of imposition of scholarships to students of the Degree in Criminology (30/05/2015)
    The writer Jerome Tristante, has acted as godfather
  • El Trillo has new headquarters (30/05/2015)
    The rock garden Aljucer El Trillo has officially opened its new headquarters, whose land was donated by the city of Murcia.
  • CROEM president, godfather of students in ADE and Tourism (29/05/2015)
    The UCAM graduates its first class of students of Degree in Tourism
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia receives report on remaining cash (29/05/2015)

  • Health implements a geolocation system to control the tiger mosquito (29/05/2015)
    Citizen cooperation is indispensable in this campaign, which will spread throughout the municipality.
  • The XIII Retro-Auto Fair opens its doors with 140 exhibitors (29/05/2015)
    will be open until Sunday on the grounds of Artillery Barracks
  • ... (29/05/2015)

  • Artists of Fine Arts, University of Murcia painted landscapes of the region (29/05/2015)
    "Paisaje.UM versus SPA Sierra del Molino, Quípar Reservoir and Cagitán Llanos" is the eighth installment of a project that has already involved hundreds young artists
  • The University of Murcia recognizes ten students honored at the National Awards Thesis (29/05/2015)

  • Service hosted CIM-M incorporates three new companies (29/05/2015)
    The center has accommodation standards to be met by all businesses that want to join
  • Post-election NOW MURCIA Rating (29/05/2015)

  • Murcia brand's change its priorities for the new municipal government (29/05/2015)
    The audit of municipal services, a plan of priority to impoverished families and emergency employment plan are the three indispensable baselines
  • Duda, 650 matches (29/05/2015)

  • Carlos del Amor Monday closing the "First Conference on Journalism and new formats of communication" at the University of Murcia (29/05/2015)

  • Francisco Javier Cano Lopez wins CreaMurcia Gastronomy (29/05/2015)
    The two runners have been for Joseph Dólera Campoy and Jose Angel Sanchez Martinez
  • The shops Vistalegre and Bethlehem this weekend opened its first Craft Fair and discounts (29/05/2015)
    Students at the School of Art join the initiative to promote local trade, exposing his works in the windows of some twenty business both neighborhoods
  • G MEN begin her "30 years and a day" in the bullring of Murcia on June 12 (28/05/2015)

  • Alberto Belando runs his "Another way" in Space Molinos Río_Caballerizas (28/05/2015)
    Cycle Sounds River hosts free performance tonight musician Murcia
  • This Friday starts "Act 2015" in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (28/05/2015)
    The singer Sole Giménez will be the "godmother of this year"
  • The neighborhoods of San Andrés and San Basilio celebrate this weekend its festivities (28/05/2015)

  • The City Council promotes its efforts to raise awareness about the World Environment Day (28/05/2015)
    The information booth in Santo Domingo offers workshops and tastings afternoon of 29 May and 1, 3, 4 and 5 June
  • The Faculty of Education won the President's Trophy at the University of Murcia (28/05/2015)

  • New arrested for smuggling marijuana using a partnership in Murcia city (28/05/2015)
    In a local intended for an association called "Green area of ​​study and research of cannabis and users of Murcia"
  • "The mood can not miss or business meetings" (28/05/2015)
    The CIM-M hosting the meeting organized by the Business Forum Murcia
  • The UCAM Murcia 99 he dismisses Spain Cadet Championship (27/05/2015)
    Lost in the knockout final against Valencia Basket team squad (74-57)
  • Former Secretary of State Salvador Ordonez said the university must follow the pace set time (27/05/2015)

  • A meeting of Sociology of Work Work Regulations address the crisis (27/05/2015)

  • Researchers from the universities of Murcia and La Coruna studying several vulnerable species of sharks and rays (27/05/2015)

  • The collective "Hysteria Circular" wins award Photography at the University of Murcia (27/05/2015)

  • Gabriel Lima: "We can win if we're focused one hundred percent and starting from the defense" (27/05/2015)

  • Youth Space and study hall for the village of Los Dolores (27/05/2015)
    The restaurant is located at Alhambra
  • The National Police arrested two people who forged prescriptions to acquire medicines and sell them illegally (27/05/2015)
    stamps were using stolen membership number
  • Nine young cooks will compete tomorrow in the final of CreaMurcia Gastronomy (27/05/2015)
    Devise dishes with mullet as main ingredient
  • A student of the Marist de Murcia wins the VI Olympiad of Economics and Business (27/05/2015)

  • The San Andrés celebrated on Sunday the feast of the Virgin of Arrixaca (27/05/2015)

  • Students in Early Childhood Education at the University of Murcia create an artistic space of knowledge through play (27/05/2015)

  • Murcia joins the celebration of the World Environment Day placing value on the grounds of neighborhoods and districts (27/05/2015)
    The information booth, which will be in the Plaza de Santo Domingo until next June 5th, will host different activities in the afternoon.
  • The University of Murcia offers scholarships to foreign students for summer courses (27/05/2015)

  • Santiago Campillo, former guitarist for M Clan, UCAM participate in a workshop on entrepreneurship in the music industry (26/05/2015)

  • The UCAM participate in a European project to combat youth unemployment (26/05/2015)
    On the initiative fifty young people between 18 and 25, from Romania, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia and Spain participate
  • About a hundred people participated in the meeting tomorrow "connecting companies humorous" (26/05/2015)
    tomorrow will be Wednesday from 18:30
  • Miguelín: "For our fans on Saturday will leave our soul" (26/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia and Murcia Emprende join forces to promote entrepreneurship through the Social Council (26/05/2015)

  • Professor Salvador Ordonez speaks about the future of the university system in seminaries Rector (26/05/2015)

  • Leiden ranking places the University of Murcia in Spain No. 2 in Mathematics and Computer Science (26/05/2015)

  • The documentary opens in Murcia "Back to the Future: the value of sustainable fishing" (26/05/2015)

  • Murcia City Council meets the requirements of financial sustainability needed to continue developing employment programs, training and cooperation (26/05/2015)
    The financial and administrative stability of the Corporation has received the approval of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration to continue with powers They are not her own
  • The University of Murcia selectivity adapted for students with learning disabilities (26/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia extends the hours of study rooms for exams (26/05/2015)
    The University of Murcia has established timetables study rooms in libraries and Aularios during the exam period
  • The UCAM creates the Department of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (25/05/2015)

