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Murcia News - July 2013

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  • The ANECA gives the nod to the degree in Pharmacy from the UCAM (31/07/2013)
    The Catholic University of Murcia has planned to provide the degree in Pharmacy next year
  • The Veronicas gather creative room Murcia in the project 'Zero Degree' (31/07/2013)
    The designer Jorge Martinez, architect Miguel Mesa del Castillo and cook Juan Carlos Ruiz will be responsible for initiating this pioneering project in the national
  • The Merced Library and the Faculty of Fine Arts, a leader in power consumption reduction (31/07/2013)

  • UCAM-Technological Consulting Convention Bscandinavian (31/07/2013)
    The UCAM fosters entrepreneurship through twenty Finnish companies
  • IU-Greens calls for greater commitment and efficiency in the work of cleaning the city (31/07/2013)

  • UPyD: "The Espinardo occupational center will close without making public yet technical report advised the cessation of its activity" (31/07/2013)

  • "Iniesta is the Councillor for Transport of Murcia, the districts do not go with him" (31/07/2013)
    Socialist spokesman Iniesta Pedro Lopez regrets that follow in its normal to give back to the residents who live in villages in transportation
  • The City Council requests Seal Award Entity member of the strategy for the Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment 2013/2016 (31/07/2013)
    It is a distinction awarded by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security to organizations and agencies that promote measures to reduce unemployment and promote self-employment
  • Rearrangement of traffic at the site of services Espinardo (31/07/2013)
    The streets will have one direction and increase the number of parking
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia analyzes the figure of Mariano Ruiz-Funes as professor and politician (31/07/2013)

  • More than 400 unemployed Green Sangonera join to receive training and find employment (31/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia collaborate on research topics Paleoanthropology association (31/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia manage the installment payment of fees to save costs to students (31/07/2013)

  • 112 844 euros for minor works in Murcia and La Alberca (31/07/2013)
    The maximum execution time of the three actions is two months
  • Green light material supply and service of horizontal and vertical signs in neighborhoods and districts (31/07/2013)
    The total amount of both proposals for a period of two years is more than 1.6 million euros
  • The Blue Zone ORA free in August (31/07/2013)

  • Convention UCAM-Coco School European School for Communication and Visual Arts (30/07/2013)
    Training in graphic design and 3D animation
  • The Community supports companies incorporating R & D to the production process (30/07/2013)
    The Minister José Ballesta visit Group facilities Disfrimur applying innovative solutions to freight
  • Cosme Ruiz: "Since 2005, 153,000 euros were allocated to scholarships for students in the municipality UCAM" (30/07/2013)
    Recruitment Councilman and Heritage recalls that the collaboration agreement between the two institutions was signed on July 12, 2005
  • IU-Greens claim that during the month of August to run the conditioning Free parking Malecón (30/07/2013)

  • Mireia Belmonte: "I noticed right at first, but did not give up" (30/07/2013)
    World Swimming Championships
  • "Citizens should not pay the whims of those who govern" (30/07/2013)
    Andrea Garries The socialist mayor calls for immediately remove the label of Mills River, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism does not conform to the law
  • Where are the 96,000 euros for scholarships UCAM had to give in exchange for municipal land? (30/07/2013)

  • The city gets an early narrow gauge locomotives that circulated in Spain in 1867 (30/07/2013)

  • Tram Timetable for August (30/07/2013)
    The objective is to adapt the service to the real needs of this time of year
  • "Murcia us all. Collaborate" (30/07/2013)
    Is the new campaign launched by the city of Murcia and Cespa to remind citizens of good habits in street cleaning, waste and recycling
  • Repair of manholes in various streets of the city (30/07/2013)
    The Department of Urban Quality deals with complaints from neighbors about noise and vibration
  • Fire from a store in the neighborhood Holy Spirit Espinardo (29/07/2013)

  • World Swimming Championship (29/07/2013)
    Mireia Belmonte and Melani Costa fight Tuesday morning more medals
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism HUERMUR vindicates, and states that the label placed on the Mills River does not meet the Act (29/07/2013)

  • ... (29/07/2013)

  • UCAM athletes succeed in the Championship of Spain (29/07/2013)
    Miguel Angel Lopez, athlete and student at San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, the best world records in 10 km walk
  • Martinez-Cache visits the Neighborhood of Los Rosales to meet the needs of the public garden (29/07/2013)

  • Arce: "Aguas de Murcia periodically cleaning scuppers" (29/07/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia says that satisfaction in the relationship with parents decreases aggression (29/07/2013)

  • IU-Greens claim that the response of the City contains no response from the membership of the Platform "Eu Net Core Cities" (29/07/2013)

  • Host Murcia cycling championships in August and the party of Spanish Absolute Basketball Team (29/07/2013)
    The celebration of these two major events in our city will generate an economic impact of € 1,000,000
  • Murcia Transport delivers two green vehicles to the City to facilitate the work of inspection (29/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounces the lack of rigor and lack of control of public money in the Municipal Councils (29/07/2013)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the call for the promotion of research activity (29/07/2013)

