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Murcia News - January 2012

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  • "Taste your place" tomorrow Vistabella (31/01/2012)

  • Study the creation of a Centre for Women in Santiago and Zaraiche (31/01/2012)

  • 19 universities in Murcia prepare a mobility scheme between North Africa and Europe (31/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group proposes the PP to the circular line passes close to the park and ride the Malecon (31/01/2012)

  • The Secondary School is now Fleet Green School (31/01/2012)

  • Serna, "The Old Jail should be an economic engine, tourism, culture and hospitality first class" (31/01/2012)
    municipal group has given the Mayor the Old Jail project in Murcia, which would rehabilitate the building as Food Market Cultural given its huge potential
  • The TCM co-production work with companies in Murcia this week brings the world premiere of "sexual perversion in Chicago", The Road Theatre (31/01/2012)

  • The Department of Infrastructure completed the refurbishment of medians in Avenue Beniaján (31/01/2012)

  • Captain America against Hitler (31/01/2012)
    An exhibition at the University of Murcia discovered the Jewish origin of many of the superhero comic book
  • The University of Murcia opens tomorrow enrollment period for access to more than 40 years (31/01/2012)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved the calendar of elections to representatives of the departments in the body (31/01/2012)

  • The government team continues to negotiate with union representatives to re-order the new schedules and streamline municipal services (30/01/2012)

  • Times Cup in Logroño Spain from 8 to March 11 (30/01/2012)

  • Four aldermen of the City of Murcia, appointed members of committees of the FEMP (30/01/2012)

  • The European Union chooses to develop the project Murcia SmartSpaces (30/01/2012)
    be to reduce by at least 20% of energy demand and water in public buildings in the EU
  • The Socialist Group calls for the immediate cleanup of the lots opposite the municipal soccer field Javalí New (30/01/2012)

  • The National Police arrested a young man in Murcia to which he is charged 10-vehicle theft (30/01/2012)

  • The Mayor presented the awards obtained by students who have better ideas on peace (30/01/2012)

  • More than 14,500 young people will participate in 50 different activities offered Networks for 16 weekends (30/01/2012)

  • IU-Green laments the dearth of proposals in the municipality of Murcia Fitur (30/01/2012)

  • What paints the PAS of the UMU? (30/01/2012)
    Nine management staff artists display their works in the Museum of the University of Murcia
  • Algezares Auditorium hosts a concert on Wednesday, Janice Harrington (30/01/2012)

  • Begin the festivities of Santa Eulalia with the proclamation of Adela Martínez-Cache (29/01/2012)
    Residents now enjoy a meal of living
  • The City Council supports the initiative of creating a center Adaer Intengral in the municipality (29/01/2012)

  • Head of Torres pays tribute to two blocks to the Salesians Paco and Pedro Silvestre Arai (28/01/2012)
    The new tracks are located near the center concerted nursery, primary and secondary "Don Bosco" of the parish
  • Healthy Habits for students of the School-Workshop Local Police Headquarters in La Alberca (28/01/2012)
    Involved in an addiction prevention program that includes the consumption of fruit each day
  • "The citizen action stops the installation of a mobile antenna in Los Ramos' (28/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group claim the injunctive relief to ensure the care and maintenance of the heritage of the passivity Huerta municipal (27/01/2012)

  • Tortosa Iniesta and meet with the Association of Independent Traders of Barrio del Carmen (27/01/2012)

  • A book of the University of Murcia doctor claimed figure of Luis Cartagena Calandre (27/01/2012)

  • A round table was requested to carry out the necessary actions to control illegal settlements (27/01/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the attitude "undemocratic" of the PP in El Carmen (27/01/2012)

  • The government team intends to keep working day public employees in 35 hours (27/01/2012)

  • Pelegrin platform receives the "Right to Life" (27/01/2012)

  • The Network of Cities for Cycling promotes the creation of a "national biciregistro" for easy retrieval in case of loss or theft (27/01/2012)

  • The mayor receives the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (27/01/2012)

