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  • Valverde dedica su victoria a familiares y compañeros (31/08/2008)

  • Herguedas Urban complaint sought only "to give value to new developments" in the road (30/08/2008)

  • The series of screenings of great operas in Las Claras is settled with four full house (30/08/2008)
    More than 1,300 spectators attended the meeting of the series' Wednesday Opera
  • Fair September comes loaded with more than 150 acts (29/08/2008)
    Wednesday will begin to distribute the program in the Plaza José Esteve Mora and garden Powder
  • Manolo Hussein: "The assessment is quite positive" (29/08/2008)
    Interview Coach Basketball Club Murcia on the development of the preseason and the team's future plans
  • Health derat against cockroaches and bugs in Guadalupe and San José de la Vega (29/08/2008)
    Technicians continue treatment at various city streets
  • The autonomous cut 61 percent of transport fare University Campus of Espinardo, which remains at 0.45 euros (29/08/2008)
    The Ministry of Works, Housing and Transportation subsidizes $ 0.50 a ticket, a discount in addition to the $ 0.20 which currently funds the Directorate General of Universities
  • On Monday, the deadline for booking opens one of the 7,346 seats for sports offered by the City Council (29/08/2008)
    Reservations must be made via telephone and web 902444905 www.murciadeportes.com
  • Urban trenching prohibited in public until after the Fair (29/08/2008)
    work shall not be allowed until 17 September
  • Dew wipes: "I would love to repeat the experience" (28/08/2008)
    CB Murcia's player of the tournament was proclaimed Champion BAM with the Spanish U14
  • Planning manages the construction of new roads in the City of Murcia, amounting to more than 55.5 million euros (28/08/2008)
    A major road linking the motorway to Murcia-Cartagena motorway future Santomera-San Javier
  • The Department of Media 5000 divided street cleaning-wax collected on the day of the pilgrimage (28/08/2008)
    special device for the September Fair includes installation of 230 containers and 567 extra hours cleaning
  • Housing for disabled Cabezo Torres will be completed next spring (28/08/2008)
    Today we signed the financing agreement between the Foundation for Social Policy and Fundown
  • CB Murcia players pick their dorsal (28/08/2008)
    Those who already were members of the club retain their numbers
  • About 6,000 students participated this year in Murcia in the activities organized by the City for the summer (28/08/2008)
    Parents were able to track their children via the Internet
  • Open the deadline to apply for Family Respite Service (28/08/2008)
    is offered to caregivers of elderly or disabled dependents
  • ... (27/08/2008)

  • Rafael Gomez looks at the premises of the Exhibition (27/08/2008)
    The final preparations are in La Fica, the Malecon and Azacaya
  • Gonzalo Martinez: "The team at the human level and people, is very good" (27/08/2008)
    the new base of CB Murcia analyzes the development of the preseason and he admits that "the reception has been very good"
  • IU + LV of El Palmar described as "alarmist" statements of Lopez on the closure of barracks in Los Rosales (27/08/2008)

