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Murcia News - June 2010

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  • Camera: "The continuity of Real Murcia is guaranteed, but after twelve years, in need of overhaul" (30/06/2010)

  • Abellán: "We want a winning project from minute one" (30/06/2010)

  • 500,000 euros for the improvement of horizontal and vertical signage in neighborhoods and districts (30/06/2010)

  • The morning light summer cinema projector (30/06/2010)

  • Urbamusa continues to work on road projects cycling trails, and management of partial plans and infrastructure (30/06/2010)

  • Approved contract tender for the management of street cleaning, waste collection and treatment from 2011 (30/06/2010)

  • Environment features 35 gardens and leisure (30/06/2010)

  • Water sports in the Mar Menor for children (30/06/2010)

  • With the stage Aljucer-Caravaca, today begins the "Tour de Parkinson" (30/06/2010)
    aljucereños carries three bikes to Lloret de Mar, covering 1000 km in 11 days
  • Three young people at risk of exclusion find work after attending the courses of the Youth Promotion Centre Espinardo (30/06/2010)
    The Minister of Social Policy, Women and Migration, Joaquín Bascuñana today presented the diploma to the 49 participants
  • College-educated entrepreneurs are more innovative, according to a book (30/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia granted two years leave to Maria Duenas to prepare his next novel (30/06/2010)

  • Wise but not lower our guard (30/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia pre-registration opens tomorrow with limited degrees of access (30/06/2010)

  • The UCAM awards the prizes of the V Olympiad Teleco (29/06/2010)
    The first award was for the student Borreguero Alvaro Beltran, The International School Limonar
  • The tourist office in the city of Murcia, the best of the region in 2009 (29/06/2010)
    The Network of Tourist Offices in the Region attended in 2009 a total of 477,635 requests for information, of which 462,855 were face
  • Antonio Campillo Meseguer becomes the new dean of the Faculty of Philosophy (29/06/2010)

  • Moya-Angeles: "The policy renewal process is a common financial" (29/06/2010)

  • The Office of Tourism of the City receives award for quality tourism in the Autonomous Community (29/06/2010)

  • Dismantled a security floor for the storage of drugs and weapons in Murcia (29/06/2010)
    The Register has intervened three guns, ammunition and various quantities of drugs
  • Three students representing the Faculty of Economics at the National Olympiad of this discipline (29/06/2010)

  • CajaMurcia facilitates the payment and management of municipal taxes over the Internet (29/06/2010)

  • More than 50 Murcia recorded and marked in less than a month their bikes to prevent theft (29/06/2010)

  • The Symphony Orchestra opens on Thursday Region VII Festival Belluga (29/06/2010)

  • The blue area of the ORA will be free on Saturdays throughout July and August (29/06/2010)

  • A warning dissertation on the impact of tuberculosis in the bull (29/06/2010)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the city of Murcia ask for a loan of 45 million euros (29/06/2010)
    "municipal debt rises above 300 million"
  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the creation of the Aquatic Environment (29/06/2010)

  • A research group at the University of Murcia has published a book on the flora of bryophytes of the Iberian Peninsula (29/06/2010)

  • The next Monday, July 5, ending the period for voluntary payment of IBI (29/06/2010)

  • The eight seats of municipal supplies give away a car to one of his clients (28/06/2010)

  • The Mayor hands over the keys of 10 housing units to their new owners in the neighborhood of Progress (28/06/2010)

  • A one-stop shop for housing in the municipality (28/06/2010)

  • The rector of the University of Murcia is hopeful with the implementation of studies on the campus of Lorca (28/06/2010)

  • Before exposure to the sun ... (28/06/2010)

  • It closed the Masters in Management MBA with the imposition of scholarships (28/06/2010)

  • Ros: "The government team has offered the most clearly in the specifications for the new garbage service ' (28/06/2010)

  • Manual for entrepreneurs (28/06/2010)

  • The new contract for garbage collection, cleaning and treatment will cost 1,200 million euros from Murcia (28/06/2010)

  • From Facebook Forum defrauded and cheated by UPyD show their more "absolute rejection of the electoral process that has held this party in the city of Murcia" (27/06/2010)
    "A process where they have violated the most elementary democratic principles are trampled the rights of their members, "they say
  • Adela Martínez-cache gives the starting signal to the parties of Rincón de Seca (27/06/2010)