  • A thesis from the University of Murcia says citizens have been involved in propaganda discourse water (27/01/2012)

  • M ª Carmen Conesa, elected president of the Municipal Board Lobosillo in a ceremony presided by Mayor Camera (27/01/2012)

  • The Mayor Lobosillo House opens in indoor sports hall number 36 of the municipality (27/01/2012)

  • The Lucia Murcia Lopez attempt to crown the Everest (27/01/2012)

  • The University of Murcia on Monday celebrated the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas (27/01/2012)

  • The new sports hall in full Lobosillo infrastructure provision in the districts of Murcia (26/01/2012)
    The Minister of Presidency and Murcia Mayor inaugurated the new facility, which involves an investment of over € 600,000
  • Inauguration of the conference market, economy and innovation in food 2012 (26/01/2012)
    The UCAM discussed in a Workshop on the food industry
  • Masood Khalili: "We must work together in rebuilding Afghanistan" (26/01/2012)
    Afghanistan's Ambassador in Spain in the UCAM
  • The council of Institutional Relations and the Ombudsman gather to take stock of the cases processed in the municipality (26/01/2012)
    Both institutions will collaborate to accelerate the response to citizen complaints since last June 2011 have been resolved a total of 47 records
  • Social Welfare will provide a space for Cancer Patients Association of Blood in the Region of Murcia (26/01/2012)

  • More than 600 people participate in the draw held on weekends Fitur free to visit Murcia (26/01/2012)

  • Terra Natura Murcia built his first pair of birds aviary a hammer (26/01/2012)
    Despite its small size this species builds nests in the world
  • House states that "for the first time, the needs and demands of the municipalities are considered on an equal footing with other administrations" (26/01/2012)

  • HUERMUR requested that the City of Murcia take urgent measures to prevent the collapse of historic buildings in the garden (25/01/2012)

  • The students will do internships at UCAM the City of Mula (25/01/2012)
    The Catholic University of Murcia this afternoon signed a collaboration agreement with the session Mülenen
  • The Commissioner Duran Guerrero Cirilo, new police chief of Murcia (25/01/2012)
    "The fight against trafficking in human beings is central to the defense of fundamental rights and human dignity"
  • Professors of the Universidad del Mar delivered a course fee to the city of Lorca (25/01/2012)

  • Pruning the ficus Santo Domingo (25/01/2012)
    are withdrawing about 3,000 kilos of green mass of tree
  • The School of Computing Informatics Olympiad organized by the V Region of Murcia (25/01/2012)

  • The Journal of Tourism magazine is among the top ten Spanish publications Geography (25/01/2012)

  • The IES Aljada holds an environmental exposure and rock concert at The Nave (25/01/2012)
    On Friday, the play is 'Carnival'
  • The students will have use a computer application to learn how to manage companies (25/01/2012)

  • Social Welfare studying future areas of collaboration with the association I want to grow (25/01/2012)

  • Approved contract specifications for the library service (25/01/2012)

  • More than 17,000 euros for the project to support disadvantaged children (25/01/2012)

  • The florists in the region come together in MercaMurcia to celebrate Valentine's Day (25/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group asks the PP if finally going to retire at 500 plus municipal officials the special dedication and availability (25/01/2012)

  • The Film Hall of Murcia University announces a current film series (25/01/2012)

  • UPyD calls for immediate solution to the real danger is the intersection of Plaza de la Cruz in Monteagudo (25/01/2012)

  • The new Chair is a great novelty in Europe (24/01/2012)
    The UCAM presents the Chair of Emergency, Emergency, Disaster and Cardioseguridad
  • The City guarantees 144 jobs Latbus (24/01/2012)

  • Camera: "We must address the negotiation of a new model of local financing with the utmost urgency" (24/01/2012)

  • IU-Green calls for the withdrawal of the material in the works with expired license (24/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary asked to draw up an ordinance for accessibility (24/01/2012)

  • A step towards the establishment of the Municipal Council of Equality (24/01/2012)

