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Murcia News - July 2019

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  • Constituted the first twelve Municipal Boards (31/07/2019)

  • The PSOE maintains its commitment to decentralization, public transport and Local Police (31/07/2019)
    The Socialist Municipal Group presents seven motions to improve the lives of the residents of the municipality
  • Huerta Viva demands better maintenance of the ditches and azarbes (31/07/2019)

  • "The PSOE demonstrates again about the San Roque Infant School that its purpose was to mobilize and twitch and not solve" (31/07/2019)
    José Francisco Muñoz, coordinator of the municipal group of the Popular Party, criticizes the attitude of the Algezares peddler haranguing the attendees to the birdhouses affecting the development of the municipal plenary
  • The San Roque Infant School stays in Algezares (31/07/2019)
    The municipal plenary today approved an alternative motion, presented by the Popular Party, to find a solution that meets the reconciliation needs of all affected families
  • The Plenary urges ADIF to approve the budget so that Aguas de Murcia can carry out the works of the underground collectors (31/07/2019)
    These works do not interfere in the underground works except for the deviations of provisional crossings that are still pending approval by ADIF
  • UMU Professor Emeritus Antonio Bódalo, Gold Medal of the National Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers (31/07/2019)

  • ANECA certifies the quality of management in the faculties of Chemistry and Economics and Business (31/07/2019)
    This certificate simplifies and speeds up the accreditation of your titles from now on
  • 70% of the land of the San Benito Partial Plan will go to public facilities (31/07/2019)

  • The Fuensanta is already in its sanctuary (31/07/2019)

  • Next week will enter into force the new ordinance that will mean a drop of up to 5.42% in the water bill (31/07/2019)
    The municipal plenary approves these regulations
  • The municipal Plenary definitively approves the municipal ordinance of hydrants and dry column that will expedite the work of the Firefighters (31/07/2019)
    The new regulations include the obligation to signal these facilities in order to allow a quick and easy location by the personnel of the Service of Firefighting and Rescue in their interventions
  • We can-Equo will require in the Plenary the award by EMUASA of the pending works in the collectors in the entrance area of ​​the AVE (30/07/2019)

  • ... (30/07/2019)

  • Constituted the municipal boards of Corvera, Puebla de Soto, Cobatillas and Barqueros (30/07/2019)
    Today will be the turn of Zeneta, Rincon de Seca, Torreagüera, Alquerías, Santiago el Mayor, Gea and Truyols, Lobosillo and Los Martínez del Puerto
  • Pérez: "I am sure that this regional government, like the municipal government, will be a success" (30/07/2019)
    The spokeswoman for the Popular Municipal Group, Rebeca Pérez, has indicated that "surely Fernando López Miras will form a strong, solvent government and well coordinated "
  • Alquibla Teatro rehearses in Algezares his new play 'Much noise about nothing' (30/07/2019)
    This musical version of 'Much noise and few nuts' by William Shakespeare will premiere on August 6 at the San Javier Theater Festival
  • The Contracting Board proposes the awarding of various improvement works in sports facilities in districts (30/07/2019)
    The files correspond to the construction of locker rooms, lawn and enclosure in the soccer fields of Los Ramos and San José de la Vega;
  • Housing launches the 'Almajov' project for the rental of 21 homes for the elderly and youth of the municipality (30/07/2019)

  • Almost 3,000 people receive care and security in their homes through the telecare service (30/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Social and Family Rights, Pilar Torres, has visited José Montoya, 70, this morning, a user beneficiary of this service since November 2017
  • PP: The PSOE of Algezares wants to put the babies of the Infant School of San Roque in barracks (30/07/2019)
    The Popular Municipal Group insists that "the Infant School of San Roque stays in Algezares"
  • Murcia will have an ordinance that will allow to act specifically against irregular valet parking (30/07/2019)

  • The PSOE accuses José Guillén of sectarian, for decorating only the districts governed by the PP (30/07/2019)

  • 400 voices will take the sensations of the September Fair to Belluga in the Pregón interpreted by the Coral Discantus (30/07/2019)

  • A UCAM study demonstrates new benefits of Pilates for women's health (30/07/2019)

  • Solidarity gesture of the taxi drivers of Murcia with the Abandoned Jesus Foundation (30/07/2019)

  • Santa Eulalia's trade changes from plastic to paper (29/07/2019)
    Twenty-six merchants in the central neighborhood agree to use the same paper bags
  • Urban Development performs cleaning and restoration works on Lake Salitre (29/07/2019)

  • The municipal boards of Puebla de Soto, Corvera, Cobatillas and Barqueros begin to be established today (29/07/2019)

  • Saharawi smiles at La Glorieta (29/07/2019)

  • 70% of the Strategic Map of the Noise is already executed (29/07/2019)
    The Sectorial Council of Noise, held this morning, has been informed of the extension of the Map of the Noise of Leisure to new areas such as Juan Ramón Jiménez Avenue, Centrofama, Condestable Zone and Cathedral
  • The PSOE urges the City Council to develop a catalog of traces of Franco in Murcia to eliminate them (29/07/2019)