  • A technician of the Department of Employment received the award 'Antonio Ruiz Jiménez' good practice in prevention of occupational hazards (27/06/2010)

  • The record for the appointment of Miguel Hernandez as a foster child is locked in the drawer Barnuevo (27/06/2010)

  • Rubén Juan Serna, elected new UPyD coordinator and spokesman in the city of Murcia (26/06/2010)
    led by Serna's bid has won the backing of 66% of members who have exercised their right to vote now
  • The PSOE de La Alberca complaint that the City was built Salabosque roundabout and continuing risk of accidents (26/06/2010)
    criticize who has recently opened a "process" of 1.5 miles of the South Coast Avenue, nine years after to approve its construction
  • New investment in the Day Care Centers to better serve the elderly (26/06/2010)

  • Martínez-Cache proclaims the holiday corner Seca (26/06/2010)

  • Students of the promotion of Protocol V and Institutional Relations receive their scholarships (25/06/2010)
    The General Secretary of the Presidency and Public Administration CARM, José Gabriel Ruiz, has sponsored students
  • XI Graduation Promotion of Nursing (25/06/2010)
    New UCAM nurses receive their scholarship and diploma
  • The Cross of World Youth Days visit UCAM (25/06/2010)
    The Cross of World Youth Days has come to Murcia for a meeting with the Pope to be held next summer in Madrid
  • Alquerías recover their church restored by the agreement between the city, diocese and CajaMurcia (25/06/2010)

  • The districts are divided almost 6 million for paving and lighting (25/06/2010)

  • The Parrandboleros and Nuria Ferg, major figures in the fourteenth edition of the competition of Tunas "Barrio de El Carmen" (25/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the awards ceremony of the Olympiad of Economics and Business (25/06/2010)

  • The approved entrance examinations to public universities is nearly 95 per cent (25/06/2010)

  • Paulão Prestes enters the second-round pick (25/06/2010)
    The Brazilian power forward, who played last season at CB Murcia, has been selected by Minnesota Timberwolves
  • The University of Murcia interrupted the Sunday service studies classrooms Merced High School competitions (25/06/2010)

  • A congress of the University of Murcia studying the latest advances in arthroscopy (25/06/2010)

  • Grafts of the person are most suitable for repairing bone defects, as doctoral thesis (25/06/2010)

  • More than 1,800 people attend, so far this year, the municipal Counselling Service to seek employment (25/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia will host a European meeting to address the financing of universities (25/06/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls to be enabled in Terra Natura exhibition service, maintenance and adoption of abandoned pets in the kennel (25/06/2010)

  • Noguera: "With Web 2.0 the user is a new producer of content" (24/06/2010)
    Journalism Professor José Manuel Noguera, is one of the coordinators of the course 'for University Web 2.0'
  • The Mayor Chamber received in a moving ceremony Cross Youth of Pope John Paul II (24/06/2010)

  • Over one hundred photographs submitted to the first contest 'And you. What Murcia live? "Lists the differences between the center and the hamlets (24/06/2010)
    The PSOE opens today at the Plaza Santo Domingo an exhibition of selected images that will be also public spaces of neighborhoods and districts
  • UPyD affiliates in Murcia return to the polls Saturday to elect their Local Council (24/06/2010)

  • The Socialist Group has presented today to the plenary the following motions, questions and requests ... (24/06/2010)

  • The transmission lines are already unified municipal competition for one euro (24/06/2010)

  • Paulo Roberto proposes to smaller campus this summer to learn Futsal (24/06/2010)

  • The increase in VAT strangle Murcia (24/06/2010)

  • The PP requires the Government to meet the deadlines to reach the promised infrastructure Murcia (24/06/2010)
    The Mayor joins the claim of claim works of vital importance to our city
  • Pelegrin: "The Socialist Party demands that the other does not claim his own" (24/06/2010)
    PP An alternative motion states that the aid comes mostly in the Autonomous Community
  • The House observed a minute of silence for the deceased run over by a train in Castelldefels (24/06/2010)

  • The City Council is committed to providing the hamlets of industrial and services (24/06/2010)

  • Space Molinos del Rio Stables premieres tomorrow its film series dedicated to Tintin (24/06/2010)

  • Murcia coordinate energy plans of the cities of Rabat and Polotsk (24/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia allocated 140 seats for rural practices and socio (24/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia joined the project to recognize certificates of proficiency in Spanish (24/06/2010)

