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Murcia News - July 2014

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  • The Murcia startup Conocea makes videos for training citizens in the new platform of the city of Murcia MUTRANS (31/07/2014)
    citizens need to learn to use these platforms fast and convenient way
  • IU-Greens criticizes the PP announced an investment package when elections approach (31/07/2014)

  • The Minister of Education and the Mayor visited the new campus of the UCAM in Cartagena (31/07/2014)
    The University Council last Friday gave unanimous approval to the facility ahead of its opening next month October
  • The Mayor reaffirms the goal of city government is to "ensure the best quality of life to citizens" (31/07/2014)
    Speaking at the course on sustainability held at the International University Menéndez Pelayo
  • The Civil Guard detained the four heads of two marijuana plants in Espinardo and Cabeza de Torres (31/07/2014)
    New blow to marijuana cultivation in Murcia
  • The implementation of electronic invoicing will save the City of Murcia 400,000 per year (31/07/2014)

  • Buses 'coloraos' will have a monthly pass for students (31/07/2014)
    The agreement has been approved by the city of Murcia
  • Environment continues its maintenance and improvement of green spaces in neighborhoods and districts of Murcia (31/07/2014)

  • The City offers merchants the Malecon the possibility of occupying a vacant spaces supplies or weekly markets (30/07/2014)
    It is an option until its final location is resolved
  • The UCAM co-finance the recruitment of researchers by companies in the region (30/07/2014)
    The Catholic University of Murcia this morning the Industrial PhD program, a pioneering initiative in the Spanish university
  • Improved service appointment of social work units (30/07/2014)
    The new phone from Friday is 868080300 The social work teleoperadoras receive 32,000 calls each year
  • The Chinese Embassy is interested in the food technology Murcia (30/07/2014)
    Councilman Institutional Relations maintains several meetings with representatives of the province of Manchuria and the Confucius Institute in Spain
  • A competition showcases and the first route of the cover and the cocktail novelties Murcia Bullfighting 2014 (30/07/2014)

  • The festive Peñas Sangonera Green toys distributed in the Arrixaca hostipal (30/07/2014)

  • Civil Protection has a new most modern and comprehensive ambulance (30/07/2014)
    The vehicle provides advanced life support and has semi-automatic defibrillator, ventilator and wheelchair transfers of art
  • The Socialist Group Herrero demands to halt immediately the ultimatum given to vendors San Esteban (30/07/2014)

  • A new space for young people in Torreagüera (30/07/2014)
    The center will have reading room, media library, exhibition hall and offices
  • Edu Sánchez, selected for the sub-18 3X3 Nanjing (30/07/2014)
    The junior UCAM Murcia travel to China to compete in the Youth Olimpic Games
  • The University of Murcia is expanding its range of qualifications for the course 2014/15 with eight new masters (30/07/2014)
    The catalog of masters from the University of Murcia for the course will be commencing it increased with the addition of eight new degrees
  • The University of Murcia, find that all their students have scholarship Erasmus (30/07/2014)

  • Diplomas for younger scientists (30/07/2014)
    About thirty children today finalized the workshop of the Museum of Science and Water
  • Increase in the City offers grants to NGOs in the municipality for cooperation projects (29/07/2014)

  • The New School CEIP El Palmar allow enrollment of 346 students (29/07/2014)
    The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, the Director General of Education Centres and the Councillor for Education of the City of Murcia have visited the site center
  • The Government delegate visit the new facilities of Caritas in Espinardo (29/07/2014)

  • The journalist Antonio González Barnes will be the harbinger of the September Fair 2014 (29/07/2014)
    The Plenary Hall of the City of Murcia will host the reading of the proclamation on September 5
  • The Fair September 18 Murcia offer musical performances in different areas of the city (29/07/2014)
    The Original Blues Brothers Band will open the proceedings on day 4 in the Park will be Fofó concerts, children's performances and monologues until Sept. 19
  • The PP again left in the lurch neighbors Beniaján (29/07/2014)

  • The bench of UCAM Murcia in the Gran Vía (29/07/2014)
    The bus stop in front of El Corte Ingles is already part of the campaign # EspírituDeEquipo
  • The Orihuela rector at the International Meeting of Universia (29/07/2014)

  • The GreenWeekend comes to town in September to offer new opportunities for green entrepreneurs Murcia (29/07/2014)
    The event will take place on 26, 27 and 28 September, at the headquarters of GER activity during the weekend is very broad, with educational workshops, networking, project presentations, etc..
  • Change in the frequency of passage of trams in August (29/07/2014)
    The start and end times of the service remains
  • 'Murcia in summer' live music in the streets of the city and outdoor cinema (29/07/2014)

  • The House supports the Palestinian people and calls for a ceasefire (28/07/2014)

  • Adopted unanimously request the Cadastre a new rating for developable land sectored different from urban or rural land (28/07/2014)

  • The City will continue to promote the cultural town and for tourism all year (28/07/2014)

  • The Municipal Corporation requests the Board of Landowners cleaning Benetucer-Raal Viejo ditch Llano de Brujas (28/07/2014)