  • The City continues to support entrepreneurship (29/07/2013)
    During the first half of 2013 will have served 126 entrepreneurs and created 12 companies that employ 21 people
  • The Socialist Group again require the retransmission of the plenary on the Internet (28/07/2013)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea has filed two pleas to the local government makes a firm commitment to transparency and not just face washes
  • Valcarcel González Tovar asked not to authorize the "outrage" of closing Espinardo Occupational Center (27/07/2013)
    PSRM general secretary asks the president to listen to the families, workers and opposition parties and raise a consensual solution for the good of its members
  • Alfonso Salguero earns 1.35 test of the first day of summer league Hoops (27/07/2013)

  • Fade Foundation provides educational support to 44 vulnerable children (27/07/2013)
    The Councillor of Education meets with officials of the NGO
  • IU-Green argues that the "negative" of the City to remove Berberena reveals the "double standards" of House (26/07/2013)

  • "The facts show that serves as Pelegrín interlocutura not to defend the disabled" (26/07/2013)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez claims that the Social Welfare council works only for show in regard to occupational center Espinardo
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the building of the Faculty of Biology, University of Murcia (26/07/2013)

  • The Constitution Square welcomes Espinardo Gala tonight Spirit Urban 2013 (26/07/2013)
    The project is now entering its most intense phase
  • The City built the entrances to the new school Our Lady of Sorrows in El Raal (26/07/2013)
    The school will have 18 units and Primary, dining and fitness
  • The City Council renewed its agreement with Rasinet for the "Immigration, Housing and Social Integration" (26/07/2013)

  • About 4,000 people have made a computer language course or in municipal (25/07/2013)
    English, German, Chinese and even Norwegian languages ​​are being taught in youth centers, women and cultural centers in Murcia
  • The Presidents of the LFP UCAM and sign a cooperation agreement regarding training (25/07/2013)
    The agreement will allow students of the Catholic University of Murcia can do internships in the LFP
  • PP absolute rejection of all proposals made by the Socialist Group (25/07/2013)

  • The Mayor reiterated that the disappearance of the roads in urban areas "no step back" (25/07/2013)
    House insists that this condition, together with the arrival of Carmen by burial, are premises "unalterable"
  • "Unfortunately today Spain Murcia and is written with B: Berberena, Barcenas, Embarrassment" (25/07/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, regrets that the former mayor PP Berberena hold responsible positions dependent on the City of Murcia
  • UPyD requires publication of the report "justifies" the closing Espinardo Occupational Center and criticized the lack of transparency (25/07/2013)

  • The Almudí Palace Museum houses an art exhibition on bullfighting (25/07/2013)
    Art Exhibition in September Muher MURCIA
  • The House observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the train accident in Santiago de Compostela (25/07/2013)
    The Mayor has transmitted the "closeness and solidarity" with the families of those killed and injured in the disaster
  • "House's refusal to remove further doubt Berberena generates" (25/07/2013)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman, Ruben Juan Serna, states that "the vote of the majority of the popular group exconcejal Planning dismiss the bill will pass them them politically and the City as a whole as an institution "
  • The CHS confirms the presence of an otter on the Segura River near the city of Murcia (25/07/2013)
    The Water Commission has managed to photograph early this morning an adult using camera traps cameras
  • Fire and forest brigades to put out a fire involving agricultural North Cave, Green Sangonera (24/07/2013)

  • Apirm: "Residential tourism benefit both the tourism sector and the property. It's time to join forces and complement" (24/07/2013)

  • Promoting the sport in the Holy Spirit (24/07/2013)
    The Urban Plan sponsors futsal teams of youth and Latest Calé Sports Association
  • The University of Murcia dining areas enabled for users to bring their own food (24/07/2013)
    The University of Murcia has conditioned dining areas where users can freely consume food brought by them
  • The PSOE asked the Permanent Deputation morning Palacios appearance to explain why they will close the Occupational Center Espinardo (23/07/2013)
    The convocation of the Permanent Council to request occurs Socialist Parliamentary Group considered that this issue is a priority
  • IU-Green considers "unfortunate" the advertising slogan from a popular dinner Javalí New (23/07/2013)
    "With pig and beer, Javalí loses his head" is the motto of dinner
  • Over 1,100 Murcia courses have made to find work in the Training Centre and Employment Initiatives (23/07/2013)
    From January to June have been managed up to 60 offers that have resulted in 43 new contracts The center has advised entrepreneurs to drive 60 implementation of many other companies
  • The PSOE en banc require permanent police presence in the area of ​​El Carmen in front of the train station (23/07/2013)
    The socialist mayor José Zapata will present this proposal as a motion that the launch of this device special police surveillance are fully address criminal activities and harassment are suffering for people living nearby
  • UPyD Murcia asks the municipal land transfer for social NGOs through public tender (23/07/2013)

