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  • The Socialist Group warns against an abandoned Lobosillo in a solar pit unfenced (31/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, José Zapata, addressed a memo to the mayor responsible Golf Murcia, Manuel Duran, alerting you that any day you can cause an accident because it is an area where children often play
  • El Pozo Murcia concludes the season against Montesinos Jumilla (4-2) (30/08/2014)
    Of the five friendlies played, four wins and one loss
  • The Socialist Group claims that the Old Stables Bridge remains closed for more than two years ago (30/08/2014)
    Councilwoman Andrea Garries claims opening a flagship infrastructure for the district and complains that nobody has given explanations on why closed to traffic from they finished the refurbishment
  • The Choral Society Torrelavega visit Murcia (29/08/2014)
    Councillor for Culture has offered a reception for attendees
  • A UCAM thesis analyzes the problem of over-indebtedness in Spanish society (29/08/2014)
    The study notes that there is insufficient legislation to the individual in case of not being able to meet its financial commitments
  • A new fair city full of cultural activities (29/08/2014)
    Four major developments: the rhythm of the Fair, The Magic of Bridges Street Theatre Festival and the Children Cry Itinerant are included in the program
  • IU-Greens denounced the transfer of municipal stadium La Condomina to UCAM remains unclear by the Councillor for Sports (29/08/2014)

  • Last Jumilla friendly against Montesinos before the Supercopa (29/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls to make public the terms of the transfer of the Old Condomina club football UCAM (29/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Mar Rosa asks the head of Sports who will pay maintenance work have been made this week on the football field and warns of another possible preferential treatment to the institution of the City
  • 200 places for young people aged 12 to 17 years practice languages (28/08/2014)

  • Gabriel Lima with his number "33" is officially played El Pozo Murcia FS (28/08/2014)

  • XIII Cross inscriptions of Artillery is open (28/08/2014)

  • Workers cleaning the mall Watchtowers denounced a campaign of harassment and call an indefinite strike (28/08/2014)
    They call back to the same working conditions they had before being subrogated to a new company and to cease the harassment they are subjected
  • The Socialist Group seeks to extend the hours of buses districts until one in the morning during the September Fair (28/08/2014)

  • It still open within the third edition of Enterprise Equality award in Murcia. (28/08/2014)
    Companies with a policy that favors based on the principle of equal employment Representative
  • The Fair and Bulls cycle premieres this edition showcases contest, a route from the top and pre-show snacks bull (27/08/2014)
    Almudí Palace hosts the exhibition "One Hundred Years of the Press Run 'in which 28 works are shown artists who have portrayed the Fair
  • Executed 99% of the improvement works and maintenance in schools in the municipality (27/08/2014)
    We invested about 778,000 euros in thirty schools
  • "My only intention is to help the team and get better every day" (27/08/2014)
    Sadiel Rojas has been officially introduced as CB Murcia UCAM player
  • The Socialist Group seeks clarification on tree maintenance in the industrial Infante before the final release branches (27/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, José Zapata, a memo addressed to the mayor of the Environment, Adela Martinez-Cache to clarify the causes a detached branches of a large tree on the street Barn Lane
  • El Pozo Murcia win 5-4 at Cartagena Plastics Romero (26/08/2014)
    Four wins in four friendlies
  • The UCAM form in Abu Dhabi experts in musculoskeletal disorders (26/08/2014)
    It was attended by 23 people from 14 countries
  • The City enters the home help company Murcia SAL amount approved invoices (26/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the City Council to intervene to prevent strike home help (26/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Susana Hernandez, supports workers of the company that manages this public service and urged the PP urgently mediate the labor dispute to prevent nearly two thousand users are affected
  • The City Council is committed to the service of public attention in the street at night (26/08/2014)

