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Murcia News - December 2008

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  • ... (31/12/2008)

  • Paco Guillem: "In 2009 I ask to stay in the ACB" (31/12/2008)
    Sporting Director CB Murcia asks fans to return to repeat the environment that we experienced before the CAI, it will give us facilities for win "
  • Paulo Roberto will play the King Baltasar (31/12/2008)
    Nicolas Almagro tennis player is recovering from an injury and has to travel to Australia for a tournament
  • CB Murcia also distributed toys Jesus Dropped (30/12/2008)
    The campaign 'score at the Toy' continues delighting the needy
  • The Mayor expressed to the President of Murcia Real Murcia intention of the government team to continue working with the club (30/12/2008)
    House will not rule out the possibility of signing a new agreement in January
  • Tourism offers a route through the cribs popular town (30/12/2008)
    The visits will take place on 2 and 3 January
  • The City of Murcia hosts a party in the streets of Santo Domingo and Rome to celebrate the New Year (30/12/2008)
    The chimes were relayed on a giant screen
  • The installation of the monumental glass Rowing Club, the work of Muñoz Barberán (30/12/2008)
    The piece, perhaps the only one that the author well conceived, has been placed in the reading room of the new library of James the Greater
  • Tequila, Anthony & The Johnsons, Jackson Browne, Lila Downs and Michael Nyman integrate some of the actions of "Other Music" (30/12/2008)
    cycle includes, in the first quarter of 2009, pop, country, electronic, rock song and a programming "intense, perfectly balanced and offering nearly a week," said Cruz
  • Los Reyes Magos answer to letters from children through messages to mobile (30/12/2008)
    Bluetooth poles have been installed in the Plaza Santo Domingo, Glorieta and Saavedra Fajardo
  • Pedro Alberto Cruz shows his "full support" to Real Murcia and sends a message of reassurance to the fans (30/12/2008)
    The Region will advance to January's 325,000 euros of subsidies to the club
  • Children's workshops and parades to encourage purchases of Kings (30/12/2008)
    Events take place in the center of the city on 2, 3 and 4 January
  • 600,000 euros to renovate the sidewalks and driveways of five districts of the municipality (29/12/2008)
    The performances will take place in Cobatillas, La Raya, Corvera, Sangonera the Seca and Zeneta
  • The Consistory allocates nearly 61,000 euros for school integration of children from ethnic minorities (29/12/2008)
    is to improve the living conditions of children
  • The City Council obtained the land for the construction of a new school in El Raal (29/12/2008)
    be built on the Trail clubs, in the center of the hamlet
  • YS Magi ask a university bus passing through the hamlets (29/12/2008)
    They have a Christmas campaign, humorously, to denounce the lack of investment in services in the districts of the municipality of Murcia
  • The new Centre Municipal de la Plata will Cabezo multipurpose room and reading (29/12/2008)
    Occupying an area of 380 square meters divided over four floors
  • Inauguration of five new non-commissioned officers of the Fire Department (29/12/2008)
    It took place this morning in the city of Murcia
  • The team of government allows new works for Murcia and districts amounting to 9.5 million euros (29/12/2008)

  • More than 100,000 people have enjoyed the show "The Christmas Light" (29/12/2008)
    This year for the first time players have participated in the School of Dramatic Art
  • Starts to operate the Ray Vistabella (29/12/2008)
    tour the area from 7.30 to 22.30 on weekdays
  • The Government delegate announces bid for the roundabout that will link the campus with the Mediterranean motorway and National 301 (29/12/2008)
    Respond to a historical demand of the University
  • The City Council bends to Jesus Dropped grant to assist the homeless (29/12/2008)
    It is expected that 2009 will remodel the dining room
  • Autonomous City and drive the completion of the Coastal North and South and the improvement of public transport (29/12/2008)
    The new road, for which the Regional Executive in this first stage provides 2.5 million euros, will make for a radical change in mobility of the municipality and improve accessibility to 14 districts
  • CB Murcia started the first smiles of the campaign 'Encesta his toy' (28/12/2008)
    The Child Protection Center of Holy Angel has enjoyed both toys 'famous' as the party of the 15 th Day
  • Begin work on the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (27/12/2008)
    This project has been awarded to companies Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas and Taryet
  • Manolo Hussein: "The CAI I think a dangerous team and very competitive" (26/12/2008)
    CB Murcia coach calls on the fans who go on Sunday (12:30 pm) at Palacio de Deportes, because "it's very important the support we have "
  • It launches mobile portal to facilitate consultations UMU (26/12/2008)

  • On Monday go on sale chairs for the Parade of Kings (26/12/2008)
    may be purchased at the point of sale of the Plaza Santa Isabel and Internet
  • In progress the paving and replacement of lighting in various districts of the municipality (26/12/2008)
    The proceedings will be undertaken in the strut, Nonduermas, Lobosillo and Zeneta
  • The collective on the Region of Murcia mourns the passing of Antonio López Baños (26/12/2008)

  • The San Silvestre VII revving Murcia (26/12/2008)
    "YES TO LIFE, NO TO DRUGS" is the motto of this race
  • Remodel the football fields of Llano de Brujas and Guadeloupe with the installation of artificial turf (26/12/2008)
    The City will invest around € 900,000 in this facility
  • The editor of the University of Murcia has published a book on the Law of Regional Autonomy (26/12/2008)

