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Murcia News - July 2012

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  • Lola Jara, elected Secretary General of the Socialist group Bacons Bridge (31/07/2012)
    The Socialists are committed to achieve more closeness in the municipal management of Bacons Bridge through greater decentralization of the Municipality of Murcia
  • The UCAM train specialists in Project Management or Marketing Management Digital (31/07/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has signed a collaboration agreement with the School of Business and Technology (ESDEN)
  • The Socialist Group regrets that the area of ​​The Lost Valley and the adjoining sports facilities remain the same for almost a year later abandoned (31/07/2012)

  • The Police arrest for attempted murder of a neighbor in the hamlet of Murcia Garres (31/07/2012)
    After discussing with a neighbor struck this two stabs in the chest
  • More than a thousand people gather in the final act of the Second Meeting of Citizen Participation (31/07/2012)
    The Plaza of the Constitution of Espinardo, located in the heart of the URBAN PLAN intervention served to host the event
  • Gea y Truyols, at parties (31/07/2012)

  • Athletes of the UCAM still a good start in the Olympic Games (30/07/2012)
    The table tennis player of UCAM Cartagena, Shen Yanfei, is already in the quarterfinals
  • Chamber notes that the Government put a definitive end to the "inappropriate powers" of local authorities (30/07/2012)
    The Mayor attended the plenary meeting of the National Commission for Local Administration that addresses the Bill for Streamlining and Sustainability of Local Government
  • Success of flamenco gala Sucina VI (30/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the absolute abandonment of the recreational environment of the promenade of El Palmar open less than one year (30/07/2012)

  • 2,325 places for students in elementary and primary public and private schools of the municipality (30/07/2012)
    Maria Dolores Sanchez chairs the Committee on Schooling
  • The International Folk Festival in the Mediterranean edition celebrates 45 (30/07/2012)

  • The councils provide local information to combat the shadow economy (30/07/2012)

  • Murcia Tram transport modifies the frequencies of 1 to August 31 (30/07/2012)

  • The City Council supports partnership projects working with young people (30/07/2012)
    The Department headed by Miguel Cascales announces grants to stimulate youth participation
  • IU-Green criticized the City Council makes use of an external company for the school flag football José María Cagigal (27/07/2012)

  • The UCAM impart the Degree in Medicine from next year (27/07/2012)
    The Autonomous Region this morning gave final yes for the UCAM can deliver next year Medicine
  • The UCAM signs a collaboration agreement with the High Performance Centre of Murcia (27/07/2012)
    UCAM Through this agreement may have the facilities and provide new degrees CAR sports
  • Continue the signings in the UCAM Murcia CF Tete, arrived from Guijuelo defense is the latest addition (27/07/2012)

  • Statement of the Governing Council of the University of Murcia (27/07/2012)

  • Special Plan for management of the terraces of the environment the Plaza de Las Flores and Santa Catalina (27/07/2012)
    The chefs have opted for the umbrellas and shaded area element
  • The report of Ecologists in Action corroborates the allegations of the Socialist Group on a la carte planning practiced by the PP in the town over the years (27/07/2012)

  • The National Police in Murcia detects false performance electric company employees dedicated to defraud citizens (27/07/2012)
    former pretend to change the counter by one digital and require payment of 400 euros
  • Circumvent a free tuition to students from the University of Murcia who visit the exhibition Human Bodies (27/07/2012)

  • The Board of Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia rejects the decision to authorize these studies in the UCAM (27/07/2012)

  • The City of Murcia and technology innovation in energy outdoor lighting (27/07/2012)
    The Agency of Energy and Climate Change launches a provision whose purpose will be valid for all municipalities
  • The House supports the FEMP proposals for reform of the Basic Law on Local Government (26/07/2012)

  • Murcia is among the least indebted Spanish municipalities (26/07/2012)
    The City closed 2011 with a debt less than they had in the year 1999 Improved tax collection efficiency has been one of the keys striking the liquidation of the previous year
  • El Barrio del Carmen will have 120 new parking spaces for bicycles (26/07/2012)

