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  • Tourism offers a cultural map from the Iberians to the Arabs (30/04/2008)
    The activity was held on Saturday at the Visitor Centre of La Luz
  • A step closer to that management have a new site (30/04/2008)
    Approved the project execution by Acciona The new building will be in Abenarabi and will have six floors
  • Ecuador thanked the humanitarian aid provided Murcia (30/04/2008)
    The City donated medicines worth over 60,000 euros
  • The Department of Tourism supports the convening of the Assembly of Euro-Toques chefs in Murcia in 2010 (30/04/2008)
    The leaders of the association have met with Maria Isabel Valcárcel
  • Martínez-cache: "Garcia Bathrooms is committed to distort reality to confuse Murcia" (29/04/2008)

  • The City Museum is hosting an exhibition that celebrates the figure of Saavedra Fajardo (29/04/2008)
    The councilman of Culture, Fátima Barnuevo, the opening this evening at 20 hours
  • Murcia is filled with music (29/04/2008)
    The XXVIII International Jazz Festival is held in Murcia from 7 to 10 May
  • The Federation of Peñas Huertas opened the traditional "Noche de Mayo" (29/04/2008)
    Tomorrow, after 22 hours, in the Plaza de la Cruz Murcia At 24 hours there will be the reading of the opening of the hands of the council of Festivals and Popular culture
  • Representatives of five European energy agencies meet in Murcia to improve energy efficiency (29/04/2008)
    Bordeaux, Riga, Latvia, Porto and America promoted through common shares energy saving in buildings
  • May 5 The end period for voluntary payment of Vehicle Tax (28/04/2008)
    Tribugest issue today recalling about 50,000 sms that debits are debited on the last day
  • High level of professionalism in Expoflora 2008 (28/04/2008)
    More than 60 companies were submitted to X Mercamurcia Trophy for Quality and Innovation in Ornamental Horticulture
  • "The AMPAS is an essential tool in the activity of schools in the town" (26/04/2008)
    The Councillor for Education and Personnel has today closed the General Assembly of the Federation of Associations of Parents of the municipality of Murcia
  • Stables has a website that will be the connecting point between all the neighbors (25/04/2008)
    The event will be held tomorrow at 17 am in Church Square
  • The schools have until May 5 to participate in the XII edition of the competition of World Environment Day (25/04/2008)
    The environmental issues in the municipality of Murcia, motto of the new edition
  • The Local Police will hold a special traffic in the Festival SOS 4.8 (25/04/2008)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and insects in Aljucer, Churra and Gaia and Truyols (25/04/2008)
    Technicians begin the treatment in several streets in the city
  • Learning to buy (24/04/2008)
    The Department of Youth and Facua organize a course on responsible drinking among young people
  • Storytelling, games, sports, gerontogimnasia, animals and workshops at the fifth edition of 'Di Verde' (24/04/2008)
    is held next Saturday in the gardens of The Palm, Sucina, Stables, The Rane, La Alberca and University
  • The Senior Center welcomes Bacons Bridge Book Day (24/04/2008)
    Participants read excerpts from works of several authors in Spanish and attended a theatrical performance
  • ALEM holds the Secretariat of the Spanish Association of Energy Agencies (24/04/2008)
    turn, assumes the Vice Argema
  • Hundreds of Murcia know the activities organized by libraries Murcia (23/04/2008)
    Great success of the campaign "sainfoin", organized on the occasion of World Book Day
  • Repair in the school Juan de la Cierva Casillas (23/04/2008)
    The works will focus on the replacement of the sewerage system and the partial replacement of the fence
  • Juan de Sande explains his vision of architecture and nature in the Mills River Area (23/04/2008)
    In total they are more than fifteen photographs of the artist from Madrid
  • Cyclists and bicycle parking can premiere (23/04/2008)
    before May 9 will be placed in eight locations
  • The construction of the Ronda Sur parking will begin in May (23/04/2008)
    There is a total of 437 seats, of which 225 are for residents
  • The City Council awards the most innovative ideas in the contest business (23/04/2008)
    At its sixteenth edition, over 37,000 intended to promote initiatives and projects
  • The otter and its ecosystem (23/04/2008)
    The seminar will be held this weekend in Majal Blanco
  • The environment of the Artillery Barracks will have a tour bus park and ride (23/04/2008)
