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Murcia News - October 2011

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  • Murcia will join the International Museum Day in 2012 (31/10/2011)

  • The National Police arrested two residents of Palmar involved in the theft of vehicles parked on the street by a crane (31/10/2011)
    So far, three vehicles were recovered in the deposit of a crane company
  • "Where there was a children's nursery, there is now a nursery for rats" (31/10/2011)
    The PSOE mayor Susana Hernandez has asked the local government to take appropriate measures to clean the site where once stood the nursery of La Paz full of trash, weeds and become a nest of rodents and insects
  • The youth associations in the municipality have a counseling service (31/10/2011)

  • More than one hundred officers watch over our security in the celebration of All Saints' Day at the Cemetery of Our Father Jesus (31/10/2011)

  • La Hermandad del Rocio de Murcia celebrates Mass in honor of Christ's Blood in the 600 year anniversary in its Jubilee year (30/10/2011)

  • HUERMUR supports the safeguarding of the "Council of Wise Men" with experts from all over Spain in the intangible heritage of humanity gathered in Elche (29/10/2011)
    HUERMUR has participated in the first International Conference on Intangible Heritage of Humanity, held these days in Elche, which organized the University Miguel Hernández
  • Open the voluntary payment period of the IAE and the rate of Fords (29/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Party rejects the rising water bill approved today by Aguas de Murcia (28/10/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, underlines that in times of crisis, is also unacceptable water bill rise especially when the increase is proportionately to be higher in users consuming less
  • IU-Green says the slowdown of the reform of Romea highlights the council (28/10/2011)

  • More than 3,300 families will benefit from numerous discounts Municipality in the consumption of water (28/10/2011)

  • The psychiatrist Enrique Rojas Montes dictate the inaugural lecture of the 2011-2012 (28/10/2011)

  • "Economic activity and commercial center of Murcia not take any more time with the Romea Theatre closed" (28/10/2011)
    Andrea The socialist mayor Garries further regrets the lack of cultural programming for four seasons, the economy of Business located nearby is suffering day after day
  • The Municipal Board this equipment to soccer players Hall of Fame and La Paz (28/10/2011)

  • The dance, music and objects of clouds came the feast of All Saints at the Teatro Circo Murcia (28/10/2011)

  • Benicarló El Pozo Murcia FS-FS (28/10/2011)
    Saturday October 29-18: 30 hours-Municipal Benicarló
  • A professor at the University of Murcia, new editor of a prestigious journal of Veterinary Medicine (28/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia held a conference on inclusion of students with disabilities institutes (28/10/2011)

  • The Association of Friends of the Theatre of Spain gives the Teatro Circo Murcia Gregory Award Arcos National Heritage Conservation Theatre (28/10/2011)
    The councilman of Culture, Rafael Gomez, will collect the award in Albacete on 11 November
  • Women managers in the Classroom Film at the University of Murcia (28/10/2011)

  • Environment invites Murcia known summits and viewpoints of Majal Blanco (28/10/2011)

  • The 'Classroom for Urban Ecology: DiVerde' morning shows offer a workshop on the Water (28/10/2011)

  • 12,500 extra public transport seats and more than 100 police officers make up the special device to ensure the City's Day of All Saints (28/10/2011)
    Municipal Cemetery of Our Lord Jesus and the parish cemeteries await the visit of thousands of Murcia between morning and Tuesday
  • The Cycle "at Theatre Family" brings TCM this weekend Crossing the Galaxy (28/10/2011)

  • Debate on the new Law on Scientific Research in the Days of CRUE (28/10/2011)

  • Abstract Full socialist group proposals 27/10/2011 (27/10/2011)

  • PSOE: "The approved PP alone and citizens back up 3% on all taxes and no bonus for families" (27/10/2011)

  • The City Council has taken another step to recover the fair that Murcia lost more than 30 years (27/10/2011)

  • Tax Ordinances for 2012 are based on the establishment of support measures to encourage economic activity (27/10/2011)
    and generate employment in small and medium enterprises
  • An investigation by the University of Murcia presents new developments in the treatment of tumors (27/10/2011)

  • Miguelín Palma on Monday received the 'Golden Boot' which gives the Balearic Islands Football Federation (27/10/2011)

  • Postgraduate training online in Austria (27/10/2011)
    The UCAM has initiated a partnership with various institutions in Austria Higher Education and the International Network of the University System Azteca (Mexico) to provide graduate programs at its headquarters in Austria
  • Public Service Via the drainage tunnel of the Plaza de Castilla to prevent leakage (27/10/2011)

