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  • "It is imperative that all physicians have knowledge of nutrition" (31/05/2011)
    The president of the Spanish Federation of Nutrition (FESNAD) Jordi Salas
  • The left wing El Pozo Murcia FS Madrid after eight years of success (31/05/2011)
    Álvaro: "I've been very fortunate to spend eight years in this great Club"
  • 27 companies join the Murcia City in its commitment to sustainability (31/05/2011)

  • The National Police dismantled an organized group dedicated to the sexual exploitation of foreign citizens (31/05/2011)

  • 20 people serve their sentences in Murcia doing work for the benefit of the community (31/05/2011)

  • Municipal Center El Carmen meets the photographic project Braid (31/05/2011)

  • Begins spraying for mosquitoes (31/05/2011)

  • Professor José Gregorio Molina explains the anomalies detected on Mars (31/05/2011)

  • Sports users can renew their seats from tomorrow to pay for internet (31/05/2011)

  • The Campus Mare Nostrum Mediterranean House and develop training programs and employment (30/05/2011)

  • The Mayor receives Real Murcia on the occasion of his promotion to Second (30/05/2011)

  • The XII edition of Murcia Three Cultures International Festival attracts over 70,000 people (30/05/2011)

  • Puertas de Castilla welcomes the submission of the video "I have the will" (30/05/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS coexistence organizing a day of school on Friday with the Region of Murcia (30/05/2011)

  • José Ros touts the festival of San Basilio (30/05/2011)

  • IU-V requests the council to install portable toilets at La Glorieta (30/05/2011)
    As Herguedas, the session is complaining about the lack of sanitation in the camp but fails to meet its obligations
  • The entrance examinations to public universities of Murcia will be from 13 to 15 June (30/05/2011)

  • The Department of Naval History at the University of Murcia organized a conference on the future of the historic heritage of Defense (30/05/2011)

  • Puertas de Castilla welcomes the submission of vidioclip "I have the will" (30/05/2011)

  • Almagro, Ferrero vying for a tennis match to benefit the victims of the earthquake Lorca (30/05/2011)

  • A student at the School of Communication Idea wins Head of the University of Murcia (30/05/2011)

  • Scholarship Awards and Diplomas to promote X Engineering and Public Works Officer Grade I Civil Engineering, the UCAM (28/05/2011)
    R promotion of Spain's Degree in Civil Engineering received their diplomas in the UCAM
  • The UCAM taught the Master in Civil Engineering, Canales y Puertos (27/05/2011)
    San Antonio Catholic University will be among the first in Spain and one of the Region of Murcia this postgraduate taught
  • Tomorrow at 6.52 pm, shall the public transportation that will revolutionize the mobility of the municipality (27/05/2011)

  • Herguedas cares for work performed in the vicinity of the wheel of La Ñora (27/05/2011)

  • Ida Johansson and the sound of ... present their collections at the Gateway Open (27/05/2011)

  • The Pier hosts the final year of Project Activities for Children (27/05/2011)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approved governmental funding for research activities (27/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia promote transparency and good governance in the management (27/05/2011)

  • Victoria Miñana win the X Prize of Photography Hall of Fine Arts (27/05/2011)

  • The Campus Mare Nostrum signed a strategic alliance with House Mediterranean (27/05/2011)

  • El Auditorio de La Alberca celebrates the IX Meeting of vocal groups (26/05/2011)

  • The Three Cultures celebrate their great festival with more than 24 continuous hours of music, dancing and singing around town (26/05/2011)

  • The Faculty of Information Technology presented the awards of the Olympiad for high school students and secondary (26/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia awarded 321,000 euros in the improvement works at the Hall "Azarbe" (26/05/2011)

  • 90% of citizens consider that the serene help curb crime (26/05/2011)

  • Vinicius: "I will bring to El Pozo Murcia in the heart of my life" (26/05/2011)
    club announced his departure and his move to Dynamo Moscow
  • Professor Francisco José Molina explains the anomalies detected on Mars (26/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia prepared by the Director of Training Plan with the participation of PAS (26/05/2011)

  • The Gateway Open starts on Friday at the Teatro Circo Murcia with the presence of international firms (26/05/2011)

  • Press release from the Municipal Executive PSRM-PSOE in Murcia (25/05/2011)

