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Murcia News - January 2015

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  • Local Police and Firefighters involved in falling branches and trees by the wind (31/01/2015)
    Equipment Service maintenance of green areas monitored 24 hours parks and gardens to resolve issues and have already made 40 interventions
  • Students of Tourism UCAM participate in FITUR (31/01/2015)
    Turespaña visited the booth, where they held a meeting with Secretary of State for Tourism and President of SEGITTUR
  • Closed garden of Floridablanca to avoid problems by strong gusts of wind (31/01/2015)
    were fenced large trees Artillery Barracks to ensure the safety of citizens
  • Pedro Lopez poses Murcia Bacons Bridge connecting through a line of Lightning (31/01/2015)

  • Corvera students add to the "Drop Niger" UNICEF campaign (31/01/2015)
    Over 400 schoolchildren Isabel CP Bellvís involved in charity race
  • Murcia finalist Cities Challenge WWF world capital for Earth Hour (31/01/2015)
    The Councillor for Environment said that most Spanish cities expected to join the initiative
  • "In Spain, the level of training of medical students is very high" (30/01/2015)
    The dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Navarra, Secundino Fernández, has taught a class this afternoon at the Masters in Voice Disorders Language and UCAM
  • Four European universities replicate the figure of sports tutor UCAM (30/01/2015)
    Leeds Trinity University, Università degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico", University of Thessaly and Universitá ta'Malta will launch tutoring for athletes during 2015/16
  • The mayor claims the high quality of the education provided in Murcia (30/01/2015)
    At the opening of the new building for children of El Limonar International School, where over 600 students studying
  • More than 6,000 students from 32 schools in the municipality work in school gardens Network (30/01/2015)
    Environment continues with Green Schools, Ecoaula and development of the "Aluminium 0" programs
  • The Cierva Peñafiel school students celebrating the School Day of Non-violence and Peace (30/01/2015)
    Councilwoman Alicia Barquero has participated in events
  • The workshops eco friendly kitchen and conducting natural spaces, new environmental program (30/01/2015)
    Activities weekends, will be held February through May
  • Open the deadline to sign up for a new edition of Creation workshop, puppets and objects Teatro Circo (30/01/2015)
    is intended for children between 5-7 years Saturday February and March will take place
  • Humor, cynicism and sex go hand in hand with'Las peligrosas' friends (30/01/2015)
    The adaptation of one of the most important novels of the eighteenth century will enjoy this Friday at 21 pm, and Saturday, at 22 am, in the Romea Theatre
  • Begin Path II Cover and Cocktail Carnavalero the head of Torres (30/01/2015)
    Until Sunday February 8th numerous catering establishments offer cover and drink two to three euros and cocktail euros
  • Humor, cynicism and sex come together in'The peligrosas' friends, today and tomorrow at the Romea (30/01/2015)

  • More than a thousand residents of Los Ramos returns to ask the doctor's office is not transferred to the cultural center (30/01/2015)
    Neighbouring this parish, accompanied by Councilwoman Andrea Garries, presented today at the City's registration signatures of protest
  • José Luis Mendoza: "Worth the effort to help the athlete" (29/01/2015)
    The EU project to develop and transfer the pattern UCAM several European countries has already begun with the first meeting in Los Jeronimos participating universities
  • Urban Quality bollards remove those that impede the visually impaired pedestrians in crosswalks (29/01/2015)

  • The Municipal Commission of streets will be responsible for deciding the renaming of roads (29/01/2015)

  • The presence of House Labaqua he answers his condition Mayor and Chairman of the Board of Aguas de Murcia (29/01/2015)
    Finished in 2008
  • The University of Murcia receives foreign students in the second semester (29/01/2015)

  • The SEMAS serves three homeless (29/01/2015)

  • The City Council will consider regulating access to public transport pets (29/01/2015)

  • The Traffic Service will consider rearranging the environment of the Path of Granada (29/01/2015)

  • Begins the second cycle of classic and traditional stories dramatized in English in the Romea Theatre (29/01/2015)
    Six new stories will be shown on Saturday, February and March in the Hall of Mirrors
  • The House approved unanimously to ask the stamp of 'Ciudad reconociento Friend of Infancia' (29/01/2015)
    Since 2002, 115 Spanish municipalities have joined this initiative
  • The Murcia artist Lidó Rico teaches his exposition of Almudí (29/01/2015)
    The guided tour will take place this Friday at 19.30 and it will be the Lidó himself who shows his exhibition Histoire des hommes volants'
  • Inauguration of María Paz García-Longoria as dean of the School of Social Work (29/01/2015)

  • The Holi Run dressed Carnival Edition FITUR color (29/01/2015)

  • The plenary ratified the accession of the Corporation Strategy Health Promotion of Healthy Cities Network Spanish (29/01/2015)

  • IU-Greens denounced the cacique attitude of President of the Municipal Board of St. Pius X (29/01/2015)