  • The City Council and the UMU strengthen ties to start a process of collaboration on transparency (29/07/2019)

  • The eight study rooms open 24 hours will have recycling points (29/07/2019)
    The facilities of Torreagüera, Sangonera la Seca, Casillas, Los Dolores, Alquerías, Sangonera la Verde, Rincon de Seca and Ronda Sur will have a container of light containers and a paper and cardboard container
  • UCAM and Abala Infraestructuras create the Chair of Sustainable Architecture and Construction (28/07/2019)

  • The City Council periodically reviews more than 3,000 scuppers located in the parks and gardens of the municipality to avoid flooding (28/07/2019)

  • Algezares already has an information tent to announce that the Infant School "will not move" from the village (28/07/2019)

  • 71 educational centers host the summer schools in which more than 7,000 children participate (28/07/2019)
    The Department of Education and Infantile Schools, together with Social and Family Services, yields one more year these spaces for the celebration of these training activities during the period holiday
  • Aguas de Murcia works on the complete renovation of the supply network of the San Juan Bautista de Alquerías square (28/07/2019)
    Once this action is finished, a total surface area of ​​230 square meters will be paved with concrete, paving stone and granite
  • The Floridablanca garden closed to the public due to the high temperature alert (27/07/2019)

  • Thousands of flowers will adorn the festivities of Sangonera la Verde, Rincón de Seca, Monteagudo and El Esparragal (27/07/2019)
    Parks and Gardens carries out work on the harmonization of plants in flower beds, flower beds and planters.
  • Social Rights meets more than 21,000 demands for resources and social benefits through the network of Social Work Units in the first half of the year (27/07/2019)
    The previous appointment can also be requested online
  • The City Council deploys a special cleaning plan to eliminate the nesting of mosquitoes and other insects, as well as odors in the surroundings of the Molinos Del Río (27/07/2019)
    During the cleaning of the canal carried out last week, more than 220 tons of reeds were extracted and sludge
  • The City Council remodels the children's area of ​​Antonio Rocamora de Espinardo Avenue (26/07/2019)

  • The municipal meetings will begin to be established next week (26/07/2019)
    The process begins on Monday and Tuesday with the appointment of the representatives of the first twelve districts
  • Volunteers of the UCAM carry out this summer volunteer work in Peru and Argentina, especially in the health and education field (26/07/2019)
    The most solidarity holidays
  • The Housing service requests funding from CARM to build municipal housing on a rental basis (26/07/2019)
    The Department of Elderly, Disability and Development Cooperation believes it is essential to increase the number of homes for rent in order to serve families with specific needs
  • Murcia adheres, for the fourth consecutive year to Climathon, the largest global climate change event (26/07/2019)
    The challenge proposed for the 2019 edition is how to improve waste management in the Huerta de Murcia
  • The City Council approves the landscape protection plan of ´Las Fortalezas del Rey Lobo´ (26/07/2019)
    This document establishes the actions to protect, revitalize and value the more than 1.6 million square meters of the Historic Site of Cabezo de Torres and Monteagudo
  • Zeneta will have a new tennis court, a paddle tennis court and a skateboard (26/07/2019)
    The Department of Sports and Health intends to improve the current equipment of the sports center of Murcia
  • An agreement will promote the creation of employment in the sports field and the labor insertion of the unemployed (26/07/2019)
    The selected students will take the course 'Yoga Instruction' with which they will be able to obtain the level 3 professional certificate
  • Work on the second phase of pedestrianization of Alfonso X Avenue is progressing (25/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Sustainable Mobility and Youth, Rebeca Pérez, visits the area where the old pavement has already been demolished
  • The City Council reviews the specimens of pine and eucalyptus to apply endotherapy treatments (25/07/2019)
    This system allows a substance to be injected into the trees that ends up with the caterpillars it may have without causing any damage to the specimen
  • Taking possession of positions of teaching staff and chairs of the University of Murcia (25/07/2019)

  • The ordinance that contemplates a drop of up to 5.42% in the water bill has been definitively approved (25/07/2019)
    The Urban Planning, Sustainable Development and Huerta Commission has given its approval to these regulations that will come into force at the beginning of August
  • The Consolidated Liquidation of the City Council Budget in the year 2018 establishes a surplus of almost 20 million euros (25/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Citizen Security and Economic Management, Eduardo Martínez-Oliva, has reported this morning the file in the Plenary Commission of Infrastructure, Finance, Economic Management and General Affairs
  • Mario Gómez meets with more than a hundred contractors, construction and service sector entrepreneurs to present the objectives of his council (25/07/2019)