  • UCAM students will be able to practice in the College of Economists of Alicante (26/07/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has this morning signed a collaboration agreement with the College of Economists of Alicante
  • The verification gives ANECA friendly ADE degree in English (26/07/2012)
    The UCAM will teach this course next year 2012/13
  • PSOE: "The PP acts as operator labor officials, particularly against local firefighters and police officers' (26/07/2012)

  • Two new recruits join the UCAM Murcia CF (26/07/2012)
    Rodri Pina and add to the acquisitions of Club
  • More than 400 government employees protesting against the city of Murcia against cuts (26/07/2012)

  • The new schedule of town hall workers will increase more than 100,000 hours of police presence and firefighters in security (26/07/2012)
    The intent of the Department of Human Resources is that the restructuring of municipal services result in improved services citizens
  • The UCAM organized the First Latin American Congress of Sakai (26/07/2012)
    The symposium will take place from 16 to 18 October in Rio de Janeiro
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia defines psychological fitness for diving (26/07/2012)

  • The UCAM and Firefighters in Action Join Forces (25/07/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has this morning signed a collaboration agreement with the NGO Firefighters in Action
  • IU-Greens denounced the "sloppiness" of the Board of St. Pius to the dirt of brownfield sites (25/07/2012)

  • El Centro Parraga democratizes all spaces (25/07/2012)
    Through the transfer of use of their facilities, in the first half of the year have passed through the center more than 20 companies for specific projects
  • More than € 300,000 for pavement improvement works and lighting reinforcement in seven districts (25/07/2012)

  • The City Council takes a lot to build, by the gift, a sports complex in Future Young over 8,000 square meters (25/07/2012)
    will have to be facilities for sports activities outdoors
  • The Ordinance Regulating Public Roads rearranged common areas to promote business, improve sleep and attract local tourism (25/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary prompted the creation of the Local Board of Education (25/07/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, committed to promoting lifelong learning and to provide for the future new employment sites to redirect to the citizens of the municipality in this regard
  • The building Luis Vives University of Murcia wins the award for commitment to conservation and efficiency (25/07/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia stands flat genetic differences of Murcia (25/07/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia claims that the burial of the roads of El Carmen "can not be delayed more" (24/07/2012)

  • The president of the UCAM, Jose Luis Mendoza, head of the New Murcia Forum (24/07/2012)
    Former Minister Jordi Sevilla discussed today in the New Forum Murcia Rajoy measures
  • The neighborhood of the Holy Spirit Espinardo hosts this week the second meeting of Citizen Participation (24/07/2012)

  • The residents of Murcia Golf collect signatures for the Autonomous Region set train and bus stops in Avileses and Sucina (24/07/2012)
    Iniesta and Manuel Javier Duran meet with the Director General of Transport to transfer the claims of citizens
  • Over 200 students gather at the University of Murcia in the National Meeting of Mathematics (24/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group require the PP to govern the operation of the parking lot of Old Condomina that continues to manage the Real Murcia (24/07/2012)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa explains that by failing to endorse this agreement nor is there any economic to the City by the private management City-owned space
  • ... (24/07/2012)

  • 36 kilos of pumpkin (24/07/2012)
    The Department of the Environment continues to promote leisure gardens in the city
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the creation of the Regional Monitoring Unit (24/07/2012)

  • Mary Miller was the first female professor at the University of Murcia (24/07/2012)

  • The Inter-University Council gives the medicine if the UCAM (23/07/2012)

  • The small and medium enterprises, providers of the City of Murcia, immediately charged (23/07/2012)

  • The Imperial, up (23/07/2012)
    The subsidiary murcianista this morning started the preseason.
  • National Police Arrested for moments after committing two robberies with violence and intimidation (23/07/2012)
    The assailant was introduced into vehicles stopped at traffic lights and threatened the occupants with a screwdriver
  • The Socialist Group requested the PP to cancel the financial activity and commercial banks to households evicted citizens of Murcia (23/07/2012)