  • The government team said that "wins another legal battle for the PSOE in the parking lot of St. Stephen" (27/08/2008)
    What The Administrative Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Municipal Group Socialist against the Agreement Governing Board which approved the specifications
  • "And everything else too" (27/08/2008)
    Concierto de Andrés Calamaro in Murcia (23/08/2008)
  • Breis against pecking (26/08/2008)
    Breis releases his new album "ETC ..."
  • UI Murcia reaffirms his defense of public transport (26/08/2008)
    And he criticizes the lack of campaigns to encourage use
  • On Monday begins the registration deadline for the contest graffiti (26/08/2008)
    The Department of Youth and Employment and Environment and Urban Quality and seek to beautify the electrical transformer stations in the city
  • The Murcia will have games for children with mobility problems, elderly and babies in the gardens of the town (26/08/2008)
    Thanks to a grant from the Presidential amounting to 440,000 euros
  • The Health Center Cabezo de Torres extends opening hours and staffing to provide better service to citizens (26/08/2008)
    The schedule will be extended to the evening and the staff have a new family doctor and a nurse more
  • Freed in the wild three loggerhead turtles treated at the Centre for the Recovery of Wildlife Valley (26/08/2008)
    are an adult and two subadults were admitted with various injuries in one case have been slow to heal almost a year
  • The City Council thoroughly clean the containers and bins of different areas of the municipality (25/08/2008)
    This work is carried out throughout the week
  • The kite making and activities to discover the family Mahal, the most popular seminars this year (25/08/2008)
    Over 152 people participated in the eleven workshops were held between February and May
  • Culture scans the file of the Monastery of Santa Ana de Murcia (25/08/2008)
    Consultation of scanned documents can be made through Internet
  • Mamoutou Diarra train with CB Murcia from this afternoon (25/08/2008)
    The French forward successfully passed a medical this morning
  • The summer schools celebrate the International Year of Intercultural (25/08/2008)
    cinema-forum has been the tool of choice to address coexistence between cultures
  • The City Hall remodel the neighborhood of El Gallego Casas del Palmar (25/08/2008)
    renew and widen the sidewalks for pedestrians to more safely moving
  • Youth hostel incorporates the Valley to the Spanish Network of Youth Hostels (23/08/2008)
    The Inn of The Valley will become operational later this year and have a capacity of 50 places
  • Bojan Bogdanovic: "I'm ready to play in CBA (22/08/2008)
    CB Murcia this morning before the media in Croatian forward a season loan from Real Madrid
  • Neighbors of El Palmar alarmed the City come amid fears that Interior close the headquarters of the Guardia Civil (22/08/2008)
    Councillors Remigio López Nuria Fuentes and calling for a "quick and clear explanation" to the Government
  • Day Care Centers Hall of Murcia close for vacation (22/08/2008)
    The greatest benefit of the municipality health care, fitness, physical therapy and workshops Leisure
  • Antonio Campillo signed the gift to be delivered with the agenda of the September Fair (22/08/2008)
    The sculptor has created a figure that represents the bust of a chopper
  • Murcia travel two to fire Liverpool to participate in the World Firefighter Games X (22/08/2008)
    compete in the arrangements for guidance and vertical stroke
  • Time to Taquan Dean and Jesse Young (21/08/2008)
    Manolo Hussein: "They're complete players, who play on both sides of the field"
  • Sources demands to the Government to say where are the surveillance cameras in the city (21/08/2008)
    does not understand that González Tovar make a complaint of this nature without explanation of where cameras
  • The Mayor visits the construction of roads that will change mobility in the city (21/08/2008)
    The North and South Coast, with the variant Sangonera La Verde, improve accessibility in 14 districts and will absorb about 60,000 vehicles a day
  • The 'Informal Reading' goes first to a hospital to promote reading by authors Murcia (21/08/2008)
    The Health Minister of Culture and books spread among patients in the Hospital Reina Sofía
  • The Department of Commerce conducts the refurbishment of the market hall of El Carmen (21/08/2008)
    The work will be completed next month
  • The Sons of Ibrahim Ferrer pay tribute to his father in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (21/08/2008)
    The Action Group will be held tonight at 22 pm with free admission
  • Mayor orders flags flown at half mast in mourning for the tragedy at Barajas airport (20/08/2008)
    Miguel Ángel Cámara transmits the sympathy and dismay of Murcia at the scale of accident
  • Paving for the town of Dolores (20/08/2008)
    The Council also remodel the garden of the Constitution of the hamlet
  • IU + Los Verdes de Murcia branded as "unjustified" the installation of surveillance cameras in gardens (20/08/2008)

  • CB Murcia presents Chris Moss and Gonzalo Martínez (20/08/2008)
    Club president has been in charge of presenting this morning
  • Upcoming shows of the September Fair of Murcia (20/08/2008)

  • September Fair Concerts (20/08/2008)
    Artists and groups such as Monica Naranjo, Points, Los Lobos, Sloth and Julieta Venegas, among others, act in Murcia during the month of September
  • CB CB Murcia and Jairis sign a cooperation agreement (19/08/2008)
    It is expected that the relationship between the two organizations last two seasons
  • Camera: "We will maintain our demand for the highway-Zeneta Santomera incomunique no El Raal and Stables" (19/08/2008)
    Mayor points out that promotion is more than two years behind this project
  • IU-Greens believes that "the conduct of the business recovery Latbus recommend public transport as a public service" (19/08/2008)