  • The three Day Stays Centers will be open all summer to serve their hundred users (25/07/2019)
    These facilities are provided daily and in the morning and afternoon hours, geriatrics, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, social work and reception
  • The work of firefighters will be more agile thanks to the new ordinance of hydrants and dry column (25/07/2019)
    This regulation regulates the mandatory control mechanisms to ensure that the Fire and Rescue Service can deal with emergencies through these facilities
  • The City Council invests 1.5 million euros to fight the fire with two new fire trucks (25/07/2019)

  • A study in which the University of Murcia participates demonstrates that in the last 2,000 years there has not been a global climate change like the current one (24/07/2019)
    Nature magazine publishes the results of the statistical work in which Professor Juan José Gómez has participated Navarro
  • The City Council guarantees that the Infant School of San Roque will remain in Algezares (24/07/2019)
    The draft budget of 2019 includes a heading of 685,000 euros for the facilities to continue in the district
  • UCAM's international prestige, endorsed by the Times Higher Education (24/07/2019)

  • The Governing Council of the University of Murcia approves the call for the Knowledge Transfer Awards (24/07/2019)

  • Work on the new cultural center and library in Beniaján is progressing (24/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Culture and Heritage Recovery, Jesús Pacheco, visited the works this morning
  • The Murcia Futsal Sports Club celebrates its seven cups at La Glorieta (24/07/2019)

  • The deployment of the Wi-Fi network of the University of Murcia Eduroam through SMS hospitals begins (24/07/2019)
    This service allows a safe navigation to the academic and research community
  • The cemetery of Our Father Jesus, candidate for ´Best funeral monument in Spain´ (24/07/2019)
    Voting can take place until September 30 at www.revistaadios.es
  • Employment will provide training courses in districts aimed at unemployed in vulnerable situations (24/07/2019)
    The first informative talk on employment guidance and training for unemployed in the Campo de Murcia will take place tomorrow Thursday, from 09.30 to 11.30, in the center Cultural Museum
  • The mayor of Markets meets with MercaMurcia to strengthen collaboration and promote measures that promote healthy eating (24/07/2019)
    Food quality, promote a balanced supply of products for food and market places and the implementation of training activities are some of the issues addressed
  • The Murcia premieres the river walk ´Murcia Río´ and the City Council is already facing Phase II of this transformation project (24/07/2019)

  • The University of Murcia wins the European University Championship of Women's Futsal (23/07/2019)

  • Mario Gómez asks the Government delegate to convene the commission to monitor the underground works (23/07/2019)
    Francisco Jiménez has pledged to transfer the proposal to the president of ADIF so that it can be held in the second half of September
  • The Interuniversity Council approves two new official master's degrees from UCAM, in CSR and International Criminal Law (23/07/2019)

  • A graduate of the University of Murcia gets one of the 45 scholarships awarded by La Caixa to pursue a PhD in the US (23/07/2019)

  • Huermur manages to initiate the BIC protection environment of the Paseo del Malecón again (23/07/2019)

  • The PSOE begins a series of meetings with clubs and sports associations visiting the facilities of Real Murcia (23/07/2019)

  • A new naturalized pedestrian walkway opens, for the first time, on the right bank of 'Murcia Río' (23/07/2019)

  • Flip-flops: healthy for the pool, harmful for walking (23/07/2019)

  • They review and hydrate Floridablanca ficus due to high temperatures (23/07/2019)
    The City Council has a protocol for action by meteorological phenomena in Parks and Gardens
  • The University of Murcia is classified for the final of the European Championship for Women's Indoor Football (22/07/2019)
    The UMU team has defeated the team of the Pedagogical University of Dragonarov (Ukraine) by 4 goals to today's afternoon
  • More than € 70,000 granted to the UMU to develop outreach projects (22/07/2019)

  • The UMU signs a service contract with the company Fundown-plant for the management and maintenance of green areas (22/07/2019)

  • "SECURITY AT RISK II" (22/07/2019)

  • The ingenuity of nine students of the UMU, recognized in the second edition of the program'Explorer: young people with ideas' (22/07/2019)

  • The first regular plenary session of the 2019-2023 mandate will be on Wednesday 31 (22/07/2019)

  • A young researcher from the UCAM joins the team of Dr. Izpisua (22/07/2019)
    Rubén Rabadán, a grant from the Areces Foundation for two years, will investigate the delay in the aging of the organism
  • Airef expects the Murcia City Council to comply with budget stability and the spending rule for 2019 (22/07/2019)
    The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility determines that a surplus of 8 million euros will be reached this year
  • The farmers of the municipality will have a tractor and a pruning shredder to reduce agricultural burns starting next September. In order to carry out unauthorized burning, in the year 2017, 74 disciplinary proceedings were opened; (22/07/2019)

  • Eight major parks in Murcia will have lighting with presence sensors and controlled by telemanagement (21/07/2019)

  • The Museum of Science and Water, a playful learning space open to the little ones during the month of July (21/07/2019)

