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Murcia News - December 2012

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  • Heads and tails on the final day of the first phase of the Championships of Spain grassroots territorial selections (30/12/2012)
    have been held in the municipal of El Ranero
  • The City spends more than 200,000 euros a respite service (30/12/2012)
    attends an average of 80 people a month
  • IU-Green Township Murcia demands the immediate reinstatement of workers fired for Latbus (29/12/2012)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a large plantation "home" of marijuana that had left without electricity to its neighbors (29/12/2012)
    We have arrested one person on charges of drug trafficking and fraud of electricity
  • More than 200 kilos of grapes of luck to celebrate the New Year Children (29/12/2012)
    It will be Monday, December 31, at 12 pm
  • HUERMUR: "The council uses the palace to modify Campuzano Gonzalez covertly building standards in the historical de Murcia" (28/12/2012)
    HUERMUR Association submits arguments to the initial approval of the Amendment is intended to do in the palace Campuzano Gonzalez recently sold by the Autonomous Community to Cajamar
  • Herguedas rate affecting modification Palace Campuzano Gonzalez as a new attack against property (28/12/2012)

  • More than 60 boys and girls participating in the Bacons Bridge V-Ludoteca Workshop organized by the Friends of Bethlehem (28/12/2012)
    The closing ceremony took place this morning with a festival of carols and a living Nativity
  • The Sanctuary Fuensanta already enlightened (28/12/2012)

  • Diplomas for smaller heroes (28/12/2012)

  • The PSOE expects the bill to declare the Sierras and Murcia Golf Biosphere Reserve serves to correct the excesses urban (28/12/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Susana Hernandez, highlights the high value of these natural and expected candidate has the maximum citizen participation is taken really seriously
  • UPyD supports the candidacy of Murcia Golf Sierras and as the Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO (28/12/2012)

  • Juan Antonio de Heras, Francisco and Juan Leal Porto embody the Three Wise Men (28/12/2012)

  • Skating Exhibition at the Artillery Barracks (28/12/2012)
    Tomorrow, at 11.00, with free access
  • Tourism launches campaign to visit us tourists from European cities twinned with Murcia (28/12/2012)
    Advertising stands on developments where foreign residents and the presentation of the Imagine campaign for British media and newspapers Albacete, Almeria, Granada and Jaen, are some of shares up
  • Serna emphasizes the "political independence" of UPyD Murcia in its balance of work done in 2012 (27/12/2012)
    Balance Assessment and Analysis 2012
  • Only licensed premises has requested special New Year's Eve party in the city (27/12/2012)
    Bars, pubs and clubs must respect their usual capacity
  • IU-Greens believe that the nomination "The Country of the Owl" is "mere publicity stunt" (27/12/2012)

  • Children, Classroom protagonists Veronicas Food Culture (27/12/2012)
    Free workshops begin today and continue tomorrow and on 3 and 4 January
  • Adri: "It is good that we convene many of El Pozo Murcia. This means that the coach is setting in this Club" (27/12/2012)

  • The City works with cooperation projects in Bolivia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Togo and Morocco (27/12/2012)
    The objective is to improve the living conditions of people in deprived areas
  • Green light more paving in districts (27/12/2012)

  • 200 youth are at 50 places for internships in Europe with the Leonardo (27/12/2012)

  • The Guadalupe Auditorium hosts the December 29th concert Camerata de Murcia (27/12/2012)
    It will take place at 20 am and after the show there will be a tasting of typical products Murcia
  • A cyclist has died run over by the train at the level crossing in the path of the Garres (26/12/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia insists on proper signaling cross the Plaza de la Cruz in Monteagudo (26/12/2012)

  • The Mayor is committed to the students to pursue given their views on municipal programs that affect them (26/12/2012)
    Chamber has met this morning with the new president of Feremur, the majority of students association
  • Chamber Hall provides support to assist initiatives Murcianos Youth Association with Human Rights (26/12/2012)
    This morning held a meeting with its president
  • Murcia City Council is leading the bid for the declaration of Biosphere Reserve of the Sierras and Murcia Golf by UNESCO (26/12/2012)
    The 88.5% of the affected territory belongs to the municipality of Murcia, while 11.5% were located in Alhama and Fuente Alamo
  • Miguelín, Alex, Adri, Jose Ruiz and Rafa summoned to Spain (26/12/2012)

  • Heroes and heroíanas at the Museum Ramon Gaya (26/12/2012)
    The activity is aimed at children between 6 and 11 years, and grows from 11 to 12:30 am
  • The Mayor closed the centenary of the Parish of Patiño (26/12/2012)
    The celebrations to mark the centenary of the parish have spread over the past year and were closed yesterday by the Bishop of Cartagena.
  • About 300 families in the municipality receive subsidy for rental housing (26/12/2012)
    The Governing Board has given its approval to the extension of the amount involved in these grants
  • The City Council commissioned a study at the University of Murcia on tourism demand in the municipality (26/12/2012)
    Join the Tourism Promotion Plan Murcia 365
  • Lobosillo hosts the First Day of School Sports Field Murcia (25/12/2012)

