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Murcia News - September 2015

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  • To top it off against Movistar Students (30/09/2015)
    The UCAM Murcia CB plays the final of the tournament against Air Europa current team of Diego Ocampo
  • Ortiz thanked the council Cespa the work being done to Murcia is one of the cleanest cities in Spain (30/09/2015)
    Councilman Works has maintained this morning a meeting with workers
  • The Circus Theatre starts its season with flamenco music'Romance Curro The Palmo' (30/09/2015)
    More than 30 artists, among them the dancer Antonio Canales, the singer Quique Morente and dancer Juana Garcia Murcia, will rise tomorrow to TCM charts
  • Let's change proposed recovery Murcia Veronicas market and its historic surroundings (30/09/2015)

  • Two students from the UCAM you participate in the third edition of Innovation Startup Camp (30/09/2015)
    This is an initiative that brings together young people from Valencia in Spain to develop ideas with potential business
  • Murcia leads a European project on municipal energy management using information technology (30/09/2015)

  • The Mayor puts transparency and citizen participation as essential elements of smart cities (30/09/2015)
    José Ballesta appeals to the need "to keep track of people" in the development of smart cities
  • El Pozo Murcia passes round with premiere scorer Raul Campos (29/09/2015)
    soliss Talavera FS ElPozo Murcia FS 3-6
  • The UCAM Murcia beat 75-68 in the first semifinal of the Tournament Air Europa (29/09/2015)
    Filming is rising
  • Murcia's change seeks clarification on felling seven trees on the train (29/09/2015)

  • The mayor claims the University as an essential part of society (29/09/2015)
    At the close of the forum held today within the centenary of the UMU
  • Murcia, elected to hold the vice president of the Spain-Portugal Red CIVINET promoting sustainable urban mobility (29/09/2015)
    The Councillor for Traffic and Safety, Lola Sanchez, participated in the conference on "Cities and bike '
  • The Forum of the Conference of Presidents emphasized the importance of research in progress and welfare (29/09/2015)

  • The City of Murcia assures neighbors Joven Futura that Supreme Court ruling does not affect their homes (29/09/2015)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a legal solution for the residents of Joven Futura affected by the reclassification of land set aside by the Supreme (29/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group also requires the recovery of orchard land that have not been built into a garden area protected
  • They enter operation MUyBICI stations Plaza Juan XXIII and Garden Silk (29/09/2015)
    Users of the system of public bike rental already have 44 benches
  • A bicycle tour commemorates the centennial of the University of Murcia (29/09/2015)

  • The Orihuela rector: "We fear that the budget suffocation collapse universities" (29/09/2015)

  • Music, puppets, zarzuela, classical theater, children's shows and comedies make the quarterly programming Bernal Theatre (29/09/2015)
    Tickets for the 26 shows retain their affordable prices, ranging between four and eight euros
  • Music by Handel at the opening of course (29/09/2015)

  • Murcia's change described as "precarious and delayed" City Strategy Ballesta (29/09/2015)
    "The plan will last only three months in order to receive European funds"
  • The rectors of the universities studied Spanish at the University of Murcia the value of teaching and research (29/09/2015)

  • PRE 1/16 Cup - soliss Talavera FS vs El Pozo Murcia FS (29/09/2015)
    Mayo Pavilion First of Talavera de la Reina
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia studying eel stocks del Mar Menor (29/09/2015)

  • The City of Murcia launches Psychosocial Counseling for Young (29/09/2015)
    a 16- or more years of age, male / female students graduate, training courses and other educational levels It addresses
  • HUERMUR says that "the judgment annulling the plan Joven Futura urban model finishes with 20 years of PP in Murcia" (28/09/2015)
    "that has swept the Huerta de Murcia
  • Murcia City Council Training Program begins Families with children in vulnerable (28/09/2015)
    You work as a group to encourage the participation of / as attending the sessions
  • World Champion Mario Sierra (28/09/2015)
    coach Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia's national anthem rang in Amsterdam.
  • Murcia's change: "The Supreme Court ruling on Young Futura shows that the model of urbanism to the letter was illegal" (28/09/2015)

  • Murcia takes the first step towards the city's 2020 (28/09/2015)

  • The Supreme Court on Joven Futura affects only a formal question (28/09/2015)
    have no effect on housing licenses granted
  • 'Mientras Not the cat box is open will be dead and vivo' wins CreaMurcia Performing Arts (28/09/2015)
    The second prize went to 'The same one more day' and one for 'Tomorrow'll come for "Marin y Cia
  • With all the artillery Tournament City Getafe (28/09/2015)
    The UCAM Murcia CB has the full squad for the next two preseason commitments
  • The City Council held next week former vote of the Council to the Virgen del Rosario (28/09/2015)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, today received the President of the Confraternity
  • The Socialist Party demands explanations from the PP to be responsible for the reclassification of Joven Futura grounds (28/09/2015)

  • 79,000 children and young people participate in educational programs of the City during this course (28/09/2015)
    The Department of Education offers 88 activities for schoolchildren know the city
  • The clean energy at the University of Murcia 170.5 tons of CO2 offset (28/09/2015)

  • Now Murcia warns that the bird may be the next Joven Futura (28/09/2015)
    Both projects, driven by the PP despite having evidence of illegality
  • Group Alcaraz returns to dominate the meeting with Aspanpal (27/09/2015)
    The capital hosted the III Sunday Solidarity Aspanpal Relay Race, with final victory for Alcaraz Male Group I and a time of 55:04 in the 16,750 meters total
  • The PSOE requires the City of Murcia to take the necessary steps to end the plague of mosquitoes (27/09/2015)
    The Socialists regret that it has not properly acted to end this situation which is causing discomfort and health problems to neighbors around the town
  • The PSOE described as "ridiculous" that the musical band Ballesta cry or daily activity measures Star City as his first hundred days (27/09/2015)
    Socialists speak of "ad mayor" and ask Crossbow beyond selling Smoke and photos, work for the welfare of Murcia and Murcia
  • The City Council extends the service Interpretation and translation to meet the foreign population in neighborhoods and districts (27/09/2015)
    "Almost 8 percent of the queries received at the Information Office are made by people who do not speak Castilian" reported Councilman Jose Guillen
  • The PSOE achieved approval of its eight motions, three of them with the unanimous support of the Plenary (26/09/2015)
    Convert the old railway line of the South Coast in a green corridor, declare the storm drain in the north as a priority and work the burial start at the beginning were some
  • ... (26/09/2015)