  • 'Dial Scenarios' to Feature Andy & Lucas in Murcia (25/05/2011)
    concert duo present their latest album "I call the word"
  • This Thursday "5 Dj's and Lorca, charitable party Párraga Center (25/05/2011)
    The proceeds will go to the accounts of the municipality of Lorca solidarity
  • Camping in the Square (25/05/2011)
    Again Nuria Fuentes pulls balls out not to take their own skills
  • Moya-Angeles will be the first preacher of the parties in the neighborhood of San Andrés in honor of the Virgen de la Arrixaca (25/05/2011)
    The program of activities starts on Thursday, May 26, with a Triduum and the proclamation announcing the holiday
  • "The government delegate looks the other way and not working for the camp of the Glorieta not continue bothering the neighbors" (25/05/2011)

  • Awarded the construction of the new Multipurpose Hall of the Holy Spirit neighborhood Espinardo (25/05/2011)
    The new facility, which may make all kinds of events, have an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters
  • The City Council invites companies to present to Murcia III National Awards EnerAgen (25/05/2011)
    It awards the best performances in energy efficiency and renewable energy, 2010
  • Murcia Ramón Pontones honors the centenary of his birth (25/05/2011)
    Almudí Palace hosts the first retrospective exhibition of his paintings in his land
  • The promotion of 1956 graduates in Chemistry celebrates its Golden Jubilee (25/05/2011)

  • Lourdes Basoli: Basoli "Life in Venezuela is the price of a bullet (25/05/2011)

  • The staff of El Pozo Murcia FS will continue training the next two weeks (25/05/2011)

  • Vistalegre celebrates its big week of celebrations in honor of Mary Mother of the Church (25/05/2011)

  • Duda Gala will showcase a flamenco and copla de Torre Pacheco to benefit the victims of the earthquake Lorca (25/05/2011)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia discover new photoreceptor protein (25/05/2011)

  • ... (24/05/2011)

  • IU-Greens: the PP takes the "electoral hangover" to publish the partial plan Fuensanta (24/05/2011)
    view of the left-wing organization, the council of Urbanism "trying to take advantage of this time of less activity"
  • The Expert Panel NDA (Nutrition, Dietetics and Allergy) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (24/05/2011)
    Yolanda Sanz, "Optimized feeding improves our quality of life"
  • The Department of Environment renews agreements with bicycle shops attached to the public system of rental bikes (24/05/2011)

  • The City Council extended the offer closed parking for bicycles (24/05/2011)

  • International University Campus Mar-Mare Nostrum: courses for all tastes and all ages (24/05/2011)
    University of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic join this year at the Campus of Excellence
  • Students of Fine Arts, University of Murcia exhibited at the Fundación Pedro Cano (24/05/2011)

  • On May 30 the deadline to apply for mobility grants to universities Asian (24/05/2011)

  • Miguel Ángel Cámara Mayor again the most votes among all provincial capitals (23/05/2011)
    The first mayor of Murcia also remains the most acclaimed and candidate with the most votes in the Spanish cities of more than 200,000 inhabitants
  • It opens today at the center doors Castilla film series three cultures, crossing borders Realities (23/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia approved the dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (23/05/2011)

  • Lolo ElPozo Suazo Murcia City joins the call for the Spanish Sub'21 (23/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia made a baby food tasting from parents (23/05/2011)

  • Start the course 'The Mediterranean identity of the Three Cultures' (23/05/2011)

  • Give a lecture at the University of Murcia on the Mediterranean musical identity (23/05/2011)

  • The professor at the University of Murcia Ignacio Ayala wins a prize of Open Course Ware (23/05/2011)

  • Last day to apply for any of the 354 seats for summer camps for school that offers education (23/05/2011)

  • XI Promotion of Telecommunications Engineering, II Promotion of Engineering Degree in Telecommunications Systems III and Promotion Degree in Computer Engineering (20/05/2011)
    The new graduates in Computer Science and Telecommunications UCAM receive their scholarships and diplomas
  • ... (20/05/2011)

  • The City Council approved a cooperation agreement with ESAMUR to optimize the use of biogas in the purification of the Murcia Este WWTP (20/05/2011)

  • The Ombudsman explained his skills to students at the University of Murcia (20/05/2011)

  • Chamber thanks the 40 staff retired this year his service to the city (20/05/2011)