  • Professor Stefan Schulz visit the University of Murcia to present a technique that improves the quality of electronic clinical documents (24/06/2010)

  • End of Season Concert Choir Murciano "Fernández Caballero" (24/06/2010)
    will be the 25th of June
  • The Catholic University hosts 23 and 24 June 2010 Summer School on Cardiovascular Risk (23/06/2010)

  • V Festival LupeFolk July 2, 2010 Guadalupe (Murcia) (23/06/2010)
    "Folk by the districts of the Huerta de Murcia"
  • CB Murcia prepares the entrance exam for children (23/06/2010)
    All Region boys born in 1997, have the opportunity to be part of the quarry of CB Murcia
  • Murcia held one week to commemorate the acts of LGBT pride day (23/06/2010)
    The Mall auditorium Thader host a mega-party, next Friday, which will include performances and music
  • AJVA celebrates its traditional Bonfire of San Juan (23/06/2010)
    Burning tonight his new creation "I want to be cool-o", which starts at the hamlet Festivals aljucereña
  • Camera comes with the largest of El Palmar in their journey of living (23/06/2010)

  • The team reminds the PSOE government to cancel sanctions is not for the municipal plenary (23/06/2010)

  • Sports invests 1.3 million euros to provide citizens with quality facilities (23/06/2010)

  • 60% of the tram works already executed (23/06/2010)

  • Social Services spends more than 290,000 euros to municipal associations (23/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia awarded the prizes of the competitions of Classical Studies (23/06/2010)

  • The Governing Board finally approved the project of recovery of the House of Bacons Bridge Bethlehem (23/06/2010)

  • Xavi Puyada becomes new player CB Murcia (23/06/2010)
    The White base again Rueda Valladolid LEB Oro, where ya got a promotion
  • Lobosillo host the Second Saturday "Race for Life" (23/06/2010)

  • The City Council awarded a land of 10,000 meters for the construction of a hospital in Churra (23/06/2010)

  • Arrested for exposing the false theft of his vehicle and attempting to defraud the insurance company (23/06/2010)
    stated that he was assaulted and beaten by two people who took the vehicle
  • Ibero Sanctuary and the Centre of Light become a cultural landmark and tourist Murcia (23/06/2010)

  • Remodel the football stadium in San José de la Vega and two paddle sports center Infante (23/06/2010)

  • Captain Kike Boned extended his contract with the Club until June 2013 (23/06/2010)

  • Young Space Ship celebrates the end of course (23/06/2010)

  • Peñaranda: "House to the public to the Second League B of freedom of expression" (23/06/2010)

  • The Board of the University of Murcia convenes the University Spirit Award and Human Values (23/06/2010)

  • An article establishes the relationship between behavior disorders in childhood and addictions (23/06/2010)

  • A doctoral thesis fixed doses of oxygen to improve the color and sensory quality of wine (23/06/2010)

  • Alejandro Valverde at the opening of the Sports Center Verdolay (23/06/2010)

  • IU + LV makes proposals to improve municipal street cleaning service (22/06/2010)

  • The Mayor opened the new Sports Centre Verdolay ready to host to 3,800 visitors each day (22/06/2010)
    The modern facility, which has invested more than 5 million euros, combines innovative design and a complete and attractive offer sports
  • 'Spank Through', 'The Yellow Garden' and 'Analogic "compete in the final Creajoven Pop-Rock (22/06/2010)

  • Murcia city has established itself as Congress and a growing number of events and participants during 2009 (22/06/2010)

  • CAM Hall and put the payment of municipal taxes "click" (22/06/2010)

  • Sold out in the Gala Benefit for Haiti (22/06/2010)

  • Murcia, a city in the woods (22/06/2010)

  • Alarcón: "The Real Murcia or not and can not disappear" (22/06/2010)
    Alarcón has requested in writing a meeting with club owner Jesus Samper, to see first hand the sporting and economic circumstances
  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to fill 41 seats of associate professors (22/06/2010)

  • Professor Antonio Sempere ends with his lecture course at the School of Labor Practice (22/06/2010)

  • The University of Cadiz win the football national championship PAS (22/06/2010)

  • The Cross of World Youth Days visit the UCAM (21/06/2010)
    The Cross of World Youth Days will Murcia on the occasion of World Youth Day Madrid 2011
  • II Gala Vistalegre 2009/2010 of the AD-Murcia (21/06/2010)
    took place on Friday June 18
  • Letter from Jesus Samper to Murcia (21/06/2010)
  • Herguedas requested the construction of a municipal campsite in Murcia (21/06/2010)