  • The National Police arrested the manager of a store to appropriate shopping carts from other establishments (23/07/2012)
    had accumulated in his ship 100 cars of various shopping centers in the Capital
  • Environment uses the summer to empty and clean the fountains and lakes of the municipality (22/07/2012)
    The work began last June and will last until mid-September
  • The Socialist Group in plenary prompted a review of the contract CD Fleet to save money and optimize resources (22/07/2012)
    recalls Councilwoman Andrea Garries Intersa this contract for the management of a public service in 2011 cost the City more than a million euro so far in 2012 have already been paid almost € 700,000
  • The General Register of the City Council, closer and closer to the citizen (21/07/2012)
    A new regulation allows operation of the municipal registry improves and expedites the administrations Citizens will be able to control their records by providing an identification number records
  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask the City Council to locate a space and add value to the Railway Museum (21/07/2012)
    The Councilman Jose Zapata reported that other municipalities in the region have shown interest in locating in their cities the said railway museum, a symbol of heritage, history and culture
  • About 2,000 children participating in the 42 summer schools organized by the Department of Social Welfare (20/07/2012)
    18 college volunteers working in an altruistic way in the activities developed by the city of Murcia for children in the city
  • The UCAM signs a collaboration agreement with the Association of Journalists (20/07/2012)
    The agreement includes a broad framework of cooperation for the promotion and increase of projects in the field of Communication
  • The UCAM Murcia CF makes official arrival to the Second "B" (20/07/2012)
    The club's board has made official its entry into the Second Division "B" and presented the new signings
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studies the effects in infants of products that replace breast milk (20/07/2012)

  • Serna hopes that the money saved to pay extra officials "not to engage in wasteful spending" (20/07/2012)
    UPyD Murcia Question of Finance Councillor Isabel Martinez Conesa what is being spent and what is the total amount saved with the elimination of extra pay to staff
  • The neighborhood complaints are the Socialist Group to file a motion asking that the street cleaning is not done with blowers (20/07/2012)

  • The police obtained Murcia seven awards at the Fourth European Games (19/07/2012)

  • Knowing hemophilia (19/07/2012)
    A group of children between 8 and 12 years old visiting the city of Murcia
  • 4,000 small businesses and freelancers earning more than 41.5 million euros thanks to supplier payment plan (19/07/2012)

  • Sucina from 23 to 28 July the sixth edition of the Flamenco Festival (19/07/2012)
    The Friday gala will honor the School of Bullfighting in Murcia
  • The Catholic SAP will teach two graduate programs for next year 2012/13 (19/07/2012)
    The UCAM signs an agreement with the prestigious company of Iberian SAP applications
  • IU-Green believes the government will force the City to cut more public services (19/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group maintains that the terms of the loan several months are even more draconian (19/07/2012)

  • "Holiday" (19/07/2012)
    A total of 23 Saharawi children staying with host families in the municipality of Murcia for the summer
  • New Javalí enjoy nine days of festivities in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (19/07/2012)

  • A hospital in Murcia recorded 25.7 infections per thousand revenue, according to a doctoral thesis (19/07/2012)

  • Opens Registration for the Master of CSR at the University of Murcia (19/07/2012)

  • IU-Green asks the mayor to report in an extraordinary plenary session on cutting the wages of employees of the City (18/07/2012)

  • The UCAM opens the doors of its Campus (18/07/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia San Antonio this morning his project 'Meet the UCAM'
  • The full service municipal gardens allow for greater management efficiency and reduced costs and inconvenience to citizens (18/07/2012)
    Murcia will, for the first time in history, with a full service maintenance and conservation of areas Green neighborhoods and hamlet
  • Actions to promote personal development and active participation of children in the municipality (18/07/2012)
    The Board has given the green light this morning with the specification for the service contract activities with children and adolescents, as well as summer schools 2012 -2013
  • The UCAM Murcia CF militate next season in the second division 'B' (18/07/2012)
    The last step is to deposit, before tomorrow, Thursday 19 July at 18:00 h., A guarantee of 200,000 euros
  • The Socialist Group claims the use of bicycles in Murcia as alternative means of transport and insurance (18/07/2012)

  • Serna described as "unfair, inappropriate or hasty" government measures that affect "the weakest" (18/07/2012)
    Progress and Democracy Union in the city of Murcia on Thursday to attend the event of rejection and against cuts
  • A course at the University of the Sea to help aging healthfully (18/07/2012)