  • Head of Torres will fall with a modern sports and health (19/08/2008)
    The center combines a wide range of sports with a complete spa area
  • The City Council encourages the installation of an electronic monitoring system in the gardens (19/08/2008)
    The cameras were installed in the seven most popular gardens of Murcia city for them to enjoy greater peace of mind
  • Two homegrown Murcia CB train with the first team (19/08/2008)
    Dani Martínez and Juan Sánchez Manzano have again been invited by Manolo Hussein
  • CB Murcia players undergo medical examinations (18/08/2008)
    A Hussein just needs Lamont Barnes, who will arrive tomorrow
  • Two young men from El Palmar win for the second consecutive World Championship Soccer-Mesa (18/08/2008)
    The athletes are trained in the workshop that provides social services in the district of Los Rosales
  • Telecare conducted more than 3,600 major interventions to address the first half of 2008 (18/08/2008)
    A total of 3,169 users benefit from this service
  • Hussein's players are already arriving in Murcia (17/08/2008)
    Chris Thomas, Chris Moss and Taquan Dean have landed this afternoon at 'El Altet'
  • The City will install containers to recycle the bulbs used Murcia (16/08/2008)
    The first phase will be placed ten
  • Two owls and a tortoise were released after receiving care at the Rehabilitation Center of El Valle (16/08/2008)
    With the release of these protected species are also other four copies of ducks and gulls returned to their natural habitat
  • 160 unemployed can learn a trade next year (15/08/2008)
    The Department of Youth and Employment will offer two new courses this year in the Vocational Training Programme
  • CB Murcia realizes his preseason (14/08/2008)
    Manolo Hussein's eight matches played friendlies
  • Community Services assists in the fight against fruit fly (14/08/2008)
    Torreagüera The Municipal Board has set up a collection point free of products for farmers
  • The City Council has twelve arguments against the installation of a landfill near Zeneta (14/08/2008)

  • 41 International Folk Festival in the Mediterranean will be held from 9 to 12 September (14/08/2008)

  • The VI Wine Festival focuses this year on products only Murcia (13/08/2008)
    The high rate of visits recorded last year forced to expand the site in this issue
  • Salva Ortega acts morning in the Plaza de Santo Domingo (13/08/2008)
    After 22 hours, with free admission
  • Nearly 200 children attend the Summer School organized by Social Welfare (13/08/2008)
    It has been conducting workshops related to multiculturalism
  • The Presidential Ministry organizes the V Conference on Development Cooperation (13/08/2008)
    Under the 'awareness and development education' will be held in October in Murcia
  • The Museum of Santa Clara plans today 'La Traviata' by Verdi (13/08/2008)
    The series 'Wednesday Opera continues today with the screening, at 21.30 hours in the courtyard of the Museo de Santa Clara, the work of Giuseppe Verdi' La Traviata '
  • Chris Moss complete the game inside the CB Murcia (12/08/2008)
    The Ohio power forward signed for two seasons
  • Murcia continues to grow with new infrastructure and roads at the height of its development (12/08/2008)

  • Twelve fire managers improve their ability to control claims the best fire training center in Europe (12/08/2008)
    October next month will travel to the UK for dangerous goods classes and rescue in various types of accident
  • A fair estate (11/08/2008)
    Work to improve the campus of the FICA permit the holding of the best parties, where there will be new attractions
  • Jesse Young played at the Basketball Club Murcia (11/08/2008)
    The Canadian power forward with an Irish passport, has signed a campaign
  • More and better facilities to bring the Administration to Murcia (11/08/2008)
    payment to the letter, the service SMS and email are the some of the new features this year to the tax administration of the City of Murcia
  • Barnuevo delivers diplomas to children who have participated in the workshop to learn to paint still life (08/08/2008)