  • Environment and Adesga join forces to protect and Escalona SpkrOn saws (24/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the establishment of a school workshop aimed at rehabilitating the assets of the Huerta (24/01/2012)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro defended in Parliament that will enhance relations with the Regional Service Empel and private actors to generate employment and contribute the training of the unemployed through initiatives how are you
  • Municipal Center El Carmen prepares ten courses and workshops for the months of February and March (24/01/2012)

  • Maria Dolores Sanchez visit schools in the South Mountains (24/01/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia submit the "payment in kind" for consideration by the full City Council (24/01/2012)
    further proposed that the Consistory provide legal advice to families at risk of eviction
  • The semes serves five people from the cold (23/01/2012)

  • Iniesta: "I regret the lack of ideas of the Socialist Municipal Group on public transport" (23/01/2012)

  • The Mayor delivered to a Torres Cabezo neighbor's car seats donated by the municipal supplies (23/01/2012)
    markets more than 600,000 ballots distributed among its clients
  • More aid for employment through walas (23/01/2012)
    Two new workshops in 24 districts teach to create companies
  • More than 300 youngsters enjoy the activities offered by the Youth Space 585m2 Municipal Center (23/01/2012)
    Dance, relaxation, martial arts and languages ​​are some of the workshops
  • PRDE: "City of Murcia: Crisis? ?" (23/01/2012)
    " Crisis what crisis in full in deciding to lower the salary to its employees and in addition Tips increase working hours shameful behavior we find would appear to a real mockery "
  • The University of Murcia recognizes students for academic excellence (23/01/2012)

  • IU-Green calls for the creation of the figure of the board of speakers at the municipal boards (23/01/2012)

  • "The PP will not be approved quickly and the specification alone is going to regular public transport in Murcia until 2027" (23/01/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Peter Lopez, expects the local government does not approve this Wednesday by the Governing Board a specification that does not contain global solutions, only patches
  • A round table is restated at the University of Murcia the validity of the debates now (23/01/2012)

  • An investigation by the University of Murcia is presented in the Madrid Fusion gastronomic meeting (23/01/2012)

  • The Council offers this weekend Fitur tourist information and the help of eight double rooms for free to find parties Murcia (21/01/2012)
    has a stand at Murcia space tourist to 'sell' their packages and promote the city
  • Social Welfare show their support for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (21/01/2012)
    During 2011, 38,826 mammograms performed
  • Environment will install 800 new bicycle parking (21/01/2012)
    124 points in the town and districts
  • The Mayor stressed the "vegetable garden diplomacy and good sense" of Floridablanca seen in the book of José Luis Pardo (20/01/2012)

  • The UCAM debate on Bioethics and the Common Good (20/01/2012)
    UCAM Bioethics Conference 2012
  • UPyD Murcia complaint against the dirt of the capital Nelva Hotel (20/01/2012)
    The group claims that the image transmitted to the guests is not positive, suggesting the burial of containers
  • ... (20/01/2012)

  • The Special Committee on Recruitment Surveillance meets to report on the records of the Romea, Cagigal and public transport (20/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group asked that all political groups are part of the City Council table permanently hiring (20/01/2012)

  • Our Lady of Peace will come out in procession for the first time next Tuesday (20/01/2012)

  • San Anton ends this weekend, the acts of their patron saint (20/01/2012)

  • L series "The Family Theatre" presents this weekend's muscial Batautos and 42 of septubre (20/01/2012)

  • A new ordinance will ensure the protection of green areas of the municipality (20/01/2012)

  • The European project has been rated 2.0 as an example of good practice nationally (20/01/2012)

  • Professor Luis-Manuel Thomas participates in a virtual meeting in Construction Engineering (20/01/2012)

  • Tourism bet for languages ​​and new technologies (20/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group asked the PP to help with 30 euros per month to students studying outside the country (20/01/2012)

  • The City Council and Energy HC renew their commitment to fight climate change (20/01/2012)

  • Bike Murcia is outraged at the death of a cyclist (19/01/2012)

  • The Community College of the UCAM committed to donating blood (19/01/2012)

