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  • Murcia Bullfighting Fair will be held from 11 to 18 September (30/06/2011)

  • See Saura illustrates the Moors and Christians 2011 (30/06/2011)

  • Afamur dismisses the course (30/06/2011)

  • A course of study the University of Mar initiatives of entrepreneurs in rural areas (30/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens requires the council to solve the water seepage in Santiago El Mayor (30/06/2011)

  • ONCE Chamber invites to collaborate with the Office of Accessibility (30/06/2011)

  • "The vision unknown" then display the connection between science and art (30/06/2011)

  • UCAM students will do internships at the Territorial College of Estate Managers (29/06/2011)
    The UCAM has signed a collaboration agreement with the Territorial College of Estate Managers in the Region of Murcia
  • Contested the call Juntamento elective landowners to be held next July 7 (29/06/2011)
    "irregularities in the conditions of the votes represented"
  • "CCOO requires the negotiation of the standard dismissal of PDI partner" (29/06/2011)
    The problem of non-renewals of contracts to part-time lecturers.
  • The air conditioning Library Segura River is being repaired in order to restore normal service as soon as possible for users (29/06/2011)

  • The City Council renewed its collaboration agreement with the Community to undertake activities of primary care services (29/06/2011)

  • Murcia knocks on the door of the World Dance Alliance Europe (29/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia sets up a system of payment by sms (29/06/2011)

  • Murcia City Council renews its commitment to various associations for the development of social programs in the municipality (29/06/2011)

  • La Nave celebrates its end of year (29/06/2011)

  • Students of the University of Murcia will practice in foreign centers of the Foundation Diagram (29/06/2011)

  • Sports encourages the practice of swimming and cycling (29/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens are concerned by the failure of air conditioning in the library "Safe Rio" (29/06/2011)

  • ZigZagCity proposes a summer of humor and fun with the cycle of monologues (29/06/2011)
    The proceedings were opened on Friday July 1 and is held every Thursday in July and August, from 21.30
  • The clusters, or cluster of computers together, star in a course at the Universidad del Mar (29/06/2011)

  • Iniesta visit the Traffic Control Room of City Hall (28/06/2011)

  • Environment provides access to the Murcia Renewal Plan tires (28/06/2011)

  • An investigation of the University of Murcia fight lethal infections of the fungus Mucor (28/06/2011)

  • The closure Casino today shows "Seniors also painted" (28/06/2011)

  • Camera thanks to its promotion of Murcia consuls within and outside the Region (27/06/2011)
    Have you shared a lunch with representatives of the Consular Corps
  • The Patxi Murcia Navarro wins 1st Scrabble Tournament Murcia (27/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens as a "mistake" the disappearance of the Planning Commission (27/06/2011)

  • The City Council opened the period for new users to reserve space for sports in municipal (27/06/2011)

  • A symposium is at the University of Murcia soil degradation in Spain (27/06/2011)

  • Murcia Summer opens the session "Guitars in Almudí" (27/06/2011)

  • A study from the University of Murcia advises consumers to bet more on the goat's milk cheese from Murcia (27/06/2011)

  • The Mayor proposes the creation of two special committees to promote participation and transparency in management (27/06/2011)
    The Municipal Corporation was held this morning the first plenary session of the legislature
  • Full UPyD doubts expressed in regard to the suppression of the Planning Department (27/06/2011)

  • A course at the University of Mar advocates for healthy aging (27/06/2011)
    The power of physical activity and psychology of the elderly will be among the topics to be discussed
  • The head of the social networks within organizations, leading a course at the University of Mar (27/06/2011)
    The role of Community Manager and the empowerment of social networking will be the subject of the course
  • Manuel Duran kicks out the party Lobosillo (26/06/2011)

  • The ship offers workshops on arts and dance during the month of July (26/06/2011)

  • Eight groups vie for the final Creajoven Performing Arts (26/06/2011)

  • 210 municipal youth participate in youth exchanges abroad this summer (25/06/2011)

  • The Spanish Basketball Men's U18 arrives tomorrow to Murcia (25/06/2011)
    to participate in a European preparatory tournament in Poland 2011
  • Act Enforcement Scholarship and presented diplomas to the students of XII Promotion Diploma in Tourism, Promotion of Grade I and XI in Tourism Promotion of Business Administration and Business Management (24/06/2011)
    Students and Visitors ADE UCAM receive their diplomas
  • Mayor Chamber is satisfied with the support of the Sacred Heart of TSJ Monteagudo (24/06/2011)
    Y congratulates Murcia to defend one of the symbols of Murcia
  • The debate on reform UCAM of Philosophy in a Day on St. Thomas (24/06/2011)
    The president of the International Society St. Thomas Aquinas, Abelardo Lobato, spoke during the celebration of the Day
  • 3.4 million for the Health Campus of the University of Murcia (24/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens ask the council to discuss the master plan for bicycle (24/06/2011)

