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Murcia News - January 2009

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  • Two people die in separate accidents this morning in Murcia and Mazarron (31/01/2009)

  • "Functional foods would not be necessary to a healthy diet" (30/01/2009)
    According to the investigator said Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Daniel Ramón Vidal
  • SOS 4.8 The year started with three hours devoted to dance (30/01/2009)
    The first action will take place tomorrow in the streets of Murcia, starting at 11:00 hours, with the show 'Caught by surprise' of the company Ruedapies
  • CB Murcia dismisses Fred Weis (30/01/2009)
    The Basketball Club Murcia confirms that, after subjecting the French pivot Fred Weis appropriate medical examination, dismissed his move, because it is not in optimum conditions
  • The UCAM provides the only Masters in Spain Therapeutic Physical Activity (30/01/2009)

  • The UCAM opens the application deadline for scholarships Erasmus (30/01/2009)
    The International Relations Office also offer a new internship program abroad
  • IU + Greens Fine Arts proposed that assume the excavations of San Esteban (30/01/2009)
    argues that the archaeological work should be conducted under criteria governed by the common interest
  • All for peace in the CEIP Los Rosales de El Palmar (30/01/2009)
    The CEIP Los Rosales de El Palmar was held this morning a day of living
  • The day of the Bando de la Huerta will be music on the streets of the city (30/01/2009)
    The local bars placed on the public highway can install sound equipment from 10 to 22 hours, not exceeding 70 decibels
  • The Joseph Barnes and the soccer field of St. James host this weekend's competitions Coca Cola Cup (30/01/2009)
    Theme Park Football Park tomorrow is installed in the Chinese garden
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in La Raya, Boatmen, Stables and Beniaján (30/01/2009)
    will review the Segura river channel passing through the city
  • Approved the specifications of fifteen projects to reform gardens, containers and paved roads bury (30/01/2009)

  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia prepares a draft report on the status of students (30/01/2009)

  • The charges festive Moors and Christians will attend this weekend FITUR (30/01/2009)
    The Councillor of Tourism held meetings to introduce major innovations in the open gateway.
  • Head of Torres held three weeks of carnival (30/01/2009)
    Luis Gómez Mateos is the author of the poster for the holidays
  • The Mayor presented a campaign designed to increase safety in neighborhoods and shopping districts (30/01/2009)
    210 members of the Borough Police will visit all establishments in February of neighborhoods and districts ...
  • "Seems a joke that with three million unemployed, the PSOE is concerned about the transfer of Ivan Alonso" (30/01/2009)

  • José Manuel Abellán: "The mayor of Murcia can not consent to leave with profits and leave the debt they want" (30/01/2009)

  • The School of Computing held a workshop on information technologies and communication (29/01/2009)

  • A professor at the University of Sussex lecture on evolutionary robotics (29/01/2009)

  • Summary of proposals of the Socialist Group in Parliament on 29 January 2008 (29/01/2009)