  • The House approved a loan of almost 2.6 million euros for the AVE (28/07/2014)
    The Mayor said that the City continues to meet its commitments
  • The UCAM and the Spanish Association of Sports Press Launch Online Masters in Sports Journalism (28/07/2014)
    This project has the support of the Football League and the Spanish Olympic Committee
  • Abstract socialist group proposals 07.28.2014 (28/07/2014)
    Another bump local government transparency
  • The Mayor speaks on the sustainability of cities in the International University Menéndez Pelayo (28/07/2014)
    It is with particular regard to the fiscal management of the municipalities
  • The City of Murcia will feature an Ordinance Transparency (28/07/2014)
    The House of the Corporation has given the green light to a motion this morning
  • The House calls for the continuation of Initial Vocational Training Program (28/07/2014)
    The motion was approved jointly by the four local groups of the City of Murcia
  • The National Police dismantled a marijuana in a flat in a hamlet Murcia (28/07/2014)
    The entrance to the crop through a hole camouflaged behind a picture
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia analyzed popular religious devotion to the rosary (28/07/2014)

  • Gil Perez, Recio and Ruano, appointed members of the Board of the University of Murcia (28/07/2014)

  • The statement as BIC Floridablanca Garden "will serve to revitalize tourism and economic activity" El Carmen (27/07/2014)

  • Thomas Kelati renews with UCAM Murcia (27/07/2014)
    The eaves with Polish passport undertakes two years with university institution
  • The Socialist Group regrets that the shadow of corruption again staining the image of the City of Murcia (27/07/2014)
    Pedro López requires camera to be accountable to the judicial proceedings challenging the legality of the management of the PP in La Glorieta, research from major planning agreements to the works of the districts
  • The UCAM, first university in Spain to promote an Industrial PhD program (26/07/2014)
    It will allow companies in the region include researchers to develop strategic projects
  • Over 5,000 people participate in the activities of municipal libraries (26/07/2014)
    Reading Clubs, meetings with writers, exhibitions, storytelling and cineforum are some proposals
  • The Socialist Group returns to demand the immediate cessation of Herrero, after the investigation launched by the Attorney-districts by the bill (26/07/2014)
    Pedro López again regrets that the PP deaf to follow a set of practices that are allegedly irregular blurring image of the City and increasing disaffection among citizens
  • UCAM-Cante de las Minas ends with the presentation of diplomas (26/07/2014)
    Marcos Flores The dancer also performed a dance exhibition
  • UPyD Murcia proposed new locations for statues of Abderrahman II and José María Muñoz (26/07/2014)

  • Sports manages the label La Condomina Stadium (25/07/2014)

  • Degrees in Architecture and Building Engineering UCAM (25/07/2014)
    architecture students from all over Spain to seek solutions disused industrial spaces
  • The Inter-University Council approved the opening of Cartagena Campus UCAM for this next year (25/07/2014)

  • Companies and citizens pay less council tax next year (25/07/2014)

  • A more accessible city (25/07/2014)
    The Accessibility Committee meets to Fords and street furniture
  • The City deploys nearly one hundred strategic measures aimed at tourist, cultural, economic and employment promotion (25/07/2014)

  • Special cleaning device parties districts (25/07/2014)

  • The Court of the selection process for Library Assistant guarantees anonymity and equal applicants (25/07/2014)

  • The National Police inspected 16 establishments in the neighborhood of San Andrés run by foreign nationals (25/07/2014)
    In a joint operation with the Labor Inspectorate, Inspectorate of Health and Local Police Murcia Murcia
  • Murcia in September will host the ninth state conference of the European Network of combating poverty and social exclusion (25/07/2014)
    The FSG held a meeting this morning with the head of Social Welfare and Health to inform the meeting
  • Municipal Board supports Sangonera Dry IU-Greens proposal for creating a pequeteca (25/07/2014)

  • Complete works on the basketball courts of La Vega Sports (25/07/2014)

  • The Iberian deer Terra Natura Murcia face the final stretch of the process escoda (25/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Party demands an urgent meeting of a committee to clarify if there have been irregularities in testing library assistant (25/07/2014)
    The Socialist Group has received dozens of complaints from applicants claiming that has not been guaranteed equal opportunity and anonymity
  • Environment eliminate eight dead tomorrow catalpas North Round (25/07/2014)
    The trees will be replaced by mulberry
  • Moors and Christians gear up for the party (25/07/2014)
    present the XXXII edition of the journal of the Federation of Moors and Christians Murcia
  • The PSOE councilor Ros required to strengthen control over Cespa because Murcia seems a dunghill (25/07/2014)

  • Architecture students studying the transformation of the industrial area in Molina de Segura-Murcia axis (25/07/2014)
    In the fourth edition of the workshop? Architectural intervention strategies', organized by UCAM, propose solutions to leverage existing resources in industrial areas absorbed by the city
  • UPyD Murcia calls for expanding the sidewalk that connects the villages of La Alberca and Holy Angel (25/07/2014)

  • Gloria Alarcon, Jaime Blades and Sponsorship Albaladejo enter the Social Council of the University of Murcia (25/07/2014)

  • The Museum of the City about the smaller the strangest stories of Murcia (25/07/2014)
    A comic shop, sundials, mysteries of the museum and guided tours are offering for the months of July and August
  • A "very graphic and striking" Poster Carlos Pardo announced the September Fair 2014 (24/07/2014)
    The Murcia artist says his work is a claim that childhood and all of us yearn
  • The Governing Council allocates 310,000 euros for students travel practices and material (24/07/2014)

  • The National Police dismantled a marijuana in a house in the Dry Sangonera (24/07/2014)
    In the operation have been arrested six people and seized 53 marijuana plants, 25 grams of hashish and 1773 grams of plant buds
  • The Governing Council allocates 320,000 euros for students travel practices and material (24/07/2014)

