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Murcia News - September 2011

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  • The Catholic University is implanted in Havana (Cuba) (30/09/2011)
    The UCAM Cuba began its activity in two locations
  • Charo Reina Gala acts in the "Day of the Golden Age" before about 4,000 people from 76 centers for the elderly (30/09/2011)

  • The Food Security debate (30/09/2011)

  • The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with the Federation of Independent Trade Unions in Education (FSIE) (30/09/2011)

  • The ANECA approves the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources for UCAM (30/09/2011)
    The Catholic ANECA has received positive verification for the Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources, and Adaptation Courses Degree in Nursing and Physiotherapy
  • More than 50 people find jobs through the actions of Alquerías Resource Center (30/09/2011)

  • The Mayor opened the "show of solidarity" of Murcia (30/09/2011)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia opposes the deployment of Medicine at the UCAM (30/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia has two petitions to the Mayor in relation to the Barrio de San Basilio (30/09/2011)
    The Municipal neighborhood has received several complaints in his office through the formula UPyDía
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia unravel the biological clock of the blind cave fish (30/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group calls for more political background to the Councillor for Tourism and less cosmetic (30/09/2011)
    Garries Councilwoman Andrea reminds municipal PP, by adding a word to the logo and rename a domain, not more tourists are coming to Murcia
  • Murcia City Council continues to promote physical exercise to the program 4 / 40 (30/09/2011)

  • Sources touts the party of Los Garres (30/09/2011)

  • The Andalusian crooner in the cycle Zenet Other Víctor Villegas Auditorium music from his new album All the streets (30/09/2011)
    Tickets for the concert tomorrow, at 21:30 hours, cost 18 Euros
  • The Department of Environment replenishes 60 palms affected by the red palm weevil (30/09/2011)

  • Mills Río_Caballerizas shown through photography what life in certain parts of Antarctica (29/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia City Council held on Friday its third "UPyDía" (29/09/2011)

  • Training for members of the City Commission of Gender Equality (29/09/2011)

  • The City Council will continue working to provide more infrastructure Zeneta (29/09/2011)

  • Abstract proposals to the plenary of the Socialist Group in September 2011 (29/09/2011)

  • The House approves urge the Ministry of Education to build a new school in El Palmar (29/09/2011)

  • The group Kaiser Chiefs perform in the welcome concert at the University of Murcia (29/09/2011)

  • The House demands that the National Government measures to promote agriculture in the municipality (29/09/2011)

  • New Condomina opens a customer care office (29/09/2011)
    In this space, which will be managed by the Instituto Murciano Consumer (IMC) will be organized efforts to secure the rights and duties of clients
  • The House unanimously endorses the decalogue of mayors in favor of the Mediterranean Corridor (29/09/2011)

  • The Prize 2011 Bartolomé de las Casas speaks about language education in Murcia in Paraguay (29/09/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis says that a majority favors the indebtedness of municipalities (29/09/2011)

  • Alejandro Talavante, winner of the September Fair of Murcia (28/09/2011)
    Cesar Jimenez is awarded the prize for Best Faena Faena and more artists, and the right Murcia won the prize Rafaelillo Value
  • They have a remedy in the courts for judicial contenciso "plan Fuensanta" (28/09/2011)
    Platform in Defence of Landscape Fuensanta continues its work to prevent the destruction of the landscape of the slope of the sanctuary where the City has approved 1,300 homes
  • The Mayor invites construction companies to bring their vision of the city Urban Design Commission (28/09/2011)
    House ensures that municipalities can pay their debts with suppliers if the central government takes care of their funding requests
  • The Socialist Group UPyD IU-Greens and presented a joint motion to amend the Regulation in plenary (28/09/2011)
    For the three political parties, the approval of this initiative will mean progress in participation and democratic representation
  • The development to be built in Algezares, at the foot of the Fuensanta, has complied with all legal (28/09/2011)

  • From Bail: "We want to give Carnicer win the first home win for the fans" (28/09/2011)

  • Ramón Gaya Museum hosts the book launch tomorrow 'rum flavor' of Charo Cutillas (28/09/2011)

  • Sports activity offers self defense for women (28/09/2011)
    will be held at the Prince of Asturias and the Palacio de Deportes
  • Open the deadline for Federations and Associations of Parents of Students of the municipality applying for grants municipal (28/09/2011)
    The past year has benefited from aid agencies 69
  • Death of Professor Maria Teresa Pérez Picazo (28/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group will claim as a full solutions to the precarious situation that is Zeneta (28/09/2011)