  • PP and PSOE show their support for Real Murcia and reject the bankruptcy filing (29/01/2009)
    The Plenum of the Corporation has agreed this morning a motion for collaboration of the Municipality of Murcia with the club
  • The Mayor of Murcia highlights the success of public Murcia stand in FITUR (29/01/2009)
    Remember the two major tourism projects to be developed in the city, the new Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre
  • On February 8 the new season begins Itineraries and environmental pathways (29/01/2009)
    The Department of Environment and Urban Quality for this semester has organized a dozen tours
  • The three political groups Murcia City Council initially approved the new ordinance mobile (29/01/2009)
    ... ensuring information to citizens and streamline procedures for licensing
  • "The Socialist Party is now demanding what they did in twelve years Torreagüera government," said village headman (29/01/2009)
    The president of the Municipal Board of the hamlet explained that the restructuring of urban traffic is due to PP Montegrande
  • The director of the Housing and Land Institute Opens in Murcia 'Day to promote real estate rent' (29/01/2009)
    is organized by the European Arbitration Association and the Association for the Promotion of Parking and Access to Housing in partnership with Institute for Housing and Land in the Region
  • Churra's neighbors and enjoy a new green space next to the Senior Social Centre (28/01/2009)
    Environment has remodeled the garden José Fuster following sustainability criteria to offer the best space for neighbors
  • The act Beniaján Chirigota on Friday January 30 at the Gran Teatro Falla de Cádiz (28/01/2009)
    under the Competition Chirigotas of the Carnival of Cádiz
  • House calls on Zapatero to invest in social benefits thought the 125,000 euros to spend on advertising signs in Murcia (28/01/2009)
    The Government of Argentina plans to pay 30 million euros in advertising, while 800,000 families have all their members in unemployment, 25,000 of them in the Region of Murcia
  • 1.5 million euros for the construction of sidewalks (28/01/2009)
    The renovation will take place in El Raal, Monteagudo and Avenida de Alicante
  • The Murcia can consult the newspaper digitally Line from 1939 to 1983 (28/01/2009)
    The aim is to facilitate consultation and preserve copies
  • Head of Torres will have a Care Centre Child of 2,000 square meters (28/01/2009)
    The City will invest nearly a million euros in construction
  • The soccer fields Garros and new changing rooms will prop (28/01/2009)
    The City will invest over 506,000 euros
  • The City Council gave a plot to build a health center in the Green Sangonera (28/01/2009)
    In the area of 1,000 square meters, will also build a community center
  • The City participates in the initiative "I turn out the light to give a respite to the planet" (28/01/2009)
    The illumination of 10 municipal facilities to shut down 19.50 to 20 hours
  • Tourism in Murcia FITUR perfect proportions with 4,000 kilos of material (28/01/2009)
    new brochure presents the Baroque churches and The Burial of the Sardine
  • Coca Cola Cup comes to Murcia this weekend (28/01/2009)
    The competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday at the soccer field of St. James and Joseph Barnes sports
  • More support for children (28/01/2009)
    Social Services launches child-care activities in the city
  • A round with the red palm weevil (28/01/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Jose Antonio Garcia Bathrooms reports that this beetle pest that attacks the palms has killed about 390 copies in the city
  • The PSOE PP requires the roundabout with no give or leave more for large areas (28/01/2009)
    For the Socialist councilor Sebastian Peñaranda the number of shopping centers that are already in the town is unsustainable
  • The wifi network is extended to eight points with the launch of the service in two districts (28/01/2009)
    The Department of Administration Modernization provides access to information and services to municipal web sites
  • Herguedas Trujillo and Samper criticized for "letting go to Murcia undercapitalized" (27/01/2009)

  • The competition of the 30 million (27/01/2009)
    The Murcia also wants to compete
  • The University of Murcia offered a tribute to the fifteen students Thesis National Awards (27/01/2009)

  • The autonomous region of 500,000 euros funded the new center of childcare 'The Granaos' Beniaján (27/01/2009)
    The number of places funded by the regional administration since 2006 amounts to 7,614
  • Manolo Valdés sculpture overlooks the streets of Murcia (27/01/2009)
    The Mayor welcomed the Valencian artist's work becomes the protagonist of urban space until 21 February
  • ... (27/01/2009)

  • The Networking program offers 52 different activities in the first quarter (27/01/2009)
    In 2008 participated in the program more than 28,400 young people
  • An exhibition to discover the importance of owls in the SPA of the Valley and the mountains of Altaona and Escalona (27/01/2009)
    The show is organized by the Department of Environment, General Directorate Adesga and Natural Heritage and Biodiversity
  • Celebration of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students (27/01/2009)
    On the occasion of the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students, tomorrow, Wednesday 28 January, several events take place in the Diocese
  • The PSOE describes as disappointing the appearance of the Councillor for Sports in the committee report which talked of Basketball Club Murcia (27/01/2009)
    Socialist Councilman José Manuel Abellán not understand the approaches of the head of Sports "who attended the meeting without any solutions to the failure of the efforts to Tranvimur "
  • A doctoral thesis on the prevention of accidents in the chemical industry achieved a national award for research (27/01/2009)

  • Bike Murcia reports that on Thursday January 29 meeting is the first Critical Mass 2009 (27/01/2009)

  • The Criminal Court acquitted the teacher accused of sexual abuse and assault of a minor (27/01/2009)
    The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment supports the public school community Narciso Yepes Murcia
  • El Pozo Murcia Turística host a charity match in Albatera for the AECC (27/01/2009)
    tickets will be priced as low as only 3 euros
  • Major without film (27/01/2009)
    The spokesman of the PSOE, José María Alarcón, begs House to take the necessary steps to re-launch as soon as possible "Film Major Programme" in 2009
  • The University of Murcia held tomorrow the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas and Manuel Albaladejo appointed Doctor Honoris Causa (27/01/2009)