  • Alarcón: "House, Mayor of Second B" (21/06/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman Amenta that the sad circumstances behind sports seriously endangers the continuity of Real Murcia, is the disastrous management of municipal policy makers, with the mayor head
  • The PSOE will require a single ticket in the middle of the price of a euro for use of public transport in the city (21/06/2010)
    PSOE Councillor said that "it seems unfair that people who live in more remote districts have to pay more for live further "
  • Beginning of the end of Performing Arts Creajoven (21/06/2010)

  • Antonio Sanchez gave the heritage of the city his canvas on the outskirts of the Arrixaca New (21/06/2010)

  • Approved industrial definitely a partial plan in Corvera (21/06/2010)

  • Tomorrow is the deadline to register is open to children 5 to 12 years in the workshops of the Museum of Science and Water (21/06/2010)

  • A student of Chemical Engineering Vigaceros gets the prize for his final project (21/06/2010)

  • The Rocks of El Pozo Murcia Turística organized an End of Season Dinner next Saturday (21/06/2010)

  • A course in which lectures are prohibited (21/06/2010)
    Research to CSI, including science camp II activities of the International University of Mar
  • The University of Murcia strengthening libraries and study rooms for the preparation of examinations (21/06/2010)

  • The PSOE claims the Suggestions and Complaints Commission Rules of Procedure and still has not met since 2008 (20/06/2010)

  • Students of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy of the UCAM receive their scholarships (19/06/2010)

  • Murcia receives the award "City of Forests" (19/06/2010)

  • 330 people have participated in the Club of Languages Department of Youth (19/06/2010)

  • The students of Tourism and ADE of the UCAM receive their scholarships (18/06/2010)

  • The City Council does not raise the municipal workforce reduction (18/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia calls about development cooperation projects (18/06/2010)

  • La Paz celebrates its sixth morning fishing contest for children and youth (18/06/2010)

  • Ramón Gaya Museum joins the European Day of Music with a tribute to Mari Trini (18/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia, Spanish only participant in the global soccer robots (18/06/2010)

  • More 1200 Murcia enjoy 'a summer of museum' (18/06/2010)

  • Joan Manuel Serrat Programming Other Music closes Regional Auditorium concert with Miguel Hernández (18/06/2010)
    perform songs from Child of light and shadow on Sunday
  • The University of Murcia hosts a presentation on invasive alien species (18/06/2010)

  • PSOE: "The PP blocks and cut in an arbitrary and unwarranted expenditure of Municipal Boards of neighborhoods and districts" (18/06/2010)

  • María Dolores Sánchez welcomes students of the school Santa Maria de La Paz Murcia (18/06/2010)

  • The ship held a conference devoted to dance and cuisine Turkey (18/06/2010)

  • L'Artesa huertana La Peña celebrates anniversary XXXI (18/06/2010)

  • ... (17/06/2010)

  • Dani Salgado, new player of El Pozo Murcia Turística (17/06/2010)
    specs for two seasons and will wear the race number 8
  • The Moneo is hosting this week a conference on the group 4 / 40 (17/06/2010)

  • Lola Sánchez Nuria Fuentes and prizes are awarded to students who know more driver education (17/06/2010)

  • A course to demystify computing (17/06/2010)
    Robotics, automation and intelligent vehicles in the First Summer School of the Faculty of Informatics, University of Murcia
  • The City subsidizes travel and entry to encourage fans to Real Murcia in Girona (17/06/2010)

  • Music, film and dance to liven up the summer nights in Murcia (17/06/2010)

  • The Belluga Plaza becomes an outdoor auditorium to enjoy the music and dance (17/06/2010)

  • PSOE: "Total disregard of the PP while increasing the pace of job losses that reached the figure of 50,000 unemployed in the municipality" (17/06/2010)

  • Day of living in the center of the Women's Boatmen (17/06/2010)

  • Argentine Students visited the Regional Assembly (17/06/2010)

  • Cyanotype Exhibition plays and Bank Holidays the time on the ship (17/06/2010)

  • Camera Valcárcel underlines the commitment of the municipalities to help them out of the crisis (16/06/2010)

  • The Mayor's House Opens in La Alberca the second sports hall in less than 4 years (16/06/2010)