  • The National Police shows his work to Murcia (25/09/2015)

  • Tourism Fair awards (25/09/2015)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, thanked the College granting the award to the parties "for their commendable work as an undisputed benchmark dissemination of culture and tourism in the region"
  • The UCAM then evaluated ANECA degrees in psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and two masters (25/09/2015)
    The Catholic University of Murcia continues to lead in Spain in the reaccreditation of their official titles
  • Tourism, one of the legs of economic growth (25/09/2015)
    Juan Hernandez, Minister of Tourism, held a meeting with students from the UCAM for World Day this sector
  • The PSOE requested an urgent meeting of the Murcia High Speed ​​society to demand the underground since the beginning (25/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group will ensure compliance with the law and the financing of works for the arrival of the AVE
  • Murcia uncovers's change (25/09/2015)
    Training requires the cessation of work already undertaken by the bike path and sidewalk Solis garden area of ​​scenic interest
  • Cabezo de Torres celebrates its Midyear Saturday Carnavalero (25/09/2015)
    A parade with 25 extras, a tasting of different rices in bars and nightlife make acts
  • Parks and Gardens rehabilitate the maze of Salitre. (25/09/2015)
    Around 49,000 euros will be invested to carry out these works, lasting four months
  • Improved lighting in three districts will energy savings between 50% and 70% (25/09/2015)
    Substitution of luminaires for other LED type is held in different streets of El Palmar, La Albatalía and pool
  • 10000 Murcia can participate for free in more than 400 courses of cultural activities centers and 140 municipal auditoriums (25/09/2015)
    The City invests 1.9 million euros to maintain one of the largest networks of cultural services in Spain
  • Murcia City Council launches new environmentally information in the Contraparada (25/09/2015)
    The municipal government goes ahead with the development of the recovery plan for Murcia Huerta and tourism.
  • Historical figures Murcia made a theatrical tour through the town on Sunday (25/09/2015)
    The activity will take place at 10 am and 12.30 pm, has been organized to mark the World Tourism Day
  • PRE LNFS 3rd Day - Jaen Paraiso Interior vs El Pozo Murcia FS (25/09/2015)

  • The King inaugurates the University of Murcia in the Spanish university course (25/09/2015)
    Overall act UPCT
  • Tomorrow the first bike tour takes place under a full moon (25/09/2015)
    To participate you just have to attend 19 hours Glorieta
  • Winners of the 400 Murcia Bonds European Mobility Week is already available on the website of the Office of the Bicycle and GER (25/09/2015)
    they can collect their card for 10 euros in the municipal building Abenarabi before 31 December
  • The British comedy "My home in Paris" on Monday VO (25/09/2015)

  • The mayor of Los Ramos warns of the risk of flooding by the state of the boulevards (25/09/2015)
    has called on the City of Murcia and the River Authority to fulfill their obligation of cleanliness and maintenance of the streams in the hamlet
  • Veterinary cooperate with the army in academic activities and research (25/09/2015)

  • Closing of the lecture on security challenges in the XXI Century (24/09/2015)
    by the Mayor and the Chief Government
  • Response Murcia now the request for resignation of Angeles Micol by the PP (24/09/2015)

  • The Mayor said that "I will plant against whom it takes to meet each of the resolutions of the burial of the AVE" (24/09/2015)
    José Ballesta takes stock of the plenary, which has lasted for almost 10 hours and in which have debated and approved 35 motions on matters of interest to Murcia
  • Adopted the motion to change it to rehabilitate the Green Path on Alquibla ditch (24/09/2015)
    The Plenary recognized the right to record the Municipal Councils
  • The University of Murcia welcomes 500 international students the first quarter (24/09/2015)

  • "Olive oil slows the progression of breast cancer" (24/09/2015)
    This is one of the ideas developed during the conference this afternoon at the First International Conference on Olive Oil held in the UCAM
  • HUERMUR will go to the Supreme Court to uphold the protection of the irrigation network (24/09/2015)
    The Supreme Court ruling, through allegations of Community and Town Hall, renders meaningless the Heritage of the Good Men
  • FS Talavera vs El Pozo Murcia FS, the knockout clash VI Copa del Rey (24/09/2015)

  • The Hall of Flamenco at the University of Murcia restart their twinning activities Tango and Flamenco (24/09/2015)
    Tomorrow Friday, September 25, become classroom activities Flamenco at the University of Murcia
  • The journalist Paco Nadal, Salzillo Museum and the Feria de Murcia, Palomas Tourism Awards 2015 (24/09/2015)

  • "What happens in Spain at the production of olive oil worldwide hits" (23/09/2015)
    The executive director of the International Olive Oil Council speaks at the UCAM on production and global expansion of this sector
  • New qualifications pending approval by the Governing Council (23/09/2015)
    The UCAM is concerned
  • Now Murcia calls for report on the bird law, but Barnabas sells smoke (23/09/2015)
    Councillor Angeles Micol has met with the Minister Barnabas and we
  • The mayor shared a breakfast with neighbors to discuss Murcia (23/09/2015)
    For two hours, Ballesta has talked with more than 20 people who wanted to personally convey their concerns, suggestions and proposals for improving the city
  • 80% of youth employment, education or resume their training at the end of the professional qualification program taught by the City (23/09/2015)

  • Murcia will host the second edition of the regional edition of the World Robot Olympiad (23/09/2015)
    Shot The Mall will host this international robotics competition for young people aged 7-15 years
  • The Scenic Pupaclown Center offers 14 children's shows for the fourth quarter (23/09/2015)
    These are the only facilities in the region adapted for children with any disability
  • Murcia's change proposes the full recording of the municipal boards (23/09/2015)

