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Murcia News - November 2012

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  • "El Palmar. Espacio Joven" attracts over 500 young people each week to participate in its activities (30/11/2012)

  • The UCAM will invest to Mayor Oreja as Doctor Honoris Causa (30/11/2012)
    Former Prime Minister and head of the Chair of Ethics, Politics and Humanities UCAM, José María Aznar, will be asked to deliver the laudatio
  • The Cabinet awarded the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise Gonzalo Díaz Díaz (30/11/2012)
    Professor of History of Western Thought at the University of Murcia
  • UPyD proposes a debate on the status of the city of Murcia (30/11/2012)
    Serna laments the poor economic management direct consequence of the PP, which has received "a 'heritage' very bad, his own" after more than 16 years of regional and local governments
  • Murcia hosts the Flea Market of the business association Triangle (30/11/2012)
    There will also be Top Road
  • Tomorrow opens the deadline to qualify for one of the fifteen plots new Leisure Garden of Churra (30/11/2012)
    They are located in the garden of the gardens of Castellar
  • The Socialist Party calls for more police presence in the districts of the South Coast to stem the tide of thefts (30/11/2012)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries further requests the local government reorganization of serene template, and the creation of an itinerant group move to areas that require special attention
  • IU-Greens criticized the City Council allocated two wings of the school to El Carmen 'The coloraos' (30/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens prefer Murcia PP considers charity to solidarity (30/11/2012)

  • The University of Murcia organized a conference to exchange experiences of schools that promote diversity (30/11/2012)

  • Kike will be tomorrow in the Days of awareness and sensitivity to the physical and sensory disabilities in Albatera (30/11/2012)

  • Cobacho said he hoped to reach an agreement on debt financing next week (30/11/2012)

  • ... (30/11/2012)

  • The city expanded its horizons with project creation Murcia International City (30/11/2012)
    The Department of Institutional Relations wants to promote trade relations with countries in economic and business potential.
  • The City works with five cooperation projects in Bolivia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Togo and Morocco (30/11/2012)
    The objective is to improve the living conditions of people in deprived areas
  • The Department of Naval History at the University of Murcia a conference dedicated to Arsenal Cartagena (30/11/2012)

  • The exhibition "Living traditions Murcia" occurs in the municipal center El Carmen (30/11/2012)
    may be from 3 to 31 December
  • A job involving a professor at the University of Murcia wins a prize of Medicine and School Health (30/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens said that 2013 budgets are not adjusted to the reality of the economic situation (29/11/2012)

  • The Service Urban green areas and trees has spoken this morning thirteen times by falling trees and branches by the strong wind (29/11/2012)
    It has also been necessary to close the garden Floridablanca
  • Serna: "We can not support unbalanced budgets" (29/11/2012)
    Murcia UPyD abstains from voting on the accounts for 2013 Consistory to understand that they are "continuistas and mimetic" with the previous year and "no improvement"
  • The City Council will deliver the check to Murcia Transport Latbus by the reversal of the vehicles in the Personal Property Registry notifies that are free of charge (29/11/2012)
    According to the statement signed in 1981 by Latbus "the expiration of the grant will revert the Town Hall, in perfect condition and free of any liens or encumbrances, vehicles and facilities of the service "
  • The Art History students celebrated the pattern of their studies (29/11/2012)

  • The PP rejects amendments Socialist Group to municipal budgets for the creation of 1,700 jobs (29/11/2012)

  • Bus Users districts remain victims of the eternal dispute between the City and Latbus (29/11/2012)

  • Rafa, Miguelín and Kike, honored by the Club and the "Red Tide" in the game against Burela FS (29/11/2012)
    Rafa: "With El Pozo Murcia motivation is high"
  • The UCAM signed an agreement with AC Hotels chain (29/11/2012)

  • People's Party Senator for Murcia, M ª José Nicolás, spoke at a conference on tourism (29/11/2012)
    M ª José Nicolás: "The Region of Murcia is a leader in tourism innovation"
  • The Department of Environment implemented a comprehensive reform in the garden of the New Street San Antón (29/11/2012)
    Among other works, will be installed playgrounds and gerontogimnasia
  • Environment proposes learn to make Christmas treats, discovering the Garden of Floridablanca or climb to the summit Altahona (29/11/2012)
    Activities will take place on Saturday and Sunday
  • Professor Francisco Jarauta receives a tribute from the Faculty of Philosophy at retirement (29/11/2012)

  • The Municipal People, IU and UPyD approved a motion to strengthen the campaign against gender violence and improve systems to detect these situations (29/11/2012)
    This is kept in "personal and social commitment in the fight against violence "
  • Chamber recalls that the City contracts with service companies employ more than 4,200 families (29/11/2012)
    The Mayor defines municipal budgets for 2013 as "realistic, that respond to the needs of the people and ensure the functioning of the city"
  • The House agreed unanimously to protect the Royal Gorge section affected by the Special Plan Campus Health Sciences in El Palmar (29/11/2012)

  • The Campus Mare Nostrum, international model of excellence for the University of Klaipeda Lithuanian (29/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens branded as "hollow and empty" Camera intervention in CONAMA 2012 (28/11/2012)

  • The SEMAS prepares for a possible drop in temperature (28/11/2012)
    Distribute hot drinks, blankets and sleeping bags, while providing information about the service of Jesus Abandoned
  • Castro: municipal budget gives back to employment and small businesses (28/11/2012)

  • ONCE Murcia pays tribute to painter Antonio Cano Gómez with a coupon that will bring your vision (28/11/2012)
    The image is a self-portrait of Murcia and the drawing will be Dec. 4
  • Works in squares and streets to improve road safety (28/11/2012)
    The work will be at the roundabout with Miguel Indurain South Ronda, Ronda hits South from Vicente Aleixandre, Alameda Capuchin, Torres Fontes and tunnel Mayday
  • Students of IES Juan Carlos I will practice in the municipal sports facilities (28/11/2012)