  • Daylight Time citizen service (18/07/2012)

  • Valcárcel's presidency of the Committee of the Regions is a "unique opportunity to Murcia" (17/07/2012)
    The Mayor believes that the President of the Regional Government becomes a "tremendous ambassador of Murcia"
  • The opening of the first public station compressed natural gas helps ensure the City Council to promote mobility more efficient and cleaner (17/07/2012)

  • The College of St. Felix is ​​tuned Zarandona (17/07/2012)
    Education carries out repairs and maintenance inside and outside the center, and will install a stair lift to access the first floor
  • Murcia will become the capital of pop music on 6, 7 and 8 September (17/07/2012)
    The Lemon Pop Festival, which celebrates its 17th edition, will head the cartel to Nosoträsh, The Sound of Arrows and Wheels
  • The National Police arrested those responsible for a brothel for sexual exploitation of foreign citizens (17/07/2012)
    The local workers were sexually exploited in conditions of job insecurity.
  • PSOE: "House is left 'chulear' by Samper" (17/07/2012)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio Castro asked the mayor of Murcia stands up and demands that the president of Real Murcia compliance with commitments under the agreement New Condomina
  • IU-Greens will oppose the elimination of municipal boards (17/07/2012)
    Herguedas asked to clarify its position Camera
  • The University of Murcia calls for 42 places for associate professors (17/07/2012)

  • The University of Murcia biodiesel obtained through green chemistry (17/07/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studied homicidal deaths in the region between 2001 and 2009 (17/07/2012)

  • Campus of Social Development in Peru UCAM 2012 (16/07/2012)
    A group of volunteers part to the most deprived areas of Peru
  • The Catholic University of Murcia launches the second edition of the Doctoral School UCAM-FOM (16/07/2012)
    About a dozen students from the prestigious German university to complete their training FOM on 27 July in the UCAM
  • The course of the north coast does not affect the Wheel of The Nora and their surroundings (16/07/2012)

  • IU-Green proposes the creation of a plan of living in the neighborhood of El Carmen (16/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls on municipal PP hear respected Fine Arts and the extension of the protective environment of the Wheel of Ñora (16/07/2012)

  • The square of Europe will be more accessible (16/07/2012)
    Alicia Barquero chaired the meeting of the Office of Accessibility
  • The judge Grande-Marlaska inaugurated the course at the University of the Sea on criminal justice in Spain (16/07/2012)
    The vowel and spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Gabriela Bravo, who will close down.
  • The Social Council highlights the efforts of the University and the Autonomous Region to minimize cuts (16/07/2012)

  • The Socialist spokesman denounces the serious danger of a power pole located in the Hermitage Lane in Zeneta (14/07/2012)

  • Renewal of agreement between the UCAM and UCAM Murcia CB (13/07/2012)
    The Catholic University San Antonio and the UCAM Murcia CB confirm their alliance
  • The special service of telecare for the heat wave made 764 interventions from 1 June to 12 July (13/07/2012)
    Murcia has so far registered 11 days warning yellow and three orange alert
  • Camera: "Murcia does not forget Miguel Angel Blanco" (13/07/2012)
    The Mayor presides over the tribute to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of Councilman Ermua
  • Appointed a new member of the Board of the University of Murcia (13/07/2012)

  • 3.4 million for 137 residential places for seniors in Murcia (13/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Party demands the immediate clean sources of the Infante Don Juan Manuel (13/07/2012)
    Councilman Jose Zapata denounced the abandonment of the south and warns of the dangers to health is to keep the sources in these circumstances with temperatures as high
  • More than 10,000 spectators have enjoyed the concerts of the Festival Belluga (13/07/2012)
    The Parrandboleros yesterday closed the summer musical event, organized by the Foundation Cajamurcia and the City, and the 250 artists who participated in Murcia
  • The National Police arrested a swindler who had appropriated more than 40,000 euros in furniture (13/07/2012)
    effects disappeared from a leased facility by the arrestee and were located in other establishments had recently rented
  • Murcia 'sold' on the coast (13/07/2012)
    Over 100,000 brochures will be distributed from Benidorm to Mojacar in order to attract tourists
  • ... (12/07/2012)