  • Murcia completes the series dedicated to women filmmakers (27/10/2011)

  • The Mayor accompanies Amelia Garcia on his election as president of the Municipal Board Avileses (27/10/2011)

  • A study at the University of Murcia on the optical quality of the bull wins a prize in a national symposium (27/10/2011)

  • Vacationer starts his tour in Teatro Circo Murcia (27/10/2011)

  • Eleven proposals for living environment during the last quarter of 2011 (26/10/2011)

  • The Circo Teatro Murcia presents the final contest of song Creajoven Author (26/10/2011)

  • Office of the Bicycle encourages the use of this means of transportation on campus (26/10/2011)
    The Department installs an information booth on the campus of the UCAM which is then transferred to the Campus de la Merced and Espinardo
  • Alex: "Benicarló us out of the 'play off'. But ElPozo is another team and we look forward to bring us the three points" (26/10/2011)

  • The choir of the largest Zaraiche James and opens in the new municipal center of the parish (26/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in Parliament pose open budgeting to citizen participation (26/10/2011)

  • House gets the award granted by the College of Political Science and Sociology (26/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia install solar panels on campus buildings Espinardo (26/10/2011)

  • The Faculty of Biology, University of Murcia announces a prize for bringing this discipline to the society (26/10/2011)

  • The City becomes one way to facilitate students' access to CEIP Kingdom of Murcia (25/10/2011)

  • The teacher Pozuelo Yvancos coordinates a book on the history of Spanish literature (25/10/2011)

  • The new works in the city receive the approval of disability associations to ensure their accessibility (25/10/2011)

  • A free course will teach the benefits of lso interested contracts with energy service companies (25/10/2011)

  • The Mayor presented the awards to the "activists" involved in improving the image of the city (25/10/2011)

  • The school Our Lady of La Alberca Fuensanta Joins Green Schools in the municipality (25/10/2011)

  • A student at the University of Murcia gets award for work on the housing bubble (25/10/2011)

  • An investigation by the University of Murcia uses the graphics card to the development of unconventional algorithms (25/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia mobility programs coordinate with Asia and North Africa (25/10/2011)

  • Seized 11,400 grams of cocaine were distributed from the Andalusian village of Huércal-Overa (25/10/2011)
    The National Police arrested eleven drug traffickers and dismantled a drug processing laboratory
  • Castro: "The PP forget the ordinary people" (25/10/2011)

  • Birth of the Geographical Society of the Region to promote the history, geographical, social and cultural development of Murcia (25/10/2011)

  • Training activities on gender mainstreaming in administrative contracts (25/10/2011)

  • IU-Green proposes the creation of a census of leisure spaces with cultural activity (25/10/2011)

  • On Wednesday dei prizes are awarded Singing Competition University of Murcia, FNAC (25/10/2011)

  • Days of market economy and innovation in food (24/10/2011)
    "The purpose of innovation is that consumers will prefer to its alternatives"
  • Murcia and Natural Gas seal their alliance to implement a cleaner and sustainable mobility (24/10/2011)
    Chamber Mayor signed an agreement with Natural Gas Services to promote the use of this fuel for vehicles
  • IU-Green claims that the water will not cut jobless families (24/10/2011)

  • The regional president inaugurates the events of the twentieth anniversary of the Faculty of Nursing (24/10/2011)

  • The mountaineer Lucia Lopez is received by the Mayor after his crowning achievement to an "eight thousand" (24/10/2011)

  • Take over five members of the Board of the University of Murcia (24/10/2011)

  • The Fall Picnic reunites Telecare users with their caregivers (24/10/2011)

  • UPyD insists on retaining the remains of St. Stephen, but postponing musealisation (24/10/2011)
    by UPyD The motion seeks to ensure the proper conservation of the site, but leaving the Interpretation Centre project for a better economic situation
  • The Socialist Group asked the PP to fulfill the law of historical memory for street names disappear Franco (24/10/2011)
    The mayor Mar Rosa reports that exist on today in the street of Murcia and its districts a large number of streets Franco's names, symbols monoliths and exalt the regime of dictator
  • The polling stations in the elections of November 20 will consist of 501 presidents and 1,002 members (24/10/2011)

