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Murcia News - June 2013

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  • "As Real Murcia continues to benefit from the management of the Old Condomina parking, the PP continues to do nothing" (30/06/2013)

  • Press release on judgment won by the Personnel Board of the City of Murcia (30/06/2013)

  • Tourism in Murcia Espinardo (30/06/2013)
    The City and the University of Murcia totem install a wind turbine with the logo of Tourism
  • IU-Green asks A solution for street Riquelme (29/06/2013)

  • Fourth cohort of students of the Master in Teacher Education (29/06/2013)

  • The Unversity of Nuevo Leon in Mexico is interested in the work of the Department of Social Welfare (29/06/2013)
    Murcia The council receives a delegation from the UANL
  • Previous day-cup 3rd intercontinental (29/06/2013)
    First Carlos Barbosa just better win
  • The UCAM I graduated to Grade students graduating in ADE (28/06/2013)
    Taxation Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the IV Promoting Adaptation Course Degree in Business Administration and I Degree Promotion Business Administration
  • OPEA program workers reported on the street leading to the deletion of career guidance program in the Region (28/06/2013)

  • Chamber considered "irreplaceable" · the work of Project Man with people who need to overcome their addictions (28/06/2013)
    The City thanks the Foundation its "commitment to society Murcia"
  • Carlos Barbosa and Intelli meet the forecasts, beating people in the Intercontinental Cup (28/06/2013)
    Day-1st Intercontinental Cup
  • The Cultural Hall celebrates prom with rice (28/06/2013)
    Tomorrow, from 12 hours
  • The City is leading a trade mission to the Mexican city of Irapuato (28/06/2013)
    Moya-Angeler held meetings with mayors, businessmen and presidents of universities
  • Open enrollment within MOOC courses of UCAM (28/06/2013)
    The UCAM offer MOOCs courses: online, free and open
  • Residents of El Carmen are showing their displeasure at the lack of cleanliness degradation and suffering the neighborhood (28/06/2013)
    Pink Sea The mayor defended a motion in Parliament on Thursday demanding a shock cleaning in the neighborhood that PP rejected
  • Espinardo celebrate your big day in honor of St. Peter the Apostle (28/06/2013)
    The Festival committee organizes an extensive program for 28, 28 and 30 June
  • A course at the Universidad del Mar to raise awareness of the benefits of Pilates (28/06/2013)

  • The Ayuntamiento continue to aids paid for the neediest families (27/06/2013)
    The Plenum approves continue working in improving the CEIP Barriomar 74
  • The Municipal Socialist Group denounces the lack of sensitivity of PP before the serious cuts in health and dependence in Murcia (27/06/2013)

  • The House agrees to offer more options and installment tax deferrals for those affected by the crisis (27/06/2013)
    The agreement has been unanimously approved
  • Initiatives UPyD Murcia approved June Plenum (27/06/2013)
    The House approved an official statement to boost the inclusion of the work Salzillo processionary as Heritage
  • ... (27/06/2013)

  • GCJ spokeswoman says at the University of Murcia social jurisdiction is most damaged by the crisis (27/06/2013)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS opens in Intercontinental Cup before the World United FC, american (27/06/2013)
    Call: 2-Juampi, 3-José Ruiz, 5 Lolo Suazo, 6-Paulinho, 7-Miguelín, 8-Jesus, 9-Drink , 10, Alex, 12-Fabio, 13-Kike, 14-Adri, 15, and 21-Gréllo Rafa
  • IU-Green describes as "disproportionate" attitude of the mayor with families Espinardo occupational center (27/06/2013)

  • The Plenary requested information on the Occupational Center Espinardo (27/06/2013)
    It requires attention to ensure the users and keep jobs
  • The City will continue with food and dining aids for needy families (27/06/2013)
    The House approved further work on improving the CEIP Barriomar 74
  • OPEA program workers on the street report suppression main career guidance program in the Region (27/06/2013)

  • II Day Thomist 'natural law Aquinas' (27/06/2013)
    The UCAM reflects on "natural law Aquinas"
  • The 90% of Spanish Internet and uses before buying a car, according to a study (27/06/2013)

  • A course at the Universidad del Mar analyzes the relationship of Christians, Moors and Jews in the Middle Ages and early Modern (27/06/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia looking for actors and actresses for the Wizard of Oz (27/06/2013)
    The essential requirements are able to sing and dance
  • A course at the Universidad del Mar will address the problems of the current school (27/06/2013)

  • Twenty students Riding School Hoops gallops tests pass (26/06/2013)

  • Families CO Espinardo users are locked in the Ministry of Finance to protest its closure (26/06/2013)

  • The UCAM and join forces CETEC (26/06/2013)
    The Catholic University of Murcia and Technology Center and Plastic Footwear have signed a collaboration agreement
  • The Mayor says the goal of zero deficit of municipalities demonstrates commitment to the country's financial sustainability (26/06/2013)
    House, who took part today in the meeting of the National Commission for Local Administration, believes that the surplus with which closed this quarter demonstrates the efforts made by local government
  • XI Conference of CAFD graduate orientation (26/06/2013)
    Sports Degrees: new career opportunities for students of CAFD
  • "The rectification of 'tasazo' is produced by vendor demonstrations and complaints and proposals of the PSOE against this nonsense" (26/06/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio points out that the conflict over this issue has forced ultimately to Mayor House to intervene and sit with sellers
  • A course at the University of the Sea addresses the challenges of housing in Spain (26/06/2013)