  • "Barcelona 92 ​​marked the emergence of Spanish sport" (12/07/2012)
    Former walker, Juanma Molina, today presented his book 'You can be the Olympic!'
  • The Mayor declared that "today we remember the most dramatic 48 hours we have experienced the Spanish" (12/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group today joins protests over the removal of schools workshops and employment workshops (12/07/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, claims that the elimination of these programs condemning the younger unemployed suffer higher unemployment and marginality at a difficult time in which the PP has decided to ruthlessly crush the weak
  • Joseph "The Escarpín" debuts for the first time in the Region of Murcia (12/07/2012)

  • Camera: "The councilors are at the service of citizens and still less can also be" (12/07/2012)
    Mayor understands that cutting measures announced by the Government are "hard and tough", but only to "revive the economy and looking the future with more optimism "
  • The University of Murcia will work with a Chilean foundation for the integration of people with Down syndrome (12/07/2012)

  • Joseph Lucas evokes the "joy of the feast" in a colorful poster announcing the Fair 2012 (12/07/2012)

  • The City Council works for 23 Saharawi children spend their holidays with families in the municipality (12/07/2012)
    They signed a cooperation agreement with the Association Paz Vacations
  • The University of Murcia wins the competition for data storage expansion of the Center for Technology Transfer (12/07/2012)

  • Gates of Castile has air conditioning from Tuesday (12/07/2012)

  • Homage to the 1812 Constitution in a course at the University of the Sea (12/07/2012)

  • More than 150 residents of Lobosillo involved in the football league (11/07/2012)

  • The Mayor presides over the ceremony to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Angel Blanco (11/07/2012)

  • The Mayor presented the play 'Eve with the apple', the first sculpture of plans to open in Murcia since 1931 (11/07/2012)
    The sculpture is located in the garden Pintor Pedro Flores and has been donated by the grandson of the sculptor
  • Pelegrin visit to the over-Patiño (11/07/2012)

  • More than 400 seats at the Centers for Reconciling work and family life during the summer (11/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for Iniesta to explain why the new concessionary bus is based on UCAM (11/07/2012)

  • The UCAM and the University of Havana (Cuba) will offer a joint degree in Anthropology double (11/07/2012)

  • Young actors and actresses in the Museum Ramon Gaya (11/07/2012)

  • PSOE: "The PP frontal attack on the welfare system in favor of the powerful at the expense of the weakest" (11/07/2012)

  • IU-Green is pleased with the unanimous approval of City Council to support people affected by the CAM (11/07/2012)

  • The City renews its agreement with the Down Syndrome Foundation to develop the project "Introduction to Leisure and Urban Autonomy" (11/07/2012)
    Action will allow more than 60 people can benefit from the project
  • IU-Green claims that the center's air conditioning does not work Castilla doors (11/07/2012)

  • House attends the opening of the first customer center in Gas Natural Group (10/07/2012)

  • IU-Green denounces the state of dirt from the streets of Santa Eulalia (10/07/2012)

  • 150 Saharawi children pass medical examinations at the University of Murcia (10/07/2012)

  • The Construction Technology Center will work with the Environment in terms of noise, and acoustic and thermal insulation (10/07/2012)

  • 68 students work in building the Local Police Headquarters of La Alberca, while learning a trade (10/07/2012)
    Sources Tortosa and visit the works
  • Recycling and energy saving, main topics of the summer school Javalí New (10/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group PP requires the city to clean the outside shock Veronicas Market, full of painted (10/07/2012)

  • The cities studied what services define the "DNA" that makes them "smart" (10/07/2012)
    An initiative of the Municipality of Murcia will create a design document and implementation of a Smart City project useful for all municipalities
  • ... (10/07/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia demonstrates the benefits of Diversification Program Curriculum (10/07/2012)

  • More than one million euros for paving and improved street lighting in 14 districts of Murcia (09/07/2012)

  • "The Night of the Apostles," a new way to enjoy your city (09/07/2012)