  • New Javalí celebrated their day with morning Auroros (25/12/2012)
    The events begin at 12 noon with a Mass Procession of the Virgin of the Rosary is celebrated at 19 pm
  • The Holy Child of the Green Sangonera 600 cakes distributed to benefit Caritas (24/12/2012)
    Traditional Festival Sangonera Child filled the hamlet of aguilandos.
  • Extension of the Office of Tourism to better serve visitors (23/12/2012)
    For the fourth consecutive month there has been an increase in the number of tourists who pass through the offices
  • Santa Claus visits Espinardo morning (23/12/2012)
    The booth will be installed after 16 hours in the Garden of Azor Christmas train will tour the hamlet
  • I Caritas charity race turkey Sangonera La Verde (21/12/2012)

  • Social Centres celebrate Senior Painting Exhibition Contest II (21/12/2012)
    Until January 15 will be open at the Civic Center doors have participated Castilla 15 Senior Centers with 36 works
  • The regional government authorizes the sale of the Palace of Pacheco in Murcia city (21/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia, a leader in research and knowledge transfer in human biorhythms (21/12/2012)

  • The Museum of Science and Water presents an exhibition on earthquakes and volcanoes (21/12/2012)
    may be the December 21, 2012 to June 15, 2013
  • Teatro Circo Murcia Cycle incorporates 180 ° as one of the novelties of the new programming 2013 (21/12/2012)
    The TCM reprogramming opens on 10 January with "A piece of this world unseen" by Juan Diego Botto The Murcia may enjoy 73 shows until May
  • The City Council approved to allocate € 675,000 retirees and families with special category free traveling trunk lines (21/12/2012)

  • Cooking for kids in Food Culture Classroom Veronicas (21/12/2012)
    sessions will be held on 27 and 28 December and 3 January 4 and Saturday there is a cut of ham shop
  • Tram and city buses coordinated their schedules change during the holidays (21/12/2012)

  • Christmas CajaMurcia staged at the Teatro Romea de Murcia 'Cinderella, the musical' (21/12/2012)
    Targeted at families, the work will be Dec. 22 to Jan. 4
  • Mar Rosa: "The PP is still living with his back to the suffering citizen" (21/12/2012)
    The Socialist councilor considered a shamelessness that, while the local government taxes and fees of up unfairly and arbitrarily raising money, spend the money on hold at all above any event
  • The Socialist Group regrets PP blindness in rejecting the development of a social and economic study on the impact of the holidays in Murcia (21/12/2012)

  • IU-Greens announces the agreement on the use of the school of El Carmen (21/12/2012)

  • The website is renewed Informajoven (21/12/2012)
    Viewed users so far this year more than a million pages will launch an app for Android and iOS mobile
  • The 58 student-workers Workshop School Police Barracks Pool graduate (21/12/2012)

  • 32 winners at the 20th anniversary celebration of Creajoven (21/12/2012)
    1,500 young people have participated and 15,000 people have attended concerts, exhibitions and theater
  • The Chiron Foundation delivers books to children in hospital over Christmas (21/12/2012)
    Deliver Snoopy's book Why, Charlie, why?, In the nineteen Chiron Hospital Group hospitals, including Hospital San Carlos de Murcia, hospitalized children or who are in urgent these days
  • The UCAM and Torrepacheco City Council presented the Strategic Plan and the study analysis and diagnosis of the socioeconomic status of Torrepacheco (20/12/2012)
    UCAM Experts analyze the socioeconomic reality of Torrepacheco
  • The City participates in a conference on electronic bill presenting entrepreneurs and organizations (20/12/2012)
    actions contained in the Plan for Modernization Technology
  • A complete safety device ensure safety and expedite traffic Murcia during Christmas (20/12/2012)
    This will have 180 Local Police
  • Murcia is twinned with Quzhou (20/12/2012)
    This Chinese city has 2.4 million inhabitants
  • The House unanimously approves demand respect for human rights of the Saharawi people (20/12/2012)
    All political groups have reaffirmed the Council's commitment in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid to this population
  • Top of the procedures for granting the Gold Medal of the city of Murcia Bullfighting Club (20/12/2012)
    It is one of the longest established institutions of the Region of Murcia
  • Begin Christmas concerts in the streets of the municipality supplies (20/12/2012)
    From December 21 to January 5 in Murcia and districts in order to encourage sales
  • The register of the municipality of Murcia has 443,351 inhabitants (20/12/2012)
    The number of women is higher than men's
  • "Homeless", Picasso's Miguel Torres López de Uralde, Vargas Llosa wins the novel 2012 (20/12/2012)
    The novel tells the fall in poverty than two characters in a Spanish city
  • The First Race Murcia City Christmas falls on Sunday and will bring together two thousand runners (20/12/2012)
    Exiting at 11.00 am in Teniente Flomesta and can be made 3 or 6 kilometers
  • Mandarache Triathlon School presents its report and trophies (20/12/2012)
    has won six leagues of triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon in male and female categories of prebenjamín and aquathlon league in juvenile male
  • The University of Murcia approved the procedure for evaluating the research activity of faculty (20/12/2012)