  • Tourism invites you to visit this weekend, historical documents such as letters of Alfonso X (27/01/2009)
    The route is part of 'Get Guide'
  • Termination of Bojan Bogdanovic (26/01/2009)
    The Basketball Club Murcia and Real Madrid have reached an agreement to terminate the contract of Bojan Bogdanovic, player on loan this season by the entity Madrid Murcia
  • The Fire Fighting Service received 113 emergency calls by strong winds (26/01/2009)
    Of all the calls this weekend, has acted in 96 cases for damage caused by wind
  • The series 'The violin in the Mubam' offers four Murcia composers inspired by the museum's paintings (26/01/2009)
    Concerts begin at 20:00 am at the Museum of Fine Arts with the premiere of the work of Salvador M.
  • Floraltour in Mercamurcia (26/01/2009)
    The event takes place today and tomorrow at the offices of Flower and Plant Market
  • María Dolores Sánchez visit the new headquarters of Youth (26/01/2009)
    Informajoven The Department and will move on to the street Easter Chronicler Carlos Valcárcel
  • Public Transport: "Another failure of the policy of the PP in the municipality," the PSOE (26/01/2009)

  • In starting the new Plan for Self in nursery schools (26/01/2009)
    The simulation conducted this morning at "The Hermitage" La Alberca has met the standards set by the Plan of Prevention
  • Soledad Puértolas part in a talk at the Faculty of Arts (26/01/2009)

  • No hay quinto malo. (25/01/2009)
    One win, this time more work, compared to Cordoba Murcia lets get away from the relegation zone
  • "Science does not explain everything" (24/01/2009)
    The Professor of Genetics at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Nicolás Jouve de la Barreda, has lectured in the UCAM on "research in bioethics and bioethics in research"
  • 55 new streets are added to street Murcia and districts (24/01/2009)
    The requests are made through the neighborhood groups and individuals representing various groups
  • The director of the Institute for Youth highlights the web technologies as a means of communication to reach young people (23/01/2009)

  • Henry Bonnet: "In Spain, very few terminally ill patients request death" (23/01/2009)
    professor at the University of Salamanca, Henri Bonnet, has lectured on euthanasia during the Days of Bioethics UCAM
  • The Student Council of the University of Murcia will meet with Secretary of State for Universities to address the reform of Bologna (23/01/2009)

  • The Mayor calls for dialogue and social partnership to address the crisis (23/01/2009)
    camera makes a public recognition of the figure of José Luis Romero for his "excellent track record and commitment to the region".
  • Alarcón calls on House to bet on companies in Murcia (23/01/2009)
    María José Alarcón, asks the House to bet on companies in Murcia construction sector for the procurement of works to be carried out with the Fund's 75,000,000 Zapatero euros to the municipality of Murcia
  • The president of the French University of Cergy-Pontoise is interested in collaboration with the University of Murcia (23/01/2009)
    The president of this university gala is now in Murcia to chair a doctoral dissertation with a major European
  • Cortes Abellán portrays the beauty of Carnival Beniaján a colorful box full of (23/01/2009)
    The Muse This year's Esther Tomás Albaladejo
  • Public Works begins work on improving the crossing of The Palm, providing access to the highway Zeneta-San Javier (23/01/2009)
    The crossing will facilitate the connection of the capital of the Mar Menor region and providing access to the motorway Zeneta San Javier, which will reduce up to 25 minutes travel to the coast
  • The City improves road safety through the installation of 100 speeders in 22 districts (23/01/2009)
    The Governing Board special meeting held today has given its approval to this project, which totals more than EUR 290.00
  • Valcárcel defined as "spiritualize the painting" The work of the painter Molina Sánchez, winner of the Arts and Letters in the Region (22/01/2009)

  • IU + Greens proposed the creation of a study on the needs of the population on public transport (22/01/2009)

