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Murcia News - April 2019

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  • 2nd Bachillerato of Monteagudo-Nelva destines his gift of promotion to the Little Sisters of the Poor (30/04/2019)

  • The PSOE achieves the approval of all its motions in the last plenary session of this mandate (30/04/2019)

  • The City Council organizes a special security and cleaning plan for the WARM Up Festival (30/04/2019)
    174 local police officers and 150 cleaning workers make up this device
  • Daniel Kaufmann gives a conference on the quality of governance at the UMU (30/04/2019)
    The talk will be this Thursday, May 2, at 12.30 in the law room of the Faculty of Law
  • The ODSesiones project of the University of Murcia kicks off the month dedicated to quality education (30/04/2019)
    This Thursday the activities of Goal 4 of the United Nations begin
  • Massive social support to the public interest of the UCAM (30/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia opens the voting period of the participatory budgets of 2019 (30/04/2019)
    Members of the university community may allocate a total of 150,000 euros between different proposals
  • The LIFE AMDRYC4 project, coordinated by the UMU, participates in the national meeting of research on adaptation to climate change financed by the EU (30/04/2019)

  • Factoría Cultural and the City Council collaborate with the cultural growth of Barrio del Carmen with a free workshop on literature and videogames (30/04/2019)
    The workshop is free and is aimed at young people between 16 and 20 years old
  • Real Murcia FC Mathematically saved (30/04/2019)

  • The Popular Party approves a reduction in water rates of up to 5.42% (30/04/2019)
    The new ordinance reduces the water and garbage bills by 25% for families at risk of exclusion
  • The Plenary approves an Institutional Declaration to support the Association of families of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (30/04/2019)
    The text includes urging the national and regional government to develop a protocol for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of this syndrome, establishing a network of reference centers where the most serious cases can be derived
  • The UMU and Ibermutuamur sign an agreement for the realization of external internships for university students (30/04/2019)

  • The City Council authorizes the obtaining of the soil to build the San Pedro Cañadas sewage treatment plant (30/04/2019)
    In this way, the urban center of the hamlet and its urbanizations can be connected to the sanitation network of the municipality, giving service to 366 homes
  • The Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fuensanta next year will be on September 15 (30/04/2019)
    The other local party in 2020, the Bando de la Huerta, will be held on April 14, according to the agreement approved today by the Plenary
  • Designated the 4,671 presidents, members and alternates for the 519 polling stations of the May 26 elections (30/04/2019)

  • The racing circuit "Ponle Freno" continues in Murcia this Sunday (29/04/2019)
    The City of Murcia has hosted this Monday the presentation of the event, whose proceeds will go entirely in favor of the Marcelino Oliver Foundation
  • Mario Gómez: "We thank the 50,180 Murcians for the trust placed in our future project" (29/04/2019)
    The Cs spokesperson also thanks the great team that makes Citizens for their tireless work, enthusiasm and full dedication
  • 38 municipal plots will be transformed into leisure gardens (29/04/2019)
    Environment has raffled this morning the land, whose purpose is the cultivation of vegetables under self-consumption, nonprofit
  • The University of Murcia develops a physical activity program for women with breast cancer (29/04/2019)
    The UMU and the Amiga Association sign the agreement so that the participants can have a personalized training plan
  • The choir of the University of Murcia offers a concert at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital (29/04/2019)

  • The UMU welcomes the presentation of the project 'Lorca, friendly city with the elderly' (29/04/2019)

  • The Ponle Freno race arrives in Murcia this Sunday to raise awareness about the impact of traffic accidents on cyclists (29/04/2019)

  • The show, the circus and the gastronomy, protagonists in #Murciasemueve (29/04/2019)
    The event will take place on May 9, at the Molinos del Río at 8:00 p.m.
  • The UCAM, on the way to revalidate its dominance in the University Spain Championship (29/04/2019)
    The Catholic University already has 75 medals and heads the ranking in the absence of competing ten more events
  • Nearly 10,000 children have participated in the workshops of the 'Spring Gardens' (28/04/2019)

  • The City Council puts a solution to the floods in the road of Sucina (28/04/2019)
    The works consist of the installation of batteries of concrete pipes that will allow the passage of runoff waters
  • The UCAM signs a new agreement with EU Business School (27/04/2019)
    The Catholic University will accredit the degrees in areas such as business, communication and tourism offered by the Swiss Business School
  • La Parra de Barqueros street will be exclusively for pedestrians (27/04/2019)
    The project contemplates the paving of the entire road
  • The Churra soccer field will debut grass and new dimensions next season (27/04/2019)
    The project, which has already been approved by the City Council, has a budget of 253,000 euros
  • The UCAM, among the Spanish universities with the lowest dropout rate (26/04/2019)
    It is ranked 17th in Spanish universities with the most students who finish their chosen career thanks to their model of small groups, tutoring and practical training
  • Awarded the new Parks and Gardens contract (26/04/2019)

  • 288 operators are in charge of carrying out an in-depth cleaning of all the schools in the municipality (26/04/2019)

  • The illusion and the spectacle will invade Murcia tomorrow with the most international Burial of the Sardine (26/04/2019)
    The 23 floats will launch more than 2 million toys during the day in which a special cleaning, security and transport service has been established
  • The University of Murcia shows the magic of mathematics at the hand of the disseminator Francisco Balibrea (26/04/2019)
    The talk 'Miscellaneous mathematics' will be this Monday, April 29, at 19.30 in the Cultural Area Room of El Corte Inglés de Murcia
  • Approved the agreement to subsidize the intercity bus ticket for pensioners, retirees and large families (26/04/2019)
    The City Council will allocate more than 2.7 million euros to finance this tariff reduction, with which last year almost 2 million euros were made travel
  • The City Council will invest 3.5 million euros in the maintenance of roads, sidewalks and pedestrian areas (26/04/2019)
    The contract includes all the necessary actions for the correct state of conservation of these road infrastructures
  • The historical ones of the Burial of the Sardine named Antonio Botías as Head of Honor (26/04/2019)
    "You are representatives of the quintessence of our land, for your generosity and joy," said Mayor José Ballesta.
  • Education will offer 500 places in the school camps in July (26/04/2019)
    The Department of Education will allocate 184,360 euros for the celebration of ten nature stays;
  • Eduardo Sánchez, student of Classical Philology of the UMU, wins four medals in the swimming championship (26/04/2019)
    He won three silver medals and a bronze in the 100 and 50 meter freestyle and adapted swimming backstroke
  • The Queen of Huerta 2019 and her court of ladies visit the facilities of ELPOZO ALIMENTACIÓN (26/04/2019)