  • The bases of El Pozo Murcia FS celebrate the great season in family (24/06/2011)

  • The National Police have arrested seven members of a clan based in the hamlet of Murcia Espinardo (24/06/2011)
    dismantled a group using a van as a mobile laboratory and point of sale of drugs
  • XXI March to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (24/06/2011)

  • Starts Summer Program in Murcia Avenida Libertad (24/06/2011)

  • 800 runners will participate in the Third Fun Run for Life held in Lobosillo (24/06/2011)
    The event is scheduled on July 2, from 19 hours
  • A doctoral thesis warning about the risk of early drinking (24/06/2011)

  • Algezares have the first baseball field in the municipality (24/06/2011)
    Club Black Stars of the parish in the new facility will train
  • The University of Murcia open until July 6 in the registration period runs with limited places (24/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts national symposium on control of soil degradation (24/06/2011)

  • Sports, computing and chemistry for all the courses at the University of the Sea to be held next week (24/06/2011)

  • Younger also recycle (23/06/2011)

  • Social Work recognizes that its staff internship (23/06/2011)

  • A museum offers summer workshops, exhibitions, lectures and poetry for the months of June, July and August (23/06/2011)

  • Press of the University of Murcia on the controversy with the Catholic University (23/06/2011)

  • Immigration in Spain, analyzed by a Swedish expert at the University of Murcia (23/06/2011)

  • Jessica Aliaga Aracelly wins the Olympics in classical languages ​​of the Region (23/06/2011)

  • A filly born at the Veterinary Teaching Farm (23/06/2011)

  • The Hall Debate at the University of Murcia hosts a conference on immigration in Spain (23/06/2011)

  • Espinardo begin their celebrations by burning the failure the night of San Juan (23/06/2011)

  • The Catholic University San Antonio wins the Shell Eco Marathon (22/06/2011)

  • The Mayor proposes the creation of a special commission for the socioeconomic development of the municipality (22/06/2011)

  • Education about 120,000 euros invested in improvements to schools in the municipality (22/06/2011)

  • More than 100,000 people visit every year the Tourist Information Point Belluga municipal plaza (22/06/2011)

  • Duran RADAR participates in the meeting to consolidate the network in the Region of Murcia (22/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia signed research contracts worth 16 million during 2010 (22/06/2011)

  • Social Services works with its proposed new future integration and coexistence (22/06/2011)

  • The City continues to offer business training and promoting the town to create jobs (22/06/2011)

  • Kike Boned perform the ceremonial kick-off the final of the football in the neighborhood of Vistabella (22/06/2011)

  • The City Council renewed its agreement with the Foundation to improve CajaMurcia senior centers and promote their activities (22/06/2011)

  • Reconciling work and family life in the Innovative ciberaula (22/06/2011)

  • A brigade will be responsible for the care and preservation of individual trees in the municipality (22/06/2011)

  • Four disabled get jobs thanks to the cleaning contract sources (22/06/2011)

  • A new service will ensure the safety and good condition of the track cyclable (22/06/2011)

  • The Museum of the City celebrates the European Day of Music with a concert of Sephardic music (22/06/2011)

  • ElPozo Aljucer bases and IES Montserrat Roig FS will meet this afternoon at the Palace of Sports (22/06/2011)

  • Exhibition and Scrabble Championship this weekend in La Nave (22/06/2011)

  • Dis Berlin artist wins prize for painting XII of the University of Murcia (22/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest for the monitoring of research contracts (22/06/2011)

  • The Board of the University of Murcia approved the public costs of graduate (22/06/2011)

  • Mariano Carrera won the Prize for Painting at the University of Murcia (22/06/2011)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia estimated at 1.4 million the value of avoiding a fatal accident on the road (22/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia participated in the 50 th anniversary of the University of Nis (Serbia) (22/06/2011)

  • Rafel Gomez participated in the Awards of Artistic Creation Competition V Foundation José García Jiménez (22/06/2011)

  • 'Picnic', 'The Lawyers' and 'Errecinco' compete in the final of Pop-Rock Creajoven (22/06/2011)