  • The University of Murcia held tomorrow the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas on the campus of Espinardo (29/01/2015)

  • Arrested for stealing by landing on his former employer and pretend to be a victim of theft of his car (29/01/2015)
    The National Police arrested a man who managed to break into a store using your own vehicle
  • This afternoon, at 20 hours sign Cypriot settled opens in Murcia (29/01/2015)
    Los Molinos exposes the photographic work of Andy Sotirou with "After the Storm"
  • Service companies require professionals in the area of ​​Geographic Information Systems (28/01/2015)
    The next February UCAM begins in the Master Own Degree in Geographic Information Systems
  • Iniesta: "The PSOE has an unhealthy obsession with prejudice the UCAM" (28/01/2015)
    "The steady increase in public transport travelers for efficacy"
  • The City Council will reshape the gardens Ramón Gaya and Los Chorletes (28/01/2015)
    The extension of playgrounds, improving the firm and the beds are some of the actions to be carried out
  • Caritas develop its training program in a garden of El Palmar thanks to a collaboration agreement with Environment (28/01/2015)
    Students perform the tasks set-up, maintenance and upkeep of the garden over a period of four months
  • Los Molinos exposes the photographic work of Andy Sotirou with "After the Storm" (28/01/2015)
    Tomorrow sign Cypriot settled opens in Murcia
  • Murcia commitment to the international promotion of its Holy Week (28/01/2015)
    Mayor House presents the poster and the new mobile application of Council of Guilds in Fitur
  • IU-Green asked that the headman who can not prevent the right to record the plenary will remember (28/01/2015)

  • One more step to tell Young Futura with a sports complex (28/01/2015)
    sports court will have eight paddle courts, locker rooms, food court and playground
  • The parking area of ​​public use of the City of Justice will become operational in March (28/01/2015)
    The facility has 100 seats covers, video surveillance, and bicycle parking area for motorcycles
  • The Mayor mourns the passing of Ginés Torrano, favorite son of Murcia (28/01/2015)

  • López paralyze the branch of the tram to the UCAM as ineffective and wasteful (28/01/2015)

  • The Romea Theatre hosts the concert singer, musician and composer Spanish David Otero "The Postal Service" (28/01/2015)
    will take place on Thursday, February 19, 2015, at 20:00
  • UPyD Murcia calls the Consistory an investigation into the cartel waste management (28/01/2015)

  • The University of Murcia organizes a course to teach homemade honey get hives (28/01/2015)

  • Sotomayor (UPyD) asks correct deficiencies in the parking for the disabled (28/01/2015)

  • VO Mondays opens "Leviathan," the controversial film in Russia (28/01/2015)
    The movie has not yet managed to be released in your country
  • About two hundred students from the region test their knowledge (27/01/2015)
    The UCAM held during the day Tuesday its Scientific Olympics
  • The Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia receives the Euro-Inf Quality Seal (27/01/2015)

  • In March begin to be installed the first caucuses service bicycle hire MUyBICI (27/01/2015)
    Martinez-Cache met this morning with the managers of the contractor to finalize the details of the implementation
  • Torreagüera held on Sunday the eighth edition of the race Bicihuerta (27/01/2015)
    The benefits will go to the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • Iago Barro its dorsal '25' is officially keeper of El Pozo Murcia FS (27/01/2015)

  • UPyD Murcia reiterates its support for home help workers and requires the Consistory to mediate in the conflict (27/01/2015)

  • Environment launched a system for identification of plants and trees through a QR code (27/01/2015)
    At the moment, there are points of interest labeled 20 (10 on the Malecon and 10 in the Salitre) and 132 trees
  • Murcia IU-Greens introduced a motion in defense of patients with hepatitis C and their right to be treated (27/01/2015)

  • Starts Campaign repainting road markings in all the districts (27/01/2015)
    Lead time is about 3 months
  • The Marvimundo Plus Ultra starts a new campaign for Fair Play (27/01/2015)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary require the PP to end the labor dispute of workers Home Help (27/01/2015)

  • Opening of the exhibition of the XIV Prize for Photography at the University of Murcia (27/01/2015)
    is exhibiting at El Corte Ingles in Gran Vía until February 17
  • UPyD Murcia proposed withdrawal of street names of persons convicted firm (26/01/2015)
    Municipal plenary vote if carried out the review and replacement of those names that fit this circumstance
  • The Transport Quality Council gives its approval to the implementation of the tricolor bonus (26/01/2015)
    Also have praised the performance bond and Transport Tram Murcia Murcia
  • Murcia presented in Fitur Easter and television festival in the country more (26/01/2015)
    The municipality will occupy 30 square meters inside the stand of the Region of Murcia.
  • Joint operation between local police and the national police to stop a burglary author inside vehicles (26/01/2015)
    The detainee took advantage of the time parents abandoned their vehicles, to accompany their children to the entrance of the schools, to proceed to rob and steal inside thereof
  • PSOE, IU-Greens and UPYD in plenary require the PP to prevent discharges of the AVE works in unauthorized (26/01/2015)