  • IU-Greens presented a motion in defense of public service of the Post (24/07/2014)

  • FAMDIF Pelegrín presents an overview of the activities of the federation (24/07/2014)

  • A "very graphic and striking" Poster Carlos Pardo announced the September Fair 2014 (24/07/2014)
    The Murcia artist says his work is a claim that childhood and all of us yearn
  • The Socialist Party demands once again the urgent fencing sport track Sangonera Green after the accident yesterday (24/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary prompted the launch of a classical theater festival and cultural tours (24/07/2014)
    Andrea Garries The mayor will claim the need for a strong commitment to cultural tourism in summer in the town of Murcia
  • The City Council and Caritas join forces in the fight against poverty (23/07/2014)

  • A new web design allows citizens in real time the best route to reach a destination (23/07/2014)

  • New Javalí today celebrates its Legua Night III (23/07/2014)
    The popular race starts at 20 am at the Royal Street
  • The Bookmobile visit Stables, Corvera and Zeneta (23/07/2014)
    Over 68,000 volumes are available to users
  • Education invests 500,000 euros in the last five years to reform and put schools in La Nora and Stables (23/07/2014)
    The last work performed this summer at the CEIP Step of Our Lady of La Nora, which is planned to expand the dining room school
  • The National Police arrested the author of several robberies and intimidation Elder (23/07/2014)
    The venue was the downtown area of ​​the city of Murcia
  • The URBAN district plan Espinardo Holy Spirit continues to work in their educational and training project (23/07/2014)
    The program consists of six different activities that take place in the premises of the ceiba Salzillo
  • Light pollution and importance of water main agenda of the Science Museum this summer (23/07/2014)
    Exhibitions, workshops and planetarium sessions are some of the activities proposed by the "Museum of Summer"
  • Pepe Rodríguez, new director of Quarry UCAM Murcia (23/07/2014)
    The previous coach junior 97 blocks control bases Varsity
  • The University of Murcia approved the regulations on biosafety committee experimentation (23/07/2014)

  • IU-Greens demands cleaning and pest control and environmental health center Vistabella (23/07/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia claims the breakdown of sanctions imposed after the entry into force of the Ordinance against prostitution (23/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary will ask the City Council to assume full management and collection of taxes from 2015 (23/07/2014)
    Juan Patricio Castro: Strictly to waive Tribugest services because it is very expensive this year 9 million Euro-when I have enough trained personnel to carry out these functions
  • New canopy for the taxi from the City of Justice (23/07/2014)

  • The housekeeping Hall parking and access to the Barracks (22/07/2014)

  • Gymnasts Club Cronos are received by the Mayor after his participation in the League of Spain (22/07/2014)
    One of the members took the bronze medal in his exercise ball
  • The Mayor receives President of the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel (22/07/2014)

  • The work of fumigation Espinardo tick began last week (22/07/2014)

  • UCAM students can do internships at pharmacies in the Region of Murcia (22/07/2014)
    The Catholic University of Murcia and the Business Association of Community Pharmacies favor, because the signing of this new agreement, the labor contact between students and members AEOF
  • The president of the Observatory against Gender Violence Closing the course of the School of Labor Practice (22/07/2014)

  • Mercamurcia wholesale fruit and will meet again to address new proposals regarding the tariff system (22/07/2014)
    The meeting will take place on September 5
  • The conference last year generated an economic impact of 28.16 million euros (22/07/2014)
    According to the study of Congress Office of Department of Tourism, 2013 is the year that most people have attended congresses, conferences and conventions, with Participants 188 884
  • The platform for the recovery of the Line 61 of Aljucer described as disappointing meeting with the Director General of Transport (22/07/2014)

  • 500 seats in summer school Conciliation Center Juan Carlos I (22/07/2014)
    The City offers an alternative during school holidays mothers and working parents
  • Miles tick Espinardo invade the streets for three weeks before the impotence of the neighbors (22/07/2014)

  • Complete the first session of the workshop "The mysteries of the museum" (22/07/2014)
    the second session, to be held on 29, 30 and July 31 is now open
  • The UCAM Murcia tab Sadiel Rojas (22/07/2014)
    The American forward with Dominican passport is the first signing of the season
  • After the deadline to apply for scholarships for students collaboration of the University of Murcia (22/07/2014)

  • Cinema and music in the streets of the city to encourage summer (22/07/2014)
    programming cycle continues 'Summer Murcia'
  • Start the IV Cante de las Minas UCAM-University Congress Flamenco Dance (21/07/2014)
    The event takes place until Friday July 25 at the Sports Center UCAM
  • IU-Greens Murcia presents a motion in support of the Palestinian people (21/07/2014)

  • Campus in Peru (21/07/2014)
    Develop educational activities, health care, evangelization and reintegration of minors
  • The PSOE asked in plenary developing a Transparency Ordinance before the end of 2014 (21/07/2014)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, asked that a working group be constituted with the presence of the political formations of the Corporation and experts to draft a necessary ordinance that will meet a public demand
  • Live a summer UCAM Murcia (21/07/2014)
    Take a picture with the towel, shirt or club symbol and earn a credit for the season
  • Continued open within the third edition of Business Award in Equality Murcia (21/07/2014)
    companies with a policy that favors based on the principle of equal employment Representative
  • The Association of Retired University of Murcia rector shows his desire to work (21/07/2014)