  • Forty trained unemployed youth to enhance their employment (19/01/2012)

  • The new president of the Local Red Cross visit to the Councillor for Social Welfare and Health (19/01/2012)

  • Tourism 'sold' in Fitur their weekend packages with hotel, tours and dining experiences (19/01/2012)

  • IU-Green considers "serious" proposal to compensate the rise in IBI (19/01/2012)

  • Application period to request installation of an ice cream (19/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for the establishment of an office support to families facing foreclosure or eviction from their main residence (19/01/2012)

  • Persons with disabilities may find parking more easily thanks to a system for mobile (19/01/2012)

  • Cyclist hit by a truck died in Murcia (19/01/2012)
    On the road N-301 to match the shopping center "The Shot"
  • Name of Murcia is still present in the kit of the National Cycling (18/01/2012)

  • Murcia Reder participates in the meeting which was held in Fitur (18/01/2012)
    District Councilman Campo de Murcia has participated in this meeting is a first contact with the new Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Tourism launches new brochure on the Cathedral of Murcia (18/01/2012)
    This is a complete guide with pictures, maps and explanations in Spanish and English
  • Application period to request the installation of bars during the Spring Festival (18/01/2012)

  • Iniesta: "The United Left municipal group has not filed any motion relating to bus service in the last seven months" (18/01/2012)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia proposes a new system of election of the Supreme Judicial Council to limit the fees (18/01/2012)

  • The UCAM discussed in the Seminar on Bioethics issues such as the morning-after pill (18/01/2012)
    UCAM Bioethics Conference 2012
  • Tourism launches new brochure on the Cathedral of Murcia (18/01/2012)
    This is a complete guide with pictures, maps and explanations in Spanish and English
  • Espinardo have a great monument to his historic paprika industry (18/01/2012)

  • The University of Murcia organizes the Regional Olympiad Biology VI (18/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the state of disrepair and neglect the archaeological and cultural Monteagudo (18/01/2012)
    Andrea Garries The mayor regrets that the municipal PP continue your aimless tourism policy and objectives, neglecting the historical and giving back to the Huerta, the main sign of identity of Murcia
  • The school internship offer a workshop on pension (18/01/2012)

  • The Circus Theatre contemporary dance begins tomorrow with heartless Murcia (18/01/2012)

  • The City Council allocates more than 192,000 euros to projects working with children and adolescents (18/01/2012)

  • Espinardo continues with the occupational classroom project to prevent absenteeism (18/01/2012)

  • "The architectural design is essential for energy savings in buildings" (17/01/2012)
    The President of the Royal Spanish Physical Society, Rosario Heras Celemín in UCAM
  • Professor José Meseguer takes over as dean of the Faculty of Biology (17/01/2012)

  • Edit Murcia Circus Theatre playbills 5000 season with the January-May 2012 (17/01/2012)

  • The Mayor attends a year to the traditional blessing of animals in San Anton (17/01/2012)
    Chamber attends Mass at the Chapel
  • The library of El Carmen held a meeting with the writer Elias Meana (17/01/2012)

  • PSOE: "The increase in the journey of the City officials can not be imposed in haste and without reaching an agreement with the unions" (17/01/2012)
    Socialist Councilman Jose Zapata warns that this measure should not be carried out in a and imposed unilaterally because it would eliminate collective bargaining in the Consistory Murcia
  • The University of Murcia will support training of personal trainers (17/01/2012)

  • Manos Unidas in El Carmen shows the reality of childhood in the most desvaforecidos (17/01/2012)

  • The Museum of Science and Water offers guided tours in English bilingual schools, Frand and German (17/01/2012)

  • The fusion of music, dancers, light and space Stoc presented Thursday at Teatro Circo Murcia (17/01/2012)

  • Sources: "We work for the reorganization of municipal services are the result of consensus with the unions" (16/01/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia considered 'poor and insufficient' measures in tourism (16/01/2012)
    Likewise, the municipal group regrets that the government team despise the support and help of the Opposition in a key to economic recovery
  • The University of Murcia program activities to encourage healthy habits in the elderly (16/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party regrets that the proposal the City Council to let go to Fitur Huerta and heritage (16/01/2012)

