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Murcia News - November 2013

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  • Twenty-four artists paint with wine they would like to see on the label of the bottle (30/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Group reaffirms its commitment to the traditional trade of Murcia and districts (30/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party demands a cleansing shock on old railway tracks passing through Los Dolores (30/11/2013)
    Socialist collect neighborhood demands and re-claim the City Council to end the accumulation of dirt in this area
  • About 200,000 euros for paving roads and sidewalks in eight districts (30/11/2013)

  • Puebla de Soto will have a paddle (30/11/2013)
    It was built next to the football field
  • The Mayor invites you to visit the districts through its plaques (29/11/2013)
    The Mayor presides over the presentation of the latest book in which Mariano Pelegrin tells local stories, customs and people that have formed over the centuries identity of these populations
  • Austria and Murcia are joined through the UCAM (29/11/2013)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has an agreement with the Austrian center studies Emca Academy for training in international mediation
  • First Day of the Music Industry in the UCAM (29/11/2013)
    "The arrival of internet meant the abolition of property"
  • UPyD Murcia complaint "a new patch" in the Arabic site of St. Stephen (29/11/2013)

  • The theme this month check reveals the secrets of Junterones Chapel of the Cathedral of Murcia (29/11/2013)

  • The Semas has attended this week 14 people by cold (29/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia holds an open day on 3D printing (29/11/2013)

  • Tornel claims that the chairman of El Carmen vein filing a motion to IU-Greens in the November plenary (29/11/2013)

  • Cinema Paradise project "Faith", part of the controversial Austrian Ulrich Seidl trilogy (29/11/2013)
    It was the winner of the Venice Film Festival in 2012
  • The University of Murcia reconstructs the skeleton of a dog with 4,000 years old (29/11/2013)

  • The city theaters celebrate Christmas with a double family theater programming (29/11/2013)
    "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Wizard of Oz" will be represented from 20 December to 4 January in the Romea Theatre and Teatro Circo Murcia
  • The City regroups in the building of the Plaza de Europa services Economics, Finance, Consumer Markets for Decentralization and improving services to citizens (29/11/2013)
    The new units will have 9 points of care that will offer a more comprehensive, personalized and fast
  • PSOE: "The PP maintains its uncaring attitude towards the 45,000 unemployed in the municipality" (29/11/2013)

  • The little ones can show their solidarity in the campaign Illusions Exchange (29/11/2013)
    Fire Murcia re-released for the third consecutive year in which this initiative in exchange for non-perishable food, will show children Espinardo Park
  • Beniaján II celebrates the Volunteer Fair (29/11/2013)
    participate twenty NGOs in the Garden of Monteazahar
  • Ceremony of the VI Sustainable Development Awards (28/11/2013)
    UCAM Award for the promotion of environmental education
  • The lack of commitment towards PP young Murcia and neighboring districts Parliament today marks (28/11/2013)
    Summary socialist group proposals
  • Murcia City Council extended until 10 December, the application of the plan "12 months no interest" to split the taxes (28/11/2013)
    The building of the Plaza de Europa premieres Taxpayer Service office with five new posts
  • One more step to build a new school in Puebla de Soto (28/11/2013)

  • The San Eloy University Association named Honorary Chaplain Bishop Lorca Planes (28/11/2013)

  • The Full chosen as new city chroniclers Pedro Soler, Javier Díez de Revenga and Antonio Botías (28/11/2013)
    Culture Councilman praises the dedication of the candidates to the study and dissemination of the history, customs and traditions of Murcia
  • 13 ° day national football league 2013/2014 (28/11/2013)
    League back to the Palace
  • The PP is left alone (28/11/2013)
    Councillors PSOE, IU-Greens and UPYD drop in plenary in the absence of specific measures of local government to alleviate youth unemployment in the town
  • The Cobacho rector meets with the general coordinator of IU in their round of contacts with the parliamentary forces (28/11/2013)

  • Murcia has 438,236 inhabitants (28/11/2013)
    Murcia Assumes 3,828 less than the previous year
  • Duda: "The motivation of the workforce is high" (28/11/2013)

  • They will ask the Department of Public Works and Transport which services are restored line 37 (28/11/2013)
    The Plenary also ask the Community and the Ministry to review and reinforce road safety Road Tiñosa
  • The University of Murcia explains his scientific culture in Congress Communicating Science in Network (28/11/2013)

  • The totanero Juan Carrión, President of ERDF attend Sunday Disability concentration SOS Murcia (28/11/2013)
    FEDER adheres mobilization "SOS Disability" and calls on all its associations concentrations attend Sunday
  • The House approved request a Workshop School to build a new community center in Beniaján (28/11/2013)
    The People's Library and School will occupy the new space
  • The City of Murcia shows his "firm rejection of violence against women" (28/11/2013)
    All political groups adopted an official statement on the work of the Municipal Assistance Team Gender Violence is recognized
  • Bet on the Job (28/11/2013)
    The City will continue to develop programs that create jobs
  • Conference at the Faculty of Information on design graphics architectures (28/11/2013)

  • The House supports the call of the UMU to amend the Budget Bill for the Community (28/11/2013)