  • The Association of Friends of St. Stephen Field, denounces the political use of the site UPyD San ​​Esteban (24/10/2011)

  • More than 400 seats at the Centers for Reconciling Work and Family Life (23/10/2011)

  • All ready to celebrate the day of the Saints (23/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in Parliament that required to condition access to schools of the municipality (23/10/2011)

  • The ANECA gives its approval to the Official Degree in Criminology for UCAM (21/10/2011)
    The blended methodology facilitates continuing education for professionals
  • The UCAM signs an agreement with the Association of Graduates and Doctors of Arts and Sciences Alicante (21/10/2011)
    The agreement will facilitate the access of university diplomas in Early Childhood and Primary Alicante area, members of the College, the Course Adaptation and Early Childhood Education Degree in Elementary Education from the UCAM
  • The Mayor thanked Colonel Benjamin Martin Mora work performed in Murcia in recent years (21/10/2011)

  • The environment Murcia is looking for volunteers who cared (21/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary claim urgent improvements to San Jose de la Vega (21/10/2011)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea presented a package of measures requiring interventions in the CEIP Francisco Noguera Saura and connecting the football field of land irrigation network as demanded club members Buzzard
  • The Mayor House welcomed the appointment of Knight of Honor awarded to His Majesty the King (21/10/2011)

  • The National Police arrested a resident of Palmar who is credited with the theft of copper wire worth 20,000 euros (21/10/2011)
    The alleged perpetrator has been arrested on more than fifty times for crimes against property
  • The University of Murcia and the company "neotechnic" devise a game on bullfighting (21/10/2011)

  • Tomorrow opens the program "Urban Ecology Classroom: DiVerde ' (21/10/2011)

  • The Film Hall of the University of Murcia offers a series of current films praised by international critics (21/10/2011)

  • The bishop presides over the celebrations tomorrow the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Canuto Franco (20/10/2011)

  • Lecture 'Introduction to the new energy regulations edificatorio' (20/10/2011)
    "If we build a building right from the start, we can generate savings"
  • IU-Greens denounced the "lack of transparency" of the Municipal Council of St. Pius (20/10/2011)

  • Check-two euros for the party of El Pozo (20/10/2011)

  • Puppet Murcia celebrates its tenth birthday by incorporating new venues to its programming (20/10/2011)

  • More than 100000 people will visit the Fair until Sunday Outlet (20/10/2011)
    The Mayor inaugurated this morning the show, which brings together 112 businesses, and has the support of the Municipality, Autonomous Community, Chamber of Commerce and EMCF
  • The City of Murcia invited to "enjoy your place" (20/10/2011)

  • Next Monday is projected at the University of Murcia "Heavy Metal", a classic animated film (20/10/2011)
    Antonio Goya Award Zurera chat with the audience after the screening
  • The Socialist Party as a full prompted an urgent solution to the problems affecting the school Pedro Perez Abbey Espinardo (20/10/2011)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez recalls that for eight years, this school AMPA has denounced the poor state of children's playground that area lacks shade and has some games that do not conform to European legislation
  • The University of Murcia disclose the social role of the Armed Forces (20/10/2011)

  • "The food sector enjoys a privileged position" (19/10/2011)
    Conferences market, economy and innovation in food
  • The University of Murcia opens the Welcome Fair 2011 (19/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group is satisfied with the support of Brussels Mediterranean Corridor (19/10/2011)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, underlines the unity of the political, social and economic agents to make this project succeed
  • The public health system and the heritage of Mediterranean cities in the conferences tomorrow at the University of Murcia (19/10/2011)

  • PSOE: "The PP can not control spending and loot the public with new tax increases" (19/10/2011)

  • House calls the Mediterranean Corridor as the "great opportunity for progress and future Murcia" (19/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia and the Circle of Finance agreed to enhance the transfer of knowledge (19/10/2011)

  • Audiences Murcia offers over 56 shows in the months of October, November and December (19/10/2011)

  • The City Council is committed to the tax freeze (19/10/2011)
    and the establishment of support measures to encourage economic activity and job creation in small and medium enterprises
  • The Italian Giovanni Ercolani offers his personal view of the city of Istanbul (19/10/2011)

  • The climber Edurne Pasabán speaks at the University of Murcia for their expeditions (19/10/2011)

  • IU-Green requested the convening of the special committee of the Procurement Monitoring (19/10/2011)