  • UCAM students know the history of Cartagena and La Union (21/06/2011)
    addition, within the activities of the Summer Camp, students visited the Shrine of Fuensanta
  • The play "The Wedding," the group "TTT" in collaboration with ajva, begins tomorrow at Festivals in Aljucer (21/06/2011)

  • About 180 children will participate in the Municipal Paulo Roberto Campus Futsal (21/06/2011)

  • Presented at the Rector jurors for the 2011 edition (21/06/2011)
    This year the exhibition will be held for the first time in the Hall of Columns of the Palace Almudí
  • The University of Murcia presents the results of research (21/06/2011)

  • The Department of Art History offers its help to recover the assets of Lorca (21/06/2011)

  • The 'Green Procurement in the city of Murcia' is recognized by the Cemex Foundation (21/06/2011)

  • ZigZag City hosts a craft market (21/06/2011)
    Within the space highlights the children's corner, where children can be fun with games and participatory workshops
  • The Secretary of State for Research says that the new Law of Science is a commitment to change the production model (20/06/2011)

  • Gaya Museum celebrates the European Day of Music (20/06/2011)

  • Murcia Summer session includes "Guitars in Almudí" New this year (20/06/2011)

  • The city also teaches playing (20/06/2011)

  • Course of performance in basketball at the University of the Sea (20/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia horses make therapies for people with disabilities (20/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia invests 550,000 euros in equipment of laboratories for practice (20/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia earmarked 6.2 million euros a multidisciplinary research center (20/06/2011)

  • Act Enforcement Scholarship and presented diplomas to the students of the X Promotion of Higher Diploma in Criminology at the Universidad Catolica San Antonio (18/06/2011)
    Criminology students receive their diplomas UCAM
  • Espinardo exposes his failure to the night of San Juan (18/06/2011)

  • Polaino lectures at the UCAM on how to motivate students (17/06/2011)
    The act has been framed in the program Teacher Training that develops the UCAM
  • Nutritionists, food technologists and occupational therapists of the UCAM, receive their scholarships and diplomas (17/06/2011)

  • Mayor promotes the creation of an Office of Licensing to facilitate the opening of businesses and companies (17/06/2011)

  • ... (17/06/2011)

  • Campus Summer safety UCAM 2011.Exhibición UCAM (17/06/2011)
    San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia has held a seminar on 'Security of the people'
  • Campus Mare Nostrum obtained a grant of 1.2 million euros in national call (17/06/2011)

  • The registration period for summer school at the Museum of Science and Water opens on Monday (17/06/2011)

  • Murcia organizes the Final Phase of Child and Cadet Club Championships in Spain. (17/06/2011)
    The semifinals and final will be held on 18 and 19 June.
  • IU-Greens claim that the plan does not include Fuensanta educational and health facilities (17/06/2011)

  • The Platform calls for responsibility and to do your best to keep the site (17/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens held tomorrow a meal with people who lent their support in the election campaign (17/06/2011)

  • A course at the University of Mar disseminate science among people over age 50 (17/06/2011)

  • The City Council and Cespa start a campaign to promote the use of the EcoPark and mobile Ecopoints (17/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia launches debate on the new Law of Science (17/06/2011)

  • Fine Arts students exhibit their works at the University of Murcia (17/06/2011)

  • The municipal districts pools premiere summer morning bath (17/06/2011)

  • Students of the University of Murcia will practice in the Public Employment Service (16/06/2011)

  • ... (16/06/2011)

  • More than 2,000 school children participate in the campaign "I can also be supportive" (16/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia educate their students about healthy lifestyles (16/06/2011)

  • Three groups are vying for the final Creajoven Metal Music (16/06/2011)

  • The Socialist Group is proposing to consult residents and businesses on the possible pedestrian from the Gran Via (16/06/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Peter Lopez, said it is important not to register or patent the idea, but studies launch necessary to carry out the project with the consensus of all
  • The UCAM discusses human love in its Summer Camp (15/06/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia will host in September to various courses in its Summer Camp
  • Cemex Foundation also awards the City of Murcia for its policies regarding sustainability (15/06/2011)

  • Maurice El Pozo Murcia FS farewell after eight years in the Club (15/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens criticized the disappearance of the Urban Planning (15/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia awarded an honorary doctorate for teachers Martín Mateo and Do Carmo (15/06/2011)

  • The ship houses the party to IES Aljada course of Bacons Bridge (15/06/2011)

  • Students José Carlos Gallego Irene López Martínez Fernández and fellowships obtained from the Caixa (15/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia collaborate with ANPE in teacher training (15/06/2011)