  • The bike can also be business (26/01/2015)
    The Network of Cities for Bicycle and organize Enviroo Bicity.org, a call for entrepreneurs to present innovative business ideas around the bike
  • Readings of Art examines this afternoon in the Mills River, `In the workshop Giacometti' Michael Peppiatt (26/01/2015)
    Today's session will play host to Javier Castro, co-director of the publishing Micromegas and founding director of the Newcastle
  • Los Martínez del Puerto hosts during this weekend to the Virgen de la Arrixaca (26/01/2015)
    The events will be held between Friday and Sunday February 1
  • The University of Murcia promotes environmental responsibility with workshops, guided tours and projections (26/01/2015)

  • A thesis at the Technical raises the recovery of the cloister of the Cathedral occupied by the arcades (26/01/2015)

  • A motorcyclist died in road accident in Valladolises (25/01/2015)

  • Arturo Merino Mercedes inaugurate Lucas and palmares of Sorrows (25/01/2015)
    Triathlon Athlete of Pekabo I wins the 10km Fun Run.
  • Juan Carlos Ruiz stands in his opening speech "living tradition" that preserves the Santa Eulalia (25/01/2015)

  • Pedro López requires improvements for public transport to the districts during a visit to Aljucer (25/01/2015)
    Socialist spokesman and candidate for Mayor of Murcia has continued this week with his round of visits to neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • Those over Llano de Brujas already have queen (25/01/2015)

  • More than 600 people gathered in solidarity march cyclist given (25/01/2015)
    Was benefit the Immaculate Conception Parish Caritas Santiago and Zaraiche (Murcia) and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation
  • UPyD insists "more consensus and dialogue" before performing the extension of tram Murcia (25/01/2015)

  • The City installed a remote management system of street lighting in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit (25/01/2015)
    The investment is 186,231 euros for the installation of 79 points of light with LED technology, reducing by almost half the cost of energy consumed, decreasing maintenance costs and improving service
  • Valencia Basket is imposed on the UCAM Murcia 81-61 (24/01/2015)
    The Varsity suffered a slump in the second part of the meeting
  • Students of the UCAM seeking their place in the final of Talentum Startups Telefonica (24/01/2015)
    The selected compete nationally in order to qualify for a new scholarship to continue his training
  • The Council offers support to people with limited resources can rent housing (24/01/2015)
    The application period opens on January 26
  • Pedro Serna painted Easter 2015 in honor of the Brotherhood of Refuge (24/01/2015)
    The preacher will be Manuel Fernández Delgado and Nazareno of the Year, Francisco Javier Hernández Muñoz
  • The Socialist Group insists that Fuentes should resign after a new scandal with social collaboration (24/01/2015)
    The Socialist councilor "inadmissible that regularized workers have to face a claim of 4,000 euros because of a genuine 'nonsense' Councillor Personal, which is who should pay the money "
  • The Socialist Group calls for a solution for marketers ancient market of San Esteban (24/01/2015)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries carry a motion in Parliament this month demanding an end to the pressures and threats being carried out from the Department of Markets for to eliminate the positions of the Malecón
  • Presentation title I Diploma in Political and Institutional Communication (23/01/2015)
    "If the message is timely, is launched at the right time, and the intention is accurate, clear that it is good to repeat"
  • "We must focus on our work" (23/01/2015)
    Diego Ocampo does not want his team to notice the change of coach Valencia Basket
  • The SEMAS attended early this morning to eight homeless (23/01/2015)

  • The modern man of today visit Almudí hand Murcia Lidó Rico (23/01/2015)
    The plastic language of the artist will be on show will be presented in the two rooms of January 23 to March 1
  • "The municipal councils managed directly and indirectly more than 12% of the budget" (23/01/2015)
    The head of Decentralization also notes that the City meets 'strictly' the rules for citizen participation
  • IU-Green says the youth employment plan announced by Mayor is an invention (23/01/2015)

  • Cut streets next Sunday bike ride'Solidaria in familia' and I race Sorrows (23/01/2015)
    The bike ride will start at 10 am while the stroke of Sorrows will at 10:30 hours.
  • López proposed more powers and budget for the districts and the direct election of mayors (23/01/2015)

  • The company Bioidentity work with the University of Murcia in authenticating cell lines (23/01/2015)

  • The municipality will have 680 new bicycle parking hairpin (23/01/2015)
    Locations respond to the requests submitted to the Office of the Bicycle
  • Successful premiere Dance Company UCAM (23/01/2015)
    The work 'Strength and Fragility' premieres at the Teatro Circo de Murcia
  • The University of Murcia extended until Wednesday Registration period in language courses (23/01/2015)