  • The UCAM and Banco Santander join forces (19/10/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) and Banco Santander have confirmed their collaboration
  • The TCM visitors about the history of theater through La Barraca de García Lorca (18/10/2011)
    In collaboration with the City and the University of Murcia, Spanish Cultural Action and the Madrid Theatre Institute bring to the city "La Barraca, Theatre and University. Yesterday and today a utopia "
  • The Centers for Women pay tribute to Maria del Carmen Pelegrin (18/10/2011)
    The City Council has been twelve years in charge of Equality Policies, Alicia has assumed powers Barquero
  • Students of City employees invite you to "enjoy your place" (18/10/2011)
    The Mayor will support this initiative with his presence next Thursday at 11 am in the Plaza de Saavedra Fajardo supplies
  • The hall of the Faculty of Chemistry will be called Lumera Hermenegildo Castro (18/10/2011)

  • The School of Informatics hosts a conference on the new Internet protocol (18/10/2011)

  • Places strangely desatrosos Theater Circus comes to Murcia (18/10/2011)
    will be held at 21 am in the new stage of the city
  • The team returns to training with Adri (18/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia Fair opens Welcome (18/10/2011)

  • The Women's Center organizes a concentration Espinardo to condemn the aggression against a neighbor for his partner (18/10/2011)

  • Maria Dueñas Conference to celebrate the International Day Housewife (18/10/2011)

  • The deadline to apply for grants for the training of research ends on 24 (18/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group requires the Councillor for Sports that puts the sport based on wasteful spending and advertising (18/10/2011)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea claims the mayor of Sports to bring its budget to prioritizing crisis aid to basic sport motivates thousands of children in the town and avoid unnecessary expenses hiring
  • Formed the Municipal Board Monteagudo Neighborhood (18/10/2011)

  • IU-Green denounces the lack of municipal aid to James the Greater (18/10/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia shows its support for the new Plaza de Abastos in Juan de Borbon (18/10/2011)
    The Municipal Group endorses the proposal of the Federation of Municipal Markets, it is a boost to small businesses
  • Act in memoriam by Francisco Rabal investiture as Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Murcia (18/10/2011)

  • Some 25 companies have already joined the National Almond Lonja Mercamurcia (18/10/2011)

  • UCAM Teachers have the book 'Social Network for Communication students' (17/10/2011)
    In the FNAC New Condomina Mall (Murcia)
  • Mayors of cantons of Ecuador visit Murcia to know the model of tourism (17/10/2011)

  • The General Air Academy visits the University of Murcia (17/10/2011)

  • The teacher comes in Murcia Martinez Selva book on technological stress (17/10/2011)

  • Classical Music in San Antonio el Pobre (17/10/2011)

  • Eight doctoral programs at the University of Murcia get the mention of excellence (17/10/2011)

  • An associate professor at the University of Murcia is awarded for his work with electronic judicial auctions (17/10/2011)

  • Antonio Botia dedicated his latest book to the more hidden and fascinating history of the city of Murcia (17/10/2011)

  • The professor of the University of Murcia Pedro Jiménez Guerrero received an award from the Royal Academy of Engineering (17/10/2011)

  • The theater group La Barraca, García Lorca, in a show presented by the University of Murcia (17/10/2011)
    An exhibition showing the history of the theater group founded by García Lorca
  • The gardens are transformed into classroom ecology on Saturday morning (17/10/2011)

  • "The PP choking providers to let them pay in 2010 more than 98 million euros" (17/10/2011)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro claims that the significant delays in payments to providers require the City to pay interest on arrears to mark Law, increasing the original bills spending
  • Ten schools in the region receive the awards that accredit them as "experts" in safety and health (17/10/2011)

  • Mayors of cantons of Ecuador visit Murcia to know the model of tourism (17/10/2011)

  • The School of Communication and Information is hosting the photo exhibition "Profiles" (17/10/2011)

  • The UCAM Murcia adds his third loss to Gran Canaria 2014 (66-54) (16/10/2011)

  • Children Schools secured (16/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group supports parents of Pedro Perez Abbey CEIP Espinardo (15/10/2011)
    Councilwoman Susan Hernandez attended this morning convened by the concentration of AMPA CEIP Espinardo Pedro Perez Abbey to require refurbishment and modernization of school facilities
  • The Socialist Group calls for the opening of the new social center-Beniaján The Azacaya (15/10/2011)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea claims that the new space, financed with funds from Plan E, has closed more than four months since he finished the work and asked a visit to this infrastructure
  • Rafael Gomez awards the prizes of the XI edition of the national contest outdoor painting of Our Lady of Grace (15/10/2011)