  • IU-Green proposes the transfer of public spaces for citizen organizations (09/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the resignation of the mayor of Murcia for their political responsibility to the conventions of the north (09/07/2012)
    and reasonable doubts about its fall management
  • The Night of the Apostles (09/07/2012)
    Establishments Apostles square on Wednesday become a place to enjoy tapas and music
  • Six bands of Valencia, Andalusia and Murcia participating this year in the competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (08/07/2012)
    The edition will be held on 10 and 11 November in the Auditorium of La Alberca, the Third Section, and the Murcia Circus Theatre, Second
  • Five Murcia travel by bike the distance between Madrid and Murcia to inform and raise awareness of Parkinson's disease (08/07/2012)
    The route began today and is scheduled to arrive in Murcia on Friday afternoon
  • The Holy Angel Municipal Board approves a motion requiring the CARM PSOE to maintain the school bus (08/07/2012)

  • A score of young people participating in Youth Space El Palmar in the First Tournament Warhammer Fantasy (07/07/2012)
    In the morning there have been two rounds of the championship, and this afternoon will be held the third round and will proceed to the delivery of prizes to the winners of each category
  • Graduation of the Second On-line Promotion of Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Católica San Antonio (07/07/2012)
    The UCAM graduated to Grade II Promotion of Civil Engineering On-line
  • Graduation XI Promotion of Engineering Degree in Public Works and Development II Face of Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Católica San Antonio (06/07/2012)
    The new technical engineers of Public Works and Civil engineers are the UCAM their scholarships and diplomas
  • The Mayor highlighted the commitment of the government for the arrival of high speed Murcia (06/07/2012)

  • Manolo Escobar is pleased to be back to Murcia and appointing Grand Master of the XVI edition of the competition of Tunas "Barrio del Carmen" (06/07/2012)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia convenes a special meeting to consider the cuts (06/07/2012)

  • IU-Green criticizes the "madness and lack of rigor" Councilman Sports (06/07/2012)

  • Lopez: "The State Highway Councilman sell us a 'smoke-operation' to scrub a sidewalk should be maintained rather than clean" (06/07/2012)

  • Green light for improvement actions in the districts of La Alberca and Cabezo de Torres (06/07/2012)

  • During the visit, presented the scientific-technical UCAM (05/07/2012)
    The UCAM is visited by a research elite Argentine
  • The sculptures 'skipping' and 'The Dance' turn to shine in the Park Campillo (05/07/2012)
    replace parts that were stolen and torn for sale as scrap.
  • Fans solidarity (05/07/2012)
    FADE The Foundation is launching a sales campaign for fans to get resources to maintain their social voluntary projects
  • IU-Green requires clearance of the access road to La Fuensanta (05/07/2012)

  • Doctoral Students of UMU, Coll Carlos Jara, wins the prize in Haiku, University of Murcia (05/07/2012)

  • Camera Man Project is grateful to his commitment to people who need to overcome their addictions (05/07/2012)
    The City works with the foundation since he started working in the municipality in 1995
  • The Socialist Group requested a visit to the new building Planning to check your state (05/07/2012)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa has received complaints from residents of the areas alarmed by the existence of a plague of rats inside and the proliferation of cats
  • A working group of Physiology of Reproduction, University of Murcia, cover of Human Reproduction (05/07/2012)

  • Traffic undertakes an innovative campaign to raise awareness of care Murcia traffic signals (05/07/2012)

  • 55 schools in the municipality contains a total of 74 summer schools (05/07/2012)
    Maria Dolores Sanchez visited this morning summer school CEIP Nuestra Senora de Atocha
  • The University of Murcia launches competition for the sanitary control of drinking water quality (05/07/2012)

  • Discovering energy (04/07/2012)
    The Museum of Science and Water teaches the youngest what energy is, how it arises and how many types there
  • An ordinance regulate the shuttle bus (04/07/2012)
    will be adopted before the entry into force of the new service in October
  • Lopez: "The revelations of the case Umbra confirm our thesis about the serious breach to the municipal treasury" (04/07/2012)