  • Opening of the new IES Alquibla Sports Pavilion, in which the Sports Council has invested 75% of the cost (16/06/2010)
    Since 2004, the Higher Sports Council has invested in sports facilities Institutes of Region 6 7 million euros
  • The University of Murcia held a tribute in memory of Professor Peter Paul Berry (16/06/2010)

  • The Sustainable Development Foundation is established to the rector of the University of Murcia in the Board (16/06/2010)

  • The Governing Board approved the new grant scheme pneumococcal vaccine (16/06/2010)

  • Renewal of inquiry, citizen service and tradition of the census (16/06/2010)

  • Employment launching a new program for the employment of immigrants (16/06/2010)

  • Continue work on the Youth Access Centre Juan de Borbón (16/06/2010)

  • In the coming weeks will begin to install new bicycle parking closed (16/06/2010)

  • The City will purchase eight electric vehicles (16/06/2010)

  • Three concerts commemorating the Day of Music (16/06/2010)

  • A new South Lightning Round join with the center of Murcia (16/06/2010)

  • The Socialist Party proposed that a street be named Photographer Murcia Tomás Lorente (16/06/2010)

  • The Office of European Projects at the University of Murcia organized a conference of disclosure (16/06/2010)

  • The PSOE prompted a full emergency making software to facilitate bureaucratic management through the Network (16/06/2010)

  • Pelegrín closing the 2009-2010 academic year of reading clubs senior centers (16/06/2010)

  • Today the close of the XVII International Conference IPDMC, which met at the University of Murcia experts from 30 countries (15/06/2010)
    Betting on improvement in the development of new products, one of the recipes against crisis
  • Pedro Lopez began in El Palmar a round of meetings with citizens of the municipality (15/06/2010)
    The Socialist Municipal Executive has launched an initiative called "Citizens 'Encounters' with which gauge the opinion of the neighbors and hear their concerns
  • Clarified by the time four robberies in different establishments of Alicante and Murcia (15/06/2010)

  • The journalist Antonio Botia preaches on Saturday the festivities of the Arboleja (15/06/2010)
    New Events Committee, led by the Municipal Board of the parish, takes the celebration of these festivals
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística Composting Campaign starts 2010-2011 (15/06/2010)
    20 years together making history!
  • 44 Services organizes summer schools for more than 2,000 children in the municipality (15/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia opens pre-registration Masters in Veterinary I Fighting Bull (15/06/2010)

  • End of course reading clubs senior centers (15/06/2010)

  • The Science Museum, the figure of the woman in the world of astronomy (15/06/2010)

  • A new edition of the flowers and books brings together the work of 8 Women's centers of Murcia (15/06/2010)

  • Moving to Girona with FEPEMUR (15/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the finals of University Futsal Championships (15/06/2010)

  • A forum examines the quality assessment in universities (15/06/2010)

  • Students Resource Center Alquerías graduate (15/06/2010)

  • Five hundred neighbors require the PP to take drastic measures urgent (15/06/2010)
    To end the plague of rats that invade the heart of Espinardo
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística presents the new kits of LUANVI commemorating 20 years of the Club (14/06/2010)

  • Cardinal Canizares: "The University should promote the values and life delhombre" (14/06/2010)
    Cardinal Antonio Canizares has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the UCAM in celebrating the patron saint of the University, San Antonio de Padua
  • Congress was inaugurated on new product development with the presence of 240 scientists (14/06/2010)

  • Domingo Manzanares took over as dean of the Faculty of Labour (14/06/2010)

  • Cultural Center of El Carmen is hosting an exhibition that invites reflection on recycling (14/06/2010)

  • Puerto Lumbreras hosts the course of the Universidad del Mar to popularize science among those over 50 years (14/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia has allocated a million euros for the security service on campus (14/06/2010)

  • A new edition of the flowers and books brings together the work of eight women's centers of Murcia (14/06/2010)

  • 140 medical students held their act for the taxation of scholarships (14/06/2010)

  • The women's centers are organizing a gala benefit for the victims of Haiti (14/06/2010)

  • The local police started a campaign tomorrow to the highest in the municipality are warned against possible crimes (14/06/2010)

  • PSOE: "The CP seeks to silence with a fine to the village of Viejo Javalí claim a medical" (14/06/2010)

  • Maria del Carmen Beatriz Hontoria Pelegrín and receive the Ambassador of Brazil in Spain (14/06/2010)