  • The Mayor visits the home of "Santa Murcia" (24/12/2008)
    As thousands of people are these days, has fulfilled the tradition accompanied by several council members and their children
  • Culture restores four sculptures of the eighteenth century the churches of San Juan Bautista, El Carmen and the Era Alta de Murcia (24/12/2008)
    The work undertaken by the Restoration Center has had a budget of 31,000 euros
  • CB Murcia participates in the Solidarity Marathon Tv Murcia (23/12/2008)
    Oscar García and Bojan Bogdanovic attended the live Gala held at the Zig-Zag
  • Extends the deadline for submissions in the competition of micro Los Molinos del Río (23/12/2008)
    ending 31 December
  • The Mayor urged the Minister of Culture to rehabilitate the parish of San Juan Bautista de Stables (23/12/2008)
    With under Item provided by the State for the recovery of cultural heritage
  • Santa Claus Easter congratulated the children of the university community (23/12/2008)
    Santa gave all sorts of toys and goodies
  • Tips to enjoy a sustainable Christmas (23/12/2008)
    The Local Energy Agency is proposing a series of measures to save energy during these festivals
  • The University honors 33 teachers promoted to holders of University (23/12/2008)

  • Nicolas Almagro, Antonio and José Luis Ayuso brand embodies the Kings in the city of Murcia (23/12/2008)
    The Star of Christmas will be Maria Liria Pardo, daughter of the matador Pepin Liria
  • Nearly 4,000 people will participate in the San Silvestre VII to be held on 31 December (23/12/2008)
    The tour will be 7,200 meters, leaving from the Gazebo
  • The Community contributes one million euros to build new municipal facilities and Torres Cabezo Stables (23/12/2008)
    The Presidency and Minister of Public Administration and Murcia Mayor today signed an agreement for the two districts have two separate multi-purpose centers in 2010
  • A step closer to the burial of power lines Rectors (23/12/2008)
    Approved an underground tunnel project to bury lines
  • Tourism invites you to visit the traditional Christmas Murcia (23/12/2008)
    proposed for the weekend visit to Bethlehem and a meeting with the Auroros
  • The University of Murcia announces a contest to award the operation of the college swimming (23/12/2008)

  • The Waste Management Plan in Mercamurcia Food Drive at full speed (23/12/2008)
    Today, spreading over 90% of the 480 tons of waste generated monthly
  • The University of Murcia convenes a place to research the technical aspects of water resource planning (23/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia is the International Chair in Victimology "Antonio Beristain" (23/12/2008)
    will be working on aspects of Victims
  • Food Collection III paprika Area (22/12/2008)
    will be the 28th of December during the match between CB Murcia and Zaragoza CAI
  • The government delegate said that the current global economic crisis is an opportunity to redirect the future with more sustainable policies (22/12/2008)
    González Tovar highlights the commitment of the Government of Spain with the 20-20-20 Plan of the European Union to reduce pollution , save energy and use more renewable energy
  • Team PP government approves construction projects amounting to 16.2 million euros (22/12/2008)

  • The Mayor thanked the children Aspanpal "the great gift we have done with his Christmas carol" (22/12/2008)
    Children with hearing and language problems have wanted to sing a carol to the popular Birth installed at City Hall
  • Merchants with the distinctive energy optimization (22/12/2008)
    of establishments and consultancies will launch a web of self
  • Residents of The Palm will be in 2009 the garden of the refurbished exhibition Party (22/12/2008)
    The project includes the preparation of sites for the development of fitness and recreational activities and festivals
  • Diego Fajardo: "With the CAI must win either way" (22/12/2008)
    pivot CB Murcia encourages fans not to miss the clash with the whole hand while it encourages them to participate in the Third Collection of Food
  • The PSOE requires the Community to comply with environmental legislation on the part of Monte Straight Plan (22/12/2008)
    The European Commission recalls that before approving the Plan, the authorities must habitats Policy
  • The University of Murcia announces a grant to investigate the presence of bee-eaters on the farms of the Region (22/12/2008)

  • The PSOE estimated 3 million fund from the Government of Spain are to La Alberca and Holy Angel (21/12/2008)
    The Socialists have called for an extraordinary plenary session on the Boards of St. Angelo and La Alberca to discuss the allocation of funds Zapatero, and power so doing, the historic lack of infrastructure in the districts
  • This Sunday inaugurated the exhibition "ART" Young Talents of the Region of Murcia (21/12/2008)

  • New asphalt pavement in 16 streets of the hamlet of Los Garres (20/12/2008)
    To improve traffic and pedestrian sidewalks are removed, and it is very narrow roads
  • The City Murcia helps to reduce energy consumption in households (20/12/2008)
    The Local Agency for Energy and Climate Change calls for the collaboration of Murcia and has launched a survey on their website to know the characteristics and energy consumption of their homes
  • The Mayor of Murcia and inaugurate the Bethlehem Municipal Bishop chaired by the Sacred Heart (19/12/2008)
    Created by Peña La Pava, can be seen at the Bishop's Palace until January 6
  • The FMRM creates a special commission to propose solutions to solve the financial problems of municipalities of the region (19/12/2008)
    This was agreed by the General Assembly meeting this morning FMRM
  • The UCAM celebrates the arrival of Christmas with the celebration of the Eucharist (19/12/2008)
    The Catholic University president, José Luis Mendoza, he prayed during the Mass for the soul of deputy secretary general of PSRM-PSOE, José Ramón Jara
  • CCOO expresses its full support and solidarity with Professor of Law at the University of Murcia who reported sexual harassment by a professor at the department (19/12/2008)