  • The UCAM taught the first course for developers Google Glass (28/11/2013)
    In the classes to be held in December, students have four of these "smart glasses"
  • Blue in Action presents a solidarity bracelet to raise funds for eye hospital in Togo (28/11/2013)
    The event will be held tomorrow at 22 am in the Real Casino de Murcia
  • Professor Mariano Guerrero UCAM awarded the Reflections Award Health Review (27/11/2013)
    The award is organized by the Health 2000 publishing group they belong to specialized publications such as Medical Writing
  • Workshop on 3D printing in the Local Development Agency (27/11/2013)
    It will present advanced printers and machines for professional and industry
  • Coastal move on (27/11/2013)
    Approved the contract with Bankia to the implementation of the road during the years 2014 and 2015
  • The City request a School Workshop to construct a building to house the Library and the Popular School Beniaján (27/11/2013)
    The former property is declared unusable and ruined by a leaking water
  • Camera receives the Gold Medal awarded by the administrative agents (27/11/2013)
    As president of the Network of Cities for Cycling
  • Murcia, where the Congress of the European Network of Cultural Centres (27/11/2013)
    It will take place on 28, 29 and 30 November at the Center Párraga The location of the cultural centers and the crisis will be two of the central aspects of the meeting
  • IU-Green proposes the creation of a Monitoring Committee of the municipal boards (27/11/2013)

  • The garden steps from the Malecon will be arranged before the end of the year (27/11/2013)
    For rehabilitation will be removed piece by piece the steps
  • Tentadero Murcia held tomorrow a bullfighting conversation with Paul novilleros Belando and Samuel Rodriguez (27/11/2013)
    And deliver your awards II Photo Contest
  • Organized by the University of Murcia in a bazaar to raise funds for the Philippines (27/11/2013)

  • Adri renewed for two seasons (27/11/2013)

  • The Cobacho rector and Counselor Education students pay tribute to national awards final year (27/11/2013)

  • A new road will ease traffic in the northern part of the municipality (27/11/2013)
    The opening of the existing viaduct over the Don Juan de Borbón avenue leading to the North Coast aims to decongest the area
  • "Continued neglect in the Southern Cordillera" (27/11/2013)
    Andrea Garries The council, along with the PSOE spokesman in the districts Beniaján Algezares, San Jose de la Vega and Los Dolores, denounce the neglect suffered by their districts
  • Students of Art History at the University of Murcia celebrate acts of the feast of the patron of the goldsmiths (27/11/2013)

  • The opposition claims amend regional budgets to avoid further cuts at the University of Murcia (27/11/2013)

  • Beniaján traders celebrate their VIII Feria Outlet (27/11/2013)
    On 30 November and 1 December in the Garden of Monteazahar
  • A total of 221 students from 60 schools will receive support to aid the City Council establishes the school program for children (27/11/2013)
    This contribution will be devoted to the first quarter of the school year 2013-2014
  • The residents of Rincón de Seca medical office debut in just over a year (27/11/2013)
    The new facility will be located in a building owned by the city
  • The University of Murcia teacher recognizes the trajectory centenary José Antonio Campuzano (27/11/2013)

  • Orthogenu changed my life (26/11/2013)
    Concha Contreras will be operated live during the First International Conference on Conservative Surgery Update Knee "
  • Official Report - Miguelín (26/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia honors Concha Lavella (26/11/2013)
    The Campus Theatre will be named Merced
  • The future regional Transparency Act "should strengthen the right of access of citizens to information held by local authorities" (26/11/2013)

  • The parish of San Miguel Arcangel de Murcia begin Advent with expectant mothers praying for the unborn (26/11/2013)

  • The Spanish UCAM create the School of Art and Restoration (26/11/2013)
    The announcement was made by José Luis Mendoza during the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the rehabilitation of the stature of Christ the Healer
  • The Restoration Center rehabilitates the Christ of Health revered San Juan de Dios (26/11/2013)
    The UCAM financed the restoration of the Autonomous Community of the Crucified fifteenth century by an unknown author
  • A Senegalese immigrant has a book in his journey by boat (26/11/2013)

  • 67 artisans involved in Christmas Displays XXIX (26/11/2013)
    From December 5 to January 5, 2014 in Alfonso X
  • Reinforce the firm ten ways the village (26/11/2013)
    The works will take place in the streets Ricardo Gil, Ambrosio Salazar, Antartica Espartero, San Juan de Dios, Baraundillo, Doctor Mateo Pérez, Antonio Garrigós, Roque Antonio Puig and Dagger López
  • The PSOE and IU-Greens will demand the immediate return as a full service deleted on line 37 (26/11/2013)
    The two political parties claim that the 2,500 inhabitants of the Bojar stayed a year ago, when the PP took another snip transport public-no bus service on weekends and holidays
  • Miguelín: "We must continue working as before" (26/11/2013)

  • Cosme Ruiz Murcia presents the book of stories "from mouth to ear" (26/11/2013)
    Thursday, at 20 am in the Almudí Palace, one of the events of "the Language Week XXV Murciana"
  • Tribute posthumously to Professor Concepción Lavella (26/11/2013)

  • The City and the La Caixa Foundation renewed its collaboration agreement for the development of program PROINFANCIA (26/11/2013)
    The purpose of the project is to promote and support the integral development of children and their families
  • Cinema Paradise Argentina on Tuesday projected film "Alone with you" starring Leonardo Sbaraglia and Ariadna Gil (25/11/2013)

  • The Mayor delivers "Murcia Equality" award to the doctor who assists women staying in shelters Hall (25/11/2013)
    The award recognizes the work of Bridget Gonzalez in the prevention, detection and assistance to women victims of violence gender.
  • Enlargement treatment center consolidates Murcia head of cities in sustainable and effective waste management (25/11/2013)

  • UPyD claims withdrawal rate healthcare illegal immigrants (25/11/2013)

  • Lorca Companies know how to apply criteria for R & D Innovation and videos from the University of Murcia (25/11/2013)

  • Five players with Spain called El Pozo Murcia (25/11/2013)

  • The Municipal Assistance Team Women Violence serves about 300 cases so far this year (25/11/2013)
    The Aldermen of Equality and Social Welfare have been distributed in Santo Domingo ties violence against women
  • The Socialist Party claims that "improper conduct continue in JC1" (25/11/2013)
    On this occasion, mayor Susana Hernández claims that managing the paddle has been assigned to a finger Intersa
  • IU-Greens denounced the failure of the Municipal Plan for Equality of Murcia on the occasion of 25 November (25/11/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia suggest greater protection of water ecosystems (25/11/2013)