  • Games, Cinema and Theatrical Activities for Language Club of the City of Murcia (23/09/2015)
    outings and guided city tours in appropriate languages ​​that students are studying will be made
  • The president inaugurated the course of shared housing center Fundown (23/09/2015)

  • Baby, "Jaen remains the warrior rival last year" (23/09/2015)

  • An exhibition honors at the University of Murcia Antonio Campillo (23/09/2015)
    The sculptor was named Doctor Honoris Causa in 2008
  • The University of Murcia awarded the tender for the maintenance of the Veterinary Teaching Farm (23/09/2015)

  • Murcia's change proposes to rehabilitate the heritage with a school workshop and recovery Raal ditch Old (23/09/2015)
    These are two urgent motions to the recovery of cultural, environmental and landscape heritage proposed by neighbors and cultural associations
  • The city of Murcia is launching the Office for Refugees to channel citizen solidarity (23/09/2015)
    may be accessed from the ayudaalrefugiado@ayto-murcia.es email or by completing a simple form that will be installed on the municipal website
  • The Night of the researchers on the fun side of science to children and adults (23/09/2015)

  • Ballesta y Calvo-Sotelo deal with the next appointment Innova Murcia (22/09/2015)

  • Murcia's change Ballesta complaint seeks to invalidate the municipal council (22/09/2015)

  • Concludes the draft employability of graduates in Sports Science in collaboration with (22/09/2015)

  • The Municipal People submit to the September plenary motions on Gender Violence and Humanitarian Crisis (22/09/2015)
    also defends a proposal to value the cohesion of Spain
  • Tornel: "It is time to move from words to deeds in water management and rehabilitation of Peace" (22/09/2015)
    Councilman's change Murcia proposes the creation of two bodies fiscalicen the work of Aguas de Murcia and design Peace project
  • Education will create an electrical post to serve as a direct link between school principals and the City (22/09/2015)
    Councilman Rafael Gomez explains that "will serve to communicate the different needs or incidents that may arise in the schools in the municipality"
  • Public Water and zero evictions, proposals for citizens now Murcia rescue (22/09/2015)
    Two motions defend the municipal group in plenary next Thursday
  • 300 children participate in the activities of the Car Free Day (22/09/2015)
    The Alfonso X Avenue has hosted an extensive program for citizens to check the benefits of quitting the particular vehicle parked
  • The City Council invited to participate in Murcia cycling routes under the full moon (22/09/2015)
    'Moon bikes' offers four free guided itineraries through the town
  • The UCAM discussed at an international conference the benefits of olive oil (22/09/2015)
    The event was inaugurated Wednesday in the Temple of the Monastery of Jeronimos and runs until Friday
  • Lolo Suazo suffers microrotura soleus of the left leg and will be out to Jaen (22/09/2015)

  • The PSOE proposes a major agreement against gender violence and calls back off on cuts in prevention and care of victims (22/09/2015)

  • Environment distinguishes Murcia for their projects promoting bicycle (22/09/2015)
    The Ballesta Mayor today received the Gold Medal of the Spanish Sustainable Mobility Week awarded the City of Murcia
  • A film series and tourism commemorate the 50 years of operation of the School of Tourism of Murcia (22/09/2015)
    offer seven films on tourism issues in the region between September 23 and November 11
  • IES José Plans receives an award from the National Police for the promotion of safe guidelines on social networks and school life (22/09/2015)
    The Minister congratulated Sanchez-Mora, in presenting the award 'Very confident', teachers, students and staff IES for his "exemplary behavior for Spain"
  • Hajar Koudad Ballesta explained its commitment to integrating all residents in Los Rosales (21/09/2015)
    Young, winner of the National Youth Award 2015, held a meeting this morning with Mayor
  • 100 days, 100 initiatives (21/09/2015)
    Mayor offers a balance of the first months of government in the city of Murcia
  • Murcia, Spanish capital security (21/09/2015)
    The city hosts until February 1, the commemoration of the Day of Police, in which many public activities will be sequenced, including exhibitions, conferences, exhibitions
  • Ballesta: 100 days of breach of agreements and rhetoric (21/09/2015)
    Murcia For now, the PP has failed to fulfill his promise to make a new policy, and has been based on measures 'showcase' in disregard heritage and districts, and to act in plenary putting obstacles and ignoring the decisions of the majority
  • The PSOE proposes the creation of a green corridor of communications and recreation in the old railway line of South Range (21/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group raises adapt the eight kilometers of the abandoned track between Zeneta and Murcia so that it can serve buses, taxis , bikes and pedestrians
  • The University of Murcia promotes double degrees in British universities for international fair of higher education (21/09/2015)

  • A circus announces the start of the season at the Teatro Circo Murcia (21/09/2015)
    On Thursday, at 19 hours, the Plaza de Santo Domingo will become an impromptu acrobatics to enjoy the scenery, juggling and humor of a group of actors
  • 29 photographs Exhibition integrate'Nómadas looks to Magreb' to celebrate the Week of Cooperating (21/09/2015)
    will be open until Thursday from 10:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 20:00
  • Teledeporte televise the matches against Inter Movistar Peñíscola and in the Palace (21/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia offers grants to encourage innovation and knowledge transfer (21/09/2015)

  • Promotion remove all graffiti Urban Local Path (21/09/2015)
    The SL-MU 10 runs for 6.7 kilometers of gardens, plazas and pedestrian streets of the town
  • Many Murcia throng the Constitution Avenue and Jaime I to enjoy the activities of the Life Cycle (20/09/2015)
    The Ballesta Mayor has not missed this event, organized within the proposals of the Mobility Week taking place from the past Wednesday and will continue until Tuesday 22
  • The PSOE requires the municipal government to address the problem of public transport in districts and facilitate access to neighboring city (20/09/2015)
    The Socialist Group regrets that it has not addressed this issue in any of the acts of the European Week mobility and requests the session to remember the districts
  • The information point and Visitor Center Majal Blanco reopen this weekend (20/09/2015)
    From 2003 to May 2015, more than 22,000 visitors have been treated at the information desk.
  • Ballesta, a member of the Governing Board of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (19/09/2015)