  • The municipal educational programs reach 66,600 students (26/08/2014)
    98% of the centers participating in the activities that use the city as an educational space
  • The energy consumed in street lighting has decreased by 28.97% over five years (25/08/2014)
    12.000 Replacement of luminaires, disconnection 22,000 points of light type and installation of LED lights have allowed these savings
  • The September Fair, about (25/08/2014)
    The City repair damage and clean thoroughly Fica, the Azacaya Malecon and garden
  • New test of power and speed for the template of El Pozo Murcia FS (25/08/2014)
    Methodology launched by professors UCAM
  • The Socialist Group considered completely unacceptable 'fudge' posed by the PP for the arrival of the AVE (25/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, José Zapata, asked the mayor of Murcia to clarify whether you agree with the proposal of the Community that leaves bury The Way of the Garres and does not include the arrival of the train at the station underground del Carmen
  • 90% of users of municipal nursery schools feel the service is outstanding (24/08/2014)
    They value childcare, cleaning and hours
  • The Socialist Group transferred its support to small businesses in the neighborhood of Vistalegre (24/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor, Sea Pink, sent a letter encouraging neighborhood residents to consume traditional establishments and criticizes the policy of encouraging large PP surfaces have hurt the small business
  • El Pozo Murcia wins again at Elche CF with a brace from Lima (5-3) (23/08/2014)
    Third friendly
  • Meeting of the Minister of Public Works with Pro-Underground Platform Murcia (22/08/2014)

  • Cascales: "This government team always ensure, as we have done since the beginning, for the interests of Real Murcia and its fans" (22/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party says that we must fight for Real Murcia "back to what it was" (22/08/2014)
    Pedro López points out that a team in the first division would be an economic stimulus for the city of Murcia
  • The Fair Wine and Gastronomy offer for the first 20 free workshops (22/08/2014)
    Visitors may participate in the draw for 500 bottles of wine with a mobile application
  • UPyD Murcia calls enable a sidewalk between 'Casa El Alias' and Ronda Sur roundabout (22/08/2014)

  • Camera: "Today is a sad and disappointing day for Murcia, for sport and for Murcia" (21/08/2014)

  • El Pozo Murcia Levante UD 5-0 imposes DM (21/08/2014)

  • Lobosillo road will feature a first of its connection to Balsapintada (21/08/2014)
    Councilman Manuel Duran this morning visited the works, which will end next month, with the Director General of Highways, José Guijarro.
  • The Supercopa of Spain starts next September 2 at the Sports Palace of Murcia (21/08/2014)

  • Pedro López: "The PP wants to prevent the change in electoral reform Murcia imposing a" Chavista " (21/08/2014)
    The Socialist Municipal spokesperson, Pedro López, shows strong opposition to the proposal that the PP wants to impose unilaterally changing the law to choose mayors a few months after the municipal elections
  • Traffic carry out works to eliminate water leaks parking Rahman II in the alternative (21/08/2014)
    The dealership has refused to carry out the works but will need to meet the cost in full
  • The women's centers begin the course with 75 new proposals (21/08/2014)
    A workshop for early care and access to new technologies offer stand out from the Department of Equality
  • UPyD "expressed doubts" about the need for a new fair (21/08/2014)

  • IU-Greens also asked about the oppositions ordinance (21/08/2014)

  • The bodies of El Pozo Murcia, at bay (20/08/2014)

  • Found in a house in El Raal a person in seriously ill (20/08/2014)
    The victim, a 68 year old man, was assisted in his home, where he lived alone and was with severe ailments necrosis leg
  • Murcia City Council installed a remote management system of street lighting in the neighborhood of the Holy Spirit (20/08/2014)
    The investment is EUR 283,500 for the installation of 79 points of light with LED technology, reducing almost half the cost of the energy consumed , reducing maintenance costs and improving service
  • One more step to build the trade fair and congress (20/08/2014)
    It will be located next to the Science Park in Guadeloupe and generate wealth and employment
  • The Socialist Group questions the legality of the transfer of the Old Condomina the UCAM (20/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Mar Rosa notes that the Heritage Service is not aware that there is an agreement that allows the use of the football club Football sponsored by the Catholic University
  • The UCAM signed an agreement on research with US Bioscitex (20/08/2014)
    Students of the Catholic University of Murcia will have access to training and certification of their studies in USA
  • IU-Green returns to denounce the abandonment that are experiencing the districts. (20/08/2014)