  • House defends work in cities as a base network to avoid duplication, reduce costs and increase coordination (28/11/2012)

  • The Civic Center will Cabezo Plate before the end of the year with a local social (28/11/2012)
    The cafe has space and screening room, among other agencies
  • Ends cycle equality cuisine that have made the Women's Centers in the Classroom Gastronomic Veronicas (28/11/2012)
    Seven centers and more than 400 women have participated
  • Lopez: "It reinforces the 'apartheid' in public transport and city districts" (28/11/2012)
    Socialist spokesman has long warned that the city is promoting PP Two speed a municipality, the citizens living in hamlets, discriminated and relegated to the worst service, and the village
  • The University of Murcia in a symposium addressing the cognitive processes in the teaching of English (28/11/2012)

  • A student at the University of Murcia get a research stay at the University of Oxford (28/11/2012)

  • Beniaján this weekend celebrates its Christmas Market Outlet (28/11/2012)
    Saturday and Sunday at the Garden of Monteazahar
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia studied the ecosystem of mobile content (28/11/2012)

  • The Partial Plan Algezares fulfilled all legal (27/11/2012)
    Juan Antonio Bernabé remember that all reports are favorable, protecting the environment and creating Fuensanta a large park
  • House takes the prize awarded to the City by the quality control of the menus of schools, preschools and home-delivered meals for older (27/11/2012)

  • Adri: "I have looking forward to a good year in ElPozo" (27/11/2012)
    Lolo Suazo returns to train with the team
  • Urban Cleaning and Waste Management will offer more services with the same investment (27/11/2012)
    Bet on the maintenance of all jobs in 2013 will continue the work of the cluster and the construction of new facilities Treatment Center Cañada Hermosa
  • Create a comprehensive landscape maintenance, preserve biodiversity and pacify the city municipality, principal axes of the Department of the Environment for 2013 (27/11/2012)
    The total budget amounts to more than € 13.4 million
  • PSOE: "The municipal budget is written in C and copay Chamber" (27/11/2012)

  • The Chaos Antonio Alamo will present tomorrow at Teatro Circo Murcia (27/11/2012)
    Plas Plas Performing Arts will take the stage at the hands of Oscar Molina and a cast of four actors
  • UPyD Murcia believes that the Budget for 2013 "is extremely unbalanced" (27/11/2012)
    Serna says it is result of "poor planning" with very long-term contracts "that are authentic to the Consistory slabs"
  • The University of Murcia invests morning Honorary Doctor of Law Professor Ramón Martín Mateo (27/11/2012)

  • Buses 'coloraos' from tomorrow will tour the urban Murcia (27/11/2012)
    Representatives of associations of disabled check the accessibility of new vehicles.
  • IU-Greens: "Budgets are the result of mismanagement of the PP in the boom years" (27/11/2012)

  • The Auditorio de Guadalupe started broadcasting on December 1 (27/11/2012)
    A total of nine shows scheduled activities set to end in 2012
  • The University of Murcia Association donates computers to Safe Food Bank (27/11/2012)

  • Chamber notes that the PP has achieved the best result in its history in Catalonia in full stake sovereigntist (26/11/2012)
    PP Regional Secretary emphasizes that the only political formations that have declined in number of votes and seats are CIU and PSC
  • The Mayor collects an award for the Plan to Promote Healthy Eating Hall (26/11/2012)
    Awarded by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, framed in the NAOS Strategy
  • EQUO Murcia accused of erratic transport policy of the City of Murcia (26/11/2012)

  • The reference cluster creation in Environment and Renewable Energy is backed by the waste management companies (26/11/2012)
    More than a hundred industries in the city attended the presentation of the strategic development plan
  • The Ramón Gaya presents a new edition of "the museum teaches" (26/11/2012)
    Antonio Parra will be responsible for opening the cycle on Tuesday, November 27
  • The Socialist Group presents a set of amendments to create about 1,700 jobs, reduce debt per citizen and make more equitable the effects of the crisis (26/11/2012)
    The mayor Juan Patricio Castro poses a set of amendments to the 2013 municipal budget to reduce expenses current loans and increase investment in order to generate jobs
  • Former Rector of Complutense University in Murcia presents the initiative petition against the austerity policy (26/11/2012)

  • A Congress at the University of Murcia debate on privacy and technological innovation (26/11/2012)

  • Begins Project's History (26/11/2012)
    ​​ Centers for Women and Over the Prop, New Javalí, Santa Eulalia, San Juan and San Miguel San Antolin investigate the life of anonymous women who participated in the social and economic growth Township
  • "Mortgages Chamber" (25/11/2012)
    The Socialist councilor Mar Rosa ensures that large contracts with the "happy companies" impossible job creation and force the city to pay the copayment
  • The Socialist Group regrets that the fight against gender violence is being forgotten (24/11/2012)

  • "Laughs Chamber of Murcia" (24/11/2012)
    YS calls regrettable and shameful that the mayor's letter sent to neighbors telling them of the advantages of the new buses
  • National Congress 30 years of Autonomy in the Region of Murcia (23/11/2012)
    Mayor Miguel Ángel Cámara national conference on closing the autonomy of the Region of Murcia
  • Act imposing Scholarships and delivery of diplomas to the Official Master II UCAM Promotion in Health Psychology and Clinical Practice (23/11/2012)
    The new Master in Health Psychology and Clinical Practice, the UCAM, receive their diplomas and Scholarships
  • Serna said that declining budget travelers and transport policy is the result of "erratic" (23/11/2012)
    UPyD spokesman for Murcia is "shocking" that both House and Iniesta talk about concepts such as "intermodal" or "multimodality" when transport systems in the municipality of Murcia "are totally disconnected from eac
  • The director of the Department of Health Inforpress, Rodiera Cristina in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) (23/11/2012)
    "We need to reinvent communication in Food, Health and Consumer Affairs"
  • UPyD Murcia expresses support "unconditional" to all women and girls "victims of the scourge of violence" (23/11/2012)