  • The Silk Garden's welcomes the great children's party as colon Week Children's Rights (24/11/2013)
    Some 32 associations working daily with children get together to do activities with the whole family
  • The PSOE PP required to guarantee the safety of pedestrians in the road known as Tiñosa (24/11/2013)
    The socialist mayor José Zapata will claim the attention of the local government on insecurity posed to citizens who pass through this road that has no sidewalks and crosswalks on its way through the tracks
  • The Socialist Group will ask the PP to negotiate with the owner of Torre Guil to acquire the property, put it on and turn it into value tourism asset (24/11/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa presented this initiative in the form of motion after the information about the state of alert impairment
  • Two injured taken to hospital after colliding with a catenary its tourist tram in Murcia (24/11/2013)

  • The City takes title three-way service for the works of the South Coast (24/11/2013)
    The connection to the road San Ginés-El Palmar is done through an overpass
  • The Community provides more than 170,000 euros for new infrastructure in the recreational areas of El Valle Perdido and La Balsa Round (24/11/2013)
    space for new tables, benches, toilets and terraces are provisioned, besides the sports conditioning and identify areas of Parking to improve landscape appearance
  • 20 graphic design and looks fashionable Molinos del Rio Stables (23/11/2013)
    The show is part of Murcia Open Design Festival 2013 and features MMOD creations of David Dolphin, Pelayo Diaz and Paula Canovas and others
  • Approved the annual program of social activities for senior centers in the municipality (23/11/2013)
    Murcia City Council renews its agreement with the Federation, which brings together 76 social centers
  • From coexistence in the Social Senior Center Riverside Azarbe (23/11/2013)

  • Motorcyclist unconscious after accident after colliding with tourism in the hamlet of New Javalí (22/11/2013)

  • Transferred in serious condition a man hit in Los Dolores de Murcia (22/11/2013)

  • The Secretary of State for Tourism maintains a meeting with students of the UCAM (22/11/2013)
    "Society makes leisure tourism, but is an economic activity in capital"
  • The architecture of the MMOD appointment is given to reflect urban reality and invite to be swayed by the senses (22/11/2013)
    Moho Architects and equipment Carbonel and Pedro Pablo Quirao exposed until Monday at the Plaza Julian Romea and the old Hispano Hotel
  • The UCAM brings science to society through workshops (22/11/2013)
    The Catholic University of Murcia involved with over twenty activities in the Science Week which takes place in the Garden of Malecón
  • The SEMAS 9 people serving homeless people during the early morning cold (22/11/2013)

  • Success parades and workshops Festival Murcia Open Design (22/11/2013)

  • The company Rocio Molina Teatro Circo Murcia presents his new work "and Vinática Danzaora" (22/11/2013)
    The show will be on November 28 at 21 am
  • Radio Taxi partners have a gas station to refuel at the lowest prices (22/11/2013)
    The City subsidizes the installation of 25,000 euros
  • The PSOE ask the PP a strategic plan to keep the millions of euros of EU youth unemployment (22/11/2013)

  • The website of the City of Murcia is highly valued by users, as a thesis at the University of Murcia (22/11/2013)

  • Cinema Paradise opens in Murcia "Paradise", the trilogy that has shocked viewers of half the world (22/11/2013)
    On Monday 25 November the first part is displayed, "Paradise: Love"
  • The Government Delegation awards the University of Murcia in the day against violence on women (22/11/2013)

  • The Nape in the Romea Theatre presents "Life is a Dream" Calderon adapted to the twentieth century (22/11/2013)
    The search for answers will also be one of the keys to this classic of Spanish literature, which will be next Wednesday, November 27 , at 21 am
  • El Pozo Murcia with trophies Spanish Selection (22/11/2013)

  • Josan González: "I dedicate my day to know El Pozo Murcia" (22/11/2013)

  • Terraces neighborhood of San Juan will have the same elements shaded area (22/11/2013)
    Councilwoman Martinez Vidal check Nearby shopkeepers and residents
  • Ángel López Sanandres new General Coordinator SIME (22/11/2013)
    The Fourth Congress of SIME, held in Jumilla, elects new Regional Coordinating Committee
  • Town of equality with activities for the little ones in the Garden of Salitre (22/11/2013)
    It is celebrated during the weekend
  • The Fleet celebrates its fiesta in honor of Christ the King (22/11/2013)

  • Children know traditional games adapted to visually impaired (22/11/2013)
    The activity was organized by ONCE for World Day of the Rights of Children
  • Professors of the University of Murcia join a network in defense of bullfighting (22/11/2013)

  • The UPCT shows their new vehicles in Science Week (21/11/2013)

  • The company EC3metrics UCAM and close a deal in research (21/11/2013)
    The agreement with this spin-off of the University of Granada, focuses on the field of scientific productivity assessment
  • "Murcia does not deserve a copy and paste of municipal budgets" (21/11/2013)
    Councillors Socialist Group yesterday began the round of contacts with municipal associations to inform them of the accounts prepared and approved by the PP solo for next year and make representations
  • Iniesta presents the integration of urban transport to European partners Mobisec (21/11/2013)
    Murcia leading a project funded by the Directorate General for Transport of the European Commission involving the cities of Varna (Bulgaria) and Oldham (United Kingdom)
  • Murcia Open Design begins today with exhibitions, conferences and fashion shows and design (21/11/2013)

  • The Senate of Argentina distinguishes the historian from the University of Murcia Juan José Sánchez Baena (21/11/2013)

  • Duda: "We can not fail in the end of the first round" (21/11/2013)

