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  • Almost thirty veterans and newcomers groups comprise the lineup of "best edition" of the Lemon Pop (31/07/2008)
    The Festival will take place in Murcia from 4 to 13 September
  • Youth supports the work of neighborhood associations and districts with ten cooperation agreements (31/07/2008)
    The council provides 45,900 euros for youth groups to develop their initiatives with more than 5,000 young people
  • CHS Chamber expected to act effectively to prevent the landfill facility near Zeneta (31/07/2008)
    "The City shall undertake the necessary legal and administrative procedures to prevent this atrocity"
  • ... (31/07/2008)

  • Esther Herguedas (IU + LV) criticizes the "tactical occult" Muncipal the PP government in the initial approval of the special plan UCAM (31/07/2008)

  • The Mayor and the Minister of Agriculture and Water promoted the construction of a new building to serve the agricultural and livestock organizations (31/07/2008)
    Cerdá House and signed the cooperation agreement in the presence of representatives of UPA, COAG and ASAJA
  • The Mayor visits the land for future local police academy in Sangonera la Verde (31/07/2008)
    The facilities will be located on the El Mayayo and will have 37,000 square meters
  • Salzillo Museum expands its facilities and poses a greater and better knowledge of the sculptor, his time and his work (30/07/2008)
    The project envisages a temporary exhibition room and the budget amounts to 365,000 euros
  • A step towards the construction of the new center accessible to young people in Santiago and Zaraíche (30/07/2008)
    The Governing Board approved the call to enable the training to 85 student-workers
  • Culture renewing the Teatro Romea comb to complete its internal reform (30/07/2008)
    investment in this work will add two million euros
  • The works of the Tram Line 1 will begin in March 2009 (30/07/2008)
    The tracing of increased investment will generate 850 direct and indirect jobs
  • Murcia addresses a revolutionary Mobility Plan which will promote the use of public transport and non-motorized means (30/07/2008)
    Chamber's commitment is to promote accessibility with the least environmental impact
  • The Red Cross Hall and strengthen ties to ensure the development of activities and public events (30/07/2008)
    have signed a collaboration agreement for the institution to carry out preventive work and care
  • Speed Reducers in various streets of El Palmar (30/07/2008)
    will also proceed with the repainting of road markings on various streets in Murcia
  • An injection to boost trade in the city during the Christmas (30/07/2008)
    The assistance will be of € 65,000
  • The Citizen Information Office will serve in summer time during the month of August (30/07/2008)
    Hours of the public during this month will be Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 pm
  • 'Wednesday Opera projects the most famous works of Italian composers in the Museum of Santa Clara (29/07/2008)
    Tosca, La Traviata and La Bohème are some of the opera premiered at the Teatro Real to be offered every Wednesday in August as Free
  • The Mayor said that the competition out of the tram line 1 is the largest investment in the history of the city (29/07/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara reveals that the work, which will begin next March, will create 850 direct and indirect jobs
  • Tomorrow the work begins to install the old Bell Hazards (29/07/2008)
    The Room was founded in 1684 by Mayor Fernando de la Riba and was placed on the niche of the Virgin of Hazard
  • Begin the process to build an alternative road to the road of Sorrows (29/07/2008)
    will have more than 2.7 kilometers, linking the hamlet with Fica and go parallel to the river Segura
  • IU denounces the complicity of the Municipal Government of Murcia with the issue of the Green Sangonera kennel (29/07/2008)

  • Awarded the "leisure garden" (28/07/2008)
    12 retirees and early retirees already have a spot in a garden for the cultivation of vegetable and fruit varieties
  • Social Policy provides 418,871 euros for a center dedicated to the integration of immigrants and their families (28/07/2008)
    was inaugurated this morning in Murcia, in the neighborhood of the Fleet, by the Minister Joaquin Bascuñana
  • The Mayor delivered the land for future local police Regional School (28/07/2008)
    will be located in the Villa El Mayayo in Sangonera the Green and will have 37,000 square meters
  • The Civil Guard detained a person for the unlawful application of biocides in public (25/07/2008)
    The detainee carried out works "DDD" without fulfilling the legal requirements and the name of a company he had worked for several years
  • Urban underpins Ayuso blocks to facilitate the habitability of housing (25/07/2008)
    A judge has approved this measure, which seeks to ensure the physical safety of occupants
  • Two memorial in Murcia poet and journalist Frutos Baeza Martinez Tornel (25/07/2008)
    The first of the pieces, which project was approved two months ago, will return the bust of the poet's work plans mutilated and robbed a few years ago Square Red Cross
  • 2.3 million for the Science Park of Murcia (25/07/2008)