  • More than a dozen local architects and engineers move to Lorca to assist in technical work (20/05/2011)

  • Open the time to study a course of Initial Vocational Training Program (20/05/2011)

  • Vistalegre festivities in honor of Mary Mother of the Church (20/05/2011)

  • The National Police dismantled a plot devoted to the organization of marriages of convenience in Murcia (20/05/2011)
    Marriages whose only intended as a basis for the regularization of illegal immigrants
  • More than twenty local technical architects and engineers move to Lorca to assist in technical work (20/05/2011)

  • The Open Fashion Show moves to Teatro Circo (20/05/2011)

  • The young chef Vicente Hernández, who won the 2011 Creajoven Gastronomy (20/05/2011)

  • The School of Computer selects students for the European leg of the ACM programming contest (20/05/2011)

  • Ten young chefs compete for the final Creajoven Gastronomy (19/05/2011)

  • Sports beach sports take Joseph Barnes (19/05/2011)

  • Professor Vicente Vicente Ortega, elected director of the Research Institute on Aging (19/05/2011)

  • María Dolores Sánchez wooden horses delivered by students of the school-workshop for Early Childhood Education School (19/05/2011)

  • Tourists can now visit the city with routes and interactive tours for Iphone mobile Android (19/05/2011)

  • Mayor strengthens collaboration with the city of Lorca sent eleven Local police officers each day (19/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia adheres to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access (19/05/2011)

  • ... (19/05/2011)

  • "More than bouquets" (19/05/2011)

  • Green light for planning and feasibility study of Phase II of the northern and southern coastal (19/05/2011)

  • Selected the jury will select the winners of ideas to reshape the road to El Palmar (19/05/2011)

  • The City and the organizer of the Seafood Fair offers two meals for the victims of Lorca (18/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic 98 taught summer courses at 21 sites (18/05/2011)

  • The Young Art Laboratory shows students a sound installation at the Institute of Floridablanca Murcia (18/05/2011)
    The work will be on display until 19 June
  • The City Council gave land to the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío to install based (18/05/2011)

  • The City Council supports more than 90,000 euros and safety promotion in the industrial West (18/05/2011)

  • A check for 30,000 euros to develop a project ASSIDO leisure (18/05/2011)

  • A step closer to the burial of the railroad tracks and the remodeling of the Barrio del Carmen (18/05/2011)

  • Murcia, home of the International Basketball Tournament European Preparatory 2011 in Poland (18/05/2011)

  • The City offers 106 places for young people in the town learning English in the British Isles (18/05/2011)

  • Twelve young chefs compete for the final week of Gastronomy Creajoven (18/05/2011)

  • The Wheel Rock Music Association of The Ñora organized a concert of singer Bob Married to benefit the victims of the earthquake Lorca (17/05/2011)
    Concert at the Cultural Center of Old Javalí
  • The Mayor hopes that the charity match will become a "festival of solidarity and hope" with Lorca (17/05/2011)

  • Sustainable Mobility gaining ground with the addition of the first hybrid taxis (17/05/2011)

  • The municipal museums celebrate its day ago (17/05/2011)

  • ... (17/05/2011)

  • Open the period for voluntary payment of Property Tax (17/05/2011)

  • The Association of Rocks of El Pozo Murcia FS in the game will raise money Friday for the victims of the earthquake in Lorca (17/05/2011)

  • Federal Juampi of Youth and City of El Pozo, news from the list of the Spanish U-21 (17/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia will collaborate on a project with a university biology of Chiapas (Mexico) (17/05/2011)

  • The UCAM displays his prototype solar car (16/05/2011)
    The UCAM this morning the car with ultra low power consumption that will compete in the Shell Eco Marathon
  • The Mayor declares "outraged" with Zapatero for recognizing that PHN repealed "by a handful of votes" (16/05/2011)
    Given the statements of the Prime Minister made this weekend in Zaragoza
  • The University of Murcia has the vehicle that will compete in the marathon, green cars (16/05/2011)

  • Murcia celebrates World Environment Day tomorrow Recycling (16/05/2011)

  • Murcia gives way to natural gas in its bid to implement a cleaner and sustainable mobility in the municipality (16/05/2011)