  • Murcia Tram Schedules for the month of August (23/07/2013)
    The objective is to adapt the service to the real needs of this time of year
  • Sangonera the Green Party celebrates in honor of Our Lady of the Angels (22/07/2013)
    The Green Sangonera hamlet currently celebrating their fiestas in honor of Our Lady of the Angels, programming many activities for all ages.
  • ... (22/07/2013)

  • New complaint planting invasive species (22/07/2013)
    Ecologists in Action report a new case of invasive species planting hits on residential developments in the environment Carrascoy Regional Park - The Valley
  • IU-Greens presented a motion to address deficiencies in streets and gardens Churra (22/07/2013)

  • The Mayor will propose at the next plenary awarding the Gold Medal of the City of Murcia the Bar Association (22/07/2013)
    Miguel Angel House has pointed out that the institution is celebrating its 175th anniversary.
  • The City Council is launching a campaign to attract Russian tourists (22/07/2013)
    Imagine three full pages written in Russian magazines that are distributed on the Mediterranean coast
  • PSOE, IU-Greens and UPyD require en banc Berberena immediate dismissal as manager of the institution grounds and Murcia Futuro Foundation (22/07/2013)
    The three political show their total rejection of former councilor of the former Planning Department continue boasting, by appointment, these elected positions and responsibility
  • The Socialist Group regrets the lack of interest in social PP (22/07/2013)
    Susana Hernandez criticizes Councilwoman second consecutive month that has not convened the Committee on Social Affairs, when in the air Occupational Center and handicap Espinardo Infant School and Truyols Gea
  • Flamenco Recital by Rocío Márquez and Manuel Herrera (22/07/2013)

  • Gold Medal of the City Bar Association at its 175th anniversary (22/07/2013)
    The House of the Corporation give the green light on Thursday at the start of the record
  • Some 10,000 people participated in the activities of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (22/07/2013)
    During the festival week have generated more than 200,000 euros in the hotel industry, restaurants and shops and festival sessions Come and dance have been the activities that have had greater participation
  • In Murcia 34,047 tonnes of packaging recycled in 2012 (22/07/2013)
    63% of Murcia said separate all or most of their daily waste and makes it primarily for their commitment to protecting the natural environment.
  • The Socialist Party condemns the state of San Andrés permanent dirt (21/07/2013)

  • The Town Traffic and Transport Manchester Murcia presents its plan to promote intermodal transport (21/07/2013)
    The City of Murcia MOBISEC leads the European project aimed at improving the environmental impact of urban traffic, in line with the policy of DG Traffic and Transport of the European Commission
  • The PSOE en banc require the PP to give solution to the problem of insecurity of a raft abandoned in Jerome and Avileses (20/07/2013)
    The socialist mayor José Zapata defend this proposal as a motion to compel the local government to the owner of the raft to time within the fenced secure appropriate court of that raft or dismantling
  • More than a hundred students profesinal Initial Training Program intern at 85 municipal corporations and municipal entities (20/07/2013)
    are students of 16-20 years I left the ESO and to perform 150 hours of practice
  • Master of Public Advocacy (19/07/2013)
    The financial and mortgage currently under debate in the UCAM
  • The Mayor stands Ikea capacity to attract visitors to Murcia (19/07/2013)
    At the opening of its new add-ons area in which they have invested one million euros
  • Javier Díez de Revenga, Crier Murcia Fair 2013 (19/07/2013)
    This was announced by the mayor, who thanked the prestigious professor who has accepted the invitation
  • Vice President of the GCJ: "Membership of Pérez de los Cobos is an issue of your privacy" (19/07/2013)

  • A new publication reflects the tradition of costumes (19/07/2013)
    Published by the Federation of Songs and Dances of Spain, was presented this morning in acts Folklore Festival
  • The statement gives Community Cultural Property to the site of the Port of Chain Murcia (19/07/2013)

  • IU-Green warns of the danger of collapse of a wall in the neighborhood of San Juan (19/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia has the early days of personal image: "Fashion & Health Conference" (19/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary prompted the implementation of an investment plan in municipal housing (19/07/2013)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro propose to allocate an investment of 2 billion euros this year for new housing and rehabilitation of the former that would be borne by Urbamusa and which would create 100 jobs
  • IU-Greens commitment to double boots units 3 and 4 years in the child's school cycle Vistabella (19/07/2013)

  • Labor Counselors create an association for the defense of the program OPEA (19/07/2013)

  • The Ministry of Education grants 71 scholarships of collaboration with the University of Murcia (19/07/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia considered "urgent" update the law on Protection and Defense of Animals Company as it is "totally outdated" (19/07/2013)

  • Martínez Conesa closing days of the European project on corporate social responsibility LOIEs (19/07/2013)
    The project consists of three members from each participating country, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria
  • The University of Murcia starts instantly issuing smart cards (19/07/2013)