  • The registration period for the Masters of the University of Murcia begins on July 24 (21/07/2014)

  • The new pavilion in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit will be a great artistic and sports center (21/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Party claims that garbage accumulates for months in the parking Artillery Barracks (20/07/2014)
    Mar Ros The mayor recalled that the lack of cleanliness of the town is not a problem caused by the lack of economic resources, but due to absolute inability and lack of political commitment by local PP
  • Fourteen people with disabilities will share floor with college thanks to an agreement with Fundown (19/07/2014)
    Aid also allow maintaining inclusive leisure program, involving about 50 users
  • The Ministry of Universities Campus Cartagena inspects UCAM for opening (18/07/2014)
    The San Antonio Catholic University starting next October in the port city with five degrees
  • The Civil Guard surprises subtracted two copper wire while a suburb of Murcia (18/07/2014)
    They attributed authorship of the alleged crime of burglary
  • The family businesses Murcia confirm economic recovery (18/07/2014)

  • 260.000 euros to incorporate two researchers at the University of Murcia (18/07/2014)

  • Tests for the waiting list and library assistant ordinance are held Monday and Tuesday on the campus of Espinardo (18/07/2014)
    30 Civil Defence volunteers and 8 of the local police officers involved in the special device
  • The National Police arrested the owners of a junkyard for illegally employing illegal immigrants (18/07/2014)
    Les facilitated carts to collect metal debris throughout the city of Murcia.
  • Younger Gaya approach through the garden (18/07/2014)
    Culture Councilman delivery diplomas workshop under the "One summer museum"
  • IU-Green calls a play space for children in Bacons Bridge (18/07/2014)

  • The PSOE ask the PP to urge the Board of Landowners to clean and condition the ditch Raal Viejo de Llano de Brujas (18/07/2014)

  • Summer schools, farewell (18/07/2014)
    program organized activities for about 2,000 children in the municipality ends today with the celebration of various festivals
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia examines the life and work of the matador and writer Sanchez Mejias (18/07/2014)

  • New competition notice Enterprise Project (18/07/2014)
    The deadline for applications is September 5, 2014
  • The University of Murcia opens the application deadline for grants for research initiation (18/07/2014)

  • PP mayors support the FEMP governing the most voted by the voters (17/07/2014)

  • Tornel (IU-Greens) is convinced the "advantage" of the San Antonio Cascales Foundation (17/07/2014)

  • "25 years receiving the Murcia Regional Hemophilia Association" (17/07/2014)
    A group of children between 8 and 12 years old visiting the city of Murcia
  • Directed by Francisco Jarauta Fifteenth International course on the history of ideas in Santander UIMP (17/07/2014)
    The courses, which end this year its course, try to explain how it has shaped the thinking man XXI century
  • The University of Murcia selects projects to be exhibited in their areas of visual arts (17/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary require the PP to give explanations about new social partnership agreements (17/07/2014)

  • In starting the new management accounting system of the City of Murcia (17/07/2014)
    The 2014 is the year of consolidation of eGovernment
  • González Tovar shows PSRM the full support of the University of Murcia and Social Council calls revitalize (17/07/2014)

  • Antelo renews with UCAM Murcia (17/07/2014)
    Galician player has reached an agreement with the university authority to extend his contract until June 2016
  • A grant will help keep Social Welfare Center Foundation Day of Support, Training and Integration of Disabled (17/07/2014)

  • Twelve students in Communication Studies at the UCAM participate in the filming of 'Revenge 3', with Liam Neeson (17/07/2014)
    The film, which opens in January 2015, has used a number of locations in the Region of Murcia to record various scenes
  • Belluga Parts morning the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (17/07/2014)
    The closing will take place at 22 am and participants will perform several folk groups The groups do today, at 12 noon, a floral offering to the Virgin of Fuensanta Your Sanctuary
  • Mantle of flowers to the Virgen del Carmen (16/07/2014)
    The offering, which first took place in the Garden of Floridablanca, has had the participation of the Mayor
  • Government Mayor's voted (16/07/2014)
    Serna calls "cacicadas" measures proposed by the PP "disguised regeneration"
  • The LFP and UCAM launch a MOOC course on Sports Marketing and Communication (16/07/2014)
    It is an open course content and online mode, which will include the participation of Alberto Blázquez, professor of the Master in Leadership and Management Sports Management Sports Institute
  • Professors of the University of Murcia review the oral health of more than 150 Sahrawi children (16/07/2014)

  • The Mayor offers a welcome to the participants in the Festival of Folklore Groups (16/07/2014)
    has taken place this morning at the Plenary Hall, which also celebrated the traditional exchange of gifts
  • IU-Greens accused Cascales certify the opacity of its agreement with the UCAM to use Condomina (16/07/2014)

  • Chamber sees positive reform of the electoral law governing that allows the most voted mayor (16/07/2014)

  • IU-Green expressed strong opposition to dredging in the river Segura (16/07/2014)

  • Tribute to writer, journalist and flamenco Andres Salom (16/07/2014)