  • Conference photograph Xavier Ribas (28/09/2011)
    Xavier Ribas visit on 29 September at 20h in the auditorium of the castle gate in Murcia
  • ONCE coupon dedicates October 6 the Council of Wise Men of Murcia (28/09/2011)

  • Twelve singers compete in the semifinal of the contest Creajoven (28/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia implemented a centralized purchasing to cut costs (28/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia participates in the meeting of university media services (28/09/2011)

  • Cycle begins tomorrow "Voices at the University" (28/09/2011)

  • Martínez Conesa Murcia last participation at a major seminar to attract investors from around the world (27/09/2011)

  • The architects will join the Urban Design Commission to ensure the good image of public spaces (27/09/2011)

  • Book clubs at the University of Murcia begin their journey in this course (27/09/2011)
    Delibes, Cortazar, Wilde and Paul Auster among the writers whose works will be discussed
  • The City installs two recharging points for electric motorcycles and bicycles in its policy of sustainable mobility (27/09/2011)
    The Mayor, accompanied by the Councillor for the Environment, inaugurated this morning the service, located at Alfonso X El Sabio
  • The University of Murcia get one of the Reina Sofia Award drugs (27/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia presents the book by Professor José Luis Villacañas (27/09/2011)

  • The City Council presents the brand 'Tourism Murcia' (27/09/2011)

  • The Socialist group and IU-Greens advocate a reduction of 90% of IBI in the garden of Murcia (27/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens presents a sustainability plan for the district of Infante (27/09/2011)

  • The Socialists demanded urgent improvements in the regulation of traffic in the village of Santiago and Zaraiche (27/09/2011)

  • The City takes the work of the NGOs to schools and colleges (27/09/2011)

  • The last days of enrollment in the degrees and masters (27/09/2011)

  • Eight professors and professors took up their seats (27/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia Regional Government wants the report on its forecast in opposition (27/09/2011)
    The Municipal introduced a motion in Parliament urging the government to clear the Regional uncertainty of thousands of opponents and coaches
  • The nature park Terra Natura Murcia celebrates the birth of a new baby otter (27/09/2011)
    With the advent of small specimen there are now four captive births have occurred in the resort
  • Short Film Competition organized by the University of Murcia to spread human rights (27/09/2011)

  • Agents of the National Police Station of El Carmen rescue a two-year old girl was trapped on the ledge of a window (26/09/2011)
    One of the agents has climbed the facade of the building to reach the girl and keep her safe.
  • A course on international missions of the armed forces closed the University of the Sea (26/09/2011)

  • The construction of the new municipal center García Alix will be completed later this year (26/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens asks the council to provide the technical reports of new schools to the educational community (26/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia asked in Parliament that reports on the Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE) (26/09/2011)
    The Group considers necessary to report the decree will affect thousands of Murcia from next year.
  • UPyD Murcia a motion to reduce allergen high-impact Woodland Township (26/09/2011)
    The Municipal leads to another point in its plenary Electoral Program aims to reduce the impact of allergy and asthma patients
  • The University of Murcia calls on merit to constitute employment exchanges of teachers (26/09/2011)

  • The City Council meets in 220 directed the educational programs for schoolchildren this course (26/09/2011)

  • Two photo exhibitions are disclosed in El Carmen NGO work in India and Bolivia (26/09/2011)

  • Urban gives the nod to the new ordinance to simplify bureaucratic procedures to obtain licenses (26/09/2011)

  • Mil youth participate every weekend at over 50 activities offered Networks (26/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group regrets the neglect of the Lost Valley area and the adjoining sports facilities (26/09/2011)
    Mar PSOE The mayor denounced the incompetence Rosa Martinez City Council and the Autonomous Region to look the other way and let the cleaning this environment in the hands of citizen volunteers
  • Enrollment in the Master of Veterinary bull (26/09/2011)

  • A student Lorca Wins Silver Medal at the International Olympiad of Geology (26/09/2011)

  • 28 staff at the University of Murcia took up their seats (26/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia announces a grant to collaborate on a research project on plant-based dermocosmetic (26/09/2011)

  • A lecture series to capture the soul of Mediterranean cities (26/09/2011)
    begins Tuesday and runs until mid-December
  • María Dolores Sánchez reviews the schools Beniaján (25/09/2011)

  • The V Heart Walk brings together hundreds of Murcia (25/09/2011)