  • Murcia, between the cities more money spent on sports per capita, according to a report in the journal 'Sports' (16/05/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS Vs Real Murcia (16/05/2011)
    Murcia The two teams join forces to bring the league title and promotion to the Second Division, respectively
  • The City Council launches a pioneering system for users to pay for internet sports (16/05/2011)

  • XII International Festival Murcia Tres Culturas: 46 activities in 22 countries in 24 stages over ten days (16/05/2011)

  • The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia is proclaimed Champion League Division 2 National Judo and the third in the Junior League (16/05/2011)

  • María Dolores Sánchez welcomes students and teachers involved in a Comenius project on traditional stories (16/05/2011)

  • 501 students compete today in the second phase of the Local Competition XXII Road Safety Education and Accident Prevention (16/05/2011)

  • The Library of the University of Murcia celebrates its tenth anniversary with tree planting and a discussion on Internet (16/05/2011)

  • Non-teaching staff of 13 European universities is staying training at the University of Murcia (16/05/2011)

  • The City Council gave New Condomina to celebrate the charity match for Lorca (16/05/2011)

  • The world of comic enters university (16/05/2011)
    ComicUm The initiative will bring the comic creators in the country
  • Education offers 354 seats in camps for schoolchildren in the municipality (15/05/2011)
    were held during July in El Valle, Sierra Espuña CAR Nerpio and Los Narejos, for children between 8 and 12 years The registration period is from 16 to 25 May
  • Students of the Workshop School to build the Local Police Headquarters in La Alberca learn about risk prevention (15/05/2011)

  • The Garden of Fame welcomes the First Exhibition of Crafts Young municipality (15/05/2011)

  • Third International Congress UCAM-PICU-E 2011 (14/05/2011)
    New technologies in the service of evangelization
  • The Garden of Fame welcomes I am the Youth Craft Shows municipality (14/05/2011)
    be able to visit 10 to 20 hours
  • XI Promotion of Graduates in Communication Studies, Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations (13/05/2011)
    The UCAM communicators and received their diplomas
  • "We must restore religion to the main pages of the media" (13/05/2011)
    The Bishop of Guadix, Bishop Ramón García Ginés
  • Camera transmits Jódar solidarity of all the neighboring Murcia Lorca (13/05/2011)
    Murcia Mayor visited the city yesterday and this morning attended the funeral for the victims of the earthquake
  • Pre-quarter-final league championship-2011 (13/05/2011)
    Aeroport Castelló Benicarló El Pozo Murcia FS-FS
  • The Campus Mare Nostrum collaborate with research centers in Morocco (13/05/2011)

  • The Night of the Museums of Gaya be held on Saturday and Sunday as a sign of mourning for quake victims Lorca - Lorca Solidarity (13/05/2011)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS Benicarló give the game against the families of the victims of the earthquake in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • The president attended the funerals of those killed by earthquakes in Lorca (13/05/2011)

  • A study by the University of Murcia account for the social costs of fatal road accidents (13/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia participates in an international event of interactive games (13/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia editing a book on the culture of water in medieval times (13/05/2011)

  • The School of Social Work hosted a conference on vocational guidance (13/05/2011)

  • The UCAM II Festival celebrates 'The Firefly Cast notches' (12/05/2011)

  • Murcia provides food to those affected by the earthquake-Solidarity with Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • Prestigious companies in the region open their doors to students of the UCAM (12/05/2011)
    The Catholic University of Murcia today hosted the Sixth Annual Career
  • The UCAM observed a minute's silence for the victims of the earthquake in Lorca (12/05/2011)
    The Department of Architecture at Catholic University has come to Lorca to assist
  • On May 16 the deadline to apply for postgraduate scholarships for excellence OMJ (12/05/2011)

  • The Rector of the University of Murcia shows solidarity with the authorities and people of Lorca (12/05/2011)

  • Association for the Study of Law University Honors José Plana (12/05/2011)

  • Opens the deadline for project grants of development cooperation (12/05/2011)

  • Murcia send baby food to earthquake victims (12/05/2011)

  • More than 150 kilos of food for Lorca (11/05/2011)

  • The City Council manages the collaboration of companies in Murcia to provide food to earthquake victims (11/05/2011)

  • The UCAM signed a collaboration agreement with the company nutritional Vivs (11/05/2011)
    Vivs has made in an institutional Catholic University of Nutritional Advisory Service on line
  • Chamber offers support to the Mayor of Lorca to help earthquake victims (11/05/2011)