  • Working meeting between UPyD and Unified Police Union (SUP) to exchange security proposals (23/01/2015)

  • The rector José Orihuela opens Room Breeding Aquarium of the University of Murcia (22/01/2015)

  • The Social Council of the UMU conduct a study on entrepreneurial intention of his students (22/01/2015)
    Promoting entrepreneurship among students in the UMU priority Social Council
  • The Fuenteblanca and Bethlehem schools organized a solidarity march cyclist family (22/01/2015)
    Councilwoman Alicia Barquero participate in the activity
  • Begin proceedings for the construction of interceptor storm in the north (22/01/2015)

  • Seven of the top registrars of Spain will class in the Master Access Advocacy UCAM (22/01/2015)
    This is Murcia left in the first positions in competitions held recently registrars
  • IU-Greens criticizes the "kidnapping" of the Municipal Council of Youth "at the hands of an advisory PP in the City" (22/01/2015)

  • Mayor programming and movies, some news from the sixth edition of the International Film Festival of Murcia (IBAFF) (22/01/2015)
    The Teatro Circo will be the site of this new edition to be held from 3 to 8 March, which consolidates the IBAFF as one of the essential appointments for cinema lovers
  • Serna (UPyD) enables a line to personally answer WhatsApp neighbors "simple and straightforward" (22/01/2015)

  • The PSOE in plenary require more police presence in areas of garden to the increase in robberies at any time of day (22/01/2015)

  • An international conference at the University of Murcia analyzes the relationship of music with audiovisual culture (22/01/2015)

  • Neto and Lima, hosts of the Social League JV Costa (21/01/2015)

  • III Chirigotas National Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (21/01/2015)

  • The CIM-M commitment to innovation with the launch of a training course in digital marketing tools (21/01/2015)
    is now open registration period for the first three courses will take place on 27 January, 19 February and March 5
  • Iago Barro, new goalkeeper of El Pozo Murcia FS (21/01/2015)

  • IU-Green expresses its support for home help workers on strike over unpaid (21/01/2015)

  • "To win at Valencia Basket we have to improve our defense" (21/01/2015)
    Jose Angel Antelo has praised the commitment of 120 fans traveling to watch the game
  • The "Holi Run" anticipates the arrival of carnival head of Torres (21/01/2015)

  • "It is shameful that the PP held a dinner that only serves to wrap a mayor accused of corruption with the intention of repeating" (21/01/2015)

  • 75% of the work of home care in the region is played overseas, according to a thesis at the University of Murcia (21/01/2015)

  • Five new public street car parks offer more than 680 seats at affordable prices (21/01/2015)
    The municipal company Urbamusa administer and manage the parking
  • A free day will announce the Spondylitis Association of Murcia on Saturday (21/01/2015)
    About 10,000 people are suffering from this rheumatic disease in the Region of Murcia
  • The City Council will improve access to the church of the Holy Spirit Espinardo (21/01/2015)
    The action is part of Project URBAN
  • Mayor House proposes an employment plan will benefit more than 1,000 young (21/01/2015)

  • Nine weekend with 40 free activities for young people is the new proposal Networking (21/01/2015)
    It develops from January 23 to March 22 and includes workshops graphic design, web design, sign language, manga comics and styling, among others
  • About a hundred participants come together in the First Day of Industrial Tourism Region (21/01/2015)
    The meeting was organized by the Spanish company Turinde, housed in the CIM-M
  • The AMPA Fuenteblanca organizes cyclist family solidarity march in Murcia on January 25 (21/01/2015)

  • The UCAM athletes star in the National Sports Gala (20/01/2015)
    Mireia Belmonte, Miguel Angel Lopez, Jennifer Pareja and Dr. Pedro Guillen, among the awarded by the Spanish Association of Sports Press
  • José Arce: "The works in villages are made fulfilling its commitments to the presidents of the municipal boards" (20/01/2015)
    The holder of Works and Community Services said that the wording of projects and the implementation of actions are done every year
  • Castro: "The desire of PP collector imposes on citizens a new catastrazo without rhyme or reason" (20/01/2015)

  • Herguedas denounced the "electoral use" of municipal works (20/01/2015)

  • "We again have the same intensity as the start of the season" (20/01/2015)
    Raulzinho Neto believes that the team did a good first lap
  • José Ruiz, before Ribera Navarra: "It will be difficult, his coach always poses a different party and daring" (20/01/2015)

  • 'Vinos Region of Murcia' and'Cáncer of mama' two new MOOC UCAM (20/01/2015)
    registration is now open in new MOOC free and online courses starting next February
  • Environment encourages companies and Murcia entrepreneurs to participate in the seventh edition of the National Awards for Energy 2015 (20/01/2015)
    GER select seven candidates in the municipality of Murcia.
  • First contest of 2015 Complejo Aros (20/01/2015)
    from 16 to 18 of this month of January the racing season opened with the National Complex *** Aros
  • The University of Murcia produces a dictionary of medieval trade (20/01/2015)