  • Murcia becomes an open-air museum during the Spring Festival with murals up to 36 meters high (26/04/2019)

  • Plural Democracy campaign ceremony held in Alquerías on April 25, 2019 (26/04/2019)
    Yesterday, Thursday, April 25, Plural Democracy held a campaign event in the Alquerías Institute, to publicize the main lines of its electoral program.
  • The Serie A playoffs start! (25/04/2019)
    After the Easter break, he returns the football and does so with the best matches of the season.
  • La Reina de la Huerta 2019 and her bridesmaids visit the facilities of the Civil Guard of Murcia (25/04/2019)
    Exhibition in the 5th Civil Guard Zone (Murcia)
  • Change Murcia proposes the repeal of the vow and the creation of a local office of emigrants (25/04/2019)
    The training will request that the Autonomous Community devote part of the budget to facilitate the return of economic emigrants
  • The PSOE accuses the Ballesta government of lying to ensure that the City Council did not know that ADIF was going to make a ditch in the Greenway (25/04/2019)

  • Appropriate to the ordinance that contemplates a decrease of up to 5.42% in the water bill (25/04/2019)
    The commission has agreed the initial approval of the regulating ordinance of the rates, which foresees a reduction that will benefit 157,000 Murcia families.
  • Urban planning approves the obtaining of the soil to build the new treatment plant of Cañadas de San Pedro (25/04/2019)
    Its execution will allow connecting this urban nucleus and its urbanizations to the municipality's sanitation network, whose length exceeds 1,500 kilometers, serving 366 homes of the district
  • Fernando López Miras attends the traditional tasting of donuts with chocolate on the occasion of the Spring Festival of Murcia (25/04/2019)

  • 10 sardine chariots, 9 theater groups on the street and 20 animation groups with inflatables will make up the Testament of the Sardine parade tomorrow (25/04/2019)
    Departure at 20:00 a.m. Gutierrez Mellado avenue
  • Tram of Murcia will reinforce the service on the day of the Burial of the Sardine (25/04/2019)
    The beginning of the rush hour will be from 10 to 18 hours, with a frequency of passage of 15 minutes
  • The Federation of Peñas Huertanas organizes the Painting Contest 'Las Cruces de Mayo en Murcia' (25/04/2019)
    14 artists accompanied by 28 children will participate in this initiative to be held on May 1 in the Plaza de la Cruz
  • The Párraga Center hosts Arturo Méndez's exhibition "The flight of the fly" on the human condition (25/04/2019)
    The Murcian artist's exhibition poses a reflection on the conception of reality with paintings that dehumanize the human body with the figure of the insect as conductive thread
  • On May 25, the neighborhood of San José celebrates 10 years of popular appointment (25/04/2019)

  • Ruiz: "That we change Murcia does not alarm the users and their families because the Respiro Familiar service is not going to be interrupted" (24/04/2019)

  • The 'Primavera Gardens' are filled with workshops to enjoy the Fiestas de Murcia as a family (24/04/2019)

  • The Murcian people can visit the Andalusian garden of Rey Lobo all year round, which the City Council has recreated in San Esteban (24/04/2019)

  • 500 people went yesterday to the violet points in demand of information (24/04/2019)
    Installed in the Fica and in the Plaza de la Mercé, its objective is to inform, raise awareness and prevent sexist attitudes and behavior against women
  • The City Council carries out maintenance works in 17 educational centers of the municipality (24/04/2019)
    The works, in which 150,656 euros have been invested, consist of placing rubber pavement, repairs in electricity, paving, installation of fountain, painting ...
  • La Parranda plays on the clock chime of the Town Hall (24/04/2019)
    Until next Sunday will play the song to Murcia at 12.05 pm
  • The UMU professor Pablo Artal receives the prestigious Edgar D. Tillyer award granted by the Optical Society (24/04/2019)

  • A battle of about one million flowers (24/04/2019)
    The parade of the 'Battle of Flowers' will tour the city tomorrow from 6 pm.
  • More than 200 people celebrate the'Bando Republicano' with Change the Region of Murcia, the PCRM-PCE and the UJCE-RM (23/04/2019)

  • United We can claim the protection of the garden of Murcia as cultural and environmental heritage (23/04/2019)
    Javier Sánchez Serna: "The garden can be, if we take care of it, a brake against desertification and climate change in the Region of Murcia"
  • Security device deployed in the city of Murcia on the occasion of the celebration of Bando de la Huerta (23/04/2019)

  • The center of the city will host the 1st Burial of the Children's Sardine tomorrow (23/04/2019)
    The 'Tribute to the meatloaf' will gather thousands of people in the Artillery Barracks from 7:00 pm, where 7,000 units will be distributed students of the Hospitality School of the City Council
  • The workshops of 'Los Jardines del Rey Lobo' will transfer the youngest ones to the 12th century and discover the traditions of Murcia (23/04/2019)

  • Tradition and vanguard of agriculture Murcia, united in the Bando de la Huerta (23/04/2019)
    Proexport and its associated companies will represent, in the parade on Tuesday 23 in Murcia, the route of fruits and vegetables "From the field to the table"
  • 90 voluntary people make up the Spanish Red Cross device for the Bando de la Huerta (22/04/2019)

  • ... (22/04/2019)

  • Guillen: "The PSOE is drowning in ignorance and ignorance of municipal projects" (22/04/2019)

  • The City of Murcia Swimming Club is the first club in the Region to confirm its participation in the XVIII World Master Swimming Championship to be held in Gwangju (South Korea) (22/04/2019)
    The XVIII World Master Swimming Championship will be held in Gwangju ( South Korea) from August 5 to 18, 2019 under the organization of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the South Korean Swimming Federation
  • Demonstration of decoration and painting of fans, the theme that the Regional Craft of Various Handicrafts (22/04/2019)