  • Call for social assistance for the staff of the University (26/06/2013)

  • A course at the Universidad del Mar raise awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity (26/06/2013)

  • Murcia celebrates 15 years as a congress city (25/06/2013)
    Mayor defends the importance of tourism as an engine for economic recovery, so "we should not consider it an expense, but an investment"
  • Complaints of gender-based violence in the region are reduced compared to 2012 (25/06/2013)
    I National Day 'Care of Victims of Domestic Violence'
  • Camera highlights proposals incorporating text municipalities to local reform (25/06/2013)
    The Mayor of Murcia, who took part today in the Territorial Council Femp, considered essential to ensure the provision of municipal services with guaranteed quality Financing
  • Course instructor in clinical simulation (25/06/2013)
    The UCAM shape clinical simulation instructors
  • It delays the opening of the pool Mar Menor (25/06/2013)
    Users continue practicing swimming in the same facilities than last year
  • Students of creative writing workshops at the University of Murcia closed down the course, reading his own texts (25/06/2013)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS will look in their kits in the Intercontinental Cup (25/06/2013)
    The Ministry of Agriculture of the Region of Murcia Murcia team also supports with 'Designation of Origin-Wines of Jumilla'
  • Activities continue to entrepreneurs and businessmen in the CIM-M (25/06/2013)
    During May and June there have been 15 workshops attended by 470 people
  • A course at the University of Murcia School shows students the fun side of mathematics (25/06/2013)

  • The Watchtowers tunnel will be cut for two weeks at night to install median safety (25/06/2013)
    fitness jobs, to be held at night, leave three out of four lanes open during the day, so that the impact on traffic, as low as possible.
  • Culture and Women Association awards its prizes (25/06/2013)
    Contest short fiction and audiovisual to raise awareness of people with Down syndrome
  • UPyD Murcia requests that the conditions for municipal contracts include adherence to consumer arbitration system (25/06/2013)

  • A new application for smartphones includes all services of the municipality (25/06/2013)
    Live Murcia offers from general information to health services, administrative and sports
  • Rejection resounding closing Espinardo occupational center (25/06/2013)

  • The singer Merche and actor Arturo Fernández, protagonists Tunas Contest XVII "Barrio del Carmen" (25/06/2013)
    The Artillery Barracks will host this meeting on 4, 5 and 6 July Painter Miguel Live Murcia has been the responsible for shaping the poster for this new edition
  • IU-Greens presented a motion to the resumption of negotiations on the interim agreement (25/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group asked in Parliament that opens to the public botanical garden "Arboretum" (25/06/2013)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez argues that this project will resume, not only for its environmental and educational value, but because it would create jobs for the mentally handicapped, since in his day was managed by Fundown
  • The Mayor attends morning the committee that will address the impact on the councils of the administration reform (25/06/2013)
    The meeting of the National Commission for Local Government will be held in the Ministry of Finance
  • "My smart city" visit Murcia to raise awareness on the use of electric vehicles (25/06/2013)
    Two geographers walking thirty Spanish cities on a Renault Twizy to disseminate sustainable mobility measures and energy efficiency
  • Mexican university representatives visiting the University of Murcia to treat doctoral student exchange (25/06/2013)

  • Professor Enrique Pastor, vice president of the Conference of Deans of Social Work (25/06/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia City Council requests that the statement boost Salzillo work as a World Heritage Site (25/06/2013)

  • The Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Murcia convenes a selection of models to pose in class (25/06/2013)

  • The Mayor alludes to the power of social cohesion to the media industry professionals (24/06/2013)
    At the close of a conference organized by The New Monday and El Corte Ingles
  • UVI: "The statements do nothing House did not respond to requests to clarify the positions of the three administrations" (24/06/2013)

  • Rafa: "We're thrilled to contest the Intercontinental Cup, do a final effort to win the tournament" (24/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens asked not to be confused with panel installation conservation site of St. Stephen (24/06/2013)

  • Murcia Firefighters performed 21 performances at the Night of San Juan (24/06/2013)
    The interventions are reduced compared to 2012
  • "Today is the first day without classes and more than 1,000 schoolchildren go hungry in Murcia" (24/06/2013)
    Councillors Peter Lopez and Susana Hernandez lament the coldness and numbness of the PP with families and children in extreme social need
  • Citizens can manage all their taxes with the city of Murcia from notaries (24/06/2013)

  • IU-Green asks PGMO remove a modification because it is a case of "planning a la carte" (24/06/2013)