  • 80% of the trees of Foresta Strategy 2030 will be planted in districts (20/07/2019)

  • The students of the Master's Degree in Military Law of the UCAM will be able to complete their training at the NATO Headquarters (20/07/2019)
    The Catholic University of Murcia will once again receive scholarships, in the fourth promotion of this official title, to the number one of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard
  • Sangonera la Verde's Palm Grove Road will have new paving (20/07/2019)
    In addition, the width of the traffic lanes will be reduced to expand the sidewalks and new trees will be planted
  • The City Council improves the sports facilities of the schools of Our Lady of La Paz and María Maroto (20/07/2019)
    The works consisted in the renovation of the slopes, intended for futsal and minibasket, by means of anti-slip paint treatment and lines of play
  • SEMAS serves 40 homeless people due to the high temperatures (19/07/2019)
    The device provides water, food, clothing, transport, emergency shelter and transfer to Jesus Abandoned and RAIS
  • The EU proposes bringing the UCAM-COE model to all Higher Education (19/07/2019)
    The Catholic University has already led the project to move its model of sports tutoring to European universities.
  • The University of Murcia and Aspanpal come together to teach their own sign language studies (19/07/2019)

  • An agreement with AMUSAL will allow actions to facilitate the creation of companies (19/07/2019)
    The Governing Board approves granting a grant to this association of almost 22,000 euros
  • Two gardens of El Palmar will have tracks to practice sports for free and outdoors (19/07/2019)
    The Governing Board has given the green light to the projects, promoted by the Department of Districts and Districts
  • The elderly of Espinardo will have a new center, accessible and with adequate services to their needs (19/07/2019)
    The Governing Board has given the green light to this project that will be executed in a period of 8 months with an investment of 256,126 euros
  • "For 24 years we have had deaf governors in San Esteban and mute in the Glorieta" José Antonio Serrano, spokesperson of the Socialist Group (19/07/2019)
    The PSOE demands that Ballesta act with the same forcefulness with the Government of Spain as with the Autonomous Community, which owes the City Hall 39 million euros annually
  • The works that will prevent flooding in the Sucina highway will begin in the coming weeks (19/07/2019)
    The works consist of the installation of batteries of concrete pipes that will allow the passage of runoff waters
  • Tourism and RENFE reach several agreements to improve Murcia's tourism promotion (19/07/2019)
    In the coming months a promotion campaign will be launched to place Murcia as a preferred destination among users of the railway operator
  • Tomorrow opens the deadline to apply for aid to rent housing for families in vulnerable situations (18/07/2019)
    The applications, whose deadline for submission will end on August 19, may be submitted to the municipal registers of Abenarabi, Glorieta de España, Plaza de Europa and in any information office of districts
  • The installation of dissuasive elements in the casuarinas of Vistabella will prevent the nesting of pigeons in these trees (18/07/2019)
    Councilman Felipe Coello asks that these birds not be fed because it causes their proliferation and favors the overcrowding and the appearance of diseases
  • Murcia and Alicante demand fair state financing for the area with the highest demographic growth in Spain (18/07/2019)

  • Huermur defends the conservation of the historic levee of the Malecón (18/07/2019)

  • The music brings to Murcia 40 pianists from China (18/07/2019)

  • "With ultrasound and lasers, the trees of our city are not watered or pruned," Antonio Benito, socialist councilor (18/07/2019)

  • 170 students complete the training courses given this semester by the Virtual Training Center (17/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Employment, Economic Promotion and Tourism has delivered this morning the diplomas to the participants in the training actions scheduled between March and June
  • Some thirty children participate in the workshop 'A trip with Ramón Gaya on architecture and color' (17/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Culture and Heritage Recovery, Jesús Pacheco, attended the closing ceremony this morning
  • The Office of Congresses presents its services to the medical societies of the Region of Murcia (17/07/2019)
    In the presentation a video has been projected showing the latest developments in the field of services and infrastructures of the city
  • The mayors of Murcia and Alicante sign tomorrow the 'Manifesto for the financing of southeastern Spain' (17/07/2019)

  • Education develops works in 22 schools in Murcia and districts during the summer to improve their facilities (17/07/2019)
    In 14 schools are undergoing repair work while in another 8 is installing shade in the courtyards
  • Murcia will be until Friday the international capital of folklore (17/07/2019)

  • The Artistic Laboratory of Carmen (LAC), at the foot of the canyon in the middle of summer (17/07/2019)

  • UMU researchers awarded the second prize for the Santander Bank Award for the best CSR research (17/07/2019)

  • Perez criticizes that the elevator of the pedestrian walkway of Santiago el Mayor has been damaged for two weeks and wonders how the opposition would have reacted if the person responsible was outside the Popular Party (17/07/2019)
    In addition, he reproaches Adif for his inability to "not have arranged this installation in two weeks causing people with reduced mobility to have to endure a long tail at 40 degrees "
  • An investigation of the UCAM, cover of the `Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling' (17/07/2019)