  • Sánchez: "We are again demanding the Government Delegation to increase vigilance in El Palmar and Beniaján" (22/04/2019)

  • La Repanocha will become tomorrow a great party for young people on the occasion of Bando de la Huerta (22/04/2019)
    This year the hours are extended from 11 a.m. to 22 a.m. and a tent of 2,000 m2 will be installed, twice as much as last year.
  • The Emergency and Emergency Management 061 reinforces its resources to guarantee assistance in Bando de la Huerta 2019 (22/04/2019)
    The special device is made up of seven mobile emergency units formed by a doctor, nurse and technician in health emergencies, and a vehicle rapid intervention
  • The PSOE criticizes Ballesta's desire to be a protagonist when betting on the Murcia River project "even knowing that when it rains, the margins of the river disappear underwater" (22/04/2019)

  • Fernando López Miras receives the Queen of La Huerta 2019, and the Queen of the Children's Garden (22/04/2019)

  • A campaign will raise awareness about sustainable and healthy trade on the occasion of Mother Earth Day (22/04/2019)
    It will take place from April 22 to May 25 and customers will be able to win prizes through a raffle that will be made with the tickets of purchase deposited in about 90 associated stores
  • 12,000 flower petals will honor the Virgen de la Fuensanta tomorrow (22/04/2019)
    89 groups will participate in the Bando de la Huerta parade
  • The joy and beauty of the Murcian spring blooms in the main squares and streets of the city (22/04/2019)

  • The Testament of the Sardine will be accessible for the first time for people with hearing disabilities (22/04/2019)
    A reserved space will be enabled so that they can follow it through the live subtitling of the act and an interpreter for the deaf people who use the sign language
  • They recommend Murcia consumers and users to complain about possible abuses during the Spring Festival (22/04/2019)
    CONSUMUR asks the Administration to carry out inspections on consumer matters
  • The Circular, epicenter of the Spring Festival with the inauguration of the Jardines del Rey Lobo tonight (21/04/2019)

  • Socialist Youth of the Municipality of Murcia will distribute hundreds of carnations the day before the Bando de la Huerta in its traditional campaign of "carnations reivindicativos" (21/04/2019)

  • Celdrán focuses his closing speech of the Holy Week of Murcia in the figure of the Virgin and mothers (21/04/2019)

  • The high-technology incubators of the UCAM and the Hospital of Fuenlabrada will collaborate in immunotherapy and regenerative medicine (21/04/2019)

  • The road network of the municipality returns to normal after the incidents due to rain (21/04/2019)
    At 10.30 am, only the F-19 road from La Tercia to Sucina and the Paso de los Carros remain closed
  • A trip by bicycle through the history and traditions of Murcia (21/04/2019)
    Next Wednesday will take place the bicycle route huertana, organized with the collaboration of the Federation of Peñas, with departure at 11 am from La Glorieta and end with a meal in a barraca
  • Open to traffic 9 roads affected by the rains (20/04/2019)
    A device made up of more than 360 local police, firefighters, road cleaning and parks and gardens work throughout the day to minimize the effects of the storm
  • 80% of the incidents produced by the intense rains in green areas are already resolved (20/04/2019)
    The Department of Modernization of the Administration and Urban Development has mobilized a device of almost fifty people working in six teams to review the 3,000 zones green of the municipality
  • Pérez: "This Government Team had perfectly coordinated the special device for rains" (20/04/2019)

  • Podemos Equo denounces the lack of foresight of the government team before the rains of the last hours (20/04/2019)

  • Tram of Murcia establishes a special service for the day of Bando de la Huerta (20/04/2019)

  • The City Council will print more than 200,000 ballots of each candidacy for the municipal elections (20/04/2019)
    The Statistics and Notifications Service, dependent on the Department of Commerce and Institutional Relations is in charge of all the tasks related to the preparation and implementation of the polling stations and polling stations
  • Heavy and continuous rains fall tonight force to close different ways to ensure the safety of drivers (20/04/2019)
    The special device of the City Council coordinated by Local Police works to minimize the effects of rainfall in the municipality
  • More than 770,000 euros goes to the City Council to promote sports among Murcia The Department of Sports promotes the call for grants, which are aimed at clubs and sports associations such as federations, sports associations and individual athletes (20/04/2019)

  • The UCAM analyzes the use of virtual reality for children with high abilities (19/04/2019)

  • The Spring Festival will have 5 violet points to inform and prevent women from sexist aggressions (19/04/2019)
    One will also be installed on the FICA campus during the WARM festival
  • López Delgado, member of the Royal Academy of the History of Spain, will offer on Monday the conference 'The library of Floridablanca seen by a bibliofilo' (19/04/2019)
    It will be at the Palacio Almudí, at 6 pm
  • Young people from the municipality will be able to carry out their training practices of Certificates of Professionalism in the Food Bank (19/04/2019)
    The agreement also has the purpose of serving people at risk of exclusion
  • The PSOE accuses the Ballesta government of 'abandoning its fate' to the Railway Museum (18/04/2019)

  • The municipal nursery of Mayayo is working on the cultivation of 50,000 geraniums that will decorate the Spring Gardens (18/04/2019)

  • Local Police, Firefighters and other municipal services, prevented against the forecast of heavy rains (18/04/2019)
    The City Council has prepared a special device for the next days
  • Associations of merchants may request aid to carry out actions to revitalize, create employment and promote associationism (18/04/2019)
    The Department of Commerce and Institutional Relations has approved the public call to which 200,000 euros are allocated
  • The City Council property liability service has determined that the maintenance company of green areas is the one that must compensate the damages to those affected by the fall of part of the ficus of Santo Domingo (17/04/2019)
    The contractor company will indemnify all those who have suffered data and prejudices
  • The Circular will become the Huertano epicenter of the city, through the monument 'Los Jardines del Rey Lobo' (17/04/2019)

  • ... (17/04/2019)

  • 'Parks, music and action' extends the program to 270 workshops for Murcians to enjoy the outdoor gardens (17/04/2019)

  • The City Council and North Murcia Rotary return to place 500 extra bins during the Spring Festival (17/04/2019)
    The municipal services, through Ferrovial Services, will take care of the collection of the bags deposited in the bins, their separate and subsequent treatment in the Waste Treatment Center of Cañada Hermosa
  • 240 children will participate this week in the 2nd Baseball Tournament 'Score a goal for bullying' (17/04/2019)
    It will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Jose Barnés Football Field
  • Hundreds of schoolchildren from Beniaján walk in favor of the Environment (17/04/2019)