  • ... (19/07/2013)

  • IU-Greens requires you to leave the street the name of the accused in the murder of the Dutch (18/07/2013)

  • Thomas: "Service to the disabled Espinardo Center is guaranteed in the centers where the resulting" (18/07/2013)
    Thomas Violante said that "people with disabilities are the most important" and that these centers "are managed by NGOs great track, with new facilities and excellent professionals "
  • The Socialist Group and IU-Greens ask for explanations about installing a kiosk-bar on the Malecon Garden (18/07/2013)
    Mar Councillors Tornel Rosa and Ignacio have requested a meeting with Councilman Heritage and technicians who handled the installation of the file
  • The International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean ends with a successful turnout (18/07/2013)
    The 46th edition, which has taken place throughout this week, has been filled with cultures and traditions the streets and squares of the city of Murcia
  • ... (18/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia launches a Research Chair of the artist's work FCG (18/07/2013)

  • Police arrest two drivers "pirate" for threatening and coercing a licensed driver (18/07/2013)
    acted in the vicinity of the bus station in Murcia
  • New Javalí celebrates its festivals in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (18/07/2013)
    19 to July 28 there will be concerts, competitions, popular dinner and parade floats
  • 129 monitors and 30 volunteers work is summer schools organized social services for about 2,000 children of Murcia (18/07/2013)
    A total of 41 summer schools, 29 are being conducted in villages and 12 in the town On the 20th anniversary of the European Year of Citizens will be different activities to this issue
  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask commissioning of courses and language and computer workshops in cultural centers (18/07/2013)
    The PSOE mayor Andrea Garries this initiative prompted to start the next course in the morning and afternoon
  • The Vega knows that your blood is needed (18/07/2013)
    At the Hospital La Vega we join the campaign conducted throughout the year Regional Blood Donation Center
  • Level in 'Business Administration and Management' (17/07/2013)
    The UCAM to study Business Administration English
  • Venice - Cartagena Non-Stop (17/07/2013)
    The Cartagena cyclist Juan Conesa runs nearly 2,000 miles in 108 hours
  • The Socialist Party rejects the closure of the nursery school and Truyols Gea (17/07/2013)
    Susana Councilwoman Hernandez considers the decision of the Ministry of Education a mortal blow to the district and will deter any family to settle in this district if you have to carry every day their children to Sucina
  • Pelegrin: "On September 26, we have to take the Auditorio Victor Villegas" (17/07/2013)
    The Councillor for Social Welfare and Health attends charity concert presentation of The Parrandboleros.
  • The Mayor presides over the traditional exchange of gifts with the groups participating in the Festival of Folklore (17/07/2013)
    It took place this morning at the Plenary Hall
  • The Socialist Group considers bid management back to the bus station could be a crack in the defense of the underground (17/07/2013)

  • The City of Murcia continues to promote the formation and promotion of people as a means of social integration (17/07/2013)
    The program, an annual, is endowed scholarship assistance and transportation for about 50 participants each year
  • Green light outside under Conciliation Center of El Palmar (17/07/2013)

  • IU-Green believes there are many informative displays and few activities (17/07/2013)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia discusses the beneficial effects of tai chi for stress reduction (17/07/2013)

  • The "Torch of Friendship" Romea Square lights until next Friday (16/07/2013)
    The Mayor presided arrival and 46 on the occasion of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean
  • The Socialist Group welcomes discover Tortosa recover Huerta now that would attract tourists and generate employment (16/07/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio Castro criticizes the municipal government selling studies over time they always say the same thing and urgently requires immediate action to create jobs placing value on the assets of Murcia
  • 'Big Up' music will fill the streets of Murcia (16/07/2013)
    This initiative is celebrated on October 5 and will showcase promotional musicians to the music industry Murcia
  • Family businesses seen a turnaround in the economy (16/07/2013)

  • IU-Greens claim that the CD Verdolay looks more like a mall than a municipal (16/07/2013)

  • The Regional Employment Service and the Institute of Tourism show new niches in the tourism development in the Huerta de Murcia (16/07/2013)
    The study 'Opportunities and initiatives for job creation in the tourism sector' proposes to entrepreneurs start businesses active tourism and tourism languages ​​
  • The Socialist Party calls for sidewalks on the Narrow Path of Sorrows and prune brambles invading the lane (16/07/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries urged the council to urgently put this area before any day you sign an accident
  • Tourism install an LED screen in the Square with all the offer of the municipality of Murcia (16/07/2013)
    The information panel is located next to Bridge Hazards
  • Keys to encourage and promote tourism and economic activity of the municipality of Murcia (16/07/2013)
    Tortosa inaugurated the conference "Opportunities and initiatives for job creation in the Tourism Sector"
  • Welcome to students in summer science campus of the University of Murcia (16/07/2013)

  • Presentation of the first benefit concert for charities (16/07/2013)