  • The Mayor presents the award "Murcia in Equality" two judges of the Courts of Violence against Women (23/11/2012)
    The award recognizes the sensitivity, commitment and professionalism both in the cause of ending violence against women.
  • IU-Greens: The budget establishes the failure of the PP model for public transport (23/11/2012)

  • Promoting intermodality between the different modes of transport and further improve road safety, the key Department of Traffic and Transportation in 2013 (23/11/2012)
    Among the projects include the development of studies needed to connect the north and south by tram and the implementation of the final model transport
  • The Local Police will use social networks for communicating with the public 24 hours (23/11/2012)
    Fire will launch a campaign to communities neighboring buildings over eight stories about the importance of maintaining the 'dry columns'
  • The Romea Theatre gathers Murcia great magicians of the time (23/11/2012)
    The Magic VIII Gala 2012 will take place on Sunday, November 25, at 18 pm
  • PSOE: "House should prevent the exhibition company that is managing the display Berberena contaminated by Umbra case" (23/11/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro Lopez, warns that the revival of this court case can continue splashing periodically to former Town Planning
  • The University of Murcia has a project to support technology-based companies (23/11/2012)

  • The Mayor receives the Ambassador of Japan in Spain (23/11/2012)

  • 168 schoolchildren "replace" the councilors in plenary to discuss their rights (23/11/2012)

  • IV Forum meeting in New Murcia Real Murcia Casino (22/11/2012)
    The politician José Bono, participates in the lunch-colloquium IV Forum New Murcia
  • ... (22/11/2012)

  • Kike says goodbye to the Spanish supported by his team, El Pozo Murcia FS, and his friend Nico Almagro (22/11/2012)

  • Activities of awareness to end violence against women (22/11/2012)
    Lectures, film screenings and dance are some of the initiatives on the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • DiVerde proposed for Saturday to know the secrets of the Plaza de Santo Domingo and recreate natural elements with role (22/11/2012)
    The Department of Environment invited to participate in Murcia this free activity, on Saturday from 12 to 14 hours
  • Starts the route II cover Barrio del Carmen (22/11/2012)
    26 establishments offer cover and beer for 2 euros
  • Teachers and students of the school San Pablo involved in a Comenius project on the impact of climate (22/11/2012)
    Education Councilwoman received this morning to this center and schools in Poland and Turkey participating in the same project
  • The University of Murcia organizes a workshop on hyperactivity (22/11/2012)

  • ... (22/11/2012)

  • Zapata: "Neither trust the PP Bankia Murcia" (22/11/2012)
    The PSOE mayor alleged that the lack of sufficient funds, mismanagement caused by regional and local government, together with the disrepute that generates ninguneo Valcárcel submitting to the Chamber are damaging to the municipality of Murcia
  • The University of Murcia part in a conference on gender violence law (22/11/2012)

  • Santo Domingo hosts a show on Saturday PupaClown on the rights of children (22/11/2012)
    Sunday, starting at 11 am in the Garden Silk will be a big family party
  • The Mayor concluded his stay in Bogota with a meeting with the full City Council (22/11/2012)
    After participating in the Cities and Climate Change Summit
  • UPyD Murcia qualifies as "insufficient" the resources allocated to the Special Plan for the arrival of Carmen AVE (21/11/2012)
    Ruben Juan Serna protest that is lowered by 130 000 euros the amount directed to subsidize the purchase of housing for relocation while questions the viability of the Levante Park project
  • Two official master planning and strategic environment, the UCAM (21/11/2012)

  • The University of Murcia celebrates gold during the occasion of the feast of San Eloy (21/11/2012)

  • A book published by the University of Murcia addresses the plundering and violence of the French army in the Kingdom of Murcia in his retreat to France (21/11/2012)
    The French plundered many of the art treasures Spanish
  • The reality of transport in the city of Murcia on today is that of a municipality with an inefficient and disorganized service " (21/11/2012)
    " So expensive for citizens and not at all profitable for the city coffers, "said today IU-Greens councilor, Ignacio Tornel
  • Planning and Housing move to the new building of Ibn cArabi (21/11/2012)
    At Europe Square continues to serve the public until the end of the move, in the last half of December
  • IU-Greens consider that the drastic reduction in public works will have very negative consequences for the municipality (21/11/2012)

  • Teatro Circo in Murcia presents "Painting in the scene" the sets of FCG artist (21/11/2012)
    The exhibition, until 19 December, will see the work of the painter for the Washington Ballet, the show New Dawn Jose Merce or representation of The Jealous Extremaduran Spanish Ballet of Murcia
  • Urban Quality urban design competitions convene and prepare an Infrastructure Master Plan of neighborhoods (21/11/2012)
    to analyze your current situation in order to design the strategic to modernize and integrate urban infrastructure
  • A lecture by Professor Mariano Fernandez inaugurates Enguita MA in Applied Sociology (21/11/2012)

  • Contracting repair works at the pool Mar Menor (21/11/2012)
    cover will be repaired, renewed the ventilation system and the installation will be adapted to current building code
  • The upkeep and maintenance of infrastructure and services in the districts of the municipality, priorities Works and Community Services for 2013 (21/11/2012)
    The budget of the Department shall be EUR 7256000
  • Small projects neighborhoods and districts continue to be major targets in 2013 (21/11/2012)
    The budget Consumption, Markets and Decentralization will be more than 12 million euros
  • The association ALUM (Students of Arts at the University of Murcia) has held a meeting with the rector of the University (21/11/2012)

  • More than 40,000 people practice activities in the municipality Leisure Centres (21/11/2012)
    Cascales Garries socialist answer to that if you intend to close these facilities
  • House defends multimodality in urban transport as key to improving the quality of life (21/11/2012)
    Speaking at the "Cities and Climate Change Summit" held in Bogota
  • The University of Murcia creates a database to maintain ties to the institution of retirees (21/11/2012)