  • Thirteen tunas will play music for the Spring Festival (17/04/2019)
    The XXXII Costa Calida International Tunas Competition will be held next week
  • Sánchez: "La Molinera car park is working after being the scene of a concert over the weekend" (16/04/2019)

  • Regulate student rent, improve mobility and turn Murcia into a university city, priority in the Podemos-Equo program for the municipality (16/04/2019)

  • Now Murcia demands explanations from the mayor Ballesta for the lack of control of the agreement with the UCAM (16/04/2019)
    -To the news known today of the mortgage on the lands ceded by the City of Murcia north of the Jerónimos for teaching activities, where no they have built the projected buildings
  • The City Council carries out activities for people with specific needs in Terra Natura (16/04/2019)
    The '12 months with you 'program, a pioneer in Spain, offers a different action each month to groups with specific needs.
  • The Spring Festival celebrates the 40th anniversary of the transfer with 750 kilos of Murcian vegetables in the Plaza de La Merced (16/04/2019)

  • Murcia's showcases are dressed with motifs during the Spring Festival (16/04/2019)
    The shops participating in the contest can get prizes of 1,000, 500 and 250 euros
  • La Repanocha will become the meeting point for young people on the day of the Bando de la Huerta (16/04/2019)

  • Murcia City Council wins the Queen Letizia Universal Accessibility Award (16/04/2019)

  • The Museum of Science shows the geological and paleontological wealth of the Jurassic rocks (16/04/2019)
    The new exhibition 'The coast of the dinosaurs and the Jurassic in Murcia', inaugurated this morning by Councilman Jesús Pacheco, can be visited until the 22nd of September
  • 36 streets, squares and gardens of neighborhoods and districts will have new denomination (16/04/2019)
    After receiving today the approval of the corresponding commission, they must be approved by the Plenary of the Corporation
  • Students, professors and staff of the UCAM will accompany the Christ of Health this afternoon (16/04/2019)
    Students from all the faculties of the Catholic University will participate in the procession of Holy Tuesday of the 'Christ of the Students'
  • Pacheco: "Promoters of events in spaces freely provided by the City Council already know that they have to provide free access to drinking water" (15/04/2019)

  • UMU and Murcia City Council present the new research and dissemination actions of the San Esteban field (15/04/2019)
    Almost 2,000 visitors have already accessed the archaeological site thanks to the research team
  • President Fernando López Miras attends the traditional besapié to the image of the Santísimo Cristo del Perdón (15/04/2019)

  • The contest of San Esteban combines the musealization of the site with the recovery of the public square (15/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia and the CARM create the chair of innovation and smart specialization (15/04/2019)
    The purpose of the chair is to contribute to generate knowledge and increase the competitiveness of companies
  • The City Council reinforces the service to guarantee cleaning during Easter Week and Spring Festivals (15/04/2019)
    The waste collected on the Day of the Bando de la Huerta multiply by 7 those obtained in a normal day, while in the Burial of the Sardine triplican
  • Open Casillas Study Room (15/04/2019)
    This facility has an area of ​​101'69 square meters with a capacity of 65 students
  • The University of Murcia attends the annual congress of European universities held in Paris (15/04/2019)

  • Saturday of Athletic Passion in Monte Romero (14/04/2019)
    The athletic track of Monte Romero Stadium, in the University Campus of Espinardo, hosted this Saturday the II Semifinal Sub14 and I Sub16 Outdoor
  • Conservation work on the road that connects the Murcia districts of Los Dolores and San José la Montaña (14/04/2019)

  • Change Murcia agrees to give its support to United Podemos in the general elections of 28A (13/04/2019)
    The municipal training has also approved to support this candidacy in the European elections
  • Sánchez: "We are going to demand that the Government Delegation deploy all its resources in Beniaján" (13/04/2019)

  • Murcia will live a record Spring Festival with more than 250 acts and forecasts of high hotel occupancy (13/04/2019)

  • Serrano wants to move public schools to the 21st century (13/04/2019)
    And "it implies accessible centers, without asbestos, with air conditioning and electronic slates"
  • Coral Discantus with the Holy Week of Murcia (13/04/2019)

  • The City Council organizes a free bioconstruction workshop with cane from April 16 to 20 (13/04/2019)

  • The Civil Guard escorts the passage of the Christ of Love in its procession of Friday of Dolores 2019 (12/04/2019)
    The Christ carried on his throne a tricorn donated by the Benemérita
  • 'Las Terrazas del Río' will recover a historic area of ​​the riverbank and provide the city with a new green area (12/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia agrees with Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, to set up a social entrepreneurship center (12/04/2019)
    The creation of the Digital Transformation Commission has also been approved to develop the digital strategy of this institution
  • Sports will expand and install artificial turf in the 7 de Guadalupe soccer field (12/04/2019)
    Pavement will also be renewed in nine padel courts of the sports complex in Juan Carlos I
  • Houses towers, chimneys, cisterns or ferris wheels will be part of the first inventory of the historical, ethnographic, landscape and cultural heritage of the garden (12/04/2019)

  • Approved the requirements to participate in the call for 64 places of Local Police agent (12/04/2019)

  • The neighbors of Javalí Nuevo will have a new medical office (12/04/2019)
    The health center will have four medical consultations, three for family medicine and one for pediatric medicine, and four for nursing consultations, two for general nursing, one for healing and a pediatric nursing
  • The San Esteban deposit will open lighting at the end of the year (12/04/2019)
    The project includes the installation of 8 projectors to light the cemetery and the inn, where at the moment the research work of the archaeologists is focused
  • The Jornadas Mapatón Murcia 2019 places (literally) the most vulnerable on the map (12/04/2019)

  • The Infante Don Juan Manuel school passes to den CEIP Alejandro Valverde Belmonte, in homage to the world champion (12/04/2019)