  • President of the Club Taurino exposes the Mayor plans to turn the museum into a tourist reference (22/01/2009)
    Alfonso Aviles heads the association, which already has 440 members, since last November
  • Young people interested in employment through the web (22/01/2009)
    Informajoven.es recorded a significant increase in inquiries, particularly those related to job search
  • The Mayor and the President of the Club de Tenis agree to enhance cooperation through sports schools (22/01/2009)
    Stake House and have maintained contact after the first renewal of the board of the sports club
  • The website of the City Council last year registered twice as consultations in 2006 (22/01/2009)
    The most visited sections are the agenda, the press office, the districts, the job offer and satellite views
  • Secretary of State Universities presents the University Strategy 2015 at the University of Murcia (22/01/2009)
    Màrius Rubiralta informed the governing board of the University of Murcia on the strategy to modernize the Spanish university and has collected contributions from the different groups University System
  • The Minister of Education stressed the regional government's commitment to language teaching (22/01/2009)
    Sotoca today opened a new extension of the School of Languages in the city of Murcia which extends the range at 586 seats
  • The Hospital Reina Sofia has made 44 changes in the location of pregnancy in 2008 (22/01/2009)
    Murcia Health Service has processed 362 cases of occupational risk for pregnancy in the past year
  • The PP PSOE question to "where are the 12,000 trees would be planted" (22/01/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, José Antonio García Baños, submit a question to the full City Council requesting information on the results of the campaign "Plant for the Planet.
  • El Grupo Scout Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Murcia marks the 40th anniversary of its creation with various activities (22/01/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls explanations for the further delay in the opening of the Youth Hostel "El Valle" (21/01/2009)
    Socialists claim the opening of this unique space in the Neighborhood Council of La Alberca, in the city of Murcia and the Regional Assembly
  • The Mayor encourages the creation of a distinctive identify companies and businesses that are committed to sustainability (21/01/2009)
    Miguel Angel House notes that the logo is granted to enterprises that tend to the reduction and energy efficiency
  • Wide, pivot of El Pozo Murcia Turistica FS: "Let's go out to all the three points in Pamplona" (21/01/2009)

  • The City has over 90 projects for the Local Investment Fund (21/01/2009)

  • More than a million euros for the paving of sidewalks and driveways in eleven districts Murcia (21/01/2009)

  • Green light for replacement service windows and blinds in a local primary school (21/01/2009)
    The Board of Governors approved this morning specifications
  • The Socialist Party regretted the "lack of sensitivity" of the PP towards the rehabilitation of the environment and cultural heritage of the garden of Murcia (21/01/2009)

  • The LAB is hosting this week a conference on the phenomenon of 'flashmobbing' (21/01/2009)
    cultural researcher and journalist, José Luis de Vicente, analyze the characteristics of the 'flasmob' most popular that have been made
  • Cerdá stresses that the otter population has evolved positively over the last decade (21/01/2009)
    Cerdá visit Terra Natura facilities for the latest otters born in an environment that recreates the wild
  • The Session encourages the practice of basketball with a grant to CB Murcia (21/01/2009)
    Sports earmarked 600,000 euros for the maintenance of equipment federated club competitions
  • The City Council encourages business creation and simplify procedures for opening a trade (21/01/2009)
    be able to get license to open in 15 days
  • Emotional act of offering to the Virgen de la Fuensanta (21/01/2009)
    The Knights and Ladies Academy students of San Air General Javier make his traditional visit to Murcia
  • Days of Bioethics at UCAM under the title: "Key issues in contemporary bioethics', from 22 to 24 January (21/01/2009)
    Experts in Spain in the UCAM reflect on current bioethical issues such as adoption by homosexuals, abortion from clinical medicine and euthanasia
  • Presentation of the book "The silence disturbed" by Isabel Cuesta María Abellán at the University of Murcia (21/01/2009)
    will take place tomorrow
  • The Mayor of Murcia describes the anthology of Antonio Campillo as a "wonderful nonsense of art and creativity" (21/01/2009)
    The exhibition is showing over the next two months at the Palace Arts Center Almudí, the Exhibition Hall and the Church Museum CAM San Juan de Dios
  • Alvaro Aparicio, El Pozo Murcia Turistica FS: Victory in Pamplona will not be easy, but now we are in a good line (20/01/2009)