  • The dog that bit a person is in rabies surveillance and enter the adoption program (25/05/2015)

  • Students of Medicine and Nursing at the University of Murcia SMS sue the map to a teaching practices (25/05/2015)

  • Continued collaboration with New Futuro project for integration and coexistence (25/05/2015)
    The program of entertainment and leisure unfolds in and out of sheltered housing for the association
  • Enter operated stations MUyBICI the Reina Sofia Hospital and Plaza Circular (25/05/2015)
    Last week also launched the bench located in Plaza de Europa
  • The University of Murcia and UPCT I face in Sports trophy Campus Mare Nostrum (25/05/2015)

  • Alicia Morales: "Now we begin" (25/05/2015)
    NOW MURCIA is very pleased with the results of the municipal elections
  • UCAM Murcia Tenerife Iberostar (24/05/2015)
    finale to the best season ever
  • Gras asks citizens to vote who give them confidence, freely, without fear positive (24/05/2015)

  • Nacho Tornel (s change): "We expect the citizens put us to work tomorrow at your service" (24/05/2015)

  • The third promotion of primary education students UCAM graduates (23/05/2015)
    Goterris Sister Pilar Moreno, Regional Secretary of Catholic Schools, was the godmother of this new development
  • Representatives of 11 European universities will meet next week at the UCAM (23/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change snack sausages is across from City Hall (22/05/2015)
    The training ends his campaign in the Birds-Ateneo Huerta, in the Arboleja, after a cultural cycling tour through the garden
  • The UCAM celebrates the act of imposition of scholarships to students of the Master in Teacher Training (22/05/2015)
    The Councillor for Education of the City of Murcia, María Dolores Sánchez, has acted as godmother
  • Let's change Murcia denounces "the tocomocho" PP municipal neighbors of the Central-East with La Condomina (22/05/2015)
    Use of the Stadium is a new example of public assets privatized
  • The Electoral Board can reject the complaint against us change (22/05/2015)
    The Civic Platform, which includes members of Podemos, the United Left and Equo, knows that his main rival is the Popular Party
  • The UCAM Murcia EBA seeking promotion to the Adecco Plata (22/05/2015)
    Paco Alarcon's team is measured in a league Basket Albacete, Granada and Aracena Coviran Aec-Collblanc
  • 1,200 children participate tomorrow in the closing ceremony of the Project Activities Children (22/05/2015)
    It takes place from 10.30 hours in the garden of the Malecon
  • Now Murcia, we, PSOE and UPyD signed the commitment to the protection of eESAD ad and Cascales (22/05/2015)
    All matches of the municipality of Murcia and autonomic were summoned by now Murcia to boost post-election statement as BIC group formed by ESAD, the Cascales and the Episcopal Palace
  • About 500 local police officers will serve this weekend on the occasion of the elections (22/05/2015)

  • "39% of drivers killed tested positive for alcohol or drugs" (22/05/2015)
    Virginia Jerez, provincial head of Traffic in the Region of Murcia, has participated in the opening of the V Day of Road Safety at the Catholic University San Antonio
  • Gras: "I've won a lot because I've grown in vitality, creativity, and I felt loved and more person" (22/05/2015)

  • 43 City workers who retire this year are honored on the day of the patron of the local administration (22/05/2015)
    The Mayor has given them a badge and shield of the City in recognition of his public service
  • Statement of the Department of Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Murcia (22/05/2015)
    in relation to the practices of the UCAM students at public hospitals.
  • Press UCAM on the practices of Medicine (22/05/2015)

  • Student Vietnam UCAM know the work of the Department of Tourism of the City (22/05/2015)

  • Bacons Bridge continues the celebration of its first route from the top and the cocktail (22/05/2015)
    ends next Monday, May 25, and participants will be entered in a drawing for several prizes
  • "Human capital", a reflection on the economic and social crisis, projections VO ends in Centrofama (22/05/2015)

  • Llano de Brujas offers mutitudinario tribute to the athlete Miguel Angel Lopez (21/05/2015)
    The walker won the European Cup held last Sunday at the Gran Vía
  • Gras: "I invite all citizens to be incorporated into the city life in all its dimensions" (21/05/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia has this afternoon along with other members of his candidacy to the cinema and stressed the importance of leisure in the #UnaMurciaAmable who wants to build
  • The rector said that the University of Murcia can go bankrupt without better funding (21/05/2015)

  • Exits the European'Jornadas I + COM + pri: Skills Básicas' (21/05/2015)
    Antonio Calderon, principal investigator of this project, said that "this was only a starting point, needs to be done"
  • Chair Innocent III (21/05/2015)
    Right: an aid to progress
  • Let's change Murcia claims that the PP is over an area of ​​garden that could feed more than 55,000 people (21/05/2015)
    Citizen platform proposes, among other things, the creation of a land bank to provide lease or transfer of farms
  • Now Murcia promotes a commitment by all parties to protect the ESAD and Cascales (21/05/2015)
    Candidates in the municipality of Murcia and the Autonomous Community concerned notary sign tomorrow its commitment to promote post-election statement as BIC set formed by the ESAD, the Cascales and the Episcopal Palace
  • Candidates RM Now Murcia and can present an appeal to the Supreme Court (21/05/2015)
    against the procedure of regulation of tariffs of drinking water from the city of Murcia
  • Ecological products nourish FreshVana players UCAM CB and CF UCAM (21/05/2015)
    Clubs basketball and football at the Catholic University of Murcia today presented the new sponsor
  • The mayor signed an agreement with the Social Centres for the Elderly 76 to promote services and programs (21/05/2015)
    The City Council is committed to encouraging the activities programmed and associations that govern these institutions to keep them in top condition
  • ... (21/05/2015)