    will be located on the former grounds of the factory's Wife in the Purisima-Barriomar
  • Approved projects to start work on the North Coast and the Green Sangonera Forward (23/04/2008)
    The new road traffic congestion in the north and in the main street of Sangonera
  • The government team will propose tomorrow that the House signing of the Aalborg +10 commitment City (23/04/2008)
    The aim is to build sustainable development of the municipality and further develop the Local Agenda 21
  • Urban remember that there is a deadline of January 31, 2009 to legalize housing and illegal activities (23/04/2008)
    The City Council has published brochures for the information reaches all citizens
  • Chamber has students Nebrija center in the human chain "Put your piece!, All have" (23/04/2008)
    Mayor also participated in the commemoration of World Book Day and has joined the Museum Reading Marathon Ramón Gaya
  • The Mayor Chamber reiterates its support for initiatives that encourage irrigators to reclaim water (23/04/2008)
    "Especially when the National Government has been rectified and has admitted that it can be against diversions for a political issue"
  • The September Fair will host the V National Model Aircraft Exhibition (23/04/2008)
    The president of the Air Sports Federation held a meeting with Councilman Rafael Gomez
  • The mayor charged to 800 booksellers of the world recovery of manuscripts and works published in Murcia between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries (22/04/2008)
    The City Council may acquire the most valuable titles in the history of the city, which will increase the Almudí Archive
  • El Carmen brings together four poets in the series "Poetry of the moment" (22/04/2008)
    23 and April 24, at 20 hours
  • The City Council drafted a manifesto on the occasion of International Earth Day (22/04/2008)
    contains a commitment to promote concrete measures to achieve emissions reductions of greenhouse gases
  • A global commitment (22/04/2008)
    The CP Santa Maria de Gracia held until Friday Cultural Week is about the environment
  • A full quarter of action (22/04/2008)
    municipal Downtown La Nave holds more than 40 events between April and June a year after release units, continues to renew its offer
  • Tourism Murcia about the life of the sculptor Juan González Moreno (22/04/2008)
    The route will take place next Saturday from 10 am
  • In March 2008 Training Plan (22/04/2008)
    The deadline for submission of the request ends next Wednesday, April 30
  • Readings, lectures and screenings to celebrate World Book Day on Bacons Bridge (22/04/2008)
    Activities will begin at 16:30 pm in the Senior Community Center in the hamlet
  • Rincon de Seca celebrates the first anniversary of the founding of their parish (22/04/2008)
    During the week we celebrate Mass, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and recitation of the Rosary
  • Sources stressed the importance of professionals who assist victims of crime (21/04/2008)
    The Councillor for Traffic Safety and inaugurated this afternoon the First Course of specialization in forensic victimology
  • 300 county students have participated in this morning's representation "Music Box" (21/04/2008)
    Performances are held in the Auditorium of La Alberca, in two morning sessions and in total there will be 17 this April
  • The area west of the town will have a new big commercial (21/04/2008)
    Companies such as E. Leclerc, McDonald's, Decathlon, Aki and Merkal be present
  • Urban CHEST incorporates the archaeological remains of Santa Eulalia (21/04/2008)
    It is found in the square buildings of Santa Eulalia N º 12, Calle Canovas del Castillo and Marengo Street
  • The tram is the third Murcia in Spain to get quality brand N (21/04/2008)
    Users have rated a nine accessibility, service, customer service and safety
  • The Cultural and Social Center Espinardo celebrates World Book Day with an evening of stories (21/04/2008)
    April 23, from 19 hours
  • Murcia wants to organize a meeting to bring municipal services to young people with sensory disabilities (20/04/2008)
    The Department of Junventud has submitted to the European Commission a project called 'Information and Citizenship: a strategy for inclusion of people with fewer opportunities'
  • Cabezo Neighbors Torres joined the fight against cancer (20/04/2008)
    This morning was the fourth held up popular "For Life"
  • Culture Week kicks off VII CP Santa Maria de Gracia de Murcia (20/04/2008)
    There will be exhibitions, readings, music, sports ...