  • The Senior Center San Miguel begins Christmas (19/12/2012)

  • Violet Nicholas presents his "idyllic Digestion" in Mills River Area (19/12/2012)
    The publication consists of poems, pictures and photographs
  • The San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia analyzes Christmas spending habits of Murcia (19/12/2012)
    "More than half of Murcia reduce your Christmas spending in 2012"
  • The Segura River Library welcomes the launch of 'Maid in Begastri' (19/12/2012)
    Its author, Professor Maria Jesus John will speak on Thursday at 20 hours of his first young adult novel
  • The Senior Social Center of La Alberca inaugurates Bethlehem (19/12/2012)

  • Barnabas recognizes publicly the "teleportation" in Murcia, according Ecologists in Action (19/12/2012)

  • Monitoring and control of the most popular products for Christmas (19/12/2012)
    Until January 5, 2013 the Department of Markets and Consumer establishes a special operating supplies in places, cafeterias, supermarkets, department stores and weekly markets and selling artisanal products typical Christmas
  • The Romea Theatre de Murcia has three national premieres its new season 2013 (19/12/2012)
    The new program will have a total of 35 shows to be held from January to March Sisters comedy will work with the theater opens its new season The theater resuming his traditional "Flamenco Summit"
  • The new garden maintenance service will be open 24 hours a day suggestions from citizens through a computer system (19/12/2012)
    With the new contract is committed to a comprehensive maintenance of green areas seeking greater efficiency, lower cost per unit surface and minor discomfort to users
  • UPyD Murcia requires "absolute transparency" to the City following the judgment of 'teleportation' urban (19/12/2012)
    Ruben Juan Serna said "it is essential" that Councilman Barnabas respond how it affects the ratification of the judgment of the High Court of Justice "both plans executed and those who have not yet been finally adopted "
  • The Socialist Group in PP require the House to fight to not apply in the ambulance copayment announced by the Ministry of Health (19/12/2012)

  • Herguedas accuses the PP of being responsible that urbanism is "upside down" (19/12/2012)

  • Improved football field and basketball hoops Raya for Lobosillo row (19/12/2012)
    The City Council amends the pool heating Mar Menor
  • El Pozo Murcia collect food in the game against Galdar Gran Canaria (19/12/2012)
    Make your best goal and bring nonperishable food
  • A book offers color and solidarity Lorca (19/12/2012)
    "COLOR-CA" contributions of volunteers meets four universities
  • On Thursday December 20 will take place on public failure Vargas Llosa Novel Prize 2012 (19/12/2012)
    In the same event will present the winning novel of the last year's edition
  • Successful partnerships meeting in El Carmen (18/12/2012)

  • DGT and municipalities work together to make a Spanish cities safer environments for cyclists (18/12/2012)

  • Barnabas recalls that Murcia is obtained for protection forest area (18/12/2012)

  • Urban Quality improves safety railings outside the building next to City Hall (18/12/2012)
    have also repaired some damaged stairs
  • The Catholic has introduced the Energy Efficiency Demonstrator (DEE), a project led by the Department of Telecommunications (18/12/2012)
    The UCAM, committed to the environment
  • TCM closes its program of 2012 with the premiere of a new production with companies Murcia (18/12/2012)
    Every time I leave a man ... of Saorín in Dance, is the title of the show that can be seen tomorrow at 21 am
  • PSOE: "The Supreme Court's decision to certify the Chamber speculative urban model" (18/12/2012)

  • Training, advice and exchange of African families living in Murcia (18/12/2012)
    Deliver the diplomas to the 23 people who participated in the courses from October to December 2012
  • Herguedas asserts that the judgment of the Court confirms the allegations urban IU-Greens (18/12/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia focuses its efforts on improving social policies and municipal transparency (18/12/2012)

  • Cobatillas premieres typical crib Murcia (18/12/2012)

  • The Centers for Women convention held reading workshops (18/12/2012)
    Fifteen perform this activity center
  • Students of Medicine, University of Murcia raise money for anti-AIDS Committee of the Region (18/12/2012)

  • President of the Board of the University of Murcia receives the gold medal at the Pontifical University of Salamanca (18/12/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia defends specific regulation of business groups (18/12/2012)