  • The skaters took the city (19/09/2015)
    The councilman of Promotion, Roque Ortiz, participated in the Roller Parade, organized on the occasion of the European Mobility Week
  • Let's change Murcia claimed the improvement of access and mobility of Young Futura (19/09/2015)
    Training has committed to transmit and support the claims of the residents' association
  • Response Murcia Navarro Corchon now on the Planning Commission and the plan of Cabezo de Torres (19/09/2015)

  • The bicycle will gain prominence in the cities with the initiatives approved by the FEMP to Ballesta proposal (19/09/2015)
    The plenary session this morning in Madrid, has unanimously accepted nine amendments proposed by the government team in the areas of sustainability and territory , social rights and modernization
  • The City Council improves accessibility of municipal web for blind or visually impaired people navigate in complete autonomy (19/09/2015)

  • The PSOE presented a motion to the full City Council of Murcia to require that the burial Fomento start at the beginning (19/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group proposal contemplates request the Ministry to withdraw the current draft and approve the arrival of the AVE according to the agreement 2006
  • The City Council will review the fee for occupation of public roads of street vendors (19/09/2015)
    The Department of Commerce conducted campaigns to promote the image and the number of visitors to the weekly markets
  • The UCAM, with the Pope on his trip to Cuba (19/09/2015)
    Pope Francis visit the country for the first time, following the reopening of the borders with the United States
  • The team of journalists win the gymkhana of intermodal (18/09/2015)
    In the test involved four teams of politicians, journalists, athletes and representatives of professional associations
  • The PSOE requires compliance with the 2006 agreement and begin work on the underground already, and calls for an end sterile wars on the AVE (18/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group recalls that the whole burial is indispensable for the PSOE and that in any may entail a delay in the arrival of the AVE
  • Treat your patients as you would have them do to you (18/09/2015)
    This is the motto on which it has settled all professional and personal trajectory of the new Doctor Honoris Causa by the UCAM, Professor Joaquín Barraquer
  • Sergio Ramos, "it is incomprehensible that Barnabas press the plenary of Murcia" (18/09/2015)

  • Gymkhana is the need to make every day the residents of Murcia to get to work (18/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a workshop to advise on European research calls (18/09/2015)

  • The Spanish Marketing Association awards four professors from the University of Murcia (18/09/2015)

  • The European Mobility Week allows Murcia prove the benefits of electric motorcycles (18/09/2015)
    Throughout the year the Electra project offers rental vehicles with this type of discount
  • Works Lapeña Gloria Romero and Martin winning the CreaMurcia of Art and Comic 2015 (18/09/2015)
    The exhibition was inaugurated yesterday at 21 am, at the Laboratory of Young Art
  • The University of Murcia "satisfied" by the financing agreement reached (18/09/2015)

  • "Expression ghost and inaccuracy" Elena Vicente Herranz, filled the Chapel of Convalescence of artistic references (18/09/2015)
    The artist is based on a painting of the sixteenth century to offer the viewer a game with three-dimensional image, symmetry and nature
  • The Governing Board approved the participation process for developing the strategy Murcia City '2020' (18/09/2015)
    On Monday September 28 has called for all members of the Social Council of the City
  • A new contract will ensure the modernization of the eight seats of the municipality supplies (18/09/2015)

  • Local Police will have 21 new vehicles to strengthen security in the town and districts (18/09/2015)
    13 passenger cars, two SUVs, five motorcycles and radar are added to the fleet of the local police which already has 251 vehicles
  • The City will implement measures to ensure the safety of cyclists in 27 areas of the municipality (18/09/2015)

  • Christopher Hernandez Barbero, winner of the contest for the realization of a bust of Rector Loustau (18/09/2015)
    "Loustau was a university example, someone very devoted to college"
  • Children also opt for intermodal (18/09/2015)
    120 youngsters visit the Terra Natura Park via bus and tram
  • "A second mother" Audience Award at Berlin in Monday VO of Centrofama (18/09/2015)

  • UCAM Murcia - MoraBanc Andorra (17/09/2015)

  • A boost for the food industry in the region (17/09/2015)
    UCAM, Banco Santander and business groups initiated a work plan to boost the food industry, with the support of the regional government
  • The Professor of Ocular Surgery, Joaquín Barraquer, Friday morning will be invested Doctor Honoris Causa by the UCAM (17/09/2015)
    The event was attended by over one hundred professionals in the area of ​​ophthalmology
  • Now Murcia Ballesta requires "that no longer covered by the private interests of Mendoza" (17/09/2015)
    Micol Angeles recalled that the PP has been ten years allowing the alleged illegal construction of the UCAM, and only announced measures "makeup" after complaint Now in May of Murcia and the requirements of the Office
  • Abarán starts the countdown to celebrate the XVI Meeting of Giants (17/09/2015)
    The Mayor, José Ballesta, this morning attended the presentation of the festival
  • The Mayor welcomes the youngest of Ranero CF this weekend to compete in the finals of the Samsung Cup (17/09/2015)
    The team, which in 2016 will celebrate its 35th anniversary, has one of the largest quarries in the region, with 30 teams in all categories and over 400 players
  • Duda to Catgas E. Santa Coloma (17/09/2015)
    "There is a pending bill but with ourselves"
  • The UCAM then evaluated ANECA his Degree in Nursing and three Masters (17/09/2015)
    The Catholic University of Murcia continues to lead in Spain in the reaccreditation of their official titles
  • The Old Bridge report determines that the landslides were caused by "the continued action of weathering" (17/09/2015)
    The rehabilitation work will include the complete replacement of the affected parts and some other damaged, along with a comprehensive review of Bridge
  • The Socialist Party demands more grants for the purchase of textbooks and that the City create a bank books (17/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group claim in Parliament that the Ministry of Education to increase allocations for aid for the purchase of books and school supplies to prevent children from entering the course without books
  • The UCAM with HEFAME Foundation imparts a degree of Expert in Integrated Management of the Office of Pharmacy (17/09/2015)
    Both institutions have made this morning by the University Chair Company 'Foundation HEFAME'
  • 7 television broadcast the Melilla UD vs Real Murcia live (17/09/2015)
    This Sunday, September 20th, from 11:30 hours from New Condomina stadium
  • El Pozo Murcia FS Santa Coloma vs Catgas Energia (17/09/2015)
    magic back to the Palace!
  • 26 ONG'Ds the municipality of Murcia show their work at the Fair VII Cooperating (17/09/2015)
    You can visit in Santo Domingo on Friday to Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 21.00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00
  • The City of Murcia develops advocacy and awareness on disability (17/09/2015)
    On the occasion of the European Mobility Week, as ASPANPAL associations, ASPAYM, ONCE concienciarán FAMDIF and the public about road safety education and behaviors that contribute to the accessibility
  • The Department of Development will extend the intensive cleaning program to other neighborhoods and districts (17/09/2015)
    already have done this work shock in eight areas of town
  • The Romea Theatre offers more than fifty shows for the next quarter (17/09/2015)
    From October to January comedy performances, opera, contemporary music and other performing arts events will happen
  • The University of Murcia coordinated an international project to improve energy efficiency in buildings (17/09/2015)