  • Horror Vacui wins Creajoven Performing Arts with the musical The nine forty-three (24/06/2013)
    The second prize went to Impredibles Theatre with 'Breath of Air' and the third for Malacranza with '? Evoluqué-'
  • The Socialist Group in plenary require urgent action to the Public School Barriomar 74 (23/06/2013)
    Susana Hernandez Councilwoman require cleaning around the center, fence repairs, fitting a toilet and especially devote an interpreter to school given the high concentration of Arab students
  • Renewed La Alberca source (23/06/2013)

  • Espinardo celebrates its fiesta in honor of Christ the Healer (23/06/2013)

  • Meeting of UPyD with COAG (22/06/2013)
    "We need a law once that solves the problem of abuse between the price received by farmers and paid by consumers"
  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students in the Second Degree in Physical Therapy Promotion of Catholic University San Antonio UCAM (22/06/2013)
    Second Grade students graduating in Physiotherapy UCAM
  • The Socialist Group asked in Parliament that the Government of Rajoy does not attack the current and future pensioners (22/06/2013)

  • The summer pools open from next Saturday (22/06/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of Grade III Promoting Civil Engineering (21/06/2013)
    The UCAM graduated its third class of students from the Civil Engineering Degree
  • Pedro Guillen made the world's first speech broadcast live to the Google Glass (21/06/2013)
    Success of the first operation broadcast live to the Google Glass
  • The UCAM develops the First Day of Debate on FP Studies (21/06/2013)
    Vocational Training in the European Higher Education
  • IU-Green criticism eliminating bonuses summer pools (21/06/2013)

  • Prom Party of Afamur (21/06/2013)
    María del Carmen Pelegrin attends convivial evening with family and people with Alzheimer Murcia
  • Toros Bullfighting in Murcia 2013 and has its poster (21/06/2013)
    The poster is composed of eight celebration, to be held next September
  • The museums summer preparing for varied and fun programming for children (21/06/2013)
    Events take place in the Museum Ramon Gaya, City, Science and Water and Space Río_Caballerizas Mills
  • The City shows that owns the Teatro Circo (21/06/2013)
    The Tax practiced lifts the embargo on the property
  • The University of Murcia and the municipalities of the region advise each other to improve tourism (21/06/2013)
    FMRM The President and the Chancellor have signed a cooperation agreement in this area
  • FADE Volunteers perform activities in the home for the elderly San Basilio de Murcia (21/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group will propose a change in taxes to benefit large families and street vendors (21/06/2013)

  • The Local Youth Council receives the Silver Quill award granted by the collective will not Prives (21/06/2013)
    Begin Pride Day events
  • Cinema Paradise finishes the course with the Spanish film "A cold door" (21/06/2013)
    The film won the Critics Award at the Malaga Film Festival and earned him the award for best actor Antonio Dechent
  • Great films with images of the city beautify the perimeter of San Esteban (21/06/2013)
    "Murcia in time" show old and new photographs from September
  • "We must rediscover the enthusiasm for communicating the faith" (20/06/2013)
  • Dr. Pedro Guillen made the first broadcast operation through Google Glass (20/06/2013)
    San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia will be the first Spanish university to develop telemedicine applications for Google Glass
  • A research group at the University of Murcia designed a new therapy against melanoma (20/06/2013)

  • Murcia, the first city that promotes energy efficiency through implementation of a training course (20/06/2013)
    This morning, the City has developed the technical conference on energy certification of buildings
  • Christopher Smith: "Revenues from the rate of weekly markets does not even cover the cost of cleaning" (20/06/2013)
    Murcia is a city that currently has one of the lowest rates, below large cities population as Valencia, Seville and Granada, and even other less number of inhabitants as Torrevieja and Benidorm
  • UPyD Murcia claiming payment for minutes at the new bicycle rental system (20/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group supports the mobilizations against the 'tasazo' markets and harassment complaint vendors (20/06/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, requires the mayor to intervene and mediate Camera with vendors at the inability of the mayor of markets to achieve a solution to the conflict caused by triple what they pay for installing their posts
  • IU-Green argues that closing Espinardo occupational center involves the destruction of a public service (20/06/2013)

  • Rossy de Palma and Murcia Carles Santos choose to make your artistic residence (20/06/2013)
    The performances will take place tomorrow, in the Auditorium of Beniaján
  • The Socialist Party has always promoted the regeneration of La Paz to do from the public (20/06/2013)
    Pink Sea The mayor is committed to a new neighborhood for families of La Paz and to the citizens of Murcia, but done in a transparent and led from government through public management
  • Tourism renews its website to make it more intuitive, dynamic and adapted to smartphones (20/06/2013)
    You can visit the Tourist Office virtually and download all brochures Travel Planner option to choose accommodation and tours
  • Photo Contest to portray Murcia as a congress city (20/06/2013)
    are awarded 1,700 euros in prize
  • "We will not accept the arrival of the AVE on the surface to the center of the city" (20/06/2013)
    Socialist Party councilor José Zapata announced policy actions and measures pressure to prevent the occurrence of this attack on the citizens of Murcia
  • Belluga hosts a symphonic rock extravaganza (20/06/2013)
    The event, to be held on June 27, at 22 am, is sponsored by the City of Murcia and trade associations
  • The orchard Peña L 'Artesa turns 35 (20/06/2013)
    The program of activities will be held from Friday to Sunday, June 23
  • River Sounds welcomes Thursday's performance Luis Brea (19/06/2013)
    It will take place in Space Río_Caballerizas Mills at 20:30 pm
  • Miguelín, the heart of a lion: "We have no doubt that we can win in the Palau" (19/06/2013)