  • Concert to encourage sales of supplies in the town squares (18/12/2012)
    From December 21 to January 5 in Murcia and districts
  • Pelegrin cultural week opens the St. Pius X (18/12/2012)
    Activities take place from 17 to 22 December
  • "The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks around the Corner": good cinema Bulgarian Cinema Paradise (18/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia earmarked 248,000 euros for the purchase of a server system (18/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia wins the competition to secure assistance to students of Erasmus Mundus (18/12/2012)

  • The Mayor opened the exhibition "The Nativity of Salzillo by Nicholas Almansa" (17/12/2012)

  • UCAM President Valcárcel accompanies and European Commissioner for Regional Policy Forum in New Murcia (17/12/2012)
    The president of the Catholic University of Murcia, José Luis Mendoza, is also chairman of the Forum New Murcia
  • Bishop of Cartagena, Jose Manuel Lorca Planes, proclaims the Christmas Proclamation 2012, San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) (17/12/2012)
    The UCAM celebrates traditional and solemn Christmas Proclamation
  • UPyD expressed "serious doubts" on whether to give the exclusive school of El Carmen in 'the coloraos' (17/12/2012)

  • Traffic ensure the safety of users of different avenues and streets of Murcia and districts (17/12/2012)
    Two awards will allow repair and replace various components of these roads
  • Public universities Region jointly convene a contest for power supply (17/12/2012)

  • Submission Observatory University Smartcard International University of Murcia and Santander Bank (17/12/2012)

  • IU-Greens criticized the government's proposal to grant municipal Gold Medal Club Murcia Bullfighting (17/12/2012)

  • The government delegate condemns acts of street violence committed early this morning at the police station of San Andrés (17/12/2012)
    Five masked men fired several incendiary devices inside facilities
  • The UCAM commemorates the feast day of Our Lady of Caacupé, patroness of Paraguay (17/12/2012)
    About a hundred Paraguayan citizens gathered yesterday at the temple of the UCAM Jeronimos to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Caacupé, patroness of Paraguay
  • Recipes solidarity (17/12/2012)
    A FADE Foundation volunteer writes a book with Christmas sweets recipes fundraiser Murcia
  • The Socialist Group in plenary required to undergo public consultation college transfer from El Carmen to the Confraternity of Blood (17/12/2012)
    The Socialist councilor José Zapata also defend a motion asking the local government to produce before this assignment is evaluated equipment also needs area
  • This can be collected later and invitations for the show Santa Claus (17/12/2012)
    The welcome will be on 20, 21 and 22 December
  • The University of Murcia Christmas closed most of its facilities in order to save (17/12/2012)

  • The Mayor participates in Cross III Popular El Palmar "Remigio Lopez Memorial" (16/12/2012)
    It was held this morning, organized by the Athletic Club this district
  • Meeting of crews in Bathrooms and Beggar (16/12/2012)
    Has the Uncle John Rita, The Passions Cardoso and huertanas
  • Mass for Saint Lucia (16/12/2012)
    The Church of Jesus of Murcia was held this morning, at 12 o'clock, a Mass for St. Cecilia, patroness of ONCE
  • Education conditioning a former football field for the students Ranero CEIP John XXIII could use it as a playground (16/12/2012)

  • The Socialist Group echoes complaints from neighborhood residents Zeneta by cuts in the public service office (16/12/2012)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries requires the councilor responsible, Rafael Gomez, to clarify whether these cuts are going to take too out in other districts
  • Dozens of residents of Santiago and Zaraiche come together to inaugurate the hamlet of Bethlehem (15/12/2012)

  • Day of coexistence among youth participating in the program OCI (15/12/2012)
    Pelegrin attends the activities developed by the Leisure and Respite program for young people with intellectual disabilities
  • The garden of Miguel Angel Blanco debuts Cobatillas pergola (15/12/2012)
    The Department of Environment also install games gerontogimnasia
  • Collection of food and toys Young Future (14/12/2012)
    Sunday, 11 to 15 hours in the Plaza Open Future
  • St. Pius X celebrates its Cultural Week from 17 to 22 December (14/12/2012)
    The San Pio celebrates cultural week with activities for all ages and cover route on Saturday
  • The Semas serves seven people from the cold (14/12/2012)

  • The next day opens January 2 deadline to apply for the installation of a bar in Spring Festival (14/12/2012)
    Applications may be submitted until January 31
  • ... (14/12/2012)

  • The Federation of Senior Citizens Centres of Murcia awards the prizes Traditional Games XIX Championship (14/12/2012)
    More than 250 people have gathered in a fellowship meal to hand out the awards
  • The Socialist Party calls on citizens to join the protest for the burial to take place tomorrow (14/12/2012)