  • The Museum of Science and Water joins the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission (17/07/2019)
    Murcia will be able to attend a special planetarium session in which the feat of the first manned moon landing in the world could be revived history
  • The Vihsibles Association avoided a letter to the Mayor of Murcia (16/07/2019)
    Requested the regeneration and enhancement of the Memorial to the victims of AIDS
  • The Contracting Committee studies the projects of the ten bidders of Phase 1 of the Old Prison works (16/07/2019)
    The administrative documentation of two bidders has also been opened for the supply of clothing for the Local Police and the 56 agents again income for a tender amount of 304,000 euros
  • The UCAM and CAPSA Food create the Central Lechera Asturiana Chair (16/07/2019)
    It is focused on innovation, nutrition and physical and intellectual performance
  • The Citizen Service will be more accessible and closer thanks to the implementation of various improvement actions (16/07/2019)
    The Department of Urban Agenda and Open Government works on the implementation of 100% of the electronic administration throughout the municipality
  • The City Council intends to double the trees in the whole municipality and reach 200,000 copies by 2030 (16/07/2019)

  • The town of Nsimalen in Cameroon will have drinking water thanks to the contest 'Aguas de Murcia Solidaria' (16/07/2019)
    The FADE Foundation will build a well in this town thanks to the prize obtained amounting to 12,000 euros
  • The cleaning works of the Los Molinos del Río channel begin (16/07/2019)
    Councilwoman Rebeca Pérez visited the area this morning with a suspension machinery using a 30-meter articulated and telescopic arm and a boat for manual cleaning
  • The mayor Paqui Perez maintains a first meeting with the Federation of Elderly Centers to address the main challenges at the start of the mandate (15/07/2019)
    Improve the management of the 76 senior centers, activate active aging policies and implement the Municipal Plan to combat loneliness are some of the priorities of the service
  • The PSOE presents a motion to put an end to the "lack of control" of the government team and ensure municipal decentralization (15/07/2019)
    José Antonio Serrano, spokesperson for the Municipal Socialist Group, urges the City Council to comply with the Supreme Court ruling and correct the gap in the legislatures past
  • The Sahrawi children welcomed into families from Murcia come to get checked at the UMU dental clinic (15/07/2019)

  • The implementation of an awareness campaign will facilitate the integration of the immigrant population (15/07/2019)
    Councilor Pilar Torres has held a meeting with the Rasinet Federation to establish joint lines of action
  • Tourism meets with the Cabildo de Cofradías to face the tourist promotion of the Holy Week of Murcia at national and international level (15/07/2019)
    The need for greater coordination with the rest of councils involved has been one of the issues addressed at the meeting
  • The implementation of an awareness campaign will facilitate coexistence in neighborhoods where there are shelters (15/07/2019)
    Councilor Pilar Torres has held a meeting with the Rasinet Federation to establish joint lines of action
  • The dual UCAM-COE race at the Olympic World Library (15/07/2019)
    The Olympic Studies Center includes two books on this model
  • The City Council resolves flooding episodes in Era Alta with an investment of more than 150,000 euros (15/07/2019)
    José Ballesta visits the works carried out in the hamlet and will end before September
  • Nine groups star in the LII International Festival of Folklore in the Mediterranean that begins tomorrow (15/07/2019)
    Demonstrations of dancing in the street, musical performances and literary encounters make up the program that will run until next Friday
  • Deactivated the protocol after registering adequate levels of air quality in Murcia (15/07/2019)
    The protocol prioritizes from the first moment the information to the population and the recommendation of preventive measures
  • A tornado caused by high temperatures causes small damage to homes and trees (14/07/2019)

  • Martínez-Oliva: "In the PSOE ignore that 136 seats of Local Police are in the opposition phase (14/07/2019)
    " And that Murcia want the agents are giving service in the streets "
  • Increases the mowing frequency of the 700,000 square meters of grass with the arrival of the summer season (14/07/2019)
    Thirty professionals work in the maintenance of the existing grasslands in the municipality
  • The PSOE criticizes that the PP has not addressed the lack of staff of Local Police and solve the problem by privatizing the service (14/07/2019)
    Teresa Franco, socialist councilor: "In Murcia there are no agents and that is only solved with oppositions"
  • The Aljucer Municipal Center will have an exhibition hall and a multipurpose room (14/07/2019)
    In addition to renovating the current ground floor of the building, a first floor of about 200 square meters will be created
  • The PSOE requires that "the City of Murcia ensure the continuity of public school in Algezares" (13/07/2019)

  • The UMU receives two important dissemination prizes in the international Science in Action contest (13/07/2019)