  • POSE: "People pay while the City looks the other way" (16/01/2012)

  • After the success of last season, The House of Alba Bernada again tread the boards of the Teatro Circo Murcia (16/01/2012)

  • IU-Green criticizes the "ninguneo" council to craft vendors San Esteban (16/01/2012)

  • The City Council takes first Fitur packages designed exclusively for Murcia (16/01/2012)
    includes accommodation in 4 star hotel with breakfast, guided tour and dining experience, from 35 euros
  • Experts in studying Shakespeare at the University of Murcia appropriation by dictatorships (16/01/2012)

  • Camera shows regret at the death of Manuel Fraga, who stressed its "firm commitment to Spain" (16/01/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia describes as "very serious and incomprehensible" to locate a nursery in the Rambla de Espinardo (16/01/2012)
    Serna The council will present a series of questions in Parliament to the Councillor for Education to clarify details of the situation
  • Murcia Circus Theater opens new passes for all events Balagan and Joaquin Reyes (16/01/2012)

  • Training for members of the City Commission on Equality (16/01/2012)

  • ... (16/01/2012)

  • More than 2,000 people gather at the traditional meeting of gangs and aguilandos of Torreagüera (15/01/2012)

  • The Mayor shared with the neighbors of the festive day Patiño of the XXIV Meeting of crews (15/01/2012)

  • Chamber thanks the Government of Rajoy "a hand" to municipalities (15/01/2012)

  • Alici @. Com and Violet and Pantagruel, this weekend at Teatro Circo Murcia (14/01/2012)

  • The district of San Anton celebrates its patron saint (14/01/2012)
    The traditional blessing of animals will take place on Tuesday at 12 hours
  • The Municipal Committee of the PSOE in Murcia stands for a new kind of politics (14/01/2012)
    February Socialists held a forum open to the entire society that explore new ways to promote citizen participation in the management of the public
  • The Community signs an agreement with the Board of landowners in the Huerta de Murcia for collection management of sales outstanding (14/01/2012)
    Assumes debt collection, fees and other income for the community of irrigators and facilitates payment by electronic means Virtual Office
  • The bear Fabila Terra Natura Murcia celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a fruit tart (13/01/2012)
    The dessert was prepared with 40 kilos of apples, pears, carrots and pineapple
  • The UCAM I organize the Basketball World Championship of Catholic Universities (13/01/2012)
    Competition will be held next year 2013
  • IU-Green says that the rise of IBI "will bring more poverty" to the citizens of Murcia (13/01/2012)

  • Murcia is ahead in creating a new sustainable asphalt (13/01/2012)

  • The Cycle "at Theatre Family" in 2012 aims to establish itself as one of the most varied and extensive offerings of shows for children (13/01/2012)
    Murcia Circus Theatre will present more than a score of activities for families to enjoy the weekend January to May
  • The City pays more than 7,400 SMEs in the last two months of the year (13/01/2012)

  • "The municipal PP should explain what to do with the 11.5 million that will be entering the IBI rise Rajoy" (13/01/2012)

  • The University of Murcia in a symposium about the appropriation of Shakespeare by dictatorships (13/01/2012)

  • Students in the General Air Academy visit to the patron saint of the city of Murcia (12/01/2012)

  • "The Derby Friendship" (12/01/2012)
    Presidents Twinning El Pozo Murcia FS and Reale Cartagena, pre-derby
  • The Ayuntamieto is working urgently to solve the problem of library service delivery (12/01/2012)

  • The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation visit UCAM (12/01/2012)

  • IU-Green blames the city council of the state of the network of libraries (12/01/2012)

  • Tourism prepares its participation in Fitur (12/01/2012)

  • Murcia, basketball reference base (12/01/2012)

  • Detainee two maids who stole jewelry and cash in the homes where they worked (12/01/2012)
    One of them stole jewelry valued at 44,000 euros, while another 59,120 euros in cash.
  • The Socialist Group calls for the PP to hire directly and immediately to qualified personnel to service municipal libraries (12/01/2012)

