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Murcia News - February 2012

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  • CCOO against the extension of time to 37.5 hours and partial days of 25 hours in the UMU. (29/02/2012)

  • The Federation of Moors and Christians has all the documentation necessary for the celebration is declared of National Tourist Interest (29/02/2012)

  • The show solidarity "Murcia, Project Man" has grossed more than 26,000 euros (29/02/2012)

  • UCAM Murcia coach CB, Oscar Quintana, visit the UCAM (29/02/2012)

  • Castro: "It is outrageous to have more income and not pay for small and medium enterprises" (29/02/2012)

  • IU-Green criticized the functioning of the Municipal East Murcia (29/02/2012)

  • PSOE: "We welcome the reopening of Romea and we hope that what happened never happens again and serve the PP as a lesson in what not to do" (29/02/2012)

  • The City Council and the La Caixa Foundation join forces to carry out a project that promotes the development of a healthier and happier childhood (29/02/2012)

  • Antequera host the end of the Second Cup of HM the King on 23 May (29/02/2012)

  • Fire has a new truck with a ladder truck that reaches 39 meters Auto (29/02/2012)

  • Equipment for the new library in La Alberca (29/02/2012)

  • Tatiana Abellán has its "moments neuyorquinos" in Space Mills Río_Cabllerizas (29/02/2012)

  • Health services at the University of Murcia (29/02/2012)

  • Kidnapped from his home in Murcia by two men who knocked on his door armed with guns (29/02/2012)
    The National Police released within 48 hours to a Moroccan who had been kidnapped by two compatriots
  • Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and Vienna will be analyzed in the lecture "European Cities: A Look" (29/02/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia recalls that the City's indebtedness is around 200 million euros (28/02/2012)
    For Serna, 2011 results contrast with total debt of the Consistory, which in 2012 will involve spending more than 2.2 million in interest alone
  • "The arbitration can resolve disputes fairly, quickly, cheaply and efficiently" (28/02/2012)
    Secretary General of the Government Delegation in Murcia, Jose Gabriel Ruiz
  • Chamber holds that the Government's actions set the stage for economic recovery and the promotion of small businesses and self (28/02/2012)

  • They claim that "the University of Murcia is added to the policy of layoffs and cuts labor rights" (28/02/2012)

  • Antonio Ballester, author of the poster Murcia Three Cultures Festival XIII (28/02/2012)

  • IU-Green asked about the transfer of land for the new school "New Schools" (28/02/2012)

  • Presented at the University of Murcia a design competition for industrial engineers (28/02/2012)

  • Education and Safety XXIII convened the local contest Driver Education and Accident Prevention for students of 3 º ESO (28/02/2012)

  • Full program of activities to commemorate International Women's Day (28/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for better conditions of medical practice Javalí new (28/02/2012)
    The mayor Susana Hernandez visited the premises after receiving complaints from neighbors and found that the current center is far from offering a quality service to users
  • Spanish poetry in French (28/02/2012)
    Vicente Cervera Salinas presented at the University of Murcia translation of his poems "The soul oblique"
  • The team Aljucer ElPozo Youth League Champion (28/02/2012)
    5-0 ElPozo Aljucer Vedruna The Union
  • Nepal, Polynesia and Amazon, with eyes Murcia (28/02/2012)
    A round table addressed the role of travelers Murcia in the dissemination of global stock
  • IU-Green claims the council to give equal importance to the garden and the side (27/02/2012)

  • The Civil Guard is successful the system set up by the closure of an armed person in a home (27/02/2012)
    In Sangonera la Seca-Murcia
  • The Bacons Bridge Community Center hosts the activity of some 37 different groups (27/02/2012)

  • 2012 distinguished career IBAFF Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami (27/02/2012)

  • The Mayor and the Chief Executive's statement pushing for International Tourist Interest Bando de la Huerta (27/02/2012)

  • "The PP still bet on Huerta" (27/02/2012)
    The Socialist Municipal Executive regrets that the city government remains insensitive to the growing social demand that calls for greater protection for the heritage of the Garden and critical to continue punishing the neighbors the districts
  • UPyD Murcia much support calls for Huerta to the Bando (27/02/2012)
    The magenta education spokesman, Ruben Serna, welcomes the initiative to declare an International Tourist Interest but believes that "love and protect Huerta is not just going to the barracks and huertano dress "
  • The Guild regional crafts exhibition at the Museum of the University (27/02/2012)

  • The Syrian Maram al-Masri recites his poems in the Faculty of Arts (27/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group launches new service channels to residents of the municipality (27/02/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, remember that the phone is still available for citizen (661402001) that was used during the last election campaign to facilitate contact with citizens and their participation in politics
  • IU-Greens claim the loan for the Sports Palace for the concert of Michel Teló (27/02/2012)