  • Alicia Barquero visit the Children and Youth Centre Scenic Pupaclown (15/10/2011)

  • A cultural October in Santiago and Zaraiche (15/10/2011)

  • 'All buildings are adapting to energy legislation edificatorio' (14/10/2011)
    Lecture 'Introduction to the new energy regulations edificatorio'
  • The fourth edition of the Feria de Murcia Outlet will stand this year with 112 and discounts of up to 70 percent (14/10/2011)
    Director General of Consumption, Trade and Craft stands out the most personalized service and quality offered to customers such initiatives
  • The lawyer Ignacio Olmos opened the ADE and Law course with a lecture (14/10/2011)

  • The Catholic University San Antonio activated call-Contract 2011-2012 Predoctoral Fellowship (14/10/2011)
    The UCAM top researchers form
  • Green Cars at the University of Murcia participate in the Solar Race (14/10/2011)

  • Yllana at the Teatro Circo fun adventure Murcia Zoo (14/10/2011)

  • IU-Green hopes the designation as the capital of Murcia bike ayto will serve to "do your homework" (14/10/2011)

  • More than 100 businesses come together in the fourth Feria de Murcia Outlet (14/10/2011)
    is held in the Santo Domingo square, street and Avenida Alfonso X Basabe 20 to October 23
  • Lopez: "House must take four years to turn into a real capital Murcia bicycle" (14/10/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia requested the Mayor to address the requests for assignment of spaces Associations (14/10/2011)
    The Group has noted that some requests are not answered, and has submitted a request to the Mayor to be treated
  • 'Strangers' by Juan Antonio Poveda, first prize for short films and documentaries Creajoven (14/10/2011)

  • New playground on the street Castellar de Los Ramos (14/10/2011)

  • The Local Government, to debate in the Forum I Aranzadi in Murcia (14/10/2011)

  • Terra Natura Murcia celebrates the first birth of a baby hippopotamus in its facilities (14/10/2011)
    The complex becomes one of the few zoos in Spain have been the captive breeding of this species
  • Professor García del Toro offers a conference on the bell of the Cathedral spells (14/10/2011)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia detect pollutants in the penguins of Antarctica (14/10/2011)

  • A hall of the Faculty of Chemistry will be called Lumera Hermenegildo Castro (14/10/2011)
    was one of the first voices that called for a university to Murcia
  • Campos highlights the strong link between art, devotion and tradition of neighborhood parties Murcia Santa María de Gracia (13/10/2011)
    The presidential advisor in his opening speech praised the procession in honor of the patron, distinguished by a "combination of sensations "that make a pilgrimage" unlike any other "
  • Murcia leads the Spanish cities decided to turn the bicycle in urban transport of reference (13/10/2011)

  • The UCAM signs a collaboration agreement with ASPRAMUR (13/10/2011)
    Aspramur assist in the implementation and development by the UCAM Master's Degree in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Zarandona Scouts stay in the street (13/10/2011)

  • The Brotherhood of Christ of Burgos celebrates the feast of its patron (13/10/2011)

  • Approved the specifications for the servicing of more than 88,000 streetlights in the municipality (13/10/2011)

  • Congress tourism experts visited the town to get their 'charms' (13/10/2011)

  • The district of Santa Maria de Gracia celebrates its patron saint (13/10/2011)

  • ... (13/10/2011)

  • The UCAM bet on clean energy (13/10/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia will participate with their eco-car prototype, San Antonio, Solar Race in Murcia
  • López: "There is no record to justify the reasons for the amendment of boundaries in various hamlets" (13/10/2011)

  • The theater returns to La Nave (13/10/2011)

  • The Flamenco class at the University of Murcia started its activities before 800 people (13/10/2011)
    Full Circus Theater to listen to Curro Piñana
  • Tomorrow is the deadline to enroll in courses free self (13/10/2011)

  • IU-Green calls for the implementation of the noise ordinances in Murcia (12/10/2011)

  • Seven short films and documentaries will compete for the end of Creajoven (12/10/2011)

  • Murcia aspires to be, from tomorrow, the Spanish capital of the bicycle (12/10/2011)

  • The Centers for Women familiar with the work of NGOs in the municipality (11/10/2011)