  • Murcia celebrates the feast of St. Cecilia 2013 (21/11/2013)
    The Township bands activities begin today to honor their patron
  • AMUPHEB encourages consumption of folic acid in the Market Square of San Andrés (21/11/2013)
    To mark the International Day for the Spina Bifida will offer information and folate-rich products on the market
  • Murcia presents its range of congresses in the most important trade fair of which are held in Spain (21/11/2013)
    It is EIBTM, which ends today in Barcelona with the attendance of more than 15,200 professionals, and which includes the Office of Murcia City Council Meetings
  • IU-Greens asked to install bins between Principe de Asturias, Juan Carlos I and Dr. Pascual Parrilla (20/11/2013)

  • The City has a protocol on child neglect (20/11/2013)
    until next November 24 neighborhoods and districts develop a comprehensive program of activities to mark the World Day for Children's Rights
  • The University of Murcia receives exposure of Spanish architecture in the Arab world (20/11/2013)

  • TCM host "Welcome Home", a work that is intended that the viewer sees the theater as a play (20/11/2013)
    The company representation Urugaya morondanga will take place in two parts, which will be on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November
  • Blue in Action serves more than 1,900 patients in the IV campaign to improve eye health in Togo (20/11/2013)
    To the African country have moved six ophthalmologists, two anesthesiologists, five nurses, two optical-six NGO logisticians have ophthalmologic hospital autotransportable
  • "We find it unfortunate that a defendant mayor is elected by the European Commission to intervene in an international forum" (20/11/2013)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro described as shameful that Mayor Murcia Chamber represents the summit remains charged in Bombay when Umbra Case
  • The City Council allocated 9,000 euros to help children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan-Yolanda (20/11/2013)
    Collaborates with UNICEF to ensure access to safe water, hygiene, medicine, food and shelter to the affected people
  • Rafa, ambitious: "We can not click" (20/11/2013)

  • The road to Santa Catalina will be better illuminated by replacing luminaires (20/11/2013)
    will mean a reduction of 46% in energy consumption
  • Burundanga Comics, Graphic Artists First Meeting in La Nave (20/11/2013)
    It will take place on Saturday November 23, 11-21h
  • Iberian wolf cubs impose their dominance in the herd of Terra Natura Murcia (20/11/2013)

  • Green light system copper theft prevention in Llano de Brujas, Torreagüera, Stables and Albatalía (20/11/2013)
    The Department of Works and Community Services allocated about one million euros to the project next year
  • A new injection of more than 230,000 euros for paving and other works in 10 districts (20/11/2013)
    will also carry out street lighting renewal in Churra Road
  • Adjustment policies under scrutiny in the Debate Club of the University of Murcia (20/11/2013)

  • Music, painting and poems commemorating the University of Murcia the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Luis Cernuda (20/11/2013)
    An exhibition of artist Antonio Martinez Mengual poet pays tribute to 27
  • The University of Murcia solidarity network resumes Time Bank (20/11/2013)

  • UCAM-Moelia Agreement (19/11/2013)
    The UCAM encourages entrepreneurship students
  • Estrella Morente lead the 'International Chair of Flamenco', UCAM and Cante de las Minas (19/11/2013)
    The agreement was signed by the president of the Catholic University and the mayor of La Union
  • The Municipal Office collaborates with the Foundation Bike Diagram sustainable activities (19/11/2013)
    Any association may ask the City Council for its activities bikes
  • The University of Murcia is hosting the meeting of the Institute Polibienestar (19/11/2013)

  • San Juan de Dios exhibits 10 rooms restored by the Restoration Center during 2013 (19/11/2013)
    The works from the Museum of Fine Arts and the Palaces of San Esteban Aguirre, among other sources, will remain on display until December 1
  • The Socialist Group and Iniesta House regrets that live in their virtual world idyllic transport (19/11/2013)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro López, regrets that there are none so blind as those who will not see and criticizes the PP still will understand that Third public transport with the districts is also the responsibility of the City
  • Theatre solidarity (19/11/2013)
    Proceeds from the performance of "Tea" at the Teatro Romea de Murcia will go entirely to Nuevo Horizonte and Murcia Association of Parents and Children with Spina Bifida
  • Expert intervene in neighborhood conflicts to try to reach a peaceful and satisfying for those involved (19/11/2013)
    This initiative, proposed by the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of the Municipality of Murcia, is free and is a complement to the Community Police
  • Alex signs his best start of the season (19/11/2013)

  • Gréllo: "We have to get points in every game" (19/11/2013)

  • Trafficking Victims II Conference: Perspectives Royals (18/11/2013)
    took place on Saturday November 16 at the Cultural Center "Las Claras"
  • The UCAM and CSIC create a chair that will study food safety (18/11/2013)
    Both institutions have emphasized the importance of transfer to the society of the results obtained
  • LATBUS recorded an increase of 120,000 users in lines circulating in the municipality of Murcia during the month of October (18/11/2013)
    Use of bonds by travelers, whether municipal or autonomous, experienced a remarkable growth of between 4, 65 to 126%
  • The town celebrates the "Day of the universal rights of children" with an extensive program of activities (18/11/2013)
    38 childhood associations participate in activities that develop until next Sunday, November 24
  • Students of the University of Murcia will practice in the technology company Moelia (18/11/2013)

  • The Socialists claim to CARM 90 million historic debt to Murcia (18/11/2013)

  • Works to provide quality facilities in public schools in the municipality (18/11/2013)
    The City awarded the improved access Conciliation Center of El Palmar
  • IU-Green calls "Paripe" the Seville meeting and Iniesta for the bonus only (18/11/2013)

  • Camera forth in Mumbai Murcia leadership in the Covenant of Mayors (18/11/2013)
    Invited by the European Commission, spoke at a forum on the challenges of cities
  • Valcárcel receives Kike Boned at the Palacio de San Esteban (18/11/2013)