  • 'Murcia from tree to tree' on the citizens of the municipality's 100,000 trees over the Internet (27/02/2012)

  • Faculty of Biology, University of Murcia study the largest family of mosses (27/02/2012)

  • Improvement Gardens Monteagudo (26/02/2012)
    It is expected the transfer of some playground equipment and improvement of the pavement, as well as pruning and replanting species
  • The Real Casino restaurant organizes a dinner pairing (26/02/2012)

  • Residents and merchants Beniscornia Corner House again require a solution to traffic problems in the village (26/02/2012)

  • Adopted by the public call for subsidies for rental housing for persons with limited resources (25/02/2012)

  • The UCAM presents the spin-off San Antonio Technologies (24/02/2012)
    San Antonio Technologies is an innovative initiative UCAM contributing to the training of professionals and entrepreneurs in the food industry
  • UPyD Murcia pose a reduction in the price of water bill (24/02/2012)
    The spokesman of the municipal formation, Ruben Serna, request that the decline in the rates of the Tajo-Segura passed on to citizens
  • The Chair UCAM creates a 'food Aromatic Creations' (24/02/2012)
    The Chair is a collaborative effort between the Catholic University of Murcia and the Group CARINSA
  • Auguste Rodin in Murcia (24/02/2012)

  • The City Council extended the offer of the auditoriums of the municipality with the forthcoming accession of the Guadalupe Cultural Center (24/02/2012)

  • Serna: "Social networks improve transparency and allow us to have a debate without intermediaries with the public" (24/02/2012)
    UPyD Murcia spreads its municipal interventions in plenary through Facebook and Twitter.
  • They give awards to regional championship college athletics (24/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia training activities take place on privacy and data protection (24/02/2012)

  • Autonomous University Sports Championship CADU (24/02/2012)
    The UCAM sweeping the CADU
  • Espinardo celebrates its carnival (24/02/2012)
    The parade will take place on Sunday
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia restore the cultural heritage of Latin America (24/02/2012)

  • Politics and Journalism in the Arab world, the subject of a seminar at the University of Murcia (24/02/2012)
    "The evolution of the Arab world today: Between politics, journalism and language" is the name of the seminar to be hosted by the University of Murcia the coming days "
  • The Socialists ask to expedite the transfer of the old doctor's office to the new health center Aljucer (24/02/2012)

  • Enrique Dussel visit the University of Murcia (24/02/2012)
    The Argentine philosopher held a conference on Walter Benjamin and the politics of liberation
  • ... (24/02/2012)

  • The three porcupines Murcia Terra Natura Park premiered its refurbished facility (24/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia will close buildings in non-teaching periods in order to save (24/02/2012)

  • The Director Scientific and Regulatory Affairs of the American multinational Coca Cola, Angela Lopez de Sa (23/02/2012)
    "Innovation is very present in the DNA of Coca Cola"
  • Abstract proposals socialist group (23/02/2012)
    Sale PSOE forward the proposal for the recovery of the site of St. Stephen by 1% culture
  • The University Community Centre celebrated the commemoration of its tenth anniversary (23/02/2012)

  • PRE 20 th Day LNFS (23/02/2012)
    El Pozo Murcia FS-Azkar Lugo
  • Lorca morning welcomes the Third Olympiad Regional Geology (23/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia and Cartagena Polytechnic sign agreements to finance activities of the Mare Nostrum Campus (23/02/2012)

  • Suspended concert scheduled for today at Teatro Circo Chano Dominguez Murcia (23/02/2012)

  • The City Council will continue to promote the recovery and rehabilitation of the historical (23/02/2012)

  • The House calls for a law prohibiting that utilities no longer supply to municipalities (23/02/2012)
    The motion, filed by the Municipal People's Party, has been voted for by the Municipal Group Socialist and United Left and against by UPyD
  • A professor at the University of Murcia coordinated a conference on local resources for start-ups (23/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia reduced by 53% in printing costs of the austerity plan (23/02/2012)

  • Architects and students develop the winning ideas of Aleop! (22/02/2012)


  • "We doubt that the draft Environmental Good Practice in Urban Planning to attend the contest Murcia UN" (22/02/2012)
    The Socialist councilor Juan Patricio Castro points out that behind this project presented by the City Council is the teleportation of the floor area by the that gives value to land that do not have to benefit a few
  • The Murcian Caves can go on a guided tour Vulture (22/02/2012)