  • The blatant absence of the mayor Camera (16/07/2014)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, invited the mayor to make a reflection and leaving office because neither the town nor Murcia deserve a mayor who does not exercise as long as
  • Cinema for understanding reality in a course of Unimar (16/07/2014)
    A course at the University of Mar analyzes the possibilities of Seventh Art in education
  • Noia wears basketball campus Jose Angel Antelo (16/07/2014)
    About 50 children will learn and enjoy the teachings of player UCAM Murcia
  • Education invested over 4.6 million euros in the cleanup of public schools in the municipality (16/07/2014)

  • The City Council Tenders new improvement works in neighborhoods and districts (16/07/2014)

  • La Plaza del Cardenal Belluga tonight hosts the inaugural session of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (16/07/2014)

  • Traffic accident with A-30 caught in Cartagena Murcia address before Exit 144, in Murcia (16/07/2014)

  • Municipality and autonomous region work "in the same direction" for the arrival of the AVE 2015 (15/07/2014)

  • President Garre confirms the arrival of the High Speed ​​to the city of Murcia in 2015 (15/07/2014)
    The chief executive and the mayor of Murcia say "we ask that the Ministry is drafting the underground to accelerate the Arrival times are a reality AVE "
  • The Condomina is open to football teams of the town for their sporting needs of those requiring space caractéricas (15/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group shows a resounding rejection of the transfer of the exclusive Old Condomina to UCAM (15/07/2014)
    Mar La Rosa mayor denounces the continuous treatment of PP for a local private institution to the detriment of the general interest and the flagrant breach his election program on the use of municipal space
  • Fire and health care for two people injured in traffic accident on the A-30 (15/07/2014)
    At the height of Murcia
  • The Ministry of Culture and the Casino of Murcia pay tribute to the sculptor José Plans (15/07/2014)
    The artist, member of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando and considered one of the most important sculptors of the region, died 40 years ago today
  • Students of the Languages ​​Service of the University of Murcia obtained first prize in competition of Japanese theater (15/07/2014)

  • Start the youth festival "flamingo goes" Sucina (15/07/2014)
    The preacher will be the eighth edition of the poet Antonio Ortuño Aguilar
  • The Office of the bike performs maintenance work on Guadalupe (15/07/2014)
    The actions have focused on and repainting road markings each 25 meters
  • They continue the free activities of Murcia in Summer (15/07/2014)
    Concerts in city squares and summer cinema
  • Platform Citizens for Public Transportation requests the Minister of Fomento restitution bus lines suppressed in the districts (14/07/2014)
    And a single price in transportation
  • IU-Greens mayor demands explanation on the hidden agreement between the City and the UCAM on assignment of the Condomina (14/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group Cascales demands explanations on the agreement signed with the university rugby club (14/07/2014)
    Andrea Garries The mayor does not understand how the local PP approves the agreement on the Board of Governors June 25, when the season is more than closed and the consideration by the club and have no sense
  • New baby deer and deer begin to populate Terra Natura Murcia (14/07/2014)

  • The City Council sets up a roundabout Sangonera Dry installation of a former Air Force aircraft (14/07/2014)

  • Cinema for understanding reality (14/07/2014)
    A course at the University of Mar analyzes the possibilities of Seventh Art in education
  • Around 900 people participate in training sessions and business meetings of the CIM-M in the first half of 2014 (14/07/2014)
    The Center for Municipal Initiatives hundred Murcia has also received requests to stay
  • Asaja Murcia requires a brand image for fruits and vegetables Murcia (13/07/2014)
    Gálvez Caravaca stresses that it is essential to enhance the prestige image of fruit and vegetables in international markets
  • The Socialist Group demands cleaning solar located at the entrances of the school Saavedra Fajardo Algezares (13/07/2014)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries regrets the bad image that provides the entrance to the hamlet with several solar rubble filled close to a school
  • Ends the busiest Cineantropometría World Conference on the History (12/07/2014)
    ​​ Sport, nutrition and health have been the disciplines in which the lecturers have been supported to address this science, which studies the action and composition of the human body
  • Three local charities receive support to keep their aid to more than 3,000 disabled and sick (12/07/2014)
    Social Welfare awarded 20,000 euros in subsidies ASSIDO, FEAPS and Murcia Association of Hemophilia
  • "When two games a week, as a World, hydration and nutrition are very important" (11/07/2014)
    Francis Holway, nutritionist Argentine soccer team River Plate, says the Catholic University of Murcia "food is increasingly important "in the sport
  • IU-Greens Murcia complaint that the Santa Eulalia takes more than a week without cleaning (11/07/2014)

  • The University of Murcia has signed an agreement to collaborate in the activities of junior Spanish company (11/07/2014)

  • Rearrangement of traffic on the street of Santiago Alejandro Valverde Major (11/07/2014)
    On the occasion of the forthcoming opening of the doctor's office the only direction of flow is implanted in the road
  • La Plaza de la Cruz hosts the start of the 47th International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (11/07/2014)
    will take place on Monday, July 14, at 21:30
  • Environment performs the pruning height copies of Murcia and El Palmar (11/07/2014)
    have also made the work of planting and plant geraniums endotherapy
  • UPyD claims that profits from the sale of 'La Condomina' "revert to the base of the municipality sport" (11/07/2014)

  • López: "we will not put knees before unjust decisions of Madrid" (11/07/2014)

  • Camera:. "Today we reaffirm our commitment is irrevocable burial" (11/07/2014)
    The Mayor reiterated that "for PP and for me is very clear: continue to work on the same line and we aim to integrate the underground railroad in Murcia "
  • The University of Murcia is an advisory committee for the implementation of Divisions (11/07/2014)