  • More than 600 people will benefit from the project "Housing for Immigrants host" (14/06/2010)

  • More than 5,500 students begin today the entrance exams to college (14/06/2010)

  • "Closing the bill passes Romea" (13/06/2010)
    Alarcon complained that "the mayor Valcárcel House pays more than 13,600 euros a night to use regional Víctor Villegas Auditorium to celebrate the act of the Exaltation huertana 2010"
  • Rafa, new goalkeeper El Pozo Murcia Turística (12/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia Trophy presented awards rector (11/06/2010)

  • The IBI for families Murcia is up to 14% cheaper than in the rest of Spain (11/06/2010)

  • An international conference will debate at the University of Murcia on the latest advances in product development (11/06/2010)

  • The actor Francisco Algora presented on Monday his latest book in the School of Dramatic Art (11/06/2010)

  • Presentation of diplomas to nursing assistant lecturers fees (11/06/2010)

  • Murcia receives the award from the Platinum Broom (11/06/2010)

  • Students of IES Alquibla of La Alberca still unable to use the toilets and changing rooms of sports pavilion (11/06/2010)
    one year after its completion
  • The City Council renews Development Cooperation (11/06/2010)

  • Three of the municipality institutes participating in the 'Mini-market' European Young Enterprise project (10/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia hosts the University Championship Finals PAS Futsal (10/06/2010)
    Spanish representatives from ten universities will face 14 to 19 June on the Campus of Espinardo
  • José Antonio Cobacho, a preacher of the Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos 2010 (10/06/2010)

  • 1465 places stop the 26 summer schools organized by the Department of Festivals and Popular Culture for July (10/06/2010)

  • The City Council and the Boxing Federation signed an agreement for the dissemination and promotion of this sport (10/06/2010)

  • Commissioning of sports facilities to provide citizens with quality services (10/06/2010)

  • On the special service of Telecare from the effects of the heat wave (10/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia has published a study on the psychological impact resulting in unemployment (10/06/2010)

  • A new website will facilitate access to information from Murcia City (10/06/2010)

  • XX Pilgrimage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monteagudo (10/06/2010)
    will take place tomorrow, Friday, June 11.
  • The University of Murcia launches next year for a Masters in Musical Research (10/06/2010)

  • An agreement ensures the rights of consumers in the municipality (10/06/2010)

  • The Condomina, a unique opportunity to serve the citizens (10/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia encourage the participation of students in the national congress of environment (10/06/2010)

  • The Alquibla IES La Alberca opens sports hall (09/06/2010)

  • House gets the custom catalog of the exhibition dedicated to Alfonso X El Sabio (08/06/2010)

  • Social Welfare continues to improve the care for the elderly (08/06/2010)

  • 67 Murcia City officials seconded the strike (08/06/2010)

  • The Mayor meets with the Consul of Ecuador on his last day as head of the diplomatic mission (08/06/2010)

  • The City of Murcia has the energy plans and Sucina Bacons Bridge in Brussels (08/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia is a world leader in innovation and new product development (08/06/2010)
    will take place from 13 to 15 June in the Faculty of Economics IPDMC the XVII International
  • Navarro: "The city continues to hide PP accounts with total impunity and with malice aforethought" (08/06/2010)

  • Sports offers 700 places for fitness to practice during the month of July (08/06/2010)

  • La Hermandad del Rocio de Murcia placed an altar for the procession of Copus (08/06/2010)

  • The Faculty of the University of Murcia awards three honorary doctorates (08/06/2010)

  • Online Superfreak series premiered its latest chapter (08/06/2010)

  • Sports Gala XII of the UCAM (07/06/2010)
    The UCAM honors its best athletes
  • House calls to the continued benefits and committed investments (07/06/2010)
    The PP submit motions in the Neighborhood and the full City Council of Murcia
  • Chamber believes "understandable" that officials are "legitimately angry and rebelling" against a government "incapable" (07/06/2010)

  • UPyD Murcia City Hall claims that the concessions that would reduce long-term services, so they can be reviewed (07/06/2010)

  • House congratulates The Well of the season "historic" (07/06/2010)

  • The Mayor Chamber awards the "Ciudad de Murcia" four associations that have opted for innovation in information technology (07/06/2010)

  • The mayor signed an agreement to ensure access to medicines to the homeless and transients (07/06/2010)