  • The collective "Do not deprive yourself" offers its cooperation to continue building an "open society and solidarity" (15/07/2013)
    At the meeting they have held this morning with the Mayor, Miguel Angel House
  • The University of Murcia teach small and medium businesses the advantages of investing in R & D (15/07/2013)

  • World Youth Day Rio 2013 (15/07/2013)
    More than a quarter of Spanish volunteers at WYD are UCAM
  • Pelegrin reminds the PSOE the resolution adopted this morning by the four local groups on dining in summer (15/07/2013)
    The Social Welfare responsible clarifies that there will be no dining this summer because the Community has not received any requests from poor families
  • University Students FOM (Germany) come to the UCAM (15/07/2013)
    A group of students FOM prestigious German university to complete their training on July 28 UCAM
  • IU-Greens denounced the dirty condition of the streets Mariano Vergara (15/07/2013)

  • Murcia del Carmen station hosts a photographic exhibition on the Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean (15/07/2013)
    The exhibition, organized by the city of Murcia, consists of twenty images of the festival's history
  • Murcia, a city of the fourth generation (15/07/2013)
    The Alcalde, Miguel Angel House, met this morning with the CEO of Orange Spain for the deployment of this network in Murcia
  • Preparing the first concert of the Parrandboleros Solidarity (15/07/2013)
    It will take place in September
  • "Murcia Sign Company" is presented to entrepreneurs Bacons Bridge (15/07/2013)
    The objective of the Department of Employment is to energize and consolidate the business of the municipality
  • The Museum Ramon Gaya celebrates a dance course for children (15/07/2013)

  • "The municipal PP will not address the problem of children without school meals this summer" (15/07/2013)
    Pedro Lopez regrets that passivity and slowness with which the local government has acted will make it impossible for the students who are suffering can receive adequate food during July and August
  • Ramon Gaya Museum hosts the exhibition "Customs Murcianas" (15/07/2013)
    It is the first activity that is part of the International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean
  • Primary educational campaign against gender violence (14/07/2013)

  • The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be awarded honorary doctorates by the UCAM (13/07/2013)
    Jose Maria Aznar will sponsor the new doctor at the Catholic University
  • The Socialist Group reports that some works on the sidewalks of Avenida Infante Don Juan Manuel takes paralyzed over a month (13/07/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Zapata urged the council to complete the works and to remove obstacles from sidewalks as they generate discomfort neighbors
  • About 500 people work in construction or services driven by the city in recent months (13/07/2013)
    The Mayor has appointed José María Tortosa Murcia program development uses, which brings together all the actions promoted by the Local Government for the maintenance or creation employment
  • Murcia holds an International Congress on the study of diseases with zebrafish (13/07/2013)
    The meeting will be attended by experts investigating this type of fish, which humans share with 70 percent of the genetic information
  • IU-Greens claim that there is greater risk of fire Barceló Torre in Los Garres (13/07/2013)

  • The International Folklore Festival in the Mediterranean begins Monday with the opening of several exhibitions (13/07/2013)
    The 46th edition contains eleven groups from around the world, from 15 to 19 July light the Torch of Friendship will take place on Tuesday 16 at Plaza del Romea
  • A new police service will boost the quality of life of thousands of foreign residents in Murcia (12/07/2013)
    The main objective is to foster proximity and accessibility of citizens to the local police.
  • Tribute to Gaya and Velazquez to finish the paint shop at the Museum (12/07/2013)
    Culture Councilman delivers diplomas to twenty participants
  • Pelegrin: "I do not know what being idly" (12/07/2013)
    The councilor of Social Welfare and Health says he has had several meetings with the Community since last plenary of the Corporation
  • The Federation of Moors and Christians already beginning to prepare for the celebration of their festivals (12/07/2013)
    The Hall of the city of Murcia has welcomed today the launch of the magazine and the program of activities
  • Roque López Square becomes an open space for pedestrians (12/07/2013)
    is serving requests so residents and businesses in the Triangle Association, giving the neighborhood parks and playgrounds
  • Arrested for defrauding a children's sports club in the town of Murcia head of Torres (12/07/2013)
    On their way to the sporting event on the bus they found they were not registered
  • Pelegrin continues Councilwoman idly by closing Espinardo Center Disabled (12/07/2013)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez laments the inaction of the Social Welfare responsible closure Espinardo Occupational Center
  • IU-Greens criticized the inflexibility of the City with taxis adapted for people with physical disabilities (12/07/2013)

  • Over 3,500 children enjoy of 99 summer schools organized in educational centers municipal (12/07/2013)
    Social Services, Culture, Education, AMPAS, NGOs and Municipal Boards participating in this project
  • El Pozo Murcia League start against Marfil Santa Coloma home and the premiere at the Palace before CFS Peniscola (11/07/2013)
    The Supercopa of Spain, FC Barcelona-El Pozo Murcia FS, will open the dual match season, 4 and September 7
  • The Diocese of Cartagena hosts the IX National High School Seminarian (11/07/2013)