  • The Youth Orchestra of Murcia offers the show 'The Listener' to benefit Oxfam Intermon (19/12/2008)
    Reyes's concert will be held at the Auditorio Victor Villegas Jan. 2, with an entrance fee of 5 euros
  • Children with speech and hearing problems will sing a carol at City Hall on Monday (19/12/2008)
    At 10 pm in the Plenary Hall with the Mayor
  • Mayor rewards entrepreneurial ideas in times of crisis (19/12/2008)
    Miguel Angel Chamber awards the prizes and certificates to the participants in the project bid XVI convened by the City Business
  • Two professors from the University of Murcia published a study on the Law of Regional Autonomy (19/12/2008)

  • The Mayor uses new technology to compliment the Christmas to Murcia (19/12/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara change the traditional Christmas cards by e-mail
  • The School of Architecture and Engineering Building of the UCAM received the Professional Progress Award (19/12/2008)

  • Murcia out to sing their traditions (19/12/2008)
    Murcia Seven groups participate in the XXV Meeting of Gangs "Comarca de los Velez" of 19 to 21 December
  • 61,000 euros to equip the senior center 'The Cave' of Monteagudo (19/12/2008)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the draft budget for 2009 (19/12/2008)

  • The Murcia and bulbs can be recycled used (18/12/2008)
    In a first phase containers are placed in the City Hall Annex building, the Local Development Agency, four districts and district boards and North Carmen
  • More than 5,500 people are added to the register of inhabitants of the municipality (18/12/2008)
    The number of registered voters, to January 1, 2008, is 430,125 inhabitants
  • House claims that the 2009 Budget will allow that the municipality continue to keep 5,000 jobs in the municipality directly (18/12/2008)
    The City Council promotes the economic activity through public works contracts and services that have over 2,000 companies in Murcia
  • Mayor ensures that the City will "support the Real Murcia at one hundred percent" (18/12/2008)
    "The priority is that as soon as possible, leave the relegation zone"
  • The fifth session of 'Clubtura' morning shows three animated shorts Mexican (18/12/2008)
    The three films will be screened on Friday from 23:00 hours on Atomic, Fa and La Yesería
  • Voices corals in the streets of Murcia (18/12/2008)
    The Coral Discantus held tomorrow a series of recitals by the most emblematic places of the city and in the Bethlehem Municipal
  • The Mayor surveyors Murcia distinguished by its "example to lead the transformation of a city into a modern metropolis and open" (17/12/2008)
    Chamber appreciates the distinction as Personality of the Year has been awarded the Association of Technical Architects
  • The UCAM will hold its Christmas Concert on Las Anas (17/12/2008)
    Soeru Marie Keyrouz and L'Ensemble of Pax, performed the "Christmas in the East and West"
  • The singer Sebastian Zubiri was awarded the Heart Outreach (17/12/2008)
    ... for his work in defense of organ donation
  • Two workshops to promote equal educational and employment (17/12/2008)
    The City Council allocated € 23,000 to these activities
  • The University of Murcia celebrates the second anniversary of the death of Floridablanca in the publication of three books about her figure (17/12/2008)
    One of them, "Men of enlightened despotism in Spain: the Conde de Floridablanca", is a reprint of the biography he published in 1934, Professor of History at the University of Murcia Cayetano Alcázar
  • The City Council will regularize the situation of tenants in municipal housing (17/12/2008)
    be controlled than those living in a building really need
  • Head of Torres will have a Care Center for Children (17/12/2008)
    will be located on a plot of 2,000 square meters
  • The districts to reach (17/12/2008)
    The City street edit every hamlet of the municipality
  • 2009 is the year of street theater (17/12/2008)
    The Department of Culture and European programs have a budget amounting to almost 14 million euros
  • The reshaping of the urban reaches Guadalupe (17/12/2008)
    The works will be completed next year
  • Regulation of traffic lights at two intersections of the Esparragal and Rincon de Seca (17/12/2008)
    Green light for renovation and remodeling of the pool in the hamlet of Rincon de Seca
  • Paving of sidewalks and roads in the Green and Boatmen Sangonera (17/12/2008)
    290 meters is piped from the ditch of Turbedal El Palmar
  • The PP government team works approved 13 projects totaling 12.8 million euros (17/12/2008)
    These actions, together with those already presented, have a total investment of 31.7 million euros
  • 3,000 poinsettias bring Christmas to the bridges of Murcia (17/12/2008)
    The Mayor noted that decorate the city is an invitation to Murcia to enjoy the holidays
  • City Hall and taxi drivers are committed to promoting the quality of service (17/12/2008)
    The Governing Board approved conditions, supported by the majority of sector associations, to be met by vehicles
  • Conference - concert "Musical instruments and cultures of the world" tomorrow in Los Jeronimos (17/12/2008)
    ... by Carlos Blanco Fadol, Director of the Ethnic Museum of Music in Spain
  • Technology for Mobile European Murcia (17/12/2008)
    Visualtis, Murcia is the only company that participates in the European project of mobile devices "uService"
  • The major works and implementation of new educational projects, key in 2009 (17/12/2008)
    The Department of Education and staff to manage next year more than 43 million euros
  • The sculptor Antonio Campillo awarded honorary doctorates at a ceremony at the Faculty of Economics (16/12/2008)