  • José Ballesta: "Our city project leave no murciano out" (21/05/2015)
    The PP candidate for mayor calls the vote "renewal, hope and work for Murcia"
  • Musicians, singers and dancers from ten countries gathered at the Feast of the Three Cultures are given (21/05/2015)
    The streets and squares of the city will host Friday and Saturday thirteen free performances
  • The Socialist Party accuses House and the PP of using the biggest electoral purposes exclusively (21/05/2015)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez regrets the frivolity with which the Popular Party acts with greater than one day end the campaign
  • Promoting local commerce (21/05/2015)
    "The market bike" is a new initiative that trigger squares supplies the municipality of Murcia
  • Ten painters offer their view of reading to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Rio Segura library (21/05/2015)
    Exposure 'Byblos' opened yesterday and will be open until June 30
  • CAN complaint with the electoral commission and electoral illegitimate use of his name by Murcia's change (20/05/2015)
    CAN has reported this morning, before the Electoral Area to Murcia's change the electoral coalition, composed of the United Left and Cli-as, by declaring that WE are involved in the coalition.
  • Murcia's change is decentralized support groups in eight districts and fourteen districts (20/05/2015)
    The Civic Platform held its first post-election meeting at the neighborhood or district with the highest percentage of votes
  • "The society and education should face the same direction" (20/05/2015)
    Maria Begoña Iniesta, General Director of Educational Quality, innovation and attention to the diversity of the region of Murcia, has opened the European Conference I + COM + PRI in UCAM
  • Now Murcia proposes a comprehensive plan for youth, which also extend to the districts (20/05/2015)
    Among the new shares, a training program for youth participation, to teach how to deal with the bureaucracy to create associations or activities
  • The philosopher Luc Brisson visit the University of Murcia tomorrow (20/05/2015)

  • Winners of the first contest Video Marketing E-record their messages to online platforms (20/05/2015)
    The day in the CIM-M has started with a lecture on the virtues of the audiovisual system and a workshop production
  • Tomorrow is the deadline for young people between 15 and 25 participate in European exchanges this summer (20/05/2015)
    are held during July and August in Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Portugal and France
  • The shops of Bethlehem Vistalegre and organized the first Crafts Fair (20/05/2015)
    Students at the School of Art exhibit their works in the windows of a dozen businesses of both barrios.La association has also organized workshops and activities for little ones
  • Agreement with the Football Association to provide defibrillators to three municipal soccer fields (20/05/2015)

  • Alex: "We will try to bring the first point for Murcia Semifinal" (20/05/2015)

  • The City Council supports Ashomur to promote tourism promotion of the municipality (20/05/2015)

  • Gras develop social clauses for social economy enterprises in the procurement of the City (20/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change will focus on the Plaza 15M video game Minecraft (20/05/2015)
    Attendees will build the Murcia who imagine around a virtual recreation of the Glorieta
  • Nacho Tornel, "Nuria Fuentes suggests that den of thieves still occupied" (20/05/2015)
    The candidate's change Murcia has responded to the statements of the Municipal People's Party spokesman
  • An itinerary through the ravine Canyons, proposal from the Department of Environment for this weekend (20/05/2015)

  • Convened the Novel Prize "Vargas Llosa" with a budget of 12,000 euros (20/05/2015)

  • Thousand lemon iced Murcia Plaza Santo Domingo (20/05/2015)
    Soda deliver him free families PP candidates to the City of Murcia
  • Now Murcia denounces the reprisals against workers home help (19/05/2015)
    The municipal candidates makes it illegal dismissal of Hope Galvis, the employee who has been 12 days on hunger strike
  • The UCAM Symphony Orchestra closes the course with Mozart and Beethoven (19/05/2015)
    The appointment is in the Romea Theater of Murcia on Thursday 21 (21:00) and the ticket price is 8, 12 and 15 euros
  • Los Molinos held a children's activity around the care of the planet (19/05/2015)
    18 to 20 hours, aimed at children aged 7-10 years
  • Now Murcia signature notarized ethical code and its electoral program (19/05/2015)
    The municipal candidates think that this is an important step in the way that politics regain the trust of citizens
  • More than 30 Murcia arrived at CIM-M are given to complete the "Innovative Entrepreneurs Murcia" program (19/05/2015)
    Councilman Employment, Trade and Enterprise delivers diplomas to the participating entrepreneurs
  • Act takeover of Paloma Sobrado as dean of the School of Optometry (19/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia hosts Europe Day with a lecture by the Ambassador of Latvia (19/05/2015)

  • Ballesta boost'incubadoras culturales' for artists and creators Murcia (19/05/2015)
    These are spaces for the generation of new ideas, trends and tendencies that take culture to the different neighborhoods and districts
  • The River Segura Library celebrates its tenth anniversary with an exhibition, workshops and panel discussions on literature and painting (19/05/2015)
    Free activities begin tomorrow at 19 pm with the shows 'Byblos'
  • Judaism and Christianity reflect on their common bonds in the UCAM (19/05/2015)
    San Antonio Catholic University organized the "Day of Israel: Jewish culture and life 'in order to delve into the similarities between the two religions
  • Bebe: "We will give everything, because if we do not get a win there, the end is not possible" (19/05/2015)

  • Gras: "Culture is fundamental to not manipulate us, why should become Murcia Lighthouse Culture" (19/05/2015)

  • A conference at the University of Murcia study the main challenges of the Water Law (19/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change: "The barracks of humiliation are the legacy of Guadalupe House" (19/05/2015)
    The candidate Alvaro Gomez and Toni Verastegui accompanied
  • The University of Murcia intended 8,000 euros for student projects associations (19/05/2015)

  • Murcia City Council continues to promote physical exercise program with 4/40 (19/05/2015)
    The project aims to walk four days a week for forty minutes.
  • Region Computer reward the manager of the University of Murcia for his career (19/05/2015)

  • Now Murcia requires the maintenance of school building drama as public property (18/05/2015)
    Before negotiations between the UCAM, the region and the city of Murcia for this college is done with the building
  • Ballesta support to the promises of Murcia sport with a'bolsa of patrocinio' (18/05/2015)
    The PP candidate to the City of Murcia also announced its intention to extend the hours of municipal centers and sports facilities, from 7 am to 12 pm
  • Vlada Kopnyayeva Reserve Champion Spain (18/05/2015)
    The sport of Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia Vlada Kopnyayeva, has achieved the 2nd place in the Championships.
  • Gras bid to regain industrial sites and convert engines to attract businesses that create jobs (18/05/2015)

  • Ballesta commitment to business incubators in the districts to boost employment (18/05/2015)
    The PP candidate to the City of Murcia advances some of the more than 100 measures of the PP program aimed at generating employment and tax breaks for entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • The City joined the Investment Unit Acceleration to simplify procedures and create jobs (18/05/2015)