  • El Pozo Murcia CF Elche won 2-6 at home (19/08/2014)

  • UCAM Murcia players CB start the preseason with the physical evidence and effort (19/08/2014)

  • Volunteers UCAM Murcia in Peru return to work after a month (19/08/2014)
    Han conducted related fields of health and education, especially among children activities
  • The Socialist Party demands respect for justice and the Real Murcia in the Second Division play (19/08/2014)
    Socialist spokesman, Pedro López, announces that will support all initiatives to curb this abuse to the city of Murcia, the club and its fans grana
  • Javier Thebes: "Adelante Liga starts this weekend and will be on CD Mirandés" (19/08/2014)
    League Adelante will start up this weekend and non-registration and registration Real Murcia CD Mirandés remains
  • Cascales: "The decision of the Professional Football League is unacceptable, shameful and worthy of a banana republic" (19/08/2014)
    Councillor for Sports announced that the City "is considering taking legal action against the LFP" if Real Murcia not supported in the Second Division
  • The Mayor asked the Sports Council to intercede for Real Murcia regain his place in the second division (19/08/2014)
    House: "The decision not to comply with the court decision cause irreparable damage to our town"
  • Back Miguelín (19/08/2014)
    "This will be my year"
  • The Socialist Group deplores the shameful spectacle awning Silverware and requires Cascales immediate installation (19/08/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Andrea Garries urges the Councillor for Tourism solve your problems as soon as possible with the service of Public Via for a shaded area it is installed in the most iconic shopping area of ​​the city
  • Social Welfare will keep the meals on wheels service 100% (19/08/2014)
    More than 230 seniors receive daily in your home adapted to your needs menu
  • The UCAM, gateway to employment (19/08/2014)
    The rate of employment of students UCAM is 73.3% and the average to find the first job is just over three months
  • More than 4700 people have known the operation of the waste treatment center in the last year (19/08/2014)
    80 township schools, and other institutions have visited the treatment center MSW from October 2013
  • Start the installation of the gardens of Malecón (18/08/2014)
    In total there will be 15 ventorrillos practically keep prices over last year
  • A web show the objects received 2,000 lost annually in Local Police for easy retrieval (18/08/2014)
    The Office of Citizen portal will rise to almost automatically a picture of things lost or stolen for their owners to identify
  • The Socialist Group urges Fuentes to notify court alleged irregularities in opposition library assistant (18/08/2014)

  • The minimum fare taxi Murcia will cost between 24.60% and 33.30% when take effect the new rates (17/08/2014)
    CONSUMUR also criticizes the shifts to be established not meet demand users
  • "Suspend placement of awnings and heat is an example of the profound lack of coordination of the government team" (15/08/2014)

  • El Pozo Murcia only consider working (15/08/2014)

  • Official communiqué of the LFP - 08/14/2014 (14/08/2014)
    Announcement concerning the order of the Commercial Court ordering the registration of Real Murcia in the League
  • The Telecare service that monitors 834 older are not affected by heat (14/08/2014)
    So far this summer, two people have needed assistance for high temperatures
  • UCAM Researchers working on a project to discover new drug candidates using artificial intelligence techniques (14/08/2014)
    Along with the universities of Reykjavik (Iceland) and Alicante
  • Local Police renews its fleet with the addition of 18 new vehicles (14/08/2014)
    The City invests 494,000 euros in cars, motorcycles and transmitters
  • Residents of El Carmen live haunted by the increasing insecurity in the district during the month of August (14/08/2014)
    The mayor José Zapata has received many expressions of concern from citizens in the area who is anxious about the increase in theft in full street and into housing, and inadequate police presence
  • Linux UPyD Murcia commitment "versus dependency and cost" means Microsoft (14/08/2014)