  • The City Council renewed its commitment to disabled entities (18/11/2013)
    The amount of aid amounts to 19,000 euros and will go to support a total of three disabled entities Murcia
  • The October data confirm the good times and the high expectations of municipal public transport (18/11/2013)
    City buses last experienced a rise of 42.9% compared to October 2012.
  • A team solidarity (18/11/2013)
    The First Solidarity Relay Race ª ASPANPAL bet because friends and families form teams and catch the witness of solidarity in Murcia
  • Chamber participates in the Europe-China Forum invited by the European Commission to explain the leadership of Murcia in the Covenant of Mayors and energy efficiency (17/11/2013)
    also intervenes in Mumbai on Monday at a conference on the challenges of cities
  • Two vintage aircraft of the Air Force roundabouts are placed in Murcia (17/11/2013)
    will be installed before the end of the year
  • The Socialist Group claims that the new Beniaján Avenue is becoming a dangerous path (17/11/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries infrastructure complaint follow ups without sidewalks or bike path and regrets the lack of lighting on this road are becoming a road unsafe for bicycles and motorcycles
  • The Muletazo awards a prize to the Mayor for his "sensitivity to the bullfighting" (16/11/2013)
    The award recognizes "his demonstrated support for the party"
  • The remodeling of The garden of St. Pius X Yesera begins shortly (16/11/2013)
    Pavement relocation new playground are some of the works
  • The Mayor highlights the responsibility of government to provide an appropriate framework for entrepreneurs (15/11/2013)
    House Closing the Third Congress Responsible Ingenio organized by the College of Industrial Engineers of the Region of Murcia
  • The UCAM presents the first edition of the Master in High Performance Sports (15/11/2013)
    It is the only accredited Masters in Spain NSCA
  • IU-Greens Murcia City Council will be asked to send aid to the Philippines (15/11/2013)

  • Companies Murcia bind the City in its commitment to energy efficiency (15/11/2013)
    Martinez-Cache attends the AENOR certificate delivery of energy management Estrella Levante
  • Moya-Angeler part in the conference "The international projection of local governments: The City in Action" (15/11/2013)

  • The European Youth Association of the University of Murcia organized a conference of non-verbal and emotional intelligence (15/11/2013)

  • The Museum of Science and Water features over 40 activities to popularize science during the 2013-2014 school year (15/11/2013)
    Exhibitions, conferences, workshops, lectures, etc..
  • More than one million meals to service psychogeriatric residence of El Palmar (15/11/2013)

  • 176 schoolchildren star in a plenary in defense of their rights and against abuse (15/11/2013)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, has received students from four schools in Murcia, Beniaján and the Esparragal who have staged a sitting to commemorate Children's Day Children's Rights
  • The professor of the University of Murcia Jose Ceron publishes a book for clinical analyzes in small animals (15/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for more transparency in the procurement of services and suppliers Hall (15/11/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Mar Rosa claims that the municipal government of the PP has not upgraded in the whole legislature the list of major contractors hiding the municipal website large mortgages that hurt all Murcia
  • Franklin puts a goal to injury (15/11/2013)

  • House opens the IX Congress of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (15/11/2013)
    Organized by Valencia-Murcia Society, held in the auditorium of CajaMurcia
  • Sports School football Churra your Day held Sunday Club (15/11/2013)
    Playground area will, lunch, sardines, giant paella mobile disco
  • The bird shows Terra Natura Murcia grows with the introduction of a pair of military macaws (15/11/2013)
    These birds are considered one of the three largest parrot species in the world
  • New Javalí celebrates Bike Day (15/11/2013)
    On Sunday, from 10 am
  • The Centers for Women celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (15/11/2013)
    Murcia Mayor participated in reading the manifesto in San Antolin
  • Exhibition of works Painting Prize at the University of Murcia (15/11/2013)

  • Summon elections for University Ombudsman University of Murcia (15/11/2013)

  • The Almudí hosting an exhibition of the sculptures that will be incorporated into future Levante Park (14/11/2013)
    The Mayor opened the sample with the 49 finalists of the International Competition of Murcia City, of which the five winning will join the new museum space outdoors
  • The ANECA gives green light to 90 seats for the degree in Medicine UCAM (14/11/2013)
    facilities that comprise the Catholic University for this degree are prepared from the outset to accommodate 90 students
  • UPyD Murcia once again reiterated his defense of the underground and the fulfillment of commitments for the high speed train (14/11/2013)

  • Will broaden Malecon Garden transformer to meet electricity demand during the holidays (14/11/2013)
    The new facility will prevent the laying of overhead
  • Ornamental vegetables decorate the garden Lopez Ferrer (14/11/2013)
    also planted lettuce and cabbage in the garden of Santa Isabel
  • Diana Navarro at the Teatro Romea his new album "The Essence" (14/11/2013)
    It will be on November 21 and will be accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Alcor
  • Act awards ceremony for the rural internship program and socio (14/11/2013)

  • An exhibition shows the role of women in the media in the region (14/11/2013)
    Will be open until the 2nd of December at the Municipal Center of El Carmen
  • The PSOE asked the local government to establish a monthly grant to young people to study abroad (14/11/2013)

  • IU-Green believes the mayor's output is essential to regenerate the City (14/11/2013)

  • The Mexican Institute of Victimology invests Professor honorary doctorate from the University of Murcia Francisco Garcia Costa (14/11/2013)