  • The artist Sophie Turner donated a sculpture to the University of Murcia (11/07/2013)

  • The Master karate Ryoichi Onaga turns 40 in Region (11/07/2013)
    1,500 practice this discipline in the city
  • Bacons Bridge XVI remembers the anniversary of the murder of Miguel Angel Blanco (11/07/2013)

  • Colonel House Chief receives Air Base Sewer (11/07/2013)

  • The doctors Ripoll and De Prado: "We want to return to the University of Murcia a fraction of what he has given us" (11/07/2013)

  • The City has seven months without paying the community of 1,158 social housing property (11/07/2013)
    According to neighbors, the City Council would not have paid the fees from January to July, representing a debt which stands at around 80,000 euros
  • Sucina turns your festival "From Flamenco VA" (11/07/2013)
    Councilman Manuel Duran will be in charge of opening the festival, which will take place from 22 to 27 July
  • The municipal group of IU-Greens confesses tired to continue without workspace (11/07/2013)

  • Dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation (11/07/2013)
    There are six arrested in Spain on suspicion of the crime of belonging to a criminal organization, trafficking, relating to prostitution, against the rights of workers and favoring illegal immigration
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia reveals that 3 out of 4 patients not sufficiently aware of their medication (11/07/2013)

  • Teatro Circo Murcia has received more than 150 resumes for the Wizard of Oz (11/07/2013)
    The deadline will next Monday, July 15
  • The School of Leadership at the University of Murcia ends with a discussion on the utility of surveys (11/07/2013)

  • Kike, Alex and Duda, "Best of Season 2012/13 LNFS" (10/07/2013)

  • Culture restored one of the angels, the children of Christ Blood of Nicolas de Bussy (10/07/2013)

  • Moya-Angeler convene opposition groups to inform Murcia International City project (10/07/2013)

  • Winners of the poster competition of the International Year of Planet Earth Mathematics (10/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Group congratulates the taxi on the day of San Cristobal (10/07/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, sends his support to this sector at a time of crisi in which the self-employed also are suffering due to the fall in consumption
  • IU-Green criticism that the City does not report to the Corporation on the project Murcia International City (10/07/2013)

  • UPyD Murcia grooming and cleaning demands of Islamic remains Sagasta Street (10/07/2013)

  • BBVA Integra Awards distinguish the project "Work Experience" sponsored by FEYCSA in Murcia (10/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Group criticizes the PP took 47 days to ask the Community to open in summer school canteens (10/07/2013)

  • Green light for minor works in the districts of El Raal, Nonduermas, El Palmar, ALGEZARES and Green Sangonera (10/07/2013)
    The total amount is 143 631 euros performances
  • The City is working with Emmaus Traperos psychotherapist care for people with difficulties and promoting volunteerism (10/07/2013)
    The organization promotes the autonomy of those most in need and workshops
  • The National Police arrested the robbers of Jewelry in Murcia (10/07/2013)
    threatened employees with a gun and took jewelry and cash euro 7000
  • Cajamar 65,000 euros earmarked for scholarships and cultural and scientific activities of the University of Murcia (10/07/2013)

  • The "Murcia Summer" features Carlos Piñana tonight with their new album (10/07/2013)
    It will take place at 22 am
  • A student of the University of Murcia get one of the Caixa scholarships for doctoral studies (10/07/2013)

  • Leaving fly creativity (09/07/2013)
    Painting workshops in the Museum Ramon Gaya
  • Summer Course 'Mental Karate' (09/07/2013)
    "Whoever loses his smile and sense of humor it is expired"
  • Integral Vision Clinic at the University of Murcia will free children reviews Sahrawi (09/07/2013)

  • The doctors Ripoll De Prado and sign an agreement with the University of Murcia for the development of activities Sports Science (09/07/2013)

  • First Conference of good teaching practices (08/07/2013)
    Bologna Experience discussion in the UCAM
  • The Town Hall and market vendors held the first meeting of the working group to continue supporting the sector (08/07/2013)

  • Barnabas reminded, once again, two judgments of the Supreme Court to support the strict legality of the assignment of soil (08/07/2013)

  • About 70,000 library users Beniaján not yet have the infrastructure for almost one year (08/07/2013)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries claims that the PP continues its cuts without responding to the thousands of users who used the library Beniaján, closed for almost a year to the public due to a water leak
  • UCAM-Association of Building Engineers (United Kingdom) (08/07/2013)
    Engineering Students Building UCAM adhere to the Association of Building Engineers
  • Herguedas criticizes a further cut in subsidies to groups of neighborhoods and districts (08/07/2013)

  • ... (08/07/2013)

  • PSOE: "House, Berberena and previous senior management could harm the general interest for the benefit of some promoters friends" (08/07/2013)