  • IU-Greens: to reopen the case "once again gives reason" citizen movement (11/05/2011)

  • "NATO has become a global advocacy organization" (11/05/2011)
    Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and an expert on security and defense of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Francisco Berenguer
  • The City Council terminates the contract with the contractor of the parking lot of St. Stephen (11/05/2011)
    Le pays 6.4 million euros, amount which is assessed the costs incurred by the stoppage of the project
  • 17,533 seats for Murcia in sport during the year 2011/2012 in municipal (11/05/2011)

  • The colorful world of Willy Ramos is close to Murcia (11/05/2011)

  • María Dolores Sánchez welcomes students of IES Fleet participating in an exchange with French students (11/05/2011)

  • Maurice: "Now begins the good, and El Pozo Murcia reaches one hundred percent" (11/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia held activities to entrepreneurs (11/05/2011)

  • The Rector of the University of Murcia inform workers' representatives on the economic situation (11/05/2011)

  • Murcia celebrates the Night and the Day of Museums with a score of free activities (11/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia approved the curriculum for grades of Medicine and Dentistry (11/05/2011)

  • A student at the University of Murcia won the prize for the best entrepreneurial project Universia (11/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia hosts a route from the top on their campuses (11/05/2011)

  • First National Congress of Psychology: Forensic Psychology (10/05/2011)
    "There is lack of equity between generations"
  • Dani Salgado: "ElPozo will Benicarló more eager than ever to try to get the most important title of the season (10/05/2011)

  • The Center for Economic Studies held a course on job layoffs (10/05/2011)

  • Minister Garmendia Portman visits the project with the collaboration of the University of Murcia (10/05/2011)

  • Congressman Card opens at a conference of nursing and primary care (10/05/2011)

  • The Bright stars in the second concert of the tenth edition of River Sounds (10/05/2011)

  • AFFIRMA organizes a series of events to mark the World Day for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (10/05/2011)

  • 66% of schoolchildren have a Mediterranean diet Murcia optimal, but 32% should improve (10/05/2011)

  • Ramón Gaya Museum expands its Night of Museums (10/05/2011)

  • The Community reinforces socio attention to children with legal action under detention at the center of The Mulberry (10/05/2011)
    is earmarked over 3.5 billion euros for the development and monitoring of measures in a closed, semi-open and therapeutic weekend stay
  • 3 professors and 5 lecturers from the University of Murcia took possession (10/05/2011)

  • Researchers at the University of Murcia collaborate on the development of a sensor for detecting mercury in water (10/05/2011)

  • La Caixa fund research at the University of Murcia with companies (09/05/2011)

  • Pablo Guerrero, the Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia, Spain champion (09/05/2011)
    The Judo Club Ciudad de Murcia also brings Formentera del Oro Paul and two bronzes from Olga and Cristina.
  • Open the deadline for companies to submit bids to train future workers in the Airport (09/05/2011)

  • A Marist College student from La Merced Fuensanta wins Olympics of Economics and Business, University of Murcia (09/05/2011)

  • The University of the Sea starts this year with a course on the Mediterranean identity in the Three Cultures (09/05/2011)

  • "The Mediterranean identity of the three cultures" starts the summer courses at the University of Murcia (09/05/2011)

  • The Brotherhood of the Cross imposes its Insignia de Oro Chamber Mayor (08/05/2011)

  • On the integration and normalization of the mentally ill in society (08/05/2011)
    The City Council allocated € 4,500 to develop educational programs AFES
  • The City continues to offer its cooperation to the Foundation Manuel María Vicuña (07/05/2011)

  • Europe closer to the people (07/05/2011)

  • Murcia UPyD critical neglect suffered by the districts of the municipality (06/05/2011)
    The candidate of Unión Progreso y Democracia considers this as one of the main axes of the Programme presented Electoral
  • National Police agents arrested eleven people and dismantle a criminal organization dedicated to trafficking in cocaine in Murcia (06/05/2011)
    police operation against drug trafficking in Murcia
  • Temporary closure Sunday celebration of the X Carrera Urbana Business and the Fiesta de la Bicicleta Decathlon (06/05/2011)

  • The court sees evidence of the public nature of the Track of prevarication Baeza and exonerate the Town Planning Department (05/05/2011)