  • The 92% of students in the region exceeds the entrance examinations (19/06/2013)

  • Green Sangonera proudly presents its festivities 2013 (19/06/2013)

  • Presentation on the design of the new bus informative posts (19/06/2013)
    Councilman Traffic and Transportation, Javier Iniesta, explains how it came morning the design of new posts informative city buses.
  • Camera highlights the opportunity of the high speed train to integrate the city burying the tracks (19/06/2013)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, spoke in Barcelona in the act of incorporation of the European network that focuses on the progress of cities through the new railway infrastructure
  • The second edition of the Flamenco Contest Circle of Peace participants will Adalucia, Alicante and Murcia (19/06/2013)
    will take place on 21 and 22 June, in the garden of the Palm
  • New trees and palms to the Plaza de Castilla (19/06/2013)

  • Murcia Day celebrates the energy certification of buildings (19/06/2013)
    The annexe houses morning sessions, which will be inaugurated by the Councillor for the Environment, Adela Martinez-Cache, 9.30
  • Ready for the Future (19/06/2013)
    Work begins on widening of Waste Treatment Centre, which will expand its workforce by 25% and represents an investment of 50 million euros
  • PSOE: "We had a constructive opposition based on proposals and hard on the issues that have so required" (19/06/2013)

  • Public success in presenting the latest book by Paco Lopez Mengual in the library of El Carmen (19/06/2013)

  • The Collective "Do not Prives" LGBT Murcia will present the award "Silver Feather" the Local Youth Council of Murcia (18/06/2013)
    During the presentation of "LGBT Pride Murcia 2013" will open the Exhibition of Historical Referents lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals in Diversity
  • Conference 'Evangelism UCAM Indonesia and Indonesia' (18/06/2013)
    "Catholics have much to do in Indonesia"
  • The Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia, the first of Spain as a percentage of MIR (18/06/2013)

  • Scanning electron microscope (18/06/2013)
    The UCAM study the Shroud of Oviedo
  • How many children will be left without food from Friday in Murcia? (18/06/2013)
    With three days remaining in the school year, the mayor Susana Hernandez regrets the lack of solutions to small PP in difficulty who are starving in our environment
  • Murcia joins the European lobby that focuses on the progress of cities through rail infrastructure (18/06/2013)

  • Alex and the assault on Palau (18/06/2013)

  • Day to publicize companies the youth labor practices (18/06/2013)
    The City encourages young people to have a first contact with the reality of work
  • Blue in Action presents a documentary about integration in the classroom (18/06/2013)
    The Department of Development Cooperation aims to promote values ​​such as tolerance, solidarity and respect among students
  • IU-Greens claim that the IMAS hinders the right of assembly workers Espinardo occupational center (18/06/2013)

  • IU-Green argues that the installation of a garden bar Floridablanca "fudge sounds interested" (18/06/2013)

  • Book clubs social centers Seniors celebrate its 15th anniversary (18/06/2013)
    Some 130 people attended this course
  • More than 2,000 students will enjoy the Summer Schools of Social Welfare (18/06/2013)

  • The cafeteria Espinardo the sports of third year won the Top Road, University of Murcia (18/06/2013)

  • Three arrested for committing thefts in shops of Murcia (18/06/2013)
    Inside the Police Plan to prevent theft in stores in collaboration with private security companies
  • The Club with the Association of Clubs organized trip to Barcelona to see the 5th LNFS 2013 Final Match (18/06/2013)

  • La Alberca, Murcia, celebrates the 25th anniversary of its twinning with La Alberca, Salamanca (18/06/2013)
    A delegation from the village of Murcia, headed by Councilman José Arce, has traveled to Salamanca
  • The team Aljucer Alevín El Pozo, Champion of Spain for the second consecutive (17/06/2013)

  • El Pozo team Ajucer Cadet FS is proclaimed champion Spain after winning the Les Corts Ubae AE on penalties (17/06/2013)

  • Cimbra Academy organizes training workshops in Murcia (17/06/2013)

  • The Local Police Plan collaborates with surveillance intensificacndo Infomur forest parks and municipal properties (17/06/2013)
    2,716 hectares of great ecological and landscape
  • Paco Lopez Mengual presents his latest book in the library of El Carmen (17/06/2013)
    Tomorrow, from 20 pm
  • In the Municipal alert Telecare by high temperature (17/06/2013)
    715 users of telecare (31% of the total) would be within this vulnerable population group
  • IU-Greens claim that "humanize" the artillery barracks environment (16/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the poor state of maintenance of the bike lane Zeneta Sucina (16/06/2013)
    Cracks, weeds and potholes occur along the 28 kilometers of bike path parallel to the new highway Zeneta-San Javier
  • Seven groups selected for the final Creajoven Performing Arts (16/06/2013)
    The performances will be held from tomorrow until Friday Párraga Center
  • Learning to make meat pies (16/06/2013)
    53 people participate in a workshop offered by the Department of Employment
  • The Healthcare CEO Murcia Health Service, Magina Blazquez, has and sponsored students (15/06/2013)
    New batch of nurses graduate from UCAM
  • Emergency services have attended a total of 5 injured in accident in La Plaza de San Pio XII in Murcia (15/06/2013)