  • El Pedáneo from El Puntal regrets that the PP continues to turn its back on the residents of Los Rectores with the burial of the electric towers (12/04/2019)
    It is a historical claim of more than 2,000 residents affected by these electrical towers located next to their homes for more than two decades
  • Clemente García dies, gold medal of the UMU and one of the architects of the Espinardo Campus (12/04/2019)

  • The Popular Party will promote the organic regulation of the commission of suggestions and claims (11/04/2019)
    "The Popular Municipal Group will support the regulation but demanding a greater social advance in the final text including in the final text co-government and citizen participation"
  • Citizens will have a response to their claims or suggestions within a month (11/04/2019)
    The Special Commission, meeting this morning, has approved the draft Organic Regulation, which will now need to receive a green light from the Governing Board and submit to public exhibition
  • The University of Murcia, host of the Spanish University Championship of Olympic Fights (11/04/2019)

  • 150 people have participated in the final of the Network Football Tournament for Inclusion that took place today in the Barnés (11/04/2019)
    Entities such as Cruz Roja, Diagrama Foundation with Heliotropos Project, Murcia Acoge, Cepaim, Accem, Proyecto Hombre and Feafes
  • The XXXI Spanish Film Week of Mula and the XXVI National Short Film Competition are presented at the UMU Rectorate (11/04/2019)
    This edition pays tribute to Manuel Zarzo, one of the actors with the most films in Spanish cinema
  • The City Council supports the daily activity of more than 12,000 Murcians in each of the 72 Centers for Women (11/04/2019)

  • HUERMUR proposes to the parties 100 measures to protect the heritage, the landscape and the Huerta de Murcia (11/04/2019)
    The association will deliver this document to local, regional and national candidates, which includes 100 proposals organized into 5 categories
  • The UMU professor Cecilia Azorín receives an international research award (11/04/2019)
    This is the 'Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar Award', which rewards the research work of the professor of the Department of Didactics and School Organization
  • The Chief Inspector of the Local Police of Murcia receives the Medal of Merit of Civil Protection (11/04/2019)

  • The Molinos del Río exhibit the work of Juan Navarro, architect of the remodeling of this cultural center 30 years ago (10/04/2019)
    The Mayor José Ballesta has attended this afternoon the opening of the exhibition 'In light and water' with works of painting, sculpture and photography of this artist
  • The urban digital transformation of Murcia begins (10/04/2019)

  • The City Council claims that Adif has opened a ditch in the Greenway without authorization (10/04/2019)
    The Department of Infrastructure, Public Works and Services has requested the Urban Discipline Service the opening of a sanctioning file
  • The University of Murcia opens the pre-registration period for master's studies (10/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia and the company Terra Próspera collaborate to create two new chairs (10/04/2019)
    With these chairs, focused on the Prevention of Occupational Risks and on Gender and Work, the University of Murcia has a total of 23 chairs
  • More than 80 youth associations will receive information on the participation grants offered by the City Council (10/04/2019)

  • The paratroopers process the Christ of the Students in the Campus of the UCAM (10/04/2019)
    The Zaragoza Infantry Regiment No. 5 of parachutists has carried the stature, along with the military band, in an event celebrated for the first time in Los Jerónimos
  • 180 athletes of different nationalities participate in the Junior and Junior Boxam International Tournament (10/04/2019)
    It will be held until next April 14 in the Prince of Asturias Pavilion
  • The ODSesiones project organizes talks on alcohol and tobacco and its effects on health on Thursday (10/04/2019)
    The conferences will be held during the morning at the Faculty of Medicine and in the afternoon at the University Museum
  • The University of Murcia hosts the regional congress of junior researchers in its tenth edition (10/04/2019)

  • 'Cuadernos de memoria' collects the memories of the elders of La Paz (10/04/2019)
    The book is the result of a project to recover the sonorous, ethnographic and historical heritage of the neighborhood
  • The PSOE affirms that the Greenway of which Ballesta presumes is a fraud (10/04/2019)

  • Next Saturday, April 13, there will be another free guided tour on 'Plural Femen' (10/04/2019)
    'Owners and heirs, Violante de Aragón, María de Molina and Ramoneta de Belloc' will be the protagonists in this journey
  • Vanesa Martín on April 26 in concert at the Artillery Barracks of Murcia (09/04/2019)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "If the municipal budgets have been delayed, it is because the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez has not yet approved the general accounts of the State" (09/04/2019)

  • The Miradas cycle shows the Barrio del Carmen through the objective of Álex Lafuente (09/04/2019)
    With the Carmen Station as the epicenter, Lafuente will show a neighborhood full of history, multiculturalism and roots
  • Fernández: "The bases of distribution of budget in districts were approved by Citizens" (09/04/2019)

  • Huermur tacha of "sloppy" the Regulation of the Sectoral Council of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Murcia (09/04/2019)

  • Lola Sánchez: 'The technical reports advise against installing bridges in José Meseguer Street in Espinardo' (09/04/2019)
    'Traffic safety is not a political issue, but exclusively a technical one, and therefore we must pay attention to the criteria of the services Municipalities', explains the Councilor for Traffic, Security and Citizen Protection
  • An investigation by the University of Murcia determines that an air pollutant caused the death of 600,000 people in Europe between 1991 and 2010 (09/04/2019)
    Young people are the most likely to suffer from lung cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems and strokes brain as a result of breathing the particle PM 2.5
  • The Faculty of Economics of the UMU signs an agreement with the best business school in Asia, according to the Financial Times (09/04/2019)
    The agreement will allow student mobility to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, thanks also to the collaboration of the Chair of Business Excellence Strong Group
  • Cs accuses the local government of wanting to impose by the back door the economic distribution of the budgets for neighborhoods and districts (09/04/2019)
    Mario Gómez: "The PP intends to approve this procedure without providing the draft budgets 2019 and without knowing the criteria of allocation to each Municipal and District Board "
  • MercaMurcia's profits soar 46% since 2015 at the end of 2018 (09/04/2019)

  • The PSOE requires Ballesta to put on the table once the draft budget 2019 'out of respect for the residents of Murcia' (09/04/2019)

  • The Buñuelos Festival arrives on April 25, with more than 1,500 free rations for residents of San Antón (09/04/2019)

  • The City Council periodically monitors the state of the bike lane between Raal and Contraparada (09/04/2019)