  • Environment hire 50 unemployed to rehabilitate parks (11/10/2011)

  • Head of Torres hoists the flag of Spain in the Plaza de la Iglesia (11/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group supports the claims of parents of public school in the Kingdom of Murcia (11/10/2011)

  • The exhibition 'Committed to Anantapur' Vicente Ferrer Foundation Auditorium reaches Algezares (11/10/2011)

  • Communiqué CP AMPA Kingdom of Murcia (11/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group PP claims the city to keep clean the area of ​​New Condomina, and surrounding areas (11/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia Announces Creative writing workshops (11/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the Salzillo CPEIBAS Espinardo still appoint specialist teachers (11/10/2011)
    The MP said that it appears that the Ministry is overwhelmed and required to resolve the situation so that students can be rated
  • The Board of the University of Murcia approved the regulations for retention of students (11/10/2011)

  • ... (11/10/2011)

  • Opens the deadline for nominations for the Solidarity Award Anonymous (11/10/2011)

  • Antonio Campillo, new president of the Conference of Deans of Philosophy (11/10/2011)

  • The Ramon Gaya today celebrates its 21 birthday (11/10/2011)

  • IU-Greens question the grounds that New Condomina had to return to City Hall (11/10/2011)

  • The school Our Lady of Antigua de Monteagudo and is a Green School (11/10/2011)

  • Antonio Campillo Meseguer is elected president of the Conference of Deans of Philosophy (10/10/2011)

  • The council of the Socialist Group attending the "Day of the Crumbs' Sucina (10/10/2011)

  • A student of the first in Spain UCAM licensed to Siemens NX (10/10/2011)
    Computer Engineering Student of the UCAM, Pedro Hernandez, obtained the license to use the Siemens NX
  • The Mayor Chamber visit the production plant extracts Probeltebio (10/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia delivers more than 700 software components to non-profit (10/10/2011)

  • More than 40 young people without jobs do the work of the headquarters of La Alberca (10/10/2011)
    The City Council taught a trade to enable them enter the labor market at the end of their training
  • The Council works with the pleasures in the project of building supplies ninth place in the municipality (10/10/2011)

  • 450 reenactors and allow 35 vehicles to recreate 2,500 years of history in the Garden of Malecón (10/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia has published a book on the cultivation of silk (10/10/2011)

  • Dani Salgado: "At home we can not escape no point" (10/10/2011)

  • The Aula de Flamenco de Murcia University will kick off Piñana Curro's hand at the Teatro Circo (10/10/2011)

  • The Senior Center closes its Cabezo de Torres Cultural Week (09/10/2011)

  • The Department of Culture close ties to the Conservatory of Music (09/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the sidewalks of Guadalupe are a danger to the safety of neighbors (09/10/2011)
    Councilman Jose Zapata City Council claims the reforms in the Avenida de los Jeronimos to adapt to the rules of municipal ordinances
  • Homage to the oldest member of the Senior Center Churra (08/10/2011)

  • Rafael Gomez welcomes participants in the Major Festival Chorus and Dance of the Rock Huertanica Parsley (08/10/2011)

  • The Municipal Socialist Group supports the residents of La Paz four years after demolition of the nursery (08/10/2011)

  • Inauguration of the place that the City has ceded to the Federation of Peñas Murcia New Condomina (07/10/2011)

  • The UCAM Diplomas Scholarships and delivers its new MBA and Master in Management and Quality Systems and Environment (07/10/2011)
    Enforcement Act Fellowship and presented diplomas to the students of the First Promotion of Masters in Management and Quality Management Systems and Environment and III of the Official Master MBA
  • House announces that it will impose the name of Thomas Strong to a city street (07/10/2011)
    Speaking at the tribute given to the employer for the gathering Murcia "Rice and Beans"
  • The Court No. 5 of Murcia Hernández accuses Siegfried and five of its officers following a complaint HUERMUR (07/10/2011)
    by facts that can be "of the crime of fraud" that involve transfers of ditches and builders quijeros
  • Adopted by a vote of IU-Greens to bring access to the tram in Guadeloupe (07/10/2011)

  • The Mayor chairs the Council vote to former Lady of the Rosary (07/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia is known for his work for the integration of the elderly (07/10/2011)