  • Keys to achieve a good atmosphere in the schools (19/04/2008)
    Puerto Lumbreras VIII celebrates the closing of the School Board Meeting Institutional Region of Murcia
  • Coexistence among volunteers (19/04/2008)
    Civil Protection today held its General Assembly and awards its employees
  • A center for all (19/04/2008)
    The Children's Integrated Centre Juan Carlos I is open to parents and neighbors to raise awareness of the Conciliation Program
  • The Mayor Chamber receives the "fire of fires" with hundreds of scouts at the Plaza Belluga (19/04/2008)
    On the occasion of the celebration of its patron, San Jorge
  • Open closes its doors tomorrow with three major fashion shows (18/04/2008)
    After 18 hours Manuel Bolaño, Gori de Palma Potipoti and display their collections
  • Three new European projects promoting energy savings (18/04/2008)
    The City Council will receive more than 285,000 euros for the development of the 'Intelligent Energy for Europe'
  • The PP submitted to Parliament that the requirement that the Ebro transfer reaches the Mediterranean Basin (18/04/2008)
    In compliance with the constitutional principle of equality of all Spanish
  • Head of Torres hosts a children's party to celebrate the cancer journeys (18/04/2008)
    Throughout the weekend we held different activities
  • The library will host more than twenty of activities to celebrate World Book Day (18/04/2008)
    The Museum of the City will host poetry at midnight while the Mills River Area has organized a competition of micro and Puertas de Castilla released nearly 250 books
  • All districts will have ways cyclable (18/04/2008)
    begin the process to the drafting of the Bicycle Master Plan
  • On Monday begins the period within which the pre-enrollment in primary schools in the municipality (18/04/2008)
    The City offers 300 beds in seven childcare centers of Murcia The period will remain open until next Friday, May 9
  • The infant children learn the communicative possibilities of the human body through music and dance (18/04/2008)
    "Music Box" is launched for the first time this year and will involve about 5,000 school
  • Pelegrín visit tonight to the Llano de Brujas over because of the cultural week of the center (17/04/2008)
    Attend a play group Stables, from 21 hours
  • Cleaning the Seca Sangonera shock and Aljucer (17/04/2008)
    will be held on Sunday
  • 10,000 cafes record (17/04/2008)
    "Salzillo Tea and Coffee" title given to the Mayor on Guinness Record for most coffee in the world
  • The comprehensive childhood center Juan Carlos I held an open house (17/04/2008)
    On Saturday 19, from 11 to 13 hours
  • The City Council extended the hours of customer service in the Municipal Bureau of Statistics (17/04/2008)
    also starts the service appointment by Deputy Mayor internet today officially opened the new premises
  • Monte Romero, a prelude to Beijing (17/04/2008)
    Mayor House inaugurated and delivered the Olympic oath in the I Olympiad Intercentros in which participated 426 students from five colleges
  • Authentic solidarity for the disadvantaged (17/04/2008)
    Young Murcia may cooperate with less developed countries thanks to a new city program The program will be held within three months of summer
  • The three are turning local audiences this weekend with the theater (17/04/2008)
    Alquibla Theatre opens in Beniaján and Cabeza de Torres in La Alberca delivers the latest performance of "Oresteia. Ashes Trojan
  • The City Council gives green light to the restoration of the popular Malecón Lion (17/04/2008)
    Mayor signs an agreement for the Regional Centre for Restoration of Cultural Property in charge of the project
  • Rivers, streams and wetlands (17/04/2008)
    El Majal Blanco welcomes this weekend a seminar on water flowing through the Region of Murcia
  • The Gateway Open starts tomorrow with the designs of young designers (17/04/2008)
    At 17 hours, a panel discussion on fashion with the participation of Francis Montesinos, Ion Fiz, Oscar Salas and Roger Shoking