  • Over 8 million for the improvement and strengthening of road surfaces MU-601, MU-620 and C-3319 (25/07/2008)

  • Another five football fields districts add to the installation of artificial turf (25/07/2008)
    The proceedings will be undertaken at the premises of Beniaján, Guadalupe, Llano de Brujas, Boatmen, Stables
  • Full Local Police Security Plan for Summer (25/07/2008)
    patrol agents and make static control services in the municipality to prevent crime and resolve incidents
  • The City acquires new cadastral management skills to provide better service to Murcia (25/07/2008)
    It consists of the Monitoring Committee of the new cooperation agreement
  • PP, PSOE and IU-LV are strongly opposed to the landfill facility near Zeneta (24/07/2008)
    The joint motion was approved this morning in plenary Corporation
  • A new road will connect Acisclo Diaz Jeronimo de Roda (24/07/2008)
    The House approved the Draft Delimitation Unit Performance
  • The Board of the University of Murcia requested explanation regarding the authorization of Architecture at the UCAM (24/07/2008)

  • Koldo Serra Zodiacs clip stands with the first prize in the 2 nd contest video clips (24/07/2008)

  • The contestants Operacion Triunfo 2008 (OT 2008) signed discs in Murcia (23/07/2008)
    In Carrefour Murcia - Watchtowers, August 1 from 18:30 to 20:30
  • SMEs appreciate the importance of developing strategic plans and create training plans grouped (23/07/2008)
    Four small and medium enterprises, chosen for their similarity in terms of training needs and prioritizing them, held a pilot workshop on Partnership Enterprises Amusal host
  • The City Council will apply for a grant to renovate the Community covers Cierva CEIP Peñafiel (23/07/2008)
    The performances will take place over the next year period 2008-2009, no school
  • A competition management services and tax revenue the City of Murcia (23/07/2008)
    The tendering will end on September 25
  • The schools will have a room to prevent and control occupational truancy (23/07/2008)
    City and Community will be launched this initiative in close collaboration with families and local social services
  • Paving of sidewalks in various streets of Espinardo and The Ñora (23/07/2008)
    The total amount of the work amounts to 71,793 euros and the implementation period is one month
  • The Mayor delivered to 48 families new homes protected (23/07/2008)
    Miguel Angel House says that "betting on further developing and facilitating access to affordable housing"
  • The City collaborates with Hefame to develop projects for health promotion (23/07/2008)
    An agreement between two entities regulate the impulse to scientific
  • The City Council supports women entrepreneurs to encourage entrepreneurship (23/07/2008)
    The City provides 6,000 euros for the development of convention
  • Regulated conditions for stalls for the festival of the Virgen de la Fuensanta (23/07/2008)
    This year will be held on September 16
  • Neighbors of the Green Sangonera will have the best network-up (23/07/2008)
    A new collector will provide this service
  • Transportation updates the urban transport prices and the CPI is below the cumulative (23/07/2008)
    fares be reviewed four years after being frozen
  • IU + LV de Murcia claim that youth activities are scheduled in August, and the presence of political parties and social organizations in the booths of the fair September (23/07/2008)
    This is the contents of two of the motions that Esther Herguedas take the next full July 24 that the City
  • Sidewalk repair works on the streets Casanova, Muñoz de la Peña and Pedro Flores Artist (22/07/2008)
    The actions that have begun this morning, will last a month
  • 'Floridablanca 1728-1808' recalls the political figure of Murcia with works by Goya, Batoni, Meng and Vergara, among others (22/07/2008)
    The exhibition will be open from 18 September at Sala San Esteban and the Centro Cultural Las Claras and from December 22 at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando
  • The research prize winner receives 6,000 euros Diego Manzano and his work will be published by the University (22/07/2008)
    The prize was awarded to the work called "Resilience and disability: a positive approach to the study of parental adaptation in families of children with spina Bifida "
  • Martínez-Cache, a member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate (21/07/2008)
    This week has also signed the Manifesto of Cities for Climate
  • Boards restaurants that are part of Jecomur (21/07/2008)
    Maria Isabel Valcarcel has been installed, along with the heads of the Association of Chefs and Cooks, the first identification in the hotel restaurant Arco de San Juan
  • The University of Murcia shows regret at the death of doctor honoris causa John Thornes (21/07/2008)