  • They ask to expedite the burial of the lines of high and medium voltage located on El Palmar, Espinardo and Rectors (25/09/2011)

  • House, decided that the municipalities "are no longer the poor brethren of government" (24/09/2011)
    The Mayor has been elected chairman of the Finance Committee of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces
  • Casino staff are trained in the program Sicted Tourism Quality (24/09/2011)

  • ... (24/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens called for the establishment of a green space in the southern districts of Murcia (23/09/2011)

  • Dozens of people put their bikes through the point workshop 'En-bi-tion-te' (23/09/2011)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB presents his team (23/09/2011)
    After the presentation, the team has developed a training session at the Sports Center facilities UCAM
  • Barnabas presents the social partners the new ordinance to simplify bureaucratic procedures to obtain licenses (23/09/2011)

  • UPyD officiates his first wedding in Murcia (23/09/2011)

  • The police stopped the perpetrator of a rape in Murcia during the month of August (23/09/2011)

  • The Municipal Office of the bike speeds up the booking system (23/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary ask that you clean and place value on the walls of San Antolin Islam and its environment (23/09/2011)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa Martinez presented a request by asserting the importance of the archaeological heritage of Murcia and the need to preserve its integrity and preservation
  • Martínez-cache: "We want to bet on professional cycling" (22/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens criticized the council for the "absence" of youth and cultural activities in Sangonera la Seca (22/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia asked in plenary to report on the Technical Inspection of Buildings (22/09/2011)
    The Municipal defend a motion next week in relation to ITE, seeking to launch an information campaign to citizens
  • "Murcia is now a model city in efficient and sustainable management of waste" (22/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls for more ambitious policies in the European Car-Free Day to achieve a sustainable and future Murcia (22/09/2011)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, defended the urgent need to concentrate on new policies of mobility for people and not the Cars
  • The Cañete fireworks company is done with the II Festival of Fireworks (22/09/2011)

  • González Tovar visits the pavilion Cagigal that are nearing completion (22/09/2011)
    The Government of Spain has financed 100% of the project with 3 million euros that have resulted in more than 60 jobs
  • Previous derby Reale Cartagena El Pozo Murcia FS-FS (22/09/2011)
    Friday September 23, 2011 - 13:00 pm
  • The Urban Plan develops a major program of training in information technology (22/09/2011)

  • Toni Cotolí FNAC Murcia presented in his latest CD "Sunset" (22/09/2011)
    will take place on September 30 at 19:00 h
  • Lecture 'Introduction to the new energy regulations edificatorio' (21/09/2011)
    "Green Cars, appliances labeled 'A' ... we have all internalized the concept of energy efficiency"
  • The new pavilion will be completed Cagigal end of year (21/09/2011)

  • The CHS recovers Rambla del Puerto in El Palmar for the safety and enjoyment of the citizens (21/09/2011)
    The project has cost 1.1 million euros and includes two recreation areas
  • The School of Architecture is organizing a workshop on bicycle (21/09/2011)

  • The city recovers the Circus Theatre and Performing Arts Center addressed to all public and open to artists and companies Murcia (21/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group in plenary session prompted new solutions for New School students of the school of El Palmar (21/09/2011)

  • The Environmental Service Program will develop awareness-raising, sensitization and Environmental Information (21/09/2011)

  • The Governing Board partners with entrepreneurs and promotes the fight against bureaucracy to promote the opening of business (21/09/2011)

  • The City Council grants the Community three plots in El Palmar educational equipment for the construction of a school (21/09/2011)

  • Congress of Genetics, discusses the importance of the human genome in disease (21/09/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia designing more fuel-efficient computers and temperature (21/09/2011)

  • A course on international missions of the armed forces closed the 2011 edition of the Universidad del Mar (21/09/2011)

  • The Mayor Chamber visit the modern facilities of Sewer Air Base (20/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens are interested in accessibility in the Plaza del Romea (20/09/2011)

  • The Evangelical Church representatives presented the Mayor Bethsaida social work development in the municipality (20/09/2011)

  • Murcia launches Bike-school (20/09/2011)

  • Hall and partnerships designed cultural activities, sweepstakes and promotions to revitalize the retail and hospitality in neighborhoods and districts (20/09/2011)