  • Selected groups that go to the end of the nineteenth Local Competition Driver Education and Prevention of Accidents (17/04/2008)
    The third phase, which will present a total of 10 teams, will be held on May 9
  • Sports supports the practice of cycling and basketball (16/04/2008)
    give a grant to team Wheelchair Basketball
  • Sports invests half a million euros for Murcia in sport (16/04/2008)
    The Governing Board approved the expenditure for the program of activities and the Palacio de Deportes José Barnes
  • Improvement of higher social center of Santiago and Zaraiche (16/04/2008)
    is building two new rooms, a general store and lounge will be larger
  • Users may consult the Municipal Archives digital publications issued between XVI and XVIII centuries (16/04/2008)
    Thanks to an agreement between the municipality and the Ministry of Culture
  • Eleven associations receive aid for job creation and training (16/04/2008)
    grants exceeding € 150,000
  • The installation of solar panels in seven sports will save over 630,000 kWh per year (16/04/2008)
    be placed in pools of Mar Menor, Infante, El Palmar, and Inacua Bacons Bridge in the Sports Centre and the Palace Fleet of Sports
  • Social Services increases this year, places and times for Summer School (16/04/2008)
    The goal of the City of Murcia is the reconciliation of working life to reach a greater number of families Murcia
  • The Special Plan and Safety Monitoring Industrial Estate covers more than 1,200 companies (16/04/2008)
    City Council allocates more than 85,000 euros to subsidize these actions
  • The Inner City yields to a plot to build a center for social integration (16/04/2008)
    The site has 9,527 meters square is situated in Villa El Palmar Mayayo
  • A modern sports complex with heated swimming pools for residents of Beniaján (16/04/2008)
    be built on a plot of 7,700 square meters and will paddle and tennis
  • The Mills River Area is hosting a photo exhibition on ethnography and culture of the Region (16/04/2008)
    be able to visit until 10 May
  • The City Council requests that Murcia will host the tie of Davis Cup semifinals (16/04/2008)
    The parties, in which Spain will play against the United States would be held in the Condomina
  • The City Council assists in the celebration of the Third International Poetry Prize "Andrés Salom" (15/04/2008)
    literary magazine joins Agora publications offered by public libraries
  • A driving school in the street will promote the proper use of motorcycles (15/04/2008)
    More than 1,000 people will participate this weekend in the activities to be held in Centrofama
  • An energy audit analyzes the Municipality of Murcia and the City Council (15/04/2008)
    It will define the Energy Plan for the entire municipality and optimize the use of the premises of the City
  • The fair Expoflora moved to Santo Domingo (15/04/2008)
    It will be held next on 18, 19 and 20
  • The City Council is working on a project to adapt the youth information services to youth with disabilities (15/04/2008)
    propose solutions together with the Deaf Federation of Murcia and experts from Portugal, Italy, France, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador
  • More than 3,000 students participate in this year's local competition road safety education and accident prevention (15/04/2008)
    The Hall of the local police in Murcia today houses the second stage of the competition, which brings together more than 350 school 3 º ESO
  • A team of eleven professionals working in the first phase of the Park's West (15/04/2008)
    will have 40,000 square meters and a pedestrian bridge with bike lanes that cross the river
  • Eight young people are the keys to their new homes from the Mayor House (15/04/2008)
    Eight young people are the keys to their new homes from the Mayor House
  • Camera: "The transfer to Barcelona gives the Ministry of Gender on the task of ensuring equality among all the Spanish" (15/04/2008)
    "If Barcelona need water, you have it.