  • XI International Conference of Charity and Volunteering UCAM (22/02/2012)
    The UCAM XI International Exhibition opens Volunteer
  • Christopher Hernandez Barber presents "leaden Rescue" at the University of Murcia (22/02/2012)

  • The Mayor presented to the Town Crier, the Nazarene of the Year and the official journal of the Easter 2012 (22/02/2012)

  • The garden can also be grown Tirocosa as a garden of leisure (22/02/2012)
    The Board of Governors approves the terms of use of these municipal plots.
  • The City Council launches a new service maintenance, repair and maintenance of sidewalks and pedestrian areas of the city, closest to the citizen (22/02/2012)
    Citizens complaints and suggestions may be transferred through the new portal
  • Andres Garcia Cerdan presents his collection "Carmina" in the Hall of poetry at the University of Murcia (22/02/2012)

  • Sports invested over 560,000 euros in the maintenance of sports facilities (22/02/2012)

  • The League returns on Friday with Kike and Miguelín Palace, Champions of Europe (22/02/2012)
    Today rest and return to work Thursday at 10.00 h
  • Objective: to save the heritage of the Garden (22/02/2012)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia links the behavior of visual quality bull (22/02/2012)

  • Homage to the lawyers of Atocha in 35 anniversary of the massacre (22/02/2012)
    One of the survivors will speak Feb. 23 at the University of Murcia
  • XI International Conference on Charity & Volunteering (21/02/2012)
    "Volunteering is not a concept, are men and women willing to help others"
  • IU-Green proposes the creation of a strategic plan for the development of Murcia (21/02/2012)

  • The works of the Coastal North and South will create about a thousand jobs (21/02/2012)

  • The sculpture of Jean Claude Farhi travels to the center of Murcia (21/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia reduces telephony and communications costs by 59% (21/02/2012)

  • Murcia selected to qualify for a prize at the IX International Award for Best Practices United Nations (21/02/2012)

  • The Romea Theatre in Murcia on sale tomorrow puts the entries in the new program March to June 2012 (21/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group will ask for a municipal area that members of the Boards to meet the neighbors (21/02/2012)
    Andrea Garries The mayor will defend this initiative in Parliament on Thursday for representatives of opposition political groups may have the necessary means to carry out their work in the districts and neighborhoods
  • MercaMurcia held its first Board of Directors, 2012 (20/02/2012)
    Profits in 2011 have reached 125,332 euros
  • The Mayor promotes the comprehensive restoration of the historic parish was High (20/02/2012)

  • The president kicks off the activities of the XXV week of the Faculty of Biology (20/02/2012)

  • Professor Juan Manuel Bueno resumed conferences Bullfighting Club (20/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia, home of the national congress of young geographers (20/02/2012)

  • Alert of advertising a company asks for a magazine called the local police (20/02/2012)

  • IU-Green condemned the attitude of the PP in the Municipal Boards (20/02/2012)

  • Chano Dominguez Theater Circus comes to Murcia to present his latest Iberian Piano (20/02/2012)

  • Previous Cup Quarterfinals HM King (20/02/2012)
    Caja Segovia, El Pozo Murcia FS
  • The Theatre Classroom UMU staged one of the best known works Jardiel Poncela (20/02/2012)
    21 to February 29 is represented at the University of Murcia "Angelina or honor of a brigadier"
  • Solidarity and sustainability, the new axes workplan IU-Greens in Murcia (20/02/2012)
    The new president "is characterized by its youth" and "reflects the opening" training "in recent years"
  • "The City Council should allocate a percentage of the amount of public contracts to sheltered jobs" (20/02/2012)
    The Socialist councilor Susana Hernandez defend a motion in Parliament on Thursday with concrete measures for labor and social integration of people with disabilities Copyright
  • Serna: "We want the City Council vote and speak out publicly on the proposed Old Jail" (20/02/2012)

  • The Cattle market takes stock (20/02/2012)

  • The City offers 21 different training courses to the Centers for Women (20/02/2012)

  • Poetic recital and concert in the library of St. James the Greater (20/02/2012)

  • The new street lighting contract from the municipality will reduce spending by 30% (20/02/2012)

  • The Real Casino restaurant of Murcia held for the first time a Venetian carnival (19/02/2012)

  • The Women centers known historic heritage (19/02/2012)

  • The Socialists ask the library to include in the new contract Alquerías service management (19/02/2012)

  • World Meeting of Officers and Directors Spiritual Works of the Church Eucharistic (18/02/2012)
    Monsignor Manuel Ureña: "The Eucharist is the heart of Christianity"
  • 350 children are in school thanks to the aid of the City (18/02/2012)

  • Pedestrians and cyclists safer (18/02/2012)