  • Bernal Theatre presents "Crazy" its regional premiere (12/01/2012)

  • The garden of the Rambla de Espinardo completely renovated and looks (12/01/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia adds to the convening of the Monitoring Committee of Recruitment (12/01/2012)
    Behind the controversy Cagigal Pavilion, coincides with the Socialist Group in the urgent need to clarify all details
  • The University of Murcia Juan Francisco Periago honors a classroom on the campus of Espinardo (12/01/2012)

  • The University of Murcia studying new ways of disseminating science (12/01/2012)

  • The baby 15,000 of USP San Carlos receives a visit from the Director General of Health Care in the Region of Murcia (11/01/2012)
    The baby, a girl, she received the welcome gift of a batch of baby commodities to cover their first year of Life
  • The semes twelve people attended last night by cold (11/01/2012)

  • The UCAM presents the seminar "Credit solidarity ' (11/01/2012)

  • From Bail: "The derby is always special, but I'll ElPozo to death for the three points to stay in Murcia" (11/01/2012)

  • The ship offers a thirty workshops for young people (11/01/2012)

  • The fortification of fruit juices with Pycnogenol compensates for the loss of antioxidants during digestion, according to research (11/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group proposes a special committee to reconcile the rest of the neighbors and the economic activity of the entertainment (11/01/2012)

  • Teatro Circo hosts Murcia next January 13 musical poetry Loquillo (11/01/2012)

  • The City replaced the planter stolen for the floral offerings to the Virgin of Hazards (10/01/2012)

  • Entrepreneurial activity in Murcia is at the head of Spain (10/01/2012)

  • IU-Green believes that municipal consensus in terms of noise is "a decorative pose" (10/01/2012)

  • The National Theater Award opens Nobody wants to believe opens the new season of Teatro Circo Murcia (10/01/2012)
    The work of The Sieve is presented in the city on January 12 to 21 hours
  • The City accounts for about 600 civil marriages and de facto unions in 2011 (10/01/2012)
    Applications filed on or after January 1 will have to pay the new rate
  • The Department of Urban Quality has the same legal adviser from 2011 (10/01/2012)

  • Bernal Theatre presents a varied program with major regional premiers (10/01/2012)
    2012 The first season will start on 14th January with crazy Cuesta Theater Co.
  • The municipal hairdressing shop opens its doors to the public (10/01/2012)
    for a symbolic price of one or two euros you can get hair treatments
  • The Socialist Group calls immediately meet Procurement Commission to address the issue of flag Cagigal (10/01/2012)
    The PSOE mayor Mar Rosa considers it necessary to clarify this situation as soon as possible, together with the Romea Theatre, damages image and credibility of the City of Murcia
  • 15,000 of the baby is born USP San Carlos (10/01/2012)
    The baby, a girl as a welcome gift you will receive a batch of baby commodities to cover their first year of life
  • Pedro Alberto Cruz presented tomorrow at the University of Murcia his first collection of poems (10/01/2012)

  • The semes serves six people from the cold (09/01/2012)

  • 132,150 kilos Urban Cleaning collects paper and cardboard after the celebration of Three Kings Day (09/01/2012)

  • The Sierra de la Pila, the subject of a presentation by students of Fine Arts from the University of Murcia (09/01/2012)

  • Success means of assistance to the activities organized during Christmas (09/01/2012)

  • Public services, participation and reporting of corruption, IU-Green priorities at City Hall (09/01/2012)
    The organization reports that Alberto Guerra, charged in the case 'Umbra', is now the number 2 of the Department of Urban Quality and Infrastructure
  • Stop stealing two fake nurses for the elderly at home (09/01/2012)
    forced to remove the jewelry to the elders in the guise of medical tests.
  • The Socialist Group calls for a more equitable and fair treatment by the Community to the citizens of Murcia (09/01/2012)