  • Camera newspaper highlights the commitment of national and local police with the safety of persons (15/04/2008)
    At the opening, this afternoon, the National Course of Judicial Police and Criminal Law
  • Urban holds a meeting with Iberdrola for the burial of power lines Rectors (14/04/2008)
    The project envisages construction of three large drawers individual underground
  • Pelegrín meets with elders and women from El Raal (11/04/2008)
    The council met at first hand the needs of these groups
  • ... (11/04/2008)

  • Music, dance and words become one more year to Murcia at a crossroads of cultures and an example of respect and tolerance (11/04/2008)
    The Feast of the Three Cultures to be held for 24 hours, in which there will be 24 concerts in 24 interpreters
  • Murcia pays tribute to the sculptor González Moreno on the centenary of his birth (11/04/2008)
    City offering a wreath at the sculpture "The Fame", by which the council has recovered to celebrate the centenary
  • Open to traffic the next installment of Prince of Asturias joining Juan Carlos I Juan de Borbón (11/04/2008)
    There are two lanes and service roads and has the capacity to absorb 40,000 vehicles a day
  • Another way to see the natural environment around us (11/04/2008)
    Education offers families the opportunity of entering the White Majal, through various activities
  • The preparation works of the roads of Trinidad and Los González begin before the end of the year (11/04/2008)
    Councilwoman Martinez-Cache has met with the Director General of Irrigation and Rural Development Adesga members to know the status of the project
  • Murcia has the largest artistic representation at the Biennale of Young Artists Biennale (10/04/2008)
    Dolores Sanchez attend the meeting tomorrow at the National Committee of the Biennale, in the city of Madrid
  • On Sunday marks the XXIX Half Marathon Ciudad de Murcia (10/04/2008)
    circuit of 21.97 kilometers, will be touring the streets of the town
  • The Mayor receives the 15 candidates to Bearer of the Moors and Christians (10/04/2008)
    Young girls have been presented with a pin of the City
  • Holy Angel's neighbors will have a new municipal center before saving (10/04/2008)
    Councilman Christopher Smith has met with the headman to discuss various aspects
  • The first buses to use biodiesel will be the Lightning line 13 (10/04/2008)
    This was agreed a committee formed by the council, Argema, ALEM and Latbus
  • Students of Colegio San Buenaventura are received by the Mayor on his visit to the City Council (10/04/2008)
    Under "The City also teaches"
  • The young creators assume the role of the Gateway Open (10/04/2008)
    The event will take place on 18 and 19 in Annex Víctor Villegas Auditorium
  • House claims that Castilian is recognized as an official language of the International Olympic Committee (10/04/2008)
    Chamber requests that Castilian is recognized as an official language of the International Olympic Committee
  • Leisure to enjoy (10/04/2008)
    More than 7,600 youth have participated in activities held in the last quarter of the program Network
  • Antonio Castillo attends the ceremony to mark the centenary of the birth of González Moreno (10/04/2008)
    At 12 pm, at the monument to the arts, located next to the river from the Government Office
  • James and Zaraiche Pavilion will be demolished to build a new sports facility (09/04/2008)
    The building is closed due to dilapidated presents
  • The City Council and Defense agree to manage the environment of the Air Base Sewer (09/04/2008)
    The Consistory cede land to the military to expand the security zone and jump practice
  • The Consistory improves cleaning in doctors (09/04/2008)
    invest 550,000 euros in 26 clinics in districts
  • Murcia will host the Regional School of Police (09/04/2008)
    will be located on a parcel of 37,000 square meters of the Mayayo
  • Professor Constantino Sotelo gave a lecture at the Museum of Science and Water (09/04/2008)
    Sotelo is a world-renowned scientist for his work on the molecules that govern the growth
  • Maximum safety supplies in the streets of Murcia (09/04/2008)
    Go-ahead for contract specifications for the surveillance in the eight centers in the city
  • The City Council increased street lighting in 16 streets of the city (09/04/2008)
    227 The actions allow you to install projectors
  • More than 870,000 euros to boost the efforts of different groups of neighborhoods and districts (09/04/2008)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning the basis of the call for proposals for 2008
  • The Murcia can walk the 'path of the 10,000 steps "before saving (09/04/2008)
    This distance is the daily walk is recommended to maintain physical fitness
  • Social Welfare continues to improve food service at home (09/04/2008)
    A total of 228 beneficiaries benefit from the aid that was introduced in 2006
  • The City adjusts its drought plan with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Environment (09/04/2008)