  • The CIM-M and Citrum organized the first prize Audiovisual e-marketing video (18/05/2015)
    There are three modes: VídeoCV, VídeoComercio and VídeoSocial
  • Cervantes specialists gathered at the congress commemorating the second part of Don Quixote are given (18/05/2015)

  • The schools have more information on absenteeism (18/05/2015)

  • Ballesta leads a caravan through the Murcia area and highlights the "great agricultural productivity" of the area (17/05/2015)

  • Now Murcia claims that the municipal land to be given away or sold to balance for private purposes (17/05/2015)
    These lands are occupied by private schools or private clinics and homes for the elderly
  • The first time hampers CB UCAM Murcia (79-54) (17/05/2015)
    College entered the game in the third quarter and it was too late
  • Gras: "The village headman shall be elected directly by the residents" (17/05/2015)

  • Serna claimed work UPyD "serious and far from easy populism" in Murcia (17/05/2015)

  • Reform of the municipal center of Los Ramos to improve facilities at the doctor's office (17/05/2015)
    Within the same building the Center for Women and the city will move
  • Lola Sanchez: "Let's change whether support was a decision made by the assembly should be respected until the end" (16/05/2015)
    MEP made the remarks in two videos released by Take Tele Murcia and in conversations with members of Murcia's change
  • Now Murcia presents fracaso''tour the municipal PP (16/05/2015)
    The candidacy headed by Alicia Morales makes a review of abandoned projects or who have had more in mind the interests of the citizens PP
  • The Third promote kindergarten students UCAM graduates (16/05/2015)
    Sister Miguela Garcia Jimenez, director of the Colegio La Milagrosa Espinardo was the godmother of this new development
  • Gras puts employment, culture and youth associations as exponents of youth policies (16/05/2015)
    The candidate for mayor of Murcia held a meeting with young people in the 'area of ​​the bars' today in which they have exchanged views on specific actions related to employment, training, culture and youth associations
  • Ballesta bid to create a bag of employment online to facilitate youth access to employment (16/05/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) aims to ensure that "water management is one hundred percent public" (16/05/2015)

  • Successful participation in the multicultural activities of Cultures La Fuente neighborhood of Rosales (16/05/2015)
    Workshops, market and activities for children and adults are some of the proposals that are held throughout the morning in the garden of La Source
  • The San Antonio Professional Training Institute graduates more than 150 students (16/05/2015)

  • The UCAM graduating students of Architecture, Teleco, Information Technology and Engineering Building (15/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change democratize municipal women's centers (15/05/2015)
    In a colloquium on municipal issues and equality training program has included in its proposal can Feminist Circle
  • University of Murcia: conference Good Living (15/05/2015)
    The president warns against dismantling the public university
  • More than 10,000 people participated in the campaign "In Spring Festival, cleaner, Murcia" (15/05/2015)
    Councilman José Ros has delivered this morning a tablet winners Jose Antonio Madrid Andrés and Ana Maria Hernandez Lozano
  • Now ask Murcia regional support for candidacy can (15/05/2015)
    The municipal list this morning his electoral program, which includes 25 + 1 emergency measures to rescue citizen for the first 100 days in office
  • Ballesta support the internationalization of the Spanish company in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce (15/05/2015)
    The PP candidate proposes the creation of a 'Register of companies and business transfer' to revive the labor market and prevent business closures
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the waste of municipal government of the PP (15/05/2015)
    Candidates and supporters of the formation against a monolith in publicly funded focus Casillas
  • The Health Center Cabezo de Torres called the surgeon Ricardo Robles (15/05/2015)
    The Neighborhood Council agreed to grant this award to the doctor for their efforts and commitment to the hamlet
  • Two projects beautify the Plaza de San Julián and the Plaza de la Candelaria (15/05/2015)
    The Department of Environment will install new designs of boxes and metal trees
  • The Councillor for Education welcomes students of IES Mariano Baquero and Lycée Bellevue in Toulouse (France) participating in an exchange (15/05/2015)

  • The anuncio''hombres the campaign'Se laugh at us' assail the tram (15/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change recognizes 15M origin and identity (15/05/2015)
    The nomination shows its support for the concentration and assembly convened by groups linked to 15M and Garnet Tide
  • Serna (UPyD) defends the promotion of sport base at the expense of subsidies to professional clubs (15/05/2015)

  • 'La Footprint and color' Almudí pervades the pictorial experience of Manuel Barnuevo (15/05/2015)
    The exhibition runs until July 15 at the Hall of Columns
  • Gran Via will remain closed to traffic on Sunday for the celebration of the XI edition of the European Cup Race Walking in Route (15/05/2015)
    Area of ​​Saint Mary School of Peace will also be closed to traffic for a popular race
  • The Chillida Foundation funds Robles development for research at the University of Murcia (15/05/2015)

  • "The Imitation Game", the intimate life of the man who defeated the Nazis in programming Centrofama VO (15/05/2015)

  • Born the first agenda of corporate events of Murcia Learn & Embark (15/05/2015)
    The presentation will take place on Tuesday, May 19th, at 10:30 hours in the CIM-M
  • The University of Murcia hosts the international congress for the fourth centenary of the second part of Don Quixote (15/05/2015)

  • Murcia and breathing gear (14/05/2015)
    Thursday XI was presented the European Cup in March, with the presence among others of Murcia representatives at the meeting, Miguel Angel Lopez Nicolas, Benjamin Sanchez, Manuel Bermudez, Irene Vazquez and Jose Antonio Carrillo
  • Now Murcia shows its strength in a public assembly in the plaza of the university (14/05/2015)
    The municipal formation has presented its program and emergency measures for the first 100 days in office
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the neglect of public schools in the districts (14/05/2015)
    Nacho Tornel, candidate for mayor, accompanied a group of mothers and mothers of public school students Codorniú Churra Carolina
  • The Atlantic Institute of Government visit the UCAM (14/05/2015)
    A representation of the academic institution, launched by José María Aznar, has been in the Campus of Los Jerónimos
  • Ballesta: "We take care of the simple things that improve the quality of life of our parishes" (14/05/2015)
    The PP has an electoral district with 800 program proposals focused on improving public transport, new social and sports facilities, and promoting employment
  • The University of Murcia student aid delivery in the international week (14/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia 10,000 euros in prize delivery to the contest I Ingenio Santander (14/05/2015)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studied malnutrition of patients arriving at hospital (14/05/2015)