  • El CB Murcia involving a season in 'Encesta his toy' (16/12/2008)
    This charity campaign is organized by the ACB in cooperation with Celebrities
  • Social Outreach Service and Volunteerism organizes conferences and Fair Trade Fair (16/12/2008)

  • The UCAM has discussed the new skills of engineers (16/12/2008)
    information days Degrees in Telecommunication Engineering Professional New Profiles
  • President of the Community opened a sculpture by González Beltrán in tribute to actor Paco Rabal (16/12/2008)
    The work, done in bronze and two meters high, is located in Piazza Santa Gertrudis de Murcia and will serve to recall the figure of the actor aquiline
  • The SOS 4.8 Festival becomes the cultural project "SOS Year 'in January (16/12/2008)
    The event will take place on 1 and 2 May at the fair of La Fica, now called Estrella Levante SOS 4.8
  • The mayor celebrates Christmas with the associations and neighbors in the neighborhood of El Carmen (16/12/2008)
    Have you attended the Festival of Carols and Traditional Music
  • The University of Murcia opened the application deadline for the Erasmus (16/12/2008)

  • The Socialist Party calls the appearance of the Minister of Education in the Assembly to explain the situation of the institute Alfonso X (16/12/2008)
    Rep. Jesus Lopez explained that the building in the center features an advanced deterioration counseling, as technical reports of the Ministry, a deep rehabilitation
  • They have three books dedicated to the Count of Floridablanca (16/12/2008)

  • Izquierda Unida + Group of Greens: Notes from municipal budgets for 2009 of the City of Murcia (16/12/2008)

  • Murcia was recovered 15 dioramas depicting a nativity scene with sites in the city and the garden (16/12/2008)
    These works, so far stored in a warehouse, are set to mark the 50 th Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of the Angels
  • Preparation of the weekly markets of the municipality, a goal of 2009 (16/12/2008)
    The Department of Decentralization and Markets manage a budget next year more than 18.5 million euros
  • The neighborhoods and districts, the main beneficiaries of the infrastructure budget for 2009 (16/12/2008)
    More than 60% of the budgets will be allocated to investments
  • The new Job Club provides training and work for unemployed Murcia (16/12/2008)
    The council led by Lola Sanchez launches a program open to consultation from 8 to 22 hours
  • Quality, good treatment and diversity in the town market hall (16/12/2008)
    The City Council published 20,000 leaflets to promote trade in markets
  • Health begins tomorrow survey for boric acid in shellfish (16/12/2008)
    A veterinary team will tour the streets of supplies and fisheries of the municipality to ensure the quality of the goods
  • The University of Murcia awarded 3.8 million euros in the construction of the Medical Research Laboratories (15/12/2008)

  • Herguedas criticizes budget cuts in housing and public transportation (15/12/2008)

  • Two new agreements allow us to build two separate schools in depressed areas of Bolivia and Ecuador (15/12/2008)
    Mayor House noted that around 6,000 people will benefit from this initiative, largely relatives of Ecuadorian workers Murcia
  • The global budget of the Presidency of the council amounted to 15.1 million euros (15/12/2008)

  • Fourteen new plots permit in 2009 to start building 250 homes protected (15/12/2008)
    The Department of Housing, Transport and Trade will next year with a budget amounting to 16 million euros
  • Palacios opened the office in the hamlet of El Murcia Esparragal give health care to 7,000 people (15/12/2008)
    The Ministry of Health has invested over 424,000 euros in the construction and equipping of new primary care center
  • The City continues to work with the Association of Volunteers Sports (14/12/2008)
    Kids help in organizing sports competitions and events
  • The City Hall remodel the town of La Alberca to enhance their business (14/12/2008)
    be renewed Casino Square, which hosts local festivals, to make it more accessible to the neighbors
  • Review of UI on the budget for Fire Fighting and Desarrolllo Cooperation. (13/12/2008)