  • Sustainable development is affected by the stokers of carmine cochineal Rambla de La Alberca (08/08/2008)
    The area has been undertaken proceedings falls within the Regional Park of El Valle and Carrascoy.
  • Cleaning Algezares shock, Santo Angelo and the Barrio del Carmen (08/08/2008)
    will be held on Sunday
  • Begin work on the car park of the Avenida de Los Pinos (08/08/2008)
    Previous work consists in the diversion of a collector and pruning trees and removal of municipal nursery
  • Parks and Gardens performs maintenance of the palm trees of La Glorieta (08/08/2008)
    There are planting seasonal flowers in different municipalities
  • Youth in Europe and Asia conditioned Regional Park trails of El Valle-Carrascoy (07/08/2008)
    The director of the Youth Institute this morning visited the 26 young people involved for fifteen days in International Work Camp Torre Environment Guil
  • La Raya open a new location for youth (07/08/2008)
    Youth Association Rodrigo de Puxmarín have a space of 100 meters for activities
  • Bonded Work begins Sangonera variant of the Green (07/08/2008)
    You are placing the new bridge abutments on the Reguerón
  • 12 young artists learn to paint still life thanks to a workshop of the Department of Culture (06/08/2008)
    Ramón Gaya Museum is still the scene of these courses for both children and adults
  • The University of Murcia earmarked 220,000 euros for the purchase of water saving devices (06/08/2008)

  • A doctoral thesis studies the criminal effects of the revelation of secrets (06/08/2008)

  • The Mayor passed the Waste Consortium Valencia concern about the landfill under Zeneta (06/08/2008)
    Miguel Angel House will consider an assault on the town, both from the standpoint of territorial and environmental
  • The Golden Apple Quartet of laughter filled the Plaza de Santo Domingo (06/08/2008)
    On Thursday, at 22 pm with free admission
  • 'Opera Wednesday' starts tomorrow at the Museum of Santa Clara with 'Tosca' by Puccini (05/08/2008)
    The Museum courtyard houses at 21:30 pm screening of this masterpiece of 'bel canto'
  • Create scholarships to reward outstanding students who join the University of Murcia (05/08/2008)
    University of Murcia reward the brightest students to join it next year with a study aid
  • Changes of Government in the Education Act will hurt the new students of vocational preparation (05/08/2008)
    New measures to discourage enrollment, which no longer receive financial remuneration for attending training courses
  • About 200 disabled people benefit from aid for transport by taxi (05/08/2008)
    that enables them to facilitate their mobility to improve their integration
  • Disk Signature Idol 2008 in Murcia (04/08/2008)
    Anabel, Chipper, Iván, Manu, Mimi, Pablo, Reke, Sandra and Virginia signed discs in Murcia
  • Action Blue completes construction of Murcia City hospital in the Moroccan Sahara (04/08/2008)
    The center has a theater, a hospital ward and GP surgeries, ophthalmology and dentistry, among other agencies
  • Released in the wild a captive-bred Buzzard (03/08/2008)
    wounded arrived Recovery Center of El Valle, where he learned to hunt and recovered from injuries sustained after falling from a nest while still a chick
  • Public Health Director ensures that the possible outbreak of Legionnaires 'disease is being controlled (01/08/2008)
    In recent weeks there have been four cases of legionnaires' disease detected in the city of Murcia, the victims remain hospitalized in the Hospital Morales Meseguer, are well and condition is not serious
  • Over 120,000 euros to equip libraries (01/08/2008)

  • Aspaym receive 200,000 euros to build a multipurpose center integration (01/08/2008)

  • The Community established an agreement with Fundown for sheltered housing construction (01/08/2008)

  • Authorized three agreements with the UMU for the training of public employees, e-Government and citizen (01/08/2008)

  • Counseling and UMU cooperate in initial training of teachers (01/08/2008)

  • El Progreso district eleven new homes will be protected at the end of 2009 (01/08/2008)
    The surface varies between 47 and 90 square meters
  • The rodent and deinsectación campaign arrives in Depth, Espinardo and Cobatillas (01/08/2008)
    made these works also on Avenida de Los Pinos, Juan Carlos I, Primo de Rivera, northern bypass and Miguel de Cervantes
  • Infrastructure will invest in the eight districts EUR 6.2 million renovation of sidewalks, driveways, lighting and paving (01/08/2008)
    The works, which will extend over an entire year, will start next September

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