  • Planning and Housing aid stake for access to housing and streamlining paperwork to reactivate economic activity of the municipality (21/11/2012)
    We continue with the policy of land acquisition for infrastructure improvements
  • PSOE: "It is outrageous social copayment apply to persons who are faring worse to raise more than a million euros" (21/11/2012)

  • The torch of my life (21/11/2012)
    The councilman of Culture, Rafael Gomez and painter Murcia, José María Falgas, presented the book of poems by Hipolito Romero Hidalgo
  • Women, Disability and Violence (21/11/2012)
    Regional Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users, Thader, has participated in the acts of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women with a talk
  • Students receive diplomas medical degree scholarships rural practices (21/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia necessary "further budget support" to Social Welfare (20/11/2012)

  • The UCAM held a national conference on the Statute of Autonomy of Murcia (20/11/2012)
    National Congress 30 years of Autonomy in the Region of Murcia.
  • Bonus Thursday in Murcia presents the first installment of his memoirs (20/11/2012)
    "Rajoy and Rubalcaba must work together to defend the Constitution against the secessionists"
  • The Comic Hall organizes a meeting with the author Sebastian Martin (20/11/2012)

  • The UCAM offers two official masters in law (20/11/2012)

  • El Carmen neighborhood celebrates its second route from the top (20/11/2012)
    26 establishments offer cover and beer for 2 euros
  • XXVIII Murcia celebrates Christmas Craft Show Dec. 5 to Jan. 5 (20/11/2012)
    About 70 exhibitors will offer food products, decoration and gift
  • The referendum on the independence of Catalonia, a debate at the University of Murcia (20/11/2012)

  • "The joke of House" (20/11/2012)
    The Socialist Group regrets that the mayor report by letter to the neighbors who have been "blessed with the new bus service 'and that this shamelessness match your trip to Bogota
  • Two new conciliation centers offer 550 new places for children 0-6 years (20/11/2012)
    Zarandona and are located in Cabezo de Torres
  • PSOE, IU-Greens Bacons Bridge unite to demand single ticket on public transport and replacement line 32 (20/11/2012)
    The PP voted against his back to the problem of hundreds of neighbors
  • IU-Greens said that the budgets of Health and Social Welfare did not respond to the needs of times of crisis (20/11/2012)

  • Free activities to promote equality (20/11/2012)
    The Department directed by Alicia Barquero have a new website
  • Garries: "The Department of Sports should be operated and audited" (20/11/2012)

  • Social Welfare increases its budget for social insertion encourage and assist individuals and families in need (20/11/2012)

  • The University of Murcia Arabic speaking people looking for a manual (20/11/2012)

  • The police arrested a man who burned several ATMs in Murcia (20/11/2012)
    At the time of arrest, the detainee was carrying three Molotov cocktails, bottles of solvent and lighters
  • Murcia joins the group of Latin American cities involved in the fight against climate change (20/11/2012)
    Chamber Mayor signs the adherence to the "Covenant of Mexico City" and invites the leaders attending the summit from Bogota to join the "Covenant Mayors "of the European Union
  • The Journal of the Faculty of Education dedicates its new number for children (20/11/2012)

  • Women painters (20/11/2012)
    El Centro Municipal de El Carmen hosts an exhibition of paintings by the students of the paint shop Women's Center of Holy Angel
  • Paddlers of Sports Science at the University of Murcia win gold in international regatta (20/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia complaint maintaining farm subsidies to private sports (19/11/2012)
    Councilman Ruben Juan Serna stresses that despite the critical situation and raising taxes on citizens remains untouched Consistory contracts are "authentic slabs" for municipal coffers
  • San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) organizes the National Championship Trophy UCAM II, I and III European Open Championship Exhibition Hapkido (19/11/2012)
    The UCAM surrenders to the world of martial arts
  • Electronic invoicing Murcia Water aroused great interest in the fourth edition of the CSR MarketPlace Forética (19/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens: The budgets of Sport, Youth and Tourism "continue to favor private enterprise" (19/11/2012)

  • The Local Development Agency meets tomorrow to experts in Corporate Social Responsibility (19/11/2012)
    Economy Councilwoman exposed to 9.30 how to apply CSR to SMEs in times of crisis
  • Chamber participates in the "Leaders' Summit" held in Bogotá (19/11/2012)
    Organized within the scope of the event on "Cities and Climate Change"
  • "The residents of Murcia pay disputes between House and Valcárcel" (19/11/2012)
    Regional Deputies and Socialist councilors lament the disappearance of important budget
  • The international cultural attraction of Murcia is one of the keys to 2013 (19/11/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis is the most consulted Philosophy at the University of Murcia on the Internet (19/11/2012)

  • Conferences, workshops and awards to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (19/11/2012)
    Activities begin this evening with the opening of an exhibition of women painters in El Carmen
  • Sports, Youth and Tourism is committed to building the brand 'Murcia' (19/11/2012)

  • The training and support entrepreneurship, a gateway to the labor market (19/11/2012)

  • Camera expose Murcia bet for sustainable mobility in Bogotá Summit on Cities and Climate Change (18/11/2012)
    Chamber mayor is the only European to participate in the summit, which will take place from 19 to 21 November
  • The socialists demand the construction of a public library in Torreagüera (18/11/2012)
    The Socialist spokesman in the Municipality, Carmen Sanchez, asked the local government to attend this historic claim of the residents of the hamlet
  • Moya-Angeler meets the consuls of Romania, Great Britain, Sweden, Mexico and Poland (18/11/2012)