  • Can Murcia launches its municipal mechanism (19/01/2015)

  • The Master in High Performance Sports in English is underway (19/01/2015)
    Australia, Finland and Malaysia are among the countries of origin of the students of this official Master
  • Miguel Ángel López and Ruth Beitia, elected the best athletes of 2014 (19/01/2015)
    Athletes of the Catholic University of Murcia revalidated its title in the Spanish Athletics Gala held at the headquarters of the COE
  • IU-Greens Murcia PP accused of lying blatant form of water tariffs (19/01/2015)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia calls for a multi-year funding meeting with the media (19/01/2015)

  • UPyD Murcia calls the "fulfillment" of the unanimous agreement of the Consistory to prevent rising water bill (19/01/2015)

  • Espinardo announces its poster competition Carnival (19/01/2015)
    Papers may be submitted until January 30
  • Urban Quality rushing a total of 1,920 small repairs in the neighborhoods of the city between the months of October to December (19/01/2015)
    The new web-SITE recorded a total of 158 incidents, of the 120 which were through the web and the rest telephone
  • The Circus Theatre will host the original contest 24 hours Theatre (19/01/2015)
    6 playwrights, actors and 6 24 directors will have only one day to meet, write, assemble, test and represent six pieces of theater maximum duration of 10 minutes
  • Tenerife remains cursed land (18/01/2015)
    The UCAM Murcia CB suffers the ninth defeat of the season at the Santiago Martín
  • Pedro López committed to living without inequalities districts during a visit to San José de la Vega (18/01/2015)
    Socialist spokesman and candidate for Mayor of Murcia has continued this week with his round of visits to neighborhoods and districts of the municipality
  • Dance Company UCAM premiered at the Teatro Circo de Murcia (18/01/2015)
    'Strength and Fragility' is the title of the work they perform on Thursday January 22 at 21 am
  • Serna (UPyD) advocates the use of social media "as an essential tool for participation and transparency" (18/01/2015)

  • Sergio Ramos wins the primary Murcia IU-Green (17/01/2015)

  • The Mayor attends a year to the traditional blessing of animals in San Antón officiated by Bishop (17/01/2015)
    Prior has come to the Mass in the chapel
  • UPyD Murcia requires "strict enforcement" and "immediate" intervention of social services in Fleet (17/01/2015)

  • 60% of the electorate has voted in the primaries Murcia IU-Green (17/01/2015)

  • The UCAM Racing Team dazzles the younger (17/01/2015)
    The Catholic University of Murcia makes getting to the classrooms of the region its ecological project UCAM Racing Team
  • Travelers'coloraos' of buses grew 20% in just one year (17/01/2015)
    In 2014 chose this transport 2,123,912 people
  • UCAM students can do internships at Sony (16/01/2015)
    Fellows have the opportunity to join the company after occupationally practices
  • One hundred students from the UCAM have participated in European projects (16/01/2015)
    The University has hosted a course on the development of proposals for projects funded by the European Commission
  • Pedro Reverte and Escalona, ​​among students in the Master of Management and Sports Management (16/01/2015)
    The athletic director and goalkeeper UCAM Murcia CF leverage its presence in 'college sports' to further his education
  • The Campus of Excellence Mare Nostrum offers scholarships for masters students from Italian universities (16/01/2015)

  • "Finish the first round with nine victories would be very important" (16/01/2015)
    Diego Ocampo explained that must be focused only on Iberostar Tenerife
  • The Mayor visits the center EMPI, a leader in serving young children and their families (16/01/2015)
    The school, located in Santiago El Mayor, has 150 enrolled children and also for childcare, offers workshops, courses and activities in the evenings for all ages
  • The City Council is serving 4,000 entrepreneurs and freelancers a new tool to facilitate and expedite the processing of invoices (16/01/2015)

  • The Governing Council sets the January 21 as Regional Day Mediation (16/01/2015)
    The Governing Council has agreed to institute the January 21 as Regional Mediation Day.
  • Adopted amending the General Plan of Murcia to suit the works of the South Coast (16/01/2015)

  • IU-Greens believe that the statements of Berberena "point directly to the mayor" as responsible for the demolition of the EI La Paz (16/01/2015)

  • The French film "Le temps de l'aventure" on Monday VOS (16/01/2015)

  • The Socialist Group requires a nursery with real public prices in the hamlet of Espinardo (16/01/2015)

  • Arrested the robber supermarket Murcia city (16/01/2015)
    The National Police managed identification and arrest docked after several centers of power by showing a sharp object
  • Death of the developer of José Loustau Award for Human Values ​​at the University of Murcia (16/01/2015)