  • The Mayor visits the informative bus route Anpier in the "Road of the Sun" (17/09/2015)
    The campaign for renewable energy has arrived in Santo Domingo
  • Samba comes to preseason UCAM Murcia (16/09/2015)
    Benite Vitor Augusto Lima and have joined the mini-stage in Lleida and will play against Andorra MoraBanc
  • Mayor chairing the first meeting of the board of Urbamusa (16/09/2015)
    In the same has approved the appointment of Mr. Alberto Pérez-Albacete as managing director of the company, which has been working since 2006
  • The PSOE regrets that the city of Murcia has failed to bring innovations to the September Fair (16/09/2015)
    The Socialist Group asks the government team that has all the municipal groups and the rocks and festive associations to innovate and improve the parties 2016
  • Now that the prosecution succeeds Murcia open to private research foundation of Mendoza and UCAM (16/09/2015)
    The Office of the High Court of the Region of Murcia has opened investigative to the UCAM, based on the complaint of Murcia Now, for alleged urban crime and irregularities against the Spanish Historical Heritage
  • Pacheco highlighted the "great success" of the Feria de Murcia (16/09/2015)
    Councilman Employment, Tourism and Culture thanked Murcia, visitors and organizers for their involvement in the celebrations
  • The City Council is preparing a strategy to increase 20% in five years the use of renewable energies (16/09/2015)

  • Editum, awarded in the category of better inter-university co-publication (16/09/2015)
    Shakespeare in Spain, by Pujante and Cerda, get the award for the best joint publication of the Spanish universities
  • Miguelín Santa Coloma: "It's a very powerful team offensively" (16/09/2015)
    International player was released on the first day with two goals
  • One hundred teams will participate in the meeting on Saturday Basketball 3x3 Solidario "Together for inclusion" of Astrapace (16/09/2015)
    This is the sixth edition and will be held in University Square.
  • Two graduates of the University of Murcia Silicon Valley take a project to treat animals with stem cells (16/09/2015)

  • Nearly 4,000 children participated in the Children's Traffic Park during the past year (16/09/2015)
    driver education courses are taught at school, children 1-6 years old, children with special educational needs and those associations that request
  • Murcia's change requests urgent action to preserve the Old Bridge and the amendment of the General Plan in the environment of the Malecón (16/09/2015)

  • The City will maintain its collaboration with Pupaclown (16/09/2015)

  • Sanchez congratulates municipal services for the "outstanding work" done the day of the pilgrimage (16/09/2015)
    The route of the pilgrimage has been cleared and opened to traffic the passage of the procession, which proves the efficiency and speed of municipal services
  • The Minister of Culture participates in the festival of the Virgin of Fuensanta (15/09/2015)

  • Starts European Mobility Week (15/09/2015)
    From tomorrow, Wednesday, and until Tuesday 22, Paseo Alfonso X will be closed to traffic on the stretch from the junction with James I to Santo Domingo, 10-13 and 17 to 20 hours
  • 7 accompanies the Fuensanta TV on your big day (14/09/2015)
    From 8am special monitoring of the pilgrimage, and at 13:30 special program from the Sanctuary of the Fuensanta
  • The Mayor delivered the trophy winner of the Fair El Juli 2014 (14/09/2015)
    also has been honored with awards for "Best Thrust" and "Best Faena"
  • Now Murcia calls for urgent action at the fall of a huge boulder of the old bridge (14/09/2015)
    The municipal formation denounced the state of the bridge on 18 August and did so again last Friday, before the fall of fragments of stone
  • The City Council meets new social projects of the Foundation Diagram (14/09/2015)

  • The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator of a number of scams on the Internet (14/09/2015)
    In the hamlet of Murcia Sangonera la Seca
  • The City Council urgently execute the necessary work to replace the Old Bridge detached elements and strengthen existing (14/09/2015)
    Technical Planning, Development and the Ministry of Culture have determined that the bridge is structurally in good condition and landslides have occurred in masonry and ornamental elements
  • The City Council aware of the health risks of alcohol consumption in minors (14/09/2015)

  • On Wednesday the call 2015-16 Language Club Murcia City Council opens (14/09/2015)
    240 places for young Murcia between 12 and 17 years.
  • The City Council denies that is to implement the ORA service in the neighborhood of Vistabella (14/09/2015)
    Lola Sanchez explained that "new areas of ORA will not be created without the consent of neighbors and neighborhood councils traders".
  • Promoting biodegradable bags distributed to 30,000 pilgrims to deposit their waste (14/09/2015)
    119 people work for four days for the journey and the Sanctuary are in the best possible conditions
  • 411 people will participate in the special security plan of the pilgrimage (14/09/2015)
    New this year the Fire Service will have a slight off-road vehicle equipped with different rescue equipment half vertically
  • The CB UCAM Murcia will play three games in a week of preparation in the Catalan town (14/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia creates Astrada Chair of Autism and Developmental Disorders (14/09/2015)