  • The 2nd Yincana Photographic Solidarity City of Murcia 2019: Focus Without Prejudice will take place on May 4 (09/04/2019)
    Registration can be done at www.fundacioncattellpsicologos.org until May 3.
  • Murcia will live its most international Burial of the Sardine next April 27 (09/04/2019)
    This edition has different features such as an Infant Sardine Burial, an accessible Testament and the extension of 10,600 new locations for Saturday's grand parade
  • A guided tour next Sunday will show the funerary architecture of the cemetery of Nuestro Padre Jesús (09/04/2019)

  • The municipal theaters will host the theatrical and musical series 'Nosotras a Escena' starting on Thursday (09/04/2019)
    In the second edition of the project, the proposal is grouped into two modalities;
  • The University of Murcia presents the second edition of 'El Román de Flamenca' (09/04/2019)
    The UMU publisher publishes the only translation into Spanish of the romance that inspired the album 'El mal querer' by Rosalía
  • The price of the used house in Murcia grows 0.3% during the first quarter (09/04/2019)
    The price of the metro is set at 998 euros
  • Summer courses of the International University of the Sea-Campus Mare Nostrum 2019 have been presented (08/04/2019)
    The Universities of Murcia and Cartagena program for this edition a total of 99 summer courses and schools
  • The presidents of the Government, the COE and the UCAM reaffirm their commitment to our athletes (08/04/2019)
    The Spanish Olympic Committee presents the Office of Attention to the Athlete, with which the UCAM works closely in order to promote the dual career (academic and sports) of the great champions
  • The Gypsy People celebrates its International Day and demands its participation in the public sphere (08/04/2019)

  • Caravaggio's paintings will come to life next Thursday in the courtyard of the Episcopal Palace (08/04/2019)
    The Orfeón Fernández Caballero and the Youth Orchestra 'Ciudad de Murcia' will offer a recital of sacred music the same day in the Church of La Merced
  • The latest fashion trends will march in Murcia on Wednesday in a charity show (08/04/2019)
    Organized by the Tradeshop and Silverware Merchants Association and the Association of Women Entrepreneurs, the proceeds will be donated to Assido.
  • Comics, research, dissemination and music are cited at the University of Murcia (08/04/2019)

  • The city pays homage to Pedro Soler and honors him with the place from which he 'went to Murcia to pass' in the Veronicas Square (08/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia dedicates a day to asbestos and its presence in the Region of Murcia (08/04/2019)

  • New godmother in the Disciples of Emmaus (08/04/2019)

  • 325 young people are going to participate this summer in the language camps and stays offered by Youth (08/04/2019)
    The City of Murcia subsidizes part of the cost of both initiatives, which will have a final cost of 350 euros for two-week camps and 1,200 euros for stays in Dublin for 21 days
  • The University of Murcia announces the XVIII Prize for Photography and the XIX Prize for Painting (08/04/2019)

  • Presentation of the book Una historia de aquí Crónica política (2014-2019) by Manuel Ponce Sánchez (07/04/2019)

  • National Day of the cattle tracks initiative in Murcia (07/04/2019)

  • A video explains in three minutes how Murcia Renace (07/04/2019)

  • The UMU 17 ODSes project focuses on rare diseases on Monday (07/04/2019)
    Mental health and the history of health care for women are other topics that will be covered by conferences and activities
  • Monteagudo concludes a historic weekend (07/04/2019)
    Great reception of the shows that have premiered in the medieval event 'Frontera de Reinos': 'The legacy of the Rey Lobo' and 'Los juegos del rey Lobo'
  • Serrano will implement "to the letter" the social clauses in the contracts of the City Council to encourage the social economy (07/04/2019)

  • Calle Enrique Villar will have a new lighting that will allow greater savings and improve the security of the neighbors (07/04/2019)

  • Ballesta defends the pride of being Murcian "without complexes and without hesitation" (06/04/2019)

  • Proclamation of the Holy Week of San Ginés (Murcia) (06/04/2019)

  • More than a thousand participants collect 3,657 kilos of waste thanks to the Río Limpio Challenge (06/04/2019)

  • Parks and Gardens removed the oranges from the 14,000 copies of the municipality to guarantee the safety of the neighbors (06/04/2019)
    In total, some 640 tons will be collected, intensifying the daily work and the personnel assigned to this work, to reduce the fall of the fruits, and withdraw them since they are not suitable for consumption
  • The garden of Floridablanca hosts the III Spring Fair of the merchants association of El Carmen (06/04/2019)
    Under the slogan 'I am del Carmen', this initiative seeks to promote the local trade of the neighborhood by highlighting its quality, advantages and proximity
  • The UCAM represents Spain in the 'Study in Spain' pavilion in APAIE (06/04/2019)

  • Next Monday begins the deadline to register for the 4th edition of'Pianos en la calle' Those interested will be able to play the instruments installed in Plaza del Cardenal Belluga, Gran Via Alfonso X, Liberty Avenue, Artillery Barracks and P (06/04/2019)

  • Double of the UCAM in the Spanish University Basketball Championship (05/04/2019)
    Clear victories in the finals of both teams of the Catholic University of Murcia that fulfill their role as favorites
  • The University of Murcia presents the exhibition 'Your presence' (05/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia escapes with the artist Sofía Bertomeu (05/04/2019)

  • The Chair that unites UMU, UPCT and Estrella de Levante is created to promote research and innovation (05/04/2019)

  • The UMU's Faculty of Communication and Documentation organizes an exchange of books (05/04/2019)
    Students, teachers and staff will be able to take a book on Monday and Tuesday - On Wednesday 10th, those who have donated will receive another book wrapped in exchange in gift and with dedication
  • Tracing the Segura (05/04/2019)

  • The Circus Theater hosts tomorrow the XXI Choral Mass Competition in which more than 350 people will participate (05/04/2019)
    As of 10.30 hours
  • Technicians from the University of Murcia will perform toxicological analyzes related to infractions against road safety (05/04/2019)
    Thanks to an agreement with the teaching institution, testing alcohol or drugs will be more effective, faster and cheaper
  • Murcia will host the Boxam Junior and Junior International Tournament next week (05/04/2019)
    The boxing tournament Boxing Tournament "Boxam" Youth & Junior will be held from 9 to 14 April in the Prince of Asturias pavilion and will be broadcast by streaming through the worldwide platform 'LALIGA4SPORT'
  • 150 young people will be able to get the Certificate of Professionalism in 12 training actions (05/04/2019)
    The Government Board approves the Municipal Professional Qualification Program
  • Alliance between the City of Murcia and the College of Architects to renovate urban spaces of historical or singular relevance in the city (05/04/2019)