  • The Mayor of Murcia conveys a message of confidence to overcome the crisis in its Christmas meeting with members of the Municipal Councils and District (13/12/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara Boards commended the work and effort during the year and their dedication and service to Murcia
  • The Mayor opened the new Avenue of the Kingdom of Murcia, which will channel up to 80,000 vehicles a day (13/12/2008)
    Miguel Angel House notes that the track facilitates the transfer of traffic from Juan Carlos I Juan de Borbón and will reduce traffic jams
  • 2009, the year of the expansion of staff and full fire service adaptation to new technologies (13/12/2008)
    The Department of Prevention and Fire Fighting, Civil Defence and Development Cooperation will next year with a budget of over 13 million euros
  • Social Welfare continues promoting its benefits to promote equality (13/12/2008)
    More than 1,800 more will benefit in 2009 of funds from the Home Service
  • The ICU of the Hospital Morales Meseguer, among the five best in the country by the prestigious 'Best in Class' (13/12/2008)
    Last year the ICU of Hospital Universitario Morales Meseguer served 1,031 patients
  • "The traditional media will not disappear by the crisis or Internet" (12/12/2008)
    training chief editor of 'El País', Chiqui de la Fuente, has lectured on the field of information
  • Liria, Rafaelillo, Conde y Luque, actors Awards Murcia Bullfighting Fair 2008 (12/12/2008)
    María Pedro Reverte presided tonight's awards ceremony
  • IU + LV criticizes the government team to move the light bulbs from Christmas lights to the hamlets (12/12/2008)

  • Herguedas (IU): "Tourism sells castles in the air" (12/12/2008)

  • World Congress of Sports Medicine Investigator Award from the UCAM, Javier López Román (12/12/2008)
    recently received the award for best oral Exercise Physiology
  • The Government delegate visit the new Post Office Stables (12/12/2008)
    It will serve more than 15,000 people from the hamlets of Stables, The Ramos, Zeneta and Torreagüera.
  • Tomorrow we celebrate the Day II-Discussion of the Socialist Group "The Aljufía" (12/12/2008)
    A Day, dealing with the economic crisis and social management, attending the primary responsibility of the Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia.
  • The ship gives a speech on the professional arts sector (12/12/2008)
    Tomorrow Saturday, from 10.
  • Bascuñana commitment to coordination to combat child sexual abuse (12/12/2008)
    The counselor I closed the National Conference held in Murcia
  • Agreement with Prison to protect the health of inmates Sangonera (12/12/2008)

  • € 275,000 for occupational health care programs for youth and socio-cultural (12/12/2008)

  • Half a million euros for the acquisition of social housing (12/12/2008)

  • Declared the urgent occupation of land by the works of water supply International Airport (12/12/2008)

  • 44,000 euros for immigrant integration projects and volunteer services at the University of Murcia (12/12/2008)

  • An unforgettable Christmas (12/12/2008)
    From December 15 to January 6 will be going over 150 activities to encourage the streets during festivals
  • Technology and accessible to all parties (12/12/2008)

  • Tourism promoted the building of municipal Convention Centre Juan Carlos I and the Exhibition Centre (12/12/2008)
    The Department of Maria Isabel Valcarcel aims to turn the city into a reference in the event
  • The recruitment process of the works of the highway Reguerón amounting to 325.3 million euros at today's Cabinet (12/12/2008)
    González Tovar noted that the work will improve circulation
  • The Mayor laid the foundation stone of a residential complex for seniors in San José de la Vega (12/12/2008)
    The new facilities will benefit, among others, the villages of Stables, Beniaján, Zeneta, Torreagüera and Algezares
  • The Christmas tree lighting was inaugurated this afternoon (12/12/2008)
    Murcia will dress in color from 18:00 pm
  • The University of Murcia implanted the first time bank university (12/12/2008)
    This bank runs out of money, and exchange their currency is time, and through it the participants join for trade in services, knowledge and skills
  • Finalize training courses organized by the Centre for Tourism and the Red Cross Qualification (11/12/2008)
    The training program, which could access nearly a hundred people, was operated jointly by the CST and Red Cross Murcia
  • 'Johnny and the Good Men' on the students to the institution of the Huerta de Murcia (11/12/2008)
    The story was made to bring younger Good Men Council of the Huerta de Murcia and its application to the Representative List of World Heritage Cultural Heritage of Unesco
  • The reporter for The País.com, Rosa Jiménez, reflected in citizen journalism UCAM (11/12/2008)
    "If journalists do not know how far it can be a citizen"
  • Chamber reiterates its confidence in the Convention Bureau as a driver of economic growth despite the crisis Murcia (11/12/2008)
    The Mayor has held this afternoon the traditional Christmas meeting with staff members of the Bureau.
  • A psychological violence expert lectures at the School of Practice (11/12/2008)

  • The Young Art Lab hosts the first International Festival of Performance (11/12/2008)
    American artists, Asian and European creations developed in the Lab tomorrow and '6 program within the Corps'
  • The first exhibition of the Centre of Design and Architecture shows the processes of creation of ten products (11/12/2008)
    'Happy End' will take place at the Centro Parraga from tomorrow until January 30
  • The Nuclear Safety Council verifies the good condition of the facilities of the University of Murcia (11/12/2008)