  • The Murcia can show solidarity on Sunday bringing nonperishable food to the fire station (14/12/2012)
    In times of 9-14 hours and from 15.30 to 18.30
  • Christmas with presents in Teatro Circo CajaMurcia War Paper Murcia and Trick Olej (14/12/2012)
    The shows will be held from 27 to 29 December and 2 to January 4, 2013
  • The Local Police poses for Natalia (14/12/2012)
    Agents perform a solidarity calendar whose profits from its sale will go to the sick girl Niemann Pick Murcia
  • IU-Greens calls for a study to build a pedestrian bridge over the railroad on the road Tiñosa (14/12/2012)

  • The Spanish Network for Philosophy protest against the abolition of compulsory subjects in the educational bill (14/12/2012)

  • The professor at the University of Murcia Angel-Luis Pujante coordinates a volume of Shakespeare (14/12/2012)

  • International Observatory University Smartcard (14/12/2012)
    Act of incorporation and presentation of the International Observatory of the University Smartcard University of Murcia and Banco Santander
  • The University of Murcia installed on the campus of Espinardo the Christmas Wishing Tree (14/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia approved the regulation of administrative notices electronically (14/12/2012)

  • Javalí New Street brings the customs of the garden (14/12/2012)
    Sunday is celebrated the traditional market in the village streets Huertana La Peña La Contraparada celebrates its 25th anniversary with the Folklore Festival
  • The Senior Center opens its Bethlehem Fame (14/12/2012)
    Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Pelegrin has participated in events
  • The professor at the University of Murcia Angel-Luis Pujante coordinates a volume with all Shakespeare's comedies and tragi (14/12/2012)

  • The tablet world's largest nougat will in Murcia on Tuesday December 18 (13/12/2012)

  • Christmas Murcia, according Azarbe (13/12/2012)
    "Wheat, wheat," "Glory," "Van pastors" or "The Pajarico" are some of the carols that may be in your new job
  • The speech and braille Ramón Gaya (13/12/2012)
    The Feast of Saint Lucia has been used to present the directory of tours for visually impaired
  • The Almudí a journey through the life of Cánovas through his paintings (13/12/2012)
    Artist Exposure Murcia can be seen until January 30, 2013
  • The Commission on Quality Transportation improvements studying various public transport (13/12/2012)
    It is proposed to extend the tram frequency peak and lengthen the service on Friday and Saturday.
  • The University of Murcia organizes round tables on landscape protection of Sierra Minera (13/12/2012)

  • Tasting beer made by students of the University of Murcia (13/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia recognizes the recovery project Cartagena Barrio Roman Forum (13/12/2012)

  • Aránzazu Sánchez Manzano wins competition to advertise the 2013 edition of the University of Mar-Campus Mare Nostrum (13/12/2012)
    It alumna of Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Murcia
  • Ship Celebrates 25th Anniversary (13/12/2012)
    Tomorrow, from 21:30, Carlos Voodoo act, Bite, The Hook and Jam Session
  • More than one hundred shops tomorrow celebrate the Murcia Shopping Night (13/12/2012)
    20 to 24 hours there will be special promotions and activities
  • Zarandona and Alquerías celebrate Christmas shows this weekend (13/12/2012)
    Businesses take to the streets Discount Products
  • The UCAM, present at the commemoration of the centenary of the Spanish Olympic Committee (12/12/2012)
    UCAM President attended the event along with the Director of Sports Activities Service of the University
  • New coach Luis Tevenet UCAM Murcia CF (12/12/2012)

  • Athletes of the UCAM, honored at the Sports Gala 2012 (12/12/2012)

  • Three hundred students and teachers of classical languages ​​Greek claim at an event at the University of Murcia (12/12/2012)

  • Murcia Christmas dresses with 12,000 poinsettias (12/12/2012)
    The Department of Environment is conducting plantations in different parts of town
  • Projecting work Omnivore Photo (12/12/2012)
    The Space Río_Caballerizas Mills
  • The sculpture San Juan de Dios regains its location opposite the Reina Sofia Hospital (12/12/2012)
    Gil Riquelme's work was temporarily moved to Molina de Segura when he demolished the old health center
  • Creativity overflow Pavilion 2 Artillery Barracks with the first festival Speaks 1.0 (12/12/2012)
    There will be workshops, a craft market, workshops, conferences, presentations protectos ...
  • A step towards the implementation of the new ordinance will improve the image of the street and the neighborhood break (12/12/2012)
    After approval today by the Board of Governors, the next full give initial approval to the new standard, and after a period of public exhibition, will rise to final
  • The Socialist Party supports the proposals of the Friends of St. Stephen Field to put in value and open to the public (12/12/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the preferential treatment to the company that manages the sports center Verdolay (12/12/2012)

  • A total of 69 associations and groups of projects have been developed municipality in the Department of Social Welfare and Health (12/12/2012)
    The total amount of the three services (Health, Welfare and Social Services) has been of 178,851 euros to fund various projects that have helped improve the quality of life of citizens
  • The University of Murcia and develop joint Amnesty International (12/12/2012)