  • On Friday ElPozo-Reale to leave a good impression before the break league (09/01/2012)
    Adri, absent today.
  • Co dedicates the month of January to La Paz (09/01/2012)
    It has organized a drawing and writing contest for students and exhibitions to raise awareness of the important work of NGOs
  • The Mayor attends the opening of the centenary of the parish of Patiño (08/01/2012)

  • The City Council will continue to work to prevent noise nuisance generated in the municipality (07/01/2012)

  • More than 150,000 people watched the parade longer in recent years (06/01/2012)
    1,800 people put light and color to courtship
  • Esquerdinha: "The forty minutes you will be fighting to bring the 3 points to Murcia" (06/01/2012)

  • The Mayor asked the Magi labor, health and water for all Murcia (05/01/2012)
    Miguel Angel House has received this morning at SS.
  • Doubtful: "To achieve victory we must be regular Segovia whole game" (05/01/2012)

  • The Faculty of Biology allocated $ 1,000 in prizes for the photo contest (05/01/2012)

  • The next day of the Epiphany will be held at the Holy Cathedral of Murcia traditional concert of Kings (05/01/2012)

  • More than 120 police officers forming part of the Local Special Three Kings (05/01/2012)

  • IU-Green asked the council why not extend the service to other areas of serene city (04/01/2012)

  • James Delgado gets the prize for novel 'Caravaca, the Holy City " (04/01/2012)

  • The Mayor presented a book by the painter Looks on the crib Saura mobile Casillas (04/01/2012)

  • IU-Green asked for an explanation on the internet cut Segura River in the library (04/01/2012)

  • About 1,800 people participate in what will be the Ride of Kings and international longest of the last 20 years (04/01/2012)
    All elements of the parade will be a novelty.
  • El Pozo Murcia wants to start the year "by removing the spine" of Caja Segovia (04/01/2012)
    Miguelín brought provides the keys to the 3 points
  • Another year, the Ciudad de Murcia judokas fired a year running the San Silvestre (04/01/2012)

  • The Terra Natura Murcia veterinary treatment applied to cure one of the wolves of the Pack (04/01/2012)

  • Corner Beniscornia Sacramental celebrates Three Kings (04/01/2012)
    The performance will be held Friday at 11 pm in the parish church
  • A doctoral thesis demonstrates the benefits of using compost sludge in semiarid soils (03/01/2012)

  • The morning Murcia Symphony plays the traditional New Year Concert (03/01/2012)

  • Serna: "PP and PSOE are jointly responsible for the deficit that has caused the rise of IBI" (03/01/2012)
    UPyD spokesman requires the municipal government team to alleviate the property tax increase to alternatives such as bonuses, income level or greater fractionation of payment
  • Environment elaborated a decalogue on electric mobility (03/01/2012)
    These tips for purchasing an electric vehicle is the result of the conference organized by ALEM last November
  • Pascual Parrilla is the surgeon with more works published as a doctoral thesis (03/01/2012)

  • Exhausted advance sale of seats for the Cavalcade of the Magi (03/01/2012)

  • IU-Green urges the PP to "move file" to defend the families of the liens (02/01/2012)

  • The University of Murcia wins the competition for the promotion of research contracts with companies (02/01/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis on the early warning of onset of alcohol consumption (02/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for a revision of the tax ordinance for further progress in the IBI (02/01/2012)
    And rush cushion the PP government tax
  • Facing the Extraordinary Regional Congress PSRM-PSOE (02/01/2012)
    The Socialist group Murcia-East (Vistalegre) commitment to greater involvement of militants and second open list ballot box
  • Named President Alberto Requena Territorial Section of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (02/01/2012)

  • A 24 hours service will ensure the smooth operation of all city traffic lights and signals (02/01/2012)

  • Fire Murcia five associations delivered to more than 3,000 toys collected in the campaign 'Exchange of illusions' (02/01/2012)

  • They're on sale tickets and for the Cup of Spain "Logroño 2012" (02/01/2012)
    The tickets and passes can be purchased online through the website LNFS, www.lnfs.es

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 - ER-0131/2006 Región de Murcia
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