  • I UCAM-AMASTRADE Congress (15/06/2013)
    José Luis Marín: "Congress UCAM-AMASTRADE born to spread the sports traumatology national and international level"
  • New nurses get their scholarships honorific (15/06/2013)
    The managing director of the Institute for Social Action Murciano, Fernando Mateo, has sponsored students
  • IU-Greens claim that the sports council is making unnecessary expenses (15/06/2013)

  • The Cuponazo of ONCE leaves more than nine million euros in Murcia (15/06/2013)
    The draw has distributed a total of 12 million euros
  • Martinez-Cache Gardens Llano visit Bruges and Bacons Bridge (15/06/2013)

  • "Gardening Occupy" in Young Future (14/06/2013)
    The residential neighbors plant trees as a token of respect to the environment
  • The UCAM graduated its second class of students graduate Nursing (14/06/2013)
    Taxation Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students in the Second Degree in Nursing Promotion (Groups E, F and G) of the UCAM
  • A man has died in a workplace accident car scrapping Murcia (14/06/2013)

  • The Center for Women Emilia Pardo Bazán Infant, 25 years (14/06/2013)
    Tomorrow begins the activities among which are painting exhibition, photographic projection commented readings
  • A thesis from the University of Murcia studying the neurobiological basis of attention deficit disorders (14/06/2013)

  • The installation of 11 new relief Campillo Park becomes one of the most important sculptural spaces Spain (14/06/2013)
    are splendid pieces in bronze symbolizing the crafts and traditions of the Huerta.
  • UPyD Murcia Urbanism requires all available information on the natural gas station was High (14/06/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia heritage neglect complaint de la Huerta after the partial collapse of the mill Knight (14/06/2013)

  • Azarbe College of the University of Murcia offer 119 places for the next academic year (14/06/2013)
    The University of Murcia opens tomorrow, June 15, the deadline to apply for a place at the College Azarbe for the course 2013/2014
  • New collapse in the historical heritage of the Huerta de Murcia (14/06/2013)
    The lack of investment and neglect has caused yesterday afternoon fell much of the mill cover Puebla de Soto
  • House defends the "role" of the university in society today to "face the future with assurance" (13/06/2013)
    At the opening of the XVII Meeting Alumni Spain 2013
  • "Innovation is the key to economic growth" (13/06/2013)
    Feast San Antonio de Padua, patron of the UCAM
  • The Socialist Party rejects closure Espinardo Occupational Center (13/06/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernandez considers it unacceptable that a new cut of the PP in social policy are going to leave in the lurch over 100 mentally handicapped attending the Day Centre espinardo
  • Begin the semifinals of the contest Pop-Rock Creajoven (13/06/2013)
    The performances will take place today, tomorrow and Saturday, from 22 am, at the Club 12 & Environment
  • The payment cycles, one of the novelties of the new season of Teatro Circo Murcia (13/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group PP again require the removal of the "tasazo" because it threatens the livelihood of 6,000 families (13/06/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro denounced the incompetence and insensitivity of the council of finance that still does not take care of the situation of current crisis with the sole purpose of collecting and balancing the books
  • Training for women victims of domestic violence (13/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens criticizes the "contempt" to public school enrollment process Torreagüera (13/06/2013)

  • The Mayor presented the City Recycling to experts at the National Recycling Congress (13/06/2013)
    Murcia is celebrated tomorrow, organized by the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling
  • Sales of used motorbikes and mopeds regrow 7% until May (13/06/2013)
    In Murcia, the average price of used motorcycles fell by 2.1% from the previous month, reaching 4,396 €
  • Promoting volunteerism among young people (13/06/2013)

  • The Center for Women launches Abenarabi Library (13/06/2013)
    The members may consult books or take them with a system of loan
  • "We welcome the opening of the visitor center Monteagudo and we hope that the following is the site of St. Stephen" (12/06/2013)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea is pleased because finally opened this requires the PP infrastructure and improve municipal Public transport to the area to which tourists can easily visit the
  • A new ordinance will regulate the use of public bicycles (12/06/2013)
    The Department of Environment sets out the rules for managing the lending and ensure its proper use, first step Bicycle Rental System in public benches in the street, "MUyBICI"
  • UPyD Murcia celebrates the opening of the Visitor Center but claims the rehabilitation of the castles of Monteagudo, Larache and Castillejo (12/06/2013)

  • Convention of the University of Murcia for the development of services for people with disabilities (12/06/2013)

  • Group President Silanes will be awarded honorary doctorates by the UCAM (12/06/2013)
    St. Anthony of Padua Feast
  • The University of Murcia hosts the meeting of alumni associations of universities Spanish (12/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens criticizes a further cut in municipal libraries (12/06/2013)