  • Autonomous Community Hall and provide 3.9 million euros to guarantee basic social benefits (07/06/2010)

  • Nine ensure effective fire safety in the event the Spain-Poland (07/06/2010)

  • The Government delegate: harbinger of the holiday Llano de Brujas (07/06/2010)
    recalled the poet Baptist Sanchez said: "It was one of the writers who best express what is known and it means the garden and its people"
  • The spraying will be carried out throughout the week (07/06/2010)

  • Fifteen families in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit are the keys to the houses they live in rent (07/06/2010)

  • A new system of local police will finish with the highest accident areas of the municipality (07/06/2010)

  • Young Socialists denounced the municipal government treated as "criminals" to users of the bike and pushes them to risk their lives. (07/06/2010)

  • The grant of three million Social Policy to the City of Murcia in Primary Health Care will maintain 341 jobs (07/06/2010)
    This aid is directed to the Home Help program, Support for Inclusion and maintenance centers
  • The University of Murcia has signed an agreement with CONAMA to organize the conference of environment (07/06/2010)

  • A PhD thesis analyzes the music in the cathedral of Murcia between 1600 and 1750 (07/06/2010)

  • The Senate considering three proposals to grant honorary doctorates (07/06/2010)

  • The Secretary of the Reflection Group on the Future of European Union talks on ending the crisis (07/06/2010)

  • The City digitize documents the historical heritage of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (07/06/2010)

  • The municipal libraries serving 500,000 users annually (06/06/2010)
    The libraries perform an average of 900 loans a day
  • The Cardinal Cañizares UCAM appointed Doctor Honoris Causa (05/06/2010)
    The Catholic University held on Monday 14 June, the feast of its patron Saint Anthony of Padua
  • The hamlet of Los Ramos opens garden (05/06/2010)

  • A special Local Police will ensure the safety of citizens in the match Spain-Poland (05/06/2010)

  • Future professional nutrition graduate UCAM (04/06/2010)
    Managing Director of Health Service of Murcia, José Antonio Alarcón González, has acted as a sponsor
  • The Catholic University of Murcia promoted through the project "UCAM in Green", sustainable actions for the preservation of the environment (04/06/2010)
    The UCAM will be present during the day today at the booth was installed in the garden of Malecon on the occasion of World Environment Day
  • Art Center and the Board Almudí CAM-Hammer 60 years meet painting Saura Mira (04/06/2010)
    "Retrospective" will last until July 15
  • The mountaineer Lucia Lopez is received by the Mayor after returning from his feat in the Cho Oyu (04/06/2010)
    Chamber has welcomed the gesture, although bad weather prevented him from reaching the summit
  • The Mayor congratulated the "Grandparents of the Year" senior centers, both nearly centenarians (04/06/2010)
    House assists the tribute in which they were elected Diego Moreno and Maria Serrano, 97 and 95 years respectively
  • The Mayor Chamber considered "essential" to the fire protection plan to protect the fire the "green lung" of Murcia (04/06/2010)
    Valley Regional Park is a major sink for CO2 absorption greenhouse
  • The Mayor visits El Malecon, become the best showcase of environmental management held in Murcia (04/06/2010)
    The World Environment Day this year revolves around the theme 'Many species.
  • The mayor gives the awards to 15 winners of the school environment (04/06/2010)
    The event is part of the strategy launched by the City Council to raise awareness among children about the care of the environment, including "green schools"
  • A Murcia Forum will look at the plans of Spanish universities to assess the quality of research and higher education (04/06/2010)
    will be held between 15 and 18 June
  • Commissioning New Condomina stadium for the match Spain-Poland (04/06/2010)

  • Pelegrin, "Information for users of home help has been directly and personally from the outset" (04/06/2010)

  • The City Council receives two Caritas Hearts (04/06/2010)

  • Castillo morning proclaims parties Stables (04/06/2010)

  • BB King, the king of the blues, closes its tour of Spain Murcia (04/06/2010)
    Tickets are sold out for days for Regional Auditorium concert
  • Begins spraying for mosquitoes (04/06/2010)

  • ... (04/06/2010)

  • PSOE: "Bad planning leaves PP 400 people in the municipality without the help at home" (04/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates the World Environment Day (04/06/2010)

  • Three students from the University of Murcia won an award from the Congress of experimental sciences and health (04/06/2010)