  • Resolution of the Senate in relation to the payment plan (12/12/2012)
    The Faculty of the University of Murcia, which met yesterday in regular session in the auditorium, adopted the following resolution:
  • House says to employees of the Office of Conferences that tourism "is not an expense but an investment" (12/12/2012)

  • The Convention Bureau UMU shows the advantages of Murcia city meetings and events (12/12/2012)
    The management team and teaching and research staff have participated in a theatrical visit to Romea
  • Education published the first guide for municipal representatives on school councils (12/12/2012)
    Maria Dolores Sánchez publication shows over 150 people
  • The Director General of Heritage, Computing and Telecommunications CARM, Eduardo Linares, today at the UCAM (11/12/2012)
    "Ensuring a coordinated transition to the digital era, is a priority goal in Murcia"
  • Champions of Europe and the world for a day (11/12/2012)
    World Cup and two European Championships won by the Spanish football team have set out today in the UCAM
  • Debate Club 'Murcia Open' conference program Antonio Gutiérrez (11/12/2012)

  • The Socialist Group began a series of meetings with trade associations and city districts (11/12/2012)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro stresses the importance of supporting small businesses and provide solutions to curb the forced marches and unstoppable decline is experienced
  • More than one hundred participating downtown businesses in Murcia Shopping Night (11/12/2012)
    be held on Friday, 20 to 24 hours
  • The City anticipates around 50% of the summer bonus municipal employees who wish (11/12/2012)
    The collection will become effective in early 2013, before Epiphany
  • The artist Manuel Coronado, gives color to his work at the University of Christmas Murcia (11/12/2012)
    The Christmas card will be sent in electronic morning to 43,000 members of the university
  • More than 260 activities will take place over the Christmas and Epiphany (11/12/2012)
    The program will run from December 14 to January 6
  • IU-Greens presented a motion against the transfer of the school of El Carmen in 'The coloraos' (11/12/2012)
    Councilman Jose Ignacio Tornel ensures that the assignment "is theft citizens from abuse of power and absolute impunity"
  • Students of Medicine, University of Murcia donate the surplus of Congress on Medical Education for the purchase of food (11/12/2012)

  • XXV Anniversary Exhibition of the Brotherhood of Rocio Murcia (11/12/2012)

  • The Green School board looks at school and Abbey Perez (11/12/2012)
    his work has been recognized against noise, to create 'green patrols' and enable recycling points around the center
  • The market promotes Saavedra Fajardo fish consumption among children (11/12/2012)

  • The City Council announces the second edition of Equality in the Workplace Award (11/12/2012)
    Interested parties may submit their applications until January 21
  • Read classic texts in defense of the subjects of Latin and Greek (11/12/2012)

  • Discover the city playing (11/12/2012)
    Mayor awards prizes to the winners of the treasure hunt Murcia Muslim Baroque Rotary organized by the Rotary Club Murcia North
  • The mortgage law and the right to housing, to debate at the University of Murcia (11/12/2012)
    spokesman Judges for Democracy, Joaquim Bosch Grau, bring new proposals for defense of the right to housing
  • The molinense Yagües Antonio González received the Anonymous Solidarity Award, Faculty of Social Work (11/12/2012)

  • The Municipal School Board held its last plenary session of the year (11/12/2012)
    Maria Dolores Sanchez recalled that more than 62,000 students participate in the activities of the municipal program 'Know your City'
  • The Police Commissioner of New York, and safety program coordinator NYPD Shield, Rafael Pineiro (10/12/2012)
    "Training in Risk Assessment, and Cybersecurity suspicious behavior, the mainstay of NYPD Shield program"
  • The University of Murcia has the Center for Virtual Archaeology (10/12/2012)

  • The Socialist Party claims that citizens pay again PP mismanagement of public transport (10/12/2012)
    Pedro Lopez says users of public transport workers and companies are the real victims of the cuts made by the PP in the districts lines
  • The Mayor calls for dialogue between companies and workers to reach an agreement to end the strike Latbus (10/12/2012)
    Chamber expects compliance with the minimum services to the impact on users as low as possible
  • The San Silvestre reunites thousands of Murcia drugs (10/12/2012)
    The start will be on December 31 at 16.30 and 17.30 hours on the council
  • Children imagine how you can enjoy a more sustainable city (10/12/2012)

  • The SEMAS has treated five people from the cold (10/12/2012)

  • Joint Statement of Guiding and bodies of the Spanish Public Universities (10/12/2012)
    The University, guarantee future
  • Exhibition: Times of exile and solidarity (10/12/2012)
    An exhibition looks at the University of Murcia the story of a French maternity hospital in World War II
  • Firefighters Park Espinardo teach children in exchange for food for the poor (10/12/2012)
    To participate please call 968358600 (extension 3941), from today until next Thursday, in time of 17 to 20 hours
  • Tomorrow is put on sale tickets for the Cavalcade of the Magi (10/12/2012)
    Only can be purchased over the Internet and will be for areas of Gran Via and Constitution Avenue
  • The Socialist Group proposes a freeze on municipal taxes and charges for 2013 (10/12/2012)