  • Adaptation of the Municipal Building at Technical Building Code, a public information (21/07/2008)
    The document is available at the Planning Department and on its website
  • Social Welfare established a special device to help seniors beat the heat (21/07/2008)
    More than 3,000 users of Telecare have a complementary service to alleviate the high temperatures
  • The merchants want to encourage sales in the stores downtown (21/07/2008)
    The Councillor of Tourism held a meeting this morning with officials of the Commercial Murcia Center
  • Mercamurcia invested over 550,000 euros in 2007 (21/07/2008)
    The profit earned during the year amounted to 175,770 euros
  • New Javalí starts its festivities tonight with the traditional chupinazo (18/07/2008)
    Tomorrow there will be a bullfight with Manuel Díez, Pepin Liria and Antonio Soriano
  • Agreement with the College of Lawyers of Murcia for legal services in the prison in Murcia-Sangonera (18/07/2008)

  • More than 800 club members discussed in Murcia over soccer violence and media (18/07/2008)
    The Eighth National Congress and Third International Football Supporters Clubs will be held from 5 to 7 September
  • Bathers can use the service in three pools bibliopiscinas more (18/07/2008)
    The Department of Culture offers more than 300 books, newspapers and magazines to enjoy the sun
  • The Department of Fire Prevention and Extinction of Murcia serves 2,207 claims in six months (18/07/2008)
    Prince Park remains the center making the largest number of interventions
  • A graffiti contest will beautify the electrical transformer stations in the city (18/07/2008)
    The 30 North Widening facilities are decorated with works by young Murcia
  • The fire drill conducted by the Fire and Civil Defence this morning was a success (17/07/2008)

  • Culture invites you to tour the city in a different way with the "Open Video" (17/07/2008)
    The pioneering initiative at the international level, will announce the best video creations of recent years by the hand of respected independent commissioners in six streets and squares Murcia
  • The Good Life, restaurant winner of the "The path of tapa" (17/07/2008)
    Voting participants have determined that the plate "cod fillet beer is the best cover Murcia
  • Herguedas (UI) claims that the city gave 20,000 m2 of land in El Palmar for private purposes (17/07/2008)

  • The Parks and Gardens service complete pruning 16,000 trees (17/07/2008)
    The prunings are converted into compost at the treatment plant
  • Local Police improves its transmission system with new digital stations (16/07/2008)
    Allows Murcia offer an excellent service, with maximum speed and confidentiality
  • Social Welfare supports several integration projects with support for 78,000 euros (16/07/2008)
    grants to New Future of Volunteering and Foundation Platform Secretariat General Gitano
  • Mercamurcia installed four photovoltaic power plants (16/07/2008)
    investment is 2.4 million euros
  • Fitting the market hall of El Carmen (16/07/2008)
    The proceedings are divided into two phases and completed by the end of the year
  • The City Council renewed its commitment to Caritas Diocesan Murcia (16/07/2008)
    The collaboration has been developing since 1993 on projects such as "welcome center and child care" and "host housing for immigrants"
  • Sangonera Citmusa the Seca and improve its sewage (16/07/2008)
    The City will build a new infrastructure of more than 1,200 meters at a cost of about 4 million euros
  • New lighting for the business environment Ronda de Garay (16/07/2008)
    The City will rehabilitate the market access Veronicas
  • The City Council encourages the consumer protection policies (16/07/2008)
    Will campaigns on consumer rights and training
  • Continue collaboration with Proaniplant for the protection of animals (16/07/2008)
    The company must take care of pets gives them the City and individuals
  • The Department of Social Economy create an observatory of companies (16/07/2008)