  • The Community provides 81,824 euros to remodel the home for the elderly 'El Amparo' (20/01/2009)
    The Social Policy Minister today visited the premises of this center, located in the hamlet of Santo Angel Murcia
  • Pedro Robles: "Against Barcelona you have to go with respect but without fear" (20/01/2009)
    CB Murcia The escort and guard Jose Antonio Marco confident they can improve quickly the team's results
  • The City Council renewed the cardiovascular equipment and the Prince of Asturias Sports Palace (20/01/2009)
    In total they have installed 40 stationary bikes, elliptical, treadmills, weight benches and steppers and rowing
  • Response on the draft submitted by environmental organizations and neighborhood Murcia (20/01/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the PP to spend "more on public transport and less on advertising and propaganda" (20/01/2009)

  • El Centro Municipal Puertas de Castilla offers 41 workshops in which 750 people can participate (20/01/2009)
    can get to know oriental culture, flamenco and radio drama and other fields
  • Seven new surveillance cameras will improve mobility in the city (20/01/2009)
    The council directed by Nuria Fuentes bid to speed up road traffic with new technologies
  • Espinardo's neighbors will enjoy a renovated town before saving (20/01/2009)
    The project, already awarded, will be held in a dozen streets in the hamlet
  • Organize a course on the helpline for women victims of violence and sexual assault (20/01/2009)
    This course, with the collaboration of the Institute for Women in the Region of Murcia, was opened yesterday and runs until January 30
  • Tourism proposes a visit for the convents of the religious orders (20/01/2009)
    The route will be held on Saturday from 10 am
  • Moya-Angeles: "We are not tax capital more expensive, but with the highest quality services" (19/01/2009)
    The head of the Economy said that since the government team working to provide services required Murcia.
  • New projects for city (19/01/2009)
    The Governing Board encourages further work to improve sustainable mobility, urban environments and gardens
  • The Mayor presented the 29 vehicles that join the fleet of local police to strengthen security in neighborhoods and districts (19/01/2009)
    Chamber notes that the effort in expanding the staff of the local police and the improved means materials reflects that "we are fulfilling our commitment to increase the safety of Murcia"
  • Murcia: "Higher taxes in Spain," according PSOE (19/01/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Alfonso Murcia Navarro said that, with reference to the last 2008, is among the cities (capitals of provinces and autonomous community) with the municipal tax highest in Spain
  • The rector of the University of Murcia signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Oujda Morocco (19/01/2009)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture prepares the XXVII National Irrigation Congress to be held in Murcia in June (19/01/2009)
    According to CEO Garcia Lidón, the use of reclaimed water for irrigation is "a resource that must be taken into account to alleviate the structural water deficit "
  • Bascuñana receives a gift from the youth of Las Moreras (18/01/2009)
    Young was presented with a drawer and a desk set that they built in the carpentry workshops attended by
  • Assessment of the coaches after the game El Pozo Murcia - Playas de Castellón (17/01/2009)
    Murcia Victory 4-3
  • St. Anthony's neighbors give the mayor the title 'Foster Neighbor "for his decisive support to the progress and development of the neighborhood (17/01/2009)
    the mayor discovers the new monument commemorating the traditional Blessing of Animals
  • The Community gives final approval to new facilities at the Science Park Murcia (17/01/2009)
    will have an area of over 1,000,000 square meters located where high-tech companies and research
  • Christmas Lunch Municipal People in the media (17/01/2009)
    award were given oranges and lemons
  • "Titis Clothing" will participate in the Bread & Butter (16/01/2009)
    Murcia brand presented its new proposals for the third consecutive year at the most prestigious international trade fair
  • The Chair gives Real Madrid a research project to UCAM (16/01/2009)
    The European University of Madrid, through the Chair Real Madrid, funds a research project of Science of Physical Activity and Sport (CAFD)
  • The people of St. Anton am the Mayor delivered the title 'Foster Neighbor "for his decisive support to the progress and development of the neighborhood (16/01/2009)
    The mayor will also discover the new monument commemorating the traditional Blessing of Animals
  • PSOE Motion calling for peace in Gaza (16/01/2009)