  • The UCAM taught postgraduate courses in Paraguay (18/02/2012)
    The UCAM has signed agreements with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay
  • IU-Green argues in a motion restoring grants cafeteria (17/02/2012)

  • The UCAM opens the World Meeting of Officers and Directors Spiritual Works of the Church Eucharistic (17/02/2012)
    Piero Marini: "We need to increase communion with Christ and each other"
  • UPyD Murcia moves to Environment "key enhancements" to complete the landscaping ordinance (17/02/2012)

  • Amancio Prada brings a bunch of songs for Murcia (17/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia a documentary on the movement of 20F in Morocco (17/02/2012)

  • A Moroccan documentary about the movements of 20 F is projected simultaneously at the University of Murcia and cities of various continents (17/02/2012)

  • Final Approval of Ordinance to allow you to get a business license and works in the act (17/02/2012)

  • The Department of Environment rehabilitated sources Arrixaca Knot and Fuensanta (17/02/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia City Council demands transparency in the allocation of tickets received from Real Murcia (17/02/2012)
    His spokesman, Ruben Serna, calls on the Department of Sports to clarify the criteria for who gets cast and Grandstand tickets and Preferred Tier Side
  • The Accessibility Office will create a guide for buildings to be adapted to all people with disabilities (17/02/2012)

  • Castro: "The PP will not give a damn clean energy" (17/02/2012)

  • The family cycle brings to the theater this weekend to TCM's adventure "Nida" (17/02/2012)

  • Workshop for architects and architecture students to develop the winning ideas of Aleop! (17/02/2012)

  • A doctoral thesis at the University of Murcia test the effectiveness of positive emotions to prevent depression in young people (17/02/2012)

  • Days of market economy and innovation in food 2012 (16/02/2012)
    "The consumer is not satisfied with money, looking for the health"
  • Serna, "The Romea Theatre must become one of the main cultural and tourist center of Murcia" (16/02/2012)
    Murcia UPyD welcomes the new schedule, although it should be only a "starting point" for the theater is a reference and engine promotion
  • Fines Real Murcia and four spectators drinking (16/02/2012)

  • To start the function (16/02/2012)

  • Chamber offers the necessary land to build a new Police Headquarters (16/02/2012)
    Mayor met this morning with the Delegate of the Government and Police Commissioner
  • They install a special system to prevent damage to the markers of the Palace of Sports (16/02/2012)

  • Professor, University of Murcia Nicholas Jose Manuel Lopez heads the international ranking of blogs Biology (16/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group calls for municipal ordinance regulating advertising sex ads downplay the image of women (16/02/2012)

  • All trees Romea Square already have ecological alcorque (16/02/2012)

  • Fifteen children with academic difficulties in hotel form with a new educational program (16/02/2012)
    Town Hall and two classrooms Autonomous driving in El Palmar and occupational Espinardo aimed at students with truancy problems
  • IU-Green is interested in cleaning up the beds of the canals (16/02/2012)

  • A professor at the University of Murcia published a book on reset control systems (16/02/2012)

  • Previous Carnicer Torrejón-El Pozo Murcia FS (16/02/2012)
    Friday 17 February, 20.45 hours Pavilion Jorge Garbajosa
  • The Urban Ecology DiVerde Classroom offers two activities for this weekend (16/02/2012)

  • Barquero visit the City Hall Annex building with ONCE technicians for their accessibility (16/02/2012)

  • The National Police dismantled two marijuana plantations in two houses in Cartagena and La Union (16/02/2012)
    also had illegal connections to the grid
  • Berto Romero Theater Circus brings its new show Apotheosis Murcia Necia (15/02/2012)
    The monologue will be held on Friday 17 February at 21:30 pm
  • Begin installation Espinardo monument to the pepper industry (15/02/2012)

  • The semes serves eleven people from the cold (15/02/2012)

  • Sold more than half the seats available for the Project gala at Teatro Romea Man in a single morning (15/02/2012)

  • Murcia will remain calm with a new contract (15/02/2012)

  • Environment proposed for this weekend practicing yoga in a natural (15/02/2012)

  • The city of Murcia with its carnival turns (15/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the State House to request the 1% for the recovery of cultural site of St. Stephen (15/02/2012)
    The socialist mayor Andrea Garries requires the City Council and the CARM to stop throwing the ball and bet on a key project which will be a engine for tourism, trade and economy in Murcia
  • Professor, University of Murcia Alfonso Baños published the book "Reset Control Systems" (15/02/2012)
    The publisher Springer has published the book "Reset Control Systems" Bath & Antonio Alfonso Barreiro.
  • The University of Murcia organizes a day closer to the culture of Turkey (15/02/2012)