  • Ballesta: "The project of the Fortresses of the King Wolf will surpass the current generation of Murcia and Murcia" (13/07/2019)
    "It is a historical, archaeological, environmental, educational and touristic plan that will make Murcia a national benchmark of Medieval Spain "
  • The municipal cemetery becomes part of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe (13/07/2019)
    The Department of Sports and Health also extends the agreement with the Murcian Society of Anthropology to continue developing actions that make known the main Murcian cemetery
  • The Court ruled that there was no illegal assignment of workers in the Ramón Gaya Foundation (12/07/2019)
    In addition, the Social Chamber declares that the fundamental rights of employees have not been violated
  • Cs will take measures to prevent malpractice and alleged favorable treatment in the contracting of public works and services (12/07/2019)

  • The PSOE demands real transparency to prevent "Murcia from remaining the zero zone of corruption" (12/07/2019)
    Socialist spokesman, José Antonio Serrano, demands that the Municipal Group be included in the Contracting Committee to "curb allegedly unlawful practices such as that we have known today about the former PP councilor arrested "
  • Electric vehicles can park a free hour in 3,000 parking spaces in the city (12/07/2019)
    The agreement, which is part of the measures to promote sustainable mobility, includes 13 parking lots, most of which are municipal concessions, which will have minus one recharging point for this type of vehicle
  • The Governing Board approves housing rent subsidies for families in a vulnerable situation (12/07/2019)

  • Two grants will allow continuing to promote and promote the culture of Murcia (12/07/2019)

  • Podemos-Equo: "Another isolated case that demonstrates how things are done in Murcia with successive Popular Party governments." (12/07/2019)

  • A study in which a UMU professor participates shows that Spaniards are the Europeans who have more mercury in their organism due to fish consumption (12/07/2019)
    The work has the highest number of blood, urine and hair samples ever used in a study of this type
  • The unions announce that the staff of the Local Police of Murcia is mobilized in the absence of troops (12/07/2019)

  • The Platform for Heritage claims that the Malecón garden ceases to be a fairground (11/07/2019)

  • The PSOE will prioritize this mandate a quality public transport, the renovation of schools and the re-balancing of districts The councilors and councilors of the Municipal Socialist Group will bet on a "rigorous and responsible opposition with (11/07/2019)

  • The work of the Action Plan for the implementation of the SDGs in the City Council begins (11/07/2019)
    Councilor Paqui Pérez presided this morning the first meeting with members of the UMU and the focal group composed of municipal workers
  • The Chinese universities of Xi'an and Ningbo will cooperate with the UCAM in research and training (11/07/2019)

  • The University of Murcia opens the registration period for the courses of the Language Service (11/07/2019)
    The pre-registration in the courses that will be taught the first semester will be open until September 8
  • UMU Botanist Professor Juan Guerra, honored with the Hattori Prize for the best scientific production in the world in Briology (11/07/2019)

  • Murcia unveils its Urban DNA in the first Campus of the Network of Local Development Entities (11/07/2019)
    Councilors Juan Fernando Hernández Legs and Jesús Pacheco attend this event held in Zaragoza
  • The City of Murcia emphasizes the campaign 'Against the tiger mosquito we all fight' for the high temperatures (11/07/2019)
    Citizen collaboration is necessary for the elimination of this insect since 80% of the outbreaks are on private property
  • The culmination of the process of obtaining the Castillejo and the Alberca del Larache (11/07/2019)
    Mayor José Ballesta will hold tomorrow a meeting with the multidisciplinary team of the company that has been awarded the Project and Construction Management of the Restoration of Monteagudo Castle
  • The Circular Economy, a demand of the planet (11/07/2019)

  • The Tourist Office of Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo expands its schedule during the summer months (11/07/2019)
    In this way the tourist information service of the city of Murcia is reinforced, extending its schedule in the mornings, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 31, and in August it will open for the first time from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Researchers at the UMU contribute to sustainability in cosmetics (11/07/2019)

  • More than 3,100 vulnerable children participate in summer schools of the City Council (11/07/2019)
    The total budget for summer activities 2019 organized by the Department of Social Rights and Family, adding summer schools, camps, dining room and the aid to families, amounts to 405,000 euros
  • The children of the San Roque Infant School will be transferred to a new space in El Palmar (11/07/2019)
    The Councilor for Education and Infantile Schools, Belén López Cambronero, has held a meeting with the parents of the minors to inform them that the technical study reveals major damage to the structure of the building
  • The Sole District of the Region of Murcia registers 15,500 applications to study in the public universities of Murcia (10/07/2019)

  • A project of the UMU selected for the exhibition of the MUNCYT of A Coruña (10/07/2019)

  • The rector of the UMU receives the students of Secondary of the Region of Murcia rewarded in the XI Spanish Olympiad of Economy (10/07/2019)

  • 'Gabarrón Mediterráneo' will arrive in Murcia in 2020 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the most universal Murcian artist (10/07/2019)
    The Almudí Palace will host both unpublished works as well as paintings, great sculptures and installations by the creator muleño
  • The Sahrawi children welcomed by families from Murcia come to check up at the Integral Vision Clinic of the UMU (10/07/2019)