  • The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia classifies three of his judo for the next Championship in Spain (16/01/2009)
    Alicante Sector did not arrive in good time for the club but despite all the balance can be described as positive
  • The Governing Board will contract the works with companies to create more jobs (16/01/2009)
    The City Council has already approved 89 projects totaling 65.4 million euros
  • 'Murcia was' achieved a successful conclusion in just one year 13 projects from large databases Murcia (16/01/2009)
    The plan received an award from the Faculty of History and the council of guilds with two prominent awards
  • ... (16/01/2009)

  • Pablo Artal is professor named distinguished member of the world's largest organization for research in vision and ophthalmology (16/01/2009)

  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Javalí New Sangonera la Seca, Monteagudo and Barriomar (16/01/2009)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • A new football field with artificial turf for the residents of El Ranero (16/01/2009)
    The installation will include changing rooms and a paddle
  • The University of Murcia involved in editing a book on elements of Hispanic heritage (16/01/2009)

  • A financial advisor will support the new Job Club which provides job training and unemployment Murcia (16/01/2009)
    The council led by Lola Sanchez has launched a program open to consultation from 8 to 22 hours
  • The comeback of Tequila happens tomorrow Murcia (16/01/2009)
    concert tickets, tomorrow, Saturday January 17 at 21:30 pm, 25 €
  • The mayor hopes to recoup Fair Murcia lost more than 30 years (16/01/2009)
    It is an essential infrastructure to meet business demand and promote municipal and regional economic activity
  • Marginalizes House districts, according PSOE (15/01/2009)

  • The Year SOS takes the city of Murcia with dance activities, literature, film and music to all audiences (15/01/2009)
    The shares, which begin on January 31, will gradually increase the duration up to 48 hours straight the Star Festival SOS Levante 4.8
  • Photographs, prints and collages in the exhibition "Youth Project" that opens the LAB programming for the first quarter (15/01/2009)
    The Young Art Lab hosts the first session tomorrow disc jockeys 'LABsonora'
  • The rehabilitation program for prisoners may conclude contracts of employment 211 (15/01/2009)

  • Nuria Fuentes (PP) says that "María José Alarcón lies or is an illegal immigrant policy" (15/01/2009)
    70% of the projects to be implemented in Murcia Investment Fund of the municipalities will take place in districts and peripheral areas
  • Slanina recovers, but falls Chris Thomas (15/01/2009)
    The base of the CB Murcia "has a fever with a sore throat"
  • Paulo Roberto (El Pozo Murcia Turistica FS): "We are minded and prepared to defend the title" (15/01/2009)

  • The theater as a tool to prevent violence and promote tolerance and solidarity (15/01/2009)
    The Offer Education offers a new theatrical performance in the educational program • Participate in Values over 1,500 students from 16 schools in the city
  • Fireworks to celebrate the feast of San Fulgencio (15/01/2009)
    will be tomorrow at 10 am in the neighborhood of San Anton
  • Tourism offers a visit to see the Aquarium of the University and the Museum of Paleontology of The Garres (15/01/2009)
    Starting Monday the registrations can be made to the routes' Get Guide "held in February
  • The Sports Center Cabezo de Torres offers 6,000 seats for all kinds of sports (15/01/2009)
    has a pool, spa, activity rooms and paddle municipal school
  • Thirteen workshops, two exhibitions and a series of disc jockeys make the programming of the LAB for the first quarter 2009 (14/01/2009)
    Offer Youth Art Lab is characterized by multidisciplinarity and new cycle will 'LABsonora', which involved , among others, Guille Milkyway
  • Herguedas (UI) claims that the Directorate General of Culture take over the management of the archaeological excavations of the Garden of San Esteban (14/01/2009)

  • Regional Library is the first in Spain to obtain quality certification in Environmental Management (14/01/2009)
    He has renewed the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management which, in turn, was the second organ of the regional administration and second public library in the country which obtained
  • A step closer to downtown residents have a new Medical Office (14/01/2009)
    improve health care for residents of San Bartolomé, Cathedral, San Lorenzo, La Fama, San Miguel, Santa Eulalia and San Juan.El City Council has awarded and works
  • The Science Park will employ 41 people and first building will house eight companies and the Supercomputing Center (14/01/2009)
    The 2009 budget is 8.5 million euros and will be used primarily to condition other properties and attract business R & D + i
  • The government team authorizes new construction totaling 4.2 million euros (14/01/2009)
    Investments include 24 performances in schools and lighting
  • Begin installing new bridge over the diversion of Sangonera Reguerón the Green (14/01/2009)
    three cranes are needed to install the two steel panels of the new infrastructure
  • The next Sunday, January 18, 2009, will be held in Torreagüera the twentieth edition of the Meeting of gangs and aguilandos (14/01/2009)