  • Action taken by the Union of Public Employees SIME in the meeting held yesterday, day 14, at City Hall (15/02/2012)

  • The City Council approved maintaining the working day of 35 hours per week (15/02/2012)
    has reached an agreement to rearrange the schedules of all city services
  • Green light for the Ordinance Regulating Outdoor Advertising (15/02/2012)
    The objective is to combine this activity with the protection of the urban landscape, environment and image of the City
  • Professor, University of Murcia José Javier Ruiz, elected to the Mexican Academy of History (15/02/2012)

  • Carlos Gimenez, author of comics as "neighborhood" or "Paracuellos", University of Murcia (15/02/2012)
    In an event organized by Comicum
  • Information note of the act of reading the opinion of the Jury of the Competition of Ideas (14/02/2012)
    for the future Center for Medieval Interpretation of Murcia in the archaeological site of San Esteban
  • "It's been more than four years since they knocked down the nursery of La Paz and business as usual" (14/02/2012)

  • The magic and illusion come to the Circus Theatre to bring solidarity to the intellectually disabled Murcia (14/02/2012)

  • The cycle of the University of Murcia "Return of the living far" examines the work of three important writers (14/02/2012)
    Hector Castilla offers a poetry reading
  • The Jean Monnet Chair organizes conferences on the breakdown of borders in Europe (14/02/2012)

  • "The City Council should reconsider ordering the traffic after the opening of the Southwest Connection" (14/02/2012)

  • IU-Green calls for a plan of action in the commission of Socioeconomic Development (14/02/2012)

  • The school Our Lady of Courts Nonduermas your plate looks and Green School (14/02/2012)

  • The teacher Pozuelo Yvancos collected in a book literary ideas of eight centuries in Spain (14/02/2012)

  • International Meeting of Officers and Directors Spiritual Works of the Church Eucharistic (14/02/2012)
    The UCAM held an international meeting on the Church's Eucharistic Works
  • Murcia reinforces its commitment to meeting tourism (14/02/2012)
    The Convention Bureau of the city has made 2012 a revitalization plan that it hopes will increase the number of visitors
  • University students participating in a project to identify the needs of companies (14/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia awarded 751,000 euros in communications services (14/02/2012)

  • ... (14/02/2012)

  • The Mayor welcomes the commitment to recover the Highway Development of Reguerón (13/02/2012)
    This was announced by the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, in the commissioning of the connection Southwest Murcia
  • The new ordinance will go to the parks regular plenary in February (13/02/2012)

  • The Mayor opened the first of the plaques that recall historical sites and buildings, characters, unusual facts and legends of the city (13/02/2012)

  • "The neighbors are paying the nonsense Albatalía Hall" (13/02/2012)
    PSOE councilor Jose Zapata, requires the government team that runs the guarantees in order to complete the work of extending the road to La Nora and building sidewalks at the entrance to the hamlet
  • Civil Protection updates its Territorial Emergency Plan (13/02/2012)
    The objective is to have all the necessary resources to deal with general emergencies
  • The City Council will keep working time of 35 hours per week (13/02/2012)
    The Trading Desk approves rescheduling of
  • The UCAM has signed a collaboration agreement with the College of Dietitians and Nutritionists in the Valencian Community and the Association of Dietitians-Nutritionists in the Region (13/02/2012)
    UCAM students can do internships in dietetics and nutrition in Murcia and the Community Valencia
  • The University of Murcia and the Supreme Court signed an agreement to enhance students' practices in courts (13/02/2012)

  • On Friday, the League returns to the meeting (13/02/2012)
    Carnicer Torrejon El Pozo Murcia FS-
  • The University Sport championship faces the three universities in the region (13/02/2012)
    UCAM, University of Murcia UPCT and will face in the municipality of Lorquí in seven sports
  • The University of Murcia launches a bicycle hire long-term (13/02/2012)

  • The City Council extends the transfer of two parcels to the Bishop for the construction of complex parish (12/02/2012)

  • A new service will cover the technical ATTENDANCE, operation and maintenance of the three theaters of the municipality (12/02/2012)

  • Aguadas in India ink to the tradition of Murcia (11/02/2012)

  • Carmen Fernandez celebrates 100 years (11/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Party proposed that the new rules of parkland including a ban on watering gardens with drinking water (11/02/2012)
    Councilwoman Susan Hernandez poses also place collection bins in parks and clean minidots for neighbors to deposit special household waste ( small appliances, batteries)
  • More than a thousand students visit the camp now installed on the Malecon dedicated to international missions (10/02/2012)

  • The parks and gardens service will be held this weekend pruning of bananas Alfonso X (10/02/2012)