  • UPyD: "the strength of the unit to listen to the demands of Development Murcia on the underground is required" (11/07/2014)

  • The City Council is once again buried by the arrival of AVE (11/07/2014)

  • Murcia still working on his goal by implementing electric motorcycle in the urban environment (11/07/2014)
    A meeting in Barcelona has served to address and delve into the importance of electromobility
  • Emergency medical services cater to a 13 year old boy hit by a passenger car in Santa Cruz (10/07/2014)

  • The UCAM offers engineers the possibility Building graduating in Architecture (10/07/2014)
    Those interested will have to make a three gateway courses
  • World Conference on Cineantropometría (10/07/2014)
    "Adolescence is the most important period for those doing sport, because that's when the self-produced"
  • CROEM UCAM and cooperate in the development of projects that promote the company (10/07/2014)

  • Rafael Gomez out in A Coruña the operation of the Museum of Science and Water of Murcia (10/07/2014)
    Murcia City Council leads the National Museum of Science and Technology exposure 'When the earth shakes.
  • Start the third edition of the campus of the University of Murcia for students with disabilities (10/07/2014)

  • Taxi drivers held San Cristobal (10/07/2014)

  • The Murcia remember the seventeenth anniversary of the murder of Miguel Angel Blanco (10/07/2014)
    was held a ceremony at Bacons Bridge
  • The City Council has already made more than a thousand performances of installation of copper theft prevention in street lighting in the municipality (10/07/2014)
    Pedestrian areas are the priorities of the new projects that the Department of Works and Community Services is drafting
  • A score of Saharawi children spend their holidays with families in the municipality (10/07/2014)
    Barquero Councilwoman Alicia wins small and their host families
  • PSOE, IU-Greens and UPyD require outright rejection of any attempt to check the surface to Murcia AVE (10/07/2014)
    The spokesmen of the three political parties show their fear that the Government of Rajoy, taking advantage of the summer to approve a project that has nothing to do with the burial agreed in 2006 by the three administrations
  • The new headquarters of La Alberca, built by 38 students of the Workshop School, it can accommodate 150 police (10/07/2014)
    According to forecasts will be operational in the first quarter of 2015
  • Learning from the hand of Jose Calderon (10/07/2014)
    Dani Serrano scholarship participates in the campus of the frontier in the NBA
  • The College of the University of Murcia maintained public course prices 2012-2013 (10/07/2014)

  • The University of Murcia exported smartcard Chinese University (10/07/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia calls "speed" to repair the damage caused by the theft of copper Avileses (10/07/2014)

  • The Local Police, Knight of the Royal Brotherhood of the Knights of the Virgin of Fuensanta (09/07/2014)
    The Alcalde received this morning medals attesting the appointment
  • Camera receives the "Silver Pen" issued by the Collective "Do Prives" the City (09/07/2014)
    implies a recognition of the collaboration between the two, especially in the fight against HIV
  • The City will save nearly 5 million euros to go to the financial market for provider payment plan (09/07/2014)
    That possibility, which until now were not allowed, allows a reduction of interest of 50% compared to that obtained ICO
  • The Board urges the Government to amend the Land Registry endpoints of developable land sectored (09/07/2014)

  • The asociciaciones and federations of disabled people collaborate reviewing works projects for accessibility (09/07/2014)

  • The City will not charge owners gain primary residences affected by a payment in kind (09/07/2014)
    The exemption, approved by the Cabinet last week, seeks to address the social problems associated with the evictions.
  • Jere Erkko, creator of Angry Birds, the UCAM (09/07/2014)
    "Do not be afraid to think differently"
  • José Luján, new dean of the Faculty of Labour Sciences of the University of Murcia (09/07/2014)

  • Fade Foundation continues to provide educational support to 44 young immigrants (09/07/2014)
    The Councillor of Education meets with officials of the NGO
  • IU-Greens complaint Murcia municipal Office of Accessibility is still a dead end after three years (09/07/2014)

  • Music for the nights of the city (09/07/2014)
    continue the free concerts in the streets of San Juan, Romea and La Cruz.
  • The night Santa Clara Museum visits are released with large number of visitors (09/07/2014)
    The Ministry of Culture, within the program 'Culture summer.
  • The Socialist Group will continue to fight until the end to social injustice of IBI de la Huerta (09/07/2014)

  • Scott Wood participates in the Summer League with the Los Angeles Lakers (09/07/2014)
    Joins The U.S., along with other promises, the Lakers during the summer tournament
  • Green light for various improvement works in the town (09/07/2014)

  • The University of Murcia coordinate about 200 mobilities between Latin America and Europe (09/07/2014)

  • The Training and Employment Initiatives welcomes the submission of a draft hydroponics vegetables (09/07/2014)
    The objective is to create a production company and holding
  • 82 establishments in the municipality and have the distinctive Sicted Tourism Quality (09/07/2014)
    The Councillor of Tourism has given the awards at a ceremony held in the Royal Casino de Murcia
  • Over 200 delegates from twenty countries participating in an international conference in the UCAM (09/07/2014)

  • Experts discuss industrial applications of printing and 3D scanning (08/07/2014)
    Angry Birds founder, Jere Erkko, will speak tomorrow on key UCAM for generating successful applications
  • The ITM UCAM taught industrial doctoral research staff to incorporate companies (08/07/2014)
    Murcia Institute of Technology (ITM) has been presented this morning with about a hundred researchers and representatives of business organizations
  • The City has invested over 31 million euros in 116 public schools, Primary and Special Education (08/07/2014)