  • The Minister of Justice and Public Security of the Autonomous Region of Murcia (05/05/2011)
    Manuel Campos: "Road Safety is regulated from the criminal and administrative"
  • The opening speech of Professor Germain Ramallo kicks off the Festival of Vistabella (05/05/2011)

  • The "Recycle City" Murcia will bring an investment of 100 million euros and 4,300 jobs (05/05/2011)

  • The Municipal Office of the Bicycle invited to meet Murcia Murcia Friendly Way - Monteagudo (05/05/2011)

  • Bernal says to leave the Council of the University of Murcia, which returns to the policy "very excited" (05/05/2011)

  • A student earns Murcia Spanish Geography Olympiad (05/05/2011)

  • López proposed external audits to monitor the municipal action and the annual celebration of a debate on the status of municipality (05/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia commitment to transparency in their government to improve the legitimacy of local government and get away of opacity in the management of the public
  • The Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility Award Idea I summoned the Head (05/05/2011)

  • Tourism offers a guided tour of the tower and the Cathedral Museum (05/05/2011)

  • "NATO does not currently have a strategy" (04/05/2011)
    Lecture 'The new strategic concept of NATO'
  • The UCAM welcomes the submission of the poster of the Festival de Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro (04/05/2011)

  • Murcia UPyD doubts the need for a new park in the Barrio del Carmen (04/05/2011)
    The candidate of Unión Progreso y Democracia The mandate municipal
  • Where can I get to vote?. (04/05/2011)
    To enter the ID and date of birth the person will know the electoral college in which to exercise their right to vote on 22 May
  • The University of Murcia testimony expresses condolences for the death of doctor honoris causa Ernesto Sabato (04/05/2011)

  • The First Course in Family Business Management closes with the presentation of diplomas (04/05/2011)

  • Six professors and professors took up their seats (04/05/2011)

  • The new Teatro Circo is presented to Murcia from next Tuesday (04/05/2011)

  • The center of La Paz and El Carmen pays homage to Ramón Gaya (04/05/2011)

  • La Nave invited to visit the photo exhibition 'Suspend the field' (04/05/2011)

  • Super, once again, expectations of participation in the Spring Festival 2011 (04/05/2011)

  • The captain of El Pozo Murcia FS turns 33 with a clear message (04/05/2011)
    "I am convinced that we have options to get this league"
  • Pedro López committed to extending the use of Internet to neighborhoods and districts and create a network of Murcia (04/05/2011)
    The socialist candidate for mayor of Murcia to make headway in improving the proximity and contact with citizens through new tools media
  • Organize a conference on drug development in the Faculty of Biology (04/05/2011)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia hosts a conference on preventing childhood obesity (04/05/2011)

  • Ibero-American University doctorate from the UCAM (03/05/2011)

  • Lecture Series 'The new strategic concept of NATO' (03/05/2011)
    "Bin Laden's death is a very hard blow to morale for the entire global jihadist movement"
  • A group of young followers of www.tuenti.com / you attend tomorrow for a day of life with the GEO of the National Police (03/05/2011)
    The proponent selected to improve the site plan with some friends Contigo
  • On Thursday, ending a voluntary payment Period Tax Motor Vehicle (03/05/2011)

  • Juan Bernal claims a leading role at the University of Murcia in the production model of the Region (03/05/2011)

  • The Museum of Science joins the Year of Chemistry with the exhibition "Between molecules' (03/05/2011)

  • The Campus Mare Nostrum work with the European University Institute to enhance its role in the Mediterranean (03/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia announces a contest for the maintenance of the Support to distance learning (03/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia 6 provides scientific services to the Institute for biomedical research (03/05/2011)

  • The safety and circulation plan for the Festival SOS 4.8 is ready (03/05/2011)

  • The more parties and fewer incidents multidinarias (03/05/2011)

  • I Guaiba Goalkeepers Clinic in Yecla (03/05/2011)

  • The University of Murcia published a study on family, values ​​and representations (03/05/2011)

  • The Mayor takes part in the Feast of the Immaculate in Sangonera la Verde (02/05/2011)

  • Pedro López received over 1,800 calls from citizens to their personal phone number (02/05/2011)
    More than 50 residents have sent their proposals to the municipality to the Socialist candidate for mayor through the channel of participation of the web contamostodos.com

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