  • The opening of the Visitor Center Monteagudo increases the attraction of the municipality (12/06/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia pays tribute to Fernando Vidal Perez with an exhibition (12/06/2013)
    The opening will be this afternoon at 19:30 pm, and then there will be the musical representation of Locus Romanus, last work on which he collaborated
  • Castro: "The poor families should not pay the property tax, but the Councillor of Finance R to R" (12/06/2013)

  • IU-Green general claims use the Clock Tower Bacons Bridge (12/06/2013)

  • New trees for the garden of the Constitution (12/06/2013)
    It has reseeded the lawn and planted 43 new palms
  • The night of sport Murcia (12/06/2013)
    The Mayor presided over the ceremony last night Awards Sport Cope
  • The Zarandona Theatre Festival will this year with Pepa Murcia Aniorte in "Pioneer" (12/06/2013)
    Appointments will be on 13, 14 and June 15, in the Campus The Geraniums
  • The karate teaches mental UCAM verbal defense (11/06/2013)
    Summer Courses UCAM 2013
  • The Mayor defends the underground railway for integration in urban areas (11/06/2013)
    According to the protocol signed by the three governments in 2006
  • The Socialist Group requires the mayor to promote an exciting project for Real Murcia without Samper (11/06/2013)

  • The Fleet held over the Mayor the tenth anniversary of the center (11/06/2013)
    Representatives of the board have given a plaque Chamber Event
  • The City awards youngsters who best know how to drive safely (11/06/2013)

  • The City Council renewed Cooperation (11/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens claim that the incompetence of the city of Murcia leaves the "incommunicado" for South Range (11/06/2013)

  • Planters decorated to beautify San Jose de la Vega (11/06/2013)
    The school children Saura Francisco Noguera have been commissioned to paint the pots and write sentences related to the environment
  • Murcia holds first conference on energy certification (11/06/2013)
    On 20 June in the hall of the annex building
  • More than twenty cultural activities make up the "Summer Murcia" (11/06/2013)
    The program will start on Thursday, June 13, with the series "A Toda Banda" and will run until August 29
  • The board of St. James passes a motion on behalf of the residents detained in a concentration prosoterramiento (11/06/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia trust play "a decisive role" next legislature (11/06/2013)
    2 years input rating UPyD City
  • End of course for reading workshops Centers for Women (11/06/2013)

  • Start the training at the Urban Plan with the third edition of Do Knowledge Paths' (10/06/2013)
    María del Carmen Pelegrin delivers diplomas courses ending in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit
  • On Friday is the deadline for enrollment in the tests of English and French at the University of Murcia (10/06/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia attends rally for the burial invited by the Platform neighborhood (10/06/2013)
    magenta Training maintains its unwavering defense posture of the underground train tracks passing through the city, and requires promotion to rule so clear and definitive on this issue
  • Prize for the best athletes (10/06/2013)
    The Town Hall and Cope celebrate tomorrow the second edition of the Awards of Sport
  • Guadalupe hosts the sixth edition of LupeFolk next coming, June 14 (10/06/2013)
    All performances are free and will begin at 20 am
  • New trees in the CEIP Juan Carlos I of Llano de Brujas (10/06/2013)

  • Exits recovery jobs historic cobble in the vicinity of the Plaza de Santa Catalina (10/06/2013)
    The pavement gives a hundred years ago an entry area according to the historic buildings of the environment
  • IU-Green is concerned about the deteriorating state of the Old Jail (10/06/2013)

  • They grant the University of Murcia with Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme (10/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group claims that the PP "been had" Corvera's neighbors, Valladolises and Los Martinez of Puerto (10/06/2013)

  • The Law of Universal Gravitation, to all (10/06/2013)
    A work of the artists Juan Alvarez and Jorge Gomez about the young Newton figure in fun
  • HUERMUR complaint placing a large sign on the facade of the Mills River for breach of the rules (10/06/2013)
    The building is listed grade two and included protection within a Historic-Artistic Murcia declared a Cultural (BIC)
  • IU-Greens supported the rally tomorrow in favor of the underground train tracks (10/06/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia questions the ethics of Spanish sports press (10/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens welcomes the agreement for removal of portable classrooms located on municipal land (09/06/2013)

  • The Mayor joins the Cardoso I offered tribute in the first Meeting of crews of Llano de Brujas (09/06/2013)
    Chamber Pedro Lopez imposes Gold Badge awarded by the gang Passions Huertanas of Murcia and remember it is a "key reference our folklore "
  • The Socialist Party calls on citizens to demonstrate in favor of the underground (09/06/2013)

  • Trees in a good state schools (09/06/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of I Promoting Primary Education (Groups A and B) of the UCAM (08/06/2013)
    First Grade students graduating in Elementary Education from the UCAM
  • Course for preventing violence among immigrant women (08/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Group Cascales asked to clarify whether the pool Mar Menor will open next season (08/06/2013)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries remember that June 21 is the maximum time allowed for users to select installation and reserve a place
  • The Language Club 585m2 space celebrates end of year party (08/06/2013)
    More than a hundred young people have participated in workshops in English and French language
  • The Mayor presents comprehensive restoration of the monument in honor of Ricardo Codorniú, 'Apostle of the Tree' (07/06/2013)