  • The UMU and the Association of Laringectomists of the Region renew an agreement for the completion of internships (10/07/2019)

  • The plaza of the Church of Santa Cruz in El Puntal will be more accessible (10/07/2019)
    The councilman of Pedanías and Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, has visited the paving works of this space
  • The International University of the Sea organizes a course on poetry and publicity (10/07/2019)

  • The Greenway gains terrain with new sections, more green and sports areas and a palm grove of 3.000m2 (10/07/2019)

  • King Felipe VI grants the title of Real to Murcia Club de Tenis 1919 (09/07/2019)
    This distinction serves "to put in value the social, cultural and sporting trajectory of the club throughout its history", points out Antonio Saura
  • The Contracting Committee proposes the awarding of three important works in districts (09/07/2019)
    The dossiers correspond to the execution of transversal drainage works on the F19 highway in Gea and Truyols, the Zeneta 24-hour study room and the adaptation of a local as Senior Center in Espinardo
  • The Queen Letizia award recognizes the "participatory, transversal and innovative" character of the Accessibility Plan of Murcia (09/07/2019)

  • The paving of Calle Francisco Flores Muelas de Espinardo will improve the accessibility and safety of pedestrians and drivers (09/07/2019)
    The councilman of Pedanías y Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, has visited the works this morning
  • The PSOE demands more seriousness in the measures against pollution and above all that are continuous and preventive (09/07/2019)
    Councilman Andrés Guerrero affirms, after studying the recommendations offered by the government team, that "you can not talk about not putting the air conditioning or parking in the New Condomina because it is a joke "
  • The UMU professor José Cerón takes a tour of his research in clinical analysis (09/07/2019)

  • Javier Mateos receives the priesthood from Mons. Chico (09/07/2019)

  • Fash Food seats its guests to dine on the lawn of the Nueva Condomina stadium (08/07/2019)
    The second season of the movement of dinners and ephemeral experiences Fash Food seats 34 diners to eat right in the middle of the field of the Nueva Condomina stadium, home of Real Murcia
  • Tickets for the tour of "Circlassica", a story by Emilio Aragón go on sale (08/07/2019)
    A show by the producers of the "Magic Circus"
  • Activation of the warning protocol for air pollution at its lightest level due to intrusion of Saharan dust (08/07/2019)
    The Local Police will monitor compliance with the agricultural burning ban
  • An agreement between the City Council and FAMDIF / COCEMFE will promote actions to facilitate the movement of pedestrians with mobility problems (08/07/2019)
    Thanks to this agreement, a study of the public space will be carried out to guarantee the continuity of the accessible pedestrian itineraries at the crossing points with the itinerary of vehicles and bike lanes
  • The International University of the Sea studies alternative pedagogical models in Infant, Primary and Secondary (08/07/2019)

  • The Faculty of Economics and Business of the UMU visits the Shanghai Jiao Tong University for the promotion of international relations (08/07/2019)

  • The UMU signs an agreement with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus to create the Yunus Center for Social Entrepreneurship (08/07/2019)

  • Dental aesthetics, the most demanded by the patient (06/07/2019)

  • Huermur celebrates that culture processes the historical site of La Luz after its request (05/07/2019)

  • Table tennis stars in the morning at La Nave with the I Memorial 'Ricardo Morejón' (05/07/2019)
    At 11 o'clock there will be activities to honor the founder of the ATM Table Tennis Association La Nave
  • A special cleaning device will act this weekend in different parties and events of neighborhoods and districts (05/07/2019)
    The works will be developed in the neighborhood of Carmen, Malecón garden, Avileses, Sucina, Guadalupe, Rincón de Beniscornia, La Arboleja, Corvera , Bacon Bridge and Nonduermas
  • The ranking of the prestigious Times Higher Education places UCAM the tenth university in Europe in teaching quality (05/07/2019)

  • Residents in Víctor Morelli Street in Algezares will be opening a new water network in the coming weeks (05/07/2019)

  • The XXIII International Competition of Tunas del Barrio del Carmen will fill rounds the Artillery Barracks this weekend (05/07/2019)
    Councilmen Jesus Pacheco and Pedro Garcia Rex have received this morning to the 12 groups, from 7 cities and 4 countries, participants in this contest
  • Experts from all over the world analyze at UCAM the latest advances in new technologies in dentistry (04/07/2019)

  • Discover the ins and outs of disclosure with some of the best experts in the field (04/07/2019)

  • Strength training increases muscle mass and functional capacity of the elderly, in only 12 weeks (04/07/2019)

  • Sports invests 220,000 euros to expand the Churra soccer field (04/07/2019)
    The project also includes the replacement of artificial turf
  • MiMurcia will have a modern system of video sensors that will inform in real time about the state of the city (04/07/2019)