  • The new edition of the International Film Festival of Murcia receives more than 300 applications from 40 countries (14/11/2013)
    The fifth round of IBAFF will take place from 3 to March 8, 2014 This year starts a free loan system movies editions
  • "Breakfast Gaya" start off with a debate on the present and the future of journalism (14/11/2013)
    The journalists Pedro Soler has been in charge of moderating the panel discussion, composed of professionals Murcia
  • LEAK presented in Murcia "Over a hundred dawns" (14/11/2013)
    Friday November 15, 2013 / Garage Beat Club (Murcia)
  • Hospital La Vega participates in the II Trafficking Victims (14/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia awards the winners of the "A resume for success" (14/11/2013)

  • Kroke tomorrow celebrates its 20th Teatro Circo Murcia anviersario (14/11/2013)
    The world music group who shall serve at 21:30 pm Feelharmony present his latest album, a compilation of their best songs with Krakow Sinfonietta
  • The Brotherhoods Murcia Pasionarias commemorate the Year of Faith with the recitation of the Rosary of the Crown of Thorns (13/11/2013)

  • Serna believes that reform of the Mortgage Act introduces changes "more cosmetic than real" (13/11/2013)

  • "The world is a reference UCAM, which bases its teaching values' (13/11/2013)
    The Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, gave the inaugural lecture
  • Restoration Live at the Museum of the Cathedral of Murcia (13/11/2013)

  • The University Orchestra gives a concert for high school students and one for young audiences (13/11/2013)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez greets school students and teachers centers The Limonar and Romania, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Poland and Bulgaria (13/11/2013)
    participate in a Comenius project
  • Alicante and Cehegín Bands are made with top honors from the National Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (13/11/2013)

  • Best squares access to supplies of El Carmen and Saavedra Fajardo (13/11/2013)
    part of the plan to modernize, strengthen and revitalize the commercial sector of the municipality
  • The Lyric Company Julian Santos this weekend presents "The Phantom of the Tertia" (13/11/2013)
    will take place on 16 and 17 November at 22 and 20 hours
  • The University of Murcia approved an emergency plan Espinardo campus (13/11/2013)

  • The Almudí exposes winning works at the International Urban Sculpture (13/11/2013)
    Until January 6 may see the works selected for the future Levante Park
  • The Socialist Group encourages associations and social and economic agents to make representations to the municipal budget (13/11/2013)
    Pedro Lopez announced today at a press conference to launch a series of meetings to explain tax bills and ordinances adopted by the PP solo
  • Chamber argues that cyclists can carry their bikes on the train (13/11/2013)
    Murcia Mayor and President of the Network of Cities for Bicycle has requested a meeting with the head of Renfe to address
  • Children of Jerome and playground Avileses premiere (13/11/2013)
    The new devices will be close to school
  • The City Council renewed its commitment to disabled entities city (13/11/2013)
    The amount of aid amounts to 19,000 euros and will go to support a total of three disabled entities Murcia
  • Alex: "In Cartagena will be like a league game" (13/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a workshop tomorrow natural cosmetics (13/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia publishes a book on local government in tribute to Professor López Pellicer (13/11/2013)

  • Latbus second consecutive month recorded an increase of 9.41% in the number of online users to Espinardo 39 (12/11/2013)
    The demand for bonds rises transfer student 126% and General 37.44, while the rest of efficient rate bonds increased by 55.37%
  • A new Tourist Information Point caters to visitors in Juan Carlos I (12/11/2013)
    Joins the Central Office and the Romea Belluga
  • Check the city (12/11/2013)
    The Mayor meets with the presidents of the district municipal boards to discuss ongoing or planned activities in neighborhoods
  • IU-Green regrets the suspension of the case Umbra (12/11/2013)

  • Denounced the waste of new ornamental lighting for buildings in the center of Murcia (12/11/2013)
    Ecologists in Action considered a waste of energy and public money installing new ornamental lighting also produces more light pollution
  • The Socialist Party Delegation to request explanations for the alleged harassment being suffered by the neighbors who defend the burial (12/11/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, yesterday held a meeting with members of the underground pro platform, who expressed their concern for the repression being exerted on them by the Delegation of Government
  • Two years 'making pineapple' (12/11/2013)
    environmental volunteer program has registered 69 volunteers who participated in 19 activities
  • Murcia gets on the electric motorcycle (12/11/2013)
    Collaboration between the City Council and two local companies allows 150 motorcycles for rent clean
  • The University of Murcia published works on protected natural areas in the region (12/11/2013)

  • Conference on the freedom of women in public policy seminar and gender (12/11/2013)

  • Juan Canovas, 50 years of priestly ministry (11/11/2013)

  • The City Council is not as popular accusation personado or on behalf of any individual in the "case Umbra" (11/11/2013)
    municipal legal services contradict the statements made by the socialist group, which is in the preliminary personado
  • Opens in exposure Almudí winning and selected works in the XIV Edition Fine Arts Painting Prize University of Murcia (11/11/2013)

  • The City Council is launching a campaign against violence against women (11/11/2013)

  • Sunday is celebrated the Fourth Race 10 Km City of Murcia (11/11/2013)
    It may choose full stroke or 5 miles
  • The Guardia Civil arrested a driver who was three times the permitted BAC while driving with his nine year old daughter (11/11/2013)
    In the RM-302 Beniaján-El Palmar
  • The replacement of nine points of light in a garden of Infante reduced by 55% the energy consumption (11/11/2013)
    The City Council will renew the streetlights of the green area between the streets Avenida Pablo Neruda and John Doe
  • End of party Titeremurcia (11/11/2013)
    The show's rooster weathervanes, Madrid The Company Marble, stands with friends Titeremurcia Award for Best Entertainment Titeremurcia
  • Russian University is interested in ICT developments at the University of Murcia (11/11/2013)

  • A Philosophy student wins the election for president of the Student Council of the University of Murcia (11/11/2013)