  • IU-Greens do not believe that privatization of tax administration more efficient and effective (14/08/2014)
    Training criticizes PP by emptying the public service and considered "suspect" that outsourcing of it is addressed at a special meeting in middle of August
  • The European champions arrive Thursday (13/08/2014)
    Miguel Angel López and José Antonio Carrillo return from Zurich morning arrival at 11:20 being provided in Barcelona Airport
  • The feet of the workforce, a review (13/08/2014)

  • Visitors to the funfair will benefit from a 2x1 on opening day (13/08/2014)
    Children's Day will be Tuesday, September 9 and all the attractions will cost 1.5 euros max
  • Housing continues rehabilitation section of Los Rosales of El Palmar with an investment of 600,000 euros (13/08/2014)
    The works consist of sanitary reform and the stairs and the reform of the facades and roofs of blocks 9 , 10, 11 and 12
  • Castro: "The millions of euros for the management of taxes could be deployed for investment and job creation" (13/08/2014)
    "what really matters"
  • The new collection contract reinforces the protection of taxpayer data (13/08/2014)
    The City initiates the process of recruiting support services in the application of taxes and other revenues of public law
  • IU-Greens asks Emuasa expedite the relocation of residents affected Beniaján (13/08/2014)

  • Official communiqué of the LFP - 08/13/2014 (13/08/2014)
    Announcement in relation to the information published in various media about the possible inclusion of Real Murcia CF, SAD in LFP
  • The Mayor congratulates Miguel Ángel López Europe after winning in Zurich (13/08/2014)
    "No doubt it will not be his last gold medal in high competition," said Chamber
  • The Instituto Tecnológico de Murcia (UCAM) and EOI I announce the second edition of the Entrepreneurship Program (13/08/2014)
    Aimed at college students
  • Note from SIME Regarding the competition notice - opposition to the creation of a waiting list of Library Assistant (12/08/2014)

  • Carlos Cabezas, a champion of the World for UCAM Murcia (12/08/2014)
    The Malaga player to pair at point guard with Net
  • Statement of condolence (12/08/2014)

  • The agreement with the Association of Notaries allows updating gains in voluntary period 6% more than in 2013 (12/08/2014)
    The Municipal Tax Office efforts done electronically taxpayers to spare movements and new forms processing
  • The crowd will enjoy three friendlies in the region before the Supercup Spain (12/08/2014)
    Duda's charges played four preseason games before the start of the competition
  • Local police offers lectures thousand older to prevent theft and accidents (12/08/2014)
    offer advice and resolve queries from attendees
  • High intensity training for tennis players and specific to the porters (12/08/2014)

  • The Department of Traffic will end next week the work of implementing the new area of ​​ORA in Abenarabi, Inocencio Medina Square Street and Avenue Máiquez Isidoro Actor (11/08/2014)
    This action has the support of the Municipal Board and the business association
  • The senior center of San José de la Vega will open next fall (11/08/2014)
    Pelegrin PSOE question "why they did not install an elevator in the current facility built in 1993 when the older must have this equipment"
  • IU-Greens denounced the "increasing abandonment" of the districts of Murcia (11/08/2014)

  • David Bisbal confirms Raul "The Balilla" as a guest at his concert in Murcia September 5. (11/08/2014)

  • Serna PP considered the proposal for direct election of mayors "a desperate attempt to retain power" (11/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls the PP to immediately open the new senior center in San José de la Vega (11/08/2014)

  • Players undergo a physical test to determine the optimal profile of each athlete (11/08/2014)
    Methodology launched by professors UCAM
  • The UCAM Murcia II Tournament held on ACB Basketball Solidario Getafe (08/08/2014)
    Basketball Fuenlabrada, Tuenti Mobile Students and Iberoestar Tenerife, will rival Varsity
  • IU-Greens calls utmost caution before the constitution of the committee for objections (08/08/2014)