  • The tram ride finishes its Infantas stop shopping center Thader from today (17/11/2012)
    To successfully perform the work of study and exploration of the bridge over the motorway
  • Act imposing Scholarships and delivery of diplomas to the IV Promotion UCAM University Official Master in Business Administration (MBA) (16/11/2012)
    New MBA Scholarships UCAM and receive their diplomas
  • The Mayor Chamber requested the addition of Murcia as basic node Meditrráneo Corridor Central Network Trans-European (16/11/2012)
    It has led to the European authorities on transport
  • The Mayor Chamber requested the addition of Murcia as basic node Mediterranean Corridor Central Trans-European Network (16/11/2012)
    It has led to the European authorities on transport
  • Paradise Cinema Premieres "Bonsai", the film that won the Havana Festival Award for Best Picture (16/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia Chamber shares with the proposal of Sorrows as a suitable location for the temporary station of AVE (16/11/2012)
    Councilman Jose Antonio Sotomayor magenta remember that training does not renounce the burial but the proposal on the outskirts of the city is in these moments "temporary lesser evil" preferable from the city in two
  • New Friday informing citizens of the City of Murcia wastages (16/11/2012)
    This time the mobile office has been installed at the intersection of Tatters and Silver
  • The University of Murcia, students receive prizes of gymkhana Welcome (16/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens ensures that budgets Murcia City Council increase the tax burden on citizens (16/11/2012)

  • Espinardo honors with exposure to his garden and his people (16/11/2012)
    Alicia Barquero has visited the exhibition in the hamlet Cultural Casino
  • Chamber considers that "pain" would be an ideal location for the temporary station of AVE (16/11/2012)
    The Mayor believes that meets the two essential requirements: proximity to urban areas and not interfere with the space for the burial.
  • 38 associations in the municipality of Murcia add to the celebrations of the Week of the rights of children (16/11/2012)
    The Convention, adopted by the UN General Assembly, will be the third consecutive year framework of activities
  • The Mayor calls for coordination between municipalities for more effective development assistance (16/11/2012)
    It opened this morning a conference on local government and cooperation, organized by the Federation of Municipalities
  • Castro: The low local PP all expenditure items except those for banks (16/11/2012)
    The Socialist councilor also claims falling investments and that the budget does not provide even the ten million of the North and South Coastal
  • Lolo Suazo will be out for four weeks and Franklin back next week (16/11/2012)

  • Wine tastings and cheese to celebrate the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau (16/11/2012)
    'The Milkmaid of Bordeaux' offers passers cheese tasting with the first wine of the season in France
  • The University of Murcia invites tenders for the provision of 18 places of teachers hired (16/11/2012)

  • The director of Capital Alliance Private Equity Investment, Eduardo Fernández-Combarro today in San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) (15/11/2012)
    "Crisis involves finding solutions to new challenges, ideas, and outdoor exploration"
  • The Police Headquarters of Murcia opens an internal investigation (15/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia Budgets qualifies as "budget crisis" (15/11/2012)
    addition spokesman Ruben Juan Serna noted that the decline in economic activity and the rise in the tax burden to citizens denote the failure of local, regional, and national
  • IU-Green says that municipal budgets "are neither social nor promote employment" (15/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls for explanations Chamber streetlights lit in bright day for the general strike (15/11/2012)

  • The Vista Alegre Scout Group calls for solidarity of Murcia (15/11/2012)
    has organized a day of collecting clothes and food for Saturday December 1
  • Starts at Murcia University Theatre Festival II Brief (15/11/2012)
    Offers little-known works by contemporary authors
  • Pedro Sanchez-Campillo, 79, defends a thesis morning that tries to exploit the byproducts of industrialization Lemon (15/11/2012)

  • Transparency and rigor, key municipal budget for 2013 (15/11/2012)
    "clear accounts" is the motto with which the council of finance presented the draft budget, which amounts to 392 million, 4.2% lower compared to 2012
  • More theatrical visits to mark the 150th anniversary of the Teatro Romea Murcia (15/11/2012)
    've started this morning and will be held every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of the year
  • New day of citizen information management cuts to public employees (15/11/2012)
    This time the mobile office will be installed at the intersection of Tatters and Silver
  • Universities carry out studies to ascertain the state of tourism in the municipality (15/11/2012)
    Join the revitalization plan 'Murcia 365' to attract visitors all year
  • El Pozo Murcia FS I played the City Tournament at Bimil-lenari Elche Elche, Puertollano and Gáldar Arenas de Gran Canaria (15/11/2012)
    On 16 and 17 November in the city of Elche
  • Professors of the University of Murcia participate in a panel discussion of Medicine and Communication (15/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens ask at the next plenary by advertising in the construction works completed (15/11/2012)

  • News of the VI Olympiad Informatics Murcia (15/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Group reminds Cascales who has squandered more than 50,000 euros in unnecessary holiday (15/11/2012)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea asks the mayor of Youth and Sports to act with more responsibility to manage the money of all Murcia
  • Image Consulting, Fashion and Event: Raising future professional (14/11/2012)
    The San Antonio Catholic University starts from January 2013 Title UCAM Expert in Image Consulting and Personal Training, Fashion and Event
  • HM King accepts the Gold Medal Club Murcia Bullfighting (14/11/2012)

  • Tourist Offices in October reregister a dramatic increase in the number of visitors (14/11/2012)
    25% more tourists than in the same month of 2011 sought information
  • Broken up an organized group dedicated to burglary in villages of Murcia (14/11/2012)
    So far this group is attributed to committing six steals, which would have seized jewelry, electronics and mobile phones
  • Environment organized a day of games in La Seda, a seminar of mycology and a route through the Vega Media (14/11/2012)
    The activities will be held on Saturday and Sunday
  • The various incidents of general strike not prevent normal activity in the municipality (14/11/2012)
    The 88.54% of municipal officials have not supported the strike
  • El Pozo Murcia FS changes the game against Burela FS to Saturday to avoid a clash with Real Murcia (14/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia criticizes the lack of specific data on the presentation of the 2013 budget (13/11/2012)
    To Councilman Ruben Juan Serna is impossible to make any balance or assessment with minimal rigor until the Government notifies team all economic data for the next year to study them thoroughly
  • UPyD Murcia says the 400 000 employed in 2013 for AVE "clearly insufficient" (13/11/2012)