  • The Socialist parliamentary group calls on the Ministry of Education to initiate the necessary procedures for the construction of new school New School in El Palmar (20/09/2011)
    A spokeswoman for Education Maria del Carmen Moreno presented at the Regional Assembly a motion which urges the Government Regional streamline procedures for the replacement of that center
  • The Plaza of the Apostles becomes the Children's Traffic Park because of the Mobility Week (20/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group knows the experience of the "Textbook Bank" CEIP Hellín Javalí Lasheras of Old (20/09/2011)

  • Cultural Center castle gate starts new season (20/09/2011)

  • Inauguration of the Doctorate in Education and museums, together with the University of Marrakech (20/09/2011)

  • I was called by the University Singing Contest FNAC Murcia (20/09/2011)
    Includes all vocal music genres
  • The physio Spanish Basketball Team was formed in the UCAM (19/09/2011)
    David Urban 2004 belongs to the Promotion of Physical Therapy at the Catholic University San Antonio
  • The new steps of the Teatro Romea will be completed on October 12 (19/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia workshops and experimentation program aimed at children on the night of the researchers (19/09/2011)

  • Martínez-Cachá participates in the activities of the Mobility Week (19/09/2011)

  • The Mayor encourages the celebration of Day of the Dead in Mexico Regional Fair in Murcia (19/09/2011)

  • The Municipal People's calls for support of all political groups in the Mediterranean Corridor City (19/09/2011)

  • The Murcia and can point to efficient driving courses (19/09/2011)

  • The Mayor announced that next week will see the light ordinance to regulate the "express license" (19/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia is the fourteenth of Spain, according to university ranking (19/09/2011)

  • The New School students entering the course in the new Centre for Settlement of El Palmar (19/09/2011)

  • A course at the University of Mar attempt to prevent drug use during pregnancy (19/09/2011)

  • PSOE Councillors involved in organized bike ride "Bike Murcia ' (18/09/2011)

  • Adopted by the call for subsidies for Federations and Associations of Parents of Pupils (18/09/2011)
    The past year has benefited from aid agencies 69
  • On-going construction of the first baseball field in the municipality (18/09/2011)

  • The Socialists denounced a plague of rats by the Sacred Heart College in Zeneta (18/09/2011)

  • 70,000 children free practice sports during the school year in municipal (17/09/2011)

  • Dozens of people joined the march in tandem (17/09/2011)

  • XXX Murciano Sports Awards (17/09/2011)
    The director of the Master of Sports Traumatology Receives Award UCAM Murcia Sports
  • José Diego Jara honor the throw of the match El Pozo Murcia FS-Caja Segovia after World Champion Cycling Adapted (16/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia I taught the Master in Corporate Social Responsibility (16/09/2011)

  • Failed Creajoven winners of Fine Arts, Comics and Product Design (16/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Group shows surprise at the differences in land prices in the works to expand the Clinic Vega (16/09/2011)

  • The Sports Council invested over 600,000 euros in the sports of IES Infante Juan Manuel (16/09/2011)
    With the MEC Plan National Sports Council have been made since 2005, a total of 39 performances in schools and colleges in the region, a total amount of 7,321,726 euros
  • The government team supports the workers of the CAM and the maintenance of Social Work of the Caja del Mediterráneo (16/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens called for the creation of cultural spaces in the infant (16/09/2011)

  • Medicine approves ANECA UCAM (16/09/2011)
    The new medical school will be located on the campus of Los Jeronimos (Guadeloupe)
  • Head of Torres celebrates its fiestas in honor of the Virgen de los Dolores (16/09/2011)

  • People blindly participate in a march in tandem with the occasion of the European Mobility Week (16/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia will work with junior companies in the promotion of employment (16/09/2011)

  • The Mare Nostrum Campus participates in the largest college fair in Europe (16/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia presents the works of the Photography Award (16/09/2011)

  • A view on travel in the seventh cycle of The Canning (15/09/2011)
    The exhibitions will open tomorrow in Room Veronicas and Saturday in The Canning, with the work Maureen Gallace, Angel Mateo Charris / Gonzalo Sicre, Jorge Peris, Diana Al -Hadid and Martin Jacobson
  • A PhD thesis analyzes the stress of nursing students (15/09/2011)

  • UPyD Murcia attend the rally called by the College of New Schools AMPA El Palmar (15/09/2011)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the accumulation of hazardous waste on a site next to the market town of Guadalupe (15/09/2011)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernández requires immediate cleanup of the land to the Town Hall next to the street where Monday is the weekly market and by the Center Cultural parish
  • IU-Greens are concerned with the maintenance contract for two city halls (15/09/2011)