  • The Mayor sets minimum services to Latbus strike "involving as little hassle as possible to users' local lines (07/10/2011)
    The next 10, 13 and 14 and Monday, Thursday and Friday to come, indefinitely, circulate 50% of the fleet of buses
  • A book tells the story of the 29 years of the Federation of Moors and Christians (07/10/2011)

  • Works in Vistabella Senior Center (07/10/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia win a prize from the Royal Academy of Physicians (07/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group denounces the lack of security in the changing pool of Infante (07/10/2011)
    The Socialist councilor Garries Andrea notes that the sports facility users store their backpacks in the receipt and claim a ticket to be enabled as in other pools the municipality
  • The flower girl recovers her bouquet (07/10/2011)

  • The Catalan pop Manel, number 1 in sales in Spain, in the cycle Other Music Regional Víctor Villegas Auditorium (07/10/2011)
    The quartet will perform on Saturday, tickets € 18, in room Narciso Yepes at 21:30 h
  • Festival of African rhythms beneficial for Ethiopia in The Ship (07/10/2011)

  • From 500 to 3,000 euros for marrying a foreigner (07/10/2011)
    The National Police dismantled a network that had performed more than fifty marriages of convenience
  • The UCAM inaugurated the Master in Engineering in Civil and Ports (06/10/2011)
    The prestigious engineer Javier Manterola, delivered the inaugural lecture of the Master
  • The Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM) signed a collaboration agreement with Transvía Travel Tours (06/10/2011)
    travel agency born UCAM Tours
  • Start the Beer Festival III (06/10/2011)

  • Pelegrin and Barquero participate in a meeting with the directives of the Centers for Women (06/10/2011)

  • Castle gate in an exhibition brings together a comprehensive work of video art produced since 2007 (06/10/2011)

  • The Cycle "The Family Theatre" presents twelve shows to enjoy on weekends (06/10/2011)

  • The Palace Arts Center is organizing a workshop Almudí sculpture for primary and secondary school children (06/10/2011)

  • Inauguration of members of the PAS at the University of Murcia (06/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Group will ask the local government an office in all neighborhoods and districts to meet the neighbors (06/10/2011)
    The PSOE councilors maintain this afternoon a meeting with the speakers and members of Municipal Councils to be held at 20.00 pm Doors in the cultural heart of Castilla
  • The municipal nursery schools offering 500 seats (06/10/2011)

  • IU-Greens protest against the irregular call in the Municipality of Los Garres (06/10/2011)

  • Councillor for Tourism and hotel managers of the municipality change prints (06/10/2011)

  • The association Murcia Triangle organizing its first fashion show (06/10/2011)

  • Doubt: "We have to capitalize more of our good gameplay" (06/10/2011)

  • Stop a domestic worker who stole jewelry and property worth over 138,000 euros from their place of work (06/10/2011)
    for several months took hold of jewelry and the house where he went weekly to clean
  • Jesus Forsaken City Hall and continue the improvement of care to pedestrians (06/10/2011)

  • The rock huertano Parsley Cultural celebrates its twelfth week (06/10/2011)

  • The Mayor London Chamber collects the prestigious international "Global Light Rail ' (06/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates gastronomy tasting vegetable garden (06/10/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia recorded in the office of the plenary a series of questions addressed to the Mayor (06/10/2011)

  • Professors of the University of Murcia participate in a congress of Lyon mythography (06/10/2011)

  • CONSUMUR identifies weaknesses in the information provided to bus users in Murcia (05/10/2011)
    Changes in the routes, stops and schedules are not reported to the user in good time
  • Antenna Alquerías (05/10/2011)

  • More than a score of activities make the programming of the new season of Ramón Gaya Museum (05/10/2011)

  • Failed Creajoven awards Visual Arts and Photography (05/10/2011)

  • Begin pruning of mulberry trees to prevent leaf drop and inconvenience caused to citizens (05/10/2011)
    The work is performed simultaneously in the city center and in the districts
  • The Theatre Group at the University of Murcia staged "The Lover" by Harold Pinter Nobel (05/10/2011)

  • Formed the Municipal Board Espinardo (05/10/2011)

  • More than 400 children have lost their place in public kindergartens in the municipality (05/10/2011)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez complaint a year with House's indifference to Murcia families in balancing work and family life at the cost of foster Private business
  • Five Murcia take their art to the XV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean to be held in Greece (05/10/2011)

  • Professor José Antonio Gómez coordinates a book on intellectual property (05/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia provides grants to assist in Food Quality Service (05/10/2011)