  • The neighborhood of Los Almendros de La Alberca will look like new this year (03/06/2010)

  • Promoting solidarity and volunteering (03/06/2010)

  • The campaign, 'Bring your battery to the movies' end with the recycling of more than 9,000 units (03/06/2010)

  • Teatro La Nave and celebration to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Association Onda Nave (03/06/2010)

  • Bascuñana attend performances of the Fourth Special Theatre Festival of El Palmar (03/06/2010)
    groups involving 14 centers for persons with disabilities throughout the Region
  • IU + LV requires information on forest farms attached to new developments (03/06/2010)

  • New late works Romea Theatre (03/06/2010)
    Socialist spokeswoman, Maria José Alarcón, reports that the municipal PP has granted the company hired a new two-month postponement of the date of completion of construction
  • Former Director of the WHO gave a lecture at the University of Murcia (03/06/2010)

  • The Community and the City rehabilitate 151 homes in the village of La Alberca Murcia (03/06/2010)
    José Ballesta said "The regional government performs this action to provide appropriate living conditions for families in the neighborhood of Los Almendros"
  • The Kuwaiti ambassador attended the University of Murcia to read the thesis of luxury in the princely courts of Arabia (03/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia calls for 20 seats of professors and lecturers (03/06/2010)

  • The Mayor gives his support to the campaign to promote organ donation (02/06/2010)

  • The City Council assists in the rehabilitation of the Parish of San Juan Bautista de Alquerías (02/06/2010)

  • Murcia celebrates World Environment Day with activities in the garden of the Malecón (02/06/2010)

  • The City Council sought European support to build sports facilities and an office in districts (02/06/2010)

  • Art Center and the Board Almudí CAM-Hammer hosting the most comprehensive exhibition of Saura Mira (02/06/2010)

  • Murcia parking will be closed by September bikes (02/06/2010)

  • The City of Murcia city center organizes a summer school for children of the municipality (02/06/2010)

  • Sports invests 1.7 million euros in the development of the summer swimming (02/06/2010)

  • The City adheres to the agreement so that penalties work on behalf of the community are made in the municipality (02/06/2010)

  • María Dolores Sánchez touts the festival of San Basilio (02/06/2010)

  • Arrested on a bank robber Quarter Progress (02/06/2010)

  • Lopez stresses that Peñalver statements, it is clear that the City knew its actions (02/06/2010)
    PSRM spokesman accuses House of "silent complicity" with no explanation to the public about the millions of former operations manager of Urban
  • Residents of Rincon de Seca ask the municipal government for a garden hamlet (02/06/2010)

  • Held at the University of Murcia International Congress on Translation and Cognition (02/06/2010)

  • The Faculty of Economics and Business organized a panel discussion on labor reform (02/06/2010)

  • The Journal of Educational Research joins the library of the University of Murcia (02/06/2010)

  • Doctoral thesis studies the quality of life of patients with burning mouth syndrome (02/06/2010)

  • Murcia commitment to electric cars (01/06/2010)
    The Murcia commitment to provide sustainable mobility has made a firm commitment to the role of pedestrians, public transport, cycling and now also for electric vehicles
  • Moya-Angeles: "The City Council has been carrying out cost-saving measures from 2008" (01/06/2010)

  • The Association of Owners of the SPA in El Valle, and Escalona Altaona (01/06/2010)

  • Art solidarity (01/06/2010)

  • President of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, receives President of the Federation of Moros y Cristianos de Murcia, Alfonso Gálvez (01/06/2010)

  • The Convention Bureau presents the supply of Murcia in Germany (01/06/2010)

  • UPyD congratulates the Ministry of Agriculture and Water for its decision to close to traffic Watchmaker Peak (01/06/2010)
    While expressing its disagreement with the felling of 500,000 pine
  • The director of the Institute for Women Nazarene encouraged to incorporate all the Holy Week processions in the Region (01/06/2010)
    Teresa Moreno congratulated the Guild Murcia Refuge in joining this initiative
  • The Socialist Group is proposing a plan for the adjustment and the redistribution of municipal expenditure (01/06/2010)
    PSOE Councilman Alfonso Navarro said that the plan would be designed to increase real investment, reduce debt and ensure a zero deficit
  • The University of Murcia launches competition for the recruitment of seven professors and researchers (01/06/2010)

  • The University of Murcia and approved Cajamurcia contributions to academic and cultural activities (01/06/2010)


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