  • Cascales notes that the PSOE has not wanted anything to do Real Murcia (08/08/2014)

  • The children's schools get ready for the start of the course (08/08/2014)
    Maria Dolores Sánchez visited Our Lady of Santiago el Mayor Fuensanta
  • Payment facilities allow taxpayers to update their receipts period in voluntary IBI (08/08/2014)
    84% of posts to collect receipts already entered / The Department reminds all the benefits of household taxes, allowing the deferred payment without interest
  • López: "The least you should do is demand the departure Chamber of Samper and promote a project to return the illusion to Real Murcia and his fans" (08/08/2014)

  • Race in Monte Romero continuous and limited work for the porters (08/08/2014)

  • Murcia, the first city in the region to comply with the quota of accessible taxis (08/08/2014)
    The report on 'State of the fleet of accessible taxis in towns of over 50,000 inhabitants in Spain.
  • Special cleaning device Cobatillas occasion of the holidays (08/08/2014)

  • Barnabas: "The damage to the building Beniaján which were detached rubble will be repaired soon" (07/08/2014)

  • Camera denounces "blatant injustice with Murcia and the murcianistas" (07/08/2014)
    The Mayor reiterated that "we do not deserve to condemn us not to professional football"
  • Official communiqué of the LFP over Real Murcia CF, SAD (07/08/2014)
    The Executive Committee agreed unanimously to ratify the refusal to register the SAD mentioned in the official competition of professional character for Season 2014/2015
  • Juan José Morillas of CardioSalus ensure adequate nutrition of El Pozo Murcia FS (07/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Group returns to warn of the danger of the new Avenue Beniaján (07/08/2014)

  • IU-Greens Murcia asked participatory budgeting at the next plenary (07/08/2014)

  • The vegetable garden clubs celebrate its traditional route by car to Los Alcazares (07/08/2014)
    One hundred cars will leave tomorrow, at 19.00, the headquarters of the Federation of Peñas Huertanas
  • 139 people receive training for employment (07/08/2014)
    Obtain certified professionals of different levels that allow them to enter the labor market
  • The UCAM Peru presents a training of volunteers to Latin America commissioned by the Vatican (06/08/2014)
    This project allows the UCAM, in coordination with the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, training in a comprehensive manner, through training, people who exercise social and charitable work through the Catholic Church
  • Chamber requested the support of the Sports Council for Real Murcia continue in professional football (06/08/2014)

  • Rafa, new captain of El Pozo Murcia FS (06/08/2014)

  • IU-Greens expressed their doubts about the procedure followed by the City for the transfer of the Condomina to UCAM (06/08/2014)

  • Five intense days of Lemon Pop (06/08/2014)
    The Festival celebrates its nineteenth edition with international groups and Murcia.
  • The Socialist Group requested the PP to study the eviction of twenty families Gambín Garden Building at the risk of collapse of their homes (06/08/2014)

  • The telecare service enhances control to seniors at high temperatures (06/08/2014)
    There have been about 850 interventions to date
  • The Mayor and President of the Federation asking the continuity LFP Real Murcia in the second division (05/08/2014)
    Camera and Monk say after meeting in Madrid with Thebes if the Treasury accepted the postponement, the club would meet the ratio required by League
  • IU-Greens asked to define the role of the municipal commission to clarify the issues of oppositions to Library (05/08/2014)