  • Marriage José Martínez and Juana Caballero was awarded the Solidarity Anonymous (11/12/2008)
    The two winners received the trophy, consisting of a sculpture by Antonio Campillo, and a sum of money
  • The children draw how it is possible to help keep our streets clean (11/12/2008)
    Bins talking, magical elves of the forests that turn waste into compost or collaboration superheroes Murcia cleaning are some of the proposals submitted by students
  • Camera placed in the foundation stone Esparragal tenth of the local police headquarters in the municipality (11/12/2008)
    The new facility will have capacity for 150 agents and will be operational in one year
  • House presents six works projects to improve road infrastructure in rural districts (11/12/2008)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, presents six performances with a total investment of 18.9 million euros
  • El Palacio Almudí exposes urban Muñoz Murcia Barberán (11/12/2008)
    The show hosts nearly fifty oil paintings depicting Lorca in the corner of the city
  • Begin work on the new headquarters of the local police in the village of Murcia The Esparragal (11/12/2008)
    The Minister of Presidency and the mayor of Murcia today placed the first stone of this new infrastructure, which will increase the security of citizens the northeast of the city
  • Urban trenching prohibited in public until after Christmas (11/12/2008)
    not be allowed until 12 January
  • Ballesta moderates 'The meaning of Christmas' (10/12/2008)
    José Ballesta, has moderated the debate XIV conference 'The meaning of Christmas' Association has organized the Nativity Scene Makers of Murcia in the Aula de Cultura CAM
  • Conference of Territorial President of CAM, Angel Martinez, the UCAM (10/12/2008)
    "It is essential to restore confidence to overcome the crisis"
  • Folklore Federation of Murcia offers courses in dance, music and folk singing (10/12/2008)
    The City subsidizes the Municipal School of Folklore with more than 16,000 euros
  • Herguedas: "These budgets are adjusted downwards in the most necessary" (10/12/2008)

  • The City Council receives over 3.4 million euros from the Community to expand four schools in the municipality (10/12/2008)
    Work start hiring in 2009 and be completed in 2010
  • Sports exceeds its investment record 320 million euros for works (10/12/2008)
    Churra Olympic Center, works at La Condomina Cagigal and a new flag will be some of the performances
  • I race partner - popular "for life" in El Palmar (10/12/2008)

  • A doctoral thesis found that pesticides used in the region comply with the limits of waste (10/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia participates in conferences on the world of books (10/12/2008)

  • The University Social Center today celebrates the efforts to promote solidarity (10/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on neuropsychology (10/12/2008)

  • An illustrated Campillo Birth of Christmas card of the University of Murcia. (09/12/2008)
    Antonio Campillo will be named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Murcia on 16 December
  • Gonzalo Martinez: "Retiring was as honest to myself and the club" (09/12/2008)
    Murcia CB The base has an end this afternoon at his career as a professional basketball player
  • Murcia University announces a contest for Christmas carols to encourage ingenuity in points (09/12/2008)

  • Herguedas: "The PP is still not betting on another year public housing" (09/12/2008)

  • The investment in urban infrastructure and equipment account for 70% of the Planning (09/12/2008)
    Management commitment to public works projects for companies in Murcia to work and save 15% on current expenditure and personnel to deal with the crisis
  • Launch a technology platform to drive the implementation of the zebrafish model (09/12/2008)

  • The sluice Carcanox of Stables will become a pedestrian mall after trussed (09/12/2008)
    The Department of Works and Services invests 210,000 euros in these jobs
  • Public Works supports the development of the new network of bicycle paths that connect the campus to the center of Murcia (09/12/2008)
    The Minister José Ballesta has presented the project accompanied by the Mayor of Murcia, Miguel Ángel Cámara
  • ... (09/12/2008)

  • Snacks for beneficiaries Telecare (09/12/2008)
    Users get to meet the telecom operators that serve them by phone
  • The two campuses are connected by roads next year cyclable (09/12/2008)
    The collaboration between the municipality and the Ministry of Public Works and Land Management permits to build nearly 14 miles of roads that link the campus and UCAM Espinardo with the city and between yes
  • Youth offers new tools for youth participation Murcia (09/12/2008)
    Support Portal and online partnerships are two innovative initiatives for young people to contribute to the development of municipal life
  • The University of Murcia launches competition for the recruitment of ten teachers (09/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia performed a study on air quality of the university campus (09/12/2008)

  • The 'Be Guide' on the Christmas trivia Murcia (08/12/2008)
    Participants in popular Nativity known routes, and traditional festivals in the hands of the Auroros
  • The Centre of Design and Architecture is organizing a workshop for businesses on Innovation (08/12/2008)
    Pati conferences, National Design Award 2007, and Fernando Amat, founder of Vinçon, focus the meeting
  • The stand of Agriculture in the Craft Fair offers gifts related to food quality in the Region (08/12/2008)
    A screen will display a recorded TV spot film format, which is a major new campaign 'King of the Christmas' in this issue
  • The cleaning and waste collection will be expanded despite the budget cuts (07/12/2008)
    Heading to the council led by José Ros exceeds 45 million euros
  • A project to promote reading to win the first prize of the City Business Project (07/12/2008)
    The second prize went to an emergency veterinary hospital and two others have gone to a project virtual secretarial and other renewable energy
  • The school Juan XXIII de Las Lumbreras cease to have architectural barriers (07/12/2008)
    The Department of Education to build ramps and install handrails and create a network of water collection
  • Palm trees for the median of Juan de Borbón (06/12/2008)
    The City Council has approved the project to landscape the stretch between the square of cubes and the connection to the motorway A-30
  • 42 taxi drivers adapted receive a grant of 144,000 euros (06/12/2008)
    For the higher costs of these vehicles
  • Laboratory Experiences and Trends continues its program with a lecture by Arcadi Espada (06/12/2008)
    professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra pronounce the conference 'Journalism, between the fictional and the new technologies' on Tuesday December 9 to 20 : 00 hours in the Archaeological Museum
  • Manolo Hussein: "The Pamesa is a good team with or without Víctor Claver" (05/12/2008)
    CB Murcia coach appeared this morning (13:15 hours) to the media at the Palais des Sports
  • González Tovar notes that these thirty years have seen growth in welfare and rights and freedoms (05/12/2008)
    The delegate spoke with students from a secondary school on the constitutional values
  • 1.2 million for the UMU increase its research staff (05/12/2008)