  • The Spanish company Turinde organized the First Day of Industrial Tourism Region (16/01/2015)
    The meeting will take place next Tuesday, January 20, at the Center for Municipal Initiatives Murcia (CIM-M)
  • "No imitates anything that does not succeed" (15/01/2015)
    Risto Mejide closing the Decyde Forum with a talk at the UCAM on brand building
  • The most famous fish wholesaler in the country will proclaim the Carnival of Cabeza de Torres (15/01/2015)
    The actor from the hit television series "The looming", Jordi Sánchez, Carnival will begin with the reading of the proclamation of the Carnival
  • Murcia and its carnival premiere the new season of racing colors Holi Run (15/01/2015)
    February 8 starts a new season of racing, dancing and joy
  • Buy your product UCAM in El Corte Ingles and get two tickets for basketball (15/01/2015)
    Tickets will be for the game against Fuenlabrada Montakit
  • "Let Tenerife to play a final and try to win" (15/01/2015)
    Carlos Cabezas said to have many looking forward to the weekend
  • ... (15/01/2015)

  • Herrero: "The council has not stopped at any time from side to vendors El Malecon" (15/01/2015)
    Councilman Decentralization, Consumption and Markets says the contract expired and traders agreed to pay the costs themselves to continue in the current location
  • Urban Quality railings replaced in the vicinity of the Square and Plaza Martínez Tornel compliance with accessibility standards and improving pedestrian safety (15/01/2015)
    wrought iron railings New reproduce existing on the walls on both sides of the river thus ensuring homogeneity environment
  • IU-Green proposes a third ballot for the direct election of members of municipal councils (15/01/2015)
    Commitment to confluence with the "breakthrough" political forces, social movements and citizens to oust the PP
  • The Mayor receives president Spondylitis Association of Murcia (15/01/2015)

  • López: "House casts doubt his innocence when requesting the prescription of offenses alleged against him" (15/01/2015)

  • UPyD Murcia states that "the request of statute of limitations" on camera "still sowing further doubts about their situation" (15/01/2015)

  • The residents of San Antón celebrate the feast of San Fulgencio (15/01/2015)
    Is it morning and two Masses, at 12 and 19.30 will officiate
  • The University of Murcia hosts morning the local phase of the Mathematical Olympiad for secondary students (15/01/2015)

  • The City Council environmental program closes 2014 with the participation of more than 500 people in its 32 activities (15/01/2015)
    The visitor center of Majal Blanco has received visits twice in 2013
  • "A by the comeback in the Palace" (14/01/2015)
    Marfil Santa Coloma 6-3 El Pozo Murcia FS
  • Antonio Lison, winner of Painting at the University of Murcia, presents his exhibition "Co (g) ito ego sum" (14/01/2015)

  • The UCAM organizes a Masterclass on music production in Spain (14/01/2015)
    Speakers prestigious music producer Ludoviko Vagnone, and the president of Sony Music Iberia, José María Barbat
  • UPyD Murcia calls for a response to the situation marketers Malecón (14/01/2015)

  • The Polytechnic School of the UCAM adds to its facilities for the practice of the Department of Development (14/01/2015)

  • "Just think of leaving to death in front of Iberostar Tenerife" (14/01/2015)
    Nemanja Radovic explained that they will give everything on Sunday
  • Murcia regulates the taxi service with an ordinance that will improve and modernize the sector (14/01/2015)
    Taxi drivers must have, within a maximum period of two years, of an external light module indicating the current rate and readers to collect credit card
  • López committed to minimizing privatization and use the money for policies that create jobs in Murcia (14/01/2015)

  • IU-Green argues that the arrival of the AVE before the general election is "electioneering" and "unworkable" (14/01/2015)
    Matches CCOO that to reach the High Speed ​​Murcia in 2015 would have to make cuts in lines for three or four months
  • The Governing Board approves fixed wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Mercamurcia rate (14/01/2015)

  • The hermitage of San Antón celebrated the blessing of traditional rolls (14/01/2015)
    be on Thursday from 18 pm
  • Creativity as a key factor in the formation (13/01/2015)
    The UCAM inaugurated this morning the III International Conference on Personal Development under the theme "Towards an interactive and creative society '
  • The general secretary exposes Science at the University of Murcia the status of research in Spain (13/01/2015)

  • IU-Greens welcomes protect the environment BIC Jeronimos (13/01/2015)

  • Marfil Santa Coloma vs El Pozo Murcia FS - "80 minutes ahead" (13/01/2015)
    Wednesday 14 January 20.30
  • Murcia Fitur takes his culinary experiences and packages with weekend (13/01/2015)
    The municipality will be present with an area of ​​30 square meters inside the stand of the Region of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia wins the Telefónica Ability Awards, the highest award in the field of accessibility (13/01/2015)