  • Traffic installs three pedestrian crossings in South Ronda to improve road safety (05/08/2014)
    In two months the work will be completed, with which responds to the local demand
  • Youth offers three spaces for young people to participate in volunteer projects in European France, the UK and Greece (05/08/2014)
    The stay is between 6 months and one year and the journey financed, insurance, accommodation, food and pocket money.
  • The Socialist Group demands explanation for the expulsion of a child without resources from the municipal nursery in La Paz (05/08/2014)
    Mar Councilwoman Rosa considers inadmissible the total lack of sensitivity and Municipal Government requests the immediate reinstatement PP for next academic year
  • Free concerts to liven Wednesday nights at the Plaza Romea (05/08/2014)

  • El Pozo Murcia FS 2014-15 starts rolling with the addition of Gabriel Lima (04/08/2014)
    Matteus and Fede perform preseason first team
  • The UCAM takes cooperation and voluntary work in Peru (04/08/2014)
    Volunteers from the Catholic University are conducting related fields of health and education activities especially among children
  • IU-Greens calls for the resignation of Councillor for Education for escape responsibility for the conflict of oppositions to Library (04/08/2014)

  • The Mayor calls for unity of all for Real Murcia conserve "what has earned athletically" (04/08/2014)
    Chamber ensures that if they take a contrary decision would be an "insult to the city, not just a club or leader "
  • Planning ensures the safety of the building vacated in Beniaján (04/08/2014)
    Municipal technicians have placed witnesses to see the evolution of the property
  • A committee of all groups and unions committee will assess whether there have been irregularities in opposition Library (04/08/2014)
    Personal Councillor has announced that a thorough investigation be conducted
  • Tuning template CardioSalus El Pozo Murcia FS (04/08/2014)

  • The City Council is taking steps to ensure the permanence of Real Murcia in the second division (02/08/2014)
    The City is making efforts to achieve permanency Real Murcia in Segunda Dividión (Liga Adelante) since knowledge of the situation was through Jesus Samper
  • "If the mayor Camera and Samper not save Real Murcia should pack up and leave now" (02/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Group requires responsibilities of all kinds are purged, including policies (02/08/2014)
    Councilman Jose Zapata takes many days to alert the mayor of staff on complaints received by aspiring assistant library about clear irregularities were committed in the admission tests
  • IU-Green claims to be investigated in depth and identify responsibilities for leaks in competitions libraries (02/08/2014)

  • The City paralyzes the selection process helper libraries and open an investigation (02/08/2014)

  • Education allocates nearly 778,000 euros for the development of schools during the summer (02/08/2014)
    is ongoing maintenance and improvement works in thirty public schools in the municipality
  • UPyD Murcia demands explanation for the selection process of the assistant municipal libraries (02/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the regional government to fight to the last minute for the Real Murcia does not drop to the second division B (01/08/2014)
    deputy spokesman Francisco J. Oñate proposes that instead of lamenting and give to consummate this decline, the Executive should Garre roll up and mediate Montoro, Samper and LFP to reach an agreement to prevent it
  • More than 1.8 million for demolition and construction of a new school in the village of Murcia Puebla de Soto (01/08/2014)

  • IU-Green calls "new occurrence" the Councillor for Tourism placing awnings in Tatters and Silver (01/08/2014)

  • Special cleaning device because of the Monteagudo parties (01/08/2014)
    Murcia City Council is launching a special cleaning device Monteagudo occasion of the festivities in honor of San Cayetano, held from 2 to 10 August
  • Sources turns a deaf ear to complaints about the RREGULARITIES in testing library assistant (01/08/2014)
    The Socialist Group continues to receive complaints from candidates who insist on claiming it is not guaranteed equal opportunity and anonymity
  • Agents Employment and Local Development help businesses create 30 to 34 jobs in the first half of 2014 (01/08/2014)
    have also advised and supported more than a hundred entrepreneurs
  • Raulzinho Neto, new player UCAM Murcia (01/08/2014)
    The Brazilian firm basis for three years with the varsity
  • Fairness and transparency in the use of the soccer fields of districts (01/08/2014)

  • The City Council approves new shifts for taxi drivers (01/08/2014)
    Regulate hours on working days for rest of the staff and service users

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