  • The Mayor announced that Murcia will in 2016, renovated Livestock Fair (13/09/2015)
    As stated this morning during the celebration of the Day of the Horse in Alfonso X
  • The PSOE claims the City requiring the cleaning company that the emergency plan not forget to neighborhoods and districts of Murcia (13/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group considers that the intensive cleaning of the city center in the days of the Fair due to "image campaign" Government Ballesta
  • A shuttle tram service will provide access to the concert of the Pilgrimage in New Condomina (13/09/2015)
    In addition, a special bonus will be sold to 2 euros, representing a 50% discount
  • Water activities, main protagonists of the day at the Fair of Murcia (12/09/2015)
    Sport and water are now the stars of daytime events Fair program and in three of these events was present the Mayor, José Ballesta
  • The City Council closes the bottom of the Old Bridge to ensure the safety of pedestrians (12/09/2015)

  • The PSOE warns that the residents of Bacons Bridge "take their chances" to go to the Fair (12/09/2015)
    The Municipal Group includes the repeated complaints of the Socialist Group of this hamlet by the lack of sidewalks and lighting problems in the Camino de Enmedio
  • The Department of Commerce will inspect the 70 food and beverage stalls will be installed along the route of the pilgrimage (12/09/2015)
    The controls have already been made in the 130 food establishments distributed between La Fica and the Malecon
  • The festive charges Moors and Christians visiting the City hours before his welcome (11/09/2015)
    The Mayor, accompanied by councilors of the Corporation, thanked the Federation work and effort it takes to provide the best parties
  • 420 athletes and coaches participating in the VII Waterpolo Tournament Murcia (11/09/2015)
    The event will take place on 12 and 13 September in the Municipal Park facilities Murcia
  • Now complaint rockfalls Murcia Old Bridge (11/09/2015)
    Despite the request of three weeks of the municipal group study of the conservation of the bridge and the announcement of the start of their treatment as BIC, the 'attacks' against the bridge and makes malfunctions occur
  • The Governing Board approves security measures 14 Ficus of Floridablanca, Santo Domingo and the artillery barracks (11/09/2015)
    The maximum amount to be awarded 23,716 euros
  • The City Council will offer 78 training places for unemployed (11/09/2015)
    Students in the fields of masonry participate in the construction of a new classroom block La Fica, while 65 developed catering menus daily to residents Jesus Forsaken
  • The Council organizes fifty free and varied activities to show the advantages of leaving the car parked (11/09/2015)

  • Murcia City Council renews all the members of the Municipal Council for Cooperation and Solidarity (11/09/2015)
    € 400,000 are available for grants to entities conducting projects in developing countries
  • The government team has given its approval to the Resource Map Aid to Refugees (11/09/2015)
    A Guide in Arabic for Syrian refugees gather all services including Resource Map
  • The singer Amy Winehouse "resurrected" on the big screen (11/09/2015)
    The documentary "Amy" is projected on Monday VO
  • The Gastronomic Culture Hall Raimundo Gonzalez hosts a cooking workshop Moorish and Christian (11/09/2015)
    Tomorrow at 11.30 am in the Veronicas Market
  • Murcia's change supports the demonstration in solidarity with refugees (11/09/2015)

  • Teachers College Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, German and Greek part in a conference in the UCAM (11/09/2015)
    The Catholic University of Murcia organizes these days the third edition of an international simpsosio on Linguistics, literature and cultural studies in modern languages ​​
  • The University of Murcia is making cost 32.5 million euros since 2010 (11/09/2015)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia published a new paper on photobiology in the journal Nature Communications (11/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia taught the first course of modern music (11/09/2015)

  • The Inter-University Council supports the introduction of the new titles requested by the UCAM, as verified by ANECA and Ministry (10/09/2015)

  • The Mayor receives the medal of Knight of the Brotherhood of the Virgin of Fuensanta (10/09/2015)
    In a ceremony held this afternoon at the Cathedral
  • Medal of the Royal Brotherhood of the Knights of the Virgin of Fuensanta (10/09/2015)

  • Moors and Christians in Murcia 7 TV (10/09/2015)
    Grand Parade from the Floridablanca garden Gran Via to Plaza Fuensanta
  • The music will fill the streets of the city thanks to the third edition of Big Up! (10/09/2015)
    Six groups will perform in different locations in town for free on Saturday 4 October.
  • Carchelo vs Jumilla Bodegas El Pozo Murcia FS (10/09/2015)
    Friday, 11 September-21.30
  • The Socialist Party demands that 8% of the City budget for 2016 is managed directly by the municipal boards (10/09/2015)
    Participation Regulation provides that percentage, which is not met by subtracting autonomy and efficiency to the work of the districts and neighborhoods
  • Murcia's change requires urgent and transparent call for all municipal boards (10/09/2015)
    Councilman Sergio Ramos urges the other municipal groups to give their autonomy to its members to reach agreements
  • Caja Rural 1,400 kilos of food donated achieved by giving Murcia pedaling in "solidarity bike" (10/09/2015)
    The Mayor also joined this initiative, which was held to mark the arrival of the Tour of Murcia
  • Murcia will feature more than 400 attendees at the world championship World Tekken 2015 (10/09/2015)
    The world champion, Hyunjin Kim will compete in Spain for the first time.
  • El Pozo Murcia City derby against Second Plastics Cartagena Romero (7-5) is awarded (10/09/2015)

  • Murcia City Council facilitates 30 people with disabilities a place to witness the parade of Moors and Christians (09/09/2015)
    The government team working for the municipality of Murcia events are open to all citizens
  • The rector Orihuela said that the solution to the problem of Medicine is the assignment of hospitals (09/09/2015)

  • Murcia's change calls for a "vigilant and rigorous attitude" to the CatDem research foundation (09/09/2015)
    The Agbar Group, parent company of the private part of Aguas de Murcia, have been the main donor in the case of alleged illegal financing
  • "This year will bring more and be more aggressive" (09/09/2015)
    Victor Arteaga, who was crushed during the summer, said that they are eager to start racing
  • El Pozo Murcia FS takes the floral offering to the Virgin of Fuensanta before starting the League (09/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia offers studios "a la carte" (09/09/2015)