  • The rector of the University of Haifa visiting the University of Murcia (15/06/2011)

  • Editum published the first translation into Spanish of a masterpiece of music history, who was born 300 years ago (15/06/2011)
    It was hailed as the most comprehensive treaty ended by the likes of Haydn, Bach, Beethoven or Mozart
  • Mayor House introduced the new distribution of responsibilities within the government team (14/06/2011)

  • Robotics, video and intelligent buildings in the Second Summer School of the Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia (14/06/2011)
    A to demystify computer course
  • The training of nurses improved in the Second Republic but remained gender inequalities, as a doctoral thesis (14/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia launches debate on citizenship and political participation (14/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia presented tomorrow, the search engine to compete with Google (14/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia has your project healthy (14/06/2011)

  • Feast of San Antonio de Padua, patron of the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) (13/06/2011)
    "Justice is the intrinsic criterion of all politics"
  • Volunteers from the University of Murcia travel free by train to Lorca to assist in his recovery (13/06/2011)

  • Mayor House hangs in honor of the writer Federico Moccia a lock on the Bridge of Hazards (13/06/2011)

  • First meeting of the four local political groups (13/06/2011)
    spokesmen PP, PSOE, IU and UPyD had a meeting this morning
  • Experts on Road Safety Education (13/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia are looking for a company specializing in aquarium keeping (13/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia recommends a balanced diet for patients with porphyria (13/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia publishes the Social Responsibility Report (13/06/2011)

  • Esther Herguedas Intervention in the inaugural meeting of the City of Murcia (11/06/2011)

  • Camera: "Recovery of lost jobs and the creation and consolidation of existing vital signs will be the government that I am honored to chair" (11/06/2011)

  • The UCAM opens the 2011 Summer School Master in Cardiovascular Risk (10/06/2011)
    The Conference, jointly issued by UCAM, and the Universities of Salamanca and Valladolid, will be held from 9 to 11 June at the Hotel Sol Galúa of the Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia)
  • Miguel Angel House presides over the establishment of the Municipal Group in the city of Murcia (10/06/2011)
    The Mayor highlighted the main objectives of the new legislature, boosting employment and public management approach to all citizens
  • Having Fun With Chemistry (10/06/2011)
    The University organizes Sea Science Camp III, devoted this year to Chemistry
  • IU-Greens criticized the "delay" of the council for closing the paddle Noce engineer (10/06/2011)
    As Herguedas, these sporting facilities contribute to a "irregularity after another"
  • Sixteen arrested for fraud through bank drafts (10/06/2011)
    The chief executive of the plot is an employee of a property management company that checks and bare your workplace
  • 'V meeting of deans, vice-deans, directors and teachers of communication faculties of Catholic universities' (08/06/2011)
    "The media should guide the public instead of confusing"
  • The site of St. Stephen will be a space 'alive' in which visitors can observe in situ the excavation (08/06/2011)
    Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets presents the specifications for the definition of the Interpretation Centre
  • Tourism is promoting a campaign to bring the food Murcia thousands of tourists and members of Congress (08/06/2011)

  • The staff of El Pozo Murcia FS were dismissed until 1 August, the day they will return to training (08/06/2011)

  • Kike, the program 'Intermediate' Radio Marca morning from the Castillo de Lorca (08/06/2011)

  • Los Martinez del Puerto celebrate their X Contest painting outdoors (08/06/2011)

  • IU-Green asked for clarification on the water cut in the nursery of La Paz (08/06/2011)

  • MercaMurcia provide information to the regional base price of food products (08/06/2011)

  • Paul Preston offered at the University of Murcia a lecture on the Civil War (08/06/2011)

  • The artistic heritage of the city is increased by five works donated to the Museum of the City (08/06/2011)

  • The ship offers the premiere Friday of the play 'The value of the little-big things' (08/06/2011)

  • The team played Benjamin FS Aljucer ElPozo the final tournament in Spain against Sporting Gijón (08/06/2011)

  • Murcia organizing the final phase of the Child and Cadet Club Championships in Spain (08/06/2011)

  • Success tennis match to benefit the victims of the earthquake Lorca (08/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia rewards the best entrepreneurs (08/06/2011)

  • Benefits of exercise in the elderly, in a course at the Universidad Internacional del Mar (08/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia install defibrillators on campus (08/06/2011)

  • "The university is a fulcrum for social regeneration of the way" (07/06/2011)
    The secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Monsignor Paul Tighe
  • Sports Gala XIII of the UCAM (07/06/2011)
    The best of sport come together in the UCAM
  • The Mayor highlighted the atmosphere of consensus and cooperation that characterized the Corporation has now concluded (07/06/2011)