  • The Public Transport Authority and the University of Murcia collaborate to apply new technologies to public transportation (14/01/2009)
    The Minister and the Chancellor Cobacho Ballesta sign an agreement to promote the development of Information Technologies and Communication in public transport Travelers
  • Buses of Line 5 are equipped with heating and beat ITV in October and December 2008 (13/01/2009)
    suspension reinforcements to Algezares is due to low passenger demand, with a weekly average of approximately one hundred
  • Football: Sueca Ricers 0 - Murcia Cobras 67 (13/01/2009)

  • The Church of St John of God returns to its original appearance thanks to the restoration work carried out by Culture (13/01/2009)
    The works, which have expanded the museum's exhibition space and improved the conditions of the parts, continue with the recovery of a XII century Muslim oratory
  • Still open the time to develop a 'green home' (13/01/2009)
    To subscribe just have to call 968 200293 and fill out a questionnaire
  • The Statistical Service performs approximately 70,000 procedures in 2008 (13/01/2009)
    The issue of flying and changes of address, the most requested services
  • Llano de Brujas opening today new primary care clinic with capacity to serve 8,500 people (13/01/2009)
    The Minister María Ángeles Palacios opened the infrastructure of this hamlet Murcia in the construction and equipment Health has invested over 558,000 euros
  • Young Deaf visit Informajoven (13/01/2009)
    The goal is to adapt the services of municipal youth information center for people with disabilities
  • The University of Murcia offers broadcast of the opera "Simon Boccanegra" at the Liceo de Barcelona (13/01/2009)

  • Cultural Activities at the University of Murcia from 13 to 18 January (13/01/2009)

  • President of the UCAM participate in the VI World Meeting of Families in Mexico (13/01/2009)
    José Luis Mendoza, who is a consultant to the Pontifical Consejopara Family will attend a importantthings events celebrating the Catholic Church
  • XXI of crews, Patiño 2009 (12/01/2009)
    Memorial Manuel Prisons "The Patiñero"
  • Bernal Theatre offers 26 performances of comedy, puppetry and music to April (12/01/2009)
    50% of programming is family and this season the emphasis has been the recruitment of companies Murcia
  • They close the central walkway of La Avenida de la Libertad (12/01/2009)
    January 23 will open another intermediate step that will be permanent
  • The new primary care clinic Azarbe Shore will provide assistance to 1,500 persons (12/01/2009)
    The Minister of Health and the Mayor of Murcia today inaugurated this dependence that strengthens health care in the health area Murcia-Monteagudo
  • Start training for 77 new local police officers Murcia (12/01/2009)
    The staffing increases to the 654 troops
  • Moya-Angeler San Antón received the Gold Award (10/01/2009)
    Councillor for Economy and Finance as a neighbor says he feels more
  • The UCAM provides the only Masters in Management in Sport Activities that allows access to the degree of doctor in Spain (10/01/2009)
    The Dean of Science of Physical Activity and Sport (CAFD), Eduardo Segarra, directs this official title Postgraduate
  • A separate title of the UCAM facilitate the work of their students access to the future airport at Corvera (10/01/2009)
    The title of Diploma in Management and Aviation and Airport will begin to be taught on 6 February
  • The University of Murcia hosts a show of work awarded in the International Painting Contest Puche Toledo (09/01/2009)
    The exhibition of the works awarded honorable mentions can be seen in the University Library located in the Espinardo Campus
  • Fortuna Youth Youth Council meet to hand out toys to underprivileged children (09/01/2009)
    have participated this afternoon in a meeting on cooperation and volunteering in the Youth Space Yesqueros.
  • Chema Madoz taught the workshop "Another look at everyday objects" (09/01/2009)
    will be developed from 11 to 14.
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Cabezo Torres Beniscornia corner, and Patiño Torreagüera (09/01/2009)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • Start the formation of 77 new players entering this year the Local Police Force (09/01/2009)
    The workforce will increase to 654 policemen from the May 1
  • Refree, Alondra Bentley and Children Mutantes star in the third edition of River Sounds (09/01/2009)
    The concerts, which are free, will be held on January 15, February 5 and March 5
  • On Sunday marks the XXI Meeting of crews in the village of Patiño (09/01/2009)
    The acts, starting at 9 am, will be made in memory of "The Patiñero"
  • Maintain and improve systems for quality management Mercamurcia, goal for 2009 (09/01/2009)
    Slaughterhouse undergoes a volume increase of 6.42% sacrifice
  • The Mayor opened a modern sports and health that will benefit thousands of residents in Cabezo de Torres (08/01/2009)
    Families, disabled and pensioners will benefit from huge discounts
  • The shows 'Islamic Mirror' extends his stay in the clear until 10 February (08/01/2009)
    The exhibition of Anglo-Indian artist Anish Kapoor was inaugurated on 25 November
  • Remigio Lopez: "My goal as a councilman has always been the safety of citizens" (08/01/2009)
    Councilman Fire Prevention and Extinction of the right to demonstrate respect for the firefighters, but does not understand why they have to miss the truth their arguments "
  • A professor at the University of Murcia says the Alliance of Civilizations "is impossible" (08/01/2009)