  • The authors of the storyboard for "The Adventures of Tadeo Jones" in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Arts (10/12/2012)

  • Tourism bets on foreigners residing in the region (09/12/2012)
    Murcia Tourism Promoted in a digital publication
  • The Federation of Peñas huertanas Christmas debuts with the opening of his crib (09/12/2012)
    Will be open until January 4
  • The Socialist Group alleges another blunder Cascales (09/12/2012)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea accuses mayor of Sports of mismanagement of public money to fix a sports courts sent in late August and a fortnight after withdrawing send baskets and nets courts that were
  • A 35 year old man has died in a restaurant of the municipality of Murcia (08/12/2012)
    The incident happened at King Wok Restaurant
  • A total of 263 students from 67 schools of the municipality will be supported with aid to the city of Murcia in the program provides schooling for children (08/12/2012)
    This contribution will be devoted to the first quarter of the school year 2012-2013
  • The World Cup visit UCAM (07/12/2012)
    also come to the Catholic University of Murcia the last two European Cups
  • The University of Murcia organizes the International Congress of innovation in mobile communication (07/12/2012)

  • The National Police arrested a neighbor in Beniaján Township who is involved in various quantities of drugs and weapons (07/12/2012)
    In search of his home found a pen and a simulated weapon pistol modified to fire real
  • Grid connected (07/12/2012)
    The Murcia Lan Party being held through Sunday at the Palace of Sports City
  • The Socialist group passes resolution Murcia with the underground railway policy priority in the capital of the region (07/12/2012)

  • Users and workers in the new building of Ibn cArabi already have bicycle parking and parking for bikes (07/12/2012)
    Parking is a total of 70 bicycles and 36 motorcycles
  • Urban Quality increases the pace of work ahead of the holidays (07/12/2012)
    Gone are the renovation of the street environment Jerome de Roda
  • Next Tuesday put on sale tickets for the Cavalcade of the Magi (07/12/2012)
    The advance sale of seats may only be made through the Internet and will be for areas of Gran Via and Constitution Avenue
  • "The island of the forgotten", named Best Film of the Norwegian film, projected on Monday in the cycle Cinema Paradise (07/12/2012)

  • Districts and Districts celebrate La Purisima (07/12/2012)
    Big Day in New Javalí and Santiago and Zaraiche
  • The Christmas dresses Glorieta (06/12/2012)
    The Mayor of the City has installed the traditional Nativity
  • The ignition Christmas this year has a new system to control on back-off (06/12/2012)
    The red LED will be inaugurated tomorrow, Friday, at 18:30 pm
  • National Sports Awards granted by the Sports Council (05/12/2012)
    Prince Philip makes delivery of the UCAM President Joaquín Blume Trophy
  • Students of the University of Murcia will volunteer actions in Santomera (05/12/2012)

  • Valladolises have an indoor sports court (05/12/2012)
    The playing field will occupy 1102.50 meters square
  • Support congress tourism (05/12/2012)
    The Association of Members Collaborating Convention Bureau celebrates its Board
  • The City offers a plot Autonomous Community to expand the CEIP José María Párraga of El Palmar (05/12/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the local government an emergency plan to clean up the site of San Esteban (05/12/2012)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries regrets that the site follow a fenced enclosure with provisional, abandoned and become more of a dump than in a place with great potential tourist invaluable historical and cultural
  • The Department of Tourism, more accessible (05/12/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the presence of a unit concentration riot in favor of burying neighborhood (05/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia launches competition to award the access control service in the College Azarbe (05/12/2012)

  • ... (04/12/2012)

  • More than a thousand young people will participate in the largest event dedicated to computer enthusiasts throughout the Region (04/12/2012)
    Murcia Lan Party opens its doors tomorrow at the Sports Palace and runs through Sunday
  • UPyD Murcia claims a "redesign of transportation bonds" to include families with economic difficulties (04/12/2012)
    Ruben Juan Serna asserts that "the current crisis demands a new system" that takes into account the economic status of the families and remarks that this would be possible without increasing the already budgeted items
  • Ice Rink at the Artillery Barracks to celebrate Christmas (04/12/2012)
    500 square meters that can skate Murcia
  • "The double standard PP" (04/12/2012)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio Castro reports that citizens of Murcia pay eight times the interest payment to suppliers that banks ransom by State
  • More than a hundred professors at the University of Murcia participate in the training sessions (04/12/2012)

  • The University of Murcia City Council provides the tools necessary to develop eGovernment (04/12/2012)

  • El Pozo Murcia will face O'Parrulo of Ferrol in the second round of the Copa HM King (04/12/2012)