  • An exhibition features the best papers presented at Creajoven Visual Arts, Comics and Product Design (15/09/2011)

  • Azarbe and Manuel Luna star in the twentieth Root Music Festival (15/09/2011)
    In addition, the market's moves Bullas Zacatín next Saturday at the Plaza de Santo Domingo
  • UCAM Murcia Handball overcame the EHF Cup Winners Cup runners-up (14/09/2011)

  • Thursday Morning opens exhibition of selected works Photography Award 2011 University of Murcia (14/09/2011)

  • The City received six bids from banks to almost double the amounts requested (14/09/2011)
    will 36 million primarily to meet the payment to suppliers
  • Alicia Barquero out in Madrid City Council's experience in international cooperation (14/09/2011)

  • The Department of Urban Cleaning and Waste Management collected after the Pilgrimage 47 tons of garbage (14/09/2011)

  • The City of Murcia is added to the Project Construction Technology Center (14/09/2011)
    for the creation of a sustainable asphalt Environment
  • Esquerdinha: "We must be very focused 40 minutes without making the slightest mistake" (14/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia signed a collaboration agreement with the Federation of Junior Enterprises (14/09/2011)

  • The English learned from El Pozo Murcia FS (14/09/2011)

  • Incidents with the celebration of the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fuensanta his Sanctuary 2011 (13/09/2011)

  • The Pilgrimage of today, the platform in defense of the landscape Fuensanta has installed an information point (13/09/2011)

  • UCE-RM has received numerous complaints about the lack of Hyginus in FICA (12/09/2011)

  • The ambassador of Paraguay is grateful to Murcia in improving the education of the indigenous peoples of Chaco (12/09/2011)

  • Duran touts the parties Nonduermas (12/09/2011)

  • The UCAM accompanies the Virgin of Fuensanta (12/09/2011)
    San Antonio Catholic University yesterday participated in a Mass at the Cathedral of Murcia on the occasion of the feast of Our Lady of Fuensanta
  • The University of Murcia increases third squares of the Colegio Mayor "Azarbe" (12/09/2011)

  • The bike stars in the European Mobility Week (12/09/2011)

  • All set for the celebration of the Pilgrimage of Fuensanta (11/09/2011)
    Nearly 300 people comprising the safety device for this day
  • The City Council extends its sports with the construction of four new facilities (10/09/2011)

  • Alicia Barquero meets the young descendants of immigrants Murcia (10/09/2011)

  • 8,000 people on Sunday can enjoy the typical pies Murcia (09/09/2011)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia mechanisms designed to reduce errors in processor and memory (09/09/2011)

  • Students and professors will work with Macs UCAM (09/09/2011)
    This initiative will enhance returns to the big bet of the UCAM by the application of technology education day at the vanguard of teaching methodology
  • UPyD criticizes the "Partial Plan Fuensanta" but regrets that try to confuse the citizens (09/09/2011)
    Training does not participate in the demonstration for the day 12
  • The ship begins its activities with the party game 'Replay' (09/09/2011)

  • School of Languages ​​UCAM (09/09/2011)
    English, French, German and Italian at the School of Languages ​​at the UCAM
  • María Dolores Sanchez opened the school in school Virgen de la Vega Cobatillas (09/09/2011)

  • President of the Audiencia Provincial de Murcia, Andrew Pacheco, has spoken today in the UCAM on bankruptcy (08/09/2011)
    "In a procedure that cost savings are required, who is a creditor surplus"
  • IU-V reporting the delay of the work of the center will host 400 children from 'New Schools' (08/09/2011)

  • Murcia is international (08/09/2011)

  • Grell: "We worked all the aspects that we fail to be in the next game more focused" (08/09/2011)

  • Fair, photo exhibition and visits to schools to celebrate the Cooperating (08/09/2011)

  • The local association will own Murcia welcomes an assignment by the City (08/09/2011)

  • José Antonio Cobacho part in the meeting of Santander on the university to the crisis (08/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia is the Department of Forensic Science and Technology (08/09/2011)

  • The Mar Menor, naked in a course at the University of Mar (08/09/2011)
    show research and resources of the area from many points of view
  • The National Police arrested in Murcia to the owner of a junkyard for receiving and seller of the alleged junk (08/09/2011)
    The material was stolen in a construction
  • The team welcomes UCAM men's basketball at Stanford University (07/09/2011)
    The team visited the campus of Catholic University of Murcia before playing a match against CB UCAM Murcia
  • IU-Greens is surprised because no coach has gone to visit Romea (07/09/2011)