  • Welcome to the Saharawi children spending their holidays with families Murcia (08/07/2013)
    Holidays in Peace Association aims to ward off during the summer under the harsh conditions of the refugee camps in Tindouf (Algeria)
  • The Inclusive Campus familiar with the University of Murcia to prospective students with disabilities (08/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia install a new system in the air conditioning savings (08/07/2013)

  • The week of shame confirms alleged malpractice and corruption of the urban model of Camera (07/07/2013)
    Castro serious calls all that is coming to light after the judicial investigations into the case Umbra, while the mayor of Murcia continues without moving tab and the image of the City cracks in a rush
  • The Socialist Group regrets the lack of PP on the day to day of the disabled (07/07/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro López, denounced the council's decision that ordered Iniesta set a time limit on parking spaces for disabled people
  • Grants for groups of neighborhoods and districts (06/07/2013)
    Associations and other stakeholders will receive more information in the General, at the municipal offices and on the municipal website
  • Planning ensures that solar landlords to maintain suitable conditions (05/07/2013)

  • "The PP is not passing the buck to assume its political responsibilities in the case Umbra" (05/07/2013)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, indecent and obscene calls the day after giving the green light to thousands of homes and former Councilman Berberena former head of planning go partying to celebrate the success of the operation planning
  • Prickly pears in Spain, Mexico and Puerto Rico neighborhood entertainment in night Carmelite (05/07/2013)
    The Godmother and the Grand Master, Merche and Arturo Fernandez, visiting the city of Murcia The Artillery Barracks is still the scene of tunas day meetings 4, 5 and 6 July
  • A CEO Employment Ministry Closing the RSC Master of the University of Murcia (05/07/2013)

  • The Inclusive Campus familiarize students with disabilities with the University of Murcia (05/07/2013)

  • The Municipal Paulo Roberto Campus IX closes with an awards ceremony at Terra Natura Murcia (05/07/2013)

  • OPEA workers protest outside the headquarters of the SEF by suppressing the main career guidance program in the Region (05/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Group report calls for solar owners of their obligation to keep clean in the risk of fire (05/07/2013)
    The mayor José Zapata warns that there are many vacant lots, littered with dry grass and weeds in areas of expansion planning of Murcia where fires can occur easily
  • Thirty people from the local employment exchange work achieved Kentucky Fried Chicken (05/07/2013)

  • CB UCAM Murcia and negotiate for the acquisition of the Club. (05/07/2013)
    Carabante family and the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM) are close to reaching an agreement for the acquisition of CB Murcia SAD latter.
  • The University of Murcia awarded 513,000 euros in the construction of the first phase of teacher-sports pavilion (05/07/2013)

  • Sources recalled that all groups supported the compensation agreement legally endorsed full (04/07/2013)

  • Chamber recalls the figure of Joseph Joy as a "Murcia who dedicated his life to enriching the culture and traditions of their land" (04/07/2013)
    The Mayor has been involved in the launch of Mariano Pelegrin on the trajectory of this engineer and writer "driver of our parties "and one of the promoters of the reconstruction of the Shrine of Fuensanta
  • AJUPE-USE, before the deadline for payment of IBI, laments the lack of support for the most disadvantaged, (04/07/2013)
    As stated in much of the country's municipalities
  • The use of electronic invoicing grows in Murcia, according to a study (04/07/2013)
    The results indicate that 1.22% of invoices issued in 2012 in Murcia they were in electronic format, the figure rises to 0.54% in relation to the data obtained in 2009
  • The UCAM, first university in Europe with a symphony orchestra (04/07/2013)
    The renowned conductor and composer Roque Banos will be an active part of the project
  • Clarification on compensation to councilors (04/07/2013)

  • Winners of the Ninth Edition of the Real Estate Development Awards (04/07/2013)

  • The authorities offer their mediation to try to prevent evictions (04/07/2013)
    The councils collaborate with the Ministry of Public Works and Planning to provide family counseling
  • Team Takeover decanal, Faculty of Economics and Business (04/07/2013)

  • The University of Murcia scientific production increases more than 50% (04/07/2013)
    The University of Murcia has increased the number of scientific articles published in 2012 compared to the previous year by 55% from 1193-1852
  • KELME El Pozo Murcia FS clothe the next four seasons (04/07/2013)
    Rafa, Alex, and Juampi Miguelín have the new kits for the 2013-14 season
  • "The inaction of Cam Berberena theme we suspect you are buying their silence" (04/07/2013)
    The socialist mayor Juan Patricio Castro again require the immediate cessation of the former Town Planning at the head of the institution and the Foundation exhibition Future Murcia, charges for which prodría receive 5,000 euros per month City Counci
  • Broadcasts bypass free stays in the region to enjoy 'Summer you want' (04/07/2013)
    The winners will enjoy four days in four-star hotels on the Costa Calida
  • IU-Greens calls for the defendants in the case do not sit Umbra designation (04/07/2013)

  • New information event OPEA of workers by suppressing the main career guidance program in the Region (04/07/2013)