  • Real Murcia CF, CB Murcia and Murcia UCAM Murcia FS join the campaign 'Cumpledías' UNICEF Spain (13/11/2012)
    to fight child malnutrition
  • Castro qualifies as the 2013 budgets of Juan Palomo: "I cook it, I eat it" (13/11/2012)
    Socialist Party councilor Chamber requires the mayor and his council of finance to explain where they will get the 150 million euros of revenue needed to complete the accounts presented today to the media
  • The National Police dismantled an organized group dedicated to theft in storage rooms and garages (13/11/2012)
    They are charged 29 offenses committed during the period of two months
  • Those affected by the expropriations of the highway Reguerón receive their compensation this month (13/11/2012)
    José Arce had a meeting with the Government Delegate and platforms affected by the highway
  • Decreed minimum services to ensure the functioning of the various municipal departments for the general strike tomorrow (13/11/2012)

  • 16 artists from Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia participate in the Contest III de la Peña flamenco Birds (13/11/2012)
    The new edition, which distributes 1750 euros in prize money, was presented today at the Rector of the University of Murcia
  • "We come to bring the joy of India ' (13/11/2012)
    The Romea Theatre presents Murcia on Saturday Bollywood, travel
  • New PhD in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia: Study of the anterior cruciate ligament plasty, autologous versus heterologous (13/11/2012)
    Manuel Cases: "The majority of patients undergoing ACL recover the same level of activity"
  • "If you go to Ibn cArabi, put your helmet" (13/11/2012)
    New union campaign in the city of Murcia to inform citizens of the shortcomings of the new building of urbanism
  • The Socialist Party calls on House to authorize local police not to cooperate in evictions (13/11/2012)

  • The Campus Mare Nostrum make an application to interconnect their research groups (13/11/2012)

  • The culture of Guadalupe center opens its inaugural program with the end of the Concurso de Cante Flamenco III Birds (13/11/2012)
    Of the 16 participants, amateurs and professionals, two are from Murcia
  • The School of Communication Congress gave solidarity fund the Sisters of Charity of Lorca (13/11/2012)

  • Seminar to teach the work to develop grade (13/11/2012)

  • The Board of Trustees of the University of Murcia foster collaboration with research activity (13/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Group recalls that the PP denied in Parliament that had cuts in medical transport (13/11/2012)
    The PSOE councilor Susana Hernandez Pelegrin criticizes ignorance of the health status of Murcia to ensure the last plenary session there was not a single citizen who needed medical transport and do not have
  • The plant Murcia This stops emitting 3.6 tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with the launch of a biogas plant (12/11/2012)

  • ... (12/11/2012)

  • Change the location of the Local Council of Youth and Networking Program (12/11/2012)
    They move from St. Patrick Street to a local municipality in the district of Santa Maria de Gracia
  • Camp for peace (12/11/2012)
    Barquero held a meeting with representatives of the Armed Forces and Security Forces of the State to show the work of peacekeeping missions
  • Meeting of the City Commission Monitoring Gender Violence (12/11/2012)

  • The Convention Bureau strengthens its position Murcia online with a new website (12/11/2012)
    This is a portal more flexible, modern, functional, accessible and new content
  • A new website will allow attention to possible damage Murcia street lighting (12/11/2012)
    Operators of 'Street Lighting Murcia' dress and the new image so that pedestrians can uniquely identify and convey any damage in lighting
  • Bands Beniaján Huelva and are made with the first awards of XXII Competition "Ciudad de Murcia" (12/11/2012)
    The award ceremony was held yesterday afternoon at Teatro Circo in Murcia
  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia explores the relationship of alcohol consumption in youth and family structure (12/11/2012)

  • Worsens discoordination and chaos in the public transport system (12/11/2012)
    Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro Lopez, denounces the lack of information, a month after starting to operate the new company
  • The historic bust in honor of the poet looks Sánchez Madrigal and renovated in Almudí (12/11/2012)
    The sculpture by the great plans, has undergone an extensive restoration and has established its base.
  • UPyD Murcia says that the bird does not get buried "a failure" (11/11/2012)

  • UPyD demand musealization of Murcia Cathedral Museum to ensure its viability and potential for tourism (11/11/2012)
    addition spokesman Ruben Juan Serna magenta training reiterates the need to cover the remains of S. Arab
  • Report acts "vandalism" in Sangonera la Verde (10/11/2012)
    Several individuals ripped flags Fiestas enclosure would be located where the Medieval Market and burned portable toilets
  • Castro (PSOE): "It is easier to keep pounding the weak to push large companies and financial institutions" (10/11/2012)

  • Cooperation Agreement between San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) the Spanish Society of Cardiology, and the Heart Foundation Home (09/11/2012)
    The UCAM signed an agreement with the Spanish Society of Cardiology
  • The President of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, José Luis Mendoza, named Crier Murcia Easter 2013 (09/11/2012)
    UCAM President, proclaiming Murcia Easter 2013
  • The Mayor highlighted the collaboration of government and private initiative in the opening of the new center Ibermutuamur (09/11/2012)
    Mutual Encourages to "keep believing in Murcia"
  • The Black Paintings of Goya acquire Teatro Circo in Murcia movement with The Dream of Reason, co-produced third Murcia (09/11/2012)
    The CIA Railway will take the reins on this occasion, with Buero Vallejo
  • A professor at the University of Murcia highlights the effectiveness of the principles of the Constitution of Cadiz (09/11/2012)

  • The Letters Alumni Association wins competition for the creation of junior companies (09/11/2012)

  • 440,000 euros for campus infrastructure and equipment of Health Sciences, University of Murcia (09/11/2012)

  • ... (09/11/2012)

  • Theatre Circus presents The Dream of Reason, co-produced their third Murcia (09/11/2012)
    The CIA Railway will take the reins on this occasion, with Buero Vallejo
  • The Socialist Party accuses Cascales a new waste in his council (09/11/2012)