  • One million euros to build two separate multi-purpose centers in the districts of Cabezo de Torres Murcia and Stables (05/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia able to reduce energy consumption with measures of sustainable campus (05/12/2008)

  • Tomorrow opens to the public the first fixed track ice skating Murcia (05/12/2008)
    School and university special rates are available
  • Social Services dramatically increases the resources allocated to families to cope with the crisis (05/12/2008)
    Health More money for grants to social-health associations
  • Herguedas: "These estimates do not include new objectives" (05/12/2008)

  • The Christmas tree lighting is moved to December 12 (05/12/2008)
    Murcia Santa Claus arrive on Friday 19
  • An illustrated Campillo Birth of Christmas card of the University of Murcia (05/12/2008)

  • The Trade Show and Christmas Crafts has 88 booths, 12 percent more than last year (05/12/2008)
    This fair, organized by the Ministry of Universities, Business and Research, City Hall and Cajamurcia, XXIV comes to editing and will to boost business in the center of Murcia
  • The Easter brotherhoods distinguish 'Murcia was' for his work to restore the heritage Murcia (05/12/2008)
    Mayor, Miguel Ángel Cámara, received a Special Mention by the momentum of this new municipal program
  • Cleaning of shock in the neighborhood of the Green Vistalegre and Sangonera (05/12/2008)
    The work will take place on Sunday
  • New lighting for the dry and Sangonera Esparragal (05/12/2008)
    The new streetlights will be cleaner
  • The bicycle is the main protagonist in the budgets for the Environment (05/12/2008)
    The performances in parks and gardens of the town and districts will focus on the suitability of areas for children
  • Several streets Aljucer going to have speed bumps (05/12/2008)
    new furniture in the Municipal Center of Holy Angel
  • Veterinary Clinic Foundation, University of Murcia purchase equipment to improve animal care (05/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia participated in the academic meeting on Asian studies (05/12/2008)

  • United Left group + The Greens in the city of Murcia is concerned about "the instability of the company providing public transport services in the municipality" (05/12/2008)

  • The University of Murcia and the Association "Tarascan" organized a conference on critical, culture and media (05/12/2008)

  • James and commemorating the Immaculate Zaraiche with a meal of fellowship (05/12/2008)
    will take place on Monday, December 8 at St. James's Square
  • Monteagudo Women held tomorrow a typical meal Murcia (05/12/2008)
    cook rice with Spareribs and 'alcaciles' and quince pudding
  • Justice minister opened the conference organized by the Association of Young Lawyers (04/12/2008)
    Fernández Bermejo analyzed the role played by the Constitution in the consolidation of democracy in Spain and in ensuring a system of rights and freedoms
  • The fourth session of 'Clubtura' morning shows three short films on aging (04/12/2008)
    'The first time', 'The Dish' and 'Customer' will be screened on Friday from 23:00 hours on Atomic, Art Forum and The Yesería
  • Murcia will host in 2009 the State Congress Volunteer XII (04/12/2008)
    Bascuñana assists in Merida at the XI National Meeting
  • U + LV branded as "continuity and testimonial" the budget for Youth and Employment for 2009 (04/12/2008)

  • "The seamless connection across society will stop this band of murderers" (04/12/2008)
    Dozens of people gathered in the Square of Spain to show their support to the family of businessman brutally murdered by ETA
  • The 80 states Almudí Goya prints to commemorate the War of Independence (04/12/2008)
    'The Disasters of War' will be open until January 11
  • The Murcia counted in 2009 by a special police unit from abuse (04/12/2008)
    The Department of Traffic Safety and manage next year a budget of almost 36 million euros
  • The City continues to promote youth and job creation (04/12/2008)
    The consolidated budget and major items will be for youth centers and training
  • The human side of Alfonso Romero, bright Tuesday at the Club Taurino de Murcia (04/12/2008)