  • Pupaclown presents the third festival of performing arts for children (04/12/2012)
    The Christmas program will start on 22 December
  • The children's play area of ​​Paseo de Santa Agueda comtará soon with white light lamps for improved visibility (04/12/2012)
    The Department of Infrastructure and Urban Quality has also changed the street lamps Battle of Flowers, Our Lady of Hope and Junterones
  • Neighbors Barriomar involved in caring for its green areas (04/12/2012)
    Cachá Councilwoman Martinez participated in the activity Okupa Gardening
  • A therapeutic story climbs Teatro Circo tables Murcia (04/12/2012)
    "The awakening of the heart", a show of literature, music and dance theater, will be on Thursday at 20 am
  • Open day at the local police headquarters in La Alberca (04/12/2012)
    Students, workers and teachers show employers that have done work for the construction of the new center
  • Students of Medicine, University of Murcia donate the surplus of Congress on Medical Education for the purchase of food (04/12/2012)

  • Latbus Iniesta hopes that continues to demonstrate that you know how to do their job and not remain an isolated (04/12/2012)
    Statements traffic councilor severely handicap the company that has been in the hands of his law firm studying possible legal action
  • The founder and director of Grandchildren SA Martinez, Jose Martinez Nieto, in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) (03/12/2012)
    "We take care of i + D + I and add another 'i' international '
  • Latbus got 458,000 euros for 26 buses assigned to Transport Murcia (03/12/2012)
    Iniesta: "We are very pleased that this issue has been resolved and the company catches up with the payroll of their employees"
  • The delivery Bullfighting Club Gold Medal to the Mayor in recognition of his support and collaboration (03/12/2012)
    Especially on the occasion of the celebration of the 125th anniversary
  • The construction of the first plant in the region for the treatment of e-waste from scrapped vehicles adds to Cluster Environment (03/12/2012)

  • A European project will reduce energy consumption in Glorieta, annex building and the Municipal Security Center Infante (03/12/2012)
    The aim is to achieve energy savings of 20%
  • The Dagger artist opens its exhibition "Transhumant" at the University of Murcia (03/12/2012)

  • The socialist pedáneos require the PP to stop the "abuse, prejudice and plunder" that is supporting the neighboring districts (03/12/2012)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries denounces the cruelty with which local government has made investment budgets in districts that fall 6, 5 million euros
  • The University of Murcia has signed an agreement to train in sport (03/12/2012)

  • Kike is placed on the skin of a physical disability and sensory Albatera to mark the International Day (03/12/2012)

  • The SEMAS serves five homeless this weekend (03/12/2012)
    The service continues on alert against frost
  • IU-Greens ask occupancy data lines operated by Transportes de Murcia (03/12/2012)
    The formation of the left highlights the low occupancy of the new buses even in rush hour dealership
  • The National Police intercepted at a checkpoint three youths with a gun and 27,500 euros in counterfeit currency (03/12/2012)
    circulated with a vehicle and being required by the police fled
  • The Civil Guard surprised in the act of two people for stealing in a sports center and responsible for several thefts inside vehicles in a residential (03/12/2012)
    were caught jumping the fence surrounding the sports facilities in Cabezo de Torres
  • Paradise Cinema Premieres "The river was a man", winner of New Directors Festival San Sebastian (03/12/2012)

  • A conference to share best practices and experiences among teachers (03/12/2012)

  • The UCAM Murcia stumbles upon a much higher Unicaja (02/12/2012)
    Oscar Quintana's team left the game in the second quarter
  • Round South honors with a road to Istan panochos (02/12/2012)
    Joaquín Moya-Councilman and Mayor Angeler Istan (Malaga), José Miguel Marín, inaugurated Street
  • The Association Lobosillo Housewives launches site (02/12/2012)
    take the place of the old Senior Center
  • Service Quality in the Tourist Offices (02/12/2012)
    So far this year has gone by Offices 56% more visitors than in the same period of 2011
  • Present the program of events for the 50th Anniversary of the First Lady of Pain (01/12/2012)
    Among the planned activities include a lecture series, a charity concert and hymn premiere image and crown.
  • The UCAM closing the XXI Symposium on Hypertension (01/12/2012)
    During the closing was handed the award for the best research study in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk
  • Rafael Gomez opens the first track Tiger Padel Courts benefit of Lorca (01/12/2012)
    It will be located in the parking lot of New Condomina until January 31
  • Pelegrin and Barquero collaborate with the World Day to Combat AIDS (01/12/2012)
    The Local Youth Council and the group shared information do not deprive yourself and red ribbons in the square Romea
  • The Mayor is working with the Vista Alegre Scout Group in collecting food and clothing for the needy (01/12/2012)
    On the morning of Murcia have delivered about 500 kilos of food and about 150 bags of clothes
  • A missed opportunity for Murcia, as the PSOE (01/12/2012)
    After the approval of the municipal budget for 2013, the town was left without financial support to companies that hire new workers,

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