  • The cluster of Environment and Renewable Energy receives award "For the 100 best ideas" of 2014 (14/05/2015)
    The Mayor has received the prize, awarded by the journal Economic News, in a ceremony held this morning in Madrid
  • Now Murcia proposes a municipal plan for the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency (14/05/2015)
    The proposed measures meet the requirements of being economically viable and easy to adapt to short-term
  • Statements by coach Eduardo Sao Thiago 'Duda " (14/05/2015)

  • An energy saving project of the City gets one of the most prestigious environmental awards in the world (14/05/2015)

  • Almudí also celebrates the centenary of the University of Murcia (14/05/2015)
    The exhibition "Contemporary art in the wake of centum 'shows works by artists from Murcia that are part of the heritage of the UMU
  • Ramon Gaya Museum celebrates the Day and Night of the Museums with a full program of activities (14/05/2015)

  • International Conference on Architectural Works Intervention after Earthquake: L'Aquila (2009), Lorca (2011) and Emilia Romagna (2012) (14/05/2015)
    "The earthquakes of Lorca have served to limit new protocols to avoid downtime in emergencies"
  • 239 athletes from 29 countries will participate in Sunday's European Cup XI March Ruta held in Murcia (14/05/2015)
    Tests have a 1 kilometer route along Gran Via and will begin at 8:00 am
  • Modeo Murcia opens (14/05/2015)
    The designers will sample Murcia on 14 and 15 May, in the morning and afternoon
  • Gras: "The residents of the municipality will be the center of our politics" (14/05/2015)
    To facilitate public participation, one of the basic pillars of the socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia program Gras will launch a Transparency Portal A registration of neighborhood participation and the figure of 3.0 Councillor
  • The 'men ad' campaign 'They laugh at us' will take the tram (14/05/2015)

  • Regeneration democratic, economic and redistricting recovery, the three R's change program Murcia (14/05/2015)
    Training leave a week's notice for citizens to discuss and make new proposals
  • Serna (UPyD) takes up the challenge of achieving a balance between town and districts of Murcia (14/05/2015)

  • Ballesta presents tonight the 54 districts programs (14/05/2015)

  • Over 150 establishments Bacons Bridge Day organized Trade (14/05/2015)
    Infant and musical activities will take place on Saturday and will be developed in several gardens in the hamlet.
  • Ballesta announces tax incentives to companies that create jobs (13/05/2015)
    Commitment to Support Plan for the Autonomous Municipality
  • Avanza building the viaduct of the South Coast between El Palmar and La Alberca (13/05/2015)
    The intervention, funded by the Ministry of Development, has a budget of three million euros
  • Now Murcia proposes a single bus ticket 0.50 euros and free for students in public schools (13/05/2015)
    The measure could be carried out if the City passes the concessionaire pay per kilometer rather than per passenger
  • Now Murcia complaint with the electoral board the AVE notice on the campaign (13/05/2015)
    The application joins the appeal filed by the Platform Pro Underground, which has been dismissed
  • Earthquake Nepal (13/05/2015)
    "We must ensure that resources reach even the most affected areas,"
  • The blog author Scientia speaks at the Faculty of Communication on malpractice in advertising (13/05/2015)

  • Work begins to build the bridge of the South Coast on the A-30 (13/05/2015)
    The first beams 40 meters long and weighing 40 tons have been already placed.
  • 75% of hospitalized patients are malnourished, according to a thesis at the University of Murcia (13/05/2015)

  • Joint Position of Murcia and can now on tender AVE RM and plan transport and mobility (13/05/2015)

  • Two students from the University of Murcia, awarded by the Department of Family Business (13/05/2015)

  • Presentation of the first study on entrepreneurial intention commissioned by the Social Council of the UM (13/05/2015)

  • Five experts speak of Murcia as European city in the Ramón Gaya Museum (13/05/2015)
    On Thursday, from 10 am
  • The City Council renewed its agreement with Rasinet for the "Immigration, Housing and Social Integration". (13/05/2015)

  • Education will use the summer to carry out improvements in twenty public schools (13/05/2015)
    The planned investment is about 494,000 euros
  • La Tertulia "Rice and Beans" distinguishes Chamber with its flagship Gold and Diamond (13/05/2015)
    In a tribute held yesterday that was attended, among others, directors Pedro Antonio Sanchez, Adela Martinez-Cache and Juan Carlos Ruiz, Mayors of Cartagena and Molina de Segura and Deputy Government
  • Serna (UPyD) states that "transparency is the best antidote against corruption" (13/05/2015)

  • Make squares purchase supplies the municipality has double award (13/05/2015)
    "The market bike" is the new initiative is launched to promote local trade
  • Tomorrow is the deadline to participate in summer camps Youth (13/05/2015)
    200 places for adventure activities in Leon and English camp in Los Alcázares available
  • University of Murcia: Game of Thrones books (13/05/2015)

  • Mauricio Valiente: "Only the popular unity and overcome resignation will enable real change" (12/05/2015)
    The candidate Now Madrid has said this in an act of Murcia's change
  • Some facilities up to the #CampusUCAMMurcia (12/05/2015)

  • 'Job Day' Day Employability (12/05/2015)
    International experience and internships, key for future employment
  • Press Murcia's change with the arrival of the AVE no burial (12/05/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) taint the award of the arrival of the AVE surface to El Carmen as "electioneering and deception" (12/05/2015)

  • Now Murcia and can request the contract that was privatized Emuasa (12/05/2015)
    "Fruit of bad PP municipal policy and private management, Murcia pays the most expensive water throughout Spain"
  • The editor of five volumes of Game of Thrones part in meetings of translation at the University of Murcia (12/05/2015)

  • Gras defends a realistic plan for the rehabilitation of La Paz led from the Públio and with the active participation of residents (12/05/2015)

  • The candidacy of Crossbow will perform more than 200 sectoral events in the city and districts (12/05/2015)
    "We have a program with more than 500 measures, a renewed list and we will step up and look to Murcia in the eye," said Jose Ballesta
  • The SIME Working complaint to the City of Murcia by the poor state of the local police headquarters Espinardo (12/05/2015)

  • Raul Campos: "We need to take advantage and go all out on Friday to seal the tie" (12/05/2015)