  • José Raúl Clavero wins the II contest of amateur micro-stories'Raíles' (04/07/2019)
    In total, 46 works related to Barrio del Carmen
  • The Circus Theater, the Romea Theater and the auditoriums propose their adhesion to the Professional Circuit of Performing and Musical Arts of the Region of Murcia (04/07/2019)
    The aim is to facilitate the distribution and public exhibition of the work of Murcia creators by creating a network of scenic spaces and production companies
  • The City Council will carry out improvement works in the Municipal School of Beniaján (04/07/2019)
    The works consist in the renovation of the pavement, false ceilings, toilets, doors and electrical installation
  • Researchers of Mining Engineering of the UPCT study how the earth would propagate an earthquake under the Cathedral of Murcia (04/07/2019)

  • Beginning of the 'Inclusive Campus, Campus Without Limits' at the University of Murcia (03/07/2019)
    Twenty Secondary, Baccalaureate and FP students with disabilities will coexist in the Azarbe Residence Hall until July 12.
  • Experts from all over the world present the latest advances in dentistry at UCAM (03/07/2019)

  • King Felipe VI recognizes the daily work of the Spanish city councils (03/07/2019)

  • The aquarium of the University of Murcia gives a male black-tipped shark to the Oceanogràfic of Valencia to look for a partner (03/07/2019)
    Faustino has been moved with the intention of matching it with a female of the same size and who can have offspring
  • PP: The irregular performance of the former head of Sucina causes five convictions in the administrative area, a conviction in civil courts and dozens of administrative complaint files (03/07/2019)
    Councilman Marco Antonio Fernández criticizes that this management has meant a embezzlement of more than 200,000 euros and requires the PSOE not to reappear peer or exercise any public office
  • Researchers at the University of Murcia warn about the scarce presence of women in textbooks (03/07/2019)

  • The University of Murcia presents its Digital Strategy with the analysis of data as one of the fundamental axes (03/07/2019)

  • Artists of first national and international level will perform this week in the new cycle 'The nights of the Malecón' In addition to the performances of Madeleine Peyroux, Loreena McKennitt, Ana Belén, Quique González and Faemino and Tired, t (03/07/2019)

  • Murcia hosts the XVII Meeting of Deafblind Youth in Spain (03/07/2019)
    Almost a hundred young people and their interpreters will visit the Region these days
  • "Providing the districts with the resources they need, and that have historically been stolen, will be a priority for the PSOE" Socialist councilor Ainhoa ​​Sanchez also states that, as in the previous mandate, "we will continue to (03/07/2019)

  • The budget of the City Council allocates to districts almost three times the expected expenses by applying the criterion of the Supreme Court (02/07/2019)
    The ruling confirms the position of the Popular Group, which has always argued that both the expenses directly managed by the municipal boards should be computed as the indirect ones
  • Completed the urbanization of 40,000 m2 of land for the installation of companies in the vicinity of the Altorreal highway (02/07/2019)

  • 176 young people participate in certificates of professionalism of the Professional Qualification Program (02/07/2019)
    Students of the Auxiliary Hairdressing and Auxiliary Aesthetics courses have received their diplomas this morning
  • The University of Murcia hosts the XXV days of university teaching of Informatics JENUI 2019 (02/07/2019)
    The inauguration will take place this Wednesday, July 3, in the Hemicycle of the Faculty of Letters, at 9.30 am
  • Let's change Murcia denounces the use of the Malecón garden for exclusive shows (02/07/2019)

  • The UMU signs an agreement with the Cartagena Bar Association to teach a Master's Degree in Legal Practice (02/07/2019)

  • 15 bidders present their offers to remodel the building of Casino de Los Garres (02/07/2019)
    The first Contracting Committee of this Corporation has proposed the award of repair works in the Beniaján Municipal Infant School and expansion and replacement of artificial grass in the soccer field of Churra
  • The players of Murcia Females, an example of equality on and off the field (02/07/2019)
    José Ballesta: "You have won a double promotion with effort, determination and values".
  • The artist Cristóbal Barbero wins the 19th painting prize at the University of Murcia (02/07/2019)
    Barbero studied Fine Arts at the UMU and is currently studying his doctorate at the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • The UCAM Racing Team competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon with a vehicle that optimizes its electric consumption (02/07/2019)

  • The families value the municipal nursery schools with a 9 Among the aspects most valued by the families stand out the menu that the children receive, the cleaning and order of the facilities and the hygienic measures (01/07/2019)

  • Malacotton wins the CreaMurcia Contest in the 'Other Trends' category (01/07/2019)
    The jury has also awarded Quía!
  • The Plenary unanimously approves the dedication and remuneration of the members of the Corporation (01/07/2019)

  • Information and citizen services change their hours in July and August (01/07/2019)
    The modification affects the general registration of Plaza de Europa and Abenarabi and the single window of the Glorieta
  • A score of doctors from India specialize in the UCAM (01/07/2019)

  • The International University of the Sea studies psychomotor intervention in early intervention (01/07/2019)


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