  • "We have to win in Tenerife to enter the top 8" (13/01/2015)
    Thomas Kelati think they can subdue the canaries playing from defense
  • The Socialist Party calls for the contract for the management of taxes is extended until after the elections (13/01/2015)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro returns to claim the PP to leave unresolved the tender to not mortgage the next municipal government with a slab of 31 million euros for a service that should be public
  • The Green Line service registers a total of 263 incidents (13/01/2015)
    Since June 2013, registered users can make queries and communicate environmental incidents in urban equipment through this application
  • The statement of the educational missions in the Second Republic opens centennial activities of the University of Murcia (13/01/2015)

  • Controlled burning of the Plaza Constable (12/01/2015)

  • Science Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy involved in seminars morning rector (12/01/2015)

  • The Minister Pedro Antonio Sánchez today visited the school Our Lady of Consolation Espinardo (12/01/2015)

  • Raul Campos before Ivoire: "The team is conscious and shows a good result for the Semifinal play us at home" (12/01/2015)

  • The PP spends half a million euros a year without justifying that privatized the management of municipal theaters (12/01/2015)

  • The residents of San Antón begin this afternoon preparing traditional pattern rolls (12/01/2015)
    It will be from 16 o'clock in the neighborhood Ricardo confectionery
  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez attends the Meeting of crews Patino (11/01/2015)

  • Transferred to Hospital Reina Sofía cyclist injured in traffic accident in Llano de Brujas (10/01/2015)

  • Tribute to Alvaro Aparicio (10/01/2015)
    On the eve of the match, El Pozo Murcia FS paid homage to former player of all Murcia
  • The Civil Guard detained the owners of dogs that caused serious injuries to four persons (10/01/2015)
    In Sangonera the Dry-Murcia
  • Dr. Francisco Esparza, only Spanish in the executive of ISAK (10/01/2015)
    has been appointed secretary general of the International Society for the Advancement of Cineantropometría
  • On Monday the time it opens to fill 68 seats in the Junior Language Club (10/01/2015)

  • Cosme Ruiz: "The Procurement Service Hall is scrupulous in their work and acts according to the law" (09/01/2015)
    Councilman Recruitment and Heritage said that the municipal service taxes not yet been awarded and that the call is have submitted two bidders
  • The Mayor visits the new medical office Rincón de Seca, which will become operational before the summer (09/01/2015)
    Further progress in the quality of service, the work will recover a historic building in the hamlet
  • The company Aguas de Murcia intended 5,000 euros to the Social Platform of the University of Murcia (09/01/2015)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS vs Jaén Interior Paradise (09/01/2015)
    Saturday January 10-13.15
  • "I want to be a hungry team" (09/01/2015)
    Diego Ocampo believes it is important to defend well the first few seconds of the attacks of FIATC Joventut
  • IU-Green asked whether there were reports on reduction of spaces Civic Center Los Ramos (09/01/2015)

  • On January 24 met 550 years of signing the Bull of dedication of the Cathedral (09/01/2015)

  • Several streets of the morning Ranero will remain closed to traffic for the celebration of the II Night's Murcia Running (09/01/2015)
    From 17 to 22 hours about
  • The Socialist Group requested the PP to deliver on promises and tendered the works of the college of Guadalupe (09/01/2015)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez requires the Government House that cumpa commitments to parents of students for the expansion of school
  • San Anton welcomes tomorrow's Variety Show II (09/01/2015)
    The festivities in honor of the patron of the district will run until January 18
  • Green light for several works of resurfacing in six districts (09/01/2015)
    The projects will cost more than 355,000 euros cost
  • Can Murcia calls for the resignation of Mayor Miguel Angel House (08/01/2015)

  • UPyD Murcia shows solidarity with relatives and victims of the attack against 'Charlie Hebdo' (08/01/2015)

  • On January 25, Los Dolores adds to the 10km. (08/01/2015)
    The Murcia hamlet held the 1st Popular Race "10km.
  • December returns to experience an increase in hotel occupancy (08/01/2015)
    19% is recorded more tourists than in the same month of 2013
  • The Mayor expressed his revulsion at the attack against the weekly Charlie Hebdo (08/01/2015)
    After a minute of silence in mourning, accompanied by other members of the Corporation and the dean of the College of Journalists of the Region
  • Communication faculty of the University of Murcia achieved international conference award in business management (08/01/2015)

  • An exhibition reviewed at the University of Murcia the importance of the Pedagogical Missions of the Second Republic (08/01/2015)
    There will be lectures, concerts, theater and documentary screenings
  • Urban Cleaning collected over 85,000 kilos of cardboard and paper after the Epiphany (08/01/2015)

  • Matthew Vincent, University of Murcia, "Marie Curie Fellow of the Week" (08/01/2015)