  • The Mayor House has a new book that delves into the history and photographic memory Churra (09/11/2012)
    The author, Pedro Jose Valera, proposes in his book a tour of the holidays, sport, industry and customs 'churreras' .
  • IU-Greens held a ceremony tomorrow in support of the general strike (09/11/2012)

  • Women leading companies (09/11/2012)
    Pelegrin and Barquero participate in the round table of the Foundation Vicente Ferrer on women as a force of change and development engine
  • IU-Greens denounced the "failure" of the cultural management of the City (09/11/2012)

  • Two young pretty woman win 'Fair Outlet (09/11/2012)
    Sandra Gil Olmos and Mary have earned 200 euros to spend on businesses that participated in the Fair
  • Espinardo honors his garden and his people (09/11/2012)
    The event takes place on Sunday, at 12 am in the parish Cultural Casino present the painters Carmen Serrano and Antonio Alcaraz
  • Bike festival in New Javalí (09/11/2012)
    Held on Sunday and through the streets of the hamlet
  • Paradise Cinema Premieres "Farewell to the Queen", a French film about the last days of Marie Antoinette (09/11/2012)

  • Students from several countries participated in the Master of radiation oncology at the University of Murcia (09/11/2012)

  • Graduates of UCAM can carve a career in Germany (08/11/2012)
    Cooperation agreement between San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) and the Educational Institute of Lower Saxony (BNW)
  • About 4,000 people attended the Teatro Romea from Murcia to see Don Juan Tenorio (08/11/2012)
    The Nov. 15 will resume visits dramatized for the theater's 150th anniversary
  • UPyD Murcia is concerned about the cuts by the regional government funds Citizen Security Plan (08/11/2012)

  • Serna: The new municipal structure "seems more an outward change" than a real reorganization effective (08/11/2012)

  • Serna expressed his "perplexity" a possible ERE in Murcia Transportation (08/11/2012)
    Murcia UPyD spokesman wonders what forecasts were made from the Department of Transport and Táfico for new urban bus lines
  • Last places for the first aid course in colleges (08/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls indecent the ERE in the new urban transport company (08/11/2012)
    Y asks Iniesta explanations for unexpected termination of the managing director
  • The University of Murcia offers a reception for participants of the conference of American ENAE (08/11/2012)

  • MMOD meets this weekend to major figures in fashion and graphic design (08/11/2012)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS played the Pro-ism Trophy next November 15 in Hall of sawmills in Molina de Segura (08/11/2012)

  • The Foundation Vicente Ferrer displayed in an exhibition of women change in India (08/11/2012)
    Will be open until November 12, at the Plaza de Santo Domingo from 11.00 to 20.30
  • IU-Greens ERE believes the company Transportes de Murcia reflects inconsistencies transport policy (08/11/2012)

  • The Mayor is confident that the change in the municipal structure conducive to improving services to citizens (08/11/2012)
    Chamber notes that the creation of four management areas will advance the modernization process
  • Lopez: "The Chamber superconcejalías are just a smokescreen to cover his absence and lack of management" (08/11/2012)

  • President of the Foundation "Carlos Sanz, transplant and sport" Heart Solidarity receives the award (08/11/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia found traces of contaminants in Antarctic penguins (08/11/2012)

  • The University of Murcia commemorates the bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812 with an exhibition, a film series and lectures (08/11/2012)
    On Friday 9 acts begin with the launch of "The deputies Murcia in the Cortes of Cadiz. Region of Murcia and the Constitution of 1812 "
  • ElPozo ElPozo vs Murcia Murcia City, the Third Cup Semifinal President FFRM (08/11/2012)
    Tuesday 13 November at 20.30 Totana-
  • The Director of International Relations at University College San Geronimo, Havana (Cuba), in San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia (07/11/2012)
    José Vázquez: "It is people, not buildings who give life to the cities"
  • Kike Mateo: "All we need that bit of luck" (07/11/2012)
    The UCAM Murcia CF playmaker makes his personal assessment team
  • Congress of the Chair Vargas Llosa in Murcia highlights the legacy of the Latin American boom writers (07/11/2012)

  • The Royal Academy Alfonso X the Wise offers a tribute to the late professor at the University of Murcia Antonio de Hoyos (07/11/2012)

  • Urban Quality renews the sidewalks of the streets that surround the garden of Fame (07/11/2012)
    We are carrying out various tasks in traffic routes end of this area
  • They project at the University of Murcia a documentary about the effects of overfishing (07/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Group requires the PP to end the vandalism taking place in the building of the old school of El Palmar New Schools (07/11/2012)

  • The unions have complaint to the Labour Inspectorate about the poor conditions of the building security Ibn cArabi (07/11/2012)

  • Are reduced to four municipal coordination units (07/11/2012)
    The objective is to improve efficiency of municipal management and provide better service to citizens
  • The City Council transferred the ownership of the Church of the Holy Spirit to the Bishopric (07/11/2012)
    The Governing Board approved the transfer of the plot which is built since 1960
  • ... (07/11/2012)

  • Starts Murcia Open Design (07/11/2012)
    Held from 8 to 11 November and will feature David Dolphin, Joaquín Reyes, and Albert Folch Ion Fiz becomes Murcia during the weekend regarding fashion and graphic design
  • IU-Greens claim that the conflict of social bonds not pay off the bus with a new rate hikes (07/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the final agreement that avoids the 'tarifazo' includes a single price of the ticket in the whole municipality (07/11/2012)
    The spokesman, Pedro Lopez, hopes that the City, the region and get Latbus bridge their differences because the continuous Conflicts harm users increasingly wary more public transport
  • In January opens the deadline to participate in the visual arts contest "Available" (07/11/2012)
    The proposals, which will be free, sovereign shall deal photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, design, installations and new media
  • "Valcárcel bed makes a camera" (07/11/2012)
    Socialist Party councilor Juan Patricio Castro claims that the draft budgets of the Murcia CARM removes nearly four million euros, with the Social Services City hit hardest by this recortazo
  • The Murcia this weekend will find the garden of Salitre, participate in environmental volunteer work or travel the Majal Blanco (07/11/2012)
    The Department of Environment has organized three activities for Saturday and Sunday
  • Hall and close positions to solve Latbus bonus tickets (06/11/2012)
    We give 10 day period in which the municipality guarantees payment of the bonds from 1 October
  • The Platform Citizens for Public Transportation rejected the abolition of bonuses for large families and pensioners (06/11/2012)