  • IU-Greens Murcia is interested in the situation of the Circus Theatre (08/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Group requires House to immediately stop the Councillor for Education incompetent (08/07/2014)
    The mayor Susana Hernández has sent a communication to the mayor within Murcia arguing why that calls for an immediate cessation
  • The University of Murcia gets 13 of the 17 projects of the "Young Leaders in Research" program Seneca Foundation (08/07/2014)

  • Environment encouraged to participate in the Second People's University of the Bicycle in Spain (08/07/2014)
    will take place in Barcelona and Murcia address the bicycle registration system on the Internet, launched last May
  • Starts UCAM Smart Campus (07/07/2014)
    The creator of Angry Birds, Jere Erkko, will give a talk at the UCAM Wednesday July 9 at 11:45 am in the Auditorium
  • Over 1200 school start the second week of summer schools Cultural Centres (07/07/2014)
    24 film schools have as a driver issue
  • IU-Greens denounced other transfer of municipal facilities to UCAM (07/07/2014)

  • "In the Government House, Murcia dying" (07/07/2014)
    Councillors Pedro Lopez and Andrea Murcia Garries lament becomes during the summer months in a ghost town, unable to attract tourists and revive its image by the incompetence of a PP without initiative, worn
  • The University of Murcia approved the call for 33 fellowships for research training (07/07/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia criticizes the "new patch" on the site of St. Stephen (07/07/2014)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia highlights the role of the family in the purchase of securities (07/07/2014)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to several groups that promote social integration (07/07/2014)
    The City subsidizes the program of protection of health and prevention of HIV collective "not deprive yourself"
  • The Glass Google protagonists in the opening of the conference "Smart Campus UCAM" (07/07/2014)
    The creator of Angry Birds, Jere Erkko, visit the Campus Los Jerónimos next Wednesday as part of this event organized by the Catholic University Murcia and SICARM
  • The "entrepreneurial Circuit" ends with nine projects for implementation (07/07/2014)
    Training has been conducted for two months and has focused on fashion, automotive and services
  • Very serious falling down an embankment on the climb to the rooster injured cyclist (06/07/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the local government to curb recess Beniaján four streets to facilitate the crosswalk (06/07/2014)
    Residents of this district have addressed the Socialist Group denouncing the recesses in the absence of curbs, which greatly hinders the passage of pedestrians for some for some areas
  • The creator of Angry Birds involved in the day 'UCAM Smart Campus' (06/07/2014)
    The Catholic University of Murcia and SICARM organized from Monday 7 to Thursday July 10, an event with experts in Google Glass, app development, virtual reality and 3D scanning and printing
  • Students of the Master in Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering and received their scholarships (05/07/2014)

  • Tunas, concerts and film entertainment in night of July in the city (05/07/2014)
    Next week brings many activities to the streets of Murcia, Murcia and visitors to enjoy historical places and environments accompanied by music.
  • The National Board of the Bicycle exposes the Ministry of Development benefits cicloturismo (05/07/2014)
    The meeting served to publicize the need for the bike to be considered as baggage Martinez-Cache highlights that intermodality is an issue that concerns all agents involved in cycling
  • New development of grade students in Civil Engineering (04/07/2014)

  • Campaign: "Beniaján Solutions Dies-Ya" (04/07/2014)
    Beniaján Neighborhood Association
  • The UCAM, first university degree recognized by Spain in ANECA (04/07/2014)

  • The UCAM, Spain University achieves the highest number of accreditations ANECA (04/07/2014)
    The Catholic University has submitted the largest number of titles to the call pilot re-accreditation in the course program 2.013/14
  • IU-Greens denounced the dirty condition of the Santa Eulalia (04/07/2014)

  • The UCAM and La Manga Club are launching a sports performance center (04/07/2014)
    Its facilities, which are located in the tourist resort will welcome athletes of all kinds, in addition to soccer teams in Europe first class
  • The University of Murcia select models for classes of the Faculty of Fine Arts (04/07/2014)

  • Environment closed to the public playground Salitre Garden Woodland for review (04/07/2014)
    Operators review the branches and perform selective pruning of about thirty eucalyptus
  • A program of the New Horizon Association seeks to achieve the full integration of people with intellectual disabilities 22 (04/07/2014)

  • The rector Orihuela creates an advisory committee of the University of Murcia with the five exrectores (04/07/2014)

  • The neighbors of the Ermita del Rosario already have bus service through collaboration between the city of Murcia and Transport (04/07/2014)
    The new Lightning 12 also directly connects the neighborhoods of San Anton and San Andres Reina Sofia hospital.
  • Terra Natura Murcia gives two Cape elands Lugo to a zoo within a collaboration agreement (04/07/2014)

  • PP does not go down the donkey and a year of large families and retirees run out off the pool (04/07/2014)

  • The mayors of Murcia UPyD adhere to the European agreement for the governance of regional and local authorities (04/07/2014)

  • José Ángel Antelo participates in the Campus Rivas Ecopolis (04/07/2014)
    Galician chatted with children and signed autographs
  • Platform Affected by peih accuses the city of Murcia to tax by an infrastructure that does not exist (04/07/2014)