  • "This Penya has one of the best teams in recent times" (08/01/2015)
    Jose Angel Antelo hopes to provide a victory to the fans before the FIATC Joventut
  • López: "House continues as mayor although long since resigned to solve the problems of citizens" (08/01/2015)
    Socialist spokesman takes stock in the final stretch of this legislature denouncing the deadlock and lack of leadership of a PP government knocked down and an absent mayor who only care about their legal matters
  • Fede, with Jaén: "The key will be the defense, which will best promote the party will take" (08/01/2015)

  • Patiño celebrates its traditional Sunday meeting crews (08/01/2015)
    The tasting broth with turkey balls will be from 14.30
  • The Garres and Santo Ángel and have new playgrounds (08/01/2015)
    The commitment of the Department of Environment is that the municipality has this year with 26 new play areas
  • Boy Hood, a film shot for twelve years, during Monday VOS Centrofama (08/01/2015)

  • The University of Murcia and the Foundation for Medical Studies renew their collaboration (07/01/2015)

  • Ique with its dorsal Player 19 is officially Pozo Murcia FS (07/01/2015)

  • "We hope the fans are as before, 10" (07/01/2015)
    Carlos Cabezas believes the game against Joventut FIATC is critical to the UCAM Murcia CB
  • The'Pelotas.mov' competition invites young people to demonstrate their creativity in the Meeting of crews Patino (07/01/2015)
    The Department of Culture awarded the original video with an iPad Air 2
  • Proclaimed the primary candidates IU-Greens Murcia (07/01/2015)

  • The UCAM move its model 'Sport University' five other European universities (07/01/2015)
    The Catholic University of Murcia will lead a project funded by the European Union to implement its model of Dual Career in UK, Greece, Malta and Italy
  • Convened scholarships for Latin American students do a doctorate at the University of Murcia (07/01/2015)

  • Green light for awarding grants to various groups in the municipality of Murcia (07/01/2015)
    The aid is for the development of social projects
  • The Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM player in the XV of Zarzuela Gala New Year in Madrid (05/01/2015)
    The Orchestra of the Catholic University of Murcia closed the evening before the 2400 people packed the National Auditorium with the interpretation of the Song of Murcia
  • The Symphony Orchestra of the UCAM player in the XV of Zarzuela Gala New Year in Madrid (05/01/2015)
    The Orchestra of the Catholic University of Murcia closed the evening before the 2400 people packed the National Auditorium with the interpretation of the Song of Murcia
  • Pozo Murcia vs Jaén (05/01/2015)
    Subscribers have an invitation and children receive complimentary access to celebrate the Three Kings in the Palace
  • The Magi come to Murcia to spread happiness among children (05/01/2015)
    The Mayor, Miguel Angel House, has asked "work for what we need and peace, health and solidarity to all families Murcia"
  • The UCAM Murcia invites Unemployed (05/01/2015)
    Crediting unemployment card entry to the UCAM Murcia - Fiatc Mutua Joventut
  • A positive balance ... History! (05/01/2015)
    The UCAM Murcia CB gets first arrive with more wins than losses at this stage of season
  • The Three Kings Parade will travel tomorrow Espinardo streets and distribute more than 10,000 toys (05/01/2015)
    The parade will begin at 12 am and will start from Avenida Antonio Rocamora of the hamlet
  • The Department of Transport launched a special bonus for the day of the parade (04/01/2015)
    It will allow the trip back and forth by tram or bus for only two euros
  • Javalí New Auto celebrates its traditional Three Kings (03/01/2015)
    Espinardo enjoy the Three Kings the morning of January 6
  • Can Murcia its municipal constitutional process culminates with Toni Carrasco as Secretary General (02/01/2015)

  • Two students from the UCAM selected to participate in the 'Innovation Vigo start-up camp' (02/01/2015)
    For two months, and the hand of an expert group will seek to develop innovative ideas with potential business
  • Uruguay vs Tenerife El Pozo Murcia FS (02/01/2015)
    Saturday January 3rd-20.30
  • "We have very recently the last game, but we should focus on the following" (02/01/2015)
    Diego Ocampo would not understand a sporting sanction Augusto Lima
  • The Association of Friends of the Casa del Puente Bethlehem Bacon recalled the tradition of representing the Auto de Reyes Magos Child (02/01/2015)
    A total of 40 children, aged between 5 and 12 years old, will represent tomorrow at 18 am at the Cultural Center of the hamlet
  • José Ignacio Tornel withdrew his candidacy for mayor in the primary process of Murcia IU-Green (02/01/2015)

  • A thesis of the University of Murcia suggest an information campaign against female genital mutilation (02/01/2015)

  • Free workshop for children to learn to create objects recycling (02/01/2015)
    On January 4, from 11.30 am to 13.30 pm in the Plaza Esteve Mora
  • The City Council will amend 11 social centers in neighborhoods and districts (02/01/2015)
    The value of the works is over 330,000 euros
  • Emergency Services working in the fire property in Murcia (01/01/2015)
    Ecurrido this afternoon at 20: 08h

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