  • The City is over 91% of the payment of IBI during voluntary (16/07/2008)
    More than 41% of the receipts of the census are located
  • A sculpture "Homage to the poets today presides over one of the entrances to the city (16/07/2008)
    The work, conducted by Joseph Lucas, has been donated to the city by the Fuertes Group
  • The welfare recipients have secured their support to the extension of primary care agreement (15/07/2008)
    Municipal services serving some 40,000 people using these resources, which number more than 3.7 million euros
  • More than 1,700 children participate in summer schools of Social Services (15/07/2008)
    Fulgencio Cervantes this morning visited small Bacons Bridge, Stables and the Barrio del Carmen
  • Networks, chosen as an example of integration (15/07/2008)
    The first half of the program has had the participation of more than 16,000 young people
  • IU + LV de Murcia report high levels of noise at night in the vicinity of the Plaza de Toros (15/07/2008)

  • Pilar Megía: "We are expanding the supply of places at the same time generate employment" (15/07/2008)

  • A summer fun (14/07/2008)
    Rafael Gomez has visited this morning the school children of La Paz and Zarandona
  • The three bus line 4 starting today will use biodiesel to deliver 13.4 tons of CO2 per year (14/07/2008)
    The monitor these three vehicles will take place over a period of twelve months thereafter implemented in other lines
  • The Citizen Information Office served 1,800 people in its first week of operation (14/07/2008)
    average waiting time of the user is less than two minutes
  • Approved amendments to the General Urban Plan of Murcia in the hamlet of La Ñora (13/07/2008)
    The General Plan amendment will affect 11,359 meters of urban land square in La Ñora
  • Concentration in favor of Western Sahara (12/07/2008)

  • IU + Murcia Greens denounced the appearance in the garbage of several original documents of the Urban Planning (12/07/2008)
    It is mostly for developers and individual notifications
  • Murcia this weekend hosting the championship of Spain cycling path (11/07/2008)
    The championship will bring together 800 riders
  • The conference generated in the municipality more than 51 million euros (11/07/2008)
    In 2007, 172,109 people participated in meetings in the city, 73,529 more than last year
  • Next Monday will be closed to traffic Liberty Avenue (11/07/2008)
    will be held from 10:30 am
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in El Palmar, Bacons Bridge and the Green Sangonera (11/07/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • Day Center in La Alberca (11/07/2008)

  • Health Murcia asks not to abandon their pets with the arrival of the holidays (11/07/2008)
    Municipal Zoonosis Center last year received 4,283 dogs and 1,148 cats
  • IU + Los Verdes de Murcia proposes the development of a sustainable mobility plan (11/07/2008)
    This was announced today at a press conference the councilor of the coalition of the City of Murcia, Esther Herguedas, accompanied by the spokesman of the Greens in that locality, Elías López Ros
  • 'The super-clean' come to Murcia to reflect on the bad habits that litter the city (11/07/2008)
    The theater company La Murga star in various shows in parks, gardens and streets of neighborhoods and districts
  • Regional Library gets the best indicators of its history with a significant increase in the number of users (10/07/2008)
    Cruz said of the growth factors of the policy to link to leisure reading and the externalization of the activities of the Regional Library
  • 'From the Mediterranean to the Andes' delves into the similarities between the two cultures (10/07/2008)
    The Minister of Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, the exhibition opened this afternoon by Enrique Ujaldón
  • Marset (European Left), speaking in a debate over the "dismantling" of social Europe (10/07/2008)