  • Absolute success of the Fair Outlet (11/11/2013)
    Traders, satisfied by the good sales campaign this year and thousands of people visit the 112 exhibitors from Alfonso X and Santo Domingo
  • Parades, exhibitions and conferences Murcia become the capital of design and fashion from 21 to 24 November (11/11/2013)
    Murcia Open Design will feature David Dolphin, Mrs. Rushmore, Pelayo Diaz, Vivien Chong, Paula del Vas and Titis Clothing
  • IU-Greens requested in person at the event Umbra (11/11/2013)
    The IU-Greens spokesperson at City Hall, Esther Herguedas, announced today at a press conference that his training will commence the process Umbra person at the event, which investigates a web of corruption in the city
  • Legal services PSOE study report to the City for his performance in the case Umbra (11/11/2013)
    Pedro Lopez: It's beneath the mayor of Murcia use the institution to defend justice undercover
  • The University of Murcia exterior lighting optimizes their campuses (11/11/2013)

  • Start the second phase of the Urban Plan Multipurpose Hall (11/11/2013)
    The new space has now capacity to host sports activities, supplemented with cultural once construction is completed
  • Too setbacks for UCAM Murcia (10/11/2013)
    was Unicaja 81-72 victory in the closing stages
  • Employment commitment to the creation of new companies and managers supporting autonomous (10/11/2013)
    Through two agreement will facilitate the creation of businesses in the city
  • The Socialist Group present a statement of opposition to the application for annulment of proceedings filed by House and Berberana (10/11/2013)
    Pedro Lopez also regrets that the mayor of Murcia City Hall and use public funds to defend all Murcia a covert
  • IU-Greens expressed support for the work of investigating the case Umbra (10/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the 'dung' in that it has become the site of the future health center ALGEZARES (10/11/2013)

  • The Regional Commission for the Habitability reports three cases of accessibility in the city of Murcia (10/11/2013)
    advisory body held its thirteenth meeting to discuss the proposals submitted by municipalities
  • Angel Garó "In essence" - Teatro Romea (09/11/2013)

  • Sports conditioning outside the pool Mar Menor (09/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Group considers an injustice to the residents affected by the noises pay the second measurement (09/11/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernandez expressed his most forceful rejection of this as leaves citizens in a defenseless situation, and considers that seems more a strategy the City to stop neighborhood complaints
  • Monteagudo celebrated this weekend Canaricultura Contest VI (08/11/2013)

  • The Senior Community Center Celebrates The Alburquerques fellowship meal (08/11/2013)

  • Food solidarity (08/11/2013)

  • Cross says 'Murcia Gastronomic' aims to become "one of the major events of the national cuisine" (08/11/2013)
    programming includes hundreds of activities including master classes with Michelin Star chefs, sample products, tastings, and classrooms miniGourmet for children
  • Duda: "We will have to work hard to achieve victory" (08/11/2013)

  • New activities Cathedral Museum for November (08/11/2013)

  • IU-Greens Murcia reiterates support for neighbors of James the Greater to the repressive strategy of the Government Commissioner (08/11/2013)

  • Convention to restore Health Christ Church of San Juan de Dios de Murcia (08/11/2013)

  • The Municipal Board This delivers school supplies to five public schools in La Paz, Vistabella and Fame (08/11/2013)
    The objective is to help needy families
  • Restoration of the Avenue of Vistabella Elorriaga Angel Romero will create thirty new parking spaces (08/11/2013)
    The neighborhood has earned in one year more than 60 new parking
  • The Supreme council organizes Murcia Guilds II Solidarity Concert for the benefit of Jesus Forsaken (08/11/2013)
    Ruth Lorenzo, Angela Bossa, Pedro Contreras, Angel Coral Valdegrama and Murcia Discantus perform at the Auditorio Victor Villegas next December 3
  • The PSOE asks House not stop lying to the residents of La Paz after the new liens on Lopez Gates (08/11/2013)
    Pedro Lopez and Rosa Mar request in writing to the mayor of Murcia an urgent meeting to address the future of neighborhood rehabilitation project
  • The women of St. Pius X Zumba dance (08/11/2013)
    The Councillor for Equality Policies inaugurates the workshop
  • The judge of the closing Rock TC this afternoon embodies a legal conference at the University of Murcia (08/11/2013)

  • The residents of St. Pius X welcomes autumn (08/11/2013)
    There will be planting plants and sharing time "croutons" attendees
  • The Civil Guard finds large amount of dead sheep in Cañada Hermosa-Murcia (08/11/2013)
    The remains found are from a farm
  • The National Police arrested a woman in Murcia forcing lower to beg (08/11/2013)
    The girl was warned to begging in shopping centers
  • The holders of the guilds of Murcia will go on the streets to commemorate the Year of Faith (07/11/2013)

  • "August Moon" is the new work of Rosana be presented at the Teatro Romea November 28 (07/11/2013)

  • Around 100,000 people will visit the new edition of the Fair Outlet (07/11/2013)
    Mayor inaugurated this morning the show, which brings together 112 businesses, and, for the first time, will include a fashion show on Saturday afternoon
  • They have a book on the relationship between technology and literature in Argentina (07/11/2013)

  • Conference on Lithuania at the University of Murcia (07/11/2013)

  • Activities in schools and equality Village to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (07/11/2013)
    Municipal Team Treatment of Violence Against Women has treated 281 people
  • A new project will restore all the historical plaques that adorn the city (07/11/2013)

  • Improvement Works in neighborhoods and districts for more than 288,000 euros (07/11/2013)
    The work will be carried out will be lighting renovation, paving sidewalks and traffic light installations
  • UPyD Murcia requires that the noise ordinance count on neighbors and associations "to have the broadest possible consensus" (07/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia aids delivery Foundation research Lavoisier (06/11/2013)