  • The Local Police Semas and reinforce the attention to beggars on the cold wave (08/01/2009)
    For the first time, in addition to distributing blankets and food and drink, sleeping bags delivered
  • Lowers the number of registered voters from Morocco and Ecuador (08/01/2009)
    The municipal population is now close to the 440,000 inhabitants
  • Salzillo Museum presents a mural painted by children participating in the workshops Christmas (08/01/2009)
    After a tour of the most representative of Bethlehem, the children performed a number of crafts that were linked to the initial explanations
  • According to Judge Ferrin Calamita Pro Platform, "the judge rejects the special mention that the council had made Guilds Higher Murcia (08/01/2009)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved grade thirteen titles in the process of European convergence (07/01/2009)

  • Tourism invites you to visit the ancient architecture of Murcia this weekend (07/01/2009)
    It will tour landmarks such as the Plaza de San Pedro, San Nicolas and San Miguel Church
  • A new group of sculptures pay homage to the Blessing of Animals at the door of the hermitage of San Antón (07/01/2009)
    Miguel Angel House opened the piece by sculptor Mirete Diego, the next day 17 in the Garden Silk
  • Berberena Herguedas states that distorts reality when talking about urban issues (07/01/2009)
    The mayor of IU know the two sentences that guarantee the legality of New Condomina and is upset that more than 1,200 young people access to subsidized housing and the residents of La Paz improve quality of life
  • Herguedas accuses the PP of "imposing" a socioeconomic model based on speculation (07/01/2009)

  • Green light maintenance and pavement preservation in districts (07/01/2009)
    The City Council allocated € 900,000 to undertake emergency works
  • Dear Reyes Magos, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar (05/01/2009)

  • The University of Murcia awarded 883,000 euros in the works to expand the College of Education (05/01/2009)

  • The deadline for applications for grants from the Erasmus Program ends January 15 (05/01/2009)

  • Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar reach the city of Murcia in vintage cars (05/01/2009)
    New events and a new image, the main attractions of the Cavalcade of the Magi
  • More than 2 million will come to the head of Torres Special State Fund, as PSOE (04/01/2009)
    Cabezo socialists Torres presented at the plenary of the neighborhood a list of priorities for the parish, which opposes the PP
  • More than 160 children participating in the workshop "Family Mosaic" developed at the Museum of Fine Arts (03/01/2009)
    The Museum of Fine Arts has scheduled other activities with the intention of bringing children to the Christmas traditions through various artistic creations
  • ... (02/01/2009)

  • Remigio López, "Optimization of Fire Fighting service will benefit both the firefighters and citizens" (02/01/2009)
    Fire Councilman clarifies that at no time will close the Park of San Ginés and that "the removal of troops is completely false "
  • Health promotion among young Murcia (02/01/2009)
    The goal is focused on preventing unwanted pregnancies in sexually transmitted diseases and alcohol
  • 4,000 people benefit from the Youth Integration Center that the City has funded in Ivory Coast (02/01/2009)
    Representatives of associations Jeunes Carrefour and Community Development Institute Remigio López visit to review and present new projects of cooperation

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