  • The University of Murcia offers a tribute to the father Francisco Martinez Fresneda for their dedication university (04/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the abandonment of the Contraparada (04/07/2012)
    The spokesman, Peter Lopez, requires the City Council and the Segura basin to reach an agreement to ensure the preservation of this great space in the heart of the Garden and avoid devaluing recovery
  • IU-Green branded as "very worrying" the conclusions of the prosecutor 'Umbra' (04/07/2012)
    The formation of the left said that his group was the only city that refused to approve the agreement in New Condomina
  • The City Council adheres to the European Mobility Week which this year is titled: Moving in the right direction! (04/07/2012)
    The commemoration will take place on September 22, although the activities will start on 16
  • A committee will monitor absenteeism and dropout in the municipality (04/07/2012)
    The national plan and coordinate actions to eradicate this situation
  • The number of animals in the African savannah Terra Natura Murcia with the birth of two zebras (04/07/2012)

  • Day of proposals for work in Germany for the field of Health Sciences (04/07/2012)

  • Named Ramon Francisco Borja vocal Esquembre and Social Council of the University of Murcia (04/07/2012)

  • The University of Murcia announces a public tender for the maintenance of its green spaces (04/07/2012)

  • The Communist Youth eviction of CSA "At Trajín" (03/07/2012)

  • The president of the community hosts the Murcia epresentatives r Paralympic team competing in the Olympics in London 2012 (03/07/2012)

  • Jose Antonio Camacho and Pepin Liria, 'face to face' in the 125 Anniversary of the Bullfighting Club and the Plaza de Toros de Murcia (03/07/2012)
    coach soccer and bullfighting star in the second act of the series 'Two figures face to face' scheduled occasion of this event
  • The people of El Puntal express satisfaction about the services at their disposal in the parish (03/07/2012)

  • The informative booth Santo Domingo is rehabilitated to provide a better picture after the summer (03/07/2012)

  • The opening of the full Senate Science Park facilities on the campus of Espinardo (03/07/2012)
    The event, chaired by Ramon Luis Valcarcel, has been attended by the Mayor
  • IU-Greens accused the PP of responsibility to the nearby state of dirt from La Paz (03/07/2012)

  • Mayor signing an agreement that will continue training to 600 students of the four musical groups of the municipality (03/07/2012)

  • PSOE: "The lack of sensitivity of the PP economy stifles Murcian families" (03/07/2012)

  • A course at the University of the Sea shows the advantages of renewable energy (03/07/2012)

  • ... (03/07/2012)

  • 300 children today enjoy summer camp that offers Education (03/07/2012)
    are developed in El Valle and El Nerpio, in three shifts during July
  • The Faculty of Fine Arts selected models to pose in class (03/07/2012)

  • A thesis says that high school students have difficulty connecting the history of Spain with real situations (03/07/2012)

  • Moya-Smith Angeler and visiting commercial establishments Stables (02/07/2012)

  • No incidents at the conclusion of the Euro on the streets of Murcia (02/07/2012)

  • IU-Green calls for the abolition of a black point in the Reguerón (02/07/2012)

  • The Socialist Group warns of alarming drop in revenue in the execution of the municipal budget (02/07/2012)
    Councilman John Patrick Castro reported that revenue fell four percentage points in the first quarter of the year compared to 2011, having collected only 25, 3 million euros, 12.7 less than last year
  • Theater workshops, to find the energy to know the traditions vegetable garden and nature, in "A Museum Summer" (02/07/2012)

  • Monica Martinez and Manolo Escobar, stars of the XVI edition of the competition of Tunas "Barrio del Carmen" (02/07/2012)
    the painter José María Falgas Murcia has been commissioned to illustrate the poster for this issue
  • Start of summer 25 schools to be held in the municipality during the month of July (02/07/2012)

  • The flamenco unionense "Paco Walls" awarded the "Well of Sucina" (01/07/2012)

  • They warn of the risk of fire in a corner Beniscornia solar set amidst seven houses inhabited (01/07/2012)

  • The Club honors Ferro Bullfighting in Murcia (01/07/2012)
    Murcia Bullfighting Club meets 125-year history, and I want to honor your hearth Ferro in flamenco festival on Wednesday 22 August

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