  • The Department of Internal Medicine supports the service chiefs in the conflict of the practices of Medicine (12/05/2015)

  • Ballesta commitment to convert spaces benchmarks supplies from the Murcia gastronomy (12/05/2015)
    The PP candidate announces the creation of a set of subject guides and tasting tours both in the city and villages to attract tourists and over half a million a year
  • Meet the Ecotourism and itineraries in nature, proposals for the weekend at the White Majal (12/05/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) defends an energy model for Murcia based on savings, efficiency and renewables (12/05/2015)

  • The opening of a new stretch of the North Coast improves the connection between La Ñora, Guadalupe, the developments and Ucam (12/05/2015)

  • Debate of candidates for the City of Murcia organized by the University of Murcia (12/05/2015)

  • Parade, cinema, theater contests and Night of the Museums (12/05/2015)
    Municipal museums offer more than 40 activities around this event
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the centenary international week (12/05/2015)

  • A household assistant Arrested for theft of jewelry at home where he was working and receiving buyers (12/05/2015)
    jewelry stolen were sold in two establishments purchase gold Espinardo
  • Mario Gomez (Citizens) is committed to develop a relationship of Jobs (RPT) in the Consistory Murcia within a period of one year (12/05/2015)

  • Young French made labor practices in various departments of the City Council (12/05/2015)
    Employment has first signed a cooperation agreement with the Mission Locale des Hautes Pyrénées
  • Full hotels in the city during the celebration of SOS (12/05/2015)
    In the April re-register a 10% increase in hotel occupancy.
  • Inauguration of the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science (11/05/2015)

  • Now Murcia will sign a pact against poverty and proposes measures to rescue citizen (11/05/2015)
    The municipal candidates met this morning with EAPN, the Network for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion
  • Alberto Garzón shows its support for Murcia's change "as real space of popular unity" (11/05/2015)
    A candidate for president of the Government met yesterday with members and candidates of the Civic Platform
  • Santa Teresa and Ibn Arabi, protagonists of Murcia Three Cultures Festival (11/05/2015)
    'jondo Mansions "and" The Travels of Ibn Arabi' are the two releases this year, especially created for the occasion
  • Restart the Cluster Environment promoted by the City Council and Cespa adds (11/05/2015)

  • Gras commitment to boost the local economy with the help of the self-employed and social economy enterprises (11/05/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia today held a meeting with representatives of UPTA (Union of Professionals and Self-Employed) to hear their concerns and gather proposals
  • The National Assessment confirms the quality of the titles of the UCAM (11/05/2015)
    The Catholic University is the region of Spain and has more titles under the control of the ANECA ACREDITA program that evaluates both private and public universities , using the same criteria
  • Fight "pirate" taxis (11/05/2015)
    In the city of Murcia
  • The Plaza de Castilla, the Palais des Sports, the sports center and the avenue JC1 Los Pinos already have benches MUyBICI (11/05/2015)
    The public bike rental system already has 23 stations
  • Modeo Murcia will be the first fashion event of local designers (11/05/2015)
    It will take place at the Royal Casino on 14 and 15 May
  • The promising young ESAD climb on tables Bernal (11/05/2015)
    The First Exhibition of Theatre School of Dramatic Art is held from 1 to June 3
  • 69% of crime victims are men, according to a study by Professor Muñoz Clares and students of the University of Murcia (11/05/2015)

  • Boost Reading Clubs municipal (11/05/2015)
    is free and held in 12 libraries involved about 500 people each year
  • David Sánchez and Pilar Duarte also gain in Espinardo (11/05/2015)
    distance runners athlete Sewer wins the III Campus of Espinardo CENTUM 10.2k with a time of 35:35, by 42:40 of the representative of the UCAM Athleo Cieza
  • Murcia's change will expand the network of municipal public kindergartens (10/05/2015)
    In a ceremony in Beniaján, Nacho Tornel, head of training list, has proposed extending public kindergarten in the hamlet
  • Now Murcia launches its first campaign video (10/05/2015)
    Next week a second part, in which the content will address the electoral program will be launched
  • Now Murcia opposes the construction of new department stores in the city (10/05/2015)
    The candidature led by Alicia Morales will not grant new licenses for the construction of these businesses and encourage local business center and neighborhoods
  • Serna (UPyD) bets on the gastronomic tourism as an engine of employment (10/05/2015)

  • Gras: "We will create a Municipal Office Antidesahucio affected to advise and mediate with the banks' (10/05/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia said that" evictions are one of my biggest concerns because we talk about an issue of human dignity and social justice "
  • The Murcia, closer to the City Council with five mobile offices in districts (10/05/2015)
    The Councillor for Economy and Finance said that it is necessary to get closer and closer to the taxpayer to save time and paperwork
  • Now Murcia suspended campaign events this afternoon in mourning for the crash of Seville (09/05/2015)

  • Now Murcia is committed to recover the rights and wages of municipal employees (09/05/2015)
    The mayoral candidate Alicia Morales met with a representation of workers in the city of Murcia
  • More than 200 people attended the opening of the exhibition'Estrella norte' Angel Haro in Sala Veronicas (09/05/2015)
    With this exhibition, Culture complete cycle of the renewed space, through which more than 13,000 people have gone to see Nico Creations Munuera and Daniel Canogar
  • Serna (UPyD) "transport solutions in Murcia go through devolution and unique ticket" (09/05/2015)

  • Gras listening to residents and businesses in El Carmen neighborhood because their knowledge is vital to provide solutions (09/05/2015)

  • The Council offers 99 places for young people between 15 and 25 participate in European exchanges this summer (09/05/2015)
    are held during July and August in Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Portugal and France
  • Now Murcia is committed to developing a local strategy of care for the homeless (08/05/2015)
    The candidate for mayor, Alicia Morales, visited the Jesus Forsaken Foundation and learned first hand the needs and claims of the association
  • Now we thanked Murcia explicit support as the only candidate in the municipality'hermana' (08/05/2015)
    Murcia and we can state these days have expressed their firm position next to the candidacy of NOW MURCIA
  • Murcia supports the rally's change for Conservation and the Future of Traditional Irrigation (08/05/2015)