  • The average price of used vehicles in Murcia falls by 5.1% in the first half of the year (03/07/2013)
    VO The average price stands at 9.896 €
  • Barnabas reminds PSOE two judgments of the Supreme Court to support the strict legality of the assignment of soil (03/07/2013)

  • The environment of Santa Catalina and Plaza de las Flores looks and no graffiti (03/07/2013)
    Urban Quality continues giving the city a clean and neat tourist and commercial environments
  • The environment of Santa Catalina and the flowers looks and no graffiti (03/07/2013)
    Urban Quality continues giving the city a clean and neat tourist and commercial environments
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia highlights the materialism of the younger generations when a family (03/07/2013)

  • IU-Green believes that House can not continue any longer as Mayor (03/07/2013)

  • Intensified cleaning blocks Santa Rita Street (03/07/2013)
    Neighbors and household garbage thrown out the window and become low in landfill
  • PSOE: "Berberena representanto can no longer grounds for the institution confirmed and suspected criminal liar" (03/07/2013)

  • "While we pay 4 million per month for cleaning, the town looks like a dump" (03/07/2013)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa Ayuntamietno regrets that advertises a cleaning fanfare two blocks from Santa Rita that residents have been asking for a while when is your responsibility and the citizens pay for it
  • A new ordinance will regulate the parking Disabled (03/07/2013)
    zoom to six hours maximum parking time, to facilitate the mobility of users and extends the use of the ORA Orange area.
  • The City Council renewed its agreement with Education, to work with minors (03/07/2013)
    The project aims to work with families preferably Espinardo
  • Simon Zabell Painting Prize awarded to the University of Murcia (03/07/2013)

  • IU-Green notes the cleaning needs of the neighborhood of Fame (02/07/2013)

  • Serna (UPyD) insists that the mayor House "should pull over immediately" (02/07/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the resignation of Mayor House and the immediate cessation of former councilman Berberena as manager of the exhibition site in Murcia (02/07/2013)

  • The pavement of the portico of the Cathedral regains its original color (02/07/2013)
    Urban Quality begins work on polishing and cleaning of marble, blackened by humidity and the passage of time
  • The staff of El Pozo Murcia FS, after a great season, take vacation until August (02/07/2013)
    Paulinho embarks on a new adventure and Raul, assigned to Santiago Futsal
  • A project of the University of Murcia is selected EU environmental contest (02/07/2013)

  • The Owl Country is one of the first issues we dictate the Social City Council (02/07/2013)
    The Mayor has chaired this morning's plenary session, which has proposed the creation of four working
  • ASSIDO exposes the need apliar Pelegrín their facilities to improve care for people with Down syndrome (02/07/2013)
    The Councillor for Social Welfare and Health greets members of the association for their projects and needs
  • IU-Green described as "scandalous" photos of Berberena and considered "unfortunate" statements by the mayor (02/07/2013)

  • Free workshop "The Mills and its environment: History and nature in the heart of the city" (02/07/2013)
    will take place from 9 to 11 July and is aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old
  • 300 children from 3 ° to 6 ° of Elementary participate in summer camps in The Nerpio, San Pedro del Pinatar and The Valley (02/07/2013)
    They are organized by the Department of Education
  • A professor at the University of Murcia claimed in a book of history as a science in the service of society (02/07/2013)

  • Herguedas believes that the charges on the affect planning councilor mayor House (01/07/2013)

  • On Thursday festivities begin Barrio del Carmen (01/07/2013)
    With the reading of the proclamation by the President of the Sardine Association, Gregorio Gonzalez, give neighborhood parties start of Carmen 2013.
  • Learning the theory of mirror neurons (01/07/2013)
    The Museum of Science and Water houses a show that, through play, to bring science to the general public
  • About 73,000 people visit Teatro Circo Murcia in the 2012-2013 season (01/07/2013)
    TCM has carried out the first study of Public carried out in the Region
  • IU-Green attributed the deterioration of the pool Mar Menor to the "political neglect" of Cascales (01/07/2013)

  • Four athletes from the University of Murcia participate in the Universiade to be held in Russia from 6 to July 17 (01/07/2013)
    This is the global sporting event that gathers more athletes after the Olympics
  • Business of the tourism sector in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and Italy visit the CIM-M (01/07/2013)
    Part of project activities SUITES, which participates AJE represented Spain
  • The City is working to 26 Saharawi children spend their holidays with families in the municipality (01/07/2013)
    Holidays in Peace Association aims to ward off during the summer under the harsh conditions of the refugee camps in Tindouf
  • The Socialist Group proposes an investment plan for the municipality with 42 million Treasury Remnant (01/07/2013)
    The spokesman, Pedro Lopez, reports that such a plan would create a total of approximately 1,909 jobs and would be done with criteria for participation
  • Local police launched a special summer monitoring (01/07/2013)
    Promoting preventive policy and increasing surveillance in Murcia and districts

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