  • The Rous presented this weekend and Grandpa's house in El Refugio Teatro Circo Murcia (10/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group is committed to implement an emergency plan to combat the wave of thefts of garden areas (10/02/2012)
    Councilman Jose Zapata will propose a meeting of the local board of Security to address this situation remains concerned citizens The Arboleja and Nonduermas
  • The Economic Council resolved over 6,000 cases submitted by the Murcia since its inception in 2007 (10/02/2012)
    This morning, as members have taken possession Antonio Plaza, in addition to the Council, and Mariano Barreda, while Santos Ortiz has renewed his post as president
  • IU-Green report the difficulty of obtaining information in the Municipality of El Palmar (10/02/2012)

  • A choral workshop at the University of Murcia delves into the works of Bach and Handel (10/02/2012)

  • Gomez participated in the first meeting of the National Union of Writers of the Region of Murcia (10/02/2012)

  • It comes in the University of Murcia a book with literary ideas of eight centuries in Spain (10/02/2012)
    It is managed by professor Jose Maria Pozuelo UMU Yvancos
  • IU-Greens denounced the rejection of headman of Los Garres publicize an act against gender violence (10/02/2012)

  • The National Police arrested the robbers of a branch of La Caixa in Murcia (10/02/2012)
    employees threatened with a gun but did not get the loot
  • The University of Murcia extends its partnership with the General Council of the Judiciary (10/02/2012)

  • A thesis from the University of Murcia says that 76% of kidney patients is in favor of xenotransplantation (10/02/2012)

  • The UCAM welcomes responsible for over 200 schools (09/02/2012)
    The UCAM on Wednesday held a conference to exchange information with schools across Spain to welcome students from the University
  • The Director General of Kellogg's Spain, Mauricio Garcia de Quevedo (09/02/2012)
    "Kellogg's success is based on the creation, innovation and commitment"
  • IU-Green of Santa Maria de Gracia-San Antonio asked to clean and rehabilitate the old jail (09/02/2012)
    also proposes the creation of the board of speakers in the Municipality and a working committee to establish a model of participatory budgeting
  • Serna: "We are pleased that our proposal on the honor board will be conducted Salzillo" (09/02/2012)

  • Children's Ward of St. John Baptist school already has heating Stables (09/02/2012)

  • Environment offers Murcia weekend full of activities (09/02/2012)

  • One hundred plaques recall historical sites and buildings, characters, unusual facts and legends of the city of Murcia (09/02/2012)

  • Documentation, research and development projects will be to boot the new Cultural Center of Garrison Artillery (09/02/2012)
    2con8 Photography, Dance Area Urban Environment and Culture and more promoters are the collective actions
  • Presented at the University of Murcia the first magazine in microfinance (09/02/2012)

  • "With the bluster of Cascales, Murcia not be promoted as a tourist destination" (09/02/2012)
    Andrea Garries The socialist mayor regrets that the council responsible for this are not taken seriously tourism policies when it should make tourism one of the axes of the economic recovery and not just a showcase to the gallery
  • Chelete Monereo thought-provoking his work "Poem numeric" (09/02/2012)

  • Cooperation focuses its activities in February to Education (09/02/2012)

  • Child's School Lugarico in El Palmar, playground opens (09/02/2012)

  • Called Poetry Award Denise Garcia-University of Murcia (09/02/2012)

  • The Center for Medieval Studies organized a conference on the guilds (09/02/2012)

  • IU-Green The Garres ask about the Internal Regulations of the Municipal Board (08/02/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia considered "lamentable" and "difficult to explain" the new service delay Library (08/02/2012)

  • Aires new store Paparajote (08/02/2012)
    After 12 years offering the best of our land travelers and Murcia, La Tienda de Paparajote is renewed inside and out
  • The Socialist Group regrets that the transport reform will not benefit all equally Murcia (08/02/2012)
    Pedro Lopez: At 60% of the population living in districts are denied the right to access a bonus share for bus and tram and penalizes them with more expensive tickets "
  • Continue the process to hire the new Library service (08/02/2012)

  • Contracting suspended competition for contract management of libraries in districts without explanation (08/02/2012)

  • The show solidarity "Murcia, Proyecto Hombre" meet at the Teatro Romea than 150 artists from the region (08/02/2012)

  • The semes serves four people from the cold (08/02/2012)

  • Plecs Friday on TCM offers a complete show where you do not miss the circus, music, drama and humor (08/02/2012)

  • UPyD Murcia celebrates the new Statement of bus routes but warns that "not where they should go" (08/02/2012)
    To his spokesman, Ruben Serna, new lines proposed "no solution" and maintains its demand to create a municipal entity transport
  • The Consistory is working with the diocese in the restoration of the church of Our Lady of the Rosary was High (08/02/2012)