  • Local police made more than 2,500 humanitarian aid and services during the year 2015 (09/09/2015)
    The tasks performed include the care of sick, injured or lost children drops
  • The City Council will facilitate the arrival of Syrian refugees in our town (09/09/2015)
    The host coordination plan includes simplification of municipal procedures for your arrival is as standardized as possible
  • Rebeca Perez meets with the headman of Corvera (09/09/2015)
    The Institute of the hamlet have a young correspondent this course
  • President of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, today delivered the opening speech of Murcia Bullfighting 2015 (08/09/2015)

  • The mayor of Murcia reveals the city project managers in the region (08/09/2015)
    During the working lunch held with members of ADIMUR, José Ballesta explained the ideas for the future and the challenges it faces in the legislature
  • Guillen: The PSOE has the nerve to ask neighborhood joints are formed when it is they who are slowing the process (08/09/2015)

  • HUERMUR complaint before the City Council to place new pots Culture in Old Bridge Murcia (08/09/2015)
    For the association "Crossbow does not seem to be interested in heritage protection, but rather continue the worst of camarismo"
  • A new bus line linking the Campus of Health Sciences with Murcia and Molina de Segura (08/09/2015)

  • Murcia City Council will consider the feasibility of the bus line linking the Arrixaca Molina (08/09/2015)
    The councilman of Promotion, Roque Ortiz, met this morning with the Mayor of Molina de Segura, Eduardo Contreras
  • 15 operators remove gum in Santo Domingo while dirt invades some neighborhoods and districts (08/09/2015)
    The PP shows once again that the concept is reduced to the historic city center, making an investment of totally unbalanced resources
  • The events of the Fair was suspended by rain held over the coming days (08/09/2015)
    La Plaza of the Apostles host tomorrow and Thursday performances of musical associations Beniaján and Bacons Bridge.
  • Murcia's change proposes that there discounts for young people in the Feria de Murcia (08/09/2015)
    The mayor Margarita Guerrero believes that Murcia Total card should include this service
  • The PSOE requires Ballesta put on the table the date for the establishment of municipal boards (08/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group regrets the lack of respect for the citizens of the districts, who encounter difficulties in performing procedures or claims must go through the municipal board
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia generate less aggressive dyes hair (08/09/2015)

  • 554 children have participated in the School Building Programme 2014-2015 launched by the city of Murcia (08/09/2015)
    The Plan promotes the integration of children in situations of social vulnerability through social and educational activities.
  • On Wednesday September 9th will be the presentation of the album "Discantus Latino" (07/09/2015)

  • Worth the Esprefollo gathers numerous Murcia at the premiere of its new headquarters (07/09/2015)
    Mayor chaired the opening ceremony yesterday, accompanied by the president of the club
  • German School Students FOM complete their training in the UCAM (07/09/2015)
    spend a week at the Campus of Los Jerónimos in the framework of a Summer Camp
  • Murcia at the European Swimming Championships Masters 2016 (07/09/2015)

  • The City Council will host Syrian refugees under the plan established by the European Union and the Government of Spain (07/09/2015)
    The Pelegrin, Perez and Ruiz councilors and maintained a contact on Friday with organizations and associations to develop a comprehensive response action this Crisis
  • They take possession of the new directors of Aguas de Murcia (07/09/2015)
    In the first meeting chaired by the Mayor, José Ballesta
  • The City Council invites Murcia to go to the Fair bike (07/09/2015)
    All enclosures have a festive bench MUyBICI in the vicinity
  • Murcia's change proposed use buildings of the Autonomous Community to temporarily relocate families evicted (07/09/2015)

  • The City Council renewed the image of South Garden Infante Round (07/09/2015)

  • The Language Service of the University of Murcia opens the pre-registration period in their courses (07/09/2015)

  • The Socialist Party demands transparency and fairness in the management of football fields and other municipal facilities (06/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group joins the protest of the residents of El Esparragal by management 'unclear' football field by the pedáneo PP
  • The city of Murcia is inflexible against those who pollute the river Segura (06/09/2015)
    The mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, has contacted the president of the CHS, Miguel Angel Rodenas, to act together to protect and Segura water quality
  • Once again, joint appointment with Aspanpal (06/09/2015)
    III Solidarity Aspanpal Relay Race on Sunday September 27
  • The City Council device mobilizes more than 250 people to resolve incidents of rain (06/09/2015)

  • Urban Cleaning installs 230 containers and 300 portable toilets during the Feria de Murcia (06/09/2015)
    The Day Pilgrimage recogeceras City Council allocated 3,000 and 30,000 biodegradable bags
  • The Socialist Party has tabled an amendment to the Budget including funding for works that would prevent flooding in the northern municipality (05/09/2015)
    The Socialist Group urges the PP of Murcia to require their national parliament and Rajoy support in Congress PSOE amendment in order that the works will start as soon as possible
  • The City of Murcia participate in any joint coordinated action to meet the refugees (04/09/2015)

  • Mathematical explain the complexity of the world in the Museum of Science and Water (04/09/2015)

  • Hundreds of Murcia get the poster for the Feria de Murcia signed by Carmen Artigas (04/09/2015)

  • The Professor of Ocular Surgery, Joaquín Barraquer, will be awarded honorary doctorates by the UCAM (04/09/2015)

  • 200 horses will travel on Sunday Paseo de Alfonso X the Wise (04/09/2015)
    Attendees will be treated to free tastings and a cup as a souvenir of this XVI edition
  • The Socialist Party calls the City Council and the Community that the doors of the region and the municipality of Murcia is open to refugees (04/09/2015)
    The Socialist Group requested both institutions to call on the Government of Spain urgent action to increase seat-seekers and allocating funds to prevent more deaths
  • Jose Ignacio Gras "Fair Murcia is a great time meeting place for neighbors and enjoy the intimate party" (04/09/2015)
    The Socialist Group invites you to live these days of celebrations with joy and optimism, not to mention the drama refugees and those who have a hard time in our town
  • 750 relay runners to solidarity Aspanpal are targeted (04/09/2015)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia today inaugurated an exhibition on mathematics and art (04/09/2015)