  • Santa María de Gracia is home to the V-Star Contest Murcia (10/07/2008)
    The festival of modern music for soloists, residents in the region, will have three phases
  • Authors Murcia reinterpret the current poetry and prose in the book 'fragmentary' (09/07/2008)
    The volume has led to a play based on his texts to be staged by the company Tábatha Laboratory
  • Employment for disadvantaged mothers and a nursery for children (09/07/2008)
    The City Council supports the draft Espinardo Education Association for 50 children between 6 months and 3 years
  • The City Council joins the application for World Heritage Heritage for the Council of Good Men (09/07/2008)
    It is a medieval institution that manages the orchard irrigation in Murcia
  • The Consistory working on a project to promote access to housing of immigrants (09/07/2008)
    Rasinet The Federation provides advice and accommodation bank to foreigners
  • The paving of sidewalks and driveways arrive in El Palmar and was High (09/07/2008)
    In Aljucer also paved walkways and lanes drop them Perico Reventao
  • Restoration Center recovered a large oil painting of the eighteenth century the Cathedral Museum and one each crucified del Carmen and Capuchin (08/07/2008)
    The amount of work carried out by technicians of the Autonomous Region amounted to 18,000 euros
  • Almost 16,000 young people have taken this course the La Nave (08/07/2008)
    Middle hundred associations and youth groups have on this center space to develop their projects
  • The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport receives the new president of El Pozo Futsal (08/07/2008)
    The interview was intended to keep a first contact with the agent of the entity
  • The main gardens of Murcia and districts will have policing at night (07/07/2008)
    The Police will also provide service to the output of summer movies
  • Miguel Ángel Cámara shows the restoration of the old Bell Hazards (07/07/2008)
    The bell will be placed in their original and 'receive' to Fuensanta in September as was traditional
  • Joaquín Moya-Angeler is satisfied with the historic settlement of the budget of 2007 (07/07/2008)
    Last year there was a surplus of more than 15.7 million euros
  • Open the deadline to apply for housing in the Torres Cabezo (07/07/2008)
    Interested parties have until next Monday, July 14 to submit their request at City Hall
  • The autonomous region provides 2.7 million euros for Primary Care in the municipality of Murcia (06/07/2008)

  • The director general congratulates Valverde Sports after winning the Yellow Jersey in the first stage of the Tour de France (05/07/2008)

  • Culture puts in place measures to increase visits to the exhibition halls during the summer months (05/07/2008)
    AV Space opens its doors to the one in the morning to "facilitate the audience's visit and cultural consumption in the hours devoted to leisure, "says Cruz
  • Cleaning of shock in the neighborhood of San Antón, Stables and Zeneta (04/07/2008)
    will be held on Sunday
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Algezares and Holy Angel (04/07/2008)
    Technicians continue the treatment in several streets in the city
  • The university environment reaches the neighborhood of El Carmen (04/07/2008)
    Events Councilman welcomes participants at the XII International Tuna Competition Barrio de El Carmen
  • It will create in El Palmar a new College of Education and Primary (04/07/2008)

  • Non-human primates used by the University of Murcia for scientific purposes in good health, according to findings of thesis (04/07/2008)

  • The flea infestation is controlled Los Ramos (04/07/2008)
    Health sprayed last Friday and returned to action yesterday
  • The Dance Series will offer a gala of stars with leading dancers of international companies (03/07/2008)

  • Agendas School for Intercultural Dialogue (03/07/2008)

  • The new photovoltaic canopies generate 75 watts at the time (03/07/2008)

  • Children participating in the Futsal Municipal Campus Paulo Roberto held a party (03/07/2008)
    The Children will enjoy games tomorrow at the Palace of Sport from 9.30 to 13.30
  • Martínez-cache: "Do not remove any trees in the municipality if there is no unanimity in the Neighborhood Council" (03/07/2008)

  • The Costa Calida Murcia Cycling Association and has traveled almost 500 miles on their way against Parkinson (03/07/2008)
    On Monday, come to Madrid
  • The ISO recognizes the work of the Quality Unit of the University of Murcia (03/07/2008)
    The delegate of the Rector for Quality, Antonio López Cabanes, said at the ceremony to get this award is a satisfying, but in turn a challenge because it requires maintaining a high level of demand
  • This weekend Murcia city will host scouts Artists & Point (03/07/2008)

  • Presentation of the new edition of the play "Don Diego de Saavedra y Fajardo and diplomacy of his day ' (02/07/2008)
    The Regional Secretary for Culture, Marina Garcia presented the republication of the work of Manuel Fraga' Don Diego de Saavedra Fajardo and the diplomacy of his time '
  • Herguedas (UI) calls for an investigation if the project promoters have Monte Smooth misappropriated public land owned (02/07/2008)

  • This weekend Murcia city will host scouts Artists & Point. (01/07/2008)
    Makers of the musical "Artistas & Punto", landing in the capital of Murcia to carry out the selection tests in the future contestants different forms of song and dance
  • A master class III opens Gerardo Nunez Flamenco Guitar Competition 'Niño Ricardo' (01/07/2008)
    The final of the competition is ahead of the 20 hours on Thursday and José 'El Francés' act at 21 hours

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