    It is formal changes and not content
  • Families with limited resources can benefit from rental housing aid (09/04/2008)
    The council is this year € 90,000 for rent subsidies in the private market to families who lack sufficient resources
  • Home immediate coastal works of North, South and diversion of the Green Sangonera (09/04/2008)
    The first sections of these roads will be completed before the end of the year
  • Algora opens tomorrow the concert series 'River sounds' (09/04/2008)
    Vistabella Cultural Center will also host a performance of Whirling Dervishes
  • Murcia has new marquees and information boards (09/04/2008)
    Designed by Norman Foster
  • Murcia Jesuitinas reached the women's final of the College of the ACB Series (09/04/2008)

  • The folklore and traditions from Murcia will be the stars this weekend (09/04/2008)
    The little ones will learn to climb this weekend in the quarries of El Valle
  • House commends the effort of self-employed in the development achieved by Murcia in recent years (08/04/2008)
    Of the 3 million self-registered in Spain, 105,000 reside in the region and 45,000 professionals and small businesses are discharged in the city
  • More than 22 168 activities allow Murcia meet European Union countries through trade (08/04/2008)
    The Department of Youth also offers Summer Camps for another 210 kids
  • The Science Museum hosts the exhibition 'Landscapes neural' (08/04/2008)
    The exhibition will be open until June 1
  • A total of 117 Murcia receive the training necessary to perform the most demanding jobs (07/04/2008)
    Nine are the specialty training that has given the city of Murcia students
  • Encouraging our popular culture (07/04/2008)
    Rafael Gómez bet to promote the activities of the centers and auditoriums with new training activities and entertainment
  • Tomorrow begins the IV International Guitar Festival Today (06/04/2008)
    This prestigious event will be attended by Roland Dyens, Luigi Puddu, Claudi Arimani and 'Serranito'
  • Algezares turns in a tribute to his illustrious son Saavedra Fajardo (06/04/2008)
    The church of the parish was full of audience in the concert yesterday 'The Tempest'
  • The tram will improve their frequency of passage on Monday (04/04/2008)
    The waiting time is reduced to ten minutes during rush hour and twenty-peak
  • House gives the Gold Medal of the City Bar Association of Veterinarians (04/04/2008)
    The Mayor stressed the long history of the institution and the benefits that Murcia has received from her work
  • Health derat against cockroaches and insects in El Raal, Corvera and The Arboleja (04/04/2008)
    Technicians will complete the treatment in several streets in the city
  • Places Zarandona Murcia Pilar and a new look in a month (04/04/2008)
    The works will focus on resurfacing and lighting
  • Beniaján Auditorium presents the premiere of "With puddles in her eyes, the latest installation of the ESAD Murcia (03/04/2008)
    Tomorrow Friday, 21 am, with free admission
  • The Auditorium in Los Molinos del Rio is transformed into a cozy concert hall acoustic (03/04/2008)
    In the quarterly cycle 'River sounds' act Algora, Tulsa and Second
  • The headman of the Board he states that comply with Regulation Municipal Citizen Participation (03/04/2008)
    Corbalán Martínez said that Easter and the Spring Festival have prompted the delay of the Whole, but to be held on April 17
  • The Cultural Encounters IV of Carmen and La Paz begin this evening with a cooking workshop (03/04/2008)
    Until 10 April there will be children's theater, art interventions, storytelling and music concerts Casting
  • The construction of the parking lot of the Avenida de la Libertad begin tomorrow (02/04/2008)
    The first work will be tree trimming, removal of lamps and projector placement on facades
  • Social Welfare extended home help for the elderly to continue providing the best social welfare (02/04/2008)
    More than 1500 people are already benefiting from this service
  • 24 Bacons Bridge families can enjoy new social housing (02/04/2008)
    include a reservation for the disabled, large families or victims of violence
  • A Murcia Wins National Design Competition Bored No (01/04/2008)
    winning work is called 'Approved' and consists of a headdress made from pork chops
  • The City Council will support the IES Alfonso X in the design of educational programs on environment (01/04/2008)
    The Mayor has met this morning with the new director of the Center
  • Y exploded Spring (01/04/2008)
    Events Eight intense days with 70 different activities have been developed with success and satisfaction of Murcia
  • The Mayor delivered the funding for the Mercury Prize to the Sisters of Charity (01/04/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara highlights the great social work that develops this congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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