  • 24 The Council organizes summer schools for a total of 1,325 schoolchildren in the municipality of Murcia (07/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia rescues the first adult Neanderthal skeleton articulated on the Mediterranean coast (07/06/2011)

  • ... (07/06/2011)

  • A conference organized by the Faculty of Information approach to the impact of IPv6 on Internet (07/06/2011)

  • Scientists at the University of Murcia evaluate a new system for wastewater treatment (07/06/2011)

  • El Palacio de Deportes hosts morning tennis match and solidarity between Almagro Ferrero (06/06/2011)

  • A conference at the University of Murcia studying medical and industrial applications of optical technologies (06/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia rescues the first adult Neanderthal skeleton on the Mediterranean coast (06/06/2011)

  • The City Council extends bicycle seats bicycle parking in the closed private (06/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia has its social responsibility report (06/06/2011)

  • The Cultural and Social Center celebrates its sample Espinardo theater (05/06/2011)

  • Still open to study within a course of Initial Vocational Training Program (04/06/2011)

  • I, II, III and IV Promotion Masters in Neuro-Rehabilitation UCAM (04/06/2011)
    Students of the Master in Neuro-Rehabilitation UCAM receive their diplomas
  • II Promotion of Business Administration and Management (03/06/2011)
    Professor Stefano Zamagni sponsoring the new intake of graduates in Business Administration from the UCAM
  • The UCAM teaches his students to act before an accident (03/06/2011)
    The College of Nursing has conducted a drill UCAM disaster
  • HUERMUR "Sigifredo Hernandez ejected from the Board to the landowners who were preparing an alternative candidacy" (03/06/2011)
    "at the approach of elections and the widespread support collected by the team of Peter Fernandez in all ditches"
  • A thousand kids in the Region of Murcia enjoy living Days El Pozo Murcia FS (03/06/2011)

  • The president presided over the commemoration of 40 years of Labor Relations at the University of Murcia (03/06/2011)

  • The Festival Belluga star night of July four unmissable offering free music and dance (03/06/2011)

  • The charity tennis match between Almagro and Ferrero will be held at the Palais des Sports (03/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organizes an international conference on applications of optical technologies in industry and medicine (03/06/2011)

  • Murcia Children are also involved in environmental protection (03/06/2011)

  • The University Hospital of Integral Vision designed an innovative distance learning (03/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia install a piggy banks to rebuild a kindergarten in Lorca (03/06/2011)

  • Students of the University of Murcia can participate in the Contest Archimedes (03/06/2011)

  • 107 university volunteers have helped boost work school to 168 children of the town during the school year ending (02/06/2011)

  • IU-Greens: the sacking of 4 players in the 092 is "an example" of the policy of the PP (02/06/2011)

  • The Faculty of Sports Science, the most decorated in the Trofeo Rector (02/06/2011)

  • The closure melillense farewell to El Pozo Murcia FS after six years in the Club (02/06/2011)
    Jorge Barroso: "I keep the treble, which I had the fortune to share and the affection of the people"
  • ... (02/06/2011)

  • The serene Sunday schedule change (02/06/2011)

  • They call stop science education grants for teachers and graduates (02/06/2011)

  • Relations celebrates 40 years of studies (02/06/2011)

  • The University of Murcia organized environmental activities for World Environment day (02/06/2011)

  • Recital de Miguel Angel Ruiz and Pedro Valero at the Casino de Murcia (01/06/2011)

  • Over one hundred professors of economics are involved in a conference on exchange of teaching materials (01/06/2011)

  • José Pedro Marin, Green Office, University of Murcia, awarded by the College of Biologists (01/06/2011)

  • Salvador Espin (artist of the Marvel Murcia) shows his artistic ability to the students of 1 PCPI of Social and Cultural Association BETO (01/06/2011)

  • Murcia Park opens its doors tomorrow and they will hamlets pools from 18 June (01/06/2011)

  • New sidewalks and roadways was high and Valladolises (01/06/2011)

  • Exhibitions, theater and solidarity festival this weekend in La Nave (01/06/2011)

  • Latest works to open to traffic on Avenida Almirante expansion Loaysa (01/06/2011)

  • A conference on the International Monetary Fund closing the Master in Sustainable Human Development (01/06/2011)

  • Bernat Soria part in the Congress of Biophysics hosting the University of Murcia (01/06/2011)


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