  • Begin a campaign to clean graffiti in various municipal buildings (03/07/2014)
    The Department of Urban Quality start removing painted Market Saavedra Fajardo and the offices of the Department of Finance in Europe Square
  • The University of Murcia commemorates the centenary of its editorial (03/07/2014)

  • The UCAM AMETIC and celebrate a day of orientation on the development of smart cities (03/07/2014)
    At the inauguration, the president of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza stressed its intention to continue the UCAM "frontline research and transfer of results "society
  • PSOE, IU-Greens and UPyD require an extraordinary plenary session to reinforce the uncompromising defense of burial (03/07/2014)

  • New collection of signatures to require not disappear Initial Vocational Training Program (03/07/2014)

  • On Monday, ending the period for voluntary payment of IBI this year (03/07/2014)
    Until December 1, 2014 to be eligible taxpayers Custom Payment Plan "Up in 12 months NO interest", which will pay the annual receipts of its main tributes
  • The FEMP makes available to municipalities one Central Contracting to save costs and simplify procedures (03/07/2014)
    It is possible to use it for the risk and insurance services, debt collection abroad traffic fines and optimization of expenditure
  • Begin tonight "Music Thursday of the Plaza de San Juan" (03/07/2014)
    Yesterday cycle Plaza de las Flores began with large crowds
  • The City maintains the free pick-up of furniture and appliances (03/07/2014)
    Urban Cleaning Murcia asks who use this service and do not let the great articles in the street
  • The GPP prompted improvement is made on the approaches to the village of Beniaján (03/07/2014)
    Inmaculada González notes that the Camino de los Pinos is "one of the busiest waterways in the Southern Mountains" and the RM-300 "supports a growing Traffic fabric of the area itself "
  • Ricardo Rubio, new manager Mercamurcia (03/07/2014)
    Source Martín Peña retires as Managing Director of Mercamurcia after 38 years of service to the company.
  • The City of Murcia Autonomous Community and join forces to stop the irregular economy (03/07/2014)
    The partnership, which has received the approval of the Governing Board, involves the creation of a joint commission monitoring and development of objectives
  • UPyD Murcia laments the rise of precarious employment and the loss of purchasing power in the municipality (02/07/2014)

  • UPyD Murcia calls ensure that the benefits from the rental of La Condomina "reverse in grassroots sport" (02/07/2014)

  • European Funds 2014-2020: Opportunities for SMEs & Smart Cities (02/07/2014)
    The UCAM AMETIC held on Thursday and a day to guide opportunities around the development of "smart cities"
  • Unemployment down nearly 9% in Murcia in the first half of 2014 (02/07/2014)
    From January to June there have been a total of 90,202 contracts in the town
  • The National Police arrested two youths for throwing rocks at cars from a footbridge of the highway (02/07/2014)
    were identified by the local police in Murcia on the scene, carrying in their pockets lot of stones.
  • The Mayor thanked the Colonel Grace Cirugeda work performed in recent years (02/07/2014)
    This morning I had a meeting at City Hall, which was also attended by Colonel Sanchez Lara, relieving him in the General Air Academy
  • Environment develops the annual review of the pergolas of Murcia (02/07/2014)
    Work has now finished in the garden of Santa Isabel
  • On Friday is the deadline to participate in the Short Story Contest Thader CC-University of Murcia (02/07/2014)

  • IU-Green believes that the appointment of the Local Police Corps as Knight Fuensanta infringes the principle of non-confessional state (02/07/2014)

  • Pepe Domingo Castaño, Martinez and Virginia Symphony Orchestra, major players in the Contest Tunas del Barrio del Carmen (02/07/2014)
    The Carmelite painter Domingo Morales illustrated with its distinctive poster this issue
  • Nuria Fuentes ordered cut traffic on the level crossing of Santiago El Mayor to hide the protests in favor of undergrounding (02/07/2014)

  • Another step to improve the facilities of public schools in the municipality (02/07/2014)
    Education will invest 708,000 euros this summer schools in works
  • Green renewal Carriageway Light, sidewalks and pavements in eleven districts (02/07/2014)
    The total value of the works is 466,529.88 euros
  • Platform requests that no tax is charged for services that the City is not offering (02/07/2014)

  • Pre-registration for careers at the University of Murcia limit access to just the 4th (02/07/2014)

  • The Department of Development promotes the implementation of operations and maintenance improvement on Bacons Bridge Road (01/07/2014)
    The director, Manuel Campos, meets with the village headman of Bacons Bridge to analyze the needs of the municipality
  • IU-Green believes that the "extension" of the case sub judice reveals that Umbra "possible shadows are shadows" (01/07/2014)

  • ANECA renews the accreditation of degrees of communication UCAM (01/07/2014)
    This is the first degrees in Spain who have received this recognition
  • IU-Greens denounced the "advantage" of the City to the UCAM by assignment of the Condomina (01/07/2014)

  • The campus of excellence agrifood sector gathered at the University of Murcia (01/07/2014)

  • "The enlargement of the ORA in Abenarabi and Vistalegre is just another blow to the pockets citizens" (01/07/2014)

  • 300 children from 3 ° to 6 ° Primary enjoy camps organized by Education this summer (01/07/2014)
    The first two groups of children have come today to Nerpio and The Valley
  • More than 1,200 students from 20 different schools visited this year the Nature of Majal Blanco (01/07/2014)
    The Department of Environment offers a comprehensive program of activities for the little ones know one of the most representative ecosystems of the Region of Murcia

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