  • Social Self-managed Support Center (08/02/2012)
    Ecologists in Action shows support for the new Self-managed social center in Hall Zarandona in the Barrio del Carmen
  • Herguedas participates in a European meeting on municipal policy (08/02/2012)
    The competition is organized by the GUE / NGL and Realpe, and is developing in the European Parliament
  • Murcia will have an efficient public transport service, timely and interconnected (08/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia published the first magazine in microfinance in the country (08/02/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the refusal of PP for greater neighborhood participation in St. Pius X (07/02/2012)

  • The old Artillery Barracks will become a new center of culture for professionals and creators (07/02/2012)

  • The Spanish Armed Forces and Security Forces of the State show their work in international missions in a camp on the Malecon (07/02/2012)

  • El Carmen moves (07/02/2012)
    Over 400 commercial establishments round off the neighborhood, where a group of councilors shared with neighbors yesterday a day to support their initiatives
  • PSOE: "It seems a joke in very bad taste in Murcia offer bikes when there is no bike lanes" (07/02/2012)

  • IU-Green expressed support for the Self-managed social center of Murcia (07/02/2012)

  • Miguel Cascales welcomes students of an Institute of Sweden taking part in an exchange with students from The Fleet (07/02/2012)

  • IU-Green asks the council to stop "gestures advertising" and implement the public bike system (07/02/2012)

  • Luis Eduardo Aute and Ignacio Martin offered a recital of their respective poems (07/02/2012)
    It is organized by the University of Murcia and is presented in the Cultural Hall of Cajamurcia
  • A high school student wins Saavedra Fajardo Regional Olympiad Biology (07/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia is working on a campaign to collect material for autistic children (07/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia wins the competition for technology transfer centers (07/02/2012)

  • The Director of the School of Protocol of the UCAM, Salvador Hernandez, the new Secretary General of the ICPO (06/02/2012)
    The International Protocol (ICPO) comprises numerous professional associations and global nature
  • IU-Greens denounced the "lack of initiatives" at parties in the neighborhood of Santa Eulalia (06/02/2012)
    "is again a missed opportunity for traders in the area"
  • The Socialist Group bet because the monitor ecological patrol protected buildings Huerta (06/02/2012)
    PSOE spokesman, Pedro Lopez, stresses that it is a first step in combating the deterioration and disappearance of the heritage of the Huerta de Murcia
  • Nearly 15,000 people participate in a project for the integration of young immigrants (06/02/2012)

  • The Honorary Doctor Sanchez-Vizcaino discuss Schmallenberg disease in cows (06/02/2012)

  • The struggle for freedom and equality Nora Helmer in "A Doll's House" will be presented on Wednesday at Teatro Circo Murcia (06/02/2012)

  • UPyD proposed in Parliament that the placement of a commemorative plaque at the birthplace of Salzillo (06/02/2012)

  • Murcia hotels are uploaded to the bicycle (06/02/2012)

  • Ecologists in Action complaint particulate air pollution in Murcia city (06/02/2012)
    January for eight days there have been exceedances of the limit value for health protection
  • Francisco Muñoz, unanimously elected as local coordinator of IU-Greens in Murcia (04/02/2012)

  • Murcia devote two streets Spanish aviation (04/02/2012)

  • Institutional Relations requests that a fighter C101 chair the Plaza de la Academia General del Aire de Murcia (04/02/2012)

  • The City continues to work with youth to prevent truancy (04/02/2012)

  • Project Abraham will continue to develop projects in the municipality with the support of the City (04/02/2012)

  • They open disciplinary proceedings for the demolition without a license from the Big House Stables (03/02/2012)

  • Film directed by women in the Classroom Film, University of Murcia (03/02/2012)

  • Three magazines of the University of Murcia obtain the quality label FECYT (03/02/2012)

  • Iniesta Cobatillas visit to meet the needs of the parish in terms of traffic (03/02/2012)

  • The UCAM Cardioprotegido declared European Space (03/02/2012)
    The Catholic University San Antonio has received this distinction from the prestigious European Foundation for Health Research and Education, (EFHRE)
  • Double K leads to Bernal Theatre "Four Seasons" Quica Sáez (03/02/2012)

  • Herguedas accused the council of not caring for heritage (03/02/2012)

  • The series "The family drama" brings on Sunday Grimm Forest of TCM (03/02/2012)

  • Agreement with the UMU for transfer of advice, research and training (03/02/2012)

  • The Telecare service has a plan of action to extreme temperatures and other adverse events (03/02/2012)