  • Serna "Today we have seen and ask, but it demanded much earlier Murcia" (07/09/2011)
    UPyD criticism that has not been reported in a transparent during these four years about the delays that the theater was accumulating and the state of the works
  • The Socialist Group intends to open days at the Teatro Romea (07/09/2011)

  • The camera points to the future Mayor Mediterranean Corridor as one of the best opportunities to overcome the crisis and boost employment (07/09/2011)

  • The Journal of the press taurine becomes more attractive 2011 (07/09/2011)
    Traditional press run will take place on Sunday, September 11
  • United in folklore (07/09/2011)

  • A course in the Universidad del Mar is taught jointly in Murcia and Argentina (07/09/2011)
    Carmen Sánchez Trigueros, co-director: "Ethics and business are incompatible"
  • The Romea Theatre enters its final phase with the testing of electrical installations and the recruitment of all stage equipment (07/09/2011)

  • The Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry meets at the University of Murcia. (07/09/2011)

  • Isabel Pantoja sweeps Murcia (06/09/2011)
    MIL MORE TICKETS go on sale after exhausting the planned
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara: "The Mediterranean Corridor will output our products and encourage the economy" (06/09/2011)

  • Archena multicolored rugs come in parties of Murcia (06/09/2011)

  • Morlino and Schmitter Political scientists involved in the main Congress of Political Science of Spain (06/09/2011)

  • Firefighters organize a paddle trophy on behalf of Afacmur (06/09/2011)
    to participate, all people who want it
  • The market of Almond opens in Mercamurcia (06/09/2011)

  • Larrosa José María morning shows at the Museum of the University of Murcia (06/09/2011)

  • The short story contest at the University of Murcia and Thader 18,000 euros in prize money distributed to Erasmus (06/09/2011)

  • The Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry meets at the University of Murcia (06/09/2011)

  • IU-Greens denounced the neglect of the parks of St. James the Greater (05/09/2011)

  • The car extends its timetable for the party of Copa del Rey Real Murcia (05/09/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts an international congress of medieval literature with more than 200 experts (05/09/2011)

  • Lola Arcas shows different scenes with his sculptures of bullfighting and flamenco (05/09/2011)
    The exhibition will be at the Palace Almudí until 30 October
  • Recent advances in correcting visual defects in a course at the University of Mar (05/09/2011)
    only commemorates the centenary of the Nobel Prize awarded to an optician
  • El Pozo Murcia FS participated on Tuesday in the II Tournament Carlos Martinez de Jaén (05/09/2011)

  • An investigation of the University of Murcia stars in the cover of the magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (05/09/2011)

  • Big Day Fair Livestock (04/09/2011)

  • The UCAM presents a program of architectural research for the axis-Lorca Puerto Lumbreras (02/09/2011)
    Students will develop research proposals on the urban landscape and the territory which lies on the Lorca-Puerto Lumbreras
  • The City recovers shattered Campillo works for reuse in the new cast sculptures (02/09/2011)

  • The School of Tourism at the University of Murcia launches a master's degree in Hotel Management (02/09/2011)

  • The Government of Spain makes possible the restoration of the Cathedral of Murcia (02/09/2011)
    The Ministry of Culture has invested more than EUR 2.3 million to repair the tower, the chapels of Los Vélez, Las Animas, Junterones and the drawers
  • The Ministry of Culture concluded the restoration of the drawers of the Cathedral of Murcia (02/09/2011)
    Today has been presented to the public the work of the restoration team
  • Adopted by a grant UMU to assist schools in professional practice (02/09/2011)

  • Mayor House praises the efforts of thousands of Murcia each year make the fair possible (02/09/2011)

  • Urban trenching prohibited during the Fair 2011 (02/09/2011)
    works will not be allowed until 18 September
  • The University of Murcia celebrates this month the Scientific Diving courses and Navigation, the oldest of the Universidad del Mar (02/09/2011)
    student divers will dive up to 30 meters
  • UPyD Murcia requests the Department of Finance expenditure data Romea Theatre in 2010 (01/09/2011)

  • Doubt: "Just think of FC Barcelona, ​​our challenge is to reach the final" (01/09/2011)

  • The National Police arrested the perpetrator of the robberies at houses of the gardens of the embankment of Murcia (01/09/2011)
    The stolen items are tools and assembly machinery of the booths
  • IU-Greens claim that the building will house students 'New Schools' is "medium build" (01/09/2011)


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