  • More than 100,000 euros earmarked the city of Murcia to eight agreements to organizations representing people with disabilities and family counseling (04/09/2015)
    Asteamur, Fundown, Cystic Fibrosis Association, Association of Hemophilia Aspaym, Fesormu and Family Guidance Association Mater benefit Familiae of different grants
  • The City Council awarded 200,000 euros for projects of social services and social welfare (04/09/2015)
    51 projects will receive a grant between 2,500 and 7,500 euros
  • Murcia City Council will distribute food delivery to over 65 who live alone (04/09/2015)

  • Lima: "We are very focused and we want to start the league well without fail" (04/09/2015)

  • The damn movie Fernan Gomez, in the programming of Monday Centrofama (04/09/2015)
    "The world continues" was banned under Franco and now debuts on the big screen
  • The proclamation of the Fair of Murcia will be broadcast worldwide on the Internet (04/09/2015)
    The event can be followed live on www.murcia.es
  • The design of the road in Murcia'Los Pinos' improve the movement of more than 1.2 million drivers a year (04/09/2015)
    The Minister of Development inaugurates the works of the road that give higher quality communications in the east Murcia city
  • The City Council will conduct a cleansing shock to improve urban quality of the city (03/09/2015)
    This initiative, key in the government program of Mayor José Ballesta, find "a radical change in the image of the city."
  • The Civil Guard detained two youths for more than twenty burglary of Murcia (03/09/2015)
    Those arrested is credited with the authorship of 22 alleged thefts and property Beniaján Torreagüera
  • 9,000 points of light illuminate the city of Fair (03/09/2015)
    The Mayor opened the lighting of the FICA tonight, where they have installed 3,000 LED.
  • Murcia's change requests that are in place "immediately" public sources that do not work (03/09/2015)
    Training has proven they are without service, at least the three districts
  • The BSU, college sports number one in China, and the UCAM reinforce its partnership (03/09/2015)
    A student at the Catholic University of Murcia completed his studies at the Beijing Sport University
  • "I am delighted to remain part of the project" (03/09/2015)
    Alberto Martin faces his second season in the UCAM Murcia CB after winning gold in the European Under-21
  • Outstanding Preseason (03/09/2015)
    With a count of 56 goals scored by 11 against
  • "The material coverage of greenhouses and bunch influence the nutritional content of tomato" (03/09/2015)
    This is one of the ideas drawn from a thesis developed in the UCAM and investigating improvements in greenhouse tomato production
  • A course at the Universidad del Mar to stimulate emotional skills in children (03/09/2015)

  • One hundred teams will participate in the meeting 3x3 Basketball Solidarity "Together for inclusion" of Astrapace (03/09/2015)
    Its president, Rosa Garcia Iniesta has invited the Mayor to attend the event, to be held on 19
  • Almudí Palace dresses with bullfighting Goya (03/09/2015)
    The exhibition will be open to the public spends the next day 20. The exhibition, owned by Caja Mediterráneo Foundation, brings together some of the best recorded the Aragonese painter on the world of bullfighting
  • Azarbe reach the Feria de Murcia, in full national tour (03/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia launches a call to promote innovation and improvement actions (03/09/2015)

  • Victoria before a guerrilla Levante to conclude outstanding preseason (02/09/2015)
    El Pozo Murcia FS 5-2 Levante DM
  • Let's change requests Murcia Murcia joins the network of cities of refuge (02/09/2015)
    Training is willing to talk with other associations and collective human rights of municipality to propose "concrete measures"
  • Arrives Murcia 40 Pop concert of the Pilgrimage (02/09/2015)
    40 Main Murcia brings you a year to the hottest artists and DJs Swedish AronChupa creator of the hit "I'm an Albatraoz" No. 1 in the world
  • Arrested nine robberies and intimidation through the use of a blasting gun (02/09/2015)
    The National Police have arrested a man whose physical characteristics and clothing matched the profile developed by criminal investigators about several complaints for robbery with violence and intimidation
  • Lemon Pop turns 20 best images showing the Space Molinos del Rio (02/09/2015)
    The exhibition will be open until the end of October
  • The Mayor invites all Murcia to design the city of the future (02/09/2015)

  • Hotel occupancy in August grew by 8% over the same month of 2014 (02/09/2015)
    The hotel establishments of the city registered a 67.5% reserve on the day of the Tour of Spain
  • Now Murcia calls for the involvement of the municipality is considered at the refugee crisis (02/09/2015)
    today issued a request the mayor to City Council groups address this problem and to the city to join the Network of Cities Refugio
  • Begins to weave a new network of study rooms in Murcia and districts (02/09/2015)
    Sangonera la Seca, Ronda Sur and these facilities Torreagüera debut in the coming months
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia analyzes the role of women in caring for sick family members of schizophrenia (02/09/2015)

  • The participation of residents decided the road to recovery Quarter of the Holy Spirit (01/09/2015)

  • The University of Murcia this week will be the international capital of virtual reality technologies (01/09/2015)

  • The Procurement contracts studied ten Sports, Local Police, Statistics, Health, Tourism, Information, Youth and Social Services (01/09/2015)
    is the first time that representatives of the opposition groups are part of this weekly meeting
  • Now Murcia complaint to Seprona three illegal landfills of municipal slaughterhouse (01/09/2015)
    Three rafts on municipal land adjacent to the slaughterhouse and by the municipal nursery are full of stinking waste in a very dangerous situation
  • Let's change Murcia requires funding for the interceptor storm in the North Zone to avoid "regrettable disaster" (01/09/2015)
    The work required during the rainy season, is not included in the State Budget although it was announced a year ago
  • 45 musical performances enliven the Feria de Murcia (01/09/2015)
    81% of music programming for the next days is free access
  • The PSOE urges the City of Murcia to request assignment by ADIF the disused railway line south of the Cordillera (01/09/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Group proposal includes converting old railroad tracks into a greenway and train station Stables, now abandoned, in a social and cultural center
  • "We look forward to this season" (01/09/2015)
    Carlos Cabezas explained that the aim is to improve what was done last year
  • The favorable attitude of young people to organ donation does not reach 50%, according to a doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia (01/09/2015)


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