  • Camera: "Once again ETA shows that only believes in violence and murder" (03/12/2008)
    Mayor sent to the family of Ignacio Uria affection and love of Murcia
  • The Mayor announced that the City is already working on projects employment plan, which considers an "improvisation" (03/12/2008)
    Murcia may have up to 74.8 million euros
  • The Mayor presented a Budget "austere and rigorous, despite the crisis, allow Murcia forward" (03/12/2008)
    prioritises social spending and productive investments that boost economic activity to minimize the effects of the crisis in Murcia
  • Green light for the installation of the monumental glass Rowing Club, the work of Muñoz Barberán (03/12/2008)
    The piece will be placed this week in the reading room of the future library of James the Greater
  • The image consultant It's Shopping, Toni Jara, gave a lecture today at the UCAM (03/12/2008)
    Toni Jara: "We do not change people, the improved"
  • The City of Murcia Radikal-league leading youth judo (03/12/2008)
    You have completed the first day of National Youth League to lead the Group II
  • On Friday, ending the period for voluntary payment of IAE (03/12/2008)
    also is the deadline to pay the fee of fords
  • The Flemish school is close to the town (03/12/2008)
    The activity was held at the Auditorium Cabezo de Torres and will feature more than 1,700 school
  • The new health center in the hamlet of Monteagudo Murcia give health care to 14,000 people (03/12/2008)
    The Minister of Health opened the center today that will cover the residents of El Esparragal, Cobatillas and Monteagudo
  • Dew Wipes repeated with the Spanish national team (03/12/2008)
    José Manuel Virtus has been convened by the Talent Identification Program of the FEB
  • The regional government grants in 2009 thirty new research projects with about 600,000 euros (03/12/2008)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research announced this initiative at the opening of the international seminar 'The Century of Floridablanca (1728-1808): The Spain reforms'
  • The University of Murcia digitize their journals for easy reference (03/12/2008)

  • Taquan Dean: "We need to focus more during every minute" (03/12/2008)
    The CBMurcia will face this Sunday at Pamesa Valencia, a strong team that ranks seventh in the standings ACB, with the balance 6 / 5.
  • Barnuevo Fatima attends the forum as a speaker of the cities that developed in Montpellier with the European Commissioner for regional policy (02/12/2008)
    in his paper presents the findings of the recent General Assembly of Eurocities, the work done by this network and its connection with the implementation of the Leipzig Charter
  • IU + LV requires the City Council to clarify whether an area has been downgraded to a luxury resort (02/12/2008)
    IU: "As an employer of Murcia, the facility will be located in Gea y Truyols"
  • The Dental Clinic and the Integral Vision of the University of Murcia six children attended Sahrawi (02/12/2008)
    The children were housed in Alhama, in a room sponsored by the Friends of the Saharawi people in this town
  • Inauguration of the extension center for integration of mentally disabled people in the hamlet of El Palmar Murcia (02/12/2008)
    The Ministry of Social Policy has provided 704,762 euros for this project PEEM, the cost is close to one million
  • I National Symposium of Sport Psychology 3 and 4 December 2008 (02/12/2008)
    Experts in Spain in the UCAM reflect on the psychological variables in sports injuries
  • The Mayor participated in the signing of the agreement will allow buses to use for free every Sunday from December (02/12/2008)
    Miguel Angel House stresses the need to promote policies for promotion of public transport for the benefit of the Environment
  • The best Spanish cyclists bear the name of Murcia in competitions involving next year (02/12/2008)
    Mayor and President of the Federation have signed the sponsorship agreement
  • The Arrixaca today hosted a conference in memory of Dr. Jiménez-Cervantes (02/12/2008)
    Dr. Juan Antonio Jiménez-Cervantes was chief of otolaryngology service center and is now six years since his death
  • The Mayor highlighted the advantages of "eGovernment" in improving service to citizens (02/12/2008)
    Chamber inaugurates seminar on "Presentation of documentation telematics in public administration"
  • On Saturday, December 6, Constitution Day will be held I Athletics Race "For Life" in El Palmar (02/12/2008)
  • The Ministry of Culture season premiere rock musical and dance "Let's dance ' (02/12/2008)
    will be held in the Board Auditorium Audio Regional and will cost 10 euros
  • The Ministry of Research promotes a comprehensive study on the figure of the Count of Floridablanca (02/12/2008)
    Two dozen international experts analyzed from tomorrow at a seminar on political thought and action of this illustrious Murcia and reforms promoted
  • The graffiti artists began to paint the electrical transformers (02/12/2008)
    In total twenty decorate Iberdrola facilities
  • Nordic Walking and Columbares route to enjoy nature at the weekend (02/12/2008)
    Tourism proposes to begin the sport born in the Nordic countries
  • The Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia continues with the lecture series that delves into the history of Judaism (01/12/2008)

  • The University Social Centre and Voluntary Service at the University of Murcia organize a solidarity campaign to collect toys and food (01/12/2008)

  • Health publishes brochures with tips for Christmas food (01/12/2008)
    Remember to maintain the cold chain of food and advised not to buy the day before the holidays
  • The Student Council demand more government funding to meet the Bologna Process (01/12/2008)

  • A landscape sculpture commemorates the victims of AIDS (01/12/2008)
    Located in the garden of the Constitution
  • Ecomarathon-UMU team selected for international competition in Germany (01/12/2008)
    is the second intervention Murcia team in a tournament of this type
  • "I Want To Help" Jesus Dropped Christmas campaign (01/12/2008)
    For the first time have come to submitting the protagonists, a group of 50 residents
  • "Christmas Murcia" encourage traditional trade activities in the street (01/12/2008)
    The City Council overturned at parties to live in the Murcia an unforgettable Christmas
  • Improve the entrances to the square of the municipal cemetery Jesus (01/12/2008)
    The works provide access to people and vehicles
  • The University of Murcia hosts a conference on the work of astronomers and install a planetarium (01/12/2008)


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