  • Rosa Martinez, co-spokesperson for federal Equo, "municipal applications generate jobs linked people and territory" (08/05/2015)
    Martinez explained this in a debate in which candidates also participated's change Manuel Tovar, Rosa Crespo and Toni Gomez
  • Tomorrow opens to traffic the stretch of the North Coast linking Guadeloupe with UCAM-Developments (08/05/2015)
    With a length of 1 km, also gives continuity to the pedestrian route
  • UPyD starts # 15días54pedanías "with a commitment to reach each and every one of the neighbors' (08/05/2015)

  • Arrested after fleeing the scene in a stolen car with false plates (08/05/2015)
    The National Police began chasing a van that was driving late at night, making a strange journey and refused to yield to the injunctions of the agents
  • Serna (UPyD) defends local trade "as a source of local wealth and employment" (08/05/2015)

  • Two sporting events oblige cut several streets to traffic on Sunday (08/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia promotes the consumption of organic food in the Week Agroecology (08/05/2015)

  • The Network of Cities for the Bicycle continues its relentless pedaling (08/05/2015)
    The association, which represents 168 municipalities in all parts of Spain, carried out many actions of various kinds with the aim of promoting the use of bicycles
  • Gras bid to regain the management of primary schools to boost their public character (08/05/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia highlights the urgent need to restructure their operations to adjust schedules and prices to the needs of families and advance reconciliation
  • Tomorrow begins the Murcia Three Cultures Festival with free concerts in the main squares of the city (08/05/2015)
    Poland, guest country this year, opened the concert with his show 'Nord' in the Plaza Belluga 22 hours
  • Begins the show "In spring, spring discounts" traders Carmen (08/05/2015)
    It takes place in the garden of Floridablanca until Sunday, May 10, in morning and afternoon
  • Murcia's change intended to replace the "Popular Party in the government of the Glorieta" (08/05/2015)
    The putting up posters on the public platform took place across from City Hall
  • Terra Natura Murcia has become part of European leopard conservation program (08/05/2015)

  • Murcia, a municipality dump sport (08/05/2015)

  • 'Men announcement' through the streets of the city to inform citizens about the campaign 'They laugh at us' (08/05/2015)

  • Measures for easy drive access to employment under 25 (08/05/2015)
    The City Council hosts an information day Youth Guarantee system which provides aid for the recruitment of young
  • The University of Murcia exceeds 47,000 followers on the social network Twitter (08/05/2015)

  • The Real Casino will host the first event of Murcia fashion designers (08/05/2015)
    The event will take place on 14 and 15 May
  • The University of Murcia organizes a charity gala for the earthquake in Nepal (08/05/2015)

  • The Civil Guard detained a person in Torreagüera by extortion and swindling foreign workers (07/05/2015)
    He is credited with authorship of continuous crimes alleged scam against the right of workers, extortion and threats
  • Language Club celebrates Europe Day (07/05/2015)
    Participate at 19 am in Santo Domingo Speaking activity in Europe
  • Arrested by the National Police for selling drugs in bars and restaurants a leisure area of ​​Murcia (07/05/2015)
    In the leisure area of ​​Murcia known as La Plaza de las Flores
  • Environment invites you to volunteer environment in the river Segura (07/05/2015)
    Sunday environmental guided tour is performed to climb to the top of Puntarrón
  • "Fewer and fewer rejections to allergy shots" (07/05/2015)

  • Physical recovery, central theme of the new MOOC LFP-UCAM (07/05/2015)
    July Calleja, trainer counselor national football teams, rugby and basketball, teaches this course free registration
  • The University of Murcia broadcasts live debate with candidates (07/05/2015)

  • Murcia lays the foundations for a new mobility with public transport and bicycles as protagonists (07/05/2015)

  • On Saturday May 9th begin the festivities of Vistalegre (07/05/2015)

  • Recognition of the best athletes in the region (07/05/2015)
    The City and Cope held the fourth edition of the Sports Awards morning.
  • Murcia's change adheres to the White Marea and encouraged to participate in the demonstration (07/05/2015)

  • ... (07/05/2015)

  • Ballesta commitment to boosting employment through support to the industrial sector Murcia (07/05/2015)

  • The renowned baritone and cellist Simon Wallfisch held tomorrow Friday at the Casino de Murcia a unique recital with pianist Pilar Beltran (07/05/2015)

  • Asteamur organizes a charity race in favor of people with autism spectrum disorder (07/05/2015)
    The march, under the name of 'Run day 2015' will be held on Sunday May 10 from 9:30 pm from Ronda Garay
  • 'Men announcement' roam the streets of the city to inform citizens about the campaign 'They laugh at us' (07/05/2015)

  • Beniaján traders organize a fashion show in the garden Monteazahar (07/05/2015)
    will take place tomorrow Friday, May 8, at 21 am.
  • The University of Murcia analyzes your exposure to electromagnetic emissions (07/05/2015)

  • They get generate animal tissues and organs from stem cells (06/05/2015)

  • Gras: "Our goal is to achieve public confidence based involvement, commitment and enthusiasm" (06/05/2015)

  • Electronic banking is about to Murcia (06/05/2015)
    The Councillor for Economy and Finance has presented this afternoon the second day of "Finance for mortals"
  • The universities create an email to send questions to the candidates debate the Autonomous Community (06/05/2015)

  • The new challenges of education, under debate at the University of Murcia (06/05/2015)

  • The Social Council of the University of Murcia contributes € 10,000 to the social background of the UMU for students with financial difficulties (06/05/2015)

  • Lima: "We want to show what we can do as a team and individually" (06/05/2015)

  • Conference at the University of Murcia discuss the new challenges of education (06/05/2015)

  • Communication services of the Spanish universities meet at the UM (06/05/2015)
    A conference will address the challenges of universities in digital communication
  • That the works for the transfer of the Library Beniaján (06/05/2015)
    occupy a place on the ground floor located in Safo
  • Two games, two wins at # CEU2015 (06/05/2015)
    The team representing the UCAM advances victorious in the University Championships
  • Presentation system that facilta Youth Guarantee access to employment under 25 (06/05/2015)
    Held Friday from 9-14 pm in the City Hall Annex building
  • The magazine of the University of Murcia "Areas" devotes its latest issue to gender inequalities in Spain (06/05/2015)

  • The City Council increased resources for people and needy families (06/05/2015)

  • Serna (UPyD) has a "sincere, realistic proposals and concrete solutions to the problems of Murcia" program (06/05/2015)