  • Playground, obstacle course and sports court will turn the Pedro Flores Garden Painter into one of the best children's spaces in the city (05/04/2019)

  • Professors of the University of Murcia participate in the celebration of 'Rural Pride' in Serón (05/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia presents an innovative tool that assesses child development (04/04/2019)
    Event: Conference
  • The University of Murcia and UGT will collaborate in research and dissemination of knowledge on labor relations (04/04/2019)

  • More than 500 people will attend the Jornadas de Rol Ludus Myrtea at Espacio Joven La Nave this weekend (04/04/2019)

  • On Saturday, the second edition of the Río Limpio Challenge will take place, in which hundreds of volunteers will participate (04/04/2019)
    The day will take place at 9:30 am at the meeting point of volunteers, at the Plaza de la Cruz Roja
  • Six international and local artists carry out various murals on the side of the pavilion of Santa María de Gracia (04/04/2019)
    The municipal office of graffiti and Murcia Street Art Project come together to make new murals in the city of Murcia, which add to the more than 40 that already decorate the streets of the municipality
  • The City Council will adapt the streets that the different processions will go through during Holy Week (04/04/2019)
    This morning the traditional tour of the historical center has been made to eliminate any obstacle that prevents the good running of the parades
  • The University of Murcia analyzes the European Regulation of Data Protection one year after its mandatory application (04/04/2019)
    The inauguration of the activity will take place this Friday, April 5, in the law room of the Faculty of Law, at 10 hours
  • The University of Murcia is in the range 101-200 in the new ranking THE University Impact Rankings (04/04/2019)
    This new ranking, prepared by THE (Times Higher Education), recognizes universities for their social and economic impact inspired by the SDGs
  • The UCAM will offer the next seven grades entirely in English (04/04/2019)
    It is about Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Dentistry, Business Administration and Management, Tourism, Modern Languages, Pharmacy and Psychology
  • The University of Murcia organizes a day to know the animal and vegetable species of the Espinardo campus (04/04/2019)
    The opening of the day will take place this Friday, April 5, at the Faculty of Biology, at 3:00 p.m.
  • Flora, the goddess of spring, stars in the 120 years of the most international festivals in Murcia (04/04/2019)

  • Enrique Villar Street changes direction and is only allowed from today its access to residents and delivery vehicles (04/04/2019)
    The entrance will be made through Santo Cristo Street and the exit by Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo
  • Vehicles over 3,500 kilograms will not be able to access the city center during six days of Spring Festival (04/04/2019)
    The Local Safety Board has studied this morning the special device for Easter and Spring Festival in which more 500 will participate agents
  • More than a thousand people participate this Friday in the race 'Por la Ciencia' of the University of Murcia (04/04/2019)
    Donations received will go to the association D'Genes for research in rare diseases
  • The ANECA gives its approval to the first master's degree at the University of Murcia, which will be taught entirely in English (04/04/2019)
    The evaluation agency has verified the curricula of two masters: Physical sciences and Digital and Analytical Marketing
  • The Mixtura of the neighborhood of El Carmen is suspended this weekend due to the completion of works in the area (03/04/2019)

  • Professors from several European universities visit the UCAM to promote internationalization (03/04/2019)
    On the occasion of the V International Erasmus Staff Week a group of European professors have arrived at the Campus of Los Jerónimos, where they will get to know the University and carry out activities, as well as visit the Region of Murcia
  • The merchants of Santa Eulalia reward the best souvenir related to a neighborhood establishment (03/04/2019)
    During the whole month the stories can be presented, that must happen in this environment or have as protagonist a merchant
  • Telecinco Live Tour arrives in Murcia on April 9 (03/04/2019)

  • The ONGD Coordinator launches a Short Competition on Sustainable Development with the collaboration of the UMU (03/04/2019)

  • The secrets of the first public park in Spain, uncovered, with the first guided visit to the Floridablanca Garden (03/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the 'Intransitable' installation by Diego Lobenal (03/04/2019)

  • Young Murcian talent puts his brushes at the service of maestro José María Párraga (03/04/2019)
    Santo Domingo Square hosts the II Outdoor Painting Contest that commemorates 22 years without José María Párraga, and in which nearly a hundred participated of students from ten Murcian institutes.
  • Tourism of Murcia launches a new spot for the tourist promotion of the city (03/04/2019)
    The video shows the most attractive places of the municipality
  • More than 700 people attend the III Choral and Rondallas Exhibition of the centers of the elderly (03/04/2019)
    It is celebrated yesterday and today at the Teatro Circo and supposes the culmination of the string and choral music workshops that take place along the year
  • The parties with representation in the Assembly assure the UMU that a regional pact on the Sustainable Development Goals is necessary (03/04/2019)
    The 17 ODSesiones project brings together representatives of PP, PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos in a round table on the inclusion of SDGs in the political agenda
  • Monteagudo, ready to become a 'Kingdom Border' (03/04/2019)
    During this weekend the biggest medieval event in the Region will be celebrated with 120 handicraft, gastronomy and crafts stops and a hundred activities
  • Murcia will host more than a dozen activities on the occasion of World Dance Day (03/04/2019)
    In the program, which will run from tomorrow until May 12, highlights a Galaque Folklore Murciano in the Garden of Silk and four shows in the square of Cardinal Belluga
  • "Tolkien, the resurrection of the hero," travels to Middle-earth this coming Friday, April 5 (03/04/2019)
    Mysticism and symbolism in the Auditorium of the Puertas de Castilla Cultural Center in Murcia
  • ... (03/04/2019)