  • The UCAM signed an agreement with the Professional Association of Computer Engineers (07/06/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students of the First Promotion of Primary Education (Groups C and D) of the UCAM (07/06/2013)
    The UCAM graduated its first class of students of Primary Education
  • IU-Greens asked the City Council to end the "doctrine of looting" by-laws (07/06/2013)

  • ... (07/06/2013)

  • Tribute to the former dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Murcia for their retirement (07/06/2013)

  • Culture offer 1,250 seats for the 23 Summer School next July (07/06/2013)
    Of the total, five were made in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare The registration period will open on Monday, June 10, and runs until Friday 14
  • The Socialist Group Chamber requires acting against Murcia school hungry malnourished (07/06/2013)
    The Socialists are getting calls warning about this situation in Murcia that is hitting children as a result of the crisis
  • The Prop dismisses the exhibition 'People's History', which was attended by the Women's Center and the Senior Center of the hamlet (07/06/2013)
    It is a journey through the lives of women of neighborhoods and districts that have broken stereotypes
  • UPyD Murcia asks toughen penalties for fraudulent use of disabled parking badges (07/06/2013)

  • The local reform municipalities allow more resources to address the services to citizens (06/06/2013)
    The President of the mayors FMRM exposes the situation of the bill, after the government accepted most of the allegations of municipalities
  • UPyD Murcia reiterates its proposal to rehabilitate the Old Jail to make it a commercial food market, cultural and gastronomic (06/06/2013)
    Ruben Juan Serna states that allocate this historic building a culture only use "would lose a value that could merge with hospitality and tourism "and" serve and dynamic element from the economic point of view "
  • The Mayor highlights the "hard work" of construction employers to address the crisis (06/06/2013)
    Chamber attends the awards ceremony organized by sector FRECOM
  • Camera Murcia welcomes attendees to 33 Congress of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (06/06/2013)
    In a ceremony held yesterday at the Teatro Romea
  • The PSOE regrets that the new municipal website is nothing more than a simple facelift that favors transparency (06/06/2013)
    Andrea Garries Councilwoman Councilman claims that new technologies has not contemplating the full broadcast over the Internet
  • Unanimous support of the four political groups again Beautification Plan historic terraces (06/06/2013)
    Match in value the process developed to achieve the consensus of the 42 restaurateurs, as well as the content of Annex
  • The historic buildings will sport new tourist signs (06/06/2013)
    From larger antigrafitti treatment in five languages, and QR code for more information about the property
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia notes the loss of religion in Western society (06/06/2013)

  • More than 500 places for children in municipal kindergartens (06/06/2013)
    The Schooling Commission met this morning to score applications submitted
  • Veterinary Clinic Foundation, University of Murcia creates a social fund to meet needs (06/06/2013)

  • Life of Bees, in the week of the Environment (06/06/2013)
    The councilors Martinez-Cache and Pelegrin Monteazahar visit Beniaján CEP, which has organized numerous activities around these interesting insects
  • The Socialist Party demands the immediate removal of the sign on the facade of the building The Mills River (06/06/2013)
    Pink Sea The mayor says the Councillor for Tourism, Miguel Cascales, is discredited to present today the new tourist signs on historic buildings when jumping the rules to the bullfighter
  • Twelve descendants of Murcia Argentine students will study next year at the University of Murcia (06/06/2013)

  • The Theatre brings together the cultural centers of the municipality in the series "Between Racks" (06/06/2013)
    The Auditorium and Performing Arts Center Beniaján held from 10 to 16 June, the first meeting Murcia theater groups More than one hundred participants will take the stage along the entire week cycle develops
  • The Socialist Group proposes a basic adequacy Old Jail to prevent spoilage (06/06/2013)
    Pedro López bet because this area gradually become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and a cultural reference
  • Donan at Integral Vision Clinic at the University of Murcia clinical diagnostic unit teaching (06/06/2013)

  • The Mayor highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit of Murcia to launch new business ideas (05/06/2013)
    At the launch of "People entrepreneurial quality people" by Manuel Bermejo
  • UCAM President, José Luis Mendoza during the signing of a cooperation agreement with La Manga Club (05/06/2013)
    "This agreement opens up many possibilities in sport, tourism and research"
  • The Catholic University of Murcia signed an agreement with the company's technological field Droiders (05/06/2013)
    The UCAM will be the first Spanish university to develop telemedicine applications for Google Glass
  • The Mayor supports the campaign of the Association against Cystic Fibrosis Murcia to promote organ donation (05/06/2013)
    has participated in a puzzle and a "snapshot solidarity" in the Plaza Belluga on the occasion of National Organ and Tissue Donor
  • Children, protagonists Environment Day (05/06/2013)