  • "Living the face of terror" is a hymn to freedom of people like Carlos Iturgaiz " (04/10/2011)

  • "Through a series of building blocks is possible to save energy in buildings" (04/10/2011)
    Lecture 'Introduction to the new energy regulations edificatorio'
  • The Civil Guard clarifies a robbery in a public establishment Torreagüera-Murcia (04/10/2011)
    one person has been arrested on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation
  • Adri: "Playing with Azkar Lugo will be special, but one more game to get the three points" (04/10/2011)
    the young wing-closing of El Pozo Murcia FS, Adrian Martinez Vara
  • "Take the first step, watch your health" (04/10/2011)
    Dozens of neighbors in the area of ​​El Malecon launched yesterday afternoon in the traditional march of the program 4 / 40
  • Bernal Theatre presents a varied program of companies with significant presence in Murcia (04/10/2011)

  • The Mayor sets up a commission that will seek to maintain the quality of the urban landscape (04/10/2011)

  • Lopez: "It is unreasonable and seriously start cart before the horse" (04/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia launches the VI Workshop of Contemporary Dance (04/10/2011)

  • Ana Jaraba speaks of 'The art of creating your life' on the River Segura Library (04/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia announces scholarships for training of researchers (04/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia holds a public competition for twelve associate professors spaces (04/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia University Network promotes the greater of Sports Science (04/10/2011)

  • The new Murcia tram choose to get one of the most prestigious international awards (04/10/2011)

  • ... (03/10/2011)

  • They take charge of the new board of directors of Mercamurcia (03/10/2011)

  • Starts the cycle again in Korean cinema castle gate (03/10/2011)

  • El Centro Parraga commitment to 'performance' for the last quarter (03/10/2011)
    Its programming includes the participation of the dancer, choreographer and National Dance Award, Marta Carrasco
  • 29 people have completed two Inserting custom itineraries, one of Celador Health and housekeepers other (03/10/2011)

  • Youth gathered in an exhibition the best works of Creajoven of Visual Arts and Photography (03/10/2011)

  • The municipal cultural centers offer a wide variety of activities to develop the academic year 2011-2012 (03/10/2011)

  • The art of photography at the University of Murcia (03/10/2011)

  • A young Murcia is one of the first in testing the "European Championship XV Lifesaving" (03/10/2011)

  • Marta Garaulet Professor award for his studies on obesity (03/10/2011)

  • Murcia hosts a conference with 600 participants Care Quality, which will have an economic impact of close of 615,000 euros (03/10/2011)

  • The socialists show their appreciation for the opening of the Civic Center and Zaraiche Santiago, closed and barred for three years (03/10/2011)

  • A Paramount itself and the garden of Murcia (03/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia heads the group of 10 universities that create the Chair "Vargas Llosa" (03/10/2011)

  • The University of Murcia today opens the registration period for students included in the list of pre-registered (03/10/2011)

  • IU-Greens believe that the PP is "unable" to ensure the final construction of the nursery La Paz (03/10/2011)

  • Camera shows in London the big city projects to leading international investment groups (03/10/2011)

  • Noduermas turns with her employer (02/10/2011)

  • Woman with broken leg by the fall in Asomada Castillo, Puerto de la Cadena, Murcia (02/10/2011)

  • Awarded the bike lane works in El Palmar and Sangonera la Verde (02/10/2011)
    The City continues to work on his goal of uniting the urban districts across the bike lane
  • Bacon bridge Lorca (02/10/2011)
    Different groups of the district collected more than 21,000 euros for the victims of the town last May
  • The Mayor, with the "Doctor Reciclator" in the tent of the new urban cleaning (02/10/2011)

  • The largest of the Murcia Golf impromptu Brotherhood (01/10/2011)

  • The 'Family Concert' begin tomorrow at the Auditorio Victor Villegas (01/10/2011)
    The Cycle of Symphonic Orchestra will run until May 13
  • The City conditioned the basement of social housing in the Holy Spirit to carry out activities with the neighbors (01/10/2011)
    This action is another of the initiatives that are part of the Urban Plan
  • They require the City to clarify the status of the agreement with Iberdrola to bury the power lines in El Palmar and Los Guiding (01/10/2011)
    Councilman Jose Zapata accuses the mayor of Urbanism to hide information to all citizens in Parliament and request the file to know exactly the real situation of agreement between the City and Iberdrola

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