  • The UCAM together with Excellence Innova will teach a master's degree in 3D animation (03/04/2019)
    Both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of this title, in which iVisual Training specialists in 3D, Videogames, Audiovisual Production or Concept Art collaborate
  • A new image in Charity and itinerary changes in the brotherhood itself and in the Blood, main novelties of the Easter of 2019 (03/04/2019)
    "The Cabildillo", official program of the Council of Brotherhoods, has a circulation of 20,000 copies
  • The PSOE manages to take forward, together with the rest of the groups, the revision and expansion of the shuttle bus service in the south of the municipality after the closing of the pass at the level of Santiago el Mayor (02/04/2019)
    In addition, the Socialists manage to get the Plenary Session of the City Council of Murcia approves the requirement to the regional government to recover the Luz Project to attend to the victims of sexual abuse
  • UMU Optics students will make free revisions of the vision to the university community (02/04/2019)
    The 17 ODSesiones project dedicates this Wednesday's session to visual health with conferences dedicated to low vision and the consequences for the eyesight of electronic devices
  • The Murcia Illustrated cycle returns with an exhibition that combines tradition and avant-garde (02/04/2019)
    Eloy González, Juan Fardo, Pablo Cerdá (I am the faier), Teresa de Aranda and Tregunamecoides will exhibit their works at La Marmita del Druida
  • Parks and Gardens will renew the garden New Homes before the inaction of the PSOE in the district (02/04/2019)
    The Municipal Board of San José de la Vega has 76% more budget and spends 80% on parties, forgetting the garden New Homes
  • The Circle of the Elderly and Disability takes momentum with the adhesion of 14 entities in an event held at the UMU (02/04/2019)
    The University Institute of Research on Aging of the University of Murcia has welcomed the signing of the document
  • The company Prosur joins the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Murcia (02/04/2019)

  • The Plenary rejects the regulation by means of municipal ordinance of the service of vehicles of tourism with driver (02/04/2019)

  • The Plenary urges the Government Delegation to solve the faults in the elevators of the Santiago El Mayor (02/04/2019)
    Councilman Martínez-Oliva will convene a meeting to adopt the necessary measures so that the shuttle bus has the maximum possible use by of the neighbors
  • The works of the plan of action against the invasion of pigeons force to cut traffic in the Hospital Bridge (02/04/2019)
    For safety reasons, traffic will be closed tomorrow and Thursday in the direction of Ronda de Garay
  • The UMU will make a diagnosis of the regional economy regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (02/04/2019)
    University of Murcia and the Autonomous Community sign a protocol that will allow carrying out several lines of research related to the UN 2030 Agenda
  • University of Murcia and Spanish Red Cross subscribe their collaboration framework for the coming years (02/04/2019)

  • The City Council finances 100% of the works of the second phase of the burial corresponding to 2019 (02/04/2019)
    The Plenary unanimously approved the budget modification to dispose of the 15.5 M € to be contributed this year
  • The University of Murcia opens an organic fruit and vegetable store in the Espinardo Campus (02/04/2019)
    It is an action aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals to promote healthy and sustainable nutrition among the university community
  • The first guided tour of the Floridablanca Garden will go through its history, monuments and botany tomorrow (02/04/2019)

  • 4,671 Murcians have been appointed this morning to integrate the 519 polling stations in the elections of April 28 (02/04/2019)

  • Mari Trini, Los Parrandboleros, the transplantation unit of the Arrixaca and the Virgen de la Vega group receive the distinctions and honors of the city (02/04/2019)
    The singer is designated Favorite Daughter of Murcia, while the Folkloric Group Virgen de la Vega and the Arrixaca Transplant Unit will receive the Gold Medal and Los Parrandboleros the Silver Medal
  • The municipal plenary session approves the modification of the agreement between the City Council and the Real Murcia (02/04/2019)
    The addendum to this agreement will ensure the optimal maintenance of the municipal installation and will allow to reduce the expenses that the club supports as a user of the stadium
  • The UCAM athletes shine in the National Sports Gala 2019 (01/04/2019)
    La Nucía hosted the awards ceremony of the Spanish Sports Press Association with a large presence of athletes from the Catholic University of Murcia among the winners
  • Martínez-Oliva: 'The democratic mood of Cambiemos consists in trying to eliminate those who think differently' (01/04/2019)
    'Whether or not we want to change, the burial has no reverse and the AVE, either'
  • The UCAM, the private university with the highest notoriety among Spaniards (01/04/2019)
    Digital Group has analyzed the situation of Spanish private universities through the study on brands carried out by the Institute of Marketing and Public Opinion IMOP Insights, with a survey of 39,000 people
  • Cs will demand in the Plenary more security in the stretch of the bike path between Algezares and La Alberca (01/04/2019)
    It is a section shared by many cyclists and pedestrians to walk and play sports that generate insecurity for users
  • The UMU meets with leading companies to meet their needs and improve the employability of university students (01/04/2019)
    The first session of the 'UMU LA CAIXA work breakfasts begins.
  • Murcia Smart City will incorporate the 'neuronal trace' of the electricity network to save energy and optimize the service (01/04/2019)

  • The University of Murcia rewards the talent of Secondary students in the X Olympiad of the Region's Economy (01/04/2019)
    Students of the IES Saavedra Fajardo of Murcia, IES Marqués de los Vélez of El Palmar and IES Juan Carlos I of Murcia, will represent the Region in the Spanish Economy Olympiad
  • 24 people are trained to be volunteer monitors of groups 4-40 (01/04/2019)
    Currently about 500 people distributed in 23 groups are part of this program whose objective is to promote the regular practice of physical activity
  • The Hotel Nelva already shows its Tourist Quality Commitment plaque (01/04/2019)
    The Councilor for Promotion delivered this morning the distinction to the establishment
  • The City Council increases the revisions of the 46 canine recreational areas so that they are in perfect conditions (01/04/2019)

  • Show underwater in Cabezo de Torres (01/04/2019)
    Miguel Ángel Barzola takes the IV 10KBZO - V2 Gas stations with a time of 30:50, by 35:44 for the British Sonia Samuels, at the meeting held on Sunday
  • The new edition of "Miradas" shows Barrio del Carmen through the objective of Álex Lafuente (01/04/2019)
    With Estación del Carmen as its epicenter, Lafuente will show a neighborhood full of history, multiculturalism and roots
  • Santiago el Mayor did not miss his solidary appointment (01/04/2019)
    José González takes the III Popular Race of Murcia neighborhood with a time of 19:26, by 23:31 for María Moreno at the meeting held on Sunday

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