  • Traders of El Carmen celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the exhibition "In spring, spring discounts" (06/05/2015)
    take place in the garden of Floridablanca from 8 to May 10, in morning and afternoon
  • The return of Pepe Rodriguez Championship Spain by the average (06/05/2015)
    [The UCAM Murcia Junior 97 at the gateway to the knockout stages remains]
  • The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Murcia says the Health Service of Murcia threatening teaching (06/05/2015)

  • The University of Murcia today organized a tribute to Rector Loustau (06/05/2015)

  • Tomorrow is the deadline to apply for any of the 100 seats of language stays in Dublin Youth (06/05/2015)
    are held in July and August and last for 21 days
  • The University of Murcia organizes a tribute to the rector morning Loustau (06/05/2015)

  • The City Council held a new journey to bring the world economy to citizens (05/05/2015)
    Finance mortals will take place tomorrow at 18 am, in the Hall of Moneo
  • Murcia regrets that Ballesta's change you want to convert the Segura in a theme park (05/05/2015)

  • "Parents can help children turning off the television" (05/05/2015)
    Inger Enkvist, professor at the University of Lund (Sweden), was one of the speakers who participated in the international conference on children they have been held today UCAM
  • Mayor House assesses as positive the latest data on the labor market in Murcia (05/05/2015)
    Unemployment fell by 1,106 people during April
  • Juan José Liarte, Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Mary of Spain (05/05/2015)
    "We are facing a genocide in progress, there are 150 million Christians persecuted"
  • In three months more than 4,000 people involved in the process of rehabilitation of the former provincial prison (05/05/2015)
    The City receives about 1,400 suggestions for incorporating the project.
  • The Councillor for Education welcomes French students participating in an exchange with students from the IES Fleet (05/05/2015)

  • More than 200 volunteers joined the campaign for mayor José Ballesta (05/05/2015)
    "Social participation stressed José crossbow is the basis on which we develop our electoral program and will be the focus to guide our project to Murcia"
  • Gras asks citizens their confidence because "we can not turn the campaign into a permanent raffle or a magic trick" (05/05/2015)

  • The deans of letters calling for greater university autonomy and the suspension of three-year degrees (05/05/2015)
    Wednesday at 12 throughout Spain read a manifesto signed by Deans of Arts in Spain
  • The rector Orihuela shows his displeasure and concern about the conflicts of the practices of Medicine (05/05/2015)

  • The SIME, with the home help workers in the City of Murcia (05/05/2015)

  • Murcia's change shows its unconditional support to the workers of the home help and proposes the direct management of the service (05/05/2015)
    The formation questions the interest in a much needed service when it is contracted with a company that underestimates the dignity of employees
  • The Economic and Social Council of Asturias awards researcher at the University of Murcia (05/05/2015)

  • Blue in Action launches a campaign to collect used eyeglasses for less developed countries (05/05/2015)
    Along with the Vista Clinic Ircovisión collection points installed in pharmacies and opticians
  • The design in business, subject of the next day hosted by the CIM-M (05/05/2015)
    will take place on Thursday, May 7, from 19:30 am
  • The University of Murcia organizes scientific excursions to Lorca, Ibi Botanical Garden and the Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar (05/05/2015)

  • 'Víctimas Congress política' terrorism and crime of violence (04/05/2015)
    Christianophobia be one of the highlights of the congress
  • The National Police discovered a marijuana in a house after a fire (04/05/2015)
    In a house in the village of La Alberca in Murcia
  • Convalescence Chapel opens as an exhibition hall with a hymn to life and nature (04/05/2015)
    It opens with works by artists Carmen Baena and Pepe Yagües
  • The judge Gómez Bermúdez defends the action "early extra" to prevent jihadist terrorism (04/05/2015)

  • Last days to register for the III Campus of Espinardo CENTUM 10.2k (04/05/2015)
    Sunday May 10 will be the 7th racing circuit test popular Murcia Running Challenge, as part of the III 10.2k "CENTUM" Campus Espinardo, starting and finishing in Monte Romero Stadium at 10: 00h
  • Ballesta aims to turn the environment of the Segura River in a large green lung for the city (04/05/2015)
    The popular candidate presents the project 'Murcia River', 250,000 square meters of children's and family areas, sports facilities and entertainment for young people, piers, rail bike, panoramic bars and double parking
  • The City Council will receive 1.35 million euros of the Social Fund FLA (04/05/2015)
    To settle the outstanding obligations of the CARM
  • The singer Pasión Vega stars in a concert tribute to Carlos Cano at the Teatro Circo Murcia (04/05/2015)
    On Thursday May 14 and after several years of absence in Murcia, Malaga artist pays tribute to the song
  • Tomorrow begins the Second Exhibition of Amparo Theatre Rivelles of the Centers for Women (04/05/2015)
    Participate theater groups Churra, the fleet and Albatalía.
  • Serna (UPyD) proposes more canine parks and toughen penalties for those who do not pick up after (03/05/2015)

  • Ballesta articulate a circular line connecting all villages of the South Mountain range and access to Arrixaca (03/05/2015)
    It will go from Sangonera La Verde to Zeneta, via La Arrixaca, El Palmar, La Alberca, Santo Ángel, Algezares, Garres, San Jose de la Vega, Beniaján, Torreagüera and Los Ramos
  • Serna (UPyD) takes up the challenge of "increase and improve the participation of residents" of the municipality (02/05/2015)

  • Ballesta proposes new employment opportunities in agriculture and orchard, which employ 65,000 Murcia (02/05/2015)
    The mayoral candidate anunciaque present its electoral program next miércolesy encouraged to submit proposals Murcia
  • UCAM professor López Puga published for the second time in less than a month in the journal Nature (02/05/2015)
    This again demonstrates the firm commitment of the Catholic University of Murcia in research
  • Gras bid to boost public use the regional park "The Valley" to "A friendly Murcia" (02/05/2015)

  • Two roundabouts will be safer thanks to Mobisec project (02/05/2015)
    The Department of Traffic and Transport perform various works at the roundabout between the North Coast and the Avenida Juan Carlos I and accessing the A-7 from the UCAM
  • Murcia's change positions on the SOS 4.8 (01/05/2015)

  • Parks and Gardens rehabilitate the maze of Salitre (01/05/2015)


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