  • The template uses to perform specific job and Franklin recovers (06/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls to open an internal investigation into the procurement and execution of the building works Ibn cArabi (06/11/2012)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa will inquire about date recepcionó the building and who was responsible for receiving municipal a work which has cost 25 million euros and continues to give problems
  • More than 2,600 students participate in an activity to learn music Maghreb (06/11/2012)
    Education and La Caixa Foundation offered a concert at the Teatro Circo within the program 'The city also teaches'
  • About 4,000 people attended the Teatro Romea from Murcia to see Don Juan Tenorio (06/11/2012)
    The Nov. 15 will resume visits dramatized for the theater's 150th anniversary
  • The Mayor presides over the act of donation of historical works of the file of the Economic Society of Murcia (06/11/2012)
    The President of the institution makes delivery of various documents treasures Society since its inception in 1775
  • International Congress on Criminology and Victimológicas Sciences at the University of Murcia (06/11/2012)

  • The writer Denise Garcia presented at the University of Murcia "Signs", his latest book of poetry (06/11/2012)

  • The University of Murcia hosts morning the Conference on the African Union (06/11/2012)

  • Young unemployed Murcia held internships in European travel companies (06/11/2012)
    The City participates in the Leonardo European initiative to facilitate job search and improve the skills of unemployed aged between 18 and 35 years old Tomorrow begins the deadline for applications
  • The University of Murcia organizes a series of lectures on Greece (06/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia calls "extra effort" both Latbus as the City Council to reach agreement (06/11/2012)
    education spokesman Ruben Juan Serna magenta confident that both the team of government and the concessionaire den with a solution that allows beneficiary groups continue to use the bonds as before
  • Four writers analyzed at the University of Murcia the phenomenon of Latin American boom (06/11/2012)
    The Chair Vargas Llosa organizes a conference in universities in Spain
  • The Socialist Party believes that the new "tarifazo" hides another confrontation between House and Valcárcel (05/11/2012)

  • Maria Dolores Sánchez offers a reception for teachers and students of IES Saavedra Fajardo (05/11/2012)
    participate in the Comenius project with teachers and students from Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria
  • Best Online Internet (05/11/2012)
    The first season focused on fixed technology, is located in the center of the hamlet of Municipal Patiño
  • Murcia City Council renews its agreement with the Community to the benefits provided to older people in day centers Barriomar, Cabezo de Torres and Beniaján (05/11/2012)
    The first of three day centers was launched in 2001 to give response to the needs of dependent care
  • A lecture attempts an approach to the project of European integration (05/11/2012)
    "Europe and its fractures" offers five critical insights on the old continent
  • Iniesta: "Why the City will pay more for pensioners and large families than a user pays for a regular ticket?" (05/11/2012)

  • The cycle starts Ramón Gaya "Poets in the Museum" (05/11/2012)
    also starts the exhibition series is titled "Short"
  • Cristina Perez wins bronze in Basque lands (05/11/2012)
    The Murcia hangs his second medal in Spain this season Cups
  • Neighbor of The Bojar presented over 700 signatures against cuts in line 37 during weekends and holidays (05/11/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the danger of overpass Pain and calls for action (03/11/2012)

  • A 40 year old man dies while playing paddle in Murcia (02/11/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia welcomes the agreement reached with the other political groups regarding the burial of AVE (02/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls for greater commitment to the PP to stop the bleeding of small business in Murcia (02/11/2012)
    Councilman Juan Patricio Castro proposes the local government commissioning an urgent emergency plan that prevents deterioration and loss of jobs and reductions in municipal taxes and fees, among other measures
  • Unanimous support of the underground railway (02/11/2012)
    The decision to take the agreement among all political groups in the city of Murcia was taken in plenary Corporation in October
  • The 112 emergency phones and the City of Murcia continue their coordinated action to meet emergencies immediately (02/11/2012)

  • The Mayor asks Promotion House to halt the award and modify the blueprint for the arrival of the AVE to Murcia (02/11/2012)
    You have requested an urgent meeting with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure to reconsider the project and define the underground project without it delays to the arrival of the AVE in 2014
  • Tourism publishes a brochure to publicize the Museum Ramon Gaya (02/11/2012)
    It aims to promote among visitors this space
  • The City maintains its intention to continue to pay the bills of pensioners and large families (02/11/2012)
    hopes to reach agreement with the concessionaire districts lines.
  • IU-Greens require Murcia City Council to rule on the PITVI (02/11/2012)

  • The biggest thank the Telecare service workers pay attention to them (02/11/2012)
    Pelegrin attend the second meeting of the Fall Snacks
  • Cinema Paradise premieres a film projected successfully in independent film festivals in the world (02/11/2012)
    Lynn Shelton filmed the comedy "The friend of my sister" in just 12 days
  • Latbus held a meeting this morning with municipal social bonds with protagonists (02/11/2012)
    The company attends the meeting with the city of Murcia to avoid the measure announced bonuses for pensioners and large families
  • The University of Murcia joins the international conference 'The canon of the boom' (02/11/2012)
    Meet at eight Spanish cities over forty writers and critics on both sides of the Atlantic
  • The Socialist Group and Iniesta Chamber considers that public transport has become a nightmare (01/11/2012)
    Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro López, as unacceptable the threat of a new rate hikes and requires City government transparency because citizens can not pay their defaults and lack of credibility
  • The little ones can live a "botanical adventure" on the Malecon next Saturday (01/11/2012)
    Participation in this event is free and requires no registration
  • The Business Project Competition XX hits record share (01/11/2012)
    The jury has begun its meetings to choose the winners

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