  • Members of the Navy of Cartagena visit the city of Murcia (06/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the immediate termination of the contract for financial advisory related to a former senior executive of the CAM (06/11/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, critical that the City wasting everyone's money hiring "advisors for advisors" and rejects the privatization policy without finger widespread publicity and the PP government
  • More than 90 students received diplomas from courses taken at the Job Center Stables (06/11/2013)

  • IU-Green criticism that the Department of Finance maintains the tax burden on citizens but collects less (06/11/2013)

  • Castro: "You have set the stage for tomorrow Murcia pay more taxes" (06/11/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia vote against the Budget for 2014 "fruit of disastrous policies" (06/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia launches a massive open online course for entrepreneurs (06/11/2013)

  • The House of the Corporation of the City Council approves the 2014 Budget (06/11/2013)

  • The City reshape the environment of the Plaza de la Merced (06/11/2013)
    The Paseo walkway pavers will Menéndez Pelayo and will be at the same height as the sidewalk
  • The Mayor noted that the tax freeze will save 2.5 million for Murcia (06/11/2013)
    Chamber ensures that the accounts of the City for the next year, extraordinary plenary debated today, to lay the foundation for economic growth and the employment
  • Terra Natura Murcia celebrates the birth of three young Vietnamese pork albino (06/11/2013)

  • Gloria Lapeña out in the University of Murcia "A wall to tell my story" (06/11/2013)
    It is an autobiographical installation comprising photography, video, illustration and text
  • A book published by the University of Murcia addresses the problems at the end of life in Italy and Spain (06/11/2013)
    will be presented Thursday in the auditorium
  • Emergency services were unable to save the life of a woman whose car has crashed between Sucina and The Tertia (06/11/2013)

  • The UCAM and Telecommunication Engineers Association Join Forces Region (05/11/2013)
    The UCAM has signed a framework agreement with the College of Telecommunications Engineering of the Region of Murcia
  • Martinez-Cache visit Midwest Board (05/11/2013)

  • The Mayor visits "Librolandia" (05/11/2013)
    This is the new library implementation in school Santiago El Mayor
  • The City and the Spanish Association of Foreign Trade Consultants signed an agreement to boost export (05/11/2013)
    The objective is that immigrants return to their countries of origin have business plans to export Spanish
  • IU-Greens consider that budgets of Murcia are a municipality in regression (05/11/2013)

  • UPyD: "We reject these assumptions result of disastrous policies" (05/11/2013)

  • IU-Greens ask for the work of a crane at the El Malecon Restaurant BaoBar (05/11/2013)

  • Continuing the 'whims' of the council of finance (05/11/2013)

  • The University of Murcia aids delivery Foundation research Lavoisier (05/11/2013)

  • The Artillery Barracks launches anti-theft system of copper wires in street lighting (05/11/2013)
    The new technology pioneered in the region controls, detects and generates an alarm after detecting the sabotage of the power grid
  • The UCAM and the Museum of the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem create an International Research Chair (05/11/2013)

  • FADE Foundation provides educational support to 45 children in the CEIP San Andrés (05/11/2013)
    The City is working with the organization in this project since 2006
  • Begin university studies in the UCAM Gastronomy (04/11/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia reiterates that "the ordinance passed is an aesthetic resource that does not solve the problem of prostitution" (04/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Group proposes a plan to support unemployed worth 2 million euros (04/11/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro also propose a decrease of 3% in all taxes and increased by 3 million euros of investment game districts
  • The association gives the award ADEMTRA Solidarity 2013 Heart Transplant Unit of Arrixaca (04/11/2013)

  • The National Police dismantled a drug outlet in a residential district of Barrio del Carmen de Murcia (04/11/2013)
    As a result of the control devices and drug prevention
  • Bands of Alicante, Ciudad Real and Murcia come together this weekend at the Teatro Romea (04/11/2013)
    The National Contest of Bands, held on 9 and November 10, will feature six bands
  • On Wednesday begins the blood donation campaign on campus Espinardo (04/11/2013)

  • A campaign to inform prostitutes municipal aid resources (04/11/2013)
    Local Police and Semes distributed leaflets, translated into six languages, with all the details of the new ordinance to take effect the next day 9
  • The Socialist Group proposes a plan to support unemployed worth 2 million euros (04/11/2013)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro also propose a decrease of 3% in all taxes and increased by 3 million euros of investment game districts
  • Kike will be accompanied by his peers in his last match with the national team (04/11/2013)

  • The Fair Outlet offers four days of discounts in Santo Domingo and Alfonso X (04/11/2013)
    112 stores participate and will be a fashion show
  • Cinema Paradise opens the film that swept the Academy Awards last Film Argentina (04/11/2013)
    "Clandestine Childhood" tells the story of the son of exiles after his return to the South American
  • Inauguration of the Peña Friends of Horse La Albatalia (03/11/2013)
    On Saturday inaugurated the headquarters of the Rock Friends of Horse La Albatalía Murcia, with the assistance of almost all its founders hundred and family
  • The Socialist Group reports a 'whim' of almost one million euros of the council of finance (03/11/2013)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro considers inadmissible the purchase of a new computer system and accounting by the council of finance in economic crisis
  • 110 families benefit from respite in homes each year (03/11/2013)
    Professionals take care of the dependent person so that the usual caregiver have free time The call for this service next year is open
  • The UCAM Murcia knows how to score and knows how to suffer (02/11/2013)
    After an exhibition in attack, knew to hold the wide part against Estudiantes for the win 69-77
  • 64,000 students participate in the course 2013/2014 in activities organized by Education (02/11/2013)
    Son workshops inside and outside the classroom in which the city becomes an educator and educational space agent
  • Aryon wins Creajoven Music Other Trends (01/11/2013)
    Maracass Brutality has won the second place and third Ramón Serrano
  • The greatest care continue to receive physiotherapy in 76 municipal centers. (01/11/2013)
    Since 1996 have been receiving this benefit

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