  • Begins theatrical visits to publicize our history (05/06/2013)
    ​​ will take place on 5, 6 and 7 June in eight sessions, morning and afternoon
  • Gréllo: "We are a team, a group of friends in the locker room and that has to be noticed when playing against Inter" (05/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens consider that the judgment of Romea also a blow to the City (05/06/2013)

  • Intense week of activities to mark the World Environment Day (05/06/2013)
    Storytelling, workshops, recycling and collection of plugs and phones are some of the events planned
  • The Socialist Party claimed the conservation and enhancement of the Huerta de Murcia in the World Environment Day (05/06/2013)
    Susana Hernandez Councilwoman calls for measures to restore the traditional irrigation network to boost Huerta as a sustainable development site
  • The City recovers the Old Jail (05/06/2013)
    The Murcia will have another public space located in a strategic location of the city.
  • A new service will allow citizens to address environmental concerns and report incidents in green areas (05/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the suppression of express bus that goes to college in full examinations (05/06/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro Lopez, Councilman Iniesta required to negotiate with the CARM for this direct service is maintained by the highway that will be suppressed , as announced LatBus with posters at bus stops, on Monday June 10
  • The City Council renewed its agreement with Education to work with children. (05/06/2013)
    The project aims to work with families preferably Espinardo
  • ... (04/06/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia question of relocation of the Guardia Civil and how it affects the safety of the town (04/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the poor state of children's play area Garden Floridablanca (04/06/2013)
    Susana Hernandez Councilwoman urgently requested the PP to repair and seal the broken modules after registering an accident of a child to sink a table
  • A comeback in the finals! (04/06/2013)
    Kike: "I'm very confident in my teammates and team"
  • Commissioning of thirty schools during the summer (04/06/2013)
    It will invest over 800,000 euros in interior and exterior repairs, power conditioning and heating jobs
  • Chamber notes that "we have a government committed, strong and with ideas" to end the crisis (04/06/2013)

  • Tomorrow is opened within long term rental of 50 bikes (04/06/2013)
    To register you must send an email to the Municipal Office of the Bicycle from 8.30 am
  • The Right to Work, subject of the new call Solidarity Short Film Award at the University of Murcia (04/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the immediate construction and commissioning of a barracks in Sangonera La Verde (04/06/2013)

  • Two musical and two plays set the II Performing Arts "From the Classroom to the Stage" (04/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens denounced placing a sign in the front of the municipal building which houses the museum of The Mills River (04/06/2013)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates World Environment Day (04/06/2013)

  • More than a thousand people have participated in the classroom and the Senses Health Campaign in 2012-2013 (04/06/2013)
    The objective is to bring the Mediterranean diet to groups of greater nutritional risk children, youth and older people, also those with diseases that require dietary modification
  • Eight artists represent Murcia at the XV International Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (04/06/2013)
    is held from June 6 to July 7 in Ancona (Italy) Murcia Participants Creajoven have been awarded in the categories of music, visual arts and cinema
  • On Friday is the deadline to apply for grants to study at the University of Murcia (04/06/2013)

  • The rector Cobacho gives a lecture to the alumni association of the School of Legal Practice (04/06/2013)

  • The UCAM Racing Team presents its new car: The Sun Rider (03/06/2013)
    Tomorrow on the campus of Los Jeronimos at 11:30 am
  • HUERMUR requests the City of Murcia to explain as has been possible to build some social venues in public gardens vegetable garden clubs (03/06/2013)
    HUERMUR association is against that certain vegetable garden clubs have managed to build their headquarters in public green areas at the expense common use of these soils
  • The bungling Cascales (03/06/2013)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries denounces the disastrous policy of responsible tourism in this area, this time referring to visitor center that takes three years Monteagudo closed since finishing the works
  • The Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia offers a tribute to Professor Gines Domenech on retirement (03/06/2013)

  • The SEMAS serves 94 people care during low temperature (03/06/2013)
    also produced a total of 14 transfer centers and 35 have been offered hot drinks
  • The Socialist Group intends to recover the summer cinema in the districts (02/06/2013)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries introduced in Parliament a proposal to the Department of Culture to support as many associations and groups interested in recovering this initiative to their neighborhoods and districts
  • About 50% of Vocational Training students continue their studies or find employment (02/06/2013)
    The City features more than 150 seats in specialties such as vehicle maintenance, welding, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, kitchen, retail, hairdressing and aesthetics
  • Anse confirmed that otters have already reached the city of Murcia (02/06/2013)

  • Imposition Act Scholarship and Presentation of diplomas to students in the First Degree Promoting Early Childhood Education (Groups C and D) of the UCAM (01/06/2013)
    The UCAM graduated its first class of students in Early Childhood Education Degree
  • Emergency Health Services has served 4 people injured when their car out of the road in Murcia Western Round (01/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent cleaning municipal lot located on boardwalk full Espinardo (01/06/2013)
    Susana Hernandez Councilwoman remember that neighbors are still waiting for a solution to flooding and the construction of a kindergarten in full channel
  • Study hall opens Cobatillas (01/06/2013)
    It is located in the Municipal Center and is intended primarily for young people of the parish

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