  • Children and teachers CP module Alquerías San Juan Bautista, forced to take a coat, scarf and gloves in class (03/02/2012)
    The socialist mayor Susana Hernandez has received numerous complaints from parents of these students of 3, 4 and 5 years who are coping with the cold snap thanks to the teachers who have taken home radiators
  • The University of Murcia presented the collection of guides to prepare for entrance exams (03/02/2012)

  • The Beniaján Carnival celebrates its 25th anniversary (03/02/2012)

  • The Mayor presented the prizes of the competition which aims to make school children "advocates" sustainable mobility (03/02/2012)

  • IU-Green debating its course of action to make Murcia a supportive and sustainable city (03/02/2012)

  • "New grip belt: rush of the water bill" (03/02/2012)
    Socialist Group Councilman Juan Patricio Castro explained that the water bill undergoes an increase that is also down, by penalizing with higher rates to pensioners and families with lower income
  • HUERMUR begins a campaign to clarify the whereabouts of the shield of Casa Grande BIC (03/02/2012)

  • The City continues to help the poorest countries to collaborate with NGOs (03/02/2012)

  • The Department of Environment moves in electric motorcycle (03/02/2012)

  • IU-Green reports that 58% of the North Board's budget will go to festivals (03/02/2012)

  • On-going workshops in districts for citizens to adapt to market needs and to develop their business initiatives (03/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia opens a classroom with the name of Remedios Maurandi (02/02/2012)

  • The City continues to support the studies of Bachelor Internment of IES Alfonso X (02/02/2012)
    dual degree students receive
  • The Socialist Party condemns the demolition of the Casa Grande Stables and people if you open a trial (02/02/2012)
    Socialist spokesman Pedro Lopez criticized the alarming passivity of the City Council and the CARM before a new attack on the heritage of the Huerta de Murcia
  • The joy and beauty of women, stars of the carnival Cabezo de Torres (02/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Group in the CARM requires the subsidy to the Visitor Center at San Cayetano Monteagudo (02/02/2012)
    The mayor has asked Andrea today Garries Councillor for Tourism, Miguel Cascales, to convene a meeting of the Crossroads Consortium urgently to urge the Autonomous Community to make the grant effective
  • UPyD censure the demolition of the Casa Grande Stables (02/02/2012)
    The Group considers "unfortunate" the constant destruction of property suffered by the garden and the city
  • Blue in Action organizes a charity exhibition in El Carmen for your project eye in Togo (02/02/2012)
    34 painters Murcia have given their works to be sold with prices ranging from $ 100
  • An old woman is educated profile of caregivers of terminally ill, according to a doctoral thesis (02/02/2012)

  • Three arrested for the shooting at Bacons Bridge Paradise pub on Christmas Eve (02/02/2012)
    The perpetrator of the shooting was charged with a crime of attempted murder
  • Infrastructure carries out the maintenance works of Miguel Indurain bridge (02/02/2012)
    This action is part of the Comprehensive Plan for maintenance of bridges in the city that has implemented the council
  • Solidarity Campaign Successful collection of video games and consoles at the Faculty of Computing (01/02/2012)

  • The ANECA says yes definitive Medicine at the UCAM (01/02/2012)
    ANECA concludes that the dissecting room is fully operational in terms of human resources and materials
  • House states that "Murcia is in good standing" to overcome the crisis (01/02/2012)

  • The City provides quality work clothes caretakers and operators of sports for them to perform their work in optimum conditions (01/02/2012)
    Miguel Cascales indicates that if the PSOE aims to reduce the quality and safety required in the uniforms of the 30 employees of the Department it clearly states
  • The castle gate Municipal Center offers from February to June 28 courses and 43 online (01/02/2012)
    Registrations will be held on Thursday, February 2, at 20 hours access to the center
  • The UCAM signs an agreement with the Professional Association of Occupational Therapists of Murcia (01/02/2012)

  • Herguedas: "If the PP is to avoid indoctrination, to remove religion from the schools' (01/02/2012)

  • Vistabella sip your place with a variety of covers (01/02/2012)

  • IU-Green is concerned by the provisions of the city council to connect the new airport Murcia (01/02/2012)

  • The trade associations receive support local initiatives to carry out original (01/02/2012)

  • Students of Marist College and Central Wales Ysgol Uwchradd know Murcia actions to protect the environment (01/02/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced that "while the PP calls for efforts to Murcia, Cascales requires its workers and janitors to wear designer clothes" (01/02/2012)

  • Continues the draft guidance for education and youth work Beniaján, El Palmar, Stables and Los Ramos (01/02/2012)

  • The University of Murcia